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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s [Music]
1s raise for
4s Sals my name is Marin the fox I hope
8s you're having a great
10s time I grant you permission to
15s speak
17s [Music]
25s [Music]
28s you the entertainment has
33s arrived really heating up most
38s intriguing I
41s [Applause]
46s wonder embrace the
50s Shadow X marks the spot
56s [Music]
61s let's
62s [Music]
64s rock well met this party is to die
76s for I am the beginning and the
81s [Music]
87s end for justice
94s [Music]
95s yipp yeah really heating
102s [Music]
105s up your
111s history by the Holy
113s Light oh yeah right on
117s woohoo yes party time
124s fantastic