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953s doesn't die and the baron doesn't die
955s five plus five plus one plus one is
958s going to be the 12 needed very nicely
961s done
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970s one Divine Shield coming back but it
973s goes straight into the selfless and now
975s this is a monstrous number of attacks
977s still to get through yeah this
980s yeah the shore John you taking it down
982s at the first attempt
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993s greetings everyone and welcome to an
995s especially festive edition of Lobby
998s Legends here at Lobby Legends winter
1001s Veil where everything has been turned up
1004s twice we're doubling it all the prize
1006s money the hype of the tournament and uh
1008s thankfully for my sake the uh the
1010s knowledge of my co-caster here as no
1013s longer am I stuck with uh Lorinda or TJ
1016s I get the uh the vast wealth of
1017s knowledge that Pocky brings to the desk
1020s how you doing
1021s I'm doing great I'm so excited to be
1023s here you like you said the hype for this
1025s it's the last Lobby Legends of the year
1028s the anticipation has been building up
1030s and I'm just so ready to see there's so
1033s much exciting things going on in
1034s Battlegrounds the players are so good
1037s and I'm just so hyped to see how this
1040s tournament plays out
1041s right you are yeah the meta very much up
1044s in the air we're still in the quests
1046s meta game but things haven't been shaken
1048s up fairly recently with uh about a month
1050s ago a whole bunch of new quests added
1052s and very recently the new enhancer Quest
1054s and the new hero added as well which
1056s will be very exciting to see if we can
1058s catch a glimpse of that over today's
1060s action but speaking of today's action
1062s we're going to take a quick overview of
1064s how the tournament is going to work
1066s there are 16 players here in this
1068s tournament all of whom I think can be
1070s very proud of themselves just for having
1072s qualified to this stage to come on
1074s broadcast because it truly is a grueling
1076s process and we've chopped them up into
1078s two lobbies here where we are going to
1080s be playing three games of each of those
1082s lobbies A and B for a total of six games
1084s today and then the top four from each of
1087s those two lobbies will go on to Sunday
1089s leaving us with just one single Mega
1091s Lobby who will be playing in the check
1094s format which uh I've said it time and
1096s again as I've cast these Lobby Legends
1098s but I just think leads to such exciting
1099s final games on Sunday Pocky
1102s oh I've been completely taken by the
1104s check format every tournament the ending
1107s has been crazy it keeps you on the edge
1108s of your seat someone can always win like
1110s you're never out and so that keeps you
1112s just like so engaged throughout the
1114s whole thing
1116s that's right plays having to fight for
1118s those uh 20 points and then once they
1120s reach that 20-point threshold they have
1122s to win have to get that W nothing else
1124s will suffice if they want to win the
1126s tournament and while the uh the prize
1128s money is important especially as we said
1130s given that it's doubled for this final
1131s Lobby Legends of the year really I think
1134s all of our players want to have the
1136s glory of being crowned the champion of
1139s lovely Legends but if you want some
1141s glory for yourself you can of course
1142s fight alongside with uh Tavern buddy
1146s extension that we have here if you are
1147s watching on Twitch you can join in uh
1150s with a little game of your own you can
1152s try and predict some of the events that
1153s may uh come to pass over today's action
1157s starting with a pretty simple one in the
1159s fantasy team where in each of the two
1161s groups you're going to be choosing three
1163s players that you think are the most
1165s likely to succeed at the start of the
1168s day and then the better they do the more
1171s points you're going to be getting uh
1172s puzzle box is a little bit more
1174s complicated where we have a series of of
1177s events that may or may not occur and you
1179s have to guess whether they will happen
1180s or not which I don't know about you
1182s Pocky but there were some tough ones for
1184s us to pick our answers for today there
1187s were some hard ones but uh I'm sure I'm
1189s gonna come out Victorious so I can't say
1191s they were too hard
1193s all right why don't you take us through
1194s the rest of what we have here at the
1195s tavern buddy
1196s sure we've got the bandwagon option
1199s which uh this prediction after the first
1202s four turns are within the first four
1203s turns you had to guess the winner of the
1205s game so you got to look at those early
1208s game scenarios and determine you know if
1210s that hero power is going to be enough to
1212s overcome maybe a bad Quest or you think
1214s they have a really good setup and choose
1216s the winner of the game and then barov's
1218s blessing you get to choose the side that
1221s you think is going to win in a given
1223s combat and lorinda's pretty good at
1226s making it tough on us but again you know
1229s if you are good at the game if you
1231s understand the game you can usually
1233s choose who's gonna be Victorious and uh
1236s all these players that we're gonna be
1237s watching super good at that and so we're
1239s just gonna try and live up to their uh
1242s standards all right no need to rub it in
1245s my atrocan record I'm better off's
1247s blessing I'm sure this time uh I will
1249s get it right uh but yeah you're right
1250s they're very much either it's the
1252s easiest guess in the world or it's just
1254s impossible to tell and it basically
1255s comes down to one of those 50 50 styles
1257s of matchups but that would be cool to
1258s see uh who is doing best I believe we
1261s have a kind of leaderboard and if you
1262s are watching for
1264s the whole broadcast you of course have
1266s more opportunities to rack up those
1268s points and the most cool internet points
1271s to your friends won't you be a
1274s foolish guy around but either way though
1277s you can take a look at the points that
1278s our players here in lovey Legends are
1280s fighting for first place walks them away
1282s with seven points whereas eighth I mean
1286s we're walking away with zero and so for
1289s our players here this weekend given that
1292s the day one doesn't have the check
1294s format you just need to finish in the
1296s top four uh what do you think we're
1298s going to be seeing here mostly very
1299s risky strategies trying to get that
1301s first or just more solid third fourth
1304s fifth every game yeah so the big thing
1306s with this points distribution is it's a
1308s linear structure right there's no
1309s bonuses for top four no bonuses for a
1311s first that you see in some other
1312s tournaments because all of these players
1314s are the best of the best they're on even
1316s footing and because of that because
1317s there's no bonus points for any position
1319s generally what we've seen be successful
1322s in the past is players aiming for solid
1324s performances not necessarily going all
1326s out for that first taking it when it
1328s comes to them but going for a second or
1330s third in the few games that you have to
1332s show what you've got has been the most
1334s successful so far and so today I expect
1337s that's what we'll see
1338s okay I'm curious to see how that will
1340s Shape Up and especially with some of
1342s these slightly newer quests that we've
1344s seen creep into the Mets game how some
1346s of those can be a little bit more Tempo
1347s oriented perhaps and allow you to clutch
1350s out those second thirds and fourths as
1352s you talked about instead of first but
1355s aside from the points our players will
1357s of course all be aiming for that first
1359s place because it is not linear in terms
1361s of the the prize trucks that we have
1362s here players having a nice big jump up
1364s to First and of course yeah the pride
1367s that comes with being able to Crown
1369s yourself a Lobby Legends champion the
1371s last Lobby Legends champion of the year
1373s as well for that matter just to uh add a
1376s little bit extra spice to that as well
1379s whereas even for our players in 9th
1381s through 16th as we said uh it's a very
1383s impressive feat just to have made it
1385s through to this point so two and a half
1386s thousand dollars to be walking away with
1388s not bad for just a single day's play
1391s here at Lobby Legends uh but it's gonna
1394s be interesting to see how our different
1396s players perform how the different
1397s regions stack up again each other
1399s because we have seen recently a bit of a
1401s shift in the power structure and
1403s Battlegrounds I think it's fair to say
1405s absolutely I mean I have to say it you
1407s know as a representative of the America
1409s server we have no America's players in
1413s Lottery Legends this time we've got a
1416s lot of European Representatives a lot of
1418s Apec and of course the Chinese players
1420s all playing here and I'm excited to see
1423s how it goes you know the regions have
1426s these different metagames that they sort
1427s of develop and the players have to
1430s balance that and sometimes they're just
1431s on the fly in the tournament to what the
1434s tournament medal is going to be because
1435s that can be different than any regions
1437s meta
1438s yeah it'll be interesting to see which
1440s The Meta games work best what work on
1442s different days as well because again
1444s some uh regions might lean more into
1447s temper play which could help them on day
1448s one maybe struggle a little bit more
1449s when they need that win in the check
1451s format hopefully our players have the
1453s ability to adapt honor the fly no matter
1456s what I think we can take a look now at
1459s the puzzle box questions I believe for
1462s what we're going to be guessing uh over
1463s the course of the day oh no my mistake
1465s it will instead be a breakdown of the
1467s players in lobby a and we've got a real
1471s nice selection here I think Pocky uh
1473s with uh remote Victor uh in one of the
1476s players and just a good breakdown of a
1479s lot of the different styles of play and
1481s uh players who make it through to love
1483s your Legends absolutely I mean we have
1485s penguins son who's uh representing Japan
1489s and has been a you know performer in a
1492s few Lobby Legends now a familiar face
1494s Kirsten also from Japan uh kuraneko also
1498s in Japan's taxi from Taiwan Rogan
1501s representing France XD from Luxembourg
1504s Max savicki from Russia and Vigo from
1507s China Vigo breaking out the not cross on
1510s this is something I always look at the
1512s poses right and he's the only one with
1515s the not crossing the last Lobby Legends
1517s Lobby Legends eight
1518s all the players that didn't have a
1520s crossover pose made it through to day
1521s two do you think we're gonna see Vigo
1523s making it through Maybe
1524s I mean we'll have to see I'd be
1526s surprised if none of the other players
1527s from Lobby make it through that would be
1529s I think uh against the rules but uh
1532s we'll see if he can make it through I
1534s mean I wouldn't be surprised we have
1535s seen uh China do uh very well recently
1538s in these uh Lobby Legends
1542s yeah and we have our fantasy team groups
1545s here I did take Vigo in my fantasy team
1548s with the non-cross our post but he's
1549s also been a super consistent performer
1551s on the Chinese scene along with him I
1554s have penguins on who is just a fantastic
1557s player having watched him play quite a
1559s lot he's very very good and it looks
1561s like we both have sexy she actually a
1563s history and constructed and I've played
1565s him plenty on the Battlegrounds and he
1567s is very very good yeah I will be honest
1570s my uh my pick of shaxi was mainly just
1573s out of respect because he was for the
1574s longest time one of my favorite players
1575s to cast as he said during his reign in
1578s constructed and I'm sure that won't slow
1580s down at all as he was often the mad
1582s scientist of GM and I hope to see some
1585s of those more unconventional strategies
1587s coming through for him but then Max 7K I
1589s wanted to include a previous winner it's
1592s a highlight of that and it's the uh I
1595s don't know I just had to pick my boy uh
1597s you know I haven't seen many of these
1598s players haven't seen a lot of players
1599s IRL in a while but uh I did have a
1602s pleasure to meet
1603s that I think you will be doing very well
1605s in this tournament in uh Lobby a
1609s although as uh the difficulty of
1612s choosing those players demonstrates he
1614s will have a very uphill struggle but
1617s here we have our picks interesting I
1620s didn't actually know what you picked up
1621s until this point uh for the different
1623s puzzle books uh selections I'll start us
1626s off I suppose will all six games have a
1629s different winner I decided to go for yes
1631s I was thinking you know there's only six
1633s games it's divided up into two lobbies I
1635s think it would be a struggle to see
1637s anyone have a Repeat Performance
1639s yeah I mean obviously I went with no
1641s here and and I I just had to leave it up
1644s to look I mean sometimes you know a
1646s player is just feeling it they're having
1647s a good day and uh I think you know it's
1649s it's definitely not like the odds on
1651s favorite prediction but I'm thinking
1654s that we're gonna see a repeat someone's
1655s gonna be getting lucky today
1658s all right all six when is using a
1659s different hero no I mean that's mainly
1661s just because there's only about three
1662s Heroes that I can correctly play or ever
1664s get a win on uh so I'm gonna say uh
1667s someone has to get a repeat win uh
1669s because it seems to be a very slim pool
1670s for me you were obviously disagreeing uh
1673s but both going with uh yes will with a
1675s will a player win or the new enhanced
1677s hero or quest uh has that been looking
1680s powerful for you so far in testing very
1683s much so especially the quest able to use
1686s reborn on cards like Leroy or minted
1689s Queen and then Divine Shield also you
1691s know just super strong regardless of the
1694s lobby that you're playing in
1697s all right I'll rattle us through quickly
1699s the rest of these will a player win a
1700s game without reaching Tavern tier six
1702s that does happen fairly often so we're
1703s both in agreeance that we could see that
1705s over the course of today taking longer
1708s than 18 turns I mean it's a close one I
1710s think that's a good turn to choose
1711s personally I think we're going to be
1713s seeing some slightly quicker strategies
1715s uh with a little bit less uh poison
1718s Divine shieldage these days compared to
1721s a few weeks ago uh and then of course uh
1724s both having to pick different sides as
1726s to who will end up with more points out
1728s of XD or zorg I mean it was a tough
1731s choice absolutely but like I said uh I
1735s had to go with my boys org yeah I mean
1737s that one's gonna be tough though I'm
1738s sure they're both gonna be on me I
1740s didn't have uh XD in my fantasy too but
1743s I had to pick up here
1745s um it's gonna be hard I mean they're
1747s they're friends they're close friends so
1749s they're gonna have their own rivalry
1750s going to see who can do better they're
1751s in separate groups so they both have the
1753s opportunity to do really well and uh
1755s potentially meet in the finals tomorrow
1756s so we'll see if they can make that
1758s happen that's true yeah being in
1760s different groups it could happen but as
1762s we get the first game of the day ready
1765s Pocky anything in particular that you're
1767s hoping to see over today's action
1769s specific uh plays curves anything uh
1773s that you're looking forward to
1775s um not just how the players adapt I mean
1777s I am a huge fan of the APM comps and
1780s quick thinking and these players are all
1781s capable of it I know there's a few
1783s players especially in Group B that are
1786s known for being very very strong at that
1789s style of play so we'll see if we can get
1791s some high octane games then but as long
1794s as the gameplay is exciting I'm gonna be
1796s here for it I guess I'll be here for it
1798s even if they aren't but I'm sure we're
1800s all on the same page and uh hoping that
1802s we get some good games coming up
1804s and so I know that in the uh the first
1807s logo legends that I cast after quests
1810s came out it felt very much so that the
1812s uh the quest selection felt almost more
1815s important than the hero you got to
1817s choose uh do you think that's still
1819s going to be the case here as we get a
1820s look at the uh Our Heroes picking their
1822s oh sorry our players picking their
1824s Heroes first
1825s um I mean we've seen a lot of new quests
1828s introduced and it's totally
1830s revamped how we approach quests and
1833s we've seen a shift early on in the
1834s cosmeta was very Tempo oriented all the
1836s tempo quests were really favored in now
1838s it's sort of shifted away from that and
1840s there's kind of multiple ways these
1841s players can go about it and it's
1843s definitely a balance between depending
1845s on what hero you get and how easy it is
1847s to complete that Quest you know how much
1849s you lean into it as your direction
1853s all right taking a first look at things
1856s we've got a runner for cursum we're
1860s going uh before we actually consulted
1862s him as to how his name should be
1863s pronounced and he very graciously I
1865s believe to you through a translator said
1867s I don't know myself so we'll uh have to
1870s try and adapt
1872s absolutely yeah we've got cursive on the
1874s Iran we've got rogujin on the maiev
1876s uh penguin sun and Jane dismax 17
1880s release she actually on the malagas XT
1882s we start picking up that hook Tusk Vigo
1885s on the Gale wing and that will leave
1889s uh
1890s peronica on the zephyrus there
1896s um any particular hero you know you said
1898s you had a few heroes are any of these
1899s Heroes your favorite to play
1901s I gotta say I'm gonna change this with a
1903s token start that is a really big deal
1906s penguin Sun
1909s deep in thought because there's so many
1911s options on what you can go for here you
1914s have a lot of good five drops available
1916s in this Lobby uh beasts Pirates
1919s Elementals murlocs that means Bran's a
1922s hit Mama Bear's a hit know me hogger so
1926s many amazing options
1929s indeed yeah it's looking really really
1932s strong for a five drop as you said uh
1935s personally I gotta say for this Lobby
1936s like uh in terms of the heroes that I'm
1938s a big fan of uh hook Tusk always a fan
1941s of that hero I just love being able to
1943s uh try and copy out those tokens
1945s especially when you're in a lobby with
1947s both Alley Cats and the seller mentals
1949s as well so much economy that you can get
1951s rolling of course in these early turns
1954s but I know with uh it being a zero over
1957s here you have to have a very very good
1958s reason to be going for it which I think
1961s XD will you know when he picked his hero
1963s he rubbed his hands together he looked
1964s very very happy uh to see hooked us
1967s offered
1968s yeah I know from ixy's play style he's
1971s very much into
1973s you know preferring to do what he thinks
1976s is strong right he likes leaning into
1978s what he thinks is good and and heroes
1980s that are in the right you know minion
1983s type lobbies he's a huge fan of the
1985s Milhouse hooked us can hear the hook
1988s toes super strong and that's why he's so
1990s excited
1992s gonna hold here for his quest coming up
1994s this turn as he faces Penguins on
1999s feels like our players almost have a
2001s gentleman's agreement that they're all
2003s going to do that so they know they're
2004s likely to be able to save a lot of
2007s Health on this turn too and they're
2009s they're good minions to save right
2010s especially with a Battle Cry as well
2012s available for the Alley Cats summoning
2013s minions as well there's a really good
2015s chance that you can get a head start on
2017s your quest completion this way yeah
2019s super premium if you do hit the right
2021s quest uh we will see him taking a slight
2024s bit of damage but he's not gonna be too
2026s worried about it like he's more
2028s concerned you see the hands rubbing he's
2030s more concerned about that Quest like you
2031s said you know and if he can get a good
2033s one here and we're gonna see
2037s it's gonna be a loser tied to combat's
2039s play beasts and have 40 friendly minis
2041s die for volatile Venom the other two
2043s sinful Medallion and hidden treasure
2045s Vault all quite strong I had to say he's
2049s probably going to lean towards Vault or
2051s volatile Venom
2054s volatile venom does have a little bit of
2056s synergy with the actual Quest right one
2058s thing that you look at when you're
2059s making these decisions is about how
2061s Venom
2062s uh you know considers having minions die
2066s you know having summons on board and so
2069s the quests actually leaning into that is
2071s uh
2073s pretty big
2075s yeah I think for me like having 40
2077s friendly minions die feels pretty steep
2079s at this point whereas hidden treasure
2081s Vault especially with that hero power
2083s being able to immediately double down on
2085s the uh the number of beasts uh I think
2088s he's got a really good chance of
2089s completing that nice and quickly
2093s yeah absolutely we see a lot of players
2096s with tokens here
2100s you see grabbing
2104s the demon looks like he is going to grab
2108s these Pirates
2109s just to play A Little Bit Stronger have
2112s more Minions on board
2116s so what do we think as well with we saw
2119s karaneko on zephyrus going for Tavern
2122s tier three on three uh is that a common
2125s occurrence or a wise strategy to be
2127s going for with zephyrus in particular
2129s because I know that kind of fell out of
2131s fashion when quests entered the metagame
2133s yeah it really depends zephyrus is one
2136s of those Heroes that's super flexible uh
2139s there's so many options sometimes you
2141s take an early triple sometimes you can
2143s take a later one if you're trying to go
2145s for a high roll and I'm not as familiar
2148s with chronica's personal preference in
2150s terms of play Style and what he's going
2151s to want to lean into on it but we did
2153s see the three on three and so uh you
2156s know that can be a factor of not hitting
2158s good shops you know not valuing the
2160s Minions that you see and saying okay I'm
2162s just gonna make the most of the
2164s resources I have and go three on three
2167s but oh my goodness I mean look at these
2171s shops for penguin Suns
2173s oh my God this is so illegal so is this
2176s just a case of saving them all up for
2178s Tavern tier five or six Minions that you
2181s get
2182s yeah I mean I I'm almost positive that
2185s he'll be going for five drops here
2187s there's so many but the big thing is
2190s that there's also econ in the shop you
2192s know Tad can be really good if you hit
2193s Brandon want to lean into murlocs
2195s obviously we see murlocs being very
2197s strong when mechs are out uh but there's
2200s also uh
2202s Gambler there if you hit a hogger or you
2205s just want to spend some money and being
2207s able to swap into those units uh you
2210s know makes it super super premium as
2213s he's gonna be looking to hit those
2215s triples next turn
2217s I think it's the kind of game where if
2218s Naomi was offered you'd be going for
2220s that now or are we already getting a
2222s little bit too late for that
2225s yeah that's a really interesting one
2226s know me obviously a fan favorite I'm
2229s curious to see how these players are
2231s going to Value it it's a Content
2234s personally I sort of noticed the stats
2237s kind of say that it's better than you'd
2239s expect right people talk about mechs and
2241s beasts and element uh sorry in murlocs
2244s all the time but Elementals have a
2246s really good win rate when you get the
2248s setup going and if you get those early
2249s Nomi's especially on a hero like
2250s jaundice that can make you know extra
2252s use out of being able to swap those
2253s Elementals back into the shop and kind
2255s of double up on that buff
2258s uh generally you see the access to the
2261s utility of cards like crackling Cyclone
2264s Wildfire Elemental are able to beat out
2267s murlocs and you have enough stats that
2270s you can beat most comps except for maybe
2272s uh a pirate comp that's gone infinite
2276s or we shall have to see Penguins hand
2278s he's going to be hitting that pop-up on
2280s this very turn one would have to imagine
2282s and we see the level in the immediate
2285s triple
2287s let's find a Tavern Tempest here not the
2289s best but not the worst if you do you
2292s know we do see two more triples in store
2294s that's true but never consideration for
2297s the blue sheller given that he lost the
2299s previous combat just for more eco
2302s uh I think the tavern Tempest is a
2305s pretty clear pick here just because
2306s again he is more focused on finding
2308s direction and so these five drops and
2312s opening yourself up to the possibility
2313s of
2315s getting something really strong and the
2317s enhance-o-matic quests available it's
2319s like oh yeah here we see the little rig
2321s or the crocolisk as an option so uh
2324s taking the Croco is Just a Little Bit
2325s Stronger not having Minions on board
2327s that he wants to buff
2330s quite yet and then finds a Brandon baby
2332s crush and it's gonna be the brand
2335s and again so this is why that Tavern
2336s Tempest feels a little bit better oh my
2338s goodness now that we've found something
2340s that has a little bit of synergy with it
2342s it looks very very strong yeah very
2345s happy to admit that this was quite
2346s clearly the correct play in this
2348s instance look at the amount of value
2350s that's going to be generated there uh
2351s first proper look at Iran again here
2354s with uh
2357s yeah who's completed the another hidden
2359s Body Quest right and has a discover for
2361s a four drop taking the Elise so maybe
2364s looking next turn to utilize that free
2366s roll from that refreshing anomaly and
2368s pick up and triple into a five drop
2371s again looking for direction the five
2372s drops in this Lobby super strong a lot
2375s of Minion types with just premium five
2378s drop Direction
2379s we'll take maybe a small loss here
2382s depending on the hits
2384s but not gonna be too worried sitting at
2387s 36 health and lots of discoveries coming
2390s for Kirsten
2391s yeah exactly and with it only being play
2394s three Battle Cry minions I believe in
2396s order to complete another hidden body
2398s that's not too difficult uh to be able
2400s to do if the right shops are being
2401s offered again murlocs in the the pool uh
2404s in order to be able to double down on
2405s that very quickly and getting up to
2407s Tavern tier five and then discovering
2409s those instead of having to Triple into
2411s them is a very strong way to find that
2414s direction oh and Rogan is actually gonna
2417s have the option to go for a six year
2418s very clean this is like the old school
2420s may have six drop on turn seven getting
2424s a lot of tempo on the board along the
2426s way and gets interesting choices not the
2430s direction but Genie gonna be a lot of
2431s econ has that sentimental in hand as
2433s well gar can be very strong but relaxer
2436s and always a disincentive against
2438s Lieutenant Garden in mama always an
2440s interesting Tempo pick but again not
2442s really as directional
2447s and we see him kind of lost and thought
2450s of the choice it isn't an Easy Choice uh
2452s I'm sure he is probably considering
2454s between the it Mama and the gentle Genie
2457s um right and I would guess that's going
2459s to be the genie indeed that is what we
2460s see picked up here uh just because it
2462s does have a little bit more upside and
2464s it is so early and that picky eater does
2467s have a lot of steps that should help
2469s carry him through this early stage Max
2471s seven kilo speaking of early stats has
2473s double overseer with a ball on the board
2478s a potential huge amount of stats but I I
2480s just want to get your opinion at this
2481s point because we've talked at the start
2482s of the day about how players probably
2484s will prioritize those kind of third
2486s fourth maybe second place spots rather
2489s than going for a win so like how
2491s important is Direction quote unquote to
2493s have at this point in the game as
2495s opposed to just picking strong Tempo
2497s minions like imp mama is that gonna be
2500s good enough at this High skill level to
2502s get you through to a third or fourth
2504s yeah and that's a great question because
2505s at this High skill level the players are
2508s very very good at choosing Tempo into
2511s Direction they're the best in the world
2514s at doing both I know that sounds like a
2517s cop-out answer but they are really
2519s really good at it and we see that
2521s picking up high Tempo pairs like
2523s overseer and then utilizing the triples
2526s to give you the direction
2527s they're
2529s pretty amazing at maximizing and we see
2533s like in this case XD is using what looks
2538s like you know not a great board but
2540s playing into that Quest right it gives
2544s him the tempo and is also his Direction
2546s like it's kind of a two-in-one for him
2549s so
2549s uh that is what these player skills are
2553s and yeah at this point it's just them
2556s capitalizing on that situation
2559s yeah it's absolutely huge and you've got
2561s some nice Synergy with the volatile
2563s Venom I believe he had a a rat alongside
2568s there as well or basically some death
2569s rattles in order to synergize alongside
2571s that because he needs this now at that
2573s really awkward 15 Health total uh single
2576s loss could potentially see XD out of the
2578s running and yet still he's upgrading to
2581s Taven tier five on this turn boy that is
2584s Brave
2585s yeah and we see him also hitting a
2587s triple there so making a lot of value
2590s like I said of saying okay now I've got
2592s my direction which is death rattles and
2594s summons with volatile Venom and then uh
2597s trying to find that upside with that
2599s triple meanwhile oh it does hit actually
2602s he hidden Eliza so he has possibly the
2606s best setup and here's the big thing is
2609s if he can get a couple other players
2610s under the damage cap he might be able to
2612s Tempo them out
2614s with the the combo of Eliza scallywig
2617s and Baron and then everything that gets
2619s summoned gets that plus seven seven buff
2622s from ball tall Venom we
2626s you know me here being found for curse
2629s and once again Battle Cry minions is the
2631s name of the game to get this Quest
2633s completed over and over again but
2636s really great options offered uh after
2639s the fact there unfortunately
2641s yeah and did use that at least like I
2643s said to go for a five drop find the
2646s direction has another hidden body to
2648s grab
2650s a four drop picked up a Peggy and a
2652s recycling wreath which does synergize
2655s well with the Nomi in that setup but
2657s gonna be matched up into actually who we
2660s know is extraordinary strong luckily for
2663s Kirsten the big Saving Grace is that
2665s there had 16 Health thing you will not
2667s be able to take a lethal this turn
2671s foreign
2677s yeah and it just doesn't even look fair
2679s I mean this is a turn eight board
2681s imagine trying to fight into this and
2683s again it's just on
2686s XT recognizing hey this Quest and this
2689s Quest reward sinner drives so well I
2692s have hook tusk's hero power to be able
2694s to discover those death rattle minions
2696s like scallywag like sewer rat that I
2698s need to make a really strong board that
2701s that procs the quest really fast and he
2703s did get it fast and uh yeah we see even
2706s if 15 healthy is going to be very
2708s successful meanwhile we see penguin Sun
2711s who was really leaning into the beef
2713s stuff now has swapped reborn a few times
2716s and has reborn on his entire Board of
2718s five drop beasts right it's a mama bear
2720s and a reanimating Rattler in the shop
2724s and I'm curious
2726s yeah how he goes about this and how do
2728s we see this going for for Penguin Sound
2730s because his immediate game plan is you
2732s know just keep upgrading as much as
2734s possible get some stats is this a Lobby
2736s winning
2737s kind of board where you have bran and
2739s some Beast synergies uh or do you think
2741s he's gonna get slowly outclassed as the
2743s game progresses
2745s I mean the big thing here is you know
2747s like that puzzle box question he has the
2750s enhancements available and so while it
2753s doesn't look like what would normally be
2756s a game-winning board because he's jandus
2759s with an extraordinarily versatile hero
2762s power and the ability to have things
2764s like Divine Shield win Theory Cleaves
2767s and lots of this on those units it could
2770s still be
2773s uh if I go with pretty limited Direction
2775s he has managed to kind of Cobble
2778s together uh the uh Baron and the
2782s trickster and the parrot in order to get
2784s some uh death rattle Synergy here but
2786s it's really just scrambling for any kind
2788s of survival at all because he is in big
2791s trouble now down at 10 Health up against
2793s XD once again who I mean you called it
2796s he might just be tempering people out
2798s the game right now has he said khadgar
2800s as well yeah like I said he hit like the
2804s perfect combination with that triple in
2805s the six and it all just sort of lined up
2808s perfectly for him and the crazy part is
2811s this comp is so good because one of the
2813s ways to counter It Is by playing smaller
2815s units that prevent your units from dying
2817s you can see does it have that sort of
2819s problem because uh volatile Venom
2822s ensures those Sky Pirates all die the
2825s big thing here is it looks like Vigo
2827s might be able to dodge lethal at 10
2830s Health it actually takes the win against
2833s XD just barely with that poison War
2836s leader doing seven so impressive we only
2840s have one going out curse him on the
2841s Arana wasn't able to get it going on the
2843s Nomi
2844s yeah it was a very very greedy strategy
2846s especially as a lot of these players
2848s have just been going for super high
2849s Tempo game plans uh we're not seeing
2852s players you know greeting out there
2853s Naomi's trying to go infinite with
2854s pirates very slowly it's been exactly
2857s what you said right it's players playing
2859s for Tempo but now starting to lean into
2862s some direction as uh roganjin here I
2865s mean his direction is pretty simply just
2868s what happens when you don't hit an
2869s obviously game-winning type of board is
2872s just fine Leroy's unmounted yeah and he
2875s does have a setup looking to add a ball
2878s to the mix and
2880s actually
2882s okay yeah we'll we'll pass The Jug I am
2885s a little surprised but uh it is a lot of
2888s stats on his board but the big thing is
2890s that these players really
2892s evaluate how much value these units have
2895s so one of the things that separates you
2898s know sort of the high MMR but not like
2900s Lobby Legends caliber is just perfect
2903s understanding of what is worthwhile and
2907s knowing that the investment into these
2910s three
2911s non-uh typed units these neutral are not
2914s these neutral minions uh you know isn't
2917s going to be worth it in the long run
2918s right
2923s well and then this coiler here so just
2926s trying to lethal the ego on the Gale
2929s wing
2931s playing as strong as possible knowing he
2932s doesn't have super strong scaling
2935s Direction and he's kind of at a peak in
2937s terms of his strength without finding
2940s you know maybe a poison for this ball of
2943s minions uh reborn for this coiler but at
2945s the end of the day he's not gonna have
2946s that same stat scaling
2949s that's right yeah some of these other
2950s players have the efficacy of Leroy kind
2953s of needs to be called into the question
2955s in this Lobby because we've seen players
2957s with uh what reborn beasts uh we have XD
2960s obviously on the death rattle Synergy uh
2963s with all the Pirates as well so Leroy I
2965s think while it's doing the job at the
2967s moment knocking out uh Vigo here down in
2970s seventh place I think for rogue Gene
2973s this would be you know at best a third
2976s place which he's hoping for
2977s yeah it's it's part of that rugby for
2980s scissors and we actually see it oh my
2982s God the perfect setup not looking so
2985s perfect taking a lethal from chronico on
2988s the surface
2990s so I wasn't able to get that full setup
2993s and we actually do see a few more
2994s players going down now as Vigo did get
2997s lethal by rogo Jean and HC goes out
3000s really early on what looks like a
3001s fantastic setup
3004s and here it is power of the enhancements
3008s the reborn Leroy is so strong and now
3011s this is sort of where you're like oh
3013s well yeah maybe this can be a first
3015s place work because that is very strong
3017s oh and we have our Barrow's blessing
3019s between shakxi and Max 7 key
3022s yeah sexy and Maxie and I gotta say here
3026s looking great for uh for a boy sexy I
3031s don't think oh see I'm gonna go the
3033s other way I'm gonna go ahead and say
3036s that shax is gonna take this one uh the
3039s utility of that wildfire and crackling
3041s Cyclone to me I think I'll be enough to
3044s get through the steps but double fell
3046s back in a golden overseer along with
3048s another one aboard that is a lot of
3050s stats that's gonna be uh coming on to
3052s Max 70s Ford
3054s hold it
3056s it's sex is gonna go for the Triple here
3059s it's oh my goodness double rag okay yeah
3062s come on that's gotta do it
3070s I'm just gonna shamelessly jump on board
3072s with you
3079s I mean this is what you called out the
3081s the power of crackling Cyclones and the
3085s Wildfire Elementals as well not
3087s necessarily against
3088s a lot of poisons which we haven't seen
3090s leaned into all too much this lobby but
3093s even just in stat battles uh it can be
3095s very interesting to see
3097s maybe it's really close the break points
3100s are gonna be what determines it and the
3102s Cyclone gets so much value
3104s so much value and that's exactly why
3107s Elementals are maybe a little underrated
3109s but sexy rating them perfectly as he
3112s lethals
3114s Max seven key the former body Legends
3117s champion
3124s foreign
3151s that should have been the fight
3152s prediction oh my I can't
3156s so now we've moved into top three
3157s situation and I mean
3160s I told you penguin song was set up for
3162s success
3163s all right puzzle box might
3165s our prediction might come early as we
3168s both said that there could be a win with
3171s the quest and
3173s yeah penguins line showing how it's done
3175s what an insane
3178s insane setup yeah very impressive maybe
3181s we can take a quick whip around the
3182s three players left in uh to see
3186s what the comps we have going for here
3189s pretty straight up and down Elementals
3191s here for Shack see obviously not in the
3192s form of Nomi
3194s um as you might usually expect but just
3196s looking really strong here uh with the
3199s Mage Derma as well to keep those stats
3201s on the Wildfire going higher and higher
3202s and higher and yet I mean I said he'd be
3206s lucky to get a third but he's done it
3208s these very high Tempo strategies have
3211s worked out and specifically against
3213s shaksi more so than against penguin San
3216s he kind of got a shot of coming in
3218s second uh but it does look like he is
3221s going to be going up against Penguin
3222s Sound first who I have to say it feels
3224s like he's going to struggle to beat
3227s yeah penguin sun has a really strong
3229s board against this comp Burger Gene not
3231s having a ton of stats on his units uh we
3235s did see you know sort of that not
3237s investing too much into units that
3239s weren't going to be relevant later on
3240s but if he's able to dodge a lethal which
3243s seems impossible as we just saw zephyrus
3246s take Lilo from 32.
3249s the thermometer's haunted I don't know
3251s if that'll be enough but again it's just
3254s a question on how much damage Roga Gene
3258s will take here oh yeah the good old
3260s Leroy Valley trade that always feels
3262s good
3264s open be a Difference Maker
3270s oh this has to be but it doesn't yeah
3273s it's not looking good the baby crush
3276s doesn't get summoned
3279s boiler doesn't die oh it's so close it
3282s does the hit
3284s oh there's good summons too
3287s yeah
3289s yeah so unfortunately
3294s oh damage on board oh
3306s amazing so that was that was the case
3310s and so
3311s now with the matchups we have shakshi
3313s going up against Burger Gene and like
3315s you said Roger James board is much
3318s better suited for dealing with taxis boy
3319s who now just picks up another recycling
3322s wraith but had sold it previously so it
3324s doesn't have the same rules available to
3326s look for those sort of utility minions
3328s more crackling Cyclones more recycling
3331s rates to be able to get through what we
3332s know are two levers on the board along
3334s with a manted queen
3336s yeah I want to say for Rogan here feels
3339s like
3343s feels like this I think two Leroy's and
3345s uh a manted queen is probably not quite
3349s enough I think I saw on a side monitor
3352s as well that he actually did hit the uh
3355s Primal fin but was unable to find the
3358s poison afterwards instead settling for
3360s the cold lights here
3362s um and so again uh no poison no selfless
3365s Heroes to go with this Baron rivendare
3367s as well is about as strong as he was uh
3370s last turn find a reborn for that coiler
3373s and that's something there aren't any
3375s mechs in the game which makes it
3377s slightly better we're gonna yeah we see
3379s the balls getting sold uh we'll start
3381s through this call later to grab that
3383s reborn as well
3384s um just giving him the best ads of
3386s potentially scamming and fight here I'm
3389s gonna use the Rattler as a little bit of
3391s a cleave protection
3394s and I like his positioning the cleave is
3399s going to get value regardless so oh but
3402s the right man also taunts middle okay
3405s the baron Baron going down is is okay
3410s the cycle goes down
3412s okay I mean that's it right I mean it
3415s has to be yeah oh wait there's the coil
3418s is coming oh this is so clutch okay it's
3422s technically winnable
3430s the reborn did matter and so Rogan she
3434s takes a second to get sexy oh my
3437s goodness these fights are insane the
3439s coilers are giving the excitement that I
3442s asked for from the start
3445s at work Gene with some absolutely
3448s disgusting roles over the last couple
3450s turns like this should not have happened
3452s at all but fair play to him uh and the
3455s Penguin Sun's paint up three
3457s enhancements has a reborn wind cherry
3460s and taunt to failover for this Manta
3462s Queen is probably gonna come in here
3464s what do you ditch the mama bear
3467s yeah likely the mama bear the baby Crush
3470s not a ton of value at this point either
3472s just because there's so many summons on
3474s board that it's oftenham's not gonna get
3477s that additional summon and there's also
3479s another reborn Leroy available
3483s yeah exactly I feel like you have to
3485s make way for that right
3487s so we might see both going
3490s at this point
3494s yeah it looks like that will be the case
3496s picking up this tunnel blaster
3499s and probably yes I was gonna say I don't
3502s expect him to play it I would expect him
3504s to hold it
3506s yeah great just see what your opponent
3508s has maybe if they've suddenly hit a
3509s bunch of divine Shields you make that
3511s work
3512s yeah and he's got so much
3515s Health to work with at 31.
3518s we saw how good his start was the token
3521s at the beginning hitting the enhancing
3523s Quest
3524s and uh actually not putting wind fury on
3528s the minted Queen
3529s oh does it at the last second I think
3532s what he was considering is whether or
3534s not he wanted to increase the odds of it
3536s getting taunt because it could you know
3539s end up playing around that reborn coiler
3542s and not getting as much value but
3543s luckily it doesn't get done anyways oh
3547s man these reborn leroys are so broken
3551s just an insanely strong taking out the
3553s Divine Shields and now there's just the
3555s reborn equivalent but penguin sun has
3557s too many of his own people even ever
3561s ever worry about this and uh so it is
3564s the first so you were asking is this
3567s enough and opinion Sun shows exactly how
3570s to transition he kept that uh Wildfire
3574s Elemental the whole time utilizing that
3577s is his main source of scaling with his
3579s hero power and then just leaning into
3582s that quest for the reborn the Divine
3584s Shields that he needed
3586s yeah I think that was just such a
3588s beautiful read of the speed of that game
3590s there uh from penguin sand because he
3592s was able to uh as we saw that go for a
3595s really nice fast tempo start there with
3597s all those beasts and then he realized
3599s that you know he didn't need to start
3600s scaling up too heavily with those beasts
3602s he just needed to get make use of that
3604s hero power and just lean more into the
3606s the Leroy's the poisonous as well and
3608s that would be more than enough to see
3610s him a win as there were no mechs and no
3611s repeated Divine Shields no bunch of
3613s death rattles to be concerned about so
3615s just making sure you hit those over and
3617s over again was uh more than good enough
3619s and uh congrats to penguin sand but
3622s congrats to you as well as with the
3624s first pick of the day with your
3626s bandwagon you smashed it
3629s yeah like I said the power of uh tokens
3631s they're Janus is pretty hard to deny but
3634s penguin Sun had to execute just sort of
3637s read the outcome of the lobby from the
3639s start knowing exactly what to go for
3641s like I said knowing exactly what to
3643s invest in and like you said he did it
3645s perfectly got a little lucky here taking
3647s a current acre from oh yeah
3651s I love the
3654s obviously crazy I'm
3656s this was a crazy way to start our first
3659s game of Lobby Legends absolutely yeah I
3662s mean especially for rogue sheet who's
3663s bored
3664s really didn't change after like turn
3667s eight I think or even like turned seven
3669s it felt like earlier on where he hit the
3671s leroys then he hit the mountains and
3673s kind of just rode that all the way
3674s through its way very lucky second place
3676s I will say I think my prediction of
3677s third earlier on was most of the time uh
3680s probably a little bit more where he
3682s should have been headed uh but
3684s congratulations to him of course as we
3686s can now take a look at the leaderboard
3689s my pick for the bandwagon looking
3691s decidedly less Rosy than yours with XD
3694s down at one and a half points uh after
3697s the start to this day but cursive is
3700s really in the danger zone right now with
3702s no points at all after game one
3705s yeah and that's a really tough spot it
3707s is possible again with the linear
3708s scoring structure it does make it easier
3711s to come back uh in some of these
3713s scenarios but yeah I'm really surprised
3716s I mean we saw xd's volatile Venom board
3718s it looked so good and one of the big
3723s components of these sandings is how
3725s these players deal and keep mental
3727s composure and sort of those unfortunate
3729s circumstances right you know he was
3731s feeling good he felt like in a really
3732s good spot but uh just these really
3735s unlucky fights and just didn't quite
3737s have enough and ends up with only a
3739s point and a half we'll see him trying to
3741s come back and make it into that top four
3743s here
3744s worth pointing out as well that we do
3746s have one of our puzzle box questions has
3749s already been satisfied the criteria as
3752s the the new enhancer hero and Quest be
3755s it the uh enhancermatic or the quest as
3758s we saw there uh has taken down a Lobby
3760s game one the power of that Quest just
3763s looking absolutely undeniable uh with
3767s effectively the entire board or was it
3769s literally the entire board having a
3771s reborn at the end of that game uh so uh
3774s congratulations to us good job we uh I
3777s imagine we killed it yeah I mean you in
3780s particular you're literally batting a
3781s hundred right now if that's a term I
3784s don't don't know baseball at all but
3786s anyway uh we're gonna go to a uh a short
3788s break right now when we come back game
3790s two of Lobby Legends
3793s can't wait
3796s [Music]
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3825s foreign
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3857s foreign
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3905s thank you
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3955s thank you
3957s [Music]
3959s foreign
3961s [Music]
3995s welcome back to Lobby Legends where
3998s during the break I was corrected Pocky
4001s is in fact batting a thousand not a
4003s hundred I'm sorry for insulting you I
4005s still don't know what that actually
4006s means but whatever it is good job doing
4009s it
4010s yeah you know our numbers here in
4012s America it's a little weird but we may
4013s do you know we're all right and uh I'm
4016s hoping to keep up the pace the the
4018s predictions so far have been pretty good
4020s like you said I'm feeling okay about
4022s them but the biggest prediction of all
4024s was that we're having exciting games and
4025s game one was absolutely insane oh yeah
4030s I'm hoping we get maybe a total flip of
4032s the standings so the game three has as
4034s much hype coming into a fresh start but
4037s uh obviously the likelihood of that
4038s isn't happening did you feel like there
4041s was any player that really stood out to
4042s you in game one is yeah maybe gonna
4046s repeat perform
4048s um well or maybe a little poorly in game
4050s two I mean I do think the penguin sand
4052s really has a shot of making it done
4054s every time I've seen him play uh in
4056s lobby Legends he's just looked uh
4059s incredibly solid rarely finding any
4061s mistakes at all uh from him uh I do
4064s think that XD did get a little bit
4067s unlucky in those games like going down
4069s to exactly 15 damage losing a couple of
4071s rough fights against murlocs with poison
4073s and very high Health uh all those kind
4075s of things I think his strategy that he
4077s went for should have done a little bit
4078s better so I hope we get to see some
4080s justice for him and things turning
4083s around a little bit
4085s um but uh for you one of the things I
4087s actually wanted to ask you before we
4089s jump into the game is uh I believe it
4092s came up a couple times was the absence
4094s of Mex uh in that first game which for
4096s me feels like one of the most warping
4098s um
4099s uh minion types right now in
4101s Battlegrounds how do you think that game
4103s was shaped by the absence of mechs and
4105s how will it change if we see them in
4106s subsequent games
4108s yeah it was a bit interesting because
4109s beasts were in
4111s uh you know in in those summons really
4114s can do a number on Max right countering
4116s those Divine Shields but how the impact
4119s is you know like you asked is these
4121s players play into the direction from a
4124s very early stage just by picking up
4125s tempo right they kind of know what
4128s they're going for
4129s turns ahead they have this amazing
4131s foresight for how the game will turn out
4133s it makes completely warped that in the
4135s mid game and the late game because
4137s access to vine Shield
4139s can manifest itself in so many ways
4142s whether that's modules on something like
4144s a ball of minions or are making some
4146s really big deflectors or copying holy
4150s mackerels and the access to Divine
4152s Shields to trade out some of those big
4153s stats changes how other players will
4155s play so you have players playing maybe
4157s less into the leroys and mantas and
4160s things like that because
4162s the shields can reset themselves and
4165s take out some of those poisons and
4167s you're not really worry about it as much
4170s yeah okay be interesting to see
4173s um
4174s in terms of the uh the quests as well
4177s now that we've seen uh the newest quest
4179s uh coming in front of the center are
4182s there any other ones that you are hoping
4183s to see
4185s um come up over the course of today any
4187s favorites
4188s uh wonderball is always always fun
4192s um ethereal evidence is it's not the
4195s best but it's really hard to judge how
4198s good it is because it's kind of like
4200s panda in there you get a like flexibly
4202s choose
4203s and so I really like that one because
4205s the the flexibility and seeing how you
4207s adapt a situation saying this Quest is
4209s really good here or one turn of stolen
4211s gold might get me over the top
4214s um or the moment I need so I would like
4217s to see those ones as well as cookbook I
4220s mean I'm just a big fan of cookbook
4221s people kind of slept on it at the
4223s beginning of quests they were like it's
4225s too slow it doesn't get but when
4227s everything you buy is like 50 50 70 100
4230s 100 sometimes something that's pretty
4233s good
4235s yeah yeah I don't know if I'd
4236s necessarily have the uh the APM for that
4238s as uh maybe some of our players May
4240s struggle as well given the uh the
4242s different servers especially for our
4244s European players thankfully no America's
4246s players they don't have to deal with the
4248s uh the Ping uh yeah so yeah so I'm sure
4251s they're all Overjoyed to not be there
4254s um but uh no I mean the players you know
4257s a lot of them have played crossover in
4259s the past so they are okay at adapting
4263s but certainly the Ping can be a bit of a
4266s disadvantage especially again with that
4268s mental game of just like thinking about
4269s the fact that it was like I have to
4271s leave myself like three or four seconds
4272s at the end to just make sure I finish my
4274s turn you know I don't want to take any
4276s chances and then you're rushing yourself
4278s a little bit uh but if these players can
4280s remain calm make the decisions they got
4282s them here in the first place they'll all
4284s be perfectly fine
4287s I'm sure they will as well I'm quickly
4289s running through the rest of those uh
4293s bandwagon picks
4295s um as we've just been told they're
4296s sorting out a couple things with the
4298s players should be getting into the game
4299s any second now uh sorry not the the
4301s bandwagon picks the um
4304s uh what's what I'm looking for
4307s the questions puzzle box puzzle box
4310s there we go apologies uh yeah as we saw
4312s one there but it felt like in terms of
4314s the number of turns that it took in that
4315s game that was not even close to turn 19
4318s uh that we'd need to get to in order to
4320s satiate that condition
4323s yeah the the long games are generally
4325s the ones they have those sort of
4327s extended 1v1 or top three situations
4331s um and oftentimes those are sort of
4333s those sat games that end up being
4335s dominated by murlax with Miralax and
4338s um speaking of Miralax in we don't have
4340s merluxin and we also don't have visa and
4343s instead we do have Mexican and penguin
4345s sun will take togwuggle here
4348s and we'll see if he does try to take
4351s advantage of Mex being in without a lot
4354s of other summons we we might see Max be
4356s very strong in this Lobby
4358s how are we feeling about talk wiggle now
4360s it's obviously been a little while since
4362s the the Nerf after his uh incredible
4364s dominance when he was first introduced
4366s uh do you still think it's a high
4368s priority pick
4370s uh I wouldn't call it high priority it's
4373s still one of those pickable playable
4375s Heroes but it's not something you're
4377s seeking out and it got much more
4378s challenging uh with the change in the
4381s meta because
4383s if you don't hit a token going four and
4385s four is not possible and if you do it's
4389s much more risky and you don't really
4392s want to put yourself into those risks
4394s especially if you risk not getting a
4398s quest that synergizes you know with not
4400s having Minions on the burden because
4401s quests are so influential I think we've
4405s seen people shy away from it a little
4407s bit more but still still picking it
4409s because it is still a very strong hero
4411s power
4412s when the XD buying and then freezing
4415s here obviously we can see why on a base
4418s level uh with the Synergy here on
4420s greybal but uh what does the curb look
4424s like here do you think with two non-econ
4426s minions in the shop
4428s yeah we do have these missing but there
4431s is uh econ still on one and so likely
4434s we'll see XD grab the micro money pair
4437s and then roll trying to hit
4439s um oh we're just or you don't you don't
4441s need a role in this situation
4444s um finds the econ right away uh I would
4447s expect to see the micro mummy in just
4449s freezing that Suave likely leveling to
4451s you next turn players have been
4455s prioritizing leveling you know not
4458s really later than five gold unless
4461s you're playing a reform curve because
4463s being on tier two for the quests is such
4466s a big deal
4471s see Max 7 key going up to tier two
4476s cycling through I believe uh to get
4480s that Galley wave's hero power ready for
4482s next turn
4486s and you agree with that you think it's
4488s worth losing the coin uh for that extra
4490s gold on the next turn
4493s it definitely will depend on the shop uh
4497s Milhouse with a really strong board very
4499s typical in the early turns
4503s oh in AFK we get the discoveries here
4505s froze the sun bacon finds a deflecto
4509s really early as well that's a banner
4511s board a little bit of scaling it can you
4513s know it just depends so much deflectio
4515s obviously the better Standalone unit but
4517s if you hit something like a bristleback
4518s brood that looks insanely strong
4523s is the two micro mummies in the shop
4525s sway used onto deflectable perhaps
4529s uh it doesn't but with the pashmar it
4533s might
4535s um Poshmark a pretty strong card
4538s probably underrated a little bit and
4540s we'll see does chronic a level here uh I
4542s think both blades are completely
4544s acceptable
4545s and will just level
4549s so gonna utilize the strength I'm gonna
4551s hold the gems saying I'm strong enough
4554s and if I get a quest that you know
4556s requires me to buff minions having these
4557s gems in hand will be worth it but
4559s matches up into a huge toughness let's
4563s look at the tie
4564s that's six for shield very very strong
4568s oh and Rogan here obviously taking
4570s another win on the Milhouse has put
4572s himself in a great position not taking
4574s any losses at the start with plenty of
4576s cards still in hand a lot of quests that
4578s could be completed very quickly here as
4581s there's quill ball oh my goodness but
4585s also Battle Cry
4588s oh and it's just nothing Hammer was also
4590s an option but yeah takes the battle
4591s cries house one in hand has the
4594s refreshing anomaly in the shop as well
4600s I'm wondering if he is considering
4602s staying down so one of the things that I
4605s just said might be contradicted as there
4608s are quite a few battle cards in one as
4610s well as having that free roll
4613s and a couple of pairs available
4617s finds another Battle Cry
4619s okay
4621s and we might see the level here now
4626s okay good I always get worried you know
4629s the casters first you know you say oh I
4632s think we're gonna see the level uh that
4634s next thing you know you don't see the
4635s level but yeah Rogue isn't gonna fill
4637s out his board keep a little bit of
4640s flexibility with the settlemental being
4641s able to be sold it has three pairs are
4644s ready to go and that Quest already very
4646s far along
4660s Elementals for volatile Venom so we'll
4662s have another Venom game
4664s um and this one is a bit more
4666s interesting because we have mechs which
4668s definitely do have Summons of course we
4670s do have that scallywag in the shop but
4674s no beasts or demons which are the other
4676s sort of uh premium
4680s you know death rattles summon tight uh
4684s minion types
4691s and where I can pick just jumping in in
4694s here the last seconds of turn four
4696s technically
4701s yeah me too and here we have XC has
4703s lined up triple heads more pairs gonna
4706s be you know relatively strong off the
4709s back of that uh gravo hero power with
4712s the summons on board
4715s has lined up a triple
4718s and he's still looking for battle cries
4720s right I think was
4722s broken his quest
4724s was battlecry's the econ
4726s interesting situation here and more
4729s importantly what he wants to Triple into
4732s with oh Miralax brand isn't quite as
4737s good still extraordinarily strong on
4739s Milhouse but no mama bear uh crocolisk
4743s available on tier five and so I'm
4745s wondering
4747s where Regine wants to take this I feel
4749s like going first six is a bit too greedy
4752s um Milhouse does love sixes but gonna
4754s need to pick up Tempo at some point and
4756s freezing for that long is a hairy
4759s situation would you ever go just take
4761s the four full well I was gonna say
4763s specifically for recycling race which he
4765s does manage to hit with the two droplets
4767s in hand
4769s and I was gonna say it so because the
4771s fives were weaker and sixes are you know
4774s so far away I I think that you're not
4777s wanting to buy the Harvest Golem or that
4779s molten rock like the Ford does seem like
4781s the play here so I like it a lot and I
4784s think
4786s Rogan's not going to be too disappointed
4788s at all hitting the recycling Reef like
4790s you said probably the best hit that for
4792s him and uh luckily I mean you know this
4794s but uh turn four I did bandwagon Rogue
4796s jeans so uh hopefully that one turns out
4800s um I'm liking his face so far
4803s it's got in in time as Max uh Seven Keys
4806s starting to turn around for him here as
4809s he does take a win and what oh the
4811s triple presented so many players hitting
4814s this going into the turn seven all right
4816s tripling into a 500 know me on the other
4818s hand very good doesn't quite what he was
4822s hoping you know looking for a brand
4824s maybe a Nomi here but it finds a little
4826s Reagan that will be the pickup uh just
4828s the most synergistic and the highest
4830s availability to scale but yeah that
4832s golden Sensei gonna be really nice with
4834s that put bot in the mid game here
4836s all right penguin Sun needing to
4840s play six quill balls or Elementals again
4842s for a tiny henchmen yeah yeah and has it
4847s available in shop with the banner board
4848s and the uh sunbait can relaxer
4857s uh I'm
4860s wondering if he's just waiting to not
4863s give information or was considering
4864s selling the uh Elemental versus the sun
4868s bacon relaxer it looks like to play a
4869s full board
4879s there's some on the other hand
4883s gonna proc Quest here
4887s all the friends along the way and that's
4889s a very early pickup for
4892s friends along the way giving to Naga
4894s which is one of the best
4897s setups you can have with friends along
4898s the way because you have the option to
4901s get so many useful units even if it's
4904s just for a turn as well as access to
4907s Shell collectors or some econ
4911s and if you do get that Naga set up
4913s you're going to be very happy because
4914s you are able to get so many free spell
4917s craft to uh generate
4920s in the same skin
4923s is he gonna take a little bit of a hit
4925s but first damage here from 49 so I was
4929s able to stay healthy up till now taking
4931s 13 though from Max 7q scallions yeah
4935s looking very weak but trying to hit that
4937s triple obviously into a six here wow uh
4941s very very greedy indeed but also having
4943s friends along the way for nag is quite
4945s funnily
4947s yeah and because of that that's part of
4950s what's dictating this decision to go for
4951s six to hold these naga in hand uh trying
4955s to hit orgas the horror if thistle here
4957s will he
4960s [Music]
4961s oh my goodness the most unfortunate
4965s timing we see him considering so it
4967s wasn't a snap pick at least
4969s and that means it's gonna be a full
4973s Reaper so yeah just taking the tempo
4975s here has the uh Electrify to give it a
4980s little bit of extra attack in this mid
4982s game but still on five has that friends
4985s along the way triggered oh Lexi has
4988s golden Hammer with a ton in hand and
4992s also a Nomi offered
4994s I don't quite see his board yeah taking
4997s advantage of the password is going to be
5002s oh hang them picked up here not wanting
5005s to
5006s freeze the settlements on the droplet
5010s I would have loved to see gold and Nomi
5013s played here early on turn seven but
5014s maybe the the experience of not winning
5017s last game get into him saying ah the
5019s Elementals weren't good enough I mean
5021s come even cool turn seven early for know
5023s me anymore I feel like that
5026s well it's golden right that's the
5028s difference true true
5031s um xd's cleave does take out one of
5033s those patchmarks as well as one of the
5034s menaces so a very strong glutes it first
5037s the other platform guys he's actually
5039s his face immediately turns to shock as
5043s he's gonna get barely any value
5047s you're actually gonna take a tie a loss
5050s a loss yeah
5052s despite having a full hand of spell
5055s craft lasting so AC is full Reaper
5058s that's enough
5060s yeah I get that gorilla sticks getting
5062s in there
5064s we're really just trying to find some
5066s proper direction now for sure because
5068s he's starting to lose that initial huge
5070s burst of tempo he had he is going to
5072s start I said triple patchmark though
5074s into a six
5075s and he'll go for the faux Reaper here
5079s how's the wind Cherry in hand yeah
5081s that's nice obviously oh
5083s there was a work here and I don't know
5085s how the mechanic works but it would have
5086s been interesting to see if he could gold
5088s in the War gear and see if those stamps
5089s would be permanent on the full Reaper
5095s rules for the Elise wanting to
5098s potentially keep the golden Hammer for
5101s Golden six perhaps Rogan also tripling
5104s this time into a five getting tripled
5107s again finds to know me
5110s paired with Master realities and holy
5113s mackerel
5114s yeah
5115s choice
5118s if you hit all of minions but yeah I
5121s agree it's kind of too specific
5126s and roguazine does have an
5128s enhance-o-matic
5129s oh look at this board
5140s will provide some scaling here in the
5143s intermediate term
5145s gonna spread out that attack
5147s too much attack uh not gonna be relevant
5149s this early is that uh full Reaper will
5151s be able to deal with most of these
5152s minions in fact uh
5155s person's entire board covered by the
5158s phone
5161s oh Reaper is dead now Arsen will take a
5166s slight win with the Wave Rider surviving
5168s to health will be nine damage coming
5171s into XD as both the friends along the
5174s way players move along and take the two
5177s nagas
5178s oh okay okay
5181s that's a whole lot of stats that four
5183s Reaper is going to be very big oh
5185s corrupted mermaid on an interesting
5187s pickup
5189s I mean he just needs that officer that's
5191s all that's missing from making this
5193s really start to pop off but he doesn't
5194s have much time to do it because it's
5196s really only that initial burst of tempo
5198s from the faux Reaper that was keeping
5199s him in it as soon as that starts to get
5201s outscaled he's going to start losing
5203s very very quickly
5206s yeah and he did have that discover off
5208s of that organzoa leveling to six because
5210s of it uh Vigo also discovering S6 has
5213s that volatile Venom active
5216s for Reaper
5217s won't be able to attack twice but a big
5220s cleave is very strong at all points but
5222s Charles and walking for both a lot of
5225s free passive scaling it looks like Vigo
5228s has a few taunts on board
5230s only profit of the boards though
5232s does take the walking Fort and will try
5234s and play into it though and this is an
5237s interesting setup because with taunts
5239s with volatile Venom you might say well
5241s those minions attack they die right away
5243s how much do I really want to invest into
5245s them well the big thing is that if he
5247s can taunt them and put them in the back
5249s those stats will be relevant as your
5250s opponent will attack into them for you
5252s and you don't need to attack with them
5254s so it looks like that is uh what the
5257s thought process there is for Vigo
5260s Galaxy just doing some absolute magic
5263s there I don't know exactly what was
5264s happening but uh it was impressive no
5266s matter what as we see another player uh
5268s with obviously the the Naga scaling
5270s friends along the way for Kirsten but in
5272s his instance he was able to hit the
5274s officer which is such a big difference
5276s this scaling you know probably needs
5280s another atheist or if he's actually
5281s going to be winning the game with this
5283s but he's on his way uh to outscaling his
5286s opponents very easily
5289s yeah Max seven key
5292s on that Gallery doesn't quite have the
5295s uh
5300s it was so close but the yeah moving at
5304s one the corrupted murmidon is able to
5306s clear and so gallowakes takes a bit of
5308s damage Carson that's scaling
5312s like you said that if this isn't making
5313s the difference in the stats there
5316s um checks he doubted 12 Health but has
5319s potentially the strongest setup in the
5322s lobby with golden Hammer or gozoa
5324s because the way that that mechanic works
5326s is that when you do golden net or gozoa
5329s you get the extra spell crash so that
5332s orcas oh if he decides to use that
5334s golden Hammer is providing three Naga a
5338s turn
5339s as well as the golden on the next turn
5342s potentially I don't remember exactly how
5344s that works but yeah very very strong oh
5346s and it looks like he actually was able
5348s to hit the ball of Minion stats on the
5352s faux Reaper I think because he buffed up
5353s one of those really really big with all
5355s the uh spellcraft from pashma
5358s yeah and it looks like he found another
5360s orgazord he's gonna be
5363s is he gonna play into this Elise for
5365s another triple no uh well yes but he
5368s sells the ball I was gonna say he could
5369s use that orozoa to look for another ball
5371s of minions and try and triple it with
5373s the pair in hand but
5376s decides to go for that at least discover
5380s I don't even know what this comp is it's
5382s kind of nothing but it still looks like
5385s strong
5386s uh still no attention advantage of the
5389s Critter Wranglers here you know so
5391s really leaning into the scaling and just
5393s getting so many discoveries with that
5395s organzoa
5397s it's a mechanic with golden Hammer and
5399s we saw how big that cleave is you know a
5402s huge cleave is game changing in
5404s Battlegrounds and it's trying to make
5406s some of his own has one pretty big one
5408s has Divine Shield win Fury available for
5411s both oh hell it's an Omega Buster he'll
5415s know if this that he just has not been
5417s able to find one
5419s yeah it doesn't really have the
5420s permanent scaling
5425s yeah no Critter Anglers either he's just
5427s got nothing
5428s apart from immediate Temple no scalings
5433s and your house was able to
5437s up that scallywag too in a scene the
5440s heights with that golden Peggy oh yeah
5444s um luckily for XD uh it's not too much
5447s damage
5451s you know Silver Lining is only going to
5454s take five here still at 22 and as far as
5457s we know damage cap is still active
5461s uh Vega's volatile Venom I'm gonna get
5464s him the wind character against Kirsten's
5466s Arana
5467s going down to 10 is Arana
5470s um what a difference still active on
5472s turn 11. we'd all right anyone out like
5477s 10 12 in a while there were only three
5480s players left on turn 12 last time right
5482s whereas now everyone's still in okay
5484s unless something goes insanely wrong
5486s we're gonna have it right more than that
5487s this time yeah
5490s So currently got a Smoking Gun and this
5493s is sort of that Mech
5495s leaning lying it AFK not able to hit too
5499s much did triple that deflector into this
5501s six here now it's the option to take
5503s Theater which is good scaling has at
5506s least two premium units to buff up in
5510s the deflecto and the cyclone
5513s uh also potentially considering the
5515s genie though with a little bit more
5517s Synergy with the Smoking Gun in the
5520s immediate term
5523s what are we looking to improve this
5525s right now is this digging for mackerel
5528s specifically or are there other
5529s powerhouses you're looking for on five
5532s yeah I mean at this point I think her
5535s Nico's kind of stuck playing into max
5537s with that decision not to go into the
5540s theater
5541s so gonna look for resets menaces but
5546s might not know that a lot of the menaces
5547s are stuck on the vigo's board as we tune
5550s into vigo's perspective it's exactly
5553s what we talked about earlier using those
5556s taunts putting them in the back with the
5558s walking Fort and letting that volatile
5560s Venom just soak up those early attacks
5563s with those summons and then letting the
5566s taunts eat up the attacks on the back
5573s looks like it should just about to be
5575s able to outscale this it's a pretty
5579s frustrating uh
5581s macro I will say would be good to be
5583s able to feel
5585s oh and I guess it's like they're getting
5587s a reset is it a really nice consolation
5592s uh we'll get values gonna come down to a
5595s 50 50 here but oh
5597s yeah not anymore
5600s yeah and I think it's that reset was
5602s there Vigo had a chance to take this
5605s fight you see the stats really evening
5607s out but once again we are going to have
5609s that same consolation that AC had is it
5612s it's just that huge scallywag that
5615s survives but it is enough for Rogan to
5618s carry these mid-game fights
5620s still no one's died turned 12 and it's a
5623s full floppy here as my pick once again
5627s in Max 7 key looking to be on the brink
5630s of Destruction here uh but it's not over
5633s not quite yet he's got gallowakes plus a
5635s huge amount of uh econ available in
5638s these turns yeah a ton of rules and
5642s getting smiling out of the lyrics as he
5645s Cycles
5646s even Morton hits a huge glow scale gonna
5649s be able to protect that corrupted
5650s murmidon
5652s instantly putting that shield on making
5654s sure that oh it hits the walls
5657s this looks so much money though I mean
5660s if Max 7K survives this turn
5664s looking to potentially be the strongest
5665s in the lobby galleyways one of those
5667s Heroes that quests or not that hero of
5670s power is so powerful
5674s takes an arcazoa for more econ
5676s potentially gonna discover the corrupted
5678s murder but not triple but doesn't
5680s grabs the angler
5682s uh yeah really just looking for what
5685s mounted Queen at this point of the sixes
5687s for an immediate burst of power
5690s yeah it hits Gambler after Gambler yeah
5694s uh I wish we could see how much gold
5698s bank savicki has banked up after this
5700s one actually Skips a gameplay but rolls
5703s into a Tavern Tempest because who cares
5705s uh let's just hit every econ unit
5708s available
5711s yeah just looking for ways to actually
5713s finish this out selfless hero obviously
5715s the selfless hero leading with the zap
5718s maybe take out attack card
5722s just again everything to try and survive
5724s it to health that Leroy looking to be
5726s that skier Union on the board the Zach
5729s will go into the kanglers but because of
5731s that volatile Venom isn't enough to
5733s clear it
5736s and despite Max 7K may be having the
5739s brightest Outlook
5741s though that's a huge hit the one in
5745s three not getting the reset
5755s with that hit under the deflective is
5757s gonna survive
5760s um so there's just too many stats and I
5762s I don't think it was a guaranteed win if
5764s the deflector didn't get hit just then
5766s so max I think you're gonna breathe a
5768s sigh of relief doing 12 to Vigo and we
5772s have our first death
5774s we do XD that is not the one I wanted to
5777s see
5779s oh
5780s oh yeah that's true uh that's a tough
5783s break next seven key with more econ
5788s gonna be cycled doing some cycling of
5790s his own is real good gene on the
5791s Milhouse these two Heroes
5793s all right just the best in the game it
5796s simply cycling through units getting
5799s value
5800s everything with some Dodge rolls though
5803s not finding any Elementals any econ
5806s so the scaling this turn is gonna be
5808s minimal
5810s what was it is but
5813s I don't even know if
5817s if he's interested in infusing it at
5819s this point
5823s I mean
5824s it is obviously strongest to play it but
5826s you were really hoping to be able to
5829s Triple or plate onto it you know played
5832s onto a Libra or minted
5833s or even something like a selfless I had
5836s a little bit more value
5840s wow those that official scaling is
5843s starting to get out of hand exactly it
5845s felt like he needed to hit the second
5846s officer in order to be able to scale
5848s quickly enough to take down this game
5850s and he has done so with a lobby with no
5853s murlocs in uh the running these fasted
5857s minions may just be good enough to get
5858s the job done but then it's a golden it's
5861s up for shaksi as it's uh it's so funny
5864s to see the players who didn't hate
5865s friends along the way for nagas seem to
5868s be the ones who are hitting a thistle uh
5870s and getting the work done with uh nagas
5874s yeah and she's actually making full use
5875s of that career Wrangler to buff up that
5877s huge foe Reaper and uh it's gonna come
5881s down to where this full Reaper is able
5882s to hit but I think she actually has
5884s enough to uh clear curse them here oh
5887s yeah the firework is just so big isn't
5890s it
5892s cleave oh going into the corrupted
5896s murder without the corrupted move it on
5897s responding by going into the leeway and
5899s Chassis will lethal curse him
5902s cleanly the office of the Critter angler
5904s the Orca zoa the keystones of the Naga
5907s comp surviving the lethal the Arana
5910s we've seen for Figo here the venom has
5914s been a Fickle friend so far in this
5916s tournament it's sometimes it's been
5918s fantastically strong others not quite
5920s good enough but here it finally looks
5922s like this obvious Synergy between the
5923s mechs and the Venom is uh is paying off
5926s as he gets a win and I think a knockout
5930s uh first kuraneco as well it will be
5934s crew Nico you can get a few play cents
5937s off the back of that Smoking Gun but uh
5939s we see you know when when Vigo is able
5942s to get that ideal combat RNG did affect
5945s your resetting a few times just insanely
5948s strong as those tones also are
5950s continuing to scale up
5952s oh in an interesting triple would pick
5955s up the
5959s fair enough okay yeah it doesn't take it
5960s I I think this is a better play you
5963s could try and put it on to another Mech
5965s that's like another deflector shows
5968s itself but uh yeah liking listen oh this
5970s is a hard one okay Lorinda giving us a
5973s tough time here
5978s okay so that Leroy is
5980s first which means it's got a good chance
5982s of hitting a bad
5984s argue obviously there's no win Fury
5987s currently I don't think for the
5990s it doesn't oh it's a big deal
5994s yeah if there is wind Fury I think it
5996s would be a clear choice but
6000s not clear at all for me yeah this is
6004s tough it's actually really tough
6012s think I'm gonna go with fancy here soon
6016s I think I am too I the four Reaper just
6019s looks so good right exactly especially a
6024s lot of the power for Vigo is that
6025s deflector bot and the burrito has a good
6028s chance of taking that out given that
6030s it's taunted and next to a couple of
6031s other taught minions
6033s oh and there's another glow skill in
6035s here for sure actually it's closely
6037s again just depends on the resets
6040s um Leroy's on both sides but because
6042s that for Reaper isn't taunted uh that's
6044s gonna be the difference for me on
6047s checks the uh potentially getting that
6050s full Reaper to attack again taking out a
6052s lot of the summons available
6054s foreign
6078s [Applause]
6095s yeah just just enough and uh with Vigo
6098s only at eight health they will be a
6100s lethal coming out of shaxy's Elise
6104s oh and that's a death oh
6107s goes down to the galleywix
6110s Ah that's kind of surprising like that
6112s was a pretty big board for rogue Sheen
6115s which just goes to show how big things
6117s must be for Max 7q and we can finally
6119s get a look at it in the face here this
6121s is some pretty scary scaling he's got
6125s going on and look at that much money 24
6128s gold oh my goodness and gallowakes with
6132s friends along the way the econ value of
6135s everything you're getting is doubled
6136s anyways uh just because you get that
6139s extra goal for selling the unit and yeah
6143s Max 7K obviously getting some good units
6146s but just taking full advantage of all
6150s the econ we see him not even picking up
6152s gamblers because they take too much I
6154s think it's money it's not the issue here
6156s he's just trying to get as big as
6158s possible to try and deal with penguin
6161s sun and shanksy's board uh we didn't see
6164s what Penguins on was doing it too much
6167s this game
6169s um
6174s [Music]
6178s which isn't bad but only two levers and
6182s no poisons on the board
6184s I'm not sure that penguin sun is gonna
6186s be able to uh
6188s get that repeat win for me on this one
6192s Max Seven Keys sport is just so many
6196s stats oh man he's flipping over
6198s everything golden brown he accidentally
6200s rolled the golden branded that one I
6203s could tell he uh that one wasn't
6205s intentional I mean his face oh no but
6209s we've all been there luckily I don't
6211s think he has too much to worry about in
6212s this fight and uh
6215s that taunted brand you're going to be
6217s able to potentially soak up a hit from
6219s this Leroy foreign
6239s not gonna be able to get there
6242s but how often do you see little rag
6244s boards in winning positions
6246s not too often but like I said I think
6249s Elementals Elemental is a little
6251s underrated
6254s obviously you need to hit because you
6256s know obviously the most common way that
6259s you get these huge minions is offer know
6261s me pop-off game uh but if it's going
6263s through that it's through uh shaper of
6265s reality and the the major Domo this
6268s isn't even that this is just like pure
6270s little rag that's been able to get all
6272s this stat scaling here which is kind of
6273s crazy
6275s yeah and I mean part of it is the
6277s recycling wreath right and we saw a
6280s couple players you know pretty happy to
6282s hit it here
6283s um Roga Gene obviously a little bit more
6286s fickle on the Milhouse isn't able to
6288s bank up huge amounts of gold with just
6290s one pop-off turn I wasn't able to beat
6293s Max 7q scaling but we'll see if shakshi
6296s has it in him it's gonna be very very
6299s tough
6301s does have the golden Hammer still
6303s available uh to potentially
6305s golden the orgozoa for some extra spell
6308s crafts with self golden he's selfless
6312s here
6317s and I mean the cleave is still very
6319s powerful right that's been the
6320s Difference Maker sexy all game and is
6324s gonna golden the athissa just going for
6326s maximum
6329s scaling for this
6331s what potentially is the final turn here
6335s very likely the last time it's huge to
6337s hit another glow scale there though that
6339s cannot be overstated
6341s so it's going to cycle through as many
6343s sets as possible we're going to end with
6345s the selfless pairing
6346s Ian actually gonna play both knowing wow
6348s okay it's now we're never in I I mean I
6351s like that strategy Max everything with
6354s the taunted Lira has played around
6355s basically everything though
6358s sick that cleave is
6363s there it is
6367s like a hundred damage worth of cleave
6370s wind Fury then it hardly even scratches
6372s the moment on
6375s ah oh no in this
6378s micro right hand and is
6383s gonna be
6385s enough for Max 7 keep to win and lethal
6388s as the lyric survives
6391s so it was close though the
6394s Cyclery just down to five the Cleve
6397s didn't have a ton of value but yeah it
6399s was going to be really hard for Chachi
6400s to out of the scale gallowakes going
6402s forward
6404s and so max seven key a winner of Lobby
6407s Legends 2
6408s is the winner of game two here in the
6411s last Lobby Legends of the year
6413s that's right yeah I'm really glad to see
6415s him take that win there I think it was a
6416s really nice pick of uh gallowicks in a
6419s lobby with Elementals with pirates you
6421s know all these uh common very high money
6424s or high gold uh types of Minion types
6427s that work very well with galleyworks
6430s just turned out to be exactly what Max
6433s 70 needed and of course his uh handling
6436s of a very high APM strategy on a
6440s different server I think was handled
6442s very well because as he picked up when
6443s he started skipping the gamblers
6444s skipping everything that wasn't either
6446s an elemental to keep cycling or I guess
6449s like orgazord he picks up specifically
6451s for glow scale because he just needed to
6453s maximize Divine Shields at that point in
6455s order to be able to uh scale a little
6459s bit better or boost his chances of
6461s winning those fights and I just think it
6462s was really really nicely done for him to
6465s pick it and very nicely done by me to
6467s pick him for my bandwagon the game two
6470s because I got one right this time wait
6471s you did you did uh really well played
6475s coming back with two health so you know
6477s it had his life on the line in every
6479s combat the uh you know for basically the
6483s whole game because we saw so many
6484s players staying at high health for so
6485s long and then people surviving for a
6487s long time but we have an update on the
6489s standings
6491s it's pretty interesting as well because
6493s we kind of have two
6495s drop-offs here where we have a clear top
6498s four right now who are looking like they
6500s are the favorites to get through because
6501s once again this is after day one for
6505s Lobby a and Lobby B the top four players
6507s go through two day two so Penguins then
6510s down to Rogan looking strong Vigo and
6513s kuraneko looking in with a good shot but
6515s for cursive and XD I think they're just
6518s out of the running entirely right no way
6520s for them to make it now
6522s yeah it's I believe impossible just with
6525s the uh the numbers that we have up here
6527s uh penguin sun is nearly guaranteed if
6532s and I guaranteed in
6535s um with that 12 point total only seven
6537s points available but yeah that top four
6540s pretty clear-cut Vigo and chronic are
6542s going to be challenging for those third
6544s and fourth spots though
6547s and uh I mean hopefully we'll see them
6550s challenge for it because
6552s I want I want a good game three you know
6557s are going to be trying to play spoiler
6559s right
6560s I hope so for your sake given that you
6562s picked the XD to get more points uh I I
6565s hope that he can clutch out something at
6567s least just to give you a slim chance uh
6570s but we'll see whether or not he can do
6571s that in the final game of Lobby a but
6574s not the final game of the day don't
6576s worry of Lobby Legends winter Veil after
6579s this break
6580s [Music]
6591s thank you
6592s foreign
6599s [Music]
6603s [Applause]
6605s [Music]
6634s thank you
6638s [Music]
6662s foreign
6663s [Music]
6702s [Music]
6705s thank you
6709s [Music]
6717s [Music]
6741s foreign
6743s [Music]
6781s welcome back to Lobby Legends winter
6783s Veil the final Lobby or the final game I
6787s suppose I should say of Lobby a here
6790s where we are trying to find out who will
6792s join us tomorrow which uh which players
6795s will end up in the top four out of our
6797s eight players in lobby a uh curse of an
6800s XD I believe locked out of the
6802s possibility of doing so with a maximum
6805s of 8.5 points which would no longer be
6807s good enough to Eclipse Rogan who is in
6810s fourth place currently with 9.5 so
6812s really it's a question of whether Vigo
6813s and current Neko uh can get a good
6816s placement here and just manage to scrape
6819s their way in to that top four
6822s yeah and we've seen good performances
6824s from them just a little bit unfortunate
6826s situations you know especially uh
6829s chronico I think you know with that AFK
6832s Smoking Gun it's not really that High
6834s Roll potential that you're looking for
6835s uh but if he gets a better setup here
6838s you know I wouldn't be surprised to see
6840s him doing very well in Vigo I mean he
6843s look he doesn't have his arms crossed
6844s there's got to be a chance for himself I
6846s I just had to believe
6849s not that we're superstitious here on
6851s Lovely Legends but uh I mean if it's
6853s true it's true it's not superstitious
6855s that being said these Heroes not what
6858s I'd want to be seeing if I was in his
6860s situation Patrick carrial deathlinger
6863s okara Max are in so there is some
6866s Synergy but couldn't go with the
6867s password just because he knows he needs
6870s a bit of a Hyrule and that is the year
6872s that has the most Hyrule potential
6875s we see curl Nico is that curator
6881s yes I'm actually doing there it is yeah
6884s there we go oh my goodness look how cute
6886s that little amalgamate I needed that is
6888s adorable
6890s I mean honestly I was thinking that
6892s looks more like the uh
6894s cracker Zenyatta skin from OverWatch it
6897s was the the closest I could come up oh
6899s yeah yeah actually I know what you're
6900s talking about yeah
6903s we see Penguin sign with the mayev
6907s started with a sunbaking we're actually
6909s able to a hero power shell collector so
6911s really nice start on my penguin Sun
6914s uh
6917s and then okay cursums overlay on the
6920s slide didn't update I got
6923s I know but uh yeah as for the rest of
6928s the lobby we have a rogue routine on
6929s flergal which is a hero that I really
6931s want to check that Robo Gene gonna be
6933s fighting to hang on to that fourth place
6935s spot or even move up a little bit
6937s um flugel isn't something you've seen
6938s too often and we've seen it changed a
6941s few times semi recently but it's not
6943s like a favorite pick but there's just
6946s some Hyrule potential with it
6950s uh we have Max 7 key on your Sarge XD on
6953s galicron shaksian what I believe is
6955s c'thune uh and then that would leave
6959s cursum on the Elise here
6963s and how are things uh shaping up now
6965s that we've seen the change to uh c'thun
6969s in terms of the curve anything spicy
6970s gonna be going on here with the new hero
6972s power
6973s yeah so katoon got a huge buff by not
6976s having to hero power in these early
6977s turns able to just play a standard curve
6979s and then the big big Hyrule potential of
6982s katun is if you're able to hit that
6985s ghastly Mass Quest right you're getting
6987s double Buffs at the end of your turn and
6990s it is extraordinarily strong
6993s and she's actually gonna have a really
6995s good setup here because you don't need
6997s to invest that hero power he's going to
7000s be able to coin or potentially cycle
7002s through this Tad and I imagine he's
7004s going to pick a patient Scout because
7005s it's such a strong card to grab on turn
7008s three
7010s but you don't need to worry about the
7011s stats getting wasted onto something like
7013s a patient's Scout right you can save it
7015s for when you have a relevant unit
7016s potentially you know a five or six drop
7018s that that patient Scout is discovering
7020s and then start here replying when it
7023s makes more economic sense you know and
7025s it's not like a one one buff a two two
7027s buff but rather you know a six six seven
7029s seven buff to your board and makes that
7032s two gold a little bit more worthwhile
7034s we haven't really seen uh quill balls
7036s make too much of a flash so far in this
7040s tournament uh but do you think would you
7043s not have been tempted to go like coin by
7045s the profit of the ball there because for
7047s me and it's recently buffed form uh it's
7049s actually looking like a really strong
7051s mid-game option
7053s yeah
7055s totally agree it got a lot
7059s soever like I said in the uh last few
7062s games right these players are playing
7063s into their Synergy super early right if
7066s there was another Clover something like
7068s a tough Tusk on board where those gems
7070s make more of a difference it makes a lot
7073s more sense but without a guaranteed gem
7074s coming and without that direction
7077s already available passing it up seems
7080s totally fine we see shaksi missing out
7082s on that gassy mask like hitting three
7084s very interesting quests as kidnap SEC is
7086s pretty easy to complete for losing or
7088s tying two combats that's likely gonna
7090s happen with that patient Scout on board
7092s that's the respecter for six death
7094s rattles maybe not the pick and then that
7097s cookbook which I was hoping to see oh
7101s to increase the friendly minions that's
7103s six million times kind of steep
7108s yeah but in hansomatic super strong with
7111s Miralax in the lobby that poison Divine
7113s Shield potential too much to pass up and
7116s there is a micro mummy in the shop so
7117s we'll likely see that taken and
7121s uh yeah just gonna play a standard
7124s refund curve on the maiev
7127s uh here repairing that extra gold
7130s um in the alley cat also has a mini
7134s mermaid on coming which will help buff
7136s those stats up as well as another swamp
7138s Striker XD hits a very early Mama Bear
7141s again not really playing for a place
7143s when I put plain to play spoiler and Mom
7144s bear is a good unit to do that able to
7146s do a lot of damage early if he is able
7148s to find those beasts
7151s absolutely yeah one of the key made on
7154s uh Gala crook uh of course but like you
7157s say really just playing for pride at
7160s this point with no possibility of
7162s progressing through day two Vigo here uh
7167s uh also got himself a patient Scout
7169s which you'd have to imagine again is
7171s just going to be uh with Vigo in
7174s contention of winning really needing a
7176s good finish here like I'd say second or
7179s maybe first is really where you want to
7181s be heading uh getting a five or a six on
7183s that patient Scout is definitely where
7184s his head will be out
7189s yeah for sure in Vigo took I had 16
7192s cards to hand to this question picked up
7194s that road Board gets one of those germs
7201s oh and Final
7203s what
7205s oh my goodness okay okay so this is
7208s where that profit of the board is in a
7211s perfect situation we're gonna see that
7213s patient's account able to be cycled here
7215s looking for another cool board to add
7217s more cards to hand doesn't hit it but
7219s has that triple coming in I expect that
7222s we might just see it right away are we
7225s gonna see a level in a purchase here in
7228s selling through this rock pool
7230s that also seems
7233s better I'll just say better yeah I think
7236s so
7239s um you could hit something like a brute
7240s right away and
7244s sort of gearing okay he does take the
7246s triple it's close because going into the
7249s cartoon you don't know how big those
7250s stats are gonna be right and you want to
7252s guarantee those cards to hand it and try
7254s and get these discoveries up as soon as
7256s possible
7258s and so with this quest of adding cards
7260s to hand if the uh Road ball activates
7264s would you'd have to imagine it would
7266s plus the uh the coin uh from the warden
7269s means that he will be able to discover a
7270s minion but it will only be a two cost
7272s here which means it's going to be a good
7274s while before he's discovering another
7275s Minion here I've got to be honest this
7277s is not the way I anticipated Vigo
7279s playing it who I thought given that he's
7282s on that threshold of Five Points not
7284s currently in the top four but still in
7286s contention to go through I thought I'd
7288s be aiming for a slightly riskier first
7290s place strategy
7293s well and the big thing here is that uh
7296s another hidden body is a repeatable
7298s quest it's the only repeatable curse and
7301s so he's setting up not necessarily for
7305s this first discovery but the future ones
7307s and if you are able to get repeated
7309s discoveries and you know let's say off
7311s this discovery he hits another prophet
7314s of the board and able to cycle any of
7316s those murlocs uh or sorry quill boards I
7319s see as the Tad is picked up thinking of
7321s the mind
7323s um you're able to sort of cycle those
7325s discoveries very very quickly and we see
7328s him like picking up spell crafts here
7329s and there's a sunbaking relaxer I'm
7331s almost positive we'll see that picked up
7333s here
7336s okay not home bad with assault
7344s I probably see it held in hand just
7345s playing this angler here
7352s again just yeah looking to maximize
7354s those discovers
7361s the interesting thing will be what he is
7365s trying to play into we don't see
7367s Elementals for pirates in so the Nomi
7370s lines the hogger lines that we see with
7372s another hidden body on five able to
7374s discover those directional cards not
7378s available here
7381s maybe we'll see him go into quill boards
7383s otherwise you know obviously we see
7385s flurgo piloted by Royal Gene murlocs are
7389s gonna be relevant this game that is for
7392s sure the question is who's going to be
7394s able to make them the most relevant and
7396s Will some of the mech players be able to
7398s sort of tempo them out before they get
7399s online
7401s golden honcho in Fargo is a very scary
7404s sight luckily it's not scary for Max 7K
7408s yet because that scaling hasn't kicked
7409s in but uh for the rest of the lobby as
7412s these Royals start to cycle they're
7414s going to pick up a lot of Health a lot
7416s of stats
7419s yeah
7421s thanks
7423s that's super scary
7426s eating to add 20 cards to his hand in
7429s order to get evil twin I believe
7432s uh which would be pretty good for him
7435s right now but not like instantly game
7437s winning the Vigilant stoneborne would
7440s obviously help to buff that up a little
7441s bit further though
7444s yeah and it looks like he's gonna buff
7445s that honcho for now the strongest unit
7449s uh later on it won't buff itself so
7451s we'll be able to copy another murloc
7453s meanwhile all the murlocs seem to be uh
7456s making themselves available on Penguins
7458s on this board
7462s because he's got a nice Swan Striker
7464s setup
7465s did it hit that Quest already
7469s handsomatic adding that 5-5 wind Fury to
7472s the tank just trying to play as Tempo
7475s heavy as possible because his end game
7476s is decided he's going to play for divine
7478s show murlocs it's just a matter of time
7481s till surviving
7482s uh
7484s until you're able to get those
7485s enhancements that you're aiming for and
7488s look at vico's hand and Hearts the hand
7490s hasn't been a problem for him
7493s that
7494s even tied brood is kind of gross so fast
7500s and I I have to give credit to him like
7502s you know I was saying that I thought he
7504s would wait to Triple into a higher cost
7507s minion and activate his first copy of
7510s another hidden body into a higher cost
7512s minion as well he went for this very
7514s high Tempo which again seems strange to
7516s me given that he has 60 hell to start
7517s with but it has just worked out very
7519s well for him he's able to get a very
7521s strong uh economy kind of rolling where
7524s he's getting lots of cars to his hand
7525s every single turn setting up for that
7527s further Quest completion and I think
7530s it's working out really well now getting
7531s either a four or making them a five cost
7534s on his next Quest completion he could
7536s start to find that direction that he was
7538s maybe lacking a little bit in his
7540s earlier stats
7541s yeah and I mean the big thing is we
7544s don't see it often so we don't talk
7545s about it often but it's a password
7547s that's 60 Health that everyone's got to
7549s get through so even if it takes them a
7552s little bit longer to find that direction
7553s he has so much
7556s Health to work with and so many
7558s discovers because he's able to oh oh my
7561s goodness there's a double ball pickup is
7564s still he grabbed
7568s oh in the Primal fins of oh my God these
7571s shots are insane yeah these are here's
7573s another prophet of the boar I don't
7575s think we'll see it picked up but just
7578s also the
7580s foreign caller okay he's gonna pick up
7583s the prophet he does have a lot of cobras
7586s actually to play in hand I didn't even
7587s notice the ball of minions also counting
7591s and he's get there's it's not limited to
7593s one's return like he's gonna get to
7595s discover here
7598s and this is just exactly what I made
7600s about profit of the board is you can set
7601s up turns like this where it becomes the
7603s uh blood gem generates of your entire
7607s strategy it doesn't need any other help
7608s at all
7610s yeah definitely and like I said when you
7612s picked it up is is the big question
7615s right it uh it can go from not very good
7618s too amazing without that Limit Oh an
7621s annoyo module or in necrolyte both
7623s interesting options does take the module
7625s is divine Shield poison could be on the
7628s way here for Vigo with that ball of
7629s Minions on the board
7635s the toxin likely to just end on the
7638s thorn collar here does indeed do so I
7641s think those jumps so fast the EPM uh I
7645s think regardless of the server you're on
7647s that's a hard turn to finish but ego
7650s does so brilliantly and look at this
7652s he's almost complete his quest again on
7655s the uh the same turn or the combat of
7657s the same term which means he's very
7659s likely to be getting up to a Tavern tier
7661s five he can discover that bran would be
7663s looking very powerful indeed uh maybe an
7666s agamagum as well to get some real strong
7668s use for these blood gems that he's
7670s generating so quickly
7673s yeah I I just think
7676s I mean I I can't State this enough how
7678s well this has been played right setting
7681s himself up for this situation by
7683s tripling
7684s on the early turn that we were iffy on
7687s you know I did like it but it's not an
7690s easy decision to make by any means and
7693s uh having the guts to to make that play
7696s call recognizing again just like
7699s the foresight needed to say it's not
7702s about this first discover or right in
7705s this moment but what am I looking at you
7707s know three four five turns down the line
7709s and beyond that even
7716s I believe which was interesting I
7718s haven't got to see all too much of it
7720s but not necessarily scaling very quickly
7722s uh at this point in the game
7726s uh I think even right now like I don't
7729s know if he's got the tempo necessarily
7730s to
7731s outclass a lot of these other players
7733s turn nine turn ten a lot of the other
7736s guys are getting pretty strong
7738s yeah and it's a tough fight he doesn't
7740s have those premium units on board yet
7743s that amalgam is gonna get pretty
7746s Big and of course with Mex and murlocs
7750s and divine Shield poison will eventually
7752s come for those units but the rest of his
7754s board rat packed some random Naga
7757s aren't the best and unfortunately he
7760s just has that teal tiger Sapphire Quest
7761s that
7762s doesn't have a high impact in these
7765s situations where rather than rolling
7767s you'd much rather be cycling units
7769s buffing up the units that you have on
7770s board or finding you know
7774s those premium
7778s adaptations via module and toxin
7785s I was going to say a bad hit for Leroy
7787s but it's a VT again
7790s yeah cursing down to Seven health but
7793s has gassy mask with the walking forward
7797s so that scaling is going to be
7801s Fast and Furious is
7804s that's gonna be 15 damage
7807s huh peeking on the other end
7810s that's right I know the two players
7812s currently on Five Points once again
7814s outside of the top four but with the
7816s potential to get through if they do well
7818s those being Vigo and current Echo for
7821s Vigo right now it's currently looking a
7823s lot better still on that full 60 elf at
7827s this point in the game and having some
7829s really nice scaling to go alongside it
7831s uh speaking of scaling here that kind of
7834s seems to be what's missing uh for XT
7836s because he's had obviously a pretty
7839s strong mid game here with hitting the
7841s mama bear all this B Synergy uh but
7843s where do we usually look to go from here
7845s Pokey to be able to actually progress
7847s further through this Lobby
7850s yeah and I mean for IXL it's gonna be a
7854s tough one and he uh he made a minor
7857s misplay there and when we see him sort
7859s of lamenting the fact but yeah you know
7862s obviously a little bit disengaged but
7864s meanwhile
7865s this on the other hand much more
7867s interesting board we were talking about
7868s you know theater
7870s [Music]
7871s and oh wait I did we talk about Roger
7874s Jane getting eliminated I did I miss
7877s that I don't think we did no because he
7881s was in forest
7884s is oh my goodness I yeah
7889s um Lorinda tried to kill us in and we
7891s just we just whiffed I'll I'll take the
7894s blame for that one but the double
7895s theater is a completely different story
7898s when you have the ability to oh and he's
7902s gonna taunt up the other one so they're
7903s gonna be able to scale if he finds
7905s strong shells just you look at how fast
7909s it's able to buff up three units of uh
7914s yeah different minion types and the nice
7917s thing is that in the late game you can
7918s continue to keep those units while
7921s transitioning the rest of your board
7922s into those minted sand Libras that we
7925s see most end games dominated by
7928s starting to get up first whiff of the uh
7932s oh that's a nice minion uh of murloc
7934s poison scam right which has been the
7936s terror of the Mets again for a very very
7938s long time now it hasn't been all too
7940s powerful so far in this tournament uh
7943s but here for shaksi he's able to just
7947s still take that Mach 7 key who's poisons
7950s murlocs were not quite big enough uh to
7953s be fighting actually beat a tie oh
7956s really oh no the tank just taking out
7959s just enough health and the shields you
7962s know it doesn't matter if you don't have
7963s health because the shields protect them
7965s and it's
7966s too much attack on being ahead
7970s 21 health is going to be 19 attack per
7973s turn and that is a lot if you have the
7976s right units
7978s she's actually just focusing on the
7980s scaling here I'm curious if we do see
7982s this dynamic duo sold it does provide
7986s another taunt it's
7988s not bad but it is also a distraction on
7991s the Buffs from this tough tusk
7995s which again you do really want to focus
7997s the stats so that you have ample board
7999s space to be able to flex in other Tech
8002s units
8003s um
8004s in this end game
8010s not an easy decision shanksy is
8012s struggling with it as well obviously the
8014s 2627 looks a little bit better than a
8016s 2-1 on board but in the long term I
8019s think this is a ray play and we see
8020s poison is an option that toxin in the
8023s shot but another tunnel Blaster
8024s available as well which might be better
8026s in this combat as well as I mean it is
8030s strictly more stats that murloc likely
8033s going to be able to deal with most of
8035s what's thrown at it at this point
8037s if you just tunnel Blaster and hero
8040s power instead of buying anything
8044s also an option though I would say I
8047s would expect to see the tunnel Blaster
8049s picked up because it also provides an
8051s option is a tech unit later on right so
8054s if he doesn't want to play it right away
8056s it also has that utility of being able
8058s to play it into some of the mech boards
8060s uh Divine Shield poison that might be
8062s available we saw penguin Sun you know
8064s playing with those murlocs having that
8066s enhance-o-matic uh Quest
8069s and it is going to be that tunnel
8071s Blaster picked up and held
8073s for probably that reason maybe maybe
8077s another reason but you know
8086s okay pretty nice tunnel glass today
8092s oh and I heard that Vigo
8096s who was the one who lethaled Rogue jeans
8100s we were talking about finding direction
8102s he may have found his Direction
8104s and
8106s unfortunately kernako the other person
8109s grappling for that top Force hard with
8111s five points with Vigo
8115s is not gonna die right because it's just
8119s sexy yeah at one health check season
8121s five oh man actually does still have a
8124s chance one Health is all you need and
8127s here's the AG instead of has a full
8129s refund board those gems
8132s just coming into hand oh
8136s the neck relay does a huge pickup we're
8138s gonna see a huge cleave all of a sudden
8141s and I wonder
8143s do you even keep the agum here
8147s it's the weakest unit on board and I
8149s have to imagine
8151s there's a lot of stats on the Shaker
8154s unless it was buffed with a ball of
8156s minions oh yeah
8158s I can't lose that's unlikely can't lose
8161s the prophet of the bori the cannula it's
8163s so strong with the quest as well
8168s yeah extraordinarily strong especially
8171s with the setup
8175s obviously wants to get out of this road
8177s board and okay it does bite the bullet
8179s sells the Shaker gonna
8183s oh if I put the egg in as much as
8184s possible before playing this necrolyte
8186s bringing up that road Boris face here is
8189s a big big deal though
8193s as uh it's one of those units that as
8196s the rest of the boards get bigger it's
8199s gonna get harder and harder to uh
8202s warrant of Wave Riders so clutch here
8206s yeah oh when it hits aggravating the
8209s great board that's
8211s more stance
8213s vehicle's gonna have a cycle spot in the
8216s road board we'll just play through the
8217s Wave Rider here for the turn but that
8219s road we're gonna be the cycle spot
8222s uh is that hey Megan's gonna eat up
8225s again bus gonna make those gems even
8227s more stats in that full Reaper is huge
8230s will it be enough I'm assuming we're
8232s gonna see some Divine still twists and
8233s I'm totally wrong it's a full Mech board
8238s good one
8241s it's very good the Omega booster goes
8244s down there's two kangars
8247s oh okay it's like quarter cleat but the
8250s tank goes down oh we need to see the
8253s deflector getting re-uh reactivated
8255s we'll get recess we'll get some gems on
8258s the road board
8260s nice little consolation
8266s there's still three resets left let's go
8269s down to the ball of minions but it's oh
8271s no that's another one goes down
8274s okay the corner cleave that's not the
8276s end of the world of us but but we lose
8279s the first one that's got to be
8285s it will be awesome just severely goes
8288s down on some unfortunate Hits video on
8291s the patchwork making magic work
8294s wow that Eventide route we saw it scale
8298s so fast so early in Vigo stays at 60
8302s Health who needs the bonus
8307s determined to make it into the finals
8309s tomorrow
8310s right and so find a sun Beacon relaxer
8313s that's a huge pickup
8315s we now have Max 7K I think very much
8319s likely to get through penguins and I
8320s think guaranteed as well it's really
8321s just ruching and whether or not he will
8324s be able to hang on to that last fourth
8326s place spot I think it needs to be a
8328s third for current Echo uh or
8332s a Vigo in order to be able to get
8334s through and Vigo looks like he's very
8336s very likely to do so
8340s and we have our barrows blessing here
8342s match up between HD and sexy shaxxy with
8346s the double theater setup ends on a
8349s walking forward uh could potentially
8352s cycle for some more stats here gonna be
8354s matched up against XD who
8357s ah
8360s used his golden Hammer on his mama bear
8364s uh I thought maybe he would go for the
8367s coiler
8368s but right it's not to
8373s yeah I guess just trying to get more
8374s value out of the death rattles on this
8376s turn
8377s yeah and
8379s the problem is only one minted Queen to
8382s be able to deal with these stats and
8383s unfortunately with hit position first
8386s it's gonna run in
8388s to the theaters
8395s lucky for XD it might not be a lethal
8397s but I had to think that it's shaxi here
8400s in the combat
8401s it's looking very likely I mean it is
8404s that kind of precarious position where
8406s all of your chances are weighted on the
8408s three big minions rather than a
8410s unilaterally Big Board which can
8412s obviously go wrong with coiler if that
8414s gets you Leroy's out of the uh the death
8416s rattles as well uh but the majority of
8419s the time I do like sexy's position
8421s oh yeah it doesn't get the full coil or
8424s something like you said rio burner now
8427s might have been ambitious with so many
8429s summons on the board for XD the hyena is
8432s enough to take out that deflector with
8435s that last summon and uh so XT will stay
8439s alive into the top three here so and
8442s nice comeback performance for XT but
8445s he's gonna be up against Vigo who seems
8448s nearly Unstoppable
8450s and I think kareneka they're going out
8453s in both means he walks away uh with four
8458s points right that puts him at nine which
8460s is just one behind uh Rogan at the end
8464s of the running and so even the Rogue
8465s Gene will be guaranteed to go out to the
8467s ego uh it means the uh current Echo is
8470s unable to uh clutch out that spot
8473s himself
8475s yeah and unfortunately it was so close
8477s living at Warren Health had their dream
8480s still there
8482s and
8483s there's an interesting package of
8487s minions in the shop Divine Shield wind
8490s Fury
8490s uh available and obviously a huge faux
8493s Reaper on the board
8496s to pick up that wind Fury and then
8498s obviously the potential to uh and then
8501s that glow scale for the next few turns
8504s um you know getting a shield this turn
8506s and next turn considering whether or not
8508s he wants to play through
8510s uh I don't know if Vigo knows that he's
8513s guaranteed through or not but you know
8517s getting the extra gems now not not bad
8520s obviously man it really is just so weird
8524s seeing a late game potentially Lobby
8528s winning board that still has profit of
8531s the ball on board and it's like Loki one
8533s of the best Minions that he has uh left
8536s in his comp it's such I I'd call you the
8539s prophet of the board as uh I'm sorry I
8542s had to uh you brought it up and here it
8544s is winning games so you know a perfect
8546s example we saw one player pass it and
8549s another ticket of you know knowing
8552s exactly the right situation to pick it
8553s up ixton's Manta does get that Shield
8556s adapt and it does take out the phone
8558s Reaper but oh come on that pack getting
8561s sniped just a little bit early takes up
8564s so much value
8570s I have a little bit I mean it's like
8574s three leroys here right for that speed
8575s shots yeah something like that
8579s um I've seen it happen but it doesn't
8581s look like it's happening here
8583s uh and so with that with the damage on
8586s vigo's board Dixie is gonna go down and
8589s I'm just enrolled with vigo's play I
8592s mean how to win on Patchwork profit of
8596s the boar I I can't express how amazing
8600s these players are to be able to make
8602s something like that happen you know this
8605s isn't something that you'd call a Hyrule
8606s right this is oh no you worked for
8609s absolutely uh not over yet though as
8613s shaksi is the last remaining player to
8616s stand up against vigo's dominance uh so
8619s far in this final game of the lobby
8621s Leroy is a very welcome site to have uh
8625s against vigo's board uh but I gotta say
8629s while this scaling has been good it
8631s feels like it's just maybe a little bit
8633s behind what the Vigo has been able to
8635s accrue
8637s yeah the cleave the unit that really
8641s really prevents a pretty scary outcome
8643s she actually was able to pick up a LeRoy
8646s however right that could be the
8648s Difference Maker here there is still a
8650s couple stats to be cycled through oh the
8655s Mantic Queen like we said
8657s you know the end game concept of this
8661s double theater is being able to end on
8664s Tech slots right and we see a selfless
8667s hero we see manted Queen we see Leroy
8669s all coming into play here
8672s in their shop since taxi is really
8674s considering what he wants to do there's
8676s a lot of turns left this is really
8678s difficult Shaq Sees at 2008 Health Vigo
8681s notably adds 60 health so it's not gonna
8683s be a one fight outcome so you don't
8686s really want to get rid of these theaters
8688s just yet
8690s but how you know how do you go about
8692s this here
8695s decides to get rid of the selfless to
8697s ended and we'll use those gems to uh
8702s pump up the leeway out of tunnel Blaster
8704s range
8714s in unfortunately not getting value out
8716s of the Manta Queen with that lyric
8718s getting cleaved as well right but look
8721s at this it's gonna be a tie it's
8724s actually a tie oh my goodness
8727s man is this the game that takes us to
8729s turn 19 just because he's got 60 health
8732s so even if he does lose it's going to
8734s take like three losses to actually end
8736s it I wasn't even thinking about that but
8738s I think it is another puzzle box checked
8741s off for me let's go
8745s but yeah look at the I mean look how
8747s much this profit of the board is
8748s actually doing though two gems the Razer
8751s fan zoom into getting cycled just
8753s picking up every possible quiver because
8756s it's so much value
8759s oh man these are and actually difficult
8763s choices here yeah oh Leroy
8766s and a glow skill that's super strong the
8769s bristleback Knight obviously would have
8771s provided a few extra jumps but not the
8772s utility uh that the glow scale will hear
8776s so do you think it is the positioning
8778s should change it given that he now knows
8780s there's like a Leroy and a probably
8782s taunted mounted on the other side should
8785s the uh faux Reaper still attack first
8788s yeah I mean that's really tough that's
8790s one of the spots where when you module
8793s that for giving it taunt it's so
8795s susceptible to getting Lyrid itself that
8798s you're kind of forced into the situation
8801s of having it you know it's probably not
8803s going to be optimal one way or another
8805s it'll be suboptimal we see actually
8807s leading with the Libre this time around
8809s and it's also interesting that we saw
8813s video take that glow skill and I think
8815s the reason is like you said we're
8817s looking at a few more turns here
8819s and so that glow CL is providing value
8822s over two turns versus the leeway likely
8825s only providing value this turn actually
8827s opting to hero power here is uh IQR is
8830s going to be providing quite a few stats
8832s at this point
8843s survive the Leroy and it doesn't matter
8847s actually it actually doesn't matter yeah
8849s it's still able to take the win but it's
8851s Gucci brought it up because I mean
8853s without that like
8855s well there would have been more of a win
8856s but I mean it would have been even
8857s closer to lethal uh on that turn from
8859s Vigo potentially
8862s yeah absolutely and a huge shop there
8866s four neutral minions
8869s true yeah yeah
8871s potentially gonna be cycled I wonder if
8875s it's worth it I mean the scaling is such
8879s a weird spot
8881s what else would we be looking for is it
8882s like just Leroy and manted
8886s foreign
8888s yeah I mean selfless hero definitely an
8892s option as well but
8895s there's not a ton else
8898s um
8899s white man can be interesting as a tech
8902s like game in certain scenarios but here
8904s without the combo pieces video is not
8907s going to be super susceptible to it uh
8910s it looks like shaxxy's just gonna
8912s prioritize stats and because of that
8914s we'll likely see this Uther taken
8916s buffing the Leroy
8918s [Music]
8918s um
8921s and potentially ending on the tunnel
8924s Blaster with only one shield on his own
8926s board
8927s but he's got one more role he could
8929s potentially fit in first and like still
8932s be able to buy it but yeah I guess here
8933s are power plus the tunnel Blaster makes
8937s yeah it depends I mean you do have the
8939s role you could also cycle the brand here
8942s uh but it's yeah it's not easy decision
8946s either way
8948s I'll lead with the tunnel Blaster yeah
8951s torn in position one as well because
8953s then there's a chance that the bow
8955s Reaper could attack into the taunt and
8957s end up hitting the Leroy not gonna end
8959s up being the case here though
8962s as losing those taunts there is actually
8964s pretty big
8968s we'll die to the poison
8971s oh it's a slight loss
8984s I still think he can maybe do it
8990s are you close here
8994s the prophet of the boy is going this is
8996s just it sounds crazy but it's keeping up
8998s with double theator right obviously has
9001s an agomegan and an ago on board as well
9004s but you know that is actually the
9007s scaling engine and yeah just goes to
9010s show shaxxy also at a really tough spot
9012s because what do you sell the tunnel
9015s Blaster feels so important but if you're
9018s not scaling these three units
9022s are you gonna have a chance ARA are you
9025s tempted by a taunted Leroy does that do
9028s anything to help this situation fish
9029s actually
9030s yeah I mean I think it does because I
9032s think cutting down on the taunts is
9036s pretty good and it looks like he's
9038s eyeing a reset selling a theater and I
9041s really like the idea the other option is
9044s not taunting it
9046s um and potentially still cycling through
9049s perhaps the stoneborne if that's the
9051s case
9053s uh to to be able to better play around
9056s the cleave right and let the Leroy just
9058s get cleaved
9062s oh no blood gems though he is a poison
9065s though
9066s so demanded might change
9070s how he plays this but yeah we'll just
9072s take the reset in
9073s oh interesting so really
9077s gonna use just gonna
9080s not worry about the furry for at all uh
9083s the men and summons will be the clean
9085s protect uh but because it doesn't have
9087s enough
9089s oh it's huge oh that's such a it's a
9092s really big hit the shield doesn't come
9094s to the poison so the Poison's still
9097s oh no it's not enough it was so close I
9101s mean if you consider how big those
9102s Sports were five health and 28 Hells
9105s were remaining it but Rio doesn't take
9107s damage
9109s did take four armor off but a 6 = 60 how
9113s to win on Patchwork
9115s [Music]
9118s yeah I just
9121s the spiciest of pretzel of pretzel
9124s mustard there right in order to end not
9126s just on 40 I'll put on 60 60 is very
9130s impressive and with such a cool game
9131s right such a unique approach to the game
9133s that both you and I really couldn't
9135s believe he was going for at the time I
9137s thought it was basically just settling
9138s for a fourth or third place to try and
9140s just squeeze through into that top four
9142s uh but he does it in an incredible
9144s display taking that very early Tempo
9147s triple into a three cost that ended up
9150s being the winning play
9152s it was so I I am in disbelief I the
9156s foresight was amazing the planing and
9160s keeping it the whole way through
9161s recognizing exactly how strong it was uh
9165s cycling
9166s every Cold War until the end
9170s when he needed the win to advance to the
9173s top four you know doing it in style like
9176s I said I mean look at that stylish pose
9178s I believed in the pose all along never
9181s had any doubt and uh Vigo just
9185s making me feel good about it
9189s making me feel all kinds of ways uh huge
9192s congratulations to him as I well we know
9195s that guarantees him was put into top
9196s four after a finish there given that he
9198s was on Five Points beforehand shaksi as
9200s well I think able to hold on to his spot
9203s uh whereas for uh down on the bottom end
9209s sorry now Rogan finishing in eighth
9211s place I do believe that that takes him
9213s out of contention for day two
9216s unfortunately yeah and that's such a
9219s tough spot you were in you know like you
9221s said there was a clear Separation on
9223s that horse but and just not able to get
9226s it done in that third game and that is
9229s the the intensity that we see with the
9233s precursor to that check format whereas
9236s that check format you're never out here
9238s you can have those ups and downs you can
9241s have that bad game and it can come out
9244s of nowhere and and that's tough and
9246s whether or not you can recover whether
9248s you can be ahead and keep of your foot
9250s on the gas you know that's that's the
9252s tough stuff and sometimes sometimes it
9254s just comes down to uh
9256s The Tavern not having the minions you
9258s need
9260s and that you have it a final leaderboard
9264s a final standings for Lobby a with the
9267s top four sexy penguinsan Max 7K and Vigo
9272s all going through to tomorrow whereas
9274s Rogue Jean is an absolute Heartbreaker
9277s finishing in exactly eighth is going to
9279s be our first player not to make it
9281s through and then down kuraneku and it's
9284s the having slightly better games this
9286s time uh but for Kirsten here just really
9289s unable to get off the ground at all
9290s nothing happening in for him today
9293s it happens
9295s it is so tough I mean I talked to
9297s Kirsten before the tournament and this
9299s was his first time making it he's you
9301s know had a lot of heartbreaks already
9303s finally making it to the finals and then
9306s it is just such a hard spot XT also in
9311s his first appearance here I believe and
9313s you know it it doesn't feel good to go
9316s out you know we highlight these high
9318s level players but you know a huge shout
9320s out to the players like you said earlier
9322s even making it through the grueling
9324s qualifiers you know even being ranked in
9328s the leader was to make it to the
9329s qualified these players are amazing and
9332s the fact that you know they couldn't get
9334s it done in just three games is you know
9336s not an indictment on their skill but
9338s rather uh
9340s just how Wild this game can be
9343s um they both played really well some
9345s tough breaks in there but we'll uh
9349s hopefully see them on top sooner rather
9351s than later
9353s that's right yeah it's uh tough when
9355s you're up against such strong opponents
9357s like sexy penguins at Max 70 and Vigo
9360s who we will be seeing tomorrow but now I
9362s need to find out who the rest of those
9364s four players going through or it will be
9367s so when we come back from this break uh
9370s Lobby B will begin and we'll see the
9372s rest of the action for today from lovely
9375s Legends Quincy
9376s foreign
9380s [Music]
9395s [Music]
9401s [Music]
9412s foreign
9416s [Music]
9460s thank you
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9767s goodbye
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9777s thank you
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9986s thank you
9988s [Music]
9998s welcome back everyone to Lobby Legends
10000s winter Veil I hope you enjoyed all the
10003s action in lobby a I know I am most
10005s certainly did but I really don't think
10008s things are going to be slowing down at
10009s all because Lobby B I think is if
10012s anything even more stacked than what we
10015s had in a Lobby a
10023s uh I can't hear Pocky is that my fault
10025s oh no no it's on me okay I'm sorry I am
10028s super excited
10030s um
10031s the players in lobby VR absolutely
10033s stacked and a lot of them are known for
10035s high APM play really exciting the high
10040s octane stuff so I'm hoping that we get
10042s to see the action that is at least as
10045s good as lavier because slavier was good
10047s it's gonna be hard to live up to those
10049s games those are fantastic
10051s no exactly yeah we had some really good
10053s plays uh some very lucky outcomes as
10056s well I will say for some of our players
10058s uh early everyone is awesome very
10059s unlucky outcomes as well as is often the
10061s case uh with uh Battlegrounds and how it
10064s can work out but Lobby b as we get to
10067s take a good look at who we have here I
10071s mean there's some obvious names that I
10072s think we know a little bit more from
10074s their streams in the English-speaking
10077s community in like Zork and Jay Carrick
10079s for example uh but who are some of the
10080s maybe less well-known players as I said
10083s to the English speakers uh not to say
10085s that I mean less accomplished
10088s right so zorg and Jake obviously friends
10090s I'll be rooting for them of course but
10091s IG sword is one of the five players from
10096s the China region that qualified to all
10099s of the qualifiers we've seen him before
10101s he's known for like that really
10103s aggressive gameplay and we saw in uh
10106s some of the previous Lobby Legends how
10108s good he can be in the right situations
10110s uh joggans say
10113s uh Korean player who also we've seen him
10117s in some of the previous Lobby Legends so
10119s not completely unfamiliar with him but
10121s that high
10123s pirate APM master in the Korea region
10127s and then sliders also
10129s um you know obviously Europe we kind of
10131s associate with being part of the
10132s English-speaking Community but the
10134s French Community has a vibrant
10136s competitive scene and we saw Rogan in
10140s the last Lobby not quite able to make it
10142s but a lot of these French players on
10145s their French scene are super super good
10147s at tournaments and we saw sliders
10149s actually besides Max savinki has the
10152s highest previous Lobby Legends finish
10154s getting third so I keep an eye out on
10157s all of them zanyang
10160s uh from Korea Sarah and say hello from
10163s China I'm less familiar with but I'm
10166s excited to see their game play today
10169s I think it's no surprise for both of us
10171s there is an overlap in IG sword I think
10173s he is just
10175s wrong players over the entirety of
10178s Battlegrounds or of Lobby Legends uh
10180s specifically and then as you said slide
10182s is getting a third place last time I
10184s wanted to pick him and zorg I'm just a
10186s big fan of so I wanted to include him in
10188s my lineup a few Jay Carrick and Jack and
10191s say any particular reason why you're
10193s backing them in your fantasy team yeah I
10195s mean dragon say from the previous
10196s performances in Jay Carrick I had to
10198s give a special shout out because we've
10200s won twitch Rivals together on the same
10202s team we're in a current league that
10204s we're playing in the playoffs for
10206s together he's a master of you know Duos
10210s and four-player Battlegrounds super good
10213s at reading boards and just I know how he
10215s plays so well that I had to you know put
10218s my faith in him for the fantasy pigs and
10220s I gotta say the first one my picks were
10223s penguin Saxy and uh
10227s uh Vigo and they they all made it
10229s through so I'm looking forward to see
10231s storage and character and say I'll do it
10233s so as well
10235s I mean I've kind of given up on any
10237s chance of keeping up in terms of points
10239s I'm just here for the ride at this point
10241s uh but hopefully uh my guys can do well
10244s uh here especially zorg as of course I
10246s predicted that he would get more points
10248s than uh XD at the end of the day uh but
10252s uh we'll be cool to see uh some
10254s different strategies coming through in
10257s the remainder of the tournament uh am I
10260s right in saying that uh compared to how
10262s much or how powerful murlocs are or at
10265s the very least how much people complain
10267s about murlocs uh when they're playing
10269s games of Battlegrounds they've seemed a
10271s little bit underwhelming so far in this
10273s tournament
10274s I think you hit on it in the it's
10277s something that maybe is complaining
10279s about a little bit more than is
10282s warranted they are very strong right but
10286s the access to poison is more of an idea
10290s rather than something that we see all
10292s the time right you can outstat Miralax
10294s you can play around with shields and
10297s Leroy's and you know different texts
10300s like Cleaves we've seen be very
10302s impactful and so you know they are we
10304s tell those things they don't have as
10306s much utility available and so unless
10308s you're getting very certain setups or
10311s able to buff the stats sort of out of
10312s control right we saw Rogue gene on the
10314s floor goal almost had an option to get
10316s there right had that Han show ready to
10318s build up the health on those murlocs but
10320s just couldn't turn the corner when there
10322s was too much Tempo
10324s um available for all the rest of the
10326s players for him to keep up with
10329s it will be interesting to see obviously
10330s depending on the quest what other minion
10334s types are presented in the uh
10337s the lobby as well as you said Mexican
10339s wreak havoc with any kind of Mech
10342s strategy uh that you can see go for uh
10347s but we've talked a little bit about the
10348s the kind of Heroes uh that I'm looking
10350s to see are there any uh particular
10353s Heroes that you haven't seen do too well
10355s so far the either you're fond of or you
10357s think are really at the the top of the
10360s priority in terms of picks these two
10363s Heroes that we haven't seen yet that I
10365s am particularly fond of and I would love
10367s to see these players take a crack at
10369s them one being test test is a very
10372s interesting hero a high armor total but
10375s very Dynamic gameplay and if you have
10378s that sort of understanding of how our
10381s game is going to play out you can really
10382s take it up a notch and then the other
10385s hero Master win I oh yeah I love that
10389s hero the panda is the most fun hero in
10392s the game for me My Stream obviously has
10394s a lot of panda themed elements so I'm a
10396s little bit biased but it's exactly
10397s exactly the kind of gameplay that I love
10400s being able to make that decision every
10402s turn of what hero power is going to be
10403s most useful for you and
10406s just those decisions so many decisions
10409s is where I want to see these players
10411s shine because trying to break down what
10414s they're thinking how they're making
10415s these decisions is what I want to go for
10418s so hopefully we'll see one of the
10420s players pick them up for me and you know
10423s selfishly and I
10427s repeat here haven't yet right it's been
10430s all different here so far I don't think
10432s so no I'm trying to think uh run through
10434s what has been there was a gallywix win
10436s right uh uh the previous one was uh
10440s Patchwork the unexpected Patchwork win
10442s yeah
10444s and uh I think penguin Sun had a win in
10447s the first game but I don't recall the
10448s hero off the top of my head but uh
10451s yeah I can't quite remember
10453s but it'd be interesting to see uh in
10455s terms of the other puzzle box picks what
10458s do you think needs to happen for a game
10460s to go longer than 18 turns like what are
10463s the specific things that haven't
10464s occurred that can lead a game to go that
10466s long
10467s yeah I mean we've seen like the two
10469s scenarios that you'd think would be
10471s those scenarios right we saw a game
10474s where no one was lethaled by turn 12 and
10477s so the game just accelerated so fast
10480s that we saw a lot of uh Destiny quickly
10483s and then we saw a game with an extended
10485s 1v1 with a lot of Health but
10488s um Vega was just a little bit too far
10490s ahead in the scaling Department the big
10493s thing that could really turn the
10495s difference the last scenario is where
10496s you have a top two or top three
10498s situation with a lot of tie potential so
10501s low Health lots of poison where it's not
10503s going to come down to Value trades right
10505s where stats aren't the determining
10507s Factor but it's rather about the number
10509s of hits is how a lot of players talk
10511s about it with how many Shields how many
10513s poisons are you going to have that trade
10515s off a minion and so if you have a lot of
10517s those if those hits equal out you get a
10520s tie and uh then you don't need to worry
10522s about how much health you have you can
10523s keep going for as long as you want so
10525s that's what it'll take get to turn in
10528s 19. we'll see if it happens
10532s yeah I'm still feeling good about my
10533s choice to say uh no so far uh it just
10537s hasn't even felt close like so many of
10539s our players have just been going as we
10540s talked about a little bit more at the
10542s start so heavily in on these high Tempo
10545s starts uh even to the point where again
10548s as we've talked about so many times Vigo
10550s going for a triple into turn three there
10553s and all these very high priority
10556s um
10556s X coming in earlier on but I guess the
10560s the kind of the one minion type that we
10562s haven't seen at all really prioritized
10565s so far has been dragons which obviously
10568s have been in a bit of a weird spot for a
10570s good while now given that it doesn't
10572s really feel like their late game scaling
10575s is quite strong enough at this point in
10578s the game uh with uh kaligos being not
10582s quite strong enough but how is there
10583s recently shaken up mid-game fairing for
10586s you is that something that players could
10587s be prioritizing if the cards fall in the
10589s right way
10590s yeah occasionally it really depends on
10593s the quest I feel like
10594s um like you said calligraphs as a
10596s scaling engine is a little bit
10597s lackluster and it's really hard unit to
10599s balance because nadina exists right if
10601s you make it too strong
10603s the ability of you know those dragons to
10606s have Medina to have things
10608s um like atromedes that can pop other
10611s Shields you have to be very careful with
10613s how much scaling you allow them
10616s but if you get the right setup sometimes
10618s teragosa builds can look really good
10621s um or even a situation where you have
10625s you know maybe a couple dragons like two
10627s dragons that you've scaled up with a
10629s theotar or something that just randomly
10632s gets big like a single tear ghost saying
10634s you can take in that nadina maybe have
10637s some poison ball of Minions that are
10639s getting Shield there and and you know
10640s hey that's a dragon Port right it'll
10642s read four dragons so we'll count it
10645s um but yeah it's definitely a difficult
10647s one and
10648s you know like you said a lot of these
10650s players are going for these safer lines
10652s right Tempo oriented and that's sort of
10654s that tournament meta that we talked
10655s about earlier coming into play right a
10657s lot of the psychology is hey I don't
10659s want to get myself into a bad situation
10661s there's not a huge premium for getting a
10664s first versus a second or third even a
10667s fourth sometimes right so I'll take
10668s volatile Venom I'll take a Smoking Gun
10670s just try and like get a good placement
10673s without doing anything too risky and
10675s right now dragons are a little risky
10678s just because they don't have a
10679s guaranteed end game scaling comp they
10682s can really keep up with everything else
10684s yeah I guess so is there any kind of new
10688s energies that have opened up with uh
10691s I mean what is eternally one of my
10692s favorite minions at work in um
10696s paragosa uh itself sorry not calicos
10698s taragosa uh with uh you know the
10703s uh some of the cars that can work
10705s outside of dragons in order to buff that
10707s up uh does that ever factor into your
10709s mid games at all do you find
10711s [Music]
10712s um
10713s and it's definitely
10714s [Music]
10715s definitely because you know stars
10716s aligning type thing where maybe Miralax
10719s aren't in you have a trickster that you
10721s have in Avenue to to buff up that unit
10724s right taunt it maybe if you can
10726s guarantee the bus onto the Tarik it can
10729s be that unit they can carry you through
10731s the mid game get you to the late game
10733s healthy and you can swap out maybe
10735s everything on your board except for a
10737s few minions and ending that sort of
10740s typical end game board that we see with
10742s you know maybe two mantis two leroys a
10745s selfless apparent and a really big
10746s taragoza you know it's it's very good at
10749s being that splashable Tech unit you can
10751s get shield on it with Amber Guardian
10754s with nadina with Southwest hero
10756s so there are a lot of ways to make it
10758s work
10759s um but it it's yeah definitely a
10762s circumstances thing where you need a few
10765s other things to line up too
10768s yeah I can see that but I always try and
10770s force it but yeah like you said when
10772s you're being sensible it does need a
10773s little bit of extra help in order to try
10775s and make it work uh as you may have been
10777s able to guess we are trying to fill time
10779s here as we get our players ready for the
10782s next Lobby uh but well uh we get that
10786s done we have just been told that we are
10788s gonna have to get a couple things sorted
10791s out so we are unfortunately gonna go to
10792s a quick break but don't go anywhere
10793s we'll be back very very shortly with
10796s everything ironed out everything ready
10797s to go for game one of Lobby B
10801s [Music]
10810s thank you
10812s [Music]
10820s [Music]
10824s [Applause]
10826s [Music]
10843s thank you
10845s [Music]
10853s [Music]
10862s foreign
10865s foreign
10870s [Music]
10895s foreign foreign
10900s [Music]
10923s [Music]
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10928s laughs
10930s [Music]
10938s [Music]
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10958s [Music]
10963s foreign
10964s [Music]
11000s thank you
11003s welcome back everyone to
11007s fail right on the edge of getting into
11010s uh game one as I have been old uh but I
11014s guess in order to give us a little bit
11016s more of a rundown of our players poking
11018s out we do have a little bit more time uh
11020s is there anything else you can tell us
11021s about any of these players that our
11023s audience may not be aware of
11026s yeah so I mean zorgo has made it to the
11030s group stage before
11032s um jargon says actually uh the only
11035s player in group b that's made it to the
11038s final stage of Lobby Legends oh wow two
11040s times finishing in sixth in lobby Legend
11043s two uh didn't make it out of the group
11045s stage in lobby Legend three uh and then
11048s since then uh Lobby Legends five six
11051s seven and eight didn't make it out of
11054s the first round of qualifiers so going
11056s back with a vengeance in the last one
11058s wanting to uh prove that he belongs here
11062s um zorgo has
11064s also been in the last uh eight
11069s qualifiers so made it once but eight
11072s qualifiers is super strong
11075s um
11077s and then sword finished in
11082s the semifinals in lobby Legend seven so
11085s and then obviously sliders finishing
11088s third in the last one so those are
11089s repeat performers
11091s and I think that
11094s of them
11096s um I think zorgo is one that we can talk
11099s about a little bit more
11101s one of his best strengths is really
11104s knowing that
11107s first place board versus that second
11110s third board right knowing when you're
11113s gonna have that opportunity to get that
11115s win he's super good about that it's one
11118s of his best strengths
11120s and we'll see how he opts to play right
11123s if he plays for a more conservative
11126s style or if he plays for that more
11128s aggressive style in these games
11130s Jay Carrick I'm also very familiar with
11132s uh I want to keep an eye on his words to
11136s see how he makes the assessment one of
11138s the things in team play Battlegrounds
11139s which we don't see in lobby Legends but
11141s it's a popular format for a lot of
11144s tournaments we've seen some Duos
11145s tournaments in the past and even some of
11147s the invitationals have had some team
11149s play
11150s is being able to read opponent spores
11153s live right so much like that uh barov's
11156s blessing matchup where you're looking at
11158s this matchup and saying who's gonna win
11160s stronger in team play when you're
11161s playing your teammate you have to
11163s facilitate ties and that's just this
11166s completely other skill set that not all
11170s players have but what it does is it
11171s really helps you get a feel for how
11174s strong your own board is right and how
11176s much you can maybe say oh I'm a little
11179s bit weaker but I think I can still Level
11182s right because I know kind of an idea of
11184s what my opponent's gonna have
11186s and if you can play exactly on that edge
11190s that's how you eke out these small
11192s advantages that these players are
11193s working with right this isn't like
11195s ladder for them where they're gonna have
11198s an advantage over just about every
11200s player they're playing against these are
11202s the top top top players on the ladder so
11206s they're not playing even matchups but in
11208s lobby Legends when
11210s everyone's on that equal footing those
11213s small advantages make a big difference
11215s right if you're able to level that turn
11217s early if you're able to skip maybe one
11219s Battle Cry that you know a lot of
11221s players just like hey I see a jug I'm
11223s like that's a lot of stats I'm gonna
11224s take that but yeah yeah you know if it's
11226s not gonna be worth it for you three
11228s turns down the line you're like well I'm
11230s not gonna keep these units in three
11231s turns and I don't need those stats right
11234s now I'm not going to pick it up in those
11235s three roles
11237s those can be a difference right and
11240s that's the sort of bell curve of
11242s advancing in Battlegrounds where
11245s a lot of times what they tell you is oh
11247s they tell you to get into the game and
11249s play
11251s and that's what we'll do here is zorg
11254s uh picks up zephyrus
11258s he does indeed and we're gonna see a
11260s panda
11261s oh finally is it happening
11267s it is it's gonna be zon young uh zanyang
11271s a Korean player who's been in the
11273s qualifiers four times but just finally
11275s making it through to this final stage
11277s gonna pick up Master win for game one
11282s we also see a test uh out of Sarah I
11286s believe I'm pretty sure that's a test
11288s and it's the new winter Veil skin I
11291s think and I'm also a fan of that
11294s all your wildest dreams coming true
11297s pervade you know talking about foresight
11300s I'm I'm killing it today
11304s um can I take a an irrelevant hero bar
11307s turn one in oh my goodness oh Sarah's
11310s smile is Sarah has found a triple on the
11313s Alley Cat already
11315s oh
11316s it's beautiful the grin says everything
11322s and this is going to be interesting I I
11324s hope that we can uh
11326s check where Sarah takes this triple
11328s because one of the things I personally
11330s like to do on test and I play it way
11332s more than I should is take those lower
11334s tier triples much like we saw Vigo do
11337s you get to maintain your health in your
11340s late game directions often determined by
11342s when you hear about who you're stealing
11344s a directional unit but someone worked
11346s really hard to get you don't need to
11348s work so hard you just need to stay
11349s healthy to get to that point
11351s um
11352s so we see Sarah leveling here playing a
11355s standard curve makes a lot of sense
11356s we'll see sliders also leveling
11360s and we see of course uh sword double
11364s leveling here on turns one and two as is
11366s your uh
11368s as you're able to do uh with bazile uh
11371s is that something that happens for you
11373s every game that you're playing missile
11374s or is there ever a shop that could
11376s potentially persuade you uh to not
11378s leveling again on turn two
11380s yeah premium two drops can definitely do
11384s it if you want a hero power you do end
11387s up saving Health a lot of times if they
11389s are good teardrops but in general I do
11393s lean towards leveling aggressively
11395s because
11397s in the way that we said it's kind of
11398s about maximizing your advantages right
11400s and Lich B is best at leveling very
11405s quickly before anyone else even can and
11407s so maximizing that Advantage sort of
11409s does dictate that you do want to level
11411s early
11413s all right let's take a peep at those uh
11417s three drops
11421s I can say
11424s I wonder so this is a really really
11428s Niche situation but there are situations
11432s where players have held on to the
11436s discovers until turn four to wait till
11439s they see their Quest and have the quest
11442s dictate some of those decisions it
11443s doesn't look like that's going to be the
11444s case here
11446s um but we saw dragon say waiting a bit
11448s to make that decision I wonder if he was
11450s considering it
11458s okay
11465s yeah
11466s last minute decision making there gonna
11470s have enough to
11473s deal with this Rat King Board also a
11476s hero we don't see too frequently and AFK
11478s will get the win
11481s I believe we're going taking a little
11482s bit of damage from zorgo's zephyrus
11485s yeah that Sarah took a uh three drop yes
11488s wow it is a test pretty spicy
11493s I'm gonna be kind of sad because that
11495s was a lot about a lot of Battle Cry
11497s Minions that have already been played uh
11500s with devil in the details now offered
11503s indeed demons are in so teal tiger
11506s Sapphire and devils in the details have
11508s a little bit uh more upside but yeah
11512s walking forward
11514s just by far uh well I should say gassing
11517s mask just by far the most upside of
11519s those quests
11521s um so I'm not surprised to see that
11523s picked up
11528s now on the bazile seeing if he can coop
11532s some of that lost Tempo and I mean at
11536s the moment not really right this is
11538s looking a little underwhelming
11540s well the big benefit here is that with
11542s that Catherine it here on board that
11544s hero power is free and that's Kathy's
11546s gonna be on board for a long time
11549s and so we're gonna see
11552s sword maybe kind of running away with
11556s this early game just having a free extra
11558s two gold per turn and then picking up
11560s this bird buddy for tempo
11562s yeah that's a big turn
11565s oh and we do have a wisdom ball Quest
11567s here
11570s do you know what hero this is
11575s uh uh no I'm gonna be honest
11579s I would have said okay if uh that hadn't
11581s obviously been about that hadn't not
11583s been it
11585s yeah I'm not totally sure but we'll see
11588s in a moment uh once that hero power
11589s refreshes uh a couple of players leaning
11592s into the leapfrogger comp leapers also
11595s one of those fan favorite comps Zorro
11598s with a pair on board uh say hello just
11600s with that in the sewer rep but a hyena
11603s getting buffed up will mean that these
11605s players
11607s take a tie here
11609s so I'll go at 48 very early
11612s oh it's cookie okay
11616s so we'll likely be looking at a discover
11618s next turn into a four drop
11626s another Beast I guess but there's really
11627s not much
11629s more or less I guess Quest progression
11632s it's just yeah just the upside of the
11633s quest progression and oh jakirk has his
11635s sixth drop here available offered a
11638s golden a gas color and a man to Queen
11639s obviously minted Queen is a little bit
11642s early uh golden a little bit more
11644s directional coiler strong at all stages
11646s but mechs and demons are in which means
11649s that death rattle pool is a little bit
11651s diluted from those beasts from coiler
11655s was oh clearly a couple of beasts in
11657s play already so I mean maybe you do just
11660s go Goldring and try and roll into a
11663s power once you're on uh Tavern tier
11665s three maybe triple into a baron later on
11668s instead
11671s um I think since it does look like it's
11673s just that tabby cat yeah is the pickup
11677s yeah if there was s'more and The
11680s Cauldron presented a little bit more
11682s Tempo it's definitely a line that you
11684s can take but here it is just kind of the
11687s highest Tempo line so the common theme
11689s that we're seeing and wow speaking of uh
11692s yeah more more leapfroggers easily
11696s Parkers buffing a double sore list here
11706s very high Tempo early game units
11709s hey why pick a golden generates it done
11713s I think exactly it's it's just so easy
11718s all right is zorg going to hero power
11722s here able to sell both tokens if he
11724s wants to Triple into a five a lot of
11726s good Beast options on five as well as
11729s Baron sort of the linchpin of the
11731s leapfrogger comp and here it is it hits
11735s the bearing
11736s immediately picks up
11738s oh my god oh and he's got his quests
11742s already it's an impersonal this is
11746s disgusting oh
11749s and now I get it I mean one hit is nice
11752s but hitting everything like that
11756s the stars are aligning for zorgo for
11758s leap Frogger
11760s to take a center stage
11763s and sometimes the Bee Gees gods they
11766s just deliver they just give you
11767s everything your heart ever dreamed of
11769s now here's a curious situation we've
11773s seen a ton of players playing for
11774s Frogger is Sir going to recognize this
11777s thing maybe
11778s kind of play into it
11780s I actually did hero power here
11784s uh but it looks like it's gonna be for
11786s the Catherine it here maybe to buff the
11790s big Furno
11791s well uh explain what you mean by playing
11793s into uh lead progress here what can he
11796s do with that information if everyone
11797s else is going for it
11801s there's going for it if you are able to
11804s steal dominions from their board you can
11807s make a better loot progress comp than
11809s they can because you're so consistently
11811s getting matchups into the same sort of
11813s comp so what we generally see with Tess
11816s is she's stronger in sort of tier zero
11819s metas right where there's just a
11821s dominant comp right whether it's demons
11823s or beasts
11825s you know when they're all strong and
11827s more players are playing into them Tess
11829s does better because you have multiple
11831s players you can match up into you can
11833s get quality hero Powers off on
11836s since we've seen I think three players
11838s playing for fathers
11840s if she's able to Hero part of those
11843s Froggers we can see or you know not have
11845s to roll into a baron she just has to
11846s face his orgo it kills Baron I spoke a
11850s triple leaper really easy everyone's
11852s gonna have service you don't need to
11853s worry about hitting everyone's done it
11854s for you you just take all their hard
11856s work and reap the rewards
11859s feeling so confident in his game he
11861s doesn't even feel the need to turn up uh
11864s to even play his hand as he's just
11866s walking away uh from his desk halfway
11869s through the turn yeah finds the tide for
11872s the Frogger has a couple uh Beast death
11875s threat is already kind of bored
11879s but what what's next for him is he gonna
11881s prioritize leveling to try and get like
11883s that golden Baron or there's some more
11886s uh immediate priority Minions that zorgo
11889s needs
11890s I think given his situation he probably
11895s will level
11897s he has a really good setup so the
11900s minions he's looking for just in general
11902s are going to be macaw more summons
11904s reborn and then potentially something
11906s like a mama bear because uh what Mama
11909s Bear does is it allows you to play
11910s around some of the texts that can
11912s threaten you
11914s um
11915s like a tunnel blaster
11917s so
11919s with so few things you're looking for
11921s and two of them being five drops they
11924s wouldn't surprise me to uh to see that
11926s level and especially on zephyrus being
11928s able to hit just one extra Baron means
11930s you have access to Golden Baron
11933s and uh that's when Froggers get very
11936s very hard to beat
11939s you see their prick
11941s pretty powerful looking board yeah has
11944s Alter Ego active
11948s up against these Snicker snacks Panda
11953s you took a Toki here apart this turn has
11956s a lot of attack on the units but not a
11958s lot of Health which means that coiler is
11960s going to be enough to uh bring up that
11962s board and we might see a lot of damage
11964s coming out here if that minion uh ball
11966s of minions doesn't die
11968s yeah it's gonna be 10 damage
11972s in two sonyang's Panda down to 22 say
11976s hello down to 12. very early on the
11979s cookie
11983s oh and Jake with an option to pick up an
11986s Amber Guardian
11989s I mean that seems really tempting right
11991s oh wow he's leveling I was gonna say it
11993s felt a little greedy to just leveling
11996s here instead when you have like so many
11998s weak minions you want to be replacing
12000s with your gold on this turn
12001s uh but I guess but it's still a pretty
12003s substantial upgrade right yeah he's
12006s actually leveling because of the tempo
12008s that he picked up knowing that he's
12010s strong picking up the Amber Guardian
12012s selling out of the smaller Dragon
12013s guaranteeing that Shield onto a Higher
12015s value unit and then with that extra gold
12017s being able to sell and uh pick up that
12020s buffed up Catherine at tier making the
12023s most out of that alter Eco pickup and we
12025s see again just so many Beast boards
12029s yeah some decently High Tempo there as
12031s well
12033s lighters to be able to try and stabilize
12037s um with the crocolisk
12041s I can say on AFK dribbling into a five
12044s and not really hitting has some demons
12047s overboard has some beasts on board
12049s finding a lightfing holy metal in kingos
12052s is triple options Snicker sticks the
12055s quest so
12057s it seems like those picky eaters might
12059s stick around for a little bit Yeah but
12064s I guess you go for the light Fang here
12066s but you're not happy about it with only
12068s two types on board
12071s and what
12074s my goodness
12076s so remember how I said sword could be
12080s running away just because of the
12082s Catherine it here early this is exactly
12085s what happens the extra gold is insane
12087s and not only is this a fell bat with
12091s some very strong demons there's a teal
12093s tiger Sapphire Quest available for short
12095s hair oh that's so sick
12098s he's just gonna be lethaling people left
12100s and right
12102s I mean this is an easy 50 in these dude
12104s right
12106s it should be there's just too many stats
12108s the taunts even you know protecting the
12112s fell back from getting hit and
12116s yeah
12117s Hess does have that Gastly mess
12120s triggered now
12125s yeah I'm not really sure how well that
12127s fact is
12129s saving racing we're gonna see a lethal
12133s here on turn eight say hello
12137s not the wondrous wisdom ball game he was
12140s hoping for
12142s just takes a single rat of damage but at
12146s one Health wasn't able to survive
12149s Juan ratsworth
12153s it's a it's a common common you know
12156s unit of measurement
12157s um where I'm from but really it's that
12160s Imperial
12161s an imperial degree you know I've always
12164s been a fan of the metric system because
12165s I heard you guys you know it's not as
12167s common so you don't you don't count by
12170s rats
12171s reborn coil are available but uh
12174s opposite pass it up it is a lot of stats
12176s to buy any units at this point because
12179s it cost you rolls and all those rules
12182s are a lot of sets with the fell bet
12185s so we're considering picking up another
12187s demon in the
12189s void load but does opt to pass it going
12193s to grab another triple with the Elise
12196s maximize
12197s hey actually a semi difficult choice for
12202s a moment because obviously that Mama can
12205s triple into another velvet but just
12208s taking the guaranteed second fell back
12210s here taking almost all the rules it
12214s seems like
12216s um yeah I'm not gonna sell the Medina
12219s just yet but will end up selling out of
12221s the Elise probably next turn right yeah
12224s I mean the fell back here obviously the
12225s unfortunate
12227s I'm only really giving you one extra uh
12229s Chomp uh right there's too many beasts
12232s demons oh sorry they're still super
12234s super strong like the amount of stats
12235s yeah that one extra Trump is only 13-13
12239s right all right gradual 13-13 Bob
12242s um on turn nine we look at these other
12245s words they just pale in comparison
12249s all right
12251s [Applause]
12253s and we'll see it's it's more a matter of
12256s how much damage you can take off because
12258s damage cap isn't active and now speaking
12262s of rats these rats are gonna be a
12264s hindrance to uh
12268s damage because they're just gonna cause
12270s these in moments to get more summons in
12272s I think that is illegal is it in fact
12274s illegal oh my God it's like way over
12276s very clear 43 damage on turn nine
12283s swords running away with this game zorgo
12286s with the Loopers does have a chance
12288s against anyone has theater's parasol
12291s yeah one of the best questions maybe the
12295s best quest in this situation because you
12297s don't really need stolen gold or that
12299s golden minion as much because again you
12300s have zephyr's hero bar to back you up
12302s yeah
12304s and I think that's kind of where we're
12305s at right it does feel like Zogo is the
12308s only player who could potentially stand
12310s up uh
12313s who sword at this point in the game
12317s like this just doesn't even scratch him
12322s yeah and it's
12324s I mean it's a lot of stats it's double
12328s walking for it with double velvet so
12332s there is it's good
12335s stuff there
12337s um and it has the potential to sort of
12340s be okay
12342s against zorgo's board but it's getting
12345s close right obviously it doesn't have
12347s the teal tiger Sapphire stats to back it
12350s up
12351s um so the eats are much smaller
12353s especially kind of being stuck on tier
12355s four not really wanting to level though
12357s we might see a level here okay no gonna
12361s pick up another taunt for the uh walking
12363s fort
12366s looking at his sex drops and being like
12368s yes these all equal one reroll I'll take
12371s any of these engaged yeah uh
12375s finds a
12377s very premium unit in the ball of minions
12379s uh
12381s able to Shield that ball of minions and
12384s did have that golden fell back
12387s they're so strong
12390s and I don't how do you feel about these
12393s games because I I understand they're
12395s maybe not the most fun but I kind of
12398s like watching them because it's like a
12399s raid boss right like we all know
12401s everyone's just trying to beat sword and
12404s you get a look at the boards and see how
12406s they snack up and I mean zargas the
12409s other one where he's really not in that
12412s battle position and he's got 35 health
12414s health is so big in these situations
12417s because it gives you time to try and
12419s find text Miralax are in so
12421s the stats available for everyone
12425s you know they can get extremely high
12427s yeah you can see people tempered out
12429s earlier but you know in game
12432s you know demons don't have a ton of
12435s utility
12436s and so between the leapers
12439s as options or maybe you know one of our
12442s other players is able to put together
12443s some poison yeah it's not impossible for
12447s sword to be taken down oh not at all
12449s yeah like if sword is the uh the right
12452s boss in this instance Sarah is the
12455s halfway boss of the dungeon the minibus
12457s that uh is gonna test the skill uh of
12463s sorry of zorgo here to see whether or
12464s not he's ready to face the ultra boss
12467s and in this instance it looks like he is
12470s the leapers are just about big enough to
12472s get the job done here
12474s yeah and
12476s unfortunately for Sarah with that great
12480s token Stone it's probably gonna be too
12484s much damage
12486s is
12488s all right five yeah oh my goodness so
12493s exactly one
12495s yeah just barely surviving
12500s and yeah that's huge zanyang goes down
12503s to two Jake here down to five Jog and
12505s stay down to five
12507s they're here for Sarah he's gonna be up
12509s against sword on the next turn and you
12511s have to imagine that's gonna be two uh
12513s too big of a ward for him to be able to
12515s play it back again so a miracle needed
12517s for him to survive but here for our
12519s barob's blessing where you at home can
12521s predict if you are watching on Twitch
12523s who you think is going to win for
12525s Imaginary internet points uh and for
12528s Dragon say here usually I'd be saying
12531s he's looking fantastic right High Health
12533s minions lots of poison as well but
12536s there's a lot of repeating value here a
12538s lot of death rattles and Reborns for
12540s zanyang to complicate things
12547s um yeah I think zanyang's probably got
12550s it there's just the one high Health
12553s minion but zanyang has a golden tank to
12557s deal with all that Health on that unit
12559s meanwhile those summons to take out
12561s those poisons look pretty good for me
12564s uh but zanyang kind of trying to think
12567s about the positioning which I can say
12569s has
12571s a discover here into a six and it's not
12573s a bad one at all
12575s it will happily take the mounted
12578s especially as
12579s the remaining Primal fin Scout is also
12583s going to get poisonous right thanks to
12585s Young murkai so it's potentially five
12588s poisonous minions uh on this term
12593s I think that I still have to go inside
12595s here on this one
12597s yeah we'll take lamented there's a few
12600s adapts a couple demons dragon and some
12602s murlocs but it's uh it's gonna be a
12604s tough matchup and they're both so low
12609s dead
12611s those fights are going to be final
12614s fights for these players unless
12618s some lucky hits the tank is exposed if
12621s it gets sniped early it'll be disastrous
12630s okay it's not a terrible hit for Sonia
12635s yeah so far the hits are pretty good the
12640s goal I'm getting good value as well it's
12642s the poison well that's big but all
12644s poisons left the shield does get popped
12647s the coilers reborn here's the summons
12649s what are we gonna see oh yeah
12657s yeah definitely if that tank gets tanked
12660s early that is a completely different
12662s situation
12679s okay sorted just taking down every
12682s single person that he goes up against
12688s and currently showing no signs of slop
12690s of stopping I mean it's it's as I said
12692s it really does just feel like it's going
12694s to be the brute force of the size of
12698s these demons from sword up against the
12700s leapers from zorg and everyone else is
12703s just uh ants at the feet of these two
12706s Gods
12707s yeah so we're gonna attack in double
12710s poison here taking advantage of the
12712s typhoon merkai interaction
12715s hasn't been able to find that Baron pair
12719s yet
12720s so a little bit unlucky there
12722s and because of that a little bit
12725s concerned that his lever setup isn't
12727s enough doesn't have any macaws on board
12731s um doesn't have Reborns on the rats so
12734s hopefully the poisons will be enough to
12736s turn the tides in his favor but if not
12739s he's got 35 Health to work with he can
12742s make a full transition with that Baron
12745s into Divine Shield poison which has the
12747s cool utility of having that Baron super
12750s buffed up and uh not able to get sniped
12758s and oh sword might be overlooking
12762s something
12763s taunt is great
12766s however if you taunt the last unit oh
12770s true
12771s um zorgo has the atars aerosol that unit
12773s is still
12775s and the taunt basically doesn't exist
12777s not getting any weight mean value here
12781s kind of a disaster yeah and he'll
12785s probably notice now
12788s the oversight
12790s but luckily for him he might still be
12794s fine because the stance
12795s way too much
12799s um
12801s and again without that sort of
12802s Zephyrhills exponential scaling with the
12805s macaw
12807s it's it's not gonna be enough and the
12809s difference between their boards so it
12812s has 24 Health a little bit less but
12814s doesn't have damage I've put sword
12816s absolutely does there's six drops on the
12819s board five drops four drops just all
12823s high tier damage units and that 35
12825s Health could disappear very quickly for
12828s zorgo down to it 14 already so he takes
12831s 21.
12832s he's got one turn basically here here to
12835s hit uh Rats the parrot as you said uh
12839s anyway to just get some more of those
12840s death rattles going maybe a golden
12842s theater sorry a golden Baron as well is
12844s the other big hit
12846s and Scion ends up matching up into sword
12850s here
12858s gotta match up the iron Visage ending
12860s particularly well for him
12862s it is so Leroy yeah I mean
12870s requisite selling out of the kangaroos
12872s kind of feels bad because it was your
12875s one pair available but I think
12878s everything kind of feels bad at this
12880s point
12883s um
12884s just not a ton of options for zanyang
12887s and I'm sure he kind of recognizes it
12889s too
12889s is probably gonna be pretty happy with
12892s kind of a mishmash board taking a third
12894s here in game one
12896s it's not bad right you didn't have a
12899s fantastic sticker snacks game you didn't
12901s have anything super compelling
12904s and you know you dodge the High Roller
12906s long enough or survived enough hits that
12909s you know the top three
12911s pretty satisfactory
12915s oh yeah you're very happy with this
12919s uh sword potentially grabbing some
12921s menaces to play Down onto
12924s the Restriction all of minions
12927s opening with some Cleaves just to take
12929s out things like I don't know a taunted
12932s Leroy uh you know in any other text
12935s though it would also be enough to clear
12937s out the toxin take a Reborns so just
12941s playing very very safe sword knows he
12944s has enough stats to back it up
12946s um
12947s it's just
12949s you know but what are your loss
12952s conditions right what are we playing
12953s around for our loss conditions and uh
12955s with two small clues or just a very very
12958s good job of playing around them
12961s and funnily enough here these are five
12965s it does yeah but uh
12969s the zaps here are just kind of working
12971s actively against zanya uh giving this
12974s yeah I'm gonna keep getting bigger and
12975s bigger
12978s so yeah despite despite his best efforts
12982s is anyong uh you know just it's a couple
12985s hundred stats short but uh it was a good
12988s effort right
12990s um and it was a good play by sword to
12993s again play around these lost conditions
12995s um it's really big not even getting any
12997s that's just that's just cruel you know
13001s at least at least let me pray for some
13002s lyrics oh my God this is disgusting as
13006s the game goes on his board's getting
13008s bigger not smaller uh and you you look
13011s at that board and you're like isn't that
13012s what you started with yeah
13016s well zanyang decisively definitively
13019s extremely Dead uh with that punch coming
13022s through from so and a really interesting
13025s decision oh wait a second so Virgo it
13029s the exact right moment may have hit what
13032s he needs he needed to hit the stuff to
13035s go into full leapers right the poisons
13037s weren't going to be enough there weren't
13038s selflessness and he finds the baron pair
13041s but it's in a really awkward spot
13044s he's gonna have to sell three if he
13046s wants the gold gold in it he could sell
13049s the poison he can sell the reborn and he
13051s could sell one of these sewer rats yeah
13054s he would much though the macaw
13058s the problem is if swords still has those
13060s cleats on board
13062s gonna be very difficult but I think he
13064s has to play for the upside
13067s you ever I don't know if this is insane
13069s but do you ever ditch the idea of golden
13071s Baron and just like pick up the rat in
13073s the shop because it just feels to me
13075s like he doesn't have enough death
13077s rattles bouncing to make this work true
13081s but I think you do have to go for the
13083s golden Baron because of how
13085s much it amplifies
13088s the potential okay fair enough
13092s but he I mean look he's considering it
13094s right like that wasn't an easy decision
13099s and I don't the clues are scaring me I
13103s don't know if zorgo's Gonna Know
13105s to clear protect with this faux Reaper
13109s we'll put it in between the leaper and
13111s the power yeah and he puts it first
13118s or it wanted to be I'll tell you that
13121s and I hate
13124s don't even
13125s think there's a hit
13129s well if it is it's not that one
13133s yeah not at all more please
13137s I'm gonna ruin any dreams but it was so
13141s long shot zorgo can't be too sad he had
13143s a very very clean path to the second
13145s place
13147s um
13149s you know hey if you're not the raid boss
13152s but you're the the halfway boss you're
13154s still a boss in my eyes
13156s it's still technically a boss
13159s um yeah and you see how big that lasso
13163s rack got right like yeah yeah you just
13166s needed a little bit more and in fact if
13169s he did protect around the Cleveland
13171s maybe got lucky on that second cleavage
13173s there was a tiny tiny chance but of
13176s course zorgo can't possibly know
13180s um that sort of detecting all those
13182s clips three Cleaves on that final board
13186s he had a huge turnaround uh what a huge
13189s turn up for sword uh again just a very
13191s well played game I think it's fair to
13193s say with uh that uh pick of the Brazil
13196s early on very aggressive leveling as you
13198s laid out is very often the correct way
13200s to do to go about it and then you know
13203s realistically from there the game plan
13204s was kind of set out because he just hit
13206s Catherine it's here and did stuff and
13209s that stuff was good
13211s yeah I mean one of the things that I
13214s talk about you know you have a lot of
13215s players coming in saying oh I just I'm
13217s unlucky uh everyone else is High rolling
13220s right sword leveled bright early and it
13224s opens himself up for the possibility of
13226s that Hyrule and he's thoroughly half
13227s minute here hits the early levels just
13231s for free and uh that's what sets up that
13234s Hyrule firm and he's able to capitalize
13236s you know has his win conditions set up
13239s very early and then spends the latter
13241s half of the game you know protecting
13242s against has lost conditions and uh with
13244s that you know it has basically a perfect
13247s game in my eyes there
13251s currently feels that way with how things
13254s shaken up now say hello right down at
13256s the bottom with a rather unfortunate
13258s cookie game sliders Sarah and Jay
13261s Carrick not far behind Dragon says
13266s and sword up at the top but it's still
13268s early days here uh as oh yeah of course
13271s it was a triple elimination all in the
13273s same terms the dragon say Jay Carrick
13275s and Sarah all very much
13278s um still in the running but as we've
13280s seen you know at the end of game two in
13282s the previous Lobby there were two
13284s players already out of contention so
13286s sliders and say hello the pressure
13289s already very much on one more bad
13291s performance and they are simply out of
13294s contention
13296s yeah and that'll definitely be on their
13297s minds and uh it's something that is
13300s interesting to see and something that
13302s I've noticed you know is one of those
13304s Regional differences is some of these
13306s regions have a lot of competition
13310s um you know the Japanese players the
13312s French Community the Korean players all
13314s have a lot of local tournaments that you
13316s know might not be as publicized for our
13319s eyes but it helps them in these
13322s situations where the pressure's on and
13324s you have to maintain a stable
13326s even-keeled sense of composure right yes
13330s the pressure's on but you can't let that
13331s affect your decisions right you need to
13333s keep playing the game that you're so
13335s good at thank God you hear
13337s not change things up too much but also
13340s being cognizant of the fact that maybe
13342s you do need to change up your place a
13344s little bit right like an adjustment here
13346s or there to adapt to the fact that hey
13349s there's so many players doing just
13352s insane stuff maybe I need to take a few
13355s more risks or or less you know depending
13358s on you know how some of these outcomes
13360s are going in recognizing
13362s what's causing your losses or or you to
13365s lose some of those like maybe mid-game
13366s fights and change the complexion of how
13368s you're playing
13370s we'll have to see how our players do
13371s adapt as the tournament progresses two
13374s games left to come today so after this
13377s very short break we'll jump into the
13379s second game of Lobby B we'll see you
13382s then
13383s [Music]
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13413s foreign
13420s [Music]
13460s thank you
13463s [Music]
13495s thank you
13498s [Music]
13530s thank you
13533s [Music]
13584s welcome back you are watching Lobby
13586s Legends winter Veil as we were going
13588s over at the start this is the last Lobby
13590s Legends of the year and so we have
13592s deemed it fit to double the prize pool
13595s for ornament so all of our players have
13598s even more incentive to fight to the
13601s absolute Bitter End if there's even a
13603s glimmer of possibility to get through to
13606s day two all of our players are going to
13608s take said Chance even if they are for
13611s example sliders or say hello right down
13614s at the bottom of the leaderboard with
13615s only one and zero points respectively or
13619s reverse respect to their current member
13621s order I read them out in uh but for both
13623s of those players uh it's looking Grim so
13625s it's going to be those All or Nothing
13627s strategies which uh for you in this meta
13630s game what are those very risky
13632s strategies what are these types of com
13634s compositions that you're wanting to go
13636s for that guarantee you a first place if
13638s you can hit them
13640s yeah I mean the big thing is hitting
13641s early scaling engines one thing that
13643s we've seen is in the past
13646s an Avenue that was open to players with
13648s sort of these combo boards right
13650s something like leapers but you know we
13652s saw like Mech Exodia a little bit more
13654s often we saw a pirate Exodia a little
13655s bit more often with the introduction of
13657s white man sort of providing a lot of
13659s disruption to those combo boards
13661s now you don't really have a ton of like
13664s high Tempo early options to disrupt
13667s someone that hits very early scaling
13670s direction right we saw sword you know
13672s leverage the fact that everything was
13674s happening two gold faster every turn
13676s with the Catherine interior with the
13678s Lich bazal and
13681s that is the Hyrule that's how you can
13683s win you just pick up so many stats early
13687s then no one can really compete and when
13690s you have that freedom the other thing
13692s that it does is it frees up time right
13694s you save health so you have more time in
13696s that regard and you have more gold
13699s because you don't need to invest as much
13700s gold into you know trying to survive
13703s this turn or that turn I had to Tech
13704s around the spot like no I just have
13706s stats that's fine I don't need to worry
13707s about it so you can pick up text and
13710s alternative units that are you know have
13713s more utility in the late game that gives
13715s you
13716s that uh ability to play around
13719s you know those lost conditions right and
13722s that's what secures those wins at the
13725s end
13727s that's true yeah and it'll be uh as we
13730s said uh interesting to see the players
13732s down at the bottom going for those very
13733s uh risky strategies trying to hit those
13736s scaling engines as you talked about
13737s players at the top though I think for IG
13740s sword and sword in particular
13742s gonna be seeing more of those tried true
13745s and tested strats to get the job done uh
13750s interesting Heroes actually Jailer and
13752s Hansa meccano both being relatively new
13754s I suppose in handsome Academy but Gail
13758s Wing feels like it's been picked with
13759s pretty high priority so far this weekend
13763s yeah going a pretty premium picks needle
13766s also an option uh in you know a lot of
13770s lobbies but I would expect a girl in
13771s here because it has access to secret
13775s thin Stone one of the best quests in the
13778s game so the heroes that have discoveries
13780s available can get the secret sin Stone
13783s Quest and that upside
13786s is kind of
13788s too much to pass up on a lot of those
13790s here so we saw
13792s say hello on cookie
13794s didn't quite hit but it's you know also
13797s one of those Heroes that is kind of
13799s premium in that regard
13802s okay
13803s uh has a very weird sport
13806s uh presented for say hello
13809s yeah a little bit of a bait triple right
13811s Varden Don grass able to copy minions
13816s it doesn't have the same wow factor that
13819s it might on other Heroes and so you'd
13822s rather just level find pairs of higher
13824s tier Heroes maybe even go three on three
13827s if you know this
13830s everything lines up and you know maybe
13832s another player is going three on three
13834s we'll see it's it's it's one of those
13835s things three on three is a very
13837s interesting oh that micrometer does oh
13840s wanna show up though
13843s but you know the more players that go
13846s three on three the more popular it
13848s becomes right because oh speaking of
13851s triples wow the Carrick with a very
13854s premium triple lined up
13857s yeah that we will be interesting to see
13859s where he takes it
13865s um a few heroes in the lobby very
13867s inclined to stay on one for a little bit
13870s we see Sarah on the Mill House zorgo on
13873s the Eudora in zanyang on the gallacron
13876s all wanting to stay down to utilize
13877s their hero power to the max
13881s and so we'll see how these matchups on
13884s turn three come out Jay Carrick will
13886s take this turn to match up against the
13888s gallowing doing just a little bit of
13890s Chunk damage that's that shell collector
13893s buffed by yog's hero power
13895s just enough to eat that sunbaking
13897s relaxer
13907s options here presented in JQ not happy
13910s about mini mermaid on head the worst
13913s unit of the four on the board will just
13915s have to take the shell collector and
13917s freeze gonna hold because uh my guess is
13920s he kind of just says
13922s oh actually I
13925s my guess is he saw that say hello did go
13927s three on three there you go
13930s and uh so won't need to play those units
13932s we'll have the benefit of being able to
13935s hold them for the quest turn as the
13937s Varden has nothing on board and Jake
13939s Herrick will surely have uh deduced that
13945s yeah I'm for Sarah just a very Milhouse
13948s kind of board right nothing naughty
13950s special so far
13952s yeah
13955s another test game so we'll see if we see
13960s any common comps arise this time around
13965s hopefully resulting in a better outcome
13971s up against test there are a few pairs on
13973s the board the test could consider but
13976s we're likely gonna just play normally
13978s and we see the quest selection turn here
13980s as Milhouse gets offered sinful
13983s Medallion which is a very interesting
13986s line pretty easy to complete as well
13990s having
13991s family minions attack 10 times is not
13993s too hard and that's going to be the
13993s pickup so Milhouse very happy to just
13997s cycle units
13999s thank you
14001s we'll pick it up say hello
14004s hey hello
14006s yeah and
14009s especially with varden's ability to set
14012s up Pairs and then afterwards triples
14017s um
14018s that wisdom ball can have great impact
14020s if you are able to hit you know a
14022s directional five and start copying it
14025s with the copy board role
14031s which I can say on the cartoon
14034s foreign
14039s don't know if we saw the Quest for that
14041s but again also evil especially with that
14044s gassing mask to Hyrule that Quest
14047s selection
14054s yeah another bad just kind of tempo
14055s start right now and I believe it was
14058s played demon or Max for the quest which
14062s is hey all of the shop right now so we
14064s could understand the freezer uh for
14066s Dragon City and the reward is Tiny
14070s henchmen uh I believe which again
14072s synergizes pretty well with this with
14074s just a nice Divine Shield
14080s yeah nice units to buff especially the
14083s top five
14085s um Jay Carrick did take the triple into
14087s a early four hitting yellowbound Archer
14090s and then take a small loss though
14093s despite the early triple
14095s zorgo that's a hero power into
14099s what I can
14101s a four question mark
14104s uh
14113s or are we gonna see him wait
14116s it looks like it'll be a a weight
14119s skipping your car this turned
14121s interesting to go for a five
14124s um I think I I mean maybe he even
14128s presses it to a six the fives are pretty
14130s interesting here so a lot of these
14133s triple decisions come down to what
14136s stronger directionally between five
14138s drops and six drops with these out
14142s that is a big you know option for fives
14145s because
14146s the Beast five drops are very strong
14148s directionally and in tempo
14151s but murlocs and Pirates are also at this
14154s time which means hogger bran
14157s less optimal on five so I'm curious
14161s where zorgo will take that hero power
14165s do you like it
14167s what the big six drops you would be
14169s looking
14171s well we saw how a strong fell back can
14173s be
14174s um in the last game uh earlier we were
14177s talking about Clone Wars the dark days
14179s of Elder is a very very strong pickup if
14182s you can get it early especially if you
14183s can get a couple of them going
14188s um otherwise
14190s you you can hit things like theotar
14192s which are just kind of like generically
14194s pretty good oh okay I don't know lining
14198s up another triple
14201s oh man he's creating it yeah he is going
14204s for the six
14205s so we might see zorgo pick up two sixes
14207s this is risky is that 26 and his board
14211s is undeniably weak yeah say hello was
14215s able to line up a triple and also has
14217s another
14220s smogger buff lined up grabs that Master
14223s of reality so we'll have a very strong
14225s early Tempo star on the Varden just very
14228s good because time is your friend as you
14231s can continue to roll for those triples
14233s if you have the strength to do so oh man
14237s are we a believer in this faceless
14238s disciple it's always so bad for me when
14241s I go for it
14243s [Music]
14246s my luck is not exactly what I want to
14248s hit but in the short term it's not the
14251s worst Tempo you're gonna get a kaboombot
14253s in a pup bot out yeah and uh you know
14256s you can maybe play into something
14259s I don't know I mean yeah it's sure it's
14261s not a turn six Nomi or something like
14264s that but it's a reasonable bit of tempo
14265s just to stabilize over these next turns
14271s yeah and
14274s we'll see what sliders board looks like
14276s on the test but that isn't really fired
14279s up in any of those early High teardrops
14281s you have to consider
14283s you know you're giving it to Tess as an
14286s option at least right Tess has the you
14289s know benefit of being able to say kangar
14291s is not good enough for me that being
14294s said cankers might very well be good
14296s enough for sliders having tank
14299s deflection of micro with me on the board
14301s that's a lot of stuff that came with
14304s this is a pretty synergistic with even
14305s the Poshmark getting a nice little boost
14308s of uh yeah sliders does decide to take
14312s the kangars
14318s although I do know that sometimes
14320s there's a little bit of a visual
14321s inconsistency to it
14324s um Jake here
14325s let's tie 's a tie
14329s oh and here's the sections here they
14331s come so we haven't felt bad as an option
14333s here murlocs are out so stats are going
14335s to be at a higher premium
14337s does it ever need to be though because
14340s you need an immediate like burst of
14342s stats I didn't see but he passed up
14345s Genie oh he has teal tiger sound figures
14348s Quest I was like that's a golden little
14350s rag
14351s okay the demons are the pickup I don't
14354s know what I was thinking
14357s um
14359s so like I said
14361s this is the crazy part though right this
14364s isn't guaranteed for zorgo he needs a
14366s couple turns to scale up
14368s and he's underneath damage cap
14371s going up into sword scaling who has the
14373s potential to be quite strong at this
14375s point luckily the aunt mama is a lot of
14378s tempo uh especially if it consumes that
14381s stoneborne if he was able to get up to
14383s 17 health
14384s I'm sure zargo would feel very safe
14387s but we look at swordsworth as he rolls
14390s into a triple he has ethereal evidence
14392s ready to go but will not get the effect
14395s of the quest until next turn so only
14397s just completed it this turn
14400s that's right you have hazards sword and
14402s uh
14403s dog they need to turn this around very
14405s quickly
14407s yeah so it does still have damage cap
14409s available and it looks like he's holding
14411s the patient's scalp because of that
14412s potentially going for six drops as well
14415s like I said with fewer five drops in the
14418s lobby being as valuable
14423s something that
14425s we're gonna see these players consider
14427s as the uh potentially freeze triples
14430s this and Mama getting a ton of value oh
14432s it's so big
14436s what will the summon be
14439s captained here so that will be 14 damage
14442s and we'll put sorted within one hit
14448s of death I mean what a turnaround this
14450s has been right zorgen sword finishing
14452s first and second now in seventh and
14454s eighth potentially the first two players
14456s to go down bersorg I think has managed
14459s to turn the uh
14466s able to pick up the ball of minions with
14468s the golden Little Ray getting extra
14470s Buffs out of that as well as the netizim
14473s overseer adding stats to the shop for
14477s this velvet
14479s um yeah the ball of minions gonna get
14480s buffed so he's got four demons starting
14482s to get buffed
14484s I don't even think you pressed the hero
14485s power anymore right you just take your
14487s plus five plus five or Whatever It Is by
14490s uh rolling one more time
14492s yeah absolutely zorgo's definitely done
14494s with her power uh it's a little bit too
14496s much of an investment
14499s um for a fell back however I wouldn't be
14501s surprised to see him pick up an Elise
14502s because that one go for a roll is also
14504s giving you those Buffs and then you
14506s definitely do want to sort of play like
14508s sword did in the last game and line up
14512s those triples or get to six so that you
14515s can find those additional fellvats and
14517s skill to you know the stats needed to
14520s take the win in the game rather than
14522s just a high placement here
14528s matched up into zanyang's gallacron who
14530s has an imama of his own as well as a
14534s semi Hefty bristlevac night it wouldn't
14537s have to in any other scenario uh
14540s unfortunately we just know how strong
14541s zorgo is
14543s yeah I think he's just managing to scale
14545s enough I mean like you have a
14546s bristleback group plus a holy mackerel
14549s this is a little scary but that's a 22
14552s Health in Mama that is just gonna solo
14554s this whole fight
14556s yeah luckily zanyang at 39 has a lot of
14561s health and has probably enough to sort
14565s of clear up some of the damage on
14566s zorgo's Ford hey mama will be a little
14569s bit of an issue but as long as it
14570s doesn't get too many more summons from
14573s oh in the actually
14577s yeah not bad at all what will the imama
14580s summon
14581s and overseer so it takes a little bit of
14584s damage but we'll be okay with that
14586s situation being at 39
14589s um and going up against quite the High
14590s Roller
14591s yeah James say though
14594s is going to be the next opponent for zor
14596s gray which is going to be a very
14597s interesting one given that he's still
14598s solidly in first place but that early
14601s Tempo that he got from the tiny henchman
14603s feels like it's kind of reaching the end
14605s of its efficacy now right dragon say
14608s needs to hit something else really to
14611s scale well into the late game because he
14613s is really running out of steam oh
14616s that's a golden theater
14619s wow okay so
14622s it looks like sword just sort of
14626s snowballed triples uh had the
14630s patient Scout as well as the Naga triple
14634s into theater
14636s and
14638s must have found another one somehow
14641s but
14643s this is such a pivotal moment
14646s that is a game-winning setup
14649s with the assistant you're able to get a
14651s Divine Shield under this Naga you have
14653s the two Weavers but the big thing here
14655s is that
14657s sword is on three health
14660s so again like we said any loss
14664s is gonna be a lethal so has to Tire
14667s better here
14669s the Leroy's will start to get buffed
14671s with that ritual dagger which is nice
14672s for a potential future
14675s the official has options
14678s oh this is going to be a very close
14681s fight
14683s oh and that was a terrible disaster
14687s luckily the shield and the pop-up will
14689s protect it for a little bit
14691s it's deflective
14692s we'll get reset
14695s just 14 attack now
14700s small minions in the middle will get
14701s cleared up and we'll see what hits into
14704s these shields the official value trades
14706s and that will be enough yeah
14711s very close though oh yeah very close and
14716s you see how low those minions got but
14718s now he's in a fantastic spot
14721s and we see in fact it was sliders just
14724s dodging lethal all along
14726s surviving at one though which means for
14728s everyone above damage cap
14731s which is our top four at this point
14734s and uh this really is the final chance
14737s here for sliders he was in seventh place
14740s after just getting one point at the end
14741s of game one so it's so crucial that he
14744s won here because if he goes out in last
14745s place it's over he will 100 not be
14748s getting through to day two uh and so he
14752s needs to have an immediate and very very
14754s strong turnaround on this turn which he
14758s does hit double Leroy with a theater as
14761s well plenty of spell crafts this is a
14764s big swing turn
14766s it is and on the other side of this
14769s combat is say hello who similarly didn't
14772s have the best result last game
14775s just hit a golden recycling wreath
14779s wow with wondrous wisdom ball
14782s wait I don't know if there's enough
14785s stats to get through slider's board here
14788s with so many Starcraft in hand as well
14790s as the double Leroy
14794s sells out of the theater
14796s they're gonna play for maximum maximum
14799s strengths ghost has to survive this turn
14802s like if he can finish in fifth I want to
14805s say there's a chance
14808s but seventh or eighth it feels almost
14813s yeah absolutely no reset on the
14815s deflector this time around
14817s gonna play the attack onto the deflecto
14821s and this wind Fury as well not worried
14823s about the reset just want to maximize
14825s that Divine Shield value
14828s and it's gonna be really close we saw a
14831s couple of very large tons leading with
14834s the Leroy
14835s gonna be good
14838s [Music]
14842s oh that's so unlucky
14845s oh my goodness sliders was good
14849s such a good position is it enough
14855s deciding factor it doesn't go into the
14859s Leroy
14860s and now
14862s there's so much value and the stats are
14865s too much so the cell that survives and
14869s despite some scary scary hits there
14872s sliders does have enough stats and say
14876s hello
14877s oh no maybe he's saying goodbye early
14883s yeah that is a disaster for say hello
14885s that is Q8 in a row which I want to say
14888s just guarantees him out of any chance of
14890s taking this down whatsoever
14893s Jake you're taking a big hit from zorgo
14896s there the zorgo hasn't had any issues
14899s winning any fights uh quickly went down
14901s to 14 and we were saying that we were a
14903s little worried about damage Camp zorgas
14905s said No Such Thing meanwhile zanyang has
14908s a pair of holy mackerels
14911s uh
14912s do you even want to Triple that I don't
14915s think so except it's a little weird
14918s because you do have that module on board
14920s alone but
14923s um yeah generally the two macros are
14925s better separate
14927s um usually you want them both taunted or
14929s untaunted so they can have that patented
14932s ping-pong effect sort of getting
14934s infinite or pseudo-infinite Shields at
14937s times
14938s uh but zanyang at this point at 10
14941s health is just trying to maximize any
14943s value whatsoever
14946s positioning around a potential tunnel
14948s Blaster by not putting that second macro
14950s last despite having devils in the
14953s details and sword oh my goodness I
14956s realize now why we saw those goldens
14959s come out of nowhere sword has pill for
14961s Limbs and I totally neglected to look at
14963s that God out of a golden theater of all
14967s things
14969s you I guess play for survival here
14973s just once again another player forced to
14975s go Max Tempo uh interesting to see given
14978s again he's against the ghost here but I
14980s guess say hello would also have played
14982s for Max Tempo on his final turn so you
14984s do need to be preparing for that
14987s yeah and this is exactly that situation
14989s I was talking about before the game
14990s where just having that extra help afford
14993s you so many opportunities to to Greed a
14996s turn and not have to you can keep a
14998s golden theater on your board
15000s um but unfortunately sword not having as
15003s easy of a game as uh the previous one
15007s but still a lot of stats plenty to deal
15009s with say Hello's ghost
15012s yeah it's still just clawing his way
15014s through the right again you don't need
15016s to play to win you just got to play to
15017s survive a little bit longer and that's
15019s exactly what we see here is Sarah this
15021s fight baby
15026s that's a huge hit
15029s Jake here
15034s oh he almost survives because the baron
15037s was like Jay Carrick was fine until that
15040s moment
15042s a heartbreaker
15045s oh my goodness zorgo matches up into
15048s sliders and Sliders dreams maybe crushes
15051s well with the match-up
15054s RNG just said not in favor of the test
15058s here yeah tied sixth seventh what does
15061s that mean one and a half points for
15063s sliders putting up to two and a half
15065s after two games with him and say hello
15067s right down at the bottom it feels like
15069s the rich are getting richer and the poor
15071s are getting poorer after this game too
15076s absolutely
15079s and dragon say and zanyang are getting
15082s pretty low sword will match up into the
15085s Milhouse Milhouse was mostly relying on
15088s the sinful Medallion of his own
15093s he gets tested oh
15095s I forgot this is why I forgot it wasn't
15099s just fell for lamps it was ethereal
15100s evidence so sword is getting a different
15102s Quest every turn hot pill for lamps last
15105s turn didn't look like he was able to
15106s capitalize there you go
15110s um
15110s but we'll be trying to make the best of
15114s this sinful Medallion matched up against
15116s Sarah who has the sinful Medallion on
15119s Milhouse and this one's tough
15124s yeah this one is kind of tough right
15126s like if it wasn't for the tunnel Blaster
15128s I'd say quite handsomely saw taking this
15130s one down but yeah maybe not anymore
15133s actually
15135s yeah but that tunnel Blaster is there
15138s it's gonna be close I it's it's actually
15142s so close I I okay I I said Sarah but I
15146s think it's sword oh really you're taking
15148s it back straight away
15149s yeah I regret my decision I I think
15152s there's a couple break points that just
15154s favor sword here you know that lava look
15157s you're having 54 helps when there's 51
15159s oh yeah attack on the other side just uh
15162s really rough a nice bike over here on
15164s the other side though and oh I'm close
15166s no I was right all along I never never
15170s doubted myself whatsoever
15173s complete confidence
15176s um thank goodness I put it on before I
15178s thought anymore because uh yeah Sarah
15181s taking it cleanly with the Milhouse
15185s at sinful Medallion starts on Milhouse
15188s uh just a little bit extra and Dragon
15190s City does a good end to zorgo
15193s um
15199s yeah another uh fantastic performance
15203s right a top two into at least the top
15205s three here as well looking
15207s strong uh and how does this board here
15212s for zanyang
15215s uh go forward what are we looking to
15217s actually hit to improve on this is it
15219s again just the cop-out answers of
15221s Leroy's and mantids or is there anything
15223s else
15224s well so zanyang is also working with
15226s ethereal evidence so his quest is going
15229s to change every turn
15232s um this turn he did hit
15234s staff of origination and as an
15238s interesting Quirk Sarah doesn't see that
15240s so when Sarah's hovering trying to scout
15242s what zanyang has he just sees the
15244s Ethereal evidence Quest so he's not
15246s going to know if he's played him in the
15248s past returns he's going to see that
15249s board and say okay and not realize that
15251s there's gonna be you know a huge like 12
15255s 12 or 11 whatever the buff is it's got
15258s to be all over the board 12 12.
15260s and with those macros with a lot of
15262s shields as well as that grease spot it's
15264s going to be a deceptive amount of stats
15267s Sonya's also playing around the tunnel
15269s Blaster by having the module last
15273s which will mean that the macros do get
15277s reset
15280s and so it's just going to come down to
15281s how much value those Shields will have
15284s but with one of them already being a
15286s 3634 before the staff of origination the
15289s mated Queen existing and that Bristol
15291s bag Knight not too shabby itself I'm
15293s thinking that zanyang actually has a
15296s pretty decent chance of uh
15300s a little bit of Chunk
15302s a serious life
15309s [Applause]
15317s did you just see the impact of the
15319s Shields and and how
15321s valuable it was having the module last
15323s the breakpoint's super favorable
15327s someone does play it off
15329s um Sarah obviously not at risk of
15331s getting lethaled here uh from 25 but
15334s yeah that staff of origination the
15336s difference there just so many nice break
15339s points on the stats I know you and just
15341s the right resets what is it in this game
15343s with minions surviving at one Health it
15345s feels like it's happened like three or
15347s four times it's been really clutch uh
15349s situations here
15350s absolutely
15353s that being said it might be a little bit
15354s tougher against zorgo who's gotten
15358s seemingly infinite stats the second
15360s player in a row uh these games to take
15364s advantage of teal tiger Sapphire which
15366s we don't see that often but by far the
15369s best thing to run with it is that fell
15371s bat
15372s uh are you surprised to see him not
15375s level hit would he not be looking for
15377s more Fel bats or maybe a mounted Queen
15379s here on six as well
15381s yeah and I think I I was thinking about
15384s that a little bit earlier and I think
15386s the reasoning is that
15388s zorgo at this point isn't necessarily
15392s playing
15393s for first
15396s um in the typical sense right where
15398s you're just trying to scale as much as
15399s possible and really really get out of
15401s control
15402s he's trying to play for every fight and
15404s just
15405s win those fights
15408s by
15410s not expending any additional unnecessary
15413s resources on anything but rolling and
15416s being as strong as possible on that
15418s given turn right so any investment into
15420s leveling that's a lot of stats that
15422s you're sacrificing any minion purchases
15425s outside of you know
15427s just like maybe one per turn that you're
15429s teching for that fight again you're
15432s sacrificing a lot of stats zorgo having
15434s a pretty good position taking a talk to
15437s you in the last game
15439s doesn't necessarily need to win this
15441s game right that's true so winning and
15443s playing safe on these fights
15445s uh you know
15447s guarantee him a decent placement going
15451s forward uh into game three if if he's
15454s not locked already at this point so I I
15457s like his strategy it's it's a bit of
15459s that tournament meta coming into play
15461s for it
15463s foreign
15479s still not dying as uh zorgo is able to
15483s do just enough to zanyang oh wow between
15487s Sarah's Mill House in zorgas fedora
15492s yeah I was gonna bring up that this
15493s maybe felt like it might be the game
15495s that goes past turn 18 but that would
15497s have to have been if a neither player
15499s died
15503s now it feels like yeah if this is gonna
15507s end pretty quickly
15508s he answered just a bit short oh gonna
15512s cycle to try and maximize the stats but
15515s uh having seen the stats that Zerg is
15518s rocking on board
15521s um
15523s we didn't have back-to-back
15525s Heroes winning we didn't have
15528s back-to-back players winning but we do
15530s have backed by cops winning with the uh
15532s teal tiger fell back yeah so you know
15535s that's
15536s I I really can't stress enough it's not
15539s common
15541s um you generally don't see players even
15543s taking teal tiger Sapphire uh we've seen
15545s a lot of players just like instantly
15547s pass it already in this tournament but
15551s uh yeah I mean if you can hit the felvat
15555s it it works and maybe that was in
15558s zorgo's mind when he took the quest
15559s knowing that Eudora does have a little
15562s bit better odds of hitting that fell
15565s back with the sort of built-in discover
15567s from the hero power
15573s and Soca again just kind of
15575s giving us half his attention here for
15577s this final fight as I mean he knows it
15579s with a second place and most likely a
15581s first place he's already locked his spot
15583s up in the top four his work is already
15586s done and the final game of the day is
15589s the old money for him from here or now
15593s yeah well you will definitely win the
15596s puzzle box challenge between XD zorgos
15601s picked up a pile of points here right
15604s um
15605s I think I won that after like the first
15607s game right I didn't even need to go to
15609s game two uh it's pretty close I think XT
15612s picked up uh six and a half points and
15614s zorgo had six after game once
15616s yeah it was uh it was a quick quick
15619s victory for zorgo but um
15622s very well earned taking a first and
15625s second in the uh first couple games so
15630s really really well played by zorgo
15633s the rest of our players we've seen a
15635s couple that are almost for sure
15637s eliminated but it's gonna be a battle in
15639s the middle
15642s yeah absolutely
15644s um with say hello and slide us both
15648s feeling uh say hello I want to say with
15650s zero points just out no chance that you
15652s can make it through sliders feels like
15655s there might be a slight glimmer of hope
15657s if like the top four finish in a very
15659s specific order and then he's able to uh
15662s clutch out of first place then possibly
15664s he could take it down uh but you know
15666s it's very much Last Chance Saloon for
15668s him here whereas saw pretty much just
15671s guaranteed to be making it through uh
15673s sword and a bit more of an interesting
15675s place and everyone else just kind of
15677s hovering around that middle Mark uh I
15680s just love to see how it affects all our
15681s different players the strategies they go
15683s for going forward how the nerves affect
15685s them because while a lot of our players
15687s are multiple time performers both in
15690s lobby Legends and in other competitive
15692s Battlegrounds formats uh a lot of our
15695s players are a bit more new and it can
15697s really start to get to you the pressure
15699s when it's crunch time yeah it's really
15703s difficult and it's been interesting to
15705s see these players that have repeated in
15707s lobby Legends continue to do well but
15711s you know we have zorgo here
15714s feeling right at home doesn't look
15717s phased At All by the pressure
15720s um
15721s laughing both games that his fortunes
15724s and uh hopefully we'll see them continue
15727s so we're just behind him in second wow
15732s how does this work
15734s in the third at 10. Sarah at nine so we
15737s see that nine point threshold after game
15740s two be the top four in both of these
15741s lobbies just behind we have Jog and say
15744s it's six and a half points Jake here get
15745s four and a half and like you said
15747s sliders at two and a half gonna have
15750s nearly possible if not impossible time
15753s getting through uh and then say hello
15756s unfortunately is uh gonna be playing
15759s with house money because uh
15761s there's not gonna be anything else left
15764s for him tomorrow but yeah y'all can say
15768s definitely still have chances we saw
15772s had that nine point total and ended up
15774s with an eighth Sarah you know will Sarah
15777s be able to withstand the pressure of
15779s being ahead while dragon say and jakirik
15780s withstand the pressure being a little
15782s bit behind needing to go for a higher
15784s placement
15786s yes Sarah can definitely not rest on his
15788s Laurels here he needs to still get a
15790s good performance I want to say slide is
15793s um still in with a chance he has to win
15796s 100 and Sarah has to either finish
15799s eighth or joint eighth to equal nine uh
15803s an equal amount of points or half a
15805s point behind and like then the couple of
15807s people in between have to finish poorly
15809s not to Eclipse him as well so we'll see
15811s once we get into it it's like as you
15814s said basically impossible uh for him to
15817s qualify through but we'll see if he can
15818s pull something out of the bag for
15820s sliders as it would be cool to him for
15821s him to follow up a uh a third place in
15824s the previous Lobby Legends with a better
15826s performance at this weekend uh but it
15829s was just one game left to come today we
15832s are going to go to a quick break before
15834s the final game of the day we'll see you
15836s very shortly
15840s [Music]
15856s [Music]
15860s [Applause]
15862s [Music]
15868s foreign
15870s [Music]
15890s [Music]
15897s foreign
15906s [Music]
15933s foreign
15935s [Music]
15959s [Music]
15971s energy
15974s [Music]
16007s right
16013s [Music]
16025s now
16029s [Music]
16037s thank you welcome back and thank you to
16040s everyone who has been watching competing
16043s alongside perhaps as well with our
16044s Tavern buddy extension on the uh play
16048s Hearthstone twitch page if you are
16050s watching there uh be interesting to see
16052s how you're all doing how the predictions
16054s have been working out for you uh I think
16056s for uh Pocky it's fair to say it's been
16059s working out a little bit better than it
16060s has for me but it's the uh the final
16063s game of the day everything can turn
16064s around for us and of course for the
16066s players as well
16067s exactly and it'll be interesting to see
16070s if they do
16071s um Jake you know did really well in the
16074s qualifiers he got a sixth and then the
16076s rest of his games were top twos through
16078s the final five games I think picking up
16080s like three firsts and so you know he's
16084s he used to following up some you know
16086s middling performances with some
16089s dominating performances and he needs one
16090s to hear if he wants to make the top four
16092s and it looks like that's the perspective
16094s we're gonna start on and he's gonna take
16096s one of the biggest Hyrule heroes in the
16099s game Lord bearov
16102s yeah exactly anyone who thinks that
16104s they're gonna
16106s kick him out of the top four Barrel's
16108s got a finger for you
16110s that ain't happening
16113s um yeah the heroes represented here I
16115s mean none of these particularly High
16118s pick priority right so do we just end up
16120s on Eudora for the high armor value I was
16123s gonna say vardenin it looks like Varden
16125s will be the pick so Varden does have a
16127s lot of potential again with sort of
16129s those built-in Pairs and the ability to
16132s sort of force triples in the right
16134s situation these players certainly going
16136s to know how to do that it's not
16137s necessarily super intuitive for some
16139s players but once you get used to varding
16142s a very high skill cap here on forcing
16144s premium triples it's a it's like a quite
16147s strong hero
16148s um there can be misses but
16150s very very good
16152s um Jay Kirk will get the turn one bet
16154s here hitting a shell collector will have
16157s an option between sliders and toggle I
16159s didn't see what she picked but uh it's a
16161s bit of a coin flip you know that sliders
16164s is you know gonna have the option to
16167s take a pirate with her power you know
16169s tagwago's gonna
16171s um
16172s opt for a token more often right exactly
16175s to
16176s but we'll match up against sword who's
16178s on Master wind so another Panda game for
16180s me
16183s uh and they take a tie both with shell
16186s collectors oh
16191s son young with a pair of Tavern tippers
16199s I didn't just take the bus but unlikely
16201s to invest too much into them
16204s um on gravo here
16207s likely we'll just see uh a bit of a g
16210s curve leveling to two next turn
16214s uh we don't see our minion types just
16217s yet right yeah I was thinking
16221s but that's going to be a big determining
16224s factor and I'm sure it was a determining
16225s factor in the here selections as well so
16229s grebo you know unlikely to be hooked up
16231s unless there are a decent amount of
16234s summons available
16238s or it does have that shell collector
16240s pair here
16242s I'm getting the home of hero power I
16245s believe so able to level and pick up the
16247s hair it's a really nice bean and then
16250s having that coin available to
16251s potentially double by this turn or to
16254s level
16256s the hero power is not entirely
16258s compelling I don't think either those
16260s are enough to push us off just double
16263s buying or leveling here
16265s yeah and interestingly we see mashup
16268s Advanced Dragon says Varden you did go
16271s three on three so I would expect back to
16274s leveling here just to take advantage of
16277s that having the pair on the higher tier
16278s and that is what we see
16283s Carrick with another
16285s that to be made this time on his work
16288s and say hello
16289s zorg on Elise
16293s say hello right
16296s yeah
16299s thoroughly
16304s okay not a bad stuff
16316s uh so it looks like the minion types for
16319s this game are Naga demon Pirates quill
16322s board and the beasts so no Max this time
16327s around as well as no murlocs
16330s oh Jay Carrick having an absolute
16331s disaster though getting a tie there when
16334s one of the players had gone three on
16335s three you'd obviously expect to be
16337s winning that one but uh
16339s the problem is just the other players
16342s know right they're so attentive to
16345s scouting that you know say Hello can see
16347s oh sorry went through and three I can
16349s hold my minions you know for the quest
16351s and Jake obviously kinda had an inkling
16354s with some spending a little bit of time
16355s considering that possibility uh during
16359s the bet but we'll just take the Battle
16362s Cry there
16364s I cannot go a quill both of volatile
16367s Venom feels very expensive
16371s a very expensive indeed because Naga and
16374s quillboard don't synergize into the
16376s quest we saw XC take volatile Venom in
16379s that first game but that Quest actually
16381s played into volatile Venom where you
16383s kind of set up a board that you know is
16386s is where you're headed and like I said
16388s you know these players are very much
16390s considering the direction they're going
16392s super early on
16396s um
16398s another hidden body for 12 minions
16408s that's one more purchase to make will
16410s grab the Naga siren
16413s uh sorry not the nagas are in the um
16415s Warden of old the Naga
16426s clearing off some of the high damage
16427s minion
16428s oh I haven't takenings I suppose do not
16431s take too much
16433s um Jay Carrick with the very early
16435s kidnap sack and that is yeah that's huge
16438s Westward that gives you a ton of value
16443s um up to a free minion attorney if
16445s you're using it in the shop of course
16446s you can also use it on your own board if
16448s you do find like a premium Battle Cry
16450s that you want to sort of recycle
16455s but
16456s nice setup I didn't say presented the
16459s option of grabbing a double bird buddy
16462s but with no beasts on board
16467s gonna add some cards to hand with the
16469s Gambler and the sun bacon relaxer
16474s going to take the bird buddy the scrap
16476s Smith was also an interesting option
16478s with that Quest but no taunts on board
16480s just yet
16482s yeah I think the top uh sorry the bird
16484s body as well is just going to open up
16486s more immediate
16488s uh board consolidation options like if
16490s you pick up two of those as soon as you
16492s find a beast uh you're able to just
16494s completely win back any Tempo you may
16496s have lost
16498s absolutely
16501s and not a lot developing I mean we know
16505s sliders is going to be playing for
16506s pirates on the patches
16508s uh but elsewhere not
16512s anything super notable
16515s um I don't think we've seen any triples
16517s lined up
16521s everyone just on tier three so no crazy
16524s leveling patterns either
16536s maybe a slight loss to the tavern
16538s tippers for Jay Carrick but you'll be
16541s okay with that one
16543s um you know as long as you're not taking
16544s too much damage in these mid game fights
16546s you're pretty much okay because bearov
16548s really shines in the late game and
16550s actually he does have a triple lined up
16553s so now the question is
16556s what will he aim for applications
16560s yeah I
16563s think you might these are quite good
16566s though and he can take it right here and
16569s with the kidnap sack
16571s brand can be very valuable uh Mama Bear
16574s you can kind of do you know sort of like
16576s the genius thing where you consistently
16578s bounce a unit and buff it up
16582s um Jake will be able to take the
16583s patients out but he's gonna take it with
16585s the kidnap snack and hold it it does
16588s give potential for another triple of the
16590s show collector given that discover and
16592s so he is gonna go for six drops here
16596s be their end
16602s um you know certainly because he has the
16604s golden hand if he did want to take it
16606s now so I'm gonna say goes for a four
16609s here with the bird buddy triple I assume
16613s yeah not looking good it's a reanimating
16615s rattler uh necrolyte and tunnel blaster
16619s probably gonna take
16624s Barry Oh actually tripled the warden
16627s evolved
16628s um is going to try and triple the bird
16629s buddy now though
16631s took to necrolyte with those gems being
16634s on the
16635s abortion of old
16637s wanting to buff up that for everybody a
16640s little
16641s Point into the hopefully upcoming triple
16646s oh man again
16648s kill the rental and does
16651s not finish the quest oh well it will
16654s finish uh on the purchase next turn so
16660s and it is
16663s it's doubles in the details I believe
16666s so luckily it's an end of turn effect
16669s that is a big deal because some quests
16672s when you get it a turn late it's
16673s actually like getting it like two turns
16675s later Sometimes some uh some quests if
16678s you get it during combat it's like
16679s getting it a full turn earlier because
16680s it's at the start of your turn so
16682s very now you're spraying for Jog and say
16685s who needs that at 11 Health now on the
16688s Varden
16691s and that didn't have the point total to
16693s be totally comfortable with the poor
16695s performance here
16697s take care doesn't hit the shell
16698s collector triple
16704s he is considering purchasing from the
16706s shop before playing the picky eater
16708s the hymen is a lot of stats
16711s um and it's slightly less that's if you
16713s do consume it
16716s um or could have considered picking up
16718s something else a felvet offered Eliza in
16721s coiler as well
16723s has a demon on board in the picket eater
16726s murlocs are out and so it will be the
16728s fell bet for Jakira cure yeah I think
16731s he's got the right idea in this game
16732s right he needs to get a strong
16735s finish if he just takes coiler here I
16738s think he's looking at finishing more
16740s around the middle of the table and
16741s there's a good chance he needs to finish
16742s towards the top to qualify absolutely
16745s and you're asking you know how do you
16747s Hyrule right now in this meta and like I
16749s said it's that early Tempo Direction
16751s type stuff in Feldman it's certainly
16754s fits the bill do you hear it with some
16756s gold in that kidnapps like to try and
16758s find another demon meanwhile we have
16759s Zord with an enhance-o-matic quest uh
16763s completed
16769s rainbow who despite not really having a
16773s ton of summons is still at 49 Health
16775s has France along the way
16780s uh four two Naga so Naga like I said one
16785s of the premium friends along the way was
16788s will finally take damage 15 in fact full
16791s damage count from zorgo it was many of
16794s those four drops survive
16799s oh and we have a SIM
16804s spoiler here with a early secret
16807s Sandstone on turn seven on zephyrus I
16811s don't know if they've exhausted any of
16812s those hero Powers but we could see very
16815s quick spikes from say hello
16818s that'd be very cool to see
16822s is going up to
16824s five as well now
16826s double netherism overseer for job and
16828s say with that Devil's in the details
16830s gonna focus on that for tempo
16840s anyong
16843s triples The Tavern Tipper I believe into
16845s a six drop here
16847s I've heard minted Queen golden and Eliza
16851s takes the mantid queen
16858s zanyang was in a more comfortable
16860s position in the standings
16862s so probably not wanting to play as risky
16865s despite golden and Eliza having maybe
16867s more upside with that hero power painted
16870s Queen is gonna be you know kind of the
16872s more consistent strong unit
16874s regardless of
16875s where you end up and you don't really
16877s need to hit anything else to go with
16878s manted Queen
16880s hey Carrick again so close to
16882s stabilizing here he just wanted a
16887s another fell back and uh
16890s uh a mama imp as well in order to be
16892s able to
16894s get some more demons in play because
16896s those six drops you got just really
16898s don't help with this scaling in any way
16899s whatsoever oh and say hello has a golden
16903s theater
16905s double A thistle
16908s hold in trickster is also huge
16912s and say hello might be winning this game
16915s you think so do you see already
16919s yeah buffing up that trickster without
16921s relaxing the lobby at Health spread out
16924s across what will probably be scaled up
16927s minions with the double at this uh
16930s I'd be a little bit concerned for
16932s everyone else
16939s your powers immediately to Golden yet
16941s this I'll find something
16942s has a pair of organisms and you couldn't
16945s ask for anything better than that here
16948s uh say hello quickly considering selling
16951s the mini mermaid on before playing that
16953s second organzoa to consolidate the Buffs
16955s on the atissa but decides to get out of
16957s the Rat Pack
16958s uh potentially wanting to play that
16960s bristle back Knight instead is that
16962s third minion type
16966s and we see how powerful orgazoa is with
16969s Secrets since then just absolutely the
16971s best thing he could have hoped for so
16973s many stats gonna be taken with this
16975s golden athissa and actually not even
16977s playing into the theaters just focus on
16979s the organzos and the if this is
16982s um I don't know why I would think that
16983s the atar would be a consideration here
16985s because uh the upside is just so great
16988s like I said with the organs I was
16989s doubling the discoveries every turn
16991s speaking of the guitar sword offered a
16994s theater of his own along with that
16995s golden and the gas griller
16998s on the panda
17000s the quest is yog-tastic Tasties
17005s I can't really see you really have an
17007s idea of his board but we do see a hogger
17009s available
17011s um
17013s as well as a lot of quill Wars
17018s it's not the connective tissue between
17021s Pirates and uh quill was here right he
17024s needed
17026s um
17026s yeah and I think he was aiming to I'm
17029s waiting something like a dark gaze
17030s exactly yeah
17033s but I wasn't able to connect the theater
17036s is the next best option picking up a few
17039s steps to try and get through this fight
17040s but not gonna be successful in Street
17042s carrick's scaling with the fell back
17045s carlga and the iron Megan hey if you
17049s didn't nobody you think it's a gassing
17051s an ass board trying to take advantage of
17053s this end of turn effects
17058s Sarah The cookbook a quest that we
17061s haven't seen too often is gonna be
17063s enough
17065s to not say hello down to 11 despite the
17069s sinstone board a bit of a transition
17071s return for say hello so nothing to be
17073s too concerned about just now oh and say
17076s hello hits the ball of minions and wait
17078s a second
17079s Sarah has gorgen hogger with cookbook oh
17083s yes this is this is where you get to
17086s those hundred hundred cookbook stats you
17090s said you might not have the APM but I
17092s believe Sarah does look at this already
17095s 30 30 on every minion bot still has
17098s damage cap as a protective you know
17101s Shield at 19 health
17104s there's a bristleback night as well and
17107s it looks like he's gonna pick that up
17108s just with that pair already on board
17109s it's a little bit too much tempo right
17112s now to pass up and again Sarah is that
17116s not was that nine points is that nine
17117s points uh certainly gonna pick up points
17120s here because he is not wrestling on his
17123s Laurel just going for everything right
17125s now with the cooked book golden auger
17127s game
17129s absolutely yeah he's been
17132s looking very very strong here that turns
17134s six is actually only gonna be costing
17135s him like one or two gold as well because
17137s of all the decks will be uh that he's
17139s been playing as well along the way uh
17141s zanyang having gone I guess mainly for
17145s nagas here but not having found thyssa
17148s not having found a critter Wrangler I
17151s think quite clearly shows us that he is
17154s on his last legs here
17156s yeah and that is a tough one especially
17159s when you're on a hero like gravo that
17161s doesn't have scaling or much benefit
17164s built in if you don't have a very
17166s specific comp
17168s and it's something you see these high
17170s level players try to avoid right because
17173s they need that flexibility right the
17176s game doesn't always just give things to
17178s you for free and so
17180s unfortunately for zanyang this game is
17183s not looking free at all I'm gonna say a
17187s very close fight here is gonna have just
17191s enough the devil's in the details set
17194s will be enough to take zorgo down to 10
17197s on the Elise
17202s I can say finding two more overseers but
17205s not having the board space to support it
17207s and Sarah we talked about not wrestling
17210s the wars because this is a pretty close
17213s fight uh could have came down to just
17215s the hogger surviving patches with the
17217s golden Hammer
17219s able to Golden a minion on this board
17221s every turn
17223s I absolutely lost chance of sleep it is
17225s here because it feels like everyone else
17227s has hit the hogger apart from him
17229s oh and Sarah actually does hit the
17232s triple
17235s oh no he has hit the whole ghost sorry
17237s my mistake golden hog are available okay
17239s okay this is the turn where things can
17242s start around
17244s yeah I think it may have been a golden
17247s hammered hogger uh which means there's a
17250s pool for him to find he does have a
17252s golden salty Little Golden piggy as well
17254s oh mine's gamblers which is exactly what
17258s he needs
17261s and might have a lucky turn against
17264s zanyang who we saw hadn't been able to
17267s hit scale and continue to hit the
17268s gamblers
17270s who needs a third hogger if you just hit
17273s gamblers at 11 golden we've rolled a few
17277s times there's a triple I don't even know
17280s if he wanted to be honest
17282s oh this is more Pirates
17286s and I mean the gold is endless these
17289s shops are insane a blue shell offered
17293s the sliders
17294s will level it's nothing but time uh time
17298s here is infinite money
17304s that is if he can find any Pirates I was
17306s down close to the end does find it
17309s or selfless Tony so yeah
17313s we'll probably pick it up to end on but
17315s uh we'll end on the Eliza for stats um
17318s yeah pick up the hold is what I meant
17321s um
17321s ending on the Eliza for Max Tempo this
17324s turn and honestly should be completely
17327s fine oh yeah look at this even with the
17330s huge salty little going straight into
17331s the manted queen there's just so many
17334s stats the Eliza was kicking in
17339s foreign
17353s yeah absolutely right he was in third
17356s place but going down in joint oh
17360s alongside jaggy uh dragons say oh sorry
17365s triple uh last place is his going down
17368s as well oh my God so three go down in
17372s his sixth seventh eighth time so they'll
17374s all be picking up uh one point but I
17378s don't know if that'll be enough for
17379s zanyang
17381s there's certainly going to be people
17382s coming
17384s Sarah
17387s looking very strong on the talk while
17388s called Jay curek
17393s saying something
17396s very vocal in the moment what is he
17399s saying there's my theaters yeah too late
17404s um oh and here we have our beerus
17406s blessing between say hello who's Hyrule
17410s of Naga and Sarah whose Hyrule
17413s cookbooked auger both of them with
17415s corrupted murmidons on the board but
17418s who's bigger
17420s I mean tomorrow it definitely looks like
17422s Sarah's in the lead right now
17425s uh especially even that's a corrupted
17428s moment on his side but I will say if
17430s there's any Divine Shields that come
17432s down on the other side that could turn
17434s things around yeah like this there is a
17436s few of them wow
17441s oh my goodness there's a lot happening
17443s for say hello here still it just doesn't
17445s have time again our secret system
17448s turning any game into uh
17452s an APM game say hello doing his best to
17456s get through everything with that golden
17462s at this uh
17465s we end up on opposite sides I think we
17467s did for the first time oh my goodness
17470s all right welcome down to this cleave I
17474s believe is another middle taunt so it is
17476s a bit awkward
17478s true but I think say hello has just too
17481s much of those corrupted mermaids getting
17483s those divines they did get a lot bigger
17485s yeah I think he might be right here they
17487s grew so much over the course of that
17489s turn
17491s foreign
17496s [Music]
17531s again what's needing
17534s another hogger when you can just you
17537s know hit Pirates
17542s remember there's another gambler
17546s this is getting close to infinite
17549s this how's the captain uh providing a
17552s little extra stats from these ball of
17554s minions just a funny little interaction
17556s there yeah because uh it's getting a two
17559s extra sense and so since it's too big to
17561s uh to sell it you might just look into a
17563s little bit of value that way and another
17564s Gambler picked up for sliders more
17567s pirates in the shop
17569s going on down to five Health oh there is
17572s a tunnel Blaster he doesn't necessarily
17575s know exactly what he's up against in
17577s Sarah's board so he might pick that up
17578s and he does yeah I like him selfless
17581s hero also an option you would probably
17583s have to get out of this smaller Peggy if
17586s you wanted to play it or you could hold
17589s it there are multiple options here but
17592s it looks like
17594s it's just gonna be the tunnel Blaster
17595s but unfortunately it is Valiant as the
17599s effort was and it was Valiant I don't
17603s think this is enough to deal with
17604s sarasport we just saw agreed say hello
17610s handle it in the yeah that's aren't even
17614s on the same level
17617s 100 hundreds on one side 50 50s on the
17620s other
17621s and Sliders realizes exactly where his
17624s Foggers have been all game been
17629s Sarah's bored
17631s yeah unfortunately for uh maybe a lethal
17633s and say a winter say hello
17637s lost his swords Panda oh wait is Sarah
17644s oh oh my goodness he just went full
17648s stairs primarily sets and finds a George
17651s hero power that's sick
17654s this is very
17658s weird just a minted triple available in
17662s the shop
17663s I don't even want that though the shield
17667s well the only reason you take it is it
17669s gives you the out of tripling into
17671s another but I don't think that'll be the
17674s case the problem is
17675s that
17677s there's sort of two units that are
17680s pretty lackluster on this board
17682s I was selfless hero
17685s could be a pretty good pickup here
17687s passes it wow pass us the Gambler so
17691s looking for very specific stuff because
17692s the Gambler would be money with that
17696s hogger on board but not wanting to
17698s sacrifice the 54-54 banner board
17703s only tunnel Blaster I guess
17706s looking forward to deal with their
17708s Divine Shields maybe but I mean you have
17710s your own mounted Queens it's a bit
17711s awkward
17713s yeah it's tough indeed reborn definitely
17716s would have been an option
17718s um for that coiler to try and spawn more
17721s uh Libras
17723s there aren't max they're demons but
17726s without mechs you know it helps remove a
17729s lot of death rattles on the pool
17730s obviously beasts Max and demons with the
17733s most death rattles in the game so
17736s um when Mexican demons are underneath
17738s summoning that Leroy from that coil are
17741s much more likely but
17743s it might not matter here as they leave
17746s cleans up on me Andy Leroy
17751s only one Shield of poison left in too
17754s many stats on the side
17762s yeah and it is just
17766s not quite there it was close though a
17769s nice performance
17771s from swords panda
17776s I think that does get the job done for
17778s Sarah quite handsomely with a second
17781s place into a first place in games two
17785s and three a huge turnaround uh after a
17789s joint
17790s fourth fifth whatever it was uh the end
17793s of uh game one
17795s um and looking much stronger for it now
17798s as I think that locks him into that
17801s first place as it does sword as it does
17803s zorgo as well I believe we'll take a
17805s proper look at our standings in just a
17807s minute but I think we're pretty much all
17809s tied up here well obviously we're all
17811s set but we'll get a confirmation of the
17813s standings at the end of day one here in
17816s a minute as this has just been non-stop
17819s crackers of games I think these have
17822s been so much fun throughout
17824s yes most of them have been super
17827s unpredictable I mean we saw a sinstone
17830s on turn seven not end up winning we saw
17833s a three-way tie out of nowhere I wasn't
17836s expecting three people to get lethal
17838s this area and then all of a sudden they
17840s were all gone and in the top two you
17843s know it didn't look like say hello was
17845s gonna lose to anyone except for Sarah
17847s and sword you know made it close at the
17851s end and Sarah with the cooked book I
17852s said I wanted to see a cookbook win
17854s there you go we did
17856s get to see a little bit of cooked book
17858s action at the end and there's our final
17859s standings actually Sarah just missing
17861s out on the first place to sword 16 and a
17864s half points insane performance from
17867s sword getting a first and second
17869s actually our top three players all got
17870s it first and second
17873s I'm impressive that none of them got
17875s that uh double Victory as well good for
17877s me of course because I predicted that
17878s nobody would
17880s um but uh for our players down at the
17882s bottom uh jug and say Jay curex sliders
17885s and say hello I feel their pain we
17887s didn't get to see much of say hello
17888s obviously because he went out very
17890s quickly in most of those games but for
17893s Jay Carrick in that final game as well
17894s there was just a lot that didn't go his
17897s way right on for like unlucky roles uh
17900s on barov where I feel like he made the
17902s right choice but wasn't rewarded for it
17904s necessarily tripling into bad outcomes
17906s just one of those days where things
17909s don't quite work out
17911s yeah and it was tough but all our
17914s players played it very well and we have
17916s our final Lobby here uh penguin Sun
17919s shaxxy Max 70 Vigo zorgo
17923s sword zanyang and Sira making it through
17926s to tomorrow and we're gonna watch all
17928s their action tomorrow Vigo with the
17930s non-cross arm proposal once again for
17931s the second larva Legends in a row
17934s every player that hasn't crossed their
17935s arms has made it through to the finals
17937s I'm just saying it's something to
17939s consider
17940s ah
17941s yeah Sarah as well he's he's on his way
17944s I feel like he's
17945s yeah I guess that doesn't quite that
17948s doesn't quite I'll take it I'll take it
17949s you know it's like a finger we can't
17951s beat
17951s yeah it's just the the hands it's not
17954s arms it's different it's different I'll
17956s count it I'll count it
17958s all right we'll put that one in the the
17960s hands not cross book uh but of course
17962s well done to all of our players who
17964s qualified through to the final Lobby
17966s that is all going to be played out
17968s tomorrow where things eat up yet further
17972s because in this right at this point on
17974s the uh the jumps in prize pool really
17976s start to rack up especially of course
17977s given that our prize points are doubled
17981s this uh Lobby Legends but speaking of
17985s the real winners of today look at this I
17987s only got one wrong build it you killed
17990s it I'll have to I'll have to amp it up
17992s for tomorrow
17994s um I was close on a few you know but we
17997s got to 18 turns we didn't get to 19
17999s though
18000s um
18001s was too strong on the patchwork
18003s but uh yeah
18006s we uh we flipped on the six the six
18009s different winners six different Heroes
18011s and the zorgo with a fantastic
18013s performance we'll move on to tomorrow
18016s because the unfortunately will not
18020s uh some tough losses there but really
18023s really great performances from everyone
18025s today made the game is amazing
18029s yeah what was the uh the hero that won
18032s twice
18035s didn't different here oh sorry we're all
18038s right sorry it was a double negative
18039s yeah okay I just got confused okay yeah
18041s I think that's what I actually meant to
18043s say I thought I meant to say that it
18044s would be oh well as oh my goodness look
18047s at that oh I've actually winning
18054s a little bit but uh there's still time
18057s tomorrow you know I had the barrels
18059s blessing on my slide I missed a
18061s bandwagon so that that whatever you know
18064s with that we'll get there we'll get
18067s there
18069s I uh lots of time left including for
18071s these players too that's correct I don't
18074s know what's more embarrassing losing to
18076s me or losing to like being worse than
18078s just complete Randomness because that's
18080s effectively what I did I was just going
18081s for the throwing darts of board strategy
18084s here and uh somehow I managed to work
18086s out
18087s sometimes that works hey you know
18089s everything sometimes just comes down to
18091s a little bit of RNG we had a few players
18094s that that had luck on their side you
18096s know skill obviously a big factor for
18099s all of them but uh
18101s we'll see if they can bring it forward
18102s to tomorrow where it's the check format
18104s I'm so excited I oh yeah I'm in love
18107s with the check for me I I'll admit that
18109s when it was announced I had my doubts
18111s but as soon as I saw the first
18113s tournament I was taken and I can't
18115s imagine you know not not having the
18118s finals in the check format now I've been
18120s I've been sold
18121s couldn't agree more and we'll see how
18123s all of our players deal with that very
18125s different tournament meta once check is
18127s in Mario because for today we are all
18130s done so thank you so much for watching
18132s for joining in with the fun with the
18134s tavern buddy at home and we'll be back
18137s at the same time tomorrow with the final
18140s day of Lobby Legends Avail we'll see you
18143s then foreign
18144s [Music]
18160s [Music]
18165s [Music]
18172s okay
18177s [Music]
18189s [Music]
18191s thank you
18196s [Music]
18206s [Music]
18213s thank you
18215s [Music]
18234s [Music]
18244s foreign
18246s [Music]
18262s [Music]
18273s [Music]
18287s thank you
18292s [Music]
18312s [Music]
18314s this will be exactly lethal if the baron
18316s doesn't die and the baron doesn't die
18318s five plus five plus one plus one is
18321s going to be the 12 needed very nicely
18324s done
18325s [Music]
18333s one Divine Shield coming back but it
18335s goes straight into the selfless and now
18337s this is a monstrous number of attacks
18340s still to get through yeah this
18342s sure John you taking it down at the
18345s first attempt
18349s [Music]
18354s foreign
18368s [Music]
18373s [Music]
18381s foreign