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If you open the map while ADS or zooming out from ADS the game will crash. Every time.

I can't get through one game without encountering this because I previously got in the habit of using my map in versions of the game that weren't broken. Literally, without hyperbole, unplayable. Fix now, fix now.

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Originally posted by colin70000

Which system please?

Im interested too!

Originally posted by Cthula-Hoops

Its on the PC version. I've never had an issue like this in this game, as far as reproducable bugs that cause crashes.

Edit: it happens if I try to open my map while I am in any stage of the ADS in/out animation. I have to make sure I wait a sec after Im done aiming to open the map or it will crash, every single time. 100% reproducable.

Ahy change you might be able to record it with keyboard/mouse presses on vid too? This for QA.

Originally posted by colin70000

Jep, its reported with QA.

Originally posted by Cthula-Hoops

Yes, I can do that this evening. Is there a particular program I should use to record my screen and button presses? Never done that before.

Ah, the entire post is reported with QA. No worries for now. Lets see if QA can repro.