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Latest Patch NotesTop Hearthstone Players – December 2018 (4 months ago)


Bomb Warrior and Tempo Rogue were the two most popular deck archetypes in Week 1 of Hearthstone Grandmasters. Both decks made an appearance in some form across all three regions over the weekend with Bomb Warrior going 26–28 (48% win rate) and Tempo Rogue going 18–17 (51% win rate).

While not as popular, Cyclone Mage dominated in Asia-Pacific and Europe, claiming a 71% win rate over 28 games played and making it Week 1’s most successful archetype. In Week 2 it is the most popular archetype, making up exactly half of the decks in play. 

The X-0 Bracket

Congrats to the 12 players who went undefeated on the weekend!

Dog Casie Dawn
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When it was announced that Dylan "FroStee" O’Mallon was on the Asia-Pacific roster for Hearthstone Grandmasters, his phone exploded with love from the ANZ gaming community. “I had to turn off my notifications, my phone was buzzing every two seconds!” he said. “It's kind of crazy, to be honest. I had to keep this hidden for a month. I was so happy when the initial Masters announcement happened that I just wanted to tell everybody!”

When he was five years old, FroStee began taking lessons in taekwondo, a Korean martial art that would grow to become much more than just a hobby. “I just never stopped,” said FroStee. “I've been doing taekwondo for about 20 years at this point. About seven years down the track, I got offered to start instructing and took it up because I enjoy it that much.”

FroStee spent most of his youth practicing taekwondo and bouncing around Australia, from Victoria to Adelaide to Perth and back again. He grew up with console gaming before making the...

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22 May

Linzi Redgrin OP as 1st boss (heroic)

2 days ago - Chaemirix-1867 on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

We’re actively looking at player data to find outliers in Heroic that are ‘too easy’ or ‘too hard’ compared to other bosses around that tier.

Linzi is on that list of ‘too hard’, so we’ll be addressing her (and others) soon™!

Can we get some card BUFFS too?

2 days ago - Iksar-11848 on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

This post aged well.

21 May

Hotfixes for The Dalaran Heist - May 17 2019

3 days ago - Kauza on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

The issue “Some players may be brought to a blank screen when attempting to play The Dalaran Heist” has been resolved and should be live on game servers very soon.

Next chapters Open

3 days ago - Chaemirix-1867 on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

Chapters unlock weekly on Thursdays at 10AM PDT.

20 May

The interaction between Taunt and Immune is similar to the interaction of Taunt and Stealth. If a Taunt minion possesses either of these other keywords, it stops working until that keyword is removed.

These interactions have been in Hearthstone since the start, but Immune as a Keyword in the collectible set is quite rare and typically doesn’t last more than a turn.

After evaluating game data and working through internal and external feedback on the most popular decks currently in the meta, we’re looking to address the power level and overall pervasiveness of Rogue decks, alongside a specific interaction with Archivist Elysiana. Look for these changes in an update slated for May 22.

We chose to focus primarily on Rogue in this update due to seeing the meta stabilize around the class’s most popular decks. Currently, if you want to build a deck that is strong against Rogue, you have just one reasonable option: Warrior. If you compare Rogue to Warrior, however, you’ll find that the latter class has a wide variety of good and bad matchups, which makes it unlikely that it’ll overtake Rogue in popularity in the current meta.

While we recognize that there are other powerful and popular decks (like Token Druid, Conjurer Mage, and Mech Hunter), we decided to not address them in this update because they all have varied matchups. If any ...

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19 May

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