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As in the past, the Hearts of Iron forum is subject to the following rules (which were originally formulated by King here):

NOTE: There will not be any gulags or deathcamps (including POW camps) to build in Hearts of Iron4, nor will there be the ability to simulate the Holocaust or systematic purges, so I ask you not to discuss these topics as they are not related to this game. Thank You. Threads bringing up will be closed without discussion. Posts discussing them will be infracted.

The HOI 4 forum is not the place to discuss current laws of various countries.
-No Discussion of laws about symbols

NOTE: Strategic bombing in HoI4 will be abstracted and not allow you to terror bomb civilians specifically. Chemical weapons will also not be included in the game. Any threads that complain or discuss this issue will be closed without discussion.

NOTE: There will not be any swastikas in the game. It IS illegal to show them in Germany and various other countries. Same goes for other Nazi symbols (e.g. related to the SS) or Nazi propaganda material, including songs etc. Any links posted to a mod which includes a Swastika or other illegal Nazi symbols will be deleted. Any threads that complain about this issue will be closed, and issued an infraction

Note: Threads on military statistics that are non-game specific are not be started. Also, statistics will not be used as a backdoor to get around rules regarding slave labor, gulags, concentration camps, terror bombing of civilians / civilian casualties, and other forbidden topics.

This is not the History forum, this is a forum about the Game HOI 4.

Failure to follows these rules will result in bans.

Regarding East vs West: East vs West is a canceled game, Paradox has said everything they intend to, and feel the statement posted here is still valid.

Threads discussing East versus West will not be started, nor should members of the community request cannibalization of East versus West's programming for inclusion in Hearts of Iron IV. Threads engaging in this behavior will be closed.

Furthermore, discussion of how to acquire unreleased materials related to Paradox products is not allowed. Threads engaging in this behavior will be closed, and further action against the individuals in question may be taken.

Continued posting about East vs West will be treated as spam.

Also, like every other forum around here, you should always follow the general forum rules, which can be found here.  
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Since people keep doing it no matter how much we have tried to be nice about it, there is now a zero tolerance for posting screenshots / video's that use Swastikas.

If you post one, your post will be deleted and infracted

This is NOT the forum for discussing German Law  
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