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blahmaster6k said: True, but keep in mind that the other side also has the -50% night attack penalty. Meaning that during the night time, your divisions will still have a 25% firepower buff that the other side doesn't have.

I just want to remind everyone (and I know you know this, but others might not) that between GBP right and the night vision techs, you can completely eliminate the night fighting penalty.



The base soft attack of these divisions are almost the same. But, umm, the British are spanking them. The planning bonus is a big part of it, but that -50% penalty the Italians have compared to no penalty at night that the British have means that half of the time, the Italians are fighting at a huge disadvantage. Is it worth it to do this? I dunno. SF or MW are probably still better in many situations. But I wouldn't mock GBP for its removal of the night penalty.

Also, the AI didn't put engineers into its Italian formations, so the Italians didn't dig in that much even though they are using GBP themselves and could benefit from doing so. I can't fix that.  
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blahmaster6k said: Honestly, considering that the second night vision tech is a 1946 tech, it hardly comes up in a normal game from my experience.

I've pushed those techs ahead of time as Italy when going all in on a GBP/special forces kind of thing.

I'll save everyone the trouble and post it myself:


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