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17 Jul

12 Jul

Hey MickeyGlocks!

This is actually intended. Mecha Valla and Mecha Yrel are empty mechs in the Collection and Hero Select screens. If you ready up with them however, you will see their little pilots hop on in and get ready for combat.

Can't Purchase Gems

7 days ago - Huginncord on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey there everyone!

I’d love to get some additional help in trouble shooting this issue!

@Vorphea - Would you mind seeing if switching display modes between Windowed, Windowed (Fullscreen), or Fullscreen causes any change in what you are seeing? Additionally, are there any other in-game browser that are not displaying properly. You can test this by going to the Ranked tab under Play and clicking on the Leaderboards.

@Grobster - Would you be able to do us a favor and email us some log files? You can find those files in your Documents at this directory Heroes of the Storm\Support\BlizzardBrowser\logs. You can follow the steps listed in the thread at the top of this forum called ...

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11 Jul

10 Jul

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes and bug fixes! Read on for details.

Quick Navigation:


  • Movement Speed Increase
    • Increase the base Movement Speed of Heroes from 4.4 to 4.84 (+10%)

Developer Comment: We were evaluating this change last year for the ga...

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28 Jun

22 Jun

21 Jun

Game Crashes during Authentication Stage of Start Up

28 days ago - Fizivix on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey Lightman,

Thanks for the report! Looking at some of your crashes, it appears that you are running Heroes off of OneDrive. Please follow this workaround here and run a Scan & Repair.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

Spent diamonds on hero, didn't receive it

28 days ago - Fizivix on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey TheVertiego,

Thanks for the report! Chromie has not been on sale since last year. It should not have been possible to buy her for 350 Gems at this time. Please check your transaction history on the Blizzard Account Management website. It can take some time for newer transactions to appear on the transaction site; your gems may have been or may be in the process of being refunded. If you continue to have issues, please put in a ticket with our Support team.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

20 Jun

Golden Abathur not golden anymore

29 days ago - Fizivix on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey Akasha,

We’re still trying to work towards refunds for players who purchased the Galactic Abathur, regardless of what currency it was purchased with. No need to make another ticket, we’re investigating another resolution.

Thanks for your patience,

2019 Season 3 is the first season that shows off some updates and changes to ranked play within Heroes of the Storm.

Season Roll Dates

2019 Season 3 will begin as soon as our next patch becomes available for download in each region. Check the season start and end dates below to make sure you’re able to dive into the rankings as soon as the season rolls:

Event Date
2019 Season 3 Start Week of August 5, 2019*
2019 Season 3 End Week of December 2, 2019*

*Exact date may vary slightly by region.

Rank Changes

Your Rank (League Tier and Division) is now determined by your MMR directly and adjusted by penalties, such as Leaver Penalty. As a result, you will see a bit more volatility i...

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19 Jun

Golden Abathur not golden anymore

30 days ago - Fizivix on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey Akasha,

Thanks for the report! Unfortunately the truly “Golden” Abathur skin was not intended for release at this time and was unintentionally available for purchase on live regions during last week’s PTR. The “Red & Golden” Abathur skin was the intended release skin. Any players who bought the “Golden” Abathur skin on live during 6/10/19 - 6/17/19 will have had their skin updated to the “Red & Golden” Abathur skin after patching up to Heroes.46.

For this specific skin, “Galactic Xenotech Abathur”, we are offering refunds for the skin if you purchased it during the above dates. Please submit a ticket with Support in the following location if you would like to request a refund:

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Please help korean server

30 days ago - Fizivix on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the reports! To echo what has been said on reddit:

We are currently looking into the reported connection issues and are trying to track down why they are occurring. Initial examinations point towards certain ISPs, but we are not 100% sure. We appreciate your continued patience as we investigate.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix

18 Jun

Still stuck on REJOIN hours later...?

about 1 month ago - Huginncord on Blizzard Forums - Thread - Direct


We’ve had some reports that some people’s Rejoin problems are now corrected!

Would you mind trying again and letting me know if your issue is resolved or not?

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