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0s [Music]
1s mm-hmm
15s [Music]
22s [Music]
29s foreign
32s foreign
33s [Music]
50s [Music]
58s [Music]
65s foreign
74s [Music]
90s [Music]
96s foreign
102s [Music]
118s [Music]
124s [Music]
125s foreign
130s [Music]
150s [Music]
157s foreign
170s [Music]
179s [Music]
187s foreign
197s [Music]
218s mm-hmm
223s [Music]
231s [Music]
251s [Music]
254s foreign
258s [Music]
275s [Music]
284s thank you
291s [Music]
303s [Music]
314s foreign
319s [Music]
325s [Music]
331s [Music]
350s foreign
370s [Music]
379s [Music]
388s foreign
397s [Music]
416s [Music]
423s [Music]
429s thank you
431s [Music]
449s foreign
451s [Music]
459s [Music]
475s [Music]
482s foreign
491s [Music]
503s [Music]
519s [Music]
520s thank you
525s [Music]
531s [Music]
550s foreign
571s [Music]
580s [Music]
593s thank you
596s [Music]
617s how is
620s I did in fact
623s check
624s that the audio was
626s oh it should be
628s this time
633s are
635s they some months maybe I don't know
639s cutting out a lot ah
642s no
644s every time
648s you know what Ari and Nixa get to
650s introduce themselves and then
655s go for it Alexa
658s hi I'm Nick so I make videos I'm here to
660s play games
662s uh hi I'm Ari I'm here to give away
666s stuff and lose the games for us
677s we're just gonna get rid of that entire
679s filter you know what that filter
683s is no longer here it's no longer our
685s friend
687s did you dirty you gotta get rid of it
699s all right I'm ready
702s oh forget that I gotta check my
704s challenges
706s my outfit reminds you of Wednesday thank
709s you
710s it does have a
711s potion on it and as a cat you can't see
714s the cat though because the cat is toward
716s the bottom of this the shirt but it's
719s it's very good it is Wednesday right
723s it is Wednesday the day yes
727s the person meant Wednesday Adams which
729s is what I was going for but it's fine
733s oh Ari did you cut your hair someone
735s asks
736s I did it's uh nice and short uh you know
741s nice good for activities nice it's nice
744s it's above my uh shoulders right now
747s which is the first it's been in a long
749s time I mean actually me too but
755s we should
757s we should have heard we're just going
758s and we'll be like we'll do the same it's
760s a buy one get one
766s uh this is the first hunt Showdown
768s stream I've seen let's go welcome in
770s Michael my favorite gun is the Sparks
772s rifle
776s what's your favorite start oh no it's
778s been going
780s jump in now
782s you got time it's not too late 20 days
785s and 13 hours and 46 minutes and 35
787s seconds
788s nope thanks to English okay sorry Nick
790s so what's your favorite gun
792s oh I don't have a favorite gun I don't
794s have a favorite anything I just shoot
796s things
797s I enjoy crossbow but I can't say it's my
800s favorite I just play it it's also not
802s quite a gun
803s no I mean it counts in the category
810s I don't do favorites it's mean my copy
812s copy very hot all right what's your
814s favorite gun
816s uh for a long time it was silence Nagant
819s um I don't know what about it it was
821s like I used it early on because I liked
824s it for like the PVE aspect and then I
826s kind of went off of it a little bit
828s because it didn't shine as much in PvP
830s but then when poison ammo came back I
833s went straight back to it yep I can't let
837s it go
839s there you go
844s uh there are no twitch traps right now
848s we will announce when there are more
851s twitch drops
854s but currently no twitch drops going I
857s don't know I don't know if the twitch
858s viewers like twitch drops I don't know
860s if we should bring it back
862s not enough people talk about it
864s apparently
865s I think you guys need personal language
867s drops a little bit more maybe we'll look
870s into it
871s uh currently hunch does not have options
874s for colorblind players but is something
876s that we've been looking into for sure
883s I'd like to ask if you know anything
884s about poison Vision sticking on people
887s yes that is a very old one
890s um unfortunately that one has been fixed
893s and then come back at least three times
895s I think uh it is somewhere
899s somewhere stuck in there
901s um so it'll go away for a while and then
903s come back and then go away for a while
905s and come back uh hopefully we can get
908s rid of it forever it's morning don't
911s judge me
913s I'm judging
916s I knew it
919s um we're reading the YouTube chat as
920s well strawberry but there's a lot more
922s twitch chat so I were reading everything
925s we can
927s I don't know not a bad idea
929s hard to jump over to Twitch too if you
933s have a second as that's where we're
934s gonna be hosting all of our giveaways
936s for today if you want a chance to win
938s some hunt DLCs true are you really small
941s or is that cup really big it's both
943s it's 100 both I am very small
946s but this cup is also very large
949s it's bigger than my phone where is my
952s phone to use it as a reference
954s oh it's about the same size I guess
959s there you go
965s are you playing on EU not currently
974s we're playing Rise Son Of Rome today you
976s know what I've actually never played
977s ryze have you guys played ryze
980s I have not I know I want it I want it a
984s stream oh I want it sorry
986s oh no I want it okay but it's on a disk
989s and none of my PCS have a disc so oh
993s this yeah yeah we are getting to uh the
997s 10-year anniversary of Rise Son Of Rome
999s at the end of this year oh
1001s that's pretty exciting
1004s we still get a lot of comments about it
1006s on our credit Tech Pages it looks
1010s I should ask
1017s um I don't even know who would have a
1019s copy at this point
1020s so but I would
1024s like uh AC has one I mean just you gotta
1028s he has to mail it out to you
1030s um disk drive in my case yeah and nobody
1033s does no I built this computer in 2019
1036s and I don't have a disk drive in it
1039s it doesn't even have a disk drive
1042s slow oh yes it does never mind this case
1044s has a disk drive slot this case is old
1046s though
1047s it has a slot but nothing no drive to
1050s actually put anything no it's empty you
1052s can like poke through it you know that
1055s was one of my favorite things to do uh
1057s early computer days was just kind of
1059s poke your finger into the disk drive
1066s [Music]
1073s uh someone asked when the hunt
1075s anniversary is coming up it's coming up
1077s very soon we're not at 10 Years yet but
1079s we're getting up there
1086s uh when what kind of giveaways can we
1088s expect from this stream we'll be giving
1090s away some DLCs uh we have a whole range
1093s of them to go through
1096s um one of them being our brand new
1099s uh Las Mala
1104s I can't say that right I'm not good at
1107s names oh
1116s uh taco meat man like like absolutely
1120s with a zombie it just destroy
1126s CE
1128s don't ask what happens if you win a DLC
1132s or a giveaway that you already have the
1134s DLC for then we encourage you hopefully
1136s you have a friend who might not own that
1137s DLC that you could give it out to or you
1140s could choose not to enter the specific
1142s giveaways that you happen to already own
1144s the code for so somebody else has a
1146s better chance for it if you did happen
1148s to win we could always re-roll the
1150s winner based on your request if you
1152s wanted
1153s uh yeah same thing if you own all the
1156s DLC then
1158s give it to your buddy
1162s you can always send it to Nixa on
1165s Twitter and he will distribute it out to
1167s the community however he sees fit so
1170s yeah I like doing that
1172s normally we're also going to be always
1174s on console
1176s who is so far away it's Jeremy oh no
1178s okay it's not me
1180s it's not you listen uh you guys were
1184s still messing around with the meat men's
1185s so I figure I'll just go ahead it's not
1187s my fault you guys go a different
1188s direction I
1192s why why were you messing around with the
1195s meat man huh
1197s did knock a zombie over and kill that
1199s zomb
1201s IE I appreciate when the Meat Heads are
1203s like homies like that exactly it was
1206s very nice
1214s to be here though to claim your winnings
1217s so it might not be worth staying up all
1220s night for if you're in Australian it's
1222s 4am I I will say
1227s for the giveaways we'll give you guys a
1230s keyword and then uh just like if I
1233s mentioned you'll have to be in chat when
1235s we pull the winners for that specific
1237s keyword if you don't happen to be in
1239s chat or you don't respond when they call
1241s your name unfortunately we do have to
1243s re-roll that winner after
1245s it's about two minutes
1248s uh it's just dogs
1251s oh wasn't sure what was going on over
1253s there
1255s just just the usual struggle with AI
1260s all good
1263s are you already finished with the event
1264s I am not I'm on ranked 45.
1269s I'm almost there
1271s uh guys I got people in my compound uh
1274s we think so I'm just I'm holding back
1276s I'm hoping they run past me
1286s oh you have to be on Twitch to do the
1287s giveaways uh it's just a limitation of
1290s the bot that we have
1293s and the possibility to reach out to the
1296s winners we've tried to host them through
1297s YouTube but there's not a good way for
1299s us to get you with those codes
1304s vulture
1307s Don't Mind If I Do
1313s uh I haven't asked about the event
1315s points after you're done with the event
1317s and then it scrolled away and I forgot
1319s for a moment sorry
1320s um they are for bragging rights that is
1324s that is all
1326s we've been briefed on currently
1330s um
1330s so theoretically they're for bragging
1333s rights only are they good did they leave
1336s I think so I think they went on the
1338s South Side the south west side and maybe
1340s went around
1342s well then here
1348s and
1350s um Ari will tell you the keyword and
1351s then you'll just type it into the twitch
1353s chat
1358s I think that was a zombie
1362s um the fire map is on all the time now
1364s it's 100 on Fridays and then 25 on every
1367s day that's not Friday
1371s uh thanks to everybody who answered our
1373s feedback surveys for The Inferno and and
1377s the best possible rotation that you guys
1379s would like to see
1380s [Applause]
1383s that would have been really fun if that
1385s had hit but it didn't there's someone in
1387s the tower
1388s okay
1390s but I missed
1394s although I give them props for ringing
1395s the bell I too
1398s got a ding ding
1400s I can't find it it's a twitch.tv crytek
1405s crytek is spelled c-r-y-t-e-k
1411s and people are saying my name I don't
1413s know
1414s what just a great name
1417s not a bad color either
1421s so
1424s [Music]
1430s I'm not sure how to answer that question
1433s a little too intense for me
1437s it's definitely not the key word for the
1439s giveaway
1440s oh uh in the tower back Tower using a
1443s Crag
1445s um level 50 infected
1448s and they're burning me as there happen
1450s to be a yellow Barrel right next to me
1453s thank you
1455s now they're the top floor of that Tower
1457s looking out the window
1462s [Music]
1468s got one
1477s uh there's people on the on the east
1479s Southeast side
1481s that's where I am
1485s aside
1494s oh God
1498s nice here one is at the or two of them
1502s are at that entrance area on the west
1503s side yeah
1508s another one here
1514s I think you guys might just wanna okay
1516s okay
1517s oh we have the same gun
1529s there's one on your right too is he
1533s I don't know
1544s I'm gonna mute
1545s please don't type my name in for the
1548s giveaway
1549s don't make don't don't make the mods
1552s strike you
1554s it's really annoying
1557s in what situation is alive uh whichever
1561s whichever situation is it worth trying
1564s to rotate around a neckline
1566s yeah I was thinking that actually every
1568s every gun is
1570s C5 you get it all viable
1574s wait I have necklace no striking people
1576s for spreading misinformation
1582s if
1584s [Music]
1596s yeah
1597s don't worry about it
1599s uh it's fine there is the bug for
1602s unlocking more
1604s uh same thing
1606s uh ammo options
1613s what did you know about that that's cool
1617s the feedback survey I thought they would
1618s have been more distracted with the other
1620s team
1628s someone with a crossbow inside as well
1630s so I'm scared
1635s [Music]
1638s language
1642s wow
1646s I'm not sorry
1650s hi
1659s that was crazy
1662s is the prestige rework question being
1664s dodged no there's
1666s um
1670s so it's hard to see them all
1672s um I prestige myself so I think the
1674s procedure
1675s I'm really excited for it
1678s um
1681s [Music]
1683s they seem busy over there yeah hopefully
1686s they stay busy
1687s high velocity
1690s yes I was investigating problems in the
1694s Asia server this morning
1697s um
1697s they have put in a ticket with our
1700s server provider as well
1703s I don't have anything else oh God
1709s yep
1710s oh that was helping us
1714s they're right on that corner it's the
1716s southeast corner I don't like the meat
1718s have men I have no idea
1720s we get a blood moon type map ooh that
1722s would be awesome
1724s but as usart said this is a gameplay
1727s stream so there's not gonna be any like
1729s major announcements today
1731s um we're just gonna be answering
1733s questions that on things that have
1735s already been announced
1737s um
1739s that's all we can do today and then hang
1743s out sad face
1749s no minor announcements either nothing
1752s announced that hasn't been announced yet
1756s uh I do have a teaser
1759s well great
1761s good try
1763s it was something
1766s I mean you lasted way longer than us
1769s just throwing that out there
1772s um it's all luck I do have a teaser for
1776s everyone though
1778s a teaser is that the port sulfur band
1781s has something coming soon
1787s that's all it's all we can say today but
1790s the port sulfur bands will have
1793s a fun announcement very soon
1802s uh I guess I'll go get another lose Mala
1808s misleading so let's go
1809s big bar up front not let's go
1813s I am sad
1815s big sad
1818s [Music]
1824s I'm taking on the Sparks just
1829s in the flash
1831s all right
1836s could you explain a little more about
1838s what the prestige rework will entail uh
1840s well
1842s like we said earlier we can't really
1844s talk about anything that hasn't been
1846s announced
1847s um but
1849s that's that's kind of all we get
1856s there's the band tour
1858s um not to my knowledge they haven't
1860s before
1862s but I would love that I would like to
1864s see them perform live for sure that
1867s would be really cool
1870s the last port sulfur band the whole
1872s album was really cool they've been doing
1875s some
1876s really awesome stuff
1878s when is lose Milo coming to console
1880s today she's out yes today
1884s she's out there oh console yeah yeah uh
1887s 25th which is today
1889s yay
1890s oh
1898s go ahead and start our first giveaway if
1902s you want your chance to win a replay you
1904s so DLC on any of the different hunt
1906s platforms go ahead and type Port sulfur
1909s uh one word into our twitch chats uh you
1913s will need to hang out with us until we
1914s pull the winners and once we pull the
1917s winners we'll private message you figure
1919s out which platform you play on and get
1921s you whichever code you would like the
1923s port sulfur should be combined in this
1926s case for the keyword purposes I'm seeing
1929s an issue I thought would happen with
1931s possibly non-native English speakers
1932s Port sulfur is not spelled with an F
1937s so grab the person that has the pH in
1940s there instead of the F and then copy
1942s paste that one
1951s can we do like a pinned message
1954s hmm
1956s who's art if you're there can you do a
1959s pinned message for keyword word sulfur
1962s and then the spelling won't get as
1964s confusing
1971s uh once you've typed it with the correct
1973s spelling once you're good to go you
1975s don't need to type it any more times I
1977s just have to hang out with us until we
1979s pull some winners
1982s I don't actually know if I can see
1984s pinned messages on this like combined
1987s jet actually so
1989s I do see a pin message okay cool thank
1992s you very much I don't even know if this
1994s will work like if I could see it anyway
2005s it's probably um
2010s user is not with an E it's uh
2013s s-u-l-p-h-u-r
2017s we are okay Ari chose a really hard
2021s keyword in terms of spelling we'll say
2024s thank you Ari I did choose a hard
2027s keyword for spelling but also whoever
2030s made that band name chose a hard band
2032s name and I think it should go on them
2034s first
2036s but to make pretty hard banging Tunes as
2039s well though so they do make pretty hard
2041s banging Tunes
2044s sulfur is a chemical element for someone
2047s that asks what the [ __ ] is sulfur
2054s often associated with an ash like smell
2059s I'm seeing I'm seeing a lot of correct
2061s spelling I think you're seeing a lot of
2063s interest
2064s okay uh well maybe this is like you know
2068s a test
2071s you gotta get the right spelling if you
2073s want to be entered for the giveaway
2075s Mario's decided everyone needs to go
2077s back to grade school
2086s you know Spotify Apple music Google Play
2090s Store whatever wherever you play or
2091s stream your music go start listening to
2093s this important silver band boom right
2096s there in the little track you know list
2099s it shows you how to spell the name
2103s I can answer that one assuredly yep
2107s yo is this my redeem Arc coming up
2109s sticky the spider let's go
2111s for it oh I love uh that clip that you
2114s featured on your Twitter
2120s me too I did it
2122s um
2128s I mean don't flip it because it's from
2130s my point of view in which I'm looking at
2131s a wall it's nothing
2135s it's so important we even that
2137s perspective is worth it
2145s checking the pin now the pin looks good
2147s the pin looks good okay
2150s I'm like I can't look at
2151s [Music]
2153s it I looked at the PIN
2156s uh let's go let's head out west let's
2159s head out west oh there's one right North
2161s three-pointer oh there's one you guys
2163s are done with the event no
2165s oh
2170s I'm only on rank 45
2174s I don't know
2176s they're almost done it's fine yeah
2182s I was running through the resupply I've
2184s already pledged
2187s I decided to run
2189s the Flames whoa
2196s uh what is the reward for this giveaway
2198s this is for a briefly so DLC code on
2201s whichever platform you'd like we'll call
2204s multiple lenders but you do have to hang
2206s around here in chat to win that code
2209s I'm placing traps I know you'll hate me
2213s but I gotta try to try to get Izzy
2217s that's gonna happen 100 percent
2221s keywords should be spelled correctly in
2223s the pinned message at the top of the
2225s chat
2228s yep
2229s there have to be one word
2231s money in here
2239s all right I propose that next time it is
2242s easier as well
2246s foreign
2252s is there any way to move the benefactor
2254s chain pistol to a new account I've lost
2256s the password on my old one unfortunately
2258s not the benefactor is locked to accounts
2262s that uh pre-purchased or purchased
2264s during Early Access
2266s sorry you lost your password
2270s it wasn't me what why even there this
2273s like the weirdest spot to uh what I
2277s tried to pick the weird ones because you
2278s don't look at the weird ones you know I
2280s don't look anywhere it doesn't matter
2281s what you put it but that one is just
2285s I'm so happy right now
2290s uh Hunter XP on this wall of the boss
2293s room it's uh on the staircase leading up
2298s [Applause]
2301s well he needs it uh to buy the bars back
2305s I don't I don't see I'm blind I'm blind
2308s uh on the staircase I've gone over there
2310s help
2313s oh yeah no you got it it's fine
2315s what
2318s I'm a nice guy
2320s all right he's leaving it for you
2323s oh I've already left
2325s I'm headed here
2331s give me a clue
2334s break me off a piece of that kick Kepler
2340s I think I'm gonna date myself but
2343s um I can't think of that song without
2345s thinking of Andy from The Office like
2349s getting at all of it wrong
2352s football cream
2355s all right all good
2359s all right
2363s now it's gonna be a pitching
2383s it's fun
2386s but maybe it's Cyprus oh leave me alone
2388s is he okay
2390s no AI
2392s okay
2405s are we allowed to play sports over band
2406s songs on stream yes
2409s you are playing on uh on stream or you
2413s are making a hunt Youtube video you can
2419s play them on your street Flash
2432s three pointer yeah I knifed it as I ran
2435s by
2436s zombies on it it's sounding like Cypress
2444s um the patch notes say that everything's
2448s going to go away after the event
2452s um
2452s things may come back later in different
2455s forms slightly changed uh you know who
2459s knows but
2461s directly after the event everything will
2464s go away
2467s no update right now on the hunt TV show
2470s if you can follow binge the partner that
2474s we have for the TV show on social media
2476s I don't believe they posted anything
2478s recently either but if there was any
2480s update a good chance it may come from
2483s their side or our side so not a bad
2485s reason to follow them
2487s uh yes you can play Ford silver band
2490s songs on stream
2491s uh nothing on Lulu coming back now but
2496s I know people have asked for it
2501s uh Playstation winner or Playstation
2503s players can't win this giveaway this is
2506s for uh reap what you sow on any platform
2511s uh I'm gonna do
2514s oh
2520s meat man you're supposed to be our
2521s friend
2531s will headspin come back or not uh he did
2533s in Halloween
2535s but
2538s so he may again next Halloween that's
2540s quite far from now
2542s uh is you gonna give us a quick scan
2544s going in
2545s uh it's uh three people
2549s in and around the bomb boss Camp boss
2553s shot by a poisoner
2555s oh from where
2561s this door is open but I don't see anyone
2564s out of it
2564s I don't have any more seconds so okay
2567s I'm doing this again this is the one and
2568s only next attack that's so true yep all
2571s three are ground floor around the boss
2573s area
2575s they're all in the compound
2577s there's one by the fence right in front
2579s of me that must be the one that hit me
2580s with the uh oh there no there's a boat
2583s coming from
2585s I swear
2586s not that way
2590s a one is on the second floor there's
2592s nothing nothing around
2594s uh there's one second floor of the box
2600s definitely to our ride somewhere
2604s I was behind the tree
2608s tier one with a hat
2612s yeah my feet are pointing to the right
2614s yeah I just scanned there unless they're
2616s very far to the right they're not over
2618s there
2621s no I know
2624s tagged one middle of the road white
2626s shirt
2628s traded
2633s leave me alone
2636s wow
2642s always better with friends
2645s I love that dulch spam
2656s oh I should have looked to see where he
2658s was and I just forgot oh well there's
2660s only those three people
2662s I just want to see where I was killed
2664s from
2665s um
2667s he did see Spitzer on me I have a
2670s challenge that I have to get some
2672s Spitzer damage so
2675s yeah
2677s his words are hard
2684s I'm gonna buy another perk to
2687s iron Sharpshooter and conduit now this
2690s is what I'm talking about
2693s although I guess I still have a
2695s challenge to do damage from shotguns I
2696s only did 50 damage in my one hit well
2698s that's very sad
2702s but I have iron sharpshooter
2709s I'll just ignore it it's fine
2717s where do you get keywords uh I already
2720s said it
2722s that's where we get keywords
2724s I died on purpose to drink my coffee
2726s that's what I'm gonna say
2727s I believe it
2731s how do we participate in the giveaway
2733s you just type in the keyword in the
2735s twitch chat
2736s any thoughts of having a private server
2738s yes that is something that we are very
2740s interested in
2746s uh yes the winner will get a direct
2749s message from the cry Tech Channel
2752s a whisper on Twitch
2757s when will giveaways be drawn uh we
2759s should draw some now
2761s we're gonna be drawn some uh so this is
2763s your last chance to enter into the
2765s twitch giveaway for the reap what you so
2767s DLC uh this is for steam Playstation or
2771s Xbox in chat you need to type Port
2773s sulfur that's
2777s p-o-r-t-s-u-l-p-h-u-r all one word if
2779s you already typed it before with the
2781s correct spelling you're good to go if
2783s you haven't yet this is your last chance
2784s uh we'll start pulling some winners you
2787s do have to be in chat to claim your
2789s prize you just need to type that you're
2792s here one uh me and the bot calls your
2795s name and then we'll whisper you
2796s whichever code you want
2800s our first winner is DNB Soldier 87 if
2805s you're in chat please give us a quick
2806s message
2828s not seeing it yet
2830s not quite
2832s um as a reminder if you've already typed
2834s the code once you don't need to type it
2836s again as long as you got the correct
2837s spelling had no space the Caps don't
2840s matter in this case
2842s um then you are good to go you just
2843s gotta hang out
2848s we'll give DNB Soldier another minute or
2852s so until we'll have to pull the
2854s next winner
2856s the crytek twitch Channel c-r-y-t-e-k
2861s foreign
2864s chat not the YouTube chat to participate
2868s in the giveaways
2869s I see german-based soldier in the
2871s channel
2877s that's awesome uh keep an eye out for
2880s your Twitch Whispers as
2883s we will reach out and see which code you
2886s would like
2889s there you go
2892s all right
2898s why do I have skill boost matchmaking
2900s turned off I prefer it that way
2903s that's it
2906s our next winner is milk core with a K if
2910s you're in Japanese give us a quick
2911s message
2915s [Music]
2920s [Applause]
2923s she's shy
2926s which
2927s legendary would I dress up for as a hunt
2929s cosplay um I don't have the dedication
2931s to do a cosplay but if I did I would
2933s pick fields
2934s [Music]
2936s our next winner is gold Genji if you're
2939s in chat please give us a quick message
2941s let us know you're hanging out
2951s okay Genji there he is
2955s and I played OverWatch I was much closer
2957s to being a silver tension
2965s yes
2969s [Music]
2970s [Applause]
2971s way of
2976s um yeah bloodline slash uh depending on
2980s the weapon
2982s or just uh XP progression yeah exactly
2987s our next winner is game q i w i they are
2992s in chess they just sent a message
2993s congratulations
2998s [Music]
2999s well it's at Nichols so we want to move
3002s to the big bank or do the boss
3008s uh
3010s um decisions are yours
3014s I guess we can do the boss it's Scrappy
3016s focus on
3020s for scraps
3022s so we can finish them off quick get that
3024s pledge mark
3027s our last winner
3034s our last winner for right now is going
3036s to be Hicks for Sola here in chat please
3039s give us a message if they don't happen
3041s to be around we will pull another winner
3044s [Music]
3046s you're good
3048s you know
3050s came up on a hive and was reading jet so
3053s something was easier to just
3057s do DM on the twitch mobile app I have no
3060s idea that's a good question I think
3062s there is a whisper section if I remember
3064s correctly but it is located in a menu or
3068s something it's not just up top like it
3071s is on the browser
3074s three people told me that I need to turn
3076s myself up so
3078s we'll do that
3080s Turn Up For What
3084s now we're so clear and hey Priscilla is
3087s in chat
3096s maybe someday I'll rebind my fault key
3098s to another key today's not that day just
3101s give me a hard time the other day and I
3104s was like really
3107s oh wait if I had more fingers like yeah
3110s of course if I had more buttons to push
3113s I'm sorry I'm out of buttons already
3115s I've had so many things
3118s uh we're still clear as the thoughts are
3120s getting damaged
3122s I'm laying down some traps and
3130s let me just jump scare me
3132s turn in my place
3141s thanks for everyone who entered the port
3144s sulfur uh giveaway
3150s yeah all I wanted in my life
3152s it's the fight at Arden literally all I
3155s want
3158s for any of our winners I will probably
3160s get you guys your codes uh when we have
3163s a little bit more downtime during this
3164s match or maybe in between matches but
3167s everybody who won should have at least a
3169s twitch whisper asking for a little bit
3171s of info so I know which code to get you
3174s we will have more giveaways so hang out
3177s with us we'll just have a different
3179s keyword and maybe a different DLC
3181s to give away later on well I'm gonna
3185s oh
3189s that's that's teamwork
3195s um someone said boss tier list
3197s assassin on top being the best
3200s and then butcher Scrappy
3204s spider 10 000 years below everyone else
3207s who's better assassin or Bitcoin
3217s like in my personal it seems more
3220s respectful right
3222s uh it's just like a funny tidbit
3228s of a get this
3231s soul trap every time I'm about to like
3235s call it a name I like momentarily forget
3237s what it's called and I'm like wait I
3238s know what it's called I need I am gonna
3241s use the right name and then it like my
3243s brain takes a second
3247s one
3249s foreign
3253s [Applause]
3282s [Music]
3288s there's one uh third floor
3299s oh no there's somebody right there
3308s Marshall's still watching is he
3310s they're throwing something
3318s that's Marshall is he's gonna miss
3322s she was third floor
3330s [Music]
3334s uh I killed one and they're gonna rest
3345s I call them soul reavers
3349s I I also do that
3354s there's a bear Trapper if you pop in
3356s that window nice so be careful
3366s eggs
3371s or people are coming up
3376s okay
3379s there are teams to our East I'm not sure
3381s where this in compound team is
3384s no no no why
3386s no no no no no no
3390s wait wait
3393s give me the pledge mark
3398s oh there's someone downstairs in the
3400s building
3413s no
3426s foreign
3442s nice
3444s still one I think he's outside though
3446s why am I could I be revised there we go
3448s open the door
3454s running upstairs to get some cover
3456s raise up dead man
3459s yeehaw
3465s one outside I think by the green Shack
3467s but I'm not a hundred percent there's
3469s another Bounty right here
3471s yeah it's a team all-out 285 for me ish
3477s one's in the water right now yep
3479s one's dead
3481s the one in the water right at the green
3483s Shack uh they're still moving through
3485s that water but
3487s foreign
3500s I uh tagged him
3504s hard
3507s anyway
3510s just just look at me again
3512s how did him install
3516s I didn't ask for it try to ask for
3521s oh
3522s it's like in between the red and white
3524s building in the water
3527s slugs on the lamac carbine
3532s there's two dead at the red attack in
3534s the Box
3540s I love this LaBelle
3542s it's like one of my favorite teams in
3544s the game move Spain
3551s they just healed up
3552s oh God
3555s they'll never see you coming by
3571s I had to hope and dream he wouldn't do
3572s that
3575s there's nowhere else to go
3576s in between a walkway
3579s and a window
3584s no
3590s is it your bornheim's let me down yeah
3593s but you're missing two born times that's
3594s why it's not working
3596s you must have four
3599s there's a bounty on the ground down
3600s there by the way
3606s wolves fame's like one of my favorite
3607s skins in the game for sure
3611s Ari just doesn't want great point
3618s foreign
3624s yep
3625s no I didn't realize I thought there was
3627s you left
3631s I don't know if I love this swap I like
3634s it
3636s uh it's double warranty
3641s he wants to draw you in with that
3652s pulp
3654s hold it that was it nobody gets it
3658s yeah
3660s oh crazy ggs
3667s okay
3669s an Arden fight
3672s um
3676s I love
3678s Arden fights
3681s can move my coffee cup because I'm done
3683s with coffee
3687s oh Nine Kills
3692s that means we did all the work
3696s well someone did it wasn't me
3698s I did one third of the work
3708s kill me hits okay
3710s deal damage with rifles
3717s I don't know why I'm scrolling
3720s I can just go search for the Craig
3729s oh
3730s actually I should bring I have to kill
3732s me then so I'm gonna bring a dynamite
3734s stick
3735s whoa and oh I'm gonna click on my dark
3737s tribute
3740s number one
3741s books
3743s oh well
3745s any chance this event features be part
3747s of the game after the event ends uh for
3750s right after the event uh everything will
3752s go away
3753s um however things may or may not come
3755s back in different forms or you know
3760s different ways we will see
3763s can the trade window be closed but it
3765s seems like it's happening way too much
3766s uh I would personally agree um it is
3769s something that is being looked into but
3772s no
3774s uh like announcement on like how that
3778s might change
3779s but
3782s if I pull the bad hand during a gameplay
3784s stream I would cry of happiness for sure
3788s I would be extremely happy about that I
3791s don't have them yet and that makes me
3793s sad
3797s hmm
3798s I gotta deal rifle damage me too
3802s grabbed
3804s Craig crane
3808s Crank It Up
3815s I got a extra Dynamite stick too so I'll
3817s try to kill me oh [ __ ] I mean you need
3819s should we get a new I need three
3821s Meatheads so I brought one Dynamite
3824s um should we do a new
3827s keyword
3829s I think we should do a new keyword um
3831s Izzy do you want to pick out a keyword
3834s for us for not just us but the whole
3836s stream
3838s but it has to be easy right uh I mean if
3841s you want to have a few ph's and e or and
3844s you you know spaces no spaces it's up to
3847s you like you're just thinning the herd
3849s to make only the most dedicated get the
3852s code my goodness well people should know
3854s if you want to make it really hard do it
3857s your last name or something or your
3859s everything but your first name I guess I
3861s should say no because the ocheko's Widow
3865s got released the video yesterday let's
3868s do ochenko oh Lord
3872s looks like I can make a pinpose with how
3874s it's spelled yeah I'm like
3877s like I could spell it like it sounded
3878s out I guess
3880s I think everybody should go on YouTube
3882s and check out our latest video and in
3886s the title
3888s is how you spell it
3892s usard's definitely gonna have to pin a
3896s post
3900s foreign
3902s did you have to have any hand in that
3905s latest trailer
3906s I did not know okay just a fan of your
3910s co-workers work yeah yeah yeah
3912s it's really good
3915s you know I actually don't think I've
3917s seen this one
3918s came out yesterday right how dare you
3920s yeah
3922s well I know what I'm doing after the
3924s Stream
3929s uh for this DLC uh we will go with a
3933s Fear the Reaper on all platforms so if
3937s you want your chance to win a Fear the
3939s Reaper on any platform of your choice go
3942s ahead and type for genkov in chat all
3945s one word no caps needed uh thank you Mr
3949s Izzy thank you
3952s [Music]
3958s my game momentarily froze there's one
3962s leg here and uh one like attacked one
3965s archaeologist on the left
3969s she's outside of the compound
3972s okay
3974s she came in she came in I think
3977s let's see if my bees
3979s oh no they're not working no oh there's
3982s so many bees one up
3985s dusk
3988s should be reloading because I can let
3991s this go
3997s a meat man
4000s kill it
4006s instead I've made
4009s you want to kill the meat man
4013s I think I did
4015s hmm I just archaeologist bottom floor
4019s throwing
4020s it just went around the south side of
4022s the compound bottom floor
4024s he's holding the first floor of the
4026s Little Red Barn next
4028s oh miss
4030s she's here
4033s archaeologists just to tap me she's by
4036s the well on the ground very close to
4037s whoever else was on Earth
4039s to the ground background
4043s yeah right down there
4045s more to the right by the well but
4048s she might be underneath you
4051s gotta be careful with this viewless as
4052s well
4054s yeah she is beneath me I hear her
4060s great hit not a hit shot all I can see
4063s is her head
4069s there's one inside on like in the little
4071s picky window that sounds like dual Scott
4074s Fields that might be the archaeologist
4076s yeah it is
4078s thank you
4083s trying to keep you suppressed
4090s oh my God
4092s yep I missed the one shot I had
4096s oh well good try good try I just
4099s couldn't kill that um felis
4107s rip a Rooney
4112s mm-hmm
4117s positions that was quite an early fight
4121s we should have checked that spawn but uh
4124s yeah I usually do but I haven't had
4126s spawn fights recently like at all
4129s so I just kind of forget at this point
4134s be like that yeah
4143s I'm sure I still have the rifle one
4146s because I didn't get a kill yeah I do
4149s kill hives why I did that in that last
4151s match unfortunately did that a bunch why
4155s aren't they retroactive
4158s how could you
4162s see what I got did I did I get enough
4164s damage no
4166s [Music]
4168s okay
4170s uh we'll keep the same keyword as before
4173s just because it was quite a short match
4176s um so still uh ochenkov in chat if you
4180s want your chance to win uh sorry if I
4182s what were you said someone asked why I
4184s bring flares uh the chat called fuses
4187s but I bring them for concertina armored
4189s because I hate them
4191s they hate concertina armored and I Huck
4194s my flare at them
4196s just to get rid of them they're just
4198s pokey little guys I just I don't like
4200s them
4202s it's kind of mean either they are mean
4205s you walk I think he was saying and then
4207s they think he was saying you're mean
4212s for the keyword don't forget you only
4215s need to type it in chat once uh once
4217s you've typed it once you're already
4218s entered in any extra types is not going
4221s to increase your chance or anything so
4223s you can just hang out until we pull a
4225s winner
4229s I refuse to let the wiry lads live
4233s and I do not want to give them a hug
4235s no
4237s pass
4243s they get a few Z from me
4247s I think they just want hugs
4249s yes
4260s what happens when I report a player for
4262s an insult our customer service or
4263s customer support team goes over all the
4266s reports in game and on the website
4273s can you use an aftermath no I do not
4275s have it unlocked I'm only rank
4278s 70 and I haven't taken Amazon at all
4282s why do you prefer not doing skill based
4284s matchmaking I think personally that it's
4287s more fun to run into anyone in the bayou
4289s meaning a six star two star three star
4292s or anything I think that's part of the
4295s Bayou chaos
4297s um I've definitely been killed by three
4299s stars I've been killed by six stars
4302s and I've killed three stars and six
4304s stars so I just think it's fun
4306s um I think it's a little more chaotic
4309s and in my experience tends to be a
4312s little more aggressive in play style uh
4315s and I'm sure everyone has already
4316s discovered that that is how I like to
4318s play hunt
4320s um
4321s not the there's not one right way that's
4323s just my personal way uh I also think I
4326s get games faster
4329s so
4331s I think it's fun
4337s that's a lot of thinking
4344s I try not to
4348s someone said Violet is always camping I
4351s will have you know those are fighting
4353s ones
4361s oh this grows
4364s oh what's wrong can we go to CNA and
4366s lumber
4375s I don't know why I just was already on
4378s my way
4379s camping the shift W Keys exactly that's
4382s me
4384s I only know how to run
4397s thank you
4399s guys ever get tricked by your own
4402s footsteps you're like there's someone
4403s but it's just you I get tricked by my
4406s teenage footsteps quite a bit
4408s yeah every kill and every death
4410s contributes towards your MMR uh up to
4415s well everything except kills on a Red
4418s Skull revive person
4424s I am big brainary I don't get tricked
4429s uh freestyling killer way over here so
4432s if you guys are interested
4435s [Applause]
4438s there are
4440s Supply points near us
4448s um
4452s um well if the boss like encloses that
4454s way then definitely
4456s yeah it's gonna be Salty's pork
4458s foreign
4465s it's my deductive reasoning
4468s [Music]
4472s Ducks oh my God Ducks really get me
4474s honestly
4477s they're Trixie yeah the water wheel that
4479s Weeping at weeping Stone someone's
4481s already been here
4484s oh who can't go up to Wendy
4488s that's good yeah because we're gonna
4490s have to go to Salty's
4493s huh well that's what I said no
4499s close enough come on give me a break
4501s yeah I've been running grounded mostly
4503s for prestiging help I prestige as
4506s quickly as I can I'm Prestige 71 right
4509s now
4512s uh can you show us the usefulness of the
4514s beetle in the next game I don't think VI
4517s brings a beetle too often but uh
4520s the beetle Finds Its way into my
4522s loadouts decently often
4524s I love it for uh pushing boss compound
4527s people
4531s other people use it so I can shoot them
4533s down
4534s they are fun this squish noise very
4537s satisfying
4550s stop proceding at 35. it's not for
4553s everyone but I enjoy it yeah
4556s so number 71 is what I want
4560s oh I forgot to be killing meatman I'm
4563s not good at this sometimes oh
4566s the match I brought all the dynamite I
4567s think we didn't even have a chance to
4569s meet Mana up
4574s those are my puppies
4577s okay
4582s Ari legendarily slow in the menu Ending
4585s game hmm
4587s I got tiny little legs a perks
4596s that I was like King Crow
4598s standing above all the other crows I
4600s love him I don't scare them I'm gonna go
4603s away from them
4604s uh someone was asking whose perspective
4607s we're watching right now it's Violet
4608s always the person on the left
4610s [Applause]
4612s hey what are you gonna say Mr Nixie I
4615s appreciate the sentiment Martin but it's
4617s only English in chat but I'm Dutch so I
4621s I know what you said and thank you
4625s um is there did you guys happen to grab
4627s your uh pledge I did
4631s stop to grab it
4638s I don't know if they're shooting the
4639s meat man or if the meat man is just
4640s angry maybe the meat man is shooting
4643s them
4644s that would be scary
4649s I feel like he could hold the Romero
4650s pretty easy that's all I'm saying
4653s we should give him up though
4656s too hot
4664s are they in the compound this way
4668s I'm just yeah missing are they in like
4671s an upper floor window or
4673s oh they're just in the compound uh
4675s oh you're not where I thought you were
4677s at first oh wow there's a redneck
4680s somewhere perspective on that really
4682s messed me up
4688s I have no side of the redneck but we
4691s should clear out these Woods
4695s packing redneck
4698s you find a tree there
4699s there's two more further out to the left
4701s killed one
4704s attack the redneck again
4707s it's a cane inside
4709s head next push back
4712s the person you tagged I think Izzy
4715s oh I'm gonna Shuffle the people in the
4716s compound I'm trying to shoot other
4718s people leave me alone oh it doesn't
4720s surprise me unfortunately
4724s sad times Izzy's first ones are still
4726s dead
4730s that was a good Peak spot I didn't think
4733s you did
4736s I can't believe I missed
4745s okay what is my sense setting uh I don't
4749s know off the top of my head what the
4752s senses in games
4757s but my DPI is 500.
4760s you have necro you might be able to
4762s sneak
4763s sneak against me yeah that's not a bad
4766s idea
4767s unless they start pushing
4769s yeah
4772s wait these people are separate from the
4774s redneck what
4776s no I'm not sure I don't know how to say
4779s your name mallow she's back there uh Red
4783s Skull revive is when you kill someone
4784s that you must or they get revived and
4787s they must have the bounty to get revived
4790s um so you can't like Farm there's a
4792s false Saint in the back tagged him once
4795s I always call them Kevin
4799s uh I'm not gonna answer what server we
4801s play on just so you guys know I don't
4804s I'm not here with it for the uh possible
4807s I'm not gonna encourage stream singer
4811s trying to push you even further
4814s redneck
4820s outbound
4821s partnered streamers
4824s um
4825s no one gets banned without
4828s reason there are no like all things
4832s that's happening
4834s even on our partnered players oh
4839s the fall thing how is there so many that
4843s first person
4845s because they're just sitting up his
4847s actual name in the lore Kevin Linus
4850s oh I don't know then yeah I don't know
4853s which I could try
4855s all right we can ready up and then I'm
4857s gonna use the restroom for the before
4860s the next one
4863s while we um
4865s loaded
4870s excuse me
4874s buy my bar back first that is most
4877s important
4880s oh yeah
4887s uh I still need to kill one meat man I
4889s think so I'm gonna
4892s do that and then
4895s I am ready okay I oh I'm gonna also buy
4898s conduit
4901s foreign
4903s [Music]
4940s thank you
4946s we'll go ahead and start pulling some
4948s winners for the ochenkov giveaway this
4951s is for a Fear the Reaper on whichever
4953s platform you would like if you happen to
4954s be watching not on Twitch please come
4956s over to twitch.tv crytek and type
4960s ochenkov in chat for your chance to win
4965s our first winner is King Bobo underscore
4968s if you're in chat please give us a
4970s message let us know you're still hanging
4971s out
4978s foreign
4982s they do happen to be in chat uh please
4985s keep an eye out on your Twitch Whispers
4988s as we will send you
4990s a quick message
5005s our next winner for Fear the Reaper is
5009s may I have if you're in chat give us a
5013s message
5017s someone says they there's a bug that
5020s they typed the keyword and they didn't
5021s happen to win well we're pulling more
5023s than one winner so you might still have
5025s a chance to win
5026s um and it is still a chance so
5031s uh they are in chat
5034s next up is
5036s uh bot underscore blue if you're in chat
5039s give us a message
5042s well you take care of that I'm gonna
5043s just run in and die somewhere and let
5046s you know where yeah yeah that'd be great
5049s it's almost like you're a little stalker
5051s Beetle yourself
5053s I'm Recon
5061s I discovered why things were messed up
5066s well I guess that's good
5069s uh we are still looking for bot
5071s underscore Baloo if you're in chat I
5074s discovered that my mic was wrong
5078s and I thought of it
5080s only when I went to use the restroom
5084s that's when you have some time to think
5088s well I thought about this is the first
5090s time that I've
5092s used the new mic
5097s for these streams
5098s which by the way is a hyperx quadcast
5101s they actually uh
5103s they sent us a little
5106s gift uh for the people that stream
5110s hunt uh for crytech
5113s bloodline right here
5117s um hello
5118s hello
5120s I don't have one what is this
5123s I guess you'll just have to come you'll
5125s have to come on and uh
5131s I don't know about that
5133s I don't know about that
5137s but that's pretty awesome though
5139s for decent mics
5141s yeah I really like it and I realized
5143s that for so far up until the stream
5145s started I was using my old mic and that
5148s was why it was all
5150s funky
5153s uh that winter does not happen to be in
5155s chat so we're gonna reroll that code and
5158s next up is S2 TX if you're in chat
5161s please give us a message
5163s I was lucky enough to get a little care
5166s package from hyperx as well I just got
5168s to get some of this stuff set up I'm
5171s excited to try it out and use it
5175s very cool hyperx that wasn't us I think
5179s I came from where we left huh
5188s right there
5193s yeah no vision
5195s I got no range so we can do
5199s I'm getting out of here
5207s up window White House
5209s uh on the right hand side of the White
5211s House
5217s okay
5221s two tags
5226s foreign
5228s oh I'm muted on accident that's fun I
5231s got two tags
5234s another tag
5236s guy at the bottom I did too I couldn't
5239s get them again oh my goodness how is he
5241s alive
5242s tag them again I think I just heard a
5244s death
5245s there's no way he's alive
5248s I took out his legs
5251s tagged one over here oh no
5254s there's a girl I just want these dogs to
5256s be quiet foreign
5271s [Music]
5289s are they on the left side it sounds like
5292s here so those are good
5297s dog gun
5300s just took my shots like a second too
5302s slow every time
5303s that happens to me every once while
5312s hit him emulator
5316s he has a bleeding ammo
5319s yeah he's getting he just got hit by the
5321s emulator
5328s I did not get a single hit Market there
5331s oh yeah I think I traded that surprised
5334s me oh I think
5337s I don't know yeah I did
5342s I didn't even want to bring the off to I
5344s brought it by accident I clipped I
5346s clicked a Loadout
5347s um because I just wanted the tools and
5349s consumables and then I hit ready up and
5351s I didn't notice until we were loading in
5353s and I was like oh Vice not at her
5355s computer I can't change
5356s oh well
5358s that's okay
5359s yeah
5360s uh someone said that we did in fact
5365s announced that a new boss and a
5369s new map are in the works but that is all
5373s we will say
5374s oh do I actually need one one yes I do
5377s big sedge
5380s uh that last winter did not happen to be
5382s in chat so we'll still pull a few more
5384s winners for the chenkov giveaway
5388s next up is iop667 if you're in chat give
5392s us a quick message let us know you're
5393s hanging out
5396s all right we're gonna go back
5398s so that I can hit something
5411s oh I didn't really like crossbow but
5413s it's not ideal while playing on us no
5419s [Music]
5424s there we go
5430s foreign
5439s yeah you know what some days are a hunt
5441s ticket kind of day so true
5445s it's a merch item now it's a shirt
5448s I think that might be one of my favorite
5449s merch items if not my favorite I'm no
5453s actually I think the text here one might
5455s be my favorite I think it's one of our
5456s best selling shirts
5460s I wouldn't surprise me at least
5464s it's okay I was on a hunt giveth
5468s last week
5470s whenever I get the hunter it looks like
5472s you I call them Violet me too evil
5474s drawing me too
5477s there are hunt hoodies
5480s uh uh Ari can you make David a VIP
5484s in chat
5485s [Music]
5486s um
5487s let me see if I can
5490s um
5491s I got the the winter hoodie with um
5494s what's his face I forgot his name damn
5497s it
5499s Devil's house yeah yeah yeah I'm sorry I
5502s am wondering
5504s or worried about the same thing
5507s why aren't you reacting to the chat you
5509s mean the chat that we're reading yeah
5512s is there a hunt sweater vest it's not a
5514s sweater vest but there is kind of like a
5515s sweater that's what Jeremy's talking
5517s about
5517s there's a uh
5520s here we go
5522s like a winter sweater
5526s you can also wear it in the summer but
5528s if it's smart as a different story yeah
5532s David could you click the send me a PM
5537s on Discord with your Twitch link that'd
5539s be awesome
5543s um our last winner
5545s iop667 last chance to redeem your code
5548s or we will have to re-roll it
5551s oh good luck bye
5555s thank you
5558s I dated dogs now
5560s [Applause]
5562s oh I have there has to be a helmet dog
5566s that's why I made it let's get her legs
5570s right
5572s I would have gone so much better had
5574s that not then
5575s a helmet dog
5578s oh it's here
5580s um I need
5581s a healthcare I put clothes in here so be
5584s careful
5585s okay
5587s our next winner is chaput zadir if
5591s you're in chat please give us a message
5594s [Applause]
5597s saying I'm just regular inside
5603s [Applause]
5608s putting down Trapsters
5618s [Applause]
5621s the deer is in check congratulations
5625s thank you
5630s there's a medkit out here by if you
5633s happen to need one I grab one
5635s okay on top of the
5641s double crossbow
5643s [Music]
5646s oh
5648s my bee
5651s I thought I took myself
5653s [Applause]
5655s oh you can join Mega boys
5658s which right now is that
5664s foreign
5666s [Music]
5686s there's no uh thingies on our side
5693s we'll pull at least one more right now
5695s for the fear of the reaper uh we're
5698s looking for
5699s deprive x t y if you're in chat please
5702s give us a quick message
5706s I do want to hang out here we're going
5708s to head over to healing water
5715s come on fire trap I mean it's kind of
5718s what the uh
5719s flare trap is right and you put more
5721s than one next to each other you set
5723s somebody on fire
5726s let's head out let's go find Danger
5729s I am the danger
5732s I'm currently giving away a DLC which
5736s DLC is it again Eric yeah the reaper is
5739s going right now but we are switching it
5742s up today
5748s let's see if we uh find people or if I
5752s can see them at night
5754s I'm blind
5757s I should bring a electric lamp you'll
5760s see a lot more yeah that sounds
5763s terrifying helps with visibility yeah
5766s it's good I don't like that
5771s pass
5773s the Prav xty if you're in chat uh you
5776s got another 30 seconds or so before we
5778s have to re-roll this code
5781s so sad
5784s remember to stay in chat you guys if you
5786s want to win the giveaways
5795s all I see right now is a chinkoff
5803s while we're going The Healing Waters
5805s what is this betrayal oh I don't know
5807s Slaughter's closer who knows
5810s uh currently no twitch drops right now
5820s let's hear it Slaughter
5823s oh my God I have stickies
5829s uh our next winner is othellos with some
5832s extra letters in there if you're in chat
5834s give us a quick message
5844s any plans for once the event is over uh
5846s nothing that we've unveiled
5850s about 20 days left I know 20 20s
5855s I should finish I think
5858s today actually
5866s hopefully
5868s hello
5871s can you hold this for me real quick
5873s thank you
5874s oh
5875s that's it he's so kind so kind
5882s the best
5890s unexpected
5896s oh he dropped concertina On My Feet
5902s don't worry
5904s [Music]
5911s how do we feel about that other bounty
5916s go back and get it
5919s did Mr scrapslot happen to drop a little
5923s toolbox or anything I didn't see
5928s they also got blown up yeah most of it's
5932s gonna be burned I'm sorry they're coming
5935s back towards us
5938s I'm gonna go into um Vermont
5942s there is cool official hunt merch it's
5944s on Amazon
5948s uh we're now looking for West Helm wet
5952s helm uh if you're in chat please give us
5954s a quick message looks like weather and
5956s Helm mixed together yeah yeah they're
5958s closer we've held we tell them
5962s that's all I'm saying
5969s the map going into the building yeah
5972s one's close one's still at the back
5983s I tagged her twice I can't see a thing
5987s got her nice nice the other one was
5990s falling behind I'm gonna try to grab
5991s this bounty real quick
5998s oh yeah awesome thank you so much I
6001s appreciate it
6002s Izzy if it's not a trap it's just you
6005s throwing stuff
6008s I'm so happy to be on your team sorry
6013s doing a quick scan
6015s uh one is directly 300 and one's coming
6018s up on the right side
6020s he's on the right side one of them is a
6024s um main building
6025s witch hunter
6027s and there's someone on the left as well
6031s most might be zombies well they are
6033s zombies
6037s uh both of the main building one
6041s drop down
6043s somebody's exposed
6048s [Music]
6060s get a scan
6062s they're choking from inside
6075s yeah I just like being on the roof
6078s top window again Izzy
6087s we might be able to see someone
6091s I see what I'm next to that fire that's
6093s a disaster does anyone else happen to
6095s have a burn
6096s nope I have no consumables
6100s scanning uh they just realized they just
6102s got rest is he
6103s this person's up
6106s you know where someone's coming up and
6107s behind us
6114s they're further down to your right Izzy
6116s oh there's one in the main building
6118s still
6126s they wanted to move two of them across
6128s the river
6130s okay pause
6137s okay that guy doesn't want to keep me
6140s well now he peeks me
6148s oh that's not oh
6155s dragon's breath
6160s this is not a great situation at all
6164s nope
6178s [Applause]
6181s it's too far to the right
6185s oh hello sir
6191s good try he Blended in very good
6196s that was very surprising
6200s okay
6201s any plans on reworking the prestige
6203s system yes it has been mentioned that
6205s that's something that we're really
6206s interested in but no other information
6209s uh no information I'm bringing back the
6211s plague doctor at this time
6214s I mean the crossbow hit me once so I
6216s don't know if I'd call it bullied but he
6218s did get me for sure did
6227s I'm not personally very good at seeing
6229s on night Maps but I know a lot of people
6232s really like them
6233s my eyes just don't do very good with it
6237s oh well
6240s we still have some ochenkovs uh giveaway
6244s codes to pull and some fear of the
6246s Reapers to give away uh
6250s next up is 1z PK if you're in chat
6253s please give us a message
6265s wasn't both those back-to-back booms
6266s crossbows no he hit me with a somebody
6269s else hit me with an explosive I heard
6270s the fuse
6273s but oh well
6278s all right lots of rerolls today
6283s I need your expert cash register finding
6286s abilities
6288s okay I need to do my dark tribute that I
6291s forgot about
6293s Warrior tribute a hunter slot that's
6296s just free real estate
6298s and a carabiner which I hate when people
6302s say that so why did I say it a better
6303s lead I have too many Hunter slots I
6306s don't need these Hunter slots
6312s I have all the traits I want I don't
6313s know what I'm doing
6318s uh one ZB PK uh we'll give you another
6321s 30 seconds or so before we pull the next
6324s winner
6329s let me get a derringer Marksman you have
6331s to like hold the Derringer in your hands
6339s I actually first got 100 slap past 10
6342s during the scrap Peak uh
6349s thing Scrappy event and it was very sad
6360s Next Step we're looking for Mr Hardware
6363s if you're in chat give us a message
6374s and now I'm sad
6376s I have to scroll
6381s my favorite gun is generally the Sparks
6386s but recently I've been really feeling
6388s the Winnie
6392s Winnie used to be my my fallback but
6395s I'm missing all the shots
6401s you know some days you just don't
6404s on anything
6407s I think I need some more red shirts
6409s fighting against us that must be a nice
6411s nice big Target yeah how long are you
6414s guys planning on streaming for uh for
6415s about one more hour and then we'll wrap
6418s it up and
6421s you know
6425s go eat lunch really
6428s hoping we get that 25 chance for Inferno
6431s I want some fire
6438s uh there might be charms in some DLC
6440s Sunday
6441s just because there's currently not
6442s doesn't mean there never will be
6444s the game needs silent Dynamite I know
6447s that sounds terrible
6450s scary I don't like that idea
6453s you know silent Dynamite is great
6455s username though
6457s the Terminus just never works for me I'm
6459s I'm always a Romero and then more
6462s recently a slate kind of person you know
6468s been like I've never used slate really
6471s not even to finish it in the book
6474s no you gotta finish it in the book gotta
6477s finish it why would I why do I need to
6479s finish it in the book because it's fun
6481s it's like a it's like a person look in
6483s the book
6484s I don't care about that how many hours
6487s for Prestige 71 I have about 1700
6492s hours and hunt
6494s more giveaways today yes
6497s we're looking for M yotagen if you're in
6502s chat please give us a message what was
6503s that
6505s um
6507s okay
6509s I don't
6511s I think just saying it faster sometimes
6513s uh
6516s does that help
6517s I don't know I feel like I'm out I find
6520s a secret meaning or something but then
6521s also sometimes if you say too fast
6524s you might say a bad word you might
6532s oh
6535s someone else has typed it for me and the
6538s way that you said it isn't at all how it
6542s looks to me please uh we would love to
6545s hear your pronunciation maybe it would
6546s help find this winner I would have said
6548s miot again
6550s you went like really uh Viking with it
6554s you know
6556s hmm it's what it looks like to me
6568s well hopefully they respond in chat we
6570s haven't heard anything quite yet
6576s I think we'll give it a few more rerolls
6578s and then we might just need to get a new
6579s keyword in here
6581s yes clearly it is pronounced Bob
6584s obviously
6587s Bob is the name of uh well the online
6591s name of someone in ballarant Game
6594s Changers and it makes me laugh every
6595s time
6597s looking for just
6599s El Toro 2000
6602s if you're in chat give us a message
6605s come on yeah I can't roll my ass
6609s El Toro
6614s oh this dog with a hat is so powerful
6617s I like that you called it a hat
6620s it took very fast
6624s I think so
6626s you don't think all the other dogs look
6629s at that dog and they're like jealous of
6630s this cool hat
6633s just me then I don't think that I'm
6636s jealous of this cool hat
6641s if they came out with a legendary hunter
6642s that had that hat I probably would never
6645s take it off
6646s you could play The Prodigal daughter
6653s she wishes she had a dog hat I mean it's
6656s pretty similar
6660s [Applause]
6662s oh
6663s meow to get this here
6666s unfortunately out against about two
6669s minutes too late
6675s we're on to El Toro 2000.
6680s do you still find 414 for the uppercut
6684s reasonable
6685s um I think that one of the reasons for
6689s changing the price the uppercut was to
6691s see less of it and I will say I see less
6693s of it so in that way I think it has
6696s worked
6699s I see it all the time because I always
6701s use it so you know
6704s that's you bringing it into the Bayou
6707s yeah big money mode of Shame here I'm
6709s just saying I don't bring it into the
6711s Bayou and I hardly ever see it
6725s I still need to kill another hat look
6729s okay
6732s okay kill one more High please
6738s it's almost always spider you and me is
6741s the stream only on YouTube no it's also
6743s on Twitch and Facebook and I think steam
6746s although steam seems to work when it
6748s wants to work
6751s which is not every day
6753s it should be on stage it should be on
6756s Steam but Steam
6758s doesn't seem to always walk me uh El
6761s Toro 2000 will give you another
6764s 30 seconds or so to try to redeem this
6766s and if not we will go back to miyote
6769s again
6771s you really make the name sound like a
6773s car model
6775s yeah oh I don't know why but the wave
6778s save names just you sound like a car
6781s dealer would you not want to you know go
6784s to your local dealership do a nice test
6786s drive of the El Toro 2000. it sounds
6789s appealing yeah
6791s it's like that's a nice car right there
6793s if I've ever heard one
6796s oh this Pirates this is a backs backflip
6799s just to spit at me
6802s very rude yeah
6808s uh we're not hearing anything from uh El
6810s Toro so I will reach out to miyota and
6813s hopefully we can
6815s and get them a Fear the Reaper
6820s uh normally we wouldn't go uh back on
6824s pass giveaway winners but this time we
6827s have just uh ran into too many in a row
6830s I think
6834s Still Water still water for the boss the
6837s boss is Stillwater 100 I'm 100 sure this
6841s time so what do you keep saying still
6842s water but we all know it's
6843s slaughterhouse
6845s probably but I'm saying still away I
6848s like that you're like I'm 100 this time
6849s I'm 100 this time I'm 100 this time yeah
6853s if you don't believe in yourself then
6855s what's the point
6857s uh this channel is twitch.tv slash
6860s crytek c-r-y-t-e-k
6865s thanks everyone who entered that uh
6867s ochenkov giveaway for the Fear the
6869s Reaper code we will put a pause and more
6874s of an end to that keyword for right now
6877s we'll pick a new keyword for the next
6879s set of giveaways
6881s to hang out hopefully you'll win
6883s something just a bit
6889s again does not need to type in chat
6892s anymore we already sent them out a
6894s whisper and hopefully they uh message us
6897s back through the Whispers we can get
6899s them that good
6901s I have conduit I'm a conduit gamer
6905s it feels so good not in Still Water by
6907s the way no it's not
6909s easy I'm sorry that was really me
6912s requesting
6917s oh I'm saying that you got conduit
6922s I don't do hints very well
6927s I I don't feel like that's a hint that's
6929s just like a I have conduit
6931s which means I'm getting a bonus
6935s I get that but like you do not
6937s technically asking for The Clue you're
6939s just letting me know that you have a
6940s cool trait that you can use
6943s uh we have a viewer who asks how do you
6946s enter the giveaways uh currently
6948s currently we don't have one going on but
6950s I will give you a keyword to type in
6951s chat if you type that in chat and follow
6954s us on Twitch then you'll be entered to
6957s win and then we will pull winners later
6959s but you still need to be in chat to
6961s claim your prize
6963s is that pitching
6967s okay maybe I think it might be in the
6970s forest behind between pitching and
6972s healing water that I hate so much and
6975s it's fun upgrade points
6982s it's not a Slaughter it's okay you see
6984s both of us were wrong
6986s that's that makes me sleep better at
6988s night
6994s if you did not win the last giveaway
6996s never fear will do
7000s oh
7002s uh I'm gonna go do a quick detour to the
7005s north and grab a event
7008s [Music]
7011s good job
7013s they're definitely in this Forest
7015s well you did that I'm gonna try and kill
7018s some people me too
7022s emphasis on try
7025s also same
7029s you know we're here
7034s we'll pick up our Bounty again
7037s I wonder why
7039s I don't know they creep their way up
7041s there I wouldn't leave if if they were
7044s making noise
7047s I'm not saying anything against it
7052s at least now we know where they are
7054s because they have the bombs
7056s ah thanks
7069s oh they heard something far
7074s and now I'm dead
7077s I'm washing above you
7078s Julie's with bleed
7081s they just hived where you're at yep not
7083s moving I'm pushing further left
7096s I could do nothing about that basically
7100s she shot me through the tree
7108s dang they found me already
7111s um probably a good idea to not
7112s antagonize uh the mods
7116s be respectful
7126s she has a Mosin and then Dooley's bleed
7132s oh
7134s people are coming behind you as well
7139s no dogs don't please
7142s no they're attacking someone else there
7143s yep
7148s no
7154s can't see me if you have a tree
7166s oh boy
7167s they didn't cook it long enough you made
7169s it
7172s can't burn the bush
7177s [Applause]
7182s no
7185s oh damn let's go always bring a saber
7190s oh finally they're attacking each other
7192s as well
7194s might be able to Circle back around and
7195s get Nixon
7197s [Applause]
7201s foreign
7207s still playing hunt so it'll be
7212s it'll be a second
7217s we will all get to the uh
7223s Whispers when we are done get to all of
7226s The Whispers words are hard
7231s star shell for the crowning King
7233s I don't uh I don't know about that one
7237s it does sound funny
7243s by my bar back
7250s oh I'm in gaps
7258s well I'm sorry level 50 perked up but
7263s I'm not bringing you again
7267s she has one bar and no upgrade points
7270s I'll pass
7272s so sad
7273s yeah I didn't get shot through a rock
7276s wall he got shot through a tree which
7278s for long ammos
7280s fine
7281s normal
7282s uh could we get a
7284s a new keyword
7286s we do have a new keyword ready to go uh
7289s this time it is going to be steam Luz
7292s Mala and that is uh because we are doing
7296s some steam codes for the new DLC
7299s come on loose Mala
7303s thank you Mr Jesse it's a pinned message
7306s right now if you want to enter type that
7309s in this is only for Steam on this one uh
7312s the new DLC is out on all platforms
7315s starting today but we only have codes
7317s right now for steam so that's all we're
7319s just watching the exact same message go
7321s by so many times that all I can see is
7323s colors
7325s like just the colors of the names
7328s I'm just moving but the message is the
7329s exact same every time which is there's
7331s some nice colors there are I saw a nice
7333s pink lots of uh green going by oh
7336s there's a bunch of red on my screen
7339s I assume they're different colors for
7340s all of us
7342s oh goodness I have another Spitzer
7345s challenge
7346s the challenges today just want me to go
7349s broke
7355s pink oh a different message as well yes
7361s you know I think that's the worst part
7363s of the giveaways is that the keyword
7366s really kind of drowns out
7369s everything else sometimes
7371s foreign
7373s but you only have to type in the
7375s giveaway keyword once and then you're
7377s good to go so hopefully all these
7380s amazing viewers uh will not keep
7382s spamming it and we can get this giveaway
7385s is only available for steam so
7389s please don't enter if you uh either
7393s don't have steam or don't have any
7395s friends with steam
7396s hunt Honda Steve
7399s we will not be able to re-roll this one
7401s for a console code we're so sorry
7407s foreign
7415s cheaters great news for you we already
7418s do
7420s that one was so easy
7422s get another easy one
7425s don't have any friends oh well let's
7427s that one's sad
7435s yeah good old Sabers volunteering to be
7437s your friend there you go
7441s if you're ever looking for new people to
7444s play hunt with uh the official Discord
7446s at discord.dg Hunt Showdown we have
7450s multiple lfg sections and there are lots
7452s of people in there for pretty much all
7454s skill ratings who are happy to play with
7457s some Hunters yep
7459s uh we have not announced another wave of
7461s twitch traps at this time
7464s can you link steam accounts and Xbox
7466s accounts they can't be linked together
7469s with lunch but
7471s are you ever planning to add a replay
7473s feature a 2d replay has been discussed
7475s in the past something that I'm
7477s personally super interested in I'd love
7479s to see where people go and like what
7481s they get up to on the map uh sometimes
7483s when you like get all four bounties and
7486s then like don't run into anyone but you
7488s look at some details and there's a full
7489s match I would love a 2d replay on
7492s matches like that
7494s um but no announcement at this time
7500s uh if you guys happen to see any Hive I
7503s need to kill them with their own knives
7505s there was a hive on the wall back where
7507s we came in
7509s there's a hive right there as well
7520s it's how often I try and negotiate oh no
7523s with other hundreds
7525s there are two innovators I need help
7531s oh don't have to hit me I'm trying to
7534s help wow
7536s you got in the way I can't believe
7539s you've done this I basically never try
7541s and negotiate my way out
7543s um because I
7545s I enjoy the fighting part of hunt that's
7547s my favorite part
7550s can you Nerf the dark side after
7552s Vanishing the boss because it's hard to
7554s Camp the extract oh
7556s no
7561s it did go through multiple adjustments
7563s when we came out with the original
7565s Darkseid boost oh yeah but it hasn't
7568s been touched in
7569s a long time at this point yeah
7571s yep
7576s that sounds nice
7581s hello somewhere by the tower yep I saw
7584s it briefly
7585s back here running backwards
7588s oh dang
7589s running backwards yeah
7592s interesting
7594s he's gonna guess a label Marksman
7606s I don't know where they went
7610s did they shoot towards us okay
7615s for sure
7632s well
7636s here you want to see a magic trick Ari
7641s what did she do that
7644s no
7647s it's so funny magic trick didn't run
7650s into
7651s since I ran vaguely the same direction
7659s all right we're just never gonna see
7660s this person again they took their one
7661s shot
7663s that's all they wanted one shot one
7665s opportunity
7669s that's it
7672s no more
7675s I can't believe they didn't shoot me
7677s when I was uh doing the soul trap
7679s earlier
7684s I'm kind of surprised by that
7693s I thought I was seeing a soul trap but
7695s it was just a grunt so then I was trying
7697s to remove my pink
7708s um
7711s I'm going to say oh there's a bunch of
7712s house all right come kill them I found
7716s the person
7718s oh no ow
7720s you hit him once
7723s I'm sorry Ari but I'm killing your eyes
7725s before they kill me kill him
7728s never mind I'm getting killed
7730s because the person's shooting at me and
7732s I have a hug
7735s oh my goodness it's the last time I
7738s leave anything alive for anybody
7741s really come on
7744s corroborate with me here
7752s I'd like to stop being poisoned
7755s [Applause]
7761s this is probably fine to necromia yep
7764s they sound busy I'm distracted I'm
7766s distracting them oh
7768s [Music]
7774s yeah
7775s oh no I thought you're distracting them
7779s I think it might be more than one oh
7781s well that's fair
7782s I might have killed one on this Ridge
7790s get away coming Health Regens
7799s they're not that early Stone
7806s I'm gonna try and jump in front of you
7809s and a push
7814s down Top This Ridge yep
7817s they've run away
7819s oh I see her again
7820s you sure it's more than one
7825s it looks like the same person over and
7827s over again
7833s you are so far away
7843s there Bobby nice
7847s I think it was just
7849s like oh we got a watch for cell press
7853s where was it
7858s still on my way she's still dead
7875s I'll tell you what I don't have them
7877s fired you
7880s no
7884s I do I do okay
7887s oh someone's close to getting the uh
7890s Prestige 50 winning skin let's go
7893s it's a good one
7905s I don't want to take this yet I will
7907s take this
7909s okay other than lose malware which I'm
7912s gonna try and filter out with my brain
7915s see if I can see any other messages
7918s yes
7920s Izzy did you remember what level they
7923s were at
7924s uh uh and they killed you you think I
7927s look at that stuff I just I just see a
7928s dying and the spectate people would go
7930s back to menu I never looked okay I don't
7932s know
7934s no no clue I never look at what level
7937s they are either I just look at the skin
7940s try to get level just because then you
7942s can know if you're fighting against like
7944s lots of traits put together or you know
7946s a more fresh Hunter
7948s that's fair don't forget that Hive on
7950s the way Ari
7952s yes
7956s you have more chances for the giveaway
7958s if you repeat
7959s the no
7960s no you do not
7965s I don't know why I'm over here
7968s I came over here for um ammo
7975s the possibility
7982s [Music]
7985s the possibility of Emma was destroyed
7989s sometimes
8001s someone said make it to where more than
8003s one entry removes more than one mention
8006s removes your entry very funny
8013s how does the giveaway work you type in
8015s the keyword and then you wait that's it
8019s people in here
8022s uh 75 hp and a dream
8028s I have a sticky in a Dream
8032s On My Way chief
8035s I did hear somebody like
8038s apparently
8041s oh no
8042s why oh my God Izzy you got it
8048s any info about the new boss or map just
8050s that they are in the works that is it
8053s foreign
8054s oh yeah
8057s now we're cooking with stickies is hunt
8059s always going to be about collecting the
8061s blues and then the Bounty or will there
8063s be another task
8064s um nothing like that's been announced
8066s but for me I mean the Bounty is like a
8068s vehicle to players right so
8071s that's kind of all I
8073s I care about the body because it brings
8075s people to me but that's that's my
8077s personal way
8081s yeah every all the traits will be gone
8083s after the event um some may come back
8085s you got a and later coming at you
8088s I'm assuming he's gonna bust in the door
8090s yep because that's how he is
8094s busting the door waving his 4-4
8097s some of the traits may or may not come
8100s back uh at new
8103s oh oh please let me go
8109s what the hell is he alive
8115s oh are you so far
8117s oh no you made it oh thank God I traded
8120s with a
8122s Science Buddy which is the researcher
8125s can I get across with this no what they
8128s just killed a butcher kept me up and
8130s then banished and then we we can both do
8132s stuff there in the boxer
8135s are they I don't think they are I died
8137s to the butcher currently no teasers for
8139s what's gonna happen after the event
8146s there
8151s it is red right now yeah
8154s they probably got the rest
8159s the guy I killed
8164s he's inside
8169s oh but you're chasing him
8175s got him
8177s focusing on butcher
8185s the band is crazy
8190s oh yeah
8193s oh no damn
8198s it killed one outside yeah
8201s I killed the guy who threw it perfect
8204s there's another I think by where uh Vai
8206s was dead that uh
8210s uh Southeast Southeast yep here carcass
8212s gun Runner
8217s he's trying to get his friend up oh I
8219s just watched a meat man and a emulator
8222s like run into each other which was
8224s hilarious
8228s oh
8230s truly
8235s Gun Runners on Northwest side now
8241s west side
8246s I'm having a good day today
8248s yeah
8252s oh my goodness we've got another team
8257s got an understacked he's inside I just
8261s think oh that can't get around that's my
8263s biggest annoyance with that oh gun
8265s Runner finally got me
8267s Caldwell selects he's got to be down to
8269s his last few shots
8289s [Music]
8290s uh bye you do happen to have necro yeah
8292s you find what I'm kind of trying to get
8294s to
8299s you're under concertina though so or
8301s someone's under concertina that that's
8304s me
8308s if the Gun Runners are still in there
8309s with chocolate and I won't be able to do
8311s too much but I'll try
8316s he's on me yeah he just mailed me he's
8319s camping on me
8326s you win these
8338s foreign
8361s this is fine
8372s figures
8376s oh
8389s oh no sir
8390s [Music]
8408s nice nice
8412s so much healing
8418s [Music]
8436s I wanted Med kits but that's fine
8449s I'm really afraid if I res you you're
8451s gonna die instantly
8453s I am at about 20 Health left oh you
8457s would have time
8460s that's okay
8463s oh well
8465s uh one more good one
8468s sure smells good
8474s so little revived perk will be after the
8476s event uh everything's going to leave
8477s after the event uh and then things may
8480s or may not come back in the same or
8483s slightly changed forms but for now
8485s everything's gonna be gone
8490s we'll go ahead and start pulling some
8492s winners for them
8494s lose Mala this is only for steam to
8498s enter you just need to type steam with
8500s smaller like a lot of other people
8501s already have in chat and then hang out
8504s for when we pull the winners again this
8506s is only for Steam and is only for twitch
8509s chat so if you happen to be watching on
8511s YouTube Facebook
8512s or anyone or anywhere else please come
8515s over to Twitch and join us
8519s our first winner is brekcar if you're in
8522s chat please give us a message
8528s mm-hmm
8531s and I'll do my last attribute
8536s two upgrades I got blood bonds for my
8539s dark tribute
8546s our first winner is in chat please keep
8548s an eye out on your Twitch Whispers
8555s each other in chat and I'm so confused
8557s by the answers
8560s are there kill animations in future
8562s nothing like that has been announced uh
8565s I think that might slow it down too much
8567s that's just kind of my guess oh Brett
8569s Carr is in chat yay I see it next next
8571s step is Bentley 11 if you're in chat
8574s please give us a message
8576s High Velocity rounds lose damage over
8579s distance faster than normal rounds uh I
8583s think it's the same FMJ carries damage
8586s longer
8588s but I don't think High Velocity loses it
8591s faster
8600s how long will crytek keep supporting or
8601s making content for the game hopefully a
8604s very long time it's my favorite game so
8608s I sure hope a long time
8610s we're five years in how many more can we
8612s go
8614s we're still making new stuff here thank
8616s you
8620s great to see keep an eye out on your
8622s Twitch Whispers
8624s what do you think about the current
8625s state of Fanning um I think it's fine
8631s next up is the mystery e if you're in
8634s chat please give us a message
8644s it's a fun one too
8650s how would you feel about collaborations
8652s with other franchises
8654s um in general I don't really like
8657s crossovers
8659s um so for me that's not really my
8662s personal STEEZ but I'm sure a lot of
8665s people would like that
8668s oh true actually I I don't like Marvel I
8672s I don't like my my things to mix like
8675s that that's just not my personal let's
8677s all mixing now exactly
8679s oh the mystery is here yep they have a
8683s twitch whisper already sent their way
8685s next up is
8687s joders right if you're in chat please
8690s give us a message that was a good try I
8693s don't know how but just that's a good
8694s try hey Jess
8697s yeah I mean I think solo self revive has
8700s been really fun for a lot of people I I
8704s don't love
8706s uh
8710s I don't like playing solo myself I that
8712s is like anxiety
8714s .org for me but
8717s why do you have your region shot on T I
8718s don't have my region shot on any
8720s particular thing I just scroll
8726s I only scroll to my consumables last
8730s step for right now we're looking for
8731s akfu one if you're in chat give us a
8733s message
8739s yeah so
8741s it's all anxiety will we ever get hunt
8743s on the steam dick that would be cool
8747s is there a kill camera in the plan
8748s there's a Kill
8750s static camera already if you're dead
8753s dead
8758s how many platforms are you streaming on
8759s four
8764s or sounds right yeah should be four
8767s uh that is all of our winners for right
8770s now we will probably wrap up the stream
8772s with one more giveaway if you guys are
8774s willing to hang out with us for just a
8776s little bit more uh thanks for everybody
8778s who has entered so far
8781s hi frog
8785s I I would be personally interested in
8789s keeping self revive but no one on this
8792s stream
8793s is a game designer or a live designer so
8797s we don't get to directly uh influence
8801s the
8805s choices made there we just get to give
8807s our suggestions from the community
8811s um
8812s I would say in my experience it seems
8815s like most of the community
8818s like solo self revive at least in some
8821s form
8823s um
8825s but we will see what happens in the
8827s future
8829s oh he's mad
8833s why is he so fast
8836s because he has long legs he's got kind
8839s of dumpy legs they're a little stuffy
8842s he's mostly torso boy
8847s oh I do one day I do want to see Nixa
8850s and VI in the same room because NYX is
8851s like giant massive advised like tiny
8855s yeah yeah I'm normal size excuse you
8860s yeah I I don't play solo and I I still
8863s like the solo so pretty bad
8867s um the giveaway is currently closed but
8869s I think we'll probably do one more as we
8871s wrap up in just a minute
8875s not in just a minute we're gonna do so
8876s good in this game we're gonna get all
8878s the bounties we're gonna get
8880s 27 kills it's gonna oh
8886s I like your uh I like your attitude
8889s Meathead plushie that sounds a little
8891s scary I don't know about that
8894s life size though
8898s yes please
8900s I've seen a lot of requests for like
8901s Scrappy plushies though
8904s uh it's all about that stalker Beetle
8906s plushie
8909s maybe just like uh you know like a frag
8913s bomb plushie that you can throw at your
8915s friends
8916s there are currently no hunt plushies
8923s okay that's you that was terrifying
8928s I did not like that
8929s thought it was someone else
8934s hey okay hi
8940s we're almost at our first pledge mark
8947s you're so right I wasn't paying
8949s attention I thought we already had it
8950s I'm not gonna lie
8952s add a horde mode like of PVE
8956s I don't
8958s I would personally think that's kind of
8960s boring but
8961s I guess I was never a awful mode
8967s I was never an OG horde mode kind of
8969s person but that's not really true I've
8971s played a lot of Killing Floor too
8973s he left for dead in your past no just
8976s Killing Floor
8977s Killing Floor is good
8981s so you know what I take that back I have
8982s played a horde mode game
8987s hello intron legendary by winning you
8990s mean getting close
8993s there's upgrade points up here we've had
8996s Nixa doesn't have the uh
8998s brow perfecta with no points left oh
9001s sweet though let's go
9004s I need to pledge
9008s there's one east of sweetville yeah I
9012s need two pledge as well
9015s there's more points over here
9023s all right kf2 is awesome very good with
9027s friends
9034s af2 is great with friends KFC is great
9037s with friends also true so many PVE
9040s lovers in chat right now
9044s I feel like the odd man out
9051s um they're not public statistics on
9054s cheater bands anymore
9056s that was something we used to do and um
9060s that didn't seem to
9063s help
9068s okay
9069s I probably shouldn't have
9076s clearance people at the bossler
9079s what are they doing in there
9081s what are they doing in there
9082s get out of there just chilling
9088s oh god
9091s oh yeah they are for sure
9096s please do not shoot me while I'm
9097s crossing a bridge thank you
9099s well because you said
9102s you said I try and be kind
9110s I'm just gonna shot at with a poison
9113s crossbow that checks out that's rude it
9116s just batted us with a flare gun
9118s I love these guys
9123s these are my new favorite people
9126s these are 100 my new favorite people
9129s the right of that door
9131s I love them so much
9135s bagged again that doorway
9138s they went to the right in that door if
9139s you have to go
9144s I would like to take the vanish
9149s still red I don't know it's dead
9152s nope
9156s he hit me with two flares this is my
9159s favorite person
9161s oh I love this guy
9165s hi this guy was the goat you know what
9168s respect
9170s that's respect right there I want to
9173s give this man a viking funeral he's
9174s already left the game
9178s biking funeral
9181s I need fire yes
9185s [Music]
9191s pour one out for this man
9194s he hit me with two flares not just one
9199s oh I can't even hit PVE I am so
9202s impressed
9204s I I have never had one of the first one
9207s it was so far I've never had someone hit
9209s me with a flare not even one I have had
9212s someone hit me with a fuse before
9214s which was also funny
9218s oh
9223s so much respect
9230s I love that guy
9234s uh do we have a giveaway or code good
9237s keyword words
9239s we don't have a keyword right now we'll
9241s probably do a quick one right when we
9243s get towards the end of the Stream
9246s to wrap us up
9253s um I have been hit by a friend's flare
9255s but that's that's different that's
9258s almost like a house that's that's yeah
9260s that's different
9262s I do really like
9265s the uh suggestion which is Flair
9272s awesome it might have been Scrappy
9274s through this concertina all the way over
9275s here
9276s it might have been on stream but I did
9279s put a flare underneath fence once
9281s um because he was AFK and his bars
9285s started burning oh no
9288s um and I don't think I had jokes so he
9291s came back
9292s to a lot less Health at the start of the
9295s game he wasn't happy about it
9298s you should have uh bandaged him
9302s I don't know I oh that would have been
9304s smart
9306s or you could shoot the flare to put it
9309s out
9310s I just watched him burn
9313s yeah it's what you do yeah yeah
9316s I like that you're already like way over
9318s there
9326s foreign
9332s how about that
9341s was that your horse yeah
9343s okay someone says death cheat has really
9345s disrupted the game with all the level 50
9347s Hunters I don't think you're alone in
9349s thinking that I like it I think it's fun
9352s especially because I usually retire
9355s Hunters so it's kind of nice to like
9356s actually get to
9358s play
9360s with traits but you know I could I could
9364s definitely see
9365s the other side as well
9371s we have said a new map is in the works
9373s but that is the only thing
9376s so you said there's no one around I got
9377s this brownie
9379s you're both too far away
9383s all my friends are you far away says
9386s they're done
9389s I actually got the uh no you get extra
9392s you get a bunch of XP for retiring on
9395s them
9396s look at me
9399s I need to stop today I can't anymore
9401s everything's going wrong I give up
9404s uh no new trials currently
9408s oh hello
9411s or yet I guess might be a better yeah
9413s okay is he
9415s yeah just friends
9417s sir
9419s oh I do need that
9422s the new boss and the new map are both
9425s currently
9428s it's death
9429s definitely if it happens
9431s if it happens as they die it's the lunar
9436s perk is it grounded I don't remember
9438s what it's called
9440s not indomitable the other one
9444s for a lot less Relentless thank you
9447s all right I got two signatures close to
9451s the tower yep one up two up
9455s it looks scary uh
9458s a little bit
9468s they're coming down the tower
9473s I still only see two
9478s he was literally sitting still oh my God
9482s those are the hardest shots to hit
9489s well usually it's because I'm bad
9492s here's a bow I think and a crossbow
9495s which was surprising
9497s [Music]
9498s oh I got one up
9501s big Shadow first
9503s it would be a better balance yeah one's
9506s on top of me
9508s um I think Shadow is still pretty strong
9513s if death teacher two three games get out
9515s be fine with it but back to
9516s back-to-backs that one of them twice but
9517s I don't think he died
9519s I like it trials were too hard for me
9521s there's a lot of trials that are very
9523s frustrating for sure let's have gamer
9525s times
9526s I don't
9528s I don't use the trials
9530s I did um I did the sniper trials because
9533s I thought those were fun go into the
9534s building
9536s they're just like not really my thing
9539s can Obama
9543s infernal needs some love I think
9544s infertile is really fun if you're
9546s running a whole Trio of Inferno and you
9548s all have like Hellfire bombs or
9550s something I think that's actually really
9552s fun
9554s yeah I was fighting someone in the
9556s building with an explosive crossbow and
9559s I think yeah I think
9561s yeah
9562s in real life as well around here
9567s Yep they're outside of the comp or no
9571s that's not true I think Relentless being
9573s one pledge mark would be a really nice
9576s balance but that's just my personal
9578s opinion
9579s again not a game designer
9586s on the fence
9589s I'm just like watching Nixa go around
9591s and around yet
9598s maybe the bow person I thought I was
9601s next to only one person but maybe I got
9602s hit by two different people
9606s yeah no new giveaway keyword yet that is
9608s correct
9609s there's still someone above we haven't
9611s announced a
9614s [Applause]
9615s no why would you why would you do that
9618s like why
9619s I know why I appreciate it
9625s ammo pickup from the gun runs I think
9628s that would be more fun like a little a
9630s small box of ammo
9632s oh there's skeleton back here
9637s killed one
9641s where did you kill the one
9643s uh at the Gap in the fence
9646s what is a keyword
9648s giveaways uh and they need keywords but
9652s the archaeologists no giveaways are um
9657s archaeologist is right there though yes
9660s we are streaming on four platforms
9663s don't shoot at me
9667s I don't want the butcher makes
9671s it go back in to get rid of the noise
9674s thing did this guy jump down
9677s I didn't know whoa
9680s oh
9683s the triple tag with the bornheim
9685s incendiary gee
9689s I'm talking about explosive crossbow I
9693s am starving so
9695s let's do our wrap up one more short
9698s giveaway round
9702s and then uh
9704s and then go eat because the last key
9707s word for tonight is Devil's Moon all one
9710s word
9711s didn't take my suggestion all stream
9715s said sorry
9719s Devil's Moon all one word caps don't
9721s matter
9722s uh and this is for a Frau pecta
9726s on whichever platform you guys would
9729s like
9730s I'm gonna borrow my bar steak
9739s challenges oh I'm halfway
9743s however my challenge is looking oh I
9745s didn't even break the halfway mark
9753s I'm gonna finish the event later tonight
9755s that is
9756s top tier
9758s excitement
9759s doing some more gaming tonight yes I
9762s will be always gaming on Wednesdays
9768s let's get rid of all my Pleasants
9771s no I didn't mean to click that
9775s someone asked when does the event end
9777s you have two 20 and a half days left 20
9781s days 11 hours 16 minutes and 39 seconds
9784s boom
9786s so much time
9788s someone says it's 4am it's
9790s noon 43 for me so I'm starving
9794s it's 8 43 for Izzy
9798s I finished the day before you did the
9800s 100 increase in points oh that it it
9802s helped me so much I flew through like 10
9806s levels over the weekend maybe like seven
9809s if I'm not being dramatic would it be
9811s completable if I were to start now
9813s um probably if you know liked it yes
9817s where are you guys all from uh Ari and I
9820s are from the United States uh Jeremy I I
9822s don't know where you're from originally
9824s Dutch and just because you have a Dutch
9826s name doesn't mean you're a Dutch like
9828s doesn't mean you ever lived there you
9830s know
9831s just saying I am I am from the
9833s Netherlands Netherlands
9836s I tried to come see Izzy and he wouldn't
9838s let me oh rude
9840s yeah he just said come to the
9842s Netherlands and then never gave me
9844s specifics I was from walking all over
9845s that country
9848s my fault you didn't ask specifics where
9851s do I redeem the code if get a steam code
9853s you redeem it in Steam if you get a
9854s console code you redeem it in your
9856s consoles
9858s store Page yeah I'm not gonna lie I
9861s don't I don't have an Xbox series X or a
9863s PS5 so I don't know anything about it
9868s uh any plans for twitch shops event this
9871s year I would keep an eye out on our
9873s social media if we're going to announce
9874s a twitch drops we'll let you guys know
9876s as quick as we can
9879s someone said fov would be amazing if you
9881s guys considered it there is FOB slider
9884s on PC but to my knowledge not on
9888s a console
9890s uh Ben Lee 11 I will probably get to
9893s everybody's codes who I didn't get to
9896s fulfill right after the stream uh
9898s sometimes we get a little uh hectic in
9900s game and I don't want to make him wait
9901s too long when I do ready up so you'll
9905s have to just be a little patient with me
9906s we'll get it to you in the next like 30
9908s minutes or so
9910s I think that's a good amount of time for
9913s everybody to be able to type Devil's
9914s Moon uh if you haven't answered quite
9916s yet you can still enter as we pull some
9918s winners first up is wake and bacon with
9921s a K in the bacon name if you're in chat
9924s give us a quick message you've won a
9926s Frau pecta on any platform you'd like
9930s I see what he did there
9938s waking bacon
9941s uh they've already bought the CLC so uh
9945s at this point we can still give you the
9947s code if you'd like and you can give it
9948s away to a friend or someone who doesn't
9951s happen to have it yet or we can re-roll
9953s and give somebody else in chat another
9955s chance what would you like to do
9962s you guys take recommendations for events
9965s bosses Maps Etc from fans of the
9966s community uh we have a suggestions
9969s um
9971s section of the Discord channel so it's
9973s called in the Discord
9974s um that is read by devs uh we of course
9979s don't make any promises but there have
9980s been guns that have been suggested by
9982s the community that did make their way
9984s into hunt uh the Crag is one of them the
9986s Craig had quite a few suggestions from
9989s the community over the years and now
9993s here it is
9994s so
9996s uh wagon bacon said we should just
9998s reroll the code so next up is Bob domus
10001s if you're in chat please give us a
10002s message
10004s um I was very kind of bacon to give
10007s everybody else another chance to win a
10009s for Alberta
10012s good thing to know is that uh your
10015s suggestions will get read
10017s no matter what uh and we don't require
10020s you to put your stars in Discord which
10023s would be good no one has to out
10025s themselves if they don't want to
10033s oh I see Bob
10036s all right check keep an eye out on your
10038s Twitch Whispers
10042s all right next step is uh LL underscore
10046s preside if you're in chat give us a
10047s message
10049s I've seen the quad Derringer sniper
10051s slash uh
10053s Marksman suggestions and I have laughed
10056s at them
10065s just smashed my hand on my desk
10068s free side is in chat next up is done
10071s feeding the fox if you're in chat don't
10074s be done feeding the fox what continue to
10077s feed that [ __ ] continue to feed that fox
10081s what if the fox doesn't want to be fed
10083s well well that's just rude the fox will
10086s tell you if it doesn't want to be fed
10088s what if the fox is getting fat then you
10090s need to stop feeding the fox
10093s chunky Fox is a very cute Fox someone
10096s said what Does the Fox Say and I know
10097s they're referencing the song but foxes
10100s in general yep and they also like have
10102s this like hilarious little laugh and
10104s some boxes are also ticklish
10107s it's very cute
10109s I feel like VI has spent some time I
10111s know a lot about foxes researching some
10113s foxes
10115s all of my emotes are foxes and we named
10117s him Bandit is there a like a post like a
10121s Google search history on your computer
10122s by that says like can I own a fox in the
10125s US as a pet uh uh if you go back
10127s multiple years yes
10130s but uh I know enough about foxes to know
10134s that that is not a good idea yeah I
10136s think they're pretty destructive yeah uh
10139s Nixa or Jeremy and I both have uh twitch
10142s where we sometimes stream you can find
10144s Jeremy at nixotech and you can find me
10146s at black hair violet eyes
10148s we should get some links in chat
10151s I am not going to do that but booster
10153s it's in chat I'm sure she would provide
10154s some uh done feeding the fox I oh there
10159s they are congratulations
10164s next up is Forest zero we'll do one or
10169s two more and then be on our way Forest
10172s zero hope there are more than zero foxes
10175s in the forest oh
10177s oh
10179s no I don't want a fox boss a fox boss
10181s would mean we're killing a fox no user
10184s was kind enough to link uh Violet's
10186s twitch and Nick says Twitch in our chat
10189s if you guys want any more fun hunt
10191s gameplay they both stream it I think
10193s Nixa does a few other games as well
10195s let's stream like five times a year so
10197s you can't miss it
10199s yeah you gotta I got my notifications on
10201s for Nixa because it's they're so rare
10204s you gotta get in there quick you can't
10207s four zero is here congratulations
10211s next up is Obsidian something six
10216s stadium six City checks
10221s all right I like a boss that's holding a
10223s fox hostage and you need to free the fox
10224s that gives me that gives me a really
10227s high reason to go kill the boss for sure
10230s to go escape the fox what if there's a
10232s fox that was holding the boss hostage
10235s I don't know
10237s and you just had to bribe the fox with
10240s two obsidians here
10242s nice
10244s let's do one more because everybody's
10246s answering so quickly I know what
10249s happened earlier when we were re-rolling
10251s like 20 times they were just captivated
10253s by our gameplay obviously yeah
10256s um
10260s all right to round us off we're looking
10262s for Ben pem is six if you're in Jack
10265s give us a message all right Ben don't
10267s let us down
10276s oh they're here nice they're here thanks
10279s everybody for joining us for today's
10281s giveaways
10284s okay I agree it would be really cute to
10286s see live animals that you don't actually
10287s interact with in the bayou just like
10289s running across the train tracks or like
10292s a like a raccoon like rooting around in
10294s the trash
10295s I've given myself new things I want and
10297s hunt and though that's it
10300s can we have squirrels I like squirrels
10302s there oh yes they just the way they run
10305s is like a wave you know people are going
10307s to be shooting at those squirrels trying
10309s to trying to kill them
10311s so will I but this is
10313s don't give them hitboxes just make them
10315s cute
10317s thanks everybody for joining us thanks
10320s to our moderators who helped out so much
10322s with today's chat uh value on a wrap us
10325s up for today's stream yes all right so
10329s we are
10331s gonna go eat lunch or nixa's gonna go
10333s eat dinner probably
10335s um thank you guys for being here we
10337s enjoy doing these we enjoy doing the
10340s giveaways
10342s um so I hope that you guys also enjoy it
10346s uh and Devil's Moon
10349s here it comes 20 days left 20 days you
10353s still have quite a bit of time get in
10355s there I'm gonna finish the event today
10358s uh so get in there you can do it and I
10362s believe in you
10363s and uh don't forget to buy your Frau
10367s perkta or your la Luz Mala newer DLCs
10371s and then also don't forget there is a
10374s port sulfur band announcement coming
10378s soon
10379s so keep your eyes peeled for those
10381s teasers
10382s uh and see you guys later
10387s bye bye hi everyone
10391s thank you
10398s foreign
10400s [Music]
10417s [Music]
10424s [Music]
10429s me
10432s [Music]
10447s really
10452s [Music]
10459s foreign
10460s [Music]
10476s [Music]
10492s [Music]
10493s foreign