almost 5 years ago - Heroes of the Storm - Direct link

Transcript (by Youtube)

21s You have finally returned home.
24s Home?
26s You destroyed my home!
30s Slaughtered innocents.
32s Left peaceful realms in ruin!
39s You broke your promise.
41s I will not be questioned.
43s Return to the tower at once.
47s Fine.
55s How could you?
61s Dead magic.
63s I am beyond that power.
66s You're wrong.
80s Enough!
87s You're a monster!
103s Tell me why.
109s There must be order, my daughter.
112s Without it...
114s everything will be lost.
116s Then I will fight!
122s I will never stop fighting you.
125s For my family.
128s For the realm.
131s For the Nexus.

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