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10s Welcome, everyone, to the Festival of Legends,
13s Hearthstone’s newest expansion!
16s I’m Leo Robles Gonzalez, the lead for this set.
18s We’ve got plenty of rockin’ new cards and mechanics
20s that’ll be sure to shake up the game.
22s ETC, the face of music in Azeroth,
25s is hosting the largest, most mind-melting musical event the world has ever seen!
30s It’s showtime!
32s Eleven musicians and bands of various genres
35s have been invited by ETC to compete against one another.
38s The expansion takes place in Thousand Needles,
41s a beautiful landscape with spires towering over a bed of water.
45s With the help of goblin and gnomish technology,
48s Thousand Needles is the perfect spot to host a totally gnarly festival.
53s Each one of Hearthstone’s classes
54s will be closely tied to its own, unique genre.
58s This update has something for everyone,
60s but today we’ll be focusing on revealing cards from four classes.
63s Headlining today’s show is none other than the Prince of Pop: Hedanis. Wild!
70s Priest will be represented
71s by the up-and-coming pop sensations, Poison Bloom!
77s Nice!
78s When we were first assigning classes to genres,
81s we started by identifying the “vibe” of each of the genres.
84s Pop stars are known for their fully devoted fans,
87s but still have a penchant for the dramatic.
89s Priest’s mastery over Holy and Shadow magic
91s felt like a great representation of that energy!
94s Each class has a Legendary musician minion to be the face of their genre,
99s like Priest’s lead member Heartbreaker Hedanis.
103s Heartbreaker Hedanis is a Legendary showcase
105s of Priest’s new Core keyword: Overheal!
109s When a minion with Overheal is restored past full Health,
112s you trigger their Overheal bonus.
114s Hedanis works great with any healing cards,
117s like the brand-new location for Priest: Fan Club.
121s Playing a Fan Club ahead of time
123s lets you line up some sweet Overheal plays!
125s Stay tuned for the full details of Overheal
128s and the Priest’s Core set coming soon.
130s Poison Bloom have one last mechanic to wrap up their set:
134s Finale, our new keyword!
136s Cards with Finale, like Power Chord: Synchronize or Ghost Writer,
140s give you a bonus if playing them spends all your remaining Mana.
143s Try to plan your turns to end on a strong Finale performance
147s and you’ll be sure to drown out your opponent with your sweet tunage!
151s Now put your hands together for the mechanical machinations
155s of MC Blingtron and his hip-hop Rogue bots!
160s One of our goals with this expansion
162s was to make sure the most popular genres were represented.
165s Hip-hop was a no-brainer to fit into the set, and since Rogue is known
169s for their rhythmic combos and dance-like maneuvers,
172s it seemed like a perfect fit
173s for the genre that brought us beatboxing and break dancing!
176s In Hearthstone, Rogues are masters of weapons,
179s and in the Festival of Legends,
181s every class gets a weapon in the form of instruments!
184s Most of these weapons have awesome Deathrattle effects
187s that get better if you do certain actions while they’re equipped.
190s Rogue’s Record Scratcher needs Combo cards to improve,
194s like Beatboxer!
196s Put on your own performance and improve your musical prowess with instruments!
205s There’s one more instrument to showcase, so let's get a drumroll, please.
213s And now, let's make some noise for our next class act:
217s Blight Boar, the Death Knights of metal music!
224s Brutal.
226s Blight Boar is a forsaken death metal band
228s with a literal cult following from World of Warcraft.
231s With Death Knight’s recent addition as our 11th class,
234s matching them to Blight Boar’s death metal music was a killer fit!
239s Death Knight’s instrument is the Arcanite Ripper,
242s a sweet piece of a new Blood Death Knight deck
244s all about manipulating your own Health.
246s While you’re shredding on your Arcanite Ripper,
249s put Screaming Banshee on the mic.
251s Her Lifesteal helps fuel your Arcanite Ripper,
254s which then summons a Lifesteal minion
255s to feed back into the Banshee’s own effect!
258s And that’s not all that Death Knight has going on!
261s Introducing the first Legendary spell of the expansion,
264s the first Blood Frost and Unholy card,
267s and the first song to reach the Azeroth Top 100 Charts:
271s Climactic Necrotic Explosion!
274s With every class’s Legendary musician minion
277s they will also get a Legendary spell
279s to represent that musician or band’s most popular song.
283s What I love about these spells is that they look like album art!
287s Climactic Necrotic Explosion shows off all of the members of Blight Boar
291s along with their band’s logo.
294s Now that's metal!
295s Let’s take a look at another example of a new cycle of spells:
300s Harmonic Metal.
302s These spells have effects with two numbers on them
305s that swap to their Dissonant forms each turn they’re in your hand.
309s Do you want a smaller handbuff on more minions,
312s or a bigger handbuff on fewer minions?
314s Plan your turns accordingly!
316s Not every class will be getting a Harmonic spell,
319s but those that aren’t
320s will get a different mechanic that’s showcased in our next genre.
325s Ladies and gentleorcs,
327s please join me in welcoming the famed Warlock composer:
331s Rin and her demonic orchestra!
338s To answer the question of what genre Warlocks would be,
341s we first asked, “How would Warlocks play music?”
345s We figured they’d summon legions of demons to play their music for them,
348s which lends itself perfectly to symphonies!
351s Plus, with how sinister Warlocks are,
354s we can really play up the drama of classical music.
356s Warlock is one of the classes that get a Soloist minion.
360s Soloists gain special bonuses if they’re the only minion you control.
364s If you’re a fan of slower decks and in need of a board clear,
368s hire an Opera Soloist!
370s Or maybe you’re tapping into the forbidden arts
373s of dealing damage to your own hero.
374s Void Virtuoso lets you negate that damage entirely with its effect.
379s And we may just be introducing a new Warlock archetype
383s that deals damage to your own hero in a unique way.
387s But for now, let’s take a peek at the other genres!
391s Now it's time for the Battle of the Bands!
394s It’s turning into an all-out brawl!
396s Oh, yeah!
399s We covered four classes,
401s but there’s still other class-and-genre pairings
403s I can’t wait to talk about!
405s To start us off, let’s look at Paladin’s groovy new Legendary song:
409s Starlight Groove!
411s This is the first time we’re putting Divine Shield on your hero,
414s which is sweet and synergizes with some other Paladin cards in this set.
419s You may have also noticed that the musician in the art piece
422s is none other than Kangor from The Boomsday Project!
425s One of my favorite things about working on this expansion
428s was revisiting previous characters under a musical lens.
432s Asking questions like, “What does Kangor do in his free time?”
436s got us to hilarious answers like, “He’s a famous disco-dancing musician!”
440s Druid and Shaman
442s are both in a more relaxed, laid-back space in this expansion.
446s For Druid, Peaceful Piper showcases the perfect vibes for their genre -
450s think drum circles and a rainbow of colors.
453s Playing to the tune of nature
455s gives Druid musicians their affinity for Beasts,
457s and trust me when I say
458s that we’ve got some exciting Beasts in Druid this expansion.
461s Shamans are all about jazz - going where the music takes you,
466s improvising, and of course: Brass Elementals.
469s A woodwind with Windfury made a ton of sense.
473s Druid and Shaman are both classes
474s that have brand new characters as their musicians,
477s which I’m hyped for y’all to see later.
479s There are so many genres I’m excited about that it’s impossible to pick just one!
484s I want to play an amalgamation of them all combined!
488s Oh, would you look at that? It’s The One-Amalgam Band!
491s The more varied minion types you play in one game,
494s the crazier his Battlecry gets!
496s The random bonus effects cover eight of the keywords in the core set,
500s such as Rush, Lifesteal, or Reborn.
503s There’s also bound to be some of you
505s that think all the genres we’ve shown off so far are too mainstream.
509s For those who relish the quirky and obscure, we've got our Hipsters.
513s To close out our card reveals,
515s it’s the Tauren that’s responsible for the Festival of Legends:
518s ETC, Band Manager.
520s ETC’s goal with this festival
522s was to share the spotlight with all the other musicians on Azeroth,
525s and his card does just that.
527s While building your deck,
529s you can include three cards from your collection into ETC’s “band”,
533s which you then get to Discover from when playing ETC.
537s And best of all, ETC, Band Manager
539s is being given for free to any player who logs into the game right now!
545s Now let’s keep this energy pumping!
547s Woohoo!
549s Let’s see what Signature cards will look like in the Festival of Legends.
553s Right off the bat, their art style is colorful and musical.
557s We’re also excited to share
558s an updated frame and style for the 2023 Signature cards.
562s We want to celebrate the card art,
564s so we’ve adjusted the text to best showcase the full image.
567s Moving forward, Signature cards will be animated,
570s and while still uncraftable,
572s are now able to be disenchanted for the same value as a Golden card.
576s We're also still jamming on Signature cards in general
579s and are planning on more changes in the future,
581s so you can expect more details coming soon.
584s Let me hear you make some noise for our amazing lineup!
591s And last but definitely not least, let’s talk about events!
595s A brand-new event, The Headliner’s Tour, is starting today,
599s where players can choose one of three different concerts to attend.
602s Each one has their own unique rewards track,
605s full of cosmetics and packs
606s themed around the classes and genres that belong in that concert group.
610s Once the event is complete, any cosmetics you didn’t get
613s will become available at different points in the shop,
616s including those from the other two concert groups you didn’t choose.
619s We will also have another event coming
621s to celebrate the launch of the Festival of Legends expansion
624s and you can find more information on card reveals
626s leading up to the launch on our website.
628s And just like that, the show has come to a close.
632s Pre-purchase bundles for the Festival of Legends
634s are available today,
635s and remember, you can log in right now
638s to receive your free ETC, Band Manager card
641s and participate in the new event!
643s Thank you all so much,
644s and I hope to catch you in the front row of the Festival of Legends.