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Transcript (by Youtube)

2s What's up, everybody? I'm Kevin from the Heroes dev team.
4s As many of you are probably aware, back in August,
7s we pulled Hanamura from the BG roster
9s in order to address some gameplay issues on the battleground.
12s Well, we're done tinkering,
14s and we're ready to get it back into your hands.
16s The TLDW for those that just want the high level -
19s we've shifted the objective from two competing payloads
21s to a single-contestant one.
23s And we've opened up the Core to direct attacks from your team.
27s For those that want a few more details, stick around. Let's jump into it.
34s The original version of Hanamura
35s had payloads on the top and bottom of the map
38s that both teams controlled separately,
40s dividing player attention and action across the field of battle.
44s Now, Hanamura has shifted to a single, centralized objective,
48s including an isolated payload that is contested by enemy teams
52s as they look to escort it in opposing directions.
56s This payload functions by almost all the same rules the previous versions did.
61s The main difference between this iteration and its previous
64s is the fact that if a payload is left unattended by your team,
68s it will no longer drift backwards, removing forward progress,
71s but will instead remain in its current position,
74s until either escorted again by your team
76s or picked up by your enemy to push in the opposing direction.
81s Winning the objective on the updated version of Hanamura
84s will no longer deal straight damage to the Core
87s without attacking forts and keeps first.
90s Hanamura payloads will deal damage to enemy fortifications
93s until all forts and keeps are down.
96s Then, they will begin prioritizing the Core.
99s Alongside the change, allowing direct attacks to the Core,
103s teams can now couple their use of the objective
105s with a variety of other pushing strategies in their ultimate pursuit of victory.
110s Pushing a payload to its destination
112s will reward the pushing team and reset the objective.
116s The team that was successful in the initial payload push
119s will find that the path for their second attempt will shift,
122s becoming a greater challenge than the first.
125s The path will adjust a final time upon a second successful push,
129s making the third attempt even more difficult.
132s This pattern will reset to the first path
134s should your game encounter a fourth objective.
139s Mercenaries have also shifted a bit in this update,
143s though the original turret camps remain unchanged.
146s We have removed the healing camps and the Mega Enforcer
149s and have added Sentinel siege camps.
152s These large units push down lanes
154s with the support of a strong cleave attack.
157s We have also replaced our standard vision watchtowers
159s with a new set of mercs we're calling a "recon camp".
163s When captured, these camps provide the same vision functionality
166s of our traditional watchtowers,
168s but instead of merely standing uncontested in the area to counter-capture them,
173s you must take out the mercenaries positioned there instead.
177s This new version of Hanamura
179s brings with it a heavy focus on team fighting -
182s you may find that the standard split-push strategies
185s are even a bit more challenging to pull off.
188s Controlling the recon camps at the top and bottom of the map
191s will provide a significant amount of control to your team,
193s so be sure to prioritize them to get a leg up on your opponent.
197s Keep in mind that capturing these camps
199s will also grant experience alongside their vision benefit.
204s Due to the predictability of the objective pathing,
206s Hanamura is a map where set-up heroes, like Deckard Cain,
210s have an opportunity to truly shine.
213s The payloads progress slowly,
215s so even if you happen to suffer an engagement loss to control them,
219s don't give up.
220s Res, regroup, and get back in the fight to try again,
223s before your enemy can complete their escort.
228s Hanamura is back and ready for action.
231s We'd love to get your feedback on all the changes,
233s so hop into some games and let us know what you think.
237s Don't forget to follow Heroes of the Storm around the web,
240s and we'll see you in the Nexus.