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As we progress through the development of the game, we will be performing a number of testing phases aimed at testing/refining the content and updates we want to bring to Hunt: Showdown in the future. This means that prior to us releasing new content (either hotfixes, content patches, or performance updates) we will run a test phase to verify that this update will have the intended results.

Through each of these phases, we will create a specific sub-forum dedicated to that phase (like this sub forum for example) where you can provide us with your feedback and bug reports from your time in-game. We would ask that if you create topics in this section, please ensure it is ONLY about the current test phase. If you wish to discuss future improvements, or ideas relating to possible content then we would ask that you stick with the standard Hunt forums here: ... Read more


We are so excited to unleash Update 1.13! We hope you'll enjoy and test everything out. Details about the next Event are not included on Test Server, so keep your eyes out on Social Media for more about that later!

Happy Testing!
~ The Hunt Team

New Feature – Shooting Range This update introduces the Shooting Range, a new space for players to test their loadouts. It also provides a safe environment to get accustomed to Hunt’s unique gunplay, alone or with a party of friends.

The Shooting Range takes players to a repurposed version of Fort Carmick, where they can find a collection of weapons, consumables, and traits to try out. The Shooting Range has 5 main areas: short, medium, and long-range shooting g... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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