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0s I am playing a rainbow DK with the new
3s Eliza card so the death rattle of Eliza
6s is for the rest of the game your minion
8s have plus one attack and I added the
11s brittle bone biner which um gives every
14s death rattle card a reborn so hopefully
17s we'll be able to pull it off to give
19s every Minion plus two attack for the
21s rest of the game and then we just play
24s like some swarmy stuff Army of the death
26s and gold Knight and then finish it off
29s with the the CN e rainbow spell okay I I
34s am playing a battlecry shaman using the
38s new neutral legendary
42s incendius uh as well as shadow block
44s hopefully I'll be able to Triple that
48s battlecry I'm sure I sounded very
51s British though lot of value in this
54s deck looking forward to it it's funny
56s you think you're going to win the
58s game I don't know about win but I'm have
60s some
62s fun
63s okay no no no don't hire
67s no all right we want to play with the
69s new cards as much as we can right yeah
71s I'm I'm Mig going for the best opening
74s don't know about
76s you I I kep a new
80s card I didn't but I have new cards
85s now all right
94s okay
106s um okay oh best one oh
110s no I was happy that you didn't have a
112s turn two and then this turn but I have
115s one hell of one heck of a turn three oh
118s oh really yeah are you
126s kidding right at least I have the
129s board
130s now can you get through
134s thisly
136s eventually he's just going to chill
138s there oh
141s no well he can't attack so you could
143s just ignore him yeah for now I'm going I
146s I might
153s [Music]
157s yeah I'm going to I'm going to
164s chill are you H rolling me seriously no
167s no no I just it's just
170s a just
171s a good luck gang
174s three
176s what how is that
178s fair okay I'm I'm going to I'm going
181s to take a slight risk
187s maybe surely you don't have any board
190s clears do
191s you surely
193s not okay what's the risk um I can't tell
199s you
201s [Music]
204s um I I'm going to set this up and pray
209s you don't kill it
212s because I have a plan you have a plan I
214s do have a plan oh I can kill it no but I
219s want to see this plan play out oh
224s really but I have a plan of my own oh
229s no seriously how do you draw all the
231s good cards oh these aren on the good
236s cards all right I have four taunts
239s there's no way you're get into this
246s guy oh you actually drew it I
250s did now I just need to kill it off my oh
253s it does need to die right it does need
254s to die but now it's on the board so and
256s it has reborn it does the problem is
259s that I can't kill your puppet
263s master you can
268s really it's fine I can already kill my
270s much
271s either
274s anyway
276s oo oh that's a a nice juicy weapon I
280s have there all
286s right oh no oh that's a nice one oh no
290s that is a nice one all right what are we
292s going to
296s get oh the GP oh yeah this one
301s draw three get me more
307s oh
308s okay this one's quite good I think
312s you've done enough no not yet not yet do
315s a little bit
320s more it's okay I have a good turn coming
323s up
327s too oh wait you drew all the good
331s cards yeah most of them
336s anyway
340s okay
341s [Music]
346s ooh okay I'm I'm going to do something
349s wait and see what are you going to
356s do oh oh okay
363s um two three I'll k something
372s else go again
374s [Music]
377s mhm
379s here are you going to like activate the
381s whole thing I might clear your
386s board I mean the these these freeze guys
389s have done a pretty good job so far yeah
391s you're going
399s [Music]
402s now I actually used the whole location
405s yeah one time oh and I sniped the master
409s too okay
411s um I'm
414s thinking this trade I'll just do this
416s instead okay that was a nice clear
419s wasn't that
420s that wasn't too bad no no that was not
422s too bad I told you had a good
424s [Music]
426s turn Okay
430s um okay I'm going
434s to I'm going to set this
438s up I am a little worried
441s now you should be but it trades nicely
446s my my uh my Eliza and now I'm going to
449s have Plus to attack for the whole
455s game look at
459s this okay you're going to die
466s buddy oh no oh no what oh how did that
471s happen all right maybe I should put a
473s few more what there we go oh no here we
478s go another 15 goes into the
481s deck can't believe that you insta
485s sniped okay okay maybe we'll draw some
489s now oh
495s no okay I I'll just hope you don't draw
498s any boom Another
501s one oh I'm drawing too many I don't want
503s to draw me I need I they need to
506s cook they're all coming out what if I
509s just die in that
511s okay nice
513s nice okay I'm
517s alive
519s um
523s five I don't know how many left are in
525s the deck probably about 20 don't want to
534s know okay I'm going to go for this
543s okay hey um I kind of want to need to
559s clear okay
561s okay o
564s wait this
566s one okay you're almost dead just saying
571s almost almost
573s yeah not yet
583s though we got a lot of turn you're not
589s dead I think this this new five man
591s spells are really good the frosty Deco
594s oh you run that yeah oh that makes sense
598s with the plus attack
601s still plus eight armor for
606s me all right I need my eruptions I'm
609s thinking I'm thinking what do we do oh I
611s think we can do
614s this face
615s [Music]
617s face you know I'm going to Y I'm going
619s to yell your
621s amulet oh what's it do discard to okay
624s yeah yeah draw three discard one see you
628s bye-bye okay I'm
630s m going wait
633s here okay oh I dodged another AOE nice
639s wow you kind
642s of oh with life
647s steal all right fine do I I think we
651s want to Triple this
654s one let dude I'm going to give you some
656s as well they're
660s bad restore some health okay give me a
663s good
665s one oh that's not
669s terrible let's do this
672s one and what else we
676s [Music]
680s got maybe that
686s one okay yeah not the best
690s thank you for that oh oh no you're full
693s health
700s [Music]
710s [Music]
722s oh oh okay I'm going for it I'm sending
726s it I'm going to need some of my AOE
728s where are they
729s at oh wait a minute no no no no this is
733s not bad this amulet oh which one do you
737s have oh no you can take control I forgot
741s to look at my amulet I
744s mean is it going to have rush it doesn't
747s say it's going to have Rush is it
748s useless
750s I don't think it has Rush right and I
752s just got it back at the end of the turn
753s anyway yeah doesn't sound
756s great uh well I'm going to try and
761s draw okay I need to dodge I'm going to
764s draw some more things a minion that's
771s fine come
773s on oh it's not what I wanted but oh
779s H it's not actually that
781s good am I winning can you
785s clear I cannot clear but oh
790s but I can put some stuff in the
793s way you can put some stuff in the way
796s you know I can steal one right oh I gave
800s you that where are my where are my uh
804s AOE hey I wanted that yeah bet you did
809s oh you gets three attack
813s okay
815s [Music]
826s oh
829s surely oh is this lethal
833s surely
835s 12 oh I don't know it is
839s can you got attack with your with the
841s sculpture on
842s there yes you can I had Rush the whole
845s time oh no I told you I was going to
849s Win In fairness I didn't know what the
852s text did it wasn't my
854s fault all
856s right yeah I beat you pretty hard with
859s my first deck I'm just going to switch
860s to the next one so I'm playing uh
863s another rainbow DK but a different
866s version it has the new tourist card uh
869s show you it buttons it's a shaman
871s tourist so that means um it when I play
874s this in my deck I can have access to all
876s the shaman cards for this new expansion
880s uh and that is pretty interesting so
882s what I have in my deck here is um all
886s the the spell school synergies and the
890s finisher rasle dazzler uh so at the end
893s of the game hopefully I'll be able to
894s summon a lot of different random five
897s cost minions and beat jumper with
901s them I I have thecard in my opening
905s hands the card thecard decard the whole
910s deck resolves around this card buttons
913s butttons I see yeah oh thanks for the
916s warning I know what's coming
918s yeah I
921s have oh some cards the rest of my hand
924s is not
925s great let's
928s see um
931s H I'm
933s thinking there's only one option really
936s and it's the one that hits face the
943s hardest all
949s right
952s okay not good is my poke face that bad
957s yeah okay I'm going to just start going
959s because I need I need something here
961s yeah that's my plan too
964s unless oh no that's my plan too okay
968s draw
970s cards ooh um okay I'm I'm going to draw
974s even more
976s cards
980s okay oh that's a new
985s card it's your old buddy he's back oh
989s well
989s I
990s can how do you have both of them
994s again uh okay hopefully you can't clear
997s it
999s um actually not sure if I can clear it
1003s but I'm going to try and see if this
1006s does clear it I didn't do I didn't do
1008s the quick MK but
1011s maybe uh no it
1014s doesn't at least I drew
1016s cards it'll help oh I have I have a a
1020s clear for next turn I just drew it next
1024s turn yeah
1026s oh next turn
1030s huh okay let's let's topen up a little
1036s bit oh yeah how does this
1039s work what you don't know how your deck
1041s works oh I know how my deck works I just
1043s don't know how this interaction Works am
1045s I going to get some one one slimes one
1052s cuz this is a minion what did you
1055s get oh that's a shame not one one slimes
1058s yeah I was hoping he would uh he' give
1060s them them as well no all right let's
1062s keep this guy nice and
1064s healthy
1067s oh okay
1069s then I I'm going to come up with
1072s something else
1077s then okay I have I have an an
1080s idea I don't know if it'll
1084s work it will
1086s work
1088s oh well you finally got rid of him I did
1091s yeah he did his job though it's fine all
1094s right this is this is the start the
1096s start Play look at
1100s this okay that is a
1103s lot
1105s oh yeah I actually don't have a board
1107s clear
1111s um no maybe I maybe have
1116s something
1118s oh it's not full clear but it's the
1121s start of a clear
1123s again yeah yeah it's that's that's
1128s something next turn I'll be able to full
1131s clear oh uh maybe
1137s not uh oh wait I I can do something
1143s actually
1149s oh oh oh I think I know what this
1153s is yeah yeah okay your board is
1158s gone that one is you
1164s know okay I got some
1167s random proba is I'm a little bit low on
1171s health don't know if you can kill me but
1175s I haven't really smoked you yet no I
1178s don't think you've got a really Smokey
1179s deck but I can just make some
1182s more some more
1186s stuff wait what again yeah I got the
1190s hagatha this is such a good combo I
1192s think the haa oh yeah okay I'm not sure
1196s I'll be able to deal with this though
1203s [Music]
1209s um I don't know how I'm dealing with
1217s this maybe we just go like this oh yeah
1221s about too and
1223s this maybe I'm Not Dead next turn and
1226s then surely I'll make a comeback
1237s surely so this is a spell school that
1239s you haven't
1242s played you don't remember all the spell
1244s schools I'm I'm trying to get into the
1246s tank you've not played a f but there's
1248s no f f Mage
1251s secrets I'm think it's it's it's counter
1253s spell or ice barrier that's what I'm
1255s going for I'm not going to tell you what
1257s it is okay okay well
1259s let's you know let's let's just draw a
1264s card
1267s oh I don't have any board
1270s space
1274s okay let's let's just trade off a little
1284s bit oh the barrier you know this is
1287s actually good for me what you're doing
1289s here is it yeah I I have a really really
1293s nice
1295s clear
1300s okay well let's see it what is
1307s it this thing again
1320s okay still alive yeah for now now my
1324s hand's a bit empty so hopefully I can
1326s finally get to play the buttons at some
1330s point all right I'm going to I'm going
1332s to load up with m m Huff TS okay yeah I
1336s don't think I can beat
1342s that is it time for the
1345s buttons um the concede button Maybe
1351s I don't know if anything else is going
1352s to do
1354s anything let's
1362s see
1363s yeah not
1368s great
1370s okay now he does something oh or does it
1373s do
1376s something yeah not enough oh you can
1378s hear p the oh I can full
1382s clear thank
1385s you you're welcome hey I'm back kind of
1389s back actually I'm actually kind of back
1391s I'm going for this
1394s one all right all right
1398s o That's juicy do I have any more battle
1401s C I think I do oh my
1406s boy okay I want I want to I want to
1410s yeah I know what I want to
1412s [Music]
1419s do we're going to I'm worried we're
1422s going to juice them up
1427s okay I don't know what you still have
1431s remember the last game oh the AE
1435s thing okay I know my boy
1443s I'm just going to heal up a bit just in
1449s case oh Big
1453s [Music]
1456s Discount
1459s okay
1463s okay hey this is not bad
1466s actually okay I'm back in it
1472s yeah you can play like your AOE guy but
1476s you're not going to draw in the same
1477s turn are you I'm
1480s not but he's there menacing
1485s me that is quite large he's a large
1488s lad and we just put 15 in the
1492s deck okay I'm um I'm going to I'm going
1495s to try something here okay
1501s you going to make a board I'm I am
1503s indeed going to make a
1505s board
1506s okay careful cuz you
1509s know I know volcanic activities i d next
1513s something else
1517s hey your health is mine oh no I got kill
1523s that
1523s somehow
1526s 22 surely this one
1531s all right I don't want to draw the
1531s thingies yet oh there is one one
1535s eruption oh just one okay okay that's
1538s fine
1544s oh I could kill
1546s it n you don't want to kill
1550s it or I could go for this guy go for the
1555s guy
1560s [Music]
1562s no you know
1564s what I'm going to I'm going to kill it
1567s boo we do the sensible option
1577s boo oh they don't die when you trade no
1580s they're all one heal oh
1584s no I mean I I can clear it but then I'm
1588s not doing my fun play
1590s Maybe Fun's canceled I'm
1593s afraid
1598s what oh ruce again ah
1602s yes I don't know what you have there
1605s okay one of
1609s those I see you reduce something
1613s else uh I'd have
1617s yeah oh
1622s I'm going I'm going to try this
1624s one and also this
1628s one m I have the board now don't don't
1631s you draw
1632s AOE because I I have another surprise
1635s for you
1636s coming another one
1639s yeah okay I have
1645s an
1647s lame just the one
1656s there
1660s okay why are all your minions so big I
1663s played uh wish upon a star oh you did
1666s okay aons ago yeah I forgot about
1669s that okay I think I might be out of
1672s board clear to be
1677s honest uh
1678s [Music]
1681s um can't go for a fun play or a good
1687s play uh I'll go with good I
1692s [Music]
1696s think
1698s okay yeah
1709s okay if you can like not oh I got the
1712s spell power if you don't do too much
1714s maybe I can finally go for fun just
1718s saying oh I've got a really good player
1720s though yeah go for
1726s it okay oh no come
1731s on there's there's no way I can I can
1734s find more AOE I think I I Ed everything
1737s already all right what's the fun play
1740s then well I'm Bo I'm going to do this
1742s first see if there's an AOE in
1745s there there is
1749s [Music]
1752s no okay um I'm going to try this and
1755s hopefully oh the razzled dazzler I'm oh
1758s I think I might be dead I that's a lot
1761s of Bard they these minions are these
1764s stats are a little um
1766s underwhelming for 4 44
1770s 43 hey you have a five five in
1773s there doesn't do anything all right come
1776s on give me the give me the things oh I
1778s don't have them maybe I can draw them do
1781s you not have lethal
1784s somehow
1786s somehow
1788s uh um no actually really oh I have no
1791s battle cries left nice location thank
1794s you surely does is there something that
1796s gives you lethal there could have been
1800s but I don't have it Oh you mean I get
1802s another turn oh you
1806s do wait am I in
1808s trouble no oh yes please all right come
1812s on random legendar
1814s is I mean you don't have Mana to play
1817s them not that I'd want
1821s to okay so are you going to are you
1825s going to trade or are you going to go
1826s face
1829s uh I got trade a little bit trade this
1836s one then these ones can go oh you just
1838s trade one yeah didn't mind that one
1842s [Music]
1844s okay okay I I need to do some quick mths
1855s here oh that was my
1863s okay but you know
1866s I
1869s uh don't know if it's Le CU I can't
1876s count but there's no way I'm trading
1879s we'll
1885s see wait I'm one up oh he one up
1895s I am one up come on
1901s no oh
1904s no maybe there was another way I could
1906s have had lethal I'm not sure I you know
1909s what I'll check for lethal for
1911s you thank you what's there
1915s one oh maybe maybe
1919s I'm not sure maybe with the celestial
1922s shot but I didn't have Mana for
1924s oh here we go winning
1928s with wait you draw three of them
1931s yeah oh
1934s gg
1936s gg there's one oh I I got 500 wins as
1940s well somehow
1942s unbelievable
1947s nice for