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0s Happy 10 year anniversary
3s Hearthstone um basically everything I
5s mean I became a streamer for Hearthstone
7s almost 10 years ago and uh I mean that's
9s not not anything I would have supposed I
12s would have been doing for this long so
15s yeah winning uh Master's tour in Toronto
20s which was huge and like my biggest
22s competitive accomplishment which was
23s great and then on the more uh streamer
27s side of things the two role playing
29s games we did with uh with castle nria
32s and the Lich King expansion were
36s amazing keep making great content work
39s together as a community and hopefully
41s with the uh China that's going to be
44s coming back to the game maybe go back to
46s having a bit of an orts system that
49s would be nice