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04 Jul


Originally posted by Alter_Sack

Can't wait for this to happen. I even bought the game, knowing it won't work on my rig. So, go go go

For now, Geforece NOW can be a partial solution.

02 Jul


Wow! That hand :O!

30 Jun

27 Jun


Originally posted by Maralyn20

Now, im already reset all settings in the Nvidia Inspector, DDU reinstall the Nvidia Drivers and reinstall game But the problem remains the same. Can I fix anything else? T T

This is strange... A ddu should fix it. Can you try clearing the shader cache too?

26 Jun


Originally posted by SnooCompliments5439

that sounds like a good balance :) on the way to being the best WW2 game

Wooooohooooooo! Hope so to!


Hiiiiii there!

This can totally be fixed. Please check out the following:

(Q) I keep seeing dark shadows and strange visual issues. What can that be? (A) Please reset all settings in the Nvidia Inspector and DDU reinstall the Nvidia Drivers. This should clear these isues.



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Originally posted by SnooCompliments5439

thanks for being active/improving the game, i’d rather see you guys add new content and gameplay elements after that bug fixes etc.

True, I can understand that. For now its a 50/50 nice balance to make sure we have the best of both worlds.


Originally posted by D1rty_Dav3

That you guys actually answer here is surprising. Appreciated.



Originally posted by Badaboom1981

Yes but no. Because it has been three years and we have not seen those promised fixes.

Just an update every quarter or so that fixes some things but breaks others and then there are no updates for months. So we are stuck with the broken game for months.

People like me put up with it because of the promises and potential of the game. But the veterans, the ones who supported your Kickstarter, the ones that put you in business , most of them have lost hope and left. And that is very , very sad.

Promised fixes such as? Please share, I am interested to know.

Also, broken game? Is the game not booting up? Does it crash? If so then yes, those are urgent indeed and shall always be Hotfixed right away :)!


Originally posted by Badaboom1981

Yes, that would be the way to do it. but will it really be fixed?

Because you, as developer, should know of the many various bugs that have been reported countless times the past 3 years and have never been fixed......

The veterans know. You probably know. But it is such a great deflect of complaints and it looks good to potential buyers: "just report the issue and it will be fixed." I would laugh if I was not so sad about the state of the game I loved and supported so many years.

Hope the next update will actually be an update that actually fixes things so I will again start to actually play this game.

We can only fix a handful of reported items, this because we do need to work on new content too, so itll always be a balance. But, dont worry, all bugs that are reported will be added to our bugsystem, so over time they all wil get fixed.


Originally posted by __Jank__

They do go through all those things. Not every bullet of course but most.

True! Simply report the issue with video or screenshot and with a tacmap location and send it to Team17 Support and over time itll be fixed.

23 Jun

22 Jun

18 Jun


Originally posted by DannyArt_HLL

Hahahahahahhaha... nice to see you as Genome again!

Ohhhh... Please send your Steam64 ID to Gothic in Discord.

15 Jun

13 Jun


Originally posted by OrangeSherbet

Right I understand that. I’ve been playing since U4 or so. I mean a version with the same layout as the old map, but with updated textures. I understand wanting the town to be a part of the gameplay, but I miss the old layout quite a bit. Appreciate the response

True... all players from the start miss the old map, but its never coming back. That ship has sailed. The new map has about the same layout, just a bit moved and rotated to make sure the town is a gameplay element rather then a visual place to be like the old map.


Originally posted by OrangeSherbet

Why can’t they move forwards toward an updated version of the original map?

The new SMDM is the updated version. But also rotated and repositoned to make the town part of gameplay too.