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890s this will be exactly lethal if the baron
893s doesn't die and the baron doesn't die
895s five plus five plus one plus one is
898s going to be the 12 needed very nicely
901s done
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910s one Divine Shield coming back but it
913s goes straight into the selfless and now
914s this is a monstrous number of attacks
917s still to get through yeah this
919s yeah the shore John you taking it down
922s at the first attempt
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932s greetings and well met everyone watching
935s it is my pleasure to bring you all in
937s for the final day of Lobby Legends
940s winter Veil the final day of competitive
942s Battlegrounds for the year which means
945s the hype the tension the nerves and all
948s I'm high for all of our players but
951s hopefully here on the casting desk we're
953s feeling a little bit more chill if still
955s very excited to get into the action with
957s uh Pocky once again joining me today how
960s are you feeling about today after uh
962s yesterday's fantastic games really good
964s I mean they really proud me up I'm
966s expecting great things I was thinking
968s about you know our fantasy teams and the
970s players left and I was like thinking
972s about like every player played so well
974s yesterday and now they're all matched up
976s against each other I don't know what's
979s gonna happen but I know it's gonna be a
982s super fun to watch and uh I know the
984s players are excited too making it to the
986s finals that's a big deal
989s well I hope you at least know a little
990s bit what to expect because I did choose
992s to uh believe in you in my uh public box
994s questions but we'll we'll get to that
996s when the time is right as first of all
998s we need to take a look at the the Tony
1000s overview where yesterday we started with
1003s 16 players divided up into two lobbies
1005s after three games in each Lobby the top
1008s four from each joined us in today's
1010s single Lobby so only eight players left
1013s in the running and today they are gonna
1015s be playing in the Czech format which uh
1018s pocket do you want to give us a quick
1019s rundown of what we can expect from Czech
1022s yeah the check format is super cool so
1024s it's not like the typical standard
1026s format where there's a set number of
1028s rounds there's not what happens is the
1030s players play for the points just like
1031s they normally do but they have to hit
1033s the 20 point threshold where they put
1036s the lobby into check once they do if
1038s they get a first place the tournament
1040s ends right there they win the tournament
1043s and then the rest of the standings sort
1045s of fall where they are but what that
1047s means is that any player can win at any
1051s time because they can always come back
1052s continually win take down the crown and
1057s take it for themselves if they get that
1059s final first place yeah there's always
1061s something on the line unlike yesterday
1063s where you saw you know after a couple
1065s games some of the players with no chance
1066s of making it here always something to
1068s play for which is I think the real
1069s strength of the format but it's very
1071s much something for you to play for at
1073s home as we take a look at our Tavern
1075s buddy extension here if you are watching
1078s on Twitch then you can join in with the
1081s fun at home tried to predict some of the
1084s events of today's action starting with
1088s the I think probably the simplest of the
1090s four mini games that we have going on
1092s here in fantasy team we are going to be
1094s choosing three players from each group
1096s which today is just three players
1097s because there's only one group left
1099s choosing the three players you think are
1101s going to do best and the better they do
1103s the more points you are going to get and
1105s uh I don't know about you Pocky but I
1107s had a really tough time picking today
1109s because you said it exactly right even
1111s ignoring previous results which leaves
1114s us with some very storied players they
1115s just played so well yesterday every one
1117s of these players
1119s yeah I mean the roster is stacked we've
1122s got a previous winner we've got players
1124s that have made it to the finals through
1126s every qualifier they've been in I mean
1127s it's just insane how good these players
1129s are absolutely yeah and the puzzle box
1132s questions probably the uh the most
1134s exciting for me uh of the mini games
1136s that we have we have a series of six
1138s questions that you're gonna have to
1139s answer I think they're mostly yes no uh
1141s that we have here all yes no and you
1143s just have to guess will they occur over
1145s today's action we'll show you what all
1147s of those are very briefly bandwagon pick
1150s up next it's a chance to at the start of
1153s each individual game try to guess who
1156s you think the winner is going to be you
1158s have four turns to make your decision
1160s but the earlier you do it the more
1161s points you get so you could just see if
1163s anyone gets your favorite hero and think
1165s right straight away boom I'm going with
1168s them maybe they get like a triple in
1170s their first shot for example if they're
1171s very very fortunate or you can wait
1173s until you see the quests wait and see
1175s how the curves work out any triples
1176s available for a lot of our players so
1178s it's a lot of risk reward there and then
1181s barov's blessing which I broke my
1183s perfect streak on yesterday poppy in a
1186s real Heartbreaker where we will be
1187s showing one match or one yeah
1190s yeah very close
1193s and uh 11 for 12 is not bad you know I'm
1197s gonna run so but we're gonna have a lot
1199s of pressure on us for the bandwagon and
1201s the barrels blessing so I'm gonna feel
1204s the pressure on the bandwagon you're
1205s gonna have the pressure on you for Bears
1207s blessing let's see if we can do it we
1208s did pretty well yesterday I was pretty
1209s proud of myself you've got a little bit
1211s of a lead but I'm feeling the comeback
1213s today for myself
1216s all right uh we shall have to see I mean
1218s it's gonna be a bit complicated because
1219s as I said my uh one of my questions was
1223s guessing how accurate you would be so
1224s the better you do the the better I do
1226s it's going to be a bit of a tough one to
1228s work through uh but in terms of again
1229s what our players are fighting for uh
1232s these are the distributions within each
1234s Lobby and uh do you anticipate that
1237s things are going to change in terms of
1238s the way the players fight because we
1240s know once they've got the lobby in check
1242s all they care about is first that's very
1244s simple but before that point our player
1247s is going to be going all out for that
1248s first because players can very rapidly
1250s steal that check uh position if you if
1253s they don't
1254s yeah and I think for this one sort of
1257s the same thing happens earlier in the
1259s stages that I was talking about
1260s yesterday where you go for those
1261s consistent finishes because Ace and
1263s sevenths are so punishing it means that
1265s you have so much more pressure on you to
1267s catch up to get the lobby into check and
1270s So to avoid that pressure getting the
1271s consistent finishes getting to that
1273s track threshold and then everything
1275s changes right then it's stopping someone
1278s from getting first if you don't have it
1279s in your own setup and if you do have
1282s that first place forward going all out
1284s for it
1286s very interesting to see a lot of
1287s different styles of play coming into
1289s play yesterday with some of the players
1291s going for those very consistent mid-game
1294s strategies that we talk about they just
1295s give you a real boost in power level
1297s very quickly but don't necessarily scale
1300s in a late game but as we can see the
1302s incentive is very much there for our
1304s players to finish in that first place
1306s whereas unlike yesterday just had to
1308s squeeze in a top four it didn't matter
1309s where they placed above that fourth spot
1311s but a jump of five thousand dollars
1314s given that we are doubling our prize
1316s ball for the final Lobby Legends of the
1318s Year means that they uh get not only as
1321s I said they're very nice boost in money
1323s but the uh the title of the last Lobby
1325s Legends winner of the year that's a big
1328s thing having different steps for all
1330s these prizes oh yeah you know every
1332s placement matters if you don't get first
1334s second still I mean yeah that's a lot of
1336s Moolah so they're all going to be uh
1340s playing for every placement every game
1342s every point every fight
1345s absolutely can't wait to see how the
1347s different strategies will uh come into
1350s play uh over the day you know I've got
1353s an idea of what we might be expecting uh
1355s after yesterday's action but there were
1358s some uh you know interesting omissions I
1360s think it's fair to say uh over
1362s yesterday's action we explore demons
1364s coming in a lot with that sir tiger uh
1367s seals uh teal Sapphire uh but murlocs
1370s very much making a uh not as big of a
1373s splash as you might expect so we'll uh
1374s jump into that a little bit more as the
1376s team progresses but first of all running
1378s through our puzzle box questions and uh
1382s okay what we're 50 50 agreeing and
1384s disagreeing here which is pretty
1386s interesting to see
1387s yeah so the first question is if I'm
1390s gonna be able to pick three bandwagon
1392s winners I think I did pretty well
1393s yesterday but this time I'll try and let
1397s you in on my picks chat and and uh you
1400s know hopefully you'll be winning along
1401s with me
1403s excuse me do I see that I believed in
1405s you but you didn't believe in me I'm the
1408s points winner let me remind you okay I'm
1410s winning right now you got to show
1411s respect to your Bettors
1413s and uh it's it's just harder I mean this
1416s is less about you and more about Lorinda
1419s chooses some really tough ones yesterday
1421s he does I think he's gonna choose some
1423s tough ones today and sometimes you know
1425s sometimes the RNG just comes into it and
1427s and that's you know yeah I can bet on
1431s you or I can bet on Bob and and Bob sort
1433s of reads the premium Battlegrounds yeah
1436s always bet on board it's never a good
1437s idea to go against him uh more than six
1440s games I mean this is just a case of uh
1442s sod's law it's the middle of the night
1444s here in the UK and you know for a gosh
1446s dang fact that it's gonna go for a full
1448s nine games here and I'm gonna be up
1450s until six in the morning
1451s um so that's why I had to go with that
1453s one will again reach 11 turns without an
1455s elimination I mean we saw it yesterday
1457s all right we saw her go to turn 12 let
1459s alone turn 11. uh so I do believe that
1461s one will come true
1463s yeah we disagree on this cooked Book
1465s quest reward now I know it's tough but I
1467s told you I'm a fan we didn't see a ton
1470s but we did see uh it with the APM
1474s Pirates and kind of getting out of
1476s control and if it does get out of
1478s control that Quest certainly can result
1480s in a win it's just a matter of uh if it
1483s can get to that stage and we'll we'll
1484s have to see
1485s it can do yeah I find for me it's
1487s usually a little bit more of a second or
1489s third place type of quest but that of
1492s course may just be my skill level uh but
1494s then that last one will a player win
1495s with a dragon on the board at the end I
1499s mean how can you pick yes for that one
1500s this is dragons we're talking about they
1502s have to be the weakest mini right now
1504s surely I don't think we saw them like at
1507s all yesterday but I went with yes
1510s because uh I've I've got I feel it I got
1514s some thoughts okay I mean we'll get into
1515s that
1516s all right we'll get into that when we
1518s get to it but uh it's possible it's
1521s possible not really much for Tech
1522s anymore but maybe in actual medies if
1525s there's a lot of divine Shields
1526s something like that could pop up you
1528s never know absolutely we'll have to see
1530s when it comes around but that is us all
1533s done with our Tavern body which means I
1536s think now we can take a look at our
1538s players who are left
1542s um contention here uh our finalists in
1544s the final Lobby and man like I know we
1548s said that all the players played
1550s yesterday but if we think about all the
1551s standouts yesterday I'm thinking the
1553s consistency of penguin sand the
1556s flashiness of Swords play and then from
1558s Vigo just that absolute one in a million
1561s game that he had uh on Patchwork that
1564s was really one for the ages
1566s yeah with the comeback and we see sexy
1568s who had phenomenal results yesterday uh
1571s Max 7K a former winner
1574s um zorgo's he was locked in after two
1577s games he didn't even need to worry about
1579s the third game and zanyang and Sarah
1581s also fantastic uh Mayo on the Korean
1584s cast predicted he was sure zanyang was
1587s making the finals
1589s he might be onto something and uh I
1592s don't know what he was predicting for
1593s this but we might see zanyang up there
1595s too
1597s yeah I will say I think the designer was
1599s not necessarily one of the most
1600s memorable players of day one but that's
1603s not a bad thing necessarily like on day
1606s one as we said you don't need to be
1607s winning these lobbies you just need to
1609s have consistent performances and if
1611s you're just chugging along with these
1612s you know fairly uninteresting uh but
1614s reliable compositions uh that's often
1617s going to work well for you but today we
1619s do need to see that spark of Brilliance
1621s uh something a little bit more from all
1623s of our players because of course take
1625s the win and uh once again here I think
1628s with uh me and you Pocky the one uh
1631s connecting thread between our two
1633s fantasy teams is sword
1635s yeah and I mean it comes down to the
1637s fact that I mean for me making nine out
1641s of nine qualifiers and Lobby legends
1643s that is an impressive feat that only a
1645s handful of people across the world can
1648s boast about and uh I mean his play every
1651s time I've seen him in lobby Legends is
1653s also fantastic so I'm expecting big
1654s things from him
1656s and the rest of my players as I said
1658s Penguin Sound I just think was one of
1659s the most consistently strong players not
1661s only of yesterday but really just of
1663s Lobby Legends in general for me and then
1665s shaksi was just uh pretty much as I
1668s anticipated having such a a lateral
1670s approach to the game it felt like any
1673s thread of a uh uh direction that was
1676s offered to him he was clutching it and
1678s just running with it with wherever it
1680s went for him and uh led to some pretty
1682s cool games from him that I do believe
1683s will put him in good stead today
1686s yeah absolutely I had zorgo on there I
1689s gotta I gotta roof for their last
1691s Western hope that we've got there and
1692s then uh Vigo that the patchwork came I
1695s mean that was one of the most brilliant
1697s games I've seen in a long time it wasn't
1699s the standard play quilvers we didn't see
1701s much but the prophet of the board
1702s Patchwork making it work along with the
1704s pressure being on he needed that win to
1707s get through and uh I'm there's just a
1710s sense of momentum in in the magic there
1713s for me so
1715s yeah I mean that uh that profit was uh
1718s by name and nature in both definitions
1720s of the word because it was just pure
1722s money uh towards the second half of that
1724s game getting him so many blood gems over
1725s and over again uh which I'd love to see
1728s again our players adapting to the new
1729s changes in the metagame most
1732s specifically with enhancer meccano and
1735s the meccano quest as well the enhance
1737s Quest as well which has been looking
1740s like a real game changer so far I have
1742s to be honest I didn't actually think it
1744s would make as much of an impact when it
1746s was first announced as it seems to have
1748s done here but it just feels like a very
1750s high priority pick for all of our
1751s players yesterday uh and do you see that
1754s carrying over to today as well
1756s interestingly it'll be hard to see
1758s because it actually got changed
1760s yesterday so they're going to be playing
1762s right of course yeah branded new version
1765s of it it's going to be a little bit more
1766s difficult which does make a difference
1768s but you know on all of them it's going
1770s to come down to what that Quest actually
1772s is what that hero is what their setup is
1775s and how quickly they're going to be able
1776s to complete it if you get it early if
1778s murlax aren't especially giving you
1779s access to that Divine Shield poison
1781s combo I think we'll see it
1785s um if not maybe we'll miss it and that's
1788s okay because it'll make room for a lot
1789s of other exciting quests
1791s um is there any other perquests that we
1794s didn't see yesterday that you'd want to
1795s see today
1796s I mean what do you see we saw a golden
1798s Hammer which is a real favorite of mine
1800s coming in pretty clutch with orgazord
1802s which is just like such a cool
1804s interaction but the main thing I liked
1806s about that one was just how
1808s I don't know how flexible it proved to
1810s be in one composition like we saw
1813s players on the same game putting it on
1815s what like Warden Warden of old uh the
1819s orgazoa the thyssa as well just like
1821s sending it all over the board which I
1823s think shows that a good in-depth
1825s understanding of specific compositions
1827s uh Works uh very well so I think for me
1831s even though we have already seen a
1832s little bit of it I am looking to see a
1834s bit more from the golden Hammer because
1836s I think it just really rewards
1837s creativity in your approach to the game
1839s yeah it's really cool to make any minion
1841s on your board golden for the tavern
1844s phase and the combat phase so that one's
1846s really cool I think pilford lamps that
1848s one's really difficult to finish but
1851s once it goes off it can be one of the
1853s most high roll quests available so I'd
1855s love to see that and of course cookbook
1857s because uh I've got my prediction riding
1859s on that one so hopefully we see a few of
1860s those ones
1862s yeah that'll be a really nice one to see
1864s uh again I'm trying to think some of the
1866s ones that were the real standouts over
1868s the last uh game like we saw friends
1870s along the way be uh peripheral help like
1874s a kind of nice way to Tech your board
1875s rather than necessarily offering a huge
1878s amount of Direction but another hidden
1880s body I think for me was really the
1882s standout Quest that we saw yesterday
1884s because there were just so many players
1886s who had
1888s so much repetition it felt like they
1889s were getting it at least once a turn if
1891s not more towards the end stage of the
1892s game whether it be playing battle cries
1894s or adding cards to your hand and I think
1897s that just offers a um
1899s both a really good amount of tech when
1901s you can hit all these tech cards more
1903s consistently and also just strong
1904s Direction uh in your early game as well
1907s when you're trying to find some of those
1908s five costs that can really uh point you
1910s where you want to go
1912s yeah absolutely and the players are so
1914s good at utilizing those discoveries just
1916s the uh the access to to being able to
1919s choose you know and have that control is
1923s so big for them because you know
1924s Battlegrounds like I talked about
1926s earlier there's so much Randomness to it
1929s and how you get to the top is being
1931s consistent in your play controlling all
1933s those random elements and discovers help
1935s you do that and so I think I'm I'm with
1937s you every time that we saw it yesterday
1939s the players were making the most of it
1941s and I I'd expect that to continue
1943s I think we saw a awful of times ghastly
1947s mask being picked but I don't really
1950s remember actually coming into play uh in
1953s a major way which kind of feels like a
1955s common occurrence with that Quest where
1957s it's very often uh expensive to complete
1960s right where you're offered one of these
1962s six costs uh like uh young merkai
1965s something like that and it has a very
1966s very steep cost to complete it uh do you
1969s still think that's like was that a
1971s mistake for players to have picked it
1973s previously or do you believe in the
1974s power of ghastly mask in the right
1975s situation I don't think it was a mistake
1978s but one of the interesting things that
1980s you do see sometimes with gasoline mask
1981s is actually taking it when it has one of
1984s those lower tier cards like okay perhaps
1987s and then if there are those higher tiers
1989s available you can find those on your own
1992s so you get the easy Quest completion but
1995s you still get the strength of having
1997s that double the end of turn effect for
2000s something like felbat Charles or the
2002s walking fort
2004s all right we've just been told the game
2006s is starting up as we speak so uh no need
2011s to delay any further uh but in terms of
2014s our players to start things off Mr
2017s Hockey uh any things that you're
2019s expecting from our players today that
2020s you think their their play Styles will
2022s be a real Boon to them now that we are
2024s here in the check format
2027s really curious to see how these players
2028s utilize Max this time
2031s um we talked about how strong they can
2033s be but we didn't see a lot of those sort
2035s of complete Mech boards yesterday today
2039s with a little bit more in the line uh
2042s I'd be surprised if we don't see that
2044s oh and you asked about the new hero
2047s coming into play here it is zanyang
2049s taking it in game one
2051s has four armor now so gonna have a
2054s little bit easier quests along with a
2057s little bit more Health to work with
2063s we also have Max 7 key on Varden penguin
2066s sun on Elise vigo's picked up Lord a
2069s bearov
2071s Sarah will have that feeling we'll see
2073s that hero uh Power choice in a moment
2075s zorgo's on the galley and shanksy has
2078s that last pick
2080s uh sword on the bran she actually took
2084s that confusing Cookie's skin now we know
2087s what it is
2088s uh so some interesting here's a lot of
2091s Heroes that uh are very capable or even
2094s incentivized to go three on three
2098s and so before we even know what the uh
2100s the minion types are I guess it's an
2102s interesting point to ask uh with bran
2104s having been picked here does that
2105s guarantee us that murlocs are in the
2108s lobby would you ever pick it without
2109s them being available as a minion type
2112s yeah I mean it's obviously best with
2114s Miralax in but there are a lot of setups
2117s where brain Can Be an Effective card and
2120s really what you consider is how many
2121s battle cries and how many valuable
2123s battle craze are in tier one so is Alley
2126s Cat available is shell collector
2128s available is uh swabi available those
2131s units
2132s um you know can still get you that brand
2134s very early and potentially a set of
2136s triples or a lot of econ to advance your
2139s game plan in the mid game
2143s a very nice couple of shops here for
2146s sword with uh more battle crys yet to
2148s come more battle cards and that econ
2151s available oh yeah
2154s uh it looks like our only two players
2156s staying down on tier one are going to be
2157s Vigo obviously wanting to get that bear
2159s of hero power in and sword again wanting
2161s to collect those battle cries onto your
2163s one and it looks like our minion types
2165s for this Lobby are going to be
2166s Elementals murloc Pirates demons and
2169s mechs so murlocs are indeed in and
2172s that's gonna be what sword's thinking
2174s about here
2176s um pretty interesting interplay right
2178s where you have the poison of mechs the
2180s extreme stats that can come from demons
2182s or Pirates and then the the Divine
2184s shieldage from Mex as well so I think
2186s quick adaptation gonna be a necessity
2188s for all of our players here
2191s yeah and a big thing to consider is when
2193s Mex and murlocs are both in ball of
2196s minions has access to Divine Shield
2197s poison and that's something those
2198s players are always considering because
2200s like I
2201s you know they have that foresight of
2203s just like knowing what the game's going
2205s to turn into like five turns before any
2207s of us do and they know what those end
2209s games are going to look like and they
2211s just start playing into that immediately
2213s not wasting any time not wasting any
2215s resources
2217s on their path and we see our first
2219s player to go to tier three is zorgo on
2222s the Gale Wing shaksi close behind on the
2225s cookie goes for the demons but doesn't
2226s hit the overseer that's always something
2228s you're looking for
2231s with the cookie overseer no looter just
2235s nothing really to to make work here do
2237s you I mean it's like two Minions that
2239s need support of a minion on board and
2241s then trickster is there any
2242s consideration here for anything else
2247s yeah I mean I think it's the trickster
2249s here but it's gonna be the stats so
2254s just taking the most that's on the
2255s pirate not really worrying about the
2257s upside in not worrying too much about
2259s the direction
2261s uh it is an interesting choice that
2264s shaksy played I didn't see what zirgo
2265s had on his opening board but playing
2269s that unit means he doesn't have a battle
2270s cry and also doesn't have
2273s a target for that buff we do see the
2276s quest selections here Sarah has a triple
2279s lined up on the Varden which is actually
2281s a filling so we have a double Varden
2283s Lobby here
2284s quite nice to get the combo of trigger
2286s death rattles plus ritual dagger but I
2288s don't think any real way to get that
2290s moving very quickly right now so maybe
2292s just the relatively cheap cost of play
2294s Ellie's or demon there but wow in the
2296s end Smoking Gun I guess it is the lobby
2299s for it right
2301s yeah and with this quick level and quick
2303s triple I'm gonna take Sarah as my
2306s bandwagon page oh oh yeah bandwagons I
2308s almost forgot all right all right
2310s I know I gotta be on on point this time
2313s there's people counting on me uh it
2316s doesn't hit the best triple off of it
2319s but that discount of that tier four
2322s level is a big deal especially on
2324s vardens you're able to pick up pairs of
2327s the highest tier unit and shut up and so
2329s getting to four really quickly getting
2332s some maybe premium pairs triples even
2335s yeah could be a big deal
2338s okay is shakshi picking up the Pirates
2340s here to make this pretty bad start for
2342s him a little better I'd be interest
2344s interested to see what zorg picked up as
2346s his uh
2347s redrop off of oh well hopefully three
2350s drop off the Yale wing and okay it
2355s wasn't terrible I assume it was the uh
2357s the tavern Tempest
2360s or the diseases
2362s yeah this thesis Elementor giving the
2364s crackling Cyclone gonna freeze up I
2368s would assume for the Tad uh potentially
2370s opening up the ability to level next
2373s turn selling through both of those teds
2376s as an option
2379s oh my goodness and it looks like sword
2383s is taped in the triple already that
2385s brand on the board
2388s and it's gonna survive which means
2390s soccer's gonna take a little bit of a
2392s chunk of damage pretty early on turn
2394s four taking seven from swords bran
2400s hey Randall and Elise like you know a
2402s couple of these nice Heroes that can get
2404s you a little bit more value later on uh
2408s but slow very low stats overall for what
2411s you'd expect from the cost and thus
2413s penguin San is
2415s distance
2416s in a very important Crossroads here this
2419s has the potential to you know roll into
2421s a gold monkey next turn hit that five
2423s drop and then instantly start
2424s stabilizing the game but without those
2426s power Spike beasts as opposed to
2428s stabilize on seven tier 5 as well I want
2432s to say it's going to be tricky for him
2433s to quickly stabilize her
2436s yeah in I think actually what we might
2440s see is uh because you do really want to
2443s stabilize here you have a pretty strong
2445s setup you have a lot of econ coming your
2447s way especially with this render giving
2449s an extra unit is a double buy and a hero
2452s power if the shop isn't too shabby and
2455s then waiting on that release till you
2457s have a bit of a board presence
2458s established
2462s foreign
2468s having gone four on four with the Elise
2472s that's true getting to that high tier
2475s and she actually did also go to Ford at
2479s the end there oh
2481s so a very bold play from sexy
2488s it makes a minimal damage from egos
2491s barov who is still on tier one something
2493s we do not see very often is players
2496s staying on one for a long time oh
2499s Sarah's lined up that triple that's so
2502s sick
2503s foreign good about my bandwagon pick
2507s like I said Varden is able to set up
2508s these higher tier triples get some solid
2510s Pairs and it looks like
2513s Sarah may be considering going for a six
2516s here
2519s what's the big consideration here R6 is
2521s considerably better than fives with
2523s these minions
2525s I think just because he has the out of
2528s that golden overseer
2530s he may be considering
2533s going for a fell bet now we saw
2536s yesterday that felbet's impact can be
2539s very strong even when murlocs are in
2540s because it's if you get it early enough
2542s it's able to Tempo everyone out people
2544s can't get their boards set up just
2546s because you have such a strong spike in
2548s power you don't need resources to scale
2551s up your units you know it's not like
2553s something like a theatar or calagos
2555s where you're having to play units or
2557s even like a brand where you had to find
2558s those battlecrafts to cycle through
2560s those stats will come onto your board no
2563s need to expend any gold you're able to
2565s use that gold to find those Tech pieces
2568s to play around some of those units like
2571s murlocs that you'll be facing later on
2572s in the game book does have smoking oh
2575s sorry uh Sarah does have Smoking Gun
2577s though I believe uh as his quest that
2580s ever dissuade you from going for demons
2582s and instead trying to find the Divine
2584s Shields of Max instead it could be and
2588s that triple uh depending on what he hits
2590s will probably be the determining Factor
2593s regardless of which direction that
2595s Sarah's gonna choose
2598s you know if you hit something like an
2600s Omega Buster that is a very strong out
2604s so here we will see this early early
2606s sixth drop on turn seven
2610s foreign
2614s and those are not the directional cards
2616s you want to see grease spot with no
2618s Divine shields on board zap not
2621s providing Direction at all Jamie
2623s providing some econ and a little bit of
2627s Smoking Gun synergy
2630s I imagine that will be the line
2632s especially because you can roll into
2633s something like a double little rag a
2635s double know me with Varden if you do
2637s stay on five
2639s but it is
2641s Health though right would you ever
2643s consider taking grease but because you
2644s can lose a couple fights and you have
2646s Smoking Gun to synergize with the
2648s hopefully that lots of divine Shield
2650s Minions that you're going to be finding
2651s soon anyway
2654s yeah and that's I'm sure that's what
2656s Sarah's considering right here he's you
2658s know taking some time on this decision
2660s it is a pivotal moment in the game for
2663s him and it like you said we're smoking
2667s gun that in that direction is good but
2669s it does rely on you hitting something
2671s and what we see a lot of times is these
2674s players don't want to play into lines
2677s that force them to go a certain
2679s direction
2680s since
2682s speaking of completing Questlove
2684s Penguins on gonna complete that Quest
2686s very early and that's going to be for
2688s xeris so we might see some wackiness
2691s going on and he has a theater
2693s uh very early as well so Penguins sound
2696s in a very strong spot with that very
2698s early four on four line with the leaves
2700s hitting that Rendell triple and just
2703s having a ton of gold to work with
2705s and we'll see Mach 7 key oh no
2710s I guess it couldn't it couldn't proc so
2712s it's fine yeah I I panic because it's
2715s just a instinctual reaction for me
2718s anytime you see that hogger get hit with
2721s that Tony down he's an unfortunate but
2724s we can see some
2726s very early 8pm Shenanigans for
2730s next seven key not gonna have a lot of
2733s Health to work with gonna need to win
2735s every combat from here on that one that
2737s is tough yeah that was a horrible 50 50
2739s at the end if you'd hit the strong arm
2740s he'd still be above the the break point
2742s of 15 Health just about uh I think
2745s instead well actually you know I I guess
2747s it would actually have been exactly 50 .
2749s but maybe it would have been more likely
2751s to survive uh one more because like you
2753s say he needs a little bit more breathing
2754s room with no way to goldenify the hogar
2757s quite yet a little bit more time to get
2760s rolling uh as does Vigo you know he's
2763s done a decent job of keeping up so far
2765s but this board
2767s a little bit more time it needs that
2769s recycling Wraith in order to start
2771s popping up with these Elementals because
2773s right now
2774s I have the suspicion that this scaling
2776s is just a tad too slow it's it's so
2779s borderline
2781s yeah it does brought into a major Domo
2785s if he wants to pick up a few extra stats
2787s zorgo actually has a skin Stone on the
2790s gallery and that is a big big deal
2792s especially with those Primo fins so I've
2794s just been able to build up a very strong
2796s Relic word and unfortunately for Max 7
2799s key this early on that might be tough to
2802s deal with
2804s it's close it's not actually that
2808s wrong though right now zorgo is here I
2810s guess that is a 21 Health Primal fin
2812s scale which is tough to deal with
2814s and these do happen and we just saw how
2817s weak Max 7 keeps what is and the thing
2819s is is he's out to win this game is
2822s playing for that Tony avenge which means
2825s he's usually playing weaker units on
2827s board and unfortunately with the Divine
2829s shields on the macros oh
2832s this is really likely to uh huh super
2838s well zorgo getting some nice set Buffs
2840s on the macros
2843s and yeah that will be at least look for
2846s Max seven keys so our
2849s former winner gonna be starting out the
2851s finals on the back foot as they take a
2854s solo eighth
2856s yeah very tough first game for Max 7 key
2859s it's just the uh the fear of these
2861s scaling comps it very often is not quite
2863s quick enough to go for where is Sarah
2865s here I mean you'll pick one oh okay
2867s absolutely on fire because he is looking
2869s super strong here now
2876s 33 chance to copy that hogger but we'll
2879s still take it
2881s and it's golden anyway right and
2883s some module available if he wants to
2887s Shield the ball of minions
2889s oh he's gonna guarantee it
2891s I like this fight a lot
2894s okay okay
2897s um so he's gonna buy this battle master
2899s and then freeze the shot
2903s oh my God this is so sick this is gonna
2905s be a mega APM test for Sarah
2909s and you see him getting ready just
2911s together he knows what's in store he
2914s just needs to survive here and he'll be
2918s good to go and I'm feeling good about
2919s that bandwagon pick
2922s a man out here role-playing as Cyril he
2925s thinks he's playing Starcraft warming up
2927s his hands getting ready for the next
2928s game I love it
2933s we see penguin Sun adding a shield
2935s playing into that theater as a shack see
2938s here having left up a cyclone a pip and
2942s a mechano tank utilizing
2945s the Elise and the brand to get some
2948s extra value out of those neutrals
2951s it's the one last quote unquote weak
2954s turn here for Sarah as well before
2956s that's really popping off but I
2963s clear off a bit of the damage here
2966s it's actually taking almost an ideal
2969s fight they're only taking the tank is
2971s damage and again shaxi's board you're
2973s pretty happy with that outcome still at
2975s 20 able to take a hit and you know
2977s what's coming
2979s gets the copy no other five drops fun
2981s and he is infinite now yes that salty
2984s litter Jeff before even playing the
2986s hogger and from here on out it's just
2989s full on fire keeping finds enough
2992s another pirate in the shot man this is
2995s scaling I mean he even has the oh the
2997s fall of minions is so good it's gonna
3000s help him
3002s stable is so fast here
3004s extra stats on the board
3007s called it over so you're really paying
3009s off fine Gambler oh my goodness this is
3012s insane yes you pick up as well yet just
3015s prepare for when that becomes necessary
3016s mounted fantastic as well it's really
3018s just Peggy oh my God
3021s more salty leaders coming doesn't have
3024s any peggies yet but gonna be more than
3026s happy to play the salties in their place
3028s for the moment yeah that's plenty of
3031s scaling for What Turn ten
3036s foreign
3041s stats when the ball of minions is sold
3044s fight or more Hoggers more volume
3047s minions
3048s nothing's gonna stop him more gamblers
3051s Sarah can't miss here keeping it the uh
3056s tunnel blaster on board just to again
3059s play around with those lost conditions
3060s and there's the double Peggy
3063s finally getting out of that overseer
3065s wanting to commit all the Pirates to
3068s board
3070s and now just continuing to cycle this
3073s tunnel Blaster is huge on its own now
3076s more oh my goodness
3079s what a turn
3083s the Varden also does play a little bit
3085s of a hindrance here with that hero power
3087s causing a slight delay but I mean
3090s Sarah's got a 60-52 on board
3094s the animations wow then Sarah's hands
3110s if he didn't have enough already I think
3112s we're going on like 30 seconds past
3114s there's the truth the combats have
3116s finished the combats have already
3118s finished the other players
3121s he hasn't even started what oh my God
3126s what a beautiful and levels yeah he ends
3129s on zero gold oh what an amazing turn
3134s there for Sarah
3142s on the other side but at 15 oh yeah like
3148s zanyang was dead before Sarah even drew
3151s his sword that's how cool this guy is
3155s killing him back in style
3159s [Music]
3162s oh so zanya goes down and it looks like
3164s Vigo
3166s also hit the dust on the bear of wasn't
3169s quite able to get it going to push us in
3171s to a top five situation
3175s yeah everyone's still in at this point
3178s feeling pretty good you'd have to admit
3180s uh a top five at the very least it keeps
3183s you in the game it's not the kind of
3185s situation where you have to hit back to
3186s back first or anything like that already
3188s everyone's still looking very good at
3190s this point
3192s yeah getting a solid finish here to
3194s start just puts you in such a
3196s comfortable position going forward where
3198s you don't have the same pressure of
3201s having the make up so many points at the
3203s end
3205s there's the baron picked up and the
3207s golden selfless at the end it's gonna be
3209s a zorgo that gets the ghost having
3211s taunted both of these holy mackerels and
3213s wow what an actual insane come from
3216s zorgo I don't know if you saw it there
3218s but double walking for is gonna buff up
3220s those macros a lot along with that scree
3222s spot and that infinite ping-pong of
3226s those macros being a possibility
3230s give us some potential despite being at
3232s three Health he has potential against
3233s anyone but he's going to be very worried
3234s about these players that are leading
3236s with Leroy because we see it you can
3239s just instantly take out a Divine Shield
3241s taunt hey there they just did that but
3244s thank you
3245s that's all possible it looks like
3247s Penguin sign
3249s gonna get the best of shaksi here uh
3252s both of them playing Menagerie boards
3254s [Music]
3256s but will they be able to keep up with
3258s Sarah is the question
3261s it doesn't feel like it currently we're
3263s gonna need to see some transition into a
3265s heck of a lot of poison some other text
3267s to be able to fight back against the
3269s Divine Shields that Sarah obviously has
3271s as well but a gold and selfless for
3273s penguins and definitely the kind of
3275s thing we need to see him hitting uh if
3277s he wants to be able to fight back
3279s picks up yeah and maximizing those Buffs
3282s with that golden theater and here's our
3285s baros blessings so it's gonna be
3287s Penguins on versus zorgo and wow this is
3289s a tough one oh I hate predicting
3292s mackerel ones they're always so hard I
3294s always underestimate them but then I
3295s know that so I end up overestimating
3297s them to to compensate
3302s yeah penguin sun does have some nice
3305s texts
3306s as the golden selfless delivery and that
3309s very big foe Reaper
3313s for you
3321s all right it seems for Pocky and I at
3323s least we're in agreeance on this one uh
3326s with penguin San being slightly in the
3328s lead which uh I mean you're kind of
3331s hoping to be wrong here because you
3332s guessed in the puzzle box that I get at
3334s least one of these wrongs so I'm sure
3335s you'd be happy to tank one uh just to
3338s have me it's the Hedge bet you know if
3341s you win and if you don't well I got a
3343s little something going for me
3345s and you have to be perfect so you know I
3348s only need one it's okay we can have you
3350s with the rest of them but I'm thinking
3352s you're right on this one uh penguins
3354s that just has so much to try and deal
3355s with this zorgo is trying to play around
3357s uh potential tunnel Blaster tanks the
3360s Leroy taunting up that reflective and
3363s even leading with the mecca to try and
3364s maximize value but the Leroy the wind
3367s Fury that cleave it feels like it's
3370s gonna be too much but we will see for
3372s sure now and oh faster set there as the
3377s first macro immediately gets sniped by
3380s that Leroy that's a little better
3383s getting a few Shields but it is unlikely
3387s to be enough please ain't going down to
3389s that massive foe rebirth in penguin sun
3393s takes care of business the sins don't
3395s Gale with
3397s getting a fourth maybe a tie with third
3401s and indeed taxi does go down to Sarah's
3406s AP on pirate board and is gonna come
3407s down to Golden theater versus Sarah's
3411s APM Pirates
3414s has a lot of texts
3416s it does yeah but I mean I just want to
3418s quickly while we're away from the fight
3419s touching how interesting it is that
3420s again in this game murlocs have just not
3424s really fell up to scratch like we saw
3426s sword I think hitting golden brown at
3429s the end there in the last couple of
3430s turns zorg as he said with sinstone a
3433s bunch of Primal fin Scouts a bunch of
3435s poisons as well but when uh mechs are in
3438s the lobby or even like hitting Divine
3439s shields on Pirates they're just not
3441s standing up to it
3443s yeah and it looks like penguin sun is
3446s trying to decide if some extra stats are
3449s worth it here has the poison available
3452s for that ball of Minions on the board
3454s already has that Shield like I said in
3456s any Mech murloc Lobby that is a
3458s consideration
3460s and then surely gonna end on the manted
3462s queen knowing that so many stats are
3464s incoming
3469s and I wonder if okay I was gonna say
3471s maybe he would have considered selling
3473s the golden Teeter oh he is wow
3476s so he's gonna oh he's gonna poison the
3480s smaller murloc here
3483s assuming that the ball will just have to
3485s be big enough for him to have a chance
3488s I mean that's a pretty big assumption to
3490s make if you if you could have seen even
3492s a few seconds of what Sarah has done
3494s which by the way we have not been seeing
3496s because he's so desynced he's spending
3498s all the time that other players are
3499s fighting doing his turns and then on
3501s that well uh he's fighting everyone else
3503s is doing their next turn so let's just
3505s see what he ended up with here at the
3507s end of all of that nonsense because oh
3509s my goodness these are some big minions
3514s the tunnel Blaster but that golden
3516s bearing is enough to take out that
3518s smaller poison the selfless is so buffed
3520s up that the meeting Queen goes down and
3523s now the stats are just gonna be
3525s overwhelming
3528s for Sarah yeah not quite lethal though
3532s thankfully for for Sarah oh it's
3535s actually in time
3538s the health on the salty little
3541s okay this is interesting now that this
3543s is interesting I mean Penguins actually
3545s has a bearing in hand knows that there's
3549s that tunnel Blaster now could reposition
3552s but this is where things get tough right
3554s because for penguin said yes that was
3555s close but it's not a fact of like all
3558s his minions have poisonous right so it
3560s doesn't matter how much uh penguin sand
3562s scales it did come down to big number of
3564s us big number at the end and how does
3566s Penguin Sound really improve on this
3567s what can he hit to make his odds any
3569s better well he has to think here if he
3572s wants to use that Hero part the hero
3573s power at five means he will have a
3577s chance to discover a minted Queen
3579s oh sells the ball of minions as a
3583s last-ditch effort but unfortunately it
3585s goes on to the Leroy one of the
3587s minions you definitely didn't want it to
3589s hit
3591s now considering the taunt to try and get
3593s that minted out of range
3595s gonna be considering ending on the Bear
3598s in here it looks like but this is such a
3602s tough situation and the difficulty here
3605s is that Sarah's at 20 and so can survive
3609s but it isn't guaranteed and actually oh
3611s I like this a lot so uh contrary to what
3614s I said
3616s uses the taunt on the poison murloc
3619s which isn't what you typically see at
3621s all to just get it out of range of the
3623s Blaster and hoping that the manted queen
3626s gets Shield or stats to get it out of
3630s the tunnel Blaster range
3632s I mean having said that I'm not really
3633s sure how much bigger uh Sarah can get
3636s because we just have confirmation he's
3637s only like just leaving the previous
3639s fight uh weirdly enough but it looks
3641s like he's done enough there is that is a
3642s 300 300 now on the salty looter which it
3647s have to imagine again is going to be big
3649s enough to take this one down yeah and it
3651s was close I mean maybe if the uh Baron
3655s was able to get hit with that um
3658s wind sharing before the selfless went
3660s off but it's not gonna be enough so
3663s Sarah takes it and I've got one of my
3666s three bandwagons down I'm new to trust
3669s you man I knew you were good of this
3671s that's why I picked you to uh to do it
3672s like you said we're uh hedging our bets
3675s a little bit here even though I know
3676s you're gonna get every one of your
3677s bandwagon picks correct at least I can
3679s pick up a little bit of the differential
3681s it's gonna start to occur between us uh
3683s as the day goes on but a huge
3685s congratulations to Sarah right it was uh
3688s at the end there you know just a pure
3690s APM test not really much thinking going
3691s on but those mid games turns where he
3693s manipulated that Varden hero power to
3695s give him the extra uh hogars were just
3698s so inspired
3699s yeah almost guaranteeing that infinite
3703s set up and then once he hit it was Off
3704s to the Races he made sure to keep the
3707s tunnel Blaster down for just a little
3709s while to guarantee that he wasn't gonna
3711s lose too much health in any given fight
3713s you know don't let any Shields or poison
3715s Shenanigans you know take you off your
3718s your toes and uh was able to get the win
3721s there
3724s penguin Sun Also with a very good start
3726s though
3727s um you know taking full advantage of the
3730s Elise going very early going four on
3734s four going to five early and hitting
3736s some early six drops finding theater
3738s making the golden theater working almost
3740s getting there I mean literally nine
3743s Health left on a salty looter had Tex
3745s ready didn't quite hit on his ball of
3749s minions Gambit itself but if that hit
3751s the cleave we might have seen a
3753s different result which speaks to how
3756s good of a game that was for penguin sun
3757s too
3758s and I know we didn't get to see that
3760s much from Max 7q but I just think it's
3762s very interesting that Varden finished
3764s first and last in this Lobby it's
3768s literally the first and eight spot uh
3770s with Finley being able to duplicate it
3772s uh do you think there was anything that
3774s Max uh seven key did wrong to lead to
3777s such a poor result or the cards just not
3779s falling in his lap in the right way
3781s not necessarily it can be a very Hit or
3785s Miss hero as we see it's so Reliant and
3788s hitting those triples hitting solid
3791s units right the difference in what they
3793s were copying was a big difference Sarah
3795s hit overseers those are very strong
3797s Tempo Minions that help you stabilize in
3800s that mid game and not take that lethal
3803s damage or even that chip damage early on
3805s to put you underneath cap that you had
3807s to play a different way and because of
3808s that was able to stabilize set up the
3811s board that he wanted and take the first
3812s place as we see here on the standings
3816s and these uh standings looking very
3819s interesting I'm keeping an eye on my
3821s fantasy team as you at home should as
3824s well using the tab and Buddy extension
3826s uh to pick who you think is gonna well
3828s this uh well today in the final day of
3831s action here at Lobby Legends winter Vale
3833s because both Penguin Sound and shaksi
3835s for me off to a very strong start but
3838s our boy soared with an ambitious game
3840s again hitting that golden brand but
3842s unable to fight back against that
3844s extreme burst of tempo that came from
3846s Sarah and the Pirates
3851s yeah and I'm excited to see what we see
3855s in the next game that Mech and murloc
3858s set up having Pirates win isn't always
3861s the case right those are kind of the two
3864s tribes that you see
3865s disincentivize
3868s stat builds but here
3871s Sarah just ran away with it
3874s I think we will still see you know
3877s players not necessarily playing directly
3880s into those stats but giving themselves
3882s the opportunity to have more and more of
3884s that utility like we saw with penguin's
3887s son's Theater which almost was still
3889s able to beat it like I can't stress that
3891s enough I mean but you see someone all
3893s those speeding APM Pirates I mean that's
3895s that's something to behold
3897s it truly is and we'll see what else the
3899s day holds for us as we carry on only one
3902s game down plenty more left
3905s um as we see whether Sarah can
3907s capitalize on his victory in game one
3909s after this short break
3912s [Music]
3936s [Music]
3942s foreign
3949s [Music]
3974s foreign
3977s [Music]
3990s [Music]
4004s [Music]
4010s foreign
4016s [Music]
4024s [Music]
4043s [Music]
4046s foreign
4050s [Music]
4060s [Music]
4074s [Music]
4087s foreign
4090s [Music]
4111s welcome back everyone to Lobby Legends
4113s winter Veil game two coming up very
4116s shortly and as we said Sarah in Prime
4120s per pole position right now with a win
4123s in the first game of the day and Max
4127s semiki down at zero points so uh I guess
4130s we're going to start to see some spicier
4133s plays from Max 7 key given that you know
4135s admittedly he did go for a pretty All or
4137s Nothing hero as you said Ian Varden and
4140s uh it's kind of looking like he's going
4141s to be forced into those strategies again
4143s and again now as zero points after game
4145s one already things start to look scary
4148s yeah but has time I mean it's one of
4151s those situations where that tournament
4153s meta can really adjust things right if
4155s we have things flipping the script and
4157s everyone's even then we have a blank
4159s slate but everyone's a little bit closer
4161s to that check threshold meanwhile you
4165s know there's a lot of time sometimes it
4167s takes players a long time right we might
4169s see Sarah not have a great game maybe
4171s they get a poor hero in unideal quest or
4176s just you know a little bit of unlucky
4178s situations or combats and they might not
4182s be putting the lobby into check too soon
4184s and so you had to consider that and the
4186s players certainly are right they have to
4188s consider so many different aspects in
4190s the check format that you'll see it
4192s impacting their gameplay and we have to
4195s make sure that when we're watching them
4196s that we're thinking about that too why
4198s are they making those plays and that's
4200s why I love the chart format and why I
4202s love you know keeping tabs on Lobby
4204s Legends
4206s well no uh dragons to be heard of thus
4210s far in our players winning comps uh but
4213s I guess uh as this was one of the uh the
4215s puzzle box questions that we had an eye
4218s out for if there were to be a dragon in
4221s a winning player's board at the uh the
4223s start of the turn as was the condition
4225s how do you envisage that uh manifesting
4230s well obviously some of the obvious
4232s choices are you know any dragon right
4235s you can have a calculus board with
4237s nadina it's still very strong
4240s and you know in the red situation if you
4242s can get it up early enough it can do
4244s well it's very difficult but possible
4247s there's bronze Warden with the atar or
4250s after Medias like you said as a tech
4252s but the one that I'm really looking out
4254s for is
4257s uh
4259s ball of minions maybe
4261s it counts I think I actually know but
4266s well we'll have to see we'll see if it
4268s happens but I I mean it's technically a
4271s dragon I'm just saying nadina Shields it
4273s so we'll see and oh is Sarah gonna
4277s repeat on the Pirates picking up patches
4280s he's
4281s I don't know if he's happy with that or
4283s not
4285s I mean it worked out so fantastically
4287s last time let's uh give it another go
4289s murlocs are in once again though so
4291s poison ready to go to counteract that as
4294s we actually have a very similar
4297s um distribution in terms of the minions
4299s again this time just Elementals are out
4301s this time
4303s dead
4305s indeed and yeah so having relaxed in
4308s this time we do you see Max 7ki trying
4311s to raid the ship on flergal
4314s as well as a few other interesting hero
4317s choices that we don't see as often we
4319s have zanyang an ambassador Phelan with
4322s the early discoveries and has an option
4323s for his six drops between Eliza the
4325s walking Fort and tea Master Theater all
4329s viable units but is gonna take the
4331s theater with that ball of minions
4334s yeah I think I like it and speaking of
4336s bottle of minions I just got
4338s confirmation from the team it is gonna
4340s count as a dragon
4343s I don't care what they say I'm going to
4346s the the developers directly I'm going to
4349s the Supreme Court I'm going to take this
4351s to as as far as it needs to go that does
4354s not count
4355s I don't know I'm just saying I I had it
4358s up my sleeve as a thought you know I'm
4360s I'm fighting hard for these internet
4362s points so
4364s we'll see if it pays off
4368s uh oh Max 7q with an interesting start
4371s as well double shell collector available
4373s but did just leveling isn't going to
4376s freeze for the pair in the extra econ
4379s I'm hoping to hit something like honcho
4381s which we kind of saw it not work out but
4385s it has the ability to
4387s able to cycle a ton of Miralax with
4390s flurgal if you do get the proper setup
4394s interesting phrase here as well from uh
4396s from sword what's going on here
4398s that is an interesting one and I
4402s am not sure what he's gonna value more
4405s I'm going to assume it's between oh you
4409s know what it is I think it's the swabbie
4410s and he's going to want to level on six
4413s gold to tier three and start getting
4416s early oh but this might change things
4418s the patient's Scout presenting itself
4421s that's juicy if you can take that on
4423s turn three
4426s you can get a very early six drop and
4429s again I mean Direction has been the name
4431s of the game this tournament so far and
4433s patience count one of those minions
4434s while you do sacrifice some tempo
4438s yeah bypassing the freeze entirely after
4441s being presented with the patient Scout
4443s so having that much gravity was
4446s considering that swabby uh as we see him
4449s hover it for a little bit but
4451s I'm gonna stick with the patient Scout
4453s and play a more standard curve here
4456s interestingly enough no players going
4459s for three on three and so are obviously
4461s still on uh one following the reform
4464s curve uh with the Adora but are there
4467s any uh Heroes that you that you would
4469s ever consider going three on three here
4471s with this uh well with any of these
4475s the only hero that really would consider
4478s it is kale toss maybe the patches most
4482s of the others are pretty disincentivized
4485s and that's the big difference that we
4486s see here last game we saw a lot of
4488s Heroes that do just inherently want to
4490s go for it and we saw it more frequently
4492s as when more players do go three and
4495s three you're more confident or
4496s comfortable leveling with them saying
4498s hey we're both going up let's do it
4500s together but here is oh it's enough for
4503s patient Scout and sword
4506s and
4508s the assads there's a choice between
4511s kidnap sack for playing four Pirates of
4513s Miralax victim Specter for losing or
4514s tying two combats which is very notified
4516s keep an eye on that one or the Smoking
4518s Gun for add 16 cards of the hand
4521s I think it's just gotta be the kidnap
4523s sack right he's got two Pirates ready to
4525s go right now potentially
4527s revealing gamer so it's gonna get in
4529s super early
4532s this turn that's it it's completed my
4536s goodness oh that's disgusting and look
4538s at the gold look at this board okay so
4540s for my bandwagon pick I'm gonna go ahead
4543s after seeing that start kidnap SEC
4547s extraordinarily early already getting a
4549s free unit
4552s right so this is what you're supposed to
4554s do you're supposed to use the evidence
4555s from the games to back up your guess
4558s interesting a bold strategy
4565s zanyang has gone to three here I'm gonna
4569s be feeling the first player to do so
4574s and I'm curious if this is just a setup
4577s to open up leveling next turn as well
4582s makes a lot of sense
4584s able to get that ball of Minions on the
4586s board early and just access to those
4589s tier 4 units before anyone else
4594s sword also did make his way up to Cavern
4597s tier three
4599s deciding to sell that Gambler and use
4602s that kidnap type to maintain the board
4604s strength
4621s with the Wind
4623s um on the kale test I hear that we don't
4625s see too often
4629s oh will August okay technically be able
4632s to pick up a gambler but it is a little
4634s bit weird so if you don't remember
4635s because we haven't seen it very often
4637s kyotos did get changed to give players a
4640s little bit more control on where that
4641s buff lands now instead of
4645s when you buy the minion it's when you
4647s play the Minion so we see penguin Sun
4649s taking the angler first to get that buff
4651s and then cycling The Gambler to progress
4654s that hero power
4655s very smart
4657s the taunt also going to be very valuable
4659s in guaranteeing that this trickster dies
4661s in 11 Health on the board this early
4663s it's gonna be a nice Tempo pickup
4666s meanwhile we see it
4668s sword and zanyang have both gone to tier
4670s 4 already on giving access to that ball
4672s Shack see making the murlocs work has a
4675s pair it doesn't have a hero power Target
4677s yet
4678s but the honchos in the swamp Street are
4680s really gonna enjoy
4683s the murloc's getting cycled yeah
4686s freezing as well for you know an
4688s admittedly very powerful uh murloc War
4690s leader uh but I mean how often do we see
4693s this right where he was following the
4695s standard curve here up until turn five
4696s but they're not leveling here and just
4698s prioritizing some immediate Tempo uh do
4701s you think this is playing like purely
4703s for having had a decent uh game last
4706s game trying to get another third or
4708s fourth or could this still feed into a
4710s winning strategy
4712s so I think what we might see is actually
4715s picking up two units next turn one being
4719s that world leader the other being
4721s potentially that scallywag to set up
4722s another pair oh we also are not what is
4726s his quest
4728s because that might also be the most
4731s impactful decision for him
4733s that's Puzzle pok's Quest so is that uh
4736s cooked books is that what that means oh
4739s oh so that completely changes how I feel
4743s my guess is he's definitely playing into
4747s cooked book
4749s and it's trying to proc that Quest as
4752s quick as possible and then you don't
4754s really need to level he does still have
4756s that Hero part in the bank as Reno but
4760s yeah we'll keep an eye it does oh he did
4762s find a triple off of the yeah I assume
4766s into a four here
4772s yeah I mean one of the things to
4773s consider yeah the taunt from stoneborn
4775s strong
4780s but I mean we have to be leaning towards
4782s meccano tank right like probably not
4785s goldening I want to say when you're so
4787s heavily reliant on finding a brand uh
4790s but it's still tempting for some
4791s immediately 25 minutes okay so he is
4794s gonna go for the scally and I wouldn't
4797s hate hero powering it here one of the
4799s situations that you see in this case is
4803s playing strong in this early game
4806s maintaining that Health total because
4810s once you have cooked book up and going
4812s it is extraordinarily strong and so just
4816s putting yourself in a position where you
4818s have a win condition already set via
4820s your quest you don't really need to rely
4822s on your hero power to be that wound
4824s condition
4827s but checks is going to get a ton of
4829s value from this mecano tank there's a
4831s ton of summons on board that's going to
4833s help practice but super quickly here as
4835s the minions are certainly dying
4839s it's always a little too effective here
4840s as a lot of his minions end up not dying
4843s there but I imagine you'd happily
4844s sacrifice that to take the win zorgo the
4847s first player to Fall Into the Danger
4850s Zone down at just 15 Health but this
4853s could be the turnaround for him offered
4855s a bran which
4858s is like the pick here but it is also a
4861s 2-4 when you're at 15 health
4864s yeah luckily there is a mug in the shop
4866s that might be able to stem the bleeding
4868s a little bit
4870s uh obviously as effective as its older
4873s sibling Menagerie jug with that brand on
4877s board
4877s but yeah zorko definitely going to need
4880s to stabilize here quickly
4882s oh and sort of making good use
4885s oh that kidnap sack taking an early Tony
4890s potentially looking to Golden one of
4892s these rip spots yes sir
4897s um we're just wanting to play into the
4900s potential of hogger in the future
4905s oh and might Instead try to go to this
4909s Gambler for the extra gold
4911s the mechano tank not too strong at this
4913s point
4914s also with the change that you Serge semi
4917s recently you can now play a full board
4919s and just use the hero power to get a
4921s unit to hand and that could be a hogger
4923s for sword he doesn't need to gamble and
4926s play an open unit on the board which
4928s means
4930s okay
4931s The Gambler is possible but yeah he's
4934s just gonna hear a power and play the
4935s double rip sorrow
4938s interestingly enough as well I believe
4939s zorgo just completed his quest and he
4941s does have blood goblet if I'm not
4943s mistaken uh which being the the lowest
4946s Health player in the game is going to
4947s offer him some uh some of that much
4949s needed stabilization that we were just
4951s talking about to stem that bleeding
4953s yeah we see how quickly that Papa has
4957s gotten to 33 attack with that Divine
4960s Shield also added a poison roller to try
4963s and stay alive here
4965s it's gonna be close though there Papa
4968s only the sixth out in that riffside does
4970s get golden by the Tony
4972s it'll be a slight win for sword but yeah
4976s the big thing for zorgas he is a lie
4979s foreign
4991s minion triple oh my Lord oh and another
4995s toxin insane setup there are Mexican
4998s again so he can
5001s Shield this ball of minions
5003s theater Eliza
5006s Omega Buster takes the Eliza
5012s I'm curious oh that Sears very tempting
5016s and it's gonna be a triple cell for it
5018s foreign
5026s it is looking very strong yeah but like
5028s we've seen players get to this situation
5030s quite a few times actually so far over
5032s the weekend where they have three or
5034s four poisoned murlocs but everything is
5037s very low Health uh do you think that's
5038s going to be enough for him to stabilize
5040s in this lobby with just a small
5042s poisonous minions I do think so because
5045s he will be able to either triple that
5049s Primal fin so that he has that toxin on
5051s board with distincter snacks and he
5053s still has damage cap available so he can
5055s take a potential loss here to Max having
5057s keys flurgo who is cycling stuff now it
5060s doesn't have that brand just yet will
5063s shield that follow minions in throwing
5066s minutes down on boarding X7 key has
5069s another hidden body as his quest
5074s foreign
5085s but we do know that
5088s getting those doubled minions from the
5091s Primal fin
5093s will result in him spiking
5096s after this turn but the question is how
5098s much damage is he going to take and it's
5099s gonna be enough to put them within range
5103s of one hit for sure yeah he has no more
5105s taking 14 at five health and zorgo does
5109s go down unfortunately the blood goblet
5111s not enough
5113s so the Eudora is the first to get
5117s lethaled solo eighth and Chachi I think
5122s we might see that cooked book win here
5123s for me
5124s I think we might this is looking very
5127s spicy all right obviously Reno we would
5129s assume to hit the hero power on the hoga
5132s and now we just take off bran as well
5134s offering him so many hits to keep the
5137s economy rolly
5139s oh oh and lorinda's gonna do this to us
5142s now if she actually gets mashed up
5144s against the Vigo we see how hard sex is
5148s gonna fight to uh scale this turn
5151s Vigo with some six straps in hand
5156s oh wait this is actually hurt the hero
5159s power I thought this was
5162s taxi but yeah oh that's another poison
5164s though that's really nicely Poison's
5167s really tough
5176s I promise I started typing before I saw
5179s you I saw that was just coffee
5182s yeah we have both gone for sexiest sexy
5185s just I mean at this point he can replace
5187s his whole board look how much scaling
5189s he's already gotten under these units
5190s Health added onto the hogger the Peggy
5193s the salty litter it just doesn't stop he
5195s continues
5196s gonna end on
5199s oh maybe he can get the tunnel blaster
5201s in
5203s to take out any potential Divine Shields
5205s and wow look at that board yeah I'm
5206s feeling confident in our pick and you're
5209s well on your way to a perfect Barrel's
5211s blessing if this fight
5213s uh does kill favorably although the
5217s first hits actually like I said
5219s sometimes it comes down to RNG and that
5221s mantis is still alive the lavaler could
5222s doing a lot the poison goes in
5228s [Laughter]
5231s like I said I mean I was with you on
5234s this prediction but oh no she's actually
5236s taking a small loss despite an insane
5239s board yeah I mean our reaction you know
5241s don't get it wrong this is not a
5243s disaster for shaksi he's still well on
5245s his way to winning his lobby but for me
5247s absolute disaster because uh Pocky
5250s predicted that I would get one wrong and
5252s uh much to my shame it's happened again
5254s twice in a weekend
5260s is still at 40 health and we know
5263s zhangyang is very strong with those
5265s murlocs
5266s the Snicker snack brand Primal fin setup
5270s it is gonna sort of
5273s be a bit of a counter to this very big
5276s uh trickster that's been buffed up by
5279s devil in the details
5281s penguin's not using that along with the
5284s atissa and glow scales
5287s you sort of pull together it's a
5290s semblance of a board
5292s has an angler in shop as well as a
5295s spellcraft in hand to add taunt to that
5299s trickster using the Mind muck first just
5301s to maximize stats and we'll end on the
5303s angler
5306s hoping that it's enough sword on the
5308s other hand
5309s with that early kidnap sack does have a
5312s thistle with double or gozoa so a lot of
5314s smaller crafts in hand you see an
5315s overwhelming amount almost a critter
5318s Mangler as well I'll add to those Buffs
5322s up against
5324s zarga's ghost we'll have a ton of
5327s scaling here utilizing that hero power
5330s to just maximize his econ
5333s and wow
5336s this reminds me of yesterday when we saw
5339s patches just taking a little bit too
5341s long to hit auger with golden Hammer in
5343s on on board
5345s but we just know shaxxy has the one on
5347s board already and it's going to be tough
5349s for Sarah to uh compete
5353s this turned mesh up against the cartoon
5355s Vigo able to beat chassis last time this
5359s turn will see if he can beat Sarah's
5361s pirate board
5362s not looking great boys oh in the big
5366s salty leader goes into the poison the
5369s lava lurker
5371s the ball of minions remain
5380s lethal here just gonna go down to a very
5384s low Health total three
5387s be exact in zanyang has that in a few
5390s sets but not as many as you would think
5393s having to sell out of that brand early
5395s to survive being down at five health and
5398s that's what I was talking about that
5399s Health total makes a big difference in
5401s these mid and late game fights where you
5403s kind of have to alter your place
5405s sometimes you'd have to sell out of a
5406s brand earlier than you'd like to
5408s speaking of brand though one of the
5411s absolute best heroes to get it on
5414s flurgal Max 7q is making them relax look
5418s pretty good
5420s is yeah he's got much of the same board
5423s as we saw from
5425s uh zanyang as well but without any
5428s thoughts with a little bit less Divine
5431s shieldage I'll say because there was a
5433s golden selfless hero uh for zanyang
5435s whereas here it's just the ball of
5437s Minions that Max seven key is lying on
5439s uh relying on sorry not lying on that to
5442s be very uncomfortable
5443s um and I don't know if it's necessarily
5445s going to be good enough to beat those
5446s Divine Shields from zanya
5449s yeah enemy Max 7K is scaling up here but
5453s susceptible to that Leroy leading
5457s um from zanyang
5459s oh my goodness
5461s a hundred hundreds on the board already
5465s Pirates go lower
5468s such a good spot of money though for
5471s this turn it's interesting to see a
5473s golden hoga term where you know you have
5476s time to Spur it's not often that comes
5478s around but still he's hit uh more than
5481s enough stats for the moment as it is
5483s yeah it doesn't have that additional
5484s copy of hogger to to be truly infinite
5487s but with cooked book
5489s the single golden hogger is going to be
5491s enough to bolster your scaling the
5493s question is is it going to be enough to
5497s simultaneously have text and utility to
5501s deal with on the poison that we see
5503s developing on everyone else's board
5508s even this fight gonna be quite close as
5512s an Eventide group does go into the
5515s poison and only the salty litter remains
5517s so penguin's not getting away with not
5519s getting too much damage and might just
5521s lock his way into a top four on Kale
5524s toss by staying pretty high health and
5526s rely on devils in the details not the
5529s typical setup in oh we're gonna see
5531s shaksi slowly transition into that mesh
5534s setup picking up that deflector there
5536s with a war gear in hand already
5539s it makes sense right when you have the
5541s cookies
5542s found the other hogger so sexy the
5545s infinite and finds a gambler the brain
5549s is out now the gold is going to start
5552s pouring in with a ton in hand The
5556s Gambler oh it takes the macro so we see
5559s this sort of balance of pirates and
5562s necks being taken for shaxi here as
5565s again he knows it all these other
5567s players are going to be playing for
5569s poison murlocs so he can play the
5571s Pirates while it suits him but get ready
5573s to go into murlax at the drop of a pin
5579s find some pip another pirate taken and
5583s I've got a feeling this is going to be
5584s one of the last suits I'm going to be
5585s able to spectate faxing because
5587s like Sarah Lasky oh my goodness oh
5591s you're the gold is not stopping at all
5594s finds a golden Kip
5597s you even want that I guess you do you
5599s want to find the uh mountains
5602s yeah it actually just sells out of a
5604s hundred hundred on turn 12 finds a fun
5608s Reaper he's going to be able to put any
5611s of the magnetics that he wants onto that
5613s that's going to be a huge cleave by the
5615s end of the game
5619s just
5620s outstanding play from shaxi you said it
5623s when you said that he's known for The
5624s Flash and he's playing this game in
5627s style actually sells out of the foe
5630s Reaper says I don't need it he's gonna
5632s pick it up on six he can get it with a
5634s buff he's not gonna settle for a puny
5638s 6-94 Reaper
5640s more
5642s and we saw vigo's c'thune have a ton of
5646s stats able to talk
5648s Taxi's board in their last fight not
5651s this time around she actually says is
5653s he's gonna do 17 damage putting Vigo
5656s down to four on the g'thune
5659s oh finally oh no Sarah not able to get
5664s the Pirates to work with that golden
5665s Hammer and punches does go down to
5667s Penguins on skeletos which I've been
5669s very impressed with
5671s we're only into a top six situation
5674s between penguin sun and shaksi locking
5677s up the top we've only got a little bit
5680s of Health remaining in the rest of the
5681s lobby short at eight zanyang at five do
5684s you go at four next seven key at four
5686s yeah everyone else all but guaranteed to
5688s die to a single loss here
5691s um bigger here in terms of scaling it's
5694s you know slow but it is technically
5696s getting there with these battle cries
5698s and the walking fought as well but I
5700s don't think with the number of poisons
5703s available he's going to be able to scam
5705s his way against the uh the likes of the
5709s Pirates but having just said that he
5711s does pick up two more with the the very
5714s cool interaction we see once again
5715s between murkai Young murkai and the
5718s toxfin
5720s yeah and it's gonna be I don't know if
5724s it'll be close I mean we saw this I know
5727s just had those Shields like you
5728s mentioned before that extra Tech might
5732s be enough it isn't golden
5735s oh yeah
5738s I mean there's uh more poisons on the
5741s board here shield on one of them already
5743s along with that golden selfless and the
5745s taunted levery is really really tough
5750s if vigo's Leroy does go into that ball
5752s of minions there might be a chance
5755s but otherwise I think this is going to
5757s be a very very difficult fight
5765s one second to go on the countdown
5770s taking an extra taunt the taunt does go
5773s into the shop with that stinkers thing
5774s so not gonna have to worry about
5775s anything else getting taunted there in
5778s the mirror trades into the Leroy
5781s because these other taunts are big
5783s enough to trade units the poisons do
5785s have a chance to attack as the Menace
5787s does delay the selfless hero and there's
5790s a chance
5797s [Music]
5798s oh my Lord how does this keep going in a
5803s scene I don't know what the odds are and
5805s it looks like Shacks is gonna take out
5807s my seven key on the floor go so next I
5809s think he's you know look to be in an
5811s okay spot but unfortunately with that
5813s beef now is very far behind taking a
5816s solo six with Vigo and zanyang hitting
5820s the
5821s unlikely tie Penguins on down to two did
5825s lose to sword C shards
5832s it sits at a 263 263 on board and let's
5836s not forget he did sell out for Reaper
5838s saying I can do better he did a little
5840s bit better that's a 176 attacked of a
5843s Vine Shield to cleave at the front of
5845s this board
5846s yeah just a smidge better hey and then
5848s there's another annoya module to come
5850s alongside it is the Pirates what
5854s he's getting to I mentioned it yesterday
5857s that sometimes you can see the cookbook
5858s getting the hundred hundred bucks
5860s he's heading
5868s over here look at him go does put down
5872s that other macro wanting to open up
5875s the ability to have infinite
5880s Divine Shields
5883s find the module oh my goodness
5891s this board is triples
5893s for a 36 attack
5898s oh and find shields because why wouldn't
5900s you want to Shield that 263 263
5906s aches the triple I mean he just triples
5909s the macro cause why not everything is
5911s gonna be huge he can just pick up
5912s another
5913s hence on the Lee right to make sure
5915s nothing funky is happening and
5917s unfortunately for sword who was doing
5919s very well very well that's an insane
5921s board
5923s but I mean how do you deal with this it
5927s is it's unfair yeah like this is a Lobby
5930s winner here potentially for sword in any
5932s normal game of Battlegrounds but this is
5935s shaksy we're talking about he is
5936s anything but normal
5938s absolutely there's no other way to put
5941s it I mean you look at how close it is
5945s only a single unit survives but taxi on
5948s six it will be enough to leave a sword
5951s if you again just one Health off two
5954s Health offs surviving
5957s penguin Sun into the top three
5960s getting swords ghost it's not gonna be
5963s an easy fight against swords ghost we
5965s saw how strong he was and okay this
5969s doesn't happen very often but do you
5970s think we might have a 2.5 end result in
5974s this Lobby Legends we did have it in
5975s lobby Legends eight
5977s but to see a repeat
5985s likely gonna pick up this glow scale but
5987s we don't know if penguin Sun knows
5990s how strong swords board is
6000s for me
6010s you're just banking money with the
6012s patient Scout there's not anything
6013s specific he's looking for right
6016s yeah not not anything specific I mean I
6019s think I mean he knows what the end game
6021s is all these players know what the end
6023s game is they know Shacks is huge they
6024s probably know the track she's not losing
6028s um but you know your only chance is
6030s divine Shield poison you're not going to
6032s be able to compete with sexy stats and
6034s you're gonna have to get lucky with the
6035s heads
6037s um obviously Leroy you know really good
6039s but if you can't take it you might as
6041s well Bank the gold in in Hope but I am
6045s going to be very curious about this
6047s Quest
6048s Thor doesn't have the glow scale Shields
6051s obviously ghost's not able to play those
6053s wait
6055s I mean his board is still just crazy the
6058s gleeve gonna be the difference here
6060s it goes on to the baron and that's a
6063s huge hit uh
6068s England's son will fall to the ghost
6071s as for chaxy and zanyang I can only
6075s imagine what we're just about to see
6077s here picked up another full Reaper
6079s not gonna fall to feet Leroy II does
6085s connect taking out one more poison and
6087s now the max come the harders are gonna
6089s survive because you know they they they
6092s they put in the work they deserve
6096s and exactly but necro reset just to
6099s clean it up nice and clean should
6101s actually take a well-deserved drink of
6104s water
6105s because he takes game two of our final
6109s Lobby Legends
6111s [Music]
6113s that's right yeah very very nicely done
6115s by Sexy and
6116s Pirates
6117s kind of like that was sort of stretching
6119s the definition of pure Pirates but you
6121s know it's definitely hoga APM uh at the
6123s end there for shaxi uh winning both of
6125s our first two lobbies which you know I
6128s would have to guess in some regards due
6131s to the fact that it has been mostly APAC
6134s and China players making it through to
6136s day two right which means there are more
6138s players with that lower ping in order to
6140s be able to actually pull off
6141s compositions like this because yesterday
6144s when the European players tried to do it
6146s we could see the struggle the the hogger
6148s compositions were just not really
6150s working to be honest whereas this my
6153s goodness is it working the Observer has
6154s to wait like a full 30 seconds to a
6156s minute uh before it can actually catch
6158s up with what the players are doing
6160s yeah they're just so fast unhindered by
6163s the server latency and yeah it was a
6168s really interesting play from sexy I mean
6170s we saw staying down early like I said it
6173s was suspect right we were like what is
6176s it freezing for a world leader is it for
6177s the scallywag what's our options then we
6180s saw the question it was like oh this is
6182s what's going on had a few close fights
6185s and that just tells you I mean it's
6188s exactly to your point right those small
6191s differences can't really make a
6193s difference we saw a salty looter at nine
6194s Health earlier right
6196s you know these are very minuscule
6198s differences and penguin song with the
6202s second and a half is actually tied with
6205s shaxi for the lead here both have 11.5
6208s points Sarah with not the best follow-up
6212s to his victory in game one does reside
6215s at third with eight zanyang at seven
6218s sword just behind at 6.5 Vigo at Five
6222s Points zorgo at four and a half in the
6224s max seven key the winner of Lobby
6226s Legends 2 only at two points after game
6230s two
6230s that's right but once again things for
6232s Max 7
6234s obviously looking bad not trying to
6236s sugarcoat that but no one is yet in
6240s with the potential of putting the lobby
6242s in check next round like even a win for
6244s shakes you're Penguin Sound only puts
6246s them up to 18 and a half points so max 7
6249s key has at least two more games in order
6251s to try and turn this around and a single
6254s win he's back in business then we can
6256s start talking about his ability to turn
6258s this one around so as I said earlier on
6261s he's going to be driven more and more to
6263s his towards these risky strategies
6264s honestly I wouldn't be surprised if we
6266s see another eight another eight from Max
6268s seven key uh not to say that he's been
6271s playing poorly but just because he has
6273s to go for all or nothing as this
6275s tournament progresses uh but with that
6278s said and done we are going to go to a
6281s quick break when we come back game three
6283s uh we'll begin and we'll see whether
6286s shaksi and Penguin Sound in joint first
6289s place can get us into check of being in
6293s check as they do slowly start to
6295s approach uh that 20-point threshold so
6297s we'll be right back
6302s [Music]
6308s thank you
6323s [Music]
6329s [Music]
6333s foreign
6337s [Music]
6349s [Music]
6364s [Music]
6373s all right
6377s [Music]
6392s [Music]
6404s [Music]
6405s foreign
6407s [Music]
6419s [Music]
6430s [Music]
6438s [Music]
6446s foreign
6448s [Music]
6454s [Music]
6462s [Music]
6474s foreign
6478s [Music]
6483s [Applause]
6486s [Music]
6500s welcome back everyone to Lobby Legends
6503s winter Veil getting into the action
6506s really getting our teeth into things now
6507s as the players have crossed 10 points
6510s but it is once again the 20-point
6512s threshold that players need to cross in
6514s order to put the lobby in to check but
6518s okay getting a look at the fantasy team
6520s picks here uh zorgo the most picked I
6524s believe of all of our players but so far
6526s gotta be said not a great choice for
6529s anyone who did so naming no names on the
6531s Caster desk as he is in penultimate
6534s bottom place right now
6536s that being said penguin sun and sexy who
6538s you had both of them and both are in the
6541s lead you know following up in that
6542s second and third spots not doing too bad
6544s in Sword who we both had in that fourth
6547s spot so
6548s you know pretty good for most of the
6551s people out there
6552s thus far Sarah in fifth Vigo
6556s Max seven key is on young rounding it
6558s out
6559s I was surprised to see Max seven key so
6561s low on the pick rate given that he has a
6563s previous Legends winner but so far you
6566s know good job uh to our viewers in not
6569s picking him because it has not been
6570s looking great for him but far hoping
6572s that things can turn around and also
6575s I've got to say hoping for a uh a
6577s slightly different flavor to this game
6579s because while I did appreciate the first
6581s two games they were very exciting to see
6583s all that pirate action I'm looking to
6585s see something a little bit different but
6588s having said that this is another murlocs
6591s and Pirate game but no mix very
6593s specifically which will really spice
6595s things up I think absolutely a big
6597s difference maker beasts also in gonna be
6601s a very interesting thing to keep an eye
6603s out and the hero choices always
6606s interesting as Shacks he's choosing
6608s between malaga's Sneed and handsome
6610s meccano and Gail Wing I'd imagine going
6613s but Snead is also pretty good in this
6617s Lobby so we'll see what he opts for
6622s a surprise pick the malagos and now I'm
6626s very curious to see what she actually
6628s does with malios here there are some
6631s tokens in but we're gonna keep an eye on
6633s what penguin Sun picks as his family
6635s hero power offered
6637s uh Illidan Sarah power eudora's zero
6640s power in divulgence spirit swap to swap
6643s those minion stats uh gonna take the
6646s volgen hero power with that Alley Cat in
6649s the shop
6650s zargo on the phala and it has oh my
6652s goodness oh
6655s all right
6656s he's gonna be playing for murlocs I
6658s think
6659s yeah I think in this instance you shot
6661s your murk eyes and you just Spam some
6664s murlocs
6668s and you know what
6670s I
6672s i l oh wait sword okay he's on the James
6675s I was gonna say I was gonna turn one do
6677s my bandwagon pick for zorgo with that
6680s murloc setup but now I'm a little bit
6683s concerned jandus is so powerful you know
6686s what I'm gonna bite the bullet I'm doing
6687s it bandwagon for zorgo on the murlocs
6691s I'm feeling it
6697s I'm a little bit tall on this one
6700s again because it's uh it's my boy
6703s well anyone in chat you do have a couple
6705s turns to see how things play out check
6708s out what those quests are quickly before
6710s making your prediction
6713s back seven key on k' Dune here did you
6716s use the gem on the rear defend human so
6718s not wanting to lose these early game
6719s fights probably expecting to hero power
6722s on it turn three
6727s and zargo freezing the murlocs in the
6730s shop so gonna opt to pick up that swamp
6732s Striker and likely the rock pool selling
6735s that Tad for a nice clean turn did it
6738s take damage to penguin Sun's Finley
6740s having buffed up both of those cats
6744s foreign
6745s though like again this is
6748s I mean I don't even want to call it a
6749s one-dimensional game plan this is a Zero
6751s Dimensional game plan it's play these
6753s fishy frog guys and hope that it's good
6755s enough
6760s okay so we'll pick up the radical pair
6762s it has that smile Striker going down is
6765s gonna play one let's see if he holds the
6768s second one here for the quest
6770s looks like he will yeah I mean there's a
6773s lot of synergy there right it's battle
6775s cries murlocs and change of minions
6778s stats would get you a couple of procs on
6780s that so I do actually like uh
6782s potentially taking a little bit more
6783s damage for a quick request
6786s yeah and I'm interested to see what we
6789s see on Sarah's board as well mutinously
6791s here we don't see that often in large
6793s part because of those questions oh zargo
6796s is he he's gonna do it at the last
6797s second he does
6798s he commits the other Rock pulldown not
6800s wanting to take damage playing the
6802s Battle Cry playing the murloc up against
6805s the mutants who has a very similar board
6806s but instead of that
6808s second Rockwell has a scallywagon
6810s because of that it's not gonna be enough
6814s so zarga stays a little bit of Health
6816s committing The Rock pulled down and
6818s we'll see his quests coming up here
6824s find some War leader in the shop
6830s is your tattoo combats cooked bug in oh
6834s insta yeah yeah
6838s I mean I guess with that one you're
6839s maybe holding back on the wall leader
6840s because that was the potential to kind
6842s of board that could actually uh win
6844s well and he picks up a patient Scout and
6846s what that's gonna allow him to do is
6849s wait for a five drop and potentially hit
6852s that brand that you want to pair with so
6856s badly uh as well as the pictures kept
6858s not being the strongest on board I'm not
6860s gonna change my bandwagon pick I believe
6866s yeah I'm joining you I actually think
6869s that was a really strong start from
6870s zorgo and a nice quest to go alongside
6872s it as well
6876s um
6877s sword unable to hit anything hugely
6881s valuable uh with his hero power gonna
6884s have to end up waiting we'll see what
6886s quest he has in a second but
6889s I'd also like to see what Shacks he's up
6891s to on the Mally because I was completely
6894s taken back by that setup
6897s also going from murlocs in freezing a
6901s patient Scout here oh
6903s I
6904s think that all these players might be
6906s thinking the same thing patience count
6909s might be my chance to cheese at a brand
6913s I could be wrong but I have to imagine
6915s that's why that's frozen yeah hero power
6919s in a little bit of a niche interaction
6921s to change the other Frozen minion I
6923s think so that only one minion ends up
6926s Frozen
6927s it was cool play from sexy bear
6932s working out in a brand right that would
6935s be turn
6936s n before that's actually offering you a
6938s five drop which just feels so far down
6940s the line for the loss of tempo the
6942s patient Scout uh necessitates
6945s it is laid but you can always opt to to
6949s change your mind right to take something
6951s earlier if you feel like you need to
6954s it's it's all about the options not
6956s having to commit to anything though I
6958s say that the players are certainly
6960s committing them relax here as we see
6962s zorgo has a wide word of murlax has
6966s played that Primal Finn discovering a
6968s cold light Seer toxin or swamp striker
6971s this is a tough choice toxin early not
6975s as valuable oh in Vegas hero power also
6978s gives them the option to go into Miralax
6980s but interrogator Whiteman or corrupted
6982s limit on also options and with the Naga
6985s on board it's going to take the
6986s corrupted moment on also a little bit
6987s stronger uh immediate Tempo with that
6990s gem in hand to buff it up to a 4-4 and
6992s that will be an 8-8 in combat
6996s norco's still contemplating this
6998s decision the stats of cold lights here
7000s appear available in the shop as well or
7003s the early guaranteed poison especially
7007s if you do grab that kidnap sack it does
7010s oh wow I was gonna say it felt to me
7011s like you had scared to see it like I
7012s know poison is the late game Thinking
7016s here but I just felt like plus eight
7018s health here on all your board overall is
7021s uh probably gonna win you more fights in
7023s the early game but he's got his side
7025s sets on the horizon here and I think it
7026s makes sense where Zogo is that he needs
7029s a win here being in seventh place
7031s overall in the standards yeah absolutely
7034s and you are completely right it would
7037s have saved him a decent amount of Health
7040s being stronger in these early game
7042s fights but would that kidnap SEC not too
7044s far away being able to bounce that
7046s poison or the Primal Fin and having that
7048s option depending on the fight is a huge
7051s Boon for zorgo
7053s gonna see Sarah eating a murloc
7056s and it's gonna put that right again the
7058s swamp strikerian absolutely looking for
7060s the brand like you said but not hitting
7063s instead finds a bristleback knight Tony
7065s two-tusker Critter Wrangler
7068s by taking the bristle back just for the
7069s immediate tempo
7072s Critter Wrangler can be nice as well but
7074s I do like grabbing that Shield
7076s especially with two
7079s semi-lackluster minions we might see you
7082s know this wolfen played
7084s eating the swamp Striker and hoping that
7087s it lands onto that bristle back night
7088s and can be that mid game carry that
7090s you're looking for
7094s England
7096s difficult spot right Far and Away the
7099s least direction from anyone we've seen
7101s so far and in these types of situations
7103s uh you know only it's happened tier
7105s three uh what is his biggest priority
7108s for the expenditure of his gold in the
7110s next few turns
7112s well I'm curious if he okay he does not
7115s take the other selfie Captain so you
7119s definitely want to play for direction
7121s here he's been able to maintain that
7123s High Health total at 39 but you're
7126s getting to a spot where
7129s it's pretty scary from here on out
7131s because his board strength is weak
7138s oh and I said earlier I understand now
7142s it's because he has pilferred lamps as
7145s his quest and the quest that he has to
7148s complete play 10 Battle Cry minions so
7150s Thorn caller working towards that
7155s but will it be enough he is able to use
7157s that hero power to stay healthy here
7160s beating vigo's Eudora Wing 7 damage
7164s means that 39 has that one pair
7166s available
7169s the strong arm Battle Cry gonna use the
7172s patience cap to search for another
7174s and zanya has to cook on the Silas
7178s if we see another cooked book with
7183s as I completed already early on turn
7186s seven Pirates are available no mechs
7189s this time but we saw how powerful horror
7191s can be in this situation
7196s find the idea of just snapping up a baby
7198s Crush to see you through these uh you
7201s know awkward transition turns uh before
7204s you turn into the uh the butterfly that
7206s is cooked book
7207s absolutely that intermediate Tempo
7210s setting up for the late game success of
7212s having cooked but carry you to victory
7215s gonna be test two baby Crush
7219s and it looks pretty good having that
7221s Passmore along with that scallywag a few
7224s taunts probably gonna get a few
7226s spellcraft here and that will also help
7228s bolster his board strength while he
7231s waits for that cookbook to really come
7232s online it looks like sword did
7234s eventually
7237s get set up with some of those triples
7240s into fives
7242s oh no hold the Alley Cat here looking
7245s for another I suppose right yeah is he
7248s really gonna try and make another triple
7250s here that feels
7251s super ambitious with very little board
7253s space to work with
7255s I think he's gonna rely on having some
7257s of those nagas here for a little bit but
7259s then tripling instead of uh a five on
7263s the second one a six looking for that at
7265s this or orozoa that we see be the
7267s linchpin of the Naga strategies
7272s able to snipe that mermaid on with that
7275s Divine Shield is very nice
7277s the lava lurk are taking the few units
7279s itself
7283s there's gonna be a close fight it's
7286s gonna be pretty minimal damage out of
7288s vigo's Eudora
7290s a hero that we've seen a few times now
7292s said semi mixed results we saw a win
7295s yesterday in eighth today
7298s we'll see where Vigo ends up on that
7300s Spectrum
7301s uh golden Hammer not offering him much
7303s here I'd be interested to take a look at
7305s zorgo as well actually in the next
7306s couple turns as he was both of our pick
7309s to win this uh Lobby to take it all down
7313s here but he's down in the danger zone
7315s the first player below 15 health and
7317s what has been happening here do we think
7318s this is the kind of board that can
7320s stabilize in the next few terms
7322s it's very tough does see that
7325s glow scale in the shop which is very
7327s strong at this point because zorgo
7330s hasn't he wasn't able to find that brand
7332s and doesn't have a lot of Health on
7334s these Miralax relying on the poison
7337s exclusively does find that double
7339s correlates in their shop not gonna have
7341s enough gold to grab both but we'll
7345s likely pick up one of those two units
7347s could actually end up with
7350s a board of
7352s five poisons here if you want to do if
7354s you played the talk speed and then left
7356s it on the left hand side of young
7357s murakai uh which you know this with
7360s limited Divine Shields would be super
7362s strong but what has happened here super
7365s strong penguin sun has set up four
7367s triples into five has 20 seconds to play
7370s them all down finds a brand a hogger
7373s place the brand before playing The Thorn
7376s color maximizing the value gems to hand
7378s finds an aggravating to bolster the
7380s stats from the gems an insane amount of
7382s stats coming down and is gonna play the
7386s show clutch at the end making sure
7387s there's enough hand Suites for all the
7389s coins the coins won't get expended
7390s neither will the triple Discovery but
7392s what an insane turn in 20 seconds for
7394s Penguin sign unbelievable can I change
7397s my band where I can take over to him now
7399s because it really feels like he might be
7401s the player to take this down hogar on
7402s board and with that pilfered lamps if he
7404s could just get one more from the uh the
7407s triple reward in hand he could be well
7409s on his way to giving us our third game
7411s in a row oh won by Pirates if you can
7414s find that second pogger
7416s absolutely and he will beat Shaq's
7419s alligators here
7421s with the victim inspector on facts his
7424s side but he does go underneath damage
7427s camp
7427s taking nine and it looks like zorica was
7430s able to win his fight or at least tie it
7432s golden Freddy Golden bran
7436s oh
7441s is it real here he's at 27 Health with
7446s pilford Lambs golden hogger golden brand
7449s four Golden Hand finds a Peggy because
7452s why not a couple gems with that haga
7454s Megan before I'm sure that will be uh
7457s out soon
7459s best time to put those gloves to the
7461s test this is 8 P.M time very very soon
7464s it isn't oh my goodness
7467s here we go
7470s more Pirates to
7473s activate this strong arm with the golden
7476s brand I mean I assume he's gonna buff up
7478s this Peggy it's gonna be huge in one
7481s turn what's going on oh there's some
7484s more Pirates
7486s oh but he's not gonna okay I was gonna
7488s say us certainly you want to try and
7490s cycle those firsts before playing the
7492s stronger in so many stats
7495s looks like you might wanna he wants on
7497s Tony
7498s yeah he wants to keep the Tony around
7501s gonna try and triple this burger and
7504s successfully do so no try about it find
7509s some Ninja Queen here we'll take that
7513s yeah just so strong immediately
7519s we see zorgo now using that cold lights
7523s here with the young merkai to buff up
7526s his board
7527s it's nice positioning to play around
7529s that uh Hydra because otherwise that
7531s could have wreaked havoc with his game
7532s plan
7534s yeah making sure to have that clue
7535s protection in the form of a second young
7537s murkai that he's found obviously having
7540s to level to six
7542s to be able to play the first from his
7544s hero power he can roll into that triple
7547s very soon here
7548s oh wow as we see seven damage to Vigo
7552s yeah still no one falling there right
7555s turn ten and everyone's still in the
7557s lobby there's the potential for this to
7559s go those 11 turns that is one of the
7561s puzzle box questions if nobody goes
7563s through and uh or thanks to the pilford
7566s lamps he's able to uh golden the first
7569s mate pit for choosing not to do so
7576s uh
7579s play the swabby here get that
7582s pasta level way down
7586s Vigo looking at a gold cover triple
7592s match up into swords Janus
7596s I mean he has a couple of Golden's on
7598s board the Eliza could be a lot of
7601s in combat stats yeah I think will be the
7604s pickup
7605s he knows he's not winning this Lobby not
7608s even close he just needs to try and play
7611s one extra spot of the leaderboard by not
7614s coming in stone cold eighth
7617s and sexy with the maligos pick up on the
7620s brink of death at one Health matched up
7623s into Sarah who's picked up many more
7625s Divine Shields did end up tripling that
7627s bristlebag night or golden hammering it
7629s actually or oh
7631s yeah actually he may have golden
7633s hammered the Naga to get shields I think
7636s so yeah curious I don't know which one's
7638s a natural triple
7640s I guess I would tend to believe that
7643s it's the bristleback Knight but I'm not
7644s positive the Leroy first the manted
7647s queen second followed by that Divine
7649s Shield Rock pool oh two big Divine
7654s Shield units behind there and
7656s I'm worried for sexy
7659s um he's also relying on poisons pretty
7661s heavily he's got some Divine Shields of
7663s his own with the selfless and the
7667s um glow scale but I don't think it's
7670s quite gonna be enough to stand up
7671s against this unless there's an excellent
7673s very lucky hits actually Shield did go
7676s onto the man to the very nice
7678s being poison in that is not it at all
7682s this bristle back Knight will do the
7685s carrying that it set out to earlier and
7688s the lethal shanksy of serious is 13 on
7691s the mutinous zorgo able to deal with
7694s penguin Sun's lamps board
7697s maybe maybe we did pick right after all
7701s literally hit something but this is
7704s starting to feel like the last couple of
7706s turns where players are going to be able
7707s to keep up with what penguin San is
7710s throwing down
7711s and the big thing is the golden brand is
7715s very strong with nagazine
7717s no more like on board so Primal if
7719s you're not gonna be probably that econ
7721s but again we've seen some players not
7723s ever oh oh there we go I was gonna say
7727s they don't hit that extra hogger but uh
7730s does he knows what he's doing swaps the
7734s stats onto it before selling out of the
7738s quill or triples the strong arm these
7742s find a couple more Pirates has the Naga
7744s shell collector to give him a little bit
7747s extra gold to work with slow though just
7750s like these uh animations alone they do
7752s really hurt your APM
7754s it does indeed and we see how long it
7757s takes for him to pick up that blue shell
7758s the scallywagon
7761s uh Gold River not far behind here though
7763s oh still no Pirates okay there they are
7766s starting to come through and the
7768s question is I mean he does have the
7770s golden selfless but there isn't a ton of
7772s utility on board and he sounded 13 all
7775s of a sudden up into a lot of poison
7777s boards that we've seen in this world
7779s and so will the pure stats be enough I
7782s mean there's gonna be a lot we see a
7784s couple strongers coming down one of them
7785s golden the Golden brand and so many
7788s minions bought this turn finally that
7789s piggy does get buffed up
7791s yeah looking for a mountain there on the
7793s left
7794s doesn't hit I'm gonna play this out to
7797s try and play around any tax
7800s and Vigo with no
7803s text just relying on those elizas
7807s yeah yeah I mean in indeed Pico did well
7811s uh he did well in this game to squeeze
7814s out not coming in absolute eight uh in
7817s this position absolutely not hitting
7819s anything we've seen Eudora be in this
7821s position before where it is just a
7823s struggling you know recognizing the
7826s situation in these high pressure
7828s tournaments is completely acceptable
7831s like you said saying I'm not gonna win
7833s we're just gonna play for the best
7834s placement we can get we're gonna pick up
7836s these Eliza's and uh we're gonna match
7838s up into penguins and say well there was
7840s nothing else we could have done don't
7843s need to feel bad about that
7848s Penguins fun opting to skip the triples
7851s at this point fully committed to the
7854s board on hand not needing anything else
7857s does grab the user for potential Baron
7860s selfless later even a LeRoy romantic
7863s buff
7864s there really is just something in the
7866s water today or I guess more
7868s appropriately on the water because it's
7870s just pirate City here with the Hogs
7872s every single game looking like they're
7875s going to take it down not over yet of
7877s course because there's a lot of murloc
7878s still knocking about in this game and
7879s this is far from protected against that
7882s but for penguin sand the only thing I
7885s think we can say he needs to find here
7886s is uh Divine Shields right he needs to
7889s hit the selfless and the baron rivendare
7891s and then I think he should be very
7892s comfortably winning
7894s very much so but for now we'll look at
7897s two of penguin Sun's Challengers Max
7900s seven key turned it turn the tides of
7903s his Fates Sarah with a golden hogger on
7906s board courtesy of that golden Hammer
7909s it's matched up here
7911s this is also a close one hex 7K
7915s definitely with more stats Sarah with
7917s the Divine Shields and poisons
7920s yeah that Leroy itself is actually
7924s surprisingly big though
7926s kind of close
7928s yeah I
7930s think I'm gonna go with Sarah but I do
7933s not feel oh it's close
7938s it's gonna come down to where this Leroy
7940s goes
7941s will it Dodge the minted will it hit the
7945s Divine shield
7946s no Divine Shield oh that's really bad
7954s he is indeed in oh this is so much okay
7960s favorite but Sarah does take it so my
7963s bear house blessings predictions intact
7966s thus far
7969s uh actually that's false I I lost the
7972s last one along with you
7975s yeah well you're one better than me now
7977s like yeah the Delta run it
7980s zanyang with two golden monkeys with
7984s that golden Elise on board has that
7987s cooked book and that does give you the
7989s option to get you know a lot of stats on
7991s these utility minions but
7993s doesn't have this cats necessarily just
7997s yet to match up with penguin Sun
8001s we'll be against Sarah this fight though
8005s on the munis and we saw muteness with a
8008s plethora of divine Shields poisons
8011s Leroy's
8013s able to take out Max 7 key on the
8016s cartoon
8022s Pharaoh with his own hulkerboard finally
8024s having been hit but as we can see the uh
8027s the benefit that is being gained from
8029s cycling through these Pirates is
8030s currently not bite there gold run out uh
8034s Peggy only just having been found
8036s selling the salty looter to keep the
8039s train going is just a heartbreaker
8043s yeah and it's gonna be tough
8046s we're gonna see sargo is gonna be able
8049s to play through a glow scale and end on
8052s [Applause]
8053s only one manted Queen
8057s behold my friend's zorgo trying to win
8061s does have two Shields courtesy of a
8063s previous glow scale
8066s confident against penguin Sun's Pirates
8069s I respect it he's got a lot of divine
8072s Shield is right this is a potential
8073s extra one on the Manti queen and a
8075s golden selfless hero I think that beats
8078s most chords
8081s that being said penguin sun was able to
8084s find that Baron did have that golden
8086s selfless and was able to buff up a ball
8089s of minions to huge Heights to buff up a
8092s Hydra
8094s oh wait it wasn't even about minions
8096s he's got the volgen hero power
8099s oh it didn't even need to take that risk
8101s and disorgan goes down taking 16
8108s Sarah survives at one Health so zorgo
8112s out in a Solo fourth and it will be a
8114s Zion guesses or goes a ghost with that
8117s cleave buffed up with cookbook Abel
8122s to you clear up some of those poisons on
8126s zarger's board I would assume
8128s and zorgo won't have the benefit of
8130s those glue skills this time around
8133s I should say yes making it further than
8137s I thought he would in all honesty with
8139s this board I really thought that would
8140s start to get outscaled pretty heavily
8142s now but he's he's getting it done and
8144s respect to him for it
8147s yeah and it looks like today's theme is
8150s just showing us the value of hogger
8152s showing us the value of cooked book here
8156s yesterday we saw you know teal tiger
8158s Sapphire and fell back being the combos
8160s of choice but today
8162s nothing poggers
8171s yeah I think both penguin San and Sarah
8174s right now are
8176s uh
8177s going absolutely crazy on the hogars
8181s absolutely
8183s oh they're looking for those texts does
8186s have a minted Queen in the shop to
8188s potentially pick up but
8191s just fully oh my God puts together
8195s another ginormous Hydra
8199s I don't know how you beat this I don't
8201s think you do
8208s leaver goes into the man dude
8211s that's just the other and we see the
8213s shields come out onto these Cleaves and
8215s they will certainly clear up what is
8219s left of Sarah's board
8222s [Applause]
8223s it's a very clever transition with the
8225s Penguin Sound again this is you know I
8227s think we can count this as another
8229s hogger Victory a pirate Victory even
8231s though he ends up with like almost no
8232s pirates on his board if any at the end
8235s of this uh because he transitions into
8237s first of all the obvious text that you
8240s would do in the selfless era the baron
8241s the glow scales and the mantids but then
8244s using that hero power that he has access
8246s to uh to swap the stats getting rid of
8249s those hogars and going in on the hydras
8251s it's just such a deserved win
8255s absolutely sexy and penguin Sun both
8258s showing you know the the power of being
8261s able to transition out of these comps uh
8264s shaksi into max penguin Sun into the
8266s Divine Shield Cleaves
8268s and it is again this concept of
8272s you know how do you play around your
8274s loss conditions Pirates they feel risky
8277s when you're talking about murlocs being
8280s in the lobby
8281s but when you add in the utility of
8283s divine Shields add in the cleave
8285s potential it's just unbeatable from this
8289s position when you had so many resources
8292s to work with bolstered by the effect of
8295s that pilferred lamps Quest
8302s Penguin sign considering what to do with
8305s his final four gold could triple this
8308s Gambler likely won't play it here
8312s uh and it is gonna freeze for that white
8314s Mane just a potential Tech out at this
8317s point you have the tunnel Blaster
8319s available you have those Divine Shields
8321s again with the resources you have just
8323s do what you can to be able to put
8325s yourself in a position to win given any
8329s outcome
8332s it's not a cheerful born from zanyang
8336s but again it's gonna be tough the Levi's
8340s could potentially
8343s clear off one of the atlanted uh one of
8346s the
8348s hydras yeah but not two of them but
8352s that's for the actual and that will be
8355s penguin Sun
8356s Victorious in game three a beautiful
8360s pilford Lambs game one of those other
8363s quests that we highlighted earlier that
8364s we didn't get to see yesterday you see
8367s it today and boy was it good
8369s absolutely monstrous victory for
8371s penguins and doubling down on again
8372s which uh doubling down again on the word
8374s which I would use to describe him most
8376s consistently which is consistency is
8379s what we see from him time and again uh
8381s and with another Victory here we see the
8384s joint first place that him and Shaq see
8386s were both cohabiting at the end of last
8388s game uh going as far apart as it
8391s possibly can now as we see shaksi taking
8393s an eighth place uh for Penguin Sound
8396s taking a first place boosting up to 18.5
8399s points with a victory there so he is not
8403s guaranteed obviously to put the lobby in
8406s check next game but if his play so far
8408s today has been anything to go by I'm
8410s gonna say he's extremely likely to do so
8413s yeah and it's looking good I mean
8415s Penguin sign
8417s he's the player that I said every
8420s qualifier that he's played in he's made
8421s into the final stages the qualifier
8423s Siege is grueling it is insanely hard to
8427s get out of we've seen players make nine
8429s out of nine and not make any finals
8431s Penguins on every time that he's been
8433s there has made it at least to the
8435s semifinals and he's one of our two
8436s players that's played in the lobby
8438s Legends Final Lobby before he has that
8441s experience he has that experience with
8442s the check format and the pressure
8445s Max 7K obviously the other hasn't been
8448s able to replicate his past success but
8451s penguin's son saying no it's my turn
8454s with fantastic performances a second a
8458s second and a half and a first now to uh
8461s yeah be at that 18.5 points Sarah and
8464s zanyang with a first would both put the
8466s lobby in check though zanyon coming in
8468s strong these past two games
8471s yeah and again it's been what we saw
8473s from zanyang on the previous day where I
8476s wouldn't say either of the boards he
8477s managed to accrue in these last two
8479s games have been especially impressive
8481s but they're getting the job done he
8483s hasn't been a standout player in terms
8486s of his compositions that he's managed to
8487s hit but that's not what you need to do
8489s you just need to get enough points to
8491s get the lobby in check and as you said
8492s if he can find that sparkle that magic
8495s for the next game he will be putting the
8497s lobby in to check so when we come back
8501s from this break game three and I'm gonna
8502s say very likely the lobby heading into
8505s check you're not going to want to miss
8507s it as things really start to heat up so
8509s we'll see you very soon
8519s thank you
8521s [Music]
8530s [Music]
8533s [Applause]
8535s [Music]
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8651s thank you
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8703s thank you
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8788s thank you
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8948s [Applause]
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9101s [Music]
9132s welcome back everyone to Lobby Legends
9135s winter Veil we're heading into game four
9139s now and we are very rapidly approaching
9142s the uh the end game of this tournament I
9145s think with penguins and boasting some
9147s incredible numbers so far in this
9148s tournament a couple of points away from
9150s putting the lobby in check and from what
9152s I gather backing up some pretty
9153s impressive numbers in lobby Legends
9155s overall
9157s absolutely only needs a sixth and a half
9160s to get through but the big thing that
9162s I've noticed so far in the first three
9164s games has just been highlighted by
9166s remarkable plays in game one we saw
9169s Sarah utilize that Varden taguarantee
9172s that hogger meanwhile in game two we saw
9175s sassy
9176s using holding back having restraint but
9180s utilizing that tank and then not hero
9182s powering it instead saving for hogger in
9184s last game we did I mean that was expert
9187s play by penguin Sun utilizing the
9189s pilferred lamps playing into that Quest
9192s and here we'll see if he can repeat the
9195s performance as we start on his Heroes
9197s like between Elise fungalman sir flurgo
9200s Maleficent man of storm and another
9202s manasaur Milhouse
9203s yeah brothers and sisters Partners uh my
9208s law is not good enough
9209s I'm I'm with you so uh I won't have to
9213s discuss it as penguin sun is on the
9216s Elise
9217s we've got sword on zephyr's next seven
9220s key on Toki Sarah with the Finley hero
9223s power choosing here between you Dora uh
9226s ozumat and
9229s Maleficent uh again I
9234s can't say I love these choices for Sarah
9237s uh Eudora the big thing is that we've
9239s seen it a few times but part of the
9240s reason that we've seen it is because it
9242s has a very high armor total we will see
9244s it here again but it's not quite as good
9247s as you'd see on a natural Eudora
9249s unfortunately and you can just see that
9251s from Sarah's expression right like
9253s sitting back in his chair kind of
9254s grimacing as the turn ends no tokens
9257s available to buy in his cell straight
9258s away again and uh yeah really not much
9261s going on there taking a look at the
9263s minion types that we do see Pirates
9264s finally banned away here so we are for
9267s the first time not going to see a hog of
9270s Victory hit no matter what but I think
9272s that's the fourth game in a row where
9276s dragons have not been represented which
9279s uh I mean really means that only the the
9281s ball of minions technicality is what's
9284s saving you here so far we'll see I mean
9287s it hasn't happened yet so I could still
9289s be wrong
9290s um and here we see zorgon Master win
9292s like I said my favorite hero in the game
9295s found at least hero power on turn one
9297s was able to discover a Tavern Tipper and
9301s grabbed the pair
9303s now looking to buff them up both
9307s floating at Gold here on
9309s four gold up against Max 7 case Toki the
9312s rest of the lobby that we didn't go over
9313s it looks like Vigo I believe if I
9315s remember correctly that is the curator
9318s um taxi on bran zanyang on a volgen
9324s we saw that Volcan hero power used to
9328s great effect on the Finley last game
9331s we'll see if the ACT performance can be
9333s replicated
9337s okay the whole continuation here for
9340s sharks wait a second Vigo on the curator
9343s also in all minions type there's a
9345s dragon
9347s oh my goodness come on you're not gonna
9350s sneak out though in with the well the
9354s amalgam does that not look like a dragon
9355s to you look at that that little amalgam
9358s there it doesn't look like anything to
9359s me that's just like a festive splat
9363s well I mean that's a fair description I
9366s can't argue with you on that one
9370s we'll see again there are murlax and Max
9373s and no beasts this time so mechs are
9376s gonna have a little bit less counter
9377s play so we'll see if players lean as
9380s hard into that murloc end game or if we
9383s see more of the Divine Shield setups and
9385s people trying to outstand this mechs
9389s here
9390s speaking of stats circle with a ton
9394s taking the bear off's hero power Lord
9397s bear of hero power getting a bet in and
9399s continuing to tip Bob for those Tavern
9402s Tipper Buffs
9404s did purchase and hold a shell collector
9407s waiting for the quest selection here
9410s all right let's see what's happening
9411s here I don't love any of those
9412s conditions and I
9414s don't love those rewards either like I
9418s have to agree with you on that sneakers
9420s thanks refreshing 10 evil twin for
9422s buying 10 in menager man for adding 30.
9425s oh wow and I've got to make a prediction
9427s here I'm I'm sure with the
9430s enhance-o-matic for playing six I'm
9433s gonna go with Sarah here oh he tastes as
9435s aerys on the Eudora oh my goodness I
9437s need to change
9438s pivot oh
9442s sexy sexy on the Brand's the pick
9446s Axion brand oh that's it's a risky Pig
9450s but like you say it could be a winning
9452s one a risk but murlocs are in so I have
9456s that
9457s bolstering my hopes here sexy with also
9462s unfortunate quests
9465s and
9466s yeah it doesn't happen who knows about
9468s the pivot I don't know this one's closed
9471s I mean none of the hero selections or
9473s the quests tell me anything just yet
9476s she actually with four battle cries
9478s purchased so far one away from getting
9481s that brand onto the board
9484s yeah obviously very nicely greeting it
9485s out to get maximum uh prockage once the
9490s brand does come down and I think that
9492s will be enough to stabilize him a good
9494s amount like these are good battle cries
9496s to play post-brown
9499s and the Penguin sign was
9502s able to get to three quite early here on
9505s turn four has two three drops on the
9507s board in the form of that thorn color
9509s and Warden of old
9511s I'm gonna take a little bit of damage
9513s here as both the lava lurker and angler
9515s die so it will be seven coming out of
9518s zanyang's volgin
9523s X7 key on the toky
9527s does hero power into a primal fin with
9529s this okay
9535s bullfin not bad either
9537s wolfen not bad world leader and swamp
9540s shark are both pairs
9544s we'll take this wolf in however
9547s uh opting to freeze that Tad
9551s I was just changing minions stats okay
9553s that's pretty
9555s I don't know maybe play my looks my
9556s mistake
9560s got you
9562s so max 7 key on the way will
9566s quick get confirmation on what the rest
9568s of the quests are because
9570s it's such a pivotal moment when
9574s you don't have a clear Contender
9576s something like that Gallery week so that
9577s Mill has those Heroes that can just
9579s overwhelm just on the basis of their
9582s Hero part alone you do end up relying on
9584s your quest more often than none so
9590s that being said
9592s she actually has this triple lined up
9594s and his hero power is to get a brand
9598s grab some Miralax that rock pool likely
9601s they tripled into a four trying to hit
9604s Primal fin I'd assume able to buff up
9606s this swamp Striker on the board
9609s Gangnam Style did find a thorn collared
9611s pair we'll continue to get gold from
9613s that word on hold as well and honestly
9616s not a bad fight actually for sexy I
9617s thought he'd be losing pretty uh badly
9620s here but it's fine photos right yeah
9623s Dodgers almost all the damage only the
9626s trickster remaining gonna take just five
9627s here and his quest isn't too hard
9639s oh penguin sun has a triple lined up
9641s will he go for a five year the interval
9642s is clean to level
9644s our
9646s yeah how much do you prioritize five
9648s drops here because we see like no hogger
9650s available which is the high priority
9651s pick beasts out which is a very common
9654s type that you want to hit five on uh do
9656s you ever consider four here or maybe
9658s even three to six
9661s uh I would yeah I I wouldn't be
9664s surprised to see the five skipped I
9666s don't think you'd take a four just
9668s because of how clean the gold works out
9670s here sure but you could hero power if
9673s you want to delay
9674s uh but I think yeah it looks like
9676s penguin sun will go for the five just
9678s because of how that gold works out
9681s um but like you said there are a lot of
9683s fives missing this time corrupted Murman
9685s on holy mackerel both options here
9687s corrupted room and I'm gonna be the
9688s pickup with that leotards parasol
9691s available to buff up the health and a
9693s lot of gems in hand do you get the stats
9695s on that very big along with the golden
9697s Thorn collar providing two gems a turn
9700s that's big
9701s and it looks like penguin Sun might be
9704s playing for fives here anyways
9707s uh with agum in mind it has a menagerie
9710s board that thorn collar
9713s even consistent gems and what really
9715s keeps me off is the fact that he's
9717s holding a couple gems here next turn he
9719s will be able to sell that menager going
9722s to fire and using his hero power to
9725s discover a five drop
9727s not needing those stats right now that's
9730s a fantastic Point yeah yeah we saw
9732s earlier the players just understand
9735s exactly how much they need to invest
9737s right there's no reason to use those
9740s gemstone because look how big that
9741s corrupted mermaid on is it's turns six
9743s it'll be okay you know unlikely to get
9747s sniped by poison with that stealth and
9750s it does clean up and do nine to Sarah's
9753s Finley
9756s so will we see the level here
9759s actually not even needing to sell the
9760s mug with two coins in hand the word and
9762s evolved giving that one extra
9764s no I do like this one coin the other and
9768s the Discover but doesn't hit the agum
9770s it's a bristleback knight or a macro as
9773s options unlikely to take the kangars
9775s here
9777s macro not bad at all if you can get that
9780s Mech set up
9782s or I mean indeed if you can hit the
9786s um the agum anyway right it's not a bad
9788s Mech to have to buff up uh if you're
9790s going for that Menagerie comp absolutely
9793s not
9794s bristleback Knight a little bit harder
9796s with more of those uh overs on board but
9800s with the gems in hand
9803s we'll provide another threat in the
9805s meantime a sword has used his hero power
9807s we didn't see what he tripled but he
9809s also has a discover into five also
9811s getting offered holy mackerel and
9813s kangaroos but a baron to boot and this
9816s discover will be that holy mackerel Alex
9820s that really was not what he was looking
9821s for at all was it this is now just a uh
9824s a mad Scrabble to try and survive really
9829s absolutely
9831s and this entire board is all by one I
9834s guess it's gonna get munched up at the
9836s end of this turn actually
9837s yeah with that brand and making use of
9840s the demon interaction actually getting a
9842s lot of stats on that picky either the
9844s Mind mug also kicking in I believe we're
9848s not gonna have great effect here
9856s so it might be a little bit disappointed
9858s that he didn't hit directional fives
9861s especially with two discovers to be able
9863s to
9865s I hear a part but one more brand would
9868s be that golden brand you know murloc
9870s Lobby and pretty easy to transition with
9872s golden brand because you have so much
9873s econ in Max Seven Keys oh yeah look
9876s active Mex in takes that holy mackerel
9880s gonna just start to build up the boss of
9883s this cookbook it's not one of those cuts
9884s that comes online immediately but it is
9887s strong
9889s really nice hedge though here as well
9890s from from Max 70 is this something you'd
9893s expect that he would transition into
9895s like a little bit of mechs as well
9898s absolutely I love this play we've seen
9901s it in the past games that these players
9903s understand okay if I have a win
9905s condition set up
9907s oh zorg with an amazing play to sell his
9912s whole board put down some poisons it's
9915s gonna have Snicker snacks available to
9917s proc uh some of these battle crys
9920s including that reborn Primal fin that it
9922s appears he got off of uh the
9925s enhance-o-matic hero power
9927s guaranteeing all those that's under that
9929s bristle back night
9931s I'm not entirely sure how that benefits
9933s him but it's cool you know an extra 3-1
9935s we're not going to turn it down
9938s um yeah locally just taking the Primal
9940s fin is a you know a good unit but then
9943s yeah you take the reborn you know what
9945s the heck nice little bonus
9948s um that being said going back to what we
9950s saw being played by Max 7 key Max 7 key
9954s has that cooked book
9956s as a win condition ready to be set up
9959s and we'll see in this combat that he's
9962s gonna be very strong of course this
9963s bristleback Knight will clear stuff but
9966s he's gonna be able to clear most of the
9968s damage on zargo's board
9971s and can focus in these intermediate
9974s turns for the next you know
9976s two three turns while he's focused on
9978s just purchasing units actually
9981s he's going to be fine uh Max 70 with a
9986s slight win actually a girl not even that
9988s slight you know nine damage put zorgo
9991s underneath that damage cap yeah and to
9993s be fair that's exactly why you play for
9996s that strength right exactly yeah and
9998s unfortunate roles there the uh zorgo did
10001s manage to go down to below 15 that
10003s wouldn't have happened most of the time
10004s but you are correct to exclaim here as
10007s this is a huge turnaround now for sword
10009s who does need a good uh good game here
10012s to pull himself back into contention to
10014s put the lobby in check next game and a
10016s golden brand for next turn is just such
10019s a way to do so
10021s and it's such a big pickup like I said
10023s not hitting that second directional five
10027s on any of those discoveries does level
10029s and find the golden brand and with that
10033s Snicker snack Quest available sword is
10035s in a position to win this game that
10037s picky eater will be very big in this mid
10040s game and then he can make a very quick
10043s transition to murloc's theator whatever
10045s he wants really because it just provides
10048s so much flexibility
10052s there's my favorite dragon on the board
10054s of Sarah
10057s has a light Fang and theater buffing it
10059s up Fancy with a pair as well also with
10062s bran silent board toxfin available to
10065s poison one of them England's son
10068s discovering another eel-bound Archer
10070s with epista and orgozoa so leaning into
10073s that corrupted myrmidon that's been on
10074s the board for a little bit now with some
10077s scaling on his board
10081s Sarah will be holding the theater for
10083s now
10085s Don young matching up into sword on the
10087s vulden has leaned into the mech setup
10089s with a green spot double deflector in a
10092s pup butt but that foe Reaper gonna clear
10096s off a decent chunk of the board that
10098s picky eater just seems to be too much it
10101s all know the deflecto going into the
10103s lever it won't get a reset won't get
10105s that additional grease spot scaling
10112s so unfortunate yeah really really poor
10115s results there for zanyang uh but how do
10117s you see green Sports scaling at this
10119s point in the game because it's the first
10120s time we've seen it uh so far this
10122s weekend I think in any real capacity uh
10125s does it provide the scaling that can win
10127s a lobby as we knew it could do back in
10129s its prime
10130s uh not on its own it can still be a
10134s quality unit that you take in the mid
10136s game but you can't rely it as your only
10139s scaling engine
10141s um it can be quite a bit better if you
10143s do pair it with that macro they can get
10146s multiple resets and of course deflective
10148s can be that but with just two and the
10151s resets it's a little bit harder because
10153s we do see in that situation it does have
10156s a tendency to get sniped at times uh
10159s without too many taunts on board
10162s is that I mean does Mark seven key
10164s already have a golden brown I can't even
10166s remember I don't think so I think that's
10167s just a a regular brand yeah just an old
10171s brand on the side of X7 key but very
10173s nice with cooked book to generate extra
10176s econ nugget in so shell collector
10178s available Primal fin available as we see
10181s picked up here if you had just that
10183s extra money ah no poison available
10185s though like if you could have picked
10187s that I think he would have been in with
10188s a shot of taking this one down but
10190s without that I don't quite see it
10194s happening for Max 70 here
10196s yeah that tauntedly right looking to be
10200s an issue for Max 75 the huge huge picky
10204s eater and even that jug I'm gonna buff
10208s up that four Reaper six six just on this
10210s turn alone
10212s with eating that light Fang buff that
10215s cleave is gonna be a monster to deal
10217s with and oh no investing
10220s into that deflector that we know is
10223s gonna go down
10227s foreign
10230s all right well let's see it man losing
10232s this deflector is just so backbreaking
10234s at this point because I mean it looks
10237s close but then you just catch one more
10239s glimpse of that over 100 Health picky
10243s eater there which uh really doesn't feel
10245s like an appropriate name at this point
10247s because that has just been gobbling
10248s anything that comes its way
10251s absolutely
10252s foreign
10262s key at damage cap but able to take a
10265s small hit as no one's been lethaled here
10268s as we move into turn 11. hey there we go
10273s so hitting one of our puzzle box and I
10278s believe we both said yes on that one I
10280s think so yeah so it does come to
10283s fruition on game of four here penguin
10286s Sun continuing to scale has that at this
10287s uh likely to move out of that bristle
10290s back Knight in Thorn color soon The
10292s Thorn color do does provide two spells I
10295s turn
10296s to Aid this official scaling engine
10302s it'll pick up the shell collectors to
10303s spell as well
10305s does sell out of it though I need to
10308s play strong down below damage cap at 14.
10311s keeping max strength on the board in the
10314s form of that bristlebag night
10317s here's a Razer fan geometer in this shop
10319s which would provide one additional
10322s l
10323s for Max scaling this turn
10332s yeah I don't really think
10335s we're at the point where we can afford
10337s to settle for just one more blood gem
10339s okay I thought it was going to be the
10340s point where you know we have to roll for
10342s uh you know more device Shields beer
10345s from the glow scale maybe a baron to
10347s double down on this selfless hero uh but
10350s Penguins sound happy to just take a
10352s decent option uh as opposed to the risk
10354s for a fantastic option
10356s yeah and Happy might not be the perfect
10358s way to describe it because you are right
10359s he spent a lot of time thinking about it
10361s he wasn't
10362s super comfortable decision but decided
10366s that on average it's best in it's hard
10368s right you don't know what's in that next
10369s shop and stuff those are the difficult
10371s decisions but we just have to trust
10374s these players you know understand that
10376s and with no poisons on the board the
10378s penguin Sun's gonna be fine yeah just
10380s put the arm it on at 200 health
10383s not gonna be
10386s able to be cleared with the shields that
10388s we've seen this far
10389s yeah not quite it's close actually
10391s though like this is a lot of damage
10393s coming through from uh Divine Shields if
10395s they've just been able to smack straight
10396s into the moment
10399s but with
10400s in health remaining it will be 10 damage
10403s going to Sarah Who falls down to five
10405s and we have our first little and it's
10407s sexy again
10411s a disaster and she actually takes a
10414s straight if
10416s consecutive games started out so
10419s fantastic
10421s now anything but and things starting to
10424s heat up now for Penguin Sound because he
10427s just needs one and a half points to put
10430s the lobby in check so if he goes out now
10432s in untied seventh just him he will not
10436s put the lobby in check but even if he
10438s ties going out here he'll still be able
10440s to do it so it's looking that much more
10443s likely that he will be able to survive
10445s through to put the lobby in check and it
10448s will be Vigo that matches up into him
10450s able to get the Divine shield and a
10452s poison onto that amalgam has another
10454s ball of Minions on the bird as well as
10456s working for it providing sort of scaling
10458s to the sport and it's an interesting
10459s point you may and it makes us consider
10461s that decision that he made in the last
10463s fight
10464s play maximum strength absolute
10468s guaranteeing the win even though he
10471s might have been able to find something
10472s better might have been on his mind right
10474s he knows that anything beyond that six
10477s and a half isn't necessarily necessary
10479s of course you want to pick up as many
10481s points as possible but getting that
10483s Lobby to check completely changes the
10485s complexion of his tournament
10487s and oh my goodness zorgo's hit Reno hero
10490s power on the panda something we do not
10492s see very often with that organ on board
10495s could grab extra discovers hasn't used
10498s yet he's gonna use it on the sofas
10499s playing for the end game here right now
10501s against Max 7 keep grabbing gold and
10503s selfless and it's going to be penguin
10505s Sun that we checked into this fight here
10507s as he has the potential to put this
10510s Lobby into check if he can win this
10511s combat and if one of these other players
10514s does go down here it's gonna be a tough
10516s one though so much poison on the board
10518s it's a really tough fight you just have
10520s to hope that while the stealth is still
10521s active they're able to battle against
10523s each other but the Leroy misses this is
10525s not good
10527s this is potentially a disaster
10530s [Music]
10534s in this Shield I don't think I can
10536s Shield the stealth so it's it's
10541s survives lethal he survives he loses but
10545s is alive zorgo however is not as he goes
10549s down and that puts Penguins on into
10551s check he's gonna be uncheck in the next
10553s game and with his performance so far is
10555s this gonna be a fast tournament
10557s it's looking that way with uh one win in
10561s subsequent games needed for penguins and
10563s to win the tournament if he wins here uh
10565s it still doesn't count because it's only
10567s for subsequent games after you put the
10568s lobby in check but a huge performance
10570s from him so far he's done what he needed
10572s to do and uh from this point on he knows
10576s it makes no difference it's just about
10577s keeping other players out of the danger
10580s zone keeping the players on a high point
10582s total away from check themselves yeah
10585s how's money here if your penguin sun is
10587s Max 7 key will look to put him out
10591s have that cookbook working for him has a
10594s pretty good Shop with a primal fin
10595s available I did Toki into an Uther as
10599s well as a manted
10602s like we can pick up the Primal fin as
10604s it's free with the brand and a murloc on
10606s board as well as the minted providing
10609s access to that Divine Shield poison
10613s will he Uther it first just to maximize
10616s those stats
10617s looks like he will
10622s grab any extra 10 10
10624s by even
10626s okay won't buy something first we'll
10628s roll just to check nothing too
10630s interesting will he just buy to
10632s increment the cooked book or roll for
10634s that Tech end game that he's looking for
10637s oh there we go let's decide to roll and
10639s find some really really nice pickups
10642s might sell the brand here just to play
10644s maximum strength
10647s wanting to get penguin Sun out not
10650s Advance his
10653s planes lead any further of course
10654s guaranteed to have the lobby in check
10656s but
10657s still lots of opportunity for everyone
10659s else as long as penguin sun doesn't win
10662s after this game
10663s anyone's still in it that's right you
10666s have penguins on this Victory doesn't
10667s matter too much but Max 7 key this is
10670s absolutely crucial because he is in
10672s Stone Cold's last place right now at
10675s four and a half points he needs to
10677s survive this turn if he's realistically
10679s going to have any chance of winning this
10681s tournament
10682s it looks like he will many poisons
10685s remaining the Leroy ticking out that
10688s final unit The Shield popped in so
10690s penguin Sun is going to
10696s uh yes okay
10699s pause as he could have survived it does
10704s go down
10707s um
10708s and it's going to be the curator doing
10713s him so Vigo goes down Sarah goes down
10716s penguin sun goes down
10718s in a three-way tie
10721s zanyang it's a random golden unit as he
10725s faces off against the ghosts
10730s to the well I say committed
10733s committed to the max for now does pick
10735s up a prime elephant for potential access
10738s to poison later on although the golden
10740s also would have given that access sword
10743s with that golden brand has put together
10746s a pretty competent board matched up into
10749s max 7 key
10751s relying on poison relax is gonna play
10754s through the mug and likely the metal
10758s tooth leaper as well
10761s no
10763s not taking it I'm just curious how much
10765s he wants to invest into this bow Reaper
10768s the answer is not that much yeah I do
10772s like rolling here a little bit more we
10774s want to find the the real late game
10776s Powerhouse plays the you know again The
10778s Usual Suspects I think Leroy selfless
10780s Baron
10781s um or even just some ways to continue
10782s popping off with the murlocs here you
10784s actually get a lot of value with that
10785s still yeah and that's what he opts to do
10788s by playing that murkai he has Snicker
10791s Snipes procking two battle cards but he
10793s has three battle cards on board with
10795s that young Merc guy he's gonna guarantee
10797s a ton of value from that Primal fin with
10800s access to that uh indeed
10804s young Mercury uh nice play as a brand
10806s adding wind Cherry to this minted to
10809s just optimize the chances that it does
10811s get a Divine shield and it does missing
10815s taunt and over hitting stats and shield
10817s that's perfect outcome the max 7K not
10820s going to make him susceptible to that
10821s sleeve the deflector goes down to the
10823s Leroy the macro survives but will go
10826s down as those menaces disrupt the attack
10829s order and it looks like Max 7K is gonna
10831s handle this just fine
10834s so we're at 28 Will Survive yeah just
10838s about
10840s a huge win though here for Max 7K as
10842s again we said he was in absolute last
10845s play zanyang surviving it just
10848s wow as well yes yeah it is enough
10853s but yeah very close and somebody just
10856s have strong penguin sun was even in
10859s depth almost able to take out zanyang
10861s he's a huge Mech board
10863s uh only seven total health remaining on
10866s the board
10868s that is worth saying as well that for
10869s zanyang he needs specifically a first
10872s place to put the lobby in check himself
10874s which is still doable he's got a very
10877s different path to the other two players
10878s uh and do you see the the mech strategy
10882s he's gone for here with the grease spot
10883s being able to stand up to the high
10886s amount of poison that the other two
10887s players have gone for
10889s yeah I'd say he got a really unfortunate
10891s Shuffle of those stats but luckily his
10893s virgin can kind of make up for that and
10896s it looks like we'll see that happening
10898s as that deflector went down to a 10-12
10901s slightly problematic in this case the
10904s macro also losing stats is a little bit
10908s unfortunate but there's a lot of divine
10911s Shields available he's going to add a
10913s poison here
10914s foreign
10916s Shield cycle it and then end on this
10920s Leroy
10925s it actually just sells out of the bigger
10928s and is he not going to so okay I was
10931s gonna say this dude there there is in
10934s argument I guess that you could make uh
10937s for running another taunt to try and
10939s distract
10940s um you know provide a distraction for
10942s any potential leroys or wind Furious on
10944s the other side but this macro at 12 15
10947s isn't a ton of value oh and we see micro
10952s Mummy getting LED so trying to play very
10955s safe here is Zhong young playing around
10957s tunnel Blaster playing into the kangars
10961s being able to summon stuff later and
10963s maximize those resets but we see how big
10964s that picky eater is we see how big that
10967s wind Fury cleave is
10969s this is going to be a tough out for
10971s zanyang it's very funny as well to just
10974s see the prime open Scout pocket or Miss
10977s over and over again and just the picky
10979s to getting bigger and bigger and bigger
10980s every single time but let's see up
10983s against the Divine Shields it's a real
10985s backbreaker to lose the metal so early
10988s and the reset's not there yet but
10993s these hits is actually looking pretty
10996s good somehow goes down and the poison is
11000s left it can't die to the brand can he
11002s clear the rest of the units with this
11004s picking
11005s I don't even go straight into it and he
11009s survive you're gonna survive he will
11013s have the deflector of two things he's
11016s alive at one Health
11018s oh my God what about this
11027s I mean just amazingly well played by
11030s zanyang using the leeway to play around
11032s the cleave playing the micro mummy first
11036s the kangaroo second optimizing those
11038s resets like I said you could have had
11040s the deflectives earlier but you put
11042s yourself at risk of taunted Leroy's so
11045s many you know different things that can
11047s cause problems
11049s but zanyang sees through it moves the
11052s kangaroo sets over to a faux Reaper and
11054s I'm curious what the cell is here are
11057s you really I'm not sure everything has
11058s such high value in this board
11063s that deflects are definitely feeling
11064s like at this point right be the macro
11068s wow okay
11070s wanting to run that tunnel Blaster again
11073s with that micro mummy first they will
11075s likely get resets on the deflectives
11077s is he gonna play the full Reaper
11081s so big surely that has to find a spot
11084s yeah he does it is
11087s wow I did not expect that
11091s that was the one unit he was really
11093s really looking for and so zanyang
11096s playing this any game perfectly it's not
11099s the conventional place but it's a place
11101s that he is probably going to need to
11104s make to have a chance here against Max
11106s 7k's cooked bookboard that looks
11108s dangerous to huge taunted holy mackerels
11112s 2 large unsusceptible to Tunnel Blaster
11116s Leroy is a big cleave of his own as well
11119s as a deflective and Manton to match
11129s disaster hits
11132s a nice little cleave but the deflector
11136s isn't gonna be able to clear through
11138s both of these holy mackerels oh quite
11140s yeah and with that Leroy able to survive
11145s it's gonna be lethal so zanyang does go
11148s down to Max 7 key and it will be sword
11150s in Max 7K left in the top two as we go
11155s to turn a 17. a brutal loss there for
11159s zanyang he was so close to knocking out
11161s sword in the previous round and needed
11164s exactly a first place if he wanted to
11166s put the lobby in check which is not
11167s going to be the case now so I do think
11169s that guarantees us with only penguin San
11171s as the sole player putting the lobby in
11174s check right now however sangyang still
11176s puts himself in a great position to do
11178s so next game and Max 7 if he can take
11181s the win here again boosts himself up
11184s considerably really back in the running
11186s here with a strong performance now in
11188s game four
11191s and look how much money
11194s sort of has in hand
11199s what's he gonna do with it is he gonna
11201s play through some of these stats with
11203s that golden brand on board is it gonna
11205s off to you oh and he placed the orgazoa
11208s first looking for shield doesn't hit so
11211s takes the shell collector which makes
11213s money as a consolation a tad in the shop
11217s we'll make sure that his hand gets
11219s filled doesn't take the first had
11221s another offered we'll pass that one as
11224s well finds a module which is interesting
11227s in the sense that there's a ball of
11230s minions a toxfin
11232s in hand
11234s so he'd be able to create a Divine
11236s shooting poison
11238s but will it be enough
11241s it is likely to be the play here the
11244s Menace going down those summons able to
11246s win some late game scenarios
11249s occasionally pop some Divine Shields and
11251s we're gonna end on this Leroy in front
11254s against the macros we know this is very
11256s good
11257s other counted one up front with the wind
11259s Fury is so we're gonna be able to take
11261s this from Max Seven Keys grip it's
11264s looking good right now hey
11266s very good in the first one straight into
11268s the macro
11270s the second one takes out demanded
11273s and the cleave will take out the shield
11275s there's no more resets
11278s I say that but yeah there's no more
11280s resets that will go off so the macro
11282s goes down and with the poison and the
11284s pinky eater I think that sword has
11286s enough to get the wind
11288s but very unlikely to get a lethal unless
11295s unless
11297s okay he's on sick
11303s oh
11305s my goodness sword rolls up the sleeves
11309s because he's done it he's done with the
11310s work he takes the game x7k looked like
11314s he had a faded win what an insane game
11319s there ow I can't believe it
11323s yeah wow
11324s truly something else I mean I mean take
11327s us through it what was like the genius
11328s of Swords play at the end though
11330s I mean put his Libras in front knowing
11333s exactly what he had to play around
11334s having that four Reaper third to clear
11337s up anything it ended up dying to the
11340s Leroy but killing that Leroy is vital
11342s there yeah every unit matters and he
11345s just made the most of using all the
11348s utility the shields the poison adding
11351s the menaces and it's so so good
11355s and wait was that a dragon on the board
11357s was that the dragon on the board for me
11359s oh it was wasn't it dragons were banned
11363s but it's okay I got my puzzle box points
11367s it's yeah okay I suppose I do
11370s technically have to concede to the rules
11372s I mean it's not up to me I could see it
11373s or not concede as I like I can call it
11375s rigged it's over no matter how I like it
11377s but yes congratulations ball of minions
11379s getting the job done in the most
11381s perfunctory sense dragons have
11382s technically now won a Lobby here but I'm
11385s happy as well because IG sword was my
11387s pick to the bandwagon on that one and he
11389s does manage to take down the lobby which
11391s puts him right back up towards the top
11394s right he was at uh nine beforehand and
11397s now is very very likely to put the lobby
11399s in check in the subsequent game uh but
11402s while we are focusing on sword and that
11403s gorgeous end game that he showed us
11405s there the real man of the hour is
11408s Penguin Sound right putting the lobby in
11410s check means he is on the cusp of a
11412s victory and taking down the last the
11415s legends of the Year absolutely just
11418s fantastic performances this game we saw
11421s the first three playing for those top
11423s two positions here didn't need it just
11426s needed a few points to guarantee that he
11427s put the lobby and check well no one else
11430s is in so he has a free game to try and
11433s go for a first without fear of any
11436s downside
11438s Sarah sword also in position to put the
11442s lobby into check very soon and that's
11445s the big moment all the players are going
11447s to be aiming to take penguin sun down so
11449s it's going to be a difficult task for
11451s him and if those other players even a
11454s couple of them can get the lobbying to
11456s try we'll have a free-for-all pretty
11458s soon
11459s oh I cannot wait either way it'll be
11462s exciting if penguin Sun could take it
11463s down the first game of it being in check
11465s that'd be hype if the other players can
11467s claw their way in there that would
11468s obviously be sick as well but we're
11471s gonna have to go to a short break before
11472s we uh arrive at the thrilling conclusion
11475s of this premium Battlegrounds tournament
11478s so when we come back potentially the
11480s last game here in lobby Legends
11483s wintervale we'll see you then
11488s [Music]
11496s foreign
11498s [Music]
11503s [Music]
11510s [Music]
11536s thank you
11538s [Music]
11572s foreign
11577s [Music]
11601s thank you
11606s [Music]
11615s thank you
11616s [Music]
11635s foreign
11647s [Music]
11667s foreign
11671s [Music]
11686s while the tavern may be getting chillier
11689s the action is just starting to heat up
11691s here at Lobby Legends winter veil with
11694s us having the lobby in check thanks to
11697s penguins and his absolutely pristine
11700s play both in this Lobby Legends and of
11702s course continuing over from all his
11704s previous performances uh what would you
11707s favor his chances as right now are you
11709s thinking feeling confident in him taking
11711s the win here
11713s uh I mean he definitely has the ability
11716s to but I'm gonna say no these players
11720s know what's on the line it's that
11722s doubled prize Bowl there's a lot at
11724s stake and at this level you can kind of
11728s play two games at once right play your
11730s own game but also play to really Target
11733s penguin sun down
11734s he does have the only
11737s you know check balance but he's also the
11740s only player with the Target on his back
11742s everyone else is going to be gunning for
11744s him and trying to take him out and he's
11745s a play through that obstacle as well and
11749s that's really really difficult but if
11751s the stars align it's certainly possible
11754s sometimes you just have one of those
11756s destined games and as we've seen so far
11759s he's been crushing it he looks so good
11761s everything that he sets out to do even
11764s if that's just get a few points on board
11765s he's done it and so we'll see if he can
11769s finish the job here or if we'll have a
11771s more exciting climax like the climax of
11773s that last game oh yeah I'm saying so far
11776s and if he doesn't manage to take the win
11778s there's a lot of players nipping at his
11780s heels waiting to put the lobby in check
11782s with zanyang Sarah and his aichi sword
11784s all very narrowly behind but they're not
11787s you know
11788s he's saying check format you're never
11790s truly out
11791s but realistically you know if you're at
11793s like one point at the end you know you
11795s are basically out of the running in this
11797s instance though I do truly mean no one
11799s is out anyone everyone has a reasonable
11802s shot at taking this game with 11 and a
11803s half ten and a half nine and a half and
11805s nine points for shaksi Max zorg and Vigo
11808s respectively you know two good games and
11811s they're on equal footing to the rest of
11813s the field it's definitely not impossible
11816s absolutely and I mean we saw yesterday
11819s how good all these players are uh the
11822s stats Lorena has some stats penguin sun
11825s has hit 17 of his first places that is
11828s an insane rate when you're talking about
11832s playing at the lobby Legends level right
11835s this isn't ladder we're hitting 20 25
11838s even 30 percent of first Sometimes for
11840s these top players is completely
11842s reasonable this is even footing to
11845s outperform that much shows how skilled
11848s of a player he is he's hit number one on
11850s leaderboards before I mean he's got all
11852s the accolades you could ask for except
11854s for a Lobby Legends Victory he's gonna
11856s be looking for that one tonight
11859s is uh but one player who's going to be
11861s looking for something very specific with
11863s a completely different uh journey
11866s through today than the rest of the
11867s players uh is jaxy who's firmly in the
11869s middle of the leaderboard with 11 and a
11871s half points right now uh but he got that
11873s many points after game two he has spent
11876s two games doing absolutely nothing with
11879s two eights play uh eighth places in a
11881s row
11882s have you noticed anything that's gone
11884s wrong for Shakti to lead for uh to two
11886s such terrible results and is there
11889s anything he could do to turn that around
11891s I mean the brain game looked tough but I
11894s would have loved to get a little bit
11895s more insight into you know his thoughts
11898s on that malagos pick like I said I was
11899s very surprised I thought Snead or Gail
11901s Wing you know more consistent options
11903s went for the maligos and I'm wondering
11905s if he just had a specific idea in mind
11908s which we do see these players sometimes
11910s have when they're making these hero
11912s selections but sometimes it just doesn't
11913s work out it's not suited for The Meta of
11916s the event that they're playing in or
11917s that game specifically and we'll see
11920s again here uh these players making those
11923s same choices Gail Wing in fact an option
11925s for Penguins on looking for that win
11927s also offered togwago Phelan and Sylvanas
11930s windrunner I'd rule out Sylvanas
11931s windrunner but any of these other Heroes
11933s can pick up a first place
11936s it's going to be the togwuggle instead
11938s of going
11940s is that a traditionally first place kind
11943s of hero if that's a valid description
11946s uh I we did see it get out of first
11949s place yesterday but it was on the back
11950s of hogger cooked book
11953s um there aren't Pirates or mechs
11954s available in this game there are murlocs
11956s and it's gonna be a stat murloc outcome
11960s and so I'm very curious to see how
11962s penguin Sun Pilots this tagwago with
11964s that in mind we have Max 7 key on the
11967s sir denaturius a token sir and a quest
11971s selection to begin between oh hidden
11976s treasure Vault it's very interesting
11977s this early
11978s that's got to be the treasure Vault
11980s right
11982s some intent is going to be a bit harder
11984s with
11986s out the beasts next and Pirates
11989s available but there is
11991s okay wow he picked the taste yeah he
11994s goes for the Tasties I was gonna say
11996s there is that imprisoner in the shop and
11999s you could play that to kind of
12000s accelerate that 10 Millions on the hit
12002s involved
12003s um I do really like that Quest when you
12005s are able to complete it early but uh Max
12009s 7q rather going for the randomness of
12012s the yog-tastic Tasties
12014s and you can see why there was a seller
12016s mental plus another demon in the shop
12017s already so he has a huge amount of
12020s ability to Turbo through that Quest
12023s yeah also providing a lot of value like
12026s most quests do if you are able to
12027s complete it early in zorgo uh able to
12031s set up a settlemental well I should say
12034s water droplet pair with the supplemental
12035s in hand
12037s matching up into max 7 Keys Sawyer will
12040s hold both for the moment
12044s and uh potentially waiting for the quest
12046s but it's two turns away
12049s speaking of scabs as well because we
12050s haven't actually seen too much from him
12052s on a scale from one to ten how would you
12054s guess zorgi's feeling about having made
12056s this pick uh of scabs
12059s I mean not perfect it's probably not the
12060s best here in the game right now but it
12062s has a ton of potential especially again
12065s with access to a secret sinstone Quest
12069s we didn't see oh yeah but he had but
12071s when do you take the hero you do
12073s consider that
12074s um just the ability to get that Quest
12076s because it's so powerful makes any of
12079s those Heroes much better with him
12080s already a two out of three I'm positive
12082s it's not that secret since Sun Quest so
12084s we'll see how he goes through he will be
12087s matching up to you Sarah who was on the
12089s gov
12091s um sword
12092s opted to hero power the water droplet on
12095s turn one
12097s has leveled
12099s but now he doesn't have the best units
12102s available does freeze for very nice shop
12105s there
12106s um regardless of what you hit on Quest
12108s there's a lot of potential in that shot
12111s she actually did go three on three on
12112s there another hero that we haven't seen
12115s Another Hero that does have access to
12118s that secret Stone I didn't catch the
12120s quest there but also very interesting
12124s foreign
12125s also gonna hold again so really holding
12129s the droplet in this Elemental for two
12131s turns just for the opportunity of
12136s her guessing his quest
12141s is our engine to turn forward
12143s yeah getting a look at the quests here
12145s remember everyone including myself here
12147s reminding me to get your bandwagon picks
12150s in if you haven't yet after seeing the
12152s quests looking for Elementals or minions
12155s to be played here for Zork it doesn't
12157s get any of those though but snap picks
12160s the hammer yeah with nagas to be played
12162s has a shell collector in shop and the
12164s shell collector he's held to help
12166s progress that Enemy Lines up a
12168s settlemental triple now we're talking
12173s and you know with that with the pears
12175s with golden Hammer available
12178s I I'm thinking we're gonna see a nice
12181s Victory first Olivia here he's my
12183s bandwagon pick once again it didn't work
12185s out as well last time but I I think he
12189s can do it the failing game was closed he
12191s had
12192s he had chances but just ran into the
12195s Monstrous Board of penguins on spill for
12197s lamps
12198s I will say before we pick I would like a
12201s look at zanyang to see what minions he
12203s has managed to accrue on the oh and he's
12209s taking him
12211s going for Dragons again this is going to
12215s be a stat oriented Lobby right murlocs
12218s available as well
12220s the other player I would look at and I'm
12223s not confident choosing him just yet but
12225s sword with this need
12227s you do win a lot of poison end game
12230s mirrors with those additional summons
12231s occasionally you can
12234s hero power a six drop and find some
12236s leroys
12243s only hit theatar's parasol
12248s foreign
12254s Alex I don't think not what he was
12256s hoping to uh hit but probably just the
12259s easiest to complete and it looks like
12263s sword did take one of those Cliff
12265s Guardians along with the Menagerie Mark
12266s buffing up three
12268s uh different minion types doing a seven
12271s damage to vigo's Brand here
12274s does have a couple battle cries picks up
12277s one more and didn't opt to stay on one
12280s no Pirates no quill were and no beasts
12284s didn't want to stay on one too long and
12287s just leveled right away but hey if you
12289s look at his friend here though yeah he
12291s does and if you're looking to lose all
12293s toy combats this is a board that will do
12295s that quite handily as this is not a high
12297s Tempo start by any stretch of the
12299s imagination exactly and because
12302s it's only two he's gonna be able to get
12305s that hidden treasure Vault very early
12307s and Vigo might be in a spot where he
12310s could have a very high finish this game
12312s again bran murlocs in and a lot of gold
12316s to work with because he's gonna finish
12318s this Quest very quickly
12322s in fact I'm regretting my bandwagon pick
12324s already
12326s well I ended up on penguinsan mainly
12329s just because I feel like he's the player
12330s most likely to go specifically for that
12333s first given it's the only result that
12334s matters for him and it looks like he's
12337s still cries yeah and he might complete
12341s it right now
12342s we don't see what the questions were oh
12345s this is a dragon setup she actually with
12348s a teragosa and demons
12350s I believe penguin sand did have play six
12353s Battleground minions and it was for
12354s enhancer meccano which is oh which is a
12358s super
12359s pretty big
12361s if he can find this Divine Shield
12363s Enchanted
12366s force them on the Miralax early oh
12368s that's spicy very hard to contend with
12371s and he's got it already which means he's
12372s gonna have a lot of turns to build up
12375s those
12377s Divine Shields yeah there it is oh my
12381s goodness you're right and your bandwagon
12383s pick could be right as well
12386s I'm liking where it's headed right now
12388s does get a Divine Shield right away
12390s that's so sick
12396s so now penguin sun has a very clear game
12398s plan
12399s and murlocs find poison
12402s and buff them up out of control
12412s these other players are gonna be coming
12413s for him
12415s he does pick up the honcho off we'll
12418s hold and you can see him just
12420s immediately committing that Divine
12422s Shield onto the murloc knowing it's
12423s gonna be safe to put it there any poison
12426s can be played on it later and getting
12428s that five five buff just such a strong
12430s Tempo option here on turn six it's not
12434s that he just has future potential he's
12437s strong right now he's gonna have health
12439s to work with
12440s zargo did triple the water droplet into
12444s a five it was for a murazon hits another
12448s tiragosa
12451s hero Powers finds Legion overseer we'll
12453s take that playing the
12456s while I'm sorry peer down onto the dozy
12458s well buffing up that hill trying to get
12460s a little bit more attack as he battles
12462s into shaksi's alexstrasza which we know
12464s features a very high health taragoza
12469s zargo just missing getting off that
12470s spell craft as well uh yeah he doesn't
12474s have the quest to lose combats either so
12476s I don't need any reason to do so for
12478s that he's gonna be losing it
12481s and doesn't win as both terriers have
12485s survive taking 10 going down to 23. that
12488s hurts legally going down to 24.
12492s and penguin sun is able to even deal
12495s with the high Tempo Board of sword
12501s uh if you can deal with the sword board
12502s you're laughing
12505s yeah oh man and this is getting it tense
12508s he's goes before early
12511s he's gonna be looking for toxin
12514s yeah I don't
12517s think you can afford to spend the matter
12519s right now on selfless right like it
12521s would be good for the future if you are
12522s going for poison scam but
12525s I don't know it feels a little bit
12527s underwhelming right now
12529s absolutely and since we have a moment
12532s the other Quest it looks like
12536s uh Max 7K did find cooked book but again
12540s not as valuable
12542s uh without Mex without Pirates and he
12546s does have that yog-tastic Tasties but
12548s it's gonna be tough and he doesn't have
12550s it completed yet zanyang on the Galaxy
12554s has yogtastic Tasties as well freezing a
12558s faceless disciples taxi with that
12560s theater's parasol has buffed up the
12563s terror gives us once each has a very
12565s nice setup with the double nether Drake
12567s along with the Welsh microwave that's a
12568s ton of stats on this board and that
12570s theaters parasol also going to buff up
12572s the health on that Chrome Wing has a
12574s very strong early staff board am I
12576s catching up in the Penguin's son who has
12578s oh just a lot of stats and shields
12581s himself dragon's coming in clutch we
12583s have like two players going hard in on
12585s dragons and a couple others kind of
12587s taking into it a little bit along the
12588s way it's very very interesting to see
12591s here's the matchup this is gonna be a
12593s close one a lot of Health for shaxy's
12595s dragons and very desperately wanting to
12599s do a lot of damaged Penguins on early
12601s here but breeds do not look good as Bull
12603s Terriers just go into Shields at the
12606s start and then
12607s I'll end up getting a shield immediately
12610s it's a tough break for Shack see that
12613s chroma link does
12614s remain feels getting popped off on that
12617s honcho and it's just barely gonna be
12619s enough
12620s unfortunately it's not a ton of damage
12621s but just a Crow Wing surviving but six
12623s in
12624s to penguin Sun he'll take it zorgo let's
12628s find a very early calicos but it's down
12630s to 12 health
12634s his quest was played eight nagar demons
12638s but I'm like
12640s I'm sorry to interrupt you chance no go
12642s ahead we talk about uh calagos being
12645s weak in terms of late game scaling right
12647s it doesn't give you enough capability to
12649s outclass uh Pirates or demons once the
12652s failbats come online but is it good
12654s enough in situations exactly like this
12656s where you just need to survive a turn or
12658s two with a high Tempo option
12661s it is relatively better early because it
12665s does have that very high Health doodle
12666s and we saw on shaksi's board you know
12669s the taragoza's having that sort of stat
12671s line can do a lot in these early fights
12675s um especially if zorkids able to scale
12678s it up a little bit I mean he has a
12679s couple dragons on board so these battle
12680s crys aren't unreasonable but will it be
12684s enough he's also going to practice Quest
12687s here right zanyang with Calculus as well
12690s this is wild what is that like it's all
12693s tournament we see two back to back
12698s so we're good looking to practice Quest
12700s has
12701s that eighth minion played
12704s um let's have a golden Hammer with that
12709s Cali is gonna play it on the corrupted
12712s murmidon yeah that's maximum strength
12715s here just trying to be as strong as
12717s possible puts that attack to balance out
12720s the stats on the calendars
12722s and we'll walk into this fight with Max
12725s 7K who's also very low but has a 30 or
12729s 41 trickster and we're think immediately
12732s gets oh that's oh and disaster for zorgo
12737s as the molten rock eats up all the
12740s health the poison doesn't die but oh
12742s it'll be okay
12744s survives and unfortunately while the
12748s Crypton moving on survives Max 7K will
12751s not he takes a perfect lead on turn
12753s eight
12754s unbelievable what an outcome for Zork as
12757s the dream stays alive for him to put the
12759s lobby in check but for Max it's another
12762s disastrous result cementing his spot
12765s towards the bottom of the leaderboard
12767s now but for Zork we need to see this
12769s turn around and after what you'd have to
12772s guess will be a golden calagos there it
12774s is yeah he can actually kind of start to
12777s scale at least in a mid-game sense if
12779s not in a Lobby winning sense
12781s and I was gonna say he could have
12783s considered picking up the bronze pardon
12785s but will pass it finds a premium Battle
12787s Cry Oh that's Twilight Emissary buffing
12789s up some of his dragons on board as well
12793s finds a few more but The Jug most
12795s importantly shining uh in kin and on
12799s this Leroy as well
12801s I'm sure it's our goodness what's his
12803s sake for the whole Lobby zorgo not with
12806s the highest point total definitely
12808s doesn't want penguin sun to end this
12809s tournament early
12811s so I'd fully expect to see a triple cell
12814s here and it's gonna be
12817s the corrupted murmidon instead of the
12820s Twilight emissary
12822s um zorgo balancing
12824s the realities of the future needing that
12828s scaling and the present needing the
12831s stats to try and be Penguins on Sport
12833s and we see Penguins on picking up
12835s another Divine Shield
12837s on this cold lights here as he did
12841s finally find poison for this honcho so
12843s has the first Divine Shield poison
12845s secured
12848s couple other defined shields on board
12850s that because of that plus five five buff
12852s just do so much and I like what we're
12855s seeing from penguin Sun that he is going
12857s for these plays that are immediately
12859s quite weak but this is not an ideal
12861s minion to put Divine shield on but it's
12864s got that first place in Mind by uh
12866s setting up for the next toxpin being
12868s able to put him in a very very strong
12870s position this is a Lobby winning kind of
12872s play
12873s Darko will be fine but did lose that
12875s calgos to the poison immediately and
12877s unfortunately that's a lot of damage
12879s taken off the board penguin's son will
12882s take 11 here five from the scabs one
12886s from the picky during five from the
12887s murrah's land
12889s zanyang with the calgos bird of his own
12892s as well as a pair of Terex and a prize
12896s promo Drake
12898s does Skip One ball of minions of course
12901s the other does have it finds a second
12903s calendars
12905s this is unbelievable we'll take that
12910s so we've got three players comfortably
12913s playing Dragons of all things I didn't
12916s think it was possible
12918s oh we didn't get to see what six drop he
12920s was gonna get off that face was just
12922s like wait a second
12929s didn't find Nadine on that third but
12931s does have another trouble here in the
12933s promoing before he plays this last unit
12935s down doesn't hit young murkai at this I
12938s fell about the options takes the young
12939s murakai quickly will play this Terror
12942s ghost down for maximum strength maximum
12944s scaling on both the taragosas and the
12946s razor Gore
12948s and this is where things get very
12950s interesting right because dragons as you
12952s pointed out their real hidden strength
12954s that keeps them from being complete
12955s trash is that why does sword have a
12958s Golden Razor Gore what what is happening
12961s interesting I'm so lost and so confused
12964s when did dragons become the best minion
12967s type in the game
12968s between game four and five apparently I
12972s did the players like message each other
12974s and say hey let's throw a loop to these
12976s well monsters they're gonna have no idea
12978s what's going on I mean to be fair this
12980s is actually the first game where dragons
12981s have been in the pool they've been out
12984s every other game so far so maybe the uh
12986s the patch that we had the other day had
12988s the hidden effects of making dragons
12989s just the best minion type in the game as
12992s as soon as they are legal to be played
12994s they're just sweeping this Lobby top to
12996s bottom
12997s yeah apparently I was under reading them
13000s this whole time as we have six uh six
13004s players playing Dragons six out of eight
13006s nine
13010s I I just I don't understand I mean
13013s you can see right here on the goth
13016s playing Dragons
13019s has a pretty solid setup but will not
13023s have an art will
13025s there is a breakpoint here actually this
13028s Reservoir survives oh but it goes into
13031s the razor first and so we'll just barely
13034s lose to the bronze word in of uh the
13039s Vigo
13041s and So speaking of lots of players going
13043s for Dragons how do you think that will
13045s fare for
13047s um
13048s Penguin Sound going for poisons and
13050s divine Shields mostly does that stack up
13052s well against dragons
13054s it doesn't because dragons have access
13056s to a lot of interesting tech one of the
13059s reasons dragons are weak is because they
13061s have to balance that right they have to
13064s keep in mind that hey nadina is an
13066s insanely strong card
13068s providing Shield to your whole board
13070s yeah the form of just one unit and so
13074s it's gonna be tough after media is also
13076s an option for them to tuck in later
13079s uh but we have our Bears blessing
13080s between two of our Dragon boards uh one
13083s featuring a golden calgos one featuring
13085s a golden tiragosa along with a couple of
13087s nether Drakes
13088s uh on Shaky's side
13091s oh it's close isn't it like obviously if
13094s this uh taragoza goes straight into the
13097s Leroy that's going to be lights out for
13099s shaksi but if that doesn't happen it's
13103s kind of close
13106s yeah it does seem like sexy is just
13109s perhaps too reliant in two units but
13112s yeah I mean so that brings the RNG into
13115s it and he does have a minted in hand he
13117s could consider ending on the Mantis and
13119s he will uh oh he's gonna add a poison
13122s poison as well okay that turns things
13125s around a little bit
13127s it does
13129s oh it's gonna be tight really where this
13132s uh taragosa goes on the first hit uh is
13135s going to be razor thin
13138s are you changing your pic I did I did I
13141s had the poison of the mantle oh for me
13144s no shame absolutely shame
13152s it's a disaster so is everyone plays the
13156s white man to try and counter some of
13158s this but it causes the promo Drake to
13160s get taunted and eat
13162s the uh the Leroy in sexy does take it my
13166s my
13167s shifting faiths are rewarded
13170s uh as zorku goes down
13175s speaking of going down
13177s penguin sun will take out you wait
13182s that's exactly the King has been
13185s dethroned a perfect lethal here on turn
13187s 11. penguin sun goes down and now this
13190s tourney is heating up
13191s how things start to get interested with
13193s Penguin Sound going down
13195s he's got four calicos on board
13200s oh my goodness
13203s this is an amazing game and who said
13207s dragons don't have scaling I did and I I
13210s uh eating crow now
13213s oh my goodness
13216s beautiful play we're gonna see zanyang
13219s pick up the tunnel Blaster does have
13221s that Leroy on board which is a little
13222s bit of an anti-synergistic situation but
13224s could lead with the Leroy if he wants to
13227s try and get value out of it
13230s um looks like he's gonna use it as
13232s potential cleave protection
13238s Sarah has moved away from too many
13241s dragons sort of shifting into a hybrid
13243s comp with a couple poison Rolex on board
13244s as well Vigo with that nadina and only a
13247s single cow gives pales in comparison to
13250s a couple of players who have golden
13252s calicus on board
13254s um zargo had that pseudo golden calgus
13256s with golden Hammer
13260s it's actually just getting by with these
13262s uh chiragosas and promo Drake's
13265s opting not to double buff the golden
13267s tear and that is a really interesting
13269s decision because again it comes back to
13271s a repeated theme that we've seen of not
13273s over investing into units right the
13275s territosis for now is enough to clear
13279s most units on any board and so opting to
13283s double buff the smaller one even out the
13285s relevant units on board to have a better
13287s chance than these combats
13290s oh uses the promo Drake to buff up the
13292s Leroy I love it yeah very nice really
13295s great decision there
13298s um
13299s are you guys come into a small poison
13302s now it comes down to the stats but again
13304s this golden character is just huge the
13307s glyph Guardian remains
13309s enough to clear it but there isn't
13311s enough to clear the rest and so it will
13314s be
13318s yeah a lethal of sword and so zanyang
13321s takes sword out and moves one step
13324s closer to putting the lobby and check
13325s himself
13327s how much was sawed on heading into this
13330s Lobby he was at 16 which means going
13333s down there in fifth is
13336s one off because he gets three points for
13339s that right instead of the four that he
13341s needed which is a real Heartbreaker
13347s so zanyang up against Vigo now
13350s simply levels
13353s that's it
13354s just levels and passes absolute Giga
13358s Chad plays he just he just was like I
13360s kind of need a breather you see I'm just
13362s kind of pivoting it
13364s Sarah again has moved out of another one
13368s of the Dragons Pew remain
13371s now three murlocs in place also has that
13375s enhance-o-matic reborn cemented a huge
13379s benefit of this Quest is being able to
13381s reborn mantis and levers that respawn
13384s with that poison tag or of course with
13387s that death rattle
13388s making it very very difficult to beat
13391s boards that feature them
13393s and why uh only a single selfless am I
13396s crazy for wanting to see the mounted B
13398s wind Fury there though just because then
13400s it has the higher chance of a Divine
13402s shield on the first iteration
13405s it's not crazy at all but I think with
13408s the buff he just wants to make sure that
13410s that selfless dies it is likely to sort
13414s of provide the same value but there's an
13416s argument that if you wanted to play for
13418s a little bit more upside
13420s uh
13421s that that you know that's absolutely the
13423s case Sarah it's 17.
13426s somewhat at risk of dying but not
13428s entirely can definitely take a hit if
13431s you know both of these tariffs live or
13433s something like that
13439s likely it's going to be this razor where
13441s this is the next unit to go but it's a
13443s punish
13443s the Manta doesn't get Divine Shield here
13446s yeah that's pretty brutal that can make
13448s a big difference I mean just look at all
13451s these Divine Shields this is exactly
13452s what you talked about when dragons start
13454s to take off the Medina really makes
13456s things go crazy
13458s absolutely Divine Shield
13461s upstairs for it
13462s not too shabby is this going to be
13465s enough the poison clear let me think and
13467s this is exactly it so we saw this
13469s selfless actually need that wintry to go
13471s off as well but
13473s uh regardless
13476s Sarah stays alive he's at eight health
13478s I'm the guy from Eco with seven zanyang
13481s at six now on tier six Euro
13485s characteristics looking for that nadina
13487s doesn't hit it
13490s and actually rolling past battlecrest at
13493s this point because that nadina at this
13495s point is vital to being able to progress
13498s from this stage the scaling is great
13500s without those Shields you're gonna lose
13504s to the players that do have their
13505s Shields and certainly a few other
13508s players do
13509s taxi being one of them with an Edina
13512s those terrics filled it up this time
13518s and now without that Medina to be found
13521s we'll just take the battle Christ that
13523s Zion can find
13526s we will probably see taunt on this Leroy
13529s which if shakshi does lead with his
13531s taragosa which it looks like he will
13532s trying to maximize value would be a huge
13536s spoon for zanyang trying to survive this
13538s fight that makes sense so that's why he
13540s went for the Anglo because he picked it
13542s over at Glasgow which I was pretty
13543s surprised about at this thought but now
13545s you lay out I mean that's a huge
13547s difference maker like imagine if this
13548s taragoza just slams straight into a
13550s LeRoy for example
13552s yeah and again I mean those Divine
13554s fields at this stage of the game that's
13556s the top of Zhong Young's mind he was you
13559s know looking for the nadina and then
13561s once you miss you have to you know take
13563s Plan B and that is to you know use that
13565s Lee raising out to try and even up that
13568s Shield count
13573s oh dozens itself
13577s oh interesting rough decision
13581s off and then it doesn't get extra value
13583s then small cow just goes into the poison
13585s and this is actually shaping up to be a
13588s very good fight for zanyang
13590s well the Manta takes out the Leroy
13593s though and that is not good the Cali
13596s goes too big it goes down and Shacks
13599s these terrigosa survive and will put out
13601s zanyang Sarah going down as well so it
13604s comes down to Vigo and shaxby Shacks he
13606s had 38 Health on the Alex Strazza did
13610s taxi know this was gonna be a dragon
13611s game was he like oh Ali dragons dragons
13614s here like got it I'll just pick up the
13617s Alex this is an easy 38 Health win no
13620s problem no sweat
13622s however there's some big results here
13624s though with the
13626s error going down in joint third that was
13629s right that puts him in with uh just
13631s enough points being able to qualify
13632s through uh to put the lobby in check
13636s Shacks he won't be able to do so nor
13638s will be go so I think it's getting very
13640s interesting now as both players really
13642s wanting that first place that extra
13644s point will make a huge amount of
13646s difference as to whether or not they'll
13647s be able to put the lobby in check next
13649s round
13652s yeah and zanyang with the lobby in check
13655s too so we're gonna have
13657s uh
13658s three three players with the lobby three
13661s players I don't think sword I think
13662s sword's a point short he's one-off yeah
13665s yeah
13666s so three players and again once you
13669s start to have multiple players with the
13671s lobby and check things really really
13674s start to change because you can't just
13676s Target one person like penguins on
13678s seemingly was this the only player to
13681s not buy in to the dragons
13686s um max 7 key obviously going in eighth
13688s the only other player that didn't find
13689s the dragon so it wasn't good tidings for
13692s anyone that passed up
13695s uh yeah you're right actually Max 70
13697s year not going for the the dragons I
13699s mean I have a lot to say about penguin
13700s certain because that was a weird game
13703s for him I'm not entirely sure it was
13705s approached in the best way but the
13707s card's really weren't falling into his
13708s lap in the right way to be fair to him
13710s as we see this battle between Schatzi
13712s and Vigo for the potentially last fight
13716s of the lobby if shots could take the win
13720s but it doesn't quite look like that's
13724s gonna happen it's really close
13727s it is so close but there won't be the
13730s value one Zordon is the last unit to
13733s survive the lasso for Vigo the second
13736s time that we've seen that doesn't eat to
13738s shax he's 38 taking him down to 30 but
13740s it's a long road ahead for Vigo
13744s he'll pick up battle craze continuing to
13747s try and scale with the single caligos it
13750s is
13752s so interesting to me it has been able to
13755s make the single challenges work when
13757s others you know zanyang had four on
13759s board wasn't able to get there just
13761s because he also has that Edina and
13762s that's why it's so difficult for you
13765s know the balance to be struck on these
13767s units when you have access to nadina you
13769s have to be very careful about what you
13772s add into the game because even a single
13775s colleges with the right Medina
13778s very very good
13781s oh and we might see an interesting play
13784s here she's actually with a couple Tech
13786s units in hand has the tunnel Blaster
13788s available Shields the nadina without
13790s even seeing you know what he's going to
13793s do at the end he already has his play in
13794s mind he's gonna pick up and cycle this
13796s glow scale
13799s a few few units in hand a couple extra
13801s gold looking at the zap to try and take
13805s out an Adena early or a different Tech
13807s unit
13808s yeah I mean what about this white Mane
13810s right does that have much utility here
13812s in this fight
13813s you can try and Target and plant
13816s something but generally it's used to
13819s counter combo boards
13820s not something like this but I I don't
13823s know what else you would play the tunnel
13825s Blaster feels very risky but he's gonna
13828s go for it wow he's gonna immediately
13831s Shield the manted guaranteeing it
13833s despite having three adapts available
13835s with the double ball of minions one of
13837s them stealth up we'll be at risk of
13840s going into this haunted mirror but
13842s doesn't
13848s [Music]
13850s trade with the Shields and the stats
13854s fevering shacksy oh yeah heavily this is
13856s over and yep
13859s ego not able to do the second time as
13862s the ball of minions balls of minions
13864s survive for chassis and this time there
13867s wasn't any doubt no technicalities you
13870s know dragons won they won in Sassy one
13874s in style following up those two eight
13877s slices with a emphatic first in game
13881s five that's right it's the definition of
13883s feast or famine for shaksi who was going
13885s in the last four games first last last
13887s first just the most extremes uh that you
13891s can possibly go for and he ends up in a
13893s decent position I think solidly in
13896s fourth or maybe just about fifth but
13899s basically right on the threshold of
13900s putting the lobby in check whereas for
13903s three of our players I believe that has
13905s already been done so for shaksi he's got
13908s two firsts already and I think if he
13911s wants to take this one down he might
13912s need two more uh in order to be able to
13915s keep anyone else from winning the
13917s tournament
13918s yeah
13919s we'll be tough but I believe in him I
13922s mean he's shown that he's got what it
13923s takes in I love the first to replay
13925s style I mean I talked about how good it
13927s is to be able to play for these second
13929s thirds and parts but like if I'm if I'm
13932s behind the controls if I'm in the
13934s driver's seat first or eight here we
13935s come let's go so um I'm gonna hope to
13938s see some more of that action from shaksi
13942s as um I uh a lot of the players down at
13946s the bottom uh some of the managing to
13948s call the way up a little bit more which
13950s we'll see once we get into the results
13951s but some of them staying uh very much
13954s down there uh and man I gotta say I
13957s think for me there have been some cool
13958s games uh over the day so far but not
13962s quite so memorable as this like six out
13964s of eight dragon game I honestly can't
13966s say I've ever seen the like and uh it
13969s puts us in a very interesting position
13970s in terms of the leaderboard
13972s and Lorinda said did shaxi actually
13976s passed my EV to take the alexstrasza
13979s he I I questioned his your choice right
13982s it was killing scene I'm like yeah one
13985s of those two for sure takes malagas
13986s guess I'm like ah I know something he
13988s doesn't I don't know what he's like
13990s takes the Alex here now he he's on to
13992s something I I man now this malicus
13995s mystery is just driving me insane but
13997s yeah here we do have the standings of
13999s the Penguins on him first the 23 points
14000s is anyone just behind at 22 and a half
14003s Sarah had 20 20.5 sword one point back
14007s so just needing a seventh to put the
14009s lobby in check she actually only needing
14012s a sixth and a half to put the lobby in
14015s check Vigo at 15. zorgo next seven key
14018s at 11 and 10 and a half so we'll be able
14021s to put the lobby in check but we'll
14022s certainly be playing for first as
14024s they're trying to prevent anyone else
14026s from ending this tournament before they
14028s can climb their way back up the
14030s standings
14031s yeah you've got three very distinct
14033s tears they're done you've got the
14034s players in check the players who can put
14036s the game in check next game and the
14038s players who need two more in order to do
14040s so uh so for the players down at the
14042s bottom uh in Max 7 key and so okay kind
14046s of needs to be two wins in a row or like
14048s a decent performance and then two wins
14050s in a row uh in order to be able to win
14052s this as it gets closer and closer to
14054s that inevitability of the tournament
14056s reaching its conclusion uh so let's keep
14059s the pace moving let's go to a break nice
14061s and quick and when we come back very
14063s likely or a good chance at least I will
14066s say of it being the final game of the
14069s tournament we'll see you then
14070s foreign
14073s [Music]
14089s [Music]
14095s [Music]
14099s foreign
14104s [Music]
14105s foreign
14107s [Music]
14147s thank you
14150s [Music]
14182s thank you
14183s [Music]
14201s thank you
14203s [Music]
14214s thank you
14216s [Music]
14229s foreign
14233s [Music]
14236s foreign
14237s [Music]
14272s you are watching the final day of Lobby
14275s Legends winter Veil the final Tournament
14278s of the year the final Battlegrounds
14280s Tournament of the year I should say and
14282s very potentially the final game here as
14285s things are really starting to heat up
14286s with three of our players having put the
14288s lobby in check and it's just a quick
14290s refresher as to how this works once you
14293s reach that 20 point threshold in the
14295s first few games of Battlegrounds a win
14298s is what you need first place in any
14300s given Lobby in order to win the
14303s tournament and what I can respect
14305s penguin sand strategy of going for a
14307s very first or eighth kind of game uh
14310s there in that previous Lobby it proved
14312s to be perhaps a little too risky or
14315s maybe too weak in that mid game to see
14318s through to that victory
14320s yeah it was definitely a tough matchup
14321s but I mean the idea was great I mean I
14324s totally thought that it was going to be
14325s stats and then poison murlocs like you
14329s know looking for that Divine shield on
14331s those that that can be a game-winning
14332s situation and she actually we're gonna
14334s look at his hero selection here he takes
14336s the chance okay you know okay it's
14339s reasonable Shacks his stuff he's done
14341s blowing me out of the water has Beast
14343s sin Miralax and lots of good Janda stuff
14346s so he takes a very normal pick in the
14348s Genesis penguin Sun ended up on the
14350s floor go so gonna try and go for those
14351s murlocs again but beasts and mechs are
14353s in this time so
14355s that made the game is going to be very
14357s scary for Penguins on this time around
14360s Zion who does have the lobby in check
14363s is on the zephyrus Sarah unhooked us
14367s this is a very interesting hook test
14368s game pirates are in nagarin it's a very
14372s good hotels game uh no those are out
14374s right it's the those are out those are
14376s out yeah sorry Elementals yeah beasts it
14379s flipped it it flipped because the green
14381s was good the green was good yes um but
14384s yeah it does hero power in turn one
14387s looks like it was just a single unit so
14389s didn't find that Alley Cat token has the
14391s option to grab an imprisoner here or a
14393s refreshing anomaly both of them have
14395s merits
14398s next I think he is under literally here
14402s up to two already we saw yesterday which
14405s be very strong in the hands of uh edgy
14408s sword
14409s who hit a very early catherineate here
14415s it looks like chassis was able to take a
14418s picky eater eating a 1-4 zargo with that
14421s token start on the gravo
14427s yeah yeah nothing too uh
14430s spicy having been found thus far demons
14433s are again in the pool so like you said
14434s max 7 key in with uh a good shot of
14437s making something happen with the zile
14440s uh because I think I'm gonna hold off
14442s until I see the quest before I go for my
14444s bandwagon this time I'm on Shore at the
14446s moment for sure and yeah I was gonna see
14448s if we check out lichby's board this time
14452s around we see Lich B not going three
14455s early and you asked last time oh sexy's
14458s got the token start oh yeah yeah yeah so
14461s does it hit it on turn one but turn two
14463s ready to go
14466s I like have Frozen Max savinki did just
14469s hit a very strong demon board and it was
14471s too much to pass up P back imp very
14474s strong combat unit and with that mind
14476s muck it was too many stats for going to
14478s uh
14479s to say no to because it saves so much
14481s health in the long run
14485s chassis with that token start eyes are
14487s gonna be on him
14495s okay I figured considering that three on
14497s three I mean you can kind of consider a
14499s little bit more maybe with Reno just to
14502s try and hit one of those units a little
14504s earlier but they don't really start
14505s cropping up until turn uh taverns here
14508s four or five
14511s which is probably the best ukulele King
14514s unit to hit on flergal has the war
14516s leader to go along with it which will
14518s provide some you know strength to his
14521s early game board of murlocs which he
14523s will certainly be playing into
14526s zanya and getting herself a nice thought
14528s as well
14530s yeah holding that pair this is always
14532s interesting to see how players deal with
14534s it he actually sold out of the tabby cat
14538s holding the apparent so now you wonder
14540s he's still on one he does have the
14542s option to triple it he also played
14544s everything playing for full strength
14546s into the Galaxy trying to buff up this
14548s hyena a little bit and I wonder if it
14550s was necessary
14552s yes no one even held for quests a little
14555s bit right from a player who needs first
14557s or nothing you would expect a little bit
14559s more grieve
14560s right that's a very good point
14563s zanyang one of those players with the
14565s lobby in there attack
14568s oh that's more pears in the shop though
14570s that's nice oh Place seven mixer beasts
14573s hopefully oh oh oh oh so hidden
14577s surgeable for by six fingers he tastes
14579s the enhance-o-matic
14581s um I'm in a Merlot Club but he does take
14582s it
14584s but we'll feel a little bit bad about
14586s committing those cats to the board oh
14589s you
14590s really want that Snicker snacks here
14592s right
14595s if you're going down the murlocs path
14598s four combats is a lot though it is and
14601s those quests you tendency players shy
14605s away from them because they're not
14606s really controllable we talked about
14608s players you know trying to control the
14609s random aspect
14611s this is something where you'd have to
14613s play weak for four turns you'd take a
14614s lot of damage by playing
14617s unoptimal uh attack orders
14621s I mean it is this sticker stacks on
14623s but he's gonna take sinful
14624s Medallion taking free stats along the
14627s way and then hoping in the late game
14628s that it just evolves into a poison
14630s battle and it's not relevant anyways
14635s all right I need to hurry up and pick
14637s what am I feeling here
14643s that is a good point I think
14645s I'm a little bit behind after getting
14647s the first one I haven't got any right
14649s but I'm gonna go with shaqsy I think the
14653s adaptability of the jaundice
14659s gonna win out
14661s all right fair enough he had to hit that
14663s token start I'm thinking a similar thing
14665s with zanyang where he's got uh what was
14667s it three pairs currently with I mean hey
14670s three wishes available on zephyrus uh I
14674s believe you can make it work uh sword on
14676s the other hand though with you know
14677s obviously not much scaling but a really
14679s nice high Tempo start here with the baby
14682s Crush very early baby crushing it's even
14685s gonna survive at once I'm doing eight
14688s the image on turn of four I am to vigo's
14693s Reno
14694s tough break
14698s we'll see with this setup
14700s I'm the patient Scout in the shop passes
14702s it finds a triple oh has roles for his
14705s quest so he's gonna likely roll this
14707s down what is the quest
14709s and she's prioritizing it this
14711s hard It's gotta be good is he gonna sell
14714s for it
14715s you'd have to imagine he really wants it
14718s completed on this turn right whatever it
14720s is so it looks like he'll get it
14723s at the start of your turn Okay so
14727s complete first I think it does but I'm
14730s not positive
14731s and I'm not sure if he's positive he
14733s doesn't want to take a chance though
14734s wants to make sure that he's getting the
14736s free Elementals and elements that are
14738s very strong we talked about the
14740s potential of Nomi boards we saw a little
14742s rag board piloted by shaksi yesterday
14744s win out
14747s yeah if he can just find himself a
14748s recycling wraith uh a major Domo any of
14752s these really nice synergistic cards that
14753s need a lot of Elementals to fuel the
14755s fires I think he's off to a very very
14758s powerful mid game
14759s definitely and has the ability to
14762s discover them a little bit easier with
14763s that Gala card hero power yes meanwhile
14766s Sarah also with the lobby and check has
14768s two triples lined up on the hook Tusk
14770s it's a very good hook to sloppy like I
14772s said and Sarah making the most of it
14775s we'll see I'm thinking it's gonna be
14777s fives here we have those beasts in we
14779s have those murlocs and we have those
14781s Elementals in
14784s yeah this is really good a chance of
14785s being a Nomi game right especially with
14787s hook Tusk to go hero power down into
14790s every settlemental being a huge boost to
14793s your game plan I think one of my
14795s favorite games that I played of all time
14797s was the hook test game that I believe I
14799s hear are powered into
14802s nine consecutive settlementals
14806s and uh it was definitely an elemental
14808s game
14810s unfortunately the hero power won't
14813s connect on a triple immediately for this
14816s hook Tusk but selling through gonna
14818s triple into the first five with the
14819s water droplet also completing quests at
14822s the same time the unlikely Duo from
14825s victim Specter is a huge pickup oh my
14826s goodness
14828s choices
14831s to know me and he's gonna play into this
14834s with the victim Factor he has victims
14835s like their life we could be seeing a
14837s turn seven
14838s double know me with another triple
14841s coming
14842s I love this play from Sarah this is a uh
14845s again it's a winner right he's one of
14847s the players with the lobby and check and
14848s this was like he might be able to get
14850s the job done shaksy lining up that
14852s triple next turn uh I would have to
14855s guess when we'll get a good look at that
14857s uh but oh okay maybe he's gonna go in so
14861s she actually has
14862s one more triple lined up Tavern Tempest
14866s with the first one gonna play this
14868s thesis first to sell out doesn't want to
14870s get rid of the hyena pair uh both for
14872s the board strength and obviously not
14875s able to get rid of this tabby cat just
14877s yet
14878s and this is the quest
14882s because I gave him ghostly masks
14885s so a free rental gonna be very nice and
14887s finds a crocod of high Tempo option I'm
14890s gonna unfreeze just before the turn runs
14893s out that's sick nice nice turnover grabs
14895s another pair
14898s wow this is gonna be a crazy game what
14901s zorgo has cookbook done already
14905s it's only turned six that's insane quick
14908s and he has that rainbow hero power that
14911s sort of holster him in this mid game
14914s provide a little bit of extra Tempo he
14916s won't be able to clear this hyena but
14918s everything else goes down he's taking
14920s only five damage this is the first
14922s damage he's taken all game
14925s still I have 40 Health with an armored
14928s Romanian
14929s [Applause]
14930s oh
14936s homie it is a hero part doesn't hit an
14938s elemental you see how fast he's going he
14940s knows what's in his hands
14942s oh finds the Domo does he want it Domo
14945s right now
14946s that's actually a very tough decision
14948s he's also looking at the tabs yeah I
14952s think pass it is skipping it be rewarded
14954s with a smogger way more stats on the
14957s board feeling good with that little rag
14958s getting buffed and of course anything
14961s proc in the Nomis I would love to say at
14964s some point as well after we've seen the
14965s triple here
14966s um
14967s act seven key because we did see he had
14969s the zile and the uh
14973s the Catherine the tear as well I believe
14976s uh which we saw how much that extra gold
14978s helps out right yeah last time we saw
14981s this it was a an instant Lobby winner I
14984s think this time though a little bit less
14987s impressive from what we're seeing from
14988s Max 7 oh
14990s insane that she actually hit a brilliant
14994s now yeah that's huge we'll go to five
15001s we are
15003s it's gonna play The Tavern to this right
15006s away triple cell for it
15010s pick up both of those yeah well happily
15013s Rendell those bad boys huge pick
15018s a scaling
15019s that's
15021s good
15022s really good
15040s it does need to be a quick turnaround
15042s now because shaksi is going to tank a
15044s lot of damage here
15047s oh man he does not have long to turn
15051s this one around now does he and it all
15052s does find it only off of that Europe are
15055s in this thesis and the shop is going to
15056s get buffed up
15057s [Music]
15062s Cyclone finds us in Sacramento oh my God
15067s is this it
15069s this feels like it might be it poggy
15076s [Music]
15079s Cyclones on the board and turn a double
15081s Nomi smarter to boot
15084s he's gonna triple The Gnome because none
15086s of these Elementals are gonna die yeah I
15091s unbelievable it sells out of the little
15094s rig just to keep
15096s high quality copies on the victim
15098s specter
15100s someone needs to deal with this fast I
15102s mean he's at 15. he is vulnerable but
15105s this is going out of control quickly for
15108s Sarah on the hook tusk
15110s but I mean for Penguins down here that's
15111s a very interesting bullet to have in
15112s response because
15114s I mean it gets a little bit more
15116s complicated when you factor in the
15118s Wildfire Elementals and the cracklings
15120s as well but Elementals in general are
15122s fairly weak to murlocs right with it
15124s just being raw stats and fairly limited
15128s amounts of divine Shield yeah when it is
15130s just for us that's it can be dangerous
15132s but
15134s this is one of those interesting
15135s situations where Sarah does have a lot
15138s of resources because he's so strong even
15140s at 15 it's going to be really hard for
15142s him to take a lethal like one shot just
15144s he's too strong you know
15147s um
15148s and with that he's gonna have time to
15151s find that recycling wraith and then with
15153s that recycling wraith look for those
15155s crackling Cyclones and wildfires did we
15157s see some taxis for him she's actually
15159s gonna be not too happy about what he
15161s sees on the other side though it's going
15163s to take a lot of damage can I dude was
15166s it the Nomi that did go down here
15170s I can't remember but it's got to be a
15172s good shot of being right yeah
15174s would definitely prefer the Nomi over
15177s the crackling Cyclone as the crackling
15178s Cyclone triple whip lose some stats but
15180s and that's a huge
15183s break for Sarah who even finds a blue
15186s shell should that last oh there's a
15188s result oh that's so good already at 25
15191s 24 the board says freed up Elemental get
15195s out of here Elemental get out of here
15198s this one's over at this point
15202s whoa what oh my God
15207s it's an only game
15211s the chef is in the house and he's
15213s cooking up a storm
15216s a storm of Elementals
15221s wow
15224s and he just freezes he he doesn't want
15226s to waste anything he's so strong here
15229s this is turn nine this board is pretty
15233s strong on something like
15235s turn 10 turn 11.
15237s being a full couple turns ahead of
15240s everyone is so dangerous we do see
15242s penguin sun has that brand note and that
15244s is a huge pickup
15246s in the shop he's gonna grab a lot of
15248s Health out this cold lights here
15249s the question really now though I think
15251s is not really where the players can beat
15254s Sarah later on in the game because they
15256s may be able to with poison scam but more
15258s so can they stop him now before he just
15260s breaks out of orbit and truly becomes
15262s almost infinite in terms of the stats
15264s he's gaining he's gonna be up against
15266s Vigo I believe we saw him up against who
15269s uh right now I want to say it doesn't
15271s quite feel like he's there he's got a
15273s kind of almost leapers composition which
15276s again can be enough to be Elementals uh
15279s but I don't see it happening right now
15281s absolutely in the zanyang
15284s not even committing this reborn down I
15288s think that's a reborn but I bandwagon
15291s should I see what that token start but
15293s there's double coiler a golden Croc a
15296s monitor oh well you're a spawn I mean
15300s check he's with him
15302s and the lever goes into the genie yeah
15305s sexy is fine
15308s still a lot left to go here and oh
15312s yeah lucky that that Croc went down
15314s because that's a lot of summons that
15316s would have been bumping up these beasts
15318s oh man this is actually quite close
15324s yeah so sexy will just be okay
15328s the cycling and the recycling rate
15330s surviving a huge snipe on that crockless
15334s still no one else
15336s takes 12. it goes underneath damage cup
15340s and that is a big deal because like you
15341s said zanyang also with a chance here oh
15345s and that's what the reborn saved for
15346s there we go look at that instantly
15348s played onto that Leroy the mama bear
15351s goes Rock just a little bit stronger and
15354s do we see this Divine Shield come down
15356s yes we do
15357s or he's holding
15361s considering I mean again zhangyang's
15364s thought process the entire time here
15367s needs to be is this a winning play does
15369s this win the lobby for me or is this
15371s just playing to survive wait
15373s seriously five
15376s we lost again his last match was it was
15380s against I'm pretty sure it was against
15381s Vigo right who had
15384s on the Reno leapers I mean maybe not I
15386s must be mistaken that looks so small
15390s Golden Bird he arena is
15397s unbelievable and he has theater's
15400s parasol yeah he must have golden the
15403s baron Riverdale last turn oh my goodness
15407s with taunt in the shop
15410s oh my goodness it this it might not be
15412s over
15414s the hero that everyone else needed this
15416s feels very quick to have accrued such a
15419s strong leapist composition like again no
15421s parrot no golden uh leaper quite yet but
15424s like you say could be the savior of the
15426s lobby
15427s just the power of that golden Baron you
15430s get so many extra frogs and with those
15433s summons just also some like sewer rats
15436s all of a sudden some in three and they
15438s look like rat packs but they all have
15439s taunt and you can't get through them and
15441s the stats just build and build and build
15443s and oh wait a second Sarah also this
15448s double damage on the taunt playing down
15450s six but the golden Cyclone doing a lot
15452s and the cleave misses it goes to the
15455s corner and that's a disaster yeah
15457s that'll do it Max 70 goes down again and
15460s he just cannot catch a break
15464s yeah you've got that Perfect combo ropes
15466s oil plus the Catherine the tear but
15467s nowhere near good enough as the leapers
15470s composition
15472s dear I
15474s I'm going down the stats yeah he asked a
15478s little bit too small now this is zorgo I
15481s mean he's that 41 Health total
15484s oh sword goes down sword had a fantastic
15489s Elemental setup had potential but wasn't
15491s able to get something going fast enough
15493s oh my god there couldn't be any closer
15496s it's the party Elemental survives
15497s everyone else that's so sick
15501s so zarco at 41 also looking to be in
15505s position in I mean if he can get the
15507s cookbook
15509s oh and Lorena's chosen a tough time you
15512s know a tough matchup what
15514s this is insanely hard actually holy crap
15524s khadgar to boot
15526s yeah good point
15530s that takes up three
15534s oh man it's tight isn't it there's like
15536s there's a hundred Health murloc on the
15539s other side but if that can survive the
15541s leroys then I thought there's a chance
15543s for penguins and are you even gonna have
15545s space for the leros the positioning is
15547s so difficult for zanya that's true yeah
15551s oh yeah of course with the death rattle
15553s of the
15554s the high man I mean those coilers could
15558s potentially get saved bam I mean even if
15563s that
15565s he's hoping to go second here actually
15568s and and hoping that the Jaime dies first
15570s yes yeah correct oh he does he changes
15573s he leads with it now which I like a
15576s little bit better because you really are
15577s gonna need this Leroy to summon as much
15579s as possible
15587s who I guess I'm gonna go with zanyang
15589s but it is this is tough
15593s oh man we're disagreeing again I think
15595s I'm going with penguins on it but I'm
15597s already getting the suspicion that
15598s you're correct you usually are
15601s I mean it's it's really going to come
15603s down I mean I'm I'm mostly hoping that
15606s one of these coilers can summon
15607s something good
15608s but it is no sure thing
15612s and it's not even leading with a small
15614s solimental as a bumper it's a nice
15616s birthday
15621s depending on how you look at it
15623s in lasagna might be out here
15627s the leader is gone one closing down but
15631s a lot of stats remain and that is not it
15634s there's summons with that golden Croc
15637s it's a lot of stats but I don't think
15639s it's enough oh quite it's oh that's a
15643s huge hit with that guy there's that it
15646s is close though it sucks
15649s it is so close one of them goes down
15651s it's not enough it's not an
15654s it's just shy yeah but it's not lethal
15656s zanya survives so you are victorious
15659s with that lyrics but wow what a close
15661s fight a great choice by Lorinda he's
15664s killing it killing us rather
15666s addictions he really is and I'm willing
15669s to admit I think you had the better pick
15672s there I just managed to High Roll that
15674s uh Leroy snipe uh from penguin Sun but
15677s hey I gotta take him where I can get him
15678s as we see Sarah once again with what is
15680s this now a golden recycling Ray that
15683s just absolutely flying uh through all of
15687s these Buffs now
15688s nearly a 200 200 and picking up a lot of
15692s that utility that we talked about it has
15693s tunnel blasters in hand has a wildfire
15695s two golden Cyclones this ball of minions
15698s is going to be huge where will it land
15700s it lands on the Nomi keep that relevant
15703s okay I guess again you kind of want that
15706s to die with the uh
15709s The Wraith but you take it or the
15711s Specter sorry
15713s yeah it is it is a bit harder for it to
15715s go off now so he's not going to be too
15717s concerned about any value from victims
15719s Factory aside from just getting maybe an
15721s extra Elemental to it cycle through and
15723s utilizing that gold and now we get to
15726s see a real WordPress wow
15730s tell me exactly how powerful
15733s can be my Lord look at this he just
15737s keeps getting bigger and bigger and that
15740s sinful Medallion doing a ton actually to
15743s bolster the stats of these Rolex and
15745s this is legitimately gonna be hard for
15748s even Sarah to deal with the huge
15750s Elementals uh taking a void Lord is
15753s interesting he has to try and play
15754s around Leroy to the next step or the uh
15758s he's cycling yeah the cyclone and he's
15760s likely going to end on the tunnel
15762s Blaster and the voiler not having a ton
15764s of time
15766s only the tunnel blaster
15769s not wanting to commit fully he's at 25
15773s knows that he's also playing for this
15776s tournament
15777s and it's gonna be a great decision as
15780s the leeway is first
15782s that Cyclone now likely to run into a
15784s poison or rather the poison runs into it
15786s and hang on the Sun
15793s he's dead we thought Sarah had a chance
15796s and now penguin's son on the floor goal
15799s says you guys doubted me you thought
15801s this was over for Sarah it's over for
15804s everyone else I've got this
15807s is what I'm actually also doing oh
15811s so Argo goes down on the cooked book
15814s and so now what have we got it
15816s poison murlocs went down to the ghost
15821s really oh it's a top two penguin's son's
15825s trying to end this it turns six
15829s he lost to the leapers
15831s oh my God
15833s unbelievable and the leapers might have
15837s been the only building can deal with
15838s penguin Sun's board taxi The Last Hope
15841s for this Lobby
15843s yeah what's he got uh he does have some
15847s pretty nice uh Elementals I will say
15849s even though Elementals often feel pretty
15851s weak as we've said to the murlocs he's
15854s got a golden uh Wildfire Elemental
15857s alongside the crackling with Divine
15859s Shield as well like if ever there was an
15861s Elementals board to deal with murlocs
15862s this feels like it would be a
15866s but this is a tough choice now I'm
15869s speechless
15871s um good trait for Acosta
15874s true I just don't see any way that
15879s penguin song loses honestly really
15882s apparently
15884s don't I guess so he's just too big right
15887s there's so many stats uh
15890s sexy has these masters of realities but
15893s they don't clear the Cyclone can't break
15896s she actually has to sell the Wildfire
15898s Elemental because it's not big enough
15900s there's 100 73 Health on the swamp
15904s Striker 175 now even playing around the
15907s Lost conditions with this voidlord a
15909s perfect Tech to end on and
15912s sexy is only at six Health he has no
15914s more time he has to win this combat I
15916s don't know how he does it it's All or
15918s Nothing the hopes of every other player
15921s in the lobby resting on Shacks his
15923s shoulders here but as you said this
15925s looks very very unlikely gets a shield
15929s but the void Lord will eat
15931s the poisons Remain the Cyclone won't you
15936s get a shield
15937s uh as it hits into the world summon
15943s not enough
15946s a perfect lethal
15950s here's one
15953s oh my God
15956s an unbelievable performance ending yeah
15961s so well played by Penguin Sound from
15962s start to finish like that was just such
15965s a gorgeous wave to end exactly lethal
15968s Noah over there no flourishes or
15970s anything like that and poison murlocs
15973s despite having a really uh slim presence
15975s on day one really not making themselves
15978s known are the winning composition on day
15980s two after just an absolutely pristine
15983s weekend of play uh from penguin Sun
15987s yeah I I mean what a plot twist there it
15990s looked like Sarah had it in the bag
15992s everything was going right penguin Sun
15996s just perfect play I mean had the lobby
15999s in check so early maybe Sarah did the
16003s lobby of or did Penguins on a favor by
16005s distracting everyone from who the real
16008s threat was as a fantastic play and I
16012s mean
16013s we said from the very beginning of today
16015s that penguin sun was out to win here the
16020s only player besides Max 7K to be in the
16023s finals obviously next seven key winning
16025s last time Penguins on wanted his chance
16027s and gets it with a phenomenal
16030s performance with flurgal hit that early
16032s brand took the sinful Medallion to get
16035s those sets just high enough winning by
16037s nine Health on that swamp Striker
16039s absolutely every decision that he made
16042s was crucial
16043s to winning this fight right here which
16046s wins him 20
16048s 000 oh my Lord what a finish
16052s yeah huge congratulations to penguins
16054s that I didn't see to the entire Japanese
16056s Battlegrounds Community I know that the
16058s Japanese casters were cheering him on
16060s from the sidelines and uh it's a
16062s passionate crowd indeed and uh well
16065s deserving of taking the trophy here is
16068s as I said the entire Japanese Community
16069s but mainly for penguins and himself
16072s after such a strong performance there uh
16076s I just can't say it any clearer right
16077s like look at this performance today only
16079s two games where he didn't finish in
16081s first or second the first uh you know
16084s winning two lobbies overall impeccable
16087s play from start to finish
16089s yeah absolutely wonderful just a pure
16093s demonstration of skill zanyang not too
16096s shabby himself actually just finished
16098s solidly again and again to pick up
16101s second place on points and Chachi with
16103s three phenomenal performances himself
16105s actually takes third
16107s and Sarah uh ties but with that single
16112s first only fourth place sword Vigo zorgo
16115s and Max 7 keep following him up but wow
16118s I just can't State enough
16120s how amazing penguin sun has been not
16123s just in this Lobby Legends but
16125s throughout his performances in lobby
16127s Legends always made it through the
16129s qualifiers every time he showed up made
16132s it to the finals twice and wins the last
16134s Lobby Legends of the Year proving he
16137s belongs and I just fantastic I mean the
16141s plays were so good
16144s truly so so clean from start to finish
16146s now however
16148s my Jubilation has to take a slightly
16150s downward turn as this is a shocking
16153s performance from me compared to
16155s yesterday
16157s absolutely I couldn't get the bandwagons
16159s done
16160s penguin Sun ended it too fast I didn't
16162s have enough chances that's what I'm
16164s blaming it on but uh unfortunately
16167s Lauren did too good at a job with the
16169s pharaoh's blessing in my hedge pick
16171s ended up being correct I truly didn't
16173s want it to be but it's tough he he was
16176s doing good
16177s uh and we ended exactly on six we were
16180s close penguin Sun didn't want us to have
16182s this one either
16183s yeah I'm still salty about it will a
16186s player win with a dragon on board like
16188s it's against the spirit of the game come
16190s on a ball of minions it's like sure
16192s there's a dragon somewhere in there but
16194s it's got you know a quilboar's bum in
16196s its face like it's not really living the
16198s true life of a dragon it's just stuffed
16200s in a ball there to be fair game five was
16203s all about the dragons completely out of
16206s left field had no idea it was coming but
16208s they ran Supreme and so I would have got
16210s it anyways I didn't win okay I did it
16212s that way but um it did happen and we did
16215s both get the game reaching turn 11
16218s without an elimination
16220s we got that one right at least but I
16222s will say I I feel like I've may have
16224s saved things a little bit with my
16226s fantasy picks with having picked a
16228s penguin sound at the start and uh
16230s getting a couple of the bandwagon picks
16232s as well so I'll be curious to see who
16234s out of me or you uh one in terms of the
16237s uh the puzzle box and the uh Tavern body
16239s predictions thinking you won oh
16244s I'm not even destroyed it because the
16245s fantasy team look at that you crushed it
16248s I couldn't compete no chance there
16252s that does feel a little bit unheavily
16254s weighted I gotta say because you crushed
16256s me in like pretty much every other the
16257s bandwagon like you know I got lucky I
16259s guess but well GG my friend Gigi well
16263s played total respect you you knew that
16267s fantasy team picks I mean it's hard it
16269s is really hard so full credit to you all
16272s these players are so good knowing
16274s exactly who was gonna take it I mean I
16276s think you had sexy and Penguins on is
16279s that yeah and yeah I mean they both
16282s killed it so
16283s well played by you and well played by
16286s all the players today the games really
16288s were fantastic all the way through
16291s um I just had an absolute pleasure
16293s casting them with you
16295s oh me too man this was so such a good
16297s time and uh thank you so much for always
16300s having uh an answer to the questions
16302s that I pretend to ask as the audience
16305s surrogate as to illicit Insight from you
16307s but I genuinely just have no idea what's
16309s going on so you managed to Ferry me
16311s through very nicely as well
16313s yeah no pleasure was all mine
16316s and uh yeah glad to do it the totals oh
16319s come on
16321s day two I know you got it you earned it
16324s you say you don't know what was going on
16326s but you have some idea clearly so
16329s proving that here
16331s yeah the dots at the uh the board coming
16334s in clutch for me again as I just pick
16336s completely randomly but I will I will
16338s happily take it for again the last
16340s lovely Legends of the year and uh what a
16343s year it has been uh I think we've really
16345s seen the Battlegrounds Community come
16347s into its own and seen some real
16350s celebrities be made right we're seeing a
16352s lot of these repeat performers and none
16354s is more emblem sorry emblematic of that
16356s than penguin Sun who uh I've talked
16359s about it many times has not just been a
16361s strong performer today and his victory
16363s really just felt like an an
16365s inevitability more so than a surprise
16367s outcome here yeah certainly just a
16370s matter of time before he was able to win
16371s one and that's what's been cool watching
16373s Lobby Legends throughout the year is
16375s that you get to see these amazing
16378s players make these amazing decisions
16380s that you can't see anywhere else I have
16382s watched so much competitive
16383s Battlegrounds but there's nothing like
16385s this the check format the caliber of the
16387s players coming around the world together
16390s to play these games for our viewing
16392s pleasure
16393s uh it just can't be beaten I can't wait
16396s for more I can't wait to see the
16398s competitive scene grow and just see
16400s where Lobby Legends can go
16402s well we have to say thank you so much
16404s for everyone watching us this weekend uh
16407s make sure on the uh what day is it
16411s exactly uh the 16th of December you join
16415s us if you're a fan of standard for the
16416s Hearthstone World Championships uh here
16418s on the uh the Youtube channel uh not the
16420s twitch page so make sure you are
16422s subscribed there if you're not already
16423s and uh one more final congratulations to
16426s Penguin Sound unfortunately we won't be
16427s able to get a word with uh him after his
16430s win because uh my Japanese is not quite
16433s where it should be I don't think uh so
16435s we will uh see that other World
16437s Championships should you choose to join
16439s us and uh thank you again to Pocky and
16442s production for making this all such a
16443s wonderful experience
16446s [Music]
16449s [Applause]
16450s [Music]
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16574s [Applause]
16575s [Music]
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16583s [Music]
16602s [Music]
16608s [Music]
16619s thank you
16621s [Music]
16627s [Music]
16629s this will be exactly if the baron
16632s doesn't die and the baron doesn't die
16634s five plus five plus one plus one is
16636s going to be the 12 needed very nicely
16640s done
16640s [Music]
16643s foreign
16644s [Music]
16649s Shield coming back but it goes straight
16651s into the selfless and now this is a
16654s monstrous number of attacks still to get
16656s through yeah this
16658s yeah the shore John you taking it down
16660s at the first attempt
16664s [Music]
16683s thank you
16688s [Music]
16696s [Music]