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Hey everyone,

We hope you've had a great week and been enjoying Hell Let Loose following the recent arrival of Patch 16!

The team have been going through everyone's thoughts and feedback, so thank you for taking the time to share it with us!

Today's post is just a quick one to highlight two cool things occurring in Hell Let Loose both imminently and right now, so let's get stuck in shall we...

DarksideRP Content Creator Role-playing Event - Saturday 18th September!

We're excited to share that ... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Hey everyone,

Just jumping in to confirm what you may have seen others post in regards to this.

The good news is we are actively working on a quality of life patch for aiming in regards to everyone's feedback from the console Betas.

This will target things such as sensitivity and deadzones. I would go into more detail but I don't have that to hand right now.

In regards to when you can expect this to arrive there's currently two possible outcomes:

  1. Within the first two weeks of Hell Let Loose launching.
  2. Squeezing it into our Day 1 patch - If possible, but in no way guaranteed.

We'll share more details on this as and when it comes.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and feedback on this across the various channels, it does make a difference.

16 Sep


Originally posted by ChairOFLamp

Thanks yall for bringing HLL to consoles. Can't wait to feel the haptics!

Wooohooo! Its Flix Interactive who is to thank for that ;).

15 Sep


Yes, we are aware of this issue. The PC roadmap had the section called "Custom LODs". They should fix them over time and they will show up on Console too. No worries!


Originally posted by Satan_Himself_616

Is there going to be mouse and keyboard compatibility for Xbox version?

That is a good Q... no idea to be honest... maybe this is a great Q to ask the Team17 legends in the Hell Let Loose Discord.


Originally posted by Jimbo_NZ

Is the plans way in the future to maybe improve the NetCode to handle bigger battles?

More optimizing work is coming, but it will be there for more stability instead of increasing palyercounts.

14 Sep


Originally posted by Typehigh

Yeah... I have that. That's why I'm so puzzled as to why it's locked on 70hz in HLL.

Might be good to check the .ini file. There is a high chance its locked there becuase of previous PTEs. Its best to manually change the numbera there or to clean the HLL folder in AppData and relaunch the game.

From Discords [ARC] NAKEN:

\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\HLL\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Then open the file called : GameUserSettings (.ini ) Once the file is open you will have a indow popping up there you need to find the line with : Frameratelimit : 60.0000 And change 60 to 0 for unlimited cap or use your screen Hz ( 60-120-144-240 ect ) for it to match your screen frame.


Originally posted by Hartmann85

Hey Danny, really appreciate you commenting on this. It’s been a pain point of mine for a long time.

I really get the limitations based on the engine, locations and etc. But I can’t be the only one, or a small minority, who want to see a game like HLL be on a scale of say, PlanetSide 2. Has that idea ever been tossed around?

I used to play WW2 Online back in the day, and for what it’s worth it was fun - graphics not withstanding. I don’t envy the challenge of making a game that tickles the itch of realism and arcade style gameplay. You catch hell (no pun intended) from both sides.

I totally get your point, but yeah, it would mean a fully custom engine (build from the ground up) and more based towards networks, compression, bandwidth and then having most of the art being reduced so there js less that needs constant checking and veing send through that network.

These things do take lota of time, having two programming legends on Hell Let Loose working day in day out is already legendary... asking them to then also build a new engine 24/7 would be an impossible herculean task...


Originally posted by kai1847

Yes, hahaha. Urk small town but they manage to reach the news quite often

Edit: population of 20.000

What happens in Urk stays in Urk...


Originally posted by Key_Praline6705

what about 130 person?

We are currently at the maximum limits without causing secondary issues.