23 days ago - Hunt: Showdown - Direct link

Transcript (by Youtube)

0s hey Hunters we wanted to take a moment
3s to talk about the recent reload bug it
5s can cause weapons to display incorrect
7s ammo counts make it impossible to reload
10s or other similar issues you may have
12s experienced we are aware of this bug and
15s been working on possible fixes with the
17s highest priority in the last weeks
18s unfortunately it is caused by a deep
21s rooted systematic issue like the
24s previous leather bug and it requires a
26s complete rework of one of our systems
28s this of course takes longer than we
30s would like it to while we are heavily
33s working on this larger scale fix we plan
35s to release a workaround solution to
38s reduce the occurrence of the most
40s notable aspects of this issue with
42s update 1.11 please keep an eye out for
45s more information regarding this very
46s very soon
48s we would like to apologize for the
50s recent issues and sincerely thank you
52s for your continued support for hunt
54s while we are working on a fix in the
57s meantime though see you in the bio bye