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19 Nov

Uninstalled After 170 hrs :(

2 days ago - /u/BeedyboyOfficial on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by QKsilver58

Thank you for the quick and genuine response, and I have one more pressing question you may be able to answer since it doesn't conflict with any mechanics in-game.

Will we be getting legendary skins for all the weapons that are missing them? Not having the benefactor skin while there's no alternative for the chain pistol is killing me. Please let us know, as many of us love the art team's work and want to continue supporting the dev team with purchases of Blood Bonds, but don't see that many opportunities to use them outside of what we've already gotten. I would buy the hell out of any skins, especially for competitively viable weapons. Oh, and please god tell me that the Dusters will get a legendary skin. Thanks.

I cannot give you a 100% answer just yet, but I can say that we are planning to have at least 1 legendary skin for each weapon and its variants as well as new legendary Hunters!

Uninstalled After 170 hrs :(

2 days ago - /u/BeedyboyOfficial on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by QKsilver58

This ain't cool yo, either answer us all or let us know y'all are letting the game die. Give us something, ANYTHING. We just want a real community response about the future of development. How hard is that? Seriously.

We have answered that question as well on multiple occasions, I would suggest you to read the answer from one of our community managers here. We are working hard on the fixes for 1.1 on PC, including the purple shaders and other frequently mentioned issues, on the Xbox update for 1.1 and also our upcoming Playstation release.

Meanwhile, we are also working on a bunch of new content and will upload the Roadmap shortly reflecting all the new upcoming stuff!

18 Nov

Uninstalled After 170 hrs :(

3 days ago - /u/BeedyboyOfficial on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey there!

Thank you for posting this and letting us know about this issue, I will pass it on to the team right away!

Do you have any recordings of this issue by any chance so we can have a better look at the issue?

Hope to see you back on the Hunt soon!

17 Nov

16 Nov

15 Nov

14 Nov

2 games, both empty.

7 days ago - /u/BeedyboyOfficial on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey there Hunter!

We are sad to hear that this has happened to you. Could you DM me with your and your friend's Steam ID as well as the time these games happen approx?

We would like to look into the games and what could have happened that caused empty lobbies!

Thanks and Happy Hunting!

13 Nov

12 Nov

11 Nov

10 Nov

09 Nov

08 Nov

Originally posted by LetsDoThis1992

Hello, and you are most certainly welcome! I would love to give my feedback and opinions, but please note that I do not have a background or education in computers/networking.

I believe we have some miscommunication over what I said before. I edited my first post to reflect fewer pronouns for clarity and fixed some typo mistakes as well, but allow me to briefly try to restate here.

I do NOT notice the rubber banding when I get kills. The confusion around "when I get kills" may have come from me talking about NVIDIA highlights, which I only get when I get kills. I also do NOT notice rubber banding as much during gunfights. It happens sometimes, but I usually either die or hide behind cover if the rubber banding occurs anywhere around a gunfight.

I notice the rubber banding the most while I'm sprinting, because it kind of teleports me back a little bit. If I'm not moving around as much or as quickly, it is of course more difficult to notice. As I said before,...

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Thanks for the great feedback, and sorry for the misunderstanding!

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