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1s What's up everybody?
2s Its Kevin from the heroes dev team here to present design changes coming for the queen of blaze
7s When it comes to changes for Kerrigan the team looked to add more tactical depth to her abilities alongside her notorious
14s Qwe combo and we hope these changes
16s raise the impact of her talent selection on her play style as well as increased the number of compositions and battlegrounds upon which Kerrigan is
24s Powerful, let's take a look
27s Carrigan's q ability ravage now has two charges at the cost of reduced range
33s This will allow more aggressive players to leapfrog their way to disrupting the enemy backline
38s In addition any kills on heroes or minions will refund the charge as well as the mana cost of the ability
44s At level 4 sharpened blades is a quest talent that increases the damage done by ravage for every enemy killed by it
53s In addition Kerrigan has two talents at level 7 that provide beneficial options for the use of ravage
60s Queen of Blades reduces the cooldown on her q for every hero she calls with primal grasp and
67s Boundless fury refunds charges of ravage when Kerrigan jumps the different enemy heroes
73s her ability primal grasp further increases Carrigan's lethality with AoE damage
79s Shortly after use a burst of energy will explode out from Kerrigan damaging all nearby enemies this ability allows
86s Carrigan's combo to output even more damage provided she sticks to her enemies
93s Carrigan's ultimate summon ultralisk now has an additional skill shot
97s when cast and ultralisk will burrow out from Carrigan's location and stun the first enemy hero it smashes into
105s Regardless of whether the ability makes contact the ultralisk will begin to it the nearest enemy
111s This skill shot is in addition to the abilities previous functionality allowing Kerrigan to micromanage the ultralisks target
120s At level 13 the chrysalis talent provides Kerrigan and quick safe
124s when activated Kerrigan will encase herself in a hardened shell that protects against the set amount of damage and
131s Heals her for however long she remains protected by it
136s With new functionality in addition to a more versatile kit Carrigan's enemies will bow to the Queen of Blades or
143s Suffer her wrath be sure to leave us a comment or subscribe to heroes of the storm around the web and we'll see you in
150s the Nexus
152s never cross the Queen

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