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2s Not all heroes come from other universes.
5s Some are born within the Nexus.
9s After uncovering her father's dark secret,
12s Orphea left her home behind,
14s hoping to escape the Raven Lord's influence.
18s Through a chance meeting with Deckard Cain,
21s the young girl arrived in King's Crest,
22s where she witnessed, firsthand,
25s the kingdom fall to her father's ambitions.
29s Unwilling to let him hurt anyone else,
31s Orphea chose to rise up against the Raven Lord
34s as a hero of the Nexus.
39s Orphea is a mid-range Assassin
41s who unleashes chaotic magic
43s to dispatch her foes
45s and sustain herself in battle.
49s Orphea's trait is Overflowing Chaos.
53s Enemy heroes hit by Orphea's abilities
55s will grant her Chaos.
57s Each stack of Chaos increases Orphea's next basic attack damage by 50%
62s and heals her for 100% of the damage dealt.
66s Chaos can stack up to three times.
71s Orphea's first basic ability
73s is Shadow Waltz.
75s After a quick wind-up, she slams a tendril into the ground,
78s dealing damage to enemies caught in its trajectory.
82s If an enemy hero is hit with Shadow Waltz,
84s its cooldown is reduced
86s and Orphea will dash a short distance upon moving
89s after the ability is completed.
93s Chomp is an ability
94s Orphea can really sink her teeth into.
97s After a short cast,
98s Chomp takes a bite out of any enemies caught within a small forward-facing arc.
102s The ability does high damage
104s and is effective at punishing overly aggressive melee heroes.
109s Orphea's E ability
110s ensures enemies will feel her Dread.
113s When triggered, she releases a wave of Dread
115s that deals light damage to all enemies it passes through.
119s At the end of its path, the Dread wave erupts,
121s dealing heavy damage and slowing anyone caught in the burst.
127s Eternal Feast is Orphea's
128s first heroic ability.
130s After a short delay, Orphea deals damage
132s to all enemies in the targeted area.
135s If an enemy hero is caught by the impact,
137s the heroic immediately triggers again...
140s ...and again... and again.
144s Crushing Jaws is Orphea's heroic option
147s for players who prefer crowd control.
149s Once cast, Crushing Jaws pulls all enemies in a targeted area
153s towards a central point,
155s dealing damage and stunning all those affected.
161s I never wanted this power,
163s but I'll accept it.
167s Orphea is most effective
169s when hitting multiple heroes at once with her abilities
172s to max out her Chaos.
174s Since all of her abilities have a wind-up,
176s precision and foresight are keys
178s to unlocking her potential.
180s Weaving in basic attacks while Orphea has Chaos
183s increases her damage output significantly
186s and provides a strong source of self-sustain,
188s enabling her to stay in fights for longer periods of time.
194s Use Shadow Waltz to position yourself in team fights,
197s and follow up with Chomp
199s to deliver a finishing blow.
202s At Level 1, the En Pointe talent
204s adds additional damage to the tip of Shadow Waltz,
207s while Allegrissimo at Level 4
209s further reduces the ability's cooldown
212s when enemy heroes are hit.
214s These two talents combined allow Orphea to dance around the battlefield,
218s repeatedly pummeling her foes into submission.
224s The Lurking Terror talent at Level 16
227s leaves behind a puddle
228s at the final explosion point of Dread
231s where Chomp can be cast from.
233s This can deliver a strong follow-up attack
236s after an enemy hero is slowed by Dread,
238s or create a small area of denial for a few seconds.
246s At Level 20, Final Toccata is the capstone talent for Orphea's Q build.
251s For a short period of time,
252s whenever she dashes after Shadow Waltz,
255s its cooldown is reset.
257s During team fights,
258s this allows Orphea to dish out damage repeatedly
261s while ramping up her mobility.
266s Orphea, a Nexus-born hero,
268s joins the battle soon.
271s Make sure to leave us a comment
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275s and we'll see you in the Nexus.

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