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2s foreign
5s the general manager for the hump
7s franchise picking up our conversation
9s from last year about a blood Bond
11s economy rework of the system for the
13s hunter traits and the health bar Respec
15s options feeling across the line into
17s players buying an unfair Advantage we're
19s now ready to roll out these changes and
21s more in the 113 update going live on our
24s public test servers this week
28s blood Bond inflation and distribution
30s has been an issue with a measurable
32s impact on our development budgets and
33s the predictability of hunt Revenue
35s reviewing the current pack offerings
37s where blood bonds are sold through the
39s first party storefronts we are keeping
41s the pack cost and blood Bond quantity is
43s the same but we're ending the current
45s discount on the three largest packs
47s there are still bonus blood bonds added
49s to the largest packs but no longer at a
51s discounted price
54s going forward the primary use of blood
56s bonds is to serve as a virtual currency
58s for acquiring optional cosmetic items
61s activating battle pass premium tracks
63s and acquiring additional menu utility
65s through extra Hunter slots in your
67s roster and extra custom Loadout slots
69s for quickly equipping Hunters with your
71s favorite weapons and gear
75s for health bars this function is now
77s completely free of cost and you are able
78s to respect your health bars as you see
80s fit at any time before or after matches
83s restoring lost Health chunks does still
85s cause trade points but there's no blood
87s Bond cost when removing the existing
89s ones to change their configuration
93s with Hunter trait removal we again have
95s removed the blood Bond cost Associated
97s however in the new system you receive
100s one less trait Point than the cost of
102s the trait being removed so as an example
104s when you remove a trait which costs five
106s points you will get four trade points
107s back
110s we are removing the very small
111s post-match Accolade rewards of one to
114s three blood bonds as well as the 25
116s blood Bond reward for consecutive Bounty
118s extractions five days in a row replacing
120s those rewards we are doubling the value
122s of the weekly challenge track from 25 up
125s to 50 blood bonds
129s it is also important to us
130s philosophically to separate blood Bond
132s spending from random re-roll mechanics
134s as part of this overhaul in the black
136s market from 113 onward the paid blood
139s bond re-roll has been replaced with a
140s single daily re-roll free of charge for
143s recruitment reshuffles where you can
145s browse and hire free or tier-based
147s Hunters the key change is removing the
149s blood Bond cost to reshuffle and then
152s replacing it with a hunt dollar cost the
154s full details are available in the patch
156s notes
158s one last adjustment in normalizing the
161s blood Bond economy and fighting
162s inflation is a reduction for the battle
164s pass purchase price for The Summer Event
166s from the historic 1500 blood bond price
169s point down to 1 000 blood bonds to
171s activate the premium reward track and
173s gain the extra point boosts while
175s progressing
178s we hope the steps taken here give the
180s purchase of blood bonds a more optional
182s feel for folks who appreciate the
183s Cosmetic choices of additional hunters
185s and weapon skins without the feel of
187s needing blood bonds to build Hunters to
189s your preferences of gameplay it's your
191s engagement and passion that makes the
193s entire service possible
195s see you in the bayou
198s foreign

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