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The irony of this thread is that I don't think Balance of Power does enough to depose Mussolini when the situation goes bad.

Trying to speed run the collapse of Italy as France a few games ago, I literally held Sardinia, Sicily, and Rome within the first six months of Italian entry, and they still wouldn't fracture. Since I hadn't taken out a bunch of other stuff, the drift was too weak/slow to get Mussolini deposed in a timely fashion. It took over two months after Rome was occupied for Italy to begin that process because of where the Balance of Power was prior to my attacks.

Maybe the Grand Council of Fascism needed to file some extra paperwork or something?  
29 days ago - Secret Master - Direct link
stormsand9 said: You didn't take Libya, so the Grand council of Fascism was waiting for Italo Balbo's counterattack to make everything alright.

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General WVPM said: Also if you are beating Italy quickly do you really want them to start the civil war? That makes an (apparently) easily war even easier (unless you get pushed back and the puppet surrenders).

Regno del Sud becomes a type of puppet that democracies can't normally have. So, I was trying to grab puppet Italy for the puppet benefits and the lulz.