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1s [Music]
5s mm-hmm
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25s [Music]
33s foreign
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190s thank you
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208s foreign
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235s thank you
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521s thank you
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583s [Music]
743s okay okay
746s and now we're gonna get the game
750s and now you're gonna get
753s Leo and
755s Ari
756s hello hello hello what a fun time
759s surprise
762s you're so good at this you guys should
765s have done the whole stream like that
766s really should have we really
768s kept that going the whole time when we
770s did the keywords for the giveaways it
772s was gonna be
774s um they're like I think they said fish
776s yeah yeah the the key words for the
778s giveaways would have been the hardest
780s part of that for sure
782s oh you know I'm always gonna rate
784s people's nicknames you know that
786s yeah
788s that's that's what I love doing
791s all right you gotta ready up
793s we gotta get some gaming in I'm so sorry
798s I'm just trying to get the giveaway set
799s up for sweet sweet viewers
802s yeah we're gonna show the penitent you
805s know part of me wants the first keyword
807s to be muted but then the other part of
809s me is like no because then they're gonna
811s be saying muted and I'm gonna be like oh
814s no are we meeting are we muted yeah and
816s my brain can't handle that today on a
818s Friday yeah they're definitely not gonna
820s they're gonna mess with you I I think we
823s don't have our cameras on now perfect
827s new DLC item Sacrament is a French swear
830s word I'm
833s see you know so maybe we just keep that
837s dream description is outdated my
841s thingies disagrees yeah minus is yours
845s correct
847s mine is correct new DLC dependent
849s gameplay live stream of community
850s managers that sounds that sounds right
852s to me uh which platform is maybe showing
856s the wrong one and oh that's so true I
859s don't know where this person is
861s on YouTube places
864s that's a party of dudes I don't want to
866s meet in the dark so true same Hail Mary
869s would not approve also so true
872s so true yeah
874s uh YouTube's looking good for me so if
876s anybody on YouTube can you do a quick
878s refresh for us that would be amazing
880s they say description on YouTube hmm
887s and in Portuguese we have this war that
890s it actually it wasn't a word but it
892s became a popular word that it's
894s frightened you know like when Friday
898s just started so you are in the Friday
900s mood so it's like Friday
904s so Friday for everyone who's there
906s especially for those who understood the
909s joke
914s hello Hans rib and
918s where is this which country
920s um the description for me says on
922s YouTube join us while we showcase the
924s latest DLC which is correct I just
926s updated oh you just updated it
929s in the world no one
932s uh
934s some people are asking about the
935s giveaway yeah we'll be doing giveaways
937s throughout the stream how you enter is
939s uh you watch the stream we'll give you a
942s keyword that you'll need to type in our
943s twitch chat and then uh after a little
946s bit we'll pull codes I will pull winners
949s from all those entries on Twitch chat
951s and we'll whisper you a code for
954s whichever platform you want and we'll
956s probably be doing uh penitent DLCs all
959s day long to celebrate the release of
961s this new DLC
964s no bad horse
969s I don't feel like I've spawned here in
971s so long
974s hi Ben's
977s hello bitty boy hey bouncy boy
980s I like that we all call them different
982s things
983s yeah he's a man of many names
991s unusual in the Stream without fence oh
994s man someone doesn't catch the streams I
996s host
1002s defense just got put in timeout again
1004s because he kept trying to leak too much
1006s fun stuff
1013s we're just gonna leave the teasers
1015s though with teasers so
1019s you know if you want to see some teasers
1022s get yourself over to the Twitter
1025s Facebook
1027s where else Instagram
1034s without this ah come on
1038s I'm a good host we don't need vents we
1042s don't need mirror
1043s come on I do need bends but for like
1047s separate reasons yeah not for streams no
1052s yeah we definitely locked bents in the
1054s basement to stop them from
1057s spilling the beans as it were
1061s I am good at teasing stuff we know
1066s there's bloodline right here
1075s I think
1078s yeah they're running
1080s I'm sorry guys I just didn't like a
1083s major
1092s you okay
1093s I'm using a knuckle knife and because of
1097s lag I stabbed instead of punching yeah
1102s yeah but it's because of the latency you
1104s know I wasn't
1107s I wasn't that true but okay
1112s it's all right
1115s [Music]
1117s the other reason is I need dogs to die
1120s in one hit
1121s yeah I need Hunters to die in one hit
1123s too oh yeah yeah
1126s that's not why I bring my knife though
1129s I
1131s lost a small bar so far
1135s yeah
1136s someone asked for a fox theme Hunter we
1140s haven't announced anything like that but
1142s it's a really cool idea
1143s foxes are my favorite so I agree
1147s the point of view you're watching is
1149s violet right now I think she should be
1151s on a separate side
1154s then the two commoners
1164s we have someone asking about recommended
1167s specs to get a certain FPS I can't tell
1170s you exactly what to use for that FPS but
1172s on Steam we do have a like recommended
1176s hardware and a base Hardware section
1178s that you can go check out it's on the
1180s steam store Page and then just uh scroll
1182s down like three-fourths of the way sure
1185s we've all okay at least I have I can
1189s speak for myself
1193s over the last few days
1196s browse browse
1202s I felt it in my bones
1206s [Music]
1209s were they up or down down
1212s well one was across I felt it in my bone
1219s I'm going to mute so that they just
1221s can't wakey wakey oh God
1224s I'll jump in front of you which one to
1227s Leo's right as well
1229s was there one in The Sniper Tower am I
1231s all right I don't know
1237s [Music]
1240s in front of me I'm not seeing them I
1243s just heard them I don't know oh there
1244s there
1247s oops almost like
1249s this is the one oh not the one that I
1252s killed she's probably gonna try
1256s so I killed her right on these stairs
1259s do you want to maybe try to rotate
1260s around get a better angle that might
1262s leave us vulnerable to the Sniper Tower
1264s though
1275s sniper Tire just started peeking you
1279s it's a white shirt and oppressions that
1281s are not in this neighbor Tower
1285s that are close to us
1289s I think they got her up I heard the
1290s woman
1298s oh no I didn't mean to Vault there
1302s #been there
1305s oh my God
1306s didn't even see her from where on top of
1309s me
1309s with a shotgun oh what
1312s I'm seeing I didn't see that person my
1314s brain just
1317s I am using the Sparks that's H2 at least
1322s what got you explosive
1325s no
1330s nice one
1335s amazing nice one oh
1342s foreign
1352s with her but the white shirt guy I did
1355s not finish him off yeah good try though
1359s okay
1360s I really liked that that witch hunter
1362s came in with the um
1365s sword
1367s yeah she she had a plan yeah
1370s did the plan work no no but I still
1373s liked it but she had a plan yeah
1376s uh last stream I got two poke kills with
1379s the saber and uh both felt great
1388s look at me
1396s okay
1399s someone said change servers no this is
1402s the server that works best for the three
1404s of us
1405s yeah
1406s it's on the top right it's uh just a
1409s cover for whatsoever we're on and like
1412s my ping and my FPS
1415s what are you guys rocking we got a
1417s Winnie over here federally
1421s got a winning
1423s I need to unlock the
1426s I need to unlock the silence battery so
1429s I'm trying to get more experience
1432s I like that
1437s mm-hmm
1438s [Music]
1441s I did finish the event I finished the
1443s event on Monday of this week
1446s congratulations yeah hi Dixie
1449s this is me all the way at the end 26 660
1453s points
1456s Ben has me beat the
1458s Ben says at a lot of points right now
1461s Benz has almost double my points
1464s but I'm gonna say that I took a vacation
1467s in the middle I took a two-week vacation
1469s in the middle of the event and so that's
1470s why I am not in contention with fence
1474s that's
1476s what I'm gonna say
1478s best use the internal software to get
1481s more points so oh don't take it away
1484s from Ben's he worked hard
1485s [Music]
1487s which people are responsible for viewing
1490s the video awards so many people we have
1493s a lot of them so many eyes
1496s so many eyes we got like each people has
1499s two eyes so a lot we have a lot of eyes
1502s on them think of how many people you're
1504s thinking of and then double that for the
1505s numbers
1507s it's actually a lot
1509s yeah each I can watch one video so each
1512s person can watch two videos at the same
1514s time with you yeah my eyes don't work
1516s like that late I think that's just a you
1518s kind of thing Leo
1520s oh that's really such a good employee he
1523s has two times the productivity as
1525s anybody else this is I got your monitors
1529s yeah two monitors two keyboards One
1532s keyboard for each hand
1534s someone said what do we think of Thrive
1536s brande the number one snake Lord I
1538s actually know Trev he's a friend of mine
1540s so I'm really happy for him
1543s is he number one again I I feel like
1546s well I didn't look just now but I looked
1548s yesterday and he was so
1553s um why do people prefer having their
1554s health and stamina I don't know I just
1557s like it I like to also know what my
1559s health bar setup is all the time
1561s if I it goes away I forget
1563s uh someone asking about next-gen for
1566s consoles uh We've mentioned in previous
1568s live streams it's something we're
1569s working on uh but don't have any sort of
1572s ETA or date as it is something that is
1574s going to require a lot more work than
1576s just uh flipping the switch but it's
1578s definitely planned and being worked on
1580s for console and it might have some extra
1583s benefits for the other platform too
1586s someone said why do so many bullets
1588s start with a round missing that is just
1592s actually how a tooth magazine Works
1596s [Music]
1599s um
1606s I have a friend that's like really into
1609s guns and explained that to me because I
1611s also did not know I like how it's
1615s sitting in the chair
1616s it's so sweet Leo there's a trade up
1619s there for you
1626s where
1629s um it's up there in that room and it's
1632s sitting in the little chair looking all
1633s cute yeah look okay
1639s someone said is there any plan to rework
1641s Prestige yes that is something that we
1644s have talked about uh on a game not a
1647s gameplay stream a Dev stream before
1650s um we don't really have any more details
1652s though to share right now other than
1654s that it's something that we're
1655s interested in and looking into
1663s careful for them later I might be done
1665s by the time that happens though I'm kind
1667s of like scooting along you know
1670s on 61 right now so it says is plague
1673s doctor ever gonna come back
1675s um we've never said it won't come back
1676s but as far as event legendaries they may
1679s return in future events that are similar
1681s to when they originally came out but
1683s nothing is sandstone for any of them so
1685s that's any any legendary was that was
1688s locked to an event the same kind of rule
1690s advice
1692s foreign
1694s there's another thing I wanted to answer
1696s uh yes it is true Skittles that when you
1699s have cross play enabled on Console you
1702s do not play with PC console and PC are
1704s completely separate
1706s uh if you have cross play enableds you
1708s will play with both Xbox and Playstation
1710s but not PC
1715s what's that you
1716s yep it's just uh
1720s so I I can't tell which one of you is
1722s which we're just all the same one I have
1725s the slightly larger feet
1727s hmm yeah I can definitely tell that from
1730s over here yeah you just got an ads pull
1732s out your spy glass yeah yeah check out
1734s the feet size compare it to the other
1736s penitent you know pretty easy what
1738s should I eat for lunch Pizza my answer
1739s is pizza pizza someone said make a new
1742s boss there is another boss in the works
1745s congratulations
1747s uh someone else are we gonna Implement
1749s missions or the ability to choose Maps
1751s again
1752s um even said oh
1761s wait for us wait for this I'm trying
1764s Smith
1766s well that was an accident
1770s I didn't know there were people that
1772s turned red
1773s so down yeah hey I think they're down
1776s this around yeah they are they just
1778s threw watch for that red Barrel run
1784s I throw
1786s okay because I did okay as well Panic is
1790s real so true
1791s oh they're at the stairs
1795s or that's your chaos who knows
1798s yeah
1812s pick me again
1815s hit her
1820s what are the odds of getting bad hand
1822s low
1824s did that help
1827s oh gee uh one above you two
1830s they came out of the stairs but
1839s oh my God where
1841s oh
1844s no I didn't oh how is p100 going to be
1847s affected by the new Prestige system we
1850s will just have to wait and see there's
1852s no other information other than uh
1857s that it's in the works
1864s I do not know anything about my font for
1870s the little pictures I would have to ask
1872s the
1874s graphic designer
1878s oh sky has a Loadout let's go
1884s where Ramos I don't know what it is
1888s uh Peak me again I say that all the time
1890s I want people to keep beaking me
1896s um it is currently not possible to
1898s choose the map that you want to play
1901s oh uh us as I was answering that yeah
1905s sorry uh so that was originally removed
1908s when we added in skill based matchmaking
1910s and the reason it's still not in the
1912s game is just removed far before that all
1915s right just so you know I'm sorry it was
1918s like in it in plans for skill based
1920s matchmaking
1921s um but the reason it's still not in is
1924s because of skill based matchmaking
1926s keeping as many people as we can in the
1929s same pool helps us and the system choose
1932s the best like
1934s groups of matches as we can when we
1936s start breaking down the lobbies into
1938s each you know set of people picking
1940s different Maps picking times of day that
1942s kind of stuff it might be better for you
1944s because you can get a you know more
1946s specific map or time of day you want but
1948s you might only have another 500 000
1951s people queuing at that same time and so
1952s your matches are going to be a lot more
1954s skewed you know one way or another
1957s um it's maybe something that could
1958s return in the future it might return in
1960s a different state but for now we haven't
1962s announced any plans to bring it back as
1964s it previously was
1966s how long are you streaming for
1969s um the next 90-ish minutes
1973s and based off that we should get our
1976s first giveaway going do you guys have
1978s uh any suggestions for
1981s our first keyword for twitch chat
1985s um no my suggestion was bad don't use
1987s mine
1988s muted
1990s music I think music suggestion that was
1993s bad I think that's just gonna make it
1995s too confusing in chat yeah
1998s yeah peek make a peek with two e's
2001s because I say that all the time and um I
2005s want to keep making fun of me how about
2007s we do peek me yeah yeah okay pick me in
2009s one word with two e's not EA
2013s because that's a different word I saw a
2015s black coat Here and Now
2019s on these seriously
2021s yeah
2024s there's another one I see him way up
2027s here yep so why should I focus on trying
2030s to get back
2032s oh nice shot
2035s I I'm alive oh I'm gonna get Leo then
2038s hey whatever works
2042s costume in the smoke
2044s actually
2046s okay
2047s yeah you did great
2050s yeah you really did
2052s I go see if I can get a lantern from
2054s despair
2057s we are so white so they're all outside
2059s of the yeah and there's something boss
2062s area I think there's more than one team
2064s because they looked like they were
2065s fighting each other
2068s um spider I have no corals with you oh
2071s where's down here with me not me uh Ari
2074s I got a lantern I'm gonna go get no
2077s spider come on we're friends
2080s I don't think the spider wants to be
2082s friends with anyone
2084s I'm I'm really sorry to break that to
2086s you
2087s oh don't kill me down I saw someone
2089s getting rest on the wall Maybe
2092s I don't know if it was a res
2093s found them
2096s okay I'm gonna try to push out both
2098s bodies going burning right now
2100s okay they're closer to me than the wall
2104s but by where the wall ends okay okay
2106s they're coming over here now to the
2108s right
2110s yep just seen them
2113s two two
2114s I'm missing all sorts of shots today
2118s there's at least two down one
2120s nice nice finally oh bye you're far wait
2124s I'm done fighting for me here
2126s Leo
2129s oh they're gonna come down to me
2132s foreign
2134s I can't see them
2137s moving my thing
2139s uh white shirt is back on the wall white
2141s shirt is back on the wall
2145s saw a white shirt here just a second ago
2155s let's go Leo hide from me
2158s I'm impressed
2162s there there
2163s hit him
2165s oh there's someone in there for you know
2168s heels and stuff because
2172s I'm a little low
2177s oh bottom floor of the church or base
2180s floor base floor
2182s I wish I had a
2184s [Music]
2187s oh there's one up here I can toss it
2189s down to you by Commission
2197s I have no idea coming down thank you
2200s one died down here
2204s and where's the other
2206s I don't know
2208s are we sure there's more
2212s I only saw the white shirt
2215s yeah I think the white shirt ran in
2217s there hit a concertina and then got
2218s killed by someone
2221s remember we're gonna Dynamite bundles
2222s and I
2223s uh that was a joke but it was funny
2226s yeah I don't even what someone said how
2229s do you drop the lantern without lighting
2231s it um if you press the well it's default
2234s X which is like swap ammo type you turn
2238s the lantern off and you can Huck it at
2241s your friend's uh without hurting them
2244s uh both the people we killed outside are
2246s burned out
2256s do you watch any hunt content creators
2258s um I know that I do I don't know about
2260s Ari and Leo but
2262s oh yeah a ton you can uh catch me in in
2265s some hunt streams throughout the week me
2267s too um and then probably once or twice a
2269s week I like to just pop into random uh
2272s twitch chats that are streaming hunt
2273s just making sure everybody's having a
2274s good time uh
2277s we're white if anybody I think they're
2280s just staying in the bottom of the church
2281s so I wonder if we just need to maybe uh
2284s the other boss is coming
2286s oh
2287s yeah they're here
2289s yeah uh
2291s bye I think
2296s sure you saw me on scan
2299s uh lots of ammo in the boss compound
2303s good good oh they went up into the ruins
2305s oh
2307s yeah
2308s okay
2312s Yep they're in there
2315s up here
2317s inside okay
2321s oh uh white shirt at the wall
2328s killed two killed two
2331s pushing the wall if I can
2333s I'm With You by the wall
2338s he dropped down I saw him okay can you
2341s get the Bounty yep yep nice did you get
2344s him
2345s no someone died
2350s just down low just down low that's the
2352s last guy okay I'm waiting for another
2355s I don't know consumable or something
2357s the bone Vive my favorite Mosin okay
2361s I'll put down the wormwood for that
2370s they're just to the right
2372s shotgun
2377s final scan
2379s clear nice
2382s I didn't know there's too much there at
2383s the end but that's okay I think the guy
2385s we saw dropped down got fall damage and
2389s then hit this black coat that's just
2390s been waiting down here
2394s uh free Labelle if anybody would like it
2397s took the
2400s uh my favorite skin
2401s in the game
2404s I didn't get a sticky did I now I got a
2406s chaos
2410s what about an ash
2416s inside me
2418s I just looted a thousand dollars
2422s wow
2424s it was said to be myth
2439s I heard if you shoot it in the back
2441s right like it does uh extra three
2443s percent damage
2447s no no that's what Fab said and Fab would
2450s only tell me the truth that is directly
2453s a lie just that Fab would only tell you
2454s the truth
2456s um why am I not succeeding there we go
2459s I got very into turning this uh Lantern
2462s off
2467s hey I had to finish I was like no this
2468s is what I'm doing now
2470s anybody in chat if you want an extra
2472s chance to win a Pennington DLC with
2475s pretty low effort go ahead go to this
2477s tweet that you can find on our quick
2479s chat
2482s follow that small amount of instructions
2484s just to type repent as a comment to that
2486s tweet and then get your extra chance to
2489s win
2494s okay
2496s [Music]
2498s the answer is everything on PC is also
2502s on console
2504s I mean pretty much
2506s they'll be just a few times where a
2509s patch might hit like a PC before but
2516s good night
2521s there is a lot of ammo down here you
2523s were right I know
2526s it was like it's special
2529s I have not seen special yeah
2532s oh look especially
2534s look at that just for you what a
2536s fantastic little boss compound it just
2538s has it all ammo lanterns there's heels
2541s everywhere I used like basically
2553s there is a rule about not having two
2557s teams spawn in adjacent spawns
2561s um currently there is no rule on Lawson
2563s or Stillwater
2565s um it's just random to sell uh the cell
2571s also had a lot closer like generic
2573s spawns
2575s um so the chance there was like a chance
2578s that you could get three teams a lot
2579s closer together than is possible in
2581s Lawson Delta or
2584s is the only place with like four spawns
2589s honestly I don't know if this guy got
2591s killed
2593s [Music]
2597s I don't know what happens oh look a tree
2600s oh look Necromancer I shouldn't have
2602s taken that
2604s number one I'm usually the one that dies
2606s number two uh I'm gonna retire this one
2609s that's not true I
2612s as a
2614s South American player would
2618s don't have a great thing I'm the one
2620s especially the best
2623s Sophie like it's me
2625s exactly that that's my exact tone
2633s I don't think repent needs to be in all
2635s caps on Twitter
2637s uh it does not no as long as you get the
2640s general idea
2641s um onto that tweet then
2644s I will count that as valid oh this light
2648s is so bright
2652s oh me and my flares my fuses yes
2659s night maps are already hard enough and
2660s then the fuses come in
2663s oh yes thank you for my
2666s cat ears that are actually the pillow on
2668s my chair
2669s but it is cute that it looks like cat
2671s ears and I just I just keep it because
2675s I like it yeah see Shiny take it yeah
2678s that's me for sure
2680s um custom lobbies or something that we
2682s are interested in but we don't have a
2685s timeline on
2687s so maybe someday but uh you know no
2691s announcement there
2701s um it's one time right for the drawings
2703s you don't need to keep typing keep me uh
2706s you're correct uh one time gets you
2709s entered into the pool any extra time
2711s does not change if you are or are not
2713s entered so it's not like you get a
2715s better chance yeah just the one time yep
2718s yep
2722s all right ready to go there's one uh
2724s right north of us
2726s yeah that's cool
2729s it is not the razor cat headset I don't
2732s own anything Razer
2735s all of my peripherals are steel series
2737s except uh the thing I play with with my
2740s left hand
2742s what are you most excited about oh Mr
2745s Crandall you can't get me like that no
2748s no
2750s you're tempting I'm excited for Billy
2753s story who is returning in 2022 at some
2756s point in some way
2760s foreign
2765s who knows
2767s not me that's for sure
2771s every hunting grounds oh yeah
2776s everyone wants you to get cat ears now
2780s I think Leo could really rock a pair of
2782s cat ears
2784s I agree
2786s a pair of what cat ears
2791s catch yourself
2792s you know like like a cosmetic pair of
2796s cat ears
2798s I have uh
2801s so I I climb and my chalk bag is a
2805s foxtail
2807s fun fact
2810s my uh chalk bag has a bunch of patches I
2814s put onto it so that I would not confuse
2816s it with other people's chalk bags
2818s I'm very similarly my husband's truck
2821s bag is rainbow unicorns
2825s that's fantastic I saw
2829s someone at my gym had a chalk bag that
2831s was a well I can only describe it as a
2834s gigantic stuffed whale but then they
2837s turned into a chalk bag it's like that
2840s is perfect two and a half to three feet
2842s long like hanging off the back of his
2844s harness and then you just see him put
2846s his hands like into the whale mouth to
2849s chalk up
2850s I put my hands into the the fox tail
2858s right here the penitent likes it he
2860s likes it
2863s he likes it oh no no get away from me
2871s another reminder that if you want
2873s another chance to win a penitent without
2876s having to go through the giveaway on
2878s Twitch you can go to our stream uh
2882s announcement that we did today on uh
2885s twitch or on Twitter sorry uh reply to
2888s the comment that had a bunch of chains
2890s with uh
2892s repent and then I will pull a bunch of
2894s winners from there after
2896s someone said 50
2901s already passed
2903s uh from a couple weeks ago when I saw it
2906s come up
2907s for the first time so
2910s is there a way to add mouth smoothing um
2913s you can just do it in Windows
2918s that's what I would do
2920s is do it through windows
2924s oh getting so close to the end of this
2926s prestige
2932s okay well I'm gonna use that mozen I
2933s picked up in that game
2935s I picked up Mosin too
2937s I originally picked up mine I put
2940s wormwood yeah yeah I I didn't think you
2943s had it original wormwood oh he had a
2945s Mosin he had a bone Vive though and the
2947s bone Viv is my favorite skin in the
2950s entire game yeah so I saw the bone beef
2952s and I was like oh
2954s the wormwood does have a level of
2956s grossness to it
2958s um
2963s the one number one
2966s 2 900 that's actually I'm I'm not upset
2969s about that at all
2970s um I am ready and I'm an iridium but I
2973s am going to go use the restroom and get
2975s my smoothie so that I don't die of
2978s hunger while we
2979s sit here
2981s because that can happen I am dying of
2984s hunger but I think that just fits the
2986s theme of the penitent you know stream
2989s yes for me to be in pain
2992s I agree with that
2994s it should be
2997s dealing with your worst nightmare uh Mr
3001s Leo I think you should uh pick our next
3003s uh keyword for our giveaway what are you
3006s feeling like
3008s I'll bring you next time you can make it
3011s related to the penitent
3013s you can make it a Brazilian reference if
3016s you just want to see a lot of it in chat
3018s it could just be the one potato like you
3021s do whatever you want and we'll Force the
3023s viewers to do it okay they want these
3026s DLCs I would like to see a lot of
3031s vehicle in the chat
3034s because everybody
3037s bacon
3039s bacon yeah so you're hungry you're gonna
3042s read a lot of bacon in chat okay that
3044s does come here
3046s like
3048s I can feel I actually like sensory stuff
3052s going on in my belly right now I didn't
3055s think it was I was like ah it's not
3056s gonna matter that's a lot of bacon going
3058s on though that I have to watch just
3061s passing my screen
3063s we just killed by the butcher so now we
3067s are eating a pig
3068s we killed the spider were you eating the
3071s spider thinking that it was baby it's
3073s either a bacon it's vegan
3076s it's great protein
3078s yeah
3080s like the that song about the the
3085s part of the spider that we eat in Brazil
3088s the eye of the spider
3090s yeah
3092s you think that another song
3095s I have the spider is the tree really fun
3098s I don't think it's a spider buddy
3101s Brown versus spider okay
3107s um
3110s um I don't know I don't know
3112s if you guys want a chance to win a
3115s penitent DLC on any platform jump into
3118s slash crytek and type bacon in
3121s chat uh make sure you're followed on
3124s Twitch and then we will pull some
3125s winners um Leo before you go I'm gonna
3128s take care of some of our previous
3130s winners
3131s yeah I forgot to I forgot to add more
3135s consumable so I have just one red shot
3140s just notice
3149s if you were a previous winner and was
3151s waiting for a message back from the
3154s crytek whisper you should have your
3156s penis and DLCs now thanks for your
3159s patience
3160s Leo I'm so scared for you up there
3164s why because I'm alone yeah because
3167s you're alone if there's like an enemy I
3169s can't let anything happen to my sweet
3170s baby boy Leo oh it's not violet who just
3174s takes off you're not used to the being
3177s alone at this point I think it's just
3179s expected that Violet will find an enemy
3181s team and it's most likely with her face
3190s Leo
3191s speaking of protein
3197s what flavor bye
3200s um the flavor of protein powder is like
3202s vanilla ice cream oh yeah but it's like
3206s a real smoothie uh so it's got
3208s strawberry banana
3211s um mango Reese's Pieces pineapple
3215s caramel ice cream so good
3218s a slice of pumpkin pie in there too huh
3220s yeah yeah yeah
3222s waffle understands I like to manage the
3225s community with bullets and or my face
3228s foreign
3229s that's it those are the two options
3233s oh it's not a player
3240s Here I Go Again
3242s [Music]
3245s sing it Leo
3247s [Music]
3248s like a violet we're working
3251s out um but no timeline yes I'm sorry Leo
3254s what
3256s no the sun said like a violated I was
3259s born to die alone
3261s oh that's the lyric yes
3264s I knew that
3270s okay we're going to the church right
3274s all right
3276s I'm coming with a knife hold on favorite
3278s breakfast option French toast
3281s and then pancakes and waffles tied
3283s depending on like who makes it you know
3286s why how do you feel about a breakfast
3288s burrito
3292s I'm so sorry it's okay I eat enough for
3295s both of us I love me
3298s some Mexican food but not not for my
3303s not for my breakfast
3305s we're getting some explosions and shots
3307s I think Alice is
3309s truly the best mad wasted I'm so glad
3312s you understand me on a deep level
3315s actually the best thing ever I used to
3317s live in Chicago
3318s and my favorite breakfast place in the
3321s world and my favorite breakfast dish in
3323s the world is hollow furniture from that
3326s specific place we have someone asking uh
3328s French toast smoothly question oh God no
3331s I'm so sorry but I love my smoothie and
3333s no why action on S oh God we don't need
3336s to go over my wacky keybinds again do we
3338s that doesn't mean
3340s no no I think or scream we don't need to
3344s talk about this again just just just
3346s smile and wave
3348s if you go back to a few Dev streams ago
3351s you can watch about 20 minutes of pilot
3354s trying to explain your keybinds not
3356s really give a good reason behind them
3358s but what do you mean perfect reason
3361s don't don't you start okay there was
3364s some reason um I don't know if I can say
3366s they were good reasons though
3369s they're just you're you're just jealous
3370s that I
3373s it's not a controller Bergie gaming it's
3376s a game pad
3378s just saying
3380s got it oh people are here thank you for
3384s the fireworks oh my God I understand you
3388s Fourth of July
3390s I'm not left-handed you just might think
3392s that I am based on all of this
3396s weirdness yeah I need no retreat button
3399s exactly
3401s anytime
3403s oh yeah yeah you guys
3408s [Music]
3412s no I don't use my mouse on my left hand
3414s y'all are crazy
3418s in my right hand
3421s every time I see someone doing uh like a
3423s job with their left hand that I would
3425s normally do with my right hand my brain
3427s kind of shorts circuits for a second
3428s like how are you doing that
3431s where that where that is that movement
3433s behind the door for a second I missed
3435s but
3436s I feel like I just saw movement as well
3439s yeah I think they may have crouched in
3441s or out through the hole and then like I
3443s saw the movement there
3447s you think they're whole gamers
3453s okay
3456s none of the side windows are open yet
3460s Fab killed me the other day and he was
3462s like you were on the roof too long I
3463s don't know what to tell you and I was
3465s like but I like being on the roof
3469s yeah Fab could kill me from pretty much
3471s anywhere it could be hiding exactly
3476s I died
3477s just uh just saw a movement second floor
3480s not boss compound room but the long long
3483s building with all these windows facing
3485s yeah yeah the the boss compound room
3487s that the boss is not currently in oh no
3489s the boss is in there what are you
3490s talking about the boss is in there yes
3492s oh it's spider yeah
3495s I was like wait isn't it spider
3498s no no don't don't crouch on the roof you
3500s guys come on now
3503s we don't we don't crouch in this house
3506s sometimes I forget that I like can do it
3508s at all
3512s so I saw him pass by the scrape oh no
3515s Silent Shot no thank you I think it's uh
3517s directly west west
3520s check another team or
3522s no one little dude hiding in this Barn
3525s okay I'm on my way
3527s yep she's tagged she's tagged with
3532s someone's peeking out this window at you
3533s guys
3536s dead
3537s oh I killed him I killed the one that
3539s was close to us but there's a bomb on it
3541s somewhere
3544s I couldn't communicate
3549s no zombie
3552s foreign
3554s thingy
3559s yeah yeah go get him go get him oh from
3563s the house
3565s hit him oh diet again I finished him I
3569s finished I'm gonna go for Leo it's still
3572s north I think maybe the building person
3573s is last
3575s night
3578s at the hay bale
3580s yeah are you sure this is the team
3592s still hey Bill
3593s tagged once nice nice one nice one
3600s I can't see anything
3613s oops
3619s oh thank you everybody
3623s got him nice clean up
3629s oh dang Leo I thought I thought if I had
3632s gotten you I should have gotten you
3633s earlier oh no I I moved way over
3636s I think you made a comment about backing
3638s up and I thought you were talking to Leo
3641s oh I said can you battle oh okay okay
3645s are we sure that we don't have more nope
3649s not at all
3651s and yes I loot anyway
3654s I think if there was a team in the bus
3656s like they would have came out right
3657s they're not just just going through all
3660s that
3664s um nobody around
3668s scratch the ammo here
3671s I'm leaving an uppercut
3673s feeling this Dolce dulch sorry
3677s I shall add it to my collection of
3679s stolen dolches
3682s oh
3687s okay I need to scan again but I had
3689s already started the dark side so oh well
3692s I have only that's my life
3697s oh yeah I'm sorry you got killed I think
3700s I killed again
3705s it's the next event
3712s nothing nothing on that
3715s um let me know if you guys see a little
3716s Med kit somewhere there's one inside the
3718s boss building but I'm just running the
3720s extract since Leo has no life
3723s the other boss team is just extracting
3725s as well oh yeah see no purpose then just
3727s stay uh burn any snakey snakes that you
3730s might have I did already apparently
3733s I have no
3735s gnome apparently I did
3737s oh I have two snakes
3739s where's the
3741s uh
3742s to be honest no information on the live
3744s action show
3747s words are hard it was somewhere over
3749s here Mr Leo
3753s hi horse oh
3759s I don't think so yeah
3762s that would just mess up everything I
3766s think
3768s I think we could have a character that
3770s in the lore uses their left hand and
3772s then when the gun shows up in game
3774s itself
3780s um as we extract go ahead type bacon and
3783s chat if you want a chance at our next
3784s giveaway for a penitent DLC have you
3788s already typed in chat no need to type it
3790s again and if you happen to be watching
3791s on YouTube Facebook or steam jump over
3794s to slash crytek and type bacon
3798s in the chat over there for your chance
3800s to win
3805s well we pull winners too you can also
3808s head over to our tweet and reply with
3811s repent for another chance to win so many
3815s chances to this so many chances
3824s we got some messages from previous
3825s winners already and they are loving
3828s their new DLC which is great to hear
3830s nice uh first winner for bacon is going
3834s to be Oleg sin13 if you're in chat
3836s please give us a message
3841s funny hey that's good I love butter
3845s toast man for real
3849s sometimes instead of breakfast well I
3851s don't normally eat breakfast I guess to
3853s be clear but sometimes I'll just
3855s eat more slices of buttered toast
3859s power move just for fun
3869s and yet
3873s [Music]
3875s uh Oleg is in chat they just typed bacon
3878s to us so keep an eye out on your Twitch
3880s Whispers
3882s other people also loved buttered toast
3885s is it possible this game will be on
3886s discount soon um we have a lot of sales
3888s off and on so you know keep your eyes
3891s open
3892s we like to announce our sales on Steam
3895s on our social media like Twitter and
3898s Instagram and then also we have a
3900s dedicated Channel and our official
3901s Discord where we post about sales so
3904s true
3907s um our next winner is Turtle wistful if
3911s you're in check give us a message I read
3913s it as turtle twistful at first and I
3915s don't know if that's better or worse
3917s um I read it as like turtle wristful and
3921s I was like turtles don't have wrists oh
3923s turtle is here
3924s they are they are keep an eye out on
3926s your Twitch whispers are you sure the
3928s tourism have risks
3930s um I don't think so they kind of have
3932s stumps right or I'm thinking of
3933s tortoises
3935s how'd they run they don't they have
3938s flippers they have little flippers
3940s it's kind of a slap I think
3943s we got it the prize for the giveaway is
3945s the penitent DLC which is the newest DLC
3948s that came out yesterday
3950s what defines a wrist
3953s um I mean I would consider it
3955s distance from your chest in terms of
3959s uh joints like if it's the first one
3962s from your chest like on a cat or a dog
3964s shoulder and then they have elbows but
3966s cats and dogs don't have wrists they
3968s don't
3971s have wrists yeah dogs yeah I have a
3975s wrist
3976s I can't have a wrist they have like a
3977s joint of movement it's not a ball joint
3980s but it goes ball joint yeah it goes back
3982s it's like a this way they can only do
3985s this way right
3986s oh I gotta hide this uh this dolch
3988s before we get started what defines a cat
3991s um that's a science question
3994s it goes meow
3996s yeah
4000s uh yes is the penetent hunter a man he
4003s is a man is he a penitent man unknown
4008s someone said it's the ears uh you know
4011s what that's that's it that's the one
4014s that is
4016s my favorite answer
4020s all right our next are we going 30
4022s minutes sorry go ahead oh you're fine
4025s our next winner is Ogar underscore if
4027s you're in check give us a quick message
4038s and so true
4040s you know
4042s hunt giveth hunt tickets
4043s is
4050s when is the next update soon TM soon
4056s ER than you think
4061s okay yeah
4063s or in the next 10 minutes it's not
4068s where they asking about live stream
4071s no when's the next patch oh okay so I
4074s said too soon here but not tomorrow
4077s uh ohgar underscore is in check
4079s congratulations let's do another winner
4082s someone said Sunday
4085s opinion on grilled cheese they're
4087s excellent yes
4089s um I would put grilled cheese as like
4091s above a lot of regular sandwiches
4094s I would agree with that um but not above
4096s all sandwiches and also hi hot
4098s sandwiches or cold sandwiches because
4100s the Italian is
4103s truly one of the best sandwiches of our
4105s time I think
4109s yeah yeah Italian is a cold sandwich
4111s that's why I said it depends on if you
4113s like separate them yeah just want to
4115s make sure that we're talking about the
4117s same Italian
4117s with salami and uh yeah yeah cheese
4121s onion
4124s our next winner for the bacon giveaway
4127s is Chris LK 1986 if you're still in
4130s check give us a quick message
4133s quesadillas and grilled cheese is almost
4135s the same it definitely can be depending
4137s on how you make it and I also love
4139s quesadillas so
4142s foreign
4149s actually Coraline um I hope not I don't
4152s have buttons for eyes and that would be
4154s a little scary
4157s I'm a little scared
4159s what about toast sandwich oh so true run
4162s through those Ducks oh you got it bud
4163s I'm on it I don't know leave the duck
4166s slime leave the duck slime no the Ducks
4168s are friends with the uh water Devils so
4171s they must they must be
4174s ran from their home
4180s okay but it does make me wonder why
4182s don't the water Devils attack the Ducks
4184s that's why I said they're friends
4185s together I told you oh my gosh why don't
4188s the water the Ducks the water devils are
4190s protecting them because the duck's
4192s higher yeah it looks higher than what it
4194s is
4196s that's true
4198s my entire life is just I don't even know
4201s what to think anymore
4202s yeah ducks are the real boss of this
4204s game you can't kill them like the yard
4206s system what if water doubles are just
4208s infected ducks bum bum
4212s look there's a water devil right there
4214s I'm telling you I'm I'm telling you
4217s that's good let's get out of here all
4219s right all right
4221s Chris can't hurt me
4225s we'll give Chris another 20 seconds or
4227s so and we don't hear back we will
4229s re-roll this bacon code
4232s I killed the water devil so now they are
4235s aware new boss confirmed Ducks yeah
4237s accurate
4239s I think Chris is here
4241s we got a wow oh there he is
4243s they
4245s they
4249s keep an eye out for your Twitch Whispers
4251s and on that we will probably pause this
4254s giveaway until we have a little bit more
4256s free time in game so if we die or if we
4260s kill a boss
4261s whatever happens
4265s are we going to the floor
4268s I was gonna go to the Fort yeah I had to
4272s stop for uh I had to stop for snakes
4273s though oh I'm gonna run from this hive
4278s goodbye I don't want to be here
4287s I also don't want to kill cats I'm
4289s totally with you no catwalks
4292s pass oh how do you feel about felis
4296s every time you have to uh he was
4297s actually kill an enemy fiendless
4300s well she's a person so it's fine
4302s oh
4304s but Felix is one of my favorite uh two
4307s favorite legendary Hunters the other one
4309s is the exile
4311s so whenever I'm running around
4314s and I have the money to spend hey
4316s someone someone is kidding me okay
4320s back here back here
4323s come come to the right come to the right
4324s Leo get behind this thing
4333s got some dogs Leo let's try to get into
4335s the fort
4343s I'm gonna die I got hit by an area
4349s yeah I'm not a fan yeah
4352s being hit by arrows
4354s I die for I'm very scared but if you can
4358s get off the wall I'm a decent res on the
4360s inside and I think Leo's on the back
4363s side of the wall
4369s yeah
4370s there should only be like
4373s they're coming either you hear from uh
4383s oh thanks
4391s oh God dang it
4395s yeah yeah we only died to give more DLC
4397s codes exactly
4398s yes
4404s that's definitely what happened
4407s foreign
4420s someone asked why are we streaming in
4422s 720p um it's actually just a lot easier
4424s on
4427s twitch because you don't really get that
4430s much more definition from 1080 and then
4432s a lot of people can watch on like mobile
4434s and [ __ ]
4436s um when it's 7 20.
4439s it's just kind of an all-around happy
4441s medium that everyone can enjoy
4445s uh let's see what guns I already own
4447s actually
4452s um
4452s [Music]
4457s look at this bayonet we'll use a bayonet
4462s and of course this scourge
4469s a dog boss I want to use the nutcrack
4471s The Nutcracker instead
4475s I I I think we shouldn't be focusing on
4478s dogs and cats because I have too much
4481s people
4482s yeah people who like them so they
4484s wouldn't appreciate killing them inside
4486s the game like I I don't know many people
4489s spiders or pets or as pets or pigs or
4493s I'm assassins there are already a lot of
4496s dogs that have to die in Hunts that is
4498s true dogs no nice
4501s someone said are you from Jersey no
4503s no I have only even been there once so
4506s sorry
4509s yeah encoding is not always an option
4513s um
4513s and it's just easier to to not have to
4516s change it uh for everyone's
4520s um stream like depending on which cry
4523s Tech person is streaming
4525s like Ben says a dual PC setup but I
4527s don't so
4530s um would Leo or Vio either you guys want
4533s to pick our next keyword my XP I choose
4536s okay
4539s Fearless
4541s because I love her
4543s you heard VI I go ahead and type felis
4546s into cry text make sure you're
4550s followed and you'll get a chance to win
4552s a penitent DLC code
4555s it's not a Phyllis
4557s code
4558s okay yeah Felix is not
4562s you cannot win her
4564s you can buy her in the bloodborne store
4566s for 700 blood bonds one of the first
4568s skins I ever bought
4570s yeah I I think it's one of my it was my
4572s first one too two whole years ago
4576s it's been so long
4579s you were just a baby I know I was
4583s I was just a little baby
4588s shift Debbie right from the start
4592s the Caps matter no
4599s correct uh as a little reminder the
4602s keyword should go into our twitch chat
4605s please don't send us Whispers with the
4607s keyword if we see that it might actually
4609s give you a worse chance to win the
4612s coaches
4613s go through you know 400 twitch Whispers
4617s of it
4619s we just keep it to the twitch chat
4620s please
4622s it's so foggy
4624s thank you
4626s stinkies
4630s I like the noise that empty houses made
4635s oh we're having trouble yeah they pay me
4646s I have a sticky
4650s I have traps I'm Alex
4653s kill Leah
4654s yeah
4657s [Music]
4660s no I told you I had a sticky
4664s no it was not
4666s oh the traps to Kill Leo yeah yeah
4671s so they're not explicitly tickly out did
4674s I carve more Leo into the side of them
4676s no no I'm dying oh
4678s the giveaway is for all platforms
4681s whenever first you you later he will ask
4685s whoever wins what platform
4687s [Music]
4694s you guys comes look at the spawn
4699s I did not know what's going on out here
4701s I'm not gonna put a trap down yet
4704s whatever
4707s trait and just like sitting in the
4710s little fall out of the basket that's
4712s what it looks like that's what I gotta
4714s think but why
4718s lunchbox
4723s take a picture Leo look at this trait
4726s normally they're like in compounds on
4728s like desks and stuff and this guy's like
4731s nah I'm going swimming
4738s uh how we'll be informed if we win a
4740s giveaway you will be whispered on Twitch
4744s bye
4745s what don't forget to sacrifice
4748s everything I'm gonna put some crap can I
4751s mail
4752s to your home and I really hope not
4755s um I will call the police please don't
4757s do that
4758s would be really scary
4761s owl mail is acceptable though I accept
4764s sneaky
4767s trapper
4768s hey
4769s racing traps
4788s we gotta showcase penitent yeah I know
4790s but but just you know for the keyword
4792s that's sure
4795s how excited are you for the next update
4797s very good
4800s I am pretty hyped for this one
4803s there you go
4805s with 1.9 it was more of a quality of
4810s life
4811s Improvement for the game in a lot of
4812s aspects one point the next pitch has a
4817s lot of cool stuff coming with it I think
4819s you guys will be very excited to see
4822s how do you enter the giveaway you type
4824s in
4825s speedless
4827s and if you make sure you're
4831s followed on Twitch and then you're good
4833s to go until we pull the winners just
4835s make sure you hang out and chat till
4836s then
4838s so true
4840s it must be on Twitch
4849s my favorite Hunter is fearless
4853s there it is what happened Leo stepped in
4856s a trap no
4857s trap on my own trip okay well I guess
4861s that that's better
4864s I totally forgot that I put a trap on
4867s I do like witch hunter as well
4872s have you guys seen
4876s [Music]
4880s okay I'm gonna get it
4882s it's a little scary but you know
4885s it's fine
4888s someone's asking about the next event
4890s after serpent specs we have not
4893s announced anything about that yeah
4895s but we always like 2T stuff on our
4898s social media people
4900s no
4903s no no
4907s no we got some traps do you want to just
4908s wait them out till they get closer
4911s how far oops
4915s one is there in the White House to the
4917s right the other one yeah
4919s oh wow
4921s guys I gotta kill
4925s the other one's here
4928s yeah that just one one person
4940s pain is still pretty good I'm healing
4946s I want to burn different
4948s okay I need a second off of them
4951s let me know when you're ready oh my
4952s goodness I can't loot this under
4956s I'm trying I can see okay go
4958s goodbye
4962s bear on this island
4975s yeah they're another person there
4983s they're trying to researcher nice nice
4986s got him last person is over here I don't
4990s have more seconds I need to lose him
4994s where he is
5000s here I can't see moving to the right
5003s and then left again
5006s it's a Hail Mary
5007s I shot him what you might call it
5014s tree that's what I did
5018s I just can't see
5022s actually she's one shot nice
5024s she's a little bit further back someone
5025s else just hit my Barrel
5028s so we have other people behind us I'm
5030s pushing into Hail Mary
5031s yep she was tagged with Sparks so she
5034s went further right
5039s tag
5042s killed okay we gotta look at the boss
5045s compound because of my other Barrel
5048s one person on scan behind us 285
5055s trying to let her so I get more seconds
5059s got it
5063s how far 285
5068s in the water
5071s yeah there are three people
5083s good good
5086s I'm gonna see the traps are all located
5088s closer to the boss
5092s foreign
5094s to the West
5097s one's pushing me
5102s oh my everyone
5105s every every team is here there's like
5107s four more signatures or five more off to
5110s the West
5115s someone over here so
5119s yeah I can do things where there's one
5121s trying to push me from here nice good
5123s one
5127s in the box compound they hit Leo's traps
5130s you mean your traps no those are Leos
5136s uh he's one shot with a knife on my body
5140s uh there's another one in the boss
5142s compound they were hit by concertina
5143s nice
5144s I only heard those too close
5147s okay
5151s people are running in you here yet to
5153s the northwest
5156s well it's true
5158s they're on our floor
5168s oh nice guy there's a Phillies on the
5170s road there's a fitness on the roof I
5172s died
5187s how are you alive
5191s no oh
5193s oh so close
5195s how did he survive two uppercut shots he
5198s heals
5199s yeah he just got the heal off you heard
5202s him go
5203s and then shot you shot him again so I
5206s missed like my other two or three shots
5208s as he was going and then missed my knife
5217s hear him drop down
5225s how did he have a million bullets uh it
5227s reloads with the stripper clip so it's
5229s really fast to reload
5231s hmm
5233s tis indeed we had seven kills so that
5235s was a really good game
5237s yeah yeah we almost stabilized right at
5239s the end yeah
5240s my favorite boss is the Assassin I think
5243s he's the easiest to kill
5245s so that's why it is
5249s The Butchers
5257s I like this spider just for the
5260s spookiness no
5261s Ari that is the only wrong answer I'm so
5264s sorry you and this are both
5267s oh you're something else
5269s uh do you want to knock out one more
5271s game or call a little early
5273s I think that's probably good for you and
5275s I schedules Ari
5277s cool yeah well let's at least pull this
5279s might be long codes for the uh Felice
5283s giveaway that everybody was entering
5285s our first winner is Akron if you're in
5288s chat give us a quick message
5290s uh any of our other winners I'll go
5292s ahead go for it
5294s while you're doing that uh a couple
5296s people asked about new boss
5299s um all we're going to say is that there
5301s is a new boss in the works oh
5304s ah
5308s uh Akron is in check congratulations
5311s keep an eye out on your Twitch Whispers
5313s And we will pull the next winner
5317s next up is
5320s kok space War if you're in check give us
5323s a message
5325s okay okay
5328s [ __ ] no nope sorry oh I didn't realize
5333s that was
5336s a very specific reason why I spelled it
5339s out
5341s I thought you knew because you spelled
5343s it out too and then you yeah
5347s just to read because sometimes like like
5349s the Vegeta thing
5351s yo Leo Leo oh my God uh Spaceport is in
5355s chat congratulations
5359s sorry the rooster the chicken
5363s next up is goat's head wow that is uh
5367s quite the quite the username Goods head
5369s if you're in chat give us a message
5371s um and everybody else while you're
5373s waiting if you go to this tweet give us
5375s a quick little comment where I'm going
5377s to be pulling a whole host of winners
5378s just from the people who commented
5382s um just as a little thank you for
5383s everyone who joined in today's stream
5386s oh my God I'm feeling so bad
5391s language I didn't remember how close I
5394s am to the last Mr Cherry I can't even
5396s see the Red Bar
5398s do you want to try to force a game no no
5401s just I'll play one later
5402s oh quick
5404s I'll play one later it's fine
5405s goat's head is in chat let's do another
5408s blind Specter 11 are you in chat
5412s uh for anyone watching on other
5414s platforms so Facebook YouTube steam if
5417s you want to enter into the giveaway on
5419s Twitter head to the post on Twitter
5421s where we said we're live underneath that
5424s you should see a reply from the hunt
5426s Showdown account with a bunch of chains
5427s all you have to do underneath that post
5429s is type repent plus your favorite emoji
5432s and then I'm pulling winners from all of
5434s those replies that's a way that anybody
5437s who wasn't on Twitch you get a chance to
5439s win some uh penitent DLCs in addition to
5442s anybody who was watching today you get
5444s another chance to win again
5447s um we're still looking for blindspector
5449s 11. oh there he is Boom they are there
5452s blindspector will whisper you we just
5454s need you to message back
5459s all right sorry are there more giveaways
5463s at least one more all right one more one
5465s more one more last one is gonna be
5468s monolith Orchard Orchid that's a really
5471s good name
5472s if you're in chats uh Orchid give us a
5475s quick message let us know you're still
5476s hanging around
5478s uh they are there uh so I think we're
5481s all good for giveaways today besides
5483s that have penitent one on Twitter I'll
5485s let that go for maybe another 10-15
5487s minutes for you guys to enter in and
5489s then I'm gonna pull some codes from
5490s there as a special thank you to
5493s everybody who watched the stream and who
5495s went and commented on that post
5503s he's on console from the first time
5506s right
5507s um I don't know if PlayStation was out
5509s yet oh very good uh 2020 yeah summer
5513s 2020. I think then yeah then oh no
5517s definitely actually the person that got
5518s me into the game in September 2020
5520s already had the PlayStation version
5523s okay but I think yeah it may have just
5525s come out earlier but anyway very soon to
5528s get him another chance very very soon we
5531s did say when twitch drops are they will
5533s be starting on October 12th
5536s very soon get ready
5540s have a good weekend get your hunts in
5543s have a great one we will see under three
5548s days left of serpent Moon everybody yep
5551s you have a little what Sunday night our
5554s time
5555s yeah yeah that sounds great so you have
5559s a few days left this is our last serpent
5561s Moon uh stream by the next time we do a
5565s stream serpent moon will be over which
5570s I don't know I'm sad I'm a little happy
5572s I I don't know I have a lot of
5573s conflicted feelings you know event over
5576s means new things on the horizon but also
5579s I had a lot of fun getting the snakes so
5584s but not the snakes
5587s I like the snakes jumping this weekend
5590s to get some more hunts in say bye to the
5592s snakes you know walk up to the little
5594s Den yeah exactly pet him one last time
5598s and every time I try to pet them they
5599s bite me well they just it's you
5601s specifically all right they'd never bite
5603s me
5605s I knew it
5606s all right all right have a good weekend
5608s everybody and we will see you soon
5612s bye bye bye bye
5622s foreign
5625s [Music]
5644s [Music]
5649s foreign
5651s [Music]
5679s [Music]
5682s foreign
5686s [Music]
5703s [Music]
5719s [Music]
5723s thank you
5731s [Music]
5745s foreign
5747s [Music]
5753s [Music]