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Hearthstone’s fans and content creators are what make this game so special. So many passionate players make Hearthstone content every day. Even more fans are interested in getting into Hearthstone content creation and just don’t know where to start. Once players do get into content creation, they often want to know how they can get more involved in things like special events and giveaways.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a new Hearthstone Creator Program to help Hearthstone Creators grow and get more opportunities to share their love of the game!

The new ...

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Patch 25.2.2 is a data-only patch, launching today, that includes updates to Standard, Battlegrounds, Duels, and more!

Hearthstone Updates

Dev Comment: In general, our recent patch cadence has been faster than it has been in the past. This can make it more painful when updates are a little slower, such as around the holiday break period. We’re discussing as a team how to make the patch schedule work a little better for future holiday periods.

This is the first patch after the new March of the Lich King expansion where we have enough data to make significant and informed buffs to the new cards. Now that we have seen where the set’s archetypes landed on a power basis, we know where we can safely inject a bit of power.

The following cards are being adjusted to be less powerful:

Wildpaw Gnoll

  • Old: Rush. Costs (1) less for each card you’ve ad...
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19 Jan

Are you ready for the TENTH YEAR of competitive Hearthstone?! This year is going to look a bit different from the previous few, so let’s get into what is coming to Hearthstone Esports.

Heading into the 2023 season, we have been evaluating the state of our competitive program and the best format for it to take moving forward. Last fall, we began thinking about setting Hearthstone Esports up for sustainability as it turns a decade old, balancing the realities of an ever-changing production landscape, sizing the program according to its audience, and finding the most direct path forward for players to compete. Even though the 2023 program is smaller, this year is poised to bring another exciting year of competitive Hearthstone, with players from across the globe showcasing their skills to earn prizing and join the Hall of Champions.

This year will see a total of seven events–three Masters Tour Seasonal Championships leading into the 2023 World Championship, a...

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We’re in the process of rolling out Patch 25.2.1, a server-side hotfix patch with the following updates and bug fixes:

Battlegrounds Updates

  • Scabbs Cutterbutter, Tess Greymane, Illidan Stormrage, and Tamsin Roame have been returned to the Hero Pool.
  • Murozond has been returned to the Minion Pool.
  • Wasteland Assassin and Devourer of Souls have been removed from the Professor Putricide Hero Power pools. Possessive Banshee, Handless Forsaken, and a new minion, Cursed Shadow, are being added to the Hero Power pools.
    • Cursed Shadow is a Tier 5, 7/5 Undead with Stealth.
    • Dev Comment: Cursed Shadow is only being added to the Professor Putricide Hero Power pool, not the general Minion Pool.
  • The following heroes have less armor:
    • Galakrond and Infinite Toki have been moved to Armor Tier 1 (0 Armor).
    • Drek’Thar, Greybough, and Heistbaron Togwaggle have been moved to Armor Tier 2 ...
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18 Jan