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Hey there,

We are actively investigating this and ask for reports to happen on this forum since it can help us find your account in the sea of players so we can investigate what happened! I’ve also had players who reported this in the past be unable to reproduce this after a recent patch, so I’ve been trying to find someone who is actively having this problem as those other two threads listed are far too old to help.

For clarity, has this issue occurred to your recently? If so do you remember what date? It can help us find the right data if we can know an approximate date and time. If you can let me know that information, I can start digging into what is going on!

Thanks a lot for your patience!

over 3 years ago - Huginncord - Direct link

Don’t worry about time conversion, we can handle that :smiley:

That said, I believe that occurrence is too old to help investigate this issue. We’d need an occurrence that happened relatively recently, sometime no older than a week roughly, in order to gather the data needed. If you manage to reproduce it, please post here again to let me know so we can find that occurrence of the issue!

As for the OP, Missigno, the same questions apply to you. If this has happened recently, a time and date would be incredibly helpful!

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