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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s Hi, everybody. I'm Steve
2s from the Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds team.
4s The team has been busier than ever recently with Alterac Pass
7s and Hanamura Temple.
9s Today we're talking about the Garden of Terror rework,
11s which we hope to put in your hands soon.
13s The team likes the theme and fantasy of Garden of Terror,
16s but understand some of its gameplay mechanics
18s provide opportunities for frustration for a lot of players.
21s This reworked version of the map seeks to remove those frustrations
24s by relying on some familiar gameplay mechanics.
27s Let's take a look.
33s Gone are the day/night cycle and the Garden Terror vehicle.
37s Spread across the new Gardens are six seed-spawning locations.
41s Occasionally, a seed will emerge at one of these locations,
45s guarded by a set of Shambler defenders.
47s Once the Shamblers are dispatched,
49s the seed can be channeled and gathered by either team.
53s Seeds will continue to spawn in this manner
55s until either team gathers three in total,
58s closing out the objective
59s and initiating its reward.
62s When the third seed is gathered,
64s three Garden Terrors will immediately spawn
66s and burrow to the front line of the winning team's lanes,
69s bolstering their pushing efforts.
72s To further their forward momentum,
73s these new Terrors utilize the familiar Overgrowth ability,
77s which disables enemy towns,
79s as well as a large AoE stomp attack.
82s Once summoned, the Terrors continue to push down their lanes
85s until they are destroyed
86s or claim victory at the enemy's Core.
90s If all Terrors are defeated,
91s the battleground will experience a brief reprieve
94s before the seed phase returns,
96s and the race to acquire three starts all over again.
100s The seed event should be very familiar to players who enjoy Cursed Hollow,
104s and we can expect a lot of the same strategies to come into play.
109s Likewise, the Garden Terrors themselves are reminiscent of Webweavers
112s from Tomb of the Spider Queen, and should be dealt with accordingly.
116s Keep in mind the mercenaries on this battleground are largely unchanged
120s and remain an important step towards victory.
123s Timing a combined attack on a seed location
126s will almost always involve taking one or more merc camps,
129s and mercs make excellent companions for Garden Terrors
132s which disable enemy fortifications.
136s Welcome to the new Garden of Terror.
138s We hope you enjoy what we've done to the landscaping.
142s Let us know what you think about the changes. We'll see you in the Nexus.