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11s [Music]
18s burning
19s Shore
21s and
24s Sky Choy sea and
29s sleepless night
32s death
34s Reflection In The
39s Deep drowning
42s water
43s comfort
45s [Music]
46s me swallow
48s Stone and
51s greet the
54s dead give them what I wish I had
62s cast no
64s shadow in the
68s Deep drowning
71s water
73s comfort
76s me drowning
78s water fill my
83s love will it
86s ever
88s be enough
92s morning's
93s coming on the
98s high how we live is how we
105s [Music]
116s [Music]
119s die
121s but is
123s broken hearts of
127s grave but
130s water has it
135s way 16
137s souls for you to
142s keep but drowning water won't take
149s me
150s swallow
152s Stone and Still I
155s [Music]
157s Rise I have no
161s anchor
165s but but the
167s waves
169s refuse my
172s plea drowning
175s water won't take
179s me drowning
182s water
187s f it will
189s never
191s [Music]
194s be morning coming on the
201s time how
203s we this how we
209s die how we live is how we
239s die
258s [Music]
264s burning
266s Shore and
268s ly sky
272s Choy sea and
275s sleepless
278s night death
281s Reflection In The
285s Deep drowning
288s water
290s comfort
293s me swallow
295s Stone and
297s greet the Dead
301s give them what I wish I
308s had cast no
311s shadow in the
315s Deep drowning
318s water
320s comfort
322s me drowning
325s water fill my love
331s will it
333s ever
335s be
337s enough morning's
340s coming on the
344s [Music]
345s high how we live is how we
351s [Music]
358s die
363s [Music]
368s but is
370s broken hearts of
374s grave but
377s water has it
382s way 16
384s souls for you to
388s keep but drowning
392s water won't take
396s me swall
399s stone and Still I
404s Rise I have no
408s anchor but
411s time but the
414s W
415s refuse my
418s plea drowning
421s water won't take
426s me drowning
429s water F my
433s love it will
436s never
438s [Music]
441s be morning is coming on the
448s time how how we live is how we
456s die how we live is how we
478s die
505s [Music]
508s want
513s burning
515s and
517s SK Choy sea and
522s sleepless
525s night death
528s Reflection In The
532s Deep drowning
535s water
537s comfort me
540s swallow
542s Stone and
544s greet the
547s dead give them what I wish I
554s had cast no
557s shadow in the
562s Deep drowning
565s water
566s comfort
568s me
570s drowning
572s water fill my
577s love will it
579s ever
581s be
584s enough morning
587s coming on that
590s [Music]
591s high how we live is how we
598s die
599s [Music]
610s [Music]
615s his
616s broken hearts of
621s grave but
623s water always has it
628s way 16
631s souls for you to
635s keep but drowning water won't take
643s me swallow
645s Stone and Still I
651s Rise I have no
655s anchor
658s but but but the
660s waves
662s refuse my
665s plea drowning
668s water won't take
672s me drowning
681s water hello everybody sorry to cut off
685s uh Nikki right there in the middle of
687s the song but it is what it is we are
690s here we are live with another gameplay
693s live stream for tide of corruption we
695s only have like 7 days left in tide of
699s corruption I'm honestly not even sure
702s how that has happened at this point it
705s feels like it's gone a lot faster for me
708s personally uh compared to tide of
710s Shadows I don't know about you guys uh I
712s know Nikki really was giving it giving
714s it her all and then I interrupted her
717s I'll send her a text later to apologize
719s uh but if you guys don't know me I'm
720s Violet the community manager of live
722s operations and I have Ari this way Ari
725s and Gustavo with me as always almost uh
730s and we're going to do some giveaways
731s today um I am cooking up cooking up a
735s little bit of a special guest for next
738s week I'm I'm trying to nail it down
741s schedules are hard but
744s like you know I I'm hoping tune in next
748s week for a special guest
750s for the last live stream of Tide of
752s corruption uh I'm hoping I'm I'm hoping
755s I'm
756s hoping no one will be better than Ari
759s and me but that's okay yeah you know
760s that's true you're right nobody's better
763s than Ari and Gustavo so I think I would
765s put literally anyone above me that's
769s just CU you don't value yourself
771s enough true fact it's very true
774s giveaways what's this now that's right
776s we run giveaways on like all of our game
779s play live streams number one reason to
782s come in my opinion giveaways no no uh
785s we're the number one reason to come and
787s then yeah that's right that's what I
788s that's what I meant to say yeah
790s definitely let's uh yeah seven days and
793s 13 hours so
798s woo we can do it you still got time you
801s have one more set of challenges that
804s starts
805s tomorrow uh and
807s then that's uh then you know it's
811s getting a little dicey after that it's
812s getting a little dicey if you've already
814s done all your challenges uh and you're
817s not quite close but you still got time
820s you still got time you got to start
822s taking that siny trait using those you
824s got to start taking that s trait yeah if
826s if you're not getting close come on
828s absolutely true uh you know there might
831s there might
832s be a little more help coming your way
835s just maybe you know just a little teaser
837s just a little teaser there might be a
838s little bit more help coming your your
839s way uh but last set of challenges is
844s tomorrow last set of challenges starts
846s tomorrow yeah new sale so true the Black
850s Friday
851s sale mhh make sure you use your favorite
855s Creator code um you can find it at the
857s hunt Showdown partner page if you need
859s to know any of our night of the hunter
861s partner Creator codes um it's good for
863s them it's good for us and it gets you a
865s big discount so don't forget to add that
868s at checkout
869s no Black Friday sale on blood bombs but
873s we have heard a couple people tossing
875s that around so you know maybe maybe
878s that's something we can uh suggest well
881s we will suggest it maybe it's something
883s that can be done in the future but
886s yeah we will see we also have a secret
890s giveaway going we talk about them at the
892s start and at the end of the stream um in
895s between we will focus on the keyword
897s giveaways um but if you want a chance to
899s win some extra prizes outside of today's
903s keyword giveaway streams please head
905s over to our official Discord discord.gg
909s huntshowdown um in the general
911s announcements Channel you should see the
913s announcement um announcing today's
915s stream uh we all you need to do is give
918s us a reaction to that post we have a
920s bunch of reactions there pick whichever
922s one is your favorite and I'll go through
924s and pull some winners from everybody who
927s reacted somebody asked Black Friday sale
930s coming to steam uh so steam does an
933s annual Autumn
934s sale uh and that starts in an hour um so
941s a ton of things will be on sale all
946s across Steam for the Autumn sale so
948s check out that uh it starts in an hour
951s so probably not many companies uh will
954s tweet about it until then
957s but there you go
960s I would check that out check that out in
962s about an hour as well just for all your
965s your all all your steam needs you know I
968s mean I know I'm once we get off the
970s stream I I know I'm going to be looking
973s for some some steam sale action going to
978s see if anything on my wish list is uh on
982s sale someone mentioning maybe buying
985s hunt or getting somebody to buy hunt and
988s play with them um you know when we have
990s these big sales it's not a bad idea
991s maybe grab hunt up yourself get an extra
994s key and uh give it to a friend as a gift
996s and then they have no reason not to play
999s um there are base game codes as well on
1002s the website pch.com it's like pch.com
1005s shop or
1007s something this
1013s way what is the purpose of the
1017s stream uh for fun and giveaways showing
1021s off the event answering questions and
1025s you know just hanging
1027s out you guys can laugh at us if we die
1030s we are in this game yeah or you can
1032s cheer with us uh when we get a win if we
1035s get a win when is going to have the next
1038s big sale well there's a big sale going
1040s on right now if you're have to play on
1041s Steam so um maybe use it while it's
1045s around um we don't really discuss future
1049s sales as a lot of stuff can change
1050s really quickly but as a sale is
1053s happening normally they post about it on
1054s Discord on all social media that kind of
1057s stuff but that's at the start of sale
1058s not
1059s before do we need to to do a specific
1062s reaction no we put in a lot so you guys
1065s could choose your
1069s favorite uh anything about the fry
1072s engine integration is in the road map
1074s video and we can't say anything else
1076s about it at this time uh except that
1079s it's coming and that we're very
1081s excited does anyone really win hunt
1084s Showdown I mean aren't the friends you
1085s made along the way a
1088s prise someone's asking about a console
1091s sale I think the console sale may have
1093s just ended on blood Bond Hunters you
1096s know what the dates were off the top of
1098s your head for
1099s that there was a sale on like blood Bond
1103s uh items so not blood bonds themselves
1107s but like you know the skin
1110s uh it may have just ended I don't
1113s remember off top of my head great
1115s question by Frank pandas when is the
1117s voting opening for the hunt video awards
1119s uh on our original page we listed the
1121s date as uh the 16th of November uh
1125s unfortunately we had some delays we are
1127s still working on it on the back end
1129s though and we should have a post up
1131s letting you guys know once that voting
1132s page is opened um this also might result
1135s in a slightly delayed uh an what's it
1139s called like closing ceremony yeah um
1142s where we announce the winners and and
1144s give away the prizes and stuff so just
1146s keep uh keeping the ear out on our
1148s social media as we are working on it
1150s right
1152s now very exciting though oh it's here
1155s and it's
1156s red the three of us got to watch a lot
1158s of the videos uh and it was really
1162s fun some amazing submissions this year
1165s oh yeah oh I see people where they at
1168s all right
1169s shot
1173s they they don't oh we are in a bad
1176s position yeah let's that's behind
1180s you question mark yeah Gustavo where do
1183s we have to
1184s go uh I'm going to go to Violet there's
1189s people already in peaching so oh yeah
1191s I've been shot yeah yeah I said it it's
1194s here and it's red Violet's fighting and
1198s then I was
1203s shot I saw a
1206s gar that is who shot
1209s me I got a
1211s beetle beetle him Beetle him in the face
1215s um will any of the legendary Hunters
1216s like oh CH cop's wife be coming back or
1220s no um so stuff that is tied to a
1224s specific event that isn't really
1226s seasonal um may not be coming back like
1229s plag doctor will not be coming back
1231s we've announced um but more seasonal
1234s stuff may make a return during similar
1236s seasonal events um the only one for sure
1239s that we've said isn't making a return as
1241s of right now is the as the crow flies
1245s legendaries yep I'm going
1250s to go my friend last scene over here I
1254s need a I need a name for this Beetle
1256s chat throw out some ideas for me they're
1259s all named Steve this one
1263s Steve we're rocking Stone my brothers we
1266s got lenon in chat oh right up here uh
1269s head stone are you Ain coming
1272s home headsman on the Upper Floor of the
1275s kind of stone pillar area I think I just
1277s heard him
1278s move can't see over there I'm too scared
1281s of this
1282s gar where did you think the car was I'll
1285s oh I saw her over here I tagged her okay
1288s oh he's hooking it
1292s wall oh my God B is going to kill
1296s me say Ben is going to kill you yeah cuz
1299s he's messaging me
1302s oh uh the guard is oh she got me oh they
1307s killed Steve yeah she killed Steve or
1310s lenon Bart the beetle oh we had
1313s amazing um there was the guard was on
1316s the platform or on the ramp downwards
1318s the ramp I missed uh there was another
1320s one near the kind of uh Stone hallways
1324s though too around this right corner
1327s wasn't at the ramp quite
1334s yet oh my God I'm dead don't die don't
1339s die Jesus dude these bees are still
1342s here where at where at Gustav yeah he is
1346s just uh crouching in that bush
1355s SC come
1357s back what bushes Bush bushes yeah I'm
1360s not
1362s sure unfortunately this compound is like
1365s mostly bushes it was like over here or
1369s inside this bush maybe very hard okay I
1372s threw some beetles his way so he might
1373s have had to back up for your res no ETA
1377s on
1379s the next event nothing has been
1380s announced
1382s yet we have said that there's a tide
1384s Trilogy though
1402s so by's fighting on the ramp I shot the
1405s gar
1407s again
1411s need they now little go
1419s off oh oh he was hiding in the bush
1423s where Gustavo died I killed The
1427s Reptilian oh my gosh I was at maybe
1430s three Health oh no that was directly
1432s behind me South South uh Kane with a
1434s Mosen 42 M else it's white here that's a
1439s new
1442s team um some questions about Souls Of a
1445s Feather DLC on the CeX store we have
1447s heard that you guys want it back
1448s unfortunately it sold so well that we
1450s ran out of codes and it is sold out um
1453s unfortunately it does not look like
1454s we'll get a restock in before the end of
1457s the Black Friday sale but if we do we
1459s will uh get those codes on there um so
1462s over here we just tagged him he's at a
1465s tree
1467s 180
1469s I think he might be able to get the
1471s res yeah he had to back off he got
1482s sparked nice
1484s nice I couldn't tell was that the Kane
1487s or not he was right in okay the
1491s yeah how do you run out of it's not
1494s unlimited unfortunately it's not
1496s unlimited but I understand that there
1498s could be some
1502s confusion thank you for the save oh my
1506s God his teammate I'm healing in
1509s coming I'm
1512s running they are at the bridge
1516s maybe no
1519s here way too much lead on
1522s that I'm just on the other side of the
1524s the river
1526s thing yeah somewhere over here
1530s oh compound is shooting me too careful
1532s one of the the windows from the compound
1534s is looking towards
1536s us so uh I think maybe we should try to
1539s get a burn on this cane oh I'm going to
1544s uh restore my my bar just play safe way
1550s too much um I found the cane he's still
1554s dead which is good MOS down here is not
1557s in intended to uh work on swapping
1562s ammo giveway started already nope not
1565s yet giveway only the secret giveway
1568s that's going to be going on the whole
1569s time and this guy can't hit each
1572s other they might push the
1576s burn you had a great hit on the K that's
1580s it wasn't that
1581s far this isn't like when I used to play
1584s this all the time I just can't hit this
1587s anymore
1590s all
1591s right I'm not playing
1594s toiv until Gustavo gets us that chunk
1599s back I'm just running back in we might
1602s want to stay close to the C here it's
1604s right here it's right here it's right
1605s here someone's close oh gosh oh I'm
1608s going to check on that reptilian maybe
1610s they had a third TR around by the way I
1614s did fire earlier but unknown now
1620s reptilian still
1621s down lighting him on fire just in case
1624s it's red here
1632s too I shot at those guys too
1640s much Kane's fire is still going oh wait
1643s the other bounce someone's close to me
1645s yeah the other Bounty is coming
1650s on the east side oh with
1654s me here I got leech go away bro trying
1657s to get
1659s you tag someone oh my God there is a guy
1663s riding front of me
1668s okay I didn't hear the fuse until it was
1670s already thrown at
1677s me
1679s that was a good Dynamite for sure for
1681s sure I didn't hear that at all nice
1685s nice B Marshall on their team as well oh
1690s wow he came up over the ridge fast yeah
1693s I didn't know they were they're all that
1694s close sorry
1696s homies good try good try the guy I
1699s killed or shot at was not that
1702s close B intended to not work yeah I just
1705s said that it does not work it shouldn't
1708s work when swapping weapon uh ammo types
1711s at all on the hand crossbow
1713s either there sound we completed the the
1716s challenge the poison
1722s Challenge free reshuffle that's where I
1732s am in general uh Jonathan on
1736s YouTube Hunters uh skins from past
1740s events will come back in similar events
1746s so uh you know Halloween Halloween
1750s winter holidays winter holidays switch
1752s drops switch
1753s drops that kind of
1760s thing there's already a twoos slot
1762s Hammer I'm not sure how a three slot
1765s hammer what's a three slot they said
1767s what you think of a three slot hmer
1769s large yeah three slot large slots are
1774s three is it just it's just bomb Lance we
1777s have right in the three slot melee yeah
1780s melee I think title is misspelled that's
1784s sad if we had a three slot other melee I
1787s think it has to do something big like
1789s the bomb Lance right yeah
1792s yeah um in our road map video David
1795s mentioned that we'd be looking at
1797s matchmaking as we went into the next
1799s year um we have a lot of other stuff
1801s we're working on that are taking
1802s priority but if you want more details
1804s check out that road map video until it
1806s gets closer we can't talk about anything
1808s else quite yet um I will link that road
1810s map video in our twitch chat though if
1812s you'd like to
1813s watch I would like to watch my ski now
1816s yeah let's all just take a little like
1818s 13 minute break to watch the
1820s video 13 it's like 30 minutes oh gosh
1825s maybe that's because I was watching it
1826s on two times speed I just always think
1828s of stuff as half the time I watch 90% of
1832s the YouTube videos that I do on two
1833s times speed it's uh kind of
1836s chaotic any plans on nerfing the
1839s headsmen uh it is something that we've
1840s heard you guys about and given feedback
1842s to the team and the that's about where
1845s we're at right
1846s now yeah currently no word on
1856s Lulu no wor um hang hydrated shut up big
1860s iser my God hate
1864s you making me drink water over
1868s here yo water's good does David play
1872s Santa in the office um well David is
1875s remote most of the time so yeah I'm not
1878s sure no he just came came on his one
1882s year anniversary I'm not sure if he was
1883s at our last uh Christmas party but I'm
1886s not sure I've never been
1892s so why the headsman what's wrong with
1894s him um the reports we've seen are just
1896s simp players are having a tough time
1898s seeing him um during certain times of
1900s day especially um and that's the the
1903s main thing we've passed on to the
1909s team oh someone just mentioned the
1912s Scarecrow and I well I know we're out of
1914s the spooky season but I should just take
1916s that Hunter more often cuz he looks so
1917s are we like are we out of the spooky
1920s season I guess we are we're like we're
1922s like spooky adjacent I think right
1924s now I guess we are kind of out of the
1927s spooky season or Violet I think I can
1930s see the sadness I'm I am sad I don't
1933s want to be out of the spooky
1937s season every day is Halloween yeah
1940s that's that's how I'm feeling scarecrow
1942s still fits with the whole fall season
1944s you're right true yeah very straw
1946s forward I do like day is
1949s hen um I think we should get a keyword
1952s giveaway going our um Seeker giveaway
1955s message has wrapped up so the next time
1957s we'll talk about it will be the end of
1959s the stream make sure you stick around
1960s till then if you want to hear about an
1962s extra way to win some DLC uh but I think
1965s we'll do some law of the Salvage
1967s celebrate the new DLC but I need a
1971s keyword Violet Gustavo what do you have
1973s in store for us what's the
1976s keyword what's the key word
1980s who what did you say love love love yeah
1985s love I can see we have a a new to the
1989s gameplay stream SL new to us uh person
1993s they said become go and Halloween is
1995s every
1997s day brother I've been living that one
1999s for years
2003s already that one's in my soul already
2006s you heard usav if you want a chance to
2008s win a lot of Salvage DLC for any
2011s platform please come to
2013s twitch.tv/ give us a follow and type
2016s love in chat you will have to be around
2018s when we pull winners so make sure you
2020s stick around we normally pull winners
2022s after a match or maybe after two if it
2024s goes quickly um but you do have to be in
2027s chat your PR outside of that this is for
2030s all platforms so if you're playing on PC
2032s Playstation or Xbox please enter um if
2036s you happen to be watching watching on a
2038s different streaming platform like
2040s YouTube or steam Facebook or anywhere
2042s else we're streaming please hop over to
2044s Twitch um all the giveaways are run
2047s through a twitch box so we do have to
2049s have you over here and type in that
2051s twitch
2054s chat I got to kill some doggies with
2057s poison ammo if you guys happen to see
2059s any uh any puppies it's just just chat
2063s is just full of love which is you know
2066s so much love it's nice
2068s we should get some love we need some
2070s heart emojis in there to complement all
2072s the love I think
2075s too oh yeah oh look at those foxes with
2078s little hearts 10 out of 10 what if I
2081s bought the new DLC already can I change
2082s it to a different one we cannot do
2084s exchanges unfortunately for these we
2087s pick a DLC beforehand um we still
2089s encourage you to enter though because
2091s you probably have a friend who doesn't
2092s have the DLC and we really encourage
2095s that you find somebody who might not be
2096s as for forunate to pick it up and give
2098s it away to
2100s them oh my God people have such good
2103s heart emojis we have the the butcher
2106s with the heart we have some regular
2108s Hearts um we saw some foxes that's a
2110s little bear with the heart oh my
2113s goodness oh some dino dances with some
2116s hearts 10 out of
2119s 10 I think that's a the scream mask with
2123s two hearts in their eyes you guys are
2125s blowing me away with these heart l the
2128s hearts we got the little hand Hearts we
2130s got a cupcake with a
2136s heart um we do have a nice uh oh we have
2142s multiple Alters that we can uh use as
2145s some detection methods if anybody tries
2147s to push us uh detection methods I'm not
2151s yeah not radar primitive
2154s radar
2156s um
2158s Lo thank you for the hearts and the dino
2161s dances there were just a few too many
2163s and the nightbot thought it was
2168s spam my ears are um being blown
2184s outy oh guys we're red we're red side
2188s from the bridge from the
2189s bridge one dead nice I'm
2198s healing on the bridge uh
2202s partner 15 right now right at the edge
2204s of the bridge on our
2206s side yeah scrap is uh scra's uh quite
2210s loud oh there is one very
2216s close
2217s [Applause]
2222s reptilian poison right here reptilian
2224s right around the corner Gustavo push him
2225s I think he's one
2227s shot nice just on bridge I tagged the
2231s headsman on the bridge he he should be
2233s the last
2235s one yeah he's on a bridge still there
2238s for sure that's my
2241s bridge get him tagged
2244s again oh V lighting him up
2249s dead I must have had it nice let's
2254s go get off my bridge yeah this my
2262s bridge I'd like a I'd like a
2265s god ah here's this guy to loot VI was
2269s tagging him so much I almost just sent
2270s my fire Beetle after him and had him
2273s clean him
2276s up
2278s I know I like that Gustavo and AR look
2280s so similar in real life it's kind of
2282s funny what do you mean we're we're
2284s brothers unplanned when hired but
2289s funny at what moments did the black
2291s market selection change uh when a new
2294s patch updates it it'll be in the patch
2296s notes and it'll say like the stores in
2299s the black market have been reset or see
2300s something like that yep yeah uh not a
2303s bad idea if you guys haven't yet to
2305s check out that black mark you can often
2307s get some blood Bond legendaries for a
2310s good discount 4% off yeah and if you
2313s already own the item you can buy it with
2315s hunt dollars also for 40% off uh single
2319s yeah which is can be nice at the start
2321s of a
2322s Prestige no hints on the map
2327s 4 coming in 2024 if you missed
2331s it
2334s noint yeah your only hint is that it's
2336s fre freaking awesome
2338s yeah that's your only hint it's freaking
2342s awesome I don't know why I'm running
2344s this way I just uh just
2347s decided I think legally it just has to
2349s be my favorite map but I'm not going to
2351s go into
2353s why legally I don't know about Legally
2355s Legally yeah there's a law somewhere I
2358s could I could think of a different map
2360s that could happen that could be more
2363s favorite for you oh my goodness I not
2366s that it would but like it might who
2370s knows uh will it'll be a fix to the
2373s audio bug yeah the audio bug is known
2375s and uh team is working on a fix the fix
2378s probably wouldn't come until the next
2380s update though where's the
2383s ammo is snow mechanically possible with
2386s cry engine so very early on in Hunt uh
2389s we did not believe that any sort of uh
2392s falling precipitation was going to be
2394s possible um our team was able to get
2397s around those uh previous Notions with
2400s downfall um that we had uh in the last
2403s event and and that's still running
2405s around if you go into some of the
2407s contracts um snow is not something we
2409s have talked about yet as far as publicly
2411s but you know our team is always working
2413s to make hunt better and push the
2415s boundaries and uh stuff might even
2417s change with the engine integration
2419s happening next year so we'll
2422s see someone asked if we also answer
2425s questions on YouTube yes
2427s there are less of you typing uh and
2430s therefore sometimes you get a little
2431s drowned out but that's okay you can just
2433s repeat if necessary we got you we got
2438s you we'll have to make sure to get those
2441s uh Alters before we leave our uh free
2444s detection
2445s methods not our free detection
2448s methods I also feel like there's going
2451s to be a team at Iron Works like waiting
2452s for us to
2454s leave oh I can I can send okay I need a
2457s name for the fire Beetle now yeah it's
2460s Steve this he's different though he's
2462s red this time red Steve red Steve uh
2467s critical hit you should get a response
2470s either with rejection or acceptance
2473s comma however there's still a lot of
2475s people that haven't uh like gotten a
2478s response yet only because we haven't
2480s gotten to them there were like almost
2483s 500 I think people the we're pushing
2487s uh so we are going through oh I knew it
2490s we are going through I don't know South
2493s somewhere R oh and Northwest we're going
2497s through each application uh one by one
2500s uh manually so it's taking a while oh
2504s base of the Sniper
2505s Tower just got him two two so far maybe
2509s base of the Sniper
2511s Tower can someone close the door that's
2513s in front of me oh they killed my dude
2517s no oh
2519s deyn okay it's fine uh at least two at
2522s the base of the Sniper
2525s Tower fire Beetle's name is Rock sand I
2528s like that or jalapeno
2531s my get him one's up in the
2535s tower B's coming up
2541s in% I don't have great range for that
2543s unfortun I agree this is oops my
2544s favorite betterly I just pressed the
2546s wrong button
2547s uh it's the winter Rose it's from the
2550s very first winter event we ever
2554s did I'm
2557s reloading we have not announced any
2559s variance to the drilling yet but you
2562s know maybe
2563s someday we have some drilling fans in
2566s chat you guys what would you like to see
2567s happen to the drilling I'd love oh
2569s someone died capitals uh don't matter in
2572s the
2573s keyword did you guys kill anyone no no
2576s all someone died there's another team
2579s good let's get the
2580s Bounty oh AR you didn't tell me you put
2583s traps down uh I already put traps
2586s down I almost just ran into
2590s one two people die cuz I don't
2593s see I'm SC I've heard only one dying but
2598s I am not 100 I see two at the base of
2601s the Sniper Tower nobody up top but I
2603s don't see any other teams so I'm not
2605s sure what further back I heard the crows
2609s H yeah they might push from the south
2612s side of the
2614s tower put a scope on the
2618s drilling that you don't use uh when you
2621s use the shotgun maybe that'd be funny
2623s inside the base or okay I'm scanning
2627s again what do you think no they're not
2629s at the base anymore they've backed up
2631s north directly north now into the
2634s forest uh they're starting to get to the
2636s edge of the
2637s can you grab the other Bounty I'm kind
2638s of
2642s far open open thank
2646s you wow scrap peek extended all the way
2649s over here and gave me no ammo that [ __ ]
2652s saw off drilling oh we have a few
2654s requests for saw off drilling okay that
2658s could be oh I'm oh my God you just hit
2660s your own trap
2662s no
2664s no um there was a leech there is a
2670s leech I shouldn't even be allowed to
2672s play the betterly right
2675s now where is this other team I think
2679s they're they're further
2682s back yeah you just don't judge me oh my
2686s go looking at chat and they're pushing
2688s up on me I didn't hear them at all holy
2690s [ __ ] doing a scan on VI body got two on
2693s v body they were pushing way up and I
2695s just I'm I'm I'm in the open I [ __ ]
2698s talking to chat I'm looking at you guys
2700s so
2701s stupid a that's on
2704s me dang yeah I got caught out in the
2706s open too same time nice shots I was
2710s looking at chat and literally looked
2713s over hey Rex and then looks back and
2715s that guy's like in my face and I was
2717s just
2718s like yeah there's a solo guy
2722s goodbye chain uppercut oh my God going
2726s be a little
2727s Scurry that be a little
2730s scary will old twitch drops come back
2733s maybe I know you guys don't have to keep
2735s pointing out my my typo guys come
2740s on I I see you I need a guy we need a
2746s little top hat for that Beetle oh goat
2748s machine I couldn't agree
2751s more um I need us to
2755s extract
2757s could we could we work on
2759s that um it's not my forte but you know I
2762s can
2764s try packs Precision sweet
2767s yeah what about what about like
2771s uppercut Precision saw off hand
2776s Cannon what what about this we need more
2778s uh can we have it also be a
2783s talent right Tech employees don't get
2785s infinite money
2788s no absolutely
2790s not someone asked earlier are there
2793s plans to merge the scope upgrades I
2795s believe in our road map video David
2797s mentioned that we wanted to uh combine
2799s some lesser used perks so yes there is a
2803s plan to merge them all into one cohesive
2807s trait so it's less
2811s clutter we got Crow tuck in the
2814s building l by I'm I'm going to come out
2817s there because you know that I have going
2820s to come out there and give
2822s you I don't know hug prot have you been
2825s playing hunt have you been enjoying it I
2828s got to know I saw several hunt streams
2832s from Crow recently yes uh yes there is a
2837s sound bug Sierra 1 known and it's in the
2841s works fix in the
2845s works who someone getting to use the
2847s partner codes to acquire a bunch of DLCs
2849s they didn't have yet love to hear it I
2853s know just five more prestiges I'm so
2856s close I'm so so
2861s close look at this I am I am actually
2866s very concerned I'm not going to make it
2868s by 2020 like the end of 2023 and I said
2872s on stream I'm going to be Prestige 100
2874s before 2024 and I'm
2878s like make it happen you said it by we
2880s know what you're gonna be doing on
2882s Christmas I know right you're gonna be
2885s playing huno though it's going to be
2886s like the day before 2024 and going be
2889s like post on Twitter immediately so that
2891s I have proof I have
2893s proof uh we do not give uh any of the
2896s streamers blood
2898s bonds Partners or non
2903s Partners not even employees yeah not
2906s even employees we don't
2910s either all all these blood bondes are
2912s hard-earned challenge blood bonds and
2916s also uh some dark
2918s tribute how do you become a partner
2920s right now it is invite
2922s only uh the creative program though is
2925s open to a lot more people and it's on
2928s lurk
2931s it the huno down Creator program I will
2935s grab you guys a link for that Creator
2938s program we do have some requirements for
2939s that program but it's a great place to
2941s start if you're looking to do more hunt
2943s content um and then you can earn some
2946s rewards to give away on stream and use
2947s for
2954s yourself yeah the only time you can get
2957s like a lot of uh blood bonds is yeah on
2959s the uh test server
2961s but no test server uh
2965s recently
2966s no info right now on the controller
2969s except what's in controller updates
2971s except in the um road map but whenever
2976s that is like soon on the
2980s horizon uh there will be more
2984s info we will start pulling some winners
2987s for that love giveaway for law of
2990s Salvage if you haven't yet please give
2992s us a follow and type love twitch.tv/ cry
2995s for your chance to win you can still
2997s enter as we're pulling winners uh once
3000s your name is pulled as a winner you do
3002s have to claim the prize by typing in
3004s chat uh but best of luck to
3007s everyone Souls Of a Feather again in uh
3011s the CCH store it's sold
3012s out how soon soon um I can't say I
3018s cannot be
3021s tricked first winner up is Woody aen if
3025s you're in chat please give us a message
3026s we're pulling more than one winner
3028s though so please stick around if you did
3030s not happen to win the first giveaway um
3032s we'll have more winners for this keyword
3035s and then we'll have future keywords too
3037s going through the stream any idea my DLC
3040s code I bought in the store says invalid
3041s are you using it in the steam redeem a
3045s game
3047s section uh yeah the redeem or anything
3051s that you buy from the krych store will
3052s be redeemed through Steam not the redeem
3054s code feature that can be found in the
3059s settings um why no show who win in
3062s Instagram I think for the last keyword
3064s giveaway maybe I think we just uh sent
3066s off the winners through the Instagram
3069s messages
3070s feature still looking for Woody aen if
3073s you're in chat please give us a message
3075s you have another 30 seconds or so to
3077s claim your prize before we will move on
3079s to the next
3081s winner
3083s someone yeah I know I know dank memes I
3089s know just I'm just gonna have to change
3091s it I'm just gonna have to sit in a
3092s [Music]
3095s bush you know what we're I'm just going
3097s to
3098s hide going to hide got you
3102s cover I'm Woody's grandma I'll claim it
3105s for him how generous of you I wish we
3108s could but we will have to roll that code
3112s last call for
3114s Woody there you
3117s go uh welcome in we have a a player from
3120s Argentina they said they're a newbie
3121s with 200 hours into the game oh 200
3125s hours just at the
3128s start our next winner up we're looking
3130s for FX effects if you're in chat please
3133s give us a
3140s message get this guy
3144s too
3147s I think I would personally be sad if
3149s there was a wolf wild Target but that's
3151s just cuz I like works a lot r or hell
3156s yeah R is already way too cute for her
3159s own Raja is agre like congrats me that's
3163s right congrats you I will need help with
3165s this emulator by the way I don't have a
3167s fulls sizee weapon so like oh I'll never
3170s die back
3172s up thank
3174s you I hit
3176s Gustav congratulations to FX effects
3179s please keep an eye out on your Twitch
3181s Whispers we'll send you a message next
3183s up we're looking for static noob if
3186s you're in chat give us a message I would
3189s I would be more okay with a bear but I
3191s do still really like Bears I mean have
3193s you seen like a baby bear bears are so
3198s cute you know I'm
3201s just I just like animals
3204s okay
3207s looking for static Noob You've Won
3209s oversized hellhound oh god oh no oh I'm
3213s out of stamina I'm not paying ATT
3216s here uh chaotic Carly hey thanks for
3220s dropping in to the
3223s chattic N is here and listening love to
3226s see go oh it's red I wish I had a
3228s shotgun trap it's red oh it's red okay
3234s whis has been sent a static we're
3235s looking for X coffin uh if you do claim
3237s your prize X coffin we're in the middle
3239s of a fight so I will get to it in a
3240s second I'm really sorry no no ooh shot
3245s bolet oh my God he had to peek from the
3247s other
3249s side oh I'm a terrible
3253s shot I saw one down here in these
3259s bushes X coffin is in chat I will get
3261s your whisper out to you in just a second
3264s oh my God
3268s kit around the wall if you can get to it
3274s bye right here right here yep I had one
3278s Health I had to heal but now I'm over
3282s here with everybody
3286s else I I really want to kill this guy
3288s with like a Sparks or whatever
3293s oh I got hit by
3296s something
3298s long oh this guy put me at one Health so
3301s he must have oh God yeah that was the
3303s Sparks up didn't even see him
3306s holy scared
3309s me I'm like really
3312s warm I'm really warm in my
3315s swe what how do you know where around
3319s somewhere in front of me I know I didn't
3321s see him I just
3324s died oh
3329s scared the [ __ ] out of
3333s me I mean yeah behind the house
3335s somewhere The
3339s house's back up thank you for the cover
3343s Gustavo you're
3351s welcome oh I'm dead o I'm Not Dead
3358s I got I can give you a med kit
3363s Gustavo oh I'm healing I'm heing close
3366s yeah I heard footsteps
3370s too they're going up up there what am I
3373s stuck on throwing a
3376s [Applause]
3384s choke
3387s outside outside
3397s dancing it's
3400s you where' scary spark guy go he's on
3408s fire one dead
3411s upstairs do
3414s that South I think the burning
3418s guy so r no the burning guy got killed
3421s too so it's just the
3424s 195 I killed one
3430s stairs she ran in I think it was a Phil
3433s e but we have another team
3437s too with you
3444s there
3446s I'm going in
3448s [Music]
3450s okay I didn't see her on this side I'm
3453s pulling back though I don't want to
3454s leave myself vulnerable to that South ke
3457s think she's
3458s [Music]
3460s underground oh I think I traded traded I
3464s traded with a Monroe I don't know if
3465s that was the one we were looking for is
3468s it the palace no it was a
3471s minro oh God I didn't know you could go
3474s under there
3477s yeah nice job I thought you only could
3480s go out to the right I don't know this
3483s downstairs area very well
3488s clearly just grab
3491s that X coughing
3494s congratulations
3497s patience oh my god oh
3503s Jesus oh hello bees
3506s didn't even realize you here please stop
3509s stabbing I don't want to
3513s stab I missed the mil
3516s hit I was trying to jump over the edge
3519s and the game was like no you can't to
3523s jump over the
3524s edge no I'm definitely not any amount of
3527s lucky I don't think I'm pretty unlucky
3530s in my opinion usually uh meatsack I
3533s believe FR perto was on the DLC store
3535s store or on the C yeah um if you sort by
3538s Price she'll come up first uh or not
3540s first but one of the top ones I believe
3542s cuz she was a little bit more expensive
3545s um cuz she comes with two legendary
3547s Hunters that Monroe scared the Poo out
3550s of me I dropped down a little bit and he
3553s was just sitting there waiting I didn't
3555s think there'd be someone on that side I
3556s thought they'd all be over by gustavo's
3558s Body it's why I went to you in the first
3560s place yeah that other team came in quick
3563s I assumed they were still over though
3565s like with gustavo's body I didn't think
3567s they'd be by me at all we'll
3571s pull
3572s yeah
3574s when I don't remember killing anyone you
3578s killed somebody right before you died
3579s didn't
3580s you uh I don't remember no I didn't I
3584s thought you did oh well I don't know
3586s weird our next winner right now is OGX
3589s chronic if you're in chat please give us
3591s a
3592s message um I don't think we have any
3595s comments about any sort of price changes
3597s I think uh price changes in certain
3599s regions can be affected by a lot of
3600s different factors uh and sometimes by
3602s the platform themselves so we wouldn't
3605s have any extra information to give you
3607s right now sorry X or OGX chronic is in
3611s chat congratulations we're still pulling
3613s some winners for that law of Salvage
3616s giveaway with the keyword love so if you
3619s haven't yet please type love in our
3621s twitch chat and maybe you will win next
3623s no twitch drops at the moment
3626s next winner we're looking for is Zen
3627s yako if you're in chat please give us a
3633s message if you already have typed love
3635s before you don't need to type it again
3637s um you're already still entered to win
3640s zenako is in chat I think they gave us a
3643s few
3652s emojis no exclamation point Uncle
3659s Bugaboo next up we'll still pull some
3661s winners as we get into this next match
3663s we're looking for spam key if you're in
3665s cheat
3671s message it's time for I'm gonna do some
3673s Martini
3675s Henry I agre the uh Souls Of a Feather
3679s DLC is like incredibly good Jaguar mad
3683s cat
3685s also reminds me of
3688s Thundercats got to talk about
3689s Thundercats every
3692s week uh Ari will there be a Souls Of a
3695s Feather giveaway
3696s today Mr Master let see what I
3701s got bam key is here let's go I think I
3705s think we could do some Souls Of a
3706s Feather if you guys want it you know I'm
3708s just here to
3713s please
3715s what sort of beetle should I take guys
3717s having um red Steve red Steve whichever
3721s one you want he's
3725s coming uh spam key we see you are here
3730s congratulations right now we're still
3732s pulling for law of Salvage but let's say
3734s next keyword uh as we're getting some
3736s good hype for Souls Of a Feather yeah
3740s yeah uh looking
3742s for I I sany I I or like kind of the the
3748s long bars S
3750s II um okay I'll take some pizza that'll
3753s make me happy ham if I had pizza to give
3756s away this stream would have 10,000
3759s viewers I wish everybody would come for
3765s pizza fire beetle is Fred oh Fred's a
3768s great name red I'm I'm still taking
3771s other names for fire Beetle I mean red
3773s Steve is is
3776s here so
3778s I to a
3781s uh I went to a author signing on
3786s Sunday and he did a little discussion at
3789s the beginning and he was like how do you
3791s know that the first draft of the book
3793s was really really bad and he'll be like
3795s well let me tell you in the first draft
3798s the main character's name was Kevin and
3801s it's like a fantasy book and everybody
3803s just like laughed so hard
3806s and he's like yeah I don't think Kevin
3808s just has the same ring to it Savor the
3811s great riter
3814s Kevin we got some other names we're
3816s looking at spicy Beetle spicy Steve
3819s Steven Jose I think we had Diablo sauce
3824s Firefly Frank's Red Hot
3828s Sauce I still am
3830s Steve O Mr spooky won a DLC from Ben
3835s stream or social media manager i' love
3837s to hear it yeah Kyle Kyle the
3844s elf uh next winner up we're looking for
3846s Havoc Mo if you're in cheat give us a
3849s message yeah but Kevin false Saint is
3852s like like Hunt is still set in the real
3857s world I the real world gone wrong right
3860s but like you know that makes more sense
3863s some people might say world gone
3867s right what
3869s they what they just more
3873s fun Havoc MO is in chat um that will be
3876s the end of the love giveaway I think
3879s just so we can get focused on this map
3882s or on this match thank you everybody who
3885s entered we will get you a new keyword
3887s for the next giveaway in just a little
3889s bit and uh to all the winners you should
3892s have at least a preliminary message in
3895s your Twitch Whispers asking you a few
3897s questions about region and platform that
3899s you play hunt um and then I will
3902s actually get you your prize probably
3904s after today's Stream So if you be
3906s patient with us it should only be
3908s another hour hour and a half or
3910s so someone is uh asking about why some
3913s of the guns have their real names and
3916s some of them don't and yeah it's
3918s licensing licensing copyright we're red
3921s we're red oh my God oh God there this
3924s West oh no East I thought it'd be West
3929s too hey well I hate where I
3932s am yeah I'm not liking this not I don't
3936s want to be here someone's above me just
3940s directly the building y I was just about
3943s to go to the building they stole my
3945s idea they threw
3949s bees I'm so
3953s [ __ ] I'm just saw him above you tagged
3956s him
3962s once the one above you is at least
3964s retreating a little bit um cuz they got
3967s tagged there one over
3968s here I'm going to go over here and he's
3970s going to shoot me with a shotgun one
3972s behind uh the logs no he was just
3975s standing there waiting for me to do
3981s that tag
3983s one
3985s uh it's if there was going to be any
3987s licensing it didn't happen there was one
3989s in that building gust no okay not
3993s anymore it's mostly American Guns if you
3995s notice American Guns still have there's
3997s one with me I think inside with me uh
3999s stuff going on and apparently I'm not
4002s sure yeah that is I hated where I was I
4005s hated where I I'm On Fire by the
4008s way uh the guy that killed me almost
4011s assuredly also has a
4013s shotgun
4017s all tight he charged up a melee
4019s attack
4022s yep uh it's just a bug on the scourge
4026s side
4034s outside yeah
4036s that's also a good way to do
4039s it I think uh Windfield actually sounds
4042s way better than Winchester though hon
4044s damn it I
4046s missed a hunter from a different country
4049s uh we're doing International H pretty
4051s much all the time off and on a lot of
4055s the hunters are not uh American yeah I'm
4058s still on
4059s fire uh I'm going to send spicy Steve
4062s out see if he can get us some more info
4065s oh yeah I got
4067s it you got the
4069s choke Louisiana Legacy you should still
4072s be able to put in one definitely on body
4075s left windi to me just sounds way better
4078s I don't know that's just my personal
4082s taste the sounds better looking right
4084s now one's pushing one's pushing left
4086s close coming to the door where their
4088s teamate Fa went
4090s down they're ground floor right oh maybe
4093s they oh they they're
4096s resing no no
4101s no yeah they rest I think they rest
4105s yep they did they did they're going to
4106s find me no no
4108s no
4112s hide I I traded I traded you can rest me
4115s big
4117s trade uh there's always new weapons in
4120s the works pistol gaming but obviously
4123s well maybe it's not obvious it feels
4125s obvious to me but that's not how brains
4128s work um new weapons take longer than
4131s variant and so it's kind of I tagged him
4135s the drilling good
4137s cross you know he's hurt at least with
4140s Martini we'll see what's next I don't
4144s know why I put my hand on the
4147s thing uh new map
4151s 2024 you got two shots left information
4154s on a new boss or a new
4158s AI top tier
4163s place oh my God no word on light the
4166s shadow but we know that as the crow
4169s flies is not coming back um Unknown
4174s about light the
4177s shadow I really want light the shadow to
4180s come back because it was like
4182s my favorite event
4184s personally but that's just
4189s me yeah the crow flies
4193s exactly
4197s I only have one bar he
4200s missed me and my 50
4210s life I can't see
4220s anything he opened a window and then
4222s didn't do anything with it
4224s AR on fire yeah I like
4234s it I didn't see that guy till it was too
4246s late yep Ari is big on
4249s fire this is our only Thunders shower
4252s game match today
4263s uh I'll never run SLS basically unless I
4266s have
4268s to I can run the call
4273s rival but I'm not running
4276s SLS oh my God where are
4278s they oh really they're above in the
4283s building
4286s I don't like
4287s slugs I'm anti
4293s slugs anti slugs that's
4296s me there are no to
4301s traps right now reallying Nitro
4308s Express well
4310s I I have the bom that's unlocked
4318s so I can't run
4321s B it's not
4323s possible for me right
4330s now that gu live insane that guy live
4335s Bas cost of the oh uh Gustavo great try
4339s great
4340s try I was damn it just burning for too
4344s long
4346s unfortunately yeah I missed the first
4348s choke bomb
4350s on I just got up with a 50 life well
4354s actually less
4359s but that's
4363s okay I can't load in
4369s no okay it's
4372s better I thought it was gonna give me my
4375s least favorite
4377s bugs choke
4383s Beetle I'm just gonna just going to move
4385s past that
4395s one yeah those are definitely the spawn
4397s fights where the people at the Bounty
4399s are like what just
4401s happened yeah that one was going on a
4404s long time
4407s yeah all right uh I'm ready but I am
4410s going to use restroom so I'll be right
4414s back you got
4422s it o Quarter Master you all should try a
4426s match just using the daringer penny shot
4430s well we we sure wouldn't have a lot of
4432s ammo
4434s uh they tell something about a new map
4436s there is a new map coming in
4438s 2024 uh but we haven't told anything new
4440s about it uh the most information about
4442s it is going to be in our road map video
4445s I think we mention it in both of our
4446s 2023 road map videos you can find on
4449s YouTube where I'll get a link in
4454s twitch um any FR perk to giveaway today
4457s we haven't done any so far uh the next
4459s one we are looking at doing is Souls Of
4461s a Feather and uh speaking of these Souls
4463s of a feather um
4467s DLC we are going to pick a new
4471s keyword and the if you want a chance to
4474s win a Souls Of a Feather DLC please head
4477s over to twitch.tv/ cry and the keyword
4480s you need to type in chat is
4483s Scrappy
4485s uh
4487s Scrappy if you haven't yet please give
4490s us a follow at twitch.tv/ cry and then
4492s hang out until we pull some winners uh
4495s you do have to be in chat to claim your
4496s price um we will get a pinned message up
4499s in just a second just in case you need
4501s help with spelling but everyone seems to
4503s get have it down pretty
4506s well double p y
4518s yep uh capitalization does not matter
4521s during our keyword giveaway so no need
4523s to worry about that and you only need to
4525s type the keyword in once typing it in
4527s more does not give you better chances at
4529s all um it you know all you need to do
4533s once you type it in once you have the
4534s same chance to win as everybody else uh
4537s Souls Of a Feather is very popular in
4539s chat I think very popular among the
4540s community too uh midan and Morgan are
4544s are some fan favorites
4547s already I think they're very very
4549s popular I think they're just Scrappy
4550s fans they love Mr Scrappy
4554s who doesn't uh ballistic Warrior we
4556s can't say anything that hasn't already
4558s been said in the road map so I would
4560s just go look at the road map to see what
4563s David lists as coming but that is for
4568s Milestone
4570s one uh and then I think we'll see some
4574s more some more stuff from the engine
4577s integration some months after the first
4580s wave you know kind of like the weapon
4582s inspect
4585s uh curbs 50 says week two of asking for
4588s leech plushy oh no is this going to be a
4592s multi-week long
4594s Venture gross it does specific date for
4597s the next major update not that we've
4607s said Do we have any plans on updating
4609s headsman skin to make it more visible uh
4612s well we as the community Community team
4614s have definitely heard the feedback from
4615s the community that there is some
4616s frustration with the headsman legendary
4619s Hunter um we don't have the power to
4620s change it ourselves but we have passed
4622s along the community feedback um what can
4624s be done about it we won't know right now
4626s but once we have more news we'll let you
4627s guys know real size Meathead plushy
4631s that's
4635s terrifying will some winter skins be
4637s available next
4639s month we'll
4641s see I would say based on past precedent
4645s highly
4651s likely uh unfortunately due to gdpr we
4654s do not give any information on players
4658s being banned there is no popup that says
4662s uh you know a player you reported has
4664s been banned or anything uh even though
4668s that would be it'd be nice to get some
4670s confirmation but um due to some gdpr
4672s rules we don't have anything like that
4674s at this time uh maybe something in the
4677s future but for now just because action
4680s was taken doesn't mean you will hear
4682s about it guys look at that sweet sweet
4685s alter right there us and as always if
4689s you have a
4691s concern uh gdpr is European privacy laws
4696s and we are based in Europe if you do
4698s have a concern about another player
4700s though it is always best to go straight
4701s to customer support not me AR Gustavo
4706s Rick Ben's inbox on Discord uh we do
4709s have to leave all of that up to customer
4712s support but they will help you on our
4715s website in
4717s the.com and the team detail screen after
4720s a match you can also submit reports
4722s there um if you have any screenshots
4725s videos anything like that that you'd
4726s like to provide then customer support
4728s tickets are a great way to go dead puppy
4731s uh I got a kill dog would run over the
4733s fire it did not I get killed puppies and
4736s arm with poison we just only run into
4739s the boss Bounty right now
4742s [Music]
4745s honestly yeah I oh I'm being shot from
4749s the B barrel shot is the strong word I'm
4751s being attacked by the B Barrel okay I
4754s was getting real confused uh the armored
4757s opened the oh it went to you okay sure
4759s armored open the B barrel
4762s and
4764s interesting will feral elf skin please
4768s God um you know I might just be able to
4771s say that one that one's not
4776s planned that's going to be a pass for me
4779s dog uh I say we leave this alter up as a
4783s yeah yeah yeah yeah I agree security
4786s cam yeah the roll
4790s exactly okay just killing all the hives
4793s cuz there's about 12,000 of them in this
4795s compound as per usual I'm setting traps
4798s as I must do as is my
4802s o AR is traps okay I'm mentally
4805s preparing myself I have to this is what
4808s I was put on the bou to do okay
4814s sure I see Barrel I put trap on
4817s barel um I was bringing poison shots for
4820s a while but then I press eache and then
4822s I stopped
4831s watch out for the leaches uh
4833s area yeah yeah yeah those the leeches
4837s they're my uh oh yeah SW
4842s enemy looking for goodies over here you
4845s have favorite hunt streamer to watch oh
4846s I'm sure we all
4848s do I don't know if I have I don't think
4851s I have one specific hunt streamer that I
4853s could say is my number one favorite but
4855s oh I have a
4856s handful uh quite a few of them are our
4858s Knight of the hunter
4861s Partners I mean I watched a
4866s bunch I know we also tried to try to
4869s take some time out of our day to pop
4871s into kind of random hunt streams and
4873s check in on streamers make sure games
4875s are going good that kind of stuff just
4877s make
4880s [Music]
4881s time okay watch out for traps teammate
4885s someone said Cal is my best
4890s bud o even better Max someone to ask how
4893s home real was getting on um I mean I've
4896s only had one meeting with him so far but
4898s it was
4899s good I I hope he's getting along well
4902s but think maybe a better better question
4906s for home real himself when he gets a
4911s chance I heard the grows
4914s [Applause]
4916s get him
4917s but just
4920s dematerialized rude except your fate
4930s Vincent we're good we're good some parts
4932s are
4934s good I'm covering it guys I'll keep him
4937s still
4938s by H you
4940s know oh people people people people
4942s people no tell them we're busy tell them
4945s we're busy oh God no vacancies hate when
4947s he does that I got him I got him can you
4950s hit the banish yeah there's a cash
4953s register over here by the way where they
4955s at
4956s gusta they're very close inside the
4961s Cornville forgot I had a shotgun missed
4964s them I see that trap tagged once on this
4968s wall on this wall Gustav he should be
4970s he's running along this wall to the
4972s right
4979s sending a fire Beetle out give us some
4981s cover get
4983s him somebody shot me with poison that I
4985s didn't
4987s see oh there's the beo that's my Beetle
4990s that's my oh that's you okay that's
4993s Steve that's
4996s jalapeno that's jalapeno this one's
4998s jalapeno oh they're right here I heard
5000s them okay okay can you direct me Ari yep
5005s I can't see them in the field right now
5007s they're not right on the
5009s wall oh they're trying to sh
5013s close I think they're a little bit
5015s deeper into the the field but they were
5018s quite Blended in it's impressive watch
5020s for traps when you're oh one at the
5022s window at the window inside the
5025s shack I couldn't find him I'm blind it's
5029s just like a tier 2
5031s guy
5034s in the middle of the road I can't see
5036s anybody today I'm blind yo it's not my
5039s day one's my day the one who's near
5042s Violet's body where my
5049s water oh goodness hunt series would be
5052s very cool are they pushing
5055s you they were outside of the cornfield
5058s on the fence with poison ammo I don't
5060s hear them pushing outside of the
5061s cornfield really
5063s running around the fence it sounds like
5065s shocking
5066s honestly oh throwing towards
5070s me thank somebody said somebody said
5074s take the Rival so you know here I
5077s am I hear that person now can you refund
5080s the steam DLC if I played with them in
5082s game I don't think so
5085s one normally seeing people is not my
5090s problem I have many problems and not the
5092s nor normally vision isn't oh great
5095s poison that poison person they gotting
5098s rival slugs I told you I'm never using
5100s slugs number one I don't have them
5102s unlocked number two I will never use
5104s them I will never buy slugs and take
5106s them
5107s in well another event exp weekend be
5110s here before the event finishes we'll
5115s see browse browse what's wrong with them
5118s for you I don't generally like custom
5120s ammo uh and I don't especially like
5123s slugs the player count in a match ever
5125s increase um not that we've announced but
5127s it is something that we have uh
5129s suggested to try
5141s out t
5144s one I think that's another
5147s team I'm alive now that might be another
5151s team I can't see
5154s anything as per
5159s usual okay
5161s sure one nice
5166s oh ooh good
5169s sir
5171s no I heard a horse people are coming run
5175s immediately th it where where oh okay
5179s got it directly west it sounds like I
5181s think I killed him
5183s go I'm
5186s healing I'm Healed up ready to go me too
5190s uh we have the bounty we might want to
5192s take it this is the Bounty
5196s team yeah this is the Bounty team this
5198s is the bount bount I know I'm just
5200s trying to get this
5202s one BL
5205s dog grabbed
5209s it bro dogs go away
5213s I got tons of dogs on me
5217s oh yeah he's going
5219s to
5224s Res got
5227s two scanning one left one left 255
5231s behind the traed traed traed
5234s all nothing close by but we did sh
5237s somebody's in Arden they rang the
5240s bell oh my God we didn't kill the I'm
5246s terrified that guy almost killed me
5249s still clear right
5253s now great job team great job
5257s by uh steam keys are not region locked
5267s no I'm going to pick up the other Bounty
5270s people are here Southeast 135
5273s two on the scan inside the compound no
5276s right in front of me right on the edge
5279s of scan I
5288s think yeah they're still over there 135
5292s you need some ammo oh please don't give
5294s me the shrike I want to loot oh I could
5295s use some
5296s ammo oh
5299s sh thank you sir you're welcome
5306s I'm going to pick up the other Bounty
5308s yeah I'm going to do scan okay uh two to
5312s the South 180 and a single 10 at 105
5315s from us I'm not sure what they're doing
5318s over there but we might want to push the
5320s single um to the southeast one on skin
5324s oh I'm D oh Lees dude the
5329s leeches it's okay I didn't burn any bars
5335s I'm
5338s scared
5341s there Gustavo are not with v right
5345s now just saw him he ran to the left heed
5349s one nice oh they're all over here by
5352s they've all rotated to our side there's
5355s another one uh 90 running and one inside
5358s I'm
5361s running
5363s there's one inside the shack and another
5365s one uh 75 yep
5368s heast inside Shack is still ground level
5371s there's one in front of me 60 over here
5374s yeah he just threw
5379s they're they were
5381s fast this
5385s thing
5387s tag T the one
5390s inside inside was looking toward towards
5392s us
5397s last ground down low down low he's in
5399s the little bottom area he's up
5402s now tag twice your turn damn
5407s it still
5409s alive I don't know how she survived all
5413s that it's down below
5416s again you can probably get me
5421s yep
5424s yeah she's ground
5427s LV I love these people they're so
5430s fun they ding ding exactly twice this is
5433s the second time they ding I tagged her I
5435s tagged
5436s her where at where at
5439s inside
5450s outside oh my God are protect
5454s me I scared her off she's back in the
5457s compound no no no she's peeking I'm
5459s reloading big reload oh my God I wanted
5461s the ammo you kidding
5463s me I wanted the ammo so
5466s bad and instead I closed the
5471s [Applause]
5475s gate she just peaked
5478s out went back
5481s in
5487s [Applause]
5495s sorry working on getting saav yeah you
5498s can get
5502s me traps everywhere she's resing she's
5504s resing oh she rested that
5506s guy
5511s okayy
5512s killed one the guy kill shirt
5517s left got her she had some hell I tagged
5521s her several times yeah I tagged her too
5523s with the martini she
5525s resilient nice nice nice nice nice great
5530s job great job let's
5532s go I can't believe I'm alive
5538s honestly we can loot them you deserve it
5541s over here
5545s careful there are traps all over the
5549s place I told you don't mind that was
5553s pretty
5556s funny I love Diana traps uh I have a
5562s i733
5565s 900k um yeah I know the Rival works I we
5570s should head to that resp this may shock
5571s you based on how the fights went prior
5574s to this match I have over 2,000 hours in
5576s this game you you don't have to tell me
5578s about the weapons I just trust me
5581s sometimes I'm just bad no matter how
5583s many hours I have sometimes I'm just bad
5585s you know ain't it just the
5589s way a that just the way I'm going to run
5592s to this resip play I think hi
5595s Katie St on the Trap that I was
5598s disarming how could you not see that we
5601s don't have a
5604s uh ETA on custom lobbies it is something
5607s we're interested in and that's kind of
5609s where we're
5610s at Gustavo I I hate anyone trying to on
5614s traps they got to go off naturally they
5617s got to go off natur that was on purpose
5619s okay yeah yeah definitely on
5627s purpose I was like Desiring and I saw AR
5631s uh and I said well he he he he he he saw
5634s me
5636s here have you ever had what I'm doing
5639s he's not going to step on that
5642s trap I thought you were just bad at
5644s doors on
5651s live how are you doing team uh I'm doing
5660s well
5665s I'm not there yet I got to kill this
5667s Mead yeah I got off the thing don't
5670s leave it at me no we've never announced
5672s snow but you know who knows maybe
5675s someday he dropped me a tra for free
5678s blood list
5679s yes do you play solo like off life
5684s uh I don't play solo very much every
5688s once in a while I
5689s will I definitely don't ever play
5692s solo when I'm not
5699s streaming snow in the swamps interesting
5702s well you know we have announced that the
5705s next map is going to be a new biome so
5708s um and that is all yeah might not be the
5712s SW no go go what are the biggest
5715s anticipated advantages for the new
5717s engine
5720s integration uh player side I'd
5724s say better uh performance Dev side I'd
5729s say there's a lot there'll be a lot more
5735s tools which is nice space
5739s map space map I think we've talked about
5742s space map in a previous gameplay stream
5744s um did we and you know I I think space
5747s map or Moon map does that sound right no
5750s that doesn't sound familiar to me no
5754s maybe that's just an internal
5755s conversation I was thinking of and all
5756s those uh talks about the new map you
5761s know hunt on
5763s Mars purchase some keys they say us
5766s prior to them does that mean they're
5768s region locked uh are they steam keys if
5771s they are steam Keys No steam keys are
5774s not region
5778s locked can't say anything
5782s about the next map you'll never get
5785s anything on the bus mm you're going to
5788s have to go try Ben for that oh no no no
5792s no no leave it don't try B don't try
5794s B can't get
5800s meat conduit give me give me the
5804s conduit my poor Hunter had like no bars
5807s left I I was down to 75 Max as well I
5811s was I was like well that's just how it
5813s is I
5818s guess as we get started for this next
5821s map we will start pulling the scrappy
5824s keyword giveaway winners um this was for
5826s Souls of a feather for any platform uh
5829s if you have not yet please come to
5831s twitch.tv/ cryc give us a follow and
5833s type Scrappy in chat for your chance to
5835s win um you can still enter as we're
5837s pulling winners you don't need to enter
5839s again if you already typed Scrappy
5841s before uh but you do have to be in chat
5843s to claim your
5850s prize make my stuff
5853s pretty uh two players getting a third
5857s Rando is in the works it's in the road
5859s map is there any plan on a color blind
5862s mode it's not currently in the road
5868s map there is a whole UI rework so you
5877s know we'll
5880s see um oh I'm ready didn't realize
5884s wasn't ready first winner up is rifter
5887s Smith if you're in chat please give us a
5892s message hi nxa hello Mr Jeremy
5898s hello if you guys don't know Nix attch
5900s in chat also known as Jeremy is part of
5904s the krych team he works on our creative
5907s Services Division and uh he helps make
5910s those amazing trailers that you guys
5912s often see on our social media and
5917s YouTube I had eight kills in the last
5922s match I'm just being happy how many did
5925s we have as a team 11 oh my gosh we we
5929s destroyed that match great job how big
5932s is the CCH team I don't believe we've
5933s announced official numbers
5936s before not huge not
5940s tiny more than three I guess more than
5943s three yeah little bit more more than
5945s four cuz NX is here more than four nice
5960s nice
5962s if you guys want in chat not a bad idea
5964s to follow Nix attch in the past he has
5966s been known to stream some hunt Showdown
5968s um so if you want some more CCH devs to
5972s watch play hunt maybe shoot him a follow
5974s on Twitch also black hair Violet ice and
5977s Alias s uh both stream hunt too on their
5980s own private time you should be able to
5982s find their twitch channels really easily
5984s underneath the title cuz we're doing the
5986s stream together feature so uh if you
5989s guys want to watch them privately go
5991s give them a follow follow on Twitch five
5993s people tied together by a jumper cable
5995s that's us where's eyebrow man I don't
5999s does anyone know what eyebrow man is
6002s no no idea maybe that'll be the next
6006s legendary
6009s Hunter NCH also known as the quad
6011s bornheim Terror yeah it the amount of
6014s times Nixa has taken quad born times and
6016s the amount of times that I have taken it
6018s for nxa is too
6020s many
6024s uh yeah it could be big Tech D he said
6026s he has eyebrows and he is a man how
6029s often does hunt have
6031s to twice a year maybe three I think yeah
6035s two or three times a year I think I
6037s three
6038s times so maybe not every vient eyes well
6041s you
6042s know lunar lunar felis one of our chonch
6045s partners does call me violent Violet so
6049s checks out I've actually thought thought
6051s of making my twitch name that but that
6053s that feels too aggressive I don't know
6057s see lines up well eight kills last
6062s match uh when will The Prestige update
6072s becomeing they mean the other community
6074s manager uh
6077s the ion does not yeah Ivon doesn't
6081s participate in the streams at the moment
6084s um and then Rick will sometimes be on a
6086s stream he is our acting lead Community
6089s manager I wouldn't call him eyebrow man
6092s though yeah I don't think Rick has major
6094s eyebrows I'm really trying to think so
6097s hard about Rick's eyebrows which is the
6098s first time I think Rick's eyebrows are
6101s pretty small yeah yeah they're not that
6104s big yeah to be C the eyebrow man I don't
6107s think B's eyebrows is is enough to be
6111s man he's also a our senior social media
6114s manager so not quite a community we're
6116s trying we're trying to find idea who
6119s eyebrow man is supposed to be honestly
6121s uh I think it's still big Tech D in chat
6123s the the viewer we have that has eyebrows
6125s and is a man honestly my guess would be
6127s one of
6129s YouTu I do have pretty prominent and
6132s uncontrollable eyebrows maybe if it was
6135s going to be David I would think it'd be
6137s like beard man you know beard I think
6140s David got the big big full beard you
6144s know bensa might be eyebrow man I don't
6148s know next time I have a meeting with
6150s bensa I think I'll have to be like turn
6152s on your camera you I got to check
6154s something he's always upside down though
6156s he needs to fix that we told him not to
6159s move to Australia
6163s but yeah David's definitely
6170s weird
6172s oh I wasn't paying
6173s attention
6175s ow I don't really want to tangle with
6177s this meat man honestly
6180s I'm I forgot one some winners for the
6183s DLC rifter Smith last call before we
6186s will roll and pull oh it's red it's red
6191s no
6195s Northeast go all right no rifter Smith
6199s nobody want you AR
6202s opola if you're in chat give us a
6204s message oh crouching over here was that
6209s a Nitro you died to yeah yeah it's a
6211s Nitro oh
6214s gosh where are it's the tier one blue
6218s shirt oh God never saw him or hair
6222s Devil's Advocate as well
6227s okay that was that I'm so concerned I
6230s don't know what some guns have made up
6231s names but others don't if there are
6232s still copyright could I get a be then
6235s they have fake names I'm on
6244s fire
6247s nice yeah all you have to do is respond
6249s if your name can you can you throw a
6252s choke on me May this is a spicy Beetle I
6257s know yeah this is the Nitro it was an
6260s addition
6267s no
6268s ETA
6271s on no ETA on Prestige
6276s rework this is always on every M sure 50
6281s team is uh I think you're trying to ask
6283s if there's always a golden cash register
6285s no there's a percent chance uh just like
6288s all the other cash registers and all the
6289s other spawns in general
6293s Nitro like crazy all of a sudden I think
6295s this is the first Nitro I've seen in
6298s there were two dead so far in that other
6302s fight Violet's back up rotating to
6306s Gustavo no
6308s hurry big hurry sounds like they're
6310s fighting someone else now yeah yeah I
6312s think it's they for sure a whole another
6314s team I used
6317s uh
6319s Diablo there is someone on top of me
6321s with a crossbow literally on top of me 6
6325s M had no idea that guy was there he's a
6328s golden register yes you can get a golden
6331s cash register that gives blood bonds 50
6333s blood bonds instead of
6338s $1 thank you my friend I had a ton of
6341s cash registers yesterday and I think I
6344s only extracted one of
6346s them but yesterday I got like I found
6350s ton of cash registers it was insane
6353s we're not far from a resupply either so
6354s we could get VI up and then just run to
6356s the resupply for
6358s restoration uh gust can go to the
6360s resupply every cash register has a
6362s chance to be gold I think I want your
6364s help to try to get byy up if there's a
6366s crossbow spawn rules is like I don't
6368s know everything else just play safe oh I
6370s think there is someone behind me someone
6372s is chasing
6374s me definitely people near I have no idea
6377s where that crossbow guy was he just was
6380s 6 meters away
6381s okay I'm rotating to generally speaking
6383s if the answer is are you going to fix
6385s the answer yes our bars back
6388s timeline
6392s okay I would love a perk called greed
6395s where you can see money in dark site but
6397s I would doubt
6400s it I'm on my last bar so it's not worth
6404s it
6405s probably is there any way to find out
6406s how many golden R you found
6409s no
6412s it would definitely be too op if the
6414s Nitro could put the aperture
6416s down why how long do I
6419s have
6421s uh oh I got restored restoration H
6425s Gustavo
6429s Gustavo coming back oh plenty of time
6432s and your choke now too I'm just going to
6435s hold back here until we get Gustavo and
6437s then we can push push it's pretty golden
6439s in game yeah
6444s it is it
6446s is you think the CH whoa Nitro
6453s play how did he know I'm sure Sor people
6457s were more or less upet than others as he
6460s was a white shirt on the back side of
6461s that Barn the East
6463s Barn EXC
6467s um yeah Nitro
6469s Shredder
6471s oh he's above me he's on a roof love
6476s being on the
6478s roof maybe that's where that guy was
6481s when he killed me was on the
6487s Roof oh you just saw him above you on
6489s the out
6497s house great
6499s try I get on the roof like literally all
6502s the time but I did we do see you sorry
6505s we got right into that
6508s fight next up after AR and four souls of
6511s a Feather we're looking for Noble show
6513s if Fe in chat give us a message I think
6516s that needs to be our last one so that we
6519s can wrap up our giveaways and all that
6521s kind of
6522s stuff T
6527s okay I
6529s died
6532s I didn't do
6534s nothing sorry nxa to disappoint you
6538s sorry sorry I know I had one good game
6540s and then the game was like all right no
6542s more no more of
6544s that giveaways giveaways yeah we're
6546s pulling winners for the scrappy giveaway
6549s for Souls Of a Feather right now we're
6550s looking for Noble show you in
6555s chat it was a valiant effort we
6559s tried
6563s Noble show you did win
6569s congratulations after Noble show we're
6571s looking for Amish Rebel if you're in
6574s track give us a
6580s message police town really trying to
6583s throw that one in
6589s there
6593s yeah we're
6597s dead no ETA yet on the Linux steam deck
6602s fix but we do know about it team knows
6605s about it they're working on
6608s it there's a quite a bit of discourse on
6611s the Discord if you are a Linux user and
6614s you want to be in the
6616s know the Linux famam is keeping each
6619s other strong wrly up to
6624s date let's do my dark tribute while Ari
6627s does giveway
6628s stuff oh bad hand bad
6634s hand still looking for Amish Rebel
6637s another 20 seconds or so and we will or
6641s we will roll a
6643s winner uh no news about what may or may
6645s not be coming after uh this event we did
6650s announce the tide series is a Trilogy so
6653s um we might get something like that
6659s after all right Amish Rebel does not
6662s seem to be in chat we'll roll it
6665s to deimon
6668s 1488 Damon Damon one Nagant
6674s Precision composition amazing uh if your
6678s name is demion deimon um something like
6682s that 1488 you have won please give us a
6685s message in ch chat to let us know you
6687s are still hanging
6689s out any chance Lulu will be available
6692s for purchase in the future so far a
6694s twitch drops um legendary has not come
6696s back as a purchasable legendary they've
6699s only made a return as a twitch drop or a
6703s uh quest line but the quest line came
6706s from from twitch Dr too so um probably
6709s less of a chance but we also haven't
6711s announced when or if Lulu is making a
6713s return for right
6716s now another 30 seconds or so for deimon
6720s dayon 1488 whatever you want to call it
6724s sck there is a f coming for the
6732s audio look words are
6739s hard
6744s we can do more codes if you're
6747s here we are rrolling next up we're
6749s looking for ZZ Spectre ZZ if you're in
6752s check give us a
6760s message but's talking about Lulu is here
6763s they are here they hit us with a hot
6767s Emoji after ZZ we're looking for
6775s forus
6778s spus speak cus I don't know all these
6782s letters don't seem like they should be
6784s put together oh well they're here so
6785s they are here we don't have to try
6788s anymore we're giving away Souls Of a
6790s Feather right we are giving away Souls
6793s Of a Feather the keyword is Scrappy you
6795s can win on any platform next up looking
6798s for war Santa ho ho oh if you're in chat
6801s give us a message uh you can win for any
6804s platform sorry you can win for steam
6806s Playstation or Xbox you do have to be on
6808s Twitch to enter the
6812s giveaway do we need to keep reentering
6814s no you do not one time is enough War
6819s Santa is here and it's almost your time
6821s to shine War Santa it's almost Christmas
6823s time so I hope you get nice and excited
6826s during the December season next up after
6829s War Santa Alpha chunk if you're in chat
6832s please give us a
6836s message uh make sure you stick around so
6838s we'll be wrapping up today's secret
6839s giveaway then we'll be talking about
6841s some other stuff we have going on in the
6843s hunt community and then I will let you
6844s guys know about the secret giveaway we
6846s are running outside of today's stream
6848s but only announcing on today's stream
6850s that will give you another chance to
6852s maybe win some
6854s DLC Alpha chunk is here with us now
6857s we're rolling we're getting these keys
6859s out
6864s after Alpha chunk we're looking for
6866s pedar if you're in check of us a
6876s message all
6879s right any treat codes soon uh no treats
6883s for today's stream I think we might
6885s dabble with the redeem codes um feature
6889s a little bit more in the future we're
6890s really glad if you guys liked some of
6892s those treats that we were able to give
6893s out during the Halloween stream um and
6896s we'll see what else we can do with that
6897s as a a little bit different than the DLC
6905s giveaways um hello are the older
6907s cosmetic skins from old events like
6909s Devil's moon will be resell one day
6912s thanks uh so event legendaries that are
6915s tied to a specific event and not just a
6918s seasonal time have a lot less chance of
6920s ever making a return um we have
6922s announced that uh the legendaries
6924s featured in as the crow flies will not
6927s be making a return so that includes
6928s plague doctor um other events we haven't
6931s covered quite yet but for stuff that
6934s makes a return it's more likely going to
6935s be the seasonal stuff um other event
6938s legendaries might make a return as a
6940s different version uh but the exact
6943s versions might may be tied to Old events
6947s so will hunt partner streamers ever get
6949s cross platform codes like these uh the
6951s Creator program just had a console
6954s codes uh and then all the partners
6957s should know that if they need a couple
6959s console codes we can get that for
6962s them SS of a Feather be available in the
6965s CCH store again we don't know but
6968s whenever we can put it back we will last
6972s call for
6979s pedar uh news on engine update no news
6982s on engine update uh we're way too close
6985s to ever you know even have extra
6987s information to share it's definitely
6989s something that's going to be landing in
6993s 2024 all we get a different location in
6995s the shooting range not right
6998s now next up we're looking at bu Zazu if
7001s you're in chat give us a message you
7003s have won the DLC giveaway um is the show
7006s on big still a thing unfortunately the
7010s uh rights to the Bing show have elapsed
7014s so we won't be moving forward with that
7016s platform for right now where the show
7018s might go or what it might turn into in
7020s the future we got no idea um but we can
7023s say that it won't be continuing on
7026s binge uh bazu is in chat congratulations
7029s we'll see if we can get a few more out
7031s before we wrap up today's
7035s stream Grayson to be in the sting sale
7039s it is on sale on Steam I think yes the
7042s Autumn sale should have started like 50
7044s minutes ago because yeah it already
7047s started great name great name as vi just
7050s mentioned our next winner up is because
7052s fluffy if you are in chat please give us
7054s a message we have a DLC for you somebody
7058s asked about the odds of getting bad hand
7061s low not good not good homie yeah oh
7068s yay snow has not been announced see a
7072s lot of snow questions not something that
7076s we have
7077s announced next up we're looking for
7079s squiz 65 if you're in chat give us a
7081s message uh godsent is asking what's for
7084s lunch I think all of us are going to run
7086s off and eat after this oh my leftovers
7089s left I think I might be rocking with
7091s some leftovers too yeah I've got left
7093s over pasta unfortunately I love doing
7096s our gameplay streams but they don't
7097s leave a lot of free time during the day
7099s so they do cut to lunch pretty bad I
7102s think it'll be leftovers and
7104s emails yeah looking for a squiz 65 if
7107s you're in chat please give us a message
7110s will it be announced our lunch
7113s no uh anybody else in chat I would love
7116s to hear what you guys are having if
7118s you're eating food if you had lunch
7120s let's share what everybody's having I
7122s could go for a sandwich too now that I'm
7123s thinking about it I love sandwiches but
7126s I do not have bread sad I know currently
7130s oh we got some stir fry chipotle chicken
7134s W going
7137s F that's pretty good wish I had PA 5:30
7141s a.m. here dude that's that's break
7144s that's lunch time if you want sounds so
7146s good leftover tiramasu
7149s love tiasu it is a dessert like my
7153s favorite dessert I'm getting hungry
7155s again I recently I know why did I ask
7158s this question in May of this year had
7160s the best tiam missu I've ever had and I
7163s literally cried at the restaurant it was
7165s so good it's like my it's one of my
7166s favorite things it was maybe a little
7170s over the top but it was not on purpose
7172s it just just
7173s happened uh our next winner up we're
7175s looking for meu Pokey if you're in chat
7179s oh look right there they're right there
7181s boom fast we will probably call it right
7185s there uh and my dumb question of asking
7188s what you guys are having for lunch has
7189s made me
7190s extremely mistake never again please uh
7195s congratulations to all of our keyword
7196s winners I think the first batch should
7199s have their codes already and the second
7201s batch you will be getting your codes
7203s after today's stream don't fret though
7205s if you didn't happen to win we have one
7207s extra chance for you guys to win some
7208s DLCs today if you head over to our
7210s official Discord go to the announcements
7213s Channel and give us a reaction to the
7216s post of today's stream we'll go through
7219s those reactions and pick out some
7220s winners um I'll have a pinned message on
7223s Twitch letting you know how to enter
7225s that secret giveaway good luck to
7228s everybody who is uh entering that secret
7231s giveaway I hope to get some more codes
7233s out to y'all um and thank you for
7236s everybody who participated in the
7237s keyword giveaways today um glad we got a
7240s bunch of new winners out
7242s there somebody asked how many uh
7245s legendary Hunters are there
7246s 91 wow I went and looked a lot in the
7250s recruitment
7252s 91 um I guess other things to announce
7255s for us you only have a little bit of
7257s time left on tide of corruption by how
7259s much do they have how long do they have
7261s to to wrap up 7 Days 11 hours 58 minutes
7265s and 40
7266s seconds if you haven't yet you have one
7268s more batch of weekly challenges to do
7271s starting tomorrow those will get you a
7273s good chunk of points don't forget your
7275s daily tribute um the first 2,000 XP
7279s Milestone will get you some event points
7281s rock those siny Hunters the pre-edge
7284s hunters with the event boost a bunch of
7286s different ways please finish up the
7288s event the final legendary Hunter is not
7291s one you're going to want to miss um
7294s outside of Tide of corruption we haven't
7295s announced what's coming quite yet but
7297s please keep an ear out on our social
7301s media um we are very excited to tell you
7304s guys what's coming after tide of
7305s corruption um we have the hunt Showdown
7308s video award so entries have finished up
7310s we are working on getting the nominees
7312s all together and we should have a
7314s website ready for you guys and announced
7316s in a social media post when you guys are
7318s ready to vote on your favorite videos um
7321s we have some big prizes for this year's
7323s hunt Showdown video awards so we would
7325s love to get as many votes as we can in
7327s um because it will be the community who
7328s is going to decide the winner of each
7330s category and then the winner of the
7332s Community Choice category as well so
7335s please keep an eye out for that um what
7338s else do we have Violet Gustavo anything
7340s else we want to announce on today's
7342s stream we're not announc but we are
7345s gonna go see a uh a partner after this
7349s this is a German speaking partner so if
7351s you don't speak German I'm sorry but we
7353s are trying to spread the love uh to all
7357s of our partners uh including the ones
7359s that uh don't mainly stream in English
7362s uh so we are going to go see gripenberg
7365s one of our oldest Partners I think quite
7369s been a partner for quite a long time um
7371s so we're going to raid him uh say hello
7374s he does speak English uh he just doesn't
7377s stream in English mostly but you can
7379s still say hi uh so tell that Ari Violet
7383s and Gustavo say hi I mean I think we're
7385s going to jump in there too um last thing
7389s I thought about before we start the
7390s raate we have one more stream planned
7392s for tide of corruption Violet Violet has
7395s maybe something in the works to make the
7397s final stream a little special so please
7400s give us a f follow at
7402s twitch.tv/ maybe turn on that
7404s notification Bell if I'm here I'll be
7406s giving away codes too you know that oh
7408s yeah yeah yeah for sure for sure I think
7411s past that will we ready to send it over
7413s to the partner that's it I'm ready cool
7417s thank you guys everyone for today's
7418s stream thank you guys yeah thank you
7421s guys for being here than uh congrats to
7424s everybody who won codes and maybe you'll
7427s get a code on the secret giveaway all
7429s right all right bye see
7452s you