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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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With the beginnings of March comes a new open beta from our glorious factory! With this patch comes quite a few bugfixes, some gameplay tweaks, added features, and a special addition for our Canadian Comrades!

Listed below are all of the changes (which is subject to change where necessary) that are now live on an open beta branch. Feel free to give us feedback on these planned changes in this thread, or in our Discord[discord.gg]!

- German, Japanese and British trees will now hide obsolete branches if the related game rule is turned on.
- French and USA focus trees will now hide obsolete branches if the related game rule is turned on.
- Added a new alt-history branch to Canada's Communist path, allowing further reduction of the Great Depression, wargoals on the United States, and various other benefits, at the cost of being unable to join or create factions

- Germany now begin with 80 transport planes, from 4

- tweaked Ethiopian Balance of Power, to decrease risk of country collapse
- Made coring decision for Italo-Ethiopian empire available when controlling, rather than owning, states
- Made it possible to move capital to Jerusalem after Axum for Ethiopia
- Made it possible for Ethiopia to collaborate with Italy as Monarchy as well as Fascist
- Improved Regional Supply depots National Spirit for Ethiopia
- Made multiple investments at the same time possible for Ethiopia
- Added camelry to Sultanate of Aussa

- Now the disabling of construction of railway lines on the map will remove them from construction UI.
- Delete-building button should now be visible/usable on UI-scaled clients
- Now, if you hover mouse over an invasion arrow, the whole path will be visible even if it is overlapped by another one.
- Visual improvement of the create faction window.
- Now the army theater groups will show the reinforcement priority.

- Removed deprecated trigger pc_is_state_outside_influence_for
- State level production speed modifiers now have the correct loc keys

- Changed the "repair_speed_infrastructure_factor" modifier description to accurately reflect its actual effect
- When adding a production line, initial efficiency is now only set for slots that have an active factory.
- Fixed creation of unbuildable plane variants by create_equipment_variant effect.
- Focus tree screen will now properly refresh when something changes the display - like when the player chooses a branch and it hides the other ones.
- Fixed the exploit of ignoring the special forces cap when changing army templates.
- Game rule "Show Obsolete Branches in Focus Tree" no longer requires any DLC.
- Motorized rocket artillery fuel usage increased from 0.12 to 1.2 to be in line with Trucks
- Fixed the missing description for all none-Italian countries receiving the end News Event for the Fate of Mussolini Event chain
- USA no longer hires both communist and fascist advisors without DLCs
- Events and focuses which invite all un-faction-ed countries of a specific ideology to a faction will no longer target subjects (this affects Spain and the Soviet Union currently)
- Fixed issue in which Italian Aircraft Designer CRDA-CANT would require the wrong Naval Designer to be active. It now requires CRDA Naval Designer as intended.
- Octavian Goga will now correctly become country leader on completion of the National Christian Party focus.
- The name of peace conferences will appear in the correct language after language changes during peace conferences.
- Fixed issue so that now Italian partisan general Ada Gobetti is properly cautious.
- Obsolete Soviet AI plan "Alternate" has now been purged.
- Build Cost equipment stat modifiers now display the correct color for a bonus (green for negative, red for positive)
- Fixed extra word in Alpine Supremacy description
- Fixed typo in Bulgarian Re-integration Campaign
- Fixed issue with Costanzo Ciano Light Cruiser Class granted by Italian focus Flotta d'Evasione when Man the Guns DLC was not active.

As always, we appreciate your continued feedback, if you have more suggestions make sure to suggest it over on the Forums[forum.paradoxplaza.com], where you can also fill out Bug reports[forum.paradoxplaza.com] for issues you come across.

That should be it from us today, make sure to have a great weekend everyone!

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