over 2 years ago - Huginncord - Direct link

Hey there Vonjax,

We try to refrain from name and shaming other players on the bug report forums, so I’ve removed the name of the player.

You can use the search the support articles, or contact support if you have further questions here.


about 2 years ago - Huginncord - Direct link

If you want to contact a GM use the link I posted above. GMs and Customer Support don’t use these forums and this is a place for people in QA like me to find bugs, of which I don’t think I will be able to help you.

about 2 years ago - Huginncord - Direct link

You should see a “Contact Support” button the upper right hand. Using that page, it should allow you to enter a ticket to communicate with support.

Outside of that, since this is not the place to get this kind of support, I’m going to lock this thread. If you have any further questions Support should be able to help you! Good luck!

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