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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey everyone,

In our last developer briefing, we were excited to announce that Hell Let Loose is now fully supported with a new dedicated studio, allowing us to prioritize quality of life improvements ahead of launching new content.

Today we want to go into more detail surrounding the first health update, which will be released across all platforms early next month.

New Game Analytics
With a key focus on supporting the player experience, we’ve begun implementing in-game analytics. This provides crucial data to the development team, allowing them to better identify and understand player pain points in real-time, directly improving gameplay.

This addition will also help the team understand issues that are hard to reproduce, making bug fixing faster and more efficient, with an effort to get fixes to players quicker.

This first implementation of game analytics will provide insights into server health. Additional processes are being designed and implemented to further support performance testing across all content.

Our team is made up of dedicated gamers and as such, player privacy is of utmost importance to us. Personal data will not be collected without the express permission from players, and we are designing all analytics processes to follow strict GDPR guidance. For further information about how we address personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.[www.team17.com]

Improving Stability & Performance
After the release of Update 13, Burning Snow, several stability and performance issues were raised and identified. This initial health update aims to address many known issues, including performance related concerns. Subsequent updates will see continued optimization adjustments as the team focuses on quality of life improvements.

While a full changelog will be supplied upon release, some notable updates include:

VoIP Functionality
Working closely with VIVOX, we’ve made improvements to how VoIP operates, which aims to increase the comms stability and reduce disconnects.

Server Stability & Performance
In response to latency issues experienced by some players, new IP routing has already been implemented for all official South American Hell Let Loose servers on PC.

After further investigation, we’ve identified some server stability issues surrounding HLODs which have had an impact on machine memory on all platforms. We’re now optimizing the stability and overall performance of HLOD settings across multiple maps.

This update will see Kursk back in rotation across all platforms. We’ve addressed issues concerning misaligned terrain and collision performance, as well as lighting and LOD issues, aiming to increase performance and stability.

Some environmental misalignment and LOD issues present on Stalingrad are getting resolved in this update. We’ve also addressed an issue with unlocking the Defender of the Motherland achievement after playing Stalingrad five times. Some known instances of the players becoming stuck will also get resolved.

You can expect to see continuous LOD improvements across Carentan, as well as fixes for items missing and presenting incorrect textures, asset clipping, and some outpost deployment issues.

Other Maps
More detail regarding optimization within the update of the following maps will be detailed in the final changelog:
  • Hill400
  • Sainte-Marie-du-Mont
  • Sainte-Mère-Église
  • Purple Heart Lane
  • Purple Heart Lane Night
  • Omaha Beach
  • Remagen
  • Kharkov
  • Utah Beach
  • Hürtgen Forest
  • Hürtgen Forest Night
  • Foy
Known Issues Post U13
This update will also address bug reports from Update 13, including, but not limited to:

  • Issues with the MG42 firing after being reloaded
  • Instances of MGs disappearing when mounted
  • Player model occasionally T-posing when deploying ammo
  • Barricades becoming invisible after 300m and not protecting the player
  • Player uniform preview defaulting to Preset #1 even if Preset #2 has been selected
  • Hovering over the Russian Anti-Tank loadouts causes the Barracks UI to reduce its size
  • Some helmets show an incorrect texture
Free DLC - Near Miss
We want to say a big thank you to our entire community for continuing to support Hell Let Loose and welcoming the new team onboard. To express our gratitude, we’ll be releasing a brand new, free DLC, that’ll be landing alongside the update next month - here’s a sneak peek.

The intense damage war can inflict on a soldier's loadout is on full display in this new unique helmet pack, depicting close calls for each faction.

“Near Miss” M42 Battle Damaged Helmet (German)

The M42 is a German fabric covered helmet that’s seen better days. Battle damage from flying shrapnel and stray bullets ripped through the outer covering, exposing the dented protective layers beneath, nearly causing this infantry soldier to fall back in retreat.

“Near Miss” M1 Battle Damaged Helmet (US)

This heavily dented M1 helmet carries the forceful and violent scars of battle including falling prey to a sniper’s headshot. Luckily, the round merely added another blemish and didn't penetrate the outer shell.

“Near Miss” SSh-40 Battle Damaged Helmet (Soviet)

Ravaged by war, this Soviet helmet shows the carnage of high speed shrapnel hurling through the air. Not missing a moment on the frontlines, this particular SSh-40 has rusted with the seasons.

Weeklong and Steam Spring Sale
Kicking things off ahead of the Spring Sale, you can now pick up Hell Let Loose with a 33% discount on Steam, and enlist new recruits to prepare for the battles ahead!


Community Content
We certainly haven't been the only ones hard at work, check out some of the incredible artwork and screenshots coming through on the Official Hell Let Loose Discord server.

A cold and miserable tanker, inspired by the events in Bastogne. Illustrated by Lucas Roman

A United States soldier with the M2-2 Flamethrower waiting just out of sight, captured by SoulSniper

Infantry avoiding an incoming bombing run, captured by [233C] Chrysallia

War Correspondent, Content Creator and Community HLL Videos

Missed our last Developer Brief? Check out this video by Monoespacial!

This is why you should play Hell Let Loose - Tomographic

Battle Highlights: Sainte-Mère-Église, January 22, 2023 - SoulSniper

In case you weren’t sure you needed to see this, here’s The Fresh Basked Goods operating a tank with Bongos:

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Join us next time for more detail on the update and see a first look at the upcoming battle-weary, infantry paid DLC, which will also be coming next month. See you all on the frontline!

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