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Hahaha! Nice! :)

As disclaimer: You guys decided on the contest winners, and as far as I know, Alex and the team started working on the DLC way before the contest winners had been announced. :)

Also, you can never have enough Mosin skins! <3

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Originally posted by Vash_Sama

Only Mosins and Winnies as far as the eye can see!

  • The Ideal World of Dennis, probably.

No! Not a big Winnie fan personally, although the Centennial is really growing on me lately! :)

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Originally posted by Tiesieman

He already commented, but the true ideal world of Dennis has way more Spectre Compacts :P

And Knuckle Knives!

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Originally posted by pillbinge

Can I ask why? It's a very expensive gun that's unlocked after the Lebel, does fewer than 125 points of damage, and has levering accuracy like a hand cannon. I've been trying to make it work but I just can't. And the ammo is medium, not long. I've tried running the gun and I really like the sights on it but that's about it.

I personally like the rate-of-fire paired with the 600m/s muzzle velocity. Allows for nice follow-up shots even at longer distances with Iron Repeater. Levering is a good last resort option (similar to the uppercut's) and when paired with a Pax, ammo is plenty. Slightly too pricey, but I have a feeling that will be addressed soon. ;)