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Aron77 said: Dear Gamers,
Does the Radio Navigation module have any use on Fighters and CAS planes?
many thanks in advance

Let's look at some stats:

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Radio navigation applies a reduction in night penalty regardless of aircraft type. So, it's primary benefit applies to CAS, fighters, TACs, NAVs, CV planes, recon, and flying coffins. In fact, unlike air to air RADAR, it applies when on air superiority.


Notice this plane does not get the global night penalty reduction. The night reduction penalty from air to air RADAR only applies on intercept missions. So, if you want planes that can perform better at night, radio navigation is really the way to go in most cases.


What is the cost of such a module? Radio navigation II costs 1.5 production cost, 1 weight, and eats a module slot. For those paying attention, that's 1/3 of your module slots on the bottom row gone if you take this path.

In most cases, planes will only be running 1 sortie at night per day (2 sorties during daylight hours for a total of 3 per day). So, to make a plane better at night flying, you eat up slot that could be used for more air defense (armor) or more range (fuel tanks or drop tanks). Or you give up specialized modules like flying boat capability or non-standard materials.

The question is whether you think the -20% to night penalties is worth losing out on air defense or range. Unless you are trying to create some kind of specialized "night witches" squadrons specifically to bomb at night with cheaper planes, I don't think it's worth it on CAS. On fighters, I'd rather have more air defense which can help all the time. (And air defense is a potent stat in general.)  
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FindFloppies said: Biplanes with navigation coming right up...

Shhh... That's the schtick I'm planning to use for my next livestream.

"Can the Night Witches beat Hitler?"


(And yes, the irony with having Stormfront in the picture is deliberate. :D )  
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GrandVezir said: And the Ryan George pitch meeting to go with.