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1s [Music]
5s hello and welcome everyone to a brand
8s new competitive year a new season of
11s grand masters and most importantly a new
15s competitive format making its debut in
18s week two of our first season of
20s hearthstone grand masters this year will
22s be the brand new format called trio and
25s fortunately for you your boy suttle is
27s here to talk you through exactly how it
30s works
31s trio starts with all players in the
33s tournament being offered the same groups
36s of three different classes for example
39s druid paladin and mage there can be any
42s number of these groups but crucially all
45s players receive the same options
48s players then select one group of classes
50s blindly without knowing what anyone else
53s in the tournament has selected but
54s crucially knowing that all players have
57s selected from the same options they did
59s importantly these class buckets do not
61s contain any cards that you must play or
63s even a suggestion of an archetype each
65s player has complete freedom to build
68s whatever they like within the classes
70s they have chosen once all players have
72s chosen and submitted their lineup then
74s the actual match format is just good
76s old-fashioned best of five conquest only
79s in this case with no ban because each
81s player only has a three deck lineup for
84s those of you unfamiliar with conquest
86s that just means that each player is free
88s to cue any deck they like for the
90s duration of the series but after each
93s deck wins it is then no longer eligible
95s for selection the first player to win
97s with all three of their decks is
99s declared victorious and wins the series
102s so what's the big idea here well we like
105s conquest as a format it generally works
108s it creates interesting strategies and
110s risk reward calculations which are
112s generally pretty fun to watch however
115s there is a risk that particularly deep
117s into a certain meta game you create an
119s amount of homogeneity and repetition as
121s these alleged optimal order strategies
123s evolve and players start to follow those
126s strategies
127s with trio you have a lot more agency to
130s force players out of their comfort zone
133s for example if a particular class is
135s underrepresented let's say warlock you
137s can force every player to play warlock
140s by just including warlock in every
141s single one of the class groupings that
143s are available
144s conversely if a class is over
147s represented let's just say i don't know
148s priest for example you could force every
152s player in the tournament not to play
154s priest by not including priest in any of
156s the class groupings that are available
159s you could even do things like pair
161s classically aggro classes alongside
163s classically control classes which would
165s force players to demonstrate a range of
168s skills there really are myriad options
170s that you can present to players to make
172s them think outside of the box
175s and then the layers really start to
177s appear if you notice that every
178s available set of classes has a warlock
181s in it
181s do you build a full anti-warlock
183s strategy
184s safe in the knowledge that every
186s opponent you face is 100 guaranteed to
189s have warlock in their lineup and you can
190s just beat up on that warlock and prevent
192s it from getting its required conquest
194s win do you make your own warlocks
196s something annoying and off meta to
198s prevent your opponents from being able
200s to do the same thing to you but there
202s will be plenty of time for deeper
204s strategy breakdowns during our debut
206s broadcast which you should absolutely
207s watch by the way youtube.com forward
209s slash hearthstone in short trio format
212s allows a tournament organizer to present
214s a unique tricky crunchy puzzle to
216s players to try and solve for each
218s individual tournament or each week of
220s play that they have to face really
222s putting their game knowledge and their
224s deck building to the test
226s so that is all you need to know what is
229s your first impression of the trio format
232s what groupings do you think the
234s hearthstone esports team are going to
235s throw at our players for our trial week
238s in grand masters will this format last
240s longer than specialist give me the
243s answer to all those questions and any
244s questions you might have put them down
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253s miss a single event in what is sure to
256s be an absolutely packed year of
258s hearthstone content thanks everyone and
261s take care
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269s you