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Transcript (by Youtube)

1s What's up? I'm Kevin.
2s We're here to talk about the rework to everyone's favorite abomination,
6s Stitches.
7s When approaching the update for the Terror of Darkshire,
10s the dev team wanted to put more focus on the warrior's utility,
13s while leaning into the "in your face" feel of his gameplay.
17s That, of course, means more Hook talents,
19s while also bolstering and refocusing other areas of his kit.
23s Take a look.
26s Stitches' trait, Vile Cleaver,
28s has been retooled into a more aggressive ability.
32s Previously, Stitches would spread Vile Gas
34s to nearby enemies whenever he took damage.
37s With this update, Stitches will spread Vile Gas
40s when using basic attacks against his foes.
43s Continuous attacks to enemies
45s will increase the duration of Vile Gas,
48s prolonging its damage-over-time effect.
51s This is particularly helpful
53s in boosting Stitches' wave-clear ability.
56s Slam, his W ability,
58s now has a slow incorporated baseline.
61s When Stiches smashes the ground,
63s enemies that find themselves too close to the large lad
66s will take extra damage and be slowed.
69s With increased difficulty of escape,
72s enemy heroes might want to think twice
74s before going too deep on a Stitches frontline.
78s Though the range has been reduced, several talents have been changed
81s to increase the utility of Stitches' Hook ability.
85s Serrated Edge, at level 4, deals percentage damage
88s and reduces the cooldown upon successful hooks.
91s Gas Flare, at level 13,
93s does passive AoE damage around Stitches
96s that will greatly increase whenever enemy heroes are snagged.
99s And Meat Hook, at level 16,
101s provides a large heal that can be refreshed with basic attacks
105s whenever an enemy hero is caught out of position.
108s Looking for a little extra late-game survival?
111s Stitches' level 20 talent, Shambling Horror,
114s passively makes him immune to slowing effects
116s and grants him a large amount of armor upon activation.
120s With a more aggressive, in-your-face style,
123s Stitches brings the goods to effectively disrupt bad guys.
128s Stitches wants to play,
130s and he's always looking for new playmates.
132s Do you have the guts to hook some new friends for him to smash?
136s Leave us a comment or follow
138s Heroes of the Storm around the web,
140s and we'll see you in the Nexus.
148s Playtime gonna be fun!

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