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Fulmen said: Come think of it though, I've not seen players use custom symbols in months, and I use NATO symbols. Maybe they changed it to work like you said in 1.4.2 or something.

Last time I checked, if people are using the non-counter images for divisions, that is what you see on the map.

When you read the units via tooltip (assuming you have decryption or faction knowledge), the NATO counters show for the battalion types and counts.  
about 5 years ago - Secret Master - Direct link
I don't need cardboard chip counters, as that's just a holdover from old tabletop games that HOI's interface was mimicking in the old days. The information on them was never useful anyway.

But I like the NATO symbols (especially when I am using them in conjunction with template priority arrows), because I can glance at my map and know what kind of units are fighting where. It's more descriptive than a dude walking around with a rifle or an armored vehicle driving around.