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1s hey chat hey everyone and welcome to the
4s 1.12 developer update live stream and
8s today I'm here with Danny's final back
10s hey Dennis how are you doing hey how's
12s it going nice to see you again uh and
14s parents hey friends how are you
17s hey thank you I'm fine it's been a long
19s time so glad glad to be back on this
21s live stream Yeah we actually I think we
23s did the last stream with you as well so
24s people may be already familiar with you
26s and yeah it's been five six months ago
29s yeah it feels like forever so yeah this
31s is actually our first uh that stream of
34s the year and it is gonna be an exciting
36s one we have a lot to talk about uh but
38s uh let's just dive into the stream
40s itself and let's start talking about our
42s photo kit which is like some
44s housekeeping and some Community updates
46s because a lot happened in the past month
48s so there's a lot to talk about here as
50s well and uh let's just talk about
52s Devil's Moon which ended recently it was
55s a huge event we experimented with a lot
57s of things I think we can say it was a
59s good success and we learned a lot from
61s it but maybe Dennis and friends can tell
63s a bit more about what we did and uh
66s what's gonna happen in the future
69s yeah absolutely go ahead ferns
72s well definitely it was um it was a big
76s Improvement compared to the serpent Moon
78s events in terms of life life design I
81s could say
82s we took the feedback of the community
84s too hard
86s um we we agreed that the different
89s Point requirements for the different uh
92s event levels were uh not uh not the same
96s so the point requirements were not
98s incrementally linear and so we we try to
102s shift the balance a little bit back to
105s reality by making everything every level
107s require a thousand points I think that
109s the community really liked that approach
111s or that change
113s and we have experimented this very first
116s event with a separate
119s um
119s funnel or Source basically of how people
122s can earn event points through the
124s challenges system
125s and that was also really well perceived
128s and I think looking back at the data the
130s community feedback and the player
132s perception I think we we achieved
133s basically
135s um much easier much smoother uh player
138s experience less grinding in terms of uh
141s event objects and uh yeah I think yeah
145s it was it was much more easier this time
147s absolutely I think people really enjoyed
150s the event like we had a blast as well
151s and what was really cool was just
153s preparing for like going a bit more bold
155s when it comes to like gameplay mechanic
156s changes like experimenting with with the
158s trades and seeing how people react to it
159s like which of the packs were the
161s stronger ones and we learned quite a lot
163s from that one so you'll see some of
164s those Lessons Learned also today in the
166s Stream I guess right exactly and also
168s The Inferno our Wild Card condition also
171s appeared during the event which I also
173s really loved and it was a lot of fun but
175s let's not talk about Devil's moon but we
176s also have some other things which is our
178s fifth anniversary so hunt did turn five
181s years old on the 22nd of February so
185s congrat next to all of you that has been
187s with us through this Threshers journey
190s of hunt it's been a lot of fun the game
192s grew so much the community grew and we
195s are bigger and stronger than ever and
197s there's a lot more to come
199s yeah it's amazing to see that and we did
203s celebrate it with a lot of activities so
204s we had a twitch drops uh also friends
206s maybe you can talk about it because
208s since you've organized a lot yeah there
210s was this uh nice idea I think uh because
213s I joined not not more than a year ago
216s but uh some someone approached me and um
218s uh basically introduced me to the fact
220s that we already did something similar in
222s the past
223s uh with the with the bundle rewards you
226s know of the item instances like in this
228s case it did they were non-legendary item
231s instances and so uh we pushed for it we
234s we brought back the the concept in in
237s the shape of the anniversary Supply
239s crates and this was a really nice
242s incentive for players to engage with the
245s streamers with the game uh get some free
248s stuff uh get back into the Bayou I
251s myself know that I have been watching it
252s as well sometimes I got a nice Dolce or
256s a Nitro Express rifle
258s um but yeah I've been reading about uh
261s unfortunate or like talking about chance
263s right because
264s these bundles contained like a vast list
268s of randomized item instances I think I
271s read a comments a post on Reddit some
273s someone basically getting like bow and
276s arrow for a whole medieval army yes yes
278s nothing there's nothing wrong about that
282s a big shout out for you
285s sorry the chances were against you but I
288s mean it's a it's a nice weapon with lots
290s of customer wants to go for it
291s hi be a pro usable
294s I was super lucky with it I actually got
296s like I think three Dodge positions a
298s regular dolge into Nitro so there you go
300s I also had a lot of Dolce so that was
302s fun to play around with so but in
305s general I think it was a really fun
306s event and uh thank you for all the
308s streamers that participated and just
310s creating content around the game it's
312s always very nice to see you and you know
314s we may have more similar things in the
316s future as well and we had something else
318s that we tried for the first time ever
320s which was the Bounty bash uh kind of
323s like a game show format we've never done
325s that before uh shout out to all the
327s partners that participated and competed
330s against each other and congrats to the
332s big winner gunsmack so make sure to
335s check out the partners they many of them
337s won rewards that they will be giving
339s away to their communities so if you
340s follow them you may be one of the lucky
343s ones getting those so again congrats to
345s everyone it was a lot of fun and also to
348s our team working on it to the production
350s team audio team creative Services it I
353s know it was a lot of effort to put this
355s together so again thank you for all of
357s you oh and also for the buses
360s oh two for all the bosses uh so I think
364s we had the Fabian from game design
366s actually uh we had Anton as a boss we
369s had the Tommy Feld as well uh I'm not
372s sure if I'm missing someone but uh yeah
375s thank you for all the cry-tech postages
378s as well that participated everybody got
380s banished true
383s as always yeah
386s uh and yeah so and we also mentioned
390s that there is a developer inside video
392s coming soon that will contain a lot of
396s information for the roadmap for hunt
398s this year and even inside to next year
400s and this will be very very very soon so
402s you won't have to wait a long time for
405s it and it really will contain a lot of
406s information even about this stream
408s itself so uh please uh keep an eye on
411s our social channels please follow us
413s everywhere also subscribe to our YouTube
414s since it will be posted there and uh
417s yeah again it will be very soon so uh
420s yeah like like this term here is focused
421s on the spring update and then the video
423s will look a little bit beyond that
425s exactly and uh it's gonna be David our
427s general manager talking to Richter about
430s all the upcoming stuff so it will be a
432s big and long video with a lot of info so
434s you don't want to miss out on that
436s uh with all this out of the way let's
439s talk about the update so as Danny said
442s is the spring update as we call it or in
445s this case update 1.12 to give it a
447s number and uh yeah let's talk about the
450s service side the changes to start off
452s and I know people will be quite happy
454s about this one so important bug fix is
457s done is let's see oh yeah
461s so yeah the first one is um the red oak
464s bug um so we've been working very very
466s hard on it like uh the we had like a
468s Strike Team and people have been really
470s crunching crunching well out on that one
472s um we have something that feels a lot
474s better it looks a lot better
475s um it will go to test server obviously
477s with 112 and we hope to get more
478s feedback from you guys on that one we
480s are very confident but obviously we have
482s to put it to the test and then see if
484s anything is remaining if it is as solid
486s as we hope it is but so far it has
488s resonated very very nicely with us so
491s thing has crossed looks good yeah so
493s please join the texting phase this time
495s around with that server will come very
496s soon as well uh because we need to test
499s it with a bigger uh player base
500s basically see at first but they are
502s again very hopeful and there's another
505s very big one I think that is which we
507s will dive into oh yeah more too but yeah
509s here you can introduce it and so
512s basically uh the whole left side Peak
514s Advantage uh like if you are around the
516s corner from a particular site like you
518s have an advantage in terms of how much
519s is visible of your body we finally be
521s able to look into that and come up with
523s a good solution so I guess our next
524s start we go a bit more detail on that
526s one right and I just want to mention
527s that obviously there will be a lot of
529s bug fixes in this update other than
530s these we just wanted to highlight these
532s two because these are uh I guess very
534s big Topics in the community and also
536s very big fixes but please check out the
539s patch notes later on with all the fixes
541s included and as Danny said let's talk
543s about the left side Peak advantage
545s exactly like we're going to keep it very
547s very brief for some of the features here
549s in the Stream but the the nodes that
550s will be coming out then once we are on
552s the test server they will give you the
554s full pictures and it's perfectly fine to
555s leave it with that so what did we do is
558s um like basically to highlight what the
560s issue was the issue was um a mismatch
562s between
563s um where your camera is positioned and
565s how your your own pattern model is
568s basically aligned to that one and
569s therefore whether it might be a little
571s bit more hidden or not depending on
572s which side it goes a bit like like
574s basically carrying over to one side so
576s we basically change the location of that
578s Hunter modern relation to the camera I
580s did a lot of testing on that one and
581s made sure that we can get it as even as
583s is possible keep in mind it's still as
585s an animation it suppose it's a stance
587s the weapon is in one hand not the other
589s that type of stuff right so it will
590s never be a hundred percent but I think
592s what we will show you in a second we all
594s will already be a great step forward for
596s everybody
597s so yeah they basically reduce the
599s advantage gained from peaking from the
600s left side of cover and it's specifically
602s focuses on how much of 100 ahead is
605s shown yeah so as you said let's look at
607s the pictures because I I think they
608s speak for themselves and it's a bit
610s easier to see so let's see a standing
612s stands first uh yeah so what we see on
615s the left side is basically how um you
617s can see that it's been like a bit of
618s Photoshop thing here right so um it's
620s this is not one one big screenshot
622s um on the left side uh you see the old
624s one and you can see like if you kind of
626s kind of barely just peek around that
627s corner uh this is what you see from one
630s side versus the other and you can see
631s how like much it was kind of tilted over
633s to one side and that was not what we
635s wanted now if you take a look on the
636s right hand side this is what it is now
638s after balancing and tuning this
639s obviously it's not a hundred percent
640s that's just not possible but it is very
643s very close and should be a lot fairer so
645s in general you should be able to no
647s longer really take that as an advantage
649s uh when you when you pick around corners
651s uh you should be like visible enough
654s that there will be return fire and I see
656s that [ __ ] is already very happy which
658s makes me very happy too so uh yeah thank
661s you and the Galaxy uh the crouching
662s position as well yeah exactly like the
664s same thing with crunching it was even
665s more apparent with crouching as you can
666s see
667s um so again normalizing it uh make sure
670s that you always see at least half the
671s head and then whatever is left from the
673s body based on the stance
674s yeah amazing again thank you for
676s everyone working on this and again thank
678s you for the community for pointing it
680s out in the first place and uh shining a
683s brighter light on it uh and it's here I
686s think we can all be very happy with this
687s change and yeah I think I think what's
689s what's really important here also is um
692s keep in mind like this is static images
694s right the moment you're out in on the
696s servers right there's latency there's
698s your ping there's other things that
699s contribute so you might still obviously
700s have situations where someone is kind of
702s shooting from around the corner that is
704s still a possibility as is with
705s everything online gaming right but
708s overall it should be a lot fairer
709s because of the way the model is not
711s distributed so we are very very positive
713s again please test server check it out
715s give us feedback and we see if need be
718s if you can improve it further but I
719s think we're in a very good spot now
722s yeah awesome again please test it but
723s yeah that's about the left side Peak
726s advantage and the main bug fixes and
728s it's fair and it's time to shine so the
731s hungarians take over the stream and
733s let's talk about the new quest lines
735s that are coming in this update
738s all right so
739s um I think it has been spoiled a couple
741s of days ago uh so so you are you might
743s be already aware of it we have been
746s planning uh two new quest lines for uh
748s two to release for update 1.12
751s uh they are going to be coming
753s in a week course not like two weeks I
756s think uh both will be available on the
758s test servers please I do note that uh
761s while both of them will be available on
763s the test server the conditions the logic
767s the text for the different quests are
770s already final but the balancing values
772s are for are not the finalized one on
776s test server so we we have made the call
779s to basically lower down the values so
781s that players can grind through the quest
783s lines maybe to get a legendary reward
787s get a new weapon variant faster so that
789s they can test it out also in test
790s environment make sense
793s yeah there are two quest lines are
795s basically going to be the ward of The
797s Reptilian first and then the Vengeance
800s of this kind so these are the planned
803s start and end dates for both of them
806s so I think we will have the console
811s release on the 22nd of March and so both
814s questlines are going to be running or
816s for approximately one month I think it's
819s 31 days for each questline
822s and as you can see it's self-explanatory
825s they are not going to be overlapping
827s they are not going to be running in
828s tandem they are going to be scheduled
830s one after another
832s yeah I think it's recall just keep in
833s mind like we will also obviously have
835s the Tesla period before so the moment
837s this is the dates we're running with
838s just expecting like that everything will
840s go smooth and fine
842s correct and uh just uh because some
844s people already asked the quest lines
846s will be only available during these
848s games the dates are not 100 the final
850s day I just planned for these days
851s currently uh but you will be only able
853s to play these quest lines during uh this
855s period
857s uh and yeah let's talk about changes
860s that we made to the questline's end
862s challenges and uh what else did you do
864s regarding them
865s yeah so not not only we have been
867s planning on uh delivering content in uh
870s in a midterm uh to for players to to
873s engage with the game get new cool stuff
876s but we also looked into what we could
878s improve in terms of quality of time for
880s improvement uh user experience and
883s cutting around the edges of the original
885s design
888s um I think you guys uh probably pointed
891s out uh with the initial batches of
893s questlines uh that landed in 1.12 1.10
896s sorry really looking forward one point
899s then that the logic and the uh basically
903s the design was not clear for players
905s whether a quest a condition would be
908s shared in a team or not
911s um long story short PVE oriented
914s objectives were accounting for all
916s players of the same team while PVP
918s oriented quests conditions didn't
921s and so we have made the final decision
923s to basically make everything team shared
925s by default
927s this means basically uh when if you have
931s a quest say kill enemy Hunters with
934s rifles and your teammate lends the
937s killing blow with a rifle you you don't
939s even have to have a rifle actually in
941s your Loadout but as long as someone gets
944s that kill on an enemy Hunter with a
946s rifle the player of in the team who has
950s the quest active will get progress to
952s their quests
953s shout out to by the way shout out to
956s players who are still stuck with the
957s Billy and the stock
959s I know I know when we originally
961s designed it we actually had even even
963s higher numbers like I think like kill
966s three enemy Hunters we still crop beetle
968s apparently it was too situational too
972s hard too challenging so shout out to you
975s if you are stuck with a particular quest
977s in that questline this is actually going
980s to be applied to that questline as well
982s so you are going to be able to maybe
984s complete it now for good and complete it
987s faster than before oh sorry I must add
989s that like it it has always been a lot of
990s fun when you like play with friends and
992s you guys always like oh how can I help
993s you with this questline and that it was
995s only for the AI Quest but it's yeah it
998s will be a lot of fun with PVP as well
999s okay I'm gonna take bleed them until I
1001s have here so you know that's that's
1003s great and and also there will be like
1005s something with the beetle that we talk
1007s about a bit later as well true true oh
1010s oh yeah oh yeah yeah
1012s uh not a small thing that we uh that we
1015s decided to go forward with was improved
1018s readability uh when it comes to the UI I
1021s know that's for some some conditions can
1023s be written out in like three four five
1026s words uh some other description texts
1029s are maybe two almost three lines long
1032s and so we wanted to provide a little bit
1034s more readability uh we're going to show
1036s you pictures uh in the following slides
1039s um by highlighting uh certain targets or
1042s criteria
1043s that this also applies for both
1045s challenges and quest lines and now the
1047s regarding changes are only done for the
1049s quest lines so we decided that there was
1053s not much visibility for when I think the
1057s first one that was temporary uh running
1059s for a period was the Halloween questline
1061s right and we didn't have we promoted it
1064s all across our social platform social
1066s media
1067s but when a player landed in the game it
1070s was not necessarily clear that well now
1072s there was a new tool tab in the in the
1075s sub menu called questlines
1077s and that it was running currently so we
1080s decided to create these so-called teaser
1083s banners there are going to be
1085s accompanying quest lines once one of
1087s them is released
1088s and we have also decided to you know
1091s make it a little bit uh cooler fresh by
1094s providing little uh UI dressing here and
1097s there yeah so let's let's look at them
1099s because I think that's even easier for
1101s you to explain uh so let's look at uh
1104s here first with the quest lines yeah
1106s yeah so
1108s um here it's clearly uh showing the act
1111s four of the of the first quest line as
1114s you can see there's this pretty cool uh
1117s background dressing the background image
1119s with the with the legendary Hunter uh
1122s the skilled word you can see that
1124s there's a text highlighting for a
1127s certain criteria here and there like
1129s targets that you have to eliminate that
1131s you have to kill or have to deal damage
1133s to certain item types equipment type or
1137s or damage type
1138s yeah
1140s I just see the chat going crazy uh guys
1142s you will have to figure that stuff out
1143s yeah
1146s uh but yeah uh so let's look at the
1150s challenges as well
1151s yeah yeah challenge is clearly uh and
1154s without say without having to say
1156s further like it also benefited from at
1159s least the highlighting there so it looks
1162s a little bit more Sleek uh more readable
1164s or easy to read I would say
1168s yeah needless to say it also applies for
1172s the vertical list containing both quests
1174s and challenges both in the loppy and the
1176s in-game in the in the
1179s in your in your little menu when you hit
1181s that so
1182s yes and the questline screen
1185s yeah again uh we just decided to provide
1188s you uh provide you the community with
1191s like an overview on like how do they
1193s look like uh when each and one of them
1196s are running they have this really Sleek
1198s little background on their card
1200s like I said
1202s um I think it was a great balance like a
1205s great scope of providing six acts for
1208s each questline
1209s again they are not going to be running
1212s in tandem uh once live but on the test
1215s server yes
1217s um what else to mention here
1220s um the same approach applies like before
1222s so each Act basically rewards the player
1225s with one cool stuff to gain whether
1227s whether it is a legendary Hunter a
1230s legendary equipment uh permanent unlock
1233s mind you so these are still not
1235s instances right or I think you can see a
1238s little bit of a weapon charm on the
1240s right
1241s but but also two new weapon variants for
1246s both questions yeah interesting uh but
1248s before we go into the weapon very just
1250s to highlight that uh obviously on the
1252s live servers the two quest lines won't
1254s go at the same time so this is just the
1256s test environment it won't be like this
1258s uh as you can also see in this
1260s screenshot there's a lot of weird things
1262s like a lot of handlers so again it's
1264s just a task exactly how many black bones
1266s I have yeah
1267s because
1269s so yeah again the event and time and all
1271s that is just set up here for so you can
1274s see it but again it won't be like this
1276s on the live servers just to highlight
1277s that yeah but also like uh try it out on
1280s a test server yes and I also see people
1283s talking about the rewards uh you will
1285s have to check out the test serversal uh
1288s participate in the live quest to find
1289s out what tools are about uh because they
1292s are really cool but at least some
1294s rewards we can talk about Pirates
1295s already mentioned uh so uh let's see
1299s about those weapon variants uh what do
1301s you guys think yeah oh yeah all right
1304s I'm going to give you guys the floor uh
1306s and give you give it a moment to shine
1308s I'm going to stay here for the Q a later
1311s uh there there are still lots of very
1313s cool improvements and addition to the
1315s game so so stay tuned and see you in the
1317s Q a okay see you back thank you ciao
1323s all right so yeah you've been replaced
1325s by a tax France I'm so sorry uh
1327s now I have Dennis here to talk about his
1330s favorite topic I think of
1332s weapon variance This Time Again coming
1334s with the quest lines yeah I think that's
1337s gonna be an important Point like they
1338s will be like uh like first available
1340s with the quest lines so initially
1343s unlocked by completing the acts
1345s um and then
1346s um afterwards obviously they will come
1348s to the regular weapon unlock order in a
1351s future update so not similar to what
1353s we've done in the past for example with
1354s the uh spring event last year
1357s so let's talk about them right let's
1359s start with a new one that I don't think
1361s you could even recognize from those
1363s small pictures so Winfield Centennial
1365s shorty yeah so this is basically our
1369s good old friend Centennial just a bit
1371s more squashed so what what we have here
1374s now is um basically the shortened
1375s version so as you have the Vandal for
1377s the uh 1873 uh Winfield rival
1381s um obviously with a big caliber here and
1383s uh if you go further like it is a medium
1386s slot weapon so very important so you
1389s finally have a good quartermaster
1390s complementary or even a rifle object
1392s packs quite a bit of punch if you let's
1394s say you want to play with a bow I
1396s encourage people to play with a bow
1398s because I love the bow
1400s um also um obviously like it does what
1402s the Zone off version does it has more
1404s recoilers way and uh it has a reduced
1406s capacity so just five plus one but still
1409s uh packs quite a punch and is a little
1412s bit less controllable than the Vandal in
1413s comparison because of the bigger caliber
1415s but uh is still a quite trusty little
1418s companion piece it looks good and we're
1421s gonna look at a video just in a second
1422s but let's look at these pictures first
1424s so you have a closer look
1426s uh it is pretty and really short
1430s but yeah let's uh look at some gameplay
1434s yeah per Tower again poor Tower always
1446s so yeah uh pretty similar for the
1448s Centennial but you can see the ammo
1450s differences and obviously just the gun
1453s being shorter and
1455s yeah
1456s it will be very cool with some even
1458s quartermaster loadouts I think
1466s all right uh anything else you want to
1468s see about the shorty so basically once
1470s you have unlocked it you can purchase it
1471s for like a hundred and three hundred
1473s dollars
1474s um
1475s so much cheaper compared to uh the full
1478s size version of course
1480s right awesome uh but that's not all the
1483s web pomerians right I think there's
1484s something similar to this on this line
1486s uh what is that then let's see oh yeah
1490s that's fun so the Centennial shirt is
1492s silencer what I guess in order to have a
1496s centennial shorty silent so you have to
1497s have a centennial shorty so no no we get
1500s to the real thing so this is basically
1503s our first medium slot
1505s um medium ammo silenced rifle I'm not
1508s saying weapon because we have the bow
1509s again I encourage everybody
1511s but this one is basically a very very
1515s nice companion piece for people so um I
1518s think people will enjoy playing with
1520s that trying it out obviously has a bit
1522s faster damage fall off compared to its
1524s normal shorty um uh um cousin but uh
1527s that comes just with all the trade-offs
1529s or what the silencer usually does so
1530s let's have a look at it yeah here's some
1532s pictures of it so you can actually see
1534s how it looks nice and close
1537s uh that silencer is very Humpty I must
1540s say
1542s uh it's a bigger round I mean the Sparks
1545s still wins right two two uh but yeah
1549s let's uh look at a few video examples
1551s here then
1555s hear the audio but you guys come so I've
1559s heard it a lot already yeah
1567s that's awesome
1570s okay it will be very interesting to see
1572s the loadouts that people come up with
1573s like how they combine it besides the bow
1577s you could take it readable and then it's
1579s like very exciting you should
1583s uh yeah and it can obviously also do
1587s Levering so let's see how that looks
1589s like when it actually used the
1593s size you know like Centennial Levering
1595s isn't the most reliable it kicks quite a
1597s bit Etc obviously it doesn't get better
1598s with a bigger Crosshair now here on the
1601s Zona version but it is there as a last
1602s resort option so
1604s you might surprise one or the other
1607s person with that
1608s [ __ ] is saying amazing sound I agree it
1610s sounds actually
1616s awesome so uh that was our two shorty
1619s variants uh and again they will be tied
1621s to the first quest line uh yeah so so
1624s those two will come first then once that
1626s first questline is over you have a
1628s chance to um kind of unlock the other
1629s two and if you miss out for whatever
1631s reason the update coming after that will
1633s make them available as Noble unlocks so
1636s right and uh since we showed the two
1638s quest lines already people I think
1641s already spotted some other stuff in the
1643s chat so let's look at the next one oh
1645s yeah which is the Springfield crack
1648s bionette servarian yeah so so it's just
1652s a single bullet point where it is
1655s with that information
1657s but but it is it is kind of a nice
1660s unlockable path there and gives players
1662s a chance to yeah use it for Steppy work
1665s too and compared short this is a very
1667s long boy so yeah and it looks quite a
1671s cool it's like a proper knife or like a
1673s dagger attached to the yeah it it is not
1676s a repost though it's it's a true baronet
1678s version
1679s um so it's just a heavy melee attack for
1681s stabbing not the the regular one
1683s um and I think the price is let me let
1685s me have a quick look here the price was
1687s 42600 and by the way because we didn't
1690s talk about this with the silencer the
1691s silence is 137 hundred dollars to
1695s purchase
1696s awesome so let's look at it in action I
1699s mean it is also has done is that quite
1700s self-explanatory because yeah
1704s pointy end goes goes yeah
1708s and I mean but at least like now you can
1710s use a crack in close range which is nice
1713s uh and just let's look at how it shoots
1715s as well
1717s yeah I think I think it's pretty awesome
1718s because like the higher rate of fire
1720s makes the correct a little bit uh like
1722s better to use in close range in my
1724s opinion and then having the melee option
1726s works very nicely for that it's a nice
1728s combo for sure
1732s uh so Chad asks how much did you say it
1734s cost
1736s um
1736s 426.
1738s there you go
1746s looks uh great uh again the pictures not
1750s nothing to add I guess yeah I also like
1752s when we created the presentation we were
1754s like okay do we had bullet points or
1756s this is the balance like everyone knows
1758s let's just keep that fun on the pictures
1759s and videos for themselves and it will be
1762s very similar to the next one as well
1763s yeah but I think people will be excited
1766s for that one too which is the
1768s Springfield crack sniper variants
1772s so here again a long scope on the crack
1774s so a companion piece now to to in the
1778s Arsenal that is uh to the um was in
1781s Sniper and the uh label Marksman so
1785s um I'd say it's like the third of those
1786s long arm arrivals with a with a long uh
1789s yeah magnification scope on them
1791s um obviously it plays a bit differently
1793s as you know like the damage is a bit
1794s weaker it's like on the lower end or
1796s what ammo like long ammo can can perform
1797s it but it does have a higher fire rate
1799s so we've been streaming to see how
1800s people be using that one
1802s yeah and again it's a very long scope
1804s and uh nice and I'm curious to see how
1808s it competes against the Muslim later on
1810s uh yeah well this this one gives it
1812s costs like 610 so it's a bit more price
1815s in quotes in quotes yeah but also a bit
1817s more budget actually compared to let's
1819s say like a full-blown monster in Sniper
1820s true true
1822s uh let's see how it looks when you don't
1824s actually use a scope
1826s like animations are dope on it yes
1829s very cool
1834s uh again Shadows like what was the price
1836s again just to they can hear it
1839s yeah it's a 610
1842s 610 oh and there's some scope action
1846s yeah
1849s so yeah nothing really more to add to
1852s that one pretty straightforward
1853s everybody probably knows what it all
1855s means in gameplay terms
1857s right uh so yeah that's the four new
1860s weapon variants coming with the quest
1862s lines uh or the crack variants will be
1864s tied to the second one exactly
1866s and uh but on the test servers you guys
1869s can unlock it and test both of these
1871s already so again please try it out let
1873s us know how you feel about it uh yeah
1875s it's also like on the test server we
1877s will be giving out a few instances of
1878s those even if you haven't done the
1880s questline so there is no need to grind
1882s the quest lines on test server before
1884s you hit your chance to have a hand on it
1885s there will be I think like five or ten
1887s or so I'm not 100 sure instance of each
1890s for everybody who's going to the test
1891s server to play with and obviously after
1892s those are spent if you spend them all
1895s um then you would need to first get the
1896s unlock from the questline test wise
1899s it's awesome all right but we actually
1901s have a lot more to talk about as well so
1904s we have a lot of exciting topics I can't
1906s even wait to show you and this is one of
1909s those actually so we are getting a brand
1912s new scripted tutorial and uh Dennis
1915s let's talk about a bit about the
1917s importance of like the new player
1919s experience in Hunt and why uh we decided
1922s to work on this aspect of the game as
1924s well yeah I think getting new players
1926s into the game is super super important
1927s for all of us right we want this game to
1929s continue to grow we want to get new
1930s players and we want to get our friends
1931s in that maybe like didn't want to play
1934s it yet like this is another way for us
1936s to reach out to new players to give them
1938s a chance to actually be part of this
1939s kind of ease them into the game give
1941s them a chance to actually kind of like
1942s familiarize themselves Etc when we went
1945s out of Early Access in 2019 like we had
1948s to just put a very basic tutorial in it
1951s was kind of like playing the game
1953s offline locally like in the reduced
1955s version and then a couple of hints can
1957s at least tell you a little bit what's
1958s going on we were never really quite
1960s happy with it it did its job basically
1963s but it was never really a good tutorial
1965s so we were super happy that we can
1966s finally come back to this actually
1968s provide a proper atmospheric
1971s um tutorial that players can kind of
1973s like use to immerse themselves a little
1974s bit in the game but also take away very
1976s important uh yeah bits in terms of
1979s understanding what the game is all about
1980s what to look out for right I mean I know
1982s everyone in chat has 5 000 hours in hand
1985s but uh Hunt is a really complicated
1987s games with a lot to know a lot of
1989s mechanics and uh I would say a pretty uh
1992s big learning curve to like properly
1994s understand and I think this is a great
1995s step to introduce people to that and
1998s make the make them understand the game
1999s much better but yeah let's talk about
2001s what it actually entails then so so
2004s first off like we actually do have a
2006s completely overhauled voice tutorial now
2008s so like think of it as a very
2009s traditional tutorial where you go room
2011s to room and learn new things and then
2012s move on to the next room for them to
2014s practice and and kind of build upon that
2016s knowledge that he ran before so very
2018s typical work for if you have played a
2020s game tutorial you know what's what's
2021s coming basically but we also have a
2025s veteran Hunter John Victor voiced by
2028s iconic Duke cockle so please Google that
2031s name and he will basically be kind of
2034s like hand-holding you through an entire
2036s experience uh more or less you might
2038s also challenge you quite a bit and uh
2040s yeah make sure that in the end you are
2042s certified under and yeah we will take a
2045s short look in just in a few minutes of a
2047s few minutes of the tutorial as well so
2049s you guys see but this is actually the
2050s first uh voice acted character in Hunt
2053s and when I watched it I got goosebumps
2056s it's like the first like you get a
2058s different feeling it makes you feel like
2060s it's it's real you know so it's great
2062s and I can't wait to show you in a few
2065s minutes how it is but still let's talk
2066s about what the tutorial has and what is
2068s the difference between the basic and the
2070s advanced options we also had in the past
2072s exactly select the tutorial um like the
2075s onboarding is divided into two parts
2076s where we have this basic tutorial which
2078s is like the look the core elements of
2080s the game this is that room to room
2081s experience that guide experience where
2083s John Victor is basically yeah turning
2086s you into a proper Hunter so besides the
2088s core elements of hunt which is obviously
2090s movement Etc there's also other
2091s important things if you go to the next
2093s one please which is gameplay on one end
2095s of course team play so yes there is a
2097s multiplayer component to it obviously
2099s without having other players we still
2101s want to teach you about important things
2103s you need to learn in the game regarding
2105s PVP so thread clues for example Reviving
2108s what that means so all of that is being
2111s covered in the tutorial and we hope that
2113s players have a much better understanding
2114s this was one of the shortcomings in the
2116s the old tutorial that we basically never
2119s had a chance to really teach you about
2121s other players except for putting a
2122s couple of corpses around you could loot
2124s but it was a very very limited
2126s experience of course there is no PVP
2128s fighting here but still we're touching
2130s up on the topic and we hope that we can
2132s prepare the players a lot better for
2133s their first PVP Encounters in the first
2136s in general steps in the value when
2137s there's other players around but still
2139s do have the advanced tutorial available
2141s as well so what will that do them
2142s differently yeah so the advanced
2144s tutorial is basically the section you
2146s can kind of continue into seamlessly
2148s once you've played the basic tutorial
2150s you can also access this separately and
2153s this is one compound you can kind of
2155s explore
2156s and you have all of the AI types in
2159s there they are sometimes even a bit
2160s caged in so for example emulators are
2162s not able to run out of a certain area so
2164s we can actually play with the mechanics
2165s a little bit it doesn't become like a
2167s big mess as they all run it into one
2168s another and you have hives and Meat
2170s Heads and whatever technical at the same
2171s time we try to Pace it as much as
2173s possible in the sandbox environment so
2175s you can really spend some time with each
2177s of the AI types and there's also lots of
2178s tool tips um that kind of hints that
2180s kind of pop up through the basic
2182s tutorial but also the advanced tutorial
2183s that kind of gets you to a specific like
2186s uh um narrative Pages uh in the manual
2189s so you can read out more about all of
2190s these details so like the entire UI has
2193s been kind of like updated for that
2194s purpose as well it's a lot more
2196s hand-holding and gives you much more
2198s information what to look out for well if
2200s you want to learn more how to dig deeper
2202s into that and read up on the details
2205s yes and as always please help us test
2208s this this is actually a big feature so
2210s if you wouldn't mind going to the test
2211s server soon and actually you're playing
2213s through the tutorial and give us your
2215s feedback would be very helpful there's
2218s one thing as well um you guys might be
2220s familiar uh with this from the current
2222s tutorial so you can replay the tutorial
2225s later on and the advanced tutorial
2227s section you can also replay and if you
2229s do uh you can basically bring your
2231s current Hunter there's no risk of losing
2233s that Hunter uh with the gear whatever
2235s you put on them and you could try things
2236s out so you can still use that as an
2238s environment for example
2240s um to kind of like shoot at specific AI
2242s types try things out and uh like get a
2245s feeling for example like a recoil of
2247s weapons handling Etc so whatever you've
2249s unlocked whatever is in Your Arsenal you
2251s can put on a hunter you can replay the
2252s tutorial
2253s um and then you can try those uh like
2256s the equipment the gear out without
2257s spending it without losing it and
2259s obviously also without progressing your
2260s hunter that way
2261s awesome so uh what do you think then it
2263s should we uh show a few minutes of this
2265s uh yeah yeah so so we've recorded like
2268s the first three and a half minutes and I
2269s think we're just gonna show you the the
2271s interaction video of um the tutorial in
2274s the first three minutes and then the
2275s rest you can try out on the test server
2277s once it comes online so yeah there will
2280s be a couple of things obviously not
2281s shown in that one then right so I'm just
2283s gonna mute you and me and uh yeah guys
2286s enjoy it this is gonna be uh a lot of
2289s fun so let's look
2292s for you the suffering of a savior and
2297s the coin of a betrayer
2304s is forever
2306s but the money is worth it
2317s you're a Survivor or at least got the
2320s makings of one
2321s Get on Up Now
2324s that injection knocked your teeth in
2326s real good didn't it
2328s as a health kit by the gate use it
2337s all patched up then head on out you've
2340s got a lot to learn first lesson wading
2344s through water is noisy and slow but
2346s sometimes it's the only way forward stay
2349s vigilant
2366s it's good to be quick but running for
2369s too long will drain you stop sprinting
2371s at times to catch a breath
2380s you're gonna encounter traps like that
2382s from time to time
2384s hatch up so you don't bleed out
2387s I gave you that first aid kit for a
2389s reason if it's used up as a health
2391s station right there now if you want to
2395s make good money you're gonna need to
2398s find a Target
2399s remember that shot it made you special
2402s and it'll help you see beyond human
2405s limits it gave you something called Dark
2408s Side
2409s feels like an itch behind the eyes focus
2413s on that feeling to enter the side and
2415s look for a blue glow
2417s the light will lead you to your first
2419s clue
2429s thank you
2444s each clue guides you towards your target
2448s that map I left in your pocket will
2450s point you forwards I even took the
2452s trouble of mocking Supply points and the
2455s like and the legend
2456s between the map and dark side you'll be
2459s able to narrow down the location of your
2461s target with each clue
2465s good work
2466s looks like your target is West head on
2470s up the ladder and let's see how smooth
2472s you can be
2479s yeah
2480s got ourselves a bunch of animals
2484s they're ready to holler if you spook
2486s them and that risks you alerting an
2488s enemy nearby try to reach the gate
2491s across the way without troubling any
2493s animals
2494s who knows I'm not even rewarding
2503s uh so yeah I mean I feel like it kind of
2507s speaks for itself I see people with
2509s goosebumps in the chat I feel the same
2511s way it's amazing I I can't stop smiling
2514s yeah I'm I'm super super happy and super
2517s proud of the team that did that like
2519s it's an amazing achievement I really
2520s really enjoy it every second of it and I
2523s think it worked out very well so you
2525s guys need to need to get your hands on
2527s it on the test server and give us a
2529s feedback obviously look at it from your
2531s veterans eyes perspective right you know
2533s everything already in there and uh you
2535s use it also to something to kind of like
2537s maybe tell your friends about it like
2538s there's a new way of getting into the
2540s game that's coming soon yes definitely
2542s this update will be such a good
2544s opportunity to get your friends that
2545s they want to try the game so far or
2547s because it's too hard I feel like this
2549s will help a lot so please uh tell them
2550s and also I almost got emotional just
2552s reading the chat during that so yeah
2554s thank you uh yeah it's amazing so
2557s I was so excited to show this so let's
2559s go absolutely
2562s yeah and uh but that's not all so uh as
2565s we said this is a big thing for the game
2567s but we still have a lot more in this
2569s update that you've been asking for for a
2571s long time as well uh so this is one of
2573s those quality of life features which is
2575s the equipment screen every five months
2577s so what is that about Dennis so this is
2580s this is actually a pretty amazing work
2581s that like the UI team has been cooking
2583s up
2584s um what we're basically doing now is uh
2587s we give you a different way of
2589s organizing Your Arsenal and specifically
2591s the legendaries so basically what they
2594s are now is their skins so if we recall
2597s for those veterans amongst you like
2599s you've been with us like since early
2600s access and when we introduced with 1.0
2602s legendary skins we only had a handful at
2604s that time and uh like the easiest and
2607s the best solution at that time was just
2609s treat them as their own instances now
2611s since then our legendary Hustler has
2613s quite grown a bit and it has become very
2616s unwieldy it has become very bloated and
2619s lots of cool skins don't get me wrong
2620s but it has been to the point that you
2623s had to really scroll that this year a
2625s lot in order to get to where you
2626s actually want to plus it also didn't
2628s make things very easy for example you
2629s recruited a new Hunter and now you
2631s basically would sell their gun and would
2634s buy the one you wanted maybe in a
2635s particular skin before that is changing
2637s now so they applied as skins over the
2639s base
2640s um so it's basically just one weapon
2642s instance and then there's a little
2643s little uh like a horizontal menu where
2646s you can just quickly like select the
2647s skin of that particular one also saves
2649s your last selection and uh therefore is
2652s very very easy and straightforward to
2654s work with there's some exceptions so
2656s obviously contrabands like it's kind of
2657s fixed so um if you have a Contraband
2660s weapon you can't swap the skins on that
2662s one which also plays into the hand of it
2664s you can elude some of these skins from
2666s from the world right and if you are
2669s getting uh like for example weapons you
2671s don't have yet unlocked or all the
2673s different third levels they kind of
2674s still separated out a little bit in the
2676s list the dirt levels you can still kind
2677s of Define the skin per dirt level then
2679s and obviously if you clean them they
2680s merge into one as you would expect
2682s effect but there's some minor exceptions
2684s overall that list is much much reduced
2686s and should make it easier just like to
2688s equip the hunters with the gear you want
2690s out of the box when you recruit them and
2692s don't have to kind of like do this whole
2694s salary by Asian immigrants yeah but how
2697s about we actually show how it looks and
2698s uh yeah then you can actually see it in
2701s action so there you go we have like a
2703s rotating scroll wheel type of selection
2706s for each weapon now where you can apply
2708s the Skins as you can see here with the
2710s ash legendary for example for the
2712s conversion pistol
2714s yeah and you also have a chance as you
2716s can see with the Dual pistols like that
2717s has to kind of changed a little bit at
2718s interface as well plus you also see some
2720s changes to the stats on the left side we
2722s talk about those in a bit
2724s um that's like this just general little
2725s overhaul of that stuff but the more
2727s important part is you can kind of like
2729s quickly browse through the available
2730s skins on weapons of more some lessons so
2732s it's a good overview what Skins are
2734s available in total so this will be I
2736s think a huge quality of life improving
2738s for many of you guys as you kind of saw
2740s through your equipment and maybe in
2742s combination with the loadouts and I
2743s prepare your hunters and some people
2745s with spotted the unequipped all Button
2748s as well so yes you do have that too
2753s uh naked runs for the win yes
2756s and the other example with the vagrant
2759s silencer having to silencer called
2761s fragrance sorry uh yeah same story uh
2765s again like the dirt levels are obviously
2766s still separating it and uh but
2769s everything else that is applies uh you
2772s can see it here you can obviously play
2774s around with it on the test servers as
2775s well see how it is but I think it's just
2777s such a easier way and all those crying
2780s Mouse crovels will live a longer life
2783s now just just a little side note as well
2786s so you notice maybe on the top left side
2788s there's this charm selection system
2790s right and this was just visually also
2792s just just a little bit when we introduce
2793s it first
2794s um it was kind of grayed out so it
2796s almost felt like it was like a no
2797s selection button so we kind of changed a
2798s little bit so it's much clearer that you
2800s can click on it to select the weapon
2802s charm there's a cool side effect of that
2803s as well it's like it because you kind of
2805s see a 3D weapon in front of you as you
2808s can select your charms you can really
2809s use it as a as an in Arsenal 3D weapon
2813s viewer very quickly just gonna check on
2814s the weapons and try them out so make
2816s sure you press that button a lot
2817s equipped charts but also enjoy and
2820s appreciate the weapons there up close
2821s yeah and again like people pointing out
2823s the left side being different we'll talk
2825s about that just in a bit but yeah this
2828s is great uh but we still have some
2831s similar things we change uh but first
2833s let's talk about another thing that I
2836s also will make some people very happy uh
2837s the Wild Card contracts that is yes so
2840s this is an experiment that we want to do
2843s um as you guys know we had multiple
2845s contracts in the past and we had to kind
2847s of scale back on them a little bit
2850s um just to reduce them to just a random
2851s selection in order for for the
2853s matchmaking to be more efficient uh
2855s having less less splits in the
2857s matchmaking queues Etc so we're doing an
2860s experiment now and that means we might
2862s not keep it we might change it a lot so
2865s bear with us on that particular one I'll
2866s go a little bit more in the details in a
2867s second that this is just a test we're
2870s doing but I think it's a very promising
2871s one so basically what we are now doing
2874s is we're introducing Wild Card contracts
2876s like wild card being a term that you
2879s first heard
2880s um in the last events using The Inferno
2882s as an example
2884s and we are now introducing this as a
2886s second choice to the regular contracts
2888s um not The Inferno in this case we'll
2890s get to that in a second but basically a
2892s sub selection of our times of days
2896s um if you go to the next one please um
2898s uh so we have basically two separate
2900s rotations uh in the past this was all
2903s kind of weird that these two contracts
2904s we had like they would kind of feed into
2906s one another once in a while so we now
2908s made a clear cut between them and that
2911s also means that uh if you open the next
2912s one please
2914s um that for testing purposes we are
2915s separating out night whenever this test
2917s is active yeah so we have we have the
2920s flexibility in the system so we don't
2922s know yet how often we will do this test
2924s this might be that we try it out maybe
2926s during the first week maybe we'll do it
2927s only over weekends it much depends a
2930s little bit on the data that we gather
2931s from it like in terms of how healthy our
2933s matchmaking cues are and if we can
2935s afford that split so for now again it
2937s will be an experiment but whenever that
2939s experiment is active you will see two
2941s contracts and one of them will be the
2945s nighttime contract the Wild Card
2947s contract and the other one will be the
2949s standard contract which has all of the
2950s other times of days so now that choice
2953s is something where and I think that's
2955s something people will really really
2956s appreciate is that I do is like you can
2958s actually equip yourself for night time
2960s that means you can now say like hey I
2962s want to bring the flap it's like going
2963s to bring those fuses I can bring
2965s whatever maybe even the lantern
2968s um like a flashlight
2969s um and actually equip my Hunter for
2971s going now into the Wildcat contract
2973s night time and uh so we are
2976s experimenting with this we want to see
2977s how this feels and um for us this will
2980s be a great experiment moving forward and
2982s also to see how we can improve overall
2984s matchmaking quality how we can kind of
2986s offer you more control about the
2987s contracts and just yeah give you more
2989s freedom of choice there yeah and uh as
2991s Dennis said like your feedback will be
2993s super important for this as this is a
2995s literally a test feature we are
2997s implementing so obvious the data and
2998s your feedback will be crucial to see how
3000s this goes forward and yeah you can see
3003s an examples of the wildcard contracts
3006s with the nighttime on the screen as well
3009s uh but that is we also have to talk
3011s about something else here so uh exactly
3014s so so while we're looking at that screen
3016s uh we we did a couple of optimizations
3018s and just improvements in general and one
3019s of the important parts here has been so
3021s we kind of simplified how the entire
3023s tick boxes and bonuses are being
3025s displayed so we simplified the system a
3026s little bit there's still a bit of work
3028s that goes into this on the test server
3029s but but overall it's kind of
3031s Representative of what what you can you
3032s can expect which is it kind of shows you
3034s the boundary range per token on each of
3036s the contracts and then it gives you a
3038s very easy selection of whether you want
3039s to play against teams of three or teams
3041s of two rather than tick box and we've
3045s also at the same time taken away the
3047s option for skill based matchmaking to be
3050s turned off we helped like we thought
3053s this will help us quite a bit actually
3054s with the experiment we're doing plus it
3057s also usually made it just harder for new
3060s players if they accidentally turned it
3061s off because it just ended up in queues
3063s where they were completely outmatched
3065s and for for the veterans it in practice
3068s didn't really matter much anyways very
3069s very rarely did you have a chance to
3071s come across like enemies that yeah kind
3073s of like it ventured into your own uh
3075s like layer there so the first it's a
3077s it's an important step moving forward
3078s that we can kind of like get more
3079s control about the matchmaking cues
3081s because it helps us to do these type of
3082s experiments and optimize the cues that
3085s we have in order to give you guys more
3086s control there so I think it's a worthy
3088s sacrifice it is for the better overall
3090s and it will help us with this experiment
3092s here yeah so then the chat actually
3093s seems really happy about other changes
3095s so far ageros so that's uh awesome to
3098s see and actually I have a lot more still
3100s so I'm so happy yeah uh so uh let's talk
3105s about the gameplay changes uh still uh
3108s and there's a big one here too which we
3111s start with uh that's the combat log beta
3114s we call it so what is that all about
3115s Dennis yeah so this is a a work in
3118s progress feature but we were so excited
3120s about we wanted to get that out as soon
3121s as possible which is a rework of our
3124s damage history on the death screen and
3126s what it does now is it tracks a lot more
3127s events plus it also shows you not only
3130s the inbound damage but also the outgoing
3133s damage so it will be a lot easier for
3135s you guys to understand as you died as
3137s you die like like that in your in your
3139s in the dirt
3141s um what led to this particular moment
3143s like oh I shot this guy I hit only hit
3146s him in the arm he shot me in the head
3147s that's why I'm dead but it gives you a
3150s lot more information it is still a bit
3153s wonky that's why we release it as a
3155s beater it doesn't have all of the events
3157s 100 covered there's a couple of things
3160s that are a bit inaccurate so we're still
3162s working at we will improve it further
3164s um but we thought alone the fact that we
3166s have the outgoing damage and the inbound
3168s damage both in there now is already such
3172s a great Improvement and we don't want to
3173s hold it back so I think you people will
3174s enjoy it a lot however please keep in
3176s mind it has some box it has some issues
3179s so please check the known issues that in
3180s the patch notes that will highlight
3182s exactly the parts that have it still
3184s yeah not 100 polished yet right but
3187s let's look at in action and then you can
3189s break down what we are actually seeing
3191s so let's see how it actually looks
3197s you'll see a bit of fighting against AI
3199s then being hit by another player
3201s shooting back also hitting them
3204s Health being regenerated a little bit
3206s there in cover trying to Peak
3211s and hitting the guy and dying so now on
3214s the death screen what we see is and we
3216s just pause the video here for a second
3218s events so you kind of have a chance to
3221s filter the left and the right side like
3222s inbound and outbound damages so at first
3224s we see the damage we've been doing
3226s against the grunt so shooting them in in
3227s the lower torso both there
3230s um the last kill like the last shot was
3232s basically a kill on that Grant then
3234s receiving damage to the Torso from that
3236s unknown player um the player names are
3238s kind of like on our test environment not
3239s always display correctly but it should
3241s be fine on the test server
3243s um however you're also Landing a shot
3245s with your weaker weapon um against that
3247s player in the tours as well then you go
3250s behind cover you see the Regeneration so
3252s when the next event triggers you have to
3253s regenerated 36 hit points by that time
3256s and then that other player shoots you uh
3259s and kills you basically before your own
3261s shot lands so you don't see what
3263s happened after you died obviously so
3264s whether you kill them or whether they
3266s just just basically took normal damage
3268s but it was a death blow it was through
3271s the fence as you can see in the
3272s background there again it was a shot and
3274s you see the time code even like and how
3276s how long a time this goes we're tracking
3278s 90 seconds
3279s so if you have done a lot of actions you
3281s can actually scroll back quite a bit or
3284s to see what transpire that is relevant
3286s to you the moment before you died yeah
3289s so I love how much information you can
3292s actually see and also what I really love
3294s is that it shows the location where he
3295s actually landed the shot that is awesome
3297s so like if if you were to click on any
3300s of those points they would expand and
3302s show a little more detail so you would
3303s then see for example the the health
3306s chunks and how they changed you know
3307s that already from the current damage
3308s history this has been expanded upon as
3310s well you will see more information about
3312s for example if the player is poisoned or
3314s on fire whether it was a custom
3317s ammunition that hit them Etc so lots of
3319s more information is in there already we
3321s add more in the future as well to make
3323s it even more granular but even right now
3324s there's like things like banishment for
3326s example are being taken into account
3327s here so if a banishing banishing
3329s happened in the meantime that means your
3331s health got restored it will be flagging
3333s here as an event like regeneration
3336s awesome uh Dennis again the chat is so
3338s happy yeah this is awesome I still like
3340s try to not get emotional over all the
3342s positivity so I have to fight it a bit
3344s but yeah uh please again try this out as
3347s Danny said this is a beta so there will
3349s be some bugs uh some issues but uh
3351s please I can give your feedback this is
3353s a big change uh it gives a lot more
3355s transparency around the game and what
3357s happens when you fight someone when you
3359s fight AI Etc so I think it's really
3362s really huge so uh please check it out
3366s uh and uh yeah let's uh let's go uh on
3369s to our next point which is the
3373s overhauled weapon statistics screen
3374s which we already showed a bit but like
3376s now you can actually tell us what we've
3379s seen there because again I think this uh
3381s change goes similar to the combat log a
3384s bit but uh in the menu so what is this
3387s about Dennis
3389s um yeah so you kind of saw it already a
3390s little bit uh before we've kind of gone
3392s through the weapon statistics and done a
3393s bit of an update a bit of housekeeping
3395s there we replaced a few we've kind of
3396s like recalculated some differently and
3399s specifically when it comes to the rate
3400s of fire the reload times Etc you see a
3402s lot more um clear proper accurate data
3405s in there
3406s um each of them have a different tooltip
3408s where I needed like whether it rules
3410s change so on the test server you can
3411s just hover over each of these icons and
3413s it will explain you what the calculation
3414s is behind that and it gives you a better
3417s overview in general what's what's being
3419s done like it includes some of the
3421s stamina stuff as well
3422s um some Elite stuff so it's contextual
3424s based on what item you're looking at in
3426s this case the regrant being obviously
3427s like silent uh sniper you see a 250
3430s meters a second for that one
3432s um the reload is at run so the full
3434s details of that one will be in the patch
3436s notes as well so please make sure you
3437s read upon the weapon statistics there
3439s and then try it on a test server give it
3441s a try it should be a lot clearer give us
3443s your feedback please uh what do you
3444s think and we have some ideas also for
3446s improving this in the future further but
3449s for now we think this is actually a very
3450s good Improvement already yeah like uh I
3453s think it's great that you get a lot
3454s again transparency here like you get the
3456s much more info about your weapon uh the
3458s old stats that were not so clear were
3460s reworked and there's a lot more new
3462s icons as well and new stats you can look
3464s at so again just hover over them uh see
3466s what they actually mean read the patch
3468s notes so it will be explained there as
3469s well uh but I think that's also a really
3472s really uh good change uh but we don't
3475s have to talk about this more again you
3477s guys have to try it out and see it for
3478s yourself uh let's go uh into another big
3481s topic oh this is a big one uh so solo
3485s gameplay changes uh yeah let's let's why
3489s did we do this then talk about the
3491s events and all that like yeah
3494s of course we did our event right and and
3498s in the event we had quite a number of
3499s mechanics in there for for solos uh we
3502s were experimenting with and from our
3504s data at the sentiment it looks like you
3506s guys liked it
3507s um
3510s so so we've we've come back to that uh
3514s um added a bit of things even on top of
3515s what we've had during the event changed
3517s some of things from the events and uh
3519s want to give solo players which are very
3521s very important to us as well like uh if
3523s you don't have your friends online if
3525s you just enjoy playing so a lot of we
3526s want you to have a fair experience and
3528s of these are steps towards making sure
3529s we can have even the grounds a little
3531s bit uh even even the playing field a
3533s little bit and make sure solo players
3534s have a good Fighting Chance as you've
3536s seen in the last event I think it was
3538s quite successful right so yeah let's see
3540s what these changes are actually are and
3541s let's start with some trade updates that
3543s I think a lot of people already guess
3545s but there's more than what you actually
3546s guess so let's get the first one
3550s who would have thought that Necromancer
3553s is a thing here
3554s um so um we have basically added the
3557s solo only self-revive condition
3560s um that we had during the event so this
3561s is just a standard feature of
3562s necromancer now
3564s um it is up to you how you use it if you
3567s want to use it if you want to risk
3569s getting like like back up and then maybe
3572s getting down right away
3574s um
3575s but the player the solo player does have
3577s the option now to consider it at least
3579s as part of the toolbox don't complain if
3581s you continuously die but uh you have the
3584s power to choose to
3586s um we've also done a bit of change in
3587s housekeeping on this one so where before
3589s we had like four seconds which was kind
3591s of like an ideal type of like like
3592s Necromancer under perfect situations
3594s would be around that time but it doesn't
3595s really take into account like getting
3597s the position all the stuff so we kind of
3599s upped it to 10 seconds so it's not as
3600s immediate it's not like as like
3602s Terminator like instantly getting back
3604s up and just like hammering the guy down
3605s right away you have to wait for a bit in
3609s order to be able to use it so that is a
3610s bit of a balancing aspect to it and we
3612s also picked a couple fixed a couple of
3615s um like Reddit box for example um there
3617s was this issue that you couldn't kind of
3619s like not lose the hunter or was it the
3621s hunter losing I'm not sure like there
3623s were some issues like with like
3624s extracting in the end Etc all of that
3626s stuff should be it should be working
3627s much yeah when everyone extracted and
3629s you revived after yourself yeah exactly
3632s like this type of things so so it's over
3634s a bit cleaner
3635s um instead of the housekeeping some of
3636s the bug fixes um that have been applied
3638s there and the timer went up but yeah
3640s let's see how people like that one
3643s um we
3645s feel very strong about this one and has
3648s brought I think a lot of joy to people
3649s during the event yes but so we actually
3651s did other changes as well other than
3653s necro so let's see what we did to Magpie
3656s and actually the first part of this uh
3658s is not just for solo players but for
3660s everyone yeah so just a general buffer
3663s Mac back price now it gives all three
3664s effects so that is basically the
3666s Regeneration effect that is the stamina
3668s effect and the antidote effect you get
3670s those for the for the couple minutes
3672s time uh in order to yeah make a move Etc
3675s so it's not just random and you have to
3677s be lucky for example to get a stamina to
3680s be able just snatch the mountain run
3681s away it's all three effects or quite of
3683s a quite of a boost it doesn't become
3685s more expensive because of that so it's
3687s just a direct upgrade of that otherwise
3689s very cheap trade and this solo part of
3692s this will be very interesting so what
3695s what does it do to solo players Yeah so
3698s basically it doubles the dark side boost
3700s capacity now what it means is that if
3701s you are a solo player you pick up a
3704s bounty it gives you 10 seconds not 5 10.
3707s and also it what it does in addition is
3709s that whenever you gain an additional
3712s second back for example by looting like
3714s like a hunter or interacting with a clue
3716s it doubles the gain as well so rather
3718s than one second you get two seconds back
3720s so for solo players a very very big Boon
3723s it allows you to kind of like try a
3725s couple more things that normally maybe
3727s you wouldn't have tried and uh this is
3729s going to be very very interesting and
3731s again the trade remains very cheap so
3733s for solo players going for the Bounty if
3735s you want to risk going for the Bounty
3736s this is a thing that should make it a
3738s bit easier rather than sitting in the
3740s shadows ratting it out with a sniper
3741s rifle in the distance this is something
3743s that allows you to actually go in and
3745s and risk a little bit more so that's why
3747s we kind of feel very happy about this
3748s one yeah this is crazy if uh all players
3751s remember when we first introduced dark
3753s side was it was actually 10 seconds long
3755s uh and it was uh reduced later on so
3758s it's gonna be very interesting to see
3760s how that plays out with solo players as
3761s well though yeah like like I I am for
3763s example whenever I play solo I'm usually
3765s pretty shy I'm very reserved I more play
3767s like more and more playing on the long
3769s range side of things I rarely Rush and
3771s too much this will actually allow me to
3773s do that a little bit more give me a bit
3774s more confidence and actually succeeding
3776s like uh I am I'm not a top tier player I
3779s would call myself like a mid-tier and
3780s for me like having a bit more of of like
3782s like a bonus like that actually will
3784s probably make me move a little bit
3785s closer in fights so I can also
3788s experience that part of the solo play a
3789s little bit more without getting my yeah
3791s ass kicked right away so some uh and
3793s just for uh that asked on the screen
3795s Dennis explained what dsb stands for
3797s Dark Side boost it was just taking up a
3799s lot of space so it doubles the dark side
3801s boost gain from looting clues or uh
3803s players
3804s so the seconds you get from interacting
3806s with them exactly so you got two seconds
3808s back instead of one as a solo basically
3810s yeah yeah
3811s all right and there's one more trait
3813s that has been changed with update 1.12
3816s and that would be serpent yeah that
3819s plays directly into the same same area
3821s as well so for solos what we've done to
3823s serpent now is we have uh increased the
3826s range rather doubled the range for
3828s interactions so where before if you are
3831s want to snatch up first let's say for
3833s example a bounty token or if you want to
3835s interact with a clue you have to be
3836s within 25 meters as a solo 50 meters is
3840s enough that means you have much more
3841s freedom to kind of like steal that
3843s team's Bounty from a much safer spot and
3847s they will have to react to that so it
3849s will make it about a lot easier for you
3851s to be a solo guy without taking too many
3853s risks and helps quite a bit as well so
3856s Solo's overall getting a massive boost
3858s here uh let's see how that's how that
3861s plays out in practice I think solos are
3863s underdogs and they've kind of deserved
3864s getting a bit more uh support on that
3867s front yes and obviously again we're
3869s gonna be looking at the data and your
3870s feedback as well I think these changes
3872s as well so make sure to give the
3874s feedback and you can always do that on
3876s our Discord Channel or on social media
3877s or by reaching out to us this is very
3879s very important uh but Dennis we didn't
3882s just change the trades uh but we did
3885s some other related changes as well to
3887s the game so let's talk about the
3889s underdog bonus
3891s yeah so the analog bonus is the bonus
3893s you received when you um when you
3894s basically go up against uh Stronger
3896s teams so as a solo for example you play
3899s against doors you get a small bonus if
3901s you play against trios you get a bigger
3902s bonus and also as dwars against trios uh
3905s you get a bit of a bonus so that number
3907s is uh just just went up a little bit
3909s again just a bit of an incentive this is
3910s basically the bonus you receive for
3913s extracting with a bounty token so if you
3917s manage to snatch a bounty token as a
3918s solo before already when you played
3920s against trios you will get 500 on top of
3923s that token now it's 600 so it's just a
3925s little bit more in terms of an incentive
3927s to to to to make money
3929s um be profitable our data shows actually
3931s solos are usually pretty doing doing
3932s well if they succeeded especially during
3935s during the event so we want to see how
3937s we can motivate them a little bit more
3938s even here and yeah I can level the
3941s playing field
3942s yeah awesome I mean I'm always happy to
3944s get a bit more money especially if you
3946s are another so that's great to see and
3949s again like for the face as well please
3951s uh test it out let us know how you feel
3953s and but that's about the solo gameplay
3956s changes uh and we also had some other
3959s changes to quick play the other game
3961s mode yeah so so quick play changes are a
3964s bit more housekeeping so this is nothing
3965s like too special but we've added a
3967s couple of of additional weapon
3968s variations uh on weapons like starting
3971s weapons to the Gear so I can quickly
3973s maybe open up that uh cheat sheet of
3975s mine right uh the obviously the full
3977s list of the the available weapons will
3979s be available in the patch notes as well
3980s it's a long list so so not going through
3983s everything but for example who would
3985s have thought the hunting bow is now an
3987s option for medium range we have an again
3989s silencer pair as a random option it can
3991s appear scarf with model 3 uh the Sparks
3994s pistol the Springfield 8066 compact all
3997s of those are now basically for medium
3999s range or on short range we also have
4002s determinist Canon and we have the lamad
4005s Mark II pair so
4007s um there's one more thing as well for
4008s the Middle East Side so if you go for
4010s the melee option besides your main melee
4012s weapon
4013s could be like a common X Etc right you
4016s also have your melee tool replaced with
4019s throwing knives or throwing eggs to give
4022s you a bit of a ranged option on well as
4023s well on that front
4025s so overall quite a bit more more yeah
4028s starting options that could appear and
4030s hopefully also makes the whole thing a
4031s bit more interesting for players
4033s awesome uh yes and uh let's talk about
4037s the thing that everyone talked about on
4040s social media since yesterday when we
4042s announced this stream
4043s which is the Saddles that they could see
4047s so let's talk about those what can
4049s people do with them
4051s so yeah no we are not adding horses
4055s sorry but what we're doing is we're
4057s giving you more exploration options
4059s um so these are basically lootable
4061s Saddles that you can be found throughout
4063s the world some of them can be found um
4066s on our like uh incapacitated hiding uh
4069s like like dying horses others can be at
4071s a Hitching Post it's like a new Hitching
4074s Post prop that we're kind of scattered
4075s around the world a little bit more so
4077s when you find one of those saddlebacks
4079s they can contain one of a number of
4081s things so it can be an interaction
4083s similar to like a toolbox with
4084s consumables 100
4087s um
4087s that consumables also sometimes give you
4090s stuff that you can't get from the
4092s toolbox so interesting to maybe salute
4094s that one because you might get a couple
4095s things you otherwise only can find like
4097s pre-placed in the world like on the
4098s tower for example as a feature we
4100s introduced in in last update and we also
4103s have weapon horses on them so some of
4105s them might contain a lootable weapon
4107s that could be like a usually like it's
4109s like a kind of like a like a horse fit
4111s weapon like like a carbine of some sort
4114s so we have a number of weapons again the
4116s full list you can you can read in the
4117s patch notes it will not be super high
4119s end Tier gear but obviously good weapons
4121s there's some good ones in there actually
4123s yeah absolutely like a Lamar cabin even
4126s I think it's part of it this is a couple
4127s of really good choices and so some of
4129s these lootable Saddles they might
4131s contain either a weapon or they might
4133s contain a back you can loot or both so
4136s that's kind of like a little bit of
4137s randomization between them and let's
4139s look at them so you can actually see
4140s what we are talking about so in this one
4142s you can actually see both of the weapon
4144s hosts the video weapon in it and the
4145s saddle bag as well
4147s so on the right would be the Saddleback
4149s you can loot under obviously the left is
4151s the holster yeah and the Saddleback
4153s follows the usual rule of two so like
4155s two players can interact with it um it's
4157s like an half open State basically to
4159s signal that in between
4160s yes uh
4162s and game images but we will show you
4164s some videos as well so again uh
4166s this is a Hitching Post uh with a subtle
4169s bag on it uh here's a horse with a
4172s problem I left it there with the weapon
4175s holster
4176s uh and then another example with a
4179s weapon uh but yeah let's look at uh
4181s videos just so you can see in Action a
4184s bit better
4187s um
4188s there's a poor dying horse
4191s uh a bit of utterly in this case uh and
4195s yeah you can take it
4202s uh and let's see this one so here uh you
4206s have just a saddle bag on a hitching
4209s post again as Danny said you can loot
4211s all sorts of consumables some that you
4214s may not even find in two boxes
4218s and if you're really lucky you may find
4221s some that have both the weapon horse or
4224s video weapon and uh Saddleback truth
4228s yeah so they are kind of rare um you you
4230s won't find them around every corner
4232s um think of them as something else for
4234s example to let's say cash registers um
4236s as a additional option additional thing
4238s you can kind of explore in a world
4242s yeah I think it's great in general like
4243s always fun to lose more things so thank
4246s you and play around with I think it's
4248s awesome you know like at least like
4250s whenever you go around and there's
4251s always something to interact with
4253s something to look for I think it just
4255s always makes the gameplay a bit more fun
4257s than rewarding so
4260s cool and you may find some good guns
4262s again like on the same image actually
4263s you can see the lumos carbon which we
4265s actually received a small change yeah
4266s which we'll talk about in a second
4270s uh yeah but that's about the settle back
4273s so let's dive into some level changes
4276s and we have one in particular which is
4278s some bigger changes to weeping Stone
4281s Meal which was revamped in this update
4284s uh we will have some other level changes
4286s but we won't talk about those in the
4288s Stream so please check out the Patronus
4290s for those as well but let's look at some
4292s before and after images for this
4294s compound
4295s yeah again the kudos to the level team
4298s for for doing all these changes I'm
4299s putting my tom head on now and
4301s pretending to be Tom for the duration of
4302s this one and so basically what we see is
4305s one compound change here and that is a
4307s whipping Stone Mill we've added like a
4309s underground section that leads up into
4311s there from the ground so you kind of see
4313s it a little bit on the lower one that's
4315s like this this uh Waterside entrance
4317s Point
4318s um that kind of leads in there if you go
4319s to the next one
4321s you also see like that we kind of
4322s extended some of the Interior to make
4325s room for the new staircase
4327s um it also had like a nice effect of
4328s kind of like streamlining some of the
4329s outside areas a little bit in terms of
4331s how you can move in and around there
4333s um if you go to the next one
4335s uh there's like another entrance here
4337s but it's basically on the ground level
4339s outside in the water
4341s um where you can kind of also enter this
4343s new underground section through like
4344s that that wind on a windmill but that
4346s that basically Mill the water mill
4349s um and then here this is uh how this uh
4352s ground floor section has been really
4354s decorated so you can kind of see it in
4355s the background it's very hard to see
4357s right now but you see this little
4358s Lantern and then right behind that uh is
4361s like the stairs leading up from the
4362s basement section into the layer yeah so
4364s on the after picture on the left side
4366s you can see that that wall has been
4368s removed and that's where the new
4369s staircase is yeah like everything has
4372s been pushed outward so like the layer
4373s didn't really get smaller it got bigger
4375s but to accommodate that that uh
4377s staircase on the ground floor that means
4378s then the top floor kind of was just
4380s increasing size just in general
4383s and another picture from that yeah
4386s here's what like with the wall being
4388s pushed out a little bit so the staircase
4389s is like on the level below uh in the
4392s center and that gives us the room to
4393s expand the top floor a little bit as
4395s well
4396s and then the staircase itself leading
4398s down to the area yeah so yeah you see
4400s like uh that that Archway kind of coming
4403s from the water areas you see like the
4404s way leading upwards it's like a small
4406s little room down there a little
4407s underground with the two entrances from
4410s the uh from the from the mill and uh the
4412s the water slide area and then eating
4414s upstairs
4415s yeah awesome I got a player on the in
4417s the news it has been rivering like uh a
4419s lot actually this is a lot of addition
4421s to one compound so test it out I think
4423s it's gonna be very fun to play in there
4425s actually besides that like in the patch
4427s notes there's a couple other points that
4429s have been highlighted mostly about how
4431s uh vegetation has been updated in some
4433s particular areas uh just to make sure
4435s like the the navigating is easier the
4438s flow of moving is better and they can be
4440s it can be uh like not exploited in a
4443s particular ways so overall please check
4445s the patch notes but I think there's
4446s really good stuff from a level team and
4447s like specifically this compound here is
4450s very nice because it's one you cannot
4451s very often go to so it kind of changes
4453s the tab a little bit
4455s awesome
4456s uh yeah but that was about the main
4458s changes and we have some other notable
4460s changes to mention in the Stream we did
4463s refer to some of them earlier during the
4465s stream as well so let's talk about those
4467s quickly uh starting with the stalker
4469s Beetle explosion damage
4471s so so yeah the the stalker Beetle um we
4475s were quite conservative initially with
4477s the damage it does and the tests we've
4479s been doing and now since the stalker
4482s beat let's kind of settled down in the
4483s Arsenal and and has its fans and
4485s hesitators uh we know a little bit more
4488s about how it's being used in practice
4489s what people like about Etc and
4492s increasing the damage was just one of
4493s those housekeeping tasks that we can do
4495s and we feel confident about that it's
4497s not a problem in order to keep it a bit
4499s more utility so we could deal a bit more
4501s reliably damage it's obviously not too
4503s much still but it felt before it was
4506s just a bit too much and now it feels
4508s like a bit too too weak a bit too tough
4510s to actually pull something off of that
4512s we've seen it talks about the quest line
4513s for example and now uh you can do a
4516s little bit more with it exactly what I
4517s wanted to say like it will be very
4518s helpful for the business story questline
4520s so and your teammates can help you too
4522s and so uh yeah it will be much easier to
4526s complete that but maybe kill a player
4527s with a soccer Beetle so
4529s absolutely uh let's see the other one
4532s which is about uh the clouds of the
4535s poison and choke balls yeah so this is
4537s again just a bit of housekeeping this is
4538s primarily
4539s um to make sure that there's a bit more
4541s utility in them so the poison bolt Cloud
4543s just like basically that area just could
4545s increase a little bit so it's more
4547s reliable to actually block for example a
4550s wider barn door before it was just like
4553s barely like holding people off from from
4555s Ace motor so just becomes a bit more
4558s usable in that area
4559s um and on the choke side um with a
4562s regular chalk bombs we have an initial
4563s explosion effect so basically as it goes
4566s off which is usually a little bit bigger
4568s than what the area indicates afterwards
4570s right like that lingers around where the
4572s gas lingers around and
4574s um we've done the same thing now with
4576s the with the choke bolt so you have a
4579s much higher chance to actually
4580s extinguish fire
4582s um save your teammate with a shot
4584s because it's also harder to aim with it
4585s it's more forgiving that way and then
4587s obviously afterwards that that area
4588s effect is still a bit smaller
4591s and let's look at the next one then
4593s which is uh a smaller change but uh
4597s since again we focused on new players a
4600s lot with this update and so we added new
4602s loading screens and tips as well so
4604s there will be more variety that you will
4606s see and this will also help new players
4609s understand certain topics in the game
4611s better too yeah what we can do here now
4614s and that's that's a cool feature and we
4615s definitely want to expand on it in in a
4617s future update so this is just setting
4618s the groundwork on on that front right
4620s now
4621s um we can now uh have hints Target
4623s specific types of players so we can say
4626s like those new players that are below a
4628s certain rank or those High veteran
4629s players that are above certain even
4630s Prestige we can now make the loading
4634s screens specific to each of those groups
4636s which means we can make sure that the
4637s new players get the essential
4638s information that they need that is
4640s important for them to pick up because
4642s honestly they don't need to know about
4643s what adults does at whatever the if
4646s they're if they're new players they will
4647s not see their weapon for a while usually
4649s so it's more important data and the
4652s basics well for example more like
4654s experienced players in the mid-level or
4656s even the veterans they can deal with a
4658s lot more Niche information specifics and
4661s we wanted to have a lot more of that uh
4663s rolling into the system but it's a
4665s foundation now it's it's a starting
4666s point and there will be more targeted
4669s loading screen hints coming soon
4672s sounds great and again I refer to this
4675s with the horse picture but we did uh
4677s change the limit carbine a bit
4680s uh so we did increase the rate of fire
4682s slightly uh with update 1.12 maybe
4685s Dennis you can tell a bit about it I
4687s guess it's a lot of data collected uh
4689s during Devil's moon for this weapon yeah
4692s exactly it's like like having had a
4693s chance to play with it a little bit more
4694s seeing how people responded to it um so
4696s this this is a very very smart small
4698s change but so it should be noticeable So
4700s within the mud cabin the fire rate is
4702s just slightly increased now between
4703s shots it still is a single action weapon
4705s which means you need to kind of a [ __ ]
4706s the the the hammer between shots it's
4708s not a double action like the officer so
4710s it will be Stephanie still below that
4712s fire rate but overall it should be a
4714s little bit easier to follow up on the
4716s shots that way and maybe gives the whole
4718s thing a little bit more quality and a
4720s better consideration compared for
4721s example like the novel level guns sounds
4724s great uh
4726s uh so we also did some improvements to
4729s the interior footsteps audio that we
4731s introduced uh maybe one update before
4733s this one if I remember correctly uh now
4736s they are even better basically so uh
4738s more accurate and this is for example
4740s when you're inside a building and
4741s there's a player above you you can tell
4744s it much better now
4745s exactly so like specifically on wood
4748s Footsteps in Interiors are a bit easier
4751s to to
4752s um yeah discern like to teleport from
4754s people on your own level so again
4756s something on the test server give us
4758s give us feedback on it
4760s um some further improvements on the
4761s audio side definitely here and I think
4763s it works a little bit more reliable
4765s and as I last mentioned uh now you can
4769s see which trait you receive in quick
4771s play on a thicker side exactly like
4774s another small quick quick like a quick
4776s play quality of life Improvement
4779s um so this is basically just like
4780s showing you the trade name so you don't
4782s have to go to the map to check it out
4783s you're kind of like just keep on going
4784s after the trading after interacting with
4786s the rift and it shows you what you got
4788s there just keep on going right and
4790s obviously like we have more changes but
4792s uh everything will be in the passion so
4795s if you want to get a full list of
4796s everything that changed please check
4798s that out and before we dive into the Q a
4800s section let's talk about our legendary
4803s content in this update we won't spend
4805s the hours on them and we won't read the
4807s text so they will be on screen so you
4809s can screenshot it if you're interested
4810s in the lore part but we're just gonna
4812s quickly look at each that you will be
4814s able to get in the store so let's start
4817s with our fire bomb uh Brooks burner uh
4821s super cool another great Fireball skin
4823s Fireball so this is like a regular Fire
4826s Bomb it looks really nice as well I like
4828s that okay some renders of it so you can
4831s see clearly uh again I actually I want
4835s to mention that all the bloodborne
4836s content that is being added in this
4838s update will be also available in the
4840s black market which is getting a refresh
4842s so you will be able to get this with a
4845s discount there right away
4848s but they will all look really good and
4851s we actually have two Hunters too so uh
4853s wait till the end uh I knew Alamo and I
4856s know Dennis just loves the Alamo so yeah
4859s I don't think this one this one works
4860s very well I like like the wooden uh like
4862s a frame basically the sturdy frame there
4864s around the trigger so looks really
4866s really nice and some nice table runners
4868s so you guys can see it a bit more
4871s clearly and close up looks very clean
4873s and nice it has a bit of like the look
4875s of like a modern air rifle of some sort
4877s but yeah don't don't underestimate that
4879s pack of that punch there I wonder what
4880s the numbers mean though hmm
4885s uh yeah so that's the alarm move then we
4888s have a spot spark silencer skin called
4891s muscadine if I pronounce that correctly
4893s and I actually really love this one it's
4896s just beautiful yeah I like this one
4899s gorgeous again some nice renders of it
4902s so you can see it a bit nicer on the
4906s table
4906s really beautiful
4909s and as a Sparks enjoyer I love it and
4911s then we have some weapon charms as well
4913s starting with the fairy men's coin
4915s uh again really cool uh you can just buy
4918s it in the store and attach it to your
4920s weapon if you like it uh
4923s cool yeah I like to like this one a lot
4925s yeah here's a again a closer up image so
4927s you can see how it hangs on I think it's
4928s a combat axle in this image so we
4931s usually love showing these on the Combat
4932s X because it's cool uh
4935s then uh we have the uh nimene claw so it
4939s is uh or the name entails basically a
4942s car and looks really nice
4945s again here's on the ax
4949s uh then we have another charm called
4952s Ruby's favor uh so this is a fancy one
4955s with a ring and like a golden medallion
4957s they're really pretty
4959s and again if you want to read the lore
4961s uh descriptions that are on the screen
4963s just make sure to screenshot it then you
4964s can read it
4966s uh and again here it is on the ax I
4969s cannot wait to see this thing Ling
4971s around
4974s and uh
4975s last week for the charms we have the
4977s blood Relic which is a bit like a small
4980s vial of blood that you can attach to
4982s your around so for all the vampire
4984s lovers uh here you can take it with you
4987s it's a bit crazy everyone I love it
4992s and uh again the biggest uh sorry
4997s no it's just really cool
5000s yeah awesome uh yeah again and the
5002s biggest things are the two Hunters so uh
5006s first we have worm bytes uh
5010s so cool he does have a shovel on his
5013s back so
5014s you know kind of a grave digger yeah
5016s definitely uh here's a closer picture of
5018s him so you can see it a bit better I
5020s feel like he's super badass personally
5022s so
5024s uh putting uh people's all those dirt
5027s naps will be a bit better at least he
5028s can dig you a hole to put you in a
5031s really really cool skin coming with this
5033s update uh and then there's one more
5035s legendary hunter called the Hornback uh
5039s and she will also be available during uh
5042s update 1.12
5044s also super cool it's super awesome yeah
5046s I really enjoy this one
5048s yeah it's like a cool cowboy with like
5051s leather like can you really imagine like
5053s a cool team like of Sofia and her
5055s basically uh like uh like it's it's very
5059s very similar style I really enjoy that
5061s yeah all right so I I really like all
5063s the skins in this update so uh make sure
5065s to check them out in the store again
5066s Black Market will get a refresh and the
5069s new items will be included in there and
5071s I think it's a 40 discount uh if you get
5073s them so uh maybe we're checking out uh
5077s but with that we came to the end of uh
5079s the content for the stream and we do
5082s have the Q a section now so parents you
5085s can uh join us again I hope you also
5088s enjoyed watching from the back and oh
5090s there you are
5092s hello hello I'm back uh
5096s yeah well it was was nice seeing all the
5098s changes and all the improvements and
5099s additions but by the way guys while you
5101s were talking to the community I
5102s completed two quest lines and one Live
5104s Events wow like Prestige 200 so wow
5110s uh so uh again Chad ask your questions
5113s now and I'm also looking at our
5116s moderators collecting them for us uh and
5118s I see a lot of questions about certain
5120s topics against guys like uh we will have
5122s this uh roadmap video coming up very
5124s very soon and uh that will talk about a
5127s lot of the questions you may have uh in
5130s the chat so if you can please try to
5132s focus your questions on this update in
5134s particular and a lot of your other
5136s questions again will be answered with
5137s that video so uh please keep an eye out
5140s for it
5141s uh and uh that is uh friends if you've
5144s seen one that you can already answer
5145s please go ahead
5147s uh
5150s yeah I think I think there were sorry
5153s two two essential questions to the
5155s questlines uh birthday time limited or
5157s time sensitive yes
5160s um we we after releasing the original
5163s Halloween questline back in
5165s um October end of October 1 with 1.10
5169s we we received the feedback that the two
5172s weeks period was too short uh it was it
5175s was like a mini event right it's like a
5177s medium medium term activity
5180s I have four players to enjoy the game to
5182s get cool rewards but two weeks was too
5184s short so we decided to basically
5186s increase that value to uh four weeks or
5189s 31 days each
5191s now again like increasing it even more
5193s with uh with the risk you know like
5196s becoming like Live Events themselves so
5198s what we would like to avoid that they
5200s are like smaller cousins to Live Events
5203s they're gonna be running for longer
5204s period than previously
5207s um within the balancing changes based on
5209s the fact that
5211s um everything is going to be team shirt
5213s now so that that's a good news and the
5217s previous balancing values were not that
5219s bad so well we have data and Community
5221s feedback to basically uh prove that but
5225s yeah and second one everyone's asking
5228s about the uh
5230s uh Gator traps so both questlines are
5234s going to be supported by a new
5236s interactive World object which are going
5238s to be the Gate of traps and these are
5240s going to be uh encounter you can
5242s basically encounter them in the in each
5244s and every mission on all the maps you
5248s will have to interact with them to
5250s basically funnel uh progress your your
5252s active Quests for these investigate
5255s Gator traps
5257s um now they are not going to be as
5259s competitive as uh interactive objects or
5262s World objects for previous Live Events
5265s so you're not going to interact with
5267s them by destroying them you're going to
5269s interact with them in a similar way how
5271s players already interact with uh post
5273s Clues so one team can go there interact
5277s with a killer trap and then leave and
5280s another team can also approach the same
5282s gate or trap and then leave of course I
5285s think it's safe to assume that because
5288s they are going to be spawned uh
5291s relatively close to water and masses of
5293s water like rivers and Deltas players are
5296s going to be able to see them in dark
5298s side so they are going to be wanting to
5300s go there and they are going to engage
5301s with each other at least that's my
5303s assumption yeah you can try it all as a
5305s tester
5307s yeah so I've seen a lot of questions
5310s that I will just group up now to answer
5312s so uh people asking about gen 9 console
5315s update custom lobes kill trading the new
5319s boss please wait for the video from
5322s David and Rick and these topics will all
5324s be touched on uh as well as the IC
5328s engine related questions please uh watch
5330s the video when it's out these will be
5333s all Topics in there so uh just wait for
5335s that and they will be discussed in that
5337s one so I hope that answers a lot of
5339s questions already
5342s uh yes uh
5347s so Dennis there's a question related to
5349s the ammo pool of the crack uh are we
5351s looking for any improvements in the
5353s future or what do we think about that um
5355s so yeah ammo in general is a big topic
5357s for us I can't talk more about it for
5358s this update but uh in general not just
5360s for the correct there's going to be some
5362s work in the future for that that's a
5365s perfect answer I think
5368s uh van Builders test servers go live uh
5372s please keep an eye out it will go live
5373s very soon uh planned for this week but
5376s uh again like you know it can always
5379s change so just keep an eye out uh I hope
5381s you won't have to wait a long time at
5383s all so yeah we wanted to be in a good
5387s state so that's why we're hard to commit
5389s to a specific day but usually like this
5391s stream is very very short before very
5393s sure yeah before yes
5397s um
5399s is there a limit to how many times you
5400s can start revive or uh how does that
5404s work well technically yeah
5406s um your health chance
5408s yeah so that's quite obvious yes but
5413s keep in mind that every time you die you
5415s do die and that affects a lot of things
5418s so do it at your own risk so
5422s uh
5425s uh I think there were there were a
5426s couple
5427s um questions here um I would like to
5429s take so one was like can you get Knight
5430s on the standard contract so that depends
5433s on whether the test is active or not if
5435s we are doing the Wild Card contract test
5438s and again please keep an eye out for
5439s socials when this will be happening and
5441s what ex what like extent however on the
5444s test server obviously it will be it will
5445s be active all the time
5447s um you will have night time broken out
5450s of the regular random rotation and will
5453s be its own separate thing a wild card
5454s contract a known selection so you can
5456s kind of prepare for it but it will no
5458s longer be in the regular rotation and
5460s during that time of the test
5462s so you can choose do you want an item or
5465s you want anything else randomly in fog
5468s Sunrise Etc
5471s some
5473s uh
5474s so someone asked like how about how do
5476s you uh do saddlebacks or uh I guess the
5480s weapons so obviously the weapons I I
5482s suppose only one player can do it but
5484s then he or she leaves uh their weapon
5487s there so the other technique could loot
5489s their weapon exactly like it's it's like
5492s if you find like a weapon lying on the
5493s table somewhere in the world
5495s um so they're just nicely like arrested
5497s in that holster right but the moment you
5499s want to swap them out the other one just
5501s drops on the ground that you had and
5502s then people will can pick it up from
5504s right next to the off to holster or
5506s that's that's a hoisting post if it was
5508s just a separate test at all makes sense
5509s for the saddlebags I suppose it's the
5511s usual rule two loots uh per uh yeah like
5515s you have two interactions so once per
5516s player and then that gives you at least
5518s a team of two can can both get it
5521s now what's interesting about this is
5523s like it now I have to just make a
5524s decision like if you want to avoid a
5525s horse you may just want to sleep quickly
5527s like kill it maybe you don't have a
5528s throwing a knife or X or whatever
5531s um then uh you want to risk it making a
5533s noise but get the get the goodies from
5535s it like just part of the normal decision
5536s making process spice things up a little
5538s bit and gives a bit more exploration
5540s variety
5547s um there's a question if a magpie and
5549s conduit effects stack yes they do
5551s already so whenever you get like a new
5553s source it just adds up on top of what's
5555s already running for example if you had
5556s like a stamina shot running like these
5558s things also just dead on top
5560s uh I still see some topics that will be
5563s also featured in the video so uh namely
5565s custom lobies I actually will be
5567s discussed in the video as well so uh I
5571s know we haven't talked about them in a
5572s while but again that will be in there
5574s and there will both summations of the
5576s new map so again this video will be a
5578s huge one and you've been all waiting for
5580s it it will contain a lot of info for the
5582s future of the game so uh please check
5585s that out but we won't talk about those
5586s here now yeah we'll be available very
5589s soon very soon yes
5591s um there's a question if uh like the
5594s changes to the new inventory will affect
5596s the limit of control weapon so there's
5597s no change to that so you can only still
5599s carry a very limited amount of
5600s contrabands
5602s um obviously that has an impact on how
5604s many varieties you could have there in
5605s this case but then again
5607s um just keep on using them or put them
5610s on a hunter Etc
5614s is being addressed like uh I think we
5616s can answer that then yeah
5618s yeah it was it was actually one of the
5620s first slides uh of today um so the
5622s reload park has been addressed we are
5624s very confident it is in a very good
5626s shape now do we want to use the test
5628s server and how to validate to really
5629s make sure that we've covered all of the
5631s different cases keep in mind it wasn't
5632s just the reload Buck it was actually the
5634s reload box there were so many different
5636s things that were going wrong and we
5639s hopefully caught all of them so help us
5641s with the test server to see whether
5642s that's true or not but overall you
5644s should see a massive Improvement already
5647s uh is there any questions you would like
5649s to answer now friends Jordan is still
5651s because I see a lot of repeated and
5653s wants to be answered or they are in the
5656s video I talked about so uh I think from
5659s I said I'm good I haven't answered quite
5661s a number
5662s some so if friends is happy as well uh
5665s some people are swear the video will be
5666s obviously as always you will be find it
5668s on our YouTube channel it will be a
5669s longer video so it's uh it won't be
5671s available everywhere but we will
5673s obviously link it on social so if you
5676s keep track of hunt you will be easily
5678s find it but please make sure to
5679s subscribe to our YouTube channel for
5681s this kind of content because that helps
5683s us helps you keep updated as well and
5685s you can also watch the stuff stream
5686s there so uh you know uh it's just good
5689s and again uh thank you for uh talking to
5692s me Dennis ference uh I think it was such
5696s a great update um I was really happy
5698s really like the community was really
5700s nice too and everyone seems really happy
5702s up with this update so
5704s uh it was hard not to get emotional
5706s during it for me like it has been a
5708s while since I've seen like this much of
5711s positivity so it was great like the team
5713s did an amazing job like all of these
5715s features there they put all of their
5716s love into this as usual like like really
5718s really good stuff so very proud of
5720s everybody and I think you guys will
5722s enjoy it once you get your hands on the
5723s test server yes again thank you Dennis
5726s for taking the time as well and you two
5728s parents for driving us to the live
5730s design stuff and the questline oh it was
5732s a pleasure it was really nice chatting
5734s with you guys I thought talking about
5736s the upcoming at least
5738s amazing so again Chad thank you that
5740s will be from us for today and have a
5743s great night and keep an eye out for the
5745s updates regarding the test servers and
5747s the video as well so bye bye have a good
5750s night or good morning depending bye bye
5752s bye