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952s the wind guaranteed to knock him out as
955s well that's seven damage exactly man
958s liked it however the game of his life
959s now turning it around
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972s welcome everybody to day two of Lobby
975s Legends Castle northria yesterday had a
978s lot of exciting action with um people
980s messing around with quests and today
981s will be more of the same I'm sure as
983s they battle it out for their share of
985s the 50 000 prize pool with me as with
988s yesterday is my incredibly helpful
990s analyst Lee Lee how did you find it
992s yesterday and what are you looking
993s forward to today
995s uh yeah yesterday was really fun um I
998s enjoyed that it was so close for both
1000s the lobbies with two players sneaking in
1002s just the uh the bottom those top four
1006s um sleepy and Matsuri and today I'm
1009s looking forward to some more uh pretty
1013s riskier play Styles than you've seen
1015s yesterday because for today they do have
1017s to win a match at the end to win the
1020s whole tournament yeah and I think sleepy
1023s in particular is somebody I always pick
1024s on for like extreme results but also the
1026s reigning Champion um is back then go to
1028s a player that we'll be looking for those
1031s wins and like you say sleepy and that's
1033s really two players I'm sure you've
1035s played against hundreds and hundreds of
1036s times regular America's ladder finishes
1039s so I can see why you single those out
1042s but yeah they both snuck through when
1044s especially in Missouri's case we thought
1046s it was impossible pretty much here is
1048s the overview that you're talking about
1049s the bottom two bits of what matter we
1050s have advanced to Sunday already the
1053s final Lobby will feature the check
1054s format which means that first of all you
1057s have to get to 20 points and then you
1059s have to win a Lobby and Lee I don't know
1062s if you actually played in that format
1063s yet obviously you will at some point but
1066s um do you think that is an advantage for
1068s those players who are used to taking a
1070s risk or are all these players good
1072s enough or just adapt anyway
1074s I think there'll be a slight Advantage
1077s but not much because all these players
1079s did you know qualify at some point
1081s through ladder so they know what it's
1084s like to you know take down a lot of
1086s Victories for a lobby but I do think the
1089s players that you mentioned before
1090s sleeping room gosu since they're more
1093s used to you know playing in a play style
1095s where they do win a lot I think it'll be
1098s advantageous for them here yeah
1099s absolutely and I was having a quick look
1101s before the broadcast at how the players
1105s have done across Lobby Legends I'm just
1107s adding it up again now because I didn't
1108s believe the number I came to but 12 13
1111s 16 22 32 wins in lobby Legends matches
1116s um Lobby wins between all of these
1117s players already in qualifiers over the
1120s last sort of six tournaments that's a
1122s lot because we haven't had this is six
1124s tournaments small sample size these are
1126s players who are repeatedly getting here
1128s and in the case of the the two Chinese
1130s players we don't even have the stats for
1132s their for their qualifiers because
1134s they're quite hard to get hold of I did
1135s get hold of a couple of Seasons but not
1137s the recent Seasons so we're looking at
1140s players who are very used to winning
1142s across the board also obviously
1144s yesterday we did trial The Tavern buddy
1148s thank you for people on Twitch who are
1149s taking part in this and again have some
1152s fun with it again today you can do the
1154s first two things now the fantasy team
1157s where you're going to pick the top three
1159s players in each group there's only one
1161s group today it's one lobby so
1163s um easy enough out of the eight
1164s remaining players pick the three you
1166s think are going to do well I think Lee
1169s destroyed me across the board on all of
1171s these yesterday apart from the bandwagon
1173s where you kept forgetting to pick
1174s secondly we've got the puzzle box I'm
1177s just gonna go straight through these you
1180s predict the events of today's matches
1181s basically there's lots of you know will
1184s this happen will this not happen how
1187s many of these things will happen how
1188s many of these things won't happen
1189s they're the two you should be sorting
1191s out now while we're getting set up then
1193s there's the BAM and the wagon this is
1196s the first four turns of the game you've
1198s got to pick who's gonna do well in that
1200s Lobby you get more points for picking
1202s earlier but you can change your mind if
1204s you don't like how your play is going
1205s and finally babov's blessing which
1209s should be TJ's something that sounds
1212s like blessing TJ's task I don't know
1216s um two sides of the match it will show
1218s in their shop for the whole turn and you
1221s will have to pick who you think is going
1223s to win that particular fight and Lee you
1226s destroyed me yesterday so what's the
1228s strategy that people should be using to
1229s to maximize their points in this game
1231s um yeah if I had uh you know exposed my
1235s secrets which I guess I will
1237s um I probably say just like in the game
1240s of Battlegrounds
1242s um it's interested to be more realistic
1244s with uh what you think will happen like
1246s if you really like this hero or this
1248s Quest reward but you gotta think how
1251s many games are actually played today
1252s what's the chances of that you know it
1255s doesn't actually picked and then the
1257s chances it'll actually go through so
1260s um the sample size today like it may
1262s only be like four to eight games so you
1265s have to use that to weigh your decisions
1267s today yeah absolutely I just quickly
1269s looking at how the points work there
1271s obviously we talked about getting to 20
1272s points that's how you do it you just
1274s keep playing Battlegrounds you get that
1276s many points for your finish in each
1278s particular game until you've got 20 and
1280s then you still keep getting the points
1282s um the person with the most points if
1284s they don't win in the check format will
1285s get second place which is seven and a
1287s half thousand dollars as we'll see in a
1289s moment so very much worth still getting
1291s those points
1293s all the way through there we go thank
1295s you but if you do win when you've got
1298s the lobbying check you do pick up that
1299s ten thousand dollars and the the right
1302s to call yourself a Lobby Legends
1304s champion which you know there haven't
1305s been many of these that's a nice thing
1306s to have especially for you know the
1309s streamers and such like as well who can
1310s just put Lobby latest champion and click
1312s bait titles and things like that
1316s and in that case it actually wouldn't be
1317s a quick beat
1319s true
1320s absolutely true and then you have to
1322s change it to X Champion or you just keep
1323s it as Champion that's always a debate
1325s would you say to you on for um somebody
1328s who has won a world championship years
1330s ago his five out of world champion or is
1332s he an ex-world Champion how do you
1333s classify
1336s um I'd say it's kind of like the
1337s president like once you're president you
1339s know you'll always be president that's
1341s how I feel waste
1342s that's fair that's definitely one half
1344s of it that's why I asked it's like good
1347s very easy take both sides though I'm
1349s kind of with you I kind of like the fact
1350s you've earned the right to be called
1352s um the world champion
1356s so yep Lobby Legends champion would
1358s never be clickbait for as long as you
1360s continue to stream because it sounds
1362s good here's some of the action from
1363s yesterday uh Colin's there winning the
1366s first Lobby and failing to get through
1368s and this is the man who benefited sleepy
1370s who took an athletes twice in a row I
1373s believe there to just get enough points
1375s to get through
1376s uh yeah I believe so and I heard from
1379s yesterday that he actually didn't think
1381s it's gonna make it through so he left
1384s just the blast of steam and then he came
1386s back he was like oh I made it through so
1388s I'm happy to see him uh today I mean to
1391s be fair the fourth place was his best
1394s finish and his other two finishes were
1395s both
1396s they they were better than they looked
1399s like an equal fifth which felt like a
1401s top eight and I think the other one was
1403s another equal fifth or similar to that
1405s which also felt like a top eight so he
1407s probably felt like he hadn't got through
1409s but
1410s sometimes the numbers fought your way
1412s because of um Peter Babbitt and then
1416s goes to dominating all three games to
1418s some degree it just meant that a low
1421s number of points got you through in the
1422s top four
1424s yeah and I mean that's just something
1425s that happens as well too like
1427s um the spirit can be so varied so never
1430s really want to give up like in the case
1432s of Mastery as well if you've had only
1435s two points I think a seven eight and a
1437s sixth seventh leading into his third
1439s game but he still managed to make it
1441s through off of the very small chance
1444s um
1445s that the other players placed the way
1446s they did yeah that was the thing but so
1448s we not only needed that top two finish
1449s but
1451s um needed all the other players to
1453s finish pretty much in the exact order
1455s they finished in which was pretty
1457s ridiculous and we weren't sure right up
1458s until the end not because we can't work
1460s it out but when you're casting and
1461s there's numbers coming in we're not
1463s official sources we don't like to say
1465s hey we're this has happened because you
1467s know if it hasn't then people are going
1468s to say hey well the cast has said
1471s teacher yeah you never want to be in
1473s that spot
1473s but yeah it looks like that we don't
1476s mind giving a guide as to how we think
1477s it's gone but yeah you never know what's
1480s going to happen when the numbers are
1481s added up especially there's a mistake we
1482s haven't seen or something but let's have
1486s a look at the puzzle box questions for
1488s today
1489s what's going on there I'll let Lee have
1493s a look through these and have a chat
1494s about them
1495s uh yeah so again we have six questions
1498s like we did yesterday and
1501s um we're gonna have the first question
1502s is will a player with either sire
1505s tenacious or Mark Holmes both new heroes
1507s from the latest patch a little different
1510s from just this question which is just
1512s Master Nguyen
1514s um this time around since there's two
1516s Heroes and I think both of them are
1518s quite popular I had to go with the the
1520s yes that's what you did and then I
1522s strongly believe that stone gold is one
1524s of the best quests so I also have to go
1527s with yes on stone gold being the winning
1530s quest for a game
1532s and
1533s from my experience for these lobbies at
1536s least 10 turns is
1538s not too long of a time and I feel like
1542s most players do end up making it past
1545s that especially if it's just one uh one
1548s game so right I think a game will go
1550s past
1551s um ten turns now nomination that's a
1553s massive change right when we when we did
1555s the lobby Legends 304 I'm not sure which
1558s but the one where nagas had just been
1560s released like you were winning on turn
1562s ten sometimes people were dying on turn
1565s six and seven if they didn't get the
1567s stuff they were looking for so it's an
1568s incredibly different meta
1571s yeah
1573s um this time around I think since
1575s there's nothing that's super dominant or
1577s at least uh can eliminate players that
1579s quickly yeah the game's gone longer
1581s which is always a win for the players in
1583s the audience I think
1585s and um we both decided there wasn't
1587s going to be another of those festivals
1590s that just go on for 22 turns today that
1593s was um quite crazy I say watching that
1595s really intricate battle as well between
1599s the Exotic Pirates and somebody trying
1600s to not lose to that all right we have um
1603s today's lineup there we go there's the
1605s four players out in force
1608s um we've got the fantasy teams coming up
1609s in a bit but who would you pick if you
1610s had one pick only out of these
1613s if I had one pick only I would I think
1616s go for a bit about it I think he's in
1619s probably the best farm he's ever been in
1621s and I think this is going to be a
1623s tournament
1624s yeah I think he's been on fantastic form
1627s as well I'm going to pick
1629s um
1630s well if I had to pick one person I'd
1632s probably pick them in gosu but there we
1634s see the fantasy teams where I've gone
1636s for sleepy who's a very aggressive
1638s player I've picked East Leaf again I
1640s picked him yesterday knowing not that
1641s much about him but it is his second time
1643s here and people coming back tend to do
1645s better the second time and I've got with
1646s penguin sound very similar
1649s um Choice there and you've gone for the
1652s more popular picks I think
1653s yeah I think I've gone for mostly the
1656s same as yesterday as well I chose all
1658s three of these players in my fantasy
1660s from yesterday
1663s um but yeah interesting enough I think
1665s the pen that's not pick is quite a good
1667s one
1668s um I believe he even came up with some
1669s stats for for him as well
1672s yeah
1673s um so Penguins played 15 games in lobby
1676s legends that we've seen and he's one of
1678s four of them and he's only been in the
1680s bottom of three twice
1683s um it says to say was the really
1684s interesting one though he's played 41
1686s Lobby Legends matches already
1688s and won eight of those and again we'll
1691s talk about some of the others later but
1693s Vim gosu just stands out he's played 23
1697s matches the top 23 right seven first
1700s places
1701s four second places that's 11 out of 23
1705s which is basically half you're gonna
1707s give me that one
1709s 11 out of 23 in the top two which is
1713s absolutely ridiculous and that carries
1714s on as well like he comes third the next
1716s most times and that sort of thing so
1719s it's not just this feast or famine we've
1721s been told to expect it's just feast
1724s yeah
1726s in the case of room ghostly he's really
1728s keeping up his winning streak Peter Baba
1731s did prevent him from becoming the leader
1734s of yesterday's lobby but I believe he
1736s still came in second overall for that
1738s Lobby and it was just incredible to see
1740s both those players dominate the lobby
1743s yeah that's a good point actually that's
1744s without that that was the stats coming
1745s into this tournament they've both built
1747s on that yesterday that's a good spot
1749s actually yeah so they both made that
1751s even more ridiculous so yep all of these
1755s players done pretty well apart from
1756s Matsuri who hasn't had the best of times
1758s in lobby Legends so far
1760s um and again sleepy to some extent has
1763s also struggled but I think sleepy has
1764s often found himself in position where
1766s he's behind early so he's had to double
1769s down on the aggression which just gets
1772s you further behind more often than not
1774s yeah but um like especially with today
1777s too because of the check format the
1780s rounds can't drag on for quite a bit so
1783s I think if sleepy gets in the position
1785s where he puts the lobby into check uh
1788s all it takes is one good game for him
1790s and you can you can finish it yeah
1793s absolutely I I talk about sleepy almost
1795s as much as I talk about xqm because he
1797s is one of the players that you know when
1798s I'm learning Battlegrounds strongly
1800s streams at a time that I can watch and
1803s gives a different perspective to other
1805s players a lot of the time with the way
1807s he plays very aggressively and it's
1809s something it doesn't help me it helps me
1811s lose but it also helps me temper my game
1813s and realize hang on there's lots of
1815s other ways of doing this
1818s the people will not lose when he does it
1820s a lot of the time but it's not like me
1821s so I'd have just hey I'm having six it's
1824s turn seven this is great oh I'm dead
1826s yeah it's an entertaining watch a lot of
1828s the time to watch somebody do that
1830s strategy really well
1831s yeah I think everyone kind of goes to
1833s their phase of let me copy what the
1836s streamer is doing but then they kind of
1838s realize oh when you play like that you
1840s have to get so many things correct
1842s otherwise you get punished immensely so
1845s yeah
1847s there was a game yesterday where he
1849s forced a very early Tavern six and then
1853s sort of bailed out with a Phoebe but
1854s which is quite often what you have to do
1855s if you don't like your picks up there
1857s um I think I'd have lost that game
1858s horribly
1860s the faux Reaper which he then built into
1862s a giant cleave that just sort of kept
1864s him alive even longer it was just um
1866s yeah I've been greedy here I am I'll
1869s sort of whipped on My Sixes faux Reaper
1871s settled down tidy it up was was quite an
1874s instructive game to watch actually
1876s yeah I mean I think you did also get a
1878s second triple into the tea Master uh
1880s theater too which is
1882s a fun
1883s um a fun watch as well I think we saw a
1886s lot of that card actually in yesterday's
1888s matches which a little bit surprising to
1890s me I think when that card first came out
1892s because I was like oh this card doesn't
1894s seem particularly strong but it's been
1897s proven over and over in the last few
1899s weeks that oh it's actually pretty good
1901s is it good as let's say a game winning
1905s card or is it good in the same way that
1907s gas coiler is which is hey it's early in
1909s the game and look at all these stats
1910s it's going to keep me alive for a long
1912s time
1913s yeah I think it's kind of like both
1915s things like
1917s um and you get it early you can easily
1919s just build around it but it can also be
1920s gaming in the sense of uh well sometimes
1924s you just happen to find another tmaster
1925s and then well if you're getting 12
1927s television stats per neutral minion you
1929s play then you know it kind of gets out
1932s of control
1933s and um yeah there's some Heroes that can
1936s really take advantage of it as well
1938s um like Milhouse or trade Prince guy
1940s looks yeah and I think that's something
1943s when you're trying to predict like you
1944s see a whole new release and a whole
1946s change of set and a load of cards change
1947s at once it's very hard to predict
1950s exactly what's going to happen
1952s um and I think we were coming from a
1953s meta where oh great 12 12 worth of stats
1955s I'm just going to poison all that and
1957s that's the end of the game who cares you
1959s know your 12 12 doesn't matter to me and
1962s it's turned out that actually the
1963s numbers of minions like the the stats on
1966s most minions a hundred a hundred is
1969s really big now whereas maybe when you
1971s were making that assessment you're
1972s looking at 100 100 minions it's like
1973s yeah that's all right but they're going
1975s to get poisoned or outstanded by some
1977s big nagas or something but numbers in
1979s general the stats have sort of come down
1981s I think across the board
1982s right and I think one other thing too is
1985s um because Team master can make some
1988s really valuable minions stronger that
1990s we're hard to buff up in the past like
1992s deflect a holy macro and Cave Hydra
1995s they're now a lot easier to buff up with
1997s that card so when it's 100 100 stats on
2000s a minion like that that gets the trade
2003s into multiple minions it's kind of yeah
2005s it's kind of a back rigger in some cases
2007s even poisons can't really save you from
2010s that
2012s and that's why we get to um see which we
2014s will see today something you pointing
2016s was going to happen yesterday and we saw
2017s a lot of it
2018s um the leapfrogger build the pirate
2020s Exodia the mech Exodia builds those
2022s builds which is capable of doing giant
2025s amounts of damage are are super powerful
2027s right now especially with the help from
2029s stolen gold in particular
2032s yeah and I was surprised to see
2035s um not that many leapfrogger builds just
2037s did but uh one thing I did notice that
2041s um yeah kind of made it not as popular
2043s was that all the players really knew how
2045s to beat that build so players I think
2049s didn't go for it as often because it
2051s wouldn't win
2052s um as much as it would normally
2054s that's actually a really good point I
2056s hadn't considered when we see that time
2058s and again in these tournaments that the
2061s the players who are actually involved
2063s often
2065s end up doing things very differently I
2067s remember the HGI were talking about it
2069s was The Avenge matter
2071s um and we're talking about oh wow
2072s everyone's just going to make giant
2074s Elementals and yeah they're gonna
2076s they're gonna milk and just get huge
2077s stuff going on and actually what
2078s everyone did was take tanks and just
2080s play for Tempo and nobody could set up
2082s anything with Elementals because you'd
2084s be dead if you even went near trying it
2086s which was a really weird thing to happen
2088s given the meta at the time
2090s yeah um there's something I like about
2093s backgrounds is how Dynamic everything
2095s can be like sometimes like oh everyone
2097s should go to tier six sometimes oh we
2100s all have to stay on tier four unless we
2102s get something really outrageous to let
2104s us go up and I think we're out in the
2106s meta is
2107s um it's kind of a mix of both like
2109s depending on what quest you get I think
2111s it really dictates um how you play a
2113s game yeah and this was something you
2115s touched on yesterday as well where the
2118s top players are not completely used to
2122s playing in a Lobby full of all of the
2124s other top players they're used to
2125s playing in very difficult lobbies but
2126s they just gonna you you guys get a
2129s little bit more time on ladder than you
2131s get in one of these tournaments so you
2132s tend to
2133s get completed builds a lot more you were
2136s saying yesterday
2137s um whereas now you sort of have to quite
2138s often just go for the tempo you can get
2140s but we are going to get into the game
2141s here's a bit about it and a choice
2143s straight up do you under flurgle
2147s um oh man I I say I am a fan of flair
2149s gold but I like it with various specific
2151s tribes
2153s um physically Elementals and Beeson
2155s because there are token cards that can
2157s help you activate your part early but I
2160s think here
2161s it might still just be flurgal or George
2165s with the uh the murlocs in since you
2168s can't poison murlocs and give them
2169s Divine Shields but I would have really
2172s liked to see the I'll pick here as
2173s well just for fun yeah I'm actually
2175s slightly surprised although nothing that
2177s Bishop Babbitt does surprise me when it
2178s comes to you know trying things or
2180s things um talk to length yesterday hero
2183s powers that cost stuff oh my goodness
2186s um
2186s I don't know why oh my God I'm thinking
2188s murlocs are C3 Murdock so my brain goes
2190s wow
2191s um yeah hero powers that cost stuff
2192s really better be good right now because
2195s completing quests and so on is is such a
2198s big priority but as you said murlocs
2200s George it's a pairing As Old As Time
2204s yeah and I hope it does work out for
2207s Peter there
2208s um but one of the issues is
2210s it may not actually be enough in an
2214s early game in the mid game to
2216s get to that late game where they're so
2218s strong and it's one thing that you just
2220s gonna have to balance out pretty well
2222s just get into the light gamer Divine
2224s Shield poison murlocs are
2226s King don't forget everybody you've got a
2228s couple of turns to get your band wagon
2230s picks in
2232s and we can talk about the other Heroes
2235s here as well it's
2236s that Milhouse is always a strong pick
2239s it's one of my favorites and I think in
2241s the hands of play like Grim ghosted too
2243s that can really take advantage of those
2245s high volume of cards being played
2249s um yeah I'm excited to see where he'll
2251s go for this game
2255s the ice Mill House and I would expect to
2257s see so far in this meta I feel that the
2261s the heroes that can cheat Mana which
2264s Milhouse does in its own way are really
2267s powerful with quests but
2269s maybe it's because my lower MMR where I
2271s get more time to do that sort of thing
2273s but you know the galley weeks is a
2274s Milhouse of this world are just a really
2276s good for me so far this season
2278s yeah and like
2280s um unlike area Works where it can be
2282s kind of weak early game I think Milhouse
2285s has the completely reversed where it's
2287s much stronger early game because you get
2290s the gold now rather than later and the
2292s Galaxy is much stronger later because he
2294s doesn't have the Restriction of two gold
2297s rolls
2299s the only issue I have run into
2301s occasionally with Mill House is yeah you
2303s can't take a wisdom ball or something
2304s like you you just anything that relies
2307s on Refreshers obviously is is dead yeah
2310s I tried wisdom ball thought it'd be
2311s pretty good because hey I've got many
2313s Refreshers they're going to be good but
2314s you soon notice that sometimes the
2316s wisdom ball doesn't do anything for four
2317s hits in a row and you've wasted eight
2319s gold and that's your turn gone
2321s yeah I would say that the one caveat is
2324s um if Milhouse can get a hold of
2326s recycling rate you can make the cost of
2329s the rules significantly uh cheaper and
2332s play with the ball which
2335s uh room goes to actually can do this
2336s Lobby since Elementals are in
2338s and really interesting here Hoff ends up
2340s going for the very early triple on turn
2343s three with this shell collector
2347s well yeah
2349s oh yeah
2352s and we're gonna see sleepy onto the side
2354s just playing
2356s um very minimal minions as well I think
2358s uh he opted to hold them for the the
2360s quests which is a very sleepy thing to
2362s do
2363s looking for yeah I I enjoy doing that as
2366s well
2366s um it's not particularly risky for a
2371s huge upside I feel
2373s look what he gets rewarded with
2378s uh unfortunately he's not gonna be
2380s rewarded for holding his minions in hand
2384s um
2384s what stands out for you here
2387s the first thing that catches my eye is
2389s the fence along the way but it's four
2391s combats is such a lot of damage
2394s yeah I
2397s did he end up going for it though he
2399s took it yeah yeah he does have the
2401s tiscox already so he could get an easy
2403s triple on that by the time he gets it
2405s and it also doesn't really
2408s um
2409s affect the way the hill play his turns I
2411s always do is just at the end of the turn
2413s make sure he orders his minions
2415s correctly you can also take the 3-6 next
2417s turn which means you have three minions
2419s with three attack which kind of allows
2421s him to cheat a little bit on the quest
2424s yeah I always like that that part of it
2426s you don't get punished um if you do have
2428s a lot of Minions that have the same
2430s attack
2431s oh but here
2434s I'm gussets are going for the evil twin
2438s um I think it kind of makes sense since
2440s he did also triple this picky eater and
2442s he's going to be able to copy that uh
2444s relatively quickly but
2446s when it comes to the play Quest as well
2449s I think Milhouse does have a pretty easy
2451s time usually to
2455s um to complete it because it's so easy
2456s to just buy minions for two and then for
2459s one wow he he feels he's so strong he
2462s doesn't even want the soul juggler here
2463s he's just getting on with playing an
2464s amalgam which is obviously a Mill House
2465s huge because every single card just
2467s Buffs that for effectively one gold so
2470s yeah yeah and it's interesting to see as
2473s well another player choosing to go for
2475s an early throughout triple instead of
2477s waiting for a potential higher
2479s um tier minion kind of just goes to the
2482s show how these lobbies a little bit
2483s different where no one really wants to
2486s be too greedy they're very conservative
2488s voice with um early life total and
2491s strength
2492s if you run into a couple of oh my
2494s goodness what is happening here and I'm
2496s just gonna cut myself off there's so
2498s many triples how greedy would you want
2499s to be on this one though we've talked
2500s about not being greedy is this two sixes
2504s um maybe not two sixes but I think you
2507s you can even go for um you can go for
2510s two files or a five and a six
2513s um he doesn't even have the option to
2514s take a four drop triple right now unless
2517s he
2518s wants to buy to someone's Instagram but
2521s imagine he'll just buy one and freeze
2522s the second one
2526s is he considering just taking the murloc
2529s first just to get a bit stronger while
2530s he waits yeah his quest is playing Naga
2534s or murlocs I didn't quite catch the
2536s quest reward but
2537s if he's planning to play this really
2539s really slowly for the triples it's the
2541s evil twin luck could be better evil turn
2543s okay
2545s um
2547s yeah I feel like in this case because
2549s you're also going relax I think the
2551s files would be really good the issue is
2553s if you take a slow motion now you don't
2555s have an easy way of taking a five drop
2556s next turn so you might have to just buy
2559s both the cell metals on nine gold to
2561s take your
2563s five drop right we may also see a four
2566s drop here he was just planning a long
2568s way ahead to see what he wanted to take
2570s yeah and when
2573s and with the uh Selma to take this turn
2575s I imagine he's going to be going for a
2577s lower tier triple or than the other six
2581s drops
2583s off got a lot of tempo here but the test
2586s say say is still at a high Health total
2589s which is always terrifying
2591s yeah I think
2593s um Tess usually gets a lot of armor Now
2595s with uh the last few patches
2598s um kind of yeah it's scary here to have
2601s armor because all she really is to
2603s survive until she plays against the one
2605s person that she wants cars from which we
2607s kind of saw from Peter Babbitt yesterday
2608s he's taking all the Nomis and the light
2611s spawns
2612s penguin Sun
2614s um a whole bunch of nothing but on
2616s zephasis as long as it's pairs of
2617s nothing which it seems to be that's fine
2620s yeah and one nice thing is you can go
2624s for four drops and then easily triple
2626s them as well by rolling on tier four so
2628s you could see potentially a golden
2630s dimsayer or big fertile here or even in
2633s a lease if he thinks he has enough time
2636s to play it this is a bit of a slow card
2641s [Music]
2642s um
2643s yeah I'm not an Elise fan I've got to
2645s admit
2646s yeah and Penguin Sound does end up going
2648s for the highest Tempo card I think he is
2651s going for another three job here
2653s yeah and if he gets a
2656s ring matron or another big foreign
2667s as well very early on I think it's
2669s something we've just been noticing a lot
2672s of
2673s um these past few days players are just
2675s going for turn five turn six completion
2678s I think Alter Ego with is not a quest
2681s that I particularly like on average but
2684s with demons and getting it super early
2687s um yeah I'll have some of that thanks
2689s yeah I also like the fact that penguin
2692s Sun can go for a triple on command with
2696s his hero power and the two big frontals
2698s so if we see a triple into a fell back
2702s his Quest Lord suddenly becomes
2704s extremely valuable because all those
2706s stat Buffs become permanent on board
2708s from the
2710s um the Devourer effect
2714s foreign
2726s s that's
2728s going to be good really soon but it's
2730s currently not good
2732s yeah it's like when there's uh things
2735s where
2736s you know you really want to play murlocs
2738s but all you've been offered are tier one
2739s and two or two blocks so far but um
2742s obviously it really needs is one
2744s promising lockout and suddenly these
2747s relax become a lot more formidable
2749s considering the freeze here
2751s um a lot of Buffs were available but
2753s chooses not to do it like you say the
2755s lookout being the big deal the other
2757s things were nice but you have to sit and
2759s sort of think how your board is going to
2761s look at the end of your next turn and
2762s actually
2763s yeah it's going to be sort of plus two
2765s plus two and some health but that's not
2767s going to be that good you've got to look
2768s for the big hits on the Lookouts I think
2770s there yeah I think I've been a lot of
2773s time you are looking to rule for the two
2776s big four drops which are
2778s um
2778s it's a proper front Lookout and reef
2781s Explorer to help you fill up your board
2783s with more valuable minions usually by
2785s that time you just have a bunch of tier
2786s ones that you've collected while you're
2788s fulfilling your brand quests right or
2790s your brand reward or your power
2794s George plan going okay yeah I'd say it's
2799s even going fantastic because he's
2801s playing exactly the tribute once with
2804s the best card for that shot
2806s and he is freezing here as well which is
2808s interesting because he's only half a
2809s shop I assume is the reason
2812s um I imagine so yeah and with the
2815s murlocs having uh Divine Shields it's a
2818s lot more valuable to get the buff on
2820s them as opposed to if they were just um
2823s that's vanilla uh minions because you
2826s get you basically get to attack twice
2827s with the same attack value right so
2829s you're getting sort of double the buff
2831s yeah and it works very nicely with the
2833s attack but that's Alpha Navigator uh
2835s provides one step point that uh so does
2838s a little lacking on these boards uh
2841s because
2841s you'll sometimes just want to go for uh
2844s poisons later on but hopefully you get
2846s that you still need to be competitive
2848s with them yeah that's something we saw
2850s yesterday actually was you know the the
2851s murlocs you end up poisoning are
2853s amusingly high attack sometimes as
2856s sleepy takes absolutely beating leap
2859s years not in a good spot here with this
2861s Quest also not providing much Tempo at
2864s all
2867s but yeah it's all there are outs here
2869s it's got a double Peggy um but you do
2871s take an absolute beating those murlocs
2872s if you're not careful so you just
2874s um
2875s have to improve the attack values even
2877s though you're like oh he's going even
2879s though you know you've got a poison
2880s later but I'm going to shut up and watch
2881s how sleepy goes through this turn double
2883s hogger
2886s I imagine sleepy will be trying to you
2888s know obviously buy all the Pirates who
2890s can since they're essentially free and
2892s he has three pairs right now one of
2895s which if he managed to Triple into Eliza
2898s puts him in a good spot but the issue
2901s with this is it's not very strong but he
2904s has a lot of potential to win this Lobby
2906s if he girls and
2909s the eventually to save the day
2913s yeah let's see this looks like it's
2915s penguin sander with his two big vernals
2917s this is a Mist see
2921s a hard time for him oh no not the card
2924s he's looking for
2926s absolutely not I think if he gets the um
2930s if he gets Eliza I think he's okay yeah
2933s I think so as well as long as Eliza
2935s doesn't get Snipes and with two
2937s Scallywags like it would have been a
2939s pretty sure thing did you have to play
2942s the mammal here right I just hope yeah
2943s he's just burning gold and just absolute
2946s like he's always close your eyes and
2948s look behind the sofa because you should
2949s not spend your gold like that normally
2951s but he's all in he knows he's probably
2953s gonna die here and if he doesn't die
2955s here he's so well placed yeah it depends
2958s on whether or not this can get value off
2960s this or snow Captain but uh the
2963s important thing you know is is Winfrey
2964s Mania got snapped which he is really
2966s hoping to get double Bust from the
2968s golden roof now captain
2970s and it seems like it's rather close
2974s um but I think the amount of minions
2976s just don't quite add up here
2979s yeah no lost an important flip and
2982s sleepy is devastated
2985s it's just the difference between an
2987s eighth and I'm not gonna say under first
2988s but look at that he was ready to
2991s there are murlocs in the lobby so he
2993s probably wouldn't win the lobby but he
2994s was going to be sort of top three top
2996s four a lot of the time there while the
2998s murlocs are setting up yeah I'd say that
3000s it definitely isn't a sure thing until
3002s he finds a fourth hogger once you have
3005s one golden hog in a normal one then you
3007s are actually generating money but right
3009s now he's basically just getting some
3011s free pirates from password yeah you did
3014s have the um the fins along the way as
3016s well there so he's also really strong of
3018s getting all the stuff on privates
3021s I'd say if you had a little more life
3023s and he got a 22 test the golden one
3026s Hoggers it'd be right much yeah a much
3030s different story
3032s but sleepy once again gonna have to do
3034s it the hard way whilst the rest of the
3036s lobby carries on again no problem still
3038s though somebody gets 20 points and it's
3040s always in your own hands no matter what
3042s the state on the board if you win every
3044s remaining Lobby you will win the
3046s tournament
3047s um that's how the check format works
3049s because you stop the other people and be
3050s able to win by winning yourself
3052s yeah and you're a little sad to see the
3056s uh the Nomi sold because it is a fan
3059s favorite but um
3061s uh assistant now has the amalgam and the
3064s pegason g so he's gonna choose to buff
3066s up his board other than the shop
3068s and with the golden stuffers as well so
3070s he's very primed to just go into full
3072s prison Rock mode
3078s yeah
3080s I believe this is a good matchup for him
3081s too because it's from the brand
3083s obviously he'll steal a brand pair and
3086s also it's actually a lot of um lots of
3088s buffers board with
3094s oh yeah he's quite happy to see this
3096s burger call yeah
3099s that baby picks up two pairs as well
3101s with the swole Fin and the felfin
3103s Navigator but it is going to take a bit
3106s of a beating here potentially he was
3109s aware though right like you don't go for
3110s Golden celters quite this early usually
3112s unless you know this is coming so very
3114s aware that he was going to take it and
3116s actually managed to keep it down to a
3118s sensible number by
3120s by going for that golden selfers really
3122s quickly here
3123s yeah but it's going to have a little bit
3125s of a tricky time just getting to that
3127s point of feeling the poison murlocks I
3130s think uh it may be difficult to have
3132s that time with only 14 life left
3135s dies to the ghost of sleepy is an ice
3138s block but sleepy is not the sort of
3141s person I don't think he'll be pleased to
3143s see that you're saying yes it means
3144s you've done well but I think sleepy
3145s knows he was doing well that's how
3147s strong he was looking oh no yeah it was
3150s a rather unfortunate matchup to uh play
3153s against a bunch of big demons that were
3155s slightly bigger than his Pirates yeah
3158s and they I mean he did get a good hit
3159s with his mama as well which gave him a
3161s chance but they were only slightly
3162s bigger but early on
3164s that if you've got 16 16s versus 12 12s
3167s it is actually a just destructive and
3169s they were all level across the board
3171s slightly bigger so yeah and remember
3173s because here is having an amazing game
3175s actually he picked up the team Master
3177s over two good options well he had a fell
3179s back with a fell back on board or the
3182s lieutenant guard which is actually not
3183s bad at all and you have a golden rate he
3186s is
3187s really looking to be in a good spot to
3189s win this lobby with evil twin also
3191s giving an amazing this is gonna be
3194s Gigantic on his first turn thanks to
3197s Golden domu
3199s oh yeah I didn't spot that so that's
3201s probably the minion that he'll end up
3202s looking to
3204s um copy of the evil twin and I'm curious
3207s to see what happens first at the start
3208s of combat effect not happens or if the
3211s start of combat effect on evil twin
3213s happens because it does matter in terms
3215s of what gets copied and what doesn't I
3218s think and I'm quite happy to be wrong
3220s here this is not anything like an
3222s official thing I'm just going to guess
3223s for the sake because we're going to see
3224s I think the murder one happens first
3227s um yeah I'd imagine so too it'd be
3229s consistent with um
3231s with other uh conflict instead of turn
3233s effects it's gonna be one big murmurdon
3237s oh my goodness he's looking fantastic
3238s for yet another Lobby win here yeah and
3242s he's also at 36 life too it's that thing
3245s where he didn't take any damage early
3246s because his hero power is so strong back
3249s then
3250s no we don't have to we see unfortunately
3254s or actually it wouldn't have mattered in
3256s this spot because um the marathon is
3258s still a lower HP than the amalgam but in
3260s the future maybe you'd like to see a
3263s different thing yeah I don't know a
3265s Divine shielded
3267s um amalgam is probably a better copy
3269s than a 200 200 in a murder Lobby anyway
3272s yeah but I think the important thing is
3274s um you can also decide to Glitz scale
3277s Divine Shields um a different minion
3279s based off of what will get copied but
3282s now he knows or he should know now that
3284s um the criminal will likely never get
3286s copied
3288s so we're taking out there so as you say
3291s on the test we're starting to get
3292s murlocs together but never really got
3294s big enough to do defend himself so
3299s nice for everybody to get rid of the
3300s test though
3302s yeah especially with so many players in
3304s this Lobby going at least with some
3306s variant of poison relax like the George
3308s on Peter and
3310s um
3311s Rim goes to maybe with a little bit of
3314s murloc splashing in but also mostly
3316s Menasha builds but surely looks like
3318s he's playing a different game to
3319s everybody else like he has nothing on
3321s that board somehow oh dear so Peter
3325s David's Quest was perfect for exactly
3327s what he's trying to do he's on tier four
3329s with a tier six card uh because his
3331s gassy and mass gave him a um young
3334s merkai already has a full Board of
3337s present murlocity Ohio Divine Shield
3339s they're all gonna get a lot of stats
3341s because of this doubled effect on the
3344s gase mask interaction with um Young
3347s America and Falcon Navigator
3349s so
3350s right now the stats on rim goes inside
3352s do not see him nearly as appealing when
3356s he has to play against the full portal
3358s poison I V actually how does beta and to
3360s some just to some point eastleaf here as
3362s well progress do they start looking for
3365s um selflessness and stuff because people
3366s are going to Tunnel blast them and so on
3368s later on
3369s yeah so I think the game plan for Peter
3371s now is to stay on tier 4 or tier 5 to
3375s look for Golden stuffers and eventually
3377s Baron so when he inevitably gets tunnel
3380s blasted he can replenish the shields
3382s with golden Southwest I think there's
3384s not a need for a significant amount of
3387s stats because there's no Max and there's
3388s no beasts so the only tribe the only
3392s minion type that can
3393s um maybe it causing trouble is a large
3396s Wildfire Elemental
3398s right so yeah all those Cleve minions
3401s not being present being the point
3404s and he's got time right he can he can
3406s just roll now looking he'll probably
3407s buff things if he gets a good chance but
3409s he can just roll now looking for
3411s the end end game
3413s yeah the good thing is there is so much
3416s passive scaling on the side of beater
3418s with the Young America and the ghastly
3421s mask it just doesn't really need to buy
3423s murlocs if they're not called Primal fin
3425s Lookout feel safer easily if there as
3428s well had a pretty good murloc poison
3429s board for turn 12.
3432s um and yeah was the first person just to
3434s walk into to Bitter Babbitt and I think
3436s that whoever walked into beta is just
3438s going to die for the next two or three
3439s turns honestly they might get a chance
3440s to solidify later but
3442s here we go it's Bella's blessing who do
3445s you think is going to win this
3447s oh
3453s yeah and the funny thing is Peter also
3455s has the um tunnel blaster in his shop
3458s the exact card that everyone else in
3460s this Lobby should be a second to go when
3462s you see uh George with six murlocs and
3466s you're playing as them you you just have
3468s to be terrified of what's gonna happen
3471s do you just not refresh this shop until
3473s the last second or two then no one can
3476s get that tunnel blaster or is that just
3477s pointless
3479s um it's actually a pretty fair strategy
3481s I would say
3482s um especially now I mean there's not
3484s really a need to roll past it with the
3487s zero mini Golds but I do I do tend to do
3490s that if I am playing George and I'm only
3493s looking for maybe one or two cards like
3495s Peter is with the Southwest
3498s um every little chance like that does
3500s help and I think it is worth it if um
3503s you know your trip is going to be pretty
3504s pretty easy
3506s just to be clear that it's a fairly
3508s specific scenario that he's in like this
3510s it's not like do this all the time and
3511s leave yourself 10 seconds to play your
3513s turn this is the last role of the shot
3516s that he might not even roll anyway and
3518s yeah If he if he had one more role he
3520s could just wait a few seconds
3522s yeah like technically
3524s um there is three gold to spend in
3526s Peter's hand but at this point like yeah
3529s I might as well just keep it
3530s locked up I know pangas are not having a
3533s tunnel bastard I think there's just no
3536s chance that uh you can overcome this
3539s amount of relax
3540s [Music]
3543s 12 murlocs if you count Divine Shields
3546s or 11 or something I don't even know
3548s anymore it's a lot of murlocs way too
3550s many fish oh yeah
3552s and it all tend to uh flock together as
3555s some relax do
3557s um flock of murlocs is that the official
3559s Warcraft yeah
3562s we may need a specialist for this
3565s but uh one thing to note as well it
3567s seems like
3568s um
3570s blue shells in his hand already maybe
3573s predicting about
3575s um this gold is better invested now to
3578s spend later after he releases to the
3579s George
3582s yeah
3585s he's already used his block right
3586s because he lost the block to the ghosts
3588s so yeah so we don't know exactly what
3591s quest is but I'd say this is where
3593s tabish really shines and you're
3594s imagining yesterday how tabish was the
3596s top hero
3598s um on average for all players yes yes
3601s the case where it's gonna do a lot of
3604s work
3605s um half can decide to order his minions
3608s any way he wants to but if um Matsuri
3611s chooses shoot the lowest Health minion
3613s he will always get a
3616s um
3617s lead right here boy
3619s yeah we still haven't really worked out
3621s whether that was just because tavish
3622s doesn't come out which was a fair
3624s reflection of the stats or if it is to
3627s do with you know the fact you can Target
3629s those
3630s the Beast bills you're talking
3631s particularly the the Barons that people
3633s might leave on the right hand side and
3636s have to mess up their ordering if they
3637s don't leave it there
3639s hello
3640s oh my gosh so normally you wouldn't want
3642s a triple Leroy but with two in the shop
3645s you could feel a little tempted because
3647s that means that if you find an
3649s additional leader right you can play
3650s three Lira on board but
3653s um I imagine
3655s three boy Jenkins
3658s yeah not sure which half will be um if
3662s half will be freezing for those areas or
3664s maybe just a tunnel Blaster because
3665s George is in the lobby
3667s but um yeah off opting to not even play
3672s the cards here
3675s oh so this is yeah
3677s a nasty Wildfire from the side of
3680s Matsuri this is what I was mentioning
3682s before that beater would have trouble
3684s with but the issue is his murlocs are so
3687s beefy that a 52 attack golden Wildfire
3689s won't exactly cut it in terms of dealing
3692s with the murlocs
3694s honestly just too small come on
3698s brought your build out it's so hard
3700s still to be at what like 40 HP murlocs
3703s you'd have to get it to be above 80
3704s attack and it's just yeah not happening
3707s I think we're not sorry this game
3710s no he's he's held in there though for
3712s the top four which
3713s is
3714s a game of two halves today get to those
3717s 20 points any way you can just you know
3719s constant top fours with a win or two
3721s thrown in maybe helps and then it's all
3724s out trying to win the lobbies so
3726s I absolutely feel that Matsui would love
3728s the title of champion not just for the
3730s thing but in terms of
3732s relative to second place that makes
3734s sense there's some players will want the
3735s second place but I don't think this
3737s Lobby's got many of those but they're
3738s all going to be shooting to win it later
3740s yeah I believe so
3743s um especially players that um they
3746s haven't got on their win yet which is
3748s mostly except for room goes to
3750s um they'll definitely be one and go for
3751s the first but I could see if uh your
3754s room goes soon you've already won one
3755s you're like okay I've already proven
3757s myself let's just go for a nice easy
3759s payout oh you could be the first first
3761s person to do it twice like Blazers live
3764s on the back of that in subtle's mind for
3766s the last it's five years when he won two
3768s Mazda's tours back to back so
3770s yeah meanwhile we talked about how well
3774s he was doing as TJ's kindly showing us
3776s this crazy APM turn
3778s but he he's just got the murlocs to walk
3780s into at some point yeah and still not
3783s tunnel blaster in hand so all those
3785s things that Milhouse is a little bit uh
3787s bad at finding very specific cards since
3790s the rules cost that much uh but he's
3792s gonna need it if he wants any chance to
3795s beat Peter but I think even a tunnel
3797s Blaster it's just not gonna be enough
3800s I'm just laughing as a Home Server
3802s Advantage here like how fast that was
3805s all going yeah it's insane
3808s no
3810s it's like techno sun is ready with the
3812s tunnel Blaster just such a such a strong
3815s card in all these end games basically if
3817s you're not going for Shields of your own
3818s then you'll usually want to be running
3820s it if um the lobby has a lot of shields
3822s which it does in this case
3824s you're not quite enough though the way
3826s that it's worked out
3827s um
3829s yeah the 5050s and the stats mattered
3832s there so
3833s it goes to once again and going to be in
3836s that top two and now
3841s the leaders from Lobby B yesterday
3846s the coincidence
3848s absolutely ridiculous uh they're back at
3851s it again
3853s want to see how this goes down if
3857s then go so you can find any way of
3858s dealing with it because if he does get
3859s the tunnel Blaster online and set up his
3862s own selfless as it could be okay but as
3864s we see as we were talking about several
3866s turns ago Peter Babbitt has just started
3869s going for those selflessness some time
3870s ago teleblaster found for him go see but
3873s he hasn't got his own selfishness yet
3875s right um in this case like room gussu is
3879s quite behind in terms of this race when
3881s it comes to the end game and you know
3883s someone's gonna get tunnel blastered
3884s it's kind of a race to see who can get
3886s more self-asses and Barons and it's
3889s since Peter has two of the surfaces in
3892s one uh Baron and rimkus has the burden
3894s of having to run a tunnel Blaster it's
3896s just so so difficult for um goes to win
3900s here
3902s um also the evil twin kind of being
3904s negated by the fact that it's just going
3907s to die to a poison anyways the um the
3910s big amalgam were better with his 18
3913s health will he assume there's a tunnel
3915s Blaster already or will he take the risk
3917s and have a look at what's the setup
3918s before he actually starts changing
3920s things out
3921s um so we're not on the side that ringus
3923s doesn't actually have one but I think at
3925s this point this late in the game when
3927s you know that players should be trying
3929s to find tunnel Blaster as hard as they
3931s can I think he'll usually um just
3934s predict that and play a
3937s um you'll play
3938s he'll play around a ton of blaster so he
3940s might play a selfless his turn just to
3942s guarantee it and Solace Baron yeah we'd
3944s expect the brand to be gone let's have a
3946s look when he's got the setup has yeah
3948s perfect pretty much he's still got the
3949s extra selfish at hand so didn't find the
3951s golden but whatever yeah so in this case
3953s it seems like uh better will be winning
3956s by one minion just because he has six
3959s and one that has Divine children because
3960s he only has six yeah
3963s doesn't yeah
3966s yeah and
3968s that enough 12 12. one off but
3973s the most part it's mostly enough room
3975s because it did pick up two Barons though
3977s so he picks up one more Baron and a
3980s selfless he may have a small chance but
3983s the uh the baron by itself will not
3985s trade into any of the Minions on Peter's
3987s side so he'll only be fighting with
3990s um I believe five minions if he plays a
3993s selfless and a golden Baron
3996s yeah like you say I think the words of
3998s her
4000s whatever you said like I mean what you
4001s said damn it my brain is melted yeah the
4003s burden of having to play the tunnel
4005s blast is what you said it's a really
4006s good way of putting it because you are
4008s literally starting one behind because of
4010s the pressure your opponent's good bored
4012s to put you under yeah
4014s um and it's just something that um that
4018s you have to play against the entire game
4020s too like you have to put so much more
4023s resources into your boards it would be
4026s the same thing essentially well is
4029s hunting down that third selfless running
4031s out of gold to do so though now so
4033s probably not gonna find it
4036s yeah I would say that the um yeah some
4039s of the pairs aren't really that useful
4040s like the Krypton meridon
4042s oh and oh
4045s I've got that room because it does
4047s actually have a chance here then
4049s he had like infinite gold somehow this
4052s term I don't know where it all came from
4054s I think it's just from the recycling
4056s wraith like it actually doesn't cost any
4060s it's like basically the same uh cost as
4062s a normal hero with the golden rate if
4064s you play telemetals you're refresher's
4066s free
4067s yeah
4069s yeah and one thing I would like to see
4071s maybe in the future is
4074s another poison instead of this um meta
4077s Queen because right now it is possible
4080s that the Manta Queen gets night without
4083s the um tunnel buses going off which
4086s negates uh the value of the tunnel blast
4088s a little bit
4089s but for right now
4091s Peter may actually it was this one
4094s because all the shields went on relevant
4096s minions instead of the band
4098s is there anything you can do with
4101s um Baron positioning here
4104s as well um so to maybe use it further
4106s forward to proper Shield something like
4108s that when does that come into play yeah
4110s I think that's when you do that when you
4113s know there's a shield on either side
4115s which he does know so he can put it
4118s earlier to have a chance at popping his
4120s shield but at the same time you kind of
4122s do want to have it back as well because
4124s if it survives it's the last unit
4127s remaining then you deal damage and if it
4129s dies early on without getting any value
4131s then you tie so you have to balance
4133s about those things
4134s and I think with only one selfless on
4137s beater's side with no Baron and the
4139s stuff was not being golden you may just
4140s want to hide the um Baron so you can
4143s make a tie a win instead
4146s if you see from beta so I just been
4147s looking for this extra selfless forever
4151s and you see the difference of having to
4152s pay for your Refreshers makes
4155s yeah I mean
4158s isn't generating that much money because
4160s he doesn't have Hoggers or brand to
4163s generate money with battle crys or
4164s Pirates but he still is you know
4167s basically not having to spend money on
4169s rolls if he finds enough Tavern Tempest
4171s and settlementals which I think he's
4173s been doing a good job of seeing a lot of
4175s cards he's played
4176s talk us through this I understand this
4179s one but I'm going to let you explain it
4181s um prisoner
4183s Yeah so basically what Peter is trying
4185s to do here is delay the death riddle on
4188s the tunnel Blaster is uh long as you can
4191s so his Divine Shields don't get proced
4194s and
4195s I think this does work out for him just
4198s because
4199s um there's only yeah like there's no uh
4203s there's no way to make the tunnel
4205s Blaster stats smaller
4206s so we can see here Thomas will attack
4209s into it to attack taunt and then it will
4212s not die but the issue is
4215s um
4215s you also need to have your punishments
4218s run into your poison relax because if
4221s your poison relax attack they're gonna
4223s hit into the shields they're gonna hit
4224s into the manted shield over the tunnel
4226s Blaster so that's why he had the
4227s imprisoner to delay the attack on the
4229s murloc so um
4235s but yeah you see
4238s Peter was a little upset there the
4240s champion with ghostly once again winning
4243s another Lobby it's getting pretty
4246s ridiculous honestly
4248s um this is his second Lobby Legends and
4251s not counting yesterday I think he won
4253s one lobby
4254s he he had seven Lobby or seven single
4259s game wins already in qualifying in the
4261s tournaments plus yesterday plus the
4263s first one today plus he's the champion
4267s um he's pretty Unstoppable the sample
4269s size is starting to get relevant I mean
4271s we're over 25 games now and he just just
4275s seems like an absolute monster
4277s yeah I mean I think this is such a great
4280s game one because it featured to the
4282s players that um I felt have a lot to
4284s prove with both Peter and
4286s um
4287s Grim goes to but yeah like I said the
4289s same size is getting bigger and it only
4291s continue as well as more of these events
4293s play through
4295s um
4296s and yeah like I kind of thought that uh
4299s he wouldn't quite make it through this
4300s game because he just seemed Unstoppable
4302s but um unfortunately you know Peter
4305s couldn't find the Southwest or the baron
4307s in time
4309s yeah you want at least one lobby
4311s yesterday so that's nine lobbies or nine
4313s games that win goza has one out of
4316s a total of 27 there's one in three
4322s if he keeps doing that he's gonna win a
4323s lot of tournaments put it that way yeah
4326s I think he also mentioned that he hasn't
4328s gone
4329s um bottom fours very often so like if
4332s that makes it even more of an insane
4334s achievement to to win uh to play so well
4338s and the most competitive Lobby is ever
4340s yeah bottom three three times
4343s [Music]
4346s um apart from I haven't got the last
4347s game yesterday in there but yeah bottom
4349s three three times and then goes to
4350s getting used to this it's only his
4352s second time here but I think we're gonna
4354s see a lot of him number one at the
4356s moment in the standings so if you've got
4358s him in your fantasy team nicely done and
4361s I think you have
4363s yeah I uh I believe I also won the
4367s um bandwagon as well and I purely went
4369s off of Milhouse because uh he's my
4372s favorite hero personally
4374s I pick better Babbitt for that I
4375s remember I did Looking Back Now yeah so
4378s you've outdone me yet again in that
4381s heads up
4383s um but I think there'll be chances to
4385s pick both of these players many more
4387s times today again we've got at least
4389s four lobbies and
4390s somewhere between five and eight is the
4392s likely number of lobbies we will get
4394s today although the way these two are
4395s playing it might end really quickly
4396s let's have a look what other people put
4398s in their fantasy teams not just my cell
4399s phone Lee and yeah Peter Babbitt fan
4402s favorite really good player and people
4404s love to see him do well with him go see
4406s the champion and sleepy is that roughly
4408s what you'd expect to see
4410s um yeah I think so
4412s um right now this is probably the most
4415s well-known players in
4417s um the live Legends tournament today but
4420s as more go on I'd imagine uh we'd see it
4424s equalize a little bit more
4426s yeah I know that beta will be uh when he
4428s when he sees those stats he'll be very
4429s happy to see the support he's getting
4432s um so I think he's going to be the fan
4434s favorite for the day 62 of people
4437s wanting bitter Babbitt to win for their
4439s fantasy team and so that they can see
4442s um him streaming as the champion which
4445s would be fantastic
4447s yeah
4448s um it's the support for the scene and
4450s all these players in general has been
4452s fantastic
4454s um it's one of the things that really
4455s drew me always to Battlegrounds just
4457s that everyone's quite friendly and just
4459s love to support each other yeah I have
4462s really enjoyed the the scene so far as
4464s well
4465s um but as much as I'm enjoying chatting
4466s about it we are going to try and get on
4468s with game two so we're gonna get those
4470s set up back for you in about three
4472s minutes with game number two of the
4474s finals
4478s foreign
4478s [Music]
4496s [Music]
4503s [Music]
4507s foreign
4511s [Music]
4523s [Music]
4538s [Music]
4540s foreign
4551s [Music]
4566s [Music]
4577s thank you
4581s [Music]
4604s [Music]
4608s foreign
4612s [Music]
4622s [Music]
4629s [Music]
4636s [Music]
4648s foreign
4652s [Music]
4666s [Music]
4678s just seems to be unstoppable taking down
4681s the first game of this final Lobby and
4684s with me as always is Lee who has been
4687s watching them Coast is destruction Lee
4689s he's got to stop right we can't just
4691s keep winning at this rate against these
4693s players
4695s um I thought I kind of thought but I
4697s mean from what we see and it's just I
4699s don't think it's gonna stop they both
4700s look so
4702s um confident and it's just dominant uh
4704s book beater and um room goes to
4708s do you have like you play against these
4710s players all the time do you have players
4712s that you don't like playing head to head
4714s in players that you do like playing head
4715s to head or is it just good player versus
4716s good player you both know the score
4719s um I'd say actually
4721s with most of the Highlight players
4723s they're quite good at
4725s um the end game they head to head but I
4728s would highlight
4729s um I do kind of not enjoy playing
4732s against Peter sometimes because
4734s he does play the end game extremely well
4737s and it's hard to go for first when he's
4740s also in the lobby so sometimes if I
4742s think uh I'm not having enough of an
4746s early Advantage I may decide even to
4748s play for a second early on just because
4750s we're in the lobby
4753s that's a High Praise indeed again it's
4756s only something that is really relevant
4757s at the very top levels the sort of top
4759s 100 top 200 levels because everyone else
4762s doesn't get to play the same opponents
4763s over and over again like like you guys
4765s do but that's that's amazing to see
4768s um okay Silas or Daryl here for East
4771s Leaf would be my two choices
4773s yeah
4774s um we could even potentially see a
4776s curial perk but I imagine probably
4779s I was gonna say Silas but uh there are
4782s five armors actually also quite good too
4785s it's one of the most picked heroes in
4786s the past the Zero armor and now it's a
4789s little bit armor and the quest being uh
4791s the way they are with high armor equals
4793s you know easier quest to do I think
4796s Daryl's a good pick
4797s of course we get a master and win today
4799s now it's not the one that's on the um
4801s puzzle box but we can get our bandwagon
4803s picks in and I'm going to go for since I
4805s say because barov can win lobbies and I
4808s like to win lobbies
4810s yeah I think I'm gonna go with the the
4812s panda pick you know I didn't quite
4816s believe in islay but now that I see one
4818s that is actually will be a panda game I
4820s like um
4822s I like uh I'm Gus's chances here yeah
4825s playing sensibly
4828s um not having a bet on turn what I like
4830s to bet on turn what if I possibly can
4832s but the meta isn't really built that way
4835s at the moment there was a time when the
4837s heroes that had explosive turn ones or
4840s nothing to do on turn one
4843s um
4843s we're all over the place but at the
4845s moment people are playing pretty much
4846s the same as each other on the first
4848s three or four turns so it's just a waste
4850s of gold
4851s but um in this case as well I think
4853s there'd only be two Heroes that would
4855s maybe have a little bit Advantage
4857s dispatch with the hook Tusk um having
4859s hero power return one and
4862s potentially uh Sleepy's might have pure
4865s power in Unturned minion on board yep
4868s but if there's two then it's I think
4869s it's a good bet because they they're
4871s likely you're likely to get to pick one
4873s of them but yeah if there's only one
4875s it was like Alec here just not in there
4877s they're the ones you're looking for or
4879s yogg is another one
4881s yeah
4883s um and fan favorites of caterer as well
4885s and um in this art I believe but they're
4888s teaching Japanese
4891s um but yeah I think we saw us this is a
4893s he also had the Suave triple lined up
4896s for him so interesting to see how that
4898s develops in the future I think barab has
4900s the option to take a
4902s very high tier triple if uh he chooses
4904s to yeah especially if he hits on his
4907s bets
4908s um early on which he's done so far
4910s because the reduced costs and the extra
4914s money it's almost like being bad shutter
4917s walk with huge upside later on as well
4920s yeah but at least with the hero power
4922s that can be relevant later as well
4924s um I also do like the interactions with
4927s the quest as well with add cards to hand
4929s being one of the requirements and pick
4931s up if he wins all the bets that's three
4933s cards per turn you can get yep
4937s we got here
4939s agendas
4941s yeah that's it jandus is probably a
4943s little more relevant
4944s um
4945s with being able to swap into a better
4948s minion than the swabby and then level up
4950s uh the Tipper may not be exactly what
4952s he's looking for maybe another Mech or
4955s um
4956s a murloc could have helped a little bit
4958s better
4959s yeah not really exciting but
4963s let's get through the fight okay but
4965s again having to play all the stuff on
4967s the board on both sides it makes me sad
4969s I like people hold wear stuff in their
4971s hand
4972s yeah the um yeah sickest perspective I'd
4976s imagine you see another hole as well he
4978s did take damage that term I noticed so
4980s yeah very likely have a look at our
4983s half's choices
4986s uh so Stone Cold stands out to me the
4989s most here because it's just friendly
4990s minions die
4992s um there are no beasts in however but I
4994s think mechs are always a good option as
4996s well too that's don't go to work on with
4999s Omega Buster being a good one
5002s yeah and Harvest Gold and peeking
5004s through the gaps there's a good way to
5006s have some things die repeatedly early on
5009s yeah the mirror Shield also isn't bad as
5012s well so notice coil bars are in which
5014s means mirror Shield has Synergy with gem
5017s splitter and maloxane as well which
5019s means that he can make a Peter Babbitt
5021s cosplay with the poison Dimension man
5025s I don't know beat it but it's just going
5027s to get all of the grief for that now
5028s anytime someone gets murlocs with poison
5031s and shields yep a bit of Babbitt's fault
5036s um but I mean even uh even though like
5039s room goes to show that there was a way
5041s to defeat large uh Divine Shield poison
5045s relax yeah still beat above his fault
5048s invented murlocs
5051s no one had noticed until this tournament
5053s sorry I'm being really silly
5057s I see a bear up here also going for the
5059s early triple we kind of saw this theme
5061s as well in the last game where players
5063s don't typically want to hold out for
5065s very greedy tier 5 or tier 6 triples
5068s um yeah I I really do like to see this
5070s as well like you don't have to rely on
5072s early triple if you have quests to play
5074s for as well right
5076s enough Choice Services I say because if
5078s we've guessed correctly no idea what
5081s Sleepy's got because sleepy kept
5082s everything in hand most likely so
5085s not a fun bet have to just go on the
5087s heroes
5088s what if the other pick was penguin Suns
5090s violin as well
5092s um it's not like the best early game
5094s hero because there's no inherent Tempo
5096s advantage
5098s but it seems like yeah you did get the
5100s BET right yeah
5104s yeah you can choose to level up and buy
5105s them in an end to hear power yet again
5108s sleepy here with quite a few good
5112s options uh this could be T6 drops and
5116s knowing sleepy he may even choose to go
5119s for that route
5120s but no
5122s deviating from that
5124s actually quite a big surprise to me
5127s yeah maybe it's the tournament situation
5129s you don't want to get too far behind oh
5131s no it's the question yeah it's the Quest
5133s for henchmen
5135s oh and it makes so much sense too if he
5137s had managed to get a good Defector or a
5139s crackling Cyclone the headphone would
5141s buff that up significantly yeah
5144s the three dots where the Divine shields
5146s live at the moment or some of them at
5148s least
5149s yeah but imagine we'll probably not see
5152s another tier three triple here oh no we
5155s will he wasn't quite happy enough but
5158s the uh the first one
5160s oh I see he's just going to hold it and
5163s have enough gold to buy the video and
5165s gambler to make besties of his two gold
5167s remaining it actually makes sense as
5169s well because it gets the droplets off
5171s the board
5172s is going to do it on the the Minions
5175s that he wants to keep
5176s yeah the one unfortunate side effect is
5179s this death row Dominion will be
5182s a little bit big and you know not dying
5185s sometimes but it still seems like a good
5187s play in the spot
5188s tend to take the view as well especially
5190s as health total it's fine but if you'd
5191s lost a couple more you know fights you
5193s wouldn't be if my H7 doesn't die well at
5196s least it didn't die at least I won the
5198s fight
5199s yeah I think here every single fight one
5202s just means so much like sleepy will
5205s finally be in a spot where you can play
5206s with a good amount of Lifestyle instead
5207s of like very limited as it was in the
5210s last game
5212s yeah and that's they're the plays that
5215s when I sort of jokingly say that when I
5217s watch sleepy I just end up losing
5218s because I'm trying to be sleepy they're
5219s the sort of plays where if you're
5222s playing that way and you're not really
5223s sure what you're doing you can end up in
5224s the right mess but everything there had
5227s a purpose keeping the stuff in his hand
5228s had the purpose of yeah he can go for
5231s the big triple later but also
5232s coordinated with the henchman taking off
5235s the Elementals from the board so he goes
5237s to buff on the things he wanted and so
5238s on
5239s um everything has to be properly
5241s coordinated or you just end up dying if
5242s you're not careful
5244s yeah and one thing I notice here is I
5247s feel like three players in this game
5248s have already had the cell not so able to
5251s be tripled
5253s um yeah just no no lack of really
5255s triples at all and monster at the
5257s Snicker snack Quest completed already
5259s chooses to go for the reef Explorer
5262s um it's quite a good option to to have
5264s on board as I think right now you're
5266s going mostly for Value rather than pure
5269s stats yeah
5271s which makes sense
5273s about it
5275s oh so we have two daryls in this game
5278s yeah and he's a giant strong arm as well
5282s yeah
5283s um he's gonna choose to maybe hold the
5286s card in hand though for his red hand
5288s effect it's gonna be a little weaker
5290s this turn than maybe he'd like but he'll
5293s make up for it in the next turn
5295s there's another strong likely finish for
5298s a bit about it just by being demoed
5300s right right we joke about it but being
5303s Daryl is one of the best ways to have a
5305s strongish finish in Battlegrounds and
5308s with the second place already in game
5309s one being Daryl seems like a really
5311s smart move here
5313s yeah and it seems like
5315s um I guess it's also having quite a good
5317s game as well having a big deflector
5319s which may not you know carry you to
5321s victory but also puts him in a similar
5323s spot as um Peter Babbitt where it's
5326s going to be hard for him to lose these
5327s early fights
5328s and I believe his quest is um devil and
5332s the devils in the details so he'll be
5334s getting even more passive scaling as
5336s well with that eating a random minion
5339s for about this left and his rightmost
5340s minions
5341s the people who are saying the puzzle box
5343s where no one dies by turn 11 I think
5346s this might be your game everybody seems
5348s to have got off a really good start here
5349s we've seen triples everywhere and
5352s everybody's at least 26 Health still on
5354s turn seven which is also pretty rare as
5356s half
5357s this option
5359s just going full Tipper nonsense
5363s yeah and you can even choose to take
5365s this tier six triple right now but he
5367s may decide to tip more gold to get more
5371s stats on the tippers
5373s um it's always a hard choice but I think
5375s usually the value of the tier six will
5377s be higher than the additional stats on
5381s tippers if you don't have to get rid of
5382s his death battle did he end up with the
5384s death battle question you know just
5385s checking that now
5387s um it seems like he had a dude 15 die
5391s okay yeah or maybe it's done its work
5394s it's yeah it's turned seven maybe the
5396s Harvest Gold has kind of done its work
5398s and he's getting quite close anyway
5400s yeah but I should choose that over the
5402s Southwest it might be close enough to
5404s getting there and
5406s yeah I mean
5407s he's gonna get it I think that's 13 out
5409s of 15. so I have the
5411s um
5413s yeah all the stolen gold yeah
5416s and with the sky like as well
5420s yep now the start of pirate Exodia is
5423s just forming here and he's on a high
5425s enough Health total that he should be
5427s okay but this could be a lot of damage
5428s coming in for him if he's not careful
5430s here yeah but luckily enough for him he
5433s played against
5433s um the Finley dare off from Peter
5435s Babbitt so even if he loses it probably
5438s won't be too much damage in this case
5440s it'll only be seven I believe
5444s but yeah this is um also a puzzle box
5447s um
5448s question as well will I play her win
5450s with stolen gold so you may want to keep
5452s an eye out on this is Rella from Huff
5457s yeah well
5459s take that interesting he's choosing that
5462s as his two gold places he's gonna have
5464s two Health not one is that relevant
5466s later one or do you just not care
5468s um I think the issue is maybe you won't
5470s find the meaning that you'll want to
5472s cure a power later so you must take it
5474s now it could be relevant but um he's
5477s choosing to take that risk anyways and I
5480s think it's a fair one to take that it
5481s may backfire but I think the chance is
5484s small enough that
5485s um choose to do but here we see a really
5487s interesting combination of quest and
5489s hero power which is yeah exactly what I
5493s think Daryl wants because it all sells
5496s and buys so many minions it's good to
5498s keep those stats you know on your board
5500s by
5502s keeping them with animal bread yeah the
5504s subtle alarm is going off when animal
5506s gribe and Daryl get together there'll be
5508s a subtle comment somewhere on the
5510s internet in the next 10 minutes
5513s yeah and luckily for easterly if he also
5516s found the premier minion to dance with
5518s and oh
5520s nice
5522s so I think because eastleigh will be
5524s staying on tier three for most of this
5527s game it could be a good triple right now
5529s and then waiting for a higher tier
5530s triple
5531s um your slave seems to agree can't take
5533s her yes
5536s Shields and so it's not gonna go crazy
5539s but not this snap pick I thought it
5542s might be oh you safe goes for the Gold
5544s River because he does have two golden
5546s minions at the micro mummy and the gem
5548s splitter
5549s so I think the game plan here is he's
5551s gonna keep this uh gogarbers past the
5553s scaling and eventually sell it on the
5556s board to or sell it to um give a
5559s deflector maybe stats or a magnetic oh
5563s ground shakers just seem so good there
5565s though
5566s yeah I think here the issue is there's
5570s only one Divine children on the
5571s deflector and for eastleigh to find
5573s another one he would have to roll into
5575s either another defecto or a papa or I
5578s think a cyclone as the only three
5580s options so maybe it's you still have an
5582s option for him right now
5583s he was incredibly low Health as well
5585s everybody just realized so he definitely
5587s survived that fight which might have
5588s been relevant as well
5590s yeah so a really really scary spot for
5594s um
5594s yeah for e-sleep there whereas Peter
5596s Babbitt is on the exact opposite side of
5599s the spectrum where he's 33 life with his
5602s Finley Daryl
5603s yeah he's safe for the foreseeable
5605s future interesting to see if he can
5608s convert it into even more
5610s yeah and I think the main difference
5612s duck here not stuck just waiting for the
5615s peggies to do their thing
5617s yeah and she does have this uh okay
5619s Menace yes he's going to mention that um
5621s I think it's a difference in quests
5622s where Peter Babbitt was able to get red
5625s hand activated very early on which gave
5628s him a lot of media strength whereas it
5630s kind of takes a lot of time for anime
5632s bribe to be worth it and you do tend to
5636s notice the difference in the power level
5638s later on whereas dancing on a board may
5643s not be as strong as other people's Quest
5645s and compositions
5647s this is what he's got left
5650s um a horrible sticky situation with two
5653s gold here as well
5655s but he's got to win this fight so he's
5657s got to buy and sell something here
5659s yeah so he's just choosing to go for
5661s another Divine shot minion and invest
5664s the rest in his gems Twitter so you can
5667s get four more or even six more for the
5669s next fight oh he's moved it up I was oh
5671s he's moved it back interesting um is
5672s that Michael mummy seems a little bit
5673s far back to me why why so far back so I
5677s think in this case it's fine because his
5680s um deflector part has 47 life and he's
5682s not expecting it to die even if the
5684s macrame is later back and he wants to
5687s prioritize having the two Divine Shields
5688s earlier for jumpstarter Value as well as
5690s maybe getting a go-gobra hit so you can
5693s value trade more likely
5695s yeah and you can actually get an extra
5696s hit with the deflecto before it re gets
5699s the shield in some circumstances there
5701s because he can take a 2020 I see that's
5703s that's really clever I like that yeah
5705s that's one of those things where the
5707s Health Point matters a lot it's
5708s something you usually don't do because
5711s when you play deflector on a lot of
5713s Heroes it's hard to scale up the HP of
5715s it but in this case it works out very
5716s nicely
5721s okay and this is now turn 10 so one more
5725s turn if all players survive then we will
5728s complete uh one of the puzzle box
5730s requirements
5731s all right so if you're on that you're
5733s hoping for easily from penguin's time to
5735s get through this next turn
5737s yeah and half with the really nice setup
5740s here he managed to Golden the Eliza with
5742s the Tony so he no longer needs to put
5745s the Eliza on the far right and he can
5747s now play a baron to make golden as well
5750s and he found new Synergy as well with
5751s the sofas really really enjoying the
5753s position from half right now
5756s ah it's funny because you look at this
5759s board without processing you just look
5760s at some numbers and it's just a
5762s completely random selection of minions
5763s but actually the Exodia is quite clearly
5766s building here
5768s uh it's just a case of how he slowly
5771s filters it across
5773s I think right now
5775s um like some of these random minions
5777s like the
5778s um Tavern Tipper can be sold off for
5781s some stronger minions I imagine Divine
5783s should be a pretty good idea
5786s um like maybe a deflector and a reset
5787s could be good instead of that in the um
5790s sparring partner but for now I've seen
5793s like this seems like a great um filler
5795s minion
5796s yeah
5798s if it's only it's only turned 10 which
5800s is a weird term because you can get
5801s destroyed if you're not careful it's
5803s he's got plenty to stay alive with so
5805s he's okay
5806s is pushing that advantage
5809s yeah so he has a random golden hugger I
5813s had to check the quest and make sure it
5815s wasn't Pirates but he has um Getty
5817s random murlocs at the start of each turn
5819s so he just somehow found a golden hogger
5822s really just to see how that uh which you
5825s know how that happens I mean to see
5827s where he goes with it as well because
5828s he's actually got the two
5831s I mean they have poison but he does have
5833s the two amalgams which are pirates if
5834s you can find a Peggy and some some
5837s really good cycling here will it mainly
5839s just be using hogger to get a lot of
5840s gold for finding selfless or will there
5842s be more he can do with this
5845s um I think it does equate to a lot of
5847s stats because you can just buy Pirates
5849s and he finds um selfie strong arm which
5852s gives
5853s um a pirate plus one plus one for every
5855s part bought that turn
5857s um you can buff up the amalgams quite a
5858s bit which maybe what happened here with
5861s that non-taunted amalgam it's a stronger
5865s there we go there's four more pilots a
5868s bunch of pirates too
5870s but the issue here is you know a strong
5872s cardstock is sold here either a LeRoy or
5875s a manta Queen I imagine or even
5877s potentially the hogger if um I just want
5880s to keep it round but I think our 16 of
5881s damage cap still on I'm playing a stereo
5883s it's a good idea to keep the hogger for
5886s now
5887s here's the sort of situation I'm glad
5888s the Leroy went where
5890s again at my level at the sort of the
5893s strong casual level of player
5896s um the brand ends up getting sold here
5898s no good player ever sells the brand
5901s until the extreme end game so quite
5904s instructive watching what gets kept in
5905s these situations
5907s yeah and important to note as well that
5910s um since he's playing against Daryl who
5912s may not even be that powerful
5915s um it's even a bigger read to keep the
5918s brand for more scaling in the future
5920s trying to find a way to get that salty
5922s in there as well
5924s yeah it might just be a pirate for
5927s um the strong arm
5930s and here in this case so he did lose the
5933s very powerful unit in Leroy and he's not
5935s gonna have a great minion to end with
5937s except for this King Burger which does
5939s have the death row effect of buffing all
5941s murlocs by plus two plus two but not
5943s nearly as strong as a um
5946s as a um Leroy oh he's gonna get greedy
5953s nice yeah this is a really interesting
5956s pickup
5957s um you could have maybe kept some gold
5959s in his hands but if it is the case that
5962s he gets the ghost next turn with the
5964s Penguins not dying then he could
5966s potentially keep it for another turn and
5968s um
5969s get a
5970s it's a golden card from it but yeah I
5974s imagine it'll be a little greedy to keep
5975s it on board
5979s yeah especially I mean it won't get sold
5981s if he does want to keep it around but
5983s he's fine just making big numbers go up
5986s um in this kind of convoluted murlocy
5989s piratey way
5991s yeah and it seems like it will
5994s oh you just managed to tie with East
5997s Leaf but I think eastleigh had a few
5999s coin flips there to actually just die
6001s this turn will Penguin Sound hold on
6003s because if he does
6006s gotta turn 11 with no deaths but it
6009s looks like he holds on by one life so
6012s another puzzle box
6014s completed ticked off
6020s this is where I'm going crazy if I'm
6022s like Rim ghost or something I've got
6024s quite a good board but I'm slowly dying
6025s this is where I'm screaming at the lobby
6028s like why is nobody dying and then I'll
6030s kill somebody and be like look you have
6032s to do it yourself if you want the job
6033s doing in these parts and because
6036s everybody died but penguin is making a
6038s massive board here but it's only massive
6041s numbers and it's not got much else going
6043s for it but he does have the benefit of
6046s having at least um a stuffa's pair so it
6050s does mean that there's random amounts of
6051s stats will have to bunch of them in the
6053s future when he triples the Southwest
6056s but yeah this is like a good board I'd
6059s say against players like um Daryl and um
6063s maybe like Peter babur sterile but um
6066s not not quite the board you you want for
6069s a win especially when you're also only
6070s at one HP are these next two or three
6073s turns are absolutely monstrous they're
6075s really important in the whole scheme of
6077s this tournament because
6078s three or four people are going to die
6080s every turn quite likely here so finding
6084s a way to just survive a turn will be
6085s everybody's priority I don't think any
6087s of these players unless there's a board
6088s that that we've not seen we'll be really
6091s looking at winning this this Lobby
6093s they'll be just looking at look can I
6094s come top four and see where I'm at
6096s because there's gonna be so many deaths
6098s now
6099s yeah seems like
6101s um four players can't die a certain but
6103s it's also possible and then I'm dying
6104s but I think penguin sound's gonna have a
6106s tough time but um this is a board of uh
6110s murlocs and the one random hogger
6113s uh imagine we see damage cup gone at
6115s this turn
6117s and now we can see also Sleepy's mayev
6120s let's see what he was up to again
6121s another t-master board
6124s um this card is popping everywhere
6126s especially because it is a neutral type
6128s so every single Lobby can have it
6132s yeah and like like you said I think you
6134s weren't the only person who undervaded
6135s that card I think the whole Community
6137s looked to a card and like ah this card's
6139s stupid why is it here and now we're
6141s learning that actually turns out the
6143s developers knew what they were doing it
6144s was easily just
6146s barely dies there at the end
6149s yeah just by one lonely Papa and oh room
6153s ghosts are actually going out as well
6156s but and that's on holding on he actually
6159s managed to I believe Ty was supposed to
6162s say since this is also still at 16 life
6165s William gosu maybe is Mortal after all
6169s finding for the fourth time ever the
6173s bottom three finish that includes
6174s qualifiers and everything
6177s um yeah but still you know nothing it's
6180s fine the best part of this first yeah
6182s yeah it's okay I'm just trying to find
6183s any reason to say that he's not going to
6186s win because he's doing so well like
6188s Matsuri with a board that can develop
6190s pretty quickly these things are massive
6192s but yeah only the two poisons at the
6195s moment
6196s this is kind of like what we saw from I
6198s think Rim ghost's mayev yesterday where
6201s it's just a ton of huge murlocs really
6204s difficult to beat unless
6206s um he's playing against you know a board
6208s of similar
6210s um poison murlocs but I think no I'm
6213s just really playing that this Lobby
6214s right like
6215s I think Peter is playing uh Max to say
6218s is playing relax and Pirates so he might
6220s be the only one hop is playing his
6223s um
6224s yeah he's playing Exodia yeah and gets
6226s the 15 15 on the the baron which is kind
6229s of the last no it's not the last piece
6231s you know Finding Your khadgars is the
6234s last piece but it's the last protective
6236s piece you need especially when the lobby
6238s is going to end so quickly or it's going
6240s to get to the top two so quickly making
6242s that 15-15 protection from zap and
6244s everything just gets so much nicer for
6246s you now
6247s yeah unfortunately for half um no cargo
6250s I should make this car a lot stronger I
6252s think it easily started gone higher for
6254s one of those if you could but he may
6257s just choose to go for I think either
6259s Southwest or a meta Queen here would
6261s both be really nice
6264s yeah one interesting to note as well is
6266s if you put midi Queen on the left to the
6268s right with stone gold you will get
6270s double the amount of adapts but in this
6272s case
6273s um it uses the baron to be more
6275s important
6277s I am surprised he put so something I'm
6279s going to need explaining to me the
6280s mounted Queen near the baron just in
6281s case of a giant clear that feels like a
6283s scary thing to do
6285s yeah
6287s um maybe in a Time issue because he was
6289s running out but um I think it would have
6292s been nice to put it between the
6293s scalework and the harder so there'd be
6295s no cleave issues there at all that was
6298s my thinking so glad to see you I'm
6300s thinking
6301s straight but yeah he did have no time so
6302s that'd be the reason he did it
6305s hello Penguins on and sleepy out here
6309s unfortunately not quite enough against
6310s the giant murlocer Matsuri
6315s yeah
6316s oh yeah it's looking closer and closer
6318s to the possibility that um pirate Exodia
6321s will yet again win another Lobby this
6324s time with the help of stolen gold
6327s puzzle box question stolen gold winning
6329s a Lobby um but I should have I should
6332s have asked them to put in Pirate Exodia
6334s winning a Lobby because I always bang on
6336s about how that's the best build
6338s you'll go head to head with Froggers
6340s later as we get barov's a blessing pick
6342s the winner out of these two this is a
6344s right old mess this time around TJ yeah
6347s it was a nice easy one to start off the
6349s day with either not be able to find a
6352s deflector which I think would give him
6354s at least a chance like say if um maybe
6357s this 83 76 uh Papa Was a deflector
6360s instead and the board's resets
6362s could be competitive
6367s yeah he's gonna get that poison of beta
6369s Barbies he's gonna have to crash into
6370s the big menu most likely
6374s oh you got me excited there when you
6377s changed your mind at the last second
6378s yeah yeah I almost put a beat it's still
6381s so used to uh Saint Peter's gonna win
6384s but in this case yeah I think Vader did
6386s execute very well on the game plan of
6388s have a solid second game to back up his
6391s first game result
6392s and here the amount of stats is just
6394s insurmountable
6396s yeah I must know he's got a load of
6398s money still as well just creating more
6400s and more poisons along the way
6402s yeah I think he's gonna choose to
6404s um have the young merkai be used with
6407s that burger goal but he could also opt
6409s to fill his hand with here golden
6411s um Lookout as well in this case I think
6413s the stats are probably a lot more
6414s relevant
6415s bravely not giving his 258 how attack
6419s minion anymore poison because it doesn't
6421s shouldn't be needed
6423s yeah oh my God
6426s I'm not even sure if a single Minion on
6429s the side of dial maybe the the younger
6431s guy well it's a little bit small but
6434s yeah just the swoofing and the lookout
6437s is way too yeah it would be close to
6439s dying
6440s we took out it will anything either
6442s fourth or equal third here which is fine
6445s he had a good start as well it's just
6447s more Point chipping away towards those
6448s 20 that you need so he'll be okay
6452s yes in a super good spot as well for the
6455s next round I think there's a tie with um
6458s say and Hoth which we may see a lot of
6461s as well this game as well we saw I think
6464s the same situation in the other Party
6466s City game where it was murlocs versus
6468s Exodia and they tied over and over again
6471s yeah
6474s it's just like um it's the positioning
6476s with the Southwest where
6478s and very easily Force ties but I think
6481s actually
6483s what's their tie there was it
6485s with that one and three flip to kill off
6487s the Eliza I think that didn't happen
6488s it'd be a slight loss
6491s if you see it just buys more time though
6492s for
6494s um the khadgars to be found on that side
6496s and on this side more times to find your
6500s balance that you might want to use so
6502s yeah and one thing to note here as well
6504s let's just say did pick up a fourth
6507s hogger so every pirate he buys generates
6509s some money so that may give him the
6512s tools he needs to
6513s beat
6515s um Matsuri but I think the odds are a
6519s little bit hard though because on this
6521s side there's not that many poison
6522s murlocs but he also has the backup plan
6525s of making uh talk spin Divine Shield
6528s amalgam immediately after
6532s will you be tempted to he's got the
6534s Devonshire they're golden so you can do
6536s that it's fine
6538s I was wondering if he's gonna be tempted
6540s to keep the module in case he fights the
6543s Pirates again but I think yeah
6546s that was an interesting choice I think
6550s um the reason why he decided to go for
6551s that is with two golden amalgams you can
6555s now sometimes play for four Divine
6557s Shields poison amalgam to be fixed with
6559s additional two
6561s yeah he's against the ghost he's gonna
6562s get paid off for that as well
6564s yeah and it was peterbatch Ghost as well
6567s which is not the most scary
6571s threats I was wondering as he's found
6573s another amalgam if he was going to
6575s possibly which he chose not to do play
6577s the Tony and the amalgam and try and get
6579s another golden one
6581s oh yeah that might be
6583s a little too much here but he does
6584s choose to keep the hogger on board
6587s instead of playing his stronger minion
6588s like the baron just so he has space next
6591s turn to continue to cycle pirates for
6594s more money and find maybe an additional
6597s amalgam a toxpin and module which is
6600s what he needs to generate a fourth uh
6603s poison Divine Shield
6605s and wow off on the other side found two
6607s cow guards in one turn he had zero
6609s kagars in the previous turn
6611s yeah and he's been looking for them for
6613s a while to be fair to him so he's
6615s allowed to have a turn where they do
6616s turn up
6617s um it is turned 15 he had this build
6619s going to some degree really really early
6622s like turned seven or eight we knew this
6624s was going to be his endgame state if he
6625s survived
6627s yeah and funny enough here I think
6629s there's a chance this is enough to kill
6632s uh Matsuri if there are more proxier but
6635s no not quite lose is quite severely as
6638s well because that huge Murdoch is
6639s actually
6641s it's really weird yeah I think it hmm
6646s it is a slight loss right no it's a tie
6650s it again of course it's just tight it's
6652s always a tie oh man this is going to be
6655s exciting though because there's gonna be
6656s so many
6657s um Tech card decisions and now half does
6660s get a turn of spikes but yeah and I say
6664s has to play
6665s very aggressively for this next fight in
6667s order to not lose
6669s he did turn down these Hoggers um a few
6672s turns ago in favor of
6674s I don't even remember but he just turned
6676s them down it may have been late to the
6678s turn but he rolled past one didn't
6679s freeze it that was the turn where he
6680s picked up the nosy loot I think
6682s [Music]
6684s but I think he was a slightly different
6685s build at the time
6687s I think so more of the brand and the
6690s murlocs but you'd think he chose just to
6692s go more in this hogger out so he could
6695s go for a better end game build but the
6698s issue is yeah he doesn't have quite as
6699s much stats as Matsuri does so he's gonna
6701s have a harder time I think beating half
6704s than Matsuri does but I believe he's in
6706s a better spot to actually win against
6708s Missouri because of the amount of divine
6710s Shield poison he has and again the
6712s burden of playing a tunnel blasters on
6714s Mastery which is a big deal on these
6716s matchups
6718s yeah did he just use his hero power to
6720s in the middle of this somewhere was that
6721s it used to be a Miss click because
6723s surely you just don't need more gold
6725s like why would you ever do that yeah
6728s I've personally been that spot a lot
6729s where I accidentally click on it because
6731s my mouse is going so fast between the
6733s middle of the board like my hands it
6736s makes sense okay he finished up he
6738s actually finished up
6740s yeah quite nicely here
6743s yeah and um
6745s I think his hogger is enough to kill at
6747s least two there's murloc so it's pretty
6749s significant deal
6751s [Music]
6756s 239 Health Murdoch is oddly the really
6759s scary one he doesn't get poisoned but it
6761s will get poisoned this time so that will
6763s be a lot of damage
6766s uh if the um bearing to managed to
6769s survive there would that have been
6770s lethal
6772s and actually it would have an extra five
6774s damage so the positioning could have
6776s been important there to put the Bear in
6777s a little further back and I think that's
6780s what um you mentioned earlier about
6782s bearing positioning if you want to put
6783s it earlier for popping Shields later and
6785s this is a case where maybe if I was
6787s behind one of those other amalgams it
6789s would have resulted in Vito instead
6791s oh yeah that makes sense uh do you pick
6793s up the yes you do okay because if you
6796s pick up the baron here partly for the
6797s golden but also just for some boards of
6799s space choices if you're going to start
6801s navigating your board
6803s yeah and here's the part where
6805s we'll probably need a CSC pick up a tech
6808s card option against Exodia and without
6810s void load being an option I imagine the
6814s best option will maybe be a annoy module
6817s or perhaps a zap if he thinks I can do
6820s anything but
6821s down this side
6823s um I think the minions were buffed up
6825s maybe not the caggars yet though
6827s I mean one of the fights just finished
6829s it was slightly desynced at this point
6831s but there we go
6833s yeah and one benefit as well of um there
6837s being a pirate study player is this is
6840s it has a lot of time to play his turn
6842s because the turn timer scales based off
6844s of the combat length of the last combat
6849s right that goes up to 120 right is that
6852s the maximum uh I think sometimes even
6855s more I'm not sure exactly how it works
6857s but I've seen some really long ones when
6858s there's LeapFrog mirrors
6863s again the LeapFrog area I'm like the
6866s enemy of chat no leapfroggers boom
6869s but at least uh you're a fan of pirate
6872s Exodia which I think Chad also does
6873s enjoy
6875s but yeah there's no really a great
6878s option here for society to end on I
6880s think the Leroy would be the best one
6883s but
6884s at most it can trade one for one so it's
6886s never really the option looking for it
6888s when your opponent is summoning multiple
6890s minions
6892s this turn has been really strange
6895s um just to watch because obviously I
6896s know what he's been doing I know why
6897s he's been doing it but the whole turn
6899s just nothing happened he's just bought
6901s and sold a million things for like plus
6902s 12 plus 12. great yeah
6905s and there's actually one thing important
6908s um let's just say it did decide I'll
6909s keep that too yeah I mean he does need
6911s the goal this time it makes sense right
6912s he knew that made sense last turn when I
6914s said it was it a missed click
6916s um he knew he's probably gonna sell the
6917s golden hogger this time so he wanted to
6919s bank some gold for the next turn I think
6920s might have been a thing
6922s yeah but yeah one thing to note is um I
6925s think they did have a Golden Hawk and a
6928s normal hogger on board and then he had a
6930s normal hogger in hand they decided to
6932s Triple the hogger if he didn't do that
6934s and he held the Hawker in hand he would
6936s have been able to generate more money
6938s this turn but because he tripled it and
6940s then he sold it off video after he was
6942s not able to play as much cards he wanted
6944s to which actually does matter here
6947s because it means it's turned a
6948s significantly weaker without having
6950s infinite gold
6952s it's a really good point really good
6953s spot yeah he um because you don't you've
6955s got infinite gold as soon as you've got
6956s the four Hoggers you don't need the the
6958s second triple so right especially if
6961s you're
6962s um playing to start after which he had
6963s to in order to be strong against
6965s um Matsuri
6967s nice nicely spotted
6970s yeah and here
6971s [Music]
6971s um
6972s again it's hard to tell how this of
6975s these Sky Pirates are gonna summon
6977s um
6978s but the bad thing about having taunts is
6981s they can all Converge on the taunts I
6984s think it's sometimes better to have them
6985s spread out to attack other minions
6988s because then they don't kill off Minions
6990s on their own but yeah
6992s ouch just destroys him fireworks are not
6995s quite getting it done not enough uh all
6998s right so I think we may see
7000s take this one down with his golden
7004s um stuff was here and I think almost a
7006s golden bear he had one hand
7008s so we got going on still got that that
7011s huge Murdoch is just absurd now yeah
7014s you're not buffing it it's just got so
7016s big it still has that toxin in hand but
7018s there's simply no need to play it
7021s yeah
7023s I wonder if he'll make the read that
7025s he'll need a tunnel Blaster because
7028s I think he did play against them and he
7031s saw there's I think two or three there
7033s are three um yeah I thought about there
7035s are three um Divine shields on the side
7036s of
7038s say so yeah he's seen he's seen a
7041s convincing victory for citizer against
7043s half there as well so he should be able
7045s to make some reads into what's going on
7046s obviously it's going to be difficult to
7048s know exactly what but he also face him
7050s two games ago so maybe he can put
7052s together what's going on there
7054s yeah um I think however he does have a
7058s nice play in terms of dealing with the
7060s amalgams of the leroys you could play
7061s double Leroy and maybe sell off one of
7064s these other murlocs but in this case the
7067s tunnel Blaster will be better than Leroy
7070s um we'll see if he ends up going for a
7072s triple cell for it he's smirking a bit
7075s there
7076s um with basically what you were talking
7079s about going through his head yeah he's
7080s also had to poison the thing so he just
7082s came for the double Leroy but picks up
7085s the tunnel blaster in case he needs it
7087s well see how many shields were on that
7089s side I think it was just three for now
7091s but maybe now additional one no
7095s oh but I like this uh zap Tech from the
7098s statuses so if uh there was a tunnel
7101s Blaster you could clear it off before
7103s the surface went off so he would still
7106s be able to get shields
7107s but oh in this case the fight really not
7110s going well for Matsuri
7112s Shields get full value on both the
7114s amalgams
7117s let's just say my bandwagon pick just
7119s because he was on bow off and I said a
7121s good pair of games can be good great
7123s analysis there by me
7125s um taking it down picking up a chunk of
7127s points uh much needed points as well
7129s after the first game
7131s um at survey also we'll be very happy
7133s with how that one went in there attempts
7136s to start moving towards 20 points
7138s yeah but um in this case no one with too
7142s big of a convincing lead except for
7144s maybe beer with his fourth place and his
7146s second from the last one
7149s um yeah just super close overall
7151s yeah one of those where it wasn't
7153s exactly reversed obviously that would be
7155s incredibly unlikely but largely reverse
7157s the standings from the first one so
7160s um
7161s gonna be
7164s interesting to see what the standings
7165s are so let's just say navigate to that
7167s very strangely right um early on went
7170s for a very early triple when he could
7172s have gone for something huge just made
7174s sure he didn't die
7176s um with the early pirate reductions and
7179s then
7180s sort of rocketed up to getting those
7182s Hoggers and had the Hoggers amalgam
7184s thing going on for a long time chose not
7186s to get massive stats instead sort of
7189s weaved his way about trying to stay
7191s alive and kill people at the same time
7192s and eventually came out Victorious yeah
7195s I think he did a super good job of
7197s balancing both um getting stats and
7199s being strong for every single turn you
7202s could see he held many cards for the
7204s turns and he would put in useful cards
7206s in place of the buff slots when he
7209s needed to play a fight and that was
7212s really well navigated I also liked that
7214s he managed to hold the golden hugger for
7216s so long and ease it to a powerful effect
7219s later on to make three Divine Shield
7221s amalgams Well normally you're limited to
7224s two because you know if you try to go
7226s third you'll triple your original two
7228s but did a good job of
7230s taking the triple early on even though
7233s it made it made him weaker just set up
7234s for the end game oh how much silly
7236s actually once again just surprising is
7238s by sneaking up the leaderboard into
7240s first place boom goes to with that bad
7243s result all the way down in fifth but
7246s again position matters but 20 points is
7249s what they're looking at you can't win
7251s the tournament until you get to 20
7252s points and he's leaving sleepy even
7256s though it looks like they're having a
7257s bad time and they probably are
7259s at any point in this tournament if you
7261s win all of the remaining lobbies you win
7263s the tournament it is always in your
7265s hands
7267s yeah and um it seems like
7271s there is not the possibility of the
7272s lobby being in check
7274s um after Lobby three but there's plenty
7276s of candidates for putting lobbying check
7278s for Lobby four so we'll see at least
7280s five games today
7282s yeah which is what the be nice did just
7284s put them in check on four won it bam one
7286s on five and ever since then it's just
7289s slowly increased by pure Coincidence of
7292s stats like humans spot patterns and all
7294s sorts of things but we haven't had it go
7296s backwards yet it starts off at five on
7298s Lobby Legends one and Lobby Legends five
7302s um went up to all the way to eight
7303s lobbies so expecting nine or ten lobbies
7305s stately you ready for a long one uh I
7308s think I am yeah I'm always excited to
7310s see a high level uh Battlegrounds as is
7313s always the case in lobby Legends and I
7315s think it may also be the case that as
7317s players get better at adapting to this
7319s format
7320s um the games will extend to be longer
7322s because people will recognize what they
7325s need to play in order to maximize the
7327s chances at winning even if they are and
7330s not the most advantageous spot early on
7333s absolutely well we want to see more high
7335s level Battlegrounds so let's get the
7337s next game set up we'll do that for you
7340s and we're back in just a moment
7344s foreign
7346s [Music]
7364s [Music]
7370s [Music]
7375s foreign
7378s [Music]
7390s [Music]
7403s foreign
7405s [Music]
7418s [Music]
7434s thank you
7439s foreign
7445s [Music]
7472s [Music]
7475s foreign
7479s [Music]
7489s [Music]
7496s [Music]
7503s [Music]
7516s foreign
7519s [Music]
7525s [Applause]
7527s [Music]
7533s [Music]
7541s we've had two games already game three
7544s just getting set up now and Lee sleepy
7547s and East leave down on two and a half
7549s points what's the best thing for them to
7551s do should they just carry on playing
7552s their game or is it time to hit the
7554s panic button and try and catch up
7556s um I think they should probably continue
7558s to play their game uh I think we've seen
7560s sleepy continue his playstyle of going
7563s for early High tier triples
7566s I mean the the standings the way they
7569s are I mean it's fine to continue to go
7571s down that route
7573s um I think there's not really a
7574s difference there's not really a reason
7576s to change it up
7577s um even though the points may be kind of
7579s far behind
7580s in terms of putting the lobby in check
7582s at you know for game five or game six
7585s it's still about the same so just gotta
7588s continue to put up good results yeah I
7590s think you want to make sure that the
7591s lobby is in check like you've got your
7593s 20 points by the end of Lobby five if
7597s you possibly can because by that point
7599s three or four people are going to have
7600s the lobby in check and you're really
7603s running the risk of somebody just
7604s winning the lobby at that point if
7606s you're not in there already but as as
7608s we've discussed every single tournament
7610s so far doesn't really matter too much
7613s how far behind you are within reason if
7616s at any point you've put up any sort of
7618s numbers at all and you're in three
7620s lobbies in a row you'll win the
7621s tournament pretty much like they're
7623s fired up behind at the moment that they
7625s need to get a few more on the board so
7627s they need to win four in a row but yeah
7629s uh you can always get it done and so
7633s be interested to see what they do though
7635s it's easy to sit here talking about it
7637s analyzing it saying what you should do
7639s when you're sat there you just have two
7640s horrible batches it's like oh no Panic
7643s I'm gonna need the points immediately so
7646s we could see players making strange
7648s decisions now and in the case of the
7650s player cams too you can kind of see
7652s emotions are running a little bit higher
7654s for some of the players and
7656s it could be an indicator of
7658s um a little bit of tilt but I think
7661s these players have played so many games
7663s of Battlegrounds in general that they
7665s have the skills needed in order to keep
7668s that in control but it can't be hard to
7671s you know keep a complete level ahead in
7673s these environments where there's a lot
7675s of money and repetitionistic
7677s and it's why I'm a big fan of this
7679s player say say
7681s um just seems to constantly enjoy
7684s everything that's going on in lobby
7685s Legends and gets results because of its
7688s second last time around but we've seen
7690s him have bad days where he's just smiled
7693s all the way through and enjoyed playing
7694s the game Talking of which there's some
7696s Heroes here what do you like yeah I
7698s think like either a master in Olympic or
7702s a escharge pick
7704s um I think gallywax is probably not the
7706s best pick here since there's limited
7708s amounts of tokens to generate money off
7711s of the hero power width so he does
7713s choose to go for the the panda yeah
7717s hey
7718s abandoned wagons in I'm gonna go for
7721s whoever it is on the test it's easily
7723s well
7724s I'm gonna go for it
7726s yeah I think I always root for a cookie
7730s as well when I see him in a Lobby
7733s um
7735s it may not be the best Lobby in terms of
7737s going three on three with which is what
7739s cookie tends to like to go for
7741s yeah cookie is very he's not very booble
7744s burst it's usually very boom or okay but
7747s three on three obviously getting up
7749s three drop early is
7751s it's pretty huge meanwhile sleepy doing
7754s the thing
7756s no messing around from Sleepy on Calico
7759s just I'm not I'm not taking any Minions
7761s on one I want my early six drop thanks
7764s I think that's typically how girlcon
7766s likes to play
7767s um there have been varieties and how
7769s people played him in the past but right
7771s now everyone's usually trying to go for
7773s a good tier six on turn five but that's
7776s not to say you can't pick uh Minions
7778s that are I think even yesterday we saw a
7781s turn to Catherine ear pick with double
7784s Weaver on board which um yeah maybe
7787s we'll even see something like that this
7789s game as well obviously PC is a tier 4 or
7791s tier five that he really wants to take
7793s yeah the Catherine in particular was um
7796s a really eye-opening game we already had
7797s double Weaver on the board at the time
7799s as well and I can't remember how they
7801s finished it I don't think they won the
7802s lobby but it's just built a very solid
7805s board that was going to be stable for a
7808s long time
7809s yeah I think that's one of those
7810s decisions where okay this probably isn't
7813s gonna win me the lobby but this will be
7815s good enough to get me a solid placement
7817s which I think is exactly what happens
7821s and Mastery has quite an amazing star he
7824s already has a pair on turn two and four
7827s minions as well kind of the dreams start
7830s with the hook desk with also a coin in
7832s hand as well
7833s just somehow manages to lose the fight
7835s yeah to the other hero that can benefit
7838s highly off of tokens it's pretty
7841s ridiculous not curious to see what he
7843s does now because I hate it when I'm
7845s playing his hook Tusk on
7847s um on ladder and they've played all of
7850s their turn three minions and got a start
7852s like this you're facing like a Milhouse
7853s type board like just chill out and leave
7856s some stuff in your hand please
7857s yeah especially bad when they also end
7860s up going for early triples here which
7862s Matsuri has hit with the shell collector
7864s I think we could see another tier three
7866s triple like we've seen in the previous
7868s games but
7869s if he wants to he could also buy the
7871s shell collect and hold it in hand and
7873s opt to take a turn of damage to get a
7875s four drop next turn curious to see what
7877s monster is play will be here yeah I'm
7879s hoping TJ stays with this one because
7881s there's so much going on next turn here
7883s from that story as well
7885s and it seems like he will choose to go
7887s for a tier four here instead
7889s yeah it's a lot of early money as well
7892s with the tier four with the shell
7893s collector
7895s yeah I think one thing to note as well
7897s is
7898s um
7899s the panda did stay I think tier one
7901s until last turn so
7903s you know if you're gonna take damage
7905s it's pretty minimal so the difference
7906s between a tier three and a T4 can be
7908s enough to take an extra four here
7911s and the opposite right you know you're
7912s losing the fight so you might as well
7914s lose it
7915s yeah and for the quest as well holding
7918s this card in hand oh be a great Boon I
7921s like to see yeah we see a very early
7922s Snicker snack with playing three Naga so
7925s what's that Naga and pirate if that's
7927s the case you can also cycle this Gambler
7930s as well
7934s this could be a activation on turn four
7937s if he managed to hit a nagar pirate off
7940s of your power or something like he did
7942s Miss on this triple but he can still do
7944s it what does the nickel like right
7948s um I think it's either that or the
7950s treasure secret release and use the
7952s coins to hero power a one drop in shop
7954s because he wants to keep this pair and
7956s he actually can't just buy um a Naga
7958s right now to activate it yeah
7960s the turn Fork Quest activation thanks to
7964s monster holding his um triple in hand
7967s yeah so that's why he was smirking I
7970s think I think he was looking at the
7971s necklace honestly I'm not always right
7973s when I say those things but yeah because
7976s he's got the Snicker snacks going on the
7977s necklace would have just been silly but
7979s it's a Harley can't change my my
7983s bandwagon now yeah so now Chris yeah
7986s yeah
7987s you may even decide to hold this one for
7989s a brand I think that would be a actually
7992s a pretty good idea
7994s he's played like a million things this
7996s turn and he's gonna get a million more
7998s things go off this is ridiculous and he
8000s sees the funny side
8002s yeah I have a yeah have a sip of energy
8004s drink because I think you're going to
8005s need it this is going to be a really
8007s ridiculous game
8009s gosh but this um I don't think he loses
8012s this uh fight as well it's such an
8015s insane turn and um this is part of the
8017s reason why hook tusk was the best hero
8019s in the game and it came out just the
8021s ability to do this very regularly with
8023s the two token generated cards with Alley
8025s Cat and malachite Hunter
8027s yeah and I don't want to watch anything
8028s but this until we see what Matsui does
8030s honestly I'm just quite happy to watch
8032s this entire point of view I know there's
8034s a whole Lobby going on but
8036s really like to see a brand here that
8039s would result in another triple and a lot
8040s of money to play with
8042s sleepy was got to be six
8045s yeah what's that Comfort lamps off of
8048s his quest
8049s um take us have a look
8052s uh sleepy yeah 35 friendly minions die
8055s which makes the gas coiler more
8057s interesting we can already see that he's
8059s got down a scally and yes it's golden
8061s lamps which
8064s he's presumably plotting the whole
8066s course to winning the lobby here with
8067s those lamps and yeah that makes the gas
8070s coil attempting but obviously Augusta
8072s was so good
8073s I think orgaso is probably the car
8076s you're looking for when you look for an
8078s early scaling card because it helps you
8080s play Naga so well but like you mentioned
8083s with the quest requirement of having
8085s Frenemies die the guest core is also
8087s very appealing and sleepy does decide to
8089s go for that the one issue I would say
8092s with this is a Turn 5 gas quarter is
8095s usually not dying to actually help your
8099s quest but against hooks here who we saw
8102s had a tier 4 and a tier 5 triple it
8105s could easily uh die and he could
8107s actually lose his fight depending what
8109s he tripled into
8110s so he's put it up front to give it
8112s maximum chance of dying right he's gonna
8113s hit something and take some damage and
8115s then hopefully get killed by the second
8117s hit is is that why it's first
8119s um I believe so and the main thing as
8121s well is he does have space for two
8123s minions to summon if it dies which I
8126s think is the exciting Factor here
8128s except he's going to win the fight but
8130s yeah he got those death battles
8133s of really good minions but didn't quite
8136s get the deaths yeah and I don't even
8138s know if Materia was expecting to lose
8140s that one it's poured but yeah if uh
8143s sleepy had taken so uh he may have even
8145s been taking 15 damage that turn this is
8147s TJ you gotta he's on his toes he's
8149s showing his everything but teachers I've
8150s really been this is a wisdom ball quest
8153s for him ghostles this is going to be a
8154s crazy one as well and all the time
8156s matsule he's got like 700 triples to
8158s come at some point
8160s we've got sleepy looking to get lamps
8163s this is gonna be a Nutty Lobby
8165s yeah and one thing to note as well is he
8167s sleeps on tests who can take advantage
8169s of everything that these players are
8171s doing all these are very very high tier
8175s cards they're gonna get stolen by Tess
8177s as she goes to the lobby
8179s yeah and I mean eastleaf won't have much
8181s idea that's going on right it's not like
8183s you'll know that galicom's got a good
8184s card you'll you'll see him at story at
8187s some point flash up a load of triples
8188s but at this exact moment eastleaf won't
8190s be aware of just how crazy this is going
8192s to get for him
8194s yeah and I think depending on who you
8196s slave plays against
8198s um just because easily snow battle
8199s control
8201s the Hof here also getting an early
8203s triple that's kind of been the theme of
8205s these last few games everyone's getting
8206s early triples and
8208s really really having huge power spikes
8211s for the the game
8214s so that much either I was talking
8216s yesterday sort of about
8218s um things that seemed a bit different
8220s from other Lobby Legends and one of
8221s those things was
8222s The Observer not having to dash
8224s everywhere for all these crazy early
8226s triples but this is um this is old
8228s school this is a lot of early stuff
8229s going on here
8231s yeah I mean malygos and hook Tusk really
8234s just reminds me of the metas where
8235s everyone was just forcing token triples
8238s I think exactly what happened this game
8240s too
8242s yeah they sort of half force and half
8244s have to get a bit lucky now back in the
8247s day with the double murlocs and
8248s everything as well
8249s a lot easier and then brand being
8251s usually the the key card the scale those
8253s uh doesn't relax as well
8259s but yeah
8261s um
8263s what you sleep's doing I'll see if he
8265s managed to steal any interesting cards
8272s there's a Tipple there easily there we
8274s go very attic chromatic but granted he
8277s has a hero party yet and it could be
8279s a lot of good cards on the status here
8282s power
8283s is staring into space implies there's
8288s stuff he might want there yeah yeah but
8291s he's also doesn't have the most exciting
8292s opponent for next turn Peter Babbitt on
8294s the courtress is not playing the same as
8298s everyone else where they're going for
8299s really triple he's playing for very
8301s consistent uh hero power completion into
8304s just Tempo
8306s um every single turn
8308s that's one of those phase where you can
8309s stop after like six words beta Babbitt
8311s is not playing the same as everyone else
8312s because that's just what he does
8315s yeah and it's exactly what we see right
8317s we see a big de facto
8320s um he managed to complete Ultra ego and
8322s he has this Jasper to scale pretty
8325s consistently with that and I think he
8327s just
8329s it just managed to level the tier three
8331s at this turn because there's no cost
8333s reduction level
8334s but he's still down really low to
8336s complete his quest and his hero power
8340s yeah we talk about the sleepies and the
8342s rim goes is a lot because they're the
8343s the flashy exciting players that you
8345s know we love to see this style but
8347s watching beta Babbitt's stream like what
8350s he's got now going on it's just some
8353s cards that happen to have amazing
8354s Synergy he's taking no damage he's
8357s plodding along and he can turn it into a
8358s win really well you've said how good he
8360s is head to head like it's just
8362s incredible how he does that because
8365s fasciate
8368s yeah you guys kagar Snipes that could
8371s have helped him complete the quest his
8373s turn but he still might do it with this
8375s Omega bus in the gas griller and I think
8378s that would result in an immediate triple
8379s as well with these two skywags on board
8382s there we go
8384s but yeah he's gonna hit appear very
8386s heavy price in life for that snipe
8391s although granted not that much since I
8394s think this uh Prospect Knight does die
8397s yeah dies and he's he'll take this
8400s yeah really not bad at all but he easily
8403s could have won that fight had uh the gas
8405s card died first
8407s turn seven lamps though things will get
8411s really crazy here
8414s um turn 10 lamps is pretty good it's one
8416s of the few quests you don't mind getting
8417s too late yeah and wow remember is dead
8421s already
8424s and I think we were talking about how
8426s wisdom ball might have been interesting
8428s perspective but let's talk too soon I'm
8431s lucky
8432s um automatic Eliza here for sleepy going
8435s for the Exodia obviously but remember
8437s he's got lamps so he only needs two of
8439s everything to get these Golden's he's
8441s gonna get golden cat guy he's going to
8442s get golden bear and he's going to get a
8444s golden Eliza he is going to be in a
8446s fantastic spot here and if he misses
8449s well they'll have a golden gas Corner
8451s why not
8452s yeah
8453s um I think this is like the perfect
8454s scenario as well for sleepy like it's so
8457s easy for him to look for six drops so he
8460s can get
8461s um a golden Eliza but it's also very
8463s productive just to go for gold and
8464s kagger and baron since those are usually
8466s the more potent pieces for that combo
8468s but I'm excited to see another party
8470s Claudia game
8472s um not what I was expecting I expected
8474s you know more on the mech zodiac or the
8477s progress side but I'm glad to be proven
8479s wrong yeah I didn't I mean I always
8481s highlight private Exodia because again I
8483s always make the comment that I feel it's
8484s the strongest relevant build but I don't
8487s didn't think you would see much of it
8489s because the time required to find it is
8492s normally so heavy but once again we see
8495s somebody on turn seven turn eight with
8497s so much of it and so much other
8499s sustained to look for it like the the
8501s gas coil is perfect when you're trying
8503s to set up Exodia right it's just going
8504s to keep you alive and take so much
8506s damage
8508s yeah and deal a lot of damage too now
8510s that the damage cap is lifted uh we
8513s might even see you know like a 20 damage
8515s turn from sleepy
8519s but I think he's playing against the
8520s ghost so maybe not
8523s I should say it's very nice to turn this
8526s board into just a pile of cars my
8528s favorite boards the pile of cards board
8530s just stuff all doing something with big
8534s numbers on the end of it yeah I do like
8536s this combination however of Cape Hydra
8538s and the pretty Wrangler
8541s um it's going to be
8542s something to look forward to when he
8545s finds a way better to give that Hydra
8547s win Fury I could see a lot of problems
8550s resulting from that
8552s and he sleeve once again has kind of
8554s taken a lot of damage and dodged the
8556s person with the good cars there's good
8558s Synergy there's big numbers but not the
8560s cards you really wanted to shop
8563s yeah I think Peter may have been
8566s taking a lot of damage this turn like I
8569s thought he was at the top of the leaders
8570s in terms of life and now he's at 11. he
8573s must have taken a massive beating this
8575s turn
8577s Penguins almost got this set up but also
8580s feels like could just die if he's not
8582s careful yeah luckily with the tutorial
8586s and uh blue show he is able to play with
8587s a little more gold than normal but um
8591s yeah in a tricky spot where he's
8592s transitioning into a um
8595s a cop that has a lot of potential
8598s it looks like with the brand though and
8600s the Cobra's being and he can very easily
8602s generate a lot of spells like he's doing
8603s right now with shell collector and with
8606s some battle cries
8608s um later on
8609s this is why I always defend the first
8612s two or three weeks of a new meta the new
8614s meta of the nagas specifically where
8616s everyone just takes nagas for two weeks
8618s we know what we're expecting to see now
8620s we know how this pops off you know
8622s they've been toned down they've been uh
8623s we know what all the cards do because we
8625s spent two weeks just playing nagas and I
8629s do think it helps Ram home exactly what
8631s the new expansion is going to do what
8632s the new minion type is going to do
8635s because now we're faced with these nagas
8638s I mean we just know this already how it
8640s works
8641s yeah and um I think it's in a good spot
8644s right now that it's not every lobby but
8646s it's still probably one of the best um
8649s scaling tribes scaling minion types um
8652s in the game
8653s yeah I did my check at the start of
8655s every game when I see the minion types
8656s as again as a lower ranked player I sort
8660s of looked through all the the minion
8661s types okay what tier is relevant and for
8665s nagas I'll just say six Like Pirates
8668s five Naga six murlocs four Etc Max 304
8673s or six but and work out where I want to
8675s be going what I want to be leveling do I
8677s want to be playing Tempo do I want to be
8678s playing aggressive based on you know
8680s what number I've assigned to each minion
8682s type and oh my gosh Maley goes from the
8685s half taking damage
8687s this early death from Urban gosu has
8690s really changing the dynamic of this
8691s Lobby right now some heroes are relying
8694s on early game strength and health
8697s kind of getting
8699s um a little punished by that right now
8701s but look at most very support yeah he's
8703s going to say something say though with a
8705s huge cleave so it depends how big says
8707s cleave is going to be
8709s this could look really good and end up
8711s getting murdered really easily it's
8714s really strange
8715s yeah I think in this case um it's one of
8718s those things where if you have a large
8720s taunt it's actually beneficial for you
8722s because it can stop Hydra from attacking
8725s twice unless they have a Divine Shield
8727s but in this case the glow scale may even
8729s work against that because it's such a
8731s small stat of time I think the Hydra was
8733s about 30 give or take a few last time we
8737s saw I don't know how much buff it would
8738s have actually had since then but if it
8740s is any bigger at all it could just wipe
8742s this board out yeah and one thing to
8744s note as well is a lot of the Buffs were
8746s from the bird buddy in combat so they'd
8749s only be temporary it could be a lot
8751s smaller than we think
8752s yeah in which case he will get
8754s absolutely yeah hurt
8756s yeah so worth noting Sleepy's very low
8759s Health total yeah and he's really
8762s relying on time to get the pieces of his
8764s products earlier
8765s um one cool thing this note here about
8767s matsuri's board is he did manage to keep
8769s this was it a turn for
8772s um triple on the
8775s on the shot collector at least he's kept
8777s that this entire time
8780s that's one of those things where I think
8781s we talked about yesterday where
8783s sometimes if you can keep it for this
8785s long it can give you so much value and I
8787s imagine that's how mystery is able to
8789s get so many nice tier 6 Minions
8794s he's also managed to keep that shell
8796s collector triple as well for additional
8798s money to feel his um darky's Elder
8805s but yeah the Hydra not being quite big
8808s enough and
8809s I'm quite scared for uh um this is it
8812s here there's a lot of damage on the side
8815s of Matsuri
8817s it absolutely die I don't think so now
8820s or maybe
8822s maybe that's a hefty amount of damage
8826s I think a little bit short on E3
8831s but I'll see if more fun of dying um
8833s sleepy unfortunately
8835s getting
8837s fitted by um again it's a very
8841s um Tempo heavy strategy from beater with
8844s the deflectos the jump splitter and
8847s cartridge hero power
8850s I wonder how many people have silently
8852s under their breath cursed beta over the
8854s years for this Tempo style it's so good
8857s and so infuriating and so hard to copy
8861s yeah it's unfortunate too because sleepy
8863s again going for a more greedy strategy
8866s with the puffered lamps um and getting
8868s it very early too but I think he just
8871s wasn't able to hit the triples he wanted
8873s um I saw a team Master at the sport as
8875s well so he didn't hit the uh Eliza
8877s triple or the baron triple unfortunately
8879s maybe not even getting many troubles at
8882s all blessing time at your picks I'm
8885s glancing at this I have no idea who to
8887s pick I got pics I say but
8890s because I have to cast as well as Panic
8892s pick Lee on the other hand will take his
8894s time and get it yeah I'll take a little
8896s bit of time
8897s um it's interesting because half does
8899s have the cooked book with a large tonnet
8902s deflector
8903s um or a taunted mackerel I think that
8906s the stats on it mean that this
8909s Hydra may not get to kill it in one hit
8911s which is the most important part of this
8914s combat
8916s say you really need to be a Roy to deal
8919s with this but being on tier four
8920s probably not able to find it
8923s where where is Mississippi going with
8925s this build it feels like he's sort of
8927s got stuck in
8928s I want to be beasts but I'm not quite
8931s there and I don't quite have any of the
8932s stuff I want
8934s yeah I think that's one of those things
8936s that happens pretty regularly with uh
8938s beasts you just have to have a lot of
8941s good cars early but you struggle to make
8945s it into a better comp which I think it's
8947s a safe position right now like he found
8949s the stolen gold he could sometimes play
8953s for a leapfrog builds but you didn't
8955s find a baron so you're stuck in this all
8959s these cards are kind of good like turn
8961s six turn seven but it's turned 11 or
8963s turn 12 now and it's not going to be
8965s enough to cut it
8967s give me quite a close fight if he
8969s because he has positioned the Hydra
8971s second the the wind Fury wants
8975s yeah in this case
8977s um half really only has one strongman in
8979s right now with the mackerel but it's not
8982s to be underrated at all and he has great
8984s clear protection here with his uh
8987s positioning yeah of the gas power
8991s but it's still rather close I think the
8993s shields are now actually completely gone
8995s through the side of Huff
8998s very close
9001s yeah but the addition of that Leroy from
9004s the Gasco is gonna make this
9006s such a crossbite TJ lewd is in he gave
9010s his nice easy one at the start of the
9011s day and now look at this he's caught up
9012s in difficulty to to this degree
9016s yeah
9018s half uh
9020s going out here as well imagine maybe one
9023s more player oh
9024s both Tess and cookie out now
9028s I think yeah the uh the test is if uh
9032s didn't really manage to get those early
9033s good cards uh be unfortunate for him but
9037s beater in fantastic form here he managed
9039s to find a grass sugar was combined very
9042s well with the jump splitter and he's
9043s double deflect those but he's gonna find
9045s it hard to improve or even survive here
9048s I think against Missouri that's what
9049s made me giggle there was just this sort
9051s of flicker across his face at the start
9053s of this turnover okay well that's my job
9055s now what do I do because this is it this
9058s is what he does these are the cards that
9060s live here and that's where he that's all
9061s he's got now
9063s yeah I mean he just does so well at
9065s adapting decisions in and he's managed
9069s to get um top three I think
9072s for this game and then for that um other
9075s game with Daryl like
9076s and when he does have the chance to win
9078s like he'll take for right now he's
9080s executed perfectly his role
9083s they had a great timing as well from The
9085s Observer there thanks TJ for that it's
9087s like here's what's coming up and here's
9089s the other side I'm lucky
9092s uh I like the Matsuri finally sold off
9096s the Golden shock collector so his quest
9098s now does nothing but look at where it uh
9100s it took a like it doesn't need it
9102s anymore
9104s tunnel blast is the only thing he's got
9106s to worry about like I don't know how
9107s much he knows about what's going on but
9108s he'll see mix Four is a thing that he'll
9111s know so he'll probably just play it yeah
9114s I mean he might even choose to not need
9116s it because you know the Max on the side
9119s can't possibly be that big
9121s especially at that um you'll be able to
9123s scale them with like a gray spot
9125s then with only three players left as
9127s well you might just choose well let's
9128s just make sure let's just win it yeah
9130s yeah might as well
9131s um it could be rather useful against the
9133s state but I think he was showing Beast
9136s the last time right he had that weird
9137s Bell of Stone Cold yeah it's also a
9140s useful card in that matchup as well to
9141s kill off a small piece
9145s yeah Peter taking a drink from this
9147s water bottle knowing this job is
9149s finished you're gonna finally relax and
9151s take a break
9153s get another five points for his troubles
9156s and
9157s four or five just twenty that's the
9159s target try to get to 20 by Lobby four so
9161s yeah yeah just just keep chugging along
9164s in third places and
9166s getting up the dynamic of the the group
9169s now is I think the people that were
9172s ahead are now even more ahead and the
9174s people that were behind are even more
9176s behind now I think sleepy um yeah
9180s they're sleeping easily for the two sort
9183s of chasing but also we are seeing
9185s finally the rim goes to sort of bust or
9188s boom we've been talking about it's been
9190s all Boom for the first 20 lobbies we've
9192s seen him in but two in a row uh
9195s misfiring now so we also see that maybe
9198s he is Mortal afterwards the sample size
9200s is starting to level out of touch
9202s and this is where yeah we can see maybe
9204s like a more balanced play style that
9206s Vito has has been avatentious where you
9209s know he just doesn't really get those it
9212s places
9213s yep absolutely
9215s and yeah like this game was so different
9217s from the last one where the last one I
9219s think it was turn 11 we had the first
9221s death in this game it was turn seven
9223s which really really threw us in the
9225s players I think they needed a few extra
9228s turns to
9229s um leverage their Health Advantage
9232s yeah it really changes the lobby quickly
9235s I mean this was an incredibly crazy look
9237s at all those triples but if one or two
9238s people die especially if it's an odd
9240s number of people which puts the ghost in
9242s play as well uh the lobby really speeds
9245s up
9246s of course
9247s the the damage cap being removed just
9250s this sort of boy just kills people so
9252s quickly yeah I'm just laughing a little
9254s bit because now mystery even has a I
9258s think it's gonna be like a 200 200
9260s windshield
9262s it's just non-stop what's uh what's
9265s going on the beatings will continue
9270s there's some decisions very early on as
9273s well so
9274s it looked very early it reminded me the
9276s old jandis boards or like you say the
9278s old hook tusker ones but even more the
9280s old jaundice ones where you get so many
9282s triples on turn
9285s um six or five the just nothing matters
9288s it's one of those things too where it's
9290s like you get that early advantage and
9292s then the quest enabled him to take
9295s advantage of it even more with the I
9297s think it was the turn for completion of
9299s the sticker stack with the golden Battle
9300s Cry it's just the
9303s call that a cleave this is a cleave
9310s it's crazy so I did to hit like six
9312s times in order to even come close to
9314s killing that way
9316s 42 damage I think probably the highest
9320s damage combat we've seen so far that's
9323s really enjoyed that one not surprising
9326s was in the lead going into game number
9329s three and then taking down game number
9330s three he's gonna put him very close to
9332s putting the lobby in check early and if
9335s you put the lobby in check early you
9336s kind of get a free shot at winning the
9338s tournament so
9340s um nicely done those last two games in
9342s particular from that story but also
9345s Peter Babbitt just another third place
9347s he's he's incredible how he just keeps
9350s chugging
9351s yeah and uh Matsuri is in completely the
9354s opposite situation here was yesterday
9355s right like he's kind of gone from being
9359s in last place to commanding first place
9362s now
9363s um
9363s just yeah like it's it's incredible to
9366s turn the tides around so much and be so
9369s close to just winning your your first
9370s Lobby Legends yeah and I'm glad to see
9373s it as well he's a player that coming
9374s into the first Lobby Legends at the
9377s start of the year I was very excited to
9379s see hadn't seen that much of him streams
9381s in a time zone that I don't necessarily
9382s always get to watch as much as I'd like
9384s uh but heard a lot about him saw how he
9387s was doing on leaderboard
9388s and he he hasn't had the best of times
9391s in lobby Legends particularly nothing
9393s terrible or anything but hasn't really
9395s set it a light like I thought he might
9396s so it's great to see him having a a
9399s really good tournament now that we're
9401s getting to watch and shows exactly what
9403s he's got in front of everybody
9405s yeah and he might continue the trend
9407s also of being one of the players that
9410s wins the first live Legends finals they
9413s make where I think REM goes to also was
9415s in that boat as well as kid five at one
9417s of them I mean with ghostly was
9419s literally his first Lobby legends that
9421s he'd even topped 16 to get into the
9422s first round which was ridiculous oh wow
9426s yeah like it wasn't even his first sort
9428s of he hadn't he played qualifies before
9430s he just turned up knowing you who he was
9432s uh or a lot of people didn't know who he
9434s was and just won
9436s so yeah but still he has at least been
9438s sort of playing qualifiers and stuff I
9441s mean yeah you're right kid five as well
9443s um we don't get to see the Chinese
9444s qualification system easily
9447s um he was a known player but it was his
9450s first Lobby Legends as well
9452s and yeah we're staying here um the today
9456s is just so so much with 17.5 being the
9459s highest and 3.5 being the lowest
9463s um now sleepy I guess may need to change
9465s up the place that a little bit before I
9468s said you could just play the same but
9470s now it may be a little more drastic he
9472s has to play more for first if he wants
9475s that first place but it's also valid to
9478s play the same and to try to move his
9480s position up in terms of the other
9482s players
9484s I feel like he's in this position
9485s because he has been playing for first
9487s place like he took lamps and again I
9489s thought he was winning that Lobby the
9491s second he hit the
9494s um Eliza the second he had that board he
9496s got the lamps active really quickly I
9499s thought that he was going to get it done
9500s so
9501s I wonder if he'll be streaming if people
9504s want to see his perspective we may be
9506s hearing sleepy explain in Sleepy words
9508s how things aren't really going his way
9510s but we shall see
9513s yeah anyway that is so you have a have a
9516s quick trip oh yeah I was just saying I
9517s think with puffered lamps it's one of
9519s those greedy quests where it is a little
9520s hard to um snowball with it because you
9522s do rely at the mercy of the shops to
9525s give you pairs even
9527s yeah absolutely I just you just hope to
9529s trip it into a six and your sixes should
9531s get at least another triple into another
9532s six but he didn't get that chain going
9534s but that is the third lobby of the day
9537s so the players and the casters get a a
9540s longer break we're gonna take about 10
9541s minutes I believe now and then we're
9544s back with possibly the concluding
9546s segment of Lobby Legends Castle northria
9549s so we'll see you soon
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9975s thank you
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10114s thank you
10117s [Music]
10149s thank you
10152s [Music]
10169s welcome back again everybody to Lobby
10171s Legends castle northria and we are
10174s getting towards the business end now
10176s with Matsuri getting close two and a
10179s half points away from getting the lobby
10180s into check also a bit about it just the
10183s five points away so Lee the first
10186s question the obvious question we always
10187s talk about this is this the game where
10190s the lobby goes into check
10192s I feel like as strongly it will be just
10195s because Mastery doesn't need to do too
10196s much to get there but as we've seen in
10198s the previous games
10200s um even if all you need to do is not a
10202s place too poorly sometimes you know it
10205s just happens that you don't get the
10207s placement you need which could just be
10208s anything that anything that's not last
10211s um but I think strongly that either
10214s monster or beater can do it but it's
10216s been putting up really consistent scores
10218s and if he gets a good game I think five
10221s is very attainable for him
10223s yeah uh I'm very obtainable he just
10226s seems to do it all the time he simply
10228s what he plays for just get those fives
10229s of course it's going to be interesting
10231s if nobody does get the lobby in check
10233s that would imply that it's all been
10236s really squeezed together and then we
10238s might get this weird situation where
10240s Lobby five or game five like five people
10244s get check all at the same time and then
10246s it'll be a Scramble for for victory in
10248s game six which could be really
10249s interesting
10251s yeah and it means that even if you're
10253s the last of those five as long as you
10255s win the next one there could be like two
10257s three players above you but you would
10259s still win the tournament so I'm kind of
10261s curious to see what that would um look
10263s like in terms of a match especially if
10265s everyone's trying to just win yeah I
10268s think if it gets to that point so a
10271s discussion we had yesterday was about
10274s you know some people might play for
10275s second or third because the prize money
10276s is so good but if it's just a mad
10278s scramble
10280s where you can't necessarily guarantee
10282s yourself a third or fourth we might just
10283s see everybody going flat out for the
10285s Victory and just take their chance to
10286s see what comes which would be amazing to
10289s watch if that comes about
10290s yeah and it could be one of those things
10292s too where you could think oh this game
10295s is going amazing for me like I'm gonna
10296s win it like sleepy could have maybe
10299s thought that with his pilfered lamps
10300s coming online turn seven and then he
10303s suddenly sees oh well Matsuri is on tier
10306s six with uh like three triples and just
10309s owning everyone in the lobby yeah he
10312s must have missed
10313s um three turns in a row on like any pair
10317s because you get dealt pairs in shops as
10319s well to Triple into your sixes which
10321s then get you a pair of sixes which then
10323s gives you a triple which then gives you
10325s another six um lamps goes completely
10327s nutty like that he must have really
10329s just whiffed incredibly hard and of
10332s course if you do miss your board doesn't
10334s improve because you are just pressing
10336s that the Evo button over and over again
10338s I was you at that point
10340s right yeah and I think um it's kind of
10342s hard from the triple stuff on this board
10344s too nothing too strong at that moment
10346s Matt survey choices here in the zoth
10349s obviously the stronger the heroes I've
10351s been playing some Toki because of a huge
10353s amount of armor and I found her to be
10354s okay with where do you lie here
10358s um I think I would maybe go for the Alex
10361s trouser if I wasn't in the position of
10363s needing to only get 2.5 points but I
10366s could see uh maybe Guff being the pick
10369s here like we did before just trying to
10371s get a good placement in so it must have
10373s goes for the armor Guff who did
10376s was it when our guests second in the
10378s lobby or
10380s it was the particle player right
10383s it was because the the little Buffs you
10386s were talking about how the little Buffs
10387s from Gulf were actually making a big
10388s difference in terms of protecting Health
10390s totals so it was the poetic zodiac yes
10392s yeah we could see potentially another
10394s pirate Exodia from Guth here with the
10397s skywagon shop but I imagine the token
10399s minion may be a little more appealing
10401s here
10403s yeah I think that makes sense
10406s um what are you looking to do with girth
10410s are you looking to play the game
10411s sensibly are you looking to complete
10412s Quest cheap right obviously both is
10414s great but are you really planning to use
10416s the hero power a lot here
10419s um I think it depends on where you get
10421s offered the coffee site yesterday did
10424s get two triples very early on and in
10426s that case he was able to go for a
10428s different game plan and just pushing the
10430s hero power button and getting stats
10432s um in this case I think we have to see
10435s what happens with golf shops but I'd
10438s like to see him play sensibly
10440s but here's the player that uh Missouri
10442s obviously looking to get the lobby in
10444s check we're kind of assuming he will do
10446s but beta Babbitt needing a good finish
10448s to do that but has got the Mill House
10451s and
10452s I don't know if I had to pick somebody
10454s to play Milhouse I think beta would be
10456s one of those players right up there on
10458s the list
10459s yes I'm very impressed with him and I've
10462s actually gone ahead and chose him as my
10464s piano I can pick for return to
10467s oops I missed out entirely I'm gonna
10469s have to pick my turn to right now
10472s um we're gonna have her but I think this
10476s is also an interesting Lobby of Heroes
10478s as well we see the omu and the
10481s um rocking issue but here is that I
10483s wouldn't say the strongest right now but
10485s they've had their spot in the spotlight
10487s before
10488s um specifically reform I think fell off
10490s quite a bit maybe because the hero power
10492s is not quite conducive to completing
10494s quests on time
10500s I mean when you were good
10503s when you were like oh my goodness it's
10505s for fun
10506s yeah refine used to be the scariest hero
10509s for quite some time I think especially
10510s when acolyte was still a tier 1 minion
10513s and
10514s yeah with an amazing start though too
10516s like double micro mummy to get early
10518s scaling and to have a pair is exactly
10521s where rimkosu wants to be here
10523s um he's also very well suited to
10525s complete quite a few quests with the
10528s mummies being able to provide procs for
10530s summon and friendly means that and the
10532s mini mermaidon for add cards to hint
10535s this is so old school like the mummy
10537s used to make sure you're scaling while
10539s you're going through the levels and all
10541s this
10541s um interesting to see how much he plays
10543s that way and of course it's sleepy the
10545s sleepier holding the bedokrows they're
10548s the key ones you talked about this
10549s yesterday like battle cries death
10551s battles battle cries in particular are
10552s the most important to hold back right
10554s they're the ones that can be super
10555s relevant especially when they've got
10557s minion types
10558s yeah and um
10560s really hoping to see sleepy get rewarded
10563s for holding it this time because I think
10564s the last few times we were on him yeah
10567s none of the quests uh benefited from him
10569s holding cards
10572s no it was against test which is always
10573s nice
10577s uh oh play pirate and nagas rewarded red
10581s hand or a red hand I imagine that's now
10584s the easiest quest to complete because he
10586s has two out of five of those uh stone
10589s gold as well for 45 gold is one of those
10591s passive ones but it's going to take
10593s quite a few turns I think at the very
10595s least four turns AMU does get to benefit
10598s from his hero power in terms of
10600s completing that Quest and I think this
10602s is sensible
10603s weirdly I think sleepy needs to have a
10606s more steady game because if he can pick
10608s up Five Points here and get himself onto
10611s seven
10612s suddenly he's in that zone I was talking
10614s about before where you only in massive
10617s sort of air quotes need to win three
10619s lobbies in a row to win the tournament
10620s but if he keeps getting no points then
10622s he's definitely four in a row and that's
10625s just like not happening ever
10627s so you know picking the red hand getting
10630s yourself a sensible start you can still
10631s win the the lobby
10633s yeah
10636s I think a win would ask to just put him
10638s in good morale as well to carry on
10640s because this tournament can last for
10642s quite a few turns
10644s but here we see easily for the very
10647s early triple as well opting I think to
10649s take
10650s um oh it just goes for it right now to
10653s be
10655s oh the passion bar is always super
10657s impactful this is really on to provide
10659s early game strength but Warden it could
10662s also be a pick here to supplement is
10664s your power with even more colds
10665s especially as he has very few minutes to
10667s the proper bench yeah I quite like this
10669s and also
10671s excuse me with Galley you're kind of
10673s expecting to sell your minions as well
10676s so taking something that has an
10677s immediate effect rather than the pashmir
10679s which might take a while to get rolling
10681s because I can see how he go that way
10684s and we see here the difference between
10686s um the Galaxy and the Milhouse last has
10690s a full board gallowakes has three
10692s opinions and the lateral Advantage is
10695s quite high now with um being a 9 HP lead
10698s from the house that's a good way of
10701s showing what's going on as well because
10702s on the face of it they do the same thing
10704s right your minions your minions cost two
10706s instead of three that's kind of what
10707s they both do but one instead of two if
10710s you want to go through Buy cell but yeah
10712s when you see the the start contrast and
10714s those boards it does highlight it quite
10716s strongly
10717s yeah and here we see Reno playing on
10720s tier one up until even seven goals but
10723s no triples which is mainly the reason
10726s why you play like this
10728s um really sad to see from penguin Sunset
10731s but
10732s the flip side is making pretty good
10734s progress on his quest as well
10736s flip aside in fact yeah
10740s um I never know what to do if I miss on
10742s this turn as we know whether to hold on
10744s holding on seems to get you killed
10746s because you just don't have the board
10747s the three drops that you need but also
10752s you can summarize trip into a four
10753s triple into a five still and hero power
10755s whatever you get just make a pact with
10757s yourself yeah the card I get whether
10759s it's a high main whatever I'm just hero
10761s powering so I quite know what to do when
10763s you miss on seven
10764s yeah I think
10766s um in this case you probably just stick
10768s to what you're doing and continue to
10770s roll a little bit for the Triple and
10773s then you play very heavily for a strong
10776s tier six or tier 5 minion which I
10778s believe since penguin Sun's Quest is get
10780s to random nagas he'll want to go for a
10783s six drop
10785s and play uh this uh
10789s yeah he's nice to build a
10791s strong enough board high enough Health
10793s total that exactly what you're saying is
10795s what I'd expect him to do
10797s yeah and here we see the benefit of the
10799s mummies early on too
10801s um I imagine that's why he managed to
10803s complete this summon 12 minions Quest by
10806s turn five again a theme of The Rocking
10809s issue also completing his Smoking Gun
10811s Quest
10812s um very early on
10814s eastleigh's been taking a lot of damage
10816s I wonder what he's up to but first we're
10817s going to see a bit about it taking a
10819s five of course he's taking a five and
10821s he's gonna take another five here as
10823s well with the solar metal and this is
10824s another hogger or a 22 test I'm gonna
10827s say the game is already over
10830s bold as that may be
10832s unfortunately not
10835s little rag is not a bad second prize for
10838s a Milhouse yeah
10842s and now he can spend his time to roll
10845s for second wraith and Peggy to
10847s supplement both the little Rag and the
10850s captain hogar
10854s and we see him just picking up um free
10856s cards because they are like he spent too
10859s gold you get a gold back and a gold coin
10863s it's always worth doing if you've got
10865s the time and often worth doing it if you
10866s haven't you never know when you're going
10868s to pick up something that makes a
10869s difference
10870s especially with the three Pirates you
10872s can take
10873s yeah and Peter Babbitt with the quest of
10875s have that's having refreshed 10 times to
10877s get Alter Ego so quite a difficult one
10880s with um Milhouse but he's making it work
10882s I think with that refreshing anomaly
10884s triple yeah absolutely and
10888s when he does get that he's gonna just
10889s buy him it's only turns six it feels
10891s like about turn nine the way he's going
10892s when he does get that he's gonna buy him
10894s enough time he might even be able to go
10896s up to a few tier five or tier six very
10898s quickly Milhouse which is always on
10901s yeah I imagine we might see him do that
10904s once he supplements his board with a few
10906s good four drops of this current
10908s um tier fives but here we see monstery
10910s yet again the Snicker snacks very early
10912s on and it's just in a dominant position
10915s to finish maybe top four
10919s yeah which is all he needs of course
10921s although you know you want more points
10923s costs more money but in terms of winning
10924s all you need is to get into that 20
10926s point Zone which is what he'll be
10927s thinking about for now and looking for
10930s oh no me is really good I think early on
10933s on you know but the quest reward doesn't
10936s quite help with that
10939s just go I'd know me here I've got so
10942s much money in hand
10943s yeah I think it it's also the pick as
10946s well the little rag isn't quite gonna
10947s cut it in good scale while potentially
10950s strong doesn't really help you with your
10952s future game plan
10956s um one interesting thing to know is he
10957s also might opt to hold his hero power
10959s and not use it right now and go for a
10962s tier six next turn if you can find one
10963s okay right there like this
10966s yeah but it also might be another tier
10968s five triple
10970s if I get another know me
10972s another no me then your gold and one of
10975s the Nomis
10976s oh
10979s sorry yeah my brain didn't even get to
10982s the right hand side of the screen
10985s and yeah now he's here
10987s it's the consolation prize of one no me
10990s but Kim hogar is going to be the play
10992s here and Tess able steal one and we know
10995s that Peter Babbitt also has a hogar
10997s could mean that we have three APM Pirate
11000s players this game
11003s and it is worth pointing out his Home
11005s Advantage for the APAC server this time
11007s around it does rotate around so that
11009s could matter
11012s um you know there is difference in
11014s latency when you're playing on different
11016s servers that is a thing that matters
11017s sometimes in Battlegrounds not often but
11020s we could see that kick in with three
11022s different people playing they'd be in
11024s Pirates yeah in this case
11027s um
11028s well Peter might be the closest to
11030s reaching that APM status because he only
11032s needs two hogars where I think the rest
11034s of them will need
11036s four and
11038s um at least penguin sun does have a
11040s golden version so he only needs one more
11041s but yeah the test is gonna need three
11043s more hogars
11046s there's another golden
11048s oh if this the hogar then we could see
11050s it
11052s in action right come on let's see
11055s oh the Tony unfortunately not the best
11058s since he already uses hero power but it
11061s could maybe make a salty Little Golden
11063s or a socio potential Peggy like you yeah
11066s you just set me up yeah and
11069s um the issue is like you do have to be a
11070s little bit weak to guarantee a Tony proc
11073s and Danielson is at 12 so he may opt to
11076s not guarantee a salty litter golden
11082s there you go that's the best way to get
11084s a salty looted golden yeah oh if uh if
11088s there is a hogar here then Tango suck
11090s could be F here right now but he's
11092s missing another hit another Miss takes
11094s the baron for much later right
11096s yeah
11099s it might have been one of those things
11100s too where it's like you don't want to
11101s think about decision as much because
11103s maybe you triple another Minion into a
11106s hogar and you need the time to play
11109s all right this is decent picking up the
11112s strong arm now he should be big enough
11113s to to buy him another turn or two he's
11115s only on 12 so it does need to work but
11118s you might even see the baron blade
11120s actually yeah with the surface I think
11123s it's not a bad idea at all
11125s um yeah we could actually see
11128s potentially Tony plus the baron to proc
11131s a uh hogar or pocket 22 tuska golden on
11136s maybe the
11138s um rips now
11141s probably staying alive wisely so as well
11143s you can see I mean he still might lose
11145s this but I think he's gonna I think he's
11146s gonna be okay you see how dangerous this
11148s was so
11150s yeah and sleeping is having quite a good
11152s game he's now on tier six with um I
11155s think that's already three red hand
11156s procs maybe only two if that love Locker
11159s has been buffed up by spellcraft but
11162s finally getting rewarded for his greedy
11164s style of play of holding cards for the
11166s quest completion
11168s tough mentally to to play like sleepy
11170s because you are going to get these runs
11172s where you sort of come seventh sixth
11173s eighth seventh because you got into the
11175s tempo players over and over again
11176s because they are going to destroy you as
11178s we see eastleaf blowing up yeah
11181s and we see the Milhouse on from beater
11184s actually taking him out
11186s um again kind of contrasting why one is
11189s better than the other well one has more
11191s potential at the galley Wicks you know
11193s you don't always get there and in this
11195s sort of environment it's very likely you
11197s don't get there
11198s this is something I intended to talk to
11200s you about at the start of day one and it
11202s just hasn't happened like how it goes
11204s and the strength of it since the the
11206s Buff's wife haven't we seen much Tower
11208s goes with his 200 so I feel like it's a
11210s good card
11211s yeah I think it's one of those things
11213s where the combination is good at like
11215s this Tarik and the promo is very strong
11218s for Passive scaling but the issues need
11220s to be able to reliably find those cards
11222s and for the difficulty of finding the
11225s combination of them
11226s the payoff isn't all that high compared
11228s to other
11230s um other minion types like we've seen
11233s almost every other minion type win
11235s except for dragons
11237s yeah I think I think the straight
11239s dragons with a Nerf they took makes a
11241s big difference but I do feel that you
11242s can just play a tower goes on the board
11244s reasonably often but it has been pretty
11246s brutal it has been pretty slow to do
11249s that people have been it was a very very
11251s Tempo heavy in this tournament maybe
11253s it's just been too slow in general
11255s yeah especially when
11257s um it's hard to improve in that spot as
11259s well I think we saw one player had the
11262s dragon build with wonders of the ball
11264s but it was just so hard to improve
11267s all these other boards have
11269s significantly higher chance
11271s and here I see
11273s finally getting the second hogar but
11276s will it be enough I think
11278s it is favorite in this fight there's a
11280s lot of strength on the side SSA I was
11283s laughing assistant say that as well he
11284s was celebrating because he spent ages
11286s trying to get his positioning right to
11288s guarantee the the how it goes uh Shield
11290s he was really not sure where to put
11293s those self assist to get this shield on
11294s and when he hits it he's like Yay you
11296s got there
11298s and I didn't know as well he's been on
11302s um tier three for most of this game with
11305s cooked book is gonna be able to continue
11308s to stay on this tier and to juice up his
11311s cooked book with um free pirates of the
11314s double hogars
11315s okay you can even go for the wildfires
11317s too if he wants to but it's going to be
11318s hard to Triple them not being on tier
11320s four
11321s here we go though penguin sun has
11323s everything grown a large chunk of the
11326s things you want to do with um APN
11328s Pirates apart from the the extra hogger
11331s yeah and we see him choosing to not
11334s level up yet even though this level up
11336s does cost tier four
11338s um I think he is playing a little bit
11339s safer and perhaps waiting for the
11341s opportunity to get easily and have a
11345s easier turn to maybe go for this fourth
11348s hogar
11350s pen points right so doesn't want to
11352s throw it all away here he's looking to
11354s just get into the check situation by the
11357s end of Lobby five get 10 points and two
11358s lobbies
11360s a strong finish here doesn't need to be
11362s a first place he can just get two strong
11364s finishes and that seems to be what he's
11366s setting up to do by not pushing too hard
11369s and this is a really interesting board
11371s from theater we found a netherhogar
11374s which enables them to generate money
11375s with pirates while also having this Nomi
11378s on board so essentially I don't think
11381s he's gonna go pirates but he's going to
11383s use these hobars to um generate money in
11386s order to play Nomi more optimally and
11388s we'll see here if you can manage to
11390s actually golden one of these which would
11391s shoot essentially make his turns
11393s infinite he knows the exact broad
11396s because he's the one who killed The
11397s Galley Wicks remember so he should be
11399s able to make this work
11401s oh and he has a really I just notice he
11403s has a really good um crossword too the
11405s devil's in the details being able to eat
11407s buffed up Elementals is a perfect
11409s combination
11410s [Music]
11411s but unfortunately you won't be getting
11413s his
11414s um hogar golden here with the Tony
11416s getting snapped immediately
11421s and yeah he is
11424s he still is only winning very very
11426s slightly by a minion so it was a good
11428s chance yeah but unfortunately with no
11430s time to guarantee the order of minions
11432s dying um
11434s as well and I
11435s don't think we'll see him trying to go
11437s for a Tony propaganda but perhaps if he
11441s feels can get it with it he might
11443s see how that goes let's see what we're
11445s looking at here is sleepy
11451s has just got a bit of everything
11453s yeah he has two modules so he couldn't
11456s play on Leroy a little bit if he puts
11458s one of these modules on the mechano tank
11461s and you can also choose to scale up the
11465s uh macro with these spellcraft spells as
11468s well I predict over the next three
11470s lobbies to see sleepy leaning further
11472s and further forwards as he starts
11473s getting back into this tournament he's
11475s currently in sort of semi-visions oh
11477s yeah dude like uh
11478s don't wanna Don't Wanna Be Active I just
11480s want to lie back and cry about this but
11482s I've just got a feeling that as he
11483s starts to get into this tournament I
11485s think he might that will see him start
11487s sitting forward more and more it is a
11488s long day as well so joking aside like
11490s you do have to protect yourself a little
11492s right and oh penguins are finding the
11496s other hugger
11497s um
11498s not quite having enough gold to play
11500s with as you'd like though it's only
11502s three
11503s the danger of having only
11505s um one goal in one normal you might not
11508s actually
11509s have enough gold to play as much cards
11512s as you like
11513s but yeah let's find cool skill to end on
11516s here
11519s choosing to just protect the um glow
11522s scale
11523s but
11524s it could have also been used to give
11526s another three HP to a hogar if you
11528s wanted to and he'll be going through the
11531s The Cry of the Battlegrounds player just
11532s give me one more turn that's all I need
11536s yeah but in these sort of games one more
11539s turn is honestly a lot to escort with so
11541s many players right now
11543s being at the cusp of defeat with your
11545s electorals this looks weak TJ's showing
11547s us about Siri is not very strong and he
11549s needs two and a half points to get to 20
11551s and he hasn't got a lot going on here
11553s seven it doesn't look like it with
11556s having a five for defect though and
11559s only a 14-12 Metro I don't think he'll
11561s be able to survive this round
11564s and it's quite sad it's like you
11566s mentioned he only needed a few points
11567s and he's gonna fall a little bit short
11569s unless
11571s I think two other people die with him he
11573s might get it or three people even have
11575s to give you a large number yeah
11580s but yeah sorry for him he's the only one
11583s to drop
11584s interesting enough I think Peter lost
11586s his last combat but he's still alive so
11588s maybe he ended up going for the hogar
11591s being golden coin minion coin minion
11594s coincident how this hand happens oh
11596s that's such a good symmetry he's just
11599s been keeping the coins and picking up a
11600s minion and just not playing them every
11602s turn or something waiting for um
11605s uh okay sir most likely actually is why
11608s he's holding on to all this stuff I'd
11610s imagine yeah I imagine
11612s um he must have been holding them for a
11614s while just nothing really to spend them
11616s on but it's also not in the worst spot
11618s too those menaces may have been sitting
11620s in his hand for quite some time then and
11622s you can now really buff up his uh
11626s deflector
11628s yeah this is awesome those Sports you're
11629s kind of talking about where it's just a
11631s lot of stuff right like
11633s he has a big cycle he's a big defect
11635s there's a big cartoon murmidon and the
11636s big warn of olds but it's not like a
11639s very coherent composition it's like you
11641s mentioned just a lot of stuff it feels
11644s it feels turn this into a board but then
11646s he got offered he the orchestra as well
11649s like he's got a couple of shields but
11650s they wouldn't be very big and some
11654s ways of buffing to make sure that he
11657s gets the research on the deflector but
11659s it's not quite there sort of talking I'm
11661s not quite there this board from half is
11663s also a little bit of everything
11665s yeah but
11667s um one thing to note is with a Smoking
11669s Gun this is significantly stronger than
11671s you may expect because of the volume of
11672s minions that'll be summoned from both
11674s the Omega Buster and the kangars and
11678s yeah it's actually quite a fair match-up
11679s like if they had played against say
11681s beaters board right now
11684s um they would potentially even be in
11685s danger of dying here but this is
11687s actually the two AP Empire players
11689s against each other and they're both in
11691s range of dying so unless there's a lucky
11693s tie one of these very potent players are
11696s gonna be out and Beijing these are top
11698s three finish to be the only person to
11700s put the lobby in check so it's a big
11702s deal if you can hold this one on
11704s he's playing he's keeping his Nomi he's
11706s just got everything going on here
11711s yeah it seems like with that reaction it
11714s was
11715s not gonna do it the corn stuff was and
11717s Tunnel right which is very smart to uh
11721s kill off a Divine super minion it's
11722s gonna be too much to overcome here
11724s that's Penguin Sound who is going well
11727s just chugging along as well we're gonna
11729s have a lot of people in range but
11731s probably unless this is say can pick up
11735s six points
11738s they're the only two yeah
11741s I know hops on 11 my eyesight is going I
11744s thought it said 13. so yeah
11746s actually has a lot of potential there
11749s like
11750s here his Epi Empires as well but he has
11752s the cooked book to
11754s um produce stats a lot faster than his
11756s opponents if he managed to play against
11759s the hogger player right now and steal
11761s the hogar
11762s I could see him potentially winning but
11764s it's gonna be up against um Hoffs
11767s um Buster builds so no not exactly to us
11770s to see like an issue of all things
11774s I hate I mean it's put up a good result
11776s and both times we've seen it third place
11779s and now already top four from Hoffman's
11781s I think it's unlikely I'm gonna die this
11783s turn so maybe even yeah better than top
11785s four
11787s this has been weird it's sort of three
11789s busted hogger comps that didn't quite
11790s well not didn't quite make it didn't go
11792s completely off the charts at least
11795s yeah this one is a lot more
11799s um
11799s slow pace let's say then oh you're
11801s seeing from beta where he was
11802s frantically putting down cars and so say
11805s it's taking his time knowing you know
11807s I'm probably not gonna have that many
11809s more cards to play I'm just gonna make
11810s sure I order them correctly
11813s on a beta Thai was sleepy
11816s um yeah sleepy Elsa died at the same
11817s turn
11819s and yeah both of them quite expressive
11821s as well at their their losses
11824s uh
11825s well here's penguin's son
11828s finally getting properly rolling with a
11830s lot of time on the clock as well I'm
11832s going really fast again on home server
11835s has got to tier six which means they
11837s should be no trouble in keeping the
11839s infinite rolling even with four Hoggers
11842s yeah and um he has one strong arm in
11844s hand and a brand he chooses to take it
11847s it's a choice to skip it because you
11850s could always take it and hold it in
11852s hands for later or you could play it
11854s immediately install off the Peggy once
11856s you're done with your turn
11858s um it is a significant amount of Buffs
11859s and I think the Peggy's not necessarily
11862s needed here but um it could also be like
11865s a Time issue as well I think I think I'm
11867s going to ask you but um at the time he
11868s had a lot of cards in hand so it was
11870s nothing like as bad as it looked but he
11871s was down to only four gold sort of 30
11874s seconds so I wonder if he looked at it
11876s and thought I just don't want to process
11877s how much chances of messing yourself
11879s he's going to make number go big
11881s yeah and as we've seen like
11883s um he used the strong arms with 10
11885s seconds on the clock because he really
11887s wanted to prioritize uh positioning and
11890s there are so many positioning
11892s um choices to be made here so I like the
11895s the decision to be a little conservative
11898s there with the skipping brand yeah no
11900s harm in impeaching that discussion as it
11901s was yesterday as well like we were
11903s talking in terms of you know it's better
11906s to make the right play and burn a few
11909s stats than it is to just go for the
11911s absolute massive number of stats and
11913s then somehow not get your positioning
11914s right because that's worth so much more
11916s than the
11917s the six six of stats you're going to
11919s miss
11920s right exactly especially
11922s um in the spot where you know one lost
11925s fight could just mean making tough four
11928s ends getting first
11930s and yeah
11932s because it does stay alive here leave
11935s yes he left
11938s a whole half end up dying from a very
11941s stressful life turtle
11943s so I believe now just say plays against
11947s uh penguin Sun
11949s and he's yeah he's only one placement
11951s away from
11954s putting the lobby to check I believe he
11956s needs to
11957s I think take out
11959s um
11960s oh
11963s that was blessing having an absolute
11966s night I don't want to be blessed with my
11967s hero blowing up thanks
11973s because she's there
11975s talking about
11977s TJ's trauma not bad I was blessing oh
11980s bye
11982s but I think um to say is it a very good
11985s spot to technically second this game
11987s because I just thought penguin Sun sport
11989s was quite fair or not picking us on room
11991s ghostly sport is quite Fair it's just a
11993s lot of stuff
11994s has a lot more potential and he also has
11998s the left of the back it up too even if
11999s he doesn't kill Penguins on he might be
12002s able to whether um another fight against
12005s them
12006s I'm sorry against pengason right and
12009s yeah stay alive gets from gosu
12012s he's one of the most lovely feelings in
12013s the game even for us mortal players you
12016s get into the routine of the rhythm of
12018s just press button
12020s yo refresh by Pirates press button
12023s refresh by pilots and so on and when you
12025s get in this routine even at my level it
12027s just feels great I feel like you're
12029s doing something really important with
12030s your life
12031s yeah every single one of these players
12033s has played um this exact competition a
12035s lot so at this point it's all muscle
12037s memory and yeah it's very comforting to
12041s play um the style of composition when
12044s you know maybe you haven't been able to
12046s play these sort of really aggressive
12048s greedy comps because of the nature of
12050s Lobby Legends
12054s here we go
12056s and I'm not sure if this is just a lot
12058s of actions queued but I think Panasonic
12060s is a lot less careful with the
12061s positioning this time around really
12063s focusing to get every single card down
12065s is it good against the ghost so he knows
12067s he's going to win so this time the exact
12069s opposite of what we said last time is
12071s true get the numbers ready for when it
12073s matters who cares where you put your
12074s things just number go big
12076s right and funny enough the uh Omega
12079s Buster doesn't die so it's not gonna get
12081s summed by the kingers not that it's
12084s really gonna make a difference in this
12085s combat though
12093s but yeah it's just
12095s smoking guys really trying to chip away
12097s at this 300 HP something later yeah I'm
12100s loving it good effort A for effort I'm
12103s actually surprised we haven't seen this
12105s kick off more often
12107s um
12107s it is a build that it doesn't require
12110s getting to six so you seem quite often
12112s as we see when ghosts are taking third
12114s so it's going to be penguin Sun versus
12116s SSA yeah let's just say has put the
12119s lobby in the check officially now
12121s wow
12122s all right who's gonna win
12126s oh
12127s this is Port is not me
12131s it's not to be underestimated here
12133s actually how has that got to 135 health
12136s I don't even want to know it's tripled
12137s right that's how yeah he just again it's
12140s not tier four so he's only gotten them
12142s through hero Powers but he's able to buy
12144s them three times and apply a cookbook uh
12147s three times
12148s he even has another one in the port on
12150s the board too you can buy that if he
12152s chooses to sell off um maybe a cyclone
12155s or a glow scale here
12161s there we go this is a far more sensible
12164s blessing from TJ yeah and one important
12167s thing as well is
12169s um the positioning is really important
12170s here let's just say it opts to put the
12173s mackerels early on
12175s um he may run them into the Leroy and
12177s not get additional resets so that's the
12180s case the potential is pretty limited
12182s here from
12183s um
12187s yeah I think that weirdly the 135 Health
12191s isn't quite enough on the
12194s hunted anyway it needed to be sort of
12196s 200 to be able to poison something and
12200s survive on extra time
12204s positioning here with the self-esteem so
12207s late
12209s um means that there's a very low chance
12210s that it's going to Shield the
12212s methods here which I think are the more
12214s important units
12220s oh and yeah the macro is going to run
12223s into the
12225s both of them yeah I know just the one oh
12228s but the shields actually apply and this
12230s could be a sneaky win
12234s oh it is assistant actually takes down
12237s the lobby
12239s I waited to the last second to put my
12241s browse blessing and I put this to say
12243s but I was a little iffy until I saw at
12247s the end of that fight it was very lucky
12248s that the um methods didn't get taught if
12251s they had gotten taught they would have
12252s gotten sniped before the surface got to
12254s go off
12255s thought I had you I thought I had you I
12258s picked penguin early on like I do I
12260s don't need to see the shops I can just
12261s use my powers of guesswork
12265s um but yeah I thought I had you there
12266s but no since I say taking it down which
12268s will
12269s it's a big deal because penguin is going
12272s to put the lobbying shot in shock in
12275s check anyway
12276s uh so the extra points for says they say
12278s get him closer to be able to you know
12280s catch up next time around
12285s I said yeah and um yeah like Peter
12290s Babbitt and master are still not far
12291s behind
12292s um if Jose doesn't manage to win a
12294s tournament
12295s um immediately it is upcoming round they
12297s still very much have a chance to put the
12299s lobby into check and win themselves
12301s Yep this is sort of the pattern we've
12304s got used to obviously be nice in the
12305s first one just went on not having any of
12307s this other people business I'm just
12309s gonna win it first time uh but in
12311s general what we have seen is
12314s it's unlikely that SSA wins it this time
12316s although
12317s playing really well today and then three
12320s or four people will catch up and then
12322s the whole thing is absolutely wide open
12325s but he he's won twice already so it'd be
12328s interesting to see if he can just get it
12329s done
12331s yeah and um well you know the spotlight
12334s mostly was on room goes to as we've been
12336s mentioning to say was the second place
12338s finisher of the last Lobby Legends so
12341s you know not far off from room ghost's
12345s um reputation and we managed to get
12347s first this tournament I mean
12349s also in the same conversation
12352s in terms of greatness
12353s no absolutely uh no completely and
12356s obviously coming second he did actually
12358s have the most points last Lobby Legends
12361s as well so it shouldn't be any surprise
12362s he's the first one to put the lobby in
12364s check at all uh scored because of the
12366s length of it he scored 35.5 points last
12370s time without actually winning the thing
12373s he got a second and um a third after
12376s getting into check but didn't just
12378s couldn't get that win but here he is
12380s putting the lobby in check after only
12383s four lobbies two seven pointers there
12386s and you know it must be a decent favor
12389s not a massive favorite because the
12391s likelihood is there will be a lot of
12392s people in check next lobby but one three
12394s shot at it let's see if we can get it
12396s done
12397s yeah and um there's still the
12399s possibility of four other people putting
12402s the lobby in check but easily sleep
12404s sleepy and because you will need to
12406s catch a little bit
12407s but still again
12409s um it's possible for them to take the
12411s whole thing
12412s it's kind of in their hands to stop the
12414s lobby from ending yeah that's another
12416s thing that we're going to talk about as
12418s well with a high level player Crusaders
12420s the casters don't necessarily agree on
12422s this as to how much
12424s if I win the lobby no one else wins the
12427s lobby that's the starting point right so
12429s there's that but also there's those
12432s turns where you're up against the person
12434s who's got the lobby in check and it's
12437s turn four
12438s do you hold back for your own Quest
12440s because you've got more chance of
12441s winning the lobby or do you just put
12442s seven damage straight into their face
12444s and say well that's my job done whoever
12447s fights him next to do the same thing and
12448s he won't be winning this Lobby
12450s yeah there's an interesting theory that
12452s um if only one person is allowed to be
12453s in check you know everyone kind of
12456s should do all they can to stop that
12458s person from winning but in theory you
12461s know in practice you can't really
12462s coordinate that well to prevent them
12465s from doing so but it could be
12466s interesting to see if that happens this
12467s upcoming game you have a good
12469s old-fashioned prisoner's dilemma and the
12473s other dilemma is do we want to see more
12474s battlegrounds
12476s yeah of course we do right we're gonna
12477s have a short break we'll see you in
12479s three minutes and we'll have some more
12480s Battlegrounds for you right after this
12487s [Music]
12500s [Music]
12506s [Music]
12512s foreign
12515s [Music]
12565s thank you
12574s [Music]
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12583s [Music]
12598s thank you
12602s [Music]
12611s foreign
12613s [Music]
12637s thank you
12644s [Music]
12645s foreign
12647s [Music]
12681s welcome back everybody once again to
12684s Lobby Legends castle and although we're
12686s going to go into game number five and
12689s the lobby is in check and it's SSA
12692s second last time around who has got the
12695s lobby in check with me still is Lee and
12698s I want to ask you Lee
12700s experience you you've played a lot of
12702s Hearthstone at all levels of all types
12705s of all standards is the experience of
12707s coming second last time around a big
12709s deal here for us as they say
12711s uh I think it definitely is he kind of
12713s knows what the drill is he was very
12715s close to winning the tournament like if
12718s it was
12719s um maybe his turn to have an APM Pirate
12722s game like it did last game in the last
12724s tournament you know could have easily
12726s been his his win I think again something
12729s you mentioned that's uh good for him is
12732s he kind of just looks like he's having a
12733s lot of fun playing the game so nerves I
12736s think are probably the least of his
12739s problems um compared to everyone else
12741s like he's there he's having fun he's
12743s been to these files before he's proven
12745s it
12746s um you know he just has to do well he's
12748s always been good at is playing more
12750s harsh than Battlegrounds and do well
12752s yeah I am looking forward to seeing we
12754s look how we're going in game there but
12755s we're gonna have to wait just for a
12756s moment
12757s um
12758s looking forward to seeing if people do
12760s decide to pick on him turn four will be
12762s sort of the telling Factor there
12765s um I'm wondering what happens let's say
12766s we see somebody put six damage into him
12768s turn four then the person who plays him
12770s on turn five I wonder if they see that
12772s six damage and go oh we're doing this
12774s and then they could snowball where
12776s everybody just plays maximum Tempo into
12778s him every turn which would be I would
12780s find it incredibly amusing to be honest
12782s but um it's probably not so amusing to
12783s be on the other end or
12785s yeah I would say that um at least in
12787s this environment that's kind of already
12789s what happens like we've seen some of
12791s these players they haven't been holding
12793s the triples they've just been taking
12794s them and playing them as strong as
12795s possible every single turn so honestly
12797s not even a big difference compared to
12799s how the rest of the games have been
12800s going maybe slightly uh worse but this
12804s should yeah should be mostly like um
12806s exactly the style play he's been used to
12808s yep on the other side we still have
12810s Matsuri one and a half points away uh
12812s beta babit two and a half away penguin
12815s four points away half five points away
12817s they're the only other people who can
12819s put the lobby into check this game so
12823s the them goes is sleepy and East Leaf
12825s will have to wait at least one more and
12827s probably in the case of sleepy and
12829s easily two or three more uh games
12831s they're going to be looking to to win
12834s out at some point so curious to see how
12837s they approach it
12839s um because
12841s yeah easily can't get the lobby in check
12843s in two more games being on five and a
12846s half points so I think his job is just
12848s ignore all the things going on around
12850s him and just win some lobbies
12852s yeah I think so as well if uh sleepy
12855s ends up winning two in a row you can't
12856s believe in check but easily like he has
12859s to wait at least three games
12863s yeah it's his second Lobby Legends uh
12865s played last time as well didn't reach
12867s the final day so this is a step forward
12869s and then hopefully see you easily forget
12871s next time around and then
12873s assuming he hasn't won this one because
12875s anything is possible uh step up once
12878s more that's how it seems to go is people
12880s slowly progress
12881s up through the the ratings which is
12884s weird because it's the same 48 people
12886s every time
12887s not quite but you know what I mean but a
12889s lot of overlap yeah
12891s all right I'm actually looking for a
12893s hero that will get some points that
12895s looks oh snap picks the scabs yeah I was
12897s thinking it'd be a little bit close
12898s seeing the cookie too but in this Lobby
12902s um it seems like there's a lot of token
12903s minions to stay down one with which is
12906s usually we're going to do to say with
12908s the tag logo are a very good hero for
12910s winning the lobby yep quite a high rolly
12913s hero exactly where you want to be I just
12915s noticed that sleepy is on the queen a
12917s show I'm going to pick sleepy for my
12919s band wagon pick I think this is I think
12922s the third game in a row that Milhouse
12924s has been
12926s um played and I think I'll probably
12928s continue my trend of going for a
12930s Millhouse
12932s yeah that doesn't seem like a bad idea
12934s at all it makes me happy as well because
12936s um
12937s I I do think the Mill House is super
12939s good but it doesn't seem to quite have
12941s the stats maybe because
12943s it's quite hard to play
12945s uh for some people at least
12947s I think that's the one thing that is
12949s very difficult that you're punished for
12952s Rolling so you really have to make the
12954s best out of every single shot you see
12955s and that could be very hard when
12958s um there are just so many good cards
12959s like when you have multiple directions
12961s which one do you go with how do you know
12963s buy every amalgam I see and then I can
12965s just go then you can all my battle cards
12967s can just buff that one card and hope for
12969s the best get myself an evil twin and
12971s shut my eyes
12973s and here um
12975s see if pair of refreshing anomaly and a
12978s putt-pot so a lot of tempo but penguin
12981s decides to roll past it maybe favor of
12984s more
12985s economy cards like this alley cat
12988s this is a decent spot to be in
12990s yeah and the beer with the death Wing I
12993s believe a very good hero for putting a
12997s Lobby into Chuck
13000s and then I'm curious to see sleepy and
13002s eastleaf I like that they have Heroes
13004s that are also very easy to own it as
13006s well but not the most consistent Heroes
13008s I'd say with Varden missing potentially
13011s on the hero power prox early and then
13013s Queen ashara is just always risky
13016s yeah having to force a single tribe
13018s pretty green but everything else does
13021s look pretty powerful very good chance
13024s that um
13026s I mean has got a chance to do it with
13028s the togwangle but everything else in
13029s here also has that High Roll potential
13031s so you'd think this has to say Mike
13034s only have the standard one in eight
13036s chance here basically is what I'm saying
13039s yeah
13040s um
13041s oh
13043s Finley has to Bear up your power again
13045s he also has the refreshing analy Paris
13048s same with the
13049s the Milhouse but it's significantly less
13052s value since his rules cost one
13055s okay sleepy is the person who is tasked
13058s with playing its SSA which is not going
13060s to give me the outcome I wanted of
13062s course
13064s which is play everything and hit him oh
13066s he is gonna do it I love you sleepy
13068s thank you yeah I think in this case it
13070s makes sense with having two monarchs
13072s with one probably not enough and that's
13074s a little bit of the Dilemma of staying
13075s on tier two like you usually need
13078s combinations cards to make it work like
13080s a mountain rock and a party Elemental or
13082s in this case two modern rocks
13084s this is having none of it though he's
13086s going to just fight back as well so it's
13088s not even going to work for sleepy here
13090s yeah and she has an extremely good
13092s combination here with the
13095s um snow Cavalry and the deep sea angler
13097s so his snail Cavalry will gain two HP
13099s every single turn except for this sort
13101s of combination I was talking about which
13103s is important to get on tier two to
13106s really feel happy about that decision to
13108s stay down
13109s what quests big big deal now for the
13112s whole tournament if you can get
13113s something he likes here
13116s because this don't stand out to me too
13119s much
13120s um but it's always interesting to see if
13123s gas EMS can work out in this Lobby
13126s and it seems like
13129s I think a lot of good end of turn
13130s effects are actually not in this one
13132s because demons are out and cobras are
13134s out and I just see what he ended up
13135s taking I was coming to the conclusion
13137s that I don't think I've ever reached
13138s before that it might have been devils in
13140s the details being the best cards
13143s yeah I'm never too sad to see that one
13145s if element is again because you can
13147s always
13149s um
13149s make big Elementals and eat them later
13152s on which I think beater was doing the
13153s last game but not quite enough to Stave
13157s off the um Appian pirates from the Reno
13162s wait to see what he did take the ace
13165s leaf on the other hand
13168s very bizarre looking Garden build you've
13172s forgotten your deflector you haven't got
13174s one
13176s um it's interesting to see if eastleaf
13178s does have a quest that's um that can
13181s benefit off these menaces if it's
13183s summoned minions or have venomous die
13185s this is a great setup he's also choosing
13188s I've noticed to
13189s I think go for this replicating minus
13191s triple because if he wasn't I think he
13193s would have taken both of the menaces
13195s this turn instead of the weaker Harvest
13197s Golem so maybe opting to go for a tier 5
13200s triple in the future
13201s it has to be either death battle or
13203s summon a minion to related it just has
13205s to be with the the way he's playing this
13207s yeah and if it's like um have Frenemies
13209s die and a Smoking Gun reward this could
13211s work out very very well it is just die
13215s um death it is just death battles by the
13217s look of it
13220s yeah it's interesting because it's only
13222s two out of seven
13223s um
13225s but he summoned like three minions
13229s it goes you doing some damage there
13235s oh we see around ghostly doing his best
13237s Mastery cosplay with this Snicker snack
13239s hook Tusk with the uh golden
13242s um
13243s the golden um yellow collector shell
13246s collector yeah names was so easy three
13248s hours ago weren't they I know yeah
13249s harder and harder Marathon yeah
13255s yeah nice
13257s actually almost the exact same setup as
13260s Mastery head before
13263s and I think he might we might see um Ram
13266s ghosty leverage this into leveling up to
13268s tier six like mussory did like it's only
13271s seven gold uh turn it's turned five but
13273s he already has the quest activated and
13276s he has a full board now taking this High
13279s main to fill up the remaining board slot
13281s yeah that looks like enough numbers to
13283s get you to tier six doesn't it like is
13285s some stuff so right you're going to get
13288s these
13289s coins you're going to get the money from
13291s the reef Explorer
13293s that would in turn allow you to play a
13294s board next turn yeah I think you can get
13296s all the way up
13297s yeah it's cabs gonna be pretty sad to
13299s see this but I think he also gets to
13301s steal the reef Explorer a lot of the
13302s time because that was on board before
13304s the turn started
13309s and on sleepy side seems like he's
13312s activated the oh that's an interesting
13314s action so he activated the hero power in
13317s combat because deathwing's hero power
13319s gave his minions to attack yeah
13322s nice
13323s nice very nice uh situation but working
13326s out extremely well in Sleepy's favor
13330s I feel like we haven't seen sleepy when
13332s a single combat fight all day at least I
13335s know he has but it's like whenever he's
13337s been on cam he's just taking four damage
13339s seems to be
13341s exactly where he's at
13343s yeah and sippy again I noticed he took
13346s um Tilford lamps with 35 frenum inside I
13350s think almost the exact same requirement
13351s as uh last time
13354s hillford Lancer so a shower with pilford
13358s lamps that sounds really easy to
13361s activate
13362s like golden shower in
13368s what three or four turns
13370s golden and this uh words are going yeah
13373s I could see that if he's able to level
13375s up aggressively to tier five or five
13377s triples but right now his board's not
13378s really facilitating that too well he
13380s took that really triple I think even
13382s into it three drop that's where the arm
13384s or the word of old came from
13387s yeah that makes sense
13389s and yeah I think that also maybe it
13392s wasn't the quest he was looking for
13393s exactly secrets in stone is maybe
13397s um Queen star's most powerful Quest word
13399s and even
13401s maybe it's the most powerful user as
13402s well with a one gold um discover hero
13405s power
13406s as to say by the way did take the mask
13409s um for his quest so
13413s make that work
13415s a survey with nothing at all going on
13418s here
13419s yeah I mean he does have the mama bear
13422s and he can fill up his Board of Beast
13423s later but again it's going to be one of
13425s those boards it's hard to win with but
13427s the stone gold makes a significant and
13430s we may see a leapfrogger build uh
13433s finally with this very strong Beast
13436s setup
13437s yes my brain was blanking out there for
13439s a second but yeah leapfroggers was
13440s something we've talked about so much we
13442s expected so much of them and
13444s people haven't been able to stabilize
13446s enough to get them going which is weird
13447s because it is the one build you can get
13449s going I also think we maybe haven't seen
13451s that many Beast lobbies like we've seen
13453s quite a few but not a huge number
13457s yeah it's been one of those things that
13458s maybe
13460s um the key piece cards have been found
13462s early enough and they've not had enough
13464s time to build for their ideal comp
13467s tournament leader going through the
13470s ghastly mask looks like he's going to
13471s get it done
13473s very soon
13475s um but also hasn't taken any damage yet
13477s it's
13478s tiptoeing towards an early victory
13483s um half here as well with the elemental
13486s gassy mask I think you got major demo of
13488s that
13489s but it's going to be unclear if this
13491s will be strong enough to deal with I
13493s think monster is a golden model Bearer
13495s builds um I think this might be a case
13498s of too little too late from this Nomi
13501s player
13507s sort of corned into having to go for it
13510s now as well I think
13511s you're here now yeah basically but it's
13516s such not a good um a gassy mask Lobby
13519s like I think the most powerful ones
13522s um that can work the most powerful cards
13523s are going but they are just unavailable
13526s yeah you've got a bad no meat there's
13528s only turn seven I guess if you can hit
13531s the triple into another one maybe you'll
13533s save it
13535s yeah but that's always the danger of um
13537s going for this sort of build when beasts
13539s are in and just obviously take 15 and a
13542s 15 and then be dead yeah
13546s and to say oh with the dragon build
13549s um did it get it activated quite early
13551s only on turn seven and he has a very
13554s clear Direction now it's just unclear if
13557s this will be strong enough he's really
13559s looking for I think a terror ghost right
13561s now with the um double prize promo Drake
13565s yeah
13567s um
13568s so far not looking particularly like a
13571s Lobby winning board but on the other
13573s side of that nor is anybody else and
13575s somebody's got to win it so
13577s sleepy might be the one that's actually
13579s looking like winning this Lobby to me if
13580s I have to really pick but you can't
13582s change your bandwagon on turn seven on
13584s my phone
13585s yeah I think oh maybe even lean towards
13589s Matsuri because you can make the uh
13592s Stone God work very well but
13595s the one issue is there will be wind for
13598s your cleave available in this lobby with
13600s um nagasen
13601s go to this essay
13604s this is yeah you can either go for a six
13607s drop right now if he buys it or he can
13609s hear a part of the shop too
13611s take I think one elemental
13614s with the uh this Elemental probably not
13617s worthwhile to hero power
13619s I'd like to see a six drop here right
13622s now but I could also see maybe just
13623s taking it and then rolling for Price
13625s promo Drakes to do such a strong card
13628s these might take a little while in this
13630s situation to make sure you're not second
13633s guessing yourself as well like your your
13635s soul aim is win the lobby which is a
13637s very it's a situation you'll very rarely
13639s and he has been here before but even
13640s then with his experience it's only a
13642s handful of games
13644s so trying to work out which is the best
13646s course to win the lobby rather than get
13648s the most MMR some situation you're not
13651s often in
13652s yeah and one other thing to note as well
13654s is uh the longer you wait the less
13657s likely it is that you'll be able to do a
13659s play that's not just buy and level
13661s because you just won't have time to
13663s finish the turn properly but here
13666s um I think this is the ideal situation
13667s for us to say getting the Cali girls and
13670s one really nice thing about the hero
13673s power is
13674s you can get like three battle cries for
13676s a very cheap price of using your hero
13679s power you can usually spend you can
13680s spend nine gold to buy three or you can
13682s spend seven gold get three and then two
13685s random cards
13686s oh
13688s I I just noticed the gassy mask also
13691s works with the end of turn hero power
13692s effect on Taco Bell so it went from
13695s eight to six so this is okay Synergy
13698s that we overlooked so that's it's kind
13700s of cute maybe pushed some yeah push them
13702s into going for this one and he fancies
13704s like I don't think I've seen him look
13706s this
13707s I want to say nervous but it's not quite
13709s nervous but this animated at all in any
13711s of the lobby Ledges he's been I think he
13713s he fancies this might be I think he
13715s feels that this might be finally the
13717s game where he's going to get this done
13719s yeah this is just an incredible position
13721s to be in
13723s it's good to see uh yeah I'm showing so
13725s much emotion when the end is close but
13727s it's also gotta make sure that he
13730s um does play well for the rest of the
13731s game yeah there's sleepover predictive
13734s leading forward in chair more and more
13735s but actually he's leaning back in German
13737s we'll be out that door in a moment the
13738s way he's leaving so far back just has
13741s not had
13742s a day once again where things have
13744s worked out at all
13746s um I guess I guess yesterday sneaking
13748s into the final at all was kind of an
13750s extra life but
13752s yeah and it seems like he went
13754s immediately to tier six and tried to
13756s hear power but this are not quite
13758s getting it he has a very cute build
13760s though with The kangars Apprentice
13762s and the pashmirers but
13765s yeah one of the close he is on the lamps
13767s because if he actually activates them
13769s he's got a million pairs
13770s right but again it just might be too
13774s late and I don't think the rest of the
13776s board is strong enough to get through
13778s another two
13780s uh terms especially with the way the
13781s lab's looking right now what about this
13783s Hydra with double plus eight on it or
13785s two yeah if anything's gonna get there
13788s it's gonna be this but unfortunately for
13790s sleepy no Winfrey on that side so
13793s it may only get one hit in but with two
13795s hits I could definitely see this getting
13797s there
13800s all right
13802s but I suspect that the lamps isn't even
13805s there yet I suspect it's like a mile
13807s away it's 35 Millions die he needs I
13810s think yeah and he only had King words
13813s and micro want me to do it yeah I wanted
13815s to highlight one thing as well
13817s um sleepy did decide to use the
13819s spellcraft's spells on different minions
13821s in the Hydra I feel like a lot of people
13822s are sometimes just um autopiloting and
13825s putting all the spells on the Hydra to
13826s buff it up permanently but it's also
13828s thinking about
13830s um what the best use case of Denmark for
13833s winning this fight immediately which
13834s would be spreading them out
13837s but yeah unfortunately it just gets it
13841s done and he's very dead
13845s yep
13853s even if the Hydra gets to hit again
13855s doesn't kill off enough minions
13858s ah sleepy
13861s your sister is looking in a fantastic
13863s position it'd be interesting to see what
13865s uh RAM Gus is up to since he also had a
13867s very strong start
13869s yeah we're starting to get to that
13870s position now where you know the people
13872s who
13873s could High Roll the lobbyists starting
13875s to struggle
13877s and wow this is the board to compete
13881s with assistant say I'm important to note
13883s that Peter Babbitt also died the same
13885s time as sleepy so he will not be putting
13888s the lobby to check but I think now
13889s Matsuri is a guaranteed to put the lobby
13891s in to check
13892s 1.5 if there's a Lobby to put in check
13895s because SSA is running away with it at
13898s the moment
13899s yeah I'd say this board is really really
13902s formidable though a golden
13904s um smogger on tier 6 gives him an
13906s additional plus 12 plus still stats a
13908s turn and the rest of this board is no
13910s slouch as well
13916s but it is a little bit uh weak to have
13919s the two 12 11 recycling race
13923s um perhaps this return he decides to
13925s sell them off or even just keep them and
13928s to have the potential scale more it's
13930s one of those things where it could be
13932s appealing to go more strong against the
13935s city because if he wins then the
13937s tournament is over but at the same time
13939s you also jeopardize your chances of
13941s winning the lobby which I think rubosu
13944s does need
13946s to put the lobby in to check maybe the
13949s game yeah yeah I mean somebody's going
13951s to win this law because SSA on 41 you're
13954s not going to do it by chipping away now
13955s that that time has come and gone but it
13957s says I say I'm fairness on turn four
13959s himself just having a really strong
13961s board
13962s there was no opportunity for anybody to
13964s to play strong board chip away because
13967s he just went for the tempo himself
13970s yeah but usually if you're Hmm this
13974s could potentially be competitive with um
13976s what buses say Andrew and Guster are
13978s doing if he managed to find a triple on
13981s a baron like we saw Collins do on his
13983s farting game with the cauldron and baron
13989s the other side of this board's not
13992s competitive though yeah not really so it
13995s looks like another elimination
13997s unfortunately for
13999s um half year
14001s and half did need five points to put the
14003s lobby to check
14005s right so
14007s we're going away
14009s even if cese doesn't win it this time
14011s around it looks like
14012s he um might only have a limited company
14015s in this in the next game even if he
14017s doesn't win this one
14019s yeah
14020s um I think Penguins on if you can
14022s survive here he'll maybe have a chance
14024s but
14025s not looking likely it was the amount of
14029s uh these tokens that are left over here
14031s still doesn't seem that great from that
14033s story though doesn't seem to have
14034s evolved into anything really terrifying
14037s yeah so he's maybe not gonna be the one
14039s that's gonna contest as it says
14042s um first place potential
14044s but anything can happen with the
14046s leapfroggers and stone cold so I don't
14049s want to call it yet
14050s I mean somebody's got a challenge just
14052s as they did just lose a fight wow
14057s that's probably against him gosu's
14060s weird board
14062s yeah
14064s um so it's interesting that Rim Guster
14066s is able to keep his recycling race and
14068s his light spawns and still win by I
14070s think 10 HP or something
14072s so he is the player to watch when it
14075s comes to seeing who can stop say
14079s right
14081s we see a tier 6 discovered did he get
14083s the rights triple that because that's a
14085s huge huge deal for tripling more
14087s Elementals and getting massive amounts
14090s of stats on the board
14093s you can also hear a fire for a five to
14095s get a Nomi potentially he did yeah yeah
14098s this is a very big deal
14102s um unfortunately not hitting the Nomi
14104s but that would be I think the card to
14106s get right now to continue the scaling he
14108s also has plenty of Life total to use in
14111s order to scale up a Nomi
14113s um so it wouldn't be like a greedy play
14114s I think to play no meat for a turn or
14116s two
14117s it'd be too late to hit a Garb at this
14119s point
14121s oh another triple big stuff okay that's
14124s a 1990. okay it's coming together
14128s and a um Tavern Tempest too to get four
14131s free rolls for the next turn at the cost
14133s of only one gold most of the time
14138s but it's it
14140s capped quite low
14144s um the trip was all going to be sort of
14147s a hundred a hundred and that's it and
14149s like you say unless there's a Nomi turns
14150s up or something else changes yeah and
14153s the scaling on the um Elemental shop is
14155s pretty limited too because it's only
14156s light spawn and if you've reach the
14158s point in the game where he's not able to
14160s play cards that summon cards in order to
14162s trigger a bench procs he's more like
14164s replacing bigger mods so slightly bigger
14166s Elementals yeah
14168s it's just triples or nothing and he's
14170s got to get through this somehow first as
14172s well the crazy that he should get
14174s through but we've all been here
14176s I'm not sure because that deflector is
14178s going to kill two minions I think it's
14180s going to be a slight loss here for
14182s rimkosu but I think he can't deal with
14184s only I think nine damage
14188s and yeah the one other thing is
14192s um it's so easy for
14194s the rim goes to the Fine triples with
14196s this golden raid that's the main way
14198s he's able to get stronger here it's
14199s since they might have lost a gain here
14202s maybe he's getting a bit weak we are
14204s going to go to a bow of blessing
14207s crucial time since they just hasn't
14209s improved his board that's what's been
14210s happening here he just got stuck
14213s yeah that's the problem the Kelly ghost
14215s is a little too slow it's not benefiting
14217s at all from the
14219s um the quest of gasoline mask
14223s yeah he got an initial boost because he
14225s got the
14227s um
14229s my brain's just got into meltdown
14233s um
14233s but since then
14236s she's into pure dragons and nothing's
14238s happened
14240s looks like we're going to get a game six
14242s yeah I think so and um you sleep on this
14245s side has I think it's gonna pivot over
14247s to a macaw reborn Buster comp he did
14251s pick up that rather so he's very much
14253s intending to play in the car and with
14255s another macaw in shop too I think this
14257s may be the turn he transitions over but
14260s you have to skip it I think maybe it's a
14262s role for this Buster Triple A little
14264s more often
14266s but as I say is doing a lot of stuff too
14270s it's not like he won't be improving very
14272s much here
14273s yeah it's a lot of stuff but
14276s nothing's actually changed that is one
14279s of those terms where you're sort of
14280s fiddling around tweaking things but
14283s Nadine is obviously a thing that's
14284s changed that's a big deal
14286s but
14288s that's all
14289s see how this works out
14292s yeah
14294s is there a note that I don't think
14296s um easily if actually
14298s oh easily I thought was going to play
14300s the madness on a magnetic minion but on
14302s a Mech but he opted not to he is going
14304s to go for this but unable to play that
14307s reborn
14308s um rather
14310s uh assistant he's getting the news gonna
14313s have to go again
14315s yeah it's just too much the macros are
14319s so annoying to deal with here it really
14321s uh it could potentially be a I think he
14324s survives here though might win no he
14326s doesn't win but he survives yeah
14328s yeah but I just don't think the
14330s potential is there for us to say to win
14332s this Lobby unfortunately no he's getting
14334s out scaled by the other three players
14336s now so if he's losing already then
14340s um
14342s gonna be yeah just
14344s there is quite a bit of variety in this
14346s top four we have Matsuri with the Beast
14349s and oh able to steal the baron
14352s um I don't know if he still has a
14353s leapfrogger though because I think he
14355s had one in hand for a while but he may
14357s have had to sell it in order to get
14358s stronger for an earlier turn
14361s [Music]
14362s um
14365s doesn't look like it but it's a bit hard
14367s to tell
14368s yeah he doesn't have it but he's still
14370s gonna take it because all he needs to do
14372s is roll until he Frogger and then I
14373s think he has quite a good setup for that
14377s I love it
14378s this is so ridiculous it's like well
14380s he's just stolen a barber not only needs
14382s a leapfrog and that's his comp well done
14384s two cards yeah but the important thing
14387s is he did have to play for that a little
14388s bit but yeah it's pretty ridiculous to
14391s people from two cars there it is and
14394s there it is
14395s oh no it was so fast too he just knew
14399s that it wasn't gonna be played but
14402s that's the case I don't know
14405s feel like hey maybe I could have picked
14407s even another card off of that discover
14408s if he wasn't planning to but maybe he's
14411s just looking to go for a cauldron
14413s instead which should be more immediate
14414s strength less reliant on you know the
14418s baron surviving yeah I would say maybe
14420s if he I mean I just don't know I'm not
14421s I'm probably not strong enough but maybe
14423s if he'd rolled it on the first roll
14424s immediately he might have taken it but
14426s with only one or two roles left decided
14428s to skip like that's another option
14430s yeah the other important thing to know
14432s is his Surah is taunted so the Macaw
14435s can't protect the baron by summoning
14437s more
14438s um Turtles
14442s but oh you sleep looking really strong
14445s here he has a backup
14447s um Buster just in the case that his
14449s first one gets sniped because it is
14450s taunted so
14452s looking really really strong even
14454s eliminate monster right here I'd say
14456s yeah eliminate much so you think of AFK
14458s and lose the tournament to say and annoy
14461s everybody because you're in last place
14462s and just just
14467s needs to win three more games then he'll
14470s be in the same spot as uh yeah right now
14473s it does look like there's a chance of
14474s that like that
14477s there won't be many people put it in
14478s check even if he doesn't win the three
14480s more maybe there's a win and then a
14482s third and then two wins might do it for
14485s him so
14486s certainly saving the game has
14489s obviously giving him more chance because
14490s it's over it's over but yeah put him
14492s really into this
14494s oh zero percent to two or three percent
14497s chance of winning
14498s yeah I mean you always take that three
14500s percent chance as uh Battlegrounds
14502s players we kind of know that three
14504s percent chance happens more often than I
14506s think all the time indeed
14509s yeah but I'm saying you actually ended
14512s up beating ramgosu but not quite
14514s eliminating him I think he's only at one
14516s life right now
14518s and here's a little more potential now
14519s than Dina's but again the stats on the
14522s side of say is not really getting that
14524s much bigger
14526s without a second Cali
14528s um it's really hard to scale up
14529s additionally here
14534s yeah he's just been stuck here has an A4
14536s three turns yeah another issue is it's
14539s hard to improve from the spot because
14541s you've already committed to nadinas on
14542s board so you only have one space to
14545s cycle buff cards if you want but as we
14547s see say has been basically rolling past
14549s all these battle cries he's not focused
14551s on trying to scale it anymore and I
14554s think he's instead looking for those
14555s crucial tech cards that can help him
14557s beat e-sleeves
14559s uh Buster comp or maybe like a LeRoy or
14563s a poison against Rim gosu's Elementals
14570s there's no me he's been looking for for
14572s seven turns yeah I think he also decided
14576s it's a little bit too late to keep going
14577s for them but oh he has so much potential
14579s though he has a golden Taran Tempest
14581s he's getting two per turn I imagine here
14584s he might be freezing for the tunnel
14587s Blaster because he can tunnel Blaster
14590s um Dino Dina's and then
14592s tunnel Blaster again to clear the
14594s shields in them if he plays tunnel
14596s Blaster tunnel Blaster Baron he
14598s completely encounters
14600s um double nadina
14601s this is exactly the board we talked
14603s about several terms ago where it's
14604s capped at basically be 100 100 on
14606s everything but everything's now golden
14609s because he didn't finally know me
14611s there's no way of making these things
14612s any bigger
14613s and yeah he's just got a whole Board of
14615s hundred hundreds that aren't going
14616s anywhere particularly big so he's gonna
14618s have to make a utility cards work for
14620s him here yeah but it seems like 100
14622s hundred is just enough like that's also
14625s the amount of stats that I think this is
14627s Reservoir has which is just slightly
14629s over it it's like room ghostly maybe
14632s taking the slavia down let me hit better
14635s he's just put out the person who is
14637s beating SSA so he'd better finish the
14639s job because yeah he sleeps like are you
14641s sure
14642s are you sure he didn't want me to take
14644s this
14645s because he could now just end the lobby
14647s if him go through loses who's beating
14649s the person who we know could beat
14652s and she also has perfect knowledge too
14654s oh rimka says perfect knowledge this is
14656s bored as well because he played against
14658s him with the double Edina so I'd really
14660s like to see some interesting tunnel
14662s Blaster uh combinations to kind of these
14665s Medina's and I imagine double tunnel
14668s Blaster and baron might just be the way
14670s to do it
14671s but I think he
14673s he skipped both of them huh
14677s they sold off his tunnel blast there so
14679s maybe opting instead to go for a one
14680s card Tech Choice instead of going for
14682s three which is also
14683s pretty small and here he's opting to go
14686s for the choice of a small taunt to make
14689s sure Nina doesn't die so he won't get
14691s any value but this will be countered if
14694s this say it does play a
14699s aspiring partner on Indina
14703s I'm scared
14705s or excited I'm not sure both
14707s yeah but I would say that Grim Garcia
14710s probably has a huge Advantage here
14711s because
14713s the elements are just so big they're I
14716s think just they just size up way better
14717s than sister says dragons right now
14720s just wondering if how the little ones
14723s match up so in the world where
14727s this is basically takes down for three
14730s of these Elementals one with a Divine
14732s shield and two because it's just that
14733s little bit bigger
14735s that's the world where the little guys
14737s better do their jobs and hit the right
14738s things
14740s yeah but I think because the other small
14743s ones just they just don't do enough here
14746s but we'll see Nadine attack here with a
14748s 3-2 at the end that you talked about
14750s yeah precisely and he even decided to
14753s ton up the um mummy in case but I don't
14756s think he froze for it it's just he
14757s wanted to play the sparring partner for
14759s additional money whether by Design or
14762s not the anti-nadina idea was Pete but
14765s yeah
14766s over here okay the hits really really
14769s did not go well for let's just say here
14772s so
14774s not quite able to take out I think was
14777s that five Elementals on its own
14780s but ghost is able to save the lobby for
14782s everyone else but I don't think that
14783s many other players have to Lobby in
14785s check was it just Matsuri Penguins on
14788s YouTube Five yeah because I mean ghostly
14791s need a seven and a half which was
14792s impossible so he hasn't got the lobby in
14794s check
14794s [Music]
14797s we'll have a look I'm going to let the
14799s admins do this one because if I try and
14801s guess it is going to be disastrous
14804s um yeah it's not many people so since I
14806s say gets to go again
14807s second in the previous Lobby Legends and
14810s looking good for at least seconds today
14813s because second place is the person with
14815s the most points who doesn't win after
14817s check and he is just stretching that
14819s lead he is going to be so far ahead on
14821s actual points it's going to be
14822s ridiculous
14824s but I really like the way that he was
14826s able to put himself in a position to win
14828s while also not getting a bad position
14830s like right it really seems like he's
14832s either going to get first or second day
14834s which is just so so nice to
14837s um to basically guarantee that
14840s yeah it's a nice comfort zone isn't it
14842s where you know that you're not sort of
14844s wasting any money by going first not
14847s that I think again I think that almost
14848s all the players here if not all of them
14850s will be
14851s very much interested in that first place
14853s um at least at the start of the day it's
14855s the job of some of these players to limp
14857s up the leaderboard I guess now but
14859s um it is still nice to have at the back
14861s of your mind well if I make a mistake
14862s it's not going to cost me financially
14864s I'm just going to carry on playing the
14865s best things I can do
14867s yeah and in the case of some of these
14869s players I imagine we'll be seeing their
14871s faces again very soon
14873s [Music]
14874s yeah absolutely
14878s but asleep he's got decisions to make
14881s yeah poor sleepy I do feel sorry for him
14884s um six and a half points oh I'm cursor
14888s just barely being off and then payments
14891s on bitter being very close again I think
14893s Peter had the chance for the live in
14895s check twice but it felt a little bit
14897s shorter can we talk about this one I was
14899s gonna say though like the last four
14901s games just pretty colors first second
14904s first second oh my should have done it
14907s the other order
14908s I know yeah but if the pattern continues
14911s the next game is the seventh is a seven
14913s point Moon so
14915s would be enough
14917s um on the other side though remkosu you
14919s can very much see you know what you're
14921s talking about first or last like yes two
14923s firsts a last place and then a seventh
14926s and eighth and then you got a third
14929s yeah and again I'm just gonna have to
14931s bring it up one more time if sleepy wins
14934s three lobbies in a row he wins the
14935s tournament
14938s yeah and if any player can do it like
14940s sleep is the one to try to go for it
14943s yeah absolutely um him and him go
14945s through the two players of him ghost has
14947s just got into that position
14949s uh the two players who we'd expect to
14950s have a chance at that but obviously
14952s they're all capable here but that is
14955s Lobby number five in the book still only
14957s two people with the lobby in check so
14960s could be a long one and with that in
14962s mind we're gonna take one more break to
14964s set up a Lobby or game number six and
14966s we're back in just three or four minutes
14968s to see if someone can close it out
14974s [Music]
14978s foreign
14992s thank you
14998s [Music]
15005s [Music]
15017s [Music]
15024s foreign
15033s [Music]
15046s [Music]
15061s foreign
15062s [Music]
15073s [Music]
15099s foreign
15107s [Music]
15116s [Music]
15123s [Music]
15128s thank you
15131s [Music]
15137s thank you
15141s [Music]
15147s [Music]
15152s [Applause]
15155s [Music]
15161s [Music]
15167s five games down and only two players
15171s have got the lobby in check I think
15173s that's a pretty unique situation and so
15177s I think all the players this time Lee
15178s will just be playing for themselves
15179s because kind of everybody just needs a
15182s few points to put game six into this
15184s situation where nearly everybody will
15186s have a lobbying check is that your take
15187s as well
15189s um yeah this time the margin to get uh
15192s live in check is a lot closer with only
15195s 7.2 or 2.5 points from half so I imagine
15199s if no one wins the tournament this round
15202s I think there'll be many many players to
15206s put the live in check for the next one
15207s and there'll be me saying but sleepy
15209s only needs to win 400 lobbies in a row
15211s and he'll win the tournament yeah
15213s um sleepy of course would really like to
15216s win this Lottery and slow things down
15219s but realistically he is just plain to
15221s get as many points as possible now here
15223s we go one of the players who can win the
15225s tournament came so close a minute ago
15228s exactly it was to say he wants to sit
15230s here the brand has um
15233s on the amount of Minion types that they
15235s all have uh battle cries in them this is
15237s like a perfect brand Lobby
15240s yeah absolutely I think you have to at
15242s least consider the patches very briefly
15245s Until you realize all five million types
15247s have their battle cries in
15248s yeah and uh the patches may not be the
15252s most consistent hero but if you're going
15253s for a first
15254s you know it's sometimes with the shot so
15257s I mean like in in ladder you don't even
15259s look at it there you just take the brand
15260s and here you just have a very quick
15262s glance and then you take the brownies
15263s how I was seeing that yeah the genocide
15265s is interesting too because um you can
15268s just swap murlocs with the brand and
15270s have a good time
15272s let's just say what the ideal start to
15274s do with the turn one alley cat
15277s and he is gonna opt to play it I see
15279s sometimes players want to hold it but it
15282s doesn't really make that much sense I
15284s think until you've accumulated a few
15286s more battle cries if you just take so
15288s much damage and you kind of sell off um
15290s cards to buy more in the future as well
15292s if you want to spend your gold wisely
15294s I'm going for it I've seen that story is
15296s going for the win on the arena of
15298s bandwagon him turn one here
15302s yeah you've got visessee because he's
15304s got that amazing brand star I think I'm
15305s getting that feeling I think this could
15307s end on this this game
15309s I like that both of the players that
15311s have the lobby and check have such high
15314s potential to win
15315s um this is another pirate game so if
15318s Mastery does end up tripling into a
15320s hogar early it could be a game over for
15323s everyone else
15324s yep
15326s although murlocs in so that makes it a
15328s little bit harder of course but you
15329s still end up with the Divine Shields and
15330s stuff to help your Pirates along
15333s yeah and with the amount of canopy
15335s available as well
15337s um Mastery could easily find ways to
15339s deal with poison rocks
15344s oh monstery is gonna go for this pair of
15348s the swamp Strikers and he's gonna freeze
15350s I think what's the token and these
15354s for additional strength really good
15356s makes sense he's going to stay down on
15359s one we talked about this earlier
15361s um play Warrior curve most likely triple
15364s hunting curve of some sort anyway and
15367s then when he finds that triple off he
15369s goes so yeah be strong while you're
15370s looking as well of getting as many
15371s minions as possible on the board
15374s yeah and um let's see let's say I also
15377s did pick up another battle cry but he
15379s didn't find two though I think sometimes
15381s on
15382s four gold you can double sell and double
15384s buy to get your quest activated by your
15387s hero power activated by turn three but
15389s oh my gosh the trip already my macaw
15391s impression there yeah I hope you liked
15394s it
15394s I did yeah
15396s and now the plan is to look for a five
15399s and hope it's a hugger
15401s yeah in this Lobby there's a lot of
15403s other options as well there is brand
15405s with the murlocs in there is Baron with
15408s Beeson and there's mod there as well I
15411s think all four of those options be very
15413s appealing but the best ones would likely
15415s be hogar and bran but bran could even be
15419s the best one in this Lobby because of
15421s the ability to generate money
15422s immediately and be so strong with
15424s battlecrest
15426s and he is doing it because of that
15428s freeze
15429s um
15429s with a pretty strong board he's actually
15431s decided not even to mess around worrying
15433s about his quest his whole game plan here
15435s is
15436s to get it done with the hero power
15439s yeah but um if he does manage to find a
15443s quest that complements the strategies
15445s this could easily snowball
15450s the classic uh Snicker snack could be
15452s great with the brand yeah we're seeing
15454s that plays out well especially for that
15456s story today
15457s offers got stuff going on
15460s early triple again that we're seeing
15462s down to the amalgam
15465s oh that mask with only 45 die
15469s yeah unfortunately not the best option
15472s with how Daryl wants to play it which is
15474s usually they still aren't lower tier and
15476s there's less minions to eat with a felt
15477s bad right
15479s um yeah this all don't tend to work out
15482s as well as you'd want to on this hero oh
15484s oh it's gone crazy so many Alley Cats
15489s yeah so you can buy an alley cat here
15491s and hold it and then take a four drop
15495s next turn
15496s which is the sweet spot if he hits a uh
15499s a prompt Lookout or a reef Explorer it's
15502s a huge power Spike
15504s he just feels very shutter walk
15507s oh hand to cry for help already for the
15510s entire Spirit soul
15512s seems like he's gonna go for it now even
15515s yep
15517s oh the rental is fantastic you can get
15521s this alley cat for free and potentially
15523s make another triple if he finds another
15525s Alley Cat or even a cab car which can
15527s double the amount of tokens generated
15529s into four no threes here
15533s um I think I would probably freeze
15535s because there's only one minion that
15536s would be remaining right pretty low cost
15538s you miss your 50 50 unless there's a
15541s rule I don't know it means you can
15542s guarantees to get it
15544s yeah but I could see him also wanting to
15547s level up and roll next turn oh he can't
15549s do that because um
15551s there's no cultural
15553s but perhaps he wants the house to have a
15555s chance of hitting this swabby triple so
15556s he has to maximize that he hits it
15558s anyway easy yeah that's the best
15561s scenario
15562s time
15564s but yeah he has um Direction with the
15567s brand he has Tempo with the theaters
15569s parasol on turn four and
15572s um a lot of additional money with this
15573s rental
15575s I'm only taking a slight loss here
15576s nothing to be too upset about if guys
15579s are not messing around though getting
15580s that Tempo in there
15582s yeah and remember
15584s also only needing 0.5 points so he just
15587s needs to knock it last place he's in a
15589s good position where he really can just
15591s do what he just did there and he's
15593s probably going to anyway but yeah put
15594s the tempo in there
15596s make sure he does some Maximum damage to
15597s the person one of the people who could
15599s stop him from winning
15601s without any of this
15603s and unfortunately better is a little far
15605s from completing his hero power he needs
15608s a total of 30 attack throughout the
15610s board but the cool thing is his spawn
15613s can't help him activate it in combat
15614s since it does also count during that
15617s phase as well as you saw with the death
15619s wing and sleep is Queen ashara the game
15622s before
15623s be further back now feet on table
15629s sums up he said I'm not laughing at him
15631s I really like sleepy as a character but
15634s it's been that sort of day
15636s yeah and he's also going for
15639s um the same curve that Matsuri had gone
15641s for which is stay on tier one get
15643s triples
15644s but not quite as big of a payoff is that
15647s Matsuri will have with his Reno hero
15649s power I'm not in position to check
15651s either but I think sleepy might have
15652s stopped streaming the microphone's not
15654s there anymore
15655s oh yeah
15657s it's all the way you can see a little
15659s bit of it in the corner but maybe the
15661s case I feel like I've heard some players
15663s where they've stopped streaming when
15665s they've had um a bad set of games like I
15667s think Collins did that during one of the
15669s qualifiers he turned off his stream and
15671s he still end up making it through
15672s because I think he got like a right
15674s place yeah
15675s something anything that helped the
15676s mental like all these players really do
15678s want to win so they they'll do
15680s everything they can to maximize their
15682s odds yeah I think it's been really
15683s appreciated that we do get some of the
15686s players willing to share their thoughts
15688s with us for any length of time honestly
15690s I think players like sleepy
15692s absolutely shouldn't feel pressured into
15694s doing that but the fact they choose to
15695s do that for us is is super super good
15698s for the game and super good to see
15700s yeah and um do it now with the triple
15703s yeah I think it makes sense too
15706s you can decide to keep them rock or the
15708s Skywalk here the tip I think always goes
15712s um unfortunately without mythraks in the
15714s game anymore a card that scaled with
15715s minion types you might opt to keep both
15718s murlocs but instead it keeps the pirate
15720s for maybe the light Chan life thanks
15721s chance
15723s oh not the best but also not the worst
15726s of the pale scale crocodiles is a good
15727s backup game plan for now
15730s yeah he doesn't get to use the hero
15732s power is obviously the big the big deal
15733s you sort of want to get it used and move
15735s on with your life as we know but this is
15737s a wait and see isn't it
15739s yeah especially if um he wants to win
15742s and just win the the tournament now he
15744s may opt to take the crockless but not
15747s hero power it and I just use it for um
15750s strength in the next few turns and see
15752s what he hits like if he if he hits
15753s something next turn that works with it
15755s then can still use it for massive
15758s strength but
15759s second place is worth nothing here so
15761s it's a really weird situation to be in
15762s with with specifically Crocker risk
15765s yeah and oh my gosh let's say with
15767s another triple he found another Alley
15769s Cat I think and
15772s isn't such a good spot
15774s oh really is
15776s yeah I guess here
15779s oh he opted to he may ran out of time
15782s they actually had one more goal to roll
15783s I'm not sure if he necessarily wanted
15785s the grubber but again I'm just focusing
15787s on the positioning there's a point on
15789s this side is not very strong at all yeah
15792s what is happening easily must have
15794s triple set up I'm guessing because
15795s otherwise something crazy is going on
15798s maybe some more cats in hand yeah I
15801s could see at least one more cat in hand
15803s if there's two then that could be two
15804s six drops which is maybe what he wants
15806s to be doing because you know he is
15809s pretty far behind the standings
15813s but I mean the more I look at us let's
15815s say it's just really in a good spot the
15818s main contender in
15819s um monsters Reno is kind of missing on
15823s his Direction
15824s I don't even know what's happening here
15827s yeah this is just you overseas strange
15830s things a handful of just cards what what
15833s what's occurring oh
15835s is this gonna level and take these and
15837s then try to be stronger later but
15840s I mean
15841s oh he does have um
15844s um two demons per turn so okay it
15847s doesn't make sense to pick these up and
15848s triple them with the hero the quest
15849s Brock later
15851s I actually use the random garbage in the
15853s hand at least
15855s this is primal thing just chilling as
15857s well that she was like a missed triple
15860s that he just took and then has never
15861s found a murloc worth playing
15863s I think so yeah um you could always opt
15866s to buy a murloc but at this point it's
15868s not even worth it you kind of just get
15870s your money back anyways because you're
15872s spending three for the murloc and then
15874s you're only getting one additional one
15875s from the um the lookout
15878s Peter getting nowhere either he's a
15881s he's fine
15883s but not threatening yet
15885s I imagine how water force a pair maybe
15888s on the big Furno or the lookout here
15891s um but even if he gets it like it's not
15894s really very promising you can also first
15896s triple on the um
15899s the trickster as well but it's not the
15901s greatest odds with some of his minions
15903s have a significant HP
15906s oh so
15908s I guess
15909s um let's just say did actually want the
15911s grubber as he now has a pair of them but
15913s pretty awkward to keep on board with
15915s only one golden card so far and it's
15918s also a 2-2 as well
15922s making quite a lot from cese who is
15926s looking more and more like
15928s it's gonna be hard to stop here
15931s um hasn't got a killer build yet hasn't
15933s got sort of giant health murlocs and
15935s poison but does have a lot of the things
15937s that build into that going on so far so
15940s definitely looking pretty terrifying
15943s importantly enough he also has the life
15945s Turtle to get there as well it's pretty
15947s easy for him to Pivot out of it as long
15949s as he finds a lookout I think in the
15951s future and with another triple um from
15953s him he might have found something
15958s but oh sterile here let's see what quest
15962s what he has
15963s he has a victim Specter and there's 7 16
15966s minions which is the hardest to do on
15968s Daryl because you are buying so many and
15970s summoning them but yeah still not having
15973s it by turn eight which is really not
15976s something you want to do with Daryl like
15977s usually you want a nice quick Quest so
15980s you can
15981s um have redundancy on your game plan
15983s which is just be very strong at every
15985s stage of the game he's not daryling
15987s right he's he's playing very strangely
15989s he's going for this five drop triple
15993s um rather than staying on tier three and
15995s that sort of thing so he is playing a
15996s little bit more aggressively than a
15997s standard devil might
15999s yeah and I think part of the reason is
16001s because this Lobby has no dragon no
16003s Elemental and no Mech so there's premium
16005s tier three Divine Shields aren't
16006s available so he has to go for a
16008s different game plan
16010s well there's three plans I would love to
16013s see the whole guard putting a last but I
16015s think it's a very small chance it would
16017s be duplicated so Lamar bear is a more
16021s sensible play but as a viewer I would
16024s love to see the hogar and what it could
16026s snap that one too definitely been
16028s amusing and also somebody who you know
16030s wouldn't mind seeing another game of
16032s Lobby Legends because at the moment
16035s um so he has gold into the clock by the
16037s look of it
16039s um the two people that like Lobby and
16040s check are looking pretty good
16042s yeah and he has the Hydra as well to
16044s buff up with the Croc a combination I
16046s really like but it didn't get any but so
16049s unfortunately gonna be a 2-4 here
16054s but yeah I think Matsuri maybe resigned
16057s to the fact that he might not win this
16059s lobby but still playing for points
16062s yeah
16063s and the sleepy I mean a little bit
16066s better of a game now but again the
16068s classic being very low uh Health points
16071s with a strong chord
16072s it feels like he's been just half a turn
16075s too slow all day like the number of
16077s times it's it really is the
16078s Battlegrounds player Cry of give me one
16080s more turn but with sleepy it's been
16082s every game so close
16085s um two or three battles that just didn't
16086s go his way when he was in a good spot
16088s that sort of thing
16090s um maybe a turn we didn't see but where
16092s he just seemed to have missed two turns
16093s on a row with lamps to get any pair
16096s I feel like it's just one of those days
16098s where it hasn't gone for him
16102s the snakes the the transition to poison
16104s quite easy here you can even take a
16106s triple here and try to hit a uh young
16109s merkai perhaps but he's gonna have to
16111s set up a lot of these other cards this
16114s Peggy perhaps and his fell bat
16116s in order to go for it
16118s but I could see him also happy to keep
16120s this
16121s um fell back because it's so strong with
16122s his amalgam and his
16124s um and now a better master I always hate
16126s this position where the most useless
16128s card on my board is a 25-23 that I just
16131s cannot sell the one I want to get rid of
16134s yeah it's already been golden so all the
16137s text is uh essentially useless
16140s here's to see if um yeah you would take
16143s the triple but no just hop into poison
16145s some relax
16147s you can
16149s oh he could take a Battle Master yeah
16150s that's the better option here I think
16153s I opted to only go for two poison and
16155s continuing with the demons
16158s yeah it suddenly looks like a pretty
16159s decent board actually
16161s yeah but on the side of
16164s um penguin sounds volgin we see the
16166s classic random big corrupted Ramadan
16170s it's so weird
16172s yeah but it makes sense I think he
16175s didn't find that keypad otherwise he
16176s probably would have made that a little
16177s bit bigger but he has a lot of potential
16180s to make a big hash if he sees it you can
16183s first swap a Minion's board to the shop
16185s and then buff it up additionally with um
16187s the two mod Bears on board these Leaf
16190s explodes no surprise there he was really
16192s all over the place there with a board
16194s full of tabby cats a few turns ago yeah
16198s and here we see
16199s matsuri's uh golden Croc was really
16201s carrying the fight with the macabreans
16204s so I attack and high HP
16206s not enough for the Battle Master to deal
16208s with but that is the Battle Master pair
16210s I believe not a triple unfortunately
16212s repeater
16217s and maybe a lucky match up here with the
16220s Daryl being it was due not that much
16223s damage because Daryl normally only has
16225s low tier minions and he's tier four so
16228s maybe another turn of time for Peter
16231s although it is a Dell who yeah he's been
16234s tier four for a while I think he had a
16235s triple on that four so there might be a
16237s scary Five drop out there
16239s yeah
16241s um I think he was showing murlocs as
16242s well so Peter could be very very afraid
16244s of a bunch of poison murlocs which is
16247s exactly what his composition struggles
16249s with right now
16252s and he hasn't the other thing that's
16253s happened he's a beta here is he's not
16255s really
16256s getting anywhere
16259s yeah trying to be strong and go up but
16262s it's just not going very quickly
16264s yeah let me take a look at what Peter
16266s needs to put the library in check he
16267s needs two points so he needs to not die
16271s solo right now or with only one other
16274s person so winning this is everything
16276s right now yeah and he's a massive front
16279s runner like yesterday he played
16281s incredibly well did incredibly well in
16283s the groups and then first two games
16285s today he was he was looking at one of
16287s the players who would have it in check
16288s Maybe by even Lobby by game before and
16290s here we are in game six
16292s this one fight
16294s is all he's got
16297s if he doesn't make a uh to put the live
16300s in check right now this could be a very
16301s extended series because yeah he could
16303s easily win the next one and yes you know
16306s turnover goes on
16308s assuming again that this doesn't get
16310s done because the two golden colors there
16312s um and Matsuri as you see the two who've
16315s got it in check rising to the top of the
16316s leaderboard once again
16319s yeah but luckily for Peter there is no
16321s poison on the side of half but he's made
16324s very good use of this Library buffing up
16327s both the Surat and the amalgams here
16334s the issue is um this big freno is still
16337s chewing through a lot of the board here
16341s looks like it'll be poisonous wasted oh
16343s lost here but he is still alive at one
16346s HP because
16347s um pop is only a tier four
16350s all right sleepy has got everything what
16353s do you want to do sleepy you've got
16354s golden hugger if you want it
16357s you've got two health so you probably
16360s don't want that I think he might end up
16363s going for this Tony two test because it
16365s is pretty big from Cook's book but I
16367s imagine I have to sell off the brand
16369s this turn
16370s okay even maybe take a lead right here
16372s just to be strong it is a minion that
16374s can now trade multiple units for one
16377s because it is so big that is exactly
16379s what sleepy needs he doesn't it might be
16382s what the whole Lobby needs because even
16384s though he's not currently incredibly
16386s powerful he does have the ability to get
16388s powerful with the the stats he has going
16390s on
16391s obviously there's murlocs to be dodged
16393s but we'll cross that bridge when we come
16394s to it I also like that sleep you can
16397s easily hero power this gas coiler for a
16399s five drop and that could be a hogar to
16403s make an internet with the cookbook
16405s but I think that's good for it and just
16407s playing for strength which makes a lot
16409s of sense when you're on to life
16412s oh God so if you can just get this Tony
16415s on the board and set it up somehow
16417s yeah I imagine sleepy finds a boy Lord
16420s he may be tempted this is another one
16423s yeah
16424s surely yeah yeah like because if you hit
16428s you've got the four of them you've got a
16429s brand you've got you've got it all and
16432s if you miss well okay it's not been your
16435s day so let's see that's where you're at
16437s it's also up in the phrase for the board
16439s of three parts as well
16441s um expecting for
16443s now to be yeah just extra calls for him
16446s but he does first have to successfully
16448s proc the Tony which isn't hard at the
16451s gas core I imagine that was the main
16452s reason he went for this I mean first he
16454s has to live which he should but I mean
16457s to hell they get so much so he's pretty
16459s scary Beast board last time we saw him
16461s this might just be death
16462s yeah oh he picked up two poisons but I
16467s think it's very likely they'll run into
16468s other minions but this 10 10 magic Queen
16472s if it runs into it he uh the Battle
16475s Master I think it'd be over the guys
16478s couldn't survive as well so the Tony's
16479s not going to prop yeah goes running in
16483s there but
16484s there could be a chance that he takes
16486s out Matsuri here
16488s this gas powered needs to survive and
16491s deal damage though
16495s yeah this this uh is 57 310 gets this
16498s done it doesn't kill him
16501s yeah
16502s but everyone who's
16504s um yeah at 10 or below has to be careful
16507s asleep you know I'm really curious to
16509s see what sister is up to he's still at
16511s 35 life and he is the other player that
16514s put the lobby in the check
16516s poison murlocs plenty of Health
16518s too selfless in hand already
16521s but doesn't get to play sleepy or sleepy
16524s setting up so if sleepy can dodge him
16527s for two or three turns while he gets
16528s large I'd fancy sleep he can can maybe
16530s get through this but yeah now yeah and
16534s he only had one big minion which is the
16536s Battle Master
16537s up against three poison relax one of
16540s which importantly enough is stealth so
16543s it cannot be sniped until the very end
16545s and it's very likely that sleepy will
16547s have battle must be the last minion and
16550s since they will have the toxin which
16553s would always kill off the Battle Master
16555s for free because it has so much life but
16558s say optina instead hide his non-poison
16560s minion I think maybe to
16563s um try to
16565s get value off of that
16567s yeah this is absolutely the time he
16569s wanted to play sleepy
16572s so I could have got scary if sleepy got
16574s sort of
16575s into this but
16577s yeah but yes this is looking in a
16580s fantastic spot he doesn't quite have as
16582s much scaling as the other Miller players
16584s we've seen in this tournament but I mean
16587s still the um the Young America is going
16590s to poison yet another murloc here so
16592s it's actually going to be four poison
16593s blocks and not um not three so sleepy
16597s has to be very very careful to
16601s navigate this but I don't think he's
16602s able to it doesn't look likely although
16605s we'll see he was getting pretty large
16607s maybe you can get before nice he
16609s shouldn't be able to see how it goes I
16611s guess
16613s oh he is kind of competitive yeah
16618s there we go there's one
16622s yeah she is the rest of these murlocs
16624s are
16625s not easily dealt with from
16628s the word I think yeah unfortunately for
16631s sleepy
16632s victory for us to say
16636s yep just do a sleepy stay just running
16639s into the wrong thing at the wrong time
16640s once again
16641s yeah and rim goes to again in the top
16644s four maybe he will have oh his staff
16647s origination so very strong Tempo Quest
16650s but not the best for the late game well
16653s if vimkosu doesn't win this Lobby the
16655s tournament is over because the other two
16658s players have the lobby in check
16661s oh my gosh yeah
16663s um and it looks like
16665s our ghost who doesn't really have the
16667s best setup to deal with either them
16670s his board is not that many many stats
16672s like he does have the staff origination
16673s to buff it up but it's not quite going
16676s to be enough against us to say maybe
16677s enough against matsuri's Board of beasts
16681s yeah 10 13 right now
16685s it is worth noting here at this point
16687s which is a very Niche scenario
16689s um if he doesn't think he can beat CeCe
16691s he is allowed if it's in his own
16694s interest to lose this game
16697s if he thinks of the only chances but oh
16699s no it doesn't matter because he's also
16700s got the lobby in checks it wouldn't
16701s matter but in the world where my story
16703s wasn't
16704s in check and had could save the match
16706s you are allowed to purposely lose if
16708s it's in your own best interests it's an
16710s interest to um accumulate more points
16713s too but here because they're both in
16715s check you are supposed to try and win
16716s yes
16717s yeah and that's also in its best
16719s interest to win and get maybe an
16721s additional point or two
16723s um exactly yes please higher no it would
16725s be a very nice scenario which wasn't
16726s even this scenario but there you go I
16728s was getting excited because it's late
16730s yeah but so he does need to win he needs
16733s to knock out both of these players to
16735s stop the game from ending
16737s and I don't think he's going to do it
16738s but we'll see yeah I think maybe if he
16741s had more poison relax but what they're
16743s only being two and we notice it has
16746s bigger murlocs than these Cleaves even
16748s buffed up with suffrage Nation it's
16750s gonna be very very difficult to
16753s to win against it especially multiple
16755s rounds this is at 35 and I'm guess it's
16759s only on tier four so the amount of
16760s damage you can do is quite Limited
16764s thank you
16766s but if so like
16768s I think Matsuri has a very very strong
16771s chance of
16772s taking out a room ghostly here we saw
16774s the interaction where
16776s um evidence your power goes off before
16778s the start of combat effect on the Manta
16780s Queen so man's Queen actually got killed
16783s before um is able to adapt
16788s and yeah there oh wow it's a very narrow
16793s win by raminosu so technically the
16795s tournament is not over but because it
16798s has a long way to go to stop it yeah how
16801s is he going to deal with those murlocs
16803s that will only have got more murlochy in
16805s the last few moments
16807s yeah and this is a case of the stats
16809s matter a lot and since it has so much of
16811s them
16814s but he's going I think for a manta Queen
16816s potentially
16818s the Barrel's blessing
16823s okay well here we go last battle's
16826s blessing probably of the tournament by
16827s the look of this so that says what I'm
16828s going for
16836s yeah the goalkeeper is staying in even
16838s for this last fight it has enough stats
16841s to be competitive with almost all of run
16843s ghosts of sport I think except for the
16845s lava lurker but I think he'll put it in
16847s back for that scenario
16850s and guys who found a way here
16853s there's no chance right
16855s oh The Meta Queen can be interesting but
16858s um
16860s yeah I mean the cleave asks us to be
16862s dealt with as well he's got more Shields
16866s yeah quite a bit more Shields right like
16868s two more Shields but because it does
16870s have the guaranteed Shield of the
16873s Southwest
16874s so I mean even ghostly's got more
16875s Shields and his murloc size might not
16877s matter if he's got more Shields
16884s has just more minions to fight with here
16887s yeah he's got zero
16890s yeah
16892s oh actually putting the
16895s um gold cover so early means that it
16896s won't actually cut off the love lurker
16898s in one hit so
16899s yeah this could still be Rim ghost's win
16906s hey
16907s is this the moment CeCe finally gets it
16910s done he's smiling but he's always
16912s smiling
16918s ah didn't take off two Shields there
16920s that might be in the moment
16923s um it looks like
16925s it is gonna be
16927s awesome
16929s slightly chipping it what a transition
16933s yeah he found that last poison at the
16936s last turn right he didn't even have that
16937s before
16941s and I think now sister say kind of knows
16944s that the spoiler is not necessary like
16946s it doesn't stop that Winfrey clay from
16948s happening so I'd like to see him sell it
16950s off and maybe taunt up a big minion to
16954s stop um the Hydra from killing anything
16957s just needs that other selfless unless
16960s there's something funky he could do by
16961s putting the selflessness in Hydra
16963s positions
16965s or even having a um
16968s a Glasgow is the only time it could help
16971s a little bit too but actually not
16972s because it would it wouldn't kill off
16973s the Hydra the taunt has to be big enough
16975s to kill off Hydra for it to be effective
16980s he's also got this awkward situation
16982s with the um the power Soul buffing his
16985s selfless oh yeah it doesn't matter yet
16987s but it might end up mattering eventually
16989s I don't think he will
16991s yeah it could also be this message to
16993s keep the boiler too because even though
16995s it doesn't stop the Hydra it can
16997s sometimes pop Shields but I think you'd
16999s have to find another taunt in order to
17000s do that because right now the Hydra hits
17002s it kills the first body the voidlord and
17004s then it also kills off the one threes so
17006s it's not particularly useful right now
17009s just pointing out I don't think it's
17010s relevant but as it's a thing that might
17012s happen it's the selfless is now out of
17013s tunnel Blaster range because of the
17015s power saw
17016s yeah I would actually like to see the
17019s positioning change of the soft scale
17022s honcho to be first to deal with that
17024s taunt because
17025s um it can kill off the love look without
17028s dying
17029s all right let's see what he's up against
17033s what improvements have been made
17036s oh no more Hydra
17039s interesting and putting the lava Locker
17042s in the last position to attack before it
17044s gets validated I really really like that
17046s positioning from room gusset here
17049s now I think it's all up to you whether
17051s or not this Shield can pop the sulcus
17053s can pop a shield which
17055s it does not and it also doesn't give him
17057s an additional Shield wow so yet again
17059s another one but this time what Rim ghost
17062s is doing 11 so let's say getting farther
17066s and farther away from that Victory but
17068s also getting nearer and nearer to Golden
17070s Baron golden selfless
17073s um let's see what we go through can do
17074s to improve himself
17076s yeah and the important thing as well is
17079s sometimes you can tunnel Blaster away
17080s these small murlocs but just they can't
17083s do that because the murlocs get buffed
17086s up by the Stafford's Nation TJ flipping
17088s around just shows what's going on uh CSA
17090s found the golden self is from Ghost who
17092s has the gold as the baron in the shop as
17094s well as we cut away so both have
17096s decisions to make here about how to
17098s maximize Shields
17100s yeah and there's also a deep sea English
17103s and give a temporary time for this
17105s combat so let's just say you can decide
17107s to tone up something to misdirect the
17110s um Leroy from regressive side
17115s so he's going for the traditional
17118s approach that people at 8 kmmr know and
17120s love
17121s got himself as a baron stick him on the
17123s board get some Shields and see what
17125s happens
17126s yeah the nice thing is you can turn up
17128s the you can uh stealthy Baron as well
17130s the parasol but hit me up to you
17134s steal something else instead
17136s I think at this point the um gold
17138s Grabber might be the weakest minion here
17140s right the mountain Queen right yep
17145s although there was that lurk we've got
17147s to have seen the lurkers no longer
17148s lurking I guess
17150s oh yeah
17152s um
17154s yeah it's not like it's actually
17156s attacking oh wait he's playing the
17158s tunnel Buster but
17160s I don't think this is gonna work all
17163s that well since
17165s the milk is so big but it could work out
17167s here
17169s oh not quite
17171s but it does block the surface from dying
17173s which is pretty important here both
17175s players going for the thing we've been
17176s talking about for a couple of days the
17178s uh you put your Baron if you're just
17180s between the fight you put your Baron in
17182s the attacking hit a shield position so
17184s that you don't waste the poison taking
17186s up Shields like they hit each other
17187s which is kind of important oh no but
17189s because room ghosts are bigger from the
17192s um
17192s this definition
17194s yeah he's actually taken down by shrimp
17197s ghost who's Illidan this is the second
17199s Odin win we've seen I think evidence
17201s only been picked twice his tournament so
17204s oh my
17206s God
17207s second again
17209s um I even heard some giggling in the
17211s production room there as they learn
17212s they've got to go again as well
17215s um just not got it done everything but
17219s getting it done says they say what can
17221s he do like he's playing great right he's
17223s not doing anything wrong or Not Sorry
17225s every Battlegrounds player does things
17227s wrong he's not doing anything stupid or
17229s bad like in general yeah I don't think
17231s so that game kind of reminds me of
17233s Peter's game with the George
17235s um I also thought Peter was going to win
17237s that game we're supposed to say here but
17239s because
17240s um his opponent found the tech cards
17243s necessary faster than he did he ended up
17245s having the disadvantage against his
17247s opponent so in this case it was the
17249s golden Southwest and they are
17251s indifference and also the staff
17252s origination too making the surface big
17255s enough to take a blaster hit and still
17258s die
17258s but before the numbers come on the
17260s screen Lee I'm going to ask you
17262s Instinct only no calculating how many
17264s players have won a Lobby today how many
17266s different players
17268s um I'd say
17270s probably
17272s or because remember one twice and I
17274s think some other player won twice yeah
17277s we'll see how many it is and who it is
17279s in just a moment the answer to that
17280s question you might want to play along on
17282s Twitter if you've been watching all day
17283s as well or on YouTube
17285s um but yeah it is going to go into a
17287s game number six
17289s uh seven sorry the record is eight which
17292s was last time around but this time
17294s there's gonna be multiple people with
17296s the lobby in check there you go
17299s and oh my God actually only three
17302s players have won either of course they
17304s won
17305s just only three different people have
17308s won and I know for a fact because I
17310s checked this last night with um the
17313s person who asks all the puzzle box
17315s questions that nobody has ever won three
17318s games in a final before they even go
17321s through setting another record there
17324s yeah and classic uh room ghosty style
17327s too like I think he was behind in the
17330s last Lobby Legends too but he ended up
17332s coming back to Win It
17334s yeah and sleepy East leaf and half
17338s sleepy only needs to win three lobbies
17341s in a row and he can still win this event
17344s I think I might have said that a lot of
17346s times in a row but I'm getting
17348s instructed to take a short break so that
17351s we can get people set up for game seven
17353s might be a slightly longer game I think
17355s now could just have three in a row but
17357s we'll see you in a few minutes for the
17358s conclusion of Lobby Legends Castle
17360s master
17363s foreign
17365s [Music]
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17382s [Applause]
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17594s [Music]
17637s thank you
17642s [Music]
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17772s thank you
17775s [Music]
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17796s [Applause]
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17973s [Music]
17985s I said that last section was going to be
17987s the last section I lied we've got
17990s another section for you going to game
17992s number seven courtesy of him gosu twice
17995s in a row saving the lobby Head to Head
17998s uh the first time quite expected this
18001s this time around though quite the
18002s comeback to beat the two people who are
18004s remaining both of whom have the lobby in
18006s check and both had Fairly different
18008s comps for him to beat I thought I was
18009s quite um well played by him goes either
18012s yeah I really liked how he transitioned
18015s into beating Matsuri with the hydras
18017s into having the more poison end game
18020s cards for Rim gosu there it was really
18024s well played and staff origination just
18028s really doing a lot there too enabling
18029s unbuffed hydros to actually do work on
18033s two monsters bored yeah it was like turn
18036s 14 or 13 when you said oh there's a
18038s staff it doesn't you know it doesn't do
18040s much I was going to go in I was going to
18041s say yeah it really doesn't do much
18043s anymore but it turns out that the Hydra
18045s was just big enough largely active
18049s really is a shield remover as well and
18052s he had the sixth sense of when to swap
18056s things in and out predicting what his
18057s opponent was going to do so give himself
18059s the maximum chance of winning I think he
18062s won a 50 50 or two along the way but
18063s yeah you kind of have to in
18064s Battlegrounds that's fine
18066s and here we are we've now got five
18068s players of the lobby in check and a
18071s chance to win the tournament and those
18072s who haven't as I want to keep saying
18074s because I find it amusing have it in
18076s their own hands if they just keep
18077s winning out but for sleepy and eastleaf
18079s they have got to win three in a row most
18082s likely
18083s unless one of the wins and then the
18085s other one wins and the the first one
18087s comes second and they build up their
18088s point so that way until they both get
18090s into check that's another way of telling
18091s everyone go to the check yeah as long as
18094s one of them wins each of the next two
18095s lobbies everyone would be in check and
18097s then
18098s straight shootout one game of Lobby
18100s Legends Battlegrounds for all of the
18103s money it's not full of the money it's
18104s for ten thousand of the money
18106s yeah but um maybe seeing a little bit of
18109s nerves against this is there at the end
18111s um he did play tunnel Blaster with no
18113s shields on the other side so yeah a
18116s little bit of a change from what we'd
18117s normally seen where he's more calm and
18119s collected
18121s and it was the first time in the middle
18123s of that game well it may have been the
18124s game before they're starting to blur
18126s into one long game now
18128s um the first time I've seen him in his
18131s three appearances where
18132s he did actually look a little bit
18134s fidgety as if I think I might be going
18136s to win whereas before he's just played
18138s Battlegrounds and see what position he
18140s gets
18141s um I'd never think about winning that's
18143s sort of the number one thing about
18144s getting nervous but the second you think
18146s that you're thinking about winning so
18147s it's too late
18149s but we are into the game by the look of
18152s things
18153s and then gosu on Elise who is somebody
18156s we don't see very often at all anymore
18158s at least at my MMR yeah I think a few of
18161s these heroes are a new skycam crack in
18164s the zoth as well
18165s um
18166s but yeah maybe not the best hero
18169s selection choices for our players here
18172s I I've sort of
18175s ripped East leaf and sleepy a little bit
18177s but Hoth is a genuine Contender he's
18180s just one point out so he will have the
18183s lobby in check if there is a Lobby to go
18185s for but the Sleepy easily Hoth
18188s combination do need to win otherwise the
18190s match the tournament will end on this
18193s lobby but we keep saying that and the
18194s tooth keeps going on
18196s um looking down the armor on everybody
18198s everybody picking these llama Heroes
18200s nobody got one of the the power Heroes
18204s if you like which is interesting to me
18205s because
18207s they're going to get good quests but
18208s nobody's taking a chance on one of the
18210s Zero armor Heroes to just try and win
18212s there and then
18214s yeah and um a lot of Heroes here I think
18217s have very explosive potential in this
18219s one with Max beasts and relaxing so yeah
18224s interesting to see who you will choose
18226s for our bandwagon
18229s yeah oh that's a very good point also
18231s looking at um
18233s Matsuri he stayed on one as Finley so
18237s he's going to have the armor and if he's
18238s hit a hero like a vino on top of that
18241s that could be really interesting
18244s oh um Missouri was
18247s do we know here power Mastery is
18249s I don't remember if we did see it I've
18251s got to admit um but it's one that stays
18254s down and takes tokens for sure because
18255s he stayed on one dude yeah see if we can
18258s take a look here van or a
18263s Reno something like that
18267s oh it's a maiev
18269s yeah
18271s with uh it's both a triple and a pair
18274s which is the nice thing about an alley
18275s cat and like I mentioned before with
18278s beasts and mechs being in this could be
18280s a really good Lobby to go for a tier 6
18282s death Romanian
18284s mind always taught me if you have five
18286s gold and you ping you get a five tier
18289s minion if you have six gold and you're
18290s paying you have a six tier minion so if
18292s he wants a six he has to
18294s um freeze and ping something else
18297s yeah you could also
18299s opt to buy the Alley Cat and then later
18301s on just sell the main body so he could
18304s hold it but he's choosing I think maybe
18306s to go for the tier five triple here and
18309s that's a very good uh way to remember
18311s what triple you'll get
18313s yeah mine is really good at teaching
18316s sort of people of My Level stuff like
18319s that that helps you just remember the
18321s the obvious stuff but also you it's only
18323s obvious when you've heard it right
18324s otherwise you just don't think about it
18326s you work it out each and every time for
18328s no particular reason
18329s right yeah so it's quite useful
18332s especially in these cases where you may
18334s have a lot of distance to make even
18335s though it's only turn three
18336s exactly yeah which he did right there so
18340s he won't need that way of remembering it
18342s but let's see what he gets play five
18344s mechs or beasts perspective I like it
18348s yeah the Specter is quite nice I think
18350s evil twin maybe not exactly what he's
18352s looking for it's going to be hard for
18354s him to make a very big minion to copy of
18356s the evil twin but he is gonna do it like
18359s the five battle cries is tempting but
18361s yeah he goes for the Beast or mix
18363s yeah if the reward is slightly better
18365s like stolen gold I could see that easily
18367s being the pick I mean you'd only have to
18369s play two more battle cries which is
18371s super easy
18372s looking good for my story though he is
18374s going to have one of those games where
18375s he gets lots of higher level triples and
18378s that's exactly obviously what this game
18379s is all about
18381s yeah I see real because they also one of
18383s the stolen gold with the leap Frogger on
18385s parts and maybe this will finally be the
18387s the LeapFrog Victory with stone gold as
18390s a puzzle box
18391s um question as well I've even go to
18394s Whimsy with Froggers by winning three
18396s lobbies in a row
18398s to win back-to-back Lobby Legends
18401s storyline we all are looking forward to
18404s that is a storyline for sure
18408s uh but interesting enough here I think
18410s the bird buddy is quite strong with
18412s stone Golds but he may also opt for the
18413s banner bore for a little more scaling
18416s here if he
18417s thinks that maybe the direction it goes
18419s down
18420s he's taking a long long look at this
18422s bird buddy
18425s yeah oh it did have to go for the banner
18427s bore
18428s um
18429s yeah the thing with that bird buddy is
18431s if you don't have a setup to actually
18434s um
18435s to um enable it like it can't easily be
18438s bait if you know you don't have like a
18440s menace or Acura
18442s I could fork in that shop they chose not
18444s to freeze as well obviously
18446s uh the way it works is you just don't
18448s need that if you've got the stolen gold
18450s going on
18451s yeah and this is Sleepy going for a
18454s three drop early on hitting khadgar
18455s which is probably the best thing you can
18457s get because it enables you to get
18458s multiple triples off of Alley Cats later
18461s on
18461s sleepy has fallen so far back his chair
18465s he's gone back to 2019 with his jaundice
18469s but no he's uh looking like he is in a
18472s good spot now he's sitting straight up
18474s and I can get off of that he's refresh
18477s the streams back on if it was ever off
18478s and um
18481s great
18483s yeah and oh actually he tripled this
18486s mummy I think maybe just by Hero
18488s powering into it multiple times oh
18489s where'd you get it
18492s maybe this is the break he's finally
18494s needed like I've been a bit mean sort of
18497s coming to anyone's demeanor but he has
18498s has so much bad luck but
18501s with the style that he plays you do have
18504s a very narrow margin right if you get a
18505s bit of bad luck you are going to have a
18507s bad day it's just the nature of what he
18510s does
18511s yeah and I was taking a look at Sleepy's
18513s Quest as well it's play 10 Elementals or
18516s beast to add a young merkai to his hands
18518s and get gassy mask so I could see yet
18521s another
18522s um gasoline mask merkai combination win
18525s a Lobby
18526s and of course sleepy not having the
18528s lobby in check would mean that that
18529s would be another guaranteed game of this
18532s tournament
18537s and then half here just buying a lot of
18540s stuff like you stayed on tier two he's
18542s filled up his board and only sold one
18544s minion to buff up the uh Beast hunt from
18547s his hero power
18549s but not quite enough here I think to
18552s deal with the board from
18554s um rimkosu with this
18557s uh you're burping a little a little big
18560s but no it's a tie actually
18564s juggling now it's been so easy to focus
18567s on who to go for the last few games now
18569s suddenly anyone can win it is like oh no
18571s we we just got to watch everybody at
18573s once TJ just show us all eight screens
18575s at once sleepy at the first of uh two
18579s five job discovers here first maybe a
18581s crush could cover very well with marbear
18583s or a Croc and also it fills part of the
18587s quest too with one of the beasts it's
18588s the bear oh
18590s this is exactly what sleepy needs to
18592s come back from this game
18594s and he may not even be done with the
18596s triples you can go for more if he wants
18599s to Battleground
18600s so easy when your calves aren't utterly
18604s terrible you don't have terrible luck
18605s look at this
18607s yeah well he can always maybe he won't
18609s go for a triple but he should always buy
18611s this because it is free he spends three
18614s gold to buy it and he's getting three
18615s minions too so big triple though right
18618s it's the old school your your tabby cat
18621s gets really big with a cat girl and a
18623s bear
18623s right because it copies that effect of
18625s Mama Bear's uh plus five plus five Buffs
18628s so it's an 11 11 instead of a six six
18630s and yeah I like that he's also opting to
18633s not play his baby Crush because he is
18635s gonna go for a triple again the next
18637s turn if he were to play his baby Crush
18639s you would have to make the difficult
18640s decision of selling off either mama or
18643s baby Crush I believe
18649s actually
18650s um technically he doesn't have to but
18652s I think it makes it a little easier to
18654s juggle the
18656s um space on the board but at the cost of
18658s obviously a lot of strength with baby
18660s Crush being very strong malibare I don't
18663s recognize this Sleepy's having a fight
18665s that he's going to win
18668s his Heroes attacking the other hero
18675s um I'm kind of curious to see what he
18677s sleeps up to since he is quite low now I
18680s think almost that cap range
18683s greedy Crack by the look of it actually
18686s it's only turned seven so it's not
18687s particularly greedy let's have a look
18690s yeah he is he does have bird buddies
18694s um with actually stolen gold as well so
18697s he has to add 16 cards to hand which
18701s he's gonna do very easily actually this
18704s um
18704s pair of sunbican relaxers
18707s but it's a little short though 13 out of
18710s 16 you can only really buy two minions
18712s right now
18713s 14.
18715s run out of steam
18717s yeah and I don't know if they'll be able
18720s to hold on for another
18722s uh fight here it's looking
18724s yeah it's looking quite quite bad for
18726s him uh he'd really like this Rel and
18729s this bird buddy to be golden but maybe
18731s next turn golden versions of those
18733s aren't even going to be enough
18734s he's only turned seven so 16 is a lot to
18738s take with double bird buddy I mean I can
18740s see it happening definitely but
18742s too early he'll kill a minion or two and
18744s yeah he'll be all right
18746s yeah I'm not surfing that yeah he'll be
18748s all right but he'll be all right
18750s yeah
18752s always dangerous when there's no time on
18754s the side of eastleigh if the it could be
18756s the case that the oh my God oh my
18758s goodness is this how it ends with Nomis
18762s with her the victims Factory I imagine
18764s that's how he got this second copy
18767s yeah he's just gonna be a high chance
18769s he's got to position this right this is
18770s such a hard calculation like where to
18772s put the Nomis here to try and get the
18773s third one but yeah if he hits the golden
18776s only the murlocs will be able to save
18778s the lobby at that point
18780s so I like this player by Matsuri where
18782s he ends up at the last second
18783s positioning the smogger at the end
18786s because it is unlikely that the Nomis
18788s will be the last to die this is hedging
18790s for that and saying well I'm also fine
18792s if smogger is the meaning to be buffed
18794s up here but in this case it's actually a
18797s pretty useless instructor I feel like
18799s sleepy has a triple in hand that we
18801s didn't see
18802s yeah he has a merkai
18805s um he's from the quest and I believe he
18808s may have been holding yeah okay this is
18811s yeah so this is why he didn't play the
18814s um bigger Crush before so you could get
18816s an extra token off of the khadgar
18818s because he needed both the khadgar ma
18820s bear and then two additional spaces to
18823s get another one but now his patience be
18825s rewarded I saw the 27 27 so I knew there
18828s must be another triple but yeah I was
18829s slightly confused
18831s didn't trust myself on that but
18833s of somehow hasn't been taking any damage
18835s as well which is weird because he didn't
18838s have a particularly great start
18840s yeah I mean I think it's the fact that
18842s Spano is uh can divide yeah this
18850s oh gosh I don't even know if he'll want
18852s the brand I imagine so that the Young
18853s America though but he'll need to be
18855s patient in order to play it maybe
18856s waiting for a lookout
18861s me and Tavern Tempest but you've got
18864s huge beasts and it does nothing to do
18866s what you want to do yeah well played
18869s yeah dodged
18871s perhaps it was a different Quest um this
18873s even could be a Nomi game which maybe
18876s he'll still go for here if he can swap
18879s um
18880s this tavern Tempest the next turn you
18882s can get a lot of free Elementals
18884s I think this is just um take a look and
18887s see how you feel and just you're doing
18888s this on autopilot now right you haven't
18890s quite decided what you're doing yet I
18891s don't think
18892s yeah maybe oh my gosh two settlementals
18895s I think now
18896s the very real option to just go
18899s Elementals with um brand and Nomi
18902s oh and another free time yeah
18906s with a little more time you could have
18908s been quite a bit stronger but it was a
18910s very difficult turn the problem he's
18912s gonna have
18913s um well so there's multiple problems
18914s he's going to have one of which being
18915s that you know he hasn't got much going
18917s on just yet is that Missouri's doing the
18920s same thing but a long way ahead
18923s yeah the only thing is Mastery doesn't
18926s quite have the life total of that right
18928s uh CP has to play with but it is faster
18930s scaling I'd say tooname versus a Nomi
18933s and a brand but I wouldn't sleep on the
18935s usefulness of the hero power as well
18937s from um sleepy here remember that
18940s Missouri has staff as well though so
18941s we'll start off with an elemental or
18943s know me every single turn
18946s yeah that's true um it'll be a lot
18948s easier to Triple any cars he has
18952s uh facilitate here I was
18956s oh he's Menagerie Mayhem I think with
18959s summon 20 minions but if that was the
18961s stone gold board
18963s he's doing exactly what um Collins did I
18965s think on game one of day one he has a
18968s cauldron and he has a golden Baron but
18970s not on six yet in order to get that
18972s golden goldens and Collins did win that
18975s Lobby because I was about to say that
18976s this is one of those boards that looks
18978s like a second place board although it's
18980s getting worse because he's rolling
18981s absolute rubbish at the shops but that
18983s aside this is one of those boards that
18985s you get to the end game and you're like
18987s how do I finish this because your
18989s goldrings only take you up to 8080 or
18991s something like that maybe 1990
18995s it's a tough one but obviously it can be
18998s done
18999s I'm kind of I kind of wish to say end up
19002s going for the taunt on the last shot
19005s because if he does get his Baron sniped
19008s it's kind of an instant lose but it's
19011s also only I think a one out of 14 in
19013s order for it to get sniped his oppon has
19015s to go first and then Emilio hit the
19016s baron so
19017s I like this choice of taunting saving a
19020s spying partner for a
19022s Vista instead of a temporary one
19029s he just did that on purpose to make you
19031s look silly I'm sure he did just wait
19032s until the last second he's like what's
19034s Lee gonna say yeah and I think this is
19037s one of the things we started to say dear
19038s before he did kind of maximize his time
19041s in order to
19043s um yeah to make the best decision which
19045s did do here I think
19050s oh no value there offer them a car and
19053s with only one Beast left
19055s I think it could potentially be
19057s successes
19059s been here but no not with that hit
19063s it's really close to work out now yeah I
19067s think um so
19070s that was quite unfortunate
19072s I think it would have been Ty if maybe
19075s um it had not hit directly into the
19076s baron
19078s but he has to say in a little bit of
19080s danger now
19083s here's to see how
19086s um
19088s how matsuri's sport has developed no
19091s quick look at um
19093s penguin
19094s okay yeah as expected then
19097s oh penguin has the Shaker and the golden
19100s um but I'm not sorry yeah or Nomis
19104s oh my gosh this is quite insane
19108s quite happily just know me no long and
19110s of course like you said the important
19112s thing here
19113s is that Missouri can play any two 30 30
19117s Elementals of his choice and have a
19119s really good chance of tripling them as
19121s well as the game goes on yeah at this
19124s point he may even want to put his
19125s Nummies earlier to knock at them because
19127s at this point why do you even want five
19129s Nomis
19131s that's a stupid question of course yeah
19133s yeah but yeah I was like oh there are
19136s reasons yeah I still say why wouldn't
19140s you want four Nomis but yeah
19142s realistically look how quickly they're
19144s getting huge he's already and they're
19147s going to get gigantic because of the
19148s easy triples even though they'll only be
19150s double size not triple size I guess but
19153s um that's not a thing is it anyway
19156s um he's already gonna be planning how to
19157s make sure he
19160s doesn't lose to murlocs I guess at some
19162s point
19163s yeah um and you can kind of do that with
19167s um wildfire and Cyclone it's not
19170s beater's side he is actually going for
19172s these poison murlocs but they're kind of
19174s small so big wildfires could take out
19176s too with um one hit easy gets easily
19179s though I think beta so for now
19182s that's a close one
19184s yeah it is
19186s actually gonna lose here if East Leaf
19189s does have the tools to be done with the
19191s sir Max but
19194s um unfortunately for Eastlake it's not
19195s quite enough summons as you'd like to
19197s help contest these relax with I'm
19200s actually surprised eastleigh's still
19201s alive
19202s um you mentioned three or four turns
19204s together it looked like you would die
19205s soon I'm like no he'll survive one or
19206s two more turns but I didn't expect him
19208s to still be here with very little
19209s Improvement all this time later
19211s yeah it's kind of the issue with these
19213s stolen gold boards um you're only
19215s looking for a few cards so the chance of
19217s you hitting them is not particularly
19219s High
19220s it just survives yeah it wins by one HP
19223s very important if no one has died this
19226s turn now eastleaf is also in danger of
19229s dying
19231s and yeah everyone has hung on apparently
19238s wow I hear half
19241s playing against the build I believe he
19243s would want to go for a deal with Frogger
19246s oh but Samir match he has stolen gold
19248s versus Stone Cold first time we've
19250s really seen half but yeah
19254s was Lord leader now is just melting in
19257s the face of everything but when gosu
19259s does have the
19261s pretty close to Ideal build already just
19265s needs to find a baron I think um what
19268s could be improved is another Macaw and
19271s maybe another Surah and then you know be
19273s close to it perfectly broken builds but
19276s I think he's going to struggle against
19277s the big Elementals from Sleepy here
19281s without Baron
19283s um the amount of stats he has on board
19285s is basically what he's getting and yeah
19287s sleepy also has quite a bit of stats to
19289s go for
19291s the Wildfire as well gonna be very very
19294s impactful here
19297s and
19299s a funny um sleepy end up getting the
19301s Young merkai from the quest and he sold
19304s that and now he has a trolley which was
19306s the other high-end reward from ghastly
19308s mask yeah
19311s and ended up with what he doesn't know
19313s is a small Elemental board because
19316s somewhere in the world but some of his
19318s just buying Elementals and adding four
19320s four to his board each time yeah monster
19323s is oh my gosh they're already
19325s 60 60 or 59 59 uh in terms of puffs
19331s he's actually sold one of the Nomis just
19333s to make room so he doesn't die because
19334s he has low on health
19335s yeah I think he also a good player he
19337s doesn't really need to be a week here
19339s and he might even lose to Peter's murloc
19342s board no matter how big the Elementals
19344s are they still trade one for one unless
19346s it's a wildfire or second one
19348s he's just a second
19351s uh not yeah not the best sport I think
19355s the leapfroggers
19357s interfere a little bit with the
19360s with the golden macaw but um there's
19362s still a chance
19364s nothing going on the other side either a
19367s little half
19369s yeah but it's pretty close I mean the
19372s golden crocus does do a lot here
19375s maybe not enough to beat this Hydra
19377s though
19379s like still a significant amount of Buffs
19381s actually from that and the cleave does a
19384s lot of work
19388s but with no chance of sniping off the
19391s Croc until right now maybe it's not
19393s enough
19394s oh or that might be so difficult absurd
19400s it's the power of delete progress so now
19402s it's the city's actually in a good
19403s position to transition over to a leaf
19406s Frogger build now that he survived he
19408s already has golden Baron which is the
19409s hardest part of it so why stone gold is
19411s so valuable East Leaf dies and we'll
19414s need to fight at least another some
19416s lobbies
19419s and payments on no such or either
19423s um unfortunate interaction here he had a
19424s full hand of blood gems so his turn 12
19427s prize actually was forfeited
19433s and um yeah he has quite a strong cop
19437s but the issue is it's not going to be
19440s improved very much in the upcoming turns
19443s because he's not getting any permanent
19445s stats besides those blood gems on the
19447s Shaker and the permanent bust on the duo
19451s yeah there's the simple boards in this
19454s Lobby which look really really strong
19456s that probably are just not really really
19458s strong this is one of them
19460s oh one other funny thing I just noticed
19463s is he has friends along the way to get
19465s um two random crowbar and he never gets
19469s them because his hand is filled as gems
19473s uh that is really funny because I lose
19476s track of which things you do get and
19478s which things you don't but gems ruin
19480s most things I know that
19482s yeah I think it's only um spellcraft
19485s that they have like a hidden
19487s um container for them
19489s and that's I think here Matsuri has a
19492s very very strong chance winning unless
19494s half managed to find Baron but from the
19497s last time we saw I don't believe he did
19499s and it's always been thinking
19506s his name is yeah one funny thing is I
19509s think maybe Mastery gets another Nomi at
19511s a high percentage of time here because
19513s yes the rest of the Elementals might not
19514s die so just uh
19519s oh it's ridiculous and it's not even
19521s that strong right he's definitely needs
19523s some
19524s I mean it's huge for now but later on in
19527s terms of winning the lobby he does need
19529s some
19530s some versatility and he hasn't got that
19531s right now
19532s yeah and I believe he actually titled
19535s bit about it because um they're both at
19537s 16 and 9 respectively so yeah he was
19541s managed to image to stay competitive
19543s also against the murloc board
19545s this is going to be over one way or the
19546s other really really soon they look at
19548s all these Health totals nobody's got any
19549s health left
19551s yeah maybe they weren't being one of
19553s those players that um didn't quite put
19555s the lobby in check I believe
19557s right now it's only
19561s it's only sleepy who's alive who yeah
19564s can't extend this tournament
19566s it absolutely is
19572s two beaters
19575s yeah Peter managed to beef up his
19577s murlocs quite a bit but um
19579s I mean sleepy also had quite big
19581s Elementals too so it kind of depends I
19583s think on who has more
19585s utility here both Peter's golden
19588s Southwest
19589s I think I'll give the advantage over to
19590s Peter
19592s yeah
19595s yes
19597s as to whether you bother playing the
19599s other murloc here because you don't want
19601s it to take a Divine Shield
19603s oh but one thing that Peter can do is if
19607s he moves toxin to the left of
19611s um the young Makai is remaining murloc
19615s will have poison so if as long as it is
19617s that there's no bad Target for the
19618s golden sulfos yeah
19621s and now it's um yeah his decision
19623s whether or not he wants to put it later
19625s for cleat protection or just put it
19626s earlier in case um you know it doesn't
19629s die
19631s VP on one good interaction here is
19634s Sleepy swapped a 4-1 Cyclone to the shop
19637s to apply the Nomi buff to it it's a good
19640s use the game mechanics there
19643s the missouri-ish surprisingly well
19647s considering he's had half or a third of
19649s the Nomis
19651s yeah Bran's doing some work
19654s I think part of that is because of the
19656s Brand Plus Tavern Tempest um ability to
19659s gain a lot of
19660s shot bus for essentially free yeah but
19663s he's gonna have to play very very strong
19666s this turn to be competitive so I'd like
19668s to see
19669s um another amalgam here and then the
19670s Manta Queen to end with and maybe even
19672s buffing up the manted with the Uther if
19674s he has time because it could be
19676s irrelevant if there's a non-poison
19677s minion
19681s is actually big enough I think to
19684s Overkill almost everything
19688s but has to hit a oh no Shield looks like
19692s it'll be a tie
19694s you might see a few of those going
19695s forward because poison is quite
19698s small Health So eventually someone's
19700s gonna get double
19702s golden Cyclone is the way forward
19706s yeah but if um Peter ends up playing
19709s against
19710s um I believe it was penguin Sun's double
19712s macro board he will lose because the HP
19715s on his milocs are smaller than the
19716s attack but the macros will get so that
19719s could be the end of Peter if he gets
19721s that matchup and if beta goes down then
19723s Missouri and sleepy kind of have it
19725s between them to a large degree because
19726s the macros are unlikely for able to do
19728s anything against these I know medical
19730s was kind of surprised but they're tiny
19733s even within it actually is this matchup
19736s but um yeah so I think I predict it'll
19739s be a matchup in terms of who can get
19742s bigger between Matsuri and sleepy no I
19745s agree with you I'm just curious let's
19747s say this ground Shaker gets
19750s um netcode onto one of the macros is
19753s that a way that this could fight maybe
19755s against the Elementals not really right
19758s it's not enough
19759s yeah I think it probably wouldn't be big
19761s enough to cover one of those big
19763s Elementals but it'd be close and it's
19765s still it actually might be enough with
19767s the ground Shaker Buffs I could see it
19769s happening yeah I'm you know sort of
19772s clutching at straws really because yeah
19776s I absolutely don't think it will happen
19778s but just looking for ways that it could
19779s you first of all you've got to be beta
19780s you can see how that's very likely
19782s because of the the tiny murloc health
19784s and This Bitter gets to buff up those
19786s Health totals on them
19787s yeah and I think Peter's probably gonna
19789s have to run a Google or a ton of glasses
19792s as well to negate the shields but even
19794s then they all get reset so it's not like
19797s it's that helpful
19800s and that's really has gone with the
19802s double golden Cyclone that's going to be
19803s massive if bitter does survive
19805s yeah it's gonna be interesting he'll be
19808s bigger but I think um because sleepy had
19810s meta Queen and he had three tribes you
19813s could get multiple hits off of that but
19815s it's gonna be a fight of who gets to go
19817s first because
19819s um if the second goes first it kills off
19821s the Manta Queen but if it goes second
19823s then the mannequin's gonna hit two for
19825s one I think also if sleepy loses he dies
19828s but if oh
19830s oh yeah that's where he wasn't expecting
19832s that yeah
19833s this is um
19836s oh sleepy probably wins this time
19840s depends on this hit yeah he does oh
19843s sleepy knocks out Matsuri actually
19846s wow how does Sleepy keep up well he
19850s didn't he just checked in the right
19851s thing at the right time but sorry
19852s thought he had won this tournament oh
19856s and now
19857s it looks like maybe Sleepy's win here
19860s because like I much before uh penguin
19863s Sun really it doesn't improve very much
19864s every single turn while sleepy has been
19867s continuously improving by a lot with his
19869s uh scaling
19872s okay
19874s here we go
19875s penguin's chance to win the tournament
19879s yeah or Sleepy's chance to make it go
19882s yet again one further
19885s here we go another thing to note as well
19887s with the golden crackling Cyclone these
19890s uh macros can very easily be dealt with
19892s but at the same time it could also not
19894s be dealt with at all if um the Cyclone
19897s keeps alternating hits
19899s yeah sleepy has a combination of big
19901s stuff and poison here it's gonna will
19903s have to fall the right way but it
19906s probably will
19908s you'll have an idea what he's up against
19909s as well
19913s but Penguins does have a chance here
19915s with this Manta queen as well I like
19916s that pickup quite a bit and if somehow
19919s this game does last another turn now
19922s necrolite to put the gems from the
19925s ground Shaker to a macro or even a
19927s deflector well if penguin wins this
19929s fight he wins Lobby Legends
19933s yeah I'm really excited to see this
19936s um I did choose sleepy for my girls
19938s blessing here but anything happened when
19940s there's two metals that are taunted
19943s especially with the weird makeup of both
19945s boards right like Sleepy's got some big
19947s stuff and some small point or some
19948s medium poisons
19950s um penguin has his own medium stir for
19953s poison Divine Shields meccles going on
19955s like it's a very weird makeup on both
19958s sides it's not it's not very formulaic
19961s at all so let's see what happens good
19962s luck if you're a penguin found out if
19964s you're a sleepy fan oh and he's delaying
19966s also the hit on the
19968s oh on the magic Queen see what happens
19971s oh
19972s well the macro gets sniped
19975s okay well so I think this is Sleepy's
19978s win then
19980s leaning forward in his chair told you
19985s people with a very creative
19987s um game this time everything was kind of
19989s leaning towards murlocs the brand and
19991s the um young murakai Quest reward but he
19995s managed to make a Nami game work
19998s and yeah first time we managed to see
20000s sleepy and rightfully so just have a
20003s smile
20005s uh for basically a day and a half
20007s because the only other smile he'll
20008s probably have had in this day and a half
20010s would have been when he got through
20011s yesterday when he'd gone away left his
20013s keyboard and thought he was out of the
20014s tournament
20015s and here we are we're going to go to
20017s game number eight this is pretty silly
20022s um
20023s the game is still not over and the
20026s person is gonna be most upset it's gonna
20028s be eastleigh who sleepy has brought an
20030s extra life for but got zero points so
20033s still East leaf
20035s if you just got like a third or fourth
20037s though you're thinking okay a couple of
20039s wins I'm all right
20040s he's a long way behind
20043s yeah and um
20045s I mean again like it's it couldn't it
20048s could potentially not be over uh next
20050s game too I think both sleepy and easily
20052s for still ways away from playing
20054s lobbying to check
20058s um so I think it's alternate if he
20060s easily wins the next one it could even
20061s be not over the one after that we might
20063s go 11 games or something
20066s yeah I mean it's a lot of Battlegrounds
20069s for the fans to watch and for us to cast
20071s so
20072s I am excited for the possibility that
20074s that might happen
20076s yeah I I have no idea anymore
20080s um that one seemed impossible like the
20082s the last game seemed impossible but this
20084s one
20085s Missouri had
20088s him covered with just a bigger Nomi and
20091s then the poison seemed to be
20093s gearing up to take on the winner of the
20096s biggest Nomis and then
20098s but survey lost the important know me
20100s off
20101s because sleepy fiddled around and yeah
20104s you see that saw his response there he
20106s thought he'd won the tournament and he
20108s hadn't
20110s I think um like maybe a reason was
20113s sleepy was able to go to tier 6 and find
20115s Manta Queen Matsuri stayed on tier four
20118s the entire game even when it only costs
20120s one to level the end there
20122s Hof did pick up the required point so
20125s now there are six people
20127s putting the lobby in check and
20131s sleepy I could go to the eastleigh needs
20133s to win three more but sleepy to continue
20135s the story that I've said every single
20137s game only needs to win two lobbies in a
20140s row to win Lobby Legends
20143s yeah the uh the dream stays live or
20145s sleepy and for each sleep as well
20148s I imagine we'll see a lot more uh
20151s leaning forward position for sleepy in
20152s the future yep leaning more and more
20154s forwards as it goes on I'm leaning more
20156s and more forwards as he goes well I'm
20158s getting excited now because it is going
20159s to end eventually maybe if we're lucky
20162s but we are going to not end it unless we
20165s go for another break so let's get into
20166s game number eight soon let's go for a
20168s break let's get them set up let's get
20169s hyped
20170s the end of Lobby Legends coming soon
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20270s laughs
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20318s thank you
20321s [Music]
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20336s [Music]
20370s welcome back again to Lobby Legends
20374s Castle North Korea the match the
20375s tournament the event that refuses to end
20378s sleepy keeping it alive this time and
20382s taking us to game number eight we're now
20385s at the point where cssa has beaten his
20387s own record of 35.5 points to go to 36
20391s points a record he set in lobby Legends
20394s five so it's good it's been a long one
20396s and it's just gonna get longer I think
20398s Lee because sleepy now has the knowledge
20402s that he just needs to win one more to go
20404s into a situation where anybody can win
20406s it
20407s yeah I'd love to see it because that
20409s would mean I think the first player to
20411s win three games in a row in lobby
20413s Legends finals and yeah it would just be
20417s it'd also make for some exciting our
20419s Stamped Out grounds too
20421s yeah um so
20423s they say is still the person that I
20426s think
20427s um
20428s I want to see about seven of these
20429s people win this I want to see all of
20431s them seven was a number I just picked
20432s out the air which means he doesn't like
20434s one of them who is it no absolutely not
20436s um just I'd like to see several of these
20438s players win this tournament but say say
20440s coming so close last time being so close
20443s twice this time I think is the player
20446s that I'd most like to see win it but if
20448s sleepy can win it after
20450s some pretty horrible lobbies yesterday
20454s and today that would be amazing so I am
20458s looking forward to seeing who gets this
20459s done
20460s yeah and uh I think no matter who wins
20463s it's always going to be a good narrative
20466s to um to talk about as well everyone
20468s being so
20470s um yeah so esteemed at this point yeah I
20473s mean easily winning it would also be
20475s absolutely incredible given that he's
20478s been in last place four times today
20480s um
20481s which makes it even more incredible that
20483s the tournament is still going but the
20485s number of points is getting pretty crazy
20487s says they say I'm 36 but surely I'm 32.
20491s that's a lot of points and also it's
20494s kind of locked in the top two places for
20496s the second and third places for those
20498s two players whatever happens which is a
20499s nice feeling but we've seen them both
20501s we've seen CCC and Matsuri have that
20504s look on their camera have won the
20506s tournament it's I'm going to win the
20508s tournament and then
20509s something has happened to them and both
20512s of them have just been so close
20516s um but that's the check format it is
20518s provided the excitement that sometimes
20520s it provides and sometimes ends up with
20524s um
20525s a bit of a damp ending like wouldn't be
20527s nice one it was just like I'm in check
20529s I've won hey hey that was a short
20530s tournament today Lee you are The
20534s Honorable person who gets to see the
20536s other side of that coin
20538s yeah I mean and I've had a lot a good
20540s time so far but I think at this point
20542s some of the players are maybe a little
20544s bit fatigued now too I kind of noticed
20546s from the player cams that Matsuri and to
20549s say they felt a little defeated when
20551s they they lost out because again they're
20553s so close they could feel it and their
20555s boards and their comps are incredibly
20557s strong but there's happened to be
20559s someone stronger than at the time
20562s in that yeah
20564s in that last game
20566s um
20567s you couldn't let somebody have done
20568s anything differently like he got those
20570s massive Nomis off and then seemed to
20572s just keep building a building was there
20573s a time where maybe he should have
20574s switched
20576s um I think there maybe been a chance
20577s where he could have leveled to tier five
20579s and try to trip onto Manta to help him
20581s with that end game because relax and Max
20583s were in he also didn't really seem to
20586s find any modules to go with his amalgams
20589s which could have helped him a lot in
20590s that matchup as well even making a um
20592s Divine Shield poison uh amalgam could
20595s have been very helpful to deal with um
20597s the Cyclones on the side of sleepy
20603s okay so I just want to scan myself down
20606s through I'm trying to scan myself down
20608s through there's a phrase you say at five
20610s in the morning if ever I've heard one uh
20612s scanning down through the heroes to see
20614s who I'm gonna pick for my bandwagon I'm
20615s going to stick with bow off I think
20617s better about it on bow off it sounds
20618s like a terrifying combination to me
20622s um I think for this here is the standout
20625s I hope mayav has done quite a good job
20627s in this uh lobby but oh if Rim goes to
20631s picks um Milhouse I may have to choose
20634s that with both Elementals and pirates in
20636s it's a very good no hustle obvious I'm
20639s gonna go through and go soon
20641s okay well here he is and yeah once again
20645s Lee showing that professionals always
20647s leave all the decisions till the last
20649s possible minute which makes sense in the
20651s game and in the um Tavern Buddy game
20655s yeah and I believe I'm one for two out
20658s of Milhouse not bad at all and there's
20659s eight players and uh yeah schlobby oh we
20663s know how to finally a fourth person
20665s actually win a game in this lobby as
20668s well the others were just carving it up
20670s between themselves yeah Sleepy's saving
20673s the day with his men
20676s um I'm gusa here with a pair and the
20678s decision to roll here for a card if he
20680s wants to but
20681s I imagine
20683s yeah imagine a role might actually be an
20685s order here to try to eat a better shop
20687s and also buy a better minion than either
20690s a scally or a imprisoner here
20694s [Music]
20694s um
20696s sure I mean your meal house effectively
20698s you don't need massive Tempo because
20701s you're going to get that by accident but
20702s he disagrees he just wants to save the
20704s roll
20705s oh and he'll hold it as well because I
20708s think
20709s you know house or um nazdarma went up to
20711s tier two so there's no way you can lose
20715s yeah he will have to play the imprisoner
20718s at least holding the Battle Cry for
20719s Quest completion which I like
20722s um perhaps a slight ordering mistake
20725s here while having the prisoner first
20727s would mean one more damage to sleepy
20731s he's face
20733s um obviously people stream for five
20734s hours on a very regular basis with no
20737s apparent sort of difficulty but to play
20740s Under Pressure with brakes like at
20743s somebody else's Pace against the best in
20745s the world for five hours is this gonna
20746s be pretty timing for these players are
20748s we going to start seeing mistakes
20749s creeping in
20751s um I think so yeah we've already seen a
20752s little bit of it I mean this is a game
20754s where it's near impossible to play
20757s perfectly especially as the day drags on
20760s as today has shown
20762s um yeah I mean I think the best thing to
20764s do is accept that mistakes will happen
20766s and don't let that upset you or ruin
20770s your Tempo play if it's gonna if it's
20772s gonna happen to everybody then when it's
20773s your turn it's just like okay well that
20775s was my turn to have the mistake the
20777s thing I always do in that situation is
20778s ask myself did I do it on purpose and
20781s the answer is 99 of the time no so if I
20784s didn't do on purpose why be angry like
20788s yeah I do get angry I'm quite a tilted
20790s salty player but realistically if you
20793s didn't do it on purpose then why would
20794s you be angry at it
20796s right yeah all you can do is just try
20798s not to repeat it in the future exactly
20800s and if you do don't be angry just don't
20802s do it next time I imagine Siri has a
20804s choice cookbook Specter 20 minions die
20807s seems tough but there is a scally in the
20808s shop
20810s yeah the teal tiger seems like the most
20812s difficult one I think what that
20814s requirement increasing frenum and stats
20816s you usually want to be on tier two where
20818s you're spawning rail so I think we're
20820s gonna see either a cooked book or victim
20822s Specter here but Cook's book may have
20825s more potential here with um
20828s no murlocs being in
20831s just lost a triple Nomi game
20833s maybe he won't be in the mood for a
20835s cookbook yeah but he also had victim
20837s Specter that game too so they're both
20839s kind of Haunting him a little bit
20842s it seems like you do tend to do that to
20844s people
20845s yeah I think the comments were played
20847s demons and Pirates so he already has
20849s three out of the five so it makes a lot
20851s of sense here to take it yeah
20853s yeah
20854s he doesn't have a triple lined up though
20857s so he may opt to stay down here
20860s also gave me time to realize what I was
20862s going to say was wrong so I'm not going
20863s to think anything I'm just going to
20864s stare at the screen mindlessly now
20867s yeah I think that's why this turn seems
20869s kind of hard like usually you have a
20871s triple lined up on mayor if you level up
20873s on six chords you buy a new hero power
20875s but here yeah it's not quite so
20877s straightforward
20879s that's what he does decide to do yeah
20881s exactly that and he now does have a
20883s triple lined up team prisoner yeah it is
20885s a very expensive one though but they
20887s also help him complete his quest so it's
20889s not too bad
20893s uh maybe you're taking that early for
20895s drop but the light spawn
20897s so thanks to mind I know that Missouri
20899s will go for a seven drop with his mave
20903s how it works right
20906s yeah yeah the math lines up that story
20910s checks out
20912s very sleepy with a little Elemental
20914s boost early on here something
20916s we've seen this played quite a lot
20918s compared to what I see on ladder
20919s actually
20920s um just the avenge mechanic being used
20923s quite aggressively by players
20925s I think it is a hard mechanic to play
20928s perfectly so I think we see a lot of it
20931s here because they know how to balance
20933s the scaling of avenge while also like
20937s being strong when I need to by not
20939s trying to go for maximum Revenge anymore
20941s is it a big deal that demons are in when
20944s you're playing for birthday Elementals
20946s as well is that part of the reason to do
20947s it because you're not looking for 50 50
20949s game-winning Elementals usually for me I
20951s don't think
20951s yeah so let's say in this lobby with
20954s beasts mechs and murlocs out
20957s um it's gonna be a battle for stats and
20959s the most effective stats you can go for
20961s in this game are either pure demons pure
20965s Elementals Elementals plus demons where
20968s you Buffet
20969s demons or I'd say APM Pirates
20974s um
20975s or coppers
20977s um those are the ones and either them
20978s could win but I think historically we've
20980s seen at Elementals win so I probably
20983s basically sleep is in a pretty good spot
20985s here
20986s wow and of course if sleepy does get the
20989s win we do go to a game number nine
20992s and then it's down to eastleaf to save
20994s the day
20995s but you sleep can't even put the lobby
20997s into Czech so he could also save the day
21001s in this case only for himself so he'd be
21003s a rather selfish uh superhero
21006s yeah I think I think I've just worked
21008s out that we can go to a game 12 in some
21010s scenarios here
21011s yeah I think so if uh sleepy wins
21017s actually no if you sleep well sleepy it
21019s doesn't put the live in the check yeah
21023s and then easily wins again yeah that
21026s would be game 12.
21027s yeah so that would be the maximum out of
21030s Arsenal Battlegrounds you can provide
21032s today
21034s um but
21035s that's always the first objective a lot
21037s to get even more I'm sure all right my
21039s story though with the maiev
21041s as you say that delayed triple but now
21044s it's turned into
21046s um two triples one of which was kind of
21048s a safety first one but the next one
21051s he has a decision now how big he wants
21053s to go
21055s yeah and I might expect to actually
21057s forced one upon him that he didn't want
21058s I think it's what happened here okay
21060s yeah I see he has the Pips uh first me
21063s also in um the last position maybe try
21066s and triple that with a business Specter
21068s but yeah the picky eaters
21071s um
21072s and making that plan a little a little
21074s hard to execute on he may have taken the
21075s imprisonment by choice but I've got a
21077s feeling he didn't and it just happened
21079s yeah I don't know because there were two
21082s in the shop and I think he coined out to
21084s buy it on six quarts so maybe
21085s intentionally taking the three drop
21087s there
21088s oh I would love to see a light spawn
21091s game yeah this is exactly what monster
21093s did last game too he had victim Specter
21095s and he copied and know me in this case
21097s you could copy light spawn and do the
21099s same thing he did last game
21100s they're trying to hit the light spawn or
21102s the pit both would suffice I think
21104s um and this light spawn is going to get
21106s a lot of work done we've already seen
21108s that sleepy has embarked down that route
21110s as well so could see them go Toe to Toe
21113s with some stats Wars once again
21116s yeah the issue is however here the Big
21119s Pig eater may be the last minute diet
21121s because it's so large
21124s unlike a dinosaur having a good game too
21127s with his um
21129s uh Rendell as well
21131s always staying competitive everything
21132s else while leveling the tier five but
21134s this turn so really trying to go for an
21137s aggressive line of play I just assumed
21139s that the the school sheet was bugged
21141s when I see that Peter's like two two
21143s levels ahead of most of every other
21144s people uh yeah but he knows how to play
21146s aggressively when need with the best
21147s them with bow off and a load of coins
21149s sure let's go for it yeah here's all the
21152s economy coins from his hero power
21154s um really golden swabby and also
21156s Randolph is a card per turn
21159s okay sleepy hasn't made a huge amount of
21162s progress but it you don't at first right
21165s it just gets
21168s um
21170s yeah they've got the major demos things
21173s can start to lift off a bit
21175s yeah it can be a little deceptive though
21177s he's already gotten six uh Buffs in the
21179s shop which if you don't know me right
21181s you'd have to play 6L model for that but
21183s he's just done it by got these Club ads
21186s but the scaling on that will be a little
21189s less good than uh Nami would be
21192s don't know what happens if we get to
21193s game 11 we've only got 10 games on our
21195s Quest sheet we might we might just have
21197s to play without quests you know I'm sure
21199s there's no easy fix you're just adding
21200s another line in Excel we'll be fine yeah
21202s I don't think so I think we'll have to
21204s just remember it back times to play in a
21206s different patch oh I forgot that
21208s Sleepy's got the um the cookbook right
21210s so these these Buffs are going to be
21212s doubled
21213s kind of
21215s yeah which is pretty good but
21217s unfortunately there is no no me to help
21220s out with that otherwise it would be kind
21222s of double the the Nomi Buffs yeah
21225s there's just a little Head Start is kind
21227s of what I was getting to so he's already
21228s got enough Buffs to mean that the cooked
21230s book being on turn seven isn't a
21232s disaster normally turn seven cooked book
21235s without the head start your minions are
21237s just a little bit behind but yeah
21239s obviously you know me would be glorious
21240s as well for him
21242s yeah and I think um one thing about
21245s Cook's book is you don't have to play
21246s really hard into it where you just want
21249s to stay down and show triple stuff it
21251s could also just be like something that
21253s happens for you in the background just
21255s like a nice bonus effect to play with
21258s feel about food the case here and um
21260s yeah potentially um the issue with Fel
21263s bat though is because the buckets
21265s applied when you buy it it wouldn't
21266s quite work with Fel bat
21268s sure okay
21270s good point yeah
21272s yeah but um phobia is still very much on
21275s the table for sleepy but not a great way
21277s to get it without tripling
21279s um pretty soon actually I see that's why
21281s book is worth the way it is because
21283s probably in some early testing somebody
21285s did exactly what I just said and said
21286s hey this is stupid let's not do this
21288s yeah a little too good
21291s let's just say here with an amazing
21293s start so he has a recycling race and
21297s hogger for money and it's just going to
21299s keep generating more of it with the uh
21302s yeah with these Pirates and Elementals
21304s and reef explorers
21308s and also details as well so if he finds
21311s to know me like here like I could eat
21314s some butter Elementals I'm sure if I'll
21316s go for it though it might be a little
21317s slow here
21318s he's he's whiffed on Pirates quite
21320s heavily this turn so I don't think he's
21322s actually managed to sell much through
21323s this turn so next turn might be a
21325s problem unless we missed a lot at the
21326s start of the turn
21327s unless I'm a slot specifically whilst
21329s looking at the quests I think this turn
21332s can see leveled probably not as much
21334s gold as he'd want to have next turn but
21336s still a decent amount of the roof
21338s Explorer
21339s and if he does find another hogger
21342s unlike other Heroes he doesn't really
21345s need much more to be infinite that might
21348s even just be enough for him
21351s um this battle Mouse is interesting
21352s because it is Devil's in the details
21354s that is his quest so
21357s playing this out and getting an instant
21359s buff to the attack which is the hard
21360s point of getting Battle Masters to work
21362s could be pretty tasty here
21364s yeah also with the buff from the um
21367s Archer but the obstacle instead buff up
21369s the Peggy maybe thinking that the Battle
21371s Master would just be temporary for now
21373s yeah
21375s um yeah from my Suicide I decided to go
21377s for six and play our favorite card Team
21380s master
21381s so I'm not so shouldn't work out for him
21384s with him not copying Team master or
21386s anything useful just a imp
21389s um maybe a little too slow for what the
21392s rest of the lobby is doing yeah but so
21393s now in a world of trouble looked up to a
21396s really not a really fast start was kind
21398s of a turn behind the pace that you want
21400s to be but a pretty good start
21402s that's easily it's day of misery
21404s continues unfortunately I'm not a
21407s uncommon site we've seen today easily
21410s being the first to drop that's his fifth
21413s top eight of the day
21415s but now part of him will be hoping that
21417s sleepy doesn't win this Lobby
21420s just uh yeah just to get it maybe but
21428s double theater is it too slow can't go
21431s on selfies in hand
21433s I think it's really good but the issue
21435s is the minions are buffing up aren't
21436s particularly useful he already had such
21439s as pirate demon Elemental
21442s um
21442s it's enough to maybe like stay alive for
21445s a few turns but I highly doubt it
21447s competes with the American that other
21449s players are doing specifically
21451s um it's just to say with his galiox
21453s pirate Elemental
21455s demon build right
21459s golden selfies will again prolong it a
21462s bit longer but just a reminder because
21464s yeah we haven't said this enough times
21466s over the last 100 hours that you do have
21468s to win the lobby when the lobby is in
21470s check so but sorry here
21473s trying to find a way to actually win
21475s this Lobby so having some survival like
21477s Lee was alluding to not necessarily the
21479s best thing but
21482s yeah you might as well get the points
21484s yeah if he does manage to survive here
21486s he is in a good spot because I think
21489s there's a high chance that the um
21491s theater will get buffed up there will be
21494s um
21494s duplicated by the victim specter
21497s yeah make up some space be able to put
21499s something good down
21501s yeah and um who knows the segment's
21505s quite big but
21507s yeah it actually does kill a lot of um
21509s matsuri's board depends on this Wildfire
21512s gets go that is not the hit that monster
21513s is looking for
21515s it may be an end too
21517s the game for him
21521s yeah looks that way he's gonna have to
21523s hope that um sleepy wins the lobby
21525s otherwise having been so close on a
21529s couple of these last games
21531s um I think last in particular in game
21533s seven but so he thought he'd probably
21534s won
21536s um he may once again not be the lobby
21538s loans champion
21539s oh and half here not having a bad game
21542s at all 29 life with a golden pashmar and
21547s interesting like an interesting Synergy
21548s I'd like to point out is with devil in
21550s the details and the spellcraft if you
21553s eat um minions in the shop that are
21555s buffed up by spotcraft those stats
21557s become permanent and not temporary but
21559s it's a little hard to manipulate because
21560s you only need two menus in the shop so
21562s it's not a guaranteed thing
21564s half kind of not really been in
21567s contention for large portions of the day
21568s and
21569s there's this
21571s there's just look on his face there for
21573s a moment of realization that hang on all
21575s day long I've been scrapping and
21576s scraping trying to get to 20. I only
21578s just got there last game and now I'm
21580s starting to put together a board that
21582s can win the title
21584s long way to go but just that realization
21585s that hey hang on I've actually got to
21587s I've got a chance
21589s yeah and
21590s um no he's still got a lot of random
21593s cards right now um I think he was
21595s looking for a minute to buff up with the
21598s Wrangler which he may have now found
21600s with this
21601s um respect Knight but an instant skip
21603s that he made was the boiler I had some
21606s interest in that one because it does
21608s protect both the Eliza and the pashmar
21610s but um perhaps hot thought is a little
21612s too slow here
21614s throws away the the scally so that's any
21617s interest in Exodia God not there was
21619s much anyway obviously just anytime I see
21621s an Elijah I'm like oh it's there but
21623s yeah
21624s that's a decision he had to make and
21626s he's realizing this sort of Menagerie
21628s build is is far better
21630s and um there's just a lot of cards that
21634s maybe need to be replaced soon I think
21636s the lies with no other pirates that uh
21638s plus two plus one effect on the entire
21640s board is probably going to be a little
21643s um slow now and a whole Leader's board
21646s is gone to tier six he's found a golden
21648s little Rag and a gar and a brand and two
21651s Genies so he may be the player to watch
21654s especially with his quest reward of
21657s getting to anaga
21659s yeah
21660s um and that guy's gonna get super big
21662s super quick because anyone who's ever
21664s played it will already know
21665s um and then no murloc Lobby you called
21667s it at the start stats are everything and
21671s there's gonna be some stats on that side
21672s of the board
21674s yeah and dealing a lot of damage every
21676s single turn too now that the cap is gone
21678s doing 20 here but you could easily deal
21681s 30 damage if the guard and the um big
21684s Elementals survive
21689s and
21690s yeah he has found this triple Genie he
21693s has more money to spend with the
21697s um timer Tempest and oh not getting a
21699s car but
21701s a zap instead
21703s and he needs to go right this is not the
21705s Home Server so
21707s yeah there's a lot of actions
21710s especially on here
21712s I remember that like refix work and also
21714s give him Hoggers and around
21721s this is where my brain leaks out my ears
21723s when I'm trying to do this I just press
21724s things it's like select the wrong
21726s discovers and everything just goes
21727s horribly horribly wrong all at once to
21730s that party is it okay being there
21733s um I think it's okay being there right
21734s now it's just a temporary card to boost
21737s up both the car and get a little more
21739s bus with the polyamata effect
21748s I'm not criticizing him at all I'm just
21751s I just like excited that he'd go even
21753s quicker thanks to smoggers and he's
21757s gonna have to make sure he ends on
21758s strongman and so I'd like to see him
21759s double d right here yeah he has the
21762s space for two uh this is against Rim
21764s gosu which I think was Milhouse so the
21768s leaders would definitely do a lot
21770s um
21771s it's going to go for the maximum respect
21772s which a nice a big fan of yeah and
21775s there's the um professionalism we've
21777s seen from all of the players that we
21778s talked about a little bit yesterday
21779s running out of time work out how you
21781s want your board to end and just do what
21783s you can in the time available
21785s yeah and well looking now we see kind of
21788s the drawback of cards like
21789s um Lieutenant gar and mass realities the
21792s top being not a burn but actually a
21795s burden here as the Leroy's find a Target
21799s but the Cyclone had an accident on the
21802s other side
21803s um hit the worst available Target and
21805s that's going to allow better Babbitt to
21807s take this down and put 16 into his
21810s opponent
21811s yeah it's looking more and more like
21814s um
21815s it's either going to be Peter or sister
21817s say it'd be interesting to see it was
21818s say it's been up to since we last saw
21820s him
21821s oh look
21822s and oh not quite finding the second
21824s hogger but um not a bad board at all
21830s no not bad
21832s but yeah here we go TJ's got the idea oh
21836s this is gonna be a difficult one
21839s um it seems like the genie was sold on
21840s Peter Babbitt's side because he really
21842s wants to keep the double Leroy which
21843s makes sense they're far more valuable
21845s than Tyrion Elementals at the end of the
21848s turn
21850s ah this is my bandwagon Pig he's also my
21853s bow of pick so I'm just all in on him
21855s now at this point
21857s and it's gonna be really important
21860s um positioning decision here where
21863s sister wants to position his uh golden
21865s Mana Queen I would really like to see
21867s him position that in the very front
21869s because Peter's leroys are aiming to
21872s take that down before it can deal the
21874s car if the car survives the rest of the
21876s board actually just dies on the safe
21879s side worth noting that um while you were
21881s looking at the size um better did turn
21883s down the opportunity to take a second
21885s gar
21886s um presumably assuming it's too late
21888s this is kind of his board now it's two
21890s Leroy's agar a brand
21892s um two rags and a slot for the basically
21895s the rest of the game until he does
21896s something with that brand slot maybe
21897s turn it into a poison and mounted later
21899s on this is just make some numbers hope
21901s they don't do me yeah and I like also
21904s that the um the guard is going to be
21906s protected by the uh glow steel taunt
21910s here but um yeah not quite the best end
21913s unit that bitter one and on he's only
21915s gonna have a
21916s that but oh I see Triple manted on the
21919s side let's just say so now I wish I saw
21921s that before I made my my bet yeah the
21924s car will be taken down
21927s what could still be potentially beaters
21932s win here oh that was a great hit for him
21934s oh a very slight loss
21944s yeah creepy has managed to knock out
21946s Penguins on too
21948s that's the last three what's sleepy got
21951s going on nothing by the look of what was
21952s left of that board but yeah but maybe a
21955s golden harder
21957s oh the double hogger cooked book we've
21959s seen that earlier uh today as well with
21962s um I think the tests on one of the the
21964s games
21966s there's the golden hogger if he wants it
21967s but it might be a bit too late
21970s yeah I think on successider with the um
21973s triple meta Queen he has a significant
21975s edge here
21977s these things are huge though
21978s yeah yeah the wildfire in particular if
21981s um so if you manages to find a wave
21983s runner and grow scale right now he has
21985s the Wave Rider you can deal with the
21987s magic wins but he hops to skip it
21989s perhaps to look for a triple or a Divine
21991s Shield minion
21994s does the brand go here for maximum
21997s status maybe even one of the hogars like
21998s do you just go in here and just although
22001s it's not big enough actually you don't
22002s get to the hog yeah I think maybe if um
22005s sleepy needed a tribe to fuel meta Queen
22008s but currently he doesn't have it they're
22009s smaller than I thought I thought maybe
22011s they're 40 40 50 50 which made it more
22013s interesting yeah I could see maybe even
22016s the Hoggers go down to be maximally uh
22019s strong here so
22020s it could be just replace your minion
22023s with bigger minions from the shop right
22028s okay there's one more roll to find
22031s something
22032s maybe a smogger but he's gonna keep the
22035s the Hoggers
22038s oh not quite enough gold for the respect
22041s Knight I think could be a big help here
22043s he's um yeah one important thing to know
22046s is he really doesn't want to stop the
22047s Hoggers because he does have to win this
22049s Lobby in order for the tournament to go
22051s on so that makes a difference to himself
22053s how strong he wants to be not quite big
22055s enough I look at this it's close but not
22057s quite
22058s yeah
22060s um
22061s depends on where this Wildfire hits uh
22065s yeah I don't think that's enough no so
22068s the tournament is going to end
22071s either both players being APM too and
22073s this is where the Home Server Advantage
22076s May provide to be a Big Boon too
22084s wow here we go the tournament is going
22088s to end probably on this last fight there
22092s might be one or two more if they get
22093s into a heads up but
22094s uh the the ties don't look that lightly
22097s I think somebody's likely to take it
22098s here yeah I'd say the advantage is
22101s probably to say because bitter Babbitt
22104s his main thing is this gar but it's so
22107s easily taken care of because of the time
22109s on it and Peter hasn't managed to find
22111s uh deep sea Anglers or aspiring Partners
22114s to really help taunt up more the board
22116s to avoid that
22120s well okay
22123s yeah better oh the voidlord could be a
22126s good pick to snipe the um the shields
22129s but
22130s not quite as well
22132s you also can't really make good use of
22134s manta Queen because he only has one
22136s tribe on his board which is the
22138s elemental
22141s yeah it's still a maybe have to just
22143s gamble on it doing something you can
22145s still high goal
22149s um yeah like there's not even a good
22151s ending unit for Peter here he has a
22156s the best thing in Ella is maybe a
22158s Charlie
22160s yeah
22161s it's really really not that what you're
22164s looking to end on here
22166s yes I say also has 16 life too so if he
22168s does manage to lose I think he has more
22170s time to
22172s uh defeat Peter here but here we see it
22175s the goal in Southwest the baron the
22177s triple poisons and two big hug two big
22180s Pirates I'm gonna yeah say a surprise to
22182s say his win here
22185s no you've seen the percentage that must
22186s be 100 or 99 or something from there
22189s yeah it must be
22192s and after that I think he'd won unless
22195s he's won right yeah he knows smile is
22199s massive on his face yeah absolutely well
22202s done to him as well he got the highest
22203s points last time by an absolute mile
22207s um
22207s and it came second this time he's been
22210s second in so many lobbies he's got it
22212s done well done SSA
22215s um he's a player that's provided us so
22217s much entertainment as well as also been
22219s the most calm player but today it did
22222s start to wear on him the fact he was
22224s close not quite close not quite close
22226s not quite repeatedly
22229s um and so yeah he got it done and we'll
22234s have to see what he has to say about it
22236s in just a few moments
22239s yeah I liked the progression of his
22241s expressiveness he went from a very calm
22244s collected to like you said it's kind of
22246s a roller coaster and to see his face the
22248s end there was just amazing all that hard
22252s work and able to improve from second
22254s place to first place and now you know
22258s he's uh yeah he's proven himself over
22261s and over yeah and it's almost first
22263s place to first place but I know that you
22265s win with the rules in hand and the rules
22267s is the check system but in terms of most
22269s consistent player he has come top of the
22271s table twice in a row in terms of points
22274s so
22275s yeah absolutely delighted for him
22276s especially as he had two wins earlier in
22278s the day as well and I'm sure that Chris
22282s the person who helped us do the The
22283s Tavern pool will be delighted to see
22285s that two people got three wins today as
22288s we look at that final standings his
22290s original suggestion was let's do it over
22291s under on um two and a half wins for one
22293s player and I went through all the
22295s results ever it's like it's never
22296s happened he's going okay we'll change it
22298s it's happened twice today he was right
22299s all along well done Chris yeah gosh and
22303s uh yeah no slouch on points from the
22305s rest of the players 33 32 30.5 and 30.
22308s like any one of them could have also
22311s been the winner too but today is today's
22313s day
22314s 43 points last Lobby Legends went the
22318s same number of
22319s um games which was eight and 35.5 points
22324s was the higher
22326s and he didn't even win too that was to
22328s say but he got second place because he
22330s yeah yeah finished first and last time
22331s and vimkosu um we've had the stories of
22334s him go through very feast or famine
22336s we've only seen the feast before today
22337s today we saw both sides of that
22340s um keeping it alive twice maybe he says
22342s they say have a much longer and more
22344s terrifying evening than otherwise he
22345s would have
22347s um but also him goes to having some
22349s pretty bad results in there as well and
22350s again that's not a dig that is the way
22353s that he plays the game and it's been
22354s very successful for him eastleeve having
22357s a day to forget sleepy
22359s I got in there gave it a chance but
22362s couldn't quite get it done but I feel
22364s it's Sleepy's results there don't quite
22366s sum up his skill level
22368s um he was very close on a lot of those
22371s turns to to kicking off and getting a
22373s lot of points and just have one of those
22374s days where he couldn't quite get the
22376s roles he needed
22377s yeah and um still putting up a very
22379s respectable performance there at the end
22381s didn't give up and yeah imagine I'll see
22385s him again in the future
22389s um no Focus or basically no Focus what
22392s went wrong Lee yeah I think the issue
22395s was when you go for a composition like
22398s deep Froggers or mechic zodia
22401s um you know
22403s there's kind of a lot your opponents can
22404s do against you but there's not a lot you
22406s can do besides just triple things
22408s so I think that's kind of what happens
22410s where um we saw basically all the
22412s scaling comps they won the game while
22414s beating these other comps that didn't
22416s want to scale and I think it's just a
22419s function of them being easy to play
22421s around and yes that still are good you
22424s know like the numbers that you keep
22426s growing again and again and you do kind
22429s of need to be bigger than
22431s um your opponent's stats in most games
22434s yeah and I think I wondered one of the
22437s problems again because
22439s just to for the audience's sake we've
22441s mentioned this several times over the
22442s weekend we've covered a lot of hours now
22445s um at the level that Lee plays at the
22446s level these players play at the the top
22449s players have a little bit of time
22450s because they're out playing the the only
22453s the top 200 players by a little bit
22456s um to set up but stolen gold isn't easy
22458s to set up now if you don't have much
22460s time there's a lot of tempo play in this
22462s tournament we we saw a quest completed
22464s quite late if you work carefully here
22467s would that be a problem for the for
22468s setting up
22471s um yeah I mean I think it was also the
22473s fact that
22474s people really weren't able to use Stone
22476s colds as effective as they wanted to Mid
22478s game they were still taking a lot of
22480s damage because yeah their opponents were
22482s just stronger than than normal
22485s and yeah we didn't see like too many
22488s Stone Cold scaling comps too you can
22490s also use it for scaling like teragosa
22492s and getting a bench value but none of
22494s that today unfortunately well we do have
22497s our champion on the line so let's have a
22500s listen to what Stacy say is going to say
22503s to us about his victory
22505s hello can you can you hear this
22508s Carol yeah
22511s awesome how do you feel to finally get
22514s this one
22518s um
22519s so so so
22522s happy yeah
22524s so happy
22526s um you have been happy in every
22530s tournament you have played anyway even
22532s when losing but when did you realize you
22536s had one when when did you finally know
22538s that you had won this tournament
22542s uh so
22546s um
22548s when
22551s when did you relax when when did you
22553s feel you had won
22555s ah yes all right
22558s relax
22561s every time
22564s did you know that um you beat your own
22567s record points you have again got the
22570s most yeah ever for any player yeah
22574s our prayer
22579s and
22580s uh sorry sorry
22583s don't worry
22585s oh sorry
22589s anything you would like to say
22594s um
22596s [Music]
22599s I told thank you for Japanese
22603s Battleground community
22606s now that's very good there Japanese
22608s Community love you yeah all love you
22612s yeah and
22617s uh will you win again next time
22620s yeah
22622s yes
22625s excellent
22629s thank you so much as well
22631s um it's so good to see you win this
22634s finally after yeah so close last time
22639s thank you
22641s and thank you as well for talking to us
22643s we very much appreciate it and good luck
22645s in lobby Legend seven and well done
22648s yeah thank you
22651s thank you
22652s [Music]
22654s awesome to hear from say say that he is
22657s happy and I do not blame him at all
22661s um struggling through
22663s second place after second place and
22666s finally winning
22668s um it's great to see Levi
22670s yeah and I like that he thanks his
22673s community as well like that's always one
22676s of the best parts about games is you
22678s have a community of people like you who
22680s enjoy the same thing and I'm sure he had
22682s a lot of support as well through this
22684s tournament uh watching him at home
22687s absolutely
22688s um and obviously a lot of competition in
22690s there as well as support it feels like
22693s half of the field is is from Japan these
22695s days on a lighter note let's have a look
22698s at the results for those of you who've
22700s been playing along at home before you
22701s turn off let's have a look at the puzzle
22703s box results and see how everybody did
22707s but also not quite as uh as good as
22711s yesterday but today was definitely a
22714s record-breaking day in terms of what
22715s happened
22716s um we didn't really see that much
22718s society and Ashes or mural columns right
22719s we didn't see Mark Holmes at all today
22721s and I think maybe only one or two which
22724s is quite rare in that eight game day
22728s yeah we didn't see motor homes yesterday
22730s either which has been strange for me
22733s it's a reusable hero is it just the
22735s nature of the game maybe that
22737s people are trying to
22740s just be a little bit more greedy than
22741s murloc homes is fairly standard nice
22744s good stuff
22745s yeah I think it's a factor of that and
22747s that it's not being offered as much now
22749s it's not guaranteed and a one gold extra
22752s gold per turns really not all that good
22755s especially when you think of other
22757s Heroes that do the same thing they're
22759s not nearly as good beer up Sorella and
22761s you know it should be
22764s I am astonished honestly despite getting
22766s it correct that nobody won with stolen
22768s gold as their Quest there was like three
22770s chances every time
22773s oh better than uh better than yesterday
22777s the points the numbers went up a lot I
22779s think they scaled up the points a little
22780s bit for day two
22782s I mean we just kept playing
22783s Battlegrounds all day so yeah
22786s look look at those bandwagon points
22788s where we just played so many games
22791s um
22792s I've already had one person tweet me
22794s saying that um like they call me an
22796s idiot which I did give permission people
22797s to do if they beat me but did anybody
22799s beat Lee because I think you had the
22801s second highest score yesterday if I
22803s understood yeah I did yesterday but
22805s today I think that's a little off on the
22808s bandwagon and barrels blessing
22811s um so yeah I hope a lot more people beat
22812s me today
22814s falling off the bandwagon to give people
22816s a chance
22817s um of course to beat you they will have
22819s to have watched the entire broadcast so
22820s anyone who has beaten Lee thank you very
22823s much for watching and taking part as
22825s well all day I'm glad you had fun oh
22828s come on yes I get it I understand
22832s but you did uh close the gap a little
22835s bit uh for day two so that's good
22837s closer together by going backwards
22839s another 60 points I see what you mean I
22841s was closer today than I was yesterday
22842s yeah yeah cool
22846s yeah
22847s um a thorough comprehensive beating with
22849s Caster versus
22851s um Pro Player to be expected
22855s um I'll take it but yeah I hope you had
22856s a lot of fun with that
22858s um anything stand out apart from the
22860s stolen gold as surprising
22863s I say Elementals want a lot more than
22866s expected I don't think that was on
22867s either of our Radars and your favorite
22870s pick of parting study actually performed
22872s extremely well this tournament
22874s but Elementals yeah like
22876s because Elementals and murlocs I think
22877s those were the best performing minion
22879s types of this tournament and demons we
22883s didn't see a somebody eating Elementals
22886s with Fel bats or fell about doing
22888s anything particularly exciting for the
22890s whole tournament I want to say yeah I
22892s think it was because there are a few
22893s people that could do it but you have to
22895s hit one single card and it's very hard
22898s to find a tier 6 card especially when
22900s you don't feel strong enough to level up
22902s to six which is most of these games
22905s yeah so where's the difference there so
22908s we've said that about most of the builds
22910s that going to tier six is bad but yet
22912s Exodia pirate still finds a way is that
22914s because you hit your Eliza on a triple
22916s and you go okay now I can go for it
22918s because I've got some of the other
22919s pieces and it just happens always a
22920s maybe a different reason for that yeah I
22923s think it's because
22925s um Eliza is a very strong immediately
22927s gonna get it and it can translate easily
22929s into a game-winning comp and the other
22932s the other cops that we sell as well they
22934s didn't have to rely on a tier 6 card
22935s they relied on tier 5 cards which is
22937s significantly easier to get so I think
22939s that's the main reason
22941s um for seeing those compositions more
22943s well it has been an incredible
22946s tournament I've absolutely thoroughly
22948s enjoyed it but um Lee as TJ always does
22951s for me in this situation have you got
22953s any any final words you'd like to say
22955s before you go
22956s uh yeah I just wanted to
22958s thank uh everyone for the opportunity of
22961s being able to cast today and thank all
22964s of my fans that have been supporting me
22965s during these two days and yeah I love
22968s Hearthstone battlegrounds awesome yeah
22970s it's been a pleasure working with you
22972s and I know full well having read Twitter
22973s and such like that people have
22975s thoroughly enjoyed listening to your
22976s work over the last couple of days and
22979s you definitely got the Short Straw slash
22980s long straw depending which way you look
22982s on it in terms of the guest casters
22984s doing a long shift so with that um it's
22988s going to be time to say goodbye from me
22990s from TJ on Observer and from all the
22993s production team and everyone here thank
22995s you very much for watching and there'll
22997s be a Masters Tour in two weeks time so
22999s we'll see you again then but until then
23001s may Bob be with you
23011s [Music]
23020s thank you
23025s [Music]
23033s thank you
23035s [Music]
23052s [Music]
23057s [Music]
23063s thank you
23065s [Music]
23075s [Applause]
23076s [Music]
23080s foreign
23084s [Music]
23095s [Music]
23103s [Music]
23111s foreign
23114s [Music]
23122s [Music]
23141s foreign
23152s [Music]
23179s [Music]
23183s foreign
23188s [Music]
23195s [Music]
23215s guaranteed to knock him out as well at
23218s seven damage exactly man liked it
23220s however the game of his life now turning
23222s it around
23226s foreign
23227s [Music]
23241s [Music]
23245s [Applause]
23247s [Music]
23255s foreign