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607s and we are back with another serpent
609s Moon gameplay live stream uh and we have
613s a special guest from NZXT they are also
615s streaming on the NZXT twitch channel so
618s check him out for his perspective from
620s the games as well and obviously we have
623s Ari with us our U.S Community manager
625s hey Ari good morning
627s good afternoon how are you doing I'm
630s good A bit uh you know almost night for
633s you it's early morning uh and yeah Mike
635s is also doing an intro on the ncxt
638s channel so that's why he's not talking
639s yet but he'll be with us in a few
641s minutes how are you Chad how is the
643s event going uh how are you guys feeling
645s today
646s uh and I've also seen someone from
648s YouTube already asking if they read
650s YouTube chat and we actually do so uh
651s hey hey hey YouTube
653s and everyone in twitch just make sure to
655s follow our YouTube channel as well
656s because uh we post cool videos and
658s there's gonna be some very exciting
660s stuff coming up
662s very very soon actually in there so you
664s don't want to miss our YouTube channel
665s either or is cute I agree
668s oh that's much too kind I agree as well
670s oh hey Mike yeah welcome
674s what's our YouTube channel that they
675s should go follow
679s but obviously follows ncxt as well I
681s guess uh is it just NZXT right
685s yes yes uh YouTube everything's
687s basically NZXT I know when I was looking
689s over all your links I got so jealous of
691s how many places you guys got in zxc like
695s showdowns like hunt Showdown and
697s Instagram hunt the game right yeah yeah
700s that pains me every time because I gotta
703s remember it explicitly to tag hunt the
705s game and not hunt Showdown
711s we can't even get verified for some
713s reason it's Instagram is just so
715s automated that you know it's uh what the
717s heck it's very hard to get in contact
719s with them dang
723s but yeah again uh just because Mike
726s joined us obviously uh Mike is here
728s again you guys seen him before from NZXT
730s hey Mike hope you're having a good
732s morning
733s I am I am I'm excited to play a little
735s bit of hunt so so excited to play looks
739s like we're having a spark Squad going on
741s let's go Sparks okay I spent my last
744s handlers on this park or something oh my
746s God how much money do you have I have
748s 604 now foreign
758s or two good games like in Prestige and
760s then I have money again
763s this may be the first ever uh hunt
766s Showdown stream where the developers
767s have to do naked runs
772s [Music]
773s yeah because I was just like I was just
775s checking a look at all the uh skins and
777s eventually I just like clicked like up
779s on accident
780s the loadout we wanted
783s that was the first game and I'm like oh
784s this is not a good first stream y'all if
788s it goes into a naked run
790s oh gosh
795s and of course guys uh we really haven't
797s giveaways on both the ncxt channel and
799s both on our channel so make sure to
801s watch both we even have like a
803s multi-stream link that will pop up
805s sometimes where you will be able to see
806s both perspectives so that may be fun and
809s then you can participate in both
810s giveaways as well
811s so maybe a good idea to do that uh yep
815s yeah and uh we also have the hunt
819s Showdown video awards going on which is
821s one of the reasons why we are here
822s together but also because we love Mike
824s and nzxi so much but uh they are
827s sponsoring uh the Han Showdown video
829s Wars uh for the Community Choice
832s category and you can win a serpent Moon
834s theme PC a custom PC a whole system
839s basically and it's super cool if you
840s haven't seen it make sure to check out
842s our socials and looks sick and you still
844s have uh a bit over a week to send in
848s your videos so make sure you do that
849s because you don't want to miss out on
851s that
852s uh three jobs questions we can't answer
855s any features questions but you know it's
857s coming up
859s how do they know it's coming up Benz
861s what'd you tell them I I I don't know I
864s think we
868s 've confused and then there was a
869s hashtag for fish drops but that's all I
871s know oh my gosh
876s Lance is letting out all the good
877s Secrets yeah you have any other spoilers
880s you guys want to you want to say on the
881s the stream uh
884s um I don't think Pence wants me to yell
886s at him
888s look I I tend to spoil things too early
891s we'll get we'll get him out soon
897s but yes uh yes there are giveaways today
899s again in both streams so we will be
901s giving about DLCs but Mike will be
903s giving away uh a base game keys for you
906s and some other goodies right on the uh
909s on zxc side there are three steam gift
913s cards uh one for 100 one for fifty and
916s one for 25. so yeah wow you can't get
919s the uh PLC or Hunt game itself and you
922s can at least use those to hopefully buy
923s the DLC and the game yeah give me a
926s second I got a AFK here definitely not
928s going to blame.io
940s I'll just make sure to pull the windows
942s and make sure
944s yeah
947s this keeper you rolling until it pops up
949s or delete everyone's entries and this is
952s just your guyses thank you you said 100
955s steam code you know I'm you you got me
958s you're on that one yeah
960s that's the way to a man's heart right
962s there
964s talking about the 100 SIM card we
966s actually do have a beta Hunter going on
968s right now I think it's actually 69 off
971s on Steam with a bunch of the asses for
974s the collector's edition so you know yeah
976s collector's edition hasn't gone on this
978s big a sale for a long time so if you
980s have been eyeing that uh it's a great
983s chance to check it out on Steam uh the
985s discounts also kind of Scale based on if
987s you already have some of the DLCs so
990s it's not like you have to pay for for
992s stuff you already have
994s um so not a bad idea to check out the
996s start page see what kind of discounts
998s you're getting maybe it's real quick
1000s yeah and for everyone saying nice for
1002s the 69 I know it's very nice yeah I was
1005s writing that up I was like I don't did
1007s our sales guy know I mean did he do it
1011s on purpose I don't think he should say
1013s anything I was like
1016s do you know what you did look I think
1019s everyone he's a man of the people yeah
1020s exactly that's it that's what I came up
1023s with you know it could have been 70 but
1026s uh 69 is just better
1028s I think even up to like 75 69 still
1033s better even though you'd get a better
1035s discount exactly oh you find the boss
1038s nice
1040s oh and by the way we are playing our U.S
1042s server so I am hiking uh if everything
1045s is deleted on my screen is because of
1047s that not because
1048s uh let's move just moved to us forehead
1053s the giveaways we did last time I think
1056s we had blamed the mouse
1061s oh yeah blame the server
1064s defense is setting up lots of excuses
1067s like I need to
1070s oh gosh
1073s some far-off shots
1079s okay
1081s let's kill this spider quickly
1085s traps as I do
1089s questions from us are from Mike and nzxp
1092s uh you can ask questions yeah and yeah
1095s we'll have funny answers for you
1102s have a great way of selling it then
1107s or if your team killed in the first
1110s three games uh probably yes okay but not
1114s intentionally team kill it's different
1117s are you already setting traps right now
1119s oh yeah okay as long as you say my bad
1122s it's all that's all that matters
1131s you're still Hawaiian
1137s I'm over here
1141s yeah the spider's so annoying yeah
1145s she's slippery
1148s isn't it the heat actually
1150s technically but I think the entire
1153s Community kind of acknowledges that they
1157s call it a she even though in the Lord
1161s maybe I'll make sure of a lot of people
1163s actually
1168s oh uh northeast side like we company
1172s quickly
1175s got it
1179s over there more more East to Northeast
1183s oh butthole
1186s oh is it too
1188s nope
1190s one guy might be coming in bottom floor
1193s are you sure it's two teams
1197s okay so we uh
1202s why her one die
1206s I hear some shotguns
1208s yep uh North Side North Corner Let's uh
1212s let's keep uh watch out there was one
1214s guy in that crack
1217s foreign
1239s I see him right here he's back
1246s I saw him
1250s packed I want action
1253s here tag the sea light again I think
1256s everyone's getting to
1259s the action over there
1271s nice nice you killed her house they have
1274s a daughter of Decay I tagged her with a
1276s poison
1285s yeah
1287s are you suppression
1292s nice nice nice nice they're all done
1295s they're all dead They're All Dead
1297s I do anything
1304s so scary oh it's a penny shot shotgun
1306s too I wonder what happened to that other
1308s team if they cleared it all out I didn't
1310s hear three other deaths
1316s oh definitely a bounty I don't have the
1319s little glitch 72-72 okay so yeah
1325s oh we kind of won the first fight we got
1327s into
1332s uh one dead uh weird sister down here
1336s I'm trying to see if I can find the
1338s other bodies
1340s so if we know we need to be cautious
1342s yeah it was all over there yeah it was
1344s all over on this side I just kept
1346s getting a shotgun yeah there's a
1348s birthday there so I wonder if we'll find
1350s somebody with a shotgun too uh V
1353s someone asked if there's a new entrance
1355s to this player I I am not sure about
1357s this there but we've added a bunch of
1358s new entrances to a bunch of different
1360s locations
1362s so there's a lot of underground
1364s entrances now
1365s I believe First testimonial was still uh
1368s as released I don't think we would just
1371s listen too much yeah I think maybe you I
1373s mean a chapel
1375s which is similar looking yes Chapel on
1379s um
1384s no I trust you Mike I have poisons say I
1388s don't need it
1389s oh okay
1392s poison Sparks
1395s yeah they are live at the entrance in
1398s the like in the little the mountain like
1401s a slope
1407s yep
1411s I think that's the main entrance so
1416s oh actually no they are behind here yeah
1418s yeah they're like that there
1429s oh Mike's going in
1432s how close how close
1434s uh there oh uh
1440s ombre number
1442s I'm gonna decide Oh I thought you were
1445s running into Jesus
1452s still at the end of the bridge going up
1454s and down careful
1456s yeah
1459s let me adds here and it's getting really
1460s annoying
1464s because they are all there I wasted my
1467s side there
1474s oh I hit one nice there was a Sparks
1477s he's gonna be hurting for a little bit
1484s Closer Closer arm to the bridge download
1487s oh nice shot nice shot oh did you kill
1489s the uh yeah underneath the bridge I got
1492s okay nice
1495s uh white shirt at the end of the Left
1497s End of the bridge too
1501s she's moving a little bit right
1505s V can I just trigger the drops yet but
1507s they will be soon guys very soon
1517s uh watch the underneath the bridge to
1519s make sure they don't go for those
1521s funny is like hiding on the bridge and
1523s shooting through the cracks I mean we
1525s could try to push them a bit actually I
1526s think I I am trying to push the lady at
1528s the bridge see if you guys can keep her
1530s distracted I'm gonna also try to come
1533s with me
1539s they're coming up the back side of the
1541s Bank West Side
1545s one right there at that bridge yep
1547s there's two more on this west side
1549s but it's hiding behind the Cars right
1552s here no
1555s no they're way further west dang 20
1559s meters even more to my West on the road
1562s ster
1570s oh okay but I cannot see
1577s you got this mic oh God oh God oh did
1581s you just explode
1583s yeah the Springfield explosive ammo oh
1586s geez we all got taken out with one
1589s headshot yeah she got killed by the
1591s daughter of Decay 2 bets uh uh no
1594s actually I I it was a ghost Dodge
1596s Precision by just a I think tier three
1598s yeah yeah they came up to our west side
1601s and uh we were too distracted by the guy
1604s on the
1605s what's it called the bridge and the
1607s giveaways on stream yes uh I think maybe
1608s we'll can I have the first one yeah
1610s right now speaking of daughter of Decay
1613s who who killed us I think we'll do a
1615s reap what you so giveaway
1622s uh if you do want to enter our giveaway
1624s you will need to be watching on our
1625s twitch chat
1626s make sure you're following us there at
1628s twitch.tv crytech and then we're going
1631s to have a keyword that you'll need to
1632s enter into the chat once you've entered
1635s it once you're good to go then we will
1637s pull winners you will have to stick
1639s around in chat and if your name is
1641s pulled we just have to get a quick
1642s message from you to make sure you're
1644s still around and then we'll send you
1646s whichever daughter of Decay key you'd
1648s like if that's on Playstation Xbox or
1650s Steam
1652s um I think we'll need a keyword though
1653s Mike do you wanna do you want to find a
1655s keyword for us
1657s oh makes deaf and so maybe once he is he
1661s will get us a keyword
1664s someone else about internship psychiatic
1666s I think in some cases we do offer
1668s internships but you may have to like
1670s sign up like for the specific uh case
1672s like a special case so I would say we're
1676s not going to be the best people to
1678s answer any sort of like hiring type
1680s information but if you do go to
1682s crytech.com career at the very towards
1686s the bottom of that page we have a bunch
1688s of our recruiters and you can contact
1690s them directly with any questions like
1692s internships or
1695s um you know different positions that may
1696s or may not be open on there
1701s all right what are we running this game
1703s Dempsey
1710s okay that's right but I'm gonna prestige
1712s after this game though
1714s nice
1722s yeah we also have a bunch of job
1723s openings actually at crytek right now so
1726s if you are interested in working at cry
1728s attack on hunt or other projects just
1730s check out our website and there's a
1732s bunch of info there and you can apply it
1734s directly from our website crytech.com
1736s career
1739s um and if you check out the crytek
1740s social media we also do some posts where
1743s we promote some open positions we have
1745s in the company
1750s Benz guess who's back
1754s oh nice busy okay
1758s you're cool your clothes covered it's
1760s like
1761s that's part of it it's a camouflage all
1764s right do you have like uh
1765s apparently I missed an uh or in the
1768s title in stream
1770s Maybe
1775s stop they forget all you do have it oh I
1778s don't have restream so I could fix
1779s twitch easily
1782s um
1782s let me do this okay I have an idea to
1786s fix it
1788s good borderless for a second
1792s and thank you for letting me know I'm
1794s it's you know it's a Friday night so I
1796s can't see that fall anymore
1799s I can't see that one
1801s uh hey Mike we're hoping to host a
1805s giveaway on the uh hunt Showdown uh side
1808s and we wanted a keyword from you
1815s I don't think you can hear me yet
1821s but the title is now
1824s fixed uh Dennis is still our game lead
1827s yeah um and you can catch him uh
1830s sometimes on our developer live streams
1833s where we go over more update focused
1834s stuff
1835s um or he has his own twitch that he
1837s streams hunt at um sometimes in German
1839s sometimes in English
1844s foreign and I think his uh twitch is
1848s Niles black soggy Sunday shows most my
1851s Katie's my kitty is actually I think
1852s 1.32
1854s to be very specific last time I checked
1857s this
1857s [Music]
1862s no information about lead roles in the
1865s hunt TV has been released so I think you
1868s might have heard is uh is just
1870s speculation or rumors
1874s uh will there be a chance for newer
1876s players to get stuff from previous
1877s events we have mentioned that a previous
1881s event legendaries may come back in the
1883s future during similar events but it's
1886s not set in stone for now so Billy story
1888s is coming back again
1890s um and may be tied with something that
1892s we teased on our social media about
1894s twitch drops just like his initial
1897s release
1898s but other event legendaries may or may
1901s not come back it's going to be handled
1903s on like you know a per event basis
1905s pretty much
1909s well uh I can't control my game
1916s bands what'd you do uh I just set it to
1918s full screen and the advanced on a wrong
1920s Monitor and now it's going right the
1922s right one I think
1924s oh it fixed itself nice
1932s I have been muted I'm not sure if some
1936s okay okay
1938s yay hey uh Mike do you want to pick a
1941s keyword for our giveaway on Twitch oh
1945s keyword
1949s okay pretty explosive ammo
1953s you heard Mike if you want to enter in
1956s for your chance at a reap what you sow
1958s DLC go ahead and type explosive into our
1961s twitch.tv cry tech chat if you happen to
1964s be watching us on Steam YouTube Facebook
1967s or anywhere else we will need to pop
1969s over the twitch if you want to enter
1970s into the giveaway uh that's where the
1972s bot is hosted through and we can
1974s actually private message people so other
1976s platforms don't give us the same
1978s opportunity to run uh giveaways like
1981s that uh make sure you stick around once
1983s you've entered but you do only have to
1984s type explosive and chat once and then
1986s you're good to go until we build winners
1991s foreign
2001s this is my favorite combo as Billy plus
2004s the cord waner uh officer carbine I
2007s think just the nice classy wood looks
2010s great
2011s with Billy so classy aesthetic classy so
2015s how are you guys doing the defense
2017s Ari on my
2020s um I think I have three levels left
2022s oh almost there I'm gonna get there I'm
2025s gonna push
2027s I'm not playing as much as I want to
2029s just because I've been busy with
2031s everything else but I will I will finish
2032s this thing don't worry I will get it you
2035s will okay
2037s yeah I think I got like four levels left
2039s oh okay I think you can do that easily
2046s I I finished it too early like two weeks
2048s ago went back home
2053s I think I did finish it like two weeks
2055s ago actually so
2057s and I yeah I don't know I wish I still
2059s have the event going on because you know
2060s like I kind of lost
2063s the need to like collections for me yeah
2065s I am
2077s what are your favorite achievements
2079s finished the event on day two oh wow how
2082s much did you play two days what
2086s but to be fair if you like actually like
2089s look for the snakes after you like let's
2090s say you have double bounties and you
2092s have like an empty map then you have
2093s like 40 minutes to look around or like
2095s 30 minutes then you can even collect
2096s like a thousand points with the boosters
2098s in one game hey I mean even finishing
2101s yeah a kind of a regular type game I
2104s think we've come out with a good 300
2107s points relatively easy yeah
2111s without like actually looking for uh
2113s yeah just by looking wherever the the
2116s compounds we went to and getting some
2119s kills
2120s there's someone named chats are using
2122s find me first for 10 percent extra boost
2124s that's very important uh that is a trade
2127s that you can buy for 10 upgrade points
2129s that gives you 10 percent increase to
2131s the Snipes or even points
2134s and Ari what else can you actually boost
2137s the event point
2139s sure we have Sherry's contracts that you
2141s can find in the event tab of the game
2145s right now they come in all different
2147s types of time that'll give you uh up to
2150s a 50 bonus on your event points plus a
2154s range boost and then you can also equip
2157s one of many legendary Hunters that
2160s happen to be tied into the event that
2162s will give you another uh bonus 10 points
2165s and three meters of range just for
2168s playing with them some of them are uh
2170s Hail Mary uh witch hunter
2174s machines and daughter because
2178s you can pick up nights here and uh Hail
2181s Mary both for uh just blood Bonds in
2184s game and then the other three you can
2186s pick up for DLCs
2188s and then for those DLCs we actually have
2190s a serpent Moon bundle going on where you
2193s can get all three of those DLCs for a
2195s pretty discounted rate I think it was
2197s somewhere around 30 to 40 percent right
2199s now off on Steam if you're interested in
2202s picking all of them up
2204s nice
2206s or with all the info drops and yes the
2208s boss is right here so
2210s where they at fence
2212s already at though I'm gonna shoot out
2214s the window
2215s okay
2217s oh it's uh like a marksman hey we're out
2221s of here come on Mike
2224s we're leaving I'm jumping around well a
2227s good thing I shut out the window though
2228s he was right there
2232s uh I I have an uppercut
2235s I have an uppercut as well I may be
2237s recipe if you like hide behind some
2239s cover oh I don't know
2244s foreign
2255s okay I just saw one on this south facing
2259s window oh yeah I put a pink but I'm not
2261s gonna keep it too much oh
2264s more people let's go for this go for
2266s this they're distracted
2268s or maybe like uh our cover the window
2270s until yep yep yeah I'm watching
2273s oh very good thank you there's an
2275s emulator out here with the rescue girl
2277s so uh crown and king killed one of them
2280s uh top floor
2284s window again right most window at the
2287s top I traded with him I'm a good Razz
2289s I'm a good rest I'm coming
2292s uh if you just use the tower he's dead
2294s but he might get rest in the top right
2296s window
2299s you mean like on the right side or on
2302s the front side there was one person in
2304s there too but knowing that on the side
2305s you were looking at
2307s thank you thank you
2309s oh my God I'm so sorry
2312s I'm so sorry I thought I killed a zombie
2314s that's okay okay
2319s no Hive please please
2327s oh there so the dead guy was uh in in
2331s this window
2333s all the grunts are coming for you
2335s okay another one died North outside of
2338s the main building
2342s tagged him on the North Corner moving on
2346s here
2349s I missed my shot he's still peeking
2351s though he's peeking that planet
2353s right at the edge
2355s yep
2358s shooting at me I don't see he's shooting
2361s at me
2362s uh there's one right here
2368s that's the sniper if there's something
2370s there right
2371s no no uh the sniper had no that one that
2374s killed Mike right in the game
2379s whenever he was
2391s oh gosh he's still out there
2396s he died actually someone died yeah that
2398s was the first guy the guy
2400s I think he died but where was the fire
2404s dropped away
2407s I think from Northeast
2409s oh he's just running across here yeah I
2412s think that's the guy I'm just gonna set
2414s the barrel off for the Terrace
2421s tagged him once on the right side of
2423s that
2424s he's tagged with leopard he just jumped
2426s back in healing
2434s oh I killed one there's still a white
2436s shirt in there Mike
2438s not tagged at all he's gonna be going
2439s through the rest so just push him yeah
2441s go and go he's gonna get the rest
2447s foreign
2452s [Music]
2456s [Applause]
2459s above you
2461s you can't get through that nice
2467s that was not the way she killed me
2469s there's another white shirt one's coming
2472s I think that's one left to be honest
2474s that was pretty nice Mike yeah I think
2476s there are two in the boss compound at
2478s least
2479s oh God
2482s so there's one outside of the fence to
2485s uh
2485s uh North sorry oh that was the outside
2488s of the fence yes yeah okay I'm closing
2490s this door
2493s Mike is really good actually
2498s I'm okay
2499s you guys better
2502s Mike is going off yes last time Mike
2504s popped the fun game like crazy I will
2507s never forget that
2509s I'm worried if someone's inside but I
2511s really want to get this spell
2512s [ __ ] it we're doing it
2516s it's just it's just that one that's one
2518s guy
2520s nice he's at the East now East Side
2530s I think you're distracting and I can get
2531s bent up don't shoot me through the fence
2533s you bet
2534s amazing
2536s yeah no you're the best
2539s give me a ping if you see him
2542s foreign
2554s oh it's the researcher I think he's
2555s already been knocked he's the one I
2557s traded with
2563s uh yes I do
2565s yeah
2569s it's back there
2575s attacked him he's breathing
2578s I don't see him yet
2580s okay nice nice size everyone great
2585s clutch
2587s you killed uh three of them
2590s yeah
2592s I got really worried yeah there's
2595s another team how is this not the whole
2598s map
2599s all right no one around us for now so
2601s we're good we have a bounty right or an
2604s extract right here yeah I have 75 health
2607s clubs
2607s [Music]
2609s that one bar babe
2613s it's okay that all of the rest is real
2616s so thanks to you so okay I have no ill
2619s will towards you easy
2627s bench you didn't proceed yet right no no
2630s photo fridges okay
2636s I'm surprised they didn't even hear
2637s after getting a bleeding shot
2640s like he was just fighting
2644s fight through the pain
2647s truly I only have three snakes but let's
2650s burn it
2651s I have 11.
2658s oh I'm not actually using filters I just
2660s have the Nvidia Vibrance uh digital
2663s Vibrance to turn to 65 percent to be
2666s exactly
2674s uh
2675s you guys do you guys know I am zero I
2679s got to 100 and saved
2682s oh dang yeah uh Ben says it's gonna be
2685s 30. yeah
2687s dang yeah
2690s uh someone's asking for giveaway results
2692s yeah normally we pulled the giveaway
2694s winners in between the matches just
2695s because uh during matches it's a little
2697s bit too hectic
2699s um and we will probably pull them after
2702s this extract so if you haven't already
2704s make sure you type explosive into our
2707s um twitch chat twitch.tv crytech if you
2710s want a chance to win
2712s um if you already typed it first time
2713s you don't need to type it again no
2715s problem uh it's only if you haven't
2717s typed it before typing it more times
2719s doesn't help your chances at all
2722s foreign
2724s we have seen a comment or two about the
2727s South American servers we made a small
2729s update I think towards
2732s um the middle of this week if you check
2735s out our uh Twitter and Discord and stuff
2738s regarding them that we're looking into
2740s it and
2743s I don't know if we have any other info
2744s yet but it's definitely something that
2746s is being investigated and we hope to be
2749s resolved very soon and hopefully you can
2751s already see some improvements so uh if
2754s you are from sa please do let us know if
2756s you are having issues still or if it's
2758s better because we need all the info
2760s right now
2763s um this explosive giveaway is for a
2765s reboot you so if you do want a chance to
2768s win a hunt based game key on Steam then
2771s make sure you check out the giveaway on
2772s NZXT side at twitch.tv NZXT they also
2777s have some steam gift cards and other
2779s stuff that Mike is giving away for all
2781s their lovely viewers
2783s and if you we have a multi-stream link
2786s too that will come up every so often
2789s where you can watch both cry Tech and
2791s n60 at the same time
2793s boo
2796s oh I pressed this and I instantly got a
2798s gun from Mr Cherry nice
2804s let's take the new Viper
2821s let me grab my perks and we're gonna
2823s pull out those winners
2825s oh uh I'm not in the lobby anymore for
2828s some reason so
2830s so let me invite you guys
2832s you got it
2856s I mean by someone else what is new to
2858s serpent Moon uh so there's a bunch of
2861s new things so first of all we have a
2863s brand new uh progression system called
2865s the Gilded path or basically a battle
2867s pass which is a premium and a regular
2870s track and you can unlock a bunch of
2872s rewards by progressing through the event
2874s and to do that you have to collect event
2876s points which you can do by collecting
2878s snakes that you have to burn in ovens to
2881s get a lot of event points or also by
2883s correcting Clues and just by you also
2887s get some a month and you just collect
2888s the snakes in general
2890s and you can actually steal the snake
2893s tokens or snakes from other players as
2894s well and burn their snakes as well for a
2896s lot of points so that's kind of new so
2899s in all boss compounds where the boss is
2901s located you will find these ovens and
2903s that's where you have to deliver the
2904s snakes and burn them
2908s and the Viper is uh our first evolving
2911s Hunter that's new with this event they
2914s have four different uh stages and I'm
2916s using the last one right now
2921s all right let's ready up and then uh
2923s pull our first winner uh which is gonna
2925s be korbach on Twitch if you give us a
2929s quick message let us know you're still
2930s around and we can get you a reap what
2933s you sell
2934s [Music]
2938s for everyone asking about new boss Meme
2940s and stuff like that suddenly we cannot
2941s say it yet uh same about Halloween we
2944s can say what's coming but
2946s uh these are always something uh some
2949s things that we are working on so uh as
2951s as we are getting closer to these we
2954s will share more information
2957s uh someone's asking about twitch drops
2959s Mr bentsy do we have any extra info
2961s quite yet
2962s well uh we haven't really said anything
2965s officially yet but uh you know we did
2969s put it out that uh he is back uh and we
2972s decided that Billy story is coming back
2973s this year and if you put one-on-one
2975s together then maybe you can figure some
2978s stuff out but yeah
2980s nothing nothing
2983s buddy I just wait a bit and also on that
2986s picture there's something else that's
2987s pretty interesting and you I don't know
2988s if you noticed uh yeah
2991s I didn't just hint fit my camera or
2993s anything if you're watching so
3000s um I don't believe we've seen korbach
3002s and chat Let's uh give it another 10 15
3004s seconds or so corbach to give us a quick
3006s message or we will have to pull a new
3008s winner
3019s let's get this let's go last time you
3023s popped off Mike to be honest yeah well
3026s we'll see we'll see how we're gonna do
3027s especially the guy in the room
3032s yeah you did that was a great shot on
3035s the guy in there yeah I was like I was
3036s like where the heck is this guy you're
3037s like a buff I look I'm like oh he's
3038s right above
3041s do I do it all right okay
3048s there's a bridge
3050s [Applause]
3055s not like this oh and we team East
3063s yeah
3069s You Dropped a torch I was immediately
3073s shot when I looked at the other entrance
3075s I need to farm my business anyways
3077s perfect
3077s [Music]
3079s but
3080s somebody's right at the corner already
3083s two of them actually
3085s yeah I'm gonna wait till they're fishing
3088s I'm a shotgun oh God
3098s they're inside the building inside now
3105s foreign
3114s jeez I tagged her once but she has a
3117s specter compact with slugs
3120s okay
3123s yeah she's right at that corner
3128s that's one of the Specter
3130s I'm coming
3134s you could be a decent husband I think
3136s there's still one up top
3141s around yeah
3146s oh you got it
3150s nice let's go
3156s get him
3161s oh great clutch again
3168s there's a health kick here if anyone
3169s needs it
3171s oh
3175s my clutches yeah I think that's gonna be
3177s today's story actually
3183s I saw him running at me with his uh I
3185s saw him running at me with the knife I
3186s was like oh God please no please no
3188s please
3189s the pressure
3190s inspector and or sorry he had Romero an
3194s inspector compact as secondary I don't
3197s know if I've ever seen that
3204s Marcus
3209s I wish
3212s oh
3213s yeah let's see
3223s [Applause]
3228s oh the higher
3231s in the air
3235s uh corbach checked your uh Whispers on
3239s Twitch we sent you a quick message to
3242s sort out which code we need to get you
3243s and then we'll pull our next one
3247s huh
3252s next up is Cade gel cells
3258s uh if you're in chat give us a quick
3260s heads up so we can contact you about
3262s your friends
3265s yesterday's giveaways uh on both fancy
3268s examples
3271s so make sure to check both out and you
3273s can win a hunky keys for the base game
3276s and that's the exit slide as well as
3278s some steam gift cards
3280s and on our side you can win some of the
3282s newest DLCs
3285s uh right now we're giving away reap what
3288s you said which even offers an event
3290s boost during serpent Moon so good way if
3292s you need to get out those last few
3294s points
3297s uh still looking for K gels cells if
3300s you're in chat
3306s all right how do they sign up to your
3308s giveaway mic on the ncsd site someone
3311s else uh basically there is if you type
3314s in exclamation point hunt
3316s um or actually exclamation point
3318s giveaway in my chat uh basically you
3320s should be able to uh sign up for The
3322s Gleam uh there are a ton of different
3324s entries on it basically from retweeting
3326s our stuff following Pride Tech punch
3328s Showdown or NZXT uh there's also if you
3332s guys stick around to the end there is a
3333s secret code that gives you inside well
3337s 10 or 100 entries it gives you 500
3340s entries it's for those that stick around
3342s sorry
3344s let's get it I've been shot
3349s uh in Arden second floor top right
3352s window is at least one of them gotcha
3355s um and then I kind of feel like I hear
3357s someone on the face
3359s impression is uh
3364s one's on the one's on the second floor
3382s oh I got shot
3391s in the window still uh I may be able to
3394s get you here I may be able to depression
3397s is down low now and she's uh
3400s tagged with one poison
3403s I'm alive
3404s oh yeah yeah they rest uh depression
3407s these are the best ones so at least one
3409s of them
3411s good night
3414s they're pushing me guys I need
3416s assistance okay
3422s now
3424s are you kidding me
3426s she got me
3431s [Music]
3436s um
3446s well anyway you uh really did carry the
3449s first fight my kid was great
3453s uh we unfortunately KJ cells was not in
3457s chat so we pulled the new winner
3459s um they are in chat and uh that's as
3462s much acknowledgment as I give them and
3465s then we'll pull the next one
3468s oh I'm worried
3477s uh uh oh
3485s um daggins bits if you're in chat uh
3489s give us a quick message
3498s foreign
3523s [Music]
3525s foreign
3550s why are you guys making this hard for me
3552s it's it literally is just like nine
3554s numbers all put together it's zero nine
3557s three five three six 576 yeah how do you
3560s how do you remember these I I never
3562s understood how people have these type of
3564s uh how do you like go to like log in you
3568s know and you have to like put in a phone
3569s number
3570s I've had friends with like emails how to
3573s be like you know their name zero three
3575s four five six seven it's like
3578s like 10 digits and I'm like how do you
3580s remember this like no it's not no no
3582s it's not a phone number it is a random
3585s assortment of numbers that they
3587s basically said no it's just a random
3588s numbers and you just remember it I don't
3591s understand why what what what what dude
3593s are mine I think my password is like 25
3595s characters of random numbers I left hers
3597s that I know by her upper and lower case
3601s uh that's a Wi-Fi password when I was
3604s young and I've always used it since
3607s we have a bunch of different people
3609s typing exclamation point giveaway and
3611s the hunt Showdown chat or the crytek
3613s chat that's not actually going to do
3615s anything on our side our giveaways are
3617s all run through keywords and
3619s participation if you head over to
3621s twitch.tv NZXT though I think that
3624s exclamation point giveaway will uh give
3628s you the link that you need and uh the
3632s nightbot just gave us the multi-stream
3633s link is an easy way to get over to the
3635s ncxt channel
3638s yeah that's an issue that's an issue
3640s whenever you have two channels going at
3641s the same time is that like when you do
3643s on one everyone Types on one like when
3645s you guys said to type explosive people
3647s in my chat start typing it like oh
3653s yes excellent point get weight in mine
3655s and the NZXT ones but for hunts is
3658s explosions
3662s can be lots of numbers just not
3664s responded yet so let's try at least one
3667s more before we get this two into this
3669s game uh looking for uh you can just you
3672s just give me the code you know oh yeah
3673s okay that's your alternate twitch right
3676s yeah yeah that's fine sorry guys I'm
3678s just a little busy
3682s silent Rogue is here cool uh that will
3684s be probably all we do for that set of
3686s giveaways but we'll keep doing more
3688s during the stream we'll just pick a new
3690s keywords
3698s and then I will get you guys those codes
3702s probably in between this match and the
3704s next one
3706s Mike I actually seen a question for uh
3708s for you in the chat in the middle of
3710s like spamming explosive someone else
3712s what other games do you like other than
3713s hunt of course
3715s oh great question
3717s um I play a lot of different games like
3719s I'm honestly like I'm kind of one of
3722s those people that plays like almost
3723s anything like I don't just stick to one
3725s game uh I play from anything from
3728s Valerian League to like indie games
3731s uh single player games Nintendo games
3734s everything everything and anything you
3736s think of I pretty much have played it
3738s um so if you ever catch me on it please
3741s be kind I'm not good
3743s the best I do the exact same things
3746s there's sometimes I play a game for like
3748s 15 minutes and I never played second
3749s though like but I play a lot of
3751s different games mm-hmm like I I I love a
3755s lot of different games and I'm a big
3756s like um I'm a huge uh single player
3760s Indie person so like I love these single
3762s player games but like none of I can't
3764s play with friends so majority of time I
3765s want to like play with people that I
3767s know uh but like I love single player
3770s games so much yeah
3773s oh my God you don't get me started Copic
3776s I love Club Penguin
3784s I think I
3787s probably had like almost a thousand
3789s hours in there oh my God okay I did it
3792s like a death much but
3796s my favorite favorite game of all time I
3800s uh when they did the there's like the
3801s karate one oh my God it was over that
3806s one resonated
3809s uh all I remember is the dance floor and
3811s taking my little penguin and making them
3813s just oh 360s
3816s dude I used to make a Club Penguin music
3818s videos oh my God that was the start of
3821s me uh getting into video editing but so
3823s I look back at it I'm like it's so
3825s cringe
3827s like when I was younger I was uh
3829s creating like World of Warcraft Arena
3831s montages and with Movie Maker
3834s that's how I started making videos it
3837s was uh super cringe but it was like this
3839s old metal music Still the best
3841s I did some Minecraft music videos in my
3845s early days nice
3847s no it was bad
3851s favorite game of Aryan bansa sorry uh
3855s top window
3856s that's a good game
3859s tagged once uh Viper low level tagged
3863s again or two out there yo stop
3867s I died
3870s let's get an explosive up there if I can
3873s I'm gonna get on the roof over here
3879s all right let's see if I can
3883s oh be careful
3887s then actually this the sight line does
3889s not work
3892s foreign
3924s that's the person yeah
3931s I gotta jump scared nice beautiful
3937s oh my God
3941s shade pistol yeah
3948s a nice headshot by the way on the first
3951s thank you I wish I coulda
3953s I mean no one expected that
3959s sorry the female Hunter was down once uh
3962s and the black coat one was
3972s hedge in my bets
3982s uh yeah and one has the Champions
3984s together has a specter
3990s no customer
4000s yeah I killed her but
4002s it didn't matter I traded with her and
4004s her partner it was already still up so
4010s what's your favorite game though
4012s you thought
4014s I don't know Hunt's up there for sure
4018s Hunt is definitely my favorite shooter
4020s actually I think
4021s it's just a game that got me into
4023s Futures in general
4026s like multiplayer Shooters like this
4034s but I think in my favorite game of all
4036s time would have to be word of Warcraft
4038s Just because I played it so much
4040s World of Warcraft yeah
4043s I played a lot of Destiny
4046s I like Destiny a lot
4048s um
4050s it's a really hard one I don't know
4052s but my favorite reasons on the game is
4054s uh
4055s uh Alden ring definitely
4060s oh no I take it back my favorite game is
4063s Joe and Mack caveman Ninja on uh SNES
4071s caveman Ninja
4073s uh yes there are two people in the title
4076s and it's still called caveman ninja
4078s singular
4080s um it's about a pair of prehistoric
4082s Brothers you know who are cavemen ninja
4086s um you know they have bone boomerangs
4089s and uh clubs and uh they need to fight
4092s through the forest of small dinosaurs to
4096s rescue the sexy cave ladies
4100s um you know it's very very common
4102s concept that's been done a lot but uh
4104s you should check out Joe and Matt
4107s caveman ninja that's fantastic
4110s interesting interesting this is a choice
4112s for sure I think at least there's like
4115s two of them and at least one of them is
4116s on the uh like Nintendo switch at SNES
4120s like library that you get if you have a
4124s Nintendo premium or whatever
4133s someone said it's coming back this year
4134s actually John McCain
4138s yes probably probably the third one they
4141s waited a casual 20 years
4148s it's a tough question I I made the Rogue
4151s for a long time but I was a hunter and I
4153s can see that you're part of The Horde
4155s probably huh of course of course
4158s I have like one Ally character too
4160s though I don't know why I even asked
4163s I was a big fan of the undead for a long
4166s time so I only had on that characters
4168s but now I have a bunch different
4173s I guess excited for Modern Warfare 2.
4175s uh I played so much of the original and
4179s I don't know if I am that game was
4181s really I look back on it and I know it
4184s was a lot of fun but it was a really bad
4186s community and I wonder if that's gonna
4188s come back
4190s [Music]
4194s um
4196s I I was super hyped for the Call of Duty
4198s 4 remake and then I think that one kind
4200s of fell on its face
4202s and so I kind of have like similar
4205s expectations unfortunately so we'll see
4210s how about you you you're excited
4213s yeah I was Modern Warfare 2 was like my
4216s favorite college so I'm just like the
4217s chance to play it again it's I know it's
4219s very different but I I'm I'm excited for
4221s it so we'll see how it works
4224s um yeah soggy sandwich kind of made a
4226s [ __ ] comedy is kind of toxic but like
4229s you know as long as you play as friends
4231s this should be okay like I I shouldn't
4233s have too much of an issue with that yeah
4235s yeah about the friends they haven't done
4239s a world at war remake yet have they
4241s no they haven't
4245s they've done a World War II one but not
4247s a
4249s yeah they they've only done World War
4250s Two one night World at War I just
4253s remember playing so much zombies
4255s oh my God zombies
4263s let's see what was your favorite what
4264s was your favorite weapon you know like
4266s the the Ultimate Weapon there's like the
4267s thunder gun the wonder waffle what was
4269s your what was your favorite oh I was
4271s just a ray gun I just loved it no ah ray
4274s gun okay yeah basic
4277s raygun and then uh I think it's it's at
4280s the M40 the one that you side load
4282s submachine gun
4283s uh
4284s uh side load
4286s it's like a German it's like a silver
4289s too isn't it like the type type
4291s something type one for type 40 or
4293s something maybe like you showed it like
4295s that I love how you guys are just
4297s nerding guys over because
4299s [Music]
4300s I'm just like listening
4303s that's great
4308s MP40 that's what it is
4316s it's so funny to think back on how many
4319s hours I spent because like training
4321s zombies not like oh my God training them
4323s to do like running them in a train yeah
4326s I was I was a TR I was a training person
4329s uh in my group so like I would go train
4332s and they would all like sit in the
4334s corner and do something congrats
4335s inventing away and I was always a
4337s trainer so once you once you learn how
4339s to train it's just it's just embedding
4341s it to you
4348s uh you cannot do a train with uh with
4353s the grunts and Hunt that's something I
4354s learned very early on and I got super
4356s upset about
4358s they're too fast they catch up with you
4361s oh my gosh and they don't want that
4363s crawling too
4366s oh yeah the ankle biters
4369s I can be shooting it
4373s Fighters
4377s your soul versus
4379s Solo versus Trio
4382s I have less than half a dozen times in
4385s my life and I just got so anxious the
4388s entire time I feel like my heart's gonna
4390s jump out of my chest
4392s yeah I mean it's uh you uh something
4394s which I asked if you can uh solo his
4397s Trio but like I don't know I don't think
4399s I'm that skilled enough but it's a Dewey
4401s that like you're you're always at an
4403s upward battle no matter what so if you
4405s can't do that heck yeah well the thing
4407s is a lot of like comic graders do that
4409s yeah when you play like Souls versus
4411s trios matchmaking caps here a bit uh to
4414s like you know like try to balance it uh
4417s you also get an underdog bonus exactly
4420s so you get higher reverse so it's like
4422s higher risk High reward kinda wow well
4426s I'm too much of a wimp yeah it's like oh
4429s just people here people here ah tell
4431s them to piss off
4432s okay it did not seem like they took your
4435s comments well they're not like us
4437s yelling that oh
4448s silencer he's tagged once
4455s our environment was the guy to your
4457s buddy uh he was just around the
4459s mausoleum area by that wall yep right
4461s there
4463s Pence
4466s he's uh nice you get him
4469s nice uh is that is that all
4472s no there should be one more but uh I can
4474s resolute
4479s nice nice Marketplace great job thank
4482s you thank you is that all right it's
4485s just two this [ __ ] could be one more
4489s oh you wink
4492s are you awake I like the like the delays
4496s with the pings are so weird I'm so not
4497s used to it
4499s uh does anyone have a lantern or
4501s anything no there might be some down low
4503s though there's often a lot of
4505s consumables down here there could be
4508s enemies too yeah clue isn't glowing but
4510s I don't know if they just run away but I
4512s think it's just two that's
4514s could be many options that's one of the
4516s things I love about Hunt is there's like
4518s no certainty behind like kills and no
4521s there's another there's another
4523s frag he frag download he's on the west
4525s side
4526s try to burn his friend
4529s and try to throw a choke just so we know
4531s yeah burn his freaking friend where's
4534s the thread
4535s yeah screw you
4537s yeah mess him up
4546s do you see him yeah
4549s relax here okay oh my God I was not
4552s looking that way oh that was bad
4558s YOLO oh he's running he's running that
4562s way he's running that way
4567s oh running away come back here
4573s got her nice nice
4581s Mike so many kills today it's going
4584s crazy on it right now right now
4589s I'm also using uh things that I don't
4591s usually use and honestly I'm feeling it
4593s like I usually never use quartermaster
4595s because I always like to have like one
4596s big one and use like the extra perk
4598s points for like another but I'm not I'm
4600s using this so I'm like honestly I'm I'm
4602s bonding with it I'm loving with it
4604s you're doing really good so it's working
4607s out
4609s there have been times where I've uh
4610s picked up a weapon that like I never
4613s used just from a dead body or something
4614s and I'm like this is amazing why I've
4616s been up in these for like 400 hours
4619s yeah that's something that I I've also
4622s like for those that never played this
4623s before that is one thing that I love
4625s about it is that you could play with one
4626s weapon get really really good at it then
4628s go you know I should probably something
4630s else you try something else and you go
4631s oh my God I'm in love with this and then
4632s you just use that for the next like 200
4634s levels oh it's worse when you're like oh
4636s my gosh this is just better than the
4638s other thing yeah you're like what if I
4640s haven't released this before
4643s but what's your guys's favorite Loadout
4645s creepy fish in my ass what's your guys's
4646s favorite Loadout to run for me either
4648s double upper cuff like two single
4651s uppercuts or a Sparks uppercut
4654s we're going to Ranch uh mine is Officer
4658s Nagant carbine with poison Elmo and then
4661s an upper cup uppercut on the side
4667s uh I don't know the uh Nagant just gives
4670s you good good early power and then the
4672s uppercut just turns into like trying to
4674s go for headshots at range
4678s yeah I think I I think I I don't know
4679s why I know the technically the
4683s um Cobble conversion with FMJ is
4685s basically the uppercut but the uppercut
4687s like shooting and reload just makes me
4689s like play better because instead of like
4691s shooting like multiple times I shoot
4694s once and like relocate and then shoot
4696s again so I don't know why the uppercut
4698s just forces me to do it and it also
4700s feels like my punch here I don't know it
4702s so it just feels better to me as well
4703s yeah yeah I have more confidence with it
4706s like going at walls and stuff
4708s but
4709s like yeah the normal conversion feels a
4712s bit like a BB gun like I don't know like
4713s like a plastic uppercut
4716s but I know that the FMJ is basically
4718s very similar
4726s uh favorite skins guys someone asked all
4728s of us
4730s oh favorite skins uppercut the snake
4732s guys is my favorite I absolutely love
4734s the poker chip on the uh
4739s a little bit of purple on it too which I
4741s love you can't beat pork rinds it's the
4745s best skins right there yeah
4748s um I think if it's any legendaries I'm
4751s still such a sucker for the legendary
4754s Precision I think it's Polar Star as the
4758s uh the nautical like maps and stuff on
4761s the hilt of the weapon oh in the stock
4764s uh I never use that weapon like I I only
4767s use it when I'm very broke or trying
4770s like to get XP for it for the book but
4773s if you go into the 3D view on that
4775s weapon and just look at all the cool
4777s designs that we were able to put on it
4778s like I'm about it
4782s foreign
4784s ER I never know how to pronounce the
4787s name but the the upper casket like the
4789s broken heart
4791s yeah okay I'm gonna say camera slight
4793s Moon and uh and uh actually the new
4796s Winfield skin with the bartender uh I
4799s think it's called the red Martin yep it
4802s just looks so good in game I really like
4803s it for some reason I don't know so maybe
4806s those three actually
4810s and what about legendary Hunters
4813s oh I also have to say as just like an
4817s honorable mention I think it's wolf
4819s Spain the LaBelle oh yeah that we just
4821s came out with that has those little cute
4823s uh purple flowers on it
4829s uh poison bomb up there might have been
4831s from a barrel
4836s it's beautiful it's actually
4837s or is it just it is yeah
4843s I just don't like the label that's
4845s that's the problem
4847s big snake oven
4849s must get points
4857s it looks like we're clearing here
4862s through here through here through here
4865s outside door
4868s oh my God
4874s one more
4876s oh he's like he's here he's here
4879s he's on the roof right
4881s yeah tagged him once
4883s he's moving he's moving he's coming down
4886s he's in in between
4888s what the heck are you
4890s I'm going for him I'm gonna poke him I'm
4892s gonna poke him nice oh nice
4895s nice he's dead
4898s nice nice nice
4900s that's the birthday uh silence Winnie
4904s out here
4905s okay
4908s and the next giveaway will be after this
4910s game
4913s sir
4918s I can't remember the last time I've
4920s gotten a Sabers uh saber kill so often I
4923s just use it to uh to kill AI the saber
4926s is actually really nice because it was
4928s like a Long Creek oh I think that guy uh
4931s the first guy we killed right here I
4934s think his slugs betrayed him because it
4936s had such a smaller spread he couldn't
4938s kill me while I was pushing him
4942s foreign
4962s I think that was just them killing the
4964s spider because because it died pretty
4966s soon after that could be
4971s what are your guys favorite bosses
4973s someone else
4977s mine would be probably Scrappy okay I
4981s think it's got to be butcher he's just
4983s so thick and glorious
4985s butcher is the easiest tequila I would
4987s say
4988s it's not about how easy they are to kill
4990s okay it's just how you know pleasing
4992s they are must have
4999s come yes to kill
5002s oh
5004s he's still a monster but he's a cute
5006s monster
5009s I feel like you're just subscribing me
5011s to myself
5017s I actually don't hate the spider that
5019s much like I hate the Assassin the most
5021s if I have to fight them oh the first
5024s time I saw the spider though in game I
5027s kind of got scared
5029s like
5030s just having a mild panic attack
5032s [Music]
5037s thank you
5038s I think the first time I tried to kill
5040s the spider I like went through all of my
5042s windshield ammo
5043s um I went through all my [ __ ] ammo I
5045s didn't know you could pick up stuff from
5047s around the world so I had I didn't think
5051s and then I think I probably died because
5052s I was making so much noise
5056s it was in pre-alpha and I loaded it into
5059s a night map instantly I had no idea
5061s what's going on and I was so scared it
5063s was so scary just the noises around like
5066s oh my God
5067s same experience
5072s you know it you said like first few
5074s times they played it would take me you
5077s know five ten minutes to get through
5078s each compounds you know like uh in the
5081s beginning the hunt was the only game
5082s that really made me like shake after
5084s playing like yeah oh I still Shake I've
5087s had 400 hours in the game and I still
5089s get so stupid
5091s yeah that's a crazy feeling actually
5094s from a game like
5095s yeah of course I think if I played solo
5099s still I would be also still shaking by
5101s like the other theme song
5102s it's more chill
5106s yes you do need a five head for this
5109s game you can you can't unga Booga run it
5111s but sometimes it is
5115s a little bit
5120s oh
5122s God
5124s DG's great game oh this heck of a game
5132s here Mike this one's for you
5141s there's no drops today but you know
5143s maybe soon
5145s uh you'll just have to find out why
5147s would you say that but maybe
5154s um well let's go ahead and start our
5156s next uh huntside giveaway so for anyone
5158s watching in twitch.tv slash crytek our
5162s next keyword is gonna be mic mode
5168s that's just because he's just killing it
5170s today
5171s I know I'm feeling good question for
5173s Mike what's your favorite NZXT case uh
5176s H7 flow is my favorite case because it's
5178s like one of the most fun uh it's it's
5181s the best performance and it's also like
5183s a big big case
5186s um so it's one of my favorites
5189s if you want a chance to win a reap what
5191s you sow uh DLC on any platform type mic
5194s mode into twitch.tv
5198s and next time you're on Hunt if you want
5200s to do well just go into your settings go
5202s to the mic mode turn it up to Max
5205s all right
5208s and you'll start doing great oh dang I
5210s do like your build a lot Mike the having
5213s a little Mosin that you can use at range
5215s yeah but then still having the full size
5217s uh Caldwell for like close up it's it
5220s feels great I think I might go yeah I
5222s was like trying it out and I'm like this
5224s is a does this feel it just feels good I
5227s was like I really like this
5234s yeah I wish I could have could loaders
5236s but I'm striking
5238s are you at a point where you've unlocked
5241s every trait that's available yeah no
5243s actually I couldn't put him one
5247s I'll miss one trade point
5256s someone just said the case is very
5258s pretty I agree it's beautiful
5261s but have you seen the Han Showdown case
5265s oh the hunt shot on case yeah yes
5269s [Music]
5270s chef's kiss that one it's the best one
5275s uh well uh we're reading Oreo I'm gonna
5277s go to the bathroom really quick
5281s all right let's trash talking while
5283s you're gone oh this is like uh he's just
5286s such a great co-worker it's in Fury I
5289s love this man so much I hate how much I
5292s like him
5293s one of my closest friends for five years
5295s how dare he
5297s how dare use the restroom
5304s uh someone asked what if I already have
5306s that DLC and I win can I have a
5307s different DLC
5309s um for this case no uh we're not doing
5311s any switches because then it will just
5313s get a lot more complex and we might not
5315s have codes for every DLC everybody wants
5317s or I might not have them currently
5319s available
5320s um so the best thing we hope to do is
5322s that if you win and you already have it
5323s either you can let us know and we can
5325s re-roll it or we more so prefer that you
5328s take that code and you go give it to a
5330s friend who you play hunt with and you're
5331s like oh you know I know they don't have
5333s this uh DLC and maybe they'll like it
5335s and just small little gift it didn't
5337s cost you anything a nice gesture to your
5340s friend what could be better
5359s foreign
5384s that's how you know when it's time to
5386s come back from the restroom I left my
5388s cat on the chair
5391s this is just watching this dance
5393s streaming yeah
5397s beautiful dance yeah
5400s category
5404s [Applause]
5410s what is the cat called that cat is
5411s called Bruce
5413s Brushy
5416s and my favorite hunt song is the one
5420s that features this
5423s ah which is all of them no it's only one
5427s that one specific one
5432s Mike do you have any pets
5437s with my roommate in college I had a cat
5439s but uh currently no I do I am a huge
5444s animal lover and I love love love love
5446s loves uh animals honestly I'm very pet
5449s deprived as it is uh so if anyone if you
5452s ever see me on the street somehow in
5454s Washington please
5456s show me a pet and I'll it doesn't even
5458s have to be a pet it could be an animal
5459s it doesn't have to be a pet I'll make
5461s friends
5464s if they're friend shaped
5467s why it's like if they're so dangerous
5469s why are they differentiating you know
5470s like I'm gonna
5473s see a bear Adam Jaguar pet him
5477s I would love to put a trigger they look
5479s very cute actually but uh a bit scary
5482s but
5483s worse yeah
5487s the mauling will be worth it
5489s Mike do you want to come to UK meet my
5491s horse you have a horse
5493s that's such a cool that's such a cool
5495s thing to say no no no no no no no you
5498s don't want to meet that horse
5499s you don't want to be that horse I know
5501s exactly what horse that one is you don't
5503s want to meet that one a horse's name is
5508s his name is ID and he's a butthole
5511s oh oh he's oh it's a bad horse
5517s he'll take you off and steal your
5518s savings
5528s [Applause]
5531s I should I should add like pets
5536s like a Hans can catch
5539s that just follows you around oh my gosh
5541s yeah
5546s or it's like a mini hellhound that just
5549s follows you
5551s know that would be so
5552s be so chilly I couldn't risk their lives
5554s though my hunter dying doesn't matter
5557s you know kill him take him but like my
5559s little kitty cat died oh yeah right
5564s so I'm gonna just be like come on we
5566s gotta push and be like I'm gonna stay
5567s back here
5568s I'm gonna hang out with this cat
5571s and yes I actually do have more I have
5573s another cat called Smokey as well
5576s who is sleeping right now behind me
5579s uh that's not for the team
5589s hot pets new DLC yes I I would be a
5593s hundred percent down for this
5598s so uh We've paused all work on a new map
5601s or new boxes and new weapons and we've
5603s put all of our development time into
5605s huntpads yes I don't think anyone will
5609s be uh bad about that we gotta feed them
5612s and rub their tummy it's like a
5614s Tamagotchi
5620s can you pet these animals we'll need
5623s we'll need to make sure that you guys
5625s can't pet the cat or dog and uh oh yeah
5628s and Hunt show that you don't pet the
5629s dogs but they pet you
5633s the hell how does it attack you yeah
5639s oh a pet duck would be really funny
5641s actually hey sponges has a good point
5644s but he has a little pet duck or crow
5646s that just follows you around
5648s noises the whole time yeah I would I
5651s would 100 take the the extra sounds for
5654s it
5654s but I mean like a home would be cool
5658s like you could just stand out and it's
5659s been like sniff out Hunter like loot or
5661s something
5665s all right or do we know where they're at
5668s in this area
5671s uh no
5674s uh oh do we think I might try to cut
5676s them off that wolf's head
5679s let's see yeah they're not moving too
5682s quick and only one picked up the bounty
5685s OH Soto
5689s there's crows right there
5699s no yeah
5703s oh uh up there
5707s uh are you decently
5711s I have necro I'm gonna see if I can
5714s trade her okay if you uh tell me when
5716s and I'll body block
5718s to be honest like in the last two weeks
5719s this is how I die every game
5723s I've been really unlucky
5726s okay okay uh Mike maybe you push further
5729s west to try to get behind some good
5730s cover got it and then I'm gonna start
5733s the necro on vents
5736s no no they're not gonna be watching it
5739s might shoot off some shots yep yep I'm
5741s shooting I'm shooting I'm turning around
5742s and I'm just basically it's about to
5744s come up
5748s [Music]
5750s oh they're on Benz now yeah they're on
5753s him Jesus yeah he died to something
5755s close huh yeah 20 meters
5759s please
5767s it's my last chunk by the way so if I
5769s get formed again then
5774s God
5776s oh there's two out here they're not
5778s following me
5780s okay three three
5782s I'm coming
5789s are you on the opposite side
5792s foreign
5798s I've tagged all of them at least once
5802s they're throwing their things off
5807s the president was the one that killed me
5809s without bornheim yeah that's on fire
5811s exactly but it's a bornheim medium
5818s nice nice good cover good covered the
5821s last one is down by bent but he's gonna
5823s die
5824s uh I have Kobe
5827s like 30 Health left
5831s nice we got him there we go yeah
5835s nice all right one more shot
5838s he rests your ass on the left
5841s oh God oh God uh on emulator I'm killing
5844s emulator
5851s I don't want to keep hold him off hold
5854s on hey man
5863s and she's been down
5869s no way that killed me
5875s she has a pornheim and that's all I've
5877s seen
5879s and it's another team to your East I
5881s think
5885s she's trying to ride right oh Heroes oh
5888s God oh God oh God
5893s though
5899s yep
5912s everything
5914s I'm gonna pick up this guy's weapon real
5916s quick
5928s they're coming to you
5936s oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God oh
5938s God
5939s you got this Mike Mike mode activated
5947s all that side okay
5955s do this
5963s they're smoothing myself to let my
5965s clutch
5970s I did not too much in that fight to be
5972s to be honest with you I was just that
5974s like right away
5987s [Music]
5990s [Applause]
5992s oh
6003s it's a good try my heart yeah
6008s that enemy team though like the third
6010s team just like killed of other teams so
6013s quickly
6014s they just died in one like five seconds
6018s yeah yeah they just came in cleaned it
6021s up no problem I did nothing in that I
6024s just died before the fight even started
6026s I you got rest
6028s and then I died right away
6033s oh that would be black is it my chat how
6035s you doing
6036s in Coalition gaming okay
6044s my heart
6046s oh you did really well actually
6050s I tried
6051s oh my game's plugged
6053s can't see this one
6065s I actually really like that Loadout that
6066s was a really fun loadout
6069s the
6073s thing yeah like the guy life uh like
6076s parkour shot uses of the wall yeah I was
6079s like okay I kind of got stunned on yeah
6081s I will admit I did get stunned on
6085s kind of crazy actually
6088s this is a uh one of your last chances
6091s right for right now to enter in mic mode
6093s in twitch.tv for your chance at a reap
6096s what you so DLC
6099s uh someone asks when is the next DLC
6102s released uh we put out a teaser and you
6105s can wish list them now on Steam if you
6107s like them uh what's the name of the new
6110s DLC
6114s very cool this is very cool actually I
6117s think maybe it even shows the release
6119s date on Steam if you check already
6121s I think it shows an estimated release
6123s date but
6124s you know we don't we don't have to
6127s listen to this
6131s The Next Step stream will also be coming
6134s shortly
6136s all right let's go ahead pull our first
6139s winner uh we're looking for that get
6141s gamer if you're in chat give us a quick
6144s message
6144s [Music]
6166s foreign
6184s do we have another battle pass after
6186s server Moon uh we haven't announced
6188s anything recording that yeah
6192s foreign
6207s camping mechanic drone we cannot say but
6211s uh keep guessing
6214s love to hear different theories though
6216s very fun yeah it is definitely something
6220s foreign
6231s [Music]
6235s I believe they had a uh concert tour
6239s going on in the U.S and uh we partnered
6243s with them for a few of the tour dates I
6244s believe we didn't go as far as a full
6247s Slipknot Hunter but uh we yeah we know
6251s of Slipknot that we all agree they're
6253s very cool
6254s oh my God can you imagine slip knot
6256s under it up he's so sick
6259s I wanted to go to one of those concerts
6261s that we were participating in but I
6262s think the closest one was uh in
6265s Montgomery or something and just would
6268s have been too much for just one concert
6281s the ground just broke
6284s that's some great stabbing Mike
6287s but
6291s hey you know what you're you're there
6292s for moral support and that's all we
6293s needed yeah it's supervising you know
6296s yeah yeah you know you just you're just
6297s making sure that I'm doing everything on
6299s time oh good stuff and good stuff
6304s I only have extra broken bottles to stop
6307s things with oh
6312s you really are on a budget huh
6314s [Music]
6316s always
6322s yeah
6327s why do I have hypingo it's just because
6330s uh I live in the EU and we are playing
6332s in the USB servers right now so it's uh
6335s good for everyone
6337s because Mike and Ari are more the best
6340s side because you're so kind
6342s I'm on who's taking one for the team
6345s yeah
6346s it was very unusual it's hard to get
6349s used to normally Ben says about four
6351s ping yeah
6355s I like the thing that it throws me off
6357s and I like lose something or interact
6359s with something because I like turn back
6361s or because I thought it didn't work but
6362s it actually just reacts like a second
6364s later
6366s I don't think I've ever had pain that
6368s well lingo is over everything myself is
6370s for like 20 or 30.
6378s that moon is not about werewolf but it
6381s is actually about a serpent serpent Moon
6384s um we did not hear from our first winner
6387s so we will re-roll uh the next one is
6390s gluten and ghosty I haven't seen him in
6392s chat for a second but they are a pair of
6394s hunt streamers hopefully they're still
6396s in here we can get them a reap what you
6398s sow code
6400s [Applause]
6404s and we're gonna pull more than one
6406s winner by the way anybody who's hanging
6408s out so
6417s I'm so scared to get hot shot from them
6420s again for my other meetings
6422s foreign
6424s oh come on gluten and go see please
6427s still be in chat
6432s oh uh upgrade points yum yum
6444s yeah I always end up being out of fun
6448s box towards the end of my prostitute and
6450s is the first thing
6453s all right
6455s I wish once I could uh enjoy being a
6458s rich home player but
6459s I mean again
6465s well I could but uh
6467s I like seeing the numbers go up you know
6469s oh people here oh my God
6473s oh my gosh oh my God I tagged him once
6480s red shirts attack bones too dead red
6483s shirt yellow is still somewhere
6488s oh I got him the last one's in the water
6490s myself
6493s I'm actually passing out oh my God hey
6495s wakey wakey wakey yep
6498s at the at the uh fish steak
6504s I was not paying attention no
6507s surprise sorry uh South 180. my heart
6511s rate is like 400. okay
6515s good job good Tech
6518s trying to get close
6525s tagged once more
6527s dead nice nice
6529s oh my God like Alicia looked into a
6531s corner under Hunter was just crouching
6533s in there with a shotgun in my face oh my
6535s God
6537s Hunter right here
6541s oh my God
6547s you guys just marked by them dude like
6549s oh yeah I think I dropped it over him I
6551s think I think
6553s foreign
6576s shots far in like Reeves Quarry I wonder
6580s if they're fighting there too
6582s I don't think gluten and ghosty are
6584s still around unfortunately so we'll have
6586s to pull another winner
6588s next one up is young Michael underscore
6592s if you're in Jacksonville
6597s that's his first account
6609s I think ambidextrix works for any dual
6611s wielded weapon
6614s um I think so the only exception might
6616s have been the Doge but I don't know I
6618s don't know
6622s foreign
6627s [Music]
6662s no no no no
6670s I think Young Michael's in chat either
6671s we'll have to go for that one
6674s uh gg-187.
6687s someone asked uh when are we gonna add
6690s cross play invite system uh we have not
6692s announced any plans for a flashlight
6694s invite system it's not that you don't
6697s want to do it it's just
6698s um it would take a lot of work and
6700s resources so it's not something that's
6702s currently like one of our top priorities
6704s uh gg-187 is in chat awesome
6709s keep an eye out on your Twitch Whispers
6711s And then we'll roll the next winner
6718s [Music]
6721s I think of the other team is already
6724s something like it
6727s how dare they
6730s yeah I want my health chamber I was
6739s I don't think I got some death skirt in
6741s a good time huh that was yeah that was
6745s that was terrifying
6746s I think rockelle is in chat we got a
6749s Wawa
6750s from them I don't know what that means
6752s but looks fun
6772s any plans for the 2D replay it is
6774s something that we are we're constantly
6776s working on and the few details uh update
6778s for those parts of that so slowly we are
6781s getting there but we don't have that
6783s current exact date for money to come but
6785s uh
6786s this is something we actually definitely
6787s run towards
6806s I can't try it again one more winner
6808s before we start our next fight
6810s see you later
6817s [Applause]
6818s okay the next one for right now
6822s billion Lloyd are you in chat
6828s dogs there
6832s someone says am I remembering or were
6834s there talks of a hunt Showdown show uh
6837s it's already in production
6840s or in development one of the two
6842s like it takes time so uh like uh yeah I
6846s would say production but like obviously
6848s that's very long for actual live
6850s actually
6852s uh hunt Showdown show just themed around
6854s the game oh like an animated live action
6859s live action but we haven't released any
6861s other uh details yet we're working with
6864s uh binge a kind of new streaming
6869s platform
6870s oh God
6875s that was a rough that uh they're on I
6879s killed them
6888s that's a shotgun
6890s there's a shotgun someone's there
6892s like right there
6896s how many meters was that
6899s uh it was
6902s 15.
6904s okay
6906s good he has a Caldwell 50 meters yeah
6910s kill me yeah don't worry don't worry
6913s about me don't worry about me I still
6915s hear him in there
6918s where's burning
6921s he's tagged
6929s he ran across here he was tagged
6934s dang I'm gonna try to get my cup then
6936s yeah you can
6942s wakey wakey Mike it's so dark are you
6944s ready
6948s hold back no I'm fine here I'm behind
6951s them
6952s looking at that yeah he's right here
6955s throwing some bees at them
6957s give me a pink give me a pink try them
6959s in front of me that he's running rushing
6961s me because he's shot him
6966s he's tagged with Sparks
6970s behind the cart attacked again
6978s Howie his shotgun hurts bad
6983s foreign
7000s oh there's another death hunter here I'm
7003s burned out though
7008s near the bounty
7011s you guys pick it up because I'm only on
7012s two bars I'm awesome too far
7017s but since I woke up the game is actually
7019s going better so I should thank the first
7021s thing
7023s oh there's no one around us that's it oh
7025s okay nicely done guys oh I wonder if
7028s they lost one of their teammates in in a
7030s earlier fight and they needed the Bounty
7033s um
7041s let's go
7043s I didn't do anything that fight I just
7046s died twice
7047s hey you helped us find him though yeah
7051s you know what I was I was Recon
7054s uh do you want to go north or west just
7059s go ahead North do you want to go back up
7061s north
7062s to be honest I think it was oh so let's
7065s burn this thing yeah yeah
7080s oh found more bodies uh UI is something
7082s we always work on so uh expect updates
7085s for uis we go forward
7091s okay
7101s oh God please don't die please don't die
7103s please don't die not for dogs
7110s oh God this dog is after me with some
7112s Vengeance
7113s thank you no problem
7117s I'll say please though that night's here
7119s survive those Parks pistol and attack
7120s from uh santania you must have shot him
7124s in this little little toe or something
7138s I guess while we're running let's do
7141s another uh mic mode full huh next one is
7145s sick Loki
7148s here in chat give us a quick message so
7150s we can get you that code
7156s and don't forget that the ncxc also has
7159s a giveaway if you go over to that
7160s features the feature TV slash and the
7162s NZXT
7164s and I think that means the giveaway or
7167s yes giveaway yes
7172s but that you guys have to estimation
7174s Point giveaway in and zxt's chat not uh
7176s crytax chat so make sure to switch off
7178s and those that are my chat typing Mike
7181s mode please go
7183s I think that one's actually fine just
7186s keep typing mic mode
7187s yeah
7189s it keeps him motivated to see a stream
7191s of mic modes
7197s all right so much fun giveaway but you
7198s also have to click the link and John
7199s sign up for the actual gleam so make
7201s sure to sign up for the actual gleam
7202s there too thanks so much boy giveaways
7204s just for um getting the command out but
7207s if too many people type it it just stops
7209s it exclamation point Minecraft what
7212s wait a minute
7217s there we go yeah click on that link
7219s y'all it's nzxt.com
7222s huntpt2 part two uh and then you
7225s basically just uh sign up for The Gleam
7227s it's gonna be like following cry Tech
7229s hunt Showdown NZXT retweeting stuff get
7232s some gleams and if you guys stay until
7233s the end of the stream uh there will be a
7235s bonus entry for 500 extra entries and uh
7239s for those that don't know basically
7240s those 500 athletes actually make or
7242s break a lot of uh uh giveaways like a
7246s majority time whenever I pull winners
7247s most of the time it is someone from uh
7249s the end of the code so it is definitely
7252s worth if you guys stick around for that
7253s long
7255s and just in our chat I saw the boat post
7258s the multi-stream link and if you click
7260s that you can actually watch both streams
7261s at the same time which may be fun
7264s because I die a lot and then you can
7265s watch my carry
7269s that last fight wasn't uh was it but you
7273s know you know you guys you guys already
7274s carry that time
7276s finally yeah I did something today so at
7279s least some Redemption Arc suck it after
7282s the scare
7295s foreign
7309s our next winner is Grinch TV range TV
7315s arranged Fringe I don't know
7320s right oh maybe maybe
7324s if you're in Chad give us a message
7326s uh shadesque uh it is
7330s nzxt.co hunt pt2 that is the link and
7335s enough for The Gleam giveaway
7337s go ahead and follow follow
7339s [ __ ] Showdown on all platforms get those
7342s entries in
7344s oh and it's nzxt2 but you better you
7346s better have already signed up for us
7348s yeah you guys gotta do that of course we
7352s really really suggest this follow-up and
7353s CX on Tick Tock because Mike is
7357s looking a lot of a lot of very funny
7360s check this out oh God it's so crazy I
7364s look back at it I'm like get away I
7366s don't want to look at myself it's like
7367s what do you listen to yourself speak on
7369s uh like when you like take a recording
7372s your phone and you like listen to it
7373s you're like oh my God that's how I sound
7376s like
7377s video for it's great this is a trigger
7384s [Music]
7392s I think we have a good suggestion can
7395s the next keyword be Ben's mode or re
7397s mode yeah might have deserved his own
7401s his own
7403s not really but thank you that's mode
7408s it is ever scared the cats tiger or
7410s something like that
7412s scared yeah okay yeah I got like scared
7416s jump scare yeah
7419s foreign
7456s oh money
7462s oh more money thank you Mr cherry
7465s more money more money I want money
7474s uh did anyone buy vulture yet
7477s oh I will I can throw on vulture
7484s sleeping now Aries
7487s I can't say I'm not sleepy anymore
7496s from that yeah I mean
7498s that's why I could like actually shots I
7501s was not tired anymore
7504s I I got like five years older from that
7507s but this was all worth it
7514s [Music]
7521s hope you guys do more story based events
7523s like this in the future if you like all
7524s the other sections yeah so who doesn't
7526s know yet you can actually listen to the
7528s story in audio tracks in the events
7532s story section and you can play e so you
7534s don't actually have to read it you can
7535s just listen to it you know
7537s uh and if you definitely will continue
7539s stories and build new stories so that is
7542s something you can expect going forward
7544s as well
7545s and if you follow the moon Saga so
7548s Traders Moon serpent Moon you know that
7551s it hasn't landed yet
7552s [Music]
7561s thank you
7566s [Music]
7570s we pulled a replacement winner and they
7573s are in chat
7577s uh sick Loki you probably didn't receive
7579s another Whisper back just because we are
7581s getting ready for the next match but I
7583s will handle that now
7588s we may have a playlist of these uh later
7592s on but currently we don't have an
7594s official Source where you can listen to
7596s uh them outside of the game but I'm sure
7599s there's like a YouTube video already
7601s that uploaded all of them
7603s or on the wiki or something like that
7612s [Music]
7620s all right so about talking about Laura
7622s makes you wonder what the story for the
7624s hunt TV show will be uh we cannot say
7627s anything just yet but we can say that
7628s our narrative theme is very heavily
7630s involved in it so
7632s uh it's gonna be authentic
7649s do we have any news about crisis four
7652s um nothing to announce that to the state
7654s but make sure you follow the crisis
7656s social media because we'll be sure to
7657s like let you guys know when more
7659s information is coming
7661s and the Violetta I think you you can uh
7665s go because I seen you ask a question
7667s it's okay uh the internet seems fine in
7671s Germany right now I had no hiccups or no
7673s issues all day so I think very good but
7675s thank you for
7676s uh covering
7687s uh the Billy is not yet available but
7691s you will find out more info on that very
7693s very soon
7705s yep
7713s okay finally it's a sunny map oh no we
7716s did win the nightmare
7718s oh yeah yeah
7721s didn't even send a chance oh yeah
7724s there's one crazy thing how how
7726s different a map will feel just by
7728s changing the from night to day of course
7730s exactly insane even the fights are
7733s different how they play us
7736s so I think that that is also one thing
7739s that keeps on like always new and always
7741s different that's why I I personally
7742s cannot get bored of it like not a single
7744s fight feels the same ever it's always
7746s different exactly
7748s yeah like you know so many variations of
7750s weapons traps uh AI even uh the
7754s different locations different times of
7757s day it's just never the same and then uh
7760s every person can kind of take a lot of
7762s different actions you know it's not just
7764s all about holding W and heading straight
7766s for your true enemy
7770s foreign
7795s someone's asking if we're gonna do any
7797s quality of life improvements well uh one
7799s of our last patches 1.9 came
7808s to
7810s add new stuff to hunt but also make sure
7814s that it is still playing and the
7816s experience is so good for everybody
7819s foreign
7823s dogs
7827s get him
7831s I helped
7835s pay for help
7838s wasn't there
7840s I got the school box here
7842s did you guys take it or I did not take
7845s it
7848s I just for example I guess he just left
7851s I don't want to be picked up by you yeah
7853s I came back for it because I use my shot
7855s but I can't find it anymore
7860s foreign
7867s rifle in the future but you know new
7869s weapons and new variants is always
7871s something we are adding to the game if
7874s we cannot save one yet but you know
7875s that's something you can expect going
7876s forward as well
7879s they always are the bit of excitement
7881s too
7882s balance of the game as well uh Ben
7885s speaking in toolboxes we got one right
7886s here with your name on it it says
7890s yeah it says it right there you see
7893s right down there yeah yeah
7898s this might not be the best time but I
7900s can't read
7903s sorry you guys have to figure out now
7908s I think only mine can read out of the
7910s three of us so it's okay
7913s [Applause]
7917s that's that's not something I was so
7919s excited about the audio version of the
7920s events
7926s after Traders man we had to ask Spencer
7929s like oh what'd you think of the lore and
7930s he's like uh-huh yeah
7936s oh no can we get a uh like a store Like
7940s A Christmas Story Time of for like hunt
7943s or it's like a really cute storybook
7946s well we don't have a book we do have a
7948s nice holiday poem that you can listen to
7951s actually uh what is it do you know the
7954s titular by any shows I don't know it off
7957s the top of my head I think it's
7958s something old candy
7961s I don't know but it's uh it's a video on
7964s YouTube on the hunt Youtube channel uh
7966s it's actually really cool
7967s maybe someone in the chat doesn't know
7970s our title
7971s I don't know if you guys find a med kit
7973s anywhere um I got assaulted
7988s [Music]
7994s dang my ping dog and the holy King's
7998s return there you go wow
8001s thank you
8024s I think I'll make fancy happy because he
8027s loves
8029s and they also say that many see if these
8032s streamers also play hunt well if you
8034s know any and you wanna you know whenever
8036s they're going live or something feel
8038s free there tag us on Twitter we love
8040s checking out hunt streamers even if it's
8043s not their main game
8046s they love checking out any pirate theme
8047s streamers so uh only events
8054s what do you like about pirate so much
8059s uh I think it's Venus I got into Pirates
8062s a lot of people love League of Legends
8063s and I almost died again uh oh no please
8066s don't touch me right away
8068s from gameplay yeah so I played I was a
8071s gangplank command I only played
8073s Gangplank for like 6 000 games a month
8075s season and after that uh I became a huge
8079s fan of pirates and also I always loved
8081s the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as
8082s well
8083s how do you feel about oranges
8085s uh thank you
8089s I just saw them they're just above the
8092s crack on the wall 100 meters feel us
8094s with Dead Eye
8095s um Dead Eye birthday
8098s I could be an R8 res because there's a
8100s hill behind like I'm on the up of a
8102s sloping Hill but that Filas had had my
8105s number well I think there's another team
8107s properly
8109s oh and also now I'm a huge fan of One
8111s Piece as well so you know Pirates
8114s who's your favorite character in one
8116s piece is it that's normal
8119s okay so right above the crack in the
8121s Wall Beds okay that the big opening that
8124s you actually get into the wall you guys
8126s should risk it yeah she's right above
8127s there but I think you also see that gun
8129s to the right or something or that might
8131s be a dead body yeah go for gopher fences
8134s watching a body block I don't see anyone
8138s right now
8140s rod
8145s you guys want to leave
8150s let's just leave we don't have to be
8152s here
8153s all right we can't we can we live on a
8156s quiet Farm okay guys start a new life
8165s who needs this bunny anyway guys come on
8168s yeah we have the power of friendship
8170s we've been talking about opening a
8172s restaurant for years come on let's go I
8174s want to open a bakery and sell bread
8180s we talked about this Mike Fred's
8182s terrible for the market right now no we
8185s need uh we need
8186s to keep the market
8191s oh it's all right
8195s they're like on the other side I suppose
8199s and that's all going here
8202s someone died
8205s big shot to the South
8208s but I didn't hear death noise
8212s oh assassin's still alive
8217s oh
8219s maybe they're just going for the bus we
8223s come here someone here
8225s in the boss compound just shot they're
8227s in the boss room
8232s trying to get to you Betsy uh
8235s sneaky face shot him right in his face
8241s out to the South outside
8243s they're throwing oh they said they have
8245s a sticky
8251s I saw someone running that way
8253s oh bro he's bad nice
8257s tab stop
8262s but he was looking at another team I'm
8264s pretty sure to arrive
8268s I have a stamp shotgun okay
8275s I wanted to come help he
8278s that Steve got me dang it Mike yeah I
8283s was killed from like up up somewhere
8286s uh yeah
8289s oh
8291s you gotta think
8293s oh my God
8298s he's got this and then the fuse went off
8301s and Mike was like what
8303s I looked up at the last second I was
8306s like oh let me look up at it uh worst
8308s Thai beat that could have happened also
8310s I think it's time to turn wipe when I
8311s didn't off I mean I didn't know it was
8313s on so luckily they didn't say anything
8315s but yeah I
8318s think they said they're gonna stick your
8320s stinky faces which was
8324s uh that's quite how dare they yeah
8328s if you know I wash my face at least a
8330s week ago
8331s at least
8333s and I've been trying not to get too much
8335s peanut butter on it okay so it's not
8337s that stinky today
8339s tattoo
8346s I think someone got necroed behind you
8348s actually and the other guy ran in at the
8350s same time
8351s uh so there's one above Mike who I think
8354s there's like a ladder and then it got to
8356s the side of the wall and I think that
8358s was the person who was uh doing
8360s sympathetic shots behind us but they
8363s were also gonna throw at Mike down in
8365s yeah that I looked up and then oh sad
8369s pain well at least we know the new uh
8373s keyword to the next giveaway it's
8374s clearly gonna be stinky face stinky face
8378s uh come over to twitch.tv crytek and
8382s type stinky face in our chat if you want
8384s a chance at a uh reap what you so DLC I
8388s only got to type it once and then you're
8389s good to go but make sure you hang out
8391s because when we pull the winner you do
8393s have to be present to win
8396s all right which Hunter do we think has
8398s the stinkiest face
8400s um lonely howl he is oh that's the
8403s prettiest thing yeah that looks pretty
8405s stinky
8406s um
8409s reptilian or headsmen both of them you
8411s know it's gonna get really moist up in
8413s there
8416s so
8419s and what about the plague doctor
8422s yeah yeah Kane is probably at Monroe
8425s probably up there too
8433s I don't know because uh which one what's
8437s the name of it
8438s what's the one with the it's the overall
8441s guy I can't remember his name oh okay
8443s redneck yeah that one could be up there
8447s too so are we doing stinky teams and I
8449s think the only house
8454s let me go let me go there we go redneck
8458s I feel like this guy's got some I feel
8460s like this guy's got some
8464s foreign
8467s guys uh uppercut just for Mike yeah my
8471s favorite
8474s oh we're going we're going ham ham
8477s stinky mode engaged
8480s okay but if you guys see sticky bombs we
8483s have to dodge them okay
8485s you can't prove it another team right
8488s towards up no
8492s a body block
8496s drops are not active Chad we don't have
8498s drops yet and uh we haven't officially
8501s announced anything about it yeah
8503s so please keep an eye out for that
8507s redneck face smells like flowers and
8509s vanilla yeah he's eating a flower I know
8512s yes see that I can see that yeah
8520s redneck is just beautiful I can lie
8524s those overalls man
8526s I'm doing something to me
8530s and not the nipples showing from one
8532s side
8533s [Music]
8537s that's just his little secret yeah
8544s he's a little embarrassed of it
8556s stink bombs there we should have sting
8558s bombs
8559s but I feel like the poison bomb is
8561s almost similar to that
8564s we make it so that the uh the poison
8568s bomb is now stinky bomb yeah like it
8571s could be a cool skin you know like a
8573s different color what does the same black
8575s poisoning which it's just a poop emoji
8577s and we throw it at them
8579s that'd be great
8581s I know it's just the throwing knives but
8584s instead of the throwing knife it's a
8585s poop emoji that you just fling at your
8587s enemies
8588s oh oh and then then if you have poison
8591s sense you can see them you can see the
8594s pink lines
8597s I think uh maybe poison sense should
8599s just always find canes anywhere they're
8601s at you could just see where the entire
8604s map yep and which AI has the stinky face
8607s I'm pretty sure the hive probably oh hi
8610s definitely butcher doesn't even really
8612s have a face true
8615s oh true
8617s I mean the spider is probably up there
8619s too Jesus
8621s his face or her faces
8623s I'll be honest it might be a little mean
8625s but I think a lot of our AI is probably
8627s stinky face
8634s oh my God
8645s you're the entire month yeah probably
8647s like in the world of hunters things in
8649s general
8655s like the whole buyer is just like a
8657s swamp full of death like yeah yeah
8660s that's really not great
8662s I don't like the sheriff Harden he looks
8665s like he he's he keeps up with this
8667s climbing he's like he's a relatively
8670s clean fellow oh yeah
8672s yeah the horse is definitely the every
8674s part of the horse is pretty stinky face
8676s I think they're not doing great
8679s is this Stinky Face actually like a
8681s hunter name you can guess I know you can
8683s get baby face I don't know if you can go
8685s I I know you can get stinky actually for
8687s sure I've seen so many different like uh
8690s nicknames for the middle that I wouldn't
8693s be surprised if stinky face was enough I
8695s don't think face but stinky for sure I
8698s have stinky face isn't an option yet it
8700s should be after this
8713s please add if it's not yes we should
8715s somebody's asking they want bents in the
8717s game they want to get some Hunters
8721s I think we've already
8723s start with 800 Health
8726s nine dolches
8730s yeah you don't even know where he's
8732s keeping some of them but I prefer
8733s uppercuts sorry this is not fair
8736s I run nine uppercut
8738s that I can speak swap it that's too many
8741s everyone has a school
8749s fully auto uppercut yes
8758s so I mean we would love to add bents but
8761s he would just be too strong to the Bayou
8763s that's not too much it'd be hard to
8765s nerve him not realistic you know
8776s oh
8779s you know who has a good idea with the
8781s stinky Bayou is that the plague doctor
8785s he's got a nice big mess
8788s the stinky by you yeah but he probably
8790s smells pretty bad
8792s yeah probably
8796s it's anti-stinky what a man
8800s he does carry like a severed head in a
8803s jar though on his bike
8804s so it's in it's probably in formaldehyde
8807s you know
8813s dwell funny Crystal yes
8816s all right do do we think that we're
8819s gonna actually wait uh the bus goes
8821s behind us on the team and go to where we
8824s think a team is or do you think we're
8825s gonna get surprised by a team again
8827s because I think this stream probably
8830s surprised you keep walking around normal
8832s and they're like oh my gosh they're in
8833s front of us
8837s looks like people are fighting
8841s I would have been showing showing to
8842s stream a very calm game upon but you
8845s know that's not his painting yeah
8855s people are here who would have guessed
8856s people are already here but at least
8858s we're not getting surprised like yeah at
8861s least we're the ones gonna be doing the
8863s surprising
8866s you know we know here
8873s this one I gotta get cute
8879s that was from the left side by the way
8884s yeah I only have a beanie so I kind of
8887s but it's even a compact energy
8889s [Music]
8894s or tagged in this left building oh
8896s you're on the left side yep just trying
8899s to push up to them
8901s foreign
8902s [Applause]
8931s guys I need help
8933s nice nice here's that uh but there are
8937s people second floor in Foster
8941s oh
8942s okay no thank you no thank you um please
8945s oh I see him I see him hold on I'm
8946s keeping up on them stay tight
8949s we'll distract that I got the biggest
8952s flank
8954s tag yeah
8957s okay
8959s oh I see one
8961s nice I distracted four more
8968s excluding
8974s and they're gonna burn his friend where
8977s are they at where are they at I thought
8979s we're gonna burn it
8983s outside the compound South
8986s nice beautiful we got more people we got
8989s more people to the South bring it
8996s on the Ping remember because I got shut
8997s up but I think it was for more
9000s so close yeah
9007s we're at dancing uh on the left side of
9009s the rock yep he's moving between right
9012s and left is be careful uh they have a
9016s explosive crossbow too that I think they
9018s just shot up here
9025s guys
9038s tag the plague doctor out of the side
9041s building from the right hand side
9045s yep that's mine
9047s I saw one over there
9051s all right it's just the three one is
9053s getting close Southwest
9058s tag the plague doctor again
9060s uh there's one getting very close
9062s underneath
9066s that that rock
9069s nope they're all lift up come on right
9072s here
9074s and that plague doctor has been tagged a
9075s few times oh death nice shot
9082s two left both for the right
9089s on healing real quick one in that uh
9092s side building and then one back in the
9094s forest area
9097s oh my God
9101s oh
9103s to the Rose and take the other I have
9105s one went to the right one to the left
9126s I think it vlogged inside I'm sure
9129s oh no he's right here
9133s one's on me oh he's just hiding here
9141s wait I can't shoot through the
9144s he's tag he's tag Mighty right behind
9146s you
9150s I found out
9152s near this mount
9155s only my love
9158s he's only one left behind us yeah one's
9160s over here
9161s yeah well that's the only one okay
9164s okay
9179s can we grab and scan leaving this kid
9183s oh yeah he's inside
9197s I kiss this guy uh yeah he is 60 towards
9201s uh like oh yeah I think he's I think
9204s he's up here
9206s how the heck did he get all the way over
9207s here
9210s oh myself right here
9214s guys beautiful
9217s yeah
9220s okay yeah
9223s GG yeah what point what's that other
9227s Bounty do
9229s they're shooting on so I think they
9231s might be at extract
9234s they didn't want to come they didn't
9236s want to come get this smoke
9238s oh we have to go so far
9242s but I have a bleedy Loadout now
9253s look I got someone got a long way to go
9254s yeah it's so far uh here's the Bernie
9259s and a good job are we actually popping
9262s up yeah
9271s what a heck of a game
9273s uh which extract to be close to South or
9278s um
9279s let me add it we got a long way anyways
9283s yeah
9284s um
9285s yeah let's do Southwest I guess because
9287s then we can see if there's any more uh
9289s sneaky snakes yeah I just gave away my
9293s I'll say I'll find another oven
9296s I gave my oven already
9300s uh the only ovens are at the boss
9301s compound so either here or first
9304s testimonial
9310s uh I cannot save the lamoth Mark II was
9312s actually a real gun or not or just a
9314s prototype I know the landmark is real
9316s but uh there's some guns in Hunt are
9318s actually just prototypes or like a
9320s previous version of real existing guns
9322s that never made it
9324s so yeah there's a lot of like weird fans
9328s in the game
9330s and the month Maybe
9339s so as you're running back how about we
9341s pull some Stinky Face winners yeah oh
9345s God my FPS corrupt heavily what's going
9347s on here's your last chance to type
9349s stinky face into twitch.tv for your
9352s chance to win a reap what you saw DLC
9356s um no spaces and once you've typed it
9359s once already you don't need to type it
9360s again
9362s okay
9366s [Applause]
9382s see now we can actually just spend the
9384s next 30 minutes to farming
9387s snakes
9395s first winner is gunshot trepidation if
9399s you're in chat let us know you're still
9400s around so we can get you that DLC
9403s foreign
9411s they are around congratulations keep an
9414s eye out on your Twitch Whispers
9423s our second winner is cupcake Caro if
9427s you're a cat let us know
9441s foreign
9443s [Applause]
9461s I got burnt oh
9464s [ __ ] I thought oh my gosh and I lost a
9467s big barn sorry
9470s I got lit on fire again so huh okay this
9473s is not going great
9477s foreign
9480s still looking for cupcake Caro if you're
9483s in chat give us a message
9485s I thought that the uh shot bolt from the
9489s crossbow would take out a emulator it
9491s did not fence
9494s piercing or whatever right so it still
9496s like explodes some yeah it exploded
9499s it I learned that the hard way me too
9504s uh someone asked how do I know when
9506s twitch drops happen well uh we'll be
9508s sure to announce when shouts are
9510s officially coming to hunt and Hunt
9513s streamers on our social media so be sure
9515s to check us out on Twitter Facebook
9517s Instagram Discord uh follow us on Twitch
9522s all that kind of stuff and make sure to
9525s subscribe my YouTube actually
9528s foreign
9563s hers but not much
9565s dang it
9570s no puppies no
9578s no Benz
9584s ouch
9594s what oh really
9596s let him bleed out I didn't have a chance
9602s he shot me like five times
9609s I think we got I think we have to report
9611s oh guys
9613s um I think we got a case of uh bullying
9615s here in this situation so we got it I
9617s think we got a drop
9631s hello
9637s [Music]
9643s I have one died
9647s I didn't lose 50 Health though good
9653s you deserve it
9656s uh we're not hearing back from cupcake
9657s care so we're gonna try again
9660s we're looking for a banana Blaster thing
9663s that's his username
9665s banana Blaster banana Blaster that's the
9669s Uganda coming to hunt
9670s [Laughter]
9681s oh we have seven kids joke like every
9684s every single bullet just shoots like a
9686s random fruit
9689s I would I would be so happy
9693s really funny
9695s what do you guys like better the shop
9697s bolts or the explosive bolts
9700s what's the preference
9701s explosive for like the I think explosive
9706s or why not both sorry
9708s uh I want some regular bolts in the
9710s crossbow
9713s people say shot bull for wall banging
9716s shot bolts
9718s maybe I'll have to take Chapel I don't
9720s know
9721s I didn't get to use it too much for
9724s actual fighting
9733s a banana Blaster is around uh you do not
9736s need to message anybody will shoot you a
9738s twitch whisper with a question and then
9741s we can get you that code banana blaster
9748s but it's getting close to 9 00 p.m now
9751s so maybe we play like uh until we have a
9753s really good game oh yeah yeah it's like
9755s eight hours ahead yeah you know like I'm
9758s surprised we've been going for like
9759s three hours already I know right yeah
9761s like I don't know like like a few more
9763s games so
9764s yeah like especially if it's like you're
9767s the one you're the one gonna be midnight
9769s basically yeah
9772s we are on fire we can have like a good
9774s long game wait wait we're out of here
9776s we're really pretty oh I got knocked on
9778s wood I think I didn't buy perks I'm
9781s sorry oh same actually
9784s out there
9786s we're just the worst
9789s I'm so sorry Mike that we're pretty new
9792s to this game yeah give us a few rounds
9795s we'll get a hang of it God I gotta carry
9798s these people that don't know this game
9799s at all yeah see what I gotta deal with
9801s y'all see what I have to deal with you
9804s got that Mike I have a shirt
9808s all right uh our next winner is
9810s Gabrielle zarpellon if you're in chat
9813s give us a quick message
9816s oh and banana Blaster is celebrating
9819s their Victory congratulations first time
9821s winning that's it that's always such a
9823s good feeling when you haven't won
9824s something in a while and then you like
9825s win like a giveaway or like a random
9827s like contest you're like oh yeah I I
9830s don't think I ever won an interviews in
9832s my life ever
9833s so I'm lucky
9839s it's time to sign up for the ncxt yeah
9842s to get the steam phone
9850s yeah and just as a reminder if you do
9853s have the Han Showdown video awards going
9854s on for more than a week still so you can
9857s still uh sign up for that and uh in the
9861s Community Choice a category uh which
9864s will be between all the nominees or you
9869s will be able to vote for your favorite
9870s and the winner will get a custom ncxt PC
9873s theme for the serpent Moon and it looks
9876s sick so
9877s oh I want it so bad I don't know how
9881s much I hope I won't even plug it in I
9883s would just it would just sit on my desk
9884s and I would look at it oh no I would
9886s take that PC and replace mine just
9888s straight up
9889s no I can't eat that that's like a show
9891s PC you know it's not for working
9900s it's like a sports car you know you just
9902s have it parked in your garage every so
9904s often you walk in there
9907s and you be on your way
9910s yeah but if you guys haven't seen the
9911s actual PC I think you can uh easiest to
9914s check the hunt social Channel because we
9916s posted some pictures of it uh it's so
9919s cool but it is so you can check the hunt
9921s social channels you can check the
9923s background on my phone you can check
9928s pictures of that piece here everywhere
9933s I keep one little tiny piece of it in my
9936s wallet so people get your wallet
9938s can I see your loved ones
9945s show what you're working for
9951s it I I already said the exact situation
9955s logs can cause emulators to uh explode
9958s yeah okay I can actually interact with
9961s each other uh if you got very unlucky
9964s yeah it's never a good thing yeah I was
9967s just like I was so confused like I
9969s clicked in this video
9971s why'd you do that I'm like I didn't do
9973s it like I slowed it down I'm like
9980s one of our uh previous giveaway winners
9984s um she had a very frustrating clip she
9987s thought of her getting killed by a boss
9990s and she's like what the heck happened
9991s they couldn't open the door what
9992s actually happened was the boss did a
9994s swing and closed the door in front of
9996s her and locked her into the boss
9998s compound
10000s and then she got killed I was like no no
10002s that's how that's supposed to work you
10004s just wanted to keep you in there I'm not
10006s locked in here with you you're locked in
10008s here with me
10011s my new favorite thing since the uh like
10013s the torch grounds and stuff and the
10015s lantern guards is that people don't know
10016s that they actually dropped the Torches
10018s now yeah and next to the barrels they
10020s actually do explode now
10022s I know it doesn't I'm just not looking
10025s for it you know yeah and like you have
10027s to look at the oil uh markings on the
10029s floor like this one because if you kill
10031s them it gets the whole thing gets
10032s touched on fire and if there's a barrel
10033s next to it then it just explodes
10036s you guys gotta you guys gotta make me
10038s hate zombies even more then you do that
10041s to me
10043s foreign
10051s like now the zombies are like the least
10054s worrying thing yeah for sure I think
10057s people out there was scary at this point
10059s to be honest like
10062s oh yeah I don't know I don't know if you
10064s played quick play Mike but like uh for
10066s example like I can't handle it it's just
10068s too scary because you know that it's all
10070s gonna be all about fighting each other
10071s and you're alone and nothing they want
10073s to back you up yeah
10076s I think I think we had that jump scare
10078s earlier today
10080s that's right I feel like it's like the
10082s things that you think are scary aren't
10084s scary and the things that aren't scary
10092s foreign
10093s [Applause]
10096s armored someone said yeah those are
10098s pretty annoying oh yeah
10107s or Moscow hand and concert in armor
10111s yeah the dogs with hats are very
10114s frustrating yeah
10116s all right yeah especially if you have a
10118s bow and you just hear that pink thing
10120s off of The Arrow you go
10123s normally I only hear that ping because
10125s I've used up all my stamina on other
10127s dogs and I'm like I gotta shoot it
10129s and then the shooting it doesn't even
10131s work and you're like I don't know what
10132s to do anymore
10134s so petition to remove them from the game
10138s I think that petition will have a lot of
10141s support a lot of signatures
10151s uh it is on GeForce now actually you can
10153s play hunting for someone like 90 sure oh
10157s wow
10159s what so what we need to happen is we
10162s need someone to win that PC from NZXT
10164s and then we need to talk them into just
10166s playing on GeForce now and giving us the
10168s PC because they don't even need it all
10170s right oh we'll be parade big brain
10174s you know how much I would kill for that
10176s PC
10177s oh I saw this I saw the work on it and
10179s I'm like please can you can we spare a
10181s cup
10183s just yeah you can send me one as well
10185s done please yeah yeah slide us a couple
10188s you know yeah just one or two
10191s yeah some people chat you know
10194s he replies to an email he's like oh the
10197s design looks great you know I'm glad
10198s it's all working and up and running we
10200s should probably make a second one just
10202s in case
10208s yeah you never know what's gonna happen
10210s to it you know it could get scratched
10212s the shipping yeah you know
10215s that could always be a problem
10218s it just disappears in shipping yeah
10221s somehow
10224s disappears to exactly Dennis is that
10226s chance
10232s [Applause]
10236s the event is not over yeah so someone
10238s else you still have until the 26th if
10241s I'm
10243s yeah yeah a little under two weeks
10250s two days
10252s is there an ETA on new bus and map nope
10255s no ETA at all uh we have mentioned we're
10257s working on the boss in the background
10258s but there are also other stuff we also
10261s mentioned the new map actually yeah yeah
10265s but uh yeah we also said that those are
10268s all uh longer
10269s terms because it takes a lot of time
10273s yeah
10289s oh I'm gonna drop you this accident
10304s I lost a little one it's okay we're
10306s gonna get back
10311s come back here
10313s [Applause]
10322s hmm
10331s what is the next Focus for hunt well we
10334s uh we said before that there's gonna be
10336s a big update coming up soon uh
10341s and uh there's gonna be a bunch of stuff
10344s in it including the timber slash empty
10346s camping mechanic which we need to talk
10348s about oh that's my chaos
10351s uh so that is gonna be something big and
10355s uh we also have a bunch of other stuff
10357s coming up on the right we obviously can
10359s I just say that yeah
10362s oh that's how my chaos Mom oh I think I
10366s think so I mean honest
10369s no it sounds like chaos yeah
10372s does the chaos bomb is it with is it a
10375s random weapon or is it like your weapon
10378s it is wrong man it's not yours yeah
10380s random gosh okay I've always wondered
10382s about that I was like is it
10384s the same one and uh you know what I'm
10386s gonna go that would be interesting but
10388s then if you had something like a bow
10391s and they're just like oh right you know
10393s yeah bow string pulling
10397s that'd be kind of cool that would be
10398s actually kind of the cool thing is just
10400s easier like
10401s like the the bolts or arrows like being
10404s thrown near you that sounds really cool
10406s I think what would scare me the most is
10408s if it was if it just did silent shots
10410s I'd be like I don't know where they're
10412s coming from
10413s oh god that actually I actually kind of
10416s I'm kind of down for like a
10418s like a silenced here that's chaos bomb
10422s because actually I think that would
10423s freak me out more than a regular kids
10428s just here like Bulls whizzing past
10430s you're like where oh God I already shot
10432s it Debbie's scared oh I'd bring like
10434s five chaos bombs a game
10437s I'm like uh once I got into a game where
10439s the anime team had like only both with
10441s like uh chaos bombs on them like there
10443s yeah and also extra chaos bombs and they
10446s just threw it all around us like
10448s continuously and
10449s it feels like so scary like he couldn't
10452s hear or like do anything really or know
10456s where they are at all
10457s we had an internal test one time and I
10460s decided to take hand crossbow with a
10462s chaos bomb for both ammo and then also
10465s bring four chaos bomb and look for more
10469s and the whole entire test was just
10472s running around the map throwing these
10473s bombs Everywhere by the end of it people
10475s were like what was going on and I was
10478s like that was me
10479s I was just trying to cause Mayhem
10482s yeah like yeah when that whole team did
10485s it it was man that was actually worked
10487s up really well from them because we
10488s couldn't do anything and they yeah they
10491s obviously knew where we are but we had
10492s no idea
10495s it was very spooky
10497s what is our group MMR I think it's
10499s between four and five stars for all of
10501s us
10502s so if you want to go for that assassin
10505s you guys want to go for it I think we
10507s can actually wait yeah our body first
10510s yeah yeah I would say that because it's
10512s almost done and they don't have an
10513s extract so we can just wait you guys you
10515s guys can take it because I I have short
10516s of uh shotgun so uh do you guys see any
10520s Med kits around missing oh yeah oh cool
10524s I've trapped up lots of red barrels
10527s around here so run into right there
10532s we are going to be doing one more
10534s giveaway at the end
10539s please like to wrap it up with it
10545s like imagine that as a chaos we just
10547s hear like three of them
10551s but then it would have to like when the
10554s project I would actually have to fly
10556s towards you which I don't know how
10559s yeah because when you hear the boat is
10561s only when it's towards you I have I
10563s haven't checked and no one around
10568s all right let's get a good fight y'all
10570s let's do this
10573s yeah
10575s yeah that's
10578s we haven't met any players yet
10582s it's been a pretty quiet game so far but
10584s I hope the night gets louder soon
10587s yeah at least it's not King spec mine so
10589s they won't be locked up
10598s I almost used my dark side boost to try
10601s to find snakes
10609s closer
10614s I was scared when I get closer save your
10616s four seconds I haven't used any yet
10630s [Applause]
10635s I think guys we're leaving weeping snake
10637s I'll probably do my neck skin
10639s okay
10640s hey who isn't me or your daughter
10643s crossbow all right yeah yeah yeah
10645s I'm the stinky boy we're all stinky boy
10648s we're off thank you yeah dang touche
10651s we're stanky boys oh this is a stinky
10654s theme you know like I have the laundry
10655s Hall and uh
10659s never mind not over my life I would
10661s think that uh in Hampshire and I'll be
10663s doing a stinky Loadout you know what I'm
10665s glad I'm glad I got we have
10667s well I mean a little teaser at the end
10670s of this year we're gonna do the stinky
10672s Moon that's the last time
10674s yeah
10676s oh God I'm scanning oh yeah that team in
10680s front of us oh my gosh history
10685s oh my God one on the left two on the
10688s right
10690s oh God I'm not in a good position do not
10692s go for the res
10694s oh my God that scared me
10698s oh
10699s this is oh not so fast bleeding
10713s okay it's the three and they're all on
10716s the left side of the river now yeah I
10717s think the candies are coming towards me
10719s like pushing on the side
10721s I'm gonna try to get across I'm gonna
10723s try to focus on it oh my gosh
10728s headshot as it was running across 36
10731s meters
10733s [Applause]
10745s best clutch Pips clutch
10752s I shot
10765s no God I try good try
10771s we can definitely
10772s that was a hard attack I was just
10775s running it and I just see two people
10779s oh that scared they were waiting for us
10781s there
10782s yeah
10784s they like so that we are coming up so
10787s far out of the complex I thought they
10788s would like be around the comp like the
10790s actual thing he just pushed up I was
10791s like oh that's smart I was not expecting
10792s that there
10794s yeah oh and yeah we like we're a bit too
10797s far to scan still
10801s a nice try though
10802s yeah that's right everyone
10807s oh I completed my summon
10812s the weekly goal nice
10819s sorry so let's go all right let's get
10822s are we still doing sticky boy lad out
10825s uh
10826s if you're on
10828s or we can just play with your favorite
10830s Luna maybe I mean I can't because I
10832s don't know yes but
10835s how about you choose everyone's Loadout
10837s like we can all go the same but I don't
10839s have all the weapons today but I can try
10841s to replicate what what what do you have
10844s right now that we can use uh well
10849s it's a bit hard to like list everything
10852s liking uh it's better if you what can
10854s you buy how much money yeah I have money
10856s yeah the money is not a problem I just
10858s I'm just level 24 so
10860s I'm gonna let chat figure out which uh
10862s which uh legendary we should play as
10865s okay yeah chat give us your
10868s recommendations which legendary should
10869s we all go
10874s Mike I want you to load me up with a
10876s hunter too give me give me what you want
10878s to see and I got I got it all
10881s so you tell me custom ammo got it tools
10884s got it
10893s every recommendation is different I love
10895s them you just gotta come to a consensus
10897s you guys got to talk us into it why why
10899s is that legendary Hunter why is that
10901s one's a good one
10912s Pirates no doubt I could actually maybe
10914s do them
10915s [Music]
10918s pistol because the event yeah but I
10921s don't have a saber I think on that area
10926s or maybe I have much [ __ ] I can't type
10929s yeah maybe the machete from Bridgewater
10931s honor
10933s oh I do have my [ __ ] yeah
10937s we can't decide we gotta let Mike decide
10939s yeah
10940s let's see well what's the load that
10943s we're doing
10945s choose the legendary Hunters as well for
10947s everyone oh okay uh
10952s foreign
10954s witch hunter would you guys want to do
10956s that
10957s I can go play doctor
10960s I got a witch I guess I'm a priest are
10963s they talking
10967s which one
10971s oh Reverend
10974s it's probably the most Priestly well now
10976s we are getting a team that gets rid of
10977s stinky people I see how it is
10982s there a vampire hunter a priest on the
10985s flake doctor getting rid of it we went
10990s to the state we're leaving it
10994s all right I'm down let's get this
10997s yeah Mike where do you want us to run
10999s what what Loadout I don't know I think
11001s you just I think uh
11003s I haven't seen anyone to do anything
11005s people suggested I don't know if you
11007s ever played a what's a pirate rollout
11010s it's uh the Sparks pistol with a sword
11013s it starts this was a sword yeah oh my
11017s gosh okay okay let's see though
11020s what's that what's the uh Sparks pistol
11023s called again
11028s oh that's why I'm looking at the wrong
11030s ones
11031s I don't even have a like a
11034s yeah what do you call this uh
11038s uh uh no English but is it called the
11042s already the sword
11044s a saber saber I don't even have a saber
11046s so I I only have the machata but
11050s I'm like oh I can do the corvus actually
11062s oh Spyglass oh yeah yeah oh Spiderman
11065s that's right oh yeah I haven't got the
11068s spyglasses
11069s interesting clip this way we're playing
11071s whatever equip the Spyglass holy Hunters
11074s who are here to purge the Bayou and then
11076s they're also role-playing as pirates
11082s spiders
11085s oh bench you can't use the cool uh the
11088s cool bird sword oh gosh
11093s there you go good
11097s okay
11101s I feel like dusters are pretty piratey
11106s are they
11108s I do have Gaither likes Too Perfect
11114s oh yeah you know what dusters would be a
11116s good one let's do uh we'll even get the
11118s raw hide
11119s or maybe take poison anymore
11123s uh okay I mean Mike YouTube uppercut not
11126s uh Sparks pistol though I I did not
11128s realize that how little I was actually
11130s in this thing that I don't even have the
11132s pistol unlocked yet oh really it's a
11134s little like a yeah I'm so sad it's okay
11137s we get we get so rocket oh I'm actually
11139s like about to get it but it's okay we
11141s could do we'll do the uppercut style I
11143s forgot this is almost the same anyway
11145s whatever you thought I do is Sarah is
11148s her what if I do love Matt and just do
11150s the shotgun version of it oh gosh let's
11154s do it oh not not that one jeez there we
11157s go
11159s definitely need a flare gun
11162s oh that's a good one yeah that's a good
11163s call
11166s I've done about my slot
11170s I don't even have a fire game
11183s pirate themed
11193s yeah Springfield compact is pretty
11195s pirate how are we gonna kill anybody
11201s I'm taking poison and FMJ we're gonna
11205s kill everyone what are you talking about
11206s okay okay
11207s sure kill everyone you're gonna just run
11209s at them like just tag them with the
11210s Sparks piston and run at them easy
11213s well for our last giveaway of today then
11216s I think the keyword should be Pirates
11219s Pirates
11220s we will pull winners at the end of the
11222s stream but um
11224s if you want to enter please type Pirates
11226s and twitch.tv cry Tech if you're
11229s watching on Steam Facebook uh YouTube or
11233s any of the streaming platforms please
11235s jump over to our twitch chat so you can
11237s be entered in to win
11239s um
11240s I this is worrying me a lot because that
11244s Sparks pistol takes a long time to
11245s reload
11247s I love this person still though
11250s because it's pirate theme
11253s oh I should have tried to talk you into
11255s giving me two Sparks pistols hmm
11258s I would have been down for that actually
11265s Like Pirates in chat well of course
11268s we're gonna win this match and then
11270s we'll do it after
11273s well no one would expect this you know
11279s exactly right no one would expect this
11285s my birthday is Monday 9 19 is National
11288s Talk Like a Pirate Day yar
11291s we're celebrating early
11293s it's a happy early birthday we're
11295s celebrating early for you I would love
11297s the his friends that's a crazy that's a
11299s crazy holiday my friends are like
11301s another pirate themed birthday party and
11304s he's like another one Yar yar
11310s my day will be oh yeah
11312s oh yeah let me uh
11315s oh yeah oh you gotta know Pro tip Mike
11319s yeah while you're zoomed in with the
11321s Spyglass if you hit shift you zoom even
11323s more oh yeah oh god oh honestly this is
11328s the I think this is the first time I've
11330s ever used a spy class man was not meant
11333s to zoom this much
11336s we had zoomed too close to the Sun
11340s foreign
11370s guys
11374s foreign
11385s that is one way to get rid of Hive y'all
11388s yeah
11391s matey
11397s it will be the scare so what is our crew
11399s made of Leica
11401s who's the Doctor Who is the cook and who
11403s is the captain you're the plate doctor
11406s so I think you have to be the doctor
11407s you're definitely the doctor okay
11410s I have an upside down tattoo on my head
11413s so I'll take the coop and then I think
11415s that leaves Mike as our captain
11417s captain mind
11425s [Applause]
11430s uh there is already one spy class
11432s legendary in the game and we have not
11435s announced any further ones at this point
11437s I think we should have just released on
11439s this bike that's the legendary
11441s yeah everything yeah
11447s I just love the idea of all of them in
11449s the middle of the team fight you just
11450s pull out a spyglasses
11453s I feel like if you play the Canon loader
11455s you should be able to use the Cannons on
11457s the map
11458s something
11460s and also you should always spawn at the
11462s shipyard
11474s I heard an explosion yeah
11480s I wonder when to use the maybe now Mom
11486s all right got my little mat
11490s because that's my budget my budget
11492s Sparks pistol
11494s and we're gonna shoot him with the
11495s shoddy but only one shot
11498s you gotta Make It Count
11511s I gotta check out these crows they look
11513s suspicious
11515s I never zoomed on the cruise let's see
11518s uh
11519s well
11521s well not reload them in everything yeah
11524s [Laughter]
11535s there's some let me just learn that the
11537s crows are like from the future they're
11539s Bots
11547s I didn't really have eyes or a face
11550s Ben's zoom in on the Statue over here
11553s foreign
11562s that's creepy
11565s it's pretty dude what are you doing down
11566s here buns
11568s what's going on
11570s beeping
11575s I wonder if all crows look like that
11579s oh well they don't really have eyes
11581s that's the problem
11585s we got some running to do
11588s yeah a good thing we have stamina
11590s yeah sure I even have games online
11595s we're also very uh
11597s light loadouts you know so we should go
11599s faster
11600s we didn't bring any of those heavy guns
11603s or nothing yeah whatever let's go
11608s [Music]
11619s [Music]
11625s if they're gonna shovel too
11638s don't worry I got him
11642s I'm gonna throw okay
11650s the Pirates
11658s thank you
11661s OSU oh my God you're scared me
11666s sorry
11681s legendary electric lamp skin
11686s yeah you're definitely me though
11689s I mean it will be cool if the light was
11691s a different color maybe
11702s RGB electrical yes Yar they have our
11706s Bounty or our booty we gotta go get up
11710s all right
11713s cool place to uh investigate
11716s the I feel like we'll have to run in
11719s oh yeah
11721s I'll wait for you guys
11725s okay let me Scout fit my sparklers oh
11728s yeah
11730s me
11733s um
11744s give him cover while he reloads aren't
11747s related okay
11750s I assumed that I just saw it in the face
11759s window is still good
11764s oh my God our comrades too close so we
11766s are together
11769s I'll be watching that window from here
11770s though he's okay up there again
11776s oh they're close close to my West
11779s 55 meters straight west
11792s here what the heck
11797s no where is it
11800s oh no
11801s oh yeah eat yourself well behind me too
11805s oh no
11808s I got the kill get your saber
11812s oh my God you must charge them
11814s charge Percy oh up there
11819s oh no okay
11829s everybody
11833s look if I had a longer sword
11836s because I got the kill it's all that
11838s it's all that matters yeah yeah we got
11842s kids
11843s I got insta head shattered
11846s oh
11848s favorite everywhere all teams arrived at
11850s the same time too
11852s oh that was funny at least well
11855s we try again when I have the sabers
11879s a trap and then I was on fire chasing a
11883s guy for like 20 minutes trying to kill
11885s him with us
11886s a saver but I got him oh you got it nice
11891s Yar it was so funny when I spikeless in
11893s the window and there was someone
11894s actually
11899s yeah
11902s that was great someone clip that please
11905s because that was honestly I've ever had
11909s oh
11912s okay so we're gonna do some more
11914s giveaways but I think that was it for
11916s now yeah all right you gotta post some
11918s winners
11921s our first winner of the Pirates giveaway
11924s is clean
11925s hyphen North the east
11929s oh that's
11931s give it a try
11933s uh high five oh
11936s I know high for Northeast I think I
11939s can't eat I can't tell if it's high for
11941s Northeast Northeast Northeast yeah
11946s off
11948s congratulations they are in chat so keep
11951s an eye out for your Twitch Whispers
11952s we'll also be giving the secret code to
11956s the 500 extra entries
11959s secret code it's a good code but you
11962s know what I'm going to change the code
11970s all right for those that are here and
11974s listening the secret code make sure to
11977s refresh your gleams as well because I
11979s had to update it so please refresh your
11981s gleams the secret code is stinky boys
11989s s-t-i-n-k-b-o-y-s stinky boys that is
11992s the secret code for the 500 extra
11995s entries for those that have been staying
11997s here it is stinky boys if you want to
12000s enter into that giveaway head over to
12002s twitch.tv slash NZXT when you take uh
12007s exclamation point giveaway in the NZXT
12009s chat that'll get you the gleam link and
12012s then you'll need to use the stinky boys
12014s over there I'm typing it in our twitch
12016s chat is not going to do anything but
12019s yeah
12020s type it in the chat keep going there's
12023s gonna be our clan name stinky boys
12030s thank you boys go ahead and pull another
12032s winner for the Pirates giveaway we're
12035s looking for a den Fork owl
12047s uh the to type it in you basically have
12051s to uh go to The Gleam
12054s make sure to refresh the page
12057s sign up and then type in that in as your
12059s entry stinky boys no spaces
12071s our next winner is non-attorney
12074s spokesperson if you're in check give us
12076s a quick message
12078s not an alternative spokesperson nice
12080s yeah
12082s good usernames today
12086s uh oh stinky
12099s three drops enough today but uh you know
12101s yeah just keep an eye after you don't
12104s know nothing don't listen events
12105s nothing's happening don't check our
12107s social media
12109s uh yeah so you just subscribe to our
12111s YouTube or anything
12114s and that's the XT this is the channels
12116s too
12118s yeah
12120s especially Tick Tock again because Mike
12122s is doing great
12129s we're still looking for non-attorney
12132s spokesperson we'll give you another 20
12134s seconds or so but then we're gonna have
12135s to re-roll this winner
12149s received
12152s yeah they're here awesome
12161s he's just talking to his client
12167s next one up is opossum raisins
12173s that's uh interesting two words put
12175s together what was the other one banana
12177s blaster
12178s banana Blaster I miss him already yeah
12188s um Mr raisins is in chat uh
12191s congratulations keep an eye out on your
12193s Twitch Whispers
12199s all right let's pull one more the last
12202s one last one is Canada if you're in chat
12205s give us the message
12213s and if you didn't win don't worry we do
12215s gameplay streams quite often and we
12217s always do giveaways actually so just
12219s make sure to come back and uh you'll
12221s always have a chance to win
12227s yeah we end up giving away a lot of
12229s codes so it's a you have pretty decent
12232s chance as uh not everybody who watches
12236s enters so not a bad way to try to get
12240s some free tlcs
12249s you don't have to message but you've
12251s wrote in the chat so you'll be getting a
12252s DM very soon from the cry Tech 3 Channel
12257s yeah Canada is here that's our last
12259s winner for today everybody thanks so
12261s much for entering our giveaways we love
12263s hosting them and getting you guys some
12265s awesome DLCs I think there's still time
12268s on the NZXT side if you guys have not
12270s gone over there gone to The Gleam page
12272s and tried to get as many entries as you
12275s can they have steam code or steam gift
12277s cards hunt Showdown base game codes and
12280s maybe something else I think those are
12282s the main two things
12286s you're a muted mic if you're explaining
12288s it to us
12302s yeah so uh V in the next stream will
12306s probably be with the penitent the DLC
12308s when it releases after that so we can
12311s show you guys and give you some fees for
12313s that as well like have you seen that one
12315s yes yes it looks cool right I think I
12318s put that as one of the retweets as well
12320s uh to do that because it's it looks so
12322s good
12324s it is really cool I think so too and uh
12327s just a little hint there's also some
12329s other ones coming up uh that are super
12332s cool and you can earn them in different
12334s ways so uh keep an eye out because you
12337s guys will love them for sure
12338s I don't know
12342s uh I'm so excited I'm so excited for
12345s everything you guys are throwing out so
12346s this is awesome oh yeah Mike keep an eye
12349s out for the next uh few weeks and months
12351s because
12352s there's a lot of cool stuff coming out
12354s towards the end of the year so
12357s I said
12360s you guys want to spoil anything in the
12361s meantime while we're on the stream I
12363s think Benz is done enough look I'm just
12366s saying hi I'm the hype man yeah not
12369s enough true
12371s uh when the penitent when I first saw it
12375s internally I was so appalled by what I
12378s was looking at I took a screenshot sent
12380s it to Benson I was like is this real
12381s like yeah and I love it
12385s but I always look at Ari's face when I'm
12388s talking about upcoming somebody he's
12389s always so like disappointed I mean it
12392s looks like a Angry Dad
12394s we gotta we gotta have a good cop bad
12396s cop we can't just let BD go unchecked or
12399s else nothing would be exciting
12402s we'd get two new boss and they'd be like
12404s oh we knew about this for three years
12405s Ben told us like a long time ago
12408s come on
12410s but yeah I think with that we arrive to
12412s the end of the stream guys you still
12414s have uh more than nine days to finish
12416s the event so uh get on it if you haven't
12418s already because the time is uh now
12421s becoming quite short but you can
12423s obviously still do it and again we also
12426s have the anchor down video awards where
12428s you can win a bunch of cool stuff by
12430s entering into different categories
12431s including the amazing custom ncxt PC so
12435s check that out check all the categories
12437s out and how to enter uh and yeah we're
12440s gonna look at all the videos uh have
12442s some voting and at the end we'll have
12444s like an extra live ceremony where we
12446s will announce the winner so it's gonna
12447s be a lot of fun as well uh Mike thank
12450s you again for joining it was a lot of
12451s fun as always thanks so much Mike of
12454s course no seriously guys thanks for
12455s having me and love the uh Community love
12458s the game so any chance I get to
12460s basically get paid to play this game
12464s take every chance
12466s I feel that yeah just working in the
12468s game is like that too because I love it
12469s I would play it anywhere you know uh
12471s what might as well also work on it yeah
12473s Ari again thank you as well for playing
12475s with us and for all the cool giveaways
12478s thanks so much for hosting it for us and
12480s for everybody in chapmans thank you and
12483s yeah we wish everyone a great night if
12485s you're in Europe or a great morning if
12487s you are in the US and uh whatever uh
12490s else you are in the world maybe it's
12492s just lunchtime then have a wonderful
12493s lunch but yeah so thank you guys have a
12496s great day and a nice weekend for
12498s everyone and uh see you soon with the
12500s Pennington bye
12502s good day everyone bye bye
12510s [Music]
12536s be still my dear don't cry don't cry for
12541s soon you will be
12549s dark Christmas
12550s [Music]
12573s that is
12581s [Music]
12590s [Music]
12597s one night ten thousand gone I walked
12602s with them we sang this song
12607s still my dear don't cry don't cry for
12611s soon you will be
12617s dark with his face
12621s [Music]
12637s [Music]
12643s at her side
12648s is
12657s [Music]
12664s [Music]
12672s please
12676s we think of death and holy and but I
12682s will take you home again
12688s [Music]
12696s [Music]
12704s alone
12705s [Music]