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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s [Music]
9s Duty time to get a
12s [Music]
13s grip don't worry it looks great
18s [Music]
25s [Music]
31s T to
36s [Music]
54s Perfection accident they happened you
57s know
61s action packed
68s Perfection none can stand against
74s H you squ the
79s [Music]
90s [Music]
92s reporting for Duty you're going to love
94s the way you look
99s [Music]
112s [Music]
124s the toy store belongs to the
129s Titans reporting for Duty
134s [Music]
148s [Music]
159s [Music]
163s thanks you have a fraction of my
170s [Music]
173s power such a perfect specimen
185s [Music]
191s thanks the victory is yours
197s [Music]