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0s happy birthday
2s Hearthstone Hearthstone was a big
4s inspiration for me when it came to
6s cosplay and things I got really inspired
8s by the art team especially and how
10s Whimsical a lot of the character art is
13s and it became a huge inspiration for me
15s in
18s Cosplay um I got to dual AEV at BlizzCon
21s last year as alexza and that was a ton
24s of fun getting to like verse somebody
26s that actually makes the game and seeing
28s how they play versus a normal player
30s plays was super
32s fun I really hope there is more in the
36s game um that has to do with like
39s multiplayer being able to play with your
40s friends a little bit more um and
42s incorporating that aspect as well as
45s just seeing the characters continue to
47s um evolve over the years
54s [Music]