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10s Long ago, Mephisto, Lord of Hatred,
13s was captured by the Horadrim
14s and sealed within one of three soulstones.
18s But his imprisonment was part of a grander plan.
21s Over the course of centuries,
22s Mephisto corrupted the Zakarum priests
24s who were watching over him,
26s manipulating them into freeing him
28s and his Prime Evil brethren.
33s The sinister effects of Mephisto's hatred follow him wherever he goes,
38s whether it be the confines of a soulstone,
40s or the cosmos of the Nexus.
47s Mephisto is a ranged assassin
49s who excels at dealing sustained area damage
52s and evading crowd control.
56s Mephisto's trait is Lord of Hatred.
59s Hitting enemy Heroes with his basic abilities
62s lowers their cooldown for each Hero they hit.
65s Lord of Hatred allows Mephisto to deal a lot of damage,
68s as long as he casts his abilities at the right time
71s and hits multiple Heroes with each usage.
76s Skull Missile
77s is Mephisto's first basic ability.
79s He conjures an ethereal skull
81s and, after a short delay,
83s launches it in the target direction,
85s slowing and damaging all enemy Heroes in its path.
88s It serves as an effective poke
90s and makes it difficult for enemies to escape from Mephisto's other abilities.
96s Lightning Nova provides Mephisto
98s with another way to deal area damage.
101s He creates a ring of lightning
103s around himself that damages enemy Heroes
105s for as long as they are in contact with it.
108s Lightning Nova's damage is increased for each Hero it hits.
112s In the right position, Mephisto can inflict some serious pain.
117s Mephisto's final basic ability
119s is Shade of Mephisto.
121s When cast, Mephisto teleports
123s to the target location
125s and deals damage in a small area around him.
128s A Shade of Mephisto stays in his original location
131s until he teleports back to it a short time later.
134s With clever usage, Mephisto can finish off a retreating Hero,
138s dodge area damage, and avoid CC.
143s Consume Souls,
144s Mephisto's first heroic ability,
146s reveals all enemy Heroes
148s while he's channeling.
149s When the channel completes,
151s all revealed Heroes are damaged and slowed.
154s It can act as a powerful finishing move
156s when his basic abilities are unable to kill his enemies.
159s If the damage from Consume Souls doesn't kill Mephisto's enemies outright,
164s his allies will know where to find them and finish the job.
169s Durance of Hate provides Mephisto
171s with a powerful disruption tool.
173s A short time after it is cast,
175s Mephisto unleashes a horde of evil spirits in the target direction,
179s damaging and rooting the first enemy Hero they hit.
183s The spirits fan out in search of other nearby enemy Heroes,
186s damaging and rooting them as well.
189s A well-timed Durance of Hate can swing an entire team fight in Mephisto's favor.
197s You are too late!
205s Mephisto is all about positioning
207s and choosing the right moment to strike.
209s The greater the number of enemy Heroes he hits
211s with each of his basic abilities,
213s the more often he can cast them.
215s Lightning Nova in particular
217s has the potential to deal high amounts of damage
220s over the course of a match with the right tactics.
223s Take advantage of clumped-up enemy teams,
225s especially when their movement is hindered.
229s Using Shade of Mephisto in clever ways
232s can deal area damage while maintaining an escape route.
235s Mephisto will return to his shade's location even if he is stunned
239s or otherwise incapacitated,
241s allowing him to be more aggressive than other ranged assassins.
246s At level 13,
247s Mephisto gains access to the Hysteria talent,
250s which upgrades Lord of Hatred
252s to also reduce the cooldown of his heroics.
255s At level 20, the Consumed by Hatred talent
258s causes Consume Souls to be recast
261s if its initial damage kills an enemy Hero.
265s Combining these two talents allows Consume Souls to be cast far more often,
269s leaving Mephisto's enemies nowhere to hide.
274s At level 20 is the Shade Lord talent,
276s which significantly upgrades Shade of Mephisto.
280s Not only does it let Mephisto switch places with his Shade,
283s but it also gives him access to all of his level 7 talents,
287s transforming Shade of Mephisto into a workhorse ability
291s that slows enemy Heroes,
293s grants him armor and movement speed,
295s and enables some amazing plays.
302s Mephisto,
303s the most cunning of the Prime Evils,
305s has set his insidious plans in motion once again.
309s All will soon bend to his will,
311s or they will succumb to his hatred.
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319s and we'll see you...
322s the Nexus.

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