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0s let's see some tourist cards so
3s obviously obviously we have youor here
7s the treasure
9s hunter that you know goes on a side
12s quest so we're going to see what we're
14s going to find in the lot and then we
16s have lessan it's going to be fun I am
20s going to be playing a bit of burgle
23s Rogue so we're both going to be doing
25s some burgling uh I also have treasure
28s hunter you door on my deck
30s um we'll be doing some wishing we'll be
32s throwing some coins in a well okay well
35s I do hope your wishes won't come true
37s that did you say that I said nothing no
41s such okay I wouldn't queue it up
47s valer with the pig
50s Val why is it
53s fake um
55s [Music]
71s [Music]
75s okay fine fine fine fine fine fine are
79s you fine okay sounds like fine and did I
82s not mention fine so fine so fine yeah
86s all right I will start by doing some
88s burgling aha
93s H okay good
95s turn good turn good turn good turn solid
98s solid I will do some petty
103s theft
106s o
111s fancy
113s um maybe not
117s but I could totally do this too
121s oh I can this all day what oh and the
123s thing so it pops up when you play one of
125s the cards wait you just played a rogue
128s card and then she popped up W so you
130s don't know at the start of the game what
131s you're up against until you play it it's
133s like Myra okay oh that's nice okay oh
140s sure let's keep up the
142s burgling okay okay no fine so weird that
146s card's kind of blurry in my
149s hand you have blurry cards can I see you
153s like maybe I can help oh no okay then I
156s don't want to play that hold on um Al I
159s don't want to play that okay I guess I'm
162s just hanging out good don't play cards
164s all you know what I won't okay thank you
167s you're
168s [Music]
178s welcome I don't know what to do you just
182s send your turn what to do what you do
184s nope no
190s no so have you already done some
195s burgling okay I'm just going to do this
198s same my hand a little bit okay looking
201s for some knickknacks oh wow so
205s lucky I just drew that hey okay
220s what are you
222s cooking
224s nothing doesn't sound like nothing
228s [Music]
240s th's gift but that's a shaman
246s card you theft at a shaman
248s card it's not very
258s nice thinking if it's
262s worth maybe it is maybe
265s not I feel like I kind of want to do
268s something else too but maybe not
281s okay
284s okay okay pretty cool save some
288s am on board at least I get put something
293s yeah I'm board cuz I kind of all
297s right we'll look for Treasure oh my God
300s that was so cool hey that's
303s cheating hey wait what side
309s quest play three cards from the classes
314s okay did you also just do that wait a
318s minute what if I go on two
321s quests
322s okay wow okay okay what if you don't now
327s I have I have a problem here I don't
329s know if I can
330s do two side quests at once but I'm going
333s to find out
337s okay gr Master that's pretty
341s cute all right does it
344s work please
349s work a it doesn't
352s work good fine one sh St
357s by fine it's okay
362s we'll get this done
367s soon oh my goodness these are
371s expensive
381s okay
386s okay glow sticks all right
392s double glow
394s sticks sure wait you're actually cooking
398s a little bit cuz of the Grill
401s Master oh okay and I also got some
405s spikes the little
407s spice
410s sure
412s okay um let's go
419s [Music]
422s one two I can overd draw one it's
425s fine actually I can do
429s this oh but I'll I have to use coin
433s them okay until next
436s turn uh what are you doing I'm doing
440s some stuff well that's funny that card's
442s blurred out too
444s wow all right let's discover some
448s Treasures wait
452s okay how many CS do you have ah I would
455s have left so hard if I specifically
458s didn't do that okay oh that would have
461s been fun um I havea that never happens
465s when you play really yeah no no never
468s overdraws I don't know I mean actually I
470s could do this this turn that might be
474s good I would like a refund on these
476s Treasures if possible okay
479s [Music]
482s um let's try this just going to eat your
485s Grill Master if that's
487s fine
494s H MH I
499s see okay okay okay
503s okay all right what's in the knickknack
506s track
510s something that I do want to do I see so
514s you're not happy with the knickknacks
515s you found in the
516s shack and you want to take them
519s back that's pretty
521s [Music]
526s [Applause]
528s whack
532s kind don't remember what I did what was
535s the last one that I
537s did oh oh that counts as is a different
540s class cuz you're Paladin okay
546s fancy okay this is
549s something okay okay okay
553s oh your man of 33 that seems pretty
556s good now if only I could remember how
558s many holy spells you played it's at
560s least three yeah I don't remember
563s [Music]
573s okay it
575s up it is a holy spell oh that you're
578s going to have a big thing coming down
579s soon aren't you nope what makes you see
582s that absolutely not no all right let's
585s check this box I'm out of
588s cards oh no I can't oh wait can I do
591s that no cuz I didn't play the quest good
595s no good good did I play anything else
597s that was good though I don't remember
600s don't do it no I didn't really play that
602s many good things all right let's try
603s this what's in this box I see I don't
607s know what else I expected I knew it was
609s going to be in that
610s box
612s um you know what I went a little great I
616s should have done okay fine I'm going to
618s do this turn take that back I don't want
620s [Music]
623s it uh can you
626s not nope I insist
634s a that was so so good h i get the couch
638s ready for tonight so
641s R I didn't know it was the next
644s C oh
647s no it's fine oh
651s no oh cuz the last card you play was the
655s conniving con
657s man okay
667s okay
668s [Music]
675s um I just want to see it yeah
682s yeah I give a lot of
686s bro oh
688s [Applause]
690s wait wait wait stop stop stop stop stop
692s stop let's talk about
693s this I could have done
695s it the previous turn but I didn't want
698s to because you know I wanted to be a
700s decent present and like now here you
701s have it uh okay no what part of this is
707s okay everything you burned my one
710s precious card you shouldn't have had a
712s full
714s [Music]
716s hand seriously okay yeah I want there
719s mhm mhm okay okay let's knock out one of
722s these let's knock out one of these yeah
726s I also needed those so for next turn
730s okay okay let's get rid of those two
732s real quick and these was that random no
735s how was that random it wasn't random how
737s was that random it wasn't random okay
741s fine be like that this knickknack Shack
745s looks really strong as refill too when
746s you're out card actually no let jum
754s okay okay
756s fine that seemed
763s random stop no no no no hey hey let's
766s what do we talk about this uh I don't
768s like these this whole she Shanty thing
770s going on I don't how this one
772s works which one is going to give me H
775s okay then never mind I misplayed I
778s thought it was the other one
780s yeah I thought they would give me more
782s five fives
784s see no wait what did I
788s do I forgot to read the card I said it
790s was permanent um I want the cards
796s back it's okay it's okay you didn't need
798s them you didn't need them I do I do oh
801s my
803s God Panic no come Panic you have 20
807s stats on board you're panicking
810s I'm panicking I don't have anything I
812s did the M oh that was a good
814s draw that was not a good draw oh that
817s was so bad oh I missplay so bad don't
820s play that no look look at what it's okay
823s nobody saw anything okay so what we're
826s going to do here is we're going to wish
830s next turn and that's going to be good
832s enough
833s manager oh
837s manager okay oh oh my God that was so
841s bad I I
845s can't oh
848s okay okay
850s what no no no okay what
854s let's okay I see what you're okaying
861s about the good news is I'm technically
865s alive how always thats for me it's not
869s I'm also not sure it's good news for me
871s either to be fair wait no tap last it's
876s fine yes tap
878s last see I knew wouldn't bring anything
881s good playable this turn so good I got to
884s wish upon a
886s Well okay I can work with
893s that oh my God okay okay okay it's
895s happening it's happening it's happening
896s no no
898s no no I can't do that one you can't
900s though this good no that's not good
903s don't be punished don't don't be
905s punished no punished no that one's not
907s good okay good good keep them coming
910s like that I like the not good part I
912s need more
913s cards uh can you get for
917s no too many cards uh H
922s deer
925s okay okay
929s very good turn thank you not punished it
931s was very good turn I can't even do it
935s honorably okay okay I'm going to show
938s this time I'm not going to tap last
942s okay okay okay okay isn't the
945s knick-knack Shack just like really
947s good I don't have where to play it you
950s can trade a minion off if you want
952s to I could
955s sure you're trying to distract me no
960s oh you can't take more than two damage
961s with your
964s minions are you trying to distract me
969s distraction okay fine okay so it looks
972s like burgo pal mistakes were never made
974s no Flawless game yes burgle Paladin
977s seems better than burgle Rogue okay I'm
979s playing the Rogue tourus which lets me
982s use warlock cards now you may have heard
984s about renounced Darkness but have you
986s heard about announced Darkness
990s get out of here yeah so I'm just going
992s to be announcing Darkness randomly I'm
994s just going to shout darkness and then
996s you'll see what happens that's not going
997s to be scared at all well um how about
1001s the fake tourist fake tourist okay yeah
1003s cuz like I you're basically play on the
1007s tourist card class dark marrow but only
1010s because you know cuz you can you just
1013s want to get fancy ruins most of the card
1016s all the rest of the cards are just going
1018s to be warlock ones
1019s I'm not going to be borrowing anything
1021s from any class yeah all right then let's
1024s go Darkness
1027s ooh nice skin thank you oh oh okay
1036s [Music]
1039s yeah I do have the coin I have the
1045s card I don't have the coin
1049s I'm
1051s excited this
1054s turn okay not yet not yet not yet but
1058s one okay maybe I should have kept that
1062s though okay thank you I was like thank
1066s you
1069s Game okay that my man just going to just
1072s going to start hting yourself yeah a
1073s little bit Yeah from time to time you
1076s know it's good for this c yeah yeah
1080s makes sense is it good for the skin
1084s [Music]
1088s yeah must it
1094s okay um maybe not I want
1099s this okay oh wow this is escalating very
1103s quickly well it is what it is it is what
1106s it is
1110s well let's draw some
1112s cards let's clean that up
1121s okay
1123s oh oh what that's done no what are you
1128s doing oh that's
1132s large can I convince
1135s you to to hit yourself more than you're
1138s hitting me
1141s sure oh boy oh okay uh I don't have a
1146s lot of time so
1149s Darkness I'm I'm announcing
1152s it okay
1154s okay now what I'm working on it
1159s okay okay you you can draw some cards I
1163s think I have to draw some
1166s cards nope that did not help at all no
1170s no it did
1171s not uh all right maybe this clears
1174s enough that I survive it did
1179s not um okay I play that I will die
1185s oh stop hitting
1189s yourself
1190s [Music]
1194s okay okay what are you producing over
1197s there content
1206s uhhuh
1211s [Music]
1214s um I'm trying to focus like baby
1224s [Music]
1230s W this is going to hurt me so bad this
1232s is turn
1234s four
1236s stop um oh boy oh my
1244s God I can't do
1247s that okay what can't you do you already
1249s have so
1252s much okay I didn't want to go this way
1256s thing it just what to do I died a little
1260s bit Yeah but I wanted to kill you a
1262s little
1263s differ I'm so sorry
1267s okay I announced Darkness twice and it
1269s just didn't do anything huh maybe I'm
1272s not yelling loud enough
1275s probably okay then I can't get overare
1278s how cool the runs look on the Warlock
1281s like it looks so good like this time I'm
1284s actually not going you know like I'm
1286s going to be full T mode and and I'm
1289s going to be borrowing some cards from
1290s the death knight yeah and hopefully
1293s we're going to get some very very cool
1295s stuff with but Eliza and the dark marrow
1299s a lot of aggro stuff buff interesting
1302s I'm also playing a deck with Eliza so
1305s we'll see who can Eliza more okay may
1309s the best Eliza win yeah good
1312s luck and like crap just chilling like so
1317s with the like the book and everything
1320s that's a chili skin are you trying to
1323s throw Beach yeah yeah get some beach
1326s time
1328s [Music]
1332s in
1337s okay I got some stuff happening how
1340s about
1343s you I don't know I don't even have the
1346s coin Maybe
1350s sell you the coin for Mana yeah
1359s yeah okay
1362s yeah sure you're playing cards on turn
1365s one already well I'm a
1368s warlock I can you could not be a
1371s warlock all right in that case I will
1374s have to get out there such a good
1377s card the party fiend nope they're I'm
1381s looking at okay but how dare you insol
1384s the demons wait whoa
1390s whoa um it's okay nothing can go
1395s wrong true
1399s M aha there's your trus
1409s mhm you know what I'm just going to L
1412s this great turn
1414s thanks appreciate
1420s it are you going to play more cards
1422s now trying to
1425s no you're not supposed to play more
1427s cards it makes it harder for me to play
1429s cards try
1432s draw no I'm trying to spend the Mana
1435s yeah spending Mana is pretty good yeah
1437s it usually works
1439s okay that sounds pretty
1441s good next
1449s turn
1451s sure I
1455s guess
1460s uh can I guess you spend so much Mana
1464s I'm trying to I I know like look at my
1467s hand I have nothing two cards all right
1471s let's try one of
1474s these Eliza go
1478s what seriously okay
1484s wow but technically if you can't kill
1489s that a I see the death rle won't go off
1497s okay how are you you can't keep that up
1500s the whole
1511s game what kind of demon is this F
1518s Beast
1522s okay I can't do that so I'm just going
1525s to do this oh oh okay okay that's a lot
1530s of stuff on board
1532s yeah
1534s um
1537s okay sure spending Mana I guess does
1542s spend
1544s Mana okay probably someone will kill
1547s that so just in case have a up plan no I
1551s didn't want to play up this anyways okay
1553s good uh let's check what's in the
1556s Guist it's a little bit cheaper
1562s what what's going on over there I'm
1563s thinking I'm cooking I'm cooking no we
1566s don't do that here all so good I know
1569s like vacation mod no thinking no map no
1572s nothing is this all the minions all oh
1575s my God this Chef so terrible yes
1578s chef oh no Chef yes chef no Chef have a
1582s corpsicle no you see that one is so cute
1592s maybe this deck should play eggs
1604s too
1608s um oh yeah
1611s okay um
1619s okay fine fine
1622s what
1625s sure oh
1628s okay
1630s oh oh what what hey
1635s hey hey I think those ghouls have their
1638s eyes closed
1641s uh okay that one goes there how that one
1646s goes here
1649s guess
1651s sure and this one
1656s go
1659s okay it's kind of spicy let's try this
1662s this so cute ship at this Ling G which
1666s one so cute oh
1668s yeah all right let's click this button
1670s see what
1672s happens okay click this button see what
1675s happens
1680s whoa okay that let can I stop now no I
1686s want a her power I actually want more
1687s corpses the her power deals three oh my
1692s God okay Eliza is pretty
1696s good oh and the her power also
1698s reactivates the the
1699s ship okay
1710s kind of have to do
1715s this what do you have to
1717s do kind of don't want to
1721s die okay now I changed my mind I'm going
1725s to do different things okay I I did not
1729s have last okay no you didn't okay
1739s it say a friendly
1741s right could you imagine destroy an enemy
1744s minion draw three
1747s cards
1755s um
1762s okay well I got some healing
1767s G okay I'm going to start off by hitting
1769s the button pew
1772s pew um can stop
1778s no
1784s uh where's my Ela let's trade hit the
1788s button again and then I can make big
1794s corpse
1796s yes no yes
1803s no what are you
1806s doing was this
1808s convenient is this a convenient draw I
1812s don't know was it I feel like it was
1815s okay maybe oh you have more sludges from
1820s the mechan oh how convenient okay yeah
1823s was it the convenient I like it seems
1825s like it might have been
1827s yeah that
1829s which
1832s one oh
1834s mhm is that good no I think it is good
1839s no but is it better than this I'm not
1842s that scared of the 2 six you know what
1843s I'm just going to play the big
1846s thing Ma and PAW
1850s okay de uh Z
1855s Mana I
1863s I have nothing for that one I just I
1865s don't have
1867s anything
1875s okay
1880s okay
1881s okay I
1886s mean what are you cooking some
1891s pasta
1895s mhm
1897s oh they're drawing a lot of
1901s cards
1909s um what are you going to do with
1912s them it's complicated okay fair enough
1932s we targeting
1939s stuff okay
1950s [Music]
1951s [Applause]
1958s what's going on over there I don't want
1960s to talk about that
1964s [Music]
1966s okay that's pretty
1971s good
1975s okay all right have some
1979s have some
1983s ghouls oh my God you're right they are
1986s cute oh my they all one face can I have
1991s another
1992s cresendo
1994s [Music]
1996s uh heal a little bit make sure I'm not
1999s falling
2000s over okay can we go back when you die no
2005s I'm not interested in that but no
2008s have a corpse no no I have one I don't
2013s need another one thank you okay I didn't
2015s know I'm sorry I'll save the next one
2017s for
2020s myself now I'm getting it oh yeah right
2025s on
2030s time oh look I did it hey the
2034s thing okay this is how it works see aome
2038s very strong that's a lot of
2040s Buffs I did it I did do it yes okay
2044s enure your
2047s goals I will enjoy my
2049s Bulls here have some more
2052s BFFs I think go wow okay so generous
2060s wow wow I did the thing okay wow we both
2065s played
2065s Eliza my Eliza was cooler cuz I got the
2068s full combo you got four lives of pro I
2070s only got two that was quite Co to watch
2073s good game very good I actually liked
2077s like well if I were to it's so difficult
2082s to to choose but I think I kind of like
2085s this like fake
2087s tourist uh I feel like it has quite a
2089s lot of potential oh the one where you
2091s don't actually play The Tourist cards
2092s you just play the tourist that was very
2094s very fun okay cuz like you start with
2096s the ruins and you start with the
2098s petition of it like it feels like it's a
2101s little distracting right and like
2103s killing people on ter four kind of
2106s sounds great me I don't know lethals
2109s yeah yeah it kind of does uh I kind of
2111s like the um the announced Darkness Rogue
2115s I want to see if we can make that work
2116s once the expansion launches well I had a
2118s lot of fun thanks for having us it was
2121s lovely being a tourist here bye-bye see
2123s you in the Perils in Paradise bye
2137s [Music]