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22 May

Update 6.1 - Patch #2

2 days ago - Cry_Maquannas on Steam - Thread - Direct

Version: v0.646
SteambuildID: 3845666
Client patch size: ~ 180MB

  • Increased the damage that concertina wire deals to Hellhounds and Armored.
  • NVIDIA Highlights are activated again, but the highlights button doesn’t show up consistently in the summary screen.

  • Fixed a bug where players were still able to shoot while performing hold interactions (reviving, looting, etc..).
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to shoot too fast...
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21 May

20 May

Update 6.1 - Patch #1

4 days ago - Cry_Maquannas on Steam - Thread - Direct

Version: v0.644
SteambuildID: 3838568
Client patch size: ~ 230MB

  • Fixed an issue in which dark sight boost wasn't working over the full distance.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the map to open/close every time when switching from one player to another in spectator mode.
  • Fixed the issue that caused partially burned health chunks not regenerating properly after being revived.

~The Hunt Team

19 May

18 May

17 May

Originally posted by Jaybles727

The agreement on Insider hub on Xbox, the agreement you accepted before downloading. Said something about recording pictures and images but I don’t remember what specifically.

It was an NDA for the Xbox Beta :)

16 May

Update 6.1 - Test Server

8 days ago - Cry_Maquannas on Steam - Thread - Direct

Version: v0.641
SteambuildID: 3829759
Client patch size: ~350 MB

  • FOV Slider to change the field of view
  • Spectator camera improvements
  • General bug fixes

FOV Slider
  • Added possibility to set a different horizontal field of view from 85° (default) to 110° in the Game Options tab.

  • Adjustments to interactions with world items: Reduced the total time necessary to pick up lanterns...
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Patch 1.0 question

8 days ago - /u/NylesBlack on Reddit - Thread - Direct

With 1.0, we will wipe all stats except for Prestige levels. This ensures players will still receive their Prestige rewards they waited for during Early Access. So go play a lot and accumulate Prestige! :)

Before you ask, there will be more information about the type of rewards soon. :)

15 May

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