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6s mm-hmm
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34s hey hey
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66s hmm
75s foreign
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106s anything
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138s thank you
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214s foreign
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234s [Music]
250s good evening
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288s thank you
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320s thank you
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419s mm-hmm
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439s amazing
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476s thank you
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511s foreign
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523s [Music]
537s [Music]
545s thank you
552s hello everybody and welcome to another
556s gameplay stream we will be giving away
558s lots of grannies today
561s uh maybe some other givea you know DLCs
565s but probably mostly grannies
567s um so you know obviously we're gonna
569s play some grannies too of course
572s and uh yeah the well I don't really have
574s long hair but we are the medium hair
577s Trio I think right now me and Ari have
579s the same haircut look at us with our
581s uh chin length hair
584s uh this is the dark hair is the longest
588s one yeah I think Gustavo probably does
590s have the longest hair
591s um chin length hair on me and Ari and uh
595s the dark hair Trio the Americas Trio
598s um while we were getting all ready I saw
601s a couple questions
603s um one of them being new boss when and I
605s am so excited to tell you that we are
608s getting close to Summer that's right
610s summer new wild Target is coming and
614s summer is just inching
616s ever closer
619s so very exciting
622s um yeah and no twitch drops I saw that
624s question as well earlier no twitch drops
626s but there will be giveaways so
629s um if you are in YouTube or Facebook
631s chat you should head over to Twitch to
633s be part of those giveaways
635s um because unfortunately twitch is the
637s only place we can do giveaways
639s so head on over to Twitch and be part of
642s the giveaways uh I think I am officially
645s readied up
647s and if we play no never mind I'm not
649s close enough to prestige today I I got
652s excited about it and then I I
654s backtracked
655s no not not close enough
659s are you guys still doing the quest lines
661s I'm done with the quest line but I'm
663s Golding it that's a good call out though
666s thank you we've got 13 days 17 hours 46
669s minutes and 52 seconds left on Vengeance
672s of the skin
674s um so get your quest lines done and I'm
678s Golding mine right now
680s just for fun uh and it's also Wednesday
682s so new challenges are here get yo
686s challenges in
690s hmm
692s oh yeah uh you know what this is
694s giveaway day right let's just start a
696s giveaway early you know what let's let's
699s just do it
701s we can do that yeah but you know what we
704s need for a giveaway a keyword we do yeah
707s you know what I'm I'm ready I'm prepared
709s with this so the giveaway the giveaway
712s keyword that I have in mind is uh creepy
715s because if you've seen the uh trailer
719s for Phantom of the Catacombs it is very
723s creepy nah it's totally normal
726s really creepy and um
729s and was actually terrified I was like
732s who did this who made this you've scared
736s me for life and given me nightmares
738s thanks a lot
739s so
740s oh my God I don't even think that
744s um Ari set it up yet and the chat is
746s going wild uh creepy is set up oh you
750s are done you're so fast I had it ready
752s when you were so prepped on the keyword
754s I had to be prepped on the giveaway and
756s so you want fast
759s uh a chance to win a phantom of the
761s Catacombs DLC this is gonna be for any
763s platform go ahead and follow us at
765s twitch.tv crytek and type creepy in chat
769s if you're not followed you won't be
771s entered and you only need to type the
773s keyword in once to get entered you will
776s also need to hang out with us when we
778s pull some winners if you're not in chat
780s and you get pulled as a winner then we
782s will have to re-roll your code so make
784s sure you don't go anywhere
786s we are getting a lot of creepy
789s creepy again as a reminder if you are on
791s YouTube please come over to the twitch
793s chat it is twitch.tv cry Tech it's just
795s a generic crytek Channel not hunt
797s Showdown just cry Tech
800s um someone asked does it need to be all
802s caps or no caps nope doesn't matter caps
805s are irrelevant it'll figure it out
809s giveaways on Twitch so if you're in
811s YouTube come over to Twitch
814s that's where the bot Works said
817s face
827s sorry to make you guys wait for the
828s match I'm still getting everything set
830s up for the giveaway does it show you
833s somehow that the entry is valid it does
835s not that would um so there is an option
838s to do that comma however uh it would if
841s you've noticed how many creepies there
843s are in chat it would be insane and it
845s we'd probably break the bot it would be
848s a disaster I think
850s unfortunately did you finish the quest
851s uh already I'm still working on I'm
854s pretty deep in I'm almost done with Act
857s five right now I'm waiting on I think
860s it's just really the gator traps so I
863s still need four more for this step and
865s then on to access
869s I'm getting so close I'm almost there if
872s you want to make sure that your entry
874s has gone through it's basically just
876s make sure your keyword lines up with the
878s pinned message on Twitch and make sure
881s you are followed
883s only two steps only two steps questions
887s I would bring a granny but I have no
890s Hunter slots right now so I have to wait
893s for this uh this prodigal daughter to
896s die and then I will for sure
898s you don't have a granny you have okay
901s I'm sorry you have every Hunter slot
904s taken yeah you don't have a singular
906s granny no it's it's a lot of uh I have
910s some lulus some Sofias some just free
914s Hunters that have gone to level 50 a lot
917s of rats what else a few skin Flint a lot
921s of parents
923s instead of grannies this is crazy that's
926s sad they're level 50 free Hunters though
928s I'm stalking them up for some reason do
930s you have 50 level 50s is that it
933s um almost I think I'm at like
935s 45 or something there's the last five
939s can be grannies got it all right cool
940s cool I should just retire them they're
943s shameful for not being level 50. how do
946s I find the twitch channel uh you just go
948s to twitch.tv slash crytek any techie
951s wraith so I love techy Wraith
955s techy wraith is noise I know I I have an
958s empty under list I actually normally
961s only have the one that I use and when I
963s logged in this morning I was like I have
965s no Hunters
967s I have to make a new granny my Hunters
970s are all dead
977s I understand everything resets
980s I don't see how I should unlock all the
982s items and try all the guns unless I just
983s don't Prestige um so I did the fun thing
988s of uh picking a weapon tree every time I
991s prestiged I'm done with all of them now
993s except the lamac carbine
995s because I'm slow and I don't like the
997s regular lament and so getting the limit
999s carbines hard so I would do a Prestige
1002s where I only worked on the veterans and
1003s then the next procedure I just did
1005s centennials except there wasn't back
1007s when I did the Centennial this didn't
1009s exist it was just a sentence
1010s and then you know you just do well same
1013s with the Sparks didn't used to exist and
1015s then you just do the labels and then you
1017s just do the mosins
1019s and then the next time you just do Scott
1022s Fields and then you just do conversion
1024s pistols and that you spend an entire
1026s prestige on it or as long as it takes uh
1030s to get those masteries or just don't
1032s Prestige that's fine too I like to do it
1035s because it's fun
1038s but that's how I approached prestiging
1042s and having guns to use that I like and
1045s then I just started um liking the
1047s Winfield and now I always have it
1049s available to me level one Winfield level
1052s 50 Winfield Swift
1055s it's great
1056s Winfield is the best weapon in the game
1058s for sure agreed agreed will there still
1060s be Classic Events are we only doing
1062s quest lines now no no there there will
1063s be Classic Events the quest lines are
1065s just a fun in between
1068s I think big Dynamite bundles being able
1071s to slow down crank doors would be cool
1074s I've had how do you envision that
1076s working that's a genuine question I'm
1078s curious flesh out your suggestion let me
1080s know let me know yeah Granny's gonna
1082s play Bingo yep I would like it that the
1085s big Dynamite is just so large that it
1087s gets stuck is you stuck the hinge yeah
1089s it doesn't it's nothing to do with the
1090s explosion or anything it's just kind of
1092s like that would be you know a hard thick
1093s bundle
1095s someone asked why didn't you give the
1097s granny a different voice why don't the
1099s researcher and the kid have a different
1101s voice
1102s because all the guys have the same voice
1104s and all the ladies have the same voice
1106s that's it
1109s it would be cool if they all had
1111s different voices but that's
1113s that's a lot of voices that's
1116s a lot of voices I think it might get
1118s kind of Muddy if they all had different
1119s voices too like I think it's a really
1121s cool idea in theory but I'm not sure I
1123s think it's a cool
1125s I'm not sure if I think it's a cool idea
1127s in practice
1130s I'm not sure
1133s oh jamming the door with a throwing
1135s knife
1137s that would be fun
1148s what about a shortened Centennial uh it
1152s is going to be available in the summer
1154s update for everyone even if you did not
1156s finish the questline
1159s I have brought an Alamo with fire
1162s because that is my weekly challenge it
1165s is both the fire and the Romero so I
1167s just shoved those together
1171s so there can be a short betterly so fun
1174s fact the veterally in game already is
1176s the short betterly carabine means short
1178s rifle uh which is why when you're
1180s talking about the federally you
1181s shouldn't say Carabiner because that
1184s means nothing
1185s uh but yeah that actually is the short
1188s betterly I think a more interesting
1190s question or I guess this flip side of
1193s that question would be will there ever
1195s be a long betterly people what would
1198s that look like
1200s Southeast yeah
1202s Luna wolf
1207s oh saw that right at the end
1212s once
1214s too
1223s I'm killing zombies
1226s [Music]
1230s oh I'm dead
1232s [Applause]
1233s trying to cover you
1235s tagged one dead oh someone's my right I
1239s think there should be still one behind
1244s closer to me than I thought
1247s shoot me with before tagged once ah yes
1249s I went shorty oh makes sense so that I'm
1253s very there's also a lonely hell
1254s somewhere the lonely hell was oh someone
1258s died yep the only I was left advised
1260s body they might be going for the rest
1263s interesting careful a Luna wolf is at
1267s the wagon
1268s is that the supplies she's at the
1269s supplies
1270s okay
1272s the dead body's still there which is
1273s nice to buy you like in the trailer
1274s we'll have to see yeah
1276s there's still trading going to ever be
1278s in the discussion for hunt so it already
1280s is in the discussion for us uh it is
1282s something though that we are planning on
1285s addressing after the Indian integration
1288s so unfortunately it'll be a while
1297s unfortunately at least last week we were
1300s having problems on YouTube and there is
1302s no moderation there what is your
1304s favorite legendary characters
1308s I'm gonna get bite I said blow they're
1310s watching oh I'm so sorry I dropped
1312s pillow I'll try to keep them distracted
1314s I didn't uh
1316s I didn't I didn't read that correctly
1319s with the upcoming engine integration
1321s points like new visual effects oh I'm
1323s not sure
1326s I have a shotgun and I would like they
1328s are delighting me up at least two of
1330s them
1335s only how the credit is scary Detective
1339s yep
1342s over here by the cart
1344s yeah there's one far left
1347s oh one's still on yeah directly on the
1349s cart dang it which is
1351s using my last heel
1354s I can heal you after
1358s this I have a shotgun
1360s this isn't great
1364s far to the left you said
1367s [Applause]
1368s I think still on the cars though
1373s oh I'm dead I'm dead can you hear me
1381s thank you stick it in the butt
1385s thank you they are pushing
1387s oh they're still by the cart grandma and
1389s cart two on cart now I think
1394s tags
1395s behind the cart the man I'm reloading
1399s killed one
1403s unlocked for the cart pegs Detective
1410s okay nice tag I'm pushing I'm pushing
1414s okay you go guys getting the res watch
1416s the left side of that mound I think
1420s she's the left side of the mount perfect
1422s timing unfortunate
1425s I stopped to heal
1428s me shotgun
1437s oh jeez
1439s she was ready for me oh my God
1445s spooky I will hunt you down
1448s great job Elise oh I need a lot of pills
1452s oh
1454s the viewers
1455s spooky
1458s someone in chat
1461s um
1464s no I know he was here
1466s spooky how could you how could you do
1468s this to us
1473s spooky
1475s see he's there Mr spooky19 how could you
1482s how could he
1483s [Applause]
1485s I'm gonna love the carpses because I
1486s need heels yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm uh I
1489s have a 50 bar but that's two teams down
1493s so yeah we just gotta go for this vanish
1496s yeah yeah yeah
1497s all right he says it was by accident all
1499s right all right all right I accept that
1502s I accept that
1504s I love this game so much I have a tattoo
1506s of a blood Bond on my arm I have a
1508s tattoo of necro on my leg let's go oh I
1510s have a tattoo as well let's go what's
1512s yours Elias
1513s [Applause]
1515s oh I'm gonna
1517s show you guys wow but then I can't see
1519s it
1520s oh it's on my arm my left arm hang on I
1523s gotta I gotta hide so I can look hang on
1526s let me see
1527s oh oh yeah I'm gonna do it again nice
1530s okay
1533s let's go
1539s all right spooky we forgive you spooky
1543s [Music]
1546s well please tell me that was you
1551s somebody shot past my head and I'm
1553s hoping to God it was you
1555s uh Gustavo does have a silencer oh yeah
1558s that was me
1562s my heart actually just
1565s stopped
1567s for a moment that was so scary I me and
1570s my one bar were like
1574s everything
1576s so I can revive if I don't know it's
1579s nice I like that plan
1582s how do I know if I've gotten selected
1584s for a giveaway uh we will tell you out
1586s loud uh the bot will ping you in chat
1589s when we're calling winners and then uh
1592s if you respond to that bot and you touch
1594s and chat then we will send you a whisper
1596s on Twitch
1598s not sure if you know but your YouTube
1599s chat is turned off that is correct
1604s via the martini Ironside uh I am not on
1608s the game design team that gets to
1610s awesomely making weapons but if I had to
1613s guess I would say that they've already
1615s had that idea
1617s uh
1618s but the uh
1621s [Music]
1624s the video was kind of like
1627s you know yeah
1632s extra extra
1638s what's the word I'm trying to think of
1640s how long will you guys be live for three
1642s hours
1645s uh have you guys seen the recent YouTube
1647s video about reset yes we have and it's
1649s already been passed on to the team
1653s already been passed on just killing
1655s someone with trip minds count toward
1657s your KD if you've extracted already no
1658s you have to be in the game still so if
1661s you're dead you can like uh spectate and
1664s it'll still be part of it I didn't want
1666s to reboot
1669s all right
1674s uh do you need any data so you can check
1677s hard for your page and see if we have
1679s any openings
1680s oh we gotta run they are next to the
1682s other boss
1683s oh no oh Jesus
1688s that would be fun
1691s um I do have a stakey if we can get down
1694s there without dying dying yeah
1698s haven't played in here but I want to
1699s play again do it please it's uh if you
1703s want some free legendaries honestly come
1706s do the questline you have just under two
1708s weeks left yeah
1714s with the spider I hate the spider he
1717s never wants to come down and like let me
1718s fight him he's he's got to be running
1720s away constantly
1722s yeah the spider is the most annoying one
1725s but the spider gives the best hugs so
1728s guess what it's hard he gives the best
1731s hugs I'm gonna keep asking because I
1732s need to know why does the skin to have
1734s something skull I don't know
1736s skins he's doing his own thing he's
1739s living his best life
1741s we don't have a much lower out for them
1743s yet not much for the uh the skin yet
1747s I'm hiding by the way in Hemlock
1752s just so we're all will you add a
1755s colorblind mode it is uh on our list of
1758s things we want to do
1760s but it is not currently
1763s if you are colorblind I'm sorry
1769s however like you said earlier uh you
1771s know a lot of videos have been surfacing
1773s and uh reshade has been adding new
1775s things to it so it is something we've
1778s already passed on to the team
1783s is clear
1785s he stickied right on his belly
1788s uh if you see Special ammo I would like
1791s it
1793s might open the door
1796s like how many times do I have to hit
1797s open on this door
1799s has the doctor come back and a skin
1801s bundle say oh no
1803s he has not
1806s if you killed someone with your trip
1807s mines but you were dc'd and we're in the
1809s middle of reconnecting I would assume
1812s that still counts as you being in game
1816s uh yeah I have weird keybinds just don't
1818s worry about it
1821s well I have weird key Vines aren't the
1824s weird thing
1826s could I get banned for using a custom
1827s Crosshair uh you could message customers
1829s for it and they will definitely know the
1831s answer better than me but in our terms
1834s of service it does say that you
1836s shouldn't be using any third-party
1838s software
1841s will the new boss bring a new event yes
1844s it will
1847s it's in our roadmap video
1849s which is very good that you haven't seen
1851s I know of no new boss only wild Target
1855s you're right yeah you mean the wild
1857s Target
1859s yeah
1860s oh
1862s it's bars
1867s all right I'm feeling good now
1871s I didn't get a chance to uh explore the
1874s compound so I'm not sure what kind of
1876s yeah
1881s too many zombies
1885s setting some traps oh I have a
1888s ammo box up here who you guys wanted uh
1892s I'm good for right now myself
1894s is it special
1897s it's like uh the consumable animals
1899s where is it
1901s oh they wanted to run well let's
1904s probably wait a little bit but oh oh all
1906s right they're coming from I I need it I
1910s was just being sad
1924s but
1929s doesn't it come with like 18.
1932s 16. that's a lot still though it seems
1935s like a lot
1936s oh yeah maybe
1938s pick up crossing the river yeah
1941s in the game on day uh I think that'll be
1945s part of the engine integration
1947s uh watch out the red barrels Truck Yeah
1949s whoever's up there I think Gustavo is
1952s running next to it our Norm are more
1954s normal Hunters possible like gloves
1956s maybe rings and so on I'm not sure what
1958s the question is I'm sorry
1962s sounds like they want some accessories
1964s they're down there oh River fire bullet
1968s oh
1971s watch out I need the barrel clothes or
1974s we can pop those barrels if you want if
1976s we're scared of them fairly close they
1979s just try to they just tried to flash
1986s someone's asking about steel art
1988s returning that would be fun no news on
1990s it though
1993s [Music]
1998s oh God he's on fire oh he was on fire uh
2007s white shirt
2009s I tagged him too he had a buddy right
2011s next to him too uh to the left of him he
2013s might be coming up on your Southeast
2014s side Gustavo
2016s oh he's dead
2017s Ronnie on the ground
2019s there's two there's two
2022s by the wood by the way
2027s did I kill the app though
2029s it's a single shot I think those are fun
2032s uh we haven't announced any new Hunters
2034s though any news I'll win the new set of
2037s Trials will come out uh David has said
2038s it won't
2041s um
2043s he's coming back we plan on doing effect
2046s like smoke that looks more like a big
2048s gas he's bleeding
2055s what happened
2059s yeah him
2061s is there one more Annie nope clear okay
2066s any news on when the play doctor May
2068s return we have not said if or when he
2071s will at all
2081s pen damage to the guy with the abdomen I
2084s missed pretty badly
2086s I just was like to the right
2091s some skins should never come back some
2093s people feel that way for sure
2096s why aren't any Mexican Gunslingers in
2098s the game I don't know that would be fun
2099s though
2101s is the questline bug still happening for
2103s anyone else I'm sorry but I do not know
2105s what that means
2106s there are some Mexicans uh yeah what's
2108s the heritage of like Les Mala and Sofia
2112s is not Mexican she's
2114s um yeah he's like from
2116s Argentina's from Argentina but I think
2118s Sophia is from Mexico and leorona maybe
2122s yeah as well
2125s silent betterly to me
2127s yeah silence and squat filled Swift but
2132s both of those people are women which is
2135s fair
2136s I don't think there are any male Mexican
2138s Hunters
2141s uh I guess we should go to windy I don't
2143s know where I'm going
2145s completing the questline and not getting
2147s the hunter ah yes that can happen you
2149s should message customer support and they
2151s will fix it right up for you they are
2153s currently uh buried in more tickets than
2157s normal so they are a little behind but
2159s they will get to you as soon as they can
2162s will we have the chance to get the
2163s silence shorty again it'll be available
2165s to everyone in the bloodline in the
2167s summer updates bring back the Viper
2169s plague winter Native Americans uh winter
2171s always comes back so that one's easy
2174s the others may or may not come back oh
2176s no
2179s release date
2181s as well
2185s um we did say a new map is coming in
2188s next year
2190s it's being worked up team azeron unite
2193s what up Larry
2196s ammo for any of the medium ammo pistols
2199s that could be interesting I don't think
2202s we've said anything about new ammo but
2206s um the wild Target is this summer and a
2208s new map is 2024 so the wild Target will
2211s definitely be before the new map
2213s show
2215s should I buy this game well I am biased
2217s but I would say yes
2219s pretty good value most people getting a
2222s few thousand hours
2223s I think I had a thousand hours before I
2226s even started I know I had a thousand
2228s hours before I even started a cry tag
2229s I'm gonna back that up
2235s did anyone ask for a 2d post game replay
2238s system yes 2D replay is definitely
2240s something we are interested in but
2243s um don't have on our current roadmap for
2246s 2023 that we shared
2248s if I proceed to the trials reset no very
2251s important no thank God
2254s all right I am an expert uh if you've
2257s contacted customer support and the
2259s questline ends can they still help you
2261s get the hunter they can yes
2264s no need to worry as long as you sent off
2266s your message and you know you've
2267s completed that last act you are good to
2269s go
2270s one of the code words dropping for gam
2272s gam well we've already got one going
2273s it's creepy because her trailer is
2276s creepy that's it can y'all re-release
2279s the Native American skins oh we have not
2281s announced if or when that will ever
2283s happen but the exiled is one of my
2286s favorites so
2288s you can pick up a Pikachu race right
2291s he's just a DLC if you'd like yeah
2296s so headsman is not an exclusive skin if
2298s he returned the Halloween skins return
2300s every Halloween oh my God oh God
2303s so um the headsman comes back every
2306s Halloween so yeah why aren't you using
2307s fire no that's me
2310s and I I did nothing I wasn't helpful in
2314s this game I'm not gonna lie I was here
2318s okay it was a warm-up it was a warm-up
2320s uh someone asking if we can buff the
2322s adults we haven't announced any plans to
2324s a Dutch adjust the adults right now kill
2327s buyers DLC uh he's not DLC he's a twitch
2329s stroke
2331s so excited for this new face Hunt is
2333s going into same same are there any plans
2336s for a bat skin I would love a bat skin
2338s we haven't announced any skins for the
2340s stalker Beetle but I would love a bad
2342s skin
2343s are fire Maps coming back I sure hope so
2345s I love The Inferno look at you guys
2347s seven kills
2349s I did one all Gustavo yeah I I had one
2357s uh
2359s one I think three
2364s I think five probably
2367s yeah I wasn't helpful that's okay I was
2370s along for the ride you know I was doing
2372s my part
2374s uh would just kill that one granny and
2376s that's it
2377s I got to rid the Bayou of one more
2379s aftermath and it shall stay in my
2382s Contraband forever now
2384s Savage
2387s Gator traps oh my God we wiped the
2391s server and we didn't even look
2397s are the event skins and legendary
2399s Hunters always usable or only with
2401s special conditions always usable I can
2405s okay go get
2407s any of my
2410s Hunters right now
2413s I'm looking for the Exile oh here we go
2419s Exile is my favorite
2420s I hit ready but I'm not I forgot traits
2423s I'm a Fool traits are important I know I
2426s forget traits all the time it's a
2427s problem
2428s I have a problem I forget traits
2433s should I pick a vulture yes
2435s okay sorry
2438s I was just like yes I love that idea
2440s that's a good answer I'm a loot Goblin
2444s I'm a lewd Goblin okay now I'm ready
2447s okay
2450s when is giveaway over uh I don't know
2453s what probably one more game and then
2454s we'll start we'll pull and then start
2456s another one or what do you think we
2457s actually will start pulling a few for
2459s the starting giveaway
2461s if everybody is ready so this is your
2463s last chance to come to twitch.tv cry
2466s Tech jump into chat type creepy uh and
2470s make sure you are followed to us over
2471s there if you want a chance to win a
2473s phantom of the Catacombs DLC if you
2475s already typed creepy earlier then no
2477s need to type it again for this giveaway
2479s uh we will be hosting more giveaways
2481s with different keywords going forward in
2483s case you don't win this one so good luck
2485s to everybody
2486s so if I buy a DLC I can buy the
2488s character anytime for hundred dollars
2489s that's correct 200 hunt dollars for
2491s every legendary hunter or any of them
2496s plus press the release map key no that
2498s key is not ready until 2024.
2501s our first winner is murder waffle your
2504s enchant give us a message let us know
2506s you're still hanging out
2507s goal
2511s same
2512s murder and Waffle I love it you're
2514s you're also murder waffle there they are
2517s I I want to be murder waffle yeah sounds
2521s like not a bad life
2522s how do I get so many Hunter slots uh you
2525s buy them for blood bonds or you get
2527s lucky and
2528s Mr I'm sorry dark tribute gives you some
2532s next step is decoded uh with an
2535s interesting spelling if you're in chat
2537s give us a message
2538s going too fast
2540s do you have any remote job vacancies you
2542s can look on crytech.com career with no s
2545s at the end
2547s a majority of our positions are open for
2551s uh Global work from home right now so uh
2553s probably if it's you know you actually
2556s fit the job description
2559s what is the bad hand drop rate low
2563s yep when does uh the black market reset
2565s with updates
2568s what is the plus 5000 top right of your
2570s screen it's uh link your crytek account
2572s but it's a visual bug because I did this
2574s three years ago and it came back in 112
2577s but you can't actually do it again you
2580s can try but you you can't
2583s so
2588s is that a glass of milk ew
2590s who has a glass of milk
2594s uh it's they're probably talking about
2596s me it's not a glass of milk it's a glass
2598s of iced tea with milk in it so I was
2601s gonna say who is straight up drinking
2603s milk over here
2605s I have coffee like a normal human just
2608s saying although I seize a normal human
2610s drink too I was a little concerned
2612s though for a second
2619s no drinking straight milk is just I'm
2622s sorry that's just gross
2625s uh
2626s you don't
2627s drink milk no I'm a human I'm a mammal
2632s you're an American no I'm a mammal
2635s mammals aren't supposed to just drink
2637s straight milk after they've been weaned
2639s last call for decoded we will re-roll
2642s their prize
2645s who among you has the Incredible
2646s Universe probably the person whose
2648s online name is black hair violet eyes
2650s that's yeah that's Gotta Be Me
2652s yep our next winner is baffle bath if
2656s you're in Jack give us a message
2659s a lot of good names going on
2662s oh my God someone said they drink three
2665s glasses of milk a day
2668s a day
2671s yeah I have no problems with people who
2673s who milk it yeah I can't say that at all
2676s exactly what I'm doing but
2679s I'm no
2683s I might drink maybe two glasses
2686s a day
2687s what at least one
2691s we need protein
2693s I I get my protein from
2698s milk
2700s our next winner is star crook sorry to
2704s uh jump in in the middle of the milk
2706s challenge
2709s and milk is is not a normal Source no I
2712s I'm not kidding mammals are not supposed
2714s to have milk
2716s that's that's like an actual thing you
2719s tell that to my kitty cat yes
2724s he does crave it but he's not supposed
2726s to although my cat doesn't like
2728s um
2731s oh my gosh he's a little ham boy we make
2735s fun of them
2736s I have can't do it
2740s I have no Sam at all
2743s thank you for saving me
2748s oh yeah
2750s I feel that what are the winners claim
2753s their prizes you will get a twitch
2755s whisper from our crytek official Channel
2758s and they will ask you they meaning Ari
2761s will ask you what's your platform is
2764s like steam or Xbox uh or PlayStation and
2767s then they will get you the code but it
2770s may take a moment because as you can see
2772s Ari is playing with us so
2777s that's our lactose intolerant yes as are
2781s most mammals yeah
2783s it's not great proof uh our next winner
2785s is Hammer tur if you're in check it was
2787s a message
2789s so hopefully we can keep the train
2792s rolling
2794s solero now you're speaking
2799s I am hearing you see cats drinking milk
2802s in cartoons yeah that doesn't mean it's
2804s right yeah I met like the cats crave it
2808s but it's not it should be
2810s so a lot of incorrect singing cartoons
2812s how many DLCs are they giving away as
2815s many as we can get through
2819s the more people respond to the more keys
2824s oh I want a scratcher statue that would
2827s be really cool
2829s cartoons aren't based on fact
2832s that was great they should I know they
2835s should
2836s hitting each other frying pans is not
2839s okay shock outraged don't go to this
2842s place the spider I need the roar oh
2845s behind us
2847s someone shot at me oh do you have a
2850s sticky bone I do but you already went in
2852s there and she did her Roar so now I'll
2853s never be able to hit it and we have
2855s enemies oh yeah we also have enemies
2856s we're gonna try no
2861s I will once there's not enemies here
2864s I think man over here shocking
2867s yeah somebody shot at me from Northeast
2872s I wanted to kill a meat man with
2873s explosion oh just on the forest to the
2875s left oh yeah
2877s fire bullets
2879s careful
2883s another on the left uh
2886s by the behind the chicken coop straight
2888s North
2890s out in the forest
2895s yeah he's by the Whatchamacallit cart I
2899s don't like this spot that I'm in
2906s no thanks I'm just gonna run over here
2910s in the court
2913s in the corn
2915s okay
2919s okay see if I can find the lantern
2922s I'm with you
2924s uh on this ping is the dead corn oh I
2928s can't see him but he can see me
2930s love that love that
2934s you can watch the body oh I'm at the
2937s cart to get the lantern oh
2940s oh but on me all right
2942s come on
2943s by the way I think it's a silent shot
2951s oh yep right of this house
2957s damn egg once uh one's way more left as
2961s well so there's two teams
2965s oh oh one behind me this is a choice
2969s I tagged him he had to heal up hold on
2976s yeah teams two teams
2979s run away
2987s [Music]
2989s uh bye if you didn't heal yet coming
2991s from Northeast I mean the other team I'm
2993s hiding
2995s thank you
2997s and my shotgun are hiding have we heard
2999s a joke at all yeah they choked
3002s yep
3007s oh they've been shot at there's a bomb
3009s Lance over by me
3010s oh gosh
3016s wanna pop out of the Corn at them and
3018s scare them
3020s but I fear that is back the big white
3023s West someone's taking damage by me
3027s foreign
3031s ER yeah I'm gonna focus on the spider if
3034s I is not directly in danger
3036s come on give me a roar or something
3037s spider you got one
3039s oh uh crossbow on me oh I'm sorry
3042s regular bow on me
3045s I didn't know I was in danger because I
3047s killed one and then somebody else popped
3049s out
3050s anyway
3055s the Romero is robust I don't like that
3059s one as much the regular one but that's
3060s okay do you have a plans to sell
3062s figuring and Hunt characters uh not that
3064s I know it but that would be super great
3065s is there any news on This Server
3067s infrastructure we're white right now all
3069s the people are outside yeah they're out
3071s there there are having red it's red the
3073s whole surrounders here just so we're all
3075s clear someone's on there right
3083s and get stable 120.
3087s whoa I think it's better to cap I have
3090s no idea what it is 30 meters I was
3093s looking up towards half and then it
3095s might have been yeah I'm a medical
3096s professional I I don't think there's
3098s Medical Professional employee to cry
3100s Tech but that would be fun
3103s yeah I think figures would be cool
3105s though will you change something with
3106s getting money on Prestige 100 or add
3108s more percentages
3109s um no plans of any kind like that
3112s announced
3115s I always have three FPS below your
3117s monitor Max my monitor Max 144 which
3121s which I don't think is an option on
3122s Hunter at least last I checked I don't
3124s know I put 120 and it was perfect
3127s what's the FPS cap on PS5 I don't have a
3129s PS5 so I could not tell you but I'm
3132s assuming it is 30. because technically
3135s Hunt is a PS4
3137s built
3138s yeah I don't know why three but that's
3141s interesting
3142s crytek hiring is a court jester uh no
3145s but that would be fun too
3147s have you been to Frankfort
3148s oh any plans to rework the ring system
3151s not that we've announced
3154s this is 180 yeah yeah don't do 990. I
3157s think uncapped is a bad idea
3160s play every game with a different Loadout
3161s and I still have fun at the end of the
3163s day oh yeah well twitch props be back
3165s anytime soon we haven't uh announced the
3168s next twitch props but we will when we
3171s can
3172s words hard
3175s yeah who's that guy I've never even seen
3177s that yet I wonder if they are developers
3179s yes we are
3181s do you play him if you win um our
3184s twitch will reach out to you
3189s can't stop dying first or boys can't
3191s hear [ __ ] I'm muted they can't hear me
3192s right now
3194s also I will keep dying first thank you
3198s any way to stop Shadows from glitching
3200s in game
3202s I don't know that one I don't uh
3207s I don't have that problem is the Alamo
3209s your favorite shotgun no I like the
3210s Slate the most now I think
3214s you can probably resonate you can get
3218s what's your favorite Easter egg uh the
3220s Utah monolith for sure it's down in
3222s desal on the bottom edge of the map
3225s what's the etaa on the trait and health
3227s respect economy change summer
3229s oh my God
3237s oh they've chased
3240s that's pretty interesting
3243s oh I don't use
3245s um
3246s words are hard I don't really use custom
3248s ammo so Buckshot
3251s this cage Hunter win what do you do at
3254s crytek uh I it should be right there
3257s on in our
3259s name things oh my God manager of live
3264s operations Ari is the n a community
3266s manager and gustavo's getting bullied
3269s Gustavo is the Brazilian Community
3271s manager
3272s yeah I always run by the monolith for
3274s sure
3277s when I play solos on trios I see three
3279s rednecks I know I'm dead
3284s I said not firing at each other yeah
3287s gustavo's in a tough hot spot you guys
3290s have internships I don't know
3297s was there still things on changing
3298s leveling procedures mentioned two years
3300s ago there was thoughts for rework I
3301s think that was last year
3303s to my knowledge that we mentioned
3304s thoughts of a rework
3307s um but we
3309s haven't said win that will actually
3311s happen
3313s I am ready me and my 100 Health that's
3316s all you need
3320s they're actually fighting oh I don't
3322s want to be in view of that window
3326s oh okay nice maybe
3332s shot us
3334s this bow guy is still here
3338s oh he didn't die tag twice
3341s there's another one uh directly on your
3343s opposite side in the forest Northeast
3350s tags
3356s good trick Gustavo
3360s they just healed
3363s oh my God got him nice you sound so sad
3367s on that really much too long
3372s because this is who kills me with the
3374s bow earlier
3378s uh yeah maybe maybe you're
3384s you're go away just out of the boss room
3387s yeah uh 105. uh there's one at the door
3390s careful redneck
3394s maybe grab a lantern for this red shirt
3396s if I while you're up there I can't I
3398s just yeah burned this guy
3400s tags redneck
3404s crossbow
3407s oh God
3426s crossbow on the guy in here those guys
3429s doing I don't know
3431s being as far away as they possibly can
3437s I miss that was sadness right there
3442s one up here redneck
3448s Phi is using the packs right now
3451s yes I am thank you
3453s bag one inside
3458s oh my God
3462s can you see that one
3464s try again
3468s he's pushing me I think
3474s we're just gonna we're just gonna go
3478s oh god oh okay I've he's right next to
3482s me right next to me through the wall
3484s interesting
3488s that was easy I guess
3491s anyway how do I know that I am inside
3493s the giveaway oh you type in the keyword
3495s and that's it
3497s the giveaway be a whisper a no it'll
3499s well you have to respond in chat so that
3501s we know that you're here and then you
3503s have you'll get a whisper
3507s got any room for implementing a doctoral
3510s level psychologist
3512s um but I I don't know I'm not an HR but
3514s you know my guess is no
3517s oh I'm dead
3519s what happens hi Akuma
3524s you ever think you'll get to release
3526s official stats on wall bang or
3528s penetration sorry uh
3532s not stats
3535s but
3537s something yes please why the Mosin has
3541s no silence I don't know for fun
3542s completed
3544s probably really good Mission failed
3546s successfully
3548s what's the career path like for a
3550s community manager
3551s um
3552s probably whatever you want it to be
3555s depends you know what are you drinking
3556s there coffee
3561s I mean some people probably are
3563s Community managers forever
3565s some people go on to be directors of
3567s communication things like that
3570s um
3571s the current uh creative director of
3574s Warframe started out as a community
3576s manager so
3578s you know the options thing there is is
3580s to a guy inside buried
3583s what I'm trying to say
3587s you should convince the level designers
3589s to come out with a hospital map well our
3591s maps are way bigger than one location
3593s but if I clean my gun does it stay clean
3595s forever or just until I die just until
3597s you die
3599s I meant more so leading up to becoming a
3601s Community member oh okay I'm sorry
3604s um also very uh very I was a project and
3608s an engine before
3610s great try good try
3614s oh I muted for no reason again
3618s because now we're all done
3620s um
3622s yeah but the
3624s Whatchamacallit uh
3628s Pathway to becoming a community manager
3631s is also very varied in that yeah I was a
3635s project manager and an engineer prior to
3637s working at crytech and I think Ari
3641s started as one of our moderators is how
3643s he got his you know kind of in and
3646s Gustavo you were in customer support at
3649s another company right
3653s and I was the moderator as well on this
3656s card but I worked with localization and
3659s translation on clear support before
3662s fighting
3668s I have to use the bane of my existence
3670s that's right slugs
3672s and Grandma
3674s and Grandma I also also not a big fan
3678s I hate this I feel dirty just putting
3682s the slugs on
3685s the next map will be in 2024 as we put
3689s in the roadmap
3692s can we get stats in the monster book oh
3694s that would be fun
3707s uh are we what are we thinking are a new
3710s keyword or keep going on that keyword uh
3714s we're all wrapped up before the creepy
3716s giveaway for right now but we could do
3718s another keyword uh this time let's do it
3722s for
3724s let's do some malala's Mala okay can we
3728s get a keyword from uh
3731s either of my partners why not to do it
3734s last time so I think it's gustavo's turn
3736s Mr Gustavo I need a keyword
3739s Mala don't do like pudding again or
3742s something dude like use a word that
3744s people can spell easily
3746s okay uh so since she's from Argentina
3752s we can use the keyword Argentina
3754s Argentina
3757s palette Argentina I hope there's only
3760s one spelling because there's multiple
3762s spellings for Brazil and that that way
3764s oh Argentina think it's Argentina oh if
3767s you can't
3769s can't learn here you
3771s go and if you had a question in chat
3773s please hold because um as you can see
3777s yeah can't read that
3780s uh if you want a possibility to win a
3783s Lala's Mala DLC on any platform please
3786s come over to twitch.tv cry Tech give us
3788s a follow and then type Argentina in chat
3791s uh the Caps do not matter but you make
3795s sure you're not using any sort of
3796s exclamation in front of Argentina or
3798s anything afterwards it has to be all by
3801s its own uh Nixa don't even try to win if
3805s your win comes up I'm re-rolling it
3809s I saw that
3813s oh
3816s who is the author of the soundtrack in
3818s the main menu uh the port sulfur band
3820s I'm trying so hard oh damn it I didn't
3823s read that one
3827s I want granny skin people sad sorry
3831s I'm trying to read the things that go
3833s really fast just for fun
3839s just like the last giveaway you guys
3840s will need to still I can't read that you
3843s also need to be in chat when we pull our
3845s winners so make sure you do not go
3847s anywhere
3849s damn all right yep too long
3852s if your question is too long when it's
3853s flying by it's really hard how many
3855s people have died to wounded horses uh I
3857s don't know be hilarious a lot I would
3859s love that stat
3862s is enough that we included it in our
3864s sorry are you available online yes
3870s that was it sorry that's all I got
3873s I need more Gator traps we got two in
3876s that one at least
3878s yeah that was good yeah I got one
3882s last match you can die from a wounded
3885s horse uh it'll kick you sometimes yeah
3887s they kick for 12 damage
3891s uh what if I already have low small if
3894s you have a DLC and you you know win then
3897s you can either have us re-roll the code
3899s and somebody else in chat can get it or
3901s we recommend that you have a you know
3903s find a friend that might not have that
3905s DLC and you can just give them the Code
3907s for free
3910s will the OC DLC on Steam be updated as
3912s too little music I'm not sure
3915s or you can also give it to Nixa because
3918s apparently that works he does not have
3920s it no nothing so
3923s if I learned that you gave it to Nixa we
3926s gonna be having a chat can you know how
3928s many hundreds have died to a wounded
3929s horse now that I don't know that but it
3931s would be fun to know
3932s at least one we have that's more than
3935s one
3936s we posted long time ago
3938s uh we included it in the 50 ways to die
3941s but that wasn't how many have died right
3943s I think we had how many if I'm not wrong
3948s I'll have to
3950s look into it but I think we posted a
3953s long long time ago
3955s are you working on a feedback system
3956s after reporting someone um it's been
3958s suggested but that's kind of all out of
3962s our hands after that
3970s milk weapon charm when wow that's a set
3974s of words
3975s do you know if there's going to be a
3977s repressing of the vinyl um we have
3980s suggested it but it is at this point
3983s also out of our hands but we do we did
3985s see a lot of really good feedback so we
3987s did suggest that
3989s uh we have a comment about servers in
3992s Iran
3994s um I believe from what I've known in
3996s past server problems that is probably
3998s going to be something going on with the
4000s isps in that area on our side we haven't
4004s seen any big problems that would be
4007s preventing anything from happening but
4009s if it's something with your internet
4010s service provider you have almost no
4012s control over that
4014s um you can call and you know try to get
4016s some support from their side and they
4018s can try to Route the connection but from
4020s our side there is not anything we can do
4027s multiple times in a row I mean you can
4030s just click buy a bunch and you can just
4032s buy a bunch of them that's why I'm not
4033s sure
4039s oh yeah it's not just rival Hunters to
4042s be abominable monsters that calls mortal
4044s uh Mortals to meet their makers so uh
4050s 1595 Hunters have lost their lives
4053s because of doors
4054s and horses have killed
4058s 276 players there you go when was that
4061s stat published probably uh
4065s February
4067s 20 22.
4069s so a year ago not that old no
4073s is it known how many players hunt
4074s Showdown has uh I mean you can go on
4076s Steam charts at any time do you wish
4082s I've taken up arms to eliminate monsters
4085s and clean boundaries
4088s how do I get featured with a clip in the
4089s community wrap-up uh you post your cool
4092s clip online and then
4095s can tag us you hope yeah you tag us and
4098s then yeah you hope after that there's no
4100s no guaranteed way
4103s are the devs aware there's some weird
4104s bug that gives your legendary Hunter the
4106s same trait and health photo if you
4107s recruit them back to back um I'm pretty
4109s sure yes
4110s uh yeah it's just so the first like one
4113s or two that you get so you'll get one
4116s from just buying the DLC and then the
4118s next one you recruit those two will
4119s always have the same uh perks and health
4122s and stuff but then it should be
4123s different after that
4129s patch notes
4133s there you go
4135s the one the event the Revenge the
4138s passions that came out in March
4151s his boss has the most Hunter kills I'm
4153s gonna guess the butcher
4155s he feels fire damage and a lot of people
4158s I think accidentally burn out
4160s I've gone the wrong way to this world
4162s yeah
4167s I wouldn't be surprised about uh death
4170s when he catches a few people too
4174s guys are really far away from me I
4177s didn't notice
4178s we're really far away from each other
4180s yeah it was at Ash Creek
4188s gonna hide over here
4191s while I wait for you guys get to get
4193s back Scrappy has to be the number 100
4195s killer he's got like three less years of
4198s killing than everyone else well then
4200s Richard in spider so like doubt Butcher
4203s and the spider are with us since the
4205s beginning yeah I would say I think
4207s there's no way it's Scrappy
4209s yeah yeah
4214s sorry
4215s someone asked me ask me how I was so I'm
4219s parking
4221s that's nice
4225s your skin is the most played I have no
4228s idea
4229s what's Violet's favorites by Family
4231s character Lloyd
4233s a warrior how is it not Anya
4238s of them I love them all
4240s yeah it's a fair answer too am I able to
4243s win a Kiko by watching on Facebook ah
4245s it's Gotta Be twitch that's where the
4246s bot
4247s can you tell us how many workers are
4249s working on Hunt I cannot I also don't
4251s know
4252s when are you gonna add new graphics
4254s engine the engine integration does not
4256s have a date yet
4260s what's crytek's official stance on
4262s chainsaw man I've never seen it
4264s crytek's official stance on chainsaw man
4267s it's true
4269s instead of blood bombs uh it will no
4272s longer be blood bonds and that's as much
4274s as we have but it will be part of the
4277s summer update
4279s will we get any bow skin in the store
4281s with blood bonds I'm sure someday
4286s ever plan on adding a team deathmatch
4288s mode not that we've announced
4291s wait what so I lose my blood bonds I
4293s have no idea where you got that but no
4299s that's crazy
4300s don't talk crazy over here
4305s our free hunt dollar generators online
4307s legit
4309s extreme doubt extreme doubt yeah I don't
4313s know I don't know what a free hunt
4314s dollar generator is but yeah extreme
4316s doubt sounds similar to maybe a prince
4319s contacting a female asking for a quick
4322s Financial donation
4324s uh does physician decrease Med kit heel
4327s time yes that is it's
4329s purpose uh they might be asking so they
4332s might be asking about the med kids
4334s oh
4336s then I still think yes it reduces all
4340s bandaging time
4346s I'm so low beginning more reworks uh not
4348s that we've announced
4351s keeping a close eye on it after the last
4353s changes for sure
4355s this Hive just did me dirty
4358s I'm sorry to say bye but I think all
4360s hives have only done me dirty
4364s any new traits in the plan not that
4365s we've announced
4368s pyramid screen seats
4375s can we get more Native American Hunters
4377s I hope so I love them
4380s okay there's a special ammo up here oh
4384s butterfly where are you going up there
4387s to see if there's a health kit
4390s telling you
4391s um I have to blow up this meat man back
4393s here because it's for my Challenge and I
4395s I'm gonna forget if I don't do enough
4397s uh guess who has not been looking for
4400s Gator traps it's me it's you
4403s it's re looking for another Health kid
4406s anybody no not a health kid fine I'll
4409s use my damn own Healthcare you know
4412s crossplay it does between PS and Xbox
4414s but not PC uh and between Playstation
4418s Xbox it's not cross invites it's just
4421s across
4427s okay it works unpatched how legit doubt
4431s press X to doubt
4434s for a sex about careful for a third
4437s party oh
4439s thank you yeah they're gross
4442s I stepped on them when it came out of
4443s the corner oh God that was scary
4446s didn't actually see that guy
4449s I was looking for him
4451s uh shot top left side of the bar is
4454s there a gearbox coming there's a wild
4455s Target coming and what that exactly
4458s means
4459s God he's far away
4461s I'm a good res I'm behind the thing good
4463s shot I'm gonna rotate around to Bonnie
4466s Gustavo before you push him
4467s I wanted to push in that guy's kind of
4469s far out he's not in the Bounty team I
4471s think
4475s did they kill you from inside no no no
4477s no no way out
4480s I say way not in there
4483s that's a little my God
4486s someone's got dualaments
4496s fun
4497s we announced the giveaway winner when
4500s we're done with this match uh still one
4502s more download
4505s there's one at the stairs careful
4509s [Music]
4512s he's speaking from the cracks got one
4515s got one oh I have a regular Romero not a
4517s other one damn it
4527s in there oh my God he scared me trying
4529s to come out nice is still one with the
4530s Bounty still one that's about it
4536s on top of each other
4540s he's up yeah
4544s is this the last one
4546s yeah last one up
4550s it might be the guy with the aftermath
4551s yeah watch out
4554s oh God
4557s I knew that and yet my brain
4559s forgot I don't know
4564s should drop down
4565s nope she's still up there she took
4568s damage somehow
4581s she's over here
4589s foreign
4609s worth it worth my death
4612s I wonder if play doctor will be
4614s available again to buy in the future uh
4616s not that we've announced
4619s I was not the guy
4621s uh we don't have one right now but it
4624s might exist in the future
4626s you get skins for free I get DLC for
4629s free but not
4630s um the blood buns
4632s all of my blood bonds I have bought well
4635s I actually haven't bought it before Oh
4637s my God all of my blood bonds I have
4639s earned in game myself
4644s it comes the event directly after the
4646s current questline we have not announced
4647s a date for the uh
4651s next event
4655s for what do you need blood bonds if you
4657s get all the DLCs for free for the blood
4659s Bond skins obviously what are you
4661s talking about
4664s oh
4666s great is there a possibility to apply or
4670s send in my CV you can look on
4672s crytech.com career and see if there's
4675s any things there
4679s that fit your uh experience
4684s you can go down
4686s all right I think I finished my Romero
4688s and slugs I got three kills
4691s a gator trap nice grab it a free Beast
4695s face down here if anyone would like it
4697s how fun is working in crytek I like
4699s working in critique
4704s that is a known bug if you trade
4708s known bug if you trade
4711s do devs know that the hunt dollar prices
4713s don't show up on skins in the new menu
4715s yes I mean they actually do in the
4717s bottom left but they don't when you're
4718s scrolling which is annoying oh yes you
4721s guys all live in the same area no we're
4722s all remote
4723s uh we all live in the same house
4726s that would be cute
4728s actual chaos
4732s how fun is it working on the best game
4733s in the world
4736s timer until your lungs collapse it's my
4739s stamina
4741s we all live in a bright Tech mansion
4745s in Texas in Texas oh God why they have
4749s to be taxes I'm gonna chose that
4752s anywhere
4755s for what can I get a ban in this game
4758s breaking terms of service does that help
4760s uh or code of conduct yeah
4763s I guess for me that's all terms of
4765s service that's true uh I think both kind
4769s of reference each other so yeah for sure
4771s will we ever get a witch legendary
4773s Hunter well there's a witch hunter so
4775s maybe
4777s have you ever fired any gun from hunt in
4779s real life not from hunt
4782s but I fired again well I did not find
4784s any other
4786s Texas players skater trap do you guys
4789s want to extract to extract that purple
4791s Plantation I'm already here
4793s okay oh you guys are supposed to what
4796s are you talking about I'm already here
4799s wouldn't mind getting the last one but
4801s I'll take that as a note
4804s uh I would say no I don't want to run up
4806s to Pearl yes that is correct
4809s our social media manager though uh found
4812s a old Mosin in his family home in
4816s Hungary which was interesting
4820s close friends grandfather just died
4823s um a couple weeks ago and when they were
4824s going through his things they found a
4826s Winfield slate but the real one in his
4828s home and they were like I'm sorry why do
4833s you have a war trench gun if you can't
4836s ask anymore because he's gone but
4839s uh so my friend who is a big
4842s um antiques kind of guy he was like um
4845s claiming that thank you
4848s and he's gonna restore it so that's cool
4853s is the engine upgrade going to be a
4855s separate game altogether no it is going
4857s to upgrade current hunt
4859s it's uh engine integration engine
4861s integration yes
4864s you saw what this is for you
4867s he plans on allowing expressions
4871s when do I get the DLC code got whispered
4873s 30 minutes ago at the end of stream uh
4875s at the end of stream or as soon as we
4877s can get you but ow I almost died
4879s but we are actively still playing
4883s Paris quest line is make Partners bleed
4891s uh can you say swear words on Friday's
4893s Channel I hope so I can do it anyway
4898s when when is the oh sorry sorry go first
4900s nope you're ready I've already forgotten
4903s I'm sorry
4905s just you go
4907s my brain stopped oh I almost spilled my
4910s coffee
4911s uh when are we releasing the new lgbtq
4914s plus character oh I don't think we've
4917s announced any
4918s uh plans for and you know an lgbtq plus
4922s character but we haven't released any
4924s plans for any elections
4926s uh who knows what the next one is gonna
4929s be
4934s no no one can tell me high Q is better
4937s than the curves I was on the right one
4938s already uh no one can tell me high Q is
4940s better than kirko's basketball I'm sorry
4942s but incorrect
4945s any trait in the works we haven't
4948s announced any new treats
4950s don't read this question if the next
4952s legendary Hunter is a spider themed
4953s Hunter I don't even know what the next
4954s legendary
4956s what does spider Hunter even mean
4959s there were no lgbtq in that time would
4961s be an accurate absolutely incorrect I'm
4963s sorry talking monkey that's yeah that's
4966s not correct
4968s we had uh narrative design and uh maybe
4974s some people from the art team who did a
4976s stream on the cryengine side
4978s um trans visibility day I got to talk a
4981s little bit about Viper our non-binary
4984s character as well as
4987s our one of our lgbtq plus
4990s um like pair of characters as well it's
4993s a cool watch if you guys want to go back
4995s and find the stream on the cryengine
4996s twitch
5002s is MMR based solely on KDA and recent
5004s games or Bounty extracts neither it's
5006s based on who you kill and who kills you
5008s if you watch the movie Redline no
5012s find envelopes kill emulators okay I can
5015s do that
5018s did one of you Greedy Boy scrub uh
5022s conduit oh uh I will because I forgot to
5025s grab traits at all but yes me and trait
5029s grabbing is
5031s tough you're asking a lot of me here Ari
5034s to remember to graduates
5036s I just want you to have to create a map
5038s quite a bit our maps are actually kind
5041s of huge
5042s discount to KD no
5045s no the team kills actually will take XP
5047s away from you
5048s it's true
5052s we try to add a lot of detail into our
5054s Maps we hope you guys like the maps that
5056s we have so far and like that there's so
5058s much going on but that also makes it
5060s harder to pump them out as quickly have
5063s you guys seen any in
5066s cryengine uh we are not part of the
5069s uh integration team though
5075s any plans to create a bigger incentive
5077s to prestige past 100 not that we've
5079s announced
5085s itch is waiting for Arie to get 100 so
5089s oh God we're gonna be waiting forever
5091s then
5092s I'm sorry I'm sorry everybody who wants
5095s better stuff
5098s any comment on the reshaders uh we have
5100s passed on all the videos to the team and
5102s uh so they're looking into it
5106s any news on the hunt Netflix series well
5109s it's not a Netflix series going through
5112s a new platform binge right binge yeah
5115s but we do not have any update right now
5118s to share I'm so sorry
5119s but we I think I can say pretty
5121s confidently all of us are very excited
5123s to hear more about it too
5131s has any plans been announced to add to
5133s sell trials nope
5135s you can go to binge Twitter and ask them
5138s well and they won't tell you anything
5140s now probably
5146s so we are getting a new engine no we are
5148s integrating to the latest version of
5150s cryengine and it will take a very large
5153s amount of time and there's no set date
5155s for it
5157s can you at least tell us if the work on
5158s that series is going well I am not
5160s exaggerating at all Shadow Reaper when I
5162s say I know nothing about it that you
5165s don't know which is that it exists
5168s that's it I know nothing else
5172s hmm
5179s oh I forgot
5182s there's never been any announcement on
5184s squads before but I think that would be
5186s cool
5187s personally
5189s see you guys back there
5194s uh I did not like breath of the wild and
5196s therefore I have chosen to not
5199s play
5200s tears of the Kingdom either
5203s because I don't want to pay 70 for a
5205s game I don't think I'm gonna like
5208s personally I have never played Zelda
5211s what what about uh Zelda's the character
5215s in Super Smash Bros nope never I tried
5221s uh
5223s uh where's my main man Dennis uh I think
5226s at home probably what are your controls
5229s there weird
5230s they're just weird
5232s I am not a
5234s Nintendo fan
5243s yeah I've heard on pretty much only good
5245s things from it but kind of like if I
5247s said I I also heard that it's very
5249s similar to breath of the wild so yeah I
5252s I just
5255s prefer
5256s the old system of the Zelda games for
5261s lack of a better term uh and breath of
5264s the wild did not for me personally not
5267s for you just for me it didn't feel like
5270s a Zelda game and I didn't like that but
5274s um that's just me
5275s I am glad that a lot of people liked it
5281s the part of the Chad click that binds
5283s Vault to a separate key nah I don't have
5286s enough keys for that
5288s I would like if if I used like uh a
5293s racing setup and you had pedals under
5295s your desk and you used like one to go
5297s forward and one two that would be
5298s hilarious
5299s that does seem like it would be kind of
5301s up your alley as far as just weird
5303s controls yeah this is my clue whichever
5306s one you are
5310s taking it
5313s wow oh sorry oh wow
5319s I'm sorry
5320s we even said his name and he was like uh
5323s not listening I wasn't paying attention
5327s more than half the keyboard is unused I
5330s don't know what kind of monster hands
5331s you think I have but you're incorrect
5333s like Freestyle skin back here by the
5335s clue
5336s uh I started the self skin fun fact how
5339s do you join the giveaway you write
5340s Argentina in chat and that's why
5342s everyone's saying it
5343s you also need to be followed on
5346s twitch.tv crytech and full instructions
5349s can be found in the pinned message
5352s um our pascoboy winners should have
5354s their keys waiting for them in their
5356s twitch Whispers
5359s we will post some winners for that
5362s Argentina giveaway in the LA Las Mala
5364s after this match
5366s three hands operating your keyboard damn
5369s that's how everybody's pressing the
5371s button
5373s S I need to recruit my cat to like come
5376s home so much
5379s uh you take less fall damage when you
5381s fall into water
5384s when does the giveaway begin it's
5386s already bigger
5388s for a while
5390s from Argentina correct she's from the
5393s Patagonia which is modern day Argentina
5396s will Lulu be back who knows maybe maybe
5399s not
5400s she's busy it's just a little busy a
5402s little busy we'll we'll see whenever she
5404s is time
5406s VR Hunt win oh my God never I I would
5409s never play that whether or not it ever
5411s happens I would never play
5412s Ed it that would Balvin yeah maybe or
5415s Falkland I don't know
5418s because they're looking for a fun VR
5420s game you should check out the climb on
5422s Oculus yeah
5428s um we've never said that it would uh we
5431s are currently planning on supporting
5433s hunt for a very long time and um
5437s that's what David has said about that
5440s I would like it if hunt two was called
5442s hunt 2 Electric Boogaloo
5445s um I'm not sure why but it would just
5447s make me happy
5451s we all closer at hive
5456s win unique character voices for
5457s legendary henders who knows maybe maybe
5460s not ever
5462s we have a lot of legendary Hunters
5464s wait is there gonna be honcho down too
5466s not that we've ever said no no
5470s yeah I think we have over 70 legendary
5474s Hunters yes we do yep
5479s pink spark skin
5484s interesting interesting
5488s voice actors are very cheap uh you know
5490s not if you pay them correctly which you
5492s should be paying voice actors correctly
5495s it's actually pretty tragedy that a lot
5498s of companies don't value their
5500s voice actors enough
5502s only full voice actor we have in the
5504s game now is a legend himself
5507s yeah he is
5512s I'm just like I'm scared of going down
5516s there
5517s yeah I don't like going down
5519s I'm so scared
5522s Corners windport's over band legendary
5525s Hunters so true
5527s so true I'm gonna bring a mad kid
5530s here okay just in case
5537s how much will hunt you cost well there
5539s isn't
5541s that we've ever
5544s want two questions keep coming
5546s no
5549s uh that wasn't our fire huh
5552s no
5554s yeah lit some fire up there
5560s throwing Hammer win oh my God so true
5564s oh my God I'm gonna cry
5566s well it's about hunt three oh my God
5568s intra when will private lobbies be
5570s coming oh we have not announced uh
5573s anything definitive we've only said that
5575s we are interested
5577s in them but that's it
5580s oh
5582s thank God we're moving
5585s I'm getting bored but also I'm scared oh
5588s yep
5590s thanks poisoned
5593s fishing up with bye I didn't see that
5595s one right in front of me by the uh White
5598s House I didn't see him uh underneath the
5601s barn area the one outside you guys know
5603s the firing feature has a date yet soon
5606s TM
5609s tagged for our birthday again
5611s he's behind this one
5614s oh let's see if we can leverage this oh
5616s yeah
5621s watch out to your North there's more
5624s people I'm in a really bad spot we don't
5626s know
5629s sorry
5631s no come on first step towards a PVE or
5634s Co-op
5637s come with me if you want to live
5639s would love to see a World War II version
5641s that would be
5644s will y'all be adding an option to
5646s virtually if those drunk when it gets
5647s too scary
5650s okay
5651s where can we go where can we go
5653s see if they start to fight each other
5656s yeah on Steam Market I don't know
5660s you guys adding assault weapons no are
5662s we how about a placeable Med kit that
5664s would be me
5665s just like a placeable ammo box you all
5668s pulling names today we will see replay
5670s system is something that we're
5672s interested in at least a two-day 2D
5674s replay system uh but we haven't
5676s committed is there an Arachnophobia mode
5678s there is not
5681s will there be more art in merch always
5685s we have definitely suggested
5687s whatchamacallits like uh stuffed animals
5690s and stuff like a lot but we don't
5693s have them current
5695s is there a chance hun supports third
5696s party Community creators oh it was a
5699s real shame when the hunt maps site had
5701s to get taken down
5702s um there is a replacement for it already
5704s that someone has made but
5707s um
5709s yeah maybe we could
5711s try to rest Pax carbine would be cool I
5715s would like that
5716s are they pushing your Crosshair no no
5719s target is coming this summer
5722s any plans for custom games uh we've
5724s already said that it's something that
5726s we're interested in we don't have like a
5728s timeline form
5730s red shirt poked up from the 150 on the
5733s birds
5736s although a club with concertina on it
5738s let's go way back that would be rude
5742s I'm gonna try to arrest her yeah I think
5744s we should sell chibi hunters and stuff I
5746s think that would be so cute I'm peeling
5747s up right now if you've ever been to my
5750s personal stream you'll know that I also
5751s love TV scrapbook I have a picture of
5754s Chibi scrap beak on my stream all the
5757s time
5758s literally all the time I'm severe
5760s Arachnophobia but the spider never
5762s bothered me actually saying I I wouldn't
5764s call my Arachnophobia severe
5766s but I do have Arachnophobia uh and I the
5770s spider has never bothered me for some
5772s reason I don't know why how do I unlock
5774s the Winfield shorty silencer um if you
5777s did not complete the quest line you
5778s unfortunately have to wait until the
5781s summer update
5784s what's your stream handle uh well
5786s gustavo's is Elias
5789s a-l-e-a-s I think underscore and then
5791s mine is black hair violet eyes which is
5793s my name on everything
5795s uh twitch Twitter or whatever and Ari
5798s does not stream but his twitch is Dino
5800s Ari when is the summer update in the
5802s summer
5808s I did uh not that I have ever heard
5811s how do I
5813s unlocked
5814s nice shot
5816s nice try I did not even see the guy in
5819s front of me I know exactly where it was
5821s and I just yep didn't see him until I
5823s died I was so focused on the frappe
5827s Dern that guy was still camping your
5829s body yeah that's fine
5833s most effective way to kill the Assassin
5836s um stamina and an ax
5852s yeah remember
5854s are you guys updating the game with the
5856s summer update
5859s I'm gonna need you to read that one back
5861s over
5862s and if that doesn't answer your own
5864s question then I'm going to need you to
5865s re-ask it because I don't understand I'm
5867s sorry
5869s when we report someone for using racist
5871s words and trying to shoot us as
5872s teammates are those people getting any
5873s punishment if you report them then yes
5878s hard to pronounce I don't know it does
5880s though
5882s yes breaking code of conduct is
5885s up uh yeah bannable thank you words are
5889s hard
5890s struggling to act six nice sorry nice
5899s what do you need
5901s uh I'm gonna do extract with Bounty I
5904s have a full confidence in US
5906s again
5910s I feel it I think the Crag would be an
5912s easy one but I might just get Gator
5915s traps because I think that one's gonna
5916s take the longest
5919s oh okay so you don't need any no
5923s okay yeah I think we're just gonna go
5925s Gator traps and extract with the Bounty
5927s and hope we can get out
5930s I'm gonna ready up and then I am going
5931s to use the restroom so I'll be right
5934s back oh cool
5936s uh heads up to everyone who will start
5938s pulling uh winners for that La La's Mala
5942s giveaway with the keyword Argentina in
5944s the next one or two minutes if you
5946s haven't yet please follow twitch.tv
5949s crytech uh come over to our twitch chat
5951s and type Argentina and chat for your
5954s chance to win a lot less Mala DLC on any
5957s platform
5963s uh also make sure you stick around to
5965s the end of the stream uh so you want to
5967s stick around till when we're pulling
5968s winners just so you can actually claim
5971s your price but if you stick around till
5972s the end of the stream we're gonna do
5974s another secret giveaway if you watched
5978s our previous gameplay stream you might
5979s kind of know if you do not know then
5983s just wait it's a great chance to win
5985s some DLC
6047s question is why Argentina because LA Los
6050s Mala is from Argentina uh
6053s nasty myth
6058s yep
6061s Argentina
6063s does it help to type Argentina multiple
6065s times it does not um
6068s for any keyword that we do you just need
6071s to type it once and then you're entered
6072s in to when uh you have the same chance
6075s to win as anybody else
6081s our first one or we are looking for is
6084s gonna be
6088s wants to show me
6091s Subway Sam if you're in chat please give
6093s us a message let us know you're still
6094s hanging out with us
6113s okay Subway Sam is with us
6116s congratulations nice
6121s next step after Subway Sam is HD Palms
6125s if you're in chat let us know
6128s foreign
6131s legendary Hunter happen oh it's not up
6134s to me but I would love that yeah for
6137s sure
6143s for today I think
6146s two more hours
6148s uh one more hour one more hour yeah one
6150s more hour
6153s HG Palms is with us as well
6156s congratulations next up Jost Jr
6163s you ever thought about having twitch
6164s prime or words uh I'm sure it's been
6166s considered but
6168s um
6169s who knows
6171s maybe someday in the future or
6174s not I guess
6180s congrats to Joe's Junior and next up uh
6183s Malik kultra if you're in chat let us
6186s know good job
6189s I think I would have said that the same
6190s way
6193s oh my hunter came with Colin Lewis
6202s foreign
6212s [Applause]
6226s pick up the clothes anymore
6228s I laughed at that too
6231s still looking for a malach Ultra
6233s you have another 20 seconds or so before
6236s we'll have to reroll your price
6238s someone asked have we ever thought about
6241s a dedicated server for hunt Partners
6243s um that would be part of like a custom
6245s lobbies thing but just front Partners no
6250s it would if we do custom obvious it'll
6252s be for everyone
6255s unfortunately it does not look like we
6257s still have that winner with us so we're
6259s pulling another now we're looking for a
6261s Macintosh Johnson if you're in chat give
6265s us a message
6269s [Applause]
6273s oh goodness that was a um
6276s uh you know grunt Barrel Orchard yep
6285s ooh prisoner so rigged definitely not
6290s enough it's just the bot that pulls
6292s people randomly
6296s Macintosh Johnson you got another 30
6299s seconds or so before we'll have to
6301s re-roll your prize as part of the game
6305s um that would be fun
6320s oh we're going to prison uh We're not
6322s gonna allow any comments asking for a
6325s certain nationality of people not to be
6327s able to play on a certain server right
6330s now we have clear ping limits in place
6333s to try to create the best match that we
6336s can so
6338s you might have your own bias but no need
6341s to share here as we will not be doing
6344s anything like that
6351s that's our question go by that's now um
6354s buried in Argentina any chance David
6357s joins one of the streams one day uh yeah
6358s he's already joined like what three or
6360s four I think we're at three I'm lucky
6363s enough to sneak him in and uh he has a
6366s really good time every time we get the
6367s opportunity but uh surprise to No One
6370s David is a very busy guy yeah
6374s uh we pulled another winner and they
6377s were immediately in check
6378s congratulations we'll still try to pull
6380s at least one or two more before we get
6382s into the meat and potatoes of this match
6384s someone asked what
6387s um fov I play on I play on defaults fov
6390s I don't like when it's too big it next
6393s up
6397s [Music]
6400s um I play on Big Fish I yeah I don't
6402s like that
6407s I like that looking for gex necro if
6410s you're in chat
6411s [Music]
6421s oh down in Darren
6425s after gex we're looking for cheer rocks
6428s 86.
6430s as a winner
6432s 2 000 hours into the game what can I do
6434s to help the game feel fresh uh I don't
6436s know have you finished all of
6438s the weapons in the book of weapons
6442s have you finished all the book of
6444s monsters injuries maybe a new
6447s make sure you do the questline yeah your
6449s weekly challenges
6451s files trials yeah
6457s he needs it
6460s um I like to learn a lot of a lot of uh
6463s time doing the trials because some of
6465s them are really very hard yeah someone
6467s said trials to destroy your sanity and I
6470s agree with that they destroy my sanity
6473s it can be fun to just pull uh recruited
6476s like tier two tier three hunters and try
6478s to use you know only what they have
6481s instead of
6482s your loadouts they just killed them
6486s uh still looking for cheer rocks you got
6488s another 20 30 seconds before we'll pull
6491s a new winner
6492s 200 stay the max we have not announced
6495s any plans to add more prestigious so at
6497s least yes for now
6503s when fixed reshade we have seen the
6506s videos and already passed them on so
6508s they have been seen and noted
6511s that's kind of uh out of our hands for
6513s now
6519s any Prestige rework uh we have not
6521s announced any Prestige rework on the uh
6525s you know
6527s it's like current road maps but it
6530s still might come it's still something
6531s we're interested in we just don't have
6532s like a timeline for it
6535s wait when will you add new maps
6538s people coming from the prison
6541s [Music]
6545s they're gonna cross the bridge they're
6548s gonna cross a bridge
6549s I'm not close enough to shoot right now
6551s I think trains
6558s from one side or the other no they're
6561s crossing the river
6564s Easter egg hello
6568s uh can we get a pink Gustavo I'm at the
6570s river right now here okay I'm gonna try
6573s to make it I think they crossed already
6574s no no no
6575s oh killed one
6577s nice nice I was really really far
6580s what kind of work do you guys do for cry
6581s Tech we're all fears over there still
6584s what is that thing it's an Easter egg
6586s for the Utah monolith
6590s running running
6596s the other two may have crossed already
6600s sure
6601s do you have opinion
6603s explosion down here
6607s I'm so far
6610s behind you I killed one oh what was that
6615s weird findings happening
6617s [Applause]
6622s Viper at the top of the hill
6625s [Music]
6627s again that's a chaos oh baby no adding
6631s him okay
6636s one jumped back into the prison at least
6639s no there's I think two of them went back
6641s at least
6643s there's one far left
6648s careful careful I just got here and
6650s they're running away
6653s I found the one one dead the red shirt I
6656s don't think that's the one Gustavo
6657s killed yo uh
6660s uh at the very top in the courtyard area
6662s holding the big gap
6664s you might have that on the one that I
6666s killed
6667s it's right here somewhere
6672s tagged once in the courtyard
6674s coming to you no they're so scared of me
6682s right here
6685s oh
6692s they're running I think they're throwing
6693s please don't hit me
6704s that was a great airing again
6708s is that the corner he's still at the
6709s corner
6711s how did the quest work um you do them
6713s and then you get stuff
6714s done
6723s okay the Bounty is oh
6728s so that corner Martini Martini Henry
6730s Martin's inside
6733s uh maybe push the courtyard guys I was
6737s trying to but this guy's throwing at me
6740s back
6746s I think I can see the courtyard from up
6748s here
6752s oh Jesus
6760s he's like right here
6767s oh he's down
6772s coming back to you
6780s I'm sure they know where I am
6786s let's just try and shoot yeah I'm gonna
6788s go for the rest
6790s they're still over there they're still
6792s at that craft right now yep you stop I
6794s think there's two of them
6797s yep uh it looks like a detective Maybe
6801s they're not looking your way right now
6803s Gustavo they're looking to buy
6806s now they're looking at me oh geez okay
6811s I tied him yeah I was trying to thread
6814s the needle when I was doing a bad job
6816s finish the questline didn't unlock the
6818s under skin
6819s send a message to customer support
6821s they'll fix it
6824s easy peasy
6830s that guy scared me
6833s I didn't expect that
6835s blast them
6839s design choices as to why double hand
6842s crossbow isn't a thing um Dennis has
6843s definitely talked about it in the past
6846s um
6848s but yeah
6855s what is happening with trials will they
6857s be removed nothing is happening with
6858s trials
6859s no changes
6861s are you gonna add a legendary Hunter
6863s only unlockable to prestige 100 not that
6865s we've announced but maybe someday
6867s when will we get a Mexican cowboy under
6869s who knows
6872s go Alias go indeed
6875s are you able to say if the dark side
6876s Easter eggs of Dev faces are oh
6880s um that I know of they're only into cell
6882s but that's just what I know of
6884s I also want stalker Beeler skins they're
6887s so cute
6898s oh my God
6901s it's a legendary Hunters at Allure level
6903s hunt together against each other yes
6913s I think Carter's dead
6915s hola
6919s that was my bed I was really useless in
6921s that fight I couldn't find them I was
6923s trying to like get behind them and they
6925s were rotating like away from me and then
6927s they heard me which is you know par for
6930s the course
6931s isn't there 100 that's Undead yes the
6934s Revenant
6937s that Grant totally gave away my position
6940s yeah
6942s oh yeah isn't the blackout dead I think
6944s so
6945s it sounds right
6948s but mapping for console uh we are
6952s aware that it is a wanted feature but we
6955s don't have anything else to say about it
6958s you should get a circus clown Hunter oh
6960s no please God I'll cry
6963s oh that would be cool
6966s I will actually be disgusted and want to
6969s die
6973s 30 blood bonds from dark tribute thank
6975s you
6980s I need more Gator traps
6982s what headphones do you guys use I use
6984s the
6985s um arctis 7 steel series headphones and
6989s I think they're the best for the price
6994s they use a pair of in-ear monitors
6998s um
6999s called the moon drop Aria I think
7004s oh yeah you have talked about that
7007s hey I use a Corsair void RGB
7010s this one
7011s but I am not using right now because I'm
7016s sorry these are actually the moon drop
7018s chew not the moon drop Aria
7022s what servers do you guys play on the
7024s most I've seen Ari um well we're in the
7026s US so we play on us servers the most
7031s how often is it actually that you guys
7032s add bloodbot add Hunters that can be
7034s bought for blood bonds um usually with
7036s the major updates there were two in 1.12
7040s um the Hornback and the guy the worm
7043s bite that's his name
7046s yeah I love steel series I have steel
7048s series everything basically
7051s steel series uh
7054s mouse keyboard do you think Arctic 7 is
7057s better than the pro uh I mean I think
7058s they're pretty similar but the pro is
7060s like 300 so
7062s do I think Arctic 7 is better for the
7064s price yeah
7066s uh yeah I'm ignoring you because I know
7069s that you know what we've already said
7071s about this and you're just
7074s spamming for no reason
7079s it's done
7081s it's done the Argentina giveaway is all
7084s wrapped up right now we got quite a few
7085s winners there well
7087s VI was uh well me and by I think we're
7090s dead and Gustavo is still going so
7092s double check to see if you've won any of
7094s those giveaways
7096s and now we will start another one no
7099s down time needed the next one is going
7102s to be for more Phantom of the Catacombs
7104s this time the key word is cookies
7108s if you want your chance to win a new
7112s Grandma for the Bayou then head over to
7114s twitch.tv crytech follow us and type
7117s cookies in chat and we will post winners
7121s if you have a question you're just gonna
7123s have to wait because
7125s the cookies come first the cookies are
7127s taking over
7130s what kind of cookies you know
7134s oatmeal
7136s I do like oatmeal oatmeal or oatmeal
7138s raised because like I'll take you there
7140s I do like raisins as a young lad I think
7145s the oatmeal raisin gets a bad rap but oh
7148s yeah for sure but as I've aged I think
7151s the oatmeal raisins pretty oh no I
7153s always thought they were getting the
7154s wrong wrap like
7155s no one liked them and I loved them and I
7157s was like I got free oatmeal raisin
7159s cookies
7160s for like a decade when I was a kid
7163s because nobody else wanted it and I was
7164s like I'll take your oatmeal raisin
7166s cookie and they're like yeah I don't
7167s want it and I was like
7169s that's very interesting
7174s so good
7177s I don't like chocolate chips they're
7179s like the different texture and I just
7181s don't
7184s I like a chocolate chip that texture
7187s change but that's I know it's kind of
7189s weird you like a uniform cookie yeah I
7191s like more uniform textures yeah in
7193s general
7199s I know super controversial statement why
7203s do chocolate chips have to be a cookie
7204s dough ice cream fall fall I knew that
7207s you and I were
7209s um I knew it wasn't it I've never heard
7211s anyone complain about the chocolate
7213s chips well then you've never been around
7215s me and my husband when we eat cookie
7217s dough because we complain both of us
7219s it's
7220s uh someone asked what I'm drinking I'm
7222s drinking a big bottle of water
7225s water straight from the Rocky Mountains
7231s like goodness I like peanut butter
7233s cookies
7238s [Applause]
7244s are you still going to transfer hunt to
7246s a new engine no we're doing an engine
7247s integration to the latest version of
7250s crying
7253s which is not the same
7256s spiders here Austin's here yep which is
7258s not the same as transferring to a new
7260s engine
7261s I have no stick
7269s big problem
7271s no date
7275s just wondering will we ever get The
7277s Inferno wild card back I sure hope so I
7279s loved it
7287s are there any plans on making the
7289s reptilian slightly more visible not that
7291s we have announced
7293s oh there's people uh
7297s Goddard
7299s let's go get him let's kill those people
7301s yeah they're they're coming they're
7302s coming oh good good
7305s fighting the spider is way too long
7307s coming from the left side by the river
7319s what is the difference between moving a
7320s game to a new engine and integrating the
7322s engine well one of them is making an
7324s entirely separate game and one of them
7326s is close to that but slightly better
7331s oh our FPS gonna improve with the new
7334s engine I'm I'm pretty sure basically
7337s everything's gonna improve
7343s is it possible to make questlines
7345s without forcing us to play a specific
7346s skin or a weapon uh well I'm sure it's
7348s possible
7349s but we're not live designers so we it
7353s might be here already get to choose
7355s Violet how old are you almost 30.
7359s not a child
7362s I don't see anything oh nope that's a
7364s grunt
7365s see a grunt right there
7367s is he cool girl or is he amazing
7371s any updates on trades it'll be something
7374s that is tackled after the engine
7375s integration
7377s are you sure I see an emulator over
7379s there I'm not seeing anything
7382s oh I saw oh I see them
7384s there
7385s oh yeah me too yep running right yep
7389s smoke grenade them for sure one red
7392s shirt I think not um
7395s not the legendary right here but just a
7397s dude with a red shirt
7401s I'm gonna come back slightly toward the
7403s tower
7404s uh further still back still back cutting
7407s right they're almost in these ruins at
7409s 30 degrees for me Gustavo
7412s one is through the ruins into the little
7414s Swamp House
7417s one of them should check their phone or
7419s something and stand still oh they're
7420s coming closer they're coming to this
7422s sperm
7429s I'm sure I saw anything oh okay
7434s you see that person
7436s I literally didn't see that person oh
7438s hey there it's raisin I'll check so
7441s you know I really thought that uh
7444s that person would be attacked by zombies
7446s if they peeped out
7450s I'm getting farmed by my friends
7452s one of them is dead
7454s they're farming me sorry bye
7457s it's okay you just want to farm me
7459s because I farmed you last week on
7460s accident
7461s I see how it is
7464s Fun Farm they're pushing towards their
7466s body
7471s oh goodness one is on top of me
7474s and I just got a snake oh
7483s good try
7489s good good try
7508s will my contract be there every weekend
7511s um they will for at least next weekend
7513s I'm pretty sure
7515s this coming weekend
7518s for tissue
7521s foreign
7524s I'm pretty sure those were mentioned
7526s recently
7529s I feel like Dennis or David on a video
7532s was talking about uh oh yes it was in
7535s the 112 Dev video Dev stream Dennis said
7539s um that's something that they are
7541s interested in and looking into yeah
7542s that's right are you from Greece no
7547s I've never been asked that that's
7549s interesting
7551s okay I would like to not die immediately
7554s uh that would be so great
7558s I just want Gator traps
7569s and later I know that's like a shocking
7571s statement but we haven't seen one in
7573s forever and I've been on two out of four
7575s emulators for forever I thought you saw
7577s one I don't remember I saw one way far
7580s away not that I was able to kill I'm not
7583s gonna shoot from that far especially
7585s because I thought we were like
7587s you know
7589s hiding
7591s it didn't work great
7593s yeah I saw it really far away saratha
7599s any chance that the bomb Lance gets
7600s bumped up to a two ammo slot weapon oh
7602s that would be neat
7604s um
7606s so big though
7610s any plans on adding a cauterized
7613s mechanic uh no not that I have heard but
7616s that would be neat
7633s uh this is the last questline that we
7635s talked about for update 1.12 but we
7638s haven't said that it's the last thing
7640s before any event starts going on so
7642s you'll have to just wait and see
7651s I made a sweet hot animation how can I
7654s share it with you guys just put it on
7655s social media and tag us and we will see
7657s it
7659s I think we also have a fan art channel
7662s in the official Discord that you can
7665s post any cool creations that you make as
7667s well oh yeah very true
7669s good luck well varicus
7673s how long do events Run for never caught
7675s one uh well in the past they've run
7676s anywhere from one week to two months but
7680s all the recent ones have been one to two
7682s months so I would expect the next event
7685s to be in that range
7693s [Music]
7706s vincer wind twitch try happens correct
7709s um I don't think most twitch drops have
7712s not been during events actually
7718s I can't think of a twitch drop-in event
7719s that overlapped
7722s Lulu no Billy story no
7725s infected no steel-eyed no
7729s kill buyer no
7734s skin were you running when you died at
7737s Stillwater uh this one this is the
7738s Memento Mori
7740s yeah Billy's questline came from a
7742s twitch drop but that's not an event
7744s that's a questline
7746s will it still be an option to turn off
7748s skill based matchmaking it's currently
7749s not an option
7752s can you ride a train we've never said
7755s that you'll be able to ride a train
7756s ever
7758s to say no
7762s bad hand I know a lot of people with bad
7764s hand I am not one of those people
7767s very unfortunate for me
7772s the Granny's supposed to look like she's
7773s wearing someone's face no
7776s what
7780s can we get some bug fixes um with an
7782s update yes
7783s which will be coming soon this summer
7791s what's the hunter with a three mask oh
7793s yeah
7795s uh his name is karamucha right
7799s it's really cool
7802s when can we expect bug fixes like I just
7804s said in the summer update any changes to
7807s fix the trade window uh we did talk
7809s about earlier that something that we
7810s will be looking into after the engine
7812s integration
7813s but right now that whole team is uh on
7816s Union integration the boss is here
7820s uh Lumber
7822s summer update in the summer
7825s oh a tree
7828s Millions
7830s oh
7832s I love resilience so you'll have it uh
7835s Heidi
7837s I I don't have it
7842s gonna kill him
7845s self how is summer
7848s hot usually
7853s um I've been using my azeron for I don't
7856s know a year
7857s oh I heard that too
7860s every time you say resilience uh I hear
7863s Brazilians oh
7874s it was actually not really
7877s um popular
7882s in the community which is one of the
7884s reasons it was taken away oh I have a
7886s sticky and I didn't even realize
7890s oh
7893s you ran in front of me
7897s I had to abort mission
7901s I'm so sorry
7911s the triple bite from the spider is
7913s really just one of the most rude things
7918s will the engine integration improve
7920s optimization for lower end computers um
7922s my understanding is yes but since it's
7924s not out yet it's hard to kind of be
7926s definitive about that any chance of
7928s playing doctor will come back not when
7930s he counts but
7934s shoot at a person by the way or just
7938s in general Elise
7943s Elias
7944s wait sorry could you shoot at a person
7947s oh no I should have Barrel oh okay I
7949s shot a barrel right here
7953s look let me know if you guys find an ax
7955s or something
7957s saddlebag
7962s since I got too many people's but I did
7964s not
7968s he said yeah I haven't seen an X
7971s the sludgy I was doing pretty decent
7974s work with that oh there's an X here
7979s [Applause]
7980s I don't I don't know what about um
7987s [Applause]
7995s I would love for Tomahawk to be a thing
7997s every Hunter can do don't have any uh
8000s plans announced for that does any two
8003s hits of incini area will set you to
8004s medium burner intense burn
8007s feel like it's medium with uh
8011s Compact and then oh look a cash register
8013s and then intense if you get hit again
8019s you're probably dead at that point
8023s which location or game designer
8024s designers most proud of well level
8026s designers
8028s who make the levels not game designers
8031s uh probably are most proud of whichever
8033s one that they made I'm not gonna lie
8037s uh each level designer is in charge of a
8039s compound so um
8043s they're called compound owners
8048s so I'm gonna you guys want to go there
8052s I want Gator traps
8055s you might already look for Gator traps
8056s not a yes
8058s and no I don't
8060s know
8061s I want to kill someone and not die twice
8065s yay and I'm later to kill
8073s you
8075s guys fix the poison though I don't know
8081s who's the compound owner of Elaine's and
8084s fish I do not know Wayne and Son's Fish
8088s I do not know
8090s I'm out of cookies in the house oh no
8092s sucker
8095s can we get a q a with devs for technical
8097s questions we keep asking um
8100s I'm not really sure what technical
8102s questions you've asked that I cannot
8104s answer
8105s they cannot answer anything that I
8106s cannot answer we're on the same kind of
8108s NDA standard here you know what I mean
8111s I'm not answering because it's technical
8113s I'm not answering because
8115s [Applause]
8116s a lot of the stuff that we might not be
8118s talking about like
8120s oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to cut you
8123s off no no
8124s over here somewhere I don't know I don't
8126s see them because I'm blind today
8128s oh I see them
8130s I'm back
8132s give me your head
8134s I did detour to get a gator show that's
8136s totally understandable oh they're inside
8138s no no they're not
8142s close to me
8146s tagged
8148s uh the sauce on here just ran to the
8150s left yep
8151s [Applause]
8166s um we don't have anything to announce
8168s DLC good one uh two last two are on
8172s there yeah he's pushing you to play in
8175s trios not that we've announced
8180s finally three each designer has its own
8181s compound oh yeah
8183s it's really fun
8184s fridge
8187s um
8197s your devs could tell us when the summer
8198s update is they could not
8201s oh actually hilarious if you think that
8204s we don't know and just
8207s don't know what we're doing I guess
8209s I was gonna mention so a lot of the
8211s stuff we're not able to answer because
8213s we do have like a planned release
8215s schedule we do the update streams we do
8218s blogs uh just because you ask a question
8220s and we might know the answer doesn't
8222s mean we can answer that question right
8223s now so uh that's the same for us same
8226s for game design same for anybody and uh
8230s that's just so you know everybody has a
8232s reliable way to gain information you
8235s know it would suck if you wouldn't know
8238s what's coming in Hunt just because you
8240s didn't watch one specific Dev stream or
8241s something like that whereas if we make
8243s videos of it and Vlogs and patch notes
8246s and all that then everybody can get that
8248s information at the right time
8250s I'm done using the Centennial I just
8252s don't want to anymore
8256s how much Insight do you even have into
8258s development um quite a bit also kind of
8260s depends on what when where
8264s you know stuff like that
8269s no I'm tired of the Centennial I can't
8272s do anything with it I'm garbage
8276s any fixes for the screen not loading
8277s Hunters weapons between matches uh yeah
8279s that one really annoys me too
8283s it has definitely been reported
8285s any plans for inspecting weapons while
8287s in a match uh not that we've announced
8289s but it is a feature that we have
8292s definitely heard the cries for
8297s foreign
8301s yeah I'm tired of the Centennial what
8303s does a live ops manager do I'm the
8305s community manager of live operations so
8307s it is my
8309s area of focus I guess is the best way to
8311s put it to focus on the live operation of
8315s the game so updates uh bugs servers
8321s the shotgun hipfire uh or I'm sorry the
8324s shotgun spread stay the same with
8325s hipfire and ads yes
8327s there's no reason to ads unless you just
8330s think it helps you
8333s aim better
8341s we will go ahead and start pulling some
8344s winners for the cookies giveaway and
8346s that is for a phantom of the catacombs
8348s on whichever platform you would like
8351s if you haven't entered yet come over to
8353s twitch.tv crytek follow us on Twitch and
8357s then type cookies in chat if you already
8359s typed cookies earlier then you are good
8361s to go just hang out with us as we pull
8364s winners because if your name gets pulled
8366s you got to type something in chat to let
8368s us know you are still hanging out with
8370s us if you're coming from a different
8372s platform Facebook steam anything like
8375s that you can still enter as we're
8377s pulling winners no need to type cookies
8380s more than once though just hang out
8383s first winner for a phantom of the
8385s Catacombs is Seder Frost if you're in
8388s chat give us a message
8390s Dreamcast I never had one in Tron
8394s I had a friend who had a Dreamcast and
8396s he had a memory card that was like a
8399s little game console or something and it
8402s was
8403s the most incredible thing in the whole
8405s wide world and we played Sonic and
8408s that's all I can remember
8409s I played a lot of power Stone
8412s what's Power Stone I played Sonic a
8414s fighting game
8416s very cool
8419s I've never heard of that one I believe
8422s it was the first fighting game in 3D so
8425s you you run around the map on oh it was
8430s a 3v3 or 4v4 wow fighting game was very
8434s cool yeah when I think a fighting game I
8435s think of the two on or one-on-one like
8438s yeah no it was like
8441s um you know Smash Bros or brauhala but
8444s in 3D oh wow that's crazy
8452s not really seder Frost you got another
8456s 20 seconds or so to claim your prize
8458s before we will have to re-roll it
8465s uh I mean Valencia has kind of actually
8467s several skins but um anyway
8470s uh hopefully in every weapon we'll have
8475s a skin in game
8477s at some point
8480s and um
8482s pretty much all the guns get used
8483s actually
8485s I love the medkit Skins you hush spooky
8489s our next winner we're looking for a
8492s nuka-cola Quantum 222 if you're in chat
8495s give us a message
8497s why was there not a weapon
8500s weapons here I don't know I missed them
8501s though they're really hot
8503s we're doing uh
8509s is that our horse
8512s one of my favorite scheme skins came
8515s from
8518s the skin contest
8521s the gator
8523s Ricardo arrival
8526s we had a horse going off to the north
8530s the jail here though yeah I heard that
8532s still one of my favorite skins in the
8534s game
8538s oh well
8539s [Applause]
8546s yeah
8548s the horse that's not enough no it's the
8550s same similar horse that I was hearing
8552s before
8555s did we make any noise here
8558s [Music]
8560s all right Tech I've worked for crytech
8561s for a little over a year and
8565s uh Ari I think what three years
8568s yep yep coming up on three years now
8571s nice and then yeah Gustavo like two
8574s months
8575s yeah almost he already feels part of the
8578s family
8580s uh any plans to add Ariana Grande to the
8583s game now we're gonna add this re first
8584s and then uh you know if there's space
8586s after that maybe yeah yeah
8589s that was a moderator for two years does
8591s that count
8593s um
8594s it counts in how long we've known you
8599s ah okay I feel like we've had to be
8601s pretty distinct on that the Discord
8603s moderators are not critical oh yeah they
8606s are not the right Tech employees nor
8608s should they be harassed as such nor
8611s should you harass any Dev but just in
8612s general
8615s he plans to add a US president for the
8617s game no
8621s uh it is a game design choice
8625s the scrappy lay eggs
8627s you have to ask her narrative
8631s but Scrappy gives a man so okay
8635s he's a person
8637s is here
8638s I had to re-roll the last winner we're
8642s looking for nicca demos
8646s I'm running back running back
8651s I really want to run in there because I
8654s have a shotgun
8662s oh
8664s my God I didn't see that guy
8668s I think he's part of their team one said
8670s I killed him nice okay I'm still far
8673s away you can arrest me I think that's
8675s the only guy that I saw
8686s I'm gonna burn him do you want to do him
8688s first that's fine
8691s burning burning burning yep still red
8695s oh yeah there's a lady in there yeah
8696s it's too red
8700s they're out of the lair
8704s you don't think they're up there
8707s he's not chasing them
8710s he's just walking careful uh there are
8712s traps uh in a barrel
8717s Phone Doctor tagged
8722s poison he can't heal for a second I just
8724s feel one inside setting traps here must
8727s be on the ground floor then
8729s yeah he is right over here
8733s Oh Daddy was over here
8736s he's still there yes
8747s the bone doctor uh
8750s yeah okay
8756s there's another team on me
8759s I'm gonna try to push this button hit
8762s the North
8764s bone doctors oh no
8766s [Applause]
8768s 100 meter got killed by the Crag I think
8771s it was what is it a sniper care no
8775s regular crop
8801s oh
8804s [Music]
8810s I'm coming I'm coming
8814s still red
8816s if I got saved by the other person's
8818s trap I know right watch out for any
8820s other traps though yep
8824s and yet save uh
8828s still that one guy that is a marshall
8831s Brewer yeah she's the one with the crack
8833s who killed me 100 meters away I think
8835s she's right there
8838s if I might be worth trying to go for my
8839s Reser on the back but
8844s foreign
8858s I heard someone Fanning and then
8860s somebody's legendary me
8862s I only heard the person Fang and the
8864s butcher no
8869s the stream is rigged okay sure
8874s celebrity Prestige 200 yeah she's
8877s probably going to get the rest of the
8878s I'm warning you bro maybe Wichita
8880s actually please stop
8883s you required to sign ndas yes you are
8886s going to confuse someone else
8887s which is not cool
8890s I'm still here upstairs
8892s no Banning dead
8898s [Music]
8900s can you plan for saying the drastically
8902s change with the weapons
8905s no
8906s I mean not that we've announced but you
8908s know who knows
8910s what's your favorite map right Linda
8914s oh
8923s not so holy crap
8928s that was a shot
8931s actually though
8936s wow
8943s oh my God he's alive I'm shocked
8945s honestly what's the best way for
8947s Community input for game developing uh
8949s you can put suggestions in the Discord
8950s if you wish there's also a good shot ah
8954s ah good try
8957s good try
8958s uh yeah there's a suggestions thing and
8961s a feedback thing in the
8966s Discord wow words
8976s oh Jesus
8979s well you know at least I did something
8981s in that one
8982s you throw this Legend camera at you no
8986s he killed me with it over his head
8990s [Music]
8998s could we ever expect there to be boss
9000s fairings um we've never announced
9001s anything like that but that was a really
9003s cool like fan art thing
9008s gonna bring another slate
9011s do I still need poison yes
9016s all right next winner we're looking for
9019s is it a duke or do oh oh okay
9025s something like that
9027s message up if you want a phantom of the
9029s Catacombs and DLC sorry you're not in
9031s the party with us
9034s um I still owed it understood I was very
9037s confused
9041s are there any plans to change the
9043s prestige system um it's something that
9045s we are interested but
9047s haven't you know
9049s put in yet
9053s can you remove the red alert when people
9054s are close to the boss um well that was
9056s added in
9057s after the game already started so I'm
9059s gonna say no on that one
9061s never move it
9073s need rats in the game
9076s um
9079s you know
9082s why no competitive hunting uh there
9084s actually is like a community
9086s competitive hunt scene it's a
9089s Showdown Series has existed for like two
9092s years
9095s um they used to do Bayou Bowl but death
9097s didn't wanna
9099s do it anymore so
9102s he doesn't
9106s oops
9110s what's going on with the hunt TV show I
9112s literally have no idea how many hours a
9114s month you have 1800 for me
9116s uh I think gustavo's like 5 000 way more
9119s than me
9120s and um yeah only five thousand almost
9123s six yeah and Ari I think what 1200-ish
9126s uh closer to 15 oh 15 noise
9133s foreign
9136s do you have any plans on changing that
9138s when you unready your whole crew
9139s unreadies uh probably not I think it's
9143s intentional but hey
9152s can you look at kill view if someone
9153s throws and kills with a tomahawk uh yeah
9155s it should still show their position when
9157s they killed you
9162s next winner up is old Hagler if you're
9165s in chat please give us a message
9168s these skins locked by event are they
9169s coming back uh so far Halloween and
9172s winter solstice skins have always come
9175s back but other skins haven't a twitch
9179s drops sometimes come back
9180s not all twitch drop skins have a
9182s comeback but all the Billy stories what
9184s shops came back so like there's maybe
9186s but
9188s no
9189s knowledge on anything else yeah so no
9191s knowledge on playing doctor
9200s when will be the next witch drop not
9202s announced it is there a way to be a cry
9205s attack partner a cry attack partner
9207s program is invite only right now
9211s The Next Gen update on consoles is
9213s something that will be uh required to
9217s have the engine integration so it's kind
9220s of a topic that we'll have to approach
9222s again after the engine integration
9229s are you gonna play with brush anytime
9231s soon um rock and I have pretty different
9233s hours usually so
9236s probably not but I fun fact have played
9240s different games with the rock took
9242s before
9246s any notable Discord suggestions that I
9248s actually made into the game um several
9250s guns have made it into the game that
9252s were suggested on Discord
9255s annoying to repeat yourself over and
9257s over again sometimes but only if it's
9258s like
9259s three times like in a row that's like
9262s the only Annoying Thing
9264s that's where you'd draw the line
9267s yeah
9268s free time in a row
9270s where are the winners of the bounty bash
9274s streamer giveaways announced they will
9276s get a direct message from a cry Tech
9278s Channel
9279s um
9281s all winners are contacted through gleam
9284s and the email provided they're killing
9287s sounds right
9289s uh but not posted publicly from what I
9292s know
9293s when is the summer update we will tell
9295s you when we can
9298s you guys watch forgotten weapons for
9299s weapon ideas uh so Dennis and a lot of
9303s the people on the weapon team are
9306s actually very
9308s um historic uh history Buffs so
9313s a lot of their knowledge comes from
9315s their research
9317s and stuff like that
9320s I don't know if they watch anything
9322s specifically
9324s uh we re-rolled the last code we're
9327s looking for Western crusader
9329s I'm very lucky with these right now
9332s any careers inside available there are
9336s you can check out our open careers at
9339s crytech.com career
9341s does anyone on hun staff play on Console
9343s I'm pretty sure yes oh I see a gator
9345s trap you still need them yes please
9352s can you add press up to pet the dogs I I
9355s would love that will there do B new maps
9357s in the future yes in 2024 the next map
9359s is going to come out
9368s uh anybody got conduit
9371s um no
9373s I thought I heard something it was weird
9376s careful there might be people coming
9378s from Beijing weapons in the game
9382s [Applause]
9383s I like the Centennial drama but
9386s I don't know if that would really like I
9388s don't know change anything for me
9391s uh looks like we're heading down to
9392s slaughterhouse slaughterhouse
9400s when you transfer a new type of bomb for
9402s example smoke uh I think we've said in
9404s the past at least Dennis has said in the
9406s past to my knowledge that smoke bombs
9408s aren't going to happen because we
9409s already have the fire bomb which makes
9410s smoke and the choke bomb which creates a
9413s confusing cloud of colors
9420s people are at devont
9423s can the community join your Discord
9425s Channel
9426s um
9427s no
9429s you can join the official hunt Discord
9432s though uh you can't join what we're
9434s actively talking in though that's weird
9441s so true
9446s uh last call for Western Crusader before
9449s again people are here instead
9457s it's dead already
9460s next up uh Mr down Meister here in chat
9463s give us a mess
9468s I'm gonna try to clear out the White
9470s House is that you yeah
9472s I had to shoot the chicken coop it was
9474s really loud
9475s okay
9479s my house is clear
9481s yeah there's at least one in the layer
9483s right next to my top
9493s here's someone in there
9495s yeah I think
9502s how do you enter the giveaway you will
9504s put the keyword in
9506s and follow
9508s done
9511s will you punish players who leave the
9513s match after they get down once so it's
9514s their choice to leave
9517s so no
9519s does it annoy you yes does it annoy me
9521s yes but
9527s it's so close to me
9530s I heard them ready up a melee
9533s maybe waiting by the door yeah I think
9536s they're waiting by this window they want
9537s me to jump in the window
9541s with the hunt IP initially began with
9543s hunters or horrors of the Gilded Age
9545s that is the first thing we took to
9548s uh show off and then that's not what
9551s ended up happening
9566s oh you open the door yeah I'm watching
9569s it
9570s [Applause]
9576s can't see a trap on this Barrel it's
9577s good
9579s careful for third party coming from
9581s behind yeah I have a shotgun I want to
9584s go in I just I'm scared
9588s nothing on the left side of the door
9591s right now they're actually by the door
9592s that I can see
9597s killed one
9599s all right
9603s oh she's inside
9605s [Applause]
9607s careful
9608s one pushing you I tag her there's one
9611s pushing you
9615s oh I'm dead
9618s going for Gustavo
9621s I've got two dead in here
9625s uh bomb Lance
9627s hiding outside somewhere I'm not sure
9630s on me and gustavo's body
9632s a steel ball
9640s hit him try
9641s I didn't think he'd be that ready
9644s I thought he was oh well
9648s he was uh hitting the uh
9651s you know what Drama College
9653s oh well grunts wow struggling this
9657s morning
9660s struggling
9662s they had two bomb lances and a sword so
9665s you know I understand why they were
9668s readying up the why I heard the melee
9670s ready up
9678s I just didn't do any of this at all
9681s because
9683s you know why would I
9690s what MMR is this uh we're kind of a
9693s range and also I haven't looked because
9695s I have it hidden from myself too so
9699s I'm gonna say four to five is my guess
9702s just where based on all of us
9705s normally are
9713s should we do more giveaways or uh more
9717s polls as well yeah sorry my camera just
9720s cut out ah let me I have to go back then
9723s as well to try and fix it whenever let
9725s me know when it's ready so I can fix it
9726s as well
9731s foreign
9738s can we see some Alamo gameplay that's
9740s what I actually had at the very
9741s beginning is an Alamo
9746s you need a skin for the officer carbine
9749s uh there actually already is one the
9750s cord whiner
9753s uh stream camera should be back up this
9756s way all right there we go
9758s uh yeah I can see you now
9762s in your beautiful antlers
9765s thank you pending trades would improve a
9767s lot of morale amongst players yes that
9768s is something that we uh have heard but
9770s the engine integration is currently
9772s going
9774s first
9777s next up uh trying to win a phantom of
9780s the Catacombs we're looking for Kidman
9781s 10. uh we'll give it a few more tries
9783s but we might need to restart this one as
9785s we've hidden hit I think four or five
9788s back to back where people did not claim
9791s them were you a twitch mod before or
9793s after working for crytek
9795s um a twitch mod for crytek or
9798s other people
9799s because I've been a twitch mod for other
9801s people for way longer than working in
9803s crytech but I was only made a twitch mod
9805s on the crytek channel after I started
9807s working there
9818s no engine integration and the map team
9820s are not
9822s connected
9824s engine integration team is
9827s separate
9830s officer Swift there's no such thing as
9832s the officer Swift
9837s whenever you're ready Oh I thought I
9840s read it up my mistake no problem uh
9842s Kidman 10 is still with us that's
9845s awesome to see yay
9852s we will keep trying then on this cookie
9855s giveaway until I guess we hit another
9857s period of people not claiming and then
9859s we'll try to either do another one or
9861s wait till the end this is great in
9864s Ingress llama
9866s yeah I love that
9870s oh
9877s well the aftermath always be in the game
9879s yes we're not going to take the
9880s aftermath out but if you would like to
9882s read about changes to the aftermath you
9884s can read in the 1.12 patch notes which
9887s came out in March
9889s um some plans that we have
9894s in glorious llama is with us yeah so
9897s they have a twitch whisper waiting for
9899s them next step 333 moto moto 333 you've
9904s won a phantom of the Catacombs let's
9907s hope you're still with us
9916s someone asked what our favorite uh Skins
9920s are I am a Fearless lover and the Exile
9924s is my other favorite
9929s I like the infected
9931s and good one fear
9934s Billy story
9938s oh
9944s are you supposed to message on Twitter
9945s or whisper the channel you're supposed
9946s to message in twitch chat and we will
9948s whisper you
9949s yep
9950s ooh Devil's Advocates a really good one
9953s I really like the devil's advocate
9956s still looking for a 333 moto moto 333
9959s you got another 20 30 seconds to claim
9962s your prize
9974s someone said nightbot look at me
9979s let's go
9981s I do really like the Dusk and Dawn
9984s us is one of the best blend in Shadows
9986s hero I do not consider that at all when
9989s I think about skins that I like that
9990s felis is just awesome she's a cat skull
9994s on her head what else do I need in my
9997s life I've uh crazy cat lady we have not
10001s announced any plans that pass event
10003s skins will come back as DLCs if they
10006s came back they probably would be
10010s featured in a similar event or perhaps
10012s blood bonds but DLC is kind of separate
10025s I thought I heard a step
10028s someone asking about the cryengine
10030s website I can't say I've heard anything
10032s going wrong with it myself but we can be
10035s sure to let some cringe and guys know
10038s that maybe it's not working completely
10040s correctly
10042s I'm I'm crazy Maybe
10046s then Viper's still on the table yes we
10048s haven't announced the next one that'll
10051s be like that but definitely
10057s even though those Skins are more worse
10059s the multiple variations I really like
10062s both
10065s [Applause]
10067s I still haven't decided I thought I was
10069s like a pretty hard character Don you
10072s know player so then I started using
10074s basketball a little bit and I was like
10079s when does the next big event come out uh
10082s no date yet
10083s oh my gosh
10087s um
10091s not that we've announced
10094s after moto moto we're looking for Zach
10097s mccrank sorry everybody did you guys
10100s hear those Chris no
10105s what direction do you think last
10108s okay
10111s oh there is an emulator do you still
10114s need it yes I do
10118s you need to kill it with anything
10121s specific
10122s to die you play as a hunter or a
10125s gunslinger Hunter
10126s [Applause]
10131s uh yes it has been suggested that we let
10134s randoms also oh another one
10142s [Music]
10146s thank you oh you gotta go down south
10156s what do I qualify for the giveaway you
10157s follow our twitch Channel and then you
10159s people
10160s where coming West just like by mentions
10165s I'm trying to head east in the compound
10173s but I'm all sounding young is unsettling
10175s um are you unsettled by the researchers
10177s sounding like the kids because I don't
10179s if you're not I'm confused
10183s also they were up on the Rocks west of
10185s the compound
10186s um I shot at them there's one inside
10188s with you there's one inside of you two
10194s there's two up there with you uh cool
10197s yeah
10203s I get actual cookies instead of a DLC I
10206s wish
10236s I don't like this
10242s don't like this position that I'm in
10246s hear someone to my West
10261s one over here
10266s I got him bad
10271s tell me
10275s they're surrounding me
10279s I'm with you
10282s oh there's people behind me
10287s yeah flash me
10289s I can't believe that flashed me I
10291s thought I was so far
10294s there's another team
10299s let me try
10300s good try
10303s [Music]
10310s I know sandwiched again
10312s I think that was probably the last one
10316s sure yeah we can wrap it up there so now
10319s we can do our wrap up and our uh
10322s you know last minute
10325s giveaways of course of course yeah I
10327s need a sandwich as everyone knows
10330s need me a sandwich
10334s my favorite John is the Sparks
10341s all right
10343s 15 hours five minutes left on the quest
10347s line get it
10350s don't miss out
10355s we'll do one last round of stream
10358s giveaways with the keyword and then we
10360s will let you guys know how to enter the
10362s secret giveaway afterwards for this
10365s quick one I think we will do some Shrine
10367s made Intel uh do we have a keyword from
10371s either of my partners that you'd like
10374s everybody to type and chat uh
10377s uh I don't know I can't think
10380s uh
10382s cookies giveaway is all wrapped up we'll
10383s have a new keyword for you guys in a
10385s quick second for Shrine made Intel what
10388s about sandwich
10390s sandwich yeah good one because you know
10392s it's
10394s it's lunch time well it's one it's past
10396s lunchtime and I'm hungry if you want a
10398s chance to win a shrine made Intel you
10400s have maybe a minute to two minutes to
10403s quickly type sandwich and chat make sure
10404s you are followed to twitch.tv cry deck
10407s and then uh give us a message if you get
10409s pulled as a winner don't leave even if
10411s you don't win a shred made Intel though
10413s because we will give you guys another
10415s opportunity to win some DLCs and all you
10419s got to do is jump on social media but
10422s we'll give you all the details after we
10423s pull this quick giveaway
10432s I think someone asked what type of
10434s sandwich but I don't know because it
10435s went by too quickly I'm gonna make
10436s myself a turkey and cheese sandwich with
10439s some mustard
10443s that's what I'm gonna make
10447s someone said is this available for
10449s consoles as well yes all platforms
10452s you know it what kind of cheese uh
10455s provolone
10456s that's problems that's my favorite yeah
10461s sandwich cheese
10468s um I do like a classic PB J but we do
10470s not keep jelly in our house so
10473s can't be using it because I don't have
10475s any
10476s any plans for different voices on the
10478s hunters not that we've announced
10481s nope I do also like pepper jack so true
10487s I do
10490s but I don't have any
10495s I know
10497s I I know I am a hypocrite I don't like
10500s to drink
10501s straight milk but I'll eat cheese
10502s although straight milk is way worse for
10504s my stomach than cheese
10506s not that cheese is good but like
10509s straight milk is way worse for my uh for
10512s my stomach
10516s what about ice cream I don't really eat
10518s ice cream
10523s what's the hunter script at the top of
10524s the site says no stream sniping
10526s what was Billy in the stalker Beetle it
10528s was a questline or is I guess I'm done
10530s with it
10532s but
10534s yep
10545s all right I think you guys got enough
10547s time to get sandwich into chat
10550s we're gonna start pulling winners and
10552s they're gonna go quick first up Jersey
10557s uh I gave it my best bet if you're in
10559s chat let us know still
10561s we got a charm maiden's hell for you
10564s will we ever see non-americas based
10566s content uh well I would say a lot of our
10569s skins are not America's based but in
10572s terms of maps I don't know
10576s oh there they are jurors
10579s hookah I don't know sorry no no no
10582s that's you're doing a great job
10585s okay congratulations keep an eye on your
10588s Twitch Whisperers next up going quick uh
10590s hot 232 we got a shrine made in cell for
10593s you if you want it how long have you all
10596s been a part of crytek a year for me
10598s three years for Ari and like two months
10600s for Gustavo
10604s [Music]
10608s uh hatu is with us congratulations
10616s 30 if you're in chat give us a message
10619s this did like questline have a time
10621s limit as you can see there's no time
10622s limit
10624s uh if any time limit ever occurs in the
10627s future we will make sure to announce
10629s that widely but currently nope no time
10631s limit
10633s well Achilles was with us yes uh
10638s uh I R Denton I think a previous winner
10641s I'm not sure if they got to claim their
10643s prizes though
10647s yeah someone asked if Bailey will return
10650s Billy's still there you can uh it's
10652s probably for someone that didn't get
10656s but
10659s so
10660s unknown
10662s after Denton looked looking for a
10665s cloaked boyo Apollo oh dang it spoke to
10670s follow spoke to follow yeah
10673s progress not shared with teammates no
10675s all quests and all uh challenges are
10679s shared among teams
10682s Moon I don't even know how I would rig
10685s the bot there is I don't even know if I
10688s could rig nightbot next up Red X is zero
10692s four you can no longer get the Billy
10695s questline it was part of the twitch
10697s drops in October
10700s I know now I now I won't boil
10705s seems some people didn't get the Billy
10707s questline is this a glitch no it was a
10708s part of twitch drops in October
10713s is the twitch message automated it's
10715s automated oh I'm sorry you mean from
10717s crytech no that's a real person it's Ari
10719s as me I'm trying to do I thought you
10722s meant nightbot that's automated
10724s he is and hopefully it lasts up for
10727s right now we're looking for far sorry
10729s you're in chat give us a message then we
10733s will go over the secret giveaway
10735s um we ran one at the end of the last
10737s gameplay stream and I think probably uh
10741s out of everybody who entered 10 to 15 of
10745s people had won which is like a way
10747s higher margin than
10749s um anybody winning out of the stream
10752s chat so if you want a really good chance
10754s to win a DLC please go and do the secret
10757s giveaway after uh farsari is with us yay
10762s congratulations to all the winners of
10764s this last giveaway as well as
10767s everybody who participated and joined us
10770s today it's been a lot of fun for the
10773s secret giveaway happening after the
10775s stream for everybody watching you have
10778s one to two hours to go on both of the
10782s hunt English Twitter post and the brunt
10785s Twitter post and comment on the post
10788s that announced today's stream with your
10791s favorite legendary Hunter we're going to
10793s be looking for people who commented on
10795s both of the posts and liked both of the
10797s posts you do have to do both if you only
10801s do one we will probably move on to
10803s another account uh sorry to see somebody
10806s might not have a Twitter account it's
10808s pretty quick to sign up and you know 10
10811s 15 chance to get a DLC for you know a
10815s minute's worth of work is I don't think
10818s too bad
10819s these are such a good chance because we
10821s only announce them on the stream so only
10824s you guys who are hanging out with us
10826s right now note go let uh know to go like
10830s those posts and let us know your
10831s favorite legendary Hunters
10833s oh
10835s Rich social medias we're looking for the
10838s English hunt Twitter and the Brazilian
10842s hunt Twitter both of the links can be
10844s found in our twitch shop
10845s uh someone asked our quest lines
10848s different from events yes yes they are
10850s someone asked about the windows yeah
10852s known archangel
10854s would you mind if I translate it to
10856s Portugal oh yeah yeah go for it Mr
10857s Gustavo okay
10864s um
10869s Twitter in Portuguese
10873s tweets sobres alive
10881s [Music]
10895s that's it thank you Gustavo uh
10900s what do you win in the secret giveaway
10902s the secret giveaway will be for a DLC
10905s that we have not given away today so not
10907s one of the Phantom of the Catacombs not
10909s lies Mala or not Shrine made Intel we
10912s will get you a new DLC that is one of my
10916s favorites I will say but it's going to
10918s be a secret for the people who win
10921s uh and maybe if you had you know a
10924s favorite legendary I might consider that
10926s one if you didn't have it yet but mostly
10929s it's going to be a surprise
10931s uh why don't you sell codes to Redeem
10933s in-game for uh the redeem code uh
10937s feature in game that you can find is not
10939s for uh DLCs or legendaries that is for a
10943s separate purpose so uh it doesn't quite
10946s work like that any news on DLC sales
10949s follow us and wishlist us or any DLCs
10953s that you like on Steam it should give
10955s you a notification if it's wish listed
10957s whenever that goes up for uh sale
10963s yeah one to two hours right drawn
10965s winners for the secret giveaway you have
10968s one or two hours before it'll happen
10970s right
10972s yes I will be pulling some winners in
10975s one to two hours so if you can't make it
10978s right now if you're busy just try to
10979s remember to go comment on both of those
10981s posts within the next hour or two we
10984s will contact all the winners through uh
10987s Twitter messages so yep you'll be the
10989s end no aim bullets if you finish the
10992s quest line and didn't get the under
10993s please send a message to customer
10994s support and they will fix it for you
10997s how we know if we be informed you'll get
10999s a DM there you go
11002s do anything special yes you have to
11003s comment your favorite uh legendary
11006s Hunter on the going live post on both
11011s English and BR hunt Twitter
11015s so all right that is it here we go we're
11018s signing off thank you guys for being
11020s here is there a time limit to respond to
11022s the DM I mean like technically no but
11025s the longer you take the more confusing
11028s and uh possible like you not getting it
11032s only because the world is chaotic and
11035s the faster you can do it the better
11037s please the faster you respond to us
11039s probably the faster we can get your code
11041s but if you wait a week it might be
11043s another week for us to respond because
11044s we're not checking those messages you
11046s know every second so yeah
11048s all right
11054s left to finish the Vengeance of the
11057s skinned and uh yeah
11060s have fun you can do it I believe in you
11063s thank you guys for being here and uh
11065s we're out
11066s bye
11077s [Music]
11096s [Music]
11103s [Music]
11112s thank you
11114s [Music]
11131s [Music]
11138s foreign
11139s [Music]
11155s [Music]
11165s [Music]
11171s [Music]
11178s baby
11182s baby
11183s [Music]
11199s [Music]
11205s [Music]
11211s [Music]
11213s thank you
11215s [Music]
11230s [Music]

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