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pro.gamer.69 said: the ideal template you're looking for is a ratio of about 3-4 mech to 1 motorized AT or even better, tank destroyer. support engis, aa are a must, signals may be nice (especially if you make your division bigger), recon isn't horrible, logis are nice too.

ignore everything you see on width from before the release of AAT a few weeks ago. nowadays width barely matters, but 10, 15 are both solid, 36 works well too.

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Mission accomplished?

negro negrito said: 9inf, the rest artilley batallions to your hearts content like some youtubers do in their videos where they only attack with big inf+arty divs like in bokoen and dankus videos.


Not for you, but for those content creators.

Right, that settles it, I have to make a video now discussing the pitfalls of using Line Artillery.

But for your specific needs:

First of all, attacking with INF should only be done as part of a larger offensive involving tons of tanks and planes. Just ramming infantry stacks around the map as a primary attacking tool is a fool's errand that will kill tons of manpower and equipment even if you win. I do it as a joke or the fun of it during livestreams, but it's not remotely efficient and I can only succeed because I have a bunch of other ducks in a row against an AI that doesn't comprehend what I'm doing.

Having said that, I will say that my basic infantry templates are looking something like this:

8xINF (16w) with ENG, LOG, support AA, support ART, and either leave the last slot open or use something like flame tanks, support rockets, or rangers. Skip the recon, HOSP, SIG, or other support companies.

If I am fighting under really bad air, I will swap to 7xINF and add a line AA for 15w.

I tried 10w INF divisions, but the cost/need for equipment for support companies was a bit high. Also, without Superior Firepower (Integrated Support Branch), the ORG isn't great on 10w with support companies. Naked 10w can be fine in some cases.

If I want something fancier than a basic infantry division, I'll swap out an INF battalion and use cheap TDs. That should kill enemy armor dead in North Africa choke points.