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797s welcome back everyone to the death
799s knight show match it's day two I'm
803s Garrett here again with Lisette
806s how you feeling today you ready for some
807s more Death Knight action I am ready I am
810s pumped it was great to get to see
812s yesterday getting to talk to a little
814s bit of the competitors afterward to get
816s their point of view on their runes and
818s their deck lists and I'm really excited
821s to see how it all pans out today I want
823s to see if Frost can keep the momentum
825s that they had leaving day one yeah or
828s can blood turn it around yeah yeah we've
830s got a great day two planned for you and
834s let's take a look if you uh maybe didn't
836s catch day one or you haven't heard about
837s March of the Lich King here is what
839s death knight is bringing to Hearthstone
842s there's a new way to build your deck
845s with death knight they have three Rune
847s types blood Frost and Unholy and that uh
850s impacts deck building they have three
852s slots for any combination of runes and
853s you can combine multiple types for
855s different types of Versatility and we
857s saw a lot of that on display with
859s yesterday's action but we also have
861s corpses now so let's say how do they
862s work yeah corpses is a new resource you
864s can use for uh for your deck and you can
869s see on this left card here defrost you
871s can draw a card with a frost but if you
872s have two corpses to spend then you can
874s draw an additional card and you earn
877s corpses whenever a minion dies yes and
879s speaking of dying minions Undead minion
882s type is coming to Hearthstone you're
885s going to see a lot of it today we saw a
886s lot of Undead yesterday but also if
888s you're an old school long time
890s Hearthstone player you may have seen
892s cards minions in the past that look
894s Undead they're probably Undead now
896s they're going to be retroactively
898s updated very exciting to see all these
900s Undead especially with the scourge yeah
904s but let's uh let's take a look at what
907s our format is going to look like and
909s we're also have a format change up later
911s but here's what we're starting with
912s we're still continuing on with our round
914s robin from yesterday we have three teams
916s with four players on each those three
919s teams are based around those three Rune
921s types we just talked about blood Unholy
923s and Frost and we're still going through
926s up at how many total rounds do we have
928s so we have 12 total rounds of round
930s robin for this stage one it's the best
932s of two matches so if you 2-0 sweep
935s you're gonna earn three points for your
936s team if you tie one one you will earn
938s one point for your team and uh yeah
941s there's yeah we had eight rounds
943s yesterday four more rounds today some
945s bonus matches where you can change some
947s points up a bit we'll talk about that
949s later but yes former rounds and then we
952s have stage two which is very exciting
954s yeah let's take a look at that format or
958s actually let's meet the team yeah I also
959s meet the team first I agree so here's
962s our blood our Unholy and our Frost teams
964s you can see the rosters they're below
966s and we're gonna get into it right now
968s meeting our Unholy team comprised of
970s disguised host dog Fino and Hunter Ace
976s but that's not all because we also have
978s Team Frost who's on team Frost Lisa yeah
980s we have Ali Strazza meaty bunny Hopper
983s and Regis children on team Frost and
987s last we have Team blood with Tice
989s cantaloupe Aveline and no hands gamer
992s now yesterday it is worth mentioning we
995s had a bit of a technical Hiccup and some
998s connection issues which caused some of
999s our players to need to play makeup games
1001s this morning and one of those was
1004s Abilene versus Hunter Ace I do believe
1007s they have a clip right here yes we are
1009s going to be able to see this we're
1010s seeing this for the first time now but
1011s it I do believe Hunter Ace ended up
1014s taking uh both wins against Abilene and
1017s you can just see the the force of all
1020s those ghouls on that deck but
1023s it doesn't look like Abilene made it
1025s easy because that's some serious board
1027s control happening right there oh yeah
1029s yeah we saw Honduras had game one but I
1032s do believe game two he came back and
1034s took it here versus Abilene giving a
1037s team Unholy three points yeah now I'm
1040s curious about standings wow that is
1043s close so team Frost kind of climbed on
1046s top like in the back half of yesterday's
1049s competition and now you can see they
1051s still retain that lead listen I'm you
1054s know not a big math that's for that's
1055s only one point yeah I know you're not
1057s into math but you know I can assure you
1059s that is only a one point difference yeah
1061s yeah but you know what I am into is
1064s prizing because our players they're not
1066s just playing for bragging rights
1067s although I'm sure that's a motivating
1069s factor they are playing for some serious
1073s prizes uh can I dive into that chest
1076s that would be wonderful first place is
1079s gonna take home fifty thousand dollars
1081s second place is going to get 30 000 and
1084s our third place team whether that is for
1086s us whether that is Unholy weather that
1087s is Blood Still Remains to be decided
1088s we'll take home twenty thousand dollars
1092s you know slissa we talked to you
1094s yesterday you've been in this position
1095s before you've been in this winning
1097s position before uh I'm curious I'm
1100s getting that Competitive Edge do you
1102s think I have what it takes should I
1102s should I jump into Hearthstone
1104s competition I think you should make sure
1106s you have a good team surrounding you and
1108s uh you know you should be on the team
1111s with like meaty and and Regis Kelvin
1113s yeah I thought you're gonna see I should
1115s be on a team with me which I agree with
1118s but let's take a look at how the
1120s format's going to change later on in
1122s today's broadcast because we're gonna as
1125s we move through day two we're gonna keep
1127s those three teams blood on holy Frost
1129s they're gonna stay here same four
1130s players you've been watching the last
1132s two days but when stage one continues
1134s when we get out of round robin we're
1136s gonna move into stage two which is going
1137s to be a best of one and we move in to
1140s death's challenge so listen tell me how
1143s dust challenge works all right so with
1145s death challenge uh each team will have a
1148s death knight and a challenger and the
1151s Challenger will be facing other teams
1153s death knight so the Challenger will
1155s utilize points to challenge the knights
1158s so they are going to risk the points
1160s that they've accumulated in their bank
1162s and they could get double points for
1165s whatever they with risk or they could
1168s lose those points and forfeit them so it
1170s is a big catch-up mechanic blood could
1173s make an epic comeback if they risk a lot
1175s of the points to challenge those points
1176s and get double and some could lose them
1179s if they're if their death knight doesn't
1182s win
1183s yeah and speaking of those points let's
1185s take a look at our individual
1186s leaderboard because these points are
1188s going to be important because these are
1190s how they accumulated those points which
1192s they're going to get to use you can see
1194s now dog is still on top it was real
1197s close between dog and media yesterday so
1199s there's only two points between them but
1201s dog did and the day at the top of the
1203s charts yes and you see just why Unholy
1206s and frost are doing so well in the
1208s standings on whole you have three
1210s players in the top uh six and also so
1214s this Frost and frost Ali shots is right
1216s underneath like she is right in with
1218s those players so they're just doing an
1220s excellent job all four members of their
1222s team pull in their weight doing
1224s excellent yeah it was such a good day
1228s one it was the way everything kind of
1231s progressed and we saw players not only
1232s getting better with their own decks but
1234s really learning and dialing in what they
1236s were going up against and how to play
1237s around key cards
1239s it was we went on quite a journey and
1242s it's going to continue here today
1245s but let's look at today's uh first lobby
1248s as we move into round nine we have dog
1251s facing off against Abilene disguised
1253s toast versus No Hands gamer meeting
1255s versus Tice Regis kilbin or children
1258s should I say versus cantaloupe bunny
1260s Hopper versus Fino and Ali Strazza
1263s versus Hunter Ace any of these matchups
1266s really stand out to you slissa that if
1268s you know if you weren't here casting
1269s maybe jump over in their stream right
1271s now and take a look definitely only
1272s would want to check out bunny Hopper and
1274s Fino both Immaculate European players
1277s have played on EU GM and I think there's
1280s a lot of rivalry there so that would be
1281s a great match to watch also Regis kilbin
1284s and cantaloupe they're just outstanding
1287s members of the community so funny so
1289s great excellent players too so I think
1292s that that would be a really entertaining
1294s game to watch yeah well our first
1295s featured matchup of the day is going to
1297s be meaty versus Tice and you're going to
1300s want to watch this because this meeting
1301s went on an absolute tear yesterday
1302s actually started the day pretty rough
1304s media opened up going 0-4 but then went
1307s on a seven game win streak with massive
1311s Frost combos like what you're seeing
1313s right here with cards like glacial
1315s Advance being comboed with none other
1316s than zalatath naifu as I like to call
1320s and we also had a chance to hear from
1323s media himself about what he thought
1324s about you I mean you know everyone we
1326s got great chemistry in the team like
1328s after each round we're all like sharing
1330s our scores and we're all like cheering
1332s for each each other and uh I think I
1334s think we're gonna take it home I think
1336s uh I think it's coming home for team
1337s Frost thank you for the opportunity as
1339s well like I was just uh I was just
1341s thinking like this is definitely the
1342s coolest Hearthstone thing I've ever done
1344s I freaking love death Knights I love
1346s Hearthstone so I'm super grateful thank
1348s you
1350s well meaty kept riding that wave and
1352s tweeted at the end of yesterday saying
1353s team Frost in the lead after day one so
1357s proud of everyone on our team we worked
1359s hard had fun and sold a lot of daddy D's
1363s let's take home that 50
1365s 000 tomorrow they certainly did not just
1369s stole daddy D's but uh you know maybe
1370s through the help of murloc ate some we
1372s saw a lot of daddy D's going down yeah
1376s they ate them and the new blood
1378s Patchwork Patchwork can destroy as well
1381s so that was another way that the ID can
1383s be demolished and it looks like we're
1385s just about ready for our first game of
1387s the day as we continue on with round
1390s nine mini versus Tice it's the first Mo
1393s again here we go slissa yeah I'm very
1396s excited to see this
1398s um the meeting deck looks wrong but so
1400s I'm curious media got a lot of blood in
1403s it oh it looks like we're looking up two
1405s of the same deck and our Productions
1408s I'm sure that'll get ironed out
1410s yeah we're looking we just have Tyson's
1412s uh currently on top of meetings that is
1415s not meaty's deck as evident by the fact
1416s that a Bone Breaker just got equipped I
1419s saw a triple blood in a frost deck I'm
1421s like okay that doesn't mean he's just
1423s that good listen you know runes aren't
1425s going to tell meedy what to play
1429s all right so Tice is on the triple blood
1432s deck and uh media is on the triple Frost
1435s deck
1437s now something to point out is this is a
1439s Bonus Match uh they have already faced
1441s each other they faced each other
1442s yesterday and I believe a media two owed
1446s Tice meaning that he needs to beat him
1448s again to keep those points if Tice
1451s counter sweeps him and wins 2-0 versus
1454s meaty then Tice would steal the points
1457s that media originally earned yeah it's
1461s it's it's really interesting and we saw
1463s that come into play uh once yesterday
1464s with uh disguised host uh being a big
1468s part of the reason that team Unholy is
1470s understanding that they are in because
1471s he won his bonus match up which gave
1473s team Unholy some many needed points yeah
1476s and took away points from uh Team blood
1479s yeah
1480s yeah also a bit responsible for where
1482s team blood is at the moment all right so
1484s now we can check out midi's hand and see
1486s what he is up to pretty heavy hand here
1488s to turn four a lot five six seven drops
1492s but you can see he is playing a bit
1494s greedier of a deck on his triple Frost
1497s but his deck is really exciting to watch
1499s because he does a lot of burst damage
1501s especially once he gets his Queen ashara
1503s out
1504s yeah it's been seems to be going for uh
1507s for zelta every single time which makes
1509s a lot of sense given the combo nature of
1512s how this triple Frost deck from Edie
1515s tends to want to play yeah we didn't see
1518s as many of the his other teammates doing
1520s that not as much combo pieces uh but we
1523s saw maybe like Regis always going faced
1525s with that Frost damage face face face
1527s face uh so it felt like a aggro deck but
1530s with with spells yeah you want to take
1534s the initiative you want to keep applying
1536s pressure so now we're seeing some of the
1538s stuff that really makes blood stand out
1541s from Tice as that vampiric blood gets
1543s played but let's take a look at our six
1545s box screen and see what's happening in
1547s some of the other games around looks
1549s like Fino already with uh quite a strong
1551s board against bunny Hopper as we see uh
1555s face being the place in that bottom
1557s middle screen very excited to see more
1559s of the players today too we get to see a
1561s few more faces that we didn't get to see
1563s yesterday yeah
1564s the power of
1566s video cameras over the Internet that
1568s sometimes work we able we are able to
1570s see it all right back to Tice and media
1572s we see that media was able to get down a
1576s rhyme sculptor which some of those two
1578s two one rhyme Elementals that have a
1580s death rattle on them that deal two
1582s damage to a random enemy which as we can
1583s see now enemy equals face sometimes and
1587s it always equals face that there's no
1588s Minions on board yeah but Tyson was able
1591s to blood boil them getting some life
1593s steel and dealing two damage to each
1595s minion so cleared off the board now midi
1599s has four corpses he could play a marrow
1602s manipulator on a clear board he's not
1604s going to get the full value of marrow
1606s manipulator this card spends up to five
1609s corpses and Deals two damage per so
1612s misses out on one but it was a clear
1614s board to do it on a lot of the times you
1616s don't want to do it when you're facing
1618s off versus a bunch of tokens because you
1620s you wanna go face you want to go face
1622s and this doesn't go face if you haven't
1624s seen Patrick before Patrick is a star
1626s card of of blood but only a single blood
1628s Rune which means you can play Patchwork
1631s in other Rune dominant decks so if you
1635s had say a double Frost and a single
1637s blood Rune deck that you're putting
1638s together you could still include
1639s Patchwork highly impactful legendary
1642s minion that destroys a random minion in
1643s your opponent's hand deck and
1645s Battlefield so cleared the board there
1648s four ties but also took out the vizier
1650s from midi's hand as well as an
1652s additional card from Minnie's deck looks
1654s like it was harbinger of winter yeah the
1657s new Ruby and vizier is a very impactful
1659s car because it gets to discover a spell
1661s and when you discover a spell as a death
1664s knight you can discover spells from
1665s other runes so even if you're playing a
1668s triple Unholy you can get a triple blood
1670s Rune so very impractical card and same
1673s with this card here astalor is a card we
1677s are seeing across all decks doesn't
1679s matter which rude but he is super
1682s powerful
1683s indeed eventually three different
1686s versions of ask the lore over the course
1688s of playing astolore and showing off that
1691s new Mana thirst keyword yeah Amanda
1694s thirst just allows you to get a little
1696s bit something extra if there is more
1699s Mana to be spent but you don't spend the
1701s Mana so for example yeah you just have
1703s to have the Mana to get this extra
1706s ability so his ask the Lord the
1708s flamebringer in hand deals eight damage
1710s randomly if he has 10 Mana though it's
1712s going to deal an extra eight damage like
1714s it so much do it again yeah so he could
1716s Tempo this out now and deal eight damage
1718s but if he waits two turns yeah I would
1720s like to point out it's the first
1722s appearance of your favorite minion oh I
1725s know no muncher hitting the board she's
1727s doing that end of turn effect where uh
1731s no muncher attacks the lowest Health
1733s enemy also worth pointing out no muncher
1735s has lifesteal so that's why Tice just
1737s got his heel on after no muncher munched
1740s estilor The Protector
1743s you know it says the no muncher doesn't
1745s discriminate happy to munch whatever
1747s minions happen to be available
1750s rhyme thanks sword coming down this is
1753s going to reduce the cost of a spell in
1755s his hand so he's playing this kind of
1758s combo deck where if he reduces he'll
1762s he'll reduce the cost of spells in his
1763s hand and then he will get Lady Death
1766s whisper which has a death rattle to
1768s double up all the Spells you get a copy
1771s of them so he gets a copy of his spells
1773s Frost spells in hand but they are
1775s reduced in Mana so he can spend a ton at
1778s once but right now he's looking down the
1780s barrel of some big minions he has this
1783s bone guard commander on the other side
1784s of the board an 8-8 taunt along with a
1787s bunch of mini little footman of the one
1790s two taunts yeah it could have been more
1792s had Tice had more corpses because bone
1794s guard Commander can potentially fill the
1796s board it will raise up to six corpses if
1798s six corpses and enough board space is
1800s available but we can see Tice only had
1802s four so only got four of those but yeah
1805s it's interesting today I feel like
1806s yesterday we were seeing a lot of people
1808s waiting to spend cards until they had
1810s enough corpses to really maximize yeah
1813s we're not seeing that today twice
1815s already yeah twice already from both
1817s players yeah from both players we've
1818s seen them just say that's enough I'm not
1820s going to get the max value but we'll do
1822s it here and that's not something we saw
1824s as much yesterday in the Caster Vision
1825s we didn't see all the games
1827s but from what we saw a little bit
1829s different
1831s all right the Indian infused famish full
1833s you are playing Hearthstone right now
1835s you might be familiar with this card
1836s already draw on three cards for Tice
1838s asphyxiate a very uh a very cost
1842s effective hard removal tool available to
1845s any death Knights running at least two
1847s blood runes for their deck
1850s that's another uh burst potential combo
1853s you know piece of uh what we saw midi's
1856s combo being yesterday coming off the top
1857s of the deck glacial advance
1859s yep feel forward damage your next Bell
1861s this turn costs two less but he is
1863s looking at this theater here trying to
1865s see if there's something in Tyson's hand
1867s that he wants another bone guard
1869s Commander
1871s um
1872s that I could definitely see him taking
1874s bone guard Commander because that's
1875s something that can really disrupt meaty
1878s yeah the large a date doesn't have a lot
1880s to deal with it
1882s spammy would remove the eight one and
1884s the 2-2 but would leave out the his own
1887s damaged theater and famish fool so not
1890s going for that spammy instead opting for
1893s yeah took the bone guard commander and
1895s released his uh his weapon the the bone
1899s what's it called The Bone Breaker
1902s Bone Breaker has been given to ties
1906s and midi has enough corpses to play this
1908s bungardt Commander once he has the Mana
1910s to really get the full value out of it
1912s yeah he will get all six one two risen
1915s footmen
1918s all right so Tyce has quite a few
1920s options here and
1922s multiple minions already at the ready
1924s he's gonna Double Draw thanks to the uh
1928s brand bronze beer coming down before
1929s she'll fall and baron would uh chill
1931s Fawn Baron is a a roomless death knight
1934s card and we've seen it in a lot of the
1936s decks over these last two days because
1938s death knight doesn't have access to that
1940s much draw but chill Fawn Baron is
1943s accessible to all death Knights
1945s regardless of how they set up the runes
1947s for their decks you know I'm kind of
1949s surprised that Tice is playing this
1951s brand so early he must really be digging
1953s for something specific because he is
1956s playing a greedy triple blood deck and
1958s media is playing a greedy triple Frost
1960s deck so I thought he would use the brand
1963s towards of something a bit greedier uh
1966s like a theotar or something like that
1968s but he dug twice or four times for a
1971s minion the noxious cadaver was pretty
1974s nice because it was an easy clear but I
1977s wonder if he feels like there's
1978s something he needs quickly and now to be
1982s able to fend off MIDI
1984s someone looks to be the case meaning
1986s having a long think about what he wants
1990s to do here and this is what we see from
1992s Frost death Knights they have to they
1994s have to weigh the importance of holding
1997s on to tools like glacial Advance should
2000s I hold on to it because this can go face
2001s will this help me end the game or do I
2003s need it now to gain board control back
2007s and here we see that MIDI is
2009s prioritizing dealing with the massive
2011s board that was before him yeah I have to
2014s clear off that brand oh Burns The Sire
2017s danathia's bye-bye Daddy D that's our
2020s first
2022s death of the day my gosh this was what I
2027s was afraid of like Tyson's digging for
2028s something but he had to burn a card
2031s because
2032s the the baron had both Battle Cry and
2035s death rattle draw a card overdrew the
2038s sired anastrius not looking super happy
2041s about that I don't think I can only read
2043s faces
2045s I can't tune into Tyson's stream right
2048s now can you remember repeat for me
2049s meaty's tweet from earlier something
2051s about uh destroying daddy D's I believe
2054s stole a lot of daddy D's you know you
2058s don't need to steal it if it no longer
2059s exists
2060s just get rid of it destroy it
2064s Daddy D demolished
2067s [Laughter]
2069s that's
2070s all of all the cards that come off the
2072s top
2073s all right all the Mana first you could
2076s ever want are activated because we are
2078s capped out at 10 Mana
2081s I love this Tice cam
2083s that's the face you make that's the face
2085s you make when you're tired and a three
2086s is it's burnt I think a lot of our
2088s viewers can feel his pain we've all been
2090s there no I've never oh never oh my Shire
2094s danathurist is always in my hand and
2096s never gets stolen or burned or mutinist
2098s no never we're theotard never it might
2102s have happened last night when I was
2103s playing but oh oh okay I was not saying
2105s like this this feels like you're
2106s covering up some stuff no no I'm a
2109s little salty I've been playing a lot of
2110s taunt Druid and people have been trying
2112s to steal myself you deserve it
2116s so fun stop
2119s dirty Naga priest so I have no I have no
2122s leg to stand on rhyme sculptor coming
2125s down again I just love this card in
2128s Frost decks but you don't need to fully
2130s commit to frost to play Brahms Ram
2132s sculptor because it's only one Frost
2135s Rune so you could put it in a double
2136s blood or a double and holy deck once you
2139s have a chance to start building your own
2140s death knight decks a good way for Tice
2143s to swing the board to his favor is this
2145s soul stealer eight Mana five five it
2148s destroys all the meetings on board it
2150s gains the corpse for every enemy Minion
2151s death and then you have a five five so
2154s it's good turnaround for a control deck
2156s and he was able to discover a minion as
2160s well yeah it's a major way to fuel your
2162s corpses all right options between grave
2165s strength Army of the dead and blood tap
2167s midi going for that Army of the Dead
2169s sitting on 13 corpses so certainly uh
2173s more than enough considering Army of the
2175s Dead will only consume up to five of
2177s those corpses to raise them as two
2178s tubers and ghouls but not looking like
2180s meaty at least at the moment
2182s is thinking about going with army of the
2185s Dead
2185s yeah I mean it's either Army of the dead
2187s or the Cesarean because the Syrian does
2190s play pretty nice and It Go face it sends
2193s that damaged face I I wonder if that's
2195s what media was hoping for because
2196s otherwise if the two both of these
2198s Minions on Tyson's board sitting at
2201s three Health had it hit one of the two
2202s Minions that would have set him up for
2203s an easier clear via the ghoul charge
2206s hero power
2207s yeah
2208s yeah he could
2216s he's really holding hoping to use it
2219s with Queen ashara's weapon and to do the
2221s crazy power play of a million spells
2225s face
2225s vicious bloodworm sour Fang and blood
2228s boil options for Tice off of this
2230s discover hovering over that deathbringer
2231s sarfang
2232s don't blame them heaven we haven't seen
2235s a lot of this sour thing no I think we I
2237s I don't think we've seen it at all
2239s played very cool legendary now we're
2241s seeing it played now it's uh has taunt
2244s and death rattle return this to your
2245s hand it costs Health instead of mana and
2248s we have certainly seen more than enough
2250s health for our blood death knight
2252s players to play with yeah but I feel
2258s it is especially with a Pastor vision of
2261s Queen ashara in media's hands I I I've
2264s been in that position myself doing you
2266s know get the test drive a death knight
2268s against another death knight have sat
2270s there with a death bringer sarfang that
2271s cost me Health going I don't have the
2273s health for this because I'm facing down
2275s a combo Frost death knight and peric
2278s blood where are you meeting picked up
2280s the queen azshara which means
2283s once of course he casts three spells
2285s while holding Queen azshara we could see
2291s it needs to be shiny it's currently not
2293s needs to spend three spells has
2296s three in hand I feel like Army is dead
2298s will be a nice one to broccoli ashara
2300s but the other two maybe wants to hold on
2303s to
2304s but then it's really awkward to play
2305s army of the dead here because then you
2308s have to play frostworm you can't play
2310s Osceola which is what he wants to play
2313s that two damage could have cleared
2315s either the hematurge or the death bring
2318s us our thing but it missed but that's
2319s okay absolutely because asler's coming
2321s down with that gorgeous spell animation
2323s then I knew you're a big fan oh yes yes
2325s one of my favorite animations I
2327s hearthstones are does such a great job
2329s with animations and as long as they're
2331s not too long but they're so beautiful
2334s yeah shout out to the effects team yes
2336s there's some great phenomenal work in
2338s the march of the Lich King set we see
2340s the second soul stealer come down from
2342s Tice as you can see once again making
2343s short work of the entire board and there
2346s we see that effect of deathbringer
2348s saurfang being used spending five of his
2351s own life I think instead of five Mana
2354s yeah I think he's realizing he needs to
2356s just kill meaty because that's a lot of
2358s damage to take especially when you've
2359s already lost your siredenathrias
2362s he has vampiric blood in his decisions
2365s too he's dug for them he can't find them
2367s he only has 10 cards left he had another
2369s race isn't the only life steal that
2371s exists in uh multiple of our death
2374s knight decks especially if they're
2375s running any blood at all because then
2376s you have access to that no muncher but
2378s it is the can be the single biggest
2381s piece of Life stealing not to mention
2383s board control in the deck yeah I'm
2385s counting out the damage she has eight
2387s from hand
2388s um
2389s is able to freeze
2392s so we won't expect a weapon and I like
2394s putting this taunt back into Tyson's
2396s hand saying okay you can you can re-tot
2398s if you want but you're gonna have to
2399s take five more damage
2400s and if you play it twice you're dead
2404s absolutely correct and we know
2405s frostworm's Fury is in hand that's at
2408s the point at this point 50 of Tyson's
2411s remaining Health total you do no math
2413s you were saying you don't know how to
2415s math I know easy math that was good
2417s percents are hard
2420s I expect a gold star at the end of the
2422s cast you get a gold star now well soul
2424s stealer gets a gold star at this exact
2426s moment for making wonderful quick work
2428s of the board yet again while developing
2430s a five five oh but we see overseer
2433s frigidara come off the Top If media
2435s wants to dig a little bit more he can if
2438s he draws two spells and they're both
2439s Frost it's looking like midi does yeah I
2442s mean he can afford a winter to get the
2444s frost storm out as well if you'd like to
2446s and double horn oh this is an excellent
2450s Frost strike as well because he can use
2452s it now to discover
2454s a potential lethal you are absolutely
2458s correct frustrate comes down going to
2460s clear that off I'm math Chiller you know
2464s what's interesting I haven't seen a lot
2465s of death Chiller be used I thought death
2467s killer would be a insta pick card for
2469s these combo decks and we haven't seen me
2471s to use it at all you and I never talked
2473s about this but I was in the exact same
2474s boat yeah I looked at that car and I was
2476s like okay for us want a combo that seems
2478s like a very obvious combo piece yeah
2480s because it deals two damage every time
2483s you play a frost spell to it's it's one
2485s damage twice
2486s probably shows why I'm not playing on
2488s one of those teams though because I did
2490s not think of Queen ashara and zalata yes
2493s this this is a little bit more powerful
2495s but look at all the health that Tice
2497s just acquired with vampiric blood with
2499s Death Strike lifesteal
2502s um but then used it to spend life again
2504s to develop yet another deathbringer
2507s sauraphang that death rattle is the gift
2508s that just keeps on giving and now this
2511s definition has a reborn applied to it
2514s courtesy of drakarian Balmer
2518s yo I heard you like deathbringer Tower
2526s damage purse
2527s purse two two and there's five charges
2529s five charges so that's ten damage across
2532s five spell casts yep and we're seeing a
2535s lot of spells in hand we have the double
2538s Horn of winter which is refreshing too
2540s man which allows to play more spells
2542s um the only issue is that frostworm is a
2546s little bit beefy of a card it is six
2547s Mana but it can go face so that's
2550s awesome you can go face install the
2552s board in the process because it freezes
2555s all enemy minions true
2557s now we have glacial advance and
2559s frostrate glacial Advanced does go face
2561s for four damage Frost right could
2563s potentially find more burn but this is
2566s also a lot of spells that you've got to
2567s be thinking is it time to slam down
2569s Queen azshara and get that zalatath in
2572s play yeah I think it looks like he's
2573s waiting one more turn just like getting
2576s ready to go
2580s three glacial Advanced desk four and
2583s reduces cost so glacial Advance is a
2585s better card for lethal while howling is
2588s a better card for kind of mid game early
2590s game when you're trying to stall do some
2593s AOE with that one extra damage to all
2596s other minions
2597s I have to imagine me he's also just
2599s taking Tyson's current health total into
2602s Play Because at 16 that's very low
2605s especially with the blood Death Knight
2607s games that we've seen the last two days
2609s and I think Tice is inventing his death
2612s and yeah I don't think he realizes
2615s what's on the other side
2616s yeah he doesn't need to do anything
2619s fancy now these two glacial advances
2622s yeah just go phase you just send them
2624s face over the top of the taunt
2630s but yeah with both of the horns of
2632s winter
2634s um zalatath is going to be developed
2636s here and here we are going to see Frost
2639s death and I do it Frost death knight
2641s want to do which is combo spells with
2642s horn a winner zalatav and play and this
2646s should be enough for lethal more than
2648s enough as a matter of fact because of
2650s those Mana refreshes for from Horn of
2652s winter meeting going to take
2655s the first win of day two of the death
2659s knight show match this is the big deal
2660s because as we said this is a Bonus Match
2663s and media and tits have already played
2665s each other and if Tice were to win he
2668s would take back the points that midi
2670s originally had won but now he can't the
2672s best he can help for now is a tie we see
2675s minis deck on screen right now with some
2678s of those key cards
2679s didn't see Frost Farms Fury get played
2682s that last game but we did see frigidara
2684s come out help me dig deeper find those
2687s combo pieces that eventually led to that
2690s very sound lethal that we saw close out
2693s the game
2694s I think you know just you know Ty's the
2697s denaturis getting burned
2700s not finding the vampiric Bloods earlier
2702s yeah yeah there's a lot of things just
2703s weren't in his favor and tice is going
2706s to do a very quick throwback of all his
2708s cards I think he's hyper looking for
2710s Vault uh vampiric blood you just needs
2715s to get health get health get health you
2717s just don't want a slow start either
2719s picks up the Mistress of mixtures just
2722s something to get the game going get that
2724s curve start it
2727s Mickey has some nice initial curve with
2729s the acelor with the neurogram vizier and
2732s with your favorite rhyme sculptor so
2734s very good start as well for meaty with
2737s an early game curve you're saying midi
2739s has nice curves yes
2740s make me these curves
2744s speaking of nice curves I'll turn to
2747s down comes hematurge
2749s again another death Maria sour Fang you
2752s think he's gonna go for it again or is
2753s he gonna get the life steal this time
2755s uh I mean more Soul Stealers while
2757s certainly not helpful now uh are they
2760s just put in so much work in the late
2762s game but that strike is just so flexible
2764s yeah I think he needs the lifesteal and
2768s the the thing about the soul stole
2771s stealer still stealer still stealer
2774s um is that it works really well for us
2775s on holy Decks that the more token style
2778s deck midi isn't running as many minions
2780s he has a lot of minions in hand but it
2782s isn't that wide board minion thing that
2784s we see out of Unholy yeah I do like his
2788s pickup of well oh never mind deciding I
2792s reject my current hand and I would like
2794s a new one yeah because you want to know
2796s muncher ask the lore off the very tip
2798s top sure seems like that's a nice way to
2801s use your two Mana these are great cards
2803s he has Hema church so he can discover a
2805s blood Rune card AKA I can get more life
2807s steal he's going to look for vampiric
2810s blood from it yeah uh gets his death
2813s strike back gets no muncher so a lot of
2815s lifesteal here a lot of ways for him to
2817s sustain so that hopefully midi can't pop
2820s off too early
2822s yeah meaning
2824s not having uh I mean remorseless winter
2827s would remove two of these minions but
2828s it's also not that much damage so
2830s meeting may be feeling like I don't feel
2832s threatened I'd rather discover a spell
2834s and start getting some discounts going
2837s yeah so here he's only offered one Frost
2839s spell which has the most energy with his
2841s deck that remorseless winter it has draw
2843s blood tap is pretty nice actually it's
2847s going to buff all the cards in his hand
2848s and if he has one extra corpse it would
2850s do it twice he has quite a few minions
2852s but he does go for that remorse this
2855s winter that we talked about that Frost
2856s card gonna deal to damage and draw a
2859s card
2860s both our players off before I just want
2862s more options nice developing yet another
2865s Baron drawing some more and then
2867s controlling the board with that noxious
2868s cadaver at the you know cost of a little
2872s damage to himself yeah I think it's
2874s important what Tice is doing Tyson
2879s he knows he
2883s immediately doesn't have a lot of
2884s control pieces he does have the spammy
2886s so he could if he could get a ghoul out
2889s he could make the spammy work doesn't
2891s have the Mana to do it here
2893s um also remorse this winter obviously is
2895s very good
2896s yes alden's cry well yes I'm sure they
2899s would love to draw a card after
2900s consecrating but you can't yeah become a
2903s death knight reduce the cost of
2904s remorseless winter as well said it
2906s forever arthas is cooler than Uther
2909s okay just don't let my husband hear you
2912s you say that it's fine I play a palette
2914s in World of Warcraft he's no longer
2916s going to be your friend oh there's the
2918s vampiric blood go down
2920s sir Finley's so proud to deal that one
2923s damage yes I'm doing it Mom
2926s hahaha
2928s I believe my parents are actually
2930s watching right now so hi Mom
2933s my mom watched a little bit yesterday
2935s my dad just kept trying to call during
2937s the whole show our Stone parents rule
2939s yes that'll tell the Hearthstone parents
2941s out there and shout out to rhyme
2942s sculptor coming down which means we're
2944s gonna get to see more of our buddies
2945s those little 2-1 Ryan Elementals that
2949s I don't know if they want to die
2952s don't they want to be a good sacrifice
2954s they sure are effective when they do yes
2957s something we were talking about
2959s yesterday is I really like this rhyme
2961s sculptor played in and holy decks which
2964s they can do if they're running double on
2966s wholly single Frost
2969s now how powerful is double and wholly
2971s single for us it's going to be hard to
2973s tell until the meta comes out on
2975s December 6th and probably a bit later
2977s once the meta kind of starts to cement
2979s because you know it might change do you
2982s want to play on holy with a single blood
2984s or a single Frost based on what all the
2987s other classes are doing so we don't know
2990s yet but we'll be powerful we're just
2991s kind of looking at the
2993s um
2994s mirror matches right now yeah well there
2996s comes out the blood boil which infects
2998s all enemy minions at the end of turn
3000s they deal to damage but blood boil also
3002s has that lifesteal attached to it
3004s but I steal big theme of blood death
3007s knight play Tice getting a nice big fat
3009s heel off the back of that
3012s meaty has quite the full
3015s yeah and uh Bennett managed to not burn
3017s his sireden atherius to sight despite
3020s the size of his hand one might call that
3023s a meaty hand
3026s and
3027s he likes his meaty hand
3032s oh wow hopefully you guys can steal this
3036s sireden atherius and that way this game
3038s he can have double for losing his last I
3041s love just looking at meaty
3045s look on his face you know he takes his
3047s time with his turns really considers his
3050s options and then decides mirror
3052s manipulator yeah there's a lot to
3054s calculate with frost decks so if you
3057s love cat calculating Mass calculating
3059s lethal this is the deck for you no
3061s muncher ate another gnome that's two I
3065s think if we had stats at the end of this
3066s that number one gnome eaten by no
3068s muncher would be marrow manipulator yeah
3071s it is a aptly named considering the
3074s frost card it counters quite well
3078s and it stays alive with one Loop
3081s one Health and a Dream well marrow
3083s manipulator have their Revenge though
3085s another one in hand could
3087s deal some damage would only do three
3089s salvos however because midi's only has
3092s three corpses if you're watching at home
3094s new to keeping an eye on death and I
3096s definitely keep an eye underneath that
3097s man account that skull for meaty that
3100s says three that's the corpse counter yep
3103s new resource for death Knights you gain
3106s corpses but every time a minion Dives
3109s and so once you minions die you'll gain
3111s a corpse and then you can spend them
3113s when you use particular cards
3118s maybe going back assessing all of his
3121s options
3122s turn yeah we were talking about this
3124s earlier but Frost has a lot of draw
3127s opportunity and you can see that in his
3129s hand how much draw he has with these
3131s double defrost and now he just picked up
3132s Lady Death whisper this is a triple
3135s Frost card legendary that has death
3138s rattle copy all Frost spells in your
3140s hands so if those Frost spells are
3142s reduced with this rhyme Fang sword on a
3145s deck he will get the reduction on all
3147s those cards copied so a really powerful
3150s tool of a frost combo deck can really
3153s set up for those combos that we were
3155s talking about I'm so glad that you bring
3157s up the duplicating discount
3160s possibilities yes you could get a bunch
3163s of
3164s discounted cards
3167s just to remind never mind
3171s for some reason Kmart came into my mind
3173s like discount Shoppers like on the
3176s intercom does that came right this and
3178s stuff anyways I believe most retail
3179s stores yeah I don't go into stores
3182s anymore everything is done online blood
3185s Mage now and I was off the top for ties
3186s not
3188s sure that's what he was hoping for
3191s but also not facing down a particularly
3193s threatening board no
3195s the problem is he doesn't have any
3197s corpses like he just spent quite a few
3200s on his previous bone guard Amanda only
3203s three though but he only had three to
3205s spend and he's not going to do more from
3207s them because they were risen cards don't
3210s give you more corpses yeah he needs to
3214s get minions down
3217s for his new resources so that he can use
3219s like golden guard command or another
3221s card what is media going to double up
3223s here looks like he was thinking about
3224s that ask the lord of the protector just
3226s just wants the armor no he wants the
3229s double axel or the flamebringer at hand
3231s he wants two because that is 16 damage
3235s twice that's 32 that's 32 damage over
3240s two turns
3241s semantic okay like it's it's a lot of
3244s damage it's metamath
3247s it's Mana math which I I was told you're
3249s a fan of Amanda math is is Fino's game
3252s Fino loves Mana math
3254s entice here assessing his options says I
3258s want more options besides to sack the
3260s founders draw a card
3263s but thanks to that drakarian Balmer
3266s again Thanos comes back with you know
3268s build your own reborn minion
3271s I'm gonna get some life still going I
3273s went up to 45 Health yeah he already
3276s knows how much damage is in media's hand
3278s a bit because he knows about the double
3280s astolore it looks like
3282s media is considering one of your
3285s favorites Lisa hovering over you know
3287s one of his multiple astolore options
3292s still considering it besides yes the
3295s time is right let's see where these
3297s shots go
3299s will it end in a full clear or will it
3301s leave out that tail and no gets the tail
3303s in at the end there
3304s okay so now here he can decide to draw
3306s two cards or to get another damaged face
3309s with the death knight hero power ghoul
3312s charge ghoul charges summoned a 1-1 goal
3314s with charge it dies at end of turn and
3316s something we talked about yesterday was
3318s how do you balance this charge is so
3321s powerful but it has a bit of history in
3324s the game of hearthstone as well
3327s [Laughter]
3330s very hard but okay if you're talking
3331s about patches it's char
3334s but um yeah they make it die which just
3337s has so much great flavor with the whole
3338s Undead theme and the Death Knight theme
3340s excellent excellent work from the
3342s developers who designed this
3347s bone guard Commander finally gonna bring
3350s all of the bone boys to the yard
3357s I said the perfect number of corpses
3358s that's a full board you've brought the
3360s bones to the yard he did and he said
3362s they're better than my last one yeah
3368s I guess my last one that was pretty sad
3371s um but
3372s we do have a meaty does have a card that
3374s can handle all the one two footmen and
3377s that is his remorseless winter deal two
3380s damage to All Enemies draw a card not in
3382s his hand so no we've already seen one
3384s use this game
3386s could stall it out with the use of a
3388s frostworm's fury it's a
3397s real right you can't play stole stealer
3399s to clear the board it makes it so all he
3401s can do is play spells and if he doesn't
3404s have a spell deal then he's kind of out
3406s of luck
3407s it goes both directions though because
3409s also if he doesn't have room because of
3411s all of the bone boys that's also a lot
3414s of taunt in the way of mini so does
3416s Tyson even really care if he can't clear
3417s the board yeah the only thing he can
3419s play right now is this corrupted
3421s ashbringer because corpse explosion is a
3424s spell that detonates
3426s um one damage at a time for per corpse
3428s you have he has zero corpses he
3430s literally isn't even allowed to use the
3432s card yeah but if you have enough courses
3434s it is a wonderful spell it'll just keep
3436s going until everything is dead or you're
3438s out of corpses whatever comes first
3441s so do we frostworms Fury again
3444s it would continue to work down that life
3446s total of ties while developing Vinnie's
3449s own board obliterate blood type and
3451s Grave strength are the app options here
3453s not the most impactful options
3457s wanting to do though again I'm looking
3459s at Beauty's hand and thinking I mean
3460s you're you're looking okay there buddy
3462s oblitery is I think interesting because
3465s we know there's ways to deal with the
3467s footmen with that remorseless winter
3469s when he draws it but how do we deal with
3470s this taunt besides trading in our
3473s minions if we want to save our minions
3475s as a resource because they go face so I
3477s could see obliterate as an option grave
3479s strength is very nice to gain more
3483s attack on your minions but there's so
3484s much on the other side of the board that
3486s you can't really utilize it here you
3488s also if you want the maximum out of it
3489s you need five corpses which he does not
3491s currently have yep so obliterate is
3493s taken and also if he wants to continue
3494s to continue drawing he's going to need
3496s to at least have two courses in hand to
3498s get maximum value out of his defrost
3500s that is chilling in his hand right now
3504s you gotta stop today you're just getting
3507s started you're hitting it all
3510s I've refused to thaw
3512s by Frost puns
3514s so Ty's using his second charge of his
3517s corrupted ashbringer that's again all he
3519s can do and he has nine cards in hand so
3522s he's not going
3523s to burn a card that that he has that
3526s going for him we are gonna finally see
3528s and obliterate in a casted game yeah
3531s from the death knight destroy him and
3533s your hero takes damage equal to its
3535s health and in this case it was
3536s discounted doesn't usually cost Sierra
3538s Mana but it does this time yeah if that
3540s card looks familiar it's probably
3541s because you played uh Lich King back in
3545s the day our eight eight taunt because
3547s that is one of the cards that he did
3548s produce and back back in the day of the
3549s Knights of the Frozen Throne one of my
3552s favorite expansions yes of all time it's
3555s been really fun playing with it again
3556s but look at this we were watching lethal
3558s happen yet again
3560s yeah just finding a way to get through
3562s those taunts keeping his minions healthy
3564s that obliterate was very powerful and
3567s allowed midi to get a 2-0 sweep so let's
3570s go check in on Regis and cantaloupe I
3572s was really excited to see this game two
3574s great personalities of hearthstone and
3576s look at that we have Regis up 1-0 we've
3579s seen both of these competitors do really
3581s well this week Caleb had a really good
3583s start yesterday and Regis just so humble
3587s saying I don't really win these games
3588s I'm just a fun player but look at him
3590s winning all tournament long really
3593s respectable show he put on yesterday
3596s yeah so Regis will get a bonus if he
3600s wins this so it is very important to
3602s watch this game
3604s I'm gonna make sure I watch the game too
3605s and not all that fabulous swag behind
3607s regis's head
3610s and that's it Regis takes another
3613s another 2-0 against cantaloupe
3617s wow
3618s bombastic start to the day did that I
3620s mean yesterday we saw some seriously
3622s long games but that round went pretty
3624s quick yeah it does depend on the
3626s matchups because there are some really
3628s control style decks within the blood and
3630s within the frost and so if they face off
3632s versus each other it can be a long one
3634s it could be a doozy but yeah we got to
3637s see a lot of fast exciting games there
3639s yeah for sure really showing what Frost
3641s is capable of at least in the two games
3642s we got to observe but we have plenty
3645s more action for you and we'll be right
3647s back with that action after the break
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3684s thank you
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3798s welcome back everybody the action
3801s continues here at the death knight show
3804s match
3806s where someone's gonna have to tackle me
3807s I'm gonna run with that sword as fast as
3809s I can but we're back hi I'm Garrett here
3814s with Alyssa again as the rounds continue
3816s as we move forward
3819s almost to death's challenge but let's
3822s take a look at some replays of the
3825s action that we just moved out of we
3827s barely got to see a look of Regis versus
3830s cantaloupe at the end there let's let's
3832s see how this went
3834s so this is this is early in the matchups
3837s Lisa Bill zero zero
3839s dog versus Adeline
3841s Abilene with a huge did Matthews here 38
3844s huge swing for her and that is how dog
3848s runs out of cards
3851s Hunter Hayes working on some trades here
3854s against Ali straza
3857s his own denaturius play at massive
3860s removal
3863s and here we are with the results of
3865s round nine looks like dog versus Abilene
3868s was a tie as well as disguised toasts
3870s versus No Hands gamer and uh bunny
3873s Hopper versus Fino and Ellie Strazza
3874s versus Hunter race also ending in ties
3876s but I see two two o's up at there slissa
3878s yep Regis killed him which we got to see
3880s at the end of and Mickey the game that
3882s we watched was a 2-0 sweep for Midi so
3885s very exciting games lots of ties very
3888s important because each team will earn
3890s one point with a tie and now we can see
3892s that team Frost has pulled ahead
3894s dramatically right before this right
3896s before this round team Frost was only
3898s one point ahead of Team Unholy and now
3901s they have a 15 point lead those points
3904s are going to come in handy for them too
3906s later on when we get to death's
3908s challenge like look at the spread now
3910s there's one point off when we started
3912s the day and that also has a major impact
3915s on our player standings look dog started
3918s the day in first place now down in third
3919s with both meaty and Regis kilman one
3922s point apart both representing team Frost
3925s in that one and two spot Regis koben is
3928s killing it he's totally destroying along
3931s with his other teammates and we also see
3933s here Abilene Ali Strauss a disguised
3935s toast with 10 9 8 points uh blood at the
3938s bottom 764. they are really feeling the
3941s pain of these bonus matches where if
3943s they swept previously and lose the next
3946s they lose those previous points and
3948s blood team is feeling the wrath of this
3951s Bonus Match uh gameplay yeah maybe even
3955s the Wrath of the Lich King maybe one
3959s might say
3961s I'm I'm curious I wonder what Chatter's
3963s happening over on team blood because
3964s avalene is is quite a bit higher than
3967s her teammate so I wonder if they're
3968s they're in chat right now like I almost
3970s want to dive in and just take a peek
3972s like what are they up to yeah it has to
3973s be the murloc package that she's running
3975s it could be it certainly especially for
3978s this tournament it's format it seems to
3981s be really playing to the strengths of
3984s the death knight show match
3985s love it love to see it yeah so what are
3989s you hoping to see in the next round
3991s um so for the next round we did see
3993s Frost really pull away of in you know
3996s ahead of Unholy I would I would like to
3998s see Unholy make a little bit of a
3999s comeback you know I am kind of cheering
4001s for team Frost I might have a friend on
4003s that team but I do love Unholy play
4006s style so I'd like to see a bit more of
4008s that competition there yesterday you
4010s were talking some uh some strong
4013s smack in favor of Unholy have you been
4016s have you been coming over to the frost
4018s side have you been converted well no no
4022s I'm still a team Unholy okay okay all
4025s right all right I'm I'm watching but I'm
4027s silently cheering for team Frost I
4030s actually like legitimately would love to
4031s talk to some of our players about it
4033s because I want to see if their opinions
4034s of what they prefer has changed but
4036s let's take a look at what round 10 is
4038s gonna look like we have dog versus No
4041s Hands gamer this guy's toast versus
4043s Abilene meaty versus cantaloupe Regis
4045s kilvin facing off against Tice I bet
4048s Tice is hungry for another chance to win
4051s bunny Hopper versus Hunter race and Ali
4054s Strazza facing off against Fino
4059s any games here that you're particularly
4061s interested in slissa
4070s so that would be a really interesting
4071s matchup because we could get them on the
4073s same server right to face off first one
4075s another they probably don't play each
4076s other very often me being on the
4078s European server cancel it being on the
4080s America server so that'd be a really
4082s cool game to watch but many Hopper and
4085s Hunter Ace of course big rivalry there
4087s they're going to be our feature match oh
4089s great that well perfect also Ali Strauss
4092s and Fina would be really fun to watch
4094s both great personalities of hearthstone
4096s uh both of them on camera today as well
4098s I believe we got to see bunny Hopper
4099s yesterday
4100s yeah we didn't get to see Hunter's
4102s either I'm glad we got a camera for them
4103s so this will be a very exciting game to
4106s watch both of them are incredible deck
4108s builders I know they were instrumental
4110s on their teams for building the decks
4113s for their teammates and really helpful
4115s to their team Hunter race worked really
4118s hard with Fino bunny Hopper and his
4120s whole team working side by side to
4123s really cement their deckless playing
4125s them properly who or how should we Tech
4128s them to face what I'm talking to bunny
4130s Hopper yesterday and he was telling me
4132s yeah I really built my duck to beat out
4135s the blood players because he thought
4136s that would be the biggest struggle now
4138s unfortunately for him a lot of his bonus
4139s matches were paired against Unholy
4141s players which is opposite of what he was
4143s expecting he didn't know his what he'd
4147s be facing so he built a greedier deck to
4150s beat the blood so you see this malygos
4152s in hand he built a dragon Frost deck
4156s really cool so I'm glad we get to see it
4158s today extremely unique unique and deck
4161s building is such a a major skill to have
4165s for events like this when you're playing
4166s with an entire new class especially one
4169s with as much deck building Nuance as
4172s death knight as we uh we ramp up The
4175s Mulligans and the Mogan that has
4184s both players wanting to get their Infuse
4186s on
4191s [Music]
4196s early two drops which will be nice bunny
4199s Hopper with this harbinger of winter and
4200s handle which will allow him to start to
4202s draw his Frost spells
4204s with star dinathris though he's gonna
4207s want to start getting out minions as
4209s quickly as possible to start scaling
4211s that sire
4214s I think gold charge that new death
4217s knight hero power used but that goal
4219s will die at end of turn because that's
4221s how
4221s hero power Works Harbinger winner coming
4224s down do you get the draw at Frost Bell
4225s but you need to wait for Harbinger to
4227s die first because it's built into the
4228s death round
4230s we saw a bit of Battlefield macromancer
4232s yesterday as well and and this is
4235s interesting because we didn't see a lot
4236s of Battlefield Necromancer on curb but
4238s this is exactly how it can go hunter Ace
4240s now that was his one and only corpse if
4242s he wants to Res another one two next
4244s turn Something's Gonna Have To Die for
4245s him as bunny Hopper chooses between
4247s umbral Geist Invincible or shatter skin
4250s gargoyle if a balcony of the deep
4252s getting a little bit spicier in this new
4255s set because Undead is now a new tag
4257s added to minions so now a model of the
4259s deep can discover an undead guard and
4262s that's going to be really spicy for
4264s those playing Undead Centric decks with
4267s you know Druids and death Knights and
4271s more some priest Undead yeah Hunter Ace
4275s going to have one more corpse to get
4278s more Necromancer value courtesy of the
4280s death Knight's hero power
4283s and opting to grab a bone flinger
4287s off of that amalgam I'm really excited
4289s to see this malygos in bunny Hopper's
4291s deck for those who remember me from back
4294s in my standard days uh I I was a
4297s connoisseur of malagas but this is you
4299s know the newer malagos were recently the
4302s last couple years and it's really cool
4305s how it works with death knight so
4307s excited to see him draw out all those
4309s spells and get the crazy bonus power
4313s with the frost combos
4316s some discover happening here between
4318s rhyme sculptor death Chiller or Horn of
4321s winter there's that death Chiller that I
4323s thought we would see a lot more of but
4324s we might get to see some of it very soon
4326s because that's what bunny Hopper decided
4329s to keep from that discover yeah so after
4332s you cast this to one damage to two
4334s random enemies
4340s yeah I think bone flinger hit the board
4343s for some board control and uh it's a
4345s great Showcase of some of a common
4348s Undead Synergy because bunflinger is a
4350s Battle Cry of a friendly Undead diet
4352s after your last turn deal two damage
4353s you're going to see if a friendly Undead
4355s died after your last turn a lot with
4358s various effects afterwards
4361s all right finally so that's killer
4363s action let's see
4364s this combo and the one damage
4367s to two random enemies juggle off of the
4370s death driller yep and he's getting a lot
4372s of use out of it because of that glacial
4374s advance having the reduction in cost of
4377s the next spell then able to defrost to
4379s draw two more spells then has a horn of
4382s winter in hand just in case he drew a
4383s spell then he could use it again so a
4386s lot of opportunity there but
4387s unfortunately did not draw any cheap
4389s spells to use with horn of winter so
4392s Hunter Ace will be able to easily clear
4395s off this death Chiller and refill his
4399s board with some menacing zombies those
4402s are very sticky and a very
4405s Tempo defining minions because they do
4408s have that taunt attached to them as well
4410s and of course they've got their Reborns
4412s means you need to deal with that talk
4413s twice
4414s and then twice again because it spawns
4415s two of those menacing zombies yeah the
4417s Starion is a great way to deal with it
4419s but this cesarean was like Miko face I
4421s don't I don't care about Tom minions the
4424s sorry big hunter fan yeah he could say
4426s taught cheat me go face
4429s her school teacher today we saw a lot of
4431s school teacher yesterday in fact I bet
4433s if you're playing right now you may
4434s recognize a card from your ladder games
4436s yep so Unholy frenzy graveyard shift or
4439s Horn of winter are all optioned Unholy
4441s frenzy is a really really cool card
4443s where it allows you to shoot all your
4447s minions into a particular minion of your
4449s enemy she's at enemy minions your
4450s minions all attack it but then it
4452s re-summons all that died so a very good
4454s sire did notreus Builder to get all that
4458s lifesteal damage really built up he does
4460s decide to pick that Unholy frenzy it is
4462s a very popular card
4468s I really enjoyed the Unholy frenzies
4470s that we saw yesterday it's just it is so
4472s impactful and the way it brings
4473s everything that died back to life at the
4475s end of turn it's it fuels that corpse
4478s pile while still not sacking your own
4481s board presence yep
4487s now we see over here on Hunter Race's
4489s board he has a stitch giant it's
4491s currently four Mana eight eight you know
4494s he could keep reducing it or he could
4495s get it out soon we all see a MAG above
4498s the Deep he can use that on his Undead
4500s menacing zombie to discover more Undead
4503s which
4504s looks like he's gonna do we run into
4507s some interesting scenarios yesterday
4508s where malcolms could have been played
4510s but the only thing on board was a school
4512s teacher and these death knight players
4514s don't seem all that interested in
4515s discovering additional Naga yeah
4518s but here we've got a choice between
4519s humble guys drakarian Balmer and
4521s abominable Lieutenant who we haven't
4524s really seen any of so far this weekend
4527s but it's an eight-man a 3-3 that at the
4529s end of your turn you either random a
4531s random enemy minion and gain its stats
4535s more Naman has to be pretty good stance
4537s to uh that's that's a lot of Mana for
4539s three five otherwise
4542s Amber welp coming down with you I'm so
4546s glad we're getting to see this Dragon
4547s Frost death knight build
4550s yeah but I'm looking at honduras's hand
4552s because I really like he picked up an
4554s eight Mana card because he wants to lead
4556s into his nine Mana Scourge and so this
4558s would help him kind of clear out the
4560s board of what he faces to get that clean
4563s curve
4564s so I think that's why he picked it and
4566s he really wants to get into that turn
4568s nine Tempo Scourge play and that will
4570s again fill his siredenathrius is
4572s currently at 16 damage nine Millions not
4575s nine Sorry Seven meetings will go on
4577s board with Scourge maybe nine we'll get
4579s a couple death rattles with invincible
4581s and more now we just see the power of
4585s that frenzy card that they all attacked
4586s the eight mana and they all re-summon so
4588s now we have double
4590s Syrian or steel and health one of those
4593s thesaurians still has reborn at the
4596s ready yeah crazy play with this Frenzy
4601s and now Hunter Hayes has decided perfect
4604s time for a boyfriend off the top yeah I
4606s think he was going to abandon the
4607s lieutenant but it's not good here
4609s because uh bunny Hoppers more token
4612s style board so he is going to opt to
4614s play just a few minions from hand that
4617s add up to eight as opposed to playing
4620s his eight drop could get a second light
4622s Fang which I could see Hunter is
4624s considering if he thinks that bunny
4625s Hopper is going to continue to go wide
4628s otherwise any Magic Shell being a really
4631s solid boardwide buff not that generates
4633s can take advantage of it right now
4634s definitely think it's anti-magic shell
4636s over blight bang just kidding I totally
4639s agree with under races double bite thing
4641s because you don't need to buff up the
4643s minions you just need to get the minions
4645s and you could get them double they
4647s already had his own plague strike in
4650s hand we're going to set up for clearing
4653s two meetings here because of the 2-2
4655s rampaging zombie with Rush that comes
4657s you know packaged in it's a package deal
4660s yeah like Shrek I know I just really
4662s liked Unholy or yeah I like the buff
4665s here because he has a he does have
4667s another board fill in hand that he could
4669s use it on but it would combo well with
4671s the tokens that come off of Life yeah
4673s but also at the same time he just wants
4676s to Tempo Scourge I believe so here it
4678s comes
4679s Scourge was a big playmaker but also a
4683s game loser at times depending on what
4686s came out of it we do not see bone Lord
4688s Frost whisper a card that was very
4691s exciting in many of yesterday's matchups
4694s but we also see something that a lot of
4696s players were trying to find with their
4697s Spirits yesterday which was some gosh
4699s darn taunt yep you did get a taunt here
4703s a nice healthy taunt now we see that
4705s bunny Hopper does have a spammy Arcanist
4707s can he find a way to make it work in his
4709s favor to clear off all these minions
4711s he's going to throw in his cesarea and
4714s see where that damage lands
4715s oh actually kills off a minion so he has
4718s the one two three four missing a five
4723s he can't spam me and then use a cool
4725s charge at the end
4730s laughs
4732s looks like we are in a Bonus Match as
4735s well as bunny Hopper and Hunter Ace have
4737s faced each other before
4743s won that one
4744s it could be wrong
4746s but I just remember bunny in our
4749s conversation saying that he didn't do
4751s too well to the Unholy so I could be
4752s wrong about that it's just a guess
4756s Sergeant Matthews coming down with 34
4758s damage which will be one off of lethal
4762s oh my gosh well we have a counter
4765s dinathrius yeah it's counter to nothing
4767s this has to be the only play here listen
4769s even though it's not doing as much
4770s damage as your opponents than Hatteras
4772s if ever there was a time you want
4774s healing I think it's when you're on the
4776s ropes at one Health yeah one Health
4778s seems low
4779s but he is able to get an extra charge
4782s out before his third and Affairs because
4784s of his horn of winter allowing him to
4786s refresh to Mana crystals getting one
4789s extra Health 23 Health Women's sire and
4792s uh look at this abominable Lieutenant
4795s going to eat that fire what we talked
4798s about earlier it's a card that you don't
4800s really play into tokens you play into
4802s big chunky minions exactly the kind of
4805s minion that you're looking to counter
4806s yeah for sure look at them slamming
4808s minions I've never seen bunny Hopper
4811s play so quickly he is a rope machine I
4815s think he learned from rope coach but he
4818s knows what he wants to do here in Hunter
4821s race and now needs to figure out what am
4823s I gonna do with this anixia getting
4825s confirmation by the way that it was a
4827s bunny Hopper that two owed Hunter race
4829s oh Bonnie Hubbard did two oh Hunter race
4831s yes that's right so if Hunter Ace can
4834s get the two wins here against bunny
4836s Hopper that would be huge for team
4838s Unholy
4840s all right so some options from Hunter
4842s race he does have a new Ruby and vizier
4845s if he wants to try and discover
4846s something to handle he also has
4848s invincible and Patchwork he's going to
4850s 50 50 this Patrick to hit the nixia it
4853s hits it oh but he does whip on the
4857s malygos that's something important to
4859s notice he hits the harbinger misses the
4861s Maldives but gets the raid boss of nixia
4864s sometimes you can't have it all ah
4868s we saw some sniper patchworks yesterday
4870s though so it can certainly happen
4875s this poor next to your wife just being
4877s like I I I'm trying I'm out here I'm
4880s just a 2-1 I'm just here to protect my
4883s nixia
4884s who's gone now what do I do this trade
4888s is nice because it does allow a value
4890s trade out of malagos in the next turn
4893s so that he's setting himself up for that
4895s or does he just want to push Two-Face
4896s because every point in the face damage
4898s matters
4899s yeah bunny Hopper trying to decide if he
4901s wants to send this poor and Nixon wealth
4903s to Dragon Blade decides yeah it's time
4904s for your final resting place as
4906s lortheimer Theron makes his first
4908s appearance of the day in our casted
4910s matches yeah Unholy has really relied on
4913s this card throughout all of their decks
4915s because it doubles the stats of all
4917s minions in their deck and unhauli is a
4919s very minion Centric Rune also it works
4923s really well with grand because it
4925s doubles and then it doubles again it
4928s doubles the double
4929s yeah
4930s which we certainly have enough Mana in
4932s play to make that happen in a single
4933s turn if our players have all the pieces
4936s which at the moment Hunter race is
4937s missing that key you know Brands brand
4939s bronze beard part of the equation
4946s Invincible buff is so
4949s awesome
4950s quite meaty
4953s Mimi's not here oh sorry
4956s that's right coming down setting up for
4959s a multi-car trade against this rather
4963s large patchwork
4964s howling Blaster defrost howling blast
4967s would deal through damage freeze an
4969s enemy so a lot of opportunity there if
4971s you need the freeze or if you just want
4972s the damage defrost being a great draw
4975s spell but goes with the howling blast
4978s here yeah there's a lot of Versatility
4979s yeah Accolade of death looking at the
4981s malagos being like you're not Undead I'm
4983s not going to draw anything off of you
4986s death strike going to finish up the
4988s first half
4989s of invincible and there goes the second
4991s half yeah I have to get that off board
4993s otherwise the death rattle can be quite
4996s dirty and the lortheimer comes down
4998s doubling the size of minions in deck and
5001s the Ruby and going to check out what he
5003s can get ooh a vampiric blood which you
5008s grabs quite quickly is going to give him
5011s five health and then an additional five
5013s Health with the spending of three
5014s corpses and we see Hunter a says 26
5017s corpses completely fine to use those
5019s three
5020s yeah more than enough to spare
5025s bunny Hopper goes for that double draw
5026s using his corpses finds a school teacher
5032s what do you do here do you keep digging
5034s you have chill full and Barren you can
5036s discover an additional spell effect via
5040s the school teacher
5042s or are you you know concerned because
5045s there's a seven seven on board
5049s I can't Patrick 's turn
5050s [Music]
5053s feature good and then he has that one
5055s extra damage so he can decide from there
5057s do I want to use what I get from school
5058s teacher this anti-magic shell or this
5060s Unholy frenzy or do I want to just use
5063s noxious cadaver he decides to grab the
5065s Unholy frenzy he's going to send his
5066s minions into the 7-7 and re-rez all of
5071s them it's a wonderful play I was gonna
5073s draw a card for his trouble off the
5074s chill failing Baron's death rattle and
5077s then get another till falling bearing
5078s back ooh when that dies we'll draw yet
5080s another card yeah that's one way to heal
5083s your malgos yeah exactly I was just
5084s gonna say that the malcus was getting
5086s quite weak he had been using it to Value
5087s trade for numerous turns and now it's
5089s back to full health and our opponent
5091s over here having asphyxiate obliterate
5093s blood tap I don't think he needs blood
5096s tap so probably gonna go with asphyxiate
5099s which is a really good removal it does
5101s remove the highest attack minion on the
5103s opponent's board so in this case it
5105s would either pick malagos or a school
5107s teacher be 50 50 at the moment
5111s light Fang coming down which will allow
5115s him to get four 2-2 taunts when bunny
5118s Hoppers minions die and roll it here
5120s where is this to fix it going oh it goes
5122s on the 4-4 not the four twelve that
5124s malagos is really awkward deal with
5127s otherwise he's shaking his head he knows
5130s that 50 50 was a rough one to lose that
5132s 4 12. have a lot of stats to deal with
5134s and if you look at his hand does he have
5136s anything to deal with 12 Health well the
5139s grave card the grave strength is pretty
5141s powerful grave strength could help but
5143s now initiative is sent back over to
5145s bunny Hopper who has a hand full of
5147s answers yeah lots of answers but it like
5151s it he doesn't have a lot of finishers
5152s though you know he just has stuff
5154s yeah stuff that is true but you know
5157s spammy would deal with a good portion he
5161s doesn't want to
5163s going to
5165s think it does allow for a nice trade
5167s especially with those taunts and you
5169s know he could just trade in but it would
5171s kill the malagos
5172s and still that malagos spell Weaver is
5175s also plagued because of the blight Fang
5177s so if he decides to take this trade into
5179s the 84 school teacher not only will be
5181s losing his malagos but also be giving
5183s his opponent
5184s that 2-2 token he got the combo off with
5187s an Arabian vizier to save his malgos
5190s that nerubian discovers a spell but if a
5193s friendly Undead died after your last
5195s turn it'll cost too less so he did was
5198s able to squeeze that in because he had
5199s the discount
5201s choice of frostborn's Fury Army of the
5203s dead or dark transformation here dark
5206s transformation could be used on the Ruby
5210s vizier but I'm not sure why you would
5211s want to because it's already a four
5212s eight yeah well what he could do is
5214s trade into the three four then transform
5217s his own Minion and kill into the 2-4 and
5220s leave his opponent with a four eight uh
5222s but the other options are really good
5225s frostworm in the army of the Dead are
5226s great he has the Mana for both so I
5229s don't see dark transformation quite
5231s sitting on more corpses than there are
5234s points for some teams currently in
5235s competition oh this combo with the grave
5238s strength is quite spicy is giving his
5241s minions one attack and then an
5243s additional attack additional three
5246s attack is spending corpses and this is a
5249s permanent buff it's not like bloodlust
5250s we get it for a turn
5252s permanent attack buff as evident by this
5255s risen ghoul just going to stay on board
5258s flexing that massive additional attack
5261s new Peruvian physique are also looking
5263s nice with that seven attack and eight
5266s health to back it up here's he has a
5268s pretty nice clear with double howling
5270s and amberwell Pier
5273s he could also just howling with the
5276s blood Mage thou knows I don't think the
5279s welp is active no it is not another
5282s dragon in hand right I didn't read the
5285s card yeah the Battle Cry of dealing
5287s through damage is not active yeah it has
5289s to be yellow and shiny but the bloodmage
5291s thalamus works really well with this
5292s howling blast so he would be able to
5295s clear in just one shot and then freeze
5298s the seven four so then he can wait to
5300s use that second howling blast next turn
5302s when he suspects Hunter race is going to
5305s put more Minions on the board so he's
5306s not going to be too greedy with her he's
5308s going to be greedy with it he's not
5309s going to get too Tempo oriented no
5312s muncher on the board
5315s we didn't see a ton of thou knows played
5318s for spell damage yesterday I mean maybe
5319s it was hopeful that Thanos would live so
5322s that you could get more value out of it
5323s but it just seemed like Thanos was out
5325s there for the draw card with the
5327s potential left side of the hey it
5329s happens to have spell damage yeah a lot
5331s of people are looking for pieces of
5332s combos so they were just kind of using
5334s it more for draw oh we could see a heart
5337s strike
5338s this is
5339s a you know a very standard building
5343s block of the blood Arsenal I haven't
5345s seen a lot of it in play over the last
5346s two days so we can't brand Patrick here
5348s to clear board it would not remove the
5351s Minion from Hunter races deck which
5352s would tell bunny that that card
5354s encounters his hand is a spell because
5357s it only removes minions
5359s so we're moving two minions from the
5362s deck and leaving the card in hand
5364s therefore bunny knows that's a spell in
5366s hand it's not a minion yeah body bag are
5369s not the most impactful in the world in a
5370s ruby and vizier however was rather
5372s buffed up thanks to lorthemar and also
5374s we've just seen vizier lead to so much
5377s value over the course of these Death
5378s Knight games
5380s I wouldn't be super happy about losing
5382s that but again who knows where it was in
5384s the deck there's still 16 cards a deck
5385s Hunter race may have never even drawn at
5388s this game
5390s really good Tempo with that draw from
5393s chill found Baron gets the perfect
5395s double astolore play and both of them
5397s have their manifest online because bunny
5400s Hopper is at 10. man us so all Mana
5402s thirst is online at this point
5404s and Honda race not getting any draw
5407s deciding I'm out I'm done I'm not even
5410s gonna keep looking just out of resources
5414s that's it it can happen
5417s but let's take a look at bunny Hopper
5419s who just took a win
5421s against Hunter Ace
5424s I've the oops moment makes me uh you
5427s know I like I know you like your murlocs
5428s Alyssa
5431s picking wrong a murloc
5433s Al but you know unique so he has a PHD
5436s in computational chemistry more than one
5439s doctor across our rosters yeah for the
5442s death knight show match I think I think
5445s actually Regis kilban's really close to
5447s a doctorate like he just didn't do his
5449s his thesis or something well let's take
5452s a look at the deck that bunny Hopper
5453s just piloted to Victory we certainly saw
5457s a patchwork do some major work there
5459s what we didn't see and it's really worth
5461s pointing out is that bone Lord Frost
5463s whisper is in bunny Hoppers deck list
5465s this is a card that outside of that all
5468s day yesterday if we saw bone Lord Frost
5470s whisper it came off of a Scourge cast
5472s yeah we didn't get to see this one
5474s actually played but it is quite an
5476s exciting card and I would love to see it
5478s get played
5479s I'm imagining that it's part of getting
5483s discounted frostworm Fury casts as part
5486s of a combo strategy for bunny hoppers
5491s Frost deck as we move into game two
5494s and take a look at what their Mulligans
5496s are hey there's that bone load Prosper
5498s right there
5501s [Music]
5507s yeah it's uh it's probably going to get
5509s sent back there as we see it there
5511s school teacher coming to him much better
5513s for early game for bunny Hopper
5516s gonna watch our death Knights get set to
5518s a 40 health and I bet we're gonna see a
5520s bone bagger there or voted bodybagger uh
5524s from Hunter Ace there
5526s and Bunny Hopper not having a uh an easy
5530s turn one play unless he wants to use a
5532s point
5540s of either of them yeah there's there's
5541s Mana thirst is not online for ask
5543s DeLorean there's nothing for amalgam to
5545s amalgam
5546s it is a two minute two three nice stats
5549s so let's decide uh because it would
5553s trade into the body body bagger quite
5555s well a nice little value trade but
5558s doesn't kill it he could just
5560s potentially use
5562s the coin yeah but look on bunny Hopper's
5566s face I think says it all it's a bit of
5567s an awkward oh this is beautiful he's
5569s going to use the coin to get out this
5571s Amber welp and then Horn of winter his
5573s Magnum of the deep to discover another
5575s dragon and that dragon's gonna be oh a
5579s yes Sarah the dreamer at one of each
5582s dream card to your hand down Comes The
5584s Chronic mortician snap pick of the blade
5586s Fang off of that discover
5589s saying I think my opponent here might be
5592s going wide and I want a plan for when
5596s that happens phone Lord Frost was for
5598s making its way back into bunny Hopper's
5600s hand but here it is that snap picked a
5602s blight Fang infecting the three minion
5605s Board of bunny Hopper now when these
5608s minions die we're going to see those two
5610s two zombies with taunt be summoned on
5612s the side of Hunter Ace because of blood
5614s Fang's infection but bunny Hopper has
5617s the school teacher in hand so can look
5618s for something to deal with those two for
5622s this taunts but doesn't find anything to
5624s necessarily deal with the tons but it's
5625s anti-magic show which he is going to
5627s grab which would allow his minions to
5629s gain some stats allow for some better
5631s value trades and maybe hopefully they
5633s won't die for a while to give them the
5634s taunts gonna have to wait to see that
5636s happen however because bunny Hopper is
5638s out of Mana doesn't even have one to
5640s spare for the anti-measure shell to come
5642s off of that nagaling and I believe now
5645s he's just trying to consider all right I
5647s have three options where are all these
5649s minions go knowing do I want to get rid
5650s of the blight thing and what order do I
5652s want to do it in so I can potentially
5653s deal with the tokens that come off via
5656s this infection
5658s I'm curious to see if bunny Hopper wants
5660s to Tempo this bone Lord Frost whisper I
5662s really doubt he does I think he needs to
5664s get to a bunch of pieces first but let's
5667s check out this fourth screen here
5668s because we have a lot of games going on
5670s we see we have the skies toast first
5673s Abilene bottom left also reads kilban
5675s facing off first
5677s someone I can't really tell Regis
5680s Kilburn looks like that is I'm actually
5682s having trouble seeing that one as well
5683s but then we also like can we talk about
5685s the size of Fino's board it is a board
5688s looks a little unfair oh that's tights
5691s versus Regis Kelvin yeah
5694s all right let's get back to Hunter
5696s Acer's bunny Hopper here it's the
5698s anti-magic show down uh with five
5701s minions One's Gonna obviously die but
5704s really good board development for him
5706s but Hunter Hayes gonna slam down that no
5708s muncher start eating up these minions
5711s gaining backs of health and brand to
5714s hand for the bunny Hopper man
5717s [Laughter]
5721s are we Delirious it's been a long day
5723s well played no that was fantastic
5725s alliteration yeah
5728s I'm Delirious I'm just thinking about
5730s all of the ways that he can abuse that
5733s brand
5735s with double Battle Cry
5736s [Music]
5738s Sarah the dreamer in hand he can get
5740s double dream cards well so he'd have to
5742s find a Mana yeah the Horn of winter but
5745s allow him to do that horn of winter
5747s would allow him also uh to play
5753s yeah I like the usera play but he'd have
5755s to clear his hand out a lot
5757s have to make a lot of space we have seen
5759s some pretty clear hands today including
5762s in the last game
5764s with bunny Hopper versus Hunter Ray's
5765s bunny Hopper however playing Frost has
5768s access to more draw
5772s n
5775s oh yeah what car do you think he really
5777s wanted from there which dream card that
5780s I'm not sure I was going to say that it
5782s seems like I bet you Sarah really played
5784s dividends in his testing
5787s the Bunny Hop is not normally a snap
5790s picker so there has to be something in
5792s there something specific something
5793s specific if you know in the chat make
5795s sure you you shout it out oh I'm sure
5797s they're shouting it out right now
5798s pastors you should go it's this hard but
5802s our bone Lord Frost whisper one of the
5806s wildest cards that we saw time and time
5808s again yesterday is now on the board if
5811s that dies if Hunter Ace removes bone
5813s Lord Frost whisper that means bunny
5815s Hopper the rest of the game the first
5817s card that bunny Hopper plays is going to
5820s cost zero but Frost whisper also puts
5823s that player on a timer bunny Hopper will
5824s be on a timer where if he does not win
5826s the game in three turns he will die
5829s oh and now he is on the clock that's
5832s where the patchwork went
5835s Eric said I can't Target these although
5838s you can but destroyed the raid boss
5840s annexia in the hand of bunny Hopper a
5843s zero Mana yasera is down we are going to
5846s get the dream Cards into hand
5849s also playing Patchwork destroying
5852s chiffon Baron from deck and from hand he
5854s was able to grab the bone guard
5856s Commander which is a huge pickup that is
5858s the 8-8 taunt that summons a bunch of
5860s one two times that is now out of Hunter
5862s Ace's hand and Hunter race probably not
5865s too thrilled about that leaning back in
5867s this chair like are you kidding me you
5869s kidding me right now is this a joke
5870s getting some power on board and even if
5874s say hunter Ace was able to develop a
5876s major taunt to be in the way now bunny
5878s Hopper has access to dream could send a
5880s a Troublesome taunt back to hand
5886s on race is going to pick up the ass lore
5888s the flamebringer Manifest not quite
5891s active though because that's the little
5892s flamebringer does have that 10 mana mana
5895s thirst
5896s I wonder what he throws down first here
5898s like it kind of sucks but because
5900s Brian's only three Mana but you want to
5902s play it before I ask yeah you want to
5904s play him before you Battle Cry yeah turn
5908s you could double as the Lord because the
5909s first one would be zero yeah so actually
5912s next turn manifest won't be active it'll
5914s still be on Leon nine Mana true true
5919s bunny Hopper has two more turns could
5922s make it to turn ten for the double
5923s astraler play
5930s we're getting out his nightmare to gain
5932s some stats before it gets destroyed
5936s has to use it there you can't Target it
5937s onto his chillfall and baron I want to
5940s ask the Lord blood sworn yeah courtesy
5942s of an anti-magic shell yeah
5944s it protects itself a little too well
5947s sometimes yes
5949s still has eight Mana to spend
5952s needs to figure out what's the best call
5955s gonna use Deathstrike to clear off
5957s Hunter races board he does Hunter race
5958s doesn't have a lot of spells from hand
5960s to clear I'm doing a dream instead and
5963s finishing up the cleanup with the
5965s noxious cadaver yeah I think bunny
5967s Hoppers too beat up about taking two
5969s damage here not at all he's just really
5971s concerned about uh minions being on
5973s board because minions are one of the few
5975s ways Hunter race has to trade minions he
5977s is a very board-centric deck but has
5980s nothing on the board
5982s except the scourge is coming down
5985s looking for taunts looking for the
5987s taunts but we have seen taunt with many
5989s times with the scourge and we're gonna
5990s see it again no taunt minions oh the
5993s seed from Hunter Ace bunny Hopper two
5995s o's Hunter Ace again wow you just see
5999s the power of putting yourself on that
6001s three turn timer but let's head on over
6003s to disguise toast in Abilene we see
6005s toasted up 1-0 with his Unholy deck
6009s Abilene playing that murloc start a
6013s little murloc build of her blood deck
6015s splashing yeah it's a salt water splash
6018s of murlocs how do you do that in a place
6021s as cold as North when I do not know
6023s she's making it work she is leading her
6026s blood team currently with the most
6029s points for team blood
6031s we are in the late game here though we
6033s looks like we've been past 10 Mana for
6035s some time this guy's toast now having a
6038s fairly wide board but Aveline playing
6041s that blood Death Knight has an easy
6043s answer in the form of soul stealer if
6046s she feels this is the turn for that yeah
6048s the problem with soul stealer is that
6051s this guy says has so much reborn and
6053s they're just going to come back yeah and
6054s that is Invincible in play which would
6056s mean that that death battle would juggle
6058s off and land on one of the two reborn
6060s medicine zombies picking them
6062s significantly more menacing yeah she
6065s really wants something like corpse
6066s explosion to deal or um or just throwing
6070s out more taunts like with the bone guard
6073s she doesn't oh she has enough corpses
6074s she does have six corpses so she could
6076s throw down that bone guard soon which
6078s would help Spike her sire danathurists
6080s to have way more oh I haven't seen this
6081s in a while the double Battle Cry off of
6083s lorthemar he's Baron for disguised toast
6086s we got to see it out of toast yesterday
6088s and it just means he gets the buffest
6091s burliest minions yeah so they're doing
6094s double in size and then that double size
6095s is going to double in size again or do
6097s you like double in your size
6099s double double that's always my order
6103s had one when I got here didn't know they
6106s had him in North run all right let's see
6108s here Death Strike looking like getting
6110s to come out and control that recently
6112s buffed menacing zombie perfect amount of
6114s damage to get rid of that cannot Hazard
6116s leaving that brand up absolutely agree
6118s with the trade there getting rid of the
6121s Invincible which is perfectly fine
6122s because lorthemar is not dead not none
6126s dad doesn't get the buff just stays a
6128s seven seven which frankly is a threat
6132s yep and we see over here disguised toast
6135s has Lord marogar is that the swolest the
6137s sarian we've seen of the tournament a
6140s 12-12. that's four Mana 12-12 reborn
6143s Battle Cry death rattle
6146s I can do everything he says vampiric
6149s blood off the top this is the main way
6152s we have been seeing death Knights of the
6155s blood order just continue
6158s to send their health total skyrocketing
6160s following it up with a bone guard
6162s Commander taking eveline down to only
6164s one Corp it looks so sad watching
6166s Aveline draw for Mana three four then on
6169s the other side we see disguise just draw
6171s a three Mana 8 16.
6174s and 8 16. the brand northamar play is
6179s insane in games where you are able to
6182s find it and have the the time to play it
6186s so to disgust has a nogling but has a
6189s asphyxiate link to it so able to kill
6191s off this bone guard and then he just
6193s grabbed a howling blast which will do
6195s the one damage all enemies uh so it gets
6198s close to clearing off the taunts
6201s but not quite gonna continue chipping
6205s away here
6208s they did finish the Infuse on murlocula
6211s continued to infuse the cybernathrius
6213s for Abilene up to dealing 22 damage
6216s amongst enemies
6219s you could I would consider soul stealer
6222s here the only thing you need to worry
6223s about is the other half of the Cesarean
6226s yeah I feel like soul stealer is a
6228s little scary almost because
6231s she just knows how many
6233s bigger minions are coming
6236s that is true and they're on their way
6238s this is a big board already though yeah
6242s so she has two tons only one minion can
6245s technically get through
6247s assuming she that he doesn't have clear
6249s but he does
6252s and he just drew a three Mana uh 12 16.
6258s it doesn't even need to worry about the
6260s molecular right now because of the
6261s freeze of howling blast meaning no more
6265s additional healing for Abilene her
6267s health total just dipping further and
6270s further
6275s soulstealer has to come down here she
6276s ran out of taunts she has no way to
6278s protect herself so has to get that Soul
6280s sealer down is going to be able to clear
6282s with her hero power of a ghoul charge
6284s and that final two damage will go face
6286s putting Abilene down to 16.
6289s and here comes school teacher checking
6293s out Hort of winter or the cast Frost
6296s strike Frost strike deals three damage
6298s and allows them to discover a frost card
6303s what will discover be rhyme defrost or
6307s howling blast howling blast been doing
6309s quite well for disguised toes so far
6311s this game maybe though he wants to dig a
6314s little deeper into his deck although we
6316s are at that point where we need to start
6317s keeping an eye on that because disgust
6318s only has three cards left
6321s yeah he's running low so he did pick up
6323s a howling blast because it can go face
6325s yeah it deploys the acolyte of death
6327s which will draw more cards if an undead
6329s dies but at the moment only bodybagger
6331s is the lone Undead on the board for
6334s disguised host now we missed the
6336s beginning of this matchup so we don't
6337s know if uh theater has been used yet
6341s I want to say it has been because
6342s disguised toast is holding on to this
6345s Lord marigar and is is being cautious of
6348s it so he's I think he's waiting to play
6351s it until Abilene has used her resources
6354s of Soul Stealers
6355s which we just see one go down as you as
6358s you say it yep so he's probably more
6361s willing to use the Lord marrowgar now
6363s um but I think he was able to hold on to
6365s it because he probably probably already
6367s saw the guitar
6369s that's gonna be my guess
6371s so he's gonna get one more buff for the
6373s Lord marigar and I believe
6375s that has to be the play here it's insane
6378s he has 27 corpses and it's going to
6380s summon a bunch of Rush minions and then
6383s spend each to buff all these rough
6386s minions and now he has a billion seven
6389s sevens a few nine nines and a massive 11
6392s 11. the biggest marigar we have seen in
6396s our two days of casting so far it will
6398s use every corpse it possibly can and as
6401s you can see this guy's toes had a ton of
6403s corpses to fuel that marigar play now
6408s she has a side and atheist with 31
6410s damage she is going to play it will heal
6412s her
6413s to full health question mark nope nope
6415s because she has over 47 Health uh
6417s but leaves toast with quite a bit
6421s quite a bit a lot of damage still on
6423s board not quite enough for 36 yeah
6427s still off uh some direct damage in hand
6431s via things like howling blast but not
6433s enough to make up the difference yeah it
6435s needs to find 11.
6437s so it has three from hand
6439s oh hasn't infused Sylvanas so it can
6441s just decide I want the stenathrius and
6443s it's looking like that's what disguise
6446s toast is going to be doing yeah I also I
6448s wanted him to use the necrotic mortician
6450s first because it can discover an Unholy
6452s Rune card and there is an Unholy room
6455s card a triple that Buffs for Attack on
6458s each minion so that would have been
6461s lethal that he could have discovered but
6463s decided just to play it safe and use
6465s that Sylvanas first
6467s corpse explosions 16 corpses yeah
6471s as you mentioned it's just going to be
6472s an easy clear
6477s I love that spell effect
6480s I'm gonna go fishing here with Finley
6482s but only two cards in hand
6489s ah it's like
6491s we
6492s we only we only saw a few Brand Plus
6495s lore to Mars but when it happens in
6498s games like this
6500s it has to when you develop something
6503s like a tutu it just you just have to be
6505s like what how do I compete the stats
6507s they're too big like this 32-32 Stitch
6511s giant that disgustos didn't even need to
6513s pay Mana for nope they agree
6516s where's your 68 now he says
6520s and these are uses some taunts to try
6522s and protect it there is a patchwork in
6524s aveline's hand
6526s it's a one out of five no she can make
6529s it a one out of four she can make it one
6531s F4 but it still leaves an 812 so
6534s it's not gonna work
6536s I'm just racking my brain trying to
6540s think of outs for Abilene
6542s yeah she already searched by using sir
6544s Finley and that Patchwork is nice but
6547s because there is both the eight attack
6549s and the 32 attack it's just not going to
6551s work in her favor
6554s Here Comes Patchwork will Patrick's aims
6557s be true
6559s ah takes out the eight attack and
6561s Abilene concedes disguised toast winning
6564s 2-0 adding more points to the board for
6568s team Unholy
6570s oh that was a round we saw we saw Frost
6573s whisper played on purpose as opposed to
6577s something that come out of scourge but
6579s we still saw Scourge plays yes another
6582s bombastic rounds some two o's I really
6585s like seeing that Dragon deck played
6587s today I I wasn't expecting dragons to
6590s synergize with these death Knights but
6592s bunny Hopper found a way we got to see
6594s it utilized and it was an excellent game
6596s to watch yes yeah it was and there's
6598s going to be more excellent games to
6600s watch as soon as we come back from break
6603s foreign
6633s [Music]
6639s foreign
6642s [Music]
6674s foreign
6676s [Music]
6704s foreign
6707s [Music]
6733s laughs
6734s [Music]
6744s foreign
6747s [Music]
6760s okay we're almost done but we do have
6762s one more thing cord got something cool
6765s to share yeah let's talk about events
6767s all right we've had events in
6768s Hearthstone like mid-summer fire
6770s Festival Noble garden and Lunar New Year
6773s what's changing well our events have
6776s been delivered mainly through legendary
6777s quests which were great but we'd like to
6779s do more and to do that we've created a
6781s new event system time limit events now
6784s have a dedicated place within the
6785s Hearthstone menu and when an event is
6787s active a wax seal will replace the
6789s journal button to let you know something
6791s special is going on when you first enter
6793s you'll be presented with an invitation
6794s to join in the festivities with a
6796s rundown of the event there's no
6797s dedicated page of the journal to support
6800s new events with question rewards we've
6802s kept much of what's fun about legendary
6804s quests you know play the game complete
6806s quests get cool prizes but now we
6808s present those rewards front and center
6809s paired with awesome art and a little bit
6811s of story and they're placed in a reward
6813s track allowing us to better control
6815s content pacing we're kicking things off
6817s with the Knights of hollow and events
6820s The Headless Horseman rides North to
6821s answer the call of the Lich King and
6823s it's not just question rewards from this
6824s event at the same time the entire
6826s Knights of the Frozen Throne set will be
6828s added to core making it free for
6830s everyone and back in standard so you can
6832s go play with all the old hero cards and
6835s when does this go live right now right
6838s now the Knights of hollow's end event
6840s last for two weeks and nights of The
6842s Frozen Throne will remain all the way
6843s until the launch of March of the Lich
6846s King now you can catch up on what
6847s happened the last time the Lich King
6849s visited the tavern in preparation for
6851s his permanent return on December 6th
6854s [Music]
6856s foreign
6862s another round down and
6866s some some wild plays a lot of two o's I
6870s believe it was 08 for blood team that
6873s last round yes 08 for blood it's not
6876s looking good during this round robin
6877s phase but the second phase of today when
6880s we are doing the death knight versus
6882s Challenger they have the opportunity to
6884s turn it around or they're going to be
6885s able to pick their deck they're going to
6887s have a little bit more opportunity and
6889s they can risk it big so they have a
6892s chance to come back a lot of potential
6894s points that could swing in a lot of well
6897s three different directions when we
6899s change formats later today but let's
6901s take a look at some of the action we
6904s didn't get a chance to cast in the
6905s previous round see Ali Strazza here
6909s versus Fino coming in at a point where
6912s she had a nice board
6916s here we have meaty versus cantaloupe
6921s then we know Frost had a another solid
6924s round so I have a feeling this is
6925s another
6926s successful combo courtesy of zalatas
6931s equipped over there if you take a look
6933s at middy's death knight you got another
6935s 2-0 verse cantaloupe and gaining lots of
6939s points for team Frost you see him
6941s jamming he's excited he's trying to lead
6944s his team to Victory feeling good giving
6946s us a little dance
6949s well all right here's what happened as
6952s we mentioned yeah there is that zero
6954s eight for blood dogs who owing No Hands
6957s gamer disguised toes 2-0 over Abilene
6959s meeting to over cantaloupe Regis 2-0
6962s over Tice but then we still then uh then
6965s we move out of the blood match up slissa
6967s yeah we can see that from
6970s we need to Regis to uh
6975s bike Frost just crushing it this round
6977s uh Unholy crashing at this round
6980s you know it was a Slaughter for these
6984s two teams they are Marching on so let's
6986s take a look at those team standings team
6988s Frost really
6990s solidifying their lead sitting at 93
6993s points over team Unholy sitting in
6994s second with 60 and team blood in third
6997s with 27 points
7002s player standings Regis kill him
7005s like a Lich King villain
7007s villain up in first place with 36 points
7010s what a lead Regis has taken over his
7013s teammate meeting in second dog in third
7015s bunny hopper in fourth I see a lot of
7019s blue and green up in the top six and
7022s even seven today that this guy's toes
7024s and Ali shaza doing an excellent job
7025s helping their team out and pour blood at
7028s the bottom for Abilene leading the
7030s charge with those 10 points Tice right
7032s behind her but they're just not getting
7036s there they uh they're having a hard time
7038s with those bonus matches whether one
7041s previously and then if they lose the
7042s next time the points swing so what
7045s points they previously had they might be
7047s losing and Sublime is really bleeding
7050s yeah I have to imagine they're looking
7052s forward to that death challenge portion
7054s of today's event yes where there'll be
7057s more points up and I hope to challenge
7060s that and maybe
7063s life steal some points back life
7065s stealing yes they will be risking big I
7068s am sure we see the match uh schedule for
7071s round 11 with final vs Tice Hunter race
7074s versus cantaloupe dog vs bunny Hopper
7076s disguised toast for us Allie strausa
7079s meaty and Abilene and Regis Philbin
7081s versus no hand gamer there are chances
7085s for shutdowns here as well for both
7086s Abilene versus Medi and no hands gamer
7088s versus Regis kilbin so avaleen the
7091s current points leader for team blood she
7093s can find more wins here could shut down
7095s meaty and noted hands gamer might be
7097s looking for a major comeback here to
7099s shut down Regis kilbin yeah remember if
7101s they shut them down they earn points to
7103s their team because they're shutting down
7104s that win streak and I'm so happy that
7107s this was the selected game I wasn't sure
7109s but I was hoping it was disguised toast
7112s versus Ali Strazza so much history here
7116s I'm sure you guys are just as excited as
7119s I am let's check out the Mulligan Ally
7121s with the full throw just guys just
7124s making this time taking his time making
7126s his decisions
7127s this guy's so she's thinking of himself
7129s yeah I really like school teacher I know
7130s I can't play it right now but I think I
7132s may want to keep it yeah it's just a
7134s good Tempo card
7136s he's good yes
7139s the school the school teacher is that
7140s the teacher of the music class
7143s because of the tempo oh
7146s definitely the band teacher
7148s [Laughter]
7150s these guys tell us just assigned to open
7152s up with a hero power there on turn two
7154s Carpenter of winter coming down again
7157s Ken uh can draw a car but gotta wait for
7159s the death rattle first
7162s all right so toast is up he has this
7165s acolyte of death which after a friendly
7167s unden dies draws a card it's a good
7169s Tempo piece but it's really nice to play
7171s behind taunts and he does have some Tonk
7174s cards with reborn because he is Unholy
7177s which has a lot of token Synergy decides
7180s to use his spell nor to clear while
7183s putting a minion on the board an Ali
7185s Strazza is looking at the sunwell the
7188s sun will fill your hand with random
7190s spells
7191s costs one less for each card in hand
7194s really cool card mechanic that everyone
7196s already has a chance to play with in
7198s Hearthstone right now
7201s and that's what Ali straßen wants to
7203s play with right now well I wouldn't
7204s exactly right
7207s pick up for a disguised Toast of Sarah
7209s dinathurist he is going to Tempo out a
7212s school teacher
7214s and has decided to pick up a plague
7218s strike
7219s I wouldn't expect to see the sunwell
7221s anytime soon because Alex trusses is
7223s going to want space in her hand for all
7226s of the random spells that someone will
7228s provide
7229s she has a lot of board control Frost
7233s strike only can damage a minion spammy
7235s we've seen clear boards this entire
7237s event remorseless winter
7240s two damage to all the minis while
7241s driving a car
7243s yep she's going to be able to utilize
7245s her hero power so that the frost strike
7247s is enabled discovering a spell or sorry
7250s a frost Minion or spell and there is
7253s that death killer we've looked at
7255s acolyte of death or howling blast a lot
7257s of people loving howling blast this
7259s tournament
7261s it is a I wonder like I want an
7263s infographic at the end what spell do we
7265s see cast the most because I I would put
7268s my bed on howling blast yeah because
7271s howling blast you can get from school
7273s teacher and from just the Discover but
7275s if we didn't include school teacher I
7278s wonder if it'd be the scourge because
7279s you can't get the scourge from school
7281s teacher
7285s let's see a school teacher play here
7288s plague strike only deals three damage so
7291s it is not an easy answer to narubian
7294s vizier but we could see toes play
7296s another school teacher look for
7297s something off of the nogling but the
7299s nogling could also just you know get
7301s that play strikeout finish the tree of
7303s the rampaging zombie or the death knight
7305s hero power but that would only leave two
7308s Mana remaining
7310s what you know you've got that defrost
7313s it's a way to use it all up
7316s have a bone Digger Geist if you want
7319s a three four because it will consume a
7321s corpse that disguise dose currently has
7323s to trigger that buff opting to start
7326s with the hero power plus the play strike
7328s off of the noggling for a nice clean
7330s trade right here yeah I was kind of
7332s looking ahead next turn he has a clean
7334s play of double three drops so using uh
7337s these two drops of hero power here was a
7339s nice way to lead into double three drop
7341s next turn if the heat decides to do so
7344s there's a lot of draw within that and
7346s getting more minions out is great for
7347s his Sergeant atheists to keep scaling
7349s keep infusing for ultimate
7353s death later for health on the bone
7357s Digger guys makes this not a clean board
7361s clear with spammy Arcanist
7365s the growl or howl that's going to be
7369s four damage plus two to all other
7371s because that spell damage Buffs both
7373s parts of the howling blast yep so now
7376s we're looking at either school teacher
7378s or the double three who's going to opt
7380s for the school teacher
7382s finds blood tap which is interesting he
7384s does have four cards in hand and plenty
7387s of corpses or he can look for more
7389s removal or graveyard shift which offers
7391s him some stickier minion we know
7394s disguise toast likes buffing but
7396s typically not his hand he's more into
7398s buffing his deck yes definitely more of
7400s the deck but
7402s that's not the option right here maybe
7404s his maybe his hand's feeling a little
7405s left out yeah the blood type is awesome
7408s we get a little bit of that blood tap
7409s you've got the corpses you can do it you
7411s have a bunch of minions in hand
7415s I always tend to look at the glacial
7416s Advance looks like graveyard shift
7418s though yeah he likes the sticky minions
7420s they have reborn they're one ones
7422s they're going to offer four minions to
7424s siredenathrias so and four minions to
7427s the corpse count yep so goes for that
7431s the Utah gets picked up while the
7433s nathrius is in hand for disguised toast
7435s yeah obviously Ollie doesn't he doesn't
7437s have much read on that yet but um it is
7441s a decent opportunity to grab a siren
7443s after he is now she is looking at a
7446s vampiric blood which would offer her 10
7448s Health
7449s otherwise she can find a grave strength
7452s which would add a bunch of attack onto
7454s her minions but she doesn't have minions
7455s right she's she's playing more of a
7458s deck currently and at the moment does
7460s not even have the five corpses right and
7463s then the plague strike is an option
7464s that's a nice little clear that leaves
7466s the minion behind so I could definitely
7468s see her picking between vampiric blood
7470s or plague strike depending on what she
7472s thinks she needs
7473s now
7475s yeah even if you're not that excited
7477s about the health gain you get to draw a
7478s card
7480s I always forget there's an extra drop
7481s like it's just such a healthy
7485s wonderful
7487s she's going to use defrost to draw
7490s has the corpses so if that's the way she
7492s goes it will draw two cards but no
7495s deciding to go with that zero Mana
7497s discounted vampiric blood gonna up that
7499s Health total and draw uh more draw more
7502s drawn to draw and the brand is picked up
7504s for disguised toast this will be the
7507s first piece of his combo to double
7509s buffing his deck he will be able to do
7512s that on turn 10 once he finds his key
7514s piece
7517s not yet he's looking he's digging the
7519s hand's getting thicker as well which is
7521s going to make finding the Minions that
7524s Ali would want to steal with the atar
7525s more difficult
7529s there's the graveyard shift
7532s howling blast picked up from four Ali
7534s strasa no longer has the spell damage on
7537s board from Thelma so not as impeccable
7539s as it was the last time we saw It cast
7542s but she does have a nice way to play it
7544s with a remorseless winter if she wanted
7546s to or even I mean she could Tempo
7548s overseer frigidara but her hand is way
7550s too full
7552s oh
7555s cool decides to go into spammy
7557s is a nice setup for that
7560s anyone watching remembers the file
7563s you'll know how that mess shakes out
7565s I don't think people can forget to file
7567s I certainly can in Hearthstone or World
7570s of Warcraft
7578s these guys tell us a lot of options
7580s again there is some serious bombs in his
7583s hand
7584s sireden atherius Stitch giant combo
7587s potential with Brandon bronze beard
7591s see if Ally runs a brand I believe she
7593s does because I wonder if that's just
7595s what she's waiting for we've seen a lot
7598s of brand yeah I think when you're
7600s running theater it's just kind of a yep
7603s you pack them both in
7606s just gonna infect the two minions of Ali
7609s Strazza and develop the board a little
7612s bit
7618s yeah it looks like her whole team is
7620s running brand
7622s oh okay is this giant nice hit on that
7625s or just I'll take your brand thank you
7627s though at the moment this guy's toast
7629s doesn't have any battle cries that he
7631s could even
7633s double up with the brand at least not
7634s easily besides to naturally yeah
7637s she knows the potential of bran
7643s potential of Stitch giant as well it is
7646s a combo piece
7649s sorry in Battlefield Necromancer I don't
7651s mean not to mention you but I don't
7652s think you're in contention right now no
7654s I don't think she cares about you
7661s she's really falling over do I need to
7663s take the the value away or do I need to
7665s take the tempo away and she decides on
7667s the value she takes the brand
7672s it's a difficult decision I I totally
7674s get it
7677s Bone Breaker is a new weapon that will
7681s deal to damage to enemy hero after it
7684s attacks a minion
7686s so it's basically four damage two to a
7688s minion to the face
7690s helps you control the board while still
7692s getting Chip damage through
7694s well this ass alert could have used that
7696s brand that Ali just sealed but doesn't
7698s no longer has it
7700s now could have gotten double damage out
7702s of this double ask the lures off the
7704s back and yep
7708s or actually no because that's the damage
7709s off the Mana Thurston which does not it
7711s does not function like that
7714s but who doesn't want two escalars
7718s into four asteroids
7720s a potential
7722s all I want in life it's four asteroids
7726s how much Mana do you have endless
7730s I told you I've been playing a lot of
7732s Druid you're so Mana thirsty yes
7735s [Music]
7736s all right a lot of Minions on disguised
7740s his cyber and overseer Frigidaire in
7742s Ally's hand this could help handle three
7746s minions
7748s it's just enough space in her hand to
7752s drop down this frigidara yeah then she
7754s can use Mana or the horn to
7758s or in the winter to play a few more
7760s cards she also has theater to clean up a
7762s minion and her weapon to clean up a
7765s minion so she has a decent not a full
7767s clear but decent can use a separate card
7769s from him to clear after the overseer
7772s oh decision said to use the spammy okay
7775s totally fine this will be full clear yep
7779s leaves a minion on board which is really
7781s nice able to get a Double Draw
7784s yeah at least Josh is saying I wanted to
7786s double draw one way or another I don't
7788s care if it's from frigidara or if it's
7790s from my defrost this is happening
7793s the saurian coming off the top four
7796s disguised toast another Battle Cry that
7797s could have been duplicated by bran
7799s instead of opting for with
7801s flamebringer
7803s manathors is active so that's 16 damage
7805s going out clearing the board
7808s and following it up with a battlefield
7809s Necromancer which throws a baton to a
7811s person footmen Yeah Toast trying to
7813s solidify lethal next term because his
7815s Sergeant atherius is able to deal 28
7817s damage
7818s so trying to just clear the board go
7819s face as much as possible so The Sire
7821s could end the game
7827s this is going to complicate things
7829s however because it's we now have the
7833s infection out from blood Fang which
7834s means any of these three minions die are
7836s going to summon 2-2 zombies with taunt
7838s four allystraza
7840s The Wider alistrasa goes the less
7843s damaged lethal or less the potential of
7846s lethal from denaturis there is yep able
7849s to freeze acilar so eight damage cannot
7852s attack her face
7854s having to refresh to Mana with her horn
7857s of winter overseer Frigidaire we'll
7859s finish off those two minions giving her
7861s two tons really getting in the way of
7863s Sergeant authoris although he will now
7865s be able to deal 30 damage uh he has two
7868s taunts in his way
7870s along with two other Minions that
7872s decided that is that that push and pull
7874s of wanted to control the board but
7876s in the back of your mind thinking about
7878s what am I infusing how big
7880s is the denaturis my opponent may have
7884s now a little bad news for team Frost the
7887s great news for our team blood Aveline
7889s has shut down meaty so media has lost
7892s his uh win streak therefore losing out
7895s on those bonus points and Abilene now
7897s has given her team some bonus points
7899s that they truly need Abilene has been
7901s leading team blood and she continues to
7903s lead team blood trying to come back to
7906s Victory blood MVP yes foreign
7916s is now up to 36 damage
7922s don't know if Alice draza
7925s is taking that into consideration
7929s her side to nathrius is dealing eight
7932s currently a very measly eight
7938s ask the Lord laugh set that number yes
7940s he's like I I can do that I can do that
7942s twice yeah but he doesn't heal
7946s he's sad Fair bear
7951s possessed he's like I would help I am a
7953s world champion this could potentially be
7955s the final turn for Ally for this first
7959s game well she will be able to uh use
7962s that remorseless winter to clear off
7970s there is still the infect
7972s on ask the Lord the flamebringer meaning
7974s there will be one more minion with two
7977s Health added to Ali strauss's side of
7978s the board once the trade with asteroid
7980s is complete this is more Health bloat to
7984s absorb potential sireden after his
7986s damage going down to 20 Health with that
7989s weapon swing yeah and with that side and
7992s atheros being at 39 Ali has
7995s succumb to death
7997s with 11 damage Overkill the sorry
8001s incoming back being like what did I miss
8005s and for brown or game one of round 11
8008s between Ali Strazza and toast it is a
8011s win for disguised toast but let's take a
8013s look at his deck he is running a
8017s lorthemar deck that has an effect to
8020s double the minions double the size of
8022s minions in hand or in deck armor sorry
8025s but if when used with bran it will
8027s double yet again another card it has is
8029s Invincible which I know is Garrett's
8031s favorite card yes definitely not my
8033s favorite Mount can't be your favorite if
8035s you don't have one I mean the favor it's
8038s it's the favorite amount you've never
8039s had right it's the one that got away the
8043s one that
8044s can it go away if you never had it
8048s it goes away and comes back and
8049s Hearthstone true because of that Reborn
8052s all right it looks like we're getting
8054s ready for game two will we see more
8056s brand lortheimer double battle cries off
8058s of this guy's toes we didn't get to see
8060s it that last game
8061s yeah we see uh well this guy says didn't
8064s even get to see his own brand because it
8065s got stolen from at least draza Ali
8068s Strazza looking at her starting hand
8070s Bone Breaker pretty nice for early Tempo
8073s uh deciding does she want these heavier
8075s cards decides to get rid of them and
8078s finds herself a new Ruby vizier and a
8080s school teacher excellent start for Ally
8083s I'm happy to see the Bone Breaker in an
8085s early hand that weapon has been showing
8087s up late in a lot of our Frost games
8089s today yeah very late let's run at all
8092s off the top this is I mean if you're
8093s gonna run it all in your hand I'd rather
8095s get it out of the way early let's look
8097s at the six box and see how our other
8099s games are doing it looks like some still
8101s don't have a win on the board Fino and
8103s tice
8104s still in their first game as well as dog
8106s versus bunny Hopper if my
8108s upper act though I believe Hunter race
8110s has
8115s immersed him as well so other games are
8118s still zero zero but they will continue
8122s to play as we watch Ali Strazza and
8124s disguise toast
8126s yeah just uh just some early game board
8129s clearing some trading going back and
8131s forth Bone Breaker getting the trades in
8134s while still chipping away which is why I
8136s disgusted now sitting at 38 health
8139s chip chip chippy
8142s ice chips
8145s all right so never even busier is down
8147s blood boiled blood tap or heart strike
8149s No frost cards only blood she sees but
8153s she ends up taking that blood boil it
8156s will allow for a lot of Life seal and
8158s it's really good for his token which is
8159s what disgustos is doing so a really
8161s excellent pickup for Ali Strazza not a
8163s not a bad time for it to be an oops all
8165s blood moment all right so turn four for
8169s disguised toast has that Tempo school
8171s teacher if you'd like to do four four on
8174s four into a 2-4
8176s seems pretty good
8178s I would like that too too hmm
8182s you like tutus
8183s [Laughter]
8185s I like this 4-4 that's about to come
8187s down and I want to see if I'm gonna like
8189s the options of obliterate Horn of winter
8191s or dark transformation
8196s [Music]
8200s Flex really for any death knight because
8202s you can use it on the ghoul that comes
8204s off of your hero power gold charge yeah
8206s that's true because otherwise you kind
8208s of won one it's gonna die afterwards but
8210s you can go face because of the charge
8211s and then you can dark transform it and
8213s it has Russian you can attack again
8215s as a developing her board with that
8217s right
8218s sculptor what's up rhyme Elementals
8221s you're my little Frosty Buddies
8224s toast doesn't really have oh he has Army
8226s of the dead so that is one way but it's
8229s a word this
8231s the deals three damage someone's a 2-2
8233s with brush
8234s um army the dad would only summon two
8237s risen goals oh yeah Nice Guy's toes
8239s didn't have a lot of Minion deaths so
8242s far only has two corpses to work with
8243s yeah you gotta remember when you're
8245s playing death Knights to look at all
8247s your resources Mana isn't the only one
8249s you have to look at your corpse counter
8251s can't ignore it gotta realize oh I do
8254s not have enough corpses for this play it
8256s can really change the mentality of
8257s losing your minions I've noticed that
8260s I'm not nearly as bummed out when I am
8262s the victim of a board wife when I'm
8264s playing death knight because I just look
8265s at that cards kind of go up and I know
8267s that hey I've got some powerful cards
8270s that have all the fuel they could ever
8271s want yes
8274s so we're gonna do a value trade off a
8275s school teacher into the 2-4
8278s spammy off the top would clear the first
8282s half of the shambling zombies this isn't
8284s the most attractive spammy turn
8286s yeah I would do good work here
8290s I don't hate it there's also the blight
8292s thing play though and can lead into
8295s spammy later
8300s that's what I was thinking you got the
8302s blood Fang in hand the insect is looking
8304s decent with three Minions on the board
8306s of your opponent I like straws are
8308s looking like she's considering it as
8309s well a heck yeah give me that sweet
8312s creepy spider infection especially with
8322s that really has swung the board in her
8324s favor for Tempo and that's what you want
8326s to do versus in the Holy player you
8328s don't want them
8329s to out-tempo your minions yeah those
8332s rhyme Elementals knowing exactly where
8334s Alex straza wanted that damage to go
8336s the scary
8337s entered the hand of
8341s hand so he has a few turns to lead up to
8344s the scourge how does he want to get
8346s there how does he want to play it so
8348s that he has a nice clear board to play
8351s The Scourge you know he doesn't really
8352s want to play The Scourge into a full
8357s a full side for like Ally if Ali has a
8359s big deck or a big hand she he doesn't
8362s want to play The Scourge yet right he
8363s needs a clear board to play it onto so
8365s he's going to take these next two turns
8367s to try and solidify the tempo and
8370s therefore he can easily play that
8372s Scourge out
8373s saw the dark transformation you saw Army
8377s of the Dead consume most of disguised
8380s toast's current Corpses
8382s now Ali Strauss is sitting on six Mana
8385s looking at her own school teacher
8393s it's super versatile
8395s for
8396s all classes
8399s fishing for a compliment I see you over
8400s there
8402s me fishing for compliments no that's
8405s Finley's job
8407s friendly school teacher here Frost
8410s strike would answer the 4-3 or you could
8412s just drop the spammy for a full clear
8414s here have a 3-4 on board you do float a
8417s Mana but the board would be nice and
8419s clean
8420s Alex Straz is deciding no I want to just
8423s kill the 4-3 and discover a frost room
8426s yeah so defrost for more draw glacial go
8429s face
8430s Horn of winter for refresh
8433s glacial doesn't have to go face
8435s oh faces Place Garrett come on
8439s do you hello
8444s I prefer meaty because then you cast
8446s defrost and things still go face because
8448s you have xalatath equipped
8451s so she has chosen anti-magic show with
8454s that school teacher
8458s thinking about the Accolade of death
8459s over on disguised toast side uh there's
8461s only one Undead up though accelerated
8464s death will draw a card when a friendly
8466s Undead dies but um I'm sorry noggling
8468s you're you're not Undead you're a Naga
8472s well maybe they could be a dead Naga
8474s Undead Naga would look cool that'd be
8476s creepy
8477s particularly creepy with snuggling not
8479s going super cute I would never want to
8480s see that
8482s [Music]
8484s oh I didn't know you also do Naga
8486s Impressions I do I'm great
8489s murloc impressions Naga Impressions
8491s everyone's favorite school teacher for a
8492s reason yes
8494s uh King King and Undead with the hero
8496s power so that's another opportunity and
8499s it looks like that's what he's going to
8500s do here putting out arms dealers so that
8502s his ghoul charge has a 2-1 attack
8505s giving it a nice clear it's a real good
8509s Synergy we've seen a tiny bit of arms
8512s dealer these last two days a little bit
8515s not enough foul foul though I was really
8519s hoping for Undead chickens yes I wonder
8522s why
8523s you would want an undead chicken you
8525s know
8526s angry ones are cool they're pretty good
8528s I'm rather fond
8533s sculptor glacial advance
8538s Ally no
8541s proof Garrett right here do you run my
8543s satellite thank you picks up the chill
8545s phone Baron and the rhyme Fang sword
8547s chill film Baron would continue to draw
8548s cards
8550s but rhyme thing sword could start to
8552s Discount Spells at the moment I believe
8554s yeah no no there's blood boil yeah as
8557s well two spells in there with the
8558s howling glass as well
8563s gonna get rid of that arm Sealy saying I
8565s don't want no two ones that come off of
8568s your hero power knock it off
8572s yeah two six Mana Stitch Giants in hand
8575s for disguised toast also you need to
8577s think about this stuff he still hasn't
8578s drawn northamar thereon that means these
8580s big minions these Giants they're not in
8582s the deck anymore so when northamar
8583s doesn't eventually possibly find his way
8586s to this guy's toe sand it's not gonna
8588s buff some of his largest minions in his
8591s deck
8592s options for toast are obliterate corpse
8595s explosion or remorseless winter
8598s ah I mean I feel like versus Ali you're
8601s really more looking for maybe some
8604s lifesteal or health corpse explosion is
8609s the most powerful tool here oblit rate
8611s you're going to use Versa big minions
8613s she's not running a ton of that although
8615s she does have Sarge nathrius so it is an
8617s option but yeah he goes for the most
8618s powerful tool which is corpse explosion
8620s yeah obliterate is certainly efficient
8623s removal but he disgustos is going up
8625s against the frost deck of Valley straws
8627s and frost brings the damage to the party
8628s that is their win condition I mean doing
8631s damage is a win condition for a lot of
8633s decks but Frost is all about that face
8636s damage
8637s foreign
8642s up pretty well here to play The Scourge
8644s on turn nine
8647s picks up a frost strike and a horn of
8649s winter immediately gonna Chuck that
8652s Frost strike in renithal's Direction say
8654s how dare you give my opponent 4A health
8657s have this
8658s Ali's been offered rhyme sculptor
8660s defroster another howling blast yeah the
8663s difference is you want damage with board
8665s development and rhyme sculptor damage
8667s from hand with howling blast or do you
8669s just want to keep drawing Ellie Strauss
8672s that says I want damage from hand
8673s because I've already spent some of it
8675s not going face I need to make up time
8678s and prove my friend slicer right
8682s What's it gonna be
8685s come on oh
8688s unfortunately oh an abominable
8690s Lieutenant it ends up in the mix
8692s consuming
8695s at the end of turn the overseer
8697s frigidara that's a 5-6 buff over the
8700s bottom Lieutenant by the way that effect
8703s keeps happening if you do not find a way
8705s to get rid of that Lieutenant it will
8707s continue consuming a random enemy on the
8709s other side of the board for as long as
8711s it continues to survive or gets silenced
8713s and we haven't seen any silence this
8715s weekend yeah so for she does have spammy
8718s darkness in hand blood boil and spammy
8721s arkiness so she just need to find a way
8723s to really clear out this board
8727s it's gonna be rough so finds this
8729s howling blast to start whittling away at
8730s the Abominable lieutenant
8733s that would get her the one Health would
8736s go away
8737s if a buck but she could use your Harry
8739s Potter for a one this is a terrifying
8742s board
8744s okay so we're going to kill the Banshee
8746s too which ends up buffing another
8747s friendly Undead
8749s yeah I think she just has to utilize the
8751s freeze of howling blast to just kind of
8755s put this at Bay a bit before the spammy
8757s will get online
8759s the lieutenant though is not the kind of
8761s Minion you want to leave up even with a
8762s freeze even with the late tactics
8764s because then you can't develop your own
8765s board behind it because the lieutenant
8766s is going to continue to Gorge itself on
8769s your minions
8774s I did pause a good amount of damage yeah
8777s and it's going to get bigger at the end
8778s of the turn either by 2-1 or by three
8780s three
8782s so 12 damage from toast
8788s Far Cry from the 30 needed to bring this
8790s game to a close
8792s it also has plenty of options and those
8794s Stitch Giants aren't getting any more
8795s expensive
8801s having a think do I want to control the
8803s board do I want to press damage to see
8806s if I can be the aggressor and bring this
8808s game to a close
8810s yeah I don't mind the blight thing here
8813s just because there's not going to be a
8815s lot more minions offered
8817s you could light Fang and then start to
8820s trade a little bit and use your hero
8823s power as part of that Trading
8826s I'm not going to go for black bang but
8828s we'll start the treating process where's
8830s this damage going to go it could
8832s potentially remove no ends up going to
8835s that still rather thick flesh behemoth
8839s gonna live up the 3-3 which guarantees
8841s that the lieutenant will consume it and
8844s buff itself again
8847s there it is now an 11-8 and no longer
8849s Frozen
8854s all right
8857s trying to see if there's a any way
8861s anyway at all to get a nice clean spammy
8863s play here and I'm not seeing it
8867s so
8869s she
8870s remorseless Windows first
8873s takes the six three down to a six one
8875s start the Chain Reaction but that's
8877s where it ends yeah
8879s it would leave up the Abominable
8881s lieutenant and then
8883s that's not fun but it clears some damage
8891s she could also no she can't
8897s right one two three four
8901s and then she can hit face oh that was
8905s clever
8906s using the one Health of her own hero
8908s power minion
8910s foreign
8913s again just not enough
8917s no immediate
8919s Buffs
8922s yeah this guy's house doesn't have a way
8923s to buff the lieutenant this turn
8927s as a discover she is going to throw down
8929s and gets into anti-magic stuff there's
8932s Halloween blast that's more damage from
8933s hand owling Blaster Horn of winter yeah
8939s now he doesn't need to Allen Glass the
8942s spammy because his abdominal Lieutenant
8945s is just going to eat her
8946s so really just going to board develop
8948s hold that damaging hand
8952s and I think he's just praying that she
8953s doesn't have Sarah danathurist and I
8955s feel like he knows she doesn't
8958s certainly by the way he's playing but I
8960s mean even if she did he has plenty more
8963s threats to throw down after a clear
8966s right
8968s this might be it for Ali
8971s she's looking Harbinger off the top
8973s that's not gonna do it
8983s rough position to be in
8988s coming down
8992s put in that chip damage on the
8994s lieutenant yeah so she blood boils here
8997s which she can since it costs three you
9000s could play the noggling which would buff
9001s these rushing tokens because anti-magic
9003s shell is on it which would
9007s oh you're right yeah it's a right rage
9010s she was setting up for the blood boil
9013s it's going to clear everything except
9015s for the Stitch giant but more
9017s importantly heal Ali strasa yep heal and
9020s keeping her in a range of staying alive
9023s though she doesn't know about that
9025s sireden atherius on the other side
9028s what's he up to now eight damage
9030s certainly seen scarier than atherius's
9033s not 3i
9037s we'll go with that
9042s you know what you call three dinaphrises
9045s Dennis rice
9050s risen ghouls gonna make easy work of
9052s this board
9054s keep control in it for disguised toast
9057s and the more Minions that die the more
9059s powerful his sired an asterisk becomes
9065s I want to be sweating a potential
9067s theotar at all
9068s I don't think he's sweating at all
9071s belly it's a death knight after all
9075s y down to three remorseless winner
9079s going to come down deal with these two
9081s twos
9087s yeah she doesn't need to worry about
9088s that she needs to worry about that eight
9089s six that does not have blood boil on it
9091s going to hit it with the fouling blast
9094s which does have the added effect of
9096s freeze
9098s throw down oh the harbinger that's only
9101s to health that doesn't soak enough from
9104s the sireden atherius in Hand of
9105s disguised toast that's going to be
9108s lethal and and in a 2-0
9111s for disguised toast more points going
9113s over to the side of Team Unholy as we
9115s move over to Fino versus Tice already in
9119s progress Tice of one game for team blood
9122s really looking to claw their way back
9124s into the points game here yeah team
9126s blood really needed that win from Tice
9128s so it's us can at minimum tie or win it
9132s all versus you know giving their point
9134s or team three points they really need it
9136s so I know Tice is all in on this game
9139s trying to defeat Fino
9143s no muncher hitting the boards Alyssa
9147s [Music]
9149s it's a perfect five six clearing up a
9152s five Health minion I would like to
9154s petition that they make that it's attack
9155s sound mama
9157s nom nom
9160s head back over to Fino corpse grinder in
9164s hand haven't seen any of that I don't
9167s think so far
9168s the meat grinder we saw like one or two
9172s times yesterday but very little and he
9174s finds himself a nice Frost strike to
9177s deal with the null muncher
9182s oh but instead use this plague which
9184s makes sense because now he can rush into
9185s the one two and get a one attack face to
9189s tithe yeah it leaves the two one behind
9191s too
9192s this is off the top not what you want to
9194s see with seven Mana at the ready
9203s all right so we see that Tice was able
9205s to get all the corpses out but Sylvanas
9208s is going to be stealing that 8-day bone
9211s guard so Fino still has the appropriate
9214s Tempo to Tyson Tysons to figure out how
9217s am I going to deal with this Tyson's
9218s face is protected for a bit but uh this
9222s is going to help Fino stall and keep
9224s gaining that sorry to nathreus buff
9226s over on the other side Tice has drawn
9229s his vampiric blood can gain himself 10
9232s Health
9233s not restored but again
9239s finds a corpse explosion and a mutinous
9242s mutinous is really big for spino major
9245s star of yesterday's games yeah
9247s I wonder if he'll wait for bran though I
9250s don't I'm not sure if they're running
9252s brand I know the other two teams are but
9255s it's the blood team running brand I
9257s don't think I've seen so much of him
9259s today I I it was starting to feel like
9261s bran was in everyone's deck yeah bran is
9264s in both the frost and the Unholy teams
9267s decks but it looks like the blood team
9270s did not put Brandon to their decks from
9274s what I have I'm looking right here as
9276s well and I don't see it either but let's
9278s take a look at what Fino is discovering
9280s just decided to pick himself up a
9283s repulsive gargantuan this is an
9286s interesting card we haven't seen either
9289s it uh enemy characters can't be healed
9292s it's attached to this 3-6 Undead for
9295s four Mana it's a Frost death knight card
9297s but we haven't seen it hit the board
9299s yeah interestingly I saw this card
9302s played a lot when they were practicing
9304s when we were spectating them practice
9306s but it seems like they didn't want to
9308s put it into their final decks maybe they
9310s just didn't think it was as powerful but
9311s yeah we did you can pick it up off of a
9314s discover
9318s Fina really charging forward
9322s spammy off the top
9325s it looks like Texas has a few ways to
9327s deal with this but keep in mind Tice
9328s only has two corpses so if Tice wanted
9331s to use his explosion it would only work
9333s twice and only deal two damage yeah
9336s [Music]
9338s what he's worried about right now I
9339s think he's worried about this eight
9340s attack this five attack there's four
9341s attack and they would all survive but
9343s here he has found a way to set up a nice
9346s clean spammy Arcanist full board clear
9350s gonna follow it up with the hero power
9353s and a very cool necrolyte which means
9355s once that hero power goal dies leaves
9357s behind the tutu
9360s oh Fino must have cast play grain at
9362s some point because grain crate comes off
9363s the top spawning him at 2-2 Undead
9365s peasant yeah Fino is piloting the triple
9368s Unholy deck so he does run that
9375s we're gonna see Invincible come down
9378s yes
9381s and it's going to buff the undead
9384s peasant picking it up
9386s to a swole 7-7
9392s Ty's got to be thinking to himself why
9393s do I keep getting these Mistress of
9395s mixtures off the top of my deck
9398s not what I'm looking over and over that
9399s s68 I bet that's gonna go on the 7-7
9401s because otherwise yep the invisible will
9403s continue to buff
9404s but Invincible now is free for the
9407s clearing not going to buff snuggling and
9409s also not going to buff an empty board
9415s gold charge saying put me in coach I can
9417s take care of that pesky 5-1 legendary
9420s but this is a perfect sub for fina's
9423s Scourge play
9424s let's see what it is this is always a
9426s big moment never know what Undead are
9429s going to hit the board
9431s oh deathbringer sauraphang that's gonna
9433s go back to Fino's hand can choose to
9435s redeploy it for health instead of Mana
9437s Alexandra's mograin more exciting
9440s because of the Battle Cry which isn't
9441s going to happen because ended up there
9443s because of scourge just the 7-7 but
9445s still a seven seven
9447s he has to be careful about playing
9448s spells with that wild pyromancer it is
9450s one of those cards that retroactively
9452s had Undead added to it so now wild
9455s pyromancer can come from The Scourge and
9457s if you play a spell you're going to
9458s start damaging your minions been here
9460s since beta but got a new coat of Undead
9462s paint
9471s get on through you're right I mean
9474s there's a lot of low Health Minions
9476s going on with Death Knight
9478s The Scourge conscripts all sizes
9485s now he is going to overdraw because he
9486s got deathbringer sour Fang on his uh
9489s on his Scourge good catch
9492s what do we burn ask the Lord oh not what
9497s you wanna lose
9500s not great but Sergeant Matthews now has
9502s 29 damage to deal not quite what he
9505s needs he needs 40 currently no but Fino
9508s can open with the three five that he
9510s doesn't have to pay manafort just how
9513s yeah versus a blood player I feel like
9515s that's very good card and Lord marigar
9518s it has someone a bunch of ghouls and
9521s buff them like crazy spends every single
9523s corpse and Buffs per Corp spent so you
9527s see you end up with a 23-23 a 1919 a
9530s 17-17 all for the price of eight Mana
9535s the Buffs are ridiculous ghoulish one
9538s might say I like the way he played that
9540s because you spend one corpse to gain one
9543s token with rush so every corpse you
9545s spend you get one token but once the
9547s board's full then it starts buffing and
9549s so you're you can have Minions on the
9553s board already you don't have to fill it
9554s with these Rush minions because now
9556s these Rush minions are bigger in size
9558s because you spend the corpse on the buff
9560s instead of on the minion and the siren
9562s at 3 is going to go down in just an easy
9564s win for Fino yeah that's all so much
9568s power some of the most stats we have
9570s seen on board so far Vino tying it up
9575s ah I'm sure Tice was feeling good
9578s sitting at that 102. team blood needing
9581s to find a way to scrape more points
9583s together yeah I was talking to team
9585s blood or and
9587s saying that their deck are pretty good
9589s put together but they don't have the
9591s finishers that they need to end the game
9593s and I think they're starting to feel
9594s that they're realizing what are we gonna
9597s do so hopefully they came up with a game
9599s plan for that last night like what are
9600s we gonna do to finish these games and
9602s what are we going to do to risk it in
9605s round two yeah well let's see if they
9608s find a way to start finishing things
9610s after this break
9615s foreign
9648s foreign
9651s [Music]
9664s [Music]
9696s foreign
9703s [Music]
9735s foreign
9736s [Music]
9758s [Music]
9772s to the march of the Lich King death
9775s knight show match
9777s We are continuing with our rounds as we
9779s get closer and closer to the end of
9782s stage one and approach the beginning of
9785s stage two what a round we had one of our
9788s quicker ones Lisa yes definitely a
9791s little bit faster but very exciting
9792s nonetheless
9794s yeah you know those blood those blood
9796s decks can cause the game to go long but
9798s at the moment it's feeling like Frost
9800s and Unholy might have blood's number
9805s let's take a look at some of the action
9806s that just took place on a race with a
9810s big denaturis play there but cantaloupe
9813s countering with patchwork
9815s that found a way to take out death
9817s Whisperer despite there being a full
9819s Board of minions and uh deciding to call
9823s it there
9824s we got Abilene versus meaty salsa yeah
9827s Abilene was able to defeat meaty and end
9830s his win streak we know that the blood
9832s team had a bit of a comeback in this
9835s last round but I hear that reach is
9837s killed and is 6-0 today so we just
9840s really destroying helping team Frost out
9843s while teen blood's clawing back a bit uh
9845s Ty's got a win avalinka win so they're
9848s able to slow down one Unholy member and
9851s one Frost member uh Regis kilban 2-0
9854s bunny Hopper 11 verse dog and there are
9858s the rest of the standings yeah the host
9861s two old alistraza as we saw meeting
9864s Abilene ending in a tie and killed in
9866s two owing No Hands gamer and that's how
9870s round 11 wrapped up as we look ahead to
9875s round 12. but let's look at team
9877s standings team Frost starting to run
9881s away they're ascending The Frozen Throne
9884s my goodness with 101 points to team
9886s unholy's 68 in team blood starting to
9890s find more points at 29. yeah now
9894s remember they're trying to
9896s wool before next round when they will be
9899s going to start risking their points in
9902s the challenges
9905s yeah those points are going it's it's
9907s not just
9909s their their place
9911s and look at those players saying Regis
9913s kilbin still sitting at 45 points
9916s followed by a meaty dog bunny Hopper you
9919s know looking somewhat similar to the
9922s round before with a lot of blue and a
9925s lot of green making up our top six so
9928s happy to see Regis on top he's just been
9930s totally crushing it this week 6-0
9933s currently today and you can just see him
9936s destroying the standings now we see that
9939s uh
9940s meaty is right behind him that well not
9942s right behind him we just almost done
9944s double these players points yeah Regis
9947s has been he was pretty consistent
9948s yesterday and then as you mentioned that
9950s win streak that he is currently on and
9952s still on it hasn't ended do we think
9955s Regis kill them is going to become a
9956s Regis chilled in Maine and to start
9959s maning death Knights I I think that
9963s might be the case also I mean think
9964s about how much how many games he has
9966s under his belt he's ready to hit the
9968s ladder I mean all of these players yes
9969s I'm sure they are what about you I kind
9973s of want to jump in actually I've been
9974s I'm like oh I've learned so much it's a
9977s byproduct yeah I I can't wait to start
9980s playing that on holy deck that Fino is
9983s running the triple Unholy that's the one
9985s I'm going to start off with what about
9987s you
9988s wow I I'd like the triple Frost I I get
9992s so excited watching meaty yeah media's
9994s deck is really interesting and the
9996s dragon Frost deck that we that we also
9997s get those are I think some of our
9999s favorite decks certainly what I think
10001s are are some of the most unique
10003s decklists that you see here today not
10005s not the what we traditionally thought
10007s that we would see
10009s right exactly
10011s um but let's take a look at the next
10014s round of matchups as we continue on into
10017s round 12. with Fino versus cantaloupe
10020s Hunter race versus Tice dog versus Ali
10022s Strazza this guy's toast versus bunny
10024s Hopper meeting versus No Hands gamer and
10027s Regis kilbin see if you can keep
10030s killing all day versus Abilene what we
10033s saw
10037s do you think she's going to try and shut
10038s down
10041s eating team blood she is the shutdown
10043s Queen so she could be the one to end
10045s Regis Philbin Street absolutely she is
10047s the blood player to keep your eye on
10049s because we were looking at those points
10050s and yeah they they are significantly
10052s lower than our other two teams but every
10054s time we look at the player's standings
10055s Abilene is at the top of the crop for
10059s the blood death 19. yeah that would be
10062s an exciting game to watch
10064s yes it would you know Hunter Acer says
10067s Tice as well I would I would love to get
10069s an eye on because it's just Powerhouse
10071s players a lot of hearthstone Talent
10074s between those two and Dr Sally strausa
10077s those are two names that we'd love to
10079s see and that would be a fun matchup to
10082s watch absolutely but let's get into it
10085s our featured game of round 12 disguised
10088s toast versus bunny Hopper two fun decks
10091s to watch we have that Dragon deck that
10093s we've talked about in bunny Hopper he
10095s has a really greedy play style and I
10098s love these two yeah they both do
10099s disguise test runs discouraged he wants
10102s brand with the with the doubling deck
10104s size
10106s and all the stuff that toast can do to
10109s just keep refilling the board he is
10111s going to full Mulligan his hand while
10113s bunny Hopper is gonna think about it he
10115s likes to use his rope this guy's Toes
10118s has gotten siren Affairs into his
10120s starting hand and that Prince remithal
10122s we love a Tempo Prince in the early game
10125s you don't want to see a late game
10128s deciding to keep the harbinger and the
10130s spammy but bunny picks up his other copy
10133s of spammy so board clears are going to
10136s be on the menu for bunny Hopper you
10138s don't hate to see that as bunny Hopper
10140s when you're facing an Unholy deck no and
10142s it's and it's nice you know we talk
10143s about how how death knight doesn't have
10145s the most card draw in the world but if
10147s you play Frost you can get more of it
10149s and Bunny Hoppers starting with two of
10151s it frost specific with Harbinger and uh
10154s no room whatsoever with chill Fallen
10157s Baron
10158s yeah this Heartbreaker is a nice just
10160s two drop two two drop uh specific card
10163s it has you draw a frost spell so that is
10166s a nice card
10169s and disguised is able to Tempo out a
10172s three drop just deciding does he want a
10173s card like princess that can value trade
10175s or does he want to start getting some
10178s straw going with chill fall and baron
10179s decides to go with that value card that
10183s allows him to have a bit more Tempo
10185s Malcolm coming off the top nothing to
10187s cast it on yet it tends to find its ways
10190s onto Undead but it's more interesting
10192s than bunny Hoppers because he also is
10194s more than happy to discover additional
10197s dragons with his amalgam yeah so here
10200s are the Spells offered to bunny Hopper
10203s the two I'm looking at are blood boiled
10205s Army of the dead he knows he's dealing
10207s with a wide board player so which one is
10210s going to help with the board they both
10212s deal two damage but blood boil does give
10215s lifesteal while the other one Army of
10218s the Dead gives corpses so he's like do I
10220s need corpses do I need lifesteal he is
10222s playing a dragon-centric deck so maybe
10224s he doesn't need as many corpses and
10226s that's what he decided to go with that
10227s blood boil
10230s saying don't forget about me I just did
10232s face damage
10233s envelope coming off the top for bunny
10235s Hopper is available to use you need
10238s another dragon in your hand to trigger
10240s the three damage Battle Cry but there's
10243s an amalgam and Malcolm says I'm whatever
10245s you need me to be I'm anything I'm
10248s everything
10250s I almost want to ask you what noise does
10252s amalgam make but it makes all of them
10253s constantly
10258s a murloc pirate simultaneously what does
10260s it sound like
10262s okay decides to use amalgam and go
10265s fishing for additional Undead
10269s so he does pick up just a body bag or a
10273s one Mana one three acelor comes down
10275s deals two damage two Prince renithal
10279s gonna get a nice little clear with the
10281s Ruby and vizier
10283s this is the first turn it was active for
10286s asphalore with that manifest of four
10288s okay
10291s the place sometimes
10294s is the place
10298s Accolade of death coming off the top oh
10301s disguise chose one man a short of
10303s developing it which would be very nice
10305s if he's thinking about trading in these
10307s shambling zombies but it's not I would
10310s say it's not on the cards but it's not
10311s in the Mana right now yeah but if you
10314s can get this battle fiend down and then
10316s about feel down and it doesn't die next
10318s turn it's going to be a really good good
10320s card to play behind it so they'll be
10322s safe behind a taunt
10324s it'll be kind of awkward for the Mana if
10326s he plays it next turn more likely he
10328s plays a tomb Guardian but yeah and if
10332s again if Necromancer can survive also
10334s it'll continue producing taunts while
10336s disgusto is only sitting on one corpse
10338s at the moment he's about to make some
10339s more
10343s so I know bunny Hopper has plenty of
10345s ways to clear especially with that
10346s spamming and the frost strike that just
10348s ended up in his hand too that can go
10350s straight to the Necromancer if he finds
10352s that to be a particular annoyance yeah
10355s so the thing about spammy is it can deal
10358s with small minions but it can also deal
10360s with very very large as long as he finds
10363s a way to make it work so I feel like
10364s he's probably going to hold off on
10366s spammy until it gets a little bit
10368s scarier than those four here yeah so
10370s he's offered the Syrian repulsive
10372s gargantuan Lady Death whisper he's
10374s playing an extremely green deck so he's
10377s going to say to himself am I too greedy
10379s versus my opponent
10380s therefore do I need more utility or do I
10384s need more greed and since he is so
10386s greedy I think he's going to go for that
10387s utility in the this area yeah that as
10391s spell heavy as other Frost decks as well
10393s so maybe thinking uh the death whisper
10395s isn't worth as much yeah it's just since
10398s he's such a greedy line it
10404s on six Mana Sylvanas barely not infused
10408s will become infused just with one trade
10410s so yeah it's good to scrap cesarean
10414s a little weak but something yeah that's
10418s the thing with these death knight decks
10419s all of them are either running large
10422s minions are capable of making them large
10427s I saw him hovering over that Sylvanas I
10429s think yeah I think he's looking at it
10432s he's definitely looking at it because
10433s he's trying to find a way to gain board
10435s control and once he has border control
10437s he can really just start to pop off and
10439s currently bunny Hopper has that control
10441s so that is a tool because otherwise his
10444s hand doesn't really utilize getting back
10446s in the game
10448s except for maybe the nerubian busier
10454s to have a think
10458s yeah I think he's really hesitant to
10459s make this play but thinks it's his only
10461s way
10463s yeah because without I mean it has
10464s reborn which makes it so powerful but
10466s without the Battle Cry it's missing out
10468s on
10469s just a bit of punch
10472s it is now there are other ways we've
10474s seen Unholy friends with this RN play
10477s paid dividends but spammy is going to
10480s come out and shut down most of the
10483s boards the reborn yeah right the reborn
10486s will uh pop at the wrong time spicy and
10489s even the other half of this Orient gonna
10491s go down
10493s now this guy's Toes has a lot of ways to
10495s dig if he doesn't like his other options
10498s can look for a discover with the Ruby
10500s vizier can draw two with defrost
10503s opting though to just add more sticky
10507s reborn zombies
10509s yeah I think he just saw the spammy and
10512s was like this can't get spammied and I
10514s just saw spammy but we know that bunny
10516s hoppy has another spammy but I don't
10518s think he'll use it here again like I
10519s said I think he's waiting to use it to
10521s see it slightly bigger minions and he
10524s has plenty of ways to handle this
10525s besides
10527s spammy like he has that blood boil
10530s I think every player here this weekend
10532s has seen enough spammy arcanists to know
10535s that if they see one they're probably
10537s gonna have to deal with a second it's
10539s funny because I was kind of looking in
10541s on the The Players conversations with
10543s one another they didn't know what other
10544s all the other teams were doing until the
10547s declares were revealed and then holy had
10550s a good laugh when they saw that all the
10552s other players were running spammy and
10554s obviously they're running spammy to
10556s counter that Unholy token style and they
10559s had a good laugh about it I'm sure yeah
10561s this is awkward for bunny Hopper like
10563s you're not staring down a ton of damage
10565s but he does not have an easy answer for
10567s all of these zombies
10569s no not easy I mean he has the blood boil
10571s but just I think he's trying to he
10573s doesn't want to spend it yet he's trying
10575s to wait till the right moment
10578s we're still multiple turns away from
10580s manifest 10 being active on astalor lots
10584s of draw
10585s coming online for disguised toast
10589s good pick up here in the plague strike
10591s that's going to be perfect with the
10595s trade he just made if that's the way he
10597s decides to go about it and it looks like
10598s it is
10600s yep just gonna leave them with two mana
10603s and then he can end on
10605s defrost drama or a battlefield
10607s Battlefield Necromancer just to keep
10610s protecting that acolyte of death
10612s continuing that draw
10615s ing up for a trade on the body bagger as
10618s well
10619s [Music]
10621s yeah he decides instead of using the
10623s battlefield that he's going to use that
10624s cool to get that extra damage
10627s he still has a taunt to perfectly fine
10628s he's gotten so much draw already
10631s and a lot of reload in the double Army
10633s of the Dead for his sire janathrius
10635s that's already at 23 damage
10640s now this is a great turn for blood boil
10642s it leaves up a three four which noxious
10646s cadaver can deal with
10649s yeah you get the heel on the back side
10651s of it too oh yeah yeah that's the
10654s average is going to set up for the kill
10655s there yeah
10658s a decisive remorse this winter instead
10661s may have been prioritizing the draw
10663s there over the life gain yeah and maybe
10665s thinking the left game can give him a
10667s bit more later if it stays on a minion
10670s longer but I think he needs to realize
10673s that sire danathius could come down soon
10676s and heel is important uh disguised toes
10679s looking at a discover and the scourge
10681s was offered so although you've missed
10683s this cover all you need to know that
10685s there was a Scourge there he grabbed the
10687s scourge
10689s right now getting the army of the Dead
10690s In the Mix you're going to end with
10693s another Battlefield necromancer
10695s throwing a taunt up in the way
10698s we've seen Fri it was literally it was
10701s so much of the story yesterday that
10703s meaty tweeted about it frost had so many
10706s answers for dinathrius yesterday
10708s especially on the back half of the event
10711s haven't seen as much of it today we've
10712s seen what one dinathrius dealt with
10715s before he came down today well
10717s we've been watching more bunny Hopper
10719s from the frost team and like we were
10720s talking about earlier bunny his dad his
10722s deck more made to deal with control
10725s decks of blood which uh he they weren't
10728s expecting Sergeant atherius in the blood
10730s decks so he didn't really put that in
10732s there as much I don't think but yeah we
10734s haven't seen it as much as
10736s disappointingly but I'm sure
10738s the players are happy about it
10740s I'm sure bunny Hopper is happy about
10742s that full board clear from spammy
10744s Arcanist
10745s I'm lucky he's thinking about following
10747s that off with some draw from defrost
10748s says Noah why would want to send my welp
10750s and my noxious cadaver face let's move
10753s this game along yeah he needs to put as
10755s much on the board as possible because
10756s there's a 36 damage sire it did not here
10760s comes this scourge
10763s what's it going to be
10767s another kel'thuzad the inevitable on
10769s board we saw one of those yesterday it
10770s was a lot more buff than that however
10774s okay nothing too spicy nothing too spicy
10778s for the bone lure that's all I care
10781s about happen it can happen the other
10783s thing I'm looking for is no taunt when
10784s they need it not that disguise toast
10786s really need to talk right now
10788s no and what bunny Hopper needs is a
10791s million more life
10793s because other if he doesn't get it he
10795s will face death what he needs is a board
10798s clear right now and it feels bad to like
10800s have asked the Lord the flamebringer be
10802s your only hope for an escape from this
10804s board that you're staring down he has
10806s death strike and blood boil
10812s it's something it's a it's a fantastic
10814s heel though with a full board
10818s gets himself a malignant horror
10825s howling blast
10830s oh my God what does he find there's a
10832s cesarean he's going straight into the
10833s blood boil
10836s past he's gonna heal from Miss
10838s mistress as well
10840s bring them up to full health authority
10842s yeah he's unfortunately
10845s just dead yeah that's a lot of damage
10848s left on board plus the 39 damage
10852s siredenathri is from hand
10855s sure looks like that's going to give is
10858s it not enough not enough 39
10866s it's not
10868s because we are seeing him go in for the
10870s trades
10871s [Music]
10876s also gave the additional Infuse there
10878s bringing to nathri's up to 41.
10882s yeah so Sergeant now they're Sleepless
10888s that was a
10891s it was there he had to think about for a
10894s second but it was definitely there and
10896s disguised toast takes the wood versus
10898s bunny Hopper I meant he needed that
10901s additional one fuse there was just a
10903s little too much soak on board they're
10905s looking at uh the deck that this guy's
10908s toast just piloted into his first win in
10910s his match up there
10912s you know that we talk a lot about the
10914s north North Aaron but wasn't a player in
10918s the last game we didn't see it we didn't
10920s see this invincible either but we just
10922s saw constant Tempo constant tempos that
10924s we saw and just Bunny not being able to
10927s handle it getting a bit greedy with his
10930s board clears waiting a bit long and
10932s because he waited a little bit probably
10934s slightly greedy maybe not but it did end
10937s up affecting him especially because uh
10940s toad started with that sire danathius in
10942s hand yeah and a lot of the stuff at the
10944s end too that went down came from that X
10946s Factor of that Scourge cast
10949s as we move into game two yes game two
10952s has started
10960s we get our uh our rentals just uh saying
10963s hi to each other
10965s neither ending up in our players
10967s starting hands like they happen to have
10968s been seems to be a theme today but we
10970s get get a break from it in this game
10973s let's start for both players a disguise
10975s test getting his uh arms dealer out but
10978s then bunny Hopper having an instant
10980s solution with the noxious cadaver and
10983s then toast having an instant solution
10985s again with the bone Digger guys because
10986s he has a corpse to get himself a two
10989s Mana three four these are those curves
10991s you're gonna be happy to play out as
10994s you're learning death knight it's gonna
10995s feel good it's gonna fit perfectly
11000s yep and toast really starting to really
11005s value that Tempo bunny Hopper gets a
11008s school teacher in hand for four also has
11010s the narubian vizier so a couple options
11013s for some development and some new tools
11017s to come to hand yeah you could play
11019s vizier fourth three and still have one
11021s man left over but if you do get a
11022s discount but he opted for the school
11024s teacher instead
11026s playing strike would be really nice
11028s since it's dealing three and discovering
11030s a two he goes with a glacial Advance
11032s which deals four probably expecting a
11035s school teacher so that is a nice Target
11037s for the glacial advance and there it is
11039s with the with toast having to make his
11041s own discover opting to attach Frost
11044s strike to a nogling that he can play
11046s right now courtesy of the coin
11051s so he will get a discover off of this
11053s what's he gonna go with Harbinger
11055s remorseless winner or rhyme Fang sword
11059s uh well it looks like he wants the draw
11062s he's going to draw a frost spell and he
11065s is playing the one Frost deck right so
11067s you can't draw Frost Bells we are also
11069s getting
11071s there's a lot of draw and frost going on
11073s because we just got another Harbinger
11074s from bunny Hopper
11080s yeah so he got that nogling in hand
11082s specifically I believe to deal with the
11085s school teacher so I think we will see
11087s that come out it would also reduce the
11090s cost of the next card by two which would
11092s allow for this Death Strike to also kill
11094s the 3-4
11096s giving back the board to bunny Hopper
11099s and give him a lifesteal of six didn't
11101s need that much damage but he'll take
11103s that much healing
11106s tomb Guardians off the top four
11107s disguised toast
11109s yeah he has a double draw in hand or he
11111s can go single draw with the harbinger
11113s into graveyard shift to start to get
11115s some sticky Minions on board so I I
11118s could see him going either of those
11119s routes
11122s this guy's house likes the delay tactics
11125s which I thought we would primarily see
11127s from blood death Knights but tools like
11130s tomb Guardians gives plenty of
11132s protection to Unholy as well yeah it
11136s looks like he might be thinking of army
11137s of the dead he could trade first and
11140s then he wouldn't get the full corpse
11141s value but he could get four tutus and
11143s leave him with three tutus which looks
11146s pretty good here oh those two noggling
11148s is not getting a long fight in the
11151s schoolyard he floated a man uh
11155s that's happened a bit why does it offend
11157s you this time slissa let's dive into
11159s that
11160s early in the game it hurts
11166s six men on board
11168s are we going for a double Battle Cry of
11169s his ear oh yes we are yes we are get
11172s your discover on play Green asphyxiate
11174s or defrost what one do you want you want
11177s more draw and you don't want to pay for
11179s it
11180s I really like the asphyxiate there I'm
11183s curious
11184s maybe he thinks he has enough ways to
11186s handle big minions but it's good in the
11188s future but yeah there's just no big
11192s threats also with our Caster Vision
11193s there's not really any big threats in
11195s hand yet yeah but you just knew that he
11198s knows that
11201s minions so I can't live your life in
11204s fear of the natural I read after last
11207s game I think bunny should be shaking
11209s it's fair to Natural is Israel and
11211s denatures can hurt you
11214s toast gets his brand in hand
11217s and brand and my favorite
11222s there we see not quite at full value off
11225s of the army of the Dead not enough
11226s corpses only gonna get four of them but
11230s will allow disguise toast to keep
11232s control this but no
11234s just decides the hole to leave the 2-4
11236s up oh
11239s because my opponent doesn't have blood
11240s boil
11241s it's fine
11244s but your opponent does have defrost and
11246s might find
11248s [Music]
11250s that's a strike
11253s the fast strike would remove one allow
11255s him to continue discovering get himself
11257s another froth Rune card
11259s what says you know what I like spell
11261s damage with my howling blast as that
11263s takes care of those 2-2 ghouls that you
11267s left up
11270s with his own double Battle Cry vizier
11273s and that's exactly what he's going to do
11274s courtesy of bronzebeard there's a
11277s scourge
11278s picks it up seven Mana Scourge in the
11281s hand of disguised toast worked out for
11283s him very well last night that is
11287s disgusting toast it doesn't have the
11289s naturals in hand however
11294s Scourge can win a game by itself but it
11297s is not guaranteed oh man he even draws
11300s Sylvanas so that the scourge can Infuse
11302s Sylvanas quite quickly and followed by
11304s Invincible which would follow all that
11306s up quite nicely because you know what
11308s Sylvanas would be happy to receive the
11310s blessing of invincible the frost Dragon
11313s dealing with bran discovering a cesarean
11315s or more draw potentially more draw
11318s depending on what bunny Hopper is
11319s digging for we still haven't seen any of
11321s the big dragons no where are our dragons
11324s but I don't think he's looking for the
11326s dragons he's looking for control
11330s all right oh Lady Death whisper
11333s interesting that allows him to use a lot
11336s of horns of winters to give him a lot of
11339s um
11340s a lot of Bannon in one turn yes
11342s potentially for sure too both copies
11344s currently in his hair and maybe he wants
11346s four I was looking at marrow manipulator
11348s but maybe he thought it just wasn't
11349s powerful enough since he's already lost
11353s um so he just decided hey I want these
11356s endless endless Mana
11360s foreign
11363s comes down on eight gold I'm okay with
11367s this one flow the banana what does it
11370s end up being let's take a look oh
11372s another deathbring sauraphang if that
11374s gets killed it will go back to disguised
11376s toast's hand
11378s can be cast again for health instead of
11381s Mana yeah also in the Invincible on the
11382s board which is really rough to deal with
11384s there's our big dragon malagos also
11386s coming into the top of the hand off the
11388s top of the deck
11392s about the sorry and this I mean this
11394s damage could go anywhere
11396s it's going to hit the 2-2 heck yeah
11399s cesarian your aim is true
11403s bunny Hopper appears to be much more
11405s interested in getting as much face
11408s damage in as he can
11413s yeah he's gonna be able to use a lot of
11415s remorseless Winters here just to clear
11417s up the boards so easily especially
11419s because that blood Mage style has stayed
11421s out yeah and now look at all of these
11423s manic crystals being refreshed from the
11426s multiple and copies of those multiple
11429s Horn of winters courtesy of death
11431s whisper
11432s yeah what an awesome play by bunny
11434s Hopper look at this combo the minting
11437s controlled award after a seven Bama
11440s discouraged like oh man if I saw seven
11442s Masters I think I would be done for
11444s Windows bunnies found a way to get that
11447s control only birds that the naturalist
11449s off the top of the deck
11451s that's the second time today sourfang
11454s has been responsible for filling the
11456s hand of a player when dinathurist comes
11459s off the top of the deck it just goes
11460s bye-bye goes to his daddy dinathuria's
11463s death
11464s sour fig
11467s this is why they're not running them
11469s because he was burning their denatures
11473s another one burned toast gets burned The
11478s Scourge giveth wins and the scourge
11480s potentially taketh away he is able to
11483s discover a another card given a
11486s possessifier or grave strength can grab
11490s about the Necromancer
11493s look at bunny Hopper chill as can be I
11496s think I'd be pretty chill after that I
11498s think my eyebrow my my eyebrows would
11501s shoot off my face from Joy and shock now
11504s bunny knows that he you can't you can't
11507s celebrate early he knows he gotta wait
11509s till the end of the game when you've
11511s gotten that opponent's face to zero
11514s I'd be feeling pretty good right now
11518s are we heading towards a tie
11522s this guy's toast probably begrudgingly
11524s slams down that sarfang like you jerk
11527s yeah so the onyxia is really nice here
11530s to clean up the board completely leave
11533s at least an eight eight on board
11539s that's a lot of welps to do a lot of
11541s trading again though unless you silence
11544s the saurfang that death rattle just
11547s keeps coming
11548s just keeps clogging up disguised toes
11551s hand
11552s that's true I I can't imagine there'd be
11555s a more painful burn than the one we just
11557s witnessed yeah and he only has nine
11559s cards now so it's okay but he has to
11560s remember every turn I need to spend two
11562s I need to spend two because otherwise
11564s they're gonna keep Burdick he's gonna
11566s get his other Scourge burned or
11569s um some big car that he really needs to
11572s make this epic comeback and that is not
11574s the card he needs that he can discover
11578s another scourge
11580s just getting word that dog just two owed
11583s Ally securing him a bonus and that is
11586s team Unholy versus Team Frost in favor
11588s of Team Unholy courtesy of dog
11591s they need the points right now and
11592s they're finding more yeah I don't know
11594s if they'll be able to get enough points
11595s to win the round robin but they need the
11597s points to be able to challenge next
11600s round
11606s toast finding a way
11609s to get back some minions using the light
11613s Fame a one Rune legendary for Unholy
11618s The Sassy fire has put in a lot of work
11620s in toast games for helping him control
11622s the board and keep his corpse count high
11625s it's only one on holy Rune so I'm
11628s surprised we haven't seen more of it in
11630s our other multi-roon decks
11642s from 60 to 80. he has won every single
11646s game today on an epic win streak he
11649s cannot be stopped wow does he get an
11653s actual Helm of domination like a
11654s physical one that he can wear maybe one
11656s that has a little extra you know space
11657s so it doesn't mess up that wonderful
11659s hair of his
11660s it's all about the hair
11664s no I checked Twitter people are enjoying
11666s the hair on display this weekend and you
11668s know we're happy to read about it
11670s thanks for the support
11672s all right so we do have a howling glass
11674s from the Hannah bunny Hopper as well as
11676s a cesarean so that is some way to clear
11680s he just wants to go face for eight and
11683s then four four more that's all you want
11686s to do it but there's there's three two
11689s two menacing zombies just staring them
11691s down doing their Thriller dance saying
11693s no no not this way sorry
11696s you don't get to ignore taunt you don't
11698s get to ignore the laws of the game
11702s and Bunny Hopper says you know what I do
11704s get to do though draw until my hand is
11707s full
11709s or I no longer have any spells
11712s wasn't much no that's the rest of the
11716s spells in his hand and I bet this guy's
11717s toast made note of that
11720s oh not great decides not to tricks he
11724s would give him another taunt on board
11729s yeah that's right that infection is
11731s still in play on that last remaining a
11733s Nixon well as well as Ray boss annexia
11736s just that of next year is just so darn
11738s healthy
11739s thanks to that immune while you control
11741s a whelp
11743s so full hand for disguise to
11749s here before that this game
11750s yeah I mean
11753s last game was so much different because
11755s of that Sarge and author is in him from
11757s the word is a discover there decides to
11760s take it 15 corpses and about to be more
11764s yeah I wonder if he wants to Tempo it
11768s out now he could you mentioned it much
11770s earlier and it's such a good point it's
11772s it's the flexibility of marigar is
11774s fantastic you're not worried about board
11777s space because those Buffs are still
11779s going to go on to whatever Gollum you
11781s have room for yeah room for one so he's
11785s gonna make one big minion
11787s that's going to be 18 plus two plus two
11790s Buffs
11791s 17 because you use one of them to get
11793s the column in the first place look at
11796s the size of that Golem it's even took
11799s some damage and still sitting at 35 31.
11803s well bunny Hopper does have a magical
11806s patchwork
11808s that could do magical things how magical
11810s do you think it is though
11813s I mean he's a pro player it's gonna hit
11816s every time
11823s so remorseless winter in the hand of
11825s bunny Hopper
11827s which will handle everything but some
11830s scary minions
11833s and necrotic mortician
11837s this does clear the way for patchwork
11839s but now he's out of the Mana he only has
11842s six he does not have the horn
11846s and it just isn't drawing what he needs
11848s so howling blast will have to stall for
11849s him freezing
11852s that risen Golem
11856s [Music]
11860s this guy's toes just all the cards in
11863s the world but limited Mana
11866s yeah he's 17 off
11870s so
11871s what's he gonna do
11874s I think if I was in his shoes right now
11875s I would be wishing my Golem wasn't
11877s Frozen but that is not the world he
11879s lives in he can't even silence it to
11882s make it unfrozen because silencing it
11883s would turn it into a one one
11888s a lot of cars in hand but not the most
11889s impactful
11891s Stitch Giant giant it's just we're used
11893s to seeing it as a 16-16 yeah no lothmore
11895s this game
11897s yet invincible's nice here get a taunt
11901s and play so if that goes on the Frozen
11903s minion makes it more impactful which it
11905s does it lands
11908s yeah he doesn't really need to develop
11910s too much because his hand board is so
11912s strong he does need to get rid of some
11913s cards in hand so he doesn't burn but
11916s yeah it doesn't want to get doesn't want
11917s to play the sour Fang either because
11918s he's at nine health and if you play
11920s saurfang it's going to cost him five
11922s Health to deploy
11925s all right have some life steal for bunny
11927s Hopper can deal with the Lord marigar
11932s that there's no easy answer for him at
11935s the moment for that 40 31 Gollum
11939s doesn't find one here
11947s to see him thinking through yeah because
11950s if he had a freeze for the Gollum
11955s he could death strike the Lord marigar
11958s now he has been here could find an
11962s answer
11965s does he have the Mana yeah yes but not
11968s to use that with death strike
11971s oh no he does because it was reduced in
11973s price because of the end of dying
11978s it's yeah that's that's exactly what he
11981s was looking for
11982s because we as we know because of the
11983s malygos bunny Hopper Drew all of the
11987s remaining spells he had he needed
11988s something like a busier to find an
11990s answer in that situation so guys toast
11993s used as a school teacher to discover a
11996s 68 or howling blast it's going to be
11998s three extra damage for him currently has
12001s 15 damage on board think him eight away
12003s howling blast an extra three putting him
12005s five away from lethal
12008s [Music]
12009s this guy's too sitting there doing some
12012s math
12014s I hear that toast is also an excellent
12017s mathematician well as he's an excellent
12019s healer because he's only on nine health
12025s and blast crazy we've been you know
12027s toast has been in charge for so long but
12029s he's not going to heal his nine Health
12031s like bunny Hopper can win any second
12034s Yeah Toast has had the board but bunny
12037s has had the pressure
12041s arms deal are gonna come down
12044s buff up those undeads one attack every
12046s time Army of the Dead coming out more
12049s than enough corpses for it but not more
12051s than enough board space to get full
12052s value
12057s takes money cover down to 10.
12060s oh Lord
12062s I'm not sure this is where you develop
12065s Frost whisper
12066s are we sure
12068s doesn't have taunt
12071s dead on board
12073s [Music]
12077s of course if you think you're dead
12079s anyway you just do it for the for the
12080s for the joy of it for the joy of the
12082s frost whisper brings much joy
12085s but with Cyrus and atheros bring more
12090s [Music]
12092s it's like we're going for the kasaka
12094s stand
12095s we haven't seen this yet in a in a
12097s broadcasted game
12099s oh wow
12102s making selections extremely quickly I
12105s hope you caught them all
12107s because I didn't
12109s I caught them none
12112s caught absolutely nothing well there's
12113s ancient Reflections off the top
12115s but bunny Hopper is out of mana and dead
12118s on board there's the concede disguised
12120s toast beats bunny Hopper 2-0
12122s as we move over move over to see what's
12124s happening in our team on holy versus
12126s Team blood game of Hunter race facing
12129s off against dice
12131s this is gonna be the last game of round
12133s 12 before we head into round two of this
12137s death knight show match hunter Ace is up
12140s one of the Tice
12141s but Tyson looking to control the board a
12144s bit oh just kidding close your eyes
12148s and there there it goes
12151s lethal with the denaturis hunter Ace 2
12154s owing
12155s another team blood player on tice
12159s oh the the damage the damage on display
12163s uh especially between bunny Hopper and
12167s disguised toast that was so close at the
12169s end they were both so low Health yeah
12171s they weren't having a lot of options to
12173s heal neither of them being on team blood
12175s but they found some blood options uh but
12177s yeah it was so close it looked like
12180s toast the whole time but bunny had them
12182s at nine health so it could have gone
12183s anyway it went in toast favor and toast
12186s defeated bunny Hopper yeah that's that
12188s type of situation and we really saw it
12190s there and it was so evident when the
12191s malygos came down and you're like wait
12193s what why did it stop drawing so quickly
12195s it's because there were no more spells
12197s in the deck for bunny Hopper and so he
12199s was completely dependent on the
12202s generation of cards like vizier yeah and
12205s find answers to anything and then also
12206s he needed answers for board which meant
12208s that damage was not going where you love
12210s to send it face exactly it's the place
12213s it would have been the place if he had
12215s nine more of it but he didn't
12217s foreign
12219s yes any most importantly needed like
12221s nine of it all at once yeah you can do
12224s it over multiple turns because there
12225s were so many turns we were just looking
12227s at it it's like he's he's dead on board
12229s yeah I'd love the play where he was able
12231s to use Horn of winter to really uh
12234s maximize a ton of mana and clear the
12236s scourge out of the way uh a turn seven
12239s Scourge super scary he found the way to
12242s deal with it but it just wasn't enough
12243s so toast comes on with the win excellent
12246s win by disguised host yeah but we have
12248s got a couple highlights from this round
12251s we've got Fino here versus cantaloupe
12254s look at Acid Lord just laying down the
12256s pain
12259s Lord marigar Lord marigar actually
12261s getting the swing having too much of
12263s that so far Fino getting one up over
12265s cantaloupe remorseless winter coming in
12268s to start the board clear from meaty
12273s I'm gonna I'm stealing his deck at the
12276s end of this it's happening this is the
12278s first death in my deck I'm taking out on
12280s ladder
12281s I'm curious to see if he if there's any
12283s card that he would change now playing it
12285s so often this weekend tournament he is
12288s someone to follow on Twitter to see how
12290s he likes this deck after playing it so
12292s much and what he would do differently
12293s look at this double marrow manipulator
12295s pop off the courtesy of bran and also
12299s just enough corpses that went down to
12302s zero corpses for meaty it was perfect
12304s lethal look at these standings
12306s calculated rocketing I didn't know
12309s Rockets ran on Frost but they are
12311s rocking above to the top staying on top
12314s with 113 points team and holy still in
12317s second place they picked up a lot of
12318s points around they did they did then an
12321s 88 in team blood still slowly chipping
12324s away at their point total Regis kilban
12326s still on top with his insanely
12328s consistent play 49 points look at the
12332s spread from first to second place yeah
12335s Regis Skillet did not lose stay not once
12337s so media I believe did get stopped at
12339s one point and Regis on a tear absolute
12343s Legend we are going to have to update
12345s his player card yes that says never won
12348s a game of hearthstone I've never won
12349s what a liar
12352s well let's see if Regis can keep it up
12357s uh on top of changing formats yeah we're
12360s going to be changing formats in next
12362s round where we're going to be having a
12364s death knight and a Challenger for each
12366s team and we're going to have some points
12368s on the line yeah it's going to be super
12371s exciting we're going into a slightly
12373s longer break we'll be back in 10 minutes
12384s [Music]
12396s thank you
12400s foreign
12406s [Music]
12429s foreign
12433s [Music]
12469s thank you
12471s foreign
12473s [Music]
12505s foreign
12516s [Music]
12529s [Music]
12537s foreign
12539s [Music]
12553s [Music]
12566s I don't know
12567s [Music]
12597s foreign
12601s [Music]
12619s [Music]
12624s what happens
12633s foreign
12633s [Music]
12641s [Applause]
12650s [Music]
12660s foreign
12663s [Music]
12673s [Music]
12685s [Applause]
12685s [Music]
12694s foreign
12696s [Music]
12724s foreign
12727s [Music]
12743s thank you
12748s [Music]
12781s foreign
12783s [Music]
12817s foreign
12820s [Music]
12847s [Music]
12858s foreign
12862s [Music]
12891s foreign
12897s [Music]
12931s foreign
12944s [Music]
12962s foreign
12967s [Music]
12985s [Music]
12989s thank you
12998s foreign
12999s [Music]
13015s Hey Okay so let's talk about the new
13018s expansion Our Story begins as the Lich
13021s King wakes from a long Slumber he sends
13023s his Undead armies against the cities of
13025s Azeroth kicking off the second Scourge
13027s war or as World of Warcraft players
13029s might call it Wrath of the Lich King
13031s hearthstone's latest expansion casts a
13033s spotlight on one besieged city the blood
13036s elf capital of Silvermoon now along with
13038s the death Knights half of our classes
13040s have allied with the Lich King's Undead
13041s Scourge and half of the blood elves
13043s right so here's a rundown of what the
13046s scourge aligned classes are up to
13047s warlocks use frightful Soul magic
13049s priests have necromancers to raise the
13051s dead shamans are calling forth ancient
13054s spirits of the drakari ice trolls Rogues
13056s craft clever concoctions Druids bring
13059s forth skittering death and all of them
13061s can take advantage of exciting new
13063s Undead synergies
13065s there are also numerous Undead in
13067s neutral and that'll establish a
13069s foundation for Undead decks to come so
13070s that is the scourge but we've also got
13073s lots of blood elves blood elves Silver
13076s Moon is the capital city of the bloodles
13078s and we had a really wonderful time
13080s turning this beautiful warm and sunny
13082s City into an icy Battlefield
13085s Silverman city is located in this region
13088s called questalos and the blood elves
13090s will fight to the end for their Homeland
13091s so there are five major factions of
13094s blood elves and each is represented by
13096s one of our classes first up the
13098s magisters there are Mages and they're
13100s led by the grand Magister ramus their
13103s masters of magic next up the far
13106s Striders led by how to run brightwing
13108s they're resourceful hunters and sling
13110s Arcane arrows at their foes I'm really
13113s excited for the blood Knights a very
13114s different sort of Paladin blood elves
13116s have bent the light to their will by
13118s force and are darker and more vengeful
13120s than most of the other paladins you've
13122s seen before
13123s blood matriarch liadron who also saw in
13126s our opening cinematic commands the blood
13128s Knights
13130s yeah and then for warrior we've got the
13132s spell Breakers they're Valiant Defenders
13134s of the city and they're led by asvidan
13136s the grand Shield
13137s but Warrior also features a few other
13140s extra spicy cards that I'm particularly
13142s fired up about and finally we've got
13145s Demon Hunter following some regrettable
13148s recent events many of the blood elves
13150s have become addicted to fell magic
13152s transforming them into fell blood elves
13154s they're now outcasts of blood elf
13156s Society lurking in the dark corners and
13159s alleys of Silver Moon but when the
13161s scourge attack they unite under the
13162s leadership of feller and the forgotten
13164s to join the fight
13166s that covers the five classes but we've
13168s also got many of the denizens of
13169s silvermine in neutral
13170s including Laura martharone the Regent
13172s Lord of guelphalos
13179s that unites the blood elves isn't there
13181s there is we've also got a new keyword
13183s for the expansion used to cross the
13185s blood Elven classes in neutral it's
13187s called Manna thirst Manna thirst cards
13190s do something extra if you have X Mana
13193s crystals it doesn't spend that Mana
13195s these cards just become more powerful
13197s past a certain point in the game okay I
13200s have one last card to show you and this
13202s is a special one Manna thirst represents
13205s the blood elves dependence on magical
13207s energies and the main source of magical
13209s energy for them is the sunwell this
13212s great font of magical power that Silver
13214s Moon is built around this is
13216s hearthstone's first neutral spell and
13218s everyone is going to get a chance to
13220s give it a try as we're giving it out
13221s just for logging in for free starting
13224s today and we have a few more
13226s announcements to share there's an
13228s exciting new type of collectible coming
13230s signature cards one of the most
13232s requested types of Cosmetics this new
13235s card showcases the full card Art here's
13238s a look at March of the Lich King picture
13239s cards we've gone with an icy CPS style
13242s along with a dark scroogy frame in total
13245s there are 18 signature cosmetic cards
13247s for the march of the Lich King including
13249s 15 legendaries you'll find them in card
13251s packs and they're not craftable March of
13254s the Lich King golden packs have been
13255s upgraded to Signature Golden packs they
13258s have a higher chance of including
13259s legendaries and signature cards and will
13261s be available for direct purchase at
13263s launch and here's one more northmar
13266s Thrones we think signature cards are
13268s elegant and unique and we hope you will
13271s too
13275s [Music]
13301s foreign
13312s thank you
13315s [Music]
13349s foreign
13358s [Music]
13376s thank you
13379s [Music]
13395s [Music]
13409s [Music]
13414s foreign
13418s [Music]
13451s foreign
13453s [Music]
13461s to the death knight show match we are
13465s just moments away from beginning stage
13468s two of our event death's challenge
13471s Garrett here again with Alyssa coming
13474s out of our round robin stage what an
13478s onslaught
13479s of Death Knight on death knight violence
13481s yeah stage one was spicy but stage two
13485s is about to get even spicier with so
13488s much about to go down and uh you know
13491s right now team Frost is ahead buy a lot
13494s but that might not be the case because
13496s we have death's challenge coming up each
13499s team will have a death knight and a
13502s challenger to challenge opposing teams
13505s death Knights the Challenger will
13507s utilize points that they've earned all
13510s throughout those round robin stage and
13512s they are going to be using those points
13515s to try earn more points yeah they're
13517s going to put them up and they could
13520s potentially could potentially swing it
13521s in their favor or lose even more points
13525s so yeah if a teamwork to put up 20
13527s points they could end up earning 40 if
13530s they win or losing those 20 points so
13533s this could be a huge turnaround every
13535s team will face one another once or every
13538s Challenger will face every death knight
13540s once basically that's gonna give us six
13542s games to see who is our true winner for
13546s this uh show match yes and it's worth
13549s mentioning too we're moving on from best
13550s of two to a best of one format it's
13552s gonna be Challengers just
13554s women into death Knights and seeing who
13556s will be the Victor yeah it's also
13558s important to note that they have
13560s selected their Challenger and their
13562s death knight but they don't have to play
13564s the deck that they brought they get to
13566s choose what deck they want to play
13567s versus the uh Challenger and verse the
13570s death yeah just as long as they still
13571s keep it within the Rune of their team
13573s yep that is the Only Rule they have to
13575s keep whether those four decks that they
13578s submitted in the first place yeah
13579s absolutely like I wonder if anyone will
13581s pick up that Frost Dragon deck besides
13584s bunny Hopper endless bunny Hopper gets
13586s nominated but let's take a look at those
13587s standings because points are quite
13590s important as you'll be able to put them
13592s up team Frost is still in first place
13595s with their whopping
13596s 113 points followed by team Unholy with
13600s 88 points and team blood with 30 points
13603s to work with as we move in to death's
13607s challenge
13610s what do you think what would you what
13612s would your strategy be if you were
13614s looking to to climb up if your team
13616s Unholy or your team blood what would you
13618s want to do with your points how would
13620s you want to come out of the gate I you
13621s know I talked about this earlier and
13622s I'll talk about it again team Frost
13624s built two separate decks to deal with
13626s different teams Buddy's deck is to deal
13629s with blood the other ducks are to deal
13631s with Unholy so they already have a
13633s strategy there we could use this deck
13634s when we Face uh the Bloods Challenger
13637s the blood's death knight and then we
13638s could use one of the three others maybe
13640s regis's deck because that deck was
13643s impossible to beat apparently or else
13645s Regis is just a god gamer with that deck
13648s you want to ask him if he's a god gamer
13650s you can ask him if he's a God game can
13651s we ask Regis if he's a god gamer Regis
13653s are you are you here yeah
13665s they built an incredible deck and uh
13668s they helped me practice and
13671s a lot of luck on this side I uh I stole
13674s some wins yeah I don't think so I think
13677s you're a God gamer Regis so you're just
13678s the most humble gracious human being
13681s that we are so happy to have in the
13683s Hearthstone Community I'm yeah I mean
13686s that's two
13689s how humble you are but there's too much
13692s consistency there I I refuse I refuse
13694s you're not you're not you can't be that
13696s lucky but yeah
13698s what was going through your mind could
13700s you believe that you just kept getting
13701s W's
13704s I can't believe it honestly I came in I
13707s was like just you know if I can go like
13709s 50 50 I'll be happy that'd be like over
13712s the moon to go 50 50 because everyone
13713s here is such an incredible
13715s like just absolute Legends
13718s of the Esports and Beyond and it's like
13721s go 50 50. I'm over the moon to be here I
13724s can't even dream I got a lot of luck on
13726s my side and a really good deck so I just
13728s did my best I think I did okay I'll take
13730s a little credit but just just a tiny bit
13732s you also got a lot of YouTube content to
13734s work with now with all those wins
13737s I do that is actually it oh my gosh
13740s that's exciting or more I got to check
13743s out your YouTube last night and make
13744s sure you guys are all following Regis on
13746s YouTube
13748s yeah thank you for the shout out wow
13750s I watched you right before coming to
13752s this event I and legit I'm not just
13755s being nice but I want to ask you listen
13757s we you know we've got a little Insider
13759s knowledge because we see those Discord
13761s notifications your team y'all you seem
13765s tight the you are constantly talking
13767s especially in the early stages when
13770s like before we even started playing it
13772s seemed like you you were all really
13774s going at it really strategizing what's
13776s your relationship like with Team Frost
13780s it's been great I you know I came in I
13782s thought look I'm I'm probably the worst
13784s player in the team
13785s and I think that's still true I think I
13787s just had a good deck and a good lineup
13788s but I thought I'll be the cheerleader
13790s like if I can if I can Inspire everybody
13793s else and kind of make them have a good
13795s time and be funny drop some memes here
13797s and there then I'll have served some
13798s purpose in case I don't perform
13800s particularly well hopefully I still
13802s served my cheerleading duties while
13803s winning a few games along the way as
13805s well but they've been great I mean I
13807s love everybody they're so nice I I
13808s didn't really know uh bunny or meaty
13810s beforehand I certainly met aliaton but
13812s they've all been amazing and supportive
13814s and they were giving me a ton of
13815s confidence and like talking me up a lot
13816s so that helps that really went a long
13818s way yeah I feel like you're such a
13820s better player than you give yourself
13821s credit for Regis
13824s I I don't know you guys need to watch
13827s more of my videos apparently
13830s you'll see well you're always memeing
13833s and having a good time and that's why we
13835s love to have you here
13837s yeah I actually think it did help a
13839s little to like you know play weird
13840s unusual stuff and these were all like
13841s new cards you really hadn't seen there
13843s wasn't a refined meta so maybe I had a
13845s little bit of extra adaptability in my
13847s blood to to kind of navigate these new
13849s death knight decks well thanks so much
13852s for taking time with us dude best of
13855s luck in the games ahead and uh next time
13857s I see a a player carves your face on it
13859s I'm gonna tell them to add humble but
13862s we're going to move along and take
13865s another step towards our deaths
13867s challenge stage of the death knight show
13870s match event
13871s I'm excited
13874s we're just like too humble how are you
13876s that humble after winning eight games in
13878s a row I don't know I could never be
13881s left and right yeah if I'm with eight
13884s games in a row on liner I'm bragging to
13885s my chihuahuas yeah seriously look at me
13887s look at me but look at here we have our
13890s first death Challenger and night Tice
13893s the night of the blood team he will be
13896s the Knight for the rest of the game and
13898s the Challenger for team Frost being
13901s bunny Hopper putting up 24 points yep uh
13906s Team Frost is putting up 24 points
13909s and they will be trying to fight the
13913s Knight of Tice to one double
13917s that yes that is as how this works we're
13920s moving out of that round robin phase and
13922s so you will see this as we move through
13925s the challenge of showing up and putting
13927s up points and risking those points yeah
13930s I think what we will see is Unholy
13932s probably putting up the most points
13935s because unholy's kind of in this middle
13937s space they need to pass up Frost but
13940s they want to stay above blood blood
13941s needs to put in the most as much as they
13943s can without putting it all in because if
13946s they if they challenge all their points
13948s then they can't move on to round two of
13950s this they'll have nothing to risk but
13954s here we can see what doug bunny Hopper
13956s has opted to play he has opted to play
13958s his double Frost single blood deck yep
13961s that is what I expected it's his own
13963s deck that is the dragon deck that we
13965s talked about we said that this is the
13967s greedy greedy deck that is supposed to
13969s beat blood and well what do you know
13972s he's taking it he's facing it versus
13974s blood I think that's what we expected
13976s and I would would expect that blood
13979s brought their largest control style deck
13982s like the greediest control they could
13984s find yeah yeah and it's still there's
13986s still that potential that bone-board
13988s Frost whisper combo potential in bunny
13991s Hoppers double Frost blood deck
13996s maybe a sniper Patchwork in there again
13998s too we're gonna see yeah patchwork's aim
14000s is true will it hit the sire danathrius
14003s yeah maybe here on the other side is uh
14007s what Tice will be playing Tice is opted
14009s to play Abilene's deck which is a triple
14012s blood deck and it runs vampiric blood no
14015s muncher and corpse explosion those I
14017s think are my three favorite blood cards
14019s yeah vampiric blood is it's triple blood
14022s for a reason it it already feels iconic
14026s for something that is as new as a brand
14029s new class in Hearthstone that isn't even
14030s out yet but it does feel like a key
14033s piece it really
14034s sets off what makes blood blood but what
14037s I really want to point out here is the
14038s fact that he's using Abilene's deck and
14042s if you looked at those individual
14044s standings a while back Aveline was the
14046s highest ranked player from Team blood
14050s she was I wouldn't be surprised if they
14052s had a discussion about that and we're
14053s like hmm well yeah and this so the thing
14056s about this deck is it runs a lot of
14057s minions and early minion pressure could
14060s hurt bunny so I think that's what
14062s they're looking to do they're looking to
14063s get out as many minions early as
14065s possible to try and just aggro bunny
14069s because bunny just has so much greed
14071s that it's inevitable greed will be a
14073s control style deck and so I do like this
14075s option that they selected for team blood
14078s and Bunny has large Minions that he's
14081s likely going to hold on to for quite a
14082s while because it costs too much to
14083s deploy early in the game and there's a
14086s mutinist in the deck
14087s [Music]
14089s your murlocs
14091s yes okay I gotta stop making all these
14094s random noises yeah and of course the
14096s atar is there as well so if you're a fan
14098s of disruption there's plenty of it going
14100s on here let's take a look and meet Tice
14103s even though he is no stranger to
14105s Hearthstone we haven't seen him here's
14108s some of his
14110s interesting factoids yeah he has so many
14112s achievements um I like that he put
14114s two-time Battleground Champion out here
14116s okay can we talk about his favorite
14118s competitor bunny Hopper and look who
14121s he's facing about to go swinging well I
14123s wonder who bunny Hopper's favorite
14124s competitor is is it ties it's probably
14128s Brian Kepler he showed up like seven
14130s times practice buddy being coleento wait
14133s he practices with himself
14135s [Music]
14135s [Laughter]
14137s there's a meme
14140s in a long long time yeah another thing
14144s that he put on one of his Player
14145s information is that um one of his skills
14149s his Hearthstone skills is that he can
14152s impersonate all the cards so make sure
14155s if you're in his channel you go ask him
14157s to impersonate every card that he plays
14160s while he is competing today that would
14162s be really cool it's just unfair he's
14163s getting ahead on everyone on death
14165s knight card impersonations there he is
14167s getting prepared for his impersonations
14169s while bunny is getting prepared to be
14173s the biggest dragon player of all the
14175s Death Knights they look
14179s deadly maybe death knight serious you
14181s see that point 24 points are being
14184s risked by bunny Hopper and the frost
14186s team would you consider keeping the
14189s muteness yes yep Ty certainly did
14192s because he knows that everyone's keeping
14194s dire
14195s or sire-dinophagus I just call them dire
14197s I mixed his name it's fine that's his
14199s new nickname
14200s um Daddy D so yeah I do like that
14204s mutinous hold otherwise he could keep
14207s the murloc that draws three more murlocs
14209s because that almost guarantees drawing
14212s it I think he's running a package of at
14214s least
14216s five murlocs yeah the murlocula is in
14219s there and we saw that lifestyle being
14221s relevant in a few games but we're
14223s getting in here it looks like bunny
14225s Hopper opted to Mulligan ended up with
14228s two massive dragons to start also found
14231s himself a chill Fallen Baron however
14232s which will hopefully smooth this hand
14235s out but it won't be able to start
14236s smoothing it out until turn three he's
14238s just gonna Tempo a bone Lord on turn six
14240s so that these are free minions
14243s [Music]
14245s that's all that's going to happen and it
14248s has to fight it first he'll get it by
14250s turn six I believe I believe in bunny
14252s Hopper's skill his draw skill is
14254s impeccable but over on Tyson side he has
14257s drawn his Patchwork which could
14260s which could mess up bunny Hoppers uh
14263s bone Lord if he does rot again
14268s a lot of a lot of hero power going on in
14270s the early stages Death Knight on death
14272s knight show match yeah it's gonna be
14274s when you have a big 3D deck there's the
14276s phone Lord for us whisper
14278s I love how you doubted me such a doubt
14282s when I know what Bunny's gonna do listen
14285s you told me something was going to go
14286s face it went to a minion earlier I have
14289s questions
14291s was it Bunny playing no that was Ali
14294s okay I'm on the same team as bunny
14297s so I know bunny
14298s you said you knew Valley
14300s we you know sometimes if your friends
14302s keep secrets from you there's no secrets
14305s between death Knights except what's in
14308s your opponent's hand because it is still
14309s a game of Hearthstone
14313s yeah nice I feel like this is gonna be a
14315s nice game of her
14317s heart and game I'm very excited about
14318s the Decks that both players brought this
14321s is the type of game I wanted to see this
14323s week and I saw a bunch of great games
14325s but this was going to be an exciting one
14327s hematurg on the board going to discover
14329s not quite oh there we go soul stealer
14332s obliterate and patchwork
14334s a hundred percent look at his excitement
14337s with that Patchwork yeah the Tice lit up
14339s there because he knows disruption is the
14342s only way I can beat bunny Hopper I need
14345s to disrupt I need to ruin all those
14347s greedy cards I need to destroy them and
14349s look at bunny Hopper's hand it's a lot
14351s of Major Impact cards the the only
14354s things that would be like a bad hit
14356s right now is vizier and spammy Arcanist
14358s you don't want to lose the naturalist
14360s you don't want to lose Frost whisper
14361s malagos and kazakasan could all
14364s potentially get worked yeah and if he
14367s doesn't Temple the boom Lord I mean
14369s there's a good potential that he just
14370s loses it uh can he win without it
14373s probably but it might take a lot longer
14377s wait because he only has three turns
14379s after he uh it dies so it would
14382s inevitably take a lot longer yeah bunny
14384s Hopper you see him I'm probably
14385s narrating on stream right now explaining
14387s his thought process
14391s set up for that spammy clear
14394s that's great you know it it doesn't look
14397s like a lot we've seen massive spammy
14399s plays yeah but to clear the clear two
14401s minions and leave your own two for
14404s it's perfectly fine yeah especially
14406s especially versus a control deck you
14408s don't need to do anything crazy with it
14409s versus Unholy you really need to hold it
14412s for for the big boards that are rough to
14416s deal with but in this situation versus
14418s the blood is totally fine to just use
14420s this to get the tempo on board
14423s but Ty's going to turn around use his
14426s weapon to clear the board off and gain
14429s some corpses yeah I I think Soul breaker
14432s is such a cool weapon with the way it
14435s you know the way it works with corpses
14437s is normally you don't get corpses for
14439s killing your opponent's minions but you
14441s do a soul breaker you think we're going
14442s to see a tempo
14444s Tempo bone Lord
14450s when you said that
14452s I saw a card moved very quickly and I
14454s was like was it no it was a vizier I do
14457s love azir
14459s and I do like these options I always get
14461s excited about playground it's such a
14462s cool card I haven't seen it a ton but
14466s there we go
14468s howling blast is is just been
14472s so present in the games yeah he was
14475s definitely looking for something
14476s greedier than play crane yeah I like the
14480s play grade he was definitely looking for
14481s something greedier like the scourge
14483s didn't get it but
14486s at least the playground is cheap
14489s that it is just adds more threats that
14492s you don't need to worry about casting
14493s yourself to your deck unless of course
14496s like we saw earlier you shuffle your
14498s entire handbook thinly yeah that wasn't
14500s fun
14501s not the best Synergy with play Green
14503s that wasn't fun
14507s all right over here on Tyson's side of
14509s the board quite the full hand he is
14511s going to be able to coin out a mutinous
14513s or coin out a patchwork he does the
14516s mutinous he gets the fire didn't there
14520s it is
14521s gets The Sire danathurist it would have
14524s been good enough to get the dinathrius
14526s by itself okay
14531s an emote from Tice
14535s oh my God dipping on his tea
14538s when he gets
14542s oh ties just destroying the denaturis
14546s would have been good enough but now you
14547s also have to contend with this
14549s monstrosity of a 14-14 mutantness
14552s yeah you'll be able to glacial advance
14554s for forward damage getting himself too
14557s extra
14558s Mana Death Strike heel for one
14562s and finally end on that Frost strike to
14564s discover
14566s gets a frostworms fury again I think
14569s we're looking for greed cards if we want
14571s to Tempo out that bone Lord yeah it
14573s would be discounted as well
14578s maybe considering the Cesarean maybe
14580s considering I just want to draw more
14582s because my hand is full of very
14585s expensive minions yeah ends up going
14587s with the sarian
14589s um
14590s he has so much greed in him maybe
14592s frosting was just like oh okay we got
14595s enough read that's what it comes down
14597s What's it gonna hit oh oh God hook out
14600s the malagos the spell Weaver thanks out
14602s malagos takes amalgam of the deep
14605s amalgam not that
14611s that is the first Patchwork and Bunny
14613s Hopper doesn't know about the second he
14615s doesn't know that there is a second one
14616s hiding because patchwork's a legendary
14618s you can't run to but you can discover
14620s one you certainly can and there's a lot
14623s of Death Knight Rune discovering cards
14625s available to this brand new class
14629s [Music]
14631s I feel he's
14633s I can tell bunnies annoyed about this
14636s disruption he is annoyed
14638s but
14639s we we must move forward and do we bone
14642s Lord yet
14643s team blood has got to be feeling good
14645s about this right now
14649s all right so getting the discount by
14650s killing off the ghoul
14652s finds Deathstrike icy Utah graveyard
14655s shift again just like
14658s I don't think these are what he's
14659s looking for I think he's looking for
14661s more cards that
14663s are going to be a bit boostier
14666s these just aren't it these are defense
14669s cards like I saw the graveyard shift
14671s gives tokens yeah Deathstrike does get
14674s rid of the patchwork
14681s yeah but yeah there's another there's
14684s another Patchwork and still
14686s key cards in bunny Hopper's hand
14690s I think Tyson can read that that Bunny's
14693s hand is quite heavy look at the smile on
14695s his face yeah this is having a wonderful
14697s time oh yeah for
14700s Tyson's happy place it's his happy
14702s competitor yeah yeah there you go
14706s there you go England off the top
14708s it's a dice looking positively
14710s mischievous right now and another
14711s Patrick comes down
14717s the floor oh and bunny race his eyes are
14722s you kidding me
14726s now what he got from deck wasn't
14727s terrible an Amber welp which is that new
14730s dragon that deals three damage not the
14733s end of the world
14734s but
14736s it is just all Patchwork all the time in
14738s this bunny Hopper versus Tice matchup
14743s just working it
14748s I thought Tyson's middle name was danger
14750s but apparently it's disruption
14752s [Laughter]
14755s it's a 50 50 getting rid of the four six
14757s versus the 2-2 me let's see what it hits
14762s oh hits the mistress
14765s that's a good phone Guard from the deck
14768s and from hand it was able to pick up the
14771s the feeling
14773s uh not what he's looking for Tice is on
14776s cloud nine yeah I liked Tyson's
14779s Patchwork more and if you were to ask me
14782s which one the answer would be my
14786s yes answer yes which one yes
14790s all right to discover an out dangerous
14792s mograine of vampiric blood or another
14795s card well grain would be good you can
14797s deploy it right now and that's exactly
14799s what Tice is gonna do that Battle Cry is
14802s for the rest of the game deals free
14804s damage to your opponent at the end of
14806s your turns bunny Hopper now going to be
14808s taking three damage every turn no way to
14812s get rid of that the damage is already
14814s done and it will keep being done
14817s and nixia hits the board able to clear
14820s up what Tice has developed so now Ties
14822s on the defense I don't remember that
14825s part in the lore of Warcraft
14827s and Nixie eating mograin
14832s sorry dinapheus was
14837s fusions
14840s the empiric blood comes out just gonna
14843s get uh you know a lot of more health and
14846s draw a soul stealer which easily answers
14848s yeah the board of Penny Hopper
14851s off the top
14855s bunny Hoppers made peace of this his
14857s facial expression didn't really change
14861s I am at peace could kazakasan
14866s contest the five five well no
14870s still need to play
14872s three more dragons
14875s only has one in his hand
14878s a lot of them were stolen weren't they
14880s Lawson amalgam too from one of those
14882s patchworks which counts towards that
14883s Dragon counter
14887s whiffed on the Cesarean he wanted them
14890s both to hit so that the ghoul would kill
14892s it off so it just goes face
14898s now I need to decide what he wants to do
14900s here with the soul stealer
14902s definitely want to swing before you
14904s start removing the cesareans they're
14906s going to start slinging too damage
14907s randomly everywhere
14908s yeah taste his hands a little it's a lot
14911s of removal but like is this enough to
14914s even want to remove
14918s that's a very good question like do you
14920s just do you just say did you just swing
14923s put up a prince like yeah Prince
14927s [Music]
14929s foreign
14930s I think that's that's where Tice is
14932s right now is trying to figure out
14934s what the best thing to do here is I see
14937s him hovering over blood boil yeah that
14939s works over a couple turns and it's kind
14942s of passive
14944s hey Prince agreeing with sister just
14946s saying let's just get rental all out
14948s there I'm basically Tyson's brain
14951s didn't know brains had names yeah but
14955s today we learned Isis brain's name is
14957s Alyssa
14959s there goes the blood boil
14961s ing about does he trade the ghouler just
14963s go face
14965s yeah because let's Supply the pressure
14967s he wants corpses he wants he wants
14970s infusions right now more than he wants
14972s to deal with three attack minions
14976s all right again
14986s let's see what bunny Hopper finds she'll
14989s fall embarrassed continue drawing could
14990s continue drawing you want some draw with
14992s your draws Alyssa I would I would
14996s get those cards pumping or Draw here
15000s comes the crates this this is when
15002s you're happy you have Creighton your
15003s debt in your deck
15005s you're gonna just be constantly cycling
15007s like this
15011s starts getting in some damage
15015s that bunny Hopper is starting to get low
15019s 25 is low
15021s in these Death Knight games yes
15026s 1021 me is crying I would like to point
15029s out that Tyson's at 40 health and that
15031s 4-0 is in red
15039s open things up
15043s with a hero power setting up for that
15046s spammy clear
15048s those were all second halves of cesarean
15052s so we yeah finally will not be sadly
15054s looking at the syrian's beautiful Mane
15058s so in the amalgam in hand so he is able
15060s to Amber welp and discover another
15063s dragon
15068s and then the final Dragon he discovered
15070s would be the third tick that he needs to
15072s activate
15074s so he's going to take in an icy Touch
15078s along with a probably a frost strike
15080s here
15082s there's a yep the frost strike
15091s it's leading to another Discovery oh
15093s frigidara up in the mix yeah
15097s to draw or two draw with a minion
15099s attached he goes with the true trout
15101s without a minion attached
15104s well it's also defrost is just pure draw
15107s frigidara only draws Frost spells right
15110s Barrel manipulator interesting here
15113s that's probably one of the greedier
15115s cards he needs 25 corpses he could use
15118s quite a few more manipulators yeah I
15120s feel like that's really what he's been
15122s needing this whole game those greedy
15123s Vines
15125s mirror manipulator is a good pickup
15128s needs damage needs to get that chip and
15131s needs to try to catch back up
15134s in a health total here
15136s every turn for bunny Hopper taking that
15138s three courtesy of mograin
15140s [Music]
15145s yeah again another interesting turn
15147s because
15149s Bunny's not being too aggressive here
15150s but that brand on board is scary and
15153s there's just not
15155s a great way to deal with it except for
15157s soul stealer and soul stealer just I
15159s think you have to yeah it's just kind of
15160s is it a waste here to soul stealer
15163s I mean against the bunny Hoppers deck
15166s you know what deck he's playing you know
15168s it has big dragons I'm sure it feels bad
15170s but what feels worse is whatever follows
15173s up a turn to bran on board yeah because
15177s if you had that brand with the amalgam
15180s it'd feel real bad
15183s All Right Out Come Those Dragon ticks
15186s hey you want another kazakha son yeah I
15188s do probably not I would I'd be looking
15191s at the onyxia here because that's
15192s another kazakasan you need to activate
15195s I mean
15197s semantics man
15200s I mean it isn't it it's so shiny
15204s he took that
15206s the shiniest one the fairy dragon going
15208s for the fairy dragon he heard shiny he's
15210s like I like shiny you can't Target this
15215s gonna draw some more will we hit
15217s additional crates
15219s oh we hit yet another card that has draw
15221s on it with harbinger
15229s I was gonna say that was the first time
15230s we saw the animation it's a nice one
15233s again the effects team really really
15236s went for it with this set all right
15239s Harbinger goes down gotta wait for that
15242s draw it is attached to the death rattle
15246s murloc in hand for some murloc draw
15249s yeah find your a more miraculous already
15252s has one in hand and it is infused and
15254s ready to go
15255s yep guys able to turn the sport around
15264s the rest of the murloc show up for the
15266s party
15271s bunny Hopper down to 15.
15274s very scary spot for bunny Hopper
15280s he has the Mana he could draw fairy
15283s dragon then drop kazakasan
15286s but he's staring down normally wouldn't
15289s say that chord looks particularly
15290s terrifying but when you're sitting at 15
15292s health and you're taking three damage
15293s every turn yeah it is something you want
15296s an answer to his remorseless winter in
15298s hand for draw two damage
15301s you know compare well with mayor
15303s manipulator we're a style nose when you
15305s want them
15307s but at least answer the ravager instead
15311s gonna go with Halloween blast gonna
15313s freeze these spammy arcanists
15316s and tee up for your own spammy Arcanist
15321s because now active
15323s oh yeah besides and Matthew is with 18
15326s uh bunny has now put himself out of
15329s range of dying to it because I mean he
15331s could still die technically it's the
15333s three damage he's gonna take the tick
15335s from mograine oh
15338s the mo green final
15340s three damage I forgotten
15344s anything from Tice
15347s oh is that the first mograin lethal
15349s we've seen
15350s it is I think it might at least today it
15352s has been death by mograine yes and so
15355s our Challenger bunny Hopper did not
15358s defeat the blood's death knight and did
15360s not earn double points to 20 that was
15363s double 24 points gonna lose 24 points
15366s for team Frost and frost on top blood
15369s really needing every win that they can
15371s get starting strong during our death
15374s challenge I bet team Unholy is pretty
15376s happy about that as well because team
15377s unholi is behind Team Frost but not by
15380s an extreme amount yeah the points are
15383s gonna be moving around and we're going
15384s to be moving into our next desk
15386s challenge with bunny Hopper as the
15389s Challenger no we just watched that one
15392s yeah that's what
15395s yeah
15397s coming out of bunny Hopper versus Tice
15400s and reminding you of how many points
15402s came up
15404s which was which was 24 points but the
15406s Challenger bunny Hopper did not win nope
15408s Ty's able to defend 14 blood being the
15413s perfect Death Knight
15414s that was a really unique game I can see
15418s why you were excited to see those two
15420s decks go up against each other yeah and
15422s you can see the excitement on Tyson's
15425s face when Patchwork was an opportunity
15427s to get picked up a second Patchwork and
15429s he went mutinous patch work Patchwork
15432s disruption and all of bunny Hopper's
15435s Dreams Just fizzling away like no that
15438s was it was just constant it was a parade
15441s of perfect disruption
15443s but let's take a look at highlights from
15446s that because that I could watch that
15448s game again immediately here comes that
15451s mutant mutinous coming down and just
15453s being like that's my dinner is look at
15455s the joy the sheer Joy
15457s on Tyson's face I'm getting that lethal
15461s thanks to Alexander smograine with the
15463s three damage tick ever
15466s turn that Greener red spell effect
15468s spelling Doom for bunny Hopper and let's
15471s see how the points have shaken up
15478s is that correct I don't think this is
15480s correct I feel like that's how many
15481s points team Frost had before but we
15484s known a bunny Hopper wagered 24 simple
15487s math can deduce that we are going to
15489s take 24 points away from Team Frost
15491s because that was how much they
15493s challenged yeah listen the temperature
15495s is this low the calculators they tend to
15497s freeze over so yeah you need to cast a
15500s thaw spell this is why your Math
15502s teachers tell you you can't just always
15503s carry a calculator they were mine no we
15506s were not just even then a calculator fit
15508s in your pocket but again it's I'm so
15512s stoked to see Mo Grant it's a car that I
15513s was extremely hyped for when I saw it
15516s reveal a massive lore character but also
15518s an extremely impactful card and there's
15520s a reason it's locked behind that
15522s requirement of triple blood runes I
15526s wonder if our good friend Regis likes
15528s Alexandra smoke green
15530s ridges
15532s maybe no mo Green's the worst I don't
15535s know why I hate Mo green right now I
15538s thought I liked it until about two
15539s minutes ago he just destroyed your
15542s team's dreams
15544s yeah it's okay we tried those patchworks
15547s two patchworks in a row eating all our
15549s best cards that was tough how's team
15551s Frost feeling after that game
15555s well I'm here with you guys instead of
15557s talking to them I don't know quite yet
15559s but I suspect though knowing they're
15562s knowing their Tendencies I bet they're
15563s hopeful
15564s and I bet we still have all the
15566s confidence that we're gonna win yeah
15567s we'll have to deliver one thing I know
15570s about team Frost is they always start
15571s off a little slow but then they pick up
15574s speed and by the end they're just
15576s crushing everyone so you're just getting
15578s out that early loss now right
15581s yeah I think that sounds like a good
15583s strategy yes yeah I want to relay that
15586s to the team yeah let's let's try to win
15588s yeah that's a good plan
15590s I mean I mean how do you personally feel
15593s free to you're still sitting on a a good
15596s pile of points
15600s yes yeah I I listen we have two
15603s incredible players in our uh Challenger
15605s night rolls I trust them
15608s perhaps not with my life but certainly
15610s with my uh with my Hearthstone points
15612s they're both doctors trust them with
15615s your life these doctors
15618s that's a great point I guess I do trust
15620s them with my life and my heart's on
15621s points you're right yes so we can't lose
15624s you're right that's perfect
15629s awesome well thank you again for your
15631s time Regis really appreciate it and
15633s again
15635s good luck in the coming challenges
15645s great dude I'm so humble big fan of
15647s Regis how can you not be
15650s uh you can't it's you're actually
15652s required you're it's it's in the
15653s Hearthstone rules you are required to
15655s like Regis and we are required to take a
15657s look at points right now oh no oh team
15660s Unholy probably uh doing some some
15664s Frosty fist bumps yes maybe ghoulish
15666s yeah they are only one point behind Team
15670s Frost now now keep in mind when uh the
15674s team Frost risked points team Unholy and
15677s team blood risked them at the same time
15679s so they're not risking points uh now
15682s after seeing the game they already
15684s risked their points ahead of time so
15686s just keep that in mind they don't get to
15689s see how the matchups end up yeah the
15691s points that were put up were all put up
15693s at once yeah during our break you don't
15695s get to change how many points you want
15697s to put up based on the results no so
15700s that this is fair don't worry about that
15702s if you're a team Frost fan team on holy
15705s already split up their points recently
15706s and even it almost feels like team blood
15709s now really has a chance now that we see
15711s some of these swings makes me think I I
15713s guess they chose that number of points
15716s very strategically because it was
15717s exactly enough to keep them ahead by one
15719s point if they lost yeah I'm sure those
15722s mathematicians could do the math there
15724s like yeah this will keep us ahead for a
15726s round I wonder how much Unholy wagered
15731s and team blood like if you're team
15734s Unholy are you like are you banking are
15736s you like you can't you can't read team
15738s Frost's mind right but here here now we
15741s know how much team blood is putting up
15743s because Abilene is challenging the night
15746s of Team Unholy Hunter Ace with 29 Points
15751s it's important to point out that they
15752s have 30 points they have to leave a
15754s point otherwise they have nothing for
15756s next round and they're just out so she
15759s is putting up all but one point and
15762s she's trying to double
15764s triple I guess because she will earn
15767s double and really get the blood back
15770s into the game so will her blood deck be
15773s able to beat out the greed of Hunter
15777s races uh Unholy death and will she stick
15780s with her blood deck yeah that's a good
15781s point it doesn't have to she doesn't
15783s have to they are able to pick any of the
15785s four decks that they brought to the
15787s tournament so I am curious to see what
15789s deck they each brought
15794s I bet it's Abilene's deck you think
15797s we've already seen one member of Team
15799s blood switch off their deck onto
15801s Abilene's necklace but but it she maybe
15804s wants a bit more clear less minions for
15807s Unholy so maybe not maybe she picked a
15810s different deck based off that maybe she
15811s wanted to have one Frost or because that
15816s was a triple on Triple blood before
15817s right so maybe she wants one Frost for
15819s one Unholy now to deal with it really
15822s that that could be playing a role
15825s we're about to head into our second game
15829s of our deaths challenge but these are
15832s all best of ones right best of ones
15834s we're just gonna see one game
15835s I'm Therese he seems like he's feeling
15838s confident right he looks confident to me
15841s he does it might just it might just be
15843s that that shirt looks extremely
15844s comfortable oh that's true does this
15846s sound like a good Hearthstone I I just
15847s need a bunch of books yeah I was just
15849s gonna say hi I mean I don't read I don't
15852s read I don't read those that's a
15856s daunting amount of books behind him and
15858s it just proves you know just how smart
15860s Hunter race is
15862s in the library or is this his home does
15865s he just own all these books it looks
15867s lovely but we're getting into it now
15871s and that looks like Abilene's deck
15874s because I'm seeing murlocs yep that's
15876s just
15882s that's true you think it keeps the
15883s Stitch giant it kind of race is just
15885s like ah it'll get there
15887s [Music]
15889s not sure I don't think so I think he
15892s wants to throw it back so he could
15892s double it in size
15895s so Hunter Ace is playing dogs deck okay
15901s okay playing dogs deck so let me do some
15904s magic and let you guys know what deck
15907s that is
15908s magic or spreadsheets
15911s it is a double Unholy Frost deck
15917s it's about Unholy Frost no Lord marigar
15919s no triple Unholy it has that Frost if
15923s I'm not mistaken I do believe a dog was
15926s the highest ranking individual on team
15928s Unholy as well so so far there seems to
15931s be this trend of using the best
15933s performing deck list yeah that makes
15936s sense
15940s take a chip out of the body bagger
15945s so yeah this deck does run double
15946s defrost so a lot more draw out of that
15950s double amalgam of the deep
15954s [Music]
15957s but something in the bagger something to
15959s note is that the Unholy team has the
15962s least amount of variance between all
15964s four of their decks
15966s so all relatively
15968s pretty similar yeah the least amount of
15971s variants came from Team Unholy no
15973s muncher in the hand of avalene I haven't
15976s seen nearly as much know much of today
15977s no it's been disappointment you guys are
15980s disappointing me
15982s won't you think of celesta's
15984s entertainment yeah
15990s yeah all right
15992s Hunter is gaining quite the hand
15995s necrotic mortician out to discover an
15998s Unholy Rune able to find Army of the
16001s Dead which would give him a lot of value
16004s but remember he has to have the corpses
16006s in order to gain all the value
16008s you can also grab a bone digger because
16010s he could Tempo that out now though he
16012s has plenty of tempo in hand so I don't
16014s see the point but these amalgams of the
16017s deep don't do much because the necrotic
16020s mortician does not considered an undead
16023s now you know she is not
16029s gonna get asked the lore Roland
16033s manifest 4 was active Abilene is able to
16036s get to 60 Health here
16039s just blood things just blood things
16041s she's not going to she's going to draw
16042s three cards get those murlocs in hand
16045s Morel ocula get the infused get the
16047s mutinous down as soon as possible and
16050s Sir Finlay for when she needs different
16052s options in that infused murlocula into
16056s play
16059s you said the name
16062s all right here it is
16065s well defrost off the top such a full
16067s hand of Hunter Ace I'm not sure he's
16069s really thinking about drawing right now
16071s any Unholy frenzy plug Shrek or dark
16074s transformation
16075s hmm we know how much we love Unholy
16078s Frenzy
16081s it's a little
16084s it's a little awkward here yeah Pike
16086s strike is not awkward
16087s though
16091s yeah I wouldn't be as concerned about
16094s having to run something in tumor locula
16098s because it's not like the life seal is
16099s worth anything when your opponent is at
16100s full health
16102s and it looks like Hunter race agrees
16105s gotta sack two minions to get the full
16107s clear and Abilene isn't going to get any
16110s added value out of that lifesteal
16112s because she's already at full health and
16115s we have a pair of Bloods and hands you
16117s might decide to go to Fuller hell yeah
16120s what she's going to do draws a 68 off
16123s the top
16124s 60.
16126s can we get to a hundred
16128s that's what I want to see I want to see
16131s a hundred Health you're turning into
16132s count merlacula over there
16137s not a lot of corpses so far yet in this
16140s game hunter Ace has at least picked up
16142s five
16144s [Music]
16145s and stewing over whether she should
16148s switch her hand out and decides not to
16150s she has you know a lot of good resources
16152s that she might want to use so keeps it
16154s on hand there's so much control
16157s asphyxiate soul stealer spammy Arcanist
16161s no muncher these are just the greatest
16162s hits of the control cards that we've
16164s been seeing out of blood decks these
16167s last two days
16169s all right for a hunter Race's side
16173s some options another one of that
16175s exciting unless he wants to Blade Master
16178s to stop something from happening next
16181s turn that he thinks could happen so a
16183s theater
16184s or a theotar
16188s yeah okay honey it was quite impactful
16192s of yesterday haven't had a chance to
16195s cast a game
16197s today
16199s three and Dad's blemish Thanos is
16202s interesting here
16206s has the potential to be no spells in
16209s hand right now to take advantage of the
16210s spell damage yeah so just gonna double
16212s discover
16218s oh picked up the nerubian Swarm guard
16221s I haven't seen that much no it's a is a
16224s new neutral coming in March of the Lich
16226s King does have that Undead tag and
16229s summons two copies of the minion it's a
16230s four Mana one three yep
16233s part of the Unholy package yeah with
16236s talk so it's guarding
16238s but there's a gorgeous spammy Arcanist
16241s full board clear and murlocula number
16243s two hitting the board for Abilene
16248s all right with 10 corpses on the board
16250s Army of the Dead is ready to go could
16252s double Army
16254s if he wanted to though he only has seven
16257s Mana it has enough corpses not enough
16260s mana and also not enough minions to run
16262s into to make room for both armies
16265s listen
16267s semantics
16269s there's enough room just not enough
16272s oh you're right because it's up to five
16274s I'm thinking of bone guard oh yeah yeah
16278s sorry get excited I get Bone Garden just
16280s start thinking about wide boards
16286s can we call all that uh bloody bored
16288s bloat bone guard Commander
16290s no it's too many words
16293s can't fit on the card
16298s I see I see you hovering over into Ruby
16301s and swarm guard Hunter Ace Trend trying
16302s to remember what the guard was
16305s well what's it gonna hit there's so many
16307s options hits the Swarm guard
16309s that's a pretty big whiff Andre's okay
16313s with that oh yeah look at that
16314s excitement oh they're just I wonder if
16317s he looked away from here there's a
16318s little bit or it's just internet yeah
16320s delayed internet but he is quite
16322s thrilled that's why he picked that card
16324s it was just a bait card well we were
16327s excited on your behalf
16330s not that I have a favorite by any means
16331s I've just seen so many massive
16333s mutenesses today you know it's it's nice
16336s you got to keep mutinous humble
16338s yeah we do he's getting a little much
16341s attention a little too wiggling those
16343s eyes
16344s such cute eyes
16346s we have different definitions of cute
16349s what
16350s a cutie
16355s however know that Stitch giant a lot of
16357s options a lot of yellow yeah considering
16361s the tomb Guardians
16365s stall tactics this is an infectious
16368s School in here but hey Here Comes blade
16371s master okanie yeah I really like the if
16374s you were to select minion here to
16376s disrupt any sort of soul stealer or bone
16378s guard
16380s over and over that minion that's what he
16383s chooses yep so he's trying to disrupt
16385s those eight drops that blood typically
16388s has a minion on turn eight so trying to
16391s disrupt that so they have to wait a turn
16393s by trying to counter it with a different
16396s minion thing is
16398s not a lot of corpses so I don't think a
16400s bone guard Commander is likely and I
16402s don't think the threat is strong enough
16404s to worry about a soul stealer coming
16406s back that's true
16408s eveline
16414s sacrificing her murlocs yeah that was
16417s the play
16419s never sacrificed the murloc
16422s off the top another necrotic mortician
16425s for Hunter Ace I wonder if you'd want to
16428s use that with bran
16431s discover two unroll Unholy Rune cards I
16434s almost called them unruly unruly Undead
16437s Unholy
16439s unlikely
16442s coming over that infectious School cart
16443s we haven't seen too much of
16445s deciding against it going for that
16448s defrost
16449s get more options Saturdays ending up in
16452s hand followed by uh you know a graveyard
16455s shift I'd be surprised to see that
16457s dropped and as zero Mana Stitch giant
16461s joining The Fray
16463s foreign
16467s nothing else but that's okay because he
16470s is quite the board developed
16472s you know as as a fan of the Divine
16475s Shield plays playing Paladin I'm a
16477s little worried
16478s about so many 1-1 charges I mean you you
16482s were a paladin Maine right yes what
16485s about now
16486s do you think you'll still be a palette
16487s in Maine or are you gonna switch
16491s you know I I stayed loyal uh to the
16495s silver hand in World of Warcraft but no
16496s in Hearthstone I'm you won't see me off
16498s Dark Knight for quite a long time
16504s oh is this just both the Death Race is
16506s being like it's late game we feel like
16508s making appearances here we are but
16510s Evelyn also picking up a key board
16512s control tool with that spammy Arcanist
16515s we've already got one minute on board at
16516s one Health
16518s but we can't easily get Blade Master to
16521s two because it's sitting behind
16525s that taunt
16527s now a little awkward for the spammy
16531s there's a lot of other options too so
16533s Evelyn also now has six corpses which
16537s would give full value for bone guard
16539s commander and would be a whole lot of
16542s stall considering the amount of damage
16544s on board now for Hunter race
16547s we use the ghoul to get through
16551s Soul breaker can kill off oh Connie
16554s and gain more Corpses
16564s asphyxia going out on the 8-8 Stitch
16567s Giant and don't need to worry about that
16568s massive threat anymore blade Master
16569s gonna go down and two more corpses we're
16572s gonna get added to the pile for Abilene
16575s so she's able to clear the board but not
16577s unable to develop her own board so now
16579s Hunter Ace is able to get that brand
16581s down along with us the lore question
16584s mark
16585s or necrotic mortician or both yeah still
16589s still exactly the right amount of Mana
16591s to drop asteroid and get two copies of
16593s astolore's final form
16596s which is
16597s a lot of damage
16601s all right here picking Army of the dead
16602s and this Scourge is an offer oh it is
16608s not stop picking it like we watched toe
16610s snap pick no Scourge is a mixed Undead
16615s bag
16616s it can it can win you games hover in it
16620s they can lose your games too want to
16622s racist hover in it do it on a race don't
16625s be afraid of Hunter racer hover race
16628s take the scourge
16633s he's not gonna do it is he I could
16634s they're all honestly
16637s oh he did really interesting cakes but
16639s to go for the scourge here comes astalor
16641s and here appears a double as the Lord
16644s I'm seeing doubles Alyssa I'm I am being
16649s happy about this twice twice happy
16654s oh another bone guard Commander
16656s that would be a lot of Health on board
16660s to absorb the many shots from Estelle or
16664s flamebringer that avalene knows is in
16667s Hunter Ace's hand
16674s I feel like it's necessary she's gonna
16676s get the ghoul out first
16678s so it actually can clear the way gain
16681s some corpses get the bone guard out
16684s nice clean play uses all available Mana
16689s it makes it not just easy to just slam
16691s ass lore onto the board and laugh
16693s however it's looking like astolorm is
16695s still at the top of Hunter Ace's mind
16698s which doesn't feel so bad when you have
16700s two copies
16704s can't get max value out of a Scourge
16708s play here no
16712s yeah I mean you you could
16716s just trade in oh yeah yeah but then
16719s you're leaving up in eight eight it's
16721s kind of weird
16723s it's only name one at that point yeah
16728s let's go and do it that's what he's
16729s doing
16730s we could find some rush off of The
16731s Scourge what is it gonna be
16735s no rush however a respectable amount of
16740s taunt
16742s also when that flesh Behemoth goes down
16746s Hunter Ace is going to draw an undead
16748s and then summon a copy of it because
16749s that is the death rattle that is on
16751s flesh Behemoth it's come up a few times
16753s with Scourge this event
16757s but it's not included in any decks we
16759s haven't spent a lot of time talking
16760s about flesh behavement yeah and it's
16761s Gonna Mail a card as well
16764s oh wow he gets a one-two very exciting
16768s the skeletal sidekick not even getting
16771s the benefit
16772s of the Battle Cry okay this wasn't the
16775s best Scourge if you look at the board
16776s it's a bit weak it's not but
16781s bone Lord also wasn't there which could
16783s really have caused some
16786s some issues
16789s said an atheros is up to we're 16 for
16791s Hunter Ace 10 for Abilene and growing uh
16796s quite a bit beyond that now
16799s I was able to clear off the whole board
16803s and I'm going to Mill
16806s oh tomb Guardians all right all right I
16808s think I think I can live with that
16811s if I was in Hunter races shoes yeah I
16814s don't think he cares too much comes down
16816s the first of two astelors and followed
16819s by a battlefield Decker Mentor which
16821s will put a one-two taunt in the way
16828s do you consider clear tools like your
16831s soul stealer
16835s or do you just clog the board with a
16837s bone guard Commander like Abilene is
16839s doing right now yeah she's ready for
16841s another clock she's really getting that
16842s sireden atheros pumped up it's at
16845s currently at 18 damage she needs it more
16847s because she's looking at 42 Health on
16850s Hunter race
16851s Honduras is looking again at another top
16853s board still a high Health game both
16856s opponents within just a few hit points
16858s of each other yeah well we've got 23
16861s denatures versus 18 to nathrius
16864s to get some Army of the Dead out
16870s it would clear the
16872s um bone guard quite nicely
16877s how to race agrees yeah
16880s sending the ghouls you could do it again
16884s to clear out the taunts and leave
16886s Minions on board
16890s that will allow him to go eight face
16892s yeah it's gonna be a lot
16895s no granted they're all damaged and
16897s there's no room for an additional taunt
16899s off the battlefield necromancer so these
16901s minions are exposed
16905s corpse explosion off the top oh but not
16908s enough Corpses
16911s no she's just been spending him with the
16912s bone guard so now she only has six and
16915s she needs eight yeah now she can use the
16918s ghoul though she if she uses the ghoul
16919s to run in she gains one corpse and puts
16922s it at seven and then he's at seven still
16924s wouldn't have been enough to deal with
16925s the a day the 88 would have been left at
16926s one Health and I think that's why
16928s Abilene went for soul stealer didn't she
16930s have six Corpses
16931s oh she did you're right you run the
16933s ghoul in to get it to seven seven could
16934s you get that and then it gets down to
16936s eight seven
16937s right yeah
16939s yeah am I crazy
16942s I might just be crazy
16944s checking something here
16946s oh you need to detonate a corpse so even
16948s the first hit you need a corpse there
16949s wasn't enough Corpses
16951s [Music]
16954s you wouldn't even hate to kill someone
16955s with eight health
16956s well they would have Southern health
16959s from the ghoul
16960s oh you're right I'm sorry
16962s my apologies okay so I'm not crazy I
16965s mean I'm crazy in other ways let's be
16967s honest but
16968s and this I wasn't
16971s one person thinking harder than me about
16973s easy math is Hunter race
16976s all right so another ask the Lord in
16979s hand that's going to be able to do 16
16981s damage he is looking at it as well
16986s it's more pressure more pressure that's
16987s what he needs to do just continuous
16989s pressure is sireden after he says 35
16992s damage so this is putting him into
16995s lethal range
16997s Abilene
16999s I bet is eyeing that dinathrius at this
17003s point thinking about how long this game
17006s has been going on
17009s yeah she's used so when some players are
17011s using Star genetrius as lethal she's in
17015s the control part she's a control player
17018s so she is using it to get back all that
17020s health and remember she has
17023s at least 60 Health she can Rez up to
17029s huge for team blood
17032s if Abilene can find a way here
17037s but I think she has to go for it because
17039s otherwise she's
17042s like just well below the damage output
17046s of Hunter Aces
17048s danathrius
17050s Scourge off the top for Hunter race
17054s he's just gonna counter with his own 37
17057s damage dinathrius
17059s yeah right back down to 19. trying to
17062s clear the boards for his Scourge to come
17065s down next turn so he's basically forcing
17068s Aveline to use her removal on The Sire
17070s danathurist and then hoping she won't
17072s have any more removal for the scourge
17074s that can come down the next turn she
17076s just cast corpse explosion to deal with
17078s this single 10-10 Minion
17082s she's looking at it
17084s looks like the play we'll still have six
17087s corpses on the back side of this
17091s this is a great opportunity now for
17094s Honduras to put the scourge down another
17097s soul stealer so if Scourge goes down
17099s this turn
17100s Aveline has the perfect counter yep that
17103s draw was a very important play for
17106s Abilene northamar gets picked up by
17109s Hunter Ace if he thinks this game is
17112s going long that might be
17115s where we see this head we have 16 more
17117s cards in hand now I don't know how many
17119s of those are minions verse how many of
17120s them are spells
17122s but
17125s we've already seen a lot of his powerful
17127s minions
17132s going for the Long play getting
17134s lorthemar in to the mix and buffing
17137s every minion still in his deck still 16
17141s cards in in deck how many of those are
17143s minions or spells I don't know offhand
17145s you're not counting
17149s I'm so disappointed in you we just heard
17151s me try to count
17155s blood boil off the top for eveline
17159s lifesteal definitely good yeah
17165s maybe more because I can't
17173s remember we know there's a Scourge in
17176s the hand of Hunter race which would be a
17177s lot more potential healing off of
17179s something like blood boil than what is
17181s currently on board
17182s yeah but blood boil
17184s would probably be too passive versus The
17188s Scourge unless it was a bad Scourge I
17190s was but she does have double blood boils
17192s that's four damage yeah not that I would
17194s Bank on it if I was in that position
17195s yeah you've certainly seen smaller
17199s scourges
17203s it's gonna run into one of these one
17204s ones but more importantly heal Abilene
17208s for five and put a taunt in the way of
17211s that seven seven yep she's also able to
17213s get out a weapon and a little minion
17217s the Mistress of pictures if it dies is a
17221s four Health heal for Abilene I think
17224s she's more than happy to be the
17225s recipient of in the position that she's
17227s in
17232s all right are we being vizier could find
17236s interesting answers
17238s for Hunter Ace
17240s yeah actually of death could also find
17242s some nice answers because Honduras has
17245s two Undead on the board so it can start
17247s drawing those buffed Minions that he has
17249s in his deck he has some top deck the
17252s plague strike so with hero power on one
17254s of these one ones he could set the no
17256s muncher up for a clear but that also
17258s would be healing Aveline every single
17260s physical hit that no mutter takes
17262s because of that lifesteal yeah but looks
17264s like that's
17266s no yeah he's going to use the plague
17268s strike so he doesn't have to do that
17269s probably end on the frost strike yeah
17272s uninterested in that if it kills it tag
17275s except for the second play strike
17278s so start using it for draw drops the
17281s Accolade of death Frost strike oh Stitch
17283s giant to handle to 16-16
17287s all aboard the chain train we are drawn
17290s yes mayor manipula into hand that's
17293s gonna be a little spend up to five
17295s corpses deal two damage for each that's
17297s 10 damage to Abilene's face and getting
17299s a 16-60 million down Abilene needs
17302s something to clear this scary board she
17305s has soul stealer in hand but if she uses
17307s it what answer remains for the scourge
17310s exactly
17315s [Music]
17317s no asphyxiate in hand
17321s I was she she has to she has to use
17323s social this turn because she can't
17326s double blood tap
17328s or blood boil and she doesn't have
17331s asphyxiate the no muncher isn't enough
17333s and honestly renithal you're not helping
17337s thank you thank you he doesn't need the
17340s kind words she's looking at the blood
17342s boil though it is a good amount of
17344s healing it is it's healing for what 20
17348s she uses both
17350s no not as much because one of them will
17352s die before I should take out the yeah
17354s three three minions will die
17358s we have two four Health minions oh it
17361s was 20 right
17366s I don't know
17368s I'm over here I I didn't look where she
17372s was starting from but now she's looking
17373s at 23 damage from Hunter race he doesn't
17377s need to play The Scourge now because he
17379s already has quite the board developed so
17381s now he can look for more maybe answers
17383s he has a manipulator with nothing on
17387s board so it's a really good opportunity
17388s to get it out on an empty board another
17390s 10 damage
17392s can draw first just to see what other
17395s options he has
17396s or school teacher to see if you can find
17399s more damage to attach to a nogling
17404s decides to go once again the slicer
17407s route
17408s and draw see what he gets more draw
17413s why not just do both it says Hunter race
17415s I'm going to draw and then play marrow
17417s manipulator yep trying to get as much
17419s damage as possible on a clear board this
17423s makes a lot of sense
17424s cue up those attacks
17428s maybe slot in a skeletal sidekick for
17430s more damage no decides against it just
17433s leaves that one Mana
17435s just for fun
17436s so Abilene has technically 12 health
17439s because she'll heal for two more or four
17441s more after this turn with that blood
17444s boil still being on two minions that's
17445s what is so unique about that spell is
17448s that it stays up if you feel bad just
17451s like oh it didn't clear everything it's
17452s like oh wait if they're still there I
17454s continue healing off that lifesteal and
17456s those minions continue taking two damage
17459s and at this point
17463s if she's Soul steals she won't get the
17466s heel
17468s but she won't die
17470s but she'll be greeted by your friendly
17473s neighborhood marauding horde courtesy of
17475s the scourge oh wait she double blood
17477s boiled so she would actually heal for
17479s way more and the I wouldn't kill the
17481s Lord tomorrow but
17483s seeing an attack would live
17485s yes yes that is very true she has to
17490s Soul steal her right
17494s leading with the
17497s hero power makes her think no she
17501s okay this is going to kill off the mayor
17503s manipulator the now basically Hunter
17506s race has to find a way to get through
17509s the taunt in order to win
17511s to one Health taunt vizier in hand could
17515s find an answer school teacher in hand
17517s could find an answer there are a lot of
17520s avenues
17522s oh plague strike still three damage to a
17525s minion that but still one oh no because
17528s he's cool from his here yes hero power
17530s gets there that's perfect lethal Hunter
17532s Ace taking the win over Abilene
17536s that's that's 29 Points gone for team
17539s blood yeah they just challenged 29
17542s Points of their 30 points but the death
17545s knight for team Unholy has stopped the
17548s Challenger Abilene and stop them from
17550s earning more points putting them down to
17553s one one point for team blood that's it
17557s that's all they have
17559s I think both team blood lost
17563s they but their their first
17566s the first game
17567s of the test challenge that was exciting
17571s Tara said yeah but unfortunately they're
17573s gonna only have 1.2 risk next challenge
17576s so it's not going to be good for blood
17579s and I think we are kind of down to team
17582s uh Unholy versus Team Frost with that
17585s one point looking at these new standings
17587s 89 points for team Frost 88 points for
17590s team Unholy and one point
17595s for team blood
17596s yeah we've seen team frost challenge uh
17600s we've seen team blood Challenge and that
17603s means we have one team left to challenge
17605s and that's team Unholy
17607s I wonder what deck they're gonna go with
17609s yeah I'm not sure but if I do my math
17611s right they're probably challenging team
17613s Frost so we're going to see Team Unholy
17616s verse team Frost I'm just guessing on
17620s but I think that's right though and so
17624s I would imagine they're bringing maybe
17626s their best deck dog stack but I'm
17629s excited to see what we end up with yeah
17631s I'm also excited to talk about blood I
17632s have questions I'm curious how things
17634s are going down and how they're feeling
17635s and I believe we have Tice standing by
17637s to do just that time to have a little
17640s blood chat with Tice repping in the
17642s correct color
17644s hello yes I was like if we can't win
17647s much maybe I should at least dress as a
17648s blood and uh at least that one paid off
17650s looks great ties it it does and your
17653s plate looks great earlier
17656s yeah I mean I don't feel like games are
17660s completely unplayable or anything but
17662s you really need to like
17664s hit some well and especially against
17665s Unholy we're having quite a lot of
17667s trouble when they just keep coming with
17670s like all the infinite value and
17672s especially the dog list is for us really
17674s hard to beat yeah do you think that team
17677s blood
17678s um
17680s made the best Decks that they could or
17682s do you think you could refine them to be
17684s a bit different now knowing how The Meta
17687s turned out for team Unholy and team
17688s Frost
17691s I think if we knew that the meta would
17693s be like this uh we could have made it a
17696s little bit better but we both still
17697s struggle because we just don't have a
17700s win condition not like them and we
17702s cannot make a Tempo blood deck the the
17704s tools are not there it would be in
17706s complete neutral deck so
17708s uh that could be a direction that it
17711s might actually be better in this meta
17712s but uh we expected especially Unholy to
17716s be like Mark Agro and 30 HP but they all
17720s ended up with greedy lists as well so
17722s yeah that made it uh really really tough
17724s for us well you seem in good spirits we
17727s saw you pretty hyped not that long ago
17729s how are you feeling about the tournament
17731s overall
17732s I'm only typed like even I'm still
17734s having fun we're losing a lot of games
17736s we're winning some but I'm still having
17738s a lot of fun I'm enjoying my my
17740s Hearthstone games and uh I mean the
17742s tournament has been really fun it's a
17743s really fun experience it's so fun to
17745s play with new cards I love the deck
17747s building concept it was a bit hard maybe
17749s for us here and there with blood but
17751s it's so much fun to try to make like
17753s something good together with so little
17755s time so I'm just having uh such a blast
17757s yeah I feel like that's why so many
17759s people love you is because you're so
17761s positive even when you're losing it's so
17764s great to see but I was so glad we got to
17766s watch your last game uh Patchwork
17769s Patchwork mutinous disrupting poor bunny
17772s Hopper how did that feel that felt good
17775s and we actually played that I forgot the
17777s name but the seven Mana guy I couldn't
17778s put him in my deck because it wasn't a
17780s win condition enough but actually only
17783s against bunny offer I wish I had that
17785s that card in my uh in my list so I'm
17788s happy it got some moment as well
17791s yeah yeah I'm curious we saw you having
17794s some serious celebrations where do we
17796s learn dance moves like yours
17799s you calling that dance
17804s it's like a machine gun robot
17809s yes
17812s like proper proper hype brought courtesy
17816s of you Tyson
17817s I gave a kiss bunny no I think that one
17820s was from yesterday
17822s uh I don't know you were we were quiet I
17826s just let myself go yeah but you you have
17829s those same moves a lot of your games and
17831s I think that's why a lot of people love
17832s to watch your excitement
17834s well thank you so I mean
17838s yeah thank you so much for your time
17840s Tyson thank you so much for your hype
17842s yeah
17844s yeah we'll do together come back it's
17846s gonna be hard at one point but we will
17847s try to get two points if we are allowed
17849s to gamble it
17851s of course of course oh thanks again
17854s we'll talk to you soon best of luck as
17855s the challenge continues
17858s thank you
17861s so great to talk to him I'm going to
17864s rehearse those dance moves
17866s you're you're gonna yeah you got it I
17868s got it there's a lot of there's a lot of
17870s shaking in there
17872s nailed it you know it's probably easier
17874s to do when you're at the you know chilly
17877s Frost of northrend yeah and in the
17879s moment get that shake the patchwork
17881s mutinous moment of wins and we are in
17883s the moment of the next matchup coming to
17886s us at Breakneck Pace we have dog
17890s challenging the team Frost night of
17895s meaty
17897s if you went holy risking a nice 69
17900s points yes they are I'm very excited to
17903s see how the
17905s howling
17907s will they double them up or will they
17909s lose them all that's a lot to uh to risk
17913s here because they're not that far behind
17916s Team Frost well as you pointed out they
17920s had to put up their points before seeing
17923s the outcome right I forgot Challenger
17926s versus Knights and it's such an
17928s important point to bring up for that
17930s very reason
17931s kind of like they may shoot themselves
17933s in the foot here we're not sure there's
17934s meaty getting ready to take on defend
17937s against dog as the Knight for team Frost
17941s and also
17943s just now really realizing we have seen
17945s two Challengers now not able to get the
17949s win in a row it's hard to defeat a death
17952s knight
17953s but they're both death Knights
17956s they were Challengers fair
17959s but we're looking at their Mulligans
17962s right now
17964s both players taking their time deciding
17965s what they want to keep what they want to
17967s toss back
17969s meetings saying I don't need any of this
17971s including rhyme things sword which
17973s surprises me ends up with both copies of
17976s his spammy in hand plus a howling blast
17978s and uh I'm curious to see what deck
17981s they're both using because they don't
17983s have to bring the deck that they came
17984s with though we know that dogs deck has
17986s been doing extremely well
17988s and we love to watch me these necklace
17990s but maybe he decided to run Regis
17992s kilbins
17993s he could have it certainly
17996s did ex it went on a heck of its own
17999s march today it did
18003s I think we can just like claim Regis is
18005s the Lich King now because
18007s his performance today
18010s but looks like dog is looking forward do
18013s I want a coin or do I want to just drop
18015s a necrotic mortician
18018s who's the coin here is options between
18020s the vizier or you know just putting out
18023s Alyssa's favorite renathal
18027s my prince
18028s [Laughter]
18036s just play that amalgam out say you're
18039s good enough for me amalgam yeah I don't
18041s need value
18042s I need temp
18050s the starting hand pretty heavy hand
18053s indeed
18055s yeah I I unders I can completely
18057s understand mulliganing the hand that he
18060s had but uh
18063s getting both families in hand that that
18065s definitely clogs up the works yeah but
18068s he has tasty team and holy so maybe a
18071s little happy about it because it does
18072s help him out a lot but maybe he just
18076s wants to burst and hold it down before
18077s they can even do anything and in that
18080s case he his hand is terrible certainly
18082s appears to be
18084s meaty's go-to plan but
18088s dog drawings Stitch giant off the top
18090s there
18097s you can feel the stakes like
18100s I we were seeing faster plays throughout
18103s most of the rounds yes the second we've
18106s hit death challenge well now dog has 69
18109s points on the line
18112s that's a lot of all the other games were
18114s three points this one's 69.
18118s it's the most points we've seen on the
18120s line so far
18122s Lady Death whisper hits the board with
18124s that gorgeous Diamond art
18126s wow that's an early Lady Death whisper
18128s she goes down this turn
18131s media is going to be sitting on just
18133s just copies of howling blast yep but
18135s that's for howling blasts and we already
18137s talked about today about how
18143s ever's untoldly because it has a stall
18145s mechanic in the freeze
18146s it doesn't feel as bad if you need to
18149s use it to control the board because you
18150s still get one damage to all other
18152s enemies including your opponent's face
18154s we've seen it multiple times with Frost
18157s death knight they want to get that chip
18159s damage in they want to get their
18160s opponents Health total within range of
18164s those Wild
18166s damage combinations so able to run the
18169s undead into Lady Death whisper and coin
18172s out a ghoul to finish her off while
18174s keeping Prince go in face for three
18177s drawing two cards The Scourge in hand
18183s oh Ryan thinks or to reduce costs of
18187s those spells it would have been better
18189s if he could do that prior to duplicating
18191s yes that's definitely a wonderful combo
18194s that I think a lot of us are going to be
18195s hoping to pull off when we get our own
18198s hands on death Knights come December 6th
18202s just gonna go face face he say the place
18206s yes now we have one discounted howling
18208s blast in hand
18211s now I wonder if he's looking at running
18213s a ghoul face or maybe doing a trade
18216s because he might want to set up a easier
18218s spammy
18220s because if he moves one to three keeps
18222s one at four it could be easier for later
18224s but now he is going to look at howling
18226s blasts to just reduce now and stall a
18230s bit early
18232s yeah that one dam is going to go out to
18234s everyone else actually I won't be able
18236s to swing next turn
18240s amalgam into dog's hand
18243s no one Dead's currently on board
18245s Accolade of death while certainly brings
18249s Undead Synergy not an undead itself
18259s covering over that D for us maybe wants
18261s to go digging draw some cards
18264s see what he gets yeah looking at the
18266s nuruvian vizier finds an anti-magic
18269s shell which is quite nice if he already
18271s has a sticky board versus tomb Guardian
18274s if he wants to build up a sticky board
18276s decides on the blood boil and says so on
18278s the other mind what I'm thinking he
18280s wants a way to clear off some two or get
18285s too damaged off to a bunch of minions
18286s including some lifesteal but discover
18288s his own Lady Death whisper which would
18290s duplicate Scourge instead decides to go
18293s for the imagar death bringer
18297s we haven't seen that card a lot no no we
18300s haven't it's a it is a two Unholy Rune
18303s Undead minion taunt death rattle spend
18306s three corpses the 7833 risen imager with
18309s taut
18313s they travel in packs
18315s Undead Pax
18318s all right so we do have the option to
18321s spammy this turn
18323s especially with the weapon equipped
18329s foreign yes we have the the one well we
18332s needed two yeah this is a weapon let's
18334s go bam
18340s leaves a 3-4 on the board weapon still
18342s equipped with one durability remaining
18345s and Howling blasts receiving more
18348s discounts
18352s on the other side dog has a few turns
18356s before the scourge so he's probably
18358s gonna just want to set up a way to keep
18360s a bit more control so that he can easily
18364s Temple out a Scourge on turn nine if he
18366s loses control if he loses that Tempo he
18369s will not be able to do so and then it'll
18370s be hard for him to swing into complete
18373s Tempo oh he agrees and grabs an
18376s asphyxiate
18377s which if you want control yes let's
18380s fixate certainly brings that to the
18382s party
18386s Moses giant is a 10 10 Mana right now I
18389s was like what tin Mana card does he run
18391s I was really confused since the stitched
18393s giant hasn't spent any corpses currently
18396s sitting on six
18400s hasn't even cast defrost still sitting
18403s it in hand
18404s hasn't felt the need nope has plenty of
18407s minions to play has had plenty of
18408s answers to what media has been doing
18410s Frost right coming down going to answer
18412s that death bringer which means we're
18413s going to see the Risen image are
18416s the place marrow manipulator offered but
18419s he takes the frostworms so yeah he had a
18423s pick between frostworm and mayor
18425s manipulator went with the frostworm
18426s there
18429s I think in a lot of times I would take
18431s marrow manipulator but first Unholy when
18434s the frostworm just freezes the whole
18436s board can freeze a whole Board of
18438s scourges that seems like an InstaPic
18441s they don't always have taunt either so
18444s the five five frostworm that it brings
18447s to the board
18449s also helps out yeah
18452s all right so dog over on the other side
18454s looking for some options here hasn't a
18457s chronic mortician so that's going to be
18460s able to allow him to discover some nice
18462s un
18463s holy cards another Stitch giant offered
18466s or a blight Fang this is a good blight
18469s Fang turn because the opponent has so
18473s many minions meaty
18475s that could be a nice little switch
18477s around for a dog he in Suns goes for the
18480s uh tomb Guardian because that will give
18483s him uh some sticky minions
18486s it's a rush gets the graveyard shift
18488s lots of reborn lots of sticky
18491s again he's just trying to make sure he
18493s maintains board control for that turn
18496s nine play
18499s over on the other side meaty has drawn
18501s his blood Mage Thanos
18504s [Music]
18507s which is pretty nice here and he agrees
18510s he's going to be able to
18512s get rid of the the initial zombies
18516s summoning the Reborns and then howling
18518s blast to finish the deal going face and
18521s this is where dog is losing that control
18523s I talked about this is not where dog
18525s wants to be on turn nine uh because
18528s again he just wants a really easy Tempo
18531s play
18532s can we talk about points for a moment
18535s yeah because
18537s with the points that have been put up
18540s here at 69 points if dog wins team
18543s Unholy gets 69 points and they take the
18545s lead yes over team Frost however uh-oh
18549s if dog loses
18552s that's a win for team Frost oh it's over
18555s mathematically
18557s over team Frost becomes the winners this
18561s could be for the tournament this could
18563s be for the death knight show match this
18565s may be the final game yeah because blood
18568s has no way of getting second or first
18569s anymore they can't get seconds so Unholy
18572s could be cementing a second place here
18574s yes or or could be going for that first
18580s that's exactly I think what dog's hoping
18582s for yeah so this is a lot on the line
18586s [Music]
18587s I wonder if meaty's aware if he's put to
18590s I'm sure the team has been like Minnie
18592s Minnie guess what
18594s or do they not want to freak him out
18596s they might not want to freak him out
18598s because they do have a second
18599s opportunity now you wonder how close are
18602s they with each other how much are they
18603s in each other's heads yeah
18606s now we see the Stitch Giants coming down
18609s from dog and while we have some stall
18611s effect from meaty he also has blood
18613s Mitch thou knows so that he can do some
18616s extra damage with these remorseless
18618s Winters
18620s so he can remorse those winter and
18621s Howling glass that's going to do five
18624s damage
18626s yeah because it empowers
18629s the howling glass as well
18632s both parts of it
18634s yep he's gonna go face because that only
18636s leaves him to only find 12 more damage
18638s he has Queen ashara in hand only one
18641s left to get to that weapon he has double
18644s frostworms Fury for the stall so if dog
18647s doesn't find heel this is meaty's game
18650s and this is team for us tournament yep
18656s now it is going to take some turns to
18659s get Queen azshara online gonna need to
18662s cast one more spell gonna need to play
18664s Queen ajar going to need to equip that
18666s weapon but the weapon's cheap and it is
18669s she's not too expensive especially with
18672s the he's going to be on 10 Mana next
18674s turn he has a horn of winter in hand and
18677s the frostworm is a perfect stall born of
18680s winter is perfect however beyond that
18682s howling glass is the only affordable
18684s spell it's Frost forms Fury behind that
18687s that's seven Mana
18688s I mean
18690s he has lethal with it right now right if
18694s if dog can't clear it's lethal
18698s my foil especially if he draws a second
18701s Horn of winter
18703s it even could potentially take two more
18705s damage the face with that rhyme
18707s Elemental depending on what happens with
18709s the death rattle blood boil is in place
18711s so he will heal but the two damage
18714s Michael face nope it hits the other
18717s Stitch giant there are now two eight
18719s ones on board mirror manipulator in hand
18722s going back over to Media you can see it
18725s in his eyes he's putting this together
18728s Sergeant Matthews at 14.
18734s howling blast going face
18736s would be a nice little clear looks like
18739s he's going to rip the dinathurist now
18742s yep just trying to get any like I just
18745s think he needs to send damage every turn
18746s because he has so much damage from hand
18748s to spend every turn spamming at face
18751s there's not a lot of healing next turn
18753s just to be hero power press frostworm is
18756s is lethal yeah he can howl it's gonna is
18760s this coming down to a Hail Mary Scourge
18762s he needs to get a lot of healing what's
18764s it going to be needs heal needs taunt
18769s not a single taunt
18772s there is uh no but they're not gonna get
18775s it no lifesteal
18777s this is it
18779s meaty wins team Frost is going to take
18784s the death knight show match
18786s they did not
18788s I I can't I'm still in check I cannot
18791s believe that this just went down we set
18794s up for two rounds of risks but they've
18797s lost it all already the point so many
18799s points were put up yes and also team
18802s Frost was so ahead they were so ahead
18805s from their amazing performance today
18807s that even with the points they lost at
18810s the start of this challenge they were
18811s ahead enough that with the points that
18814s team Unholy put up
18818s team Frost wins they are our Champions
18820s they are our champions of the death
18822s knight show show match Frost your
18825s favorite the winner
18828s how excited are you can you can you but
18830s think about it where they were at at the
18832s beginning of this do we let's cut to
18834s some replays yeah to think about the
18836s journey that we've been on with this
18838s death knight show match checking out
18840s midi we know that meaty in the beginning
18842s of this show match went oh and four but
18846s turned it around and started winning
18848s winning winning and ended up getting
18850s seven wins in a row he seemed
18853s Unstoppable But Not only was it seeming
18856s Unstoppable Regis kilbin
18860s just the the Dark Horse just completely
18863s coming in to help out team Frost for
18866s that win it was a true team effort yes
18870s like this was a team events everyone had
18873s to show up and do their best and every
18875s time we went back to those team
18876s standings you saw it you saw those
18878s clusters of all of the members of the
18881s various room teams all putting in their
18883s part all stacking up those wins stacking
18886s up those points
18889s hit media's celebration look at that
18893s look at the joy
18896s well congratulations to team Frost Ali
18899s strazamidi bunny Hopper Regis kilbin
18903s juggernauts of hearthstone and now
18906s champions of the march of the Lich King
18908s death knight show match that means team
18911s Frost is taking home 50
18914s 000 in total prizing with Team Unholy
18917s getting 30 000 in second place in team
18919s blood taking home twenty thousand
18921s dollars in third place congratulations
18925s to all our teams that's those are some
18928s phenomenal prizes and these are our
18930s final points breakdowns this is
18932s oh you know you think about how much
18934s life still came in look at how much
18936s Point steel came in team Frost with 89
18939s points over the 19 points of Team Unholy
18941s in the one point of Team blood remaining
18944s none of the Challenger is able to defeat
18946s a death knight none they all lost points
18949s to those death Knights just showing how
18951s strong a death knight can be wonderful
18953s player nominations from the teams to
18956s defend their
18957s team's standings
18960s this the strategy that must have went
18962s into what like what do you what do you
18963s think that's like to huddle up yeah I
18965s mean you've been a part of Team events
18967s before yeah you I mean you have such a
18969s good team Dynamic I know a lot of these
18972s teams did we saw them chatting amongst
18973s one another and I think we both can
18975s agree that team Frost had the best team
18977s Dynamic we saw them talking a ton
18980s playing together a ton strategizing so
18983s much and I think they know each other's
18985s strengths and weaknesses when we talk to
18987s Regis kill them he even said I'm here to
18989s be the cheerleader that's my job like we
18991s each have a job for this team and I'm
18993s here to cheerlead he's also here to win
18995s let's be apparently moonlights on the
18998s side though as an absolute murder
18999s machine yes and so he just you know they
19002s all came here they all worked their
19005s butts off and they're the Champions it I
19008s think it also speaks to what a mix of
19010s players we have we have people that are
19012s famous for streaming we have people that
19014s are famous for YouTube videos we have
19016s people that are famous for being amazing
19017s Grand Master Hearthstone competitors and
19020s yes it is a show match but the
19022s competition that was on display how
19025s seriously these teams took these games
19027s yep it was such a treat and a privilege
19030s to watch and cast yeah I think team
19032s Frost is the epitome of such a blend of
19035s all the Hearthstone Community we have
19037s midi who is a very well-known coach for
19040s Hearthstone high rank but not quite in
19042s like the grand Masters necessarily where
19045s bunny Hopper is our grand master player
19047s our competitive player then we have
19049s Regis kilban our YouTuber extraordinaire
19052s he is just a just a beating member of
19054s the community and then we have Ali
19056s Strazza our live streamer she's also a
19058s YouTuber we have just such a little bit
19060s of everything else team it just proves
19062s that with teamwork and a little bit of
19065s mix
19066s just pure gold It's a Wonderful Showcase
19069s of
19070s all of the different corners of the
19072s Hearthstone Community all of the various
19075s talents that so many of our favorite
19077s personalities have yes it was great fun
19080s to see them all succeed and win here's a
19083s little bit about those players in case
19085s you miss them make sure you're following
19086s all of them on Twitch in YouTube I'm
19088s sure they would appreciate they're all
19090s streaming live right now
19091s absolutely they're probably screaming
19093s live streams of Joy yes they are because
19096s they're each bringing home 20 or 12 500
19100s in prizes that is quite a lot yes I mean
19106s I'm I'm so excited like just the again
19110s I'm looking at the faces I'm thinking
19112s about the games we saw them all play the
19115s board States we saw them overcome how
19119s many times were we sitting here shocked
19121s we're not even playing we're terrified
19123s on behalf of these players like how do
19124s you deal with
19126s nine Mana bam The Scourge comes out what
19129s do you do with a board that size with
19132s threats that unpredictable
19135s and I'm surprised you didn't believe me
19137s saying that you know Frost beat out and
19139s holy which I was thinking but you know
19141s we could talk to team Frost and see what
19143s they have to think our is team Frost is
19145s Frost better than Unholy or was the just
19148s the better team well let's talk to team
19149s Frost right now let's talk to our death
19152s knight Champions the winners of our
19157s deaths Challenge and our death knight
19158s show match
19160s congratulations you four
19163s uh we just we just talked to you I want
19165s to talk to Beauty real quick coming hot
19167s off of that winning defense how are you
19171s feeling
19172s oh man that feels amazing like uh I have
19176s never I have never had such a high
19178s stakes Hearthstone match in my life we
19181s were just talking about that like that
19182s that match that single game
19185s um if we win that game as a team we make
19188s twenty thousand dollars like that was
19190s just uh that was really incredible so
19193s I'm feeling pretty good well
19195s congratulations
19197s what about other team members Aldi
19200s Strazza what was going on behind the
19201s scenes were were you trying to did you
19205s put it together was anyone telling me
19206s like hey this this is it or were you all
19209s kind of keeping quiet letting him stay
19210s in the zone
19211s uh yeah I think we're you know trying to
19214s be as helpful as we can be but also you
19217s know you don't want to have too many
19219s voices in there but I would say it was a
19220s good amount of contribution and yeah I
19223s mean I was definitely sweating a bit as
19225s Medi said that was super high stakes but
19227s uh yeah it was a ton of fun and I'm just
19229s really proud of everyone
19231s yeah so uh bunny Hopper had a question
19233s for you I know you had a lot to do with
19235s the deck building and I wanted to hear
19237s about uh the final outcome of the decks
19240s do you think you would change them a
19241s little bit do you like the dragon
19243s package because I personally loved that
19245s you added this Dragon package to the
19248s game so so what are your thoughts about
19250s the deck now that the tournament's over
19253s I think they called together the team we
19255s did a great job making those decks um
19258s like I think we all had a bunch to do in
19260s the refinement that
19263s um I'm on the dragon Tech specifically I
19265s think it was a pretty fun deck uh didn't
19267s quite get where I wanted it to get
19271s um because it's like this is the deck I
19272s think we spent the least amount of time
19274s putting together so just kind of like
19276s this is like the last day last two hours
19279s kind of deck I think it did what it was
19281s supposed to do and
19284s um I think it would have done a lot
19286s better if red would have my blood would
19289s have built their their decks a little
19290s bit more like we thought they were going
19292s to because we were struggling a lot so I
19294s think I'm pretty happy with it because
19296s it gave us the security that even if
19299s they had gone a different route
19302s um we wouldn't have to we know rely on
19305s Regis just winning every single game
19309s so Regis do you think that Frost is the
19314s best rune for death Knights or do you
19316s think that you four are the best players
19320s I think I have amazing teammates I'm not
19324s playing with anything I think my
19326s teammates are the best and that's why we
19328s won I mean I think Frost is pretty good
19330s but you know it's like it's only against
19332s other death Knights once you get into
19333s the open meta we'll see uh which Rune
19336s really stands Above the Rest but for
19338s today at least Frost uh pretty good for
19341s Champions I suppose I'll take it Ally uh
19345s you guys got to play around with the
19346s decks a lot which you know a lot of
19348s people have not it's not available until
19349s December 6th do you think that the
19352s triple decks are going to be most
19353s popular triple Unholy triple Frost or do
19356s you think people are going to find that
19358s adding a single room is actually better
19361s that's a good question like in testing I
19365s feel like there's a few cards that are
19367s triple Frost like um or triple blood
19370s that are really really good and so I it
19374s it might be that the triple decks
19377s actually reign supreme but it'll be
19379s interesting to see what happens yeah it
19381s might shift differently based on the
19382s other other classes right
19386s let's see that for sure
19389s I was curious uh bunny Hopper is you
19392s know you obviously spent a ton of time
19394s with frost but if you know you're gonna
19396s go hit ladder once March of the Lich
19399s King comes out what's the first other
19402s Rune you're gonna jump on are you gonna
19404s go for blood or are you gonna go for
19406s Unholy
19407s uh I really like them only I think the
19411s way that dog has built his deck
19413s specifically is exactly how you're
19414s supposed to build this deck with in like
19417s you have a lot of mid-sized early game
19420s and then you have
19422s like incredible scam just so much scam I
19425s love it this perfect deck for me just
19427s like hamburgers busier just just uh and
19431s then stool teachers just infinite scam
19433s like whatever your opponent like throws
19436s at you you have a way to be aggressive
19437s you have a way to be the control deck
19439s you have a way to be like in the kind of
19442s mid-range kind of deck that has super
19444s big versatility so that's definitely
19446s what I want to test out next well I
19450s think you all showed off your
19451s versatility congratulations again on the
19454s big win for the death knight show match
19457s congratulations all four of you
19460s and enjoy it
19462s go grab your your own Helms of
19464s domination and throw them on and
19465s celebrate thank you for your time
19469s [Music]
19473s tournament
19474s yes thank you hi
19477s just incredible performance from
19480s everyone all of our teams all of our
19483s participants
19485s they went for it yeah I'm very excited
19488s for team Frost make sure you check out
19490s all of their YouTube channels and twitch
19492s I know media is a great coach so I'm
19495s sure if you really like that Frost deck
19498s of his go check out his YouTube I'm sure
19500s he's going to have a great coaching
19501s session on how to play it soon and I
19504s know Regis is already getting those
19506s YouTubes out with these decks so make
19508s sure you check those out I'm I'm
19510s actually absolutely ecstatic I'm gonna
19512s run to my notebook after this and start
19514s making notes about what decklist I'm
19516s going to play again this is something I
19519s have been waiting for since Hearthstone
19521s beta I am a raging death knight fan and
19525s I couldn't be more pleased with what the
19527s Hearthstone team has put together for
19530s the Game's new class
19532s everything I've ever wanted yep it's
19534s been an absolutely wonderful tournament
19537s I'm so glad to do it with you and I'm so
19539s glad that we got to watch these
19541s participants they did an excellent job
19542s showcasing what death Knights have to
19544s offer yeah absolutely thank you so much
19546s everybody for tuning in to our death
19549s knight show match thank you Celesta for
19550s being such an awesome co-caster this was
19553s an absolute privilege and treat to do I
19555s have a lot of emotions being on stage
19558s right now so thank you again everybody
19560s to our friends on the Hearthstone team
19562s to the production staff because they are
19564s amazing thank you all for watching
19567s GG
19593s [Music]
19601s foreign
19608s [Music]
19620s [Music]
19629s Hearthstone match in my life that was
19631s super high stakes but uh yeah it was a
19634s ton of fun and I'm just really proud of
19635s everyone
19636s I think they called together a team we
19638s did a great job making those decks
19641s um like I think we all had a bunch to do
19644s in the refinement I think my teammates
19646s are the best and that's why we won
19649s [Music]
19668s foreign
19674s [Music]
19693s [Music]
19702s [Music]
19708s foreign