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21 Feb

20 Feb

Originally posted by TyraelmxX

This. Nothing else. I'm still waiting for a response on my ticket and u/BeedyBoyOfficial didn't said anything aswell.

We have already contacted Sony to look into this issue and try to find a solution on day one. Unfortunately, we do not have a definite answer just ye as proper communialcation and solution can take some time, that is the reason why our support or social media hasn't replied yet. I'd expect a resolution to this this Friday or early next week.

Sorry for the long wait.

Originally posted by Nightwa1ker666

Well. Your support staff seems to have no information at all about your game.

This issue should not be happening on PC at all, or at least not with the game itself. We have seen some reports on reddit In the past years but couldn't verify these issues.

If you are having this issue, feel free to reach out to me over discord, and let's try to look into what may be causing it! :)

I just wanted to chime in and say that your post was amazing, well constructed and extremely helpful.

We are already looking into the issue since Day 1 as we have seen all of your feedback!We always try to collect and fix all issues submitted as soon as we can, these kind of posts speed up the process a lot! :)

Thank you again, and Happy Hunting!

19 Feb

18 Feb

We are very excited to finally be bringing Hunt: Showdown to our PS4 fans! You can now find the game on the PlayStation store here. The last two years have been an incredible journey for us. From our initial PC Early Access and Xbox Game Preview releases, to 1.0 launches on both platforms the development has been both a very rewarding experience as well as a great learning experience. For those of you n...

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Hunt: Showdown | Launch Trailer

5 days ago - Hunt: Showdown on Youtube - Thread - Direct

17 Feb

Update 1.2 Changelog - Xbox

6 days ago - /u/BeedyboyOfficial on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Please note that we are still updating the list of changes as some things are missing.

Please check back in a while to see the whole changelog.


Β· New Equipment – New weapons, weapon-variants, world items and other gadgets have been added to the game.

Β· New Legendary Content – Many new Legendary Hunters and weapons arrived with update 1.2!

Β· Improved Onboarding - When players start the game for the first time, they are now presented with the option to choose their initial Hunter and enter Training mode.

Β· UI Improvements – The UI gets some love with a few improvements such as the highly requested Stay-In-Lobby feature, new Roster Equipment list and more, improved filter options.

Β· Anti Camping ...

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We are on it!

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