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0s happy birthday
3s hearstone well everything uh all the
6s amazing moments I had the tournaments I
8s played the friends I met now I my wife
11s that I met and it's been an amazing
13s experience it changed my life I found my
15s passion so I'm forever grateful for what
18s harson has done for me
20s already probably my first European
22s championship title in uh Prague in 2015
25s that was also the European versus China
28s in 2018 where I won an a Mar that was
31s pretty pretty cool driving that as
34s an thing I would really love is an a
36s co-op mode I think could be very very
38s cool uh to see I hope we get a lot of
41s competition going on fun events uh
44s meeting with Community I really really
46s hope and yeah just uh the keep ongoing
49s expansions and uh definitely some fiery
51s cards