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Today we go to the drawing board and the planning table as we take a look at the
Divisional Command changes as well as the Plane designer with Peter Nicholson and
Gabriel Blum.

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Transcript (by Youtube)

11s Hello and welcome to
12s this, our third and final feature video for By Blood Alone.
16s My name is Peter Nicholson, game director on Hearts Iron IV, And today
19s we'll be taking a look at some of the last features to be introduced in BBA.
24s We'll be beginning with Divisional Command.
30s In By Blood Alone will be upgrading the system
33s that previously existed to hire new commanders, new generals.
38s In By Blood Alone, Every division is going to have its own commander.
42s They don't necessarily confer statistical bonuses, but that there is
48s a sort of baseline for you to draw
51s from as a pool to upgrade to generals.
54s They're going to earn experience over time,
59s as well as apply history entries for the deeds that they they do.
63s For instance, you can capture strategic locations.
66s You can capture airfields that could be involved in important combat
70s or perform encirclements and stack wipe enemy troops.
74s For these things, they will earn something called a history entry.
77s So you'll be able to see these in a log in the division's history.
81s And for some of these, you will be able to award a medal.
85s Medals themselves do confer bonuses.
88s So using this system, you'll be able to reward
92s the divisions that you're particularly attached to.
95s You'll be able to give them some unique features compared to the others,
99s and you'll really be able to reinforce that attachment to the divisions
102s that you feel have served you well during combat medals will be tracked.
107s On the unit, you'll be able to see the medals, history
109s and the various history entries that a unit possesses.
113s You'll be able
114s to stack the effects with diminishing returns.
117s And if you promote a commander from a division to being a full general,
121s they will take a copy of these for flavor reasons with unit cohesion.
125s Is a new battle plan setting that we'll be introducing in the avalanche patch.
130s You'll be able to choose
131s from one of three settings for cohesion, and this will affect primarily
135s how the automated unit assignment system works along that front line.
140s If you choose the middle setting, balanced cohesion, you'll find that
144s the battle plan and the unit adjustment system will work more or less as before,
149s units will relocate themselves along the front line to fill holes.
153s You have two slightly stricter settings after that, which will mean that
157s the units relocate from a much shorter distance to try and fill gaps.
161s And I think beyond that they won't relocate.
163s So in short,
164s you're going to find a lot less shuffling if you use the setting above balanced.
169s There is of course, a rigid cohesion setting and this means that units will
172s only relocate themselves from provinces next door to where they currently are.
177s This can leave holes,
178s so you should consider this an advanced setting in the avalanche patch.
182s Battle plans will have dynamically generated names.
186s For many of them, They will be drawn from a list of historical operations
190s that relate to the states that you're creating the battle plan along.
195s You could create a frontline against Poland as Germany,
199s and you'd probably find the name drawn from the pool would be Fall Weiss.
204s Likewise, if you if you create a front line as Germany
206s against the Soviet Union, you might end up with Operation Barbarossa.
210s There are many of these, so there'll be a lot of historical options there.
214s You'll also be able to rename them yourself.
216s With divisional command covered, we're going to take to the skies
219s and take a look at the plane designer.
227s So the reason why we're adding a plane design is because we already have a ship
230s design and a tank designer and people have been asking for it for a long time.
234s You can design your tanks, can design your own ships.
237s Why would planes be that different? Right.
239s You choose a size of airframe depending on what you want to build,
244s and then you decide what kind of weapons you put on it, how many engines
247s you put on it, how big the engines should be,
251s and what other modules you can put on it, like extra fuel tanks, for example.
256s So modules are what gives the plane its abilities.
261s A module can be a machine gun or a bomb.
265s If you have a bomb on the airplane, then it can attack ground targets.
268s If you have a machine gun, that can attack air targets.
271s And these modules are unlocked through technology.
275s Some of them will be unlocked in the air tech tree.
279s Air to air radar will be unlocked through radar research, as one might expect.
285s And some of the guns can be found in the artillery tree.
289s We sat down and we looked at
292s how people of the time designed our planes.
296s Like what were their considerations that they
299s had to take into account?
301s We wanted to recreate that.
303s From there, you kind of start to think about what kind of
309s items were commonly found on planes like machine guns and bombs
313s to represent these choices that the historical actors had to make.
318s These are sort of the underlying rules that we need to put into the, the plane
322s designer from there that you then go, okay, here are other options.
328s We want to give the player a lot of choices.
330s We want to have a lot of
333s different playstyles that they can try out
335s and experiment with or alter
339s to fit the situation that the country that they're playing in is in.
342s The balancing of the plane designer is still very much in development.
347s It's something that is still being balanced as we shoot this video.
351s The balance is orientated on the current system,
355s so there shouldn't be any wild swings and sort of effectiveness.
359s So if you have a strategy that worked
363s with the current system, it will probably still work
368s with the new system and it will probably not be quite as good.
371s So one of the design and balance goals for the plane designer was to take a look
377s at some of the plane types that people have identified
382s as like a little bit overpowered and tone them down a little bit.
387s CAS Planes and naval bombers in particular
390s will probably not be as strong as they are in the current meta.
393s But that's sort of the beauty of the system,
396s is that it gives us a lot more screws that we can lose
400s and then tighten a little bit to change the balance around.
404s So the transport planes in the plane design work exactly
407s as they do now because they still use the old system.
412s We looked into that early in the design phase and we figured that
417s making a fully modular design of all transport.
420s Planes.
422s Would open up too many cases to many weird exploits.
428s And that has repercussions both for multiplayer, but also for things
432s that the AI needs to consider and we decided to just not touch that.
437s That's it for now.
438s But release is just around the corner.
440s For those of you who opt to preorder, you can get access
443s to the new song Bella Ciao with B.B.A.
446s Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date.
449s And thank you once again.