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0s I have a tourist Sharman hoping to
3s really ramp up the spell skills with
5s this one eh hoping to beat baby bear
8s good luck I am going to play a pirate
10s based Demon Hunter uh this new expansion
13s has a lot of pirate synergies so I tried
16s to build a aggro pirate deck and I'm
19s just going to smor as much as I can Good
22s Luck Good
26s Luck
28s o oh this is nice
32s locking in all four oh really yeah
36s that's good I'm I'm mulling
41s everything I have so many one drops and
44s I I don't have a single
46s one I have I think one one drop okay and
50s it's in my hand my hand is not great
63s no
65s no
68s [Laughter]
70s no what's happened I I missed my turn
74s one turn
76s two all right we got a new card
80s ooh oh the cookie comes
83s up every time you play a card from a
86s different
89s class we t our way to that okay got a
92s nice little shot of him relaxing in the
98s tub I better kill that
104s thing these do have
108s charge I guess you have a clear in I
116s do let's get these spell schools going
120s um
125s I have no way to clear boards I'm not
127s supposed to be
135s behind yeah yeah what can I
141s say I need to do this to to
145s trade all right
154s oh oh yeah well more drinks
186s okay I'm making a bit of a comeb back
188s here not bad not
192s bad not bad okay but I know you have
197s more AOE right so I do not everything is
206s sticking have got the boy
210s oh
212s no yeah I just thought you you could
215s clear my two my two two ones not not
219s everything I don't think there is any
221s way to clear this for
230s me I need to
233s hit we do this
243s M
246s okay
249s okay the problem is I can't clear your
252s big
253s titan that is a problem that is a big
259s problem all right I'll give you I'll
261s give you some help there you
265s go I don't know if that's going to
267s matter much but thank you oh I drew my
274s patches all
276s right yeah I think I think this game
279s might be over well let's
286s see oh an aggro de is behind it's
289s usually not a good
292s sign
294s oh oh if only I had lethal to that cane
304s I'm going to do something
307s oh okay
309s okay it's not
312s lethal but you're sending me a message
315s but I'm is it's all about the message
319s here see what I can do all right not bad
330s cheeky patches too
345s yeah
347s okay what are you going to do now I'm
350s going to spill my
352s drinks do you have
354s more oh yeah have more drinks
363s no all right all right okay
366s um not sure how I'm going to get through
368s all these THS
372s now I'm going to I'm going to I'm going
374s to do something though I'm going to
378s discover a
380s pirate that does not help me
385s here I'm going to equip a weapon from my
389s deck oh that is also not going to help
393s me
394s but well at least you see what it can do
398s yeah that's seem
400s powerful
407s okay it's lethal you don't have to do
410s more oh I
413s do there we
416s go oh I could have used this that would
419s have been more
422s so I have made a control priest with
425s some of the new cards we have Twilight
428s medium going to be able to cheat out
429s some of these big control tools and the
432s awesome new narrain sou fancy there's a
434s really good combo of this and the the
436s new taunt so hoping this taks quite a
438s lot of fun sounds fun so I am playing a
440s tourist Demon Hunter and I have Arana is
444s the priest tourist so I have access to
446s all the priest cards of the new set the
448s priest cards have a self damage package
451s and the Arana makes actually the damage
454s you take go to a random enemy but you
456s can try to make it Target the hero and
458s that's what I'm going to try to do and
459s that's how I'm going to try to beat
461s jambre again let's
466s go
468s ooh no no don't oo me don't oo me yet
472s ooh I got the
473s boy I got something
476s too what do you have I can't tell you
487s okay too many
491s fours all right that's good news yeah i'
493s like to see that I I have to wait a few
496s turns probably before I can play
499s something that's exactly what I wanted
502s to
502s hear okay maybe this is not the match up
505s for this deck oh
510s just just sending it I'm sending
515s it it's not bad that spell no especially
520s with all the other damage I have in my
524s hand and now you're scaring me yeah I
526s know okay um
551s oh well that's
554s fine okay are you ready for this is it
558s is it the weap okay it is the weapon are
561s you ready for this she she chose an old
564s car I mean I'm going to go the shoer
570s all right are you ready for
572s this I don't think I
575s am I
577s mean I'm a little disappointed honestly
580s I know what I'm drawing next again yeah
584s all
585s right
586s [Music]
588s um what am I
590s [Music]
592s doing I think we go the shoer and me
604s [Music]
611s oh there's a new demon it's a tutu the
615s pirate you can discover from the oh
619s shoer oh okay I mean don't really want
622s it but it's an option now which one is
625s it oh that's a good
627s one h okay I have the
633s [Music]
642s board
645s okay do
648s this
651s again well I knew it was coming maybe
654s you didn't I did not know I know what's
656s coming next too
667s my hands a little weird
673s now M mine's not too weird all right
678s here comes the power
685s play the power play am tool
691s how
694s interesting I think this time I'll
696s probably not have a clear no
700s clear that's fine that's fine I don't
702s think I do let me
705s count no no
708s [Music]
714s clear
716s oh yep clear oh
720s yo that's
723s Che uh you know what I'm
726s [Music]
727s gonna I'm going to send this
730s too
734s okay
744s uh yeah you don't have anything do you
747s no I I have I have something don't worry
751s I have
753s something oh okay that's that's
761s fine all right I I might have a really
764s good time next time we'll see I hope
771s [Music]
773s not my hand is a bit awkward
782s need some
786s healing
789s oh
793s interesting
796s sure okay we got the
799s combo oh what
803s what
805s no okay wait twice twice
811s twice uh thr that one but you're not
817s healing not yet
822s no but soon oh let's get
828s t wait that's a really big one
843s [Music]
863s oh oh no do you have do you have this
866s one
867s you do
873s oh wait a minute am I
876s dead oh no I'm
879s dead maybe I should get rid of your
886s guy
888s okay okay nice I'm I'm uh beating the
892s priest with this deck yeah a little bit
894s a little bit I'm a bit slow to get going
897s but it was close
900s was not close I was not close to dying
903s that's not how a priest
905s wins okay so I have a tourist priest
909s here dips into Hunter and Hunter has
911s some excellent battlecry synergies Plus
914s at the top end we've got sasqua so
916s hopefully we can pull that off that
918s sounds very scary but I'm going to try
920s and stop whatever you're doing with a
922s very SMY deck made by Ron okay so you're
926s putting all your trust in uh in Ron's
928s deck building skills
932s yep oh okay okay I see I see what he's
935s going
936s [Laughter]
937s for okay I have some
941s cards repeat the last wost card you
945s played oh I could do something big with
951s that I'll just keep this one for now
955s okay all right I have a lot of new cards
958s it's cool I'll I do not I'll be showing
961s off the new
962s cards I have a lot of nothing right now
966s that is good for
968s me um I actually don't have a one
973s drop impressive but
975s yeah I have a two but I'm I'm not going
978s to play it
994s oh that's that's a good
997s card
999s oh that is a good
1005s card oh yeah here we go catch of the day
1008s oh no not bad no no no no
1017s no I thought you were smoke de what I
1021s have not drawn any any early cards oh
1023s you got the The Cheeky cheese card yeah
1026s I'm going to just uh go for Alvin soon
1031s okay no bad all right I need to
1042s draw that is the one I wanted all right
1045s here we go
1054s oh here we
1055s go oh
1058s no yeah okay
1061s um I don't know how I'm going to deal
1064s with
1075s that
1078s oh what
1080s what there more that
1083s is that is crazy actually that's a crazy
1092s turn dude what are you
1096s doing uh um don't
1101s worry this a normal
1105s turn I think we can end here I'm done
1109s what what is
1112s this seriously the only sad thing is I
1115s did I did it too early so I can't repeat
1116s an next time yeah that is sad that's
1119s really sad and here I am with my cheese
1121s two close
1125s minions some nice cheese
1128s there oh you have on
1131s to yeah doesn't do anything
1135s [Music]
1139s I have like one
1148s Bo I think this is a
1152s GG oh wait does this work I want to see
1156s if this
1161s works surely the last one I played was
1163s the
1165s ziliax oh oh I guess he doesn't count as
1167s a one cost card no
1175s still all right well GG yeah just just
1181s get over
1184s with all right pretty
1188s powerful I think even if I had a one
1190s drop and a two drop on curve I would not
1194s have beaten this no I I had a good hand
1196s so what do you think what's your
1197s favorite deck so far I think my favorite
1199s it was the the Battle Cry Shaman
1201s tripling the volcano legendary how about
1204s you the Pirates the Pirates I love going
1207s face I'm going to try and make the deck
1208s a little bit better and then hopefully
1210s spam it on day one thanks for watching
1212s everyone and enjoy the new expansion bye