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Originally posted by randomgrunt1

Please keep the UwU box. It's my friend groups favorite part of the update. Everyone gets happy when they call out an UwU box.

Don't worry! It shall forever remain the UwU box! :)


Technically speaking, it's neither. :D

In correct terms it would be a "Special Ammo Box" that the AHA placed in the world for resupply with their own homebrew ammunition types, haha!


18 Apr

17 Apr

16 Apr

15 Apr


This is just pure art, thank you! 😁


Additional Info:

As this update is mainly focused on matchmaking changes we have only one region available (US East) to have the most players in the same region. We will use the telemetry generated by your matchmaking attempts to validate the changes introduced.

Matchmaking Improvements
Skill-based matchmaking

An option “Skill-based” has been added to the lobby screen. When enabled, this option will match you exclusively with players in your assigned skill bracket. Please be aware that selecting this option can result in fewer players in your match.

When this option is disabled, we will try to match you with players in your assigned skill... Read more
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].