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1s What's up? It's Kevin from the Heroes dev pit back again
4s with a hero update video for Brightwing.
6s The design team has made adjustments to her base kit, alongside her talent tree,
10s to add more playmaking potential when it comes to supporting her team,
14s alongside her persistent efforts to excel at murder.
18s We hope these changes give her a more nuanced
20s and active role in the battlefield, so let's take a look.
25s Brightwing's trait, Soothing Mist,
27s still passively heals nearby heroes
29s but now has an activatable cleanse
32s on the D key.
33s When cast, the ability will remove most negative status effects,
37s including slow, stun, and root.
39s Keep in mind that unlike other cleanses,
42s Soothing Mist does not grant the unstoppable status.
45s In addition, the ability has a long cooldown,
48s so make sure to hold on to it for just the right occasion.
53s Her Q ability, Arcane Flare,
55s has been retooled to reward skillful play.
57s Enemies caught in the center of Arcane Flare
60s will allow Brightwing to immediately pulse Soothing Mist
63s without triggering a cooldown.
64s In addition, the projectile on Arcane Flare has been sped up
67s to reach its target faster.
70s Brightwing's Phase Shift now heals baseline.
74s When teleporting to a friend, she heals the target
76s for a large percentage of their maximum health upon arrival.
80s Hyper Shift, Brightwing's Level 1 talent,
82s increases the heal on Phase Shift
85s and reduces its cooldown for enemy minions killed nearby.
90s Phase Out, Brightwing's Level 16 talent,
93s is her own version of Ice Block.
95s When cast, Phase Out provides the faerie dragon a brief moment of invulnerability.
100s Though the ability window is brief, the cooldown is quick,
103s allowing Brightwing to get herself out of trouble more often.
108s Brightwing's Level 20 talent, Invisible Friends,
111s upgrades her Blink Heal heroic.
113s When used, Brightwing teleports to a friend,
116s heals them, and grants stealth to her and her ally.
121s While the ally remains in stealth,
123s they will continue to receive a small heal over time.
126s This effect remains until stealth is broken.
130s Brightwing, everyone's favorite little faerie dragon,
133s has some new magic on hand to keep her best friends safe
136s and turn her enemies into lunch.
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141s to Heroes of the Storm around the web,
143s and we'll see you in the Nexus.
147s Did you suffer greatly?
150s I hope so.