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11 Jan

08 Jan

We’ve got a small balance patch with a few big changes planned for release this Friday, January 8!

Standard Balance Updates

Edwin VanCleef

  • Old: [Costs 3] → New: [Costs 4]
    • Dev Comment (Updated): The last few weeks have been the best Edwin has ever performed as an individual card (the highest win rate card in multiple Rogue archetypes). Alongside cards like Foxy Fraud and Shadowstep, the frequency of early 8/8 or 10/10 Edwin VanCleefs reached a point we are no longer comfortable with. Edwin's mana cost is increasing by 1 to weaken some of the powerful openings at Rogue's disposal. We were planning on rotating Edwin out of Standard in a few months (still are, more info on that soon!), but want to evaluate how the rest of Rogue's kit performs without this very powerful iteration of Edwin. Cards like Foxy Fraud, Swindle, and Prize Plunderer are important pieces for future expansions and card interaction...
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06 Jan

05 Jan

18 Dec

17 Dec

16 Dec

15 Dec

14 Dec

Though many attempt to safeguard their sanity within Battlegrounds, nowhere is free from the corruption of the Old Gods! N’Zoth, C’Thun, and Y’Shaarj are headed to the Battlegrounds as playable Heroes alongside 10 new minions! Read the 19.2 patch notes to learn more.


Darkmoon Prizes

We’re introducing a new limited-time mechanic—Darkmoon Prizes! Every four turns you’ll Discover a Darkmoon Prize and add it to your hand. As the game progresses, you’ll be offered increasingly powerful Darkmoon Prizes to play with. F...

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Happy Feast of Winter Veil! The 19.2 patch, releasing on December 15, welcomes the Old Gods to Battlegrounds as new Heroes along with 10 new minions and the addition of a limited-time Darkmoon Prizes system! The patch also features balance updates for Standard and Duels, a new Book of Heroes for both Garrosh and Uther, game improvements, and more!

As a thank you for being part of our community, we’re also rewarding all players with 5 Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card packs and 500 gold just for logging in after the 19.2 patch has been released!*

*All rewards will only be granted once per account. Must log in before January 18, 2021.

Battlegrounds U...

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13 Dec

Kenta “glory” Sato defeated Jaromír "Jarla" Vyskočil to win the Hearthstone 2020 World Championship! Despite a close final match, the Asia-Pacific Grandmaster from Japan ultimately triumphed 3-1 to secure his spot in the Hall of Champions, the World Championship trophy, and $200,000 (USD) in prizing.

Glory victory shot.PNGGlory and Jarla faced off in the opening match of the World Championship, with Jarla sweeping glory 3-0. The final match started off with Jarla taking the first round, as his Libram Paladin bested glory’s Control Warrior. Round two showed that glory wasn’t going to accept another clean sweep, util...

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12 Dec

10 Dec

The Hearthstone 2020 World Championship is here! Beginning this Saturday, December 12, the top eight players in the world face-off to determine who will join the Hall of Champions and walk away with $200,000 (USD). Before the competition starts, be sure to vote on who you believe will be Champion and earn free Madness at the Darkmoon Faire packs, through Choose Your Champion presented by T-Mobile. Join us this weekend for all of the competitive action only on YouTube Gaming!


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08 Dec

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