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Originally posted by _claymore-

behave Dennis, or I'll call the police D:

What is my pun-ishment?


For training purposes you can retrieve the weapon safely with a "bayou-net"


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Howdy u/BeedyboyOfficial! Any chance you can provide info on this topic?

Me and the fellow cowboys craving for those juicy sweaters!

Hey, since we have recently switched to Amazon, we won't be able to do this exact sweater, but we will see what we can do!

I thought ahead of you guys and already on this for a while. Cant promise anything though as of now unfortunately.


04 Dec

03 Dec

02 Dec

01 Dec


Originally posted by Tiesieman

I forgot to ask: is this ranking across the entire playerbase? (Ie. PC + Console, all ELO brackets etc.)

(and I know you said without going into detail, but I gotta try anyway ;)

Yes that is across the board, so only really useful to get an overall feel for usage in relation to other weapons, but not for a detailed look at specific subgroups like veteran vs new player or low skilled vs high skilled MMR brackets.


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Hey Dennis, thanks for the feedback. Quick question regarding the dolch. Have you considered making the dolch medium slot and dolch precision large slot? I feel this would balance it to some degree. I know its a contentious subject but it still feels strong imo.

The Dolch seems to be in a good spot since the last changes so we don't see the need to adjust this further at the moment. Such a change would also create quite a bit of knock-on work, like how to handle and visualize dual-wielding in this case, which we would rather like to avoid having to sort out.