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4s Another exciting year of Hearthstone is right around the corner.
8s My name is Cora,
9s and today I'll be sharing highlights
10s from our 2023 Core Set update.
13s The new Core Set goes live
15s with the rotation of the Tavern Zodiac,
17s where we'll say farewell to the Year of the Hydra
19s and begin the Year of the Wolf.
23s Two key things happen at this time
25s that significantly change the Hearthstone Standard meta.
28s First, the pool of eligible card sets for Standard will shrink,
32s moving Forged in the Barrens, United in Stormwind,
34s and Fractured in Alterac Valley from the Year of the Gryphon
37s out of Standard and into Wild.
39s After rotation, Standard will include Voyage to the Sunken City,
43s Murder at Castle Nathria,
45s March of the Lich King,
46s Festival of Legends,
48s and the updated Core Set.
49s The Core Set will remain the free baseline collection of cards
53s that helps define class identities and synergies for the year.
56s Before we dive into this year's Core Set updates,
59s here's a quick look at some other 2023 plans.
62s Battlegrounds has a full lineup
63s of great content this year,
65s including three seasonal updates,
67s with at least one major new system update,
70s similar in scale to Buddies.
72s A new record for BG content.
73s Eureka!
74s Season 3 kicked off featuring Putricide's dual-minion mash-up
77s and the Undead as a new minion type.
80s We also have an exciting shake-up
82s for the Wild format
84s planned for later this year,
85s which includes new and updated cards,
88s along with other fun surprises
90s to breathe new life into memorable cards
92s from Hearthstone history.
93s 2023 is a content-packed year for both Standard and Battlegrounds.
98s Expect to see frequent balance updates,
100s more special in-game events with great rewards,
103s and regular feature improvements,
104s like a better way to open a lot of packs, coming soon.
108s Now let's jump in and tour the new Core Set for the Year of the Wolf.
115s When building out Core Sets,
116s we like to start with large-scale items
118s like keywords.
119s And this year, we're excited to add Magnetic to the mix.
122s We've also heard a lot of wonderful feedback
124s for Tradeable,
125s a keyword from the Year of the Gryphon,
127s so it's being officially instated as an evergreen keyword
130s you can expect to see for many years to come.
133s We're also bringing back some fan-favorite legendary minions,
136s like Dr. Boom, Ragnaros the Firelord, and The Black Knight,
139s which you may notice looks a little bit different.
142s Some other notable Neutral adds include Tour Guide, Cult Neophyte,
145s Glacial Shard, and Dirty Rat.
147s These additions mean we have to say goodbye to some others,
150s so Brann Bronzebeard, Sir Finley Mrrgglton,
152s Reno Jackson, and Elise Starseeker
155s will be heading off on some Explorers' League business
157s for the foreseeable future.
159s Next, let's dig into highlights for each class.
162s Priest is a class that was built around the core identity of healing,
165s but healing tends to be weaker than other class identities,
168s like dealing damage, drawing cards, or even gaining armor.
172s Changing this identity didn't make sense thematically,
175s so, instead, we chose to make healing more rewarding
178s in situations where your minions are at full health,
180s with our new keyword Overheal.
182s Overheal is similar in scope to other class-specific keywords,
186s like Combo or Overload,
187s and we'll continue to print Overheal cards in future sets
190s and expand on it as a keyword going forward.
192s In addition to Overheal,
194s we've made a number of balance changes to Priest cards like Drakonid Operative,
197s Psychic Conjurer, and Holy Nova,
199s including Attack, Health, Mana Cost, and textbox changes.
202s We're also bringing back Catrina Muerte, with some small changes,
205s to reinforce Undead as a minion type specific to Priest.
209s Cards like Radiant Elemental, Northshire Cleric, and Lyra the Sunshard
212s will be rotating out of the Priest Core Set
215s to make room for cards like Crimson Clergy, Shadow Ascendant,
217s and the new and improved Mana Geode.
220s Because Death Knight just got their Core Set,
222s we're going to wait to make adjustments,
224s but we do look forward to expanding on their Rune identities throughout the year.
228s Demon Hunter had a really strong showing last year,
231s but it is losing powerful pieces in the Standard rotation.
233s So, to compensate, we've made adjustments to a few of their existing Core Set cards,
237s and we've removed some underutilized pieces,
239s like Kor'vas Bloodthorn and Sightless Watcher,
242s in favor of Immolation Aura, Illidari Studies, and Kayn Sunfury.
247s In the Druid Core Set,
248s we've made some changes to iconic Druid cards
250s to make them a bit more competitive.
252s Mounted Raptor, Earthen Scales, and Fandral Staghelm will be leaving Core,
256s in favor of a group of cards originally released
259s in the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion:
261s Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, and Kiri, Chosen of Elune.
265s To strengthen the Hunter Secret pool, Snake Trap will be rotating out of Core
269s in favor of Wandering Monster and Cat Trick.
272s Some other Hunter highlights include the removal of Cloaked Huntress,
275s Dire Frenzy, and Houndmaster Shaw,
277s and the addition of Jeweled Macaw, Doggie Biscuit, and Dragonbane.
282s For Mage, we're reinforcing an elemental sub-theme
284s with cards like Arcane Artificer and Flame Geyser.
288s We're also heating things up a bit
289s with Fire spells like Fire Sale and Firelands Portal.
293s To make room for these additions, Ethereal Conjurer, Cone of Cold,
296s and Pyromaniac will be rotating out.
299s We wanted to identify
300s which of Paladin's Core identities was serving them best,
304s so we've reinforced Silver Hand Recruits and Handbuff
307s with Muster for Battle, Grimestreet Outfitter,
309s and Lothraxion, the Redeemed.
310s We've also gone through and buffed up classic Paladin cards
313s like Truesilver Champion, Consecration, and Hammer of Wrath,
317s and removed the Secret Paladin identity, for the time being,
320s to balance everything out.
321s While Paladin is saying goodbye to Secrets,
324s Rogue will be receiving some extra support for Secrets
327s to assist their cards from Murder at Castle Nathria.
330s Cheat Death, Plagiarize, and Ambush will be moving into the Core Set,
333s and helping make Rogue Secrets feel a bit more secretive.
337s We're also bringing back some old favorite Rogue cards with buffs.
341s Elven Minstrel will be returning with 3 Health,
343s and Fan of Knives will now cost 2 Mana.
345s For the Shaman Core Set,
347s we'll be rotating out cards like Rockbiter Weapon,
350s Tidal Surge, and Maelstrom Portal,
352s in favor of bringing in additional Overload and Totem synergy,
355s such as Ancestral Knowledge, Overdraft,
357s Thing From Below, and Grand Totem Eys'or.
361s Warlock will be receiving some Big Demon and Control cards
364s like Enhanced Dreadlord, Voidcaller,
367s Mal'Ganis, and Defile,
370s replacing Tiny Knight of Evil, Darkshire Librarian,
373s and High Priestess Jeklik.
374s For the Warrior class,
376s we've removed a number of underutilized cards like Fiery War Axe,
379s Armorsmith, Gorehowl, and Darius Crowley.
382s And in their place,
383s we've added some stronger removal and defensive options,
386s like Bladestorm, Dyn-o-matic, and Armagedillo.
389s That wraps up our class highlights for the Core Set.
392s We can't wait to join you for an adventurous Year of the Wolf.
398s Something we're excited to do throughout the Year of the Wolf
401s is to be more flexible with our Core Set in general.
404s Whether that means balance changes, rotating cards early,
407s or introducing new cards during the year to support expansion releases,
411s we want to truly craft the Core Set to serve our players as the year unfolds.
416s With that, be sure to check out the Year of the Wolf blog
418s for the full list of changes.
420s Finally, we have the Festival of Legends kicking off in just a couple weeks,
424s so get your favorite band tee and mixtape ready,
427s because it's going to be a banger.
429s You can log in right now
430s to get E.T.C., Band Manager as a free login reward
433s during pre-purchase.
434s Until next time, we'll see you in the tavern.

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