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1s happy birthday
2s [Music]
4s Hearthstone everything really um it's
7s allowed me to travel around the world
9s it's it's been my full-time job for the
11s past 10 years or so I've visited 20
14s different countries doing Hearthstone
15s and got to cover some amazing Esports
18s events and cool World Championships it's
19s been an incredible
22s ride probably the year that lion won the
25s World Championship um firstly just it
27s was a Monumental moment in its own right
29s but also that was the first world
31s championship that I felt I had kind of a
33s leading role in the the commentary Booth
35s as well so it was it was an honor to
37s watch such a prestigious moment happened
39s also felt like a big career achievement
40s for
42s me I think hearthstone's already done
44s incredibly well to to get to this point
47s it still has a happy and flourishing
49s player base and just 10 years more of
50s the same and I think we'll we'll all be
52s very happy