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First, a note about RNG or Random Number Generation (if you knew that’s what it stood for, this paragraph may be unnecessary to read): RNG is used in games to simulate chance. An example from Hunt:Showdown is firing from the hip. You are given a wide reticle, within which is a field of points of varying probability--your bullet can go to any point. When you fire, the game randomly generates a number (influenced by probability) corresponding to a point in the field, which is where your bullet ends up. This process is not explicitly repeatable. On the other hand, Hunt’s WEAPON SWAY--including the added initial sway for handguns--HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RNG. Every weapon has a repeating pattern of sway, which can be understood through practice. All the new sway mechanic does is EXAGGERATE THIS PATTERN. It does not add “randomness” to the sway, but instead adds a controllable wildness to the already present pattern. Your bullet ALWAYS goes where you are aiming, as it always has when using iron sights. There is no randomness, there is no influential probability. And look, there’s a lot of false opinions out there that are significantly more dangerous. If you fell into believing whoever has been spreading this “RNG” bs, you’d best check yourself…

Also, please make it clear whether or not you’ve actually played 1.4.4 on Test Server. Far too many people are voicing their opinions with zero experience, experience that is easily attainable mind you.

Now the real stuff, after 5 hours of Test Server, I can safely say: Quick-swapping (QS) is here to stay as a viable strategy Hunt, but that’s a good thing because now it is just ONE among many effective strategies. QS takes longer and is certainly harder to pull off. But after a bit of practice, it’s both possible and repeatable, while remaining beatable by a variety of other methods and specializations. This means there are more ways for all players to engage with the game and develop different skills and strats. Hooray!

As a pre-1.0 veteran, I was SUPER excited to see new sway mechanics for ALL handgun use. I understood why they were subsequently nerfed, but there is room for compromise between 1.4.4 and Patch#1(current Test version). I will say, the devs dropped a wide array of changes that are sure to ruffle feathers, so realistically Patch#1 was a good move for 1.4.4. But after the community adapts to the new changes, I’d love to see further development with this new sway mechanic in future updates. For instance: ALL handguns have 1 sec of increased sway after ADS, and 3 sec after a weapon switch. WITH a New TRAIT: Duelist (4-6 Points)--Steady a handgun faster. No sway penalty for equipped handguns; 1 sec penalty after switching to handgun.

I spent hours of running around Test constantly switching between 2 pistols, and it didn’t take very long to get used to the new, exaggerated patterns of sway. After using the new mechanics on mobs for a while, I was able to accurately counter and predict the additional sway, for PvE and PvP alike, and suddenly handguns became more engaging and dynamic! I can say that my proposed changes to initial weapon sway will mainly affect gunplay in two ways: 1) Sniping with pistols will be more difficult OR will take slightly longer. 2) Quick flick shots at close range will be waaay more fun and feel more satisfying. The heavier sway on Test made me take time with my long range shots, but even there I was usually able to land one before completely steadying my gun (<2 seconds). The revamped skill to snipe quickly will have to be developed by new and veteran players alike, raising the skill ceiling, which hopefully means less players will die in that particular frustrating way. On the other hand, the exaggerated mouse movement required to counteract the sway at close range was a ton of fun, very dynamic and different aiming that yielded amazingly satisfying headshots. Mid range shooting did not feel too adversely affected with the increased sway, but again, takes some getting used to; 1 sec of increased sway would affect mid range very little.

More initial handgun sway would also develop other equipment, especially medium slot weapons that have long struggled to carve their own effective niche. Slightly more control at your fingertips is a clear advantage to balance the requirement of a medium slot; but one-handed weapons would remain a powerful choice with their own upsides. Introducing the Duelist trait would allow even more player control and specialization, both for those looking to QS more effectively, as well as those whose builds rely on regular handgun use. The present changes in recoil commitment mean that even with Duelist, QSing is still harder and takes more time than on current Live servers.

I’ve been steadily playing Hunt since just before player inertia, it’s long been my favorite game. With that said, I can’t remember the last time I was as psyched about experiencing new gameplay changes as I was when first playing 1.4.4. I dearly hope Crytek continues to develop and hone their core weapon system in exciting new ways :D

A few last somewhat related side notes:

  • I also used a ton of scoped weapons. The FOV lock everyone is complaining about just takes some getting used to, and is entirely necessary. Without it, scoped weapons would be too maneuverable and would feel cheesy, similar to the Live version of QS. This is particularly true for the (much ignored) scoped Vetterli and Winfield rifles, which would be disproportionately buffed, and crazy fast. Again, can’t stress this enough, it just takes some getting used to. But ALL weapons are still more manueverable than they ever were.
  • Many people across the community react too quickly to new changes in general. I myself have been guilty of doing this. Let’s all try to experience and process changes before jumping to, and broadcasting, conclusions. Hopefully the devs don’t listen TOO much to our knee-jerk reactions...
  • I found a Nitro Express lying next to a random health kit. I like the idea of adding some World Weapons, but using power weapons seems a little extreme….
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Thanks for your feedback! We are still continuing to iterate on the changes to movement and there should be a bit more fluidity coming to the animation transitions from sights to swap in the next days.

The Nitro has a less than 1% chance to spawn in the world. It's more a lure to make people keep looking rather than it playing a huge part. But then again, finding one could be a game changer for that 1 in a 1000 situations.

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Originally posted by WildbliW

less than 1%

1 in 1000

0.10% chance for Nitro to spawn in the world confirmed.

Nah, that was more about also finding one in the RIGHT moment where you can actually make use of it so it actually becomes that game changer moment... :D

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Originally posted by _Pohaku_

When you say 1 in 1000 - relative to what? If that is that each weapon spawn location has a 1/1000 chance but there are 200 weapon spawn locations, that's one game in five that has a Nitro lying around.

Not at all moaning, by the way - I'm just curious about how you state the probabilities.

See above! Answered under another reply! :)